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tv   Wolf  CNN  February 8, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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hello, i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world, wherever you're watching, thank you very much for joining us. we start in new hampshire where the presidential candidates here in the united states are making their final push to the voters just one day before that state's first in the nation primary. hillary clinton and vermont senator bernie sanders are on the campaign trail. sanders tempering expectations with a big lead in the polls. former president bill clinton
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has taken the stage in manchester, new hampshire. we're also awaiting the start of a sanders rally new hampshire, as well. on the republican side, donald trump relishing his front-runner status saying he wouldn't be happy with anything but a win in the granite state. the republican candidates, they're out, spread out across the state today. they're jockeying for every vote possible. ted cruz and donald trump have events scheduled later this hour. we'll hear trying to establish f as the one and only alternative, shall we say, to donald trump. what's his focus heading into the primary center. >> reporter: you know, it's kind of a two-prong strategy. it's, number one, to keep punching away at donald trump, the front-runner here in new hampshire. but the other is, as you said, to convince everybody here who
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is undecided, and there's still a lot of undecided voters that we're talking to, but especially about how and donald trump are going at it. governor, you sent a tweet that was pretty harsh. you said to donald trump, you aren't just a loser, you're a liar and a whiner, john mccain is a hero. over and out. >> yeah, i just find it remarkable that medal-of-honor recipients like jaohn mccain wh were in hanoi hilton as prisoners of war aren't viewed as american heroes because that's what they are. it's a long list of things that donald trump says that dispagers large groups of people -- disparages large groups of people, individuals like john mccain. i find it remarkable as a candidate for president, you would think that's evidence that he's a strong person.
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he's not. >> when you started the campaign -- even before, you said you really onlied like to do it if it's a joyful campaign. now a day before the new hampshire primary, and you're calling an opponent a loser, whiner, and a liar. >> he is a whiner, and i'm defending the honor of people that i really respect. and i think that's more than appropriate. i do this with joy in my heart because i believe this country is the most extraordinary country on the face of the earth. i'm a joyful warrior. there's a difference between sitting back and watching someone try to hijack a party that i believe will allow people to rise up again. >> i get that. but -- i guess if you have a few free moments, which i guess you don't have these days, do you sit back and say, wow, what is happening? how did we get to the point where i'm feeling like i have to use these words in a tweet as a candidate for president of the united states?
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>> i don't think about it that much in reflection because we're in the heat of battle now. we're all big boys. we all can take it. i get a lot of incoming from donald trump. i don't know if you've seen it. >> you do. >> i get more than my fair share. i'm the only one taking him on. everyone else runs from the bully. >> why do you think that is? >> they don't want to be attacked by the bully. there's no other explanation. if someone is trying to hijack your party, believes until recently that higher taxes is better than reforming the tax code, believes a single-payer system works well in other countries, believes in, you know, pro choice, anti-second amendment -- this is not that far in his past, all those things. now he's on the vanguard of conservative cause. as a conservative, i find offensive. >> on the stump he's been talking more about defense spending. >> yeah. >> said that he doesn't want to increase spending, but he does want to save money by cutting waste, fraud, and abuse. >> sure. i mean, there is waste, fraud, and abuse in the government. we've laid out a detailed plan
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how to fix procurement. how to have fewer civilians in the department of defense. but you've got to increase spending if you're serious about restoring america's presence in the world. we have gutted the military by the sequester. as president, i would do the opposite of what donald trump is talking about. frankly, john kasich also has this belief that you can save money so much that on a net basis you don't have to increase defense spending. it's not -- i don't think that's an honest evaluation of the needs of the military now. >> he's obviously got a populist message in trying to strike a chord with populists out there -- >> donald trump? >> yeah. who think that the government is just spending too much money needlessly and perhaps the defense department and military -- >> i agree. we've laid out a detailed plan on how to reform it or the veterans' administration with outrageous management that doesn't provide care for the veterans even though there's been massive increases in spending.
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i've done this, though. unlike donald trump, i've reduced the government when i was governor of the state of florida. reduced the work force, reduced spending as it related to people's income. >> let's talk about marco rubio. how do you feel about kind of how things have been going over the past 24, 48 hours? kind of watching him -- he's taking a lot of incoming now. >> he is. he is. >> do you think it's deserved? >> well, when you -- when you repeat something over and over again that's basically a canned phrase and it validates a belief you're not ready to be president. this started when he himself struggle good what his accomplishments had been. and the accomplishments his campaign offered up, supporting a bill that became law where he didn't vote for it. taking credit for the elimination of a risk corridor inside obamacare that he didn't sponsor. and the passage of a law with jean shaheen with a sponsor that i'm sure is a good bill, that's
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it. that's all you can point to. in my case, i can say, hey, i was governor of a state when we had eight hurricanes and four tropical storms. no one blamed the state of florida for its response. that we created the most ambitious school choice programs. that we took on lifetime employment protections for government workers. i've got a story to tell, and he doesn't. that's the difference. so he kind of validated the weakness of his campaign. having said that, what i feel uncomfortable about is that he's a great guy. and he's my friend. i admire him. >> you don't think he's ready to be president? >> i think i'm more ready to be president. part thereof is comparing and contrasting -- part of this is comparing and contrasting. i don't feel good when a friend is beaten up. i don't feel good about it at all. >> speaking of that, chris christie chris christie said moments ago about marco rubio, the lights are bright on you. when that happens, you shine or melt. you can't afford to have somebody melting who's president of the united states. do you think that that is possible? i mean, what he's saying is that
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marco rubio isn't ready for pri primetime. do you agree? >> i do when you compare him to governors who had to make tough decisions. that's the point. it's not that he's a bad person. to the contrary. one of the evidence in florida is that every speaker before him and every speaker after him is supporting my campaign. >> wolf, you can see that jeb bush obviously knows that he has to bring marco rubio back to political earth if he want to get ahead and do reasonably well in new hampshire. he's not that comfortable with it given the fact that the two of them have historically been friends. he calls marco rubio his friend. this, if you refiwind time, it goes back to the fact that the jeb bush campaign and jeb bush were shocked that rubio even decided to run after bush announced his candidacy. there's so many plots and subplots in this very, very intense last 24 hours before the
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primary. >> certainly getting intense with only a few hours left to go. good work. thank you very much. donald trump and jeb bush, as you've heard, trading insults at an increasing rate. joining us on the phone to respond to what we just heard from jeb bush is donald trump. mr. trump, thank you very much for joining us. let me get your immediate reaction to what we just heard from jeb bush, and then we'll go into specifics. go ahead. >> well, i did hear part of it, wolf. frankly, he's not a guy that can be president. he doesn't have what it takes. and just listening to the last part of the conversation, he talks about marco rubio and says "he's my friend, he's my friend." he's lying about that. he can't stand him because marco rubio's making him look bad. he's doing much better than, frankly, jeb bush is doing. they're not friends. why does he have to say "he's my friend"? he says about me, he's a gifted politician, a highly gifted politician about me.
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then he goes, he's a great entertainer. then he goes hostile because he sees how well i'm doing, and i hear him lying -- you know, number one, i'm pro life, he says i'm not. he says i'm not on the second amendment. no one is stronger on the second amendment. i guess you can hear me okay, can't you? >> i hear you fine. let me read to you the tweet he put out a while ago, addressing it to you. he says, "you aren't just a loser. you are a liar and a whiner. john mccain is a hero. over and out." that's the tweet that jeb bush put out a little while ago. i want to get your reaction, specifically -- >> well, he's -- look, wolf, he's a desperate person. he's a sad and -- pathetic person. he doesn't even use his last name in his ads. he's a sad person who has gone absolutely crazy. this guy is a -- a nervous wreck. i've never seen anything like it. and he's saying things like that. i get along very well with john mccain.
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you know, i was on john mccain's committee for election to try and help him get elected. didn't work out for him, but that's okay. he wasaa john mccain, he's fine. i like john mccain. i know he says that i called john mccain all sorts of names. i call everybody names. actually, the person i called the names is jeb because jeb isn't in favor of common core. in other words, children have to be taken care of from washington. he's weak on immigration. look at these things. remember he said -- it was on your show, i saw it. they come as an act of love, immigration on -- you remember the thing on -- let's see, write down one other thing here. the texas stadium when he talks about the taking of land. they used -- the bush family used the taking of land privately, eminent domain on texas stadium. you look at this guy and -- it's absolutely amazing.
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he didn't know -- he didn't know that they used private -- they used -- they privatized it. he didn't know it. but they used it on texas stadium, having to use eminent domain. he didn't know it. on top of it, he spent over $100 million, and he's a failed candidate, a laughingstock. [ all talking at once ] >> he says you -- he says you aren't just a loser, are you a liar and a whiner. those are tough words he saying -- >> i'm not a whiner. i get things done. good night things done. look, jeb is the kind of guy, if he weren't in government, nobody would give him a job. can couldn't get a job. he lies so much. i'm very strong on second amendment. you know that. you've heard my speeches. i'm very strong on low taxes. i've got a huge tax cut for everybody. he says i want to raise taxes on everybody. how do you do that? a guy goes out and says he wants
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to raise taxes. he's got a failed campaign. he's a nervous wreck. he's probably going to be the last of the governors, i would say. certainly he's the least talented of the governors. and he's done poorly in the debates over the period of time. he goes around saying i'm the only one to have courage to go after trump. i -- what courage is it? he says nasty things. i always put him down on the dais, and he goes away like a little sheep. the guy is just not a -- he shouldn't be -- he should speech much more positively. but i heard the last part where he talked about second amendment. who's better about sect amendment than me? i have a low tax bill, according to larry kudlow, the lowest tax cut of any candidate. i have a massive tax cut. right now we're the highest taxed country in the world. is having some kind of breakdown. look, he's an embarrassment to
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his family. heap has to bring his mother out and lug his mother around at 90 years old. i think it's a sad situation that's taking place. he lies. and then i hear him, wolf, i hear him saying that marco rubio, he's my friend, he's my friend. why does he say they're friends? they're not friends. he hates marco rubio so much, he can't stand the sight of him because, frankly, marco rubio said he's better than jeb. he probably is, by the way. he's better than jeb. and he violated the relationship. why would jeb go and say "he's may friend"? you know that's not true. that's called political speak. and you make a living off political speak. but that's called political speak. "he's my " that's a like. >> he's not just attacking you, he's attacking marco rubio, as well. at the republican presidential debate -- >> why would he say that pervez musharraf
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-- why would he say that marco rubio is his event? >> i think they were friends. >> he said marco rubio is his friend. not -- he says currently, marco rubio is -- they're not friends. they can't stand each other. and that's the problem with politicians. and maybe why i'm doing so well. >> what do you -- what was your reaction -- >> i just told you, wolf, excuse me, i just told you about eminent domain. he's -- he used it on texas stadium. he didn't tuesday because he's not smart enough. but -- >> his family, his brother and -- other members of the family were directly involved in the texas rangers -- apparently he was directly involved. >> you're right. but how can he criticize me for using eminent domain and his own family used it? >> that's a fair point. let's talk about marco rubio for a moment. what was your reaction? he clearly seemed to stomach bell in republican debate -- to stumble in the republican debate, going back two, three, four times with the same line -- i think four times. instead of answering the question, he switched the subject talking about president
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obama, ohio hehow he's doing a damage. how much damage do you think it did to marco rubio on the eve of the new hampshire primary? >> i hope it didn't do too much. i can't answer the question. i was standing there when it happened. i sort of heard it once, that was fine. then i heard it twice, that was sort of okay because -- you know, some people repeat themselves. and then i heard it at least two more times. maybe three more times. i said, this is strange. i didn't know what was going on. i'm next to him, and i keep hearing the same language. i really don't know if it hurt him. maybe it didn't hurt him at all. maybe it hurt him a lot. you will see that probably tomorrow. >> who is your biggest competition on the republican side? >> well, i sort of thought it was going to be marco actually. i thought marco rubio would be maybe the biggest just based on the way it was working out. i can't tell you. you never know -- you never know. it's the world of politics. you and i know it well. you never know the answer to a question like that.
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i just worry about myself. i'm thinking only in terms of the people of new hampshire. we have grate relationship. i'm going to have -- we have a great relationship. i'm going to have strong borders. we'll stop heroin from pouring in. the biggest question i get in new hampshire is the heroin and drugs pouring into new hampshire. it's literally so unusual because it's such an incredible place. it's so beautiful. and yet, their number-one question is always about the heroin and drugs pouring in. i'll stop that cold at the border. and guys like marco and jeb probably even more so, they don't have a clue. they can't -- >> what about ted cruz? >> i thought he was doing really well. he doesn't seem to be doing so well up here. >> you think he cheated? iowa? do you think he cheated in-way? >> well, i think -- in-way? >> well, i think it was a sad situation for dr. carson dr. carson is a wonderful guy. frankly, a lot of votes were
10:18 am
taken. if the votes weren't taken, it probably would have been a different result. i would affected boy that, too. not that i mind. in that case, it was the first time i've ever done. i came in as a strong second, pretty close. frankly, a lot of votes were taken from carson. i don't think about that now. i only think about new hampshire. we want to have a great victory in new hampshire. we'll lower taxes, and we're going do all of the thanks i know that i can do that politicians don't do. nobody knows them better than i do, wolf. i deal with them. i was on the other side of the ledger from them for my whole life until seven months ago. many of these people i contributed to. many of the people i'm running against i contributed to. >> quick question about ted cruz who won in iowa, at least officially according to republicans. before the republican debate over the weekend, he said you do not have -- his words -- the temperament to be president of the united states. he was asked about that at the
10:19 am
debate and refused to say that in front of you. he wouldn't say in front of you what he said earlier. what does that say to you about him? >> it that's he respects me and respects me a lot. a lot of these guys will talk big, but in front of you they won't talk. what that says is he respects me. and i respected him for not saying it because it shows that he has a great deal of respect toward me. i respect the fact he didn't say it, frankly. politicians will say anything. >> will you win in new hampshire tomorrow? will you win in new hampshire tomorrow? >> i hope so. it's snow, and i hope the snow doesn't affect it. i certainly have the biggest crowds, a great turnout. it's about making america great again. that's what we're going do. the politicians will never be able to do it. nobody knows it better than me. you don't even know it -- they don't have it. they're not going to be able to make america great. not going to happen. >> let me wrap it up with a
10:20 am
question. a cnn report we're just getting from our terrorism analyst. an important story, cnn reporting that there was evidence that there were 60 isis fighters on the ground in europe to carry out attacks on five cities in europe including paris, london, berlin, and in belgium. presumably they're still there now. if you were president of the united states, what would you do about that? >> i would knock the hell out of isis, wolf. i would knock them out, and they would be gone so fast. i'd use the full force. we would take care of them. it's -- a cancer on the world. and the whole migration, letting people in, and they may be isis, is insane. look at germany, look at what's happening in europe. you've seen the beginning. we have no idea what these people -- where they come from. of you've got to knock them out and knock them out fast. >> you want to give us details how you would do that? >> i don't want to do that now, no. the last thing i want to do is
10:21 am
that. you have to have a little surprise ever once in a while without telling our plans. >> donald trump joining us on the phone from new hampshire. mr. trump, thank you very much. >> okay, thank you very much, wolf. an honor. >> thank you. coming up, bill clinton goes on the attack against his wife's opponent, calling some of bernie sanders' supporters sexist. we have the center's campaign here to respond live. and why are hillary clinton's surrogates calling out young women for not supporting her? we have the clinton campaign, as well. they will explain.
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hillary clinton speaking at a rally, the town hall in new hampshire right now. manchester. let's listen in briefly. >> obamacare all those years ago -- [ applause ] >> we tried really hard, and we weren't successful. the drug companies, insurance companies really spent a lot of money, as they seem to do wherever i'm around, trying to prevent good things from happening. it was disappointing. after talking to so many americans, the direction we were trying to head was exactly right. look what was going on back then. some of us remember. the insurance companies called all the shots. if you had pre-existing
10:26 am
conditions, you were out of luck. if you were a woman, you paid more than a man. if you were a young people, there was no way you could get insurance, and there were lifetime limits that prevented people from getting the health care they needed. so after he were unsuccessful, i thought hard about what can i do. there were a lot of stories that i had heard during the course of my work. but i want to tell you one -- i was at the children's hospital in cleveland. and i went there because i was meeting with parents of very ill children who could not get insurance. i listened to their stories, and as a mom, they were hard to hear. then one man said, you know, here's what i don't understand, he told me, he said, i'm successful, i have my own business, i provide insurance for my employees and their families. i have two daughters with cystic fibrosis, nobody would sell me
10:27 am
an insurance policy no matter what i offer. i said, what do they say to you? he said, the last conversation that i had, i asked, i told them i could afford something, anything that would help me. the man looked at me and said, you don't understand, we don't insure burning houses. this father with tears in his eyes just said, they called my little girls burning houses. that's why i went to work on the children's health insurance program. and we got a bipartisan coalition in the senate and the house, and we passed it. and eight million kids at least had insurance. was it everything we wanted? no -- [ applause ] >> so hillary clinton is telling a moving story out there in manchester, new hampshire, now. we'll continue to monitor what else she's saying. only moments ago, by the way, bill clinton told the crowd, i'm quoting him now, he said, "i have to be careful what i say." listen to this. >> the hotter this election gets, the more i wish i was just a former president and just for
10:28 am
a few month, not the spouse of the next one. you know, i have to be careful what i say. >> he was alluding to remarks over the weekend when he lashed out at bernie sanders' backers, accusing them of sexist even profane attacks against hillary clinton supporters. >> people who have gone on line to defend hillary and explain, just explain why they supported her, have been subject to vicious trolling. attacks that are literally too profane often, ton not to mention sexist, to repeat. >> our senior washington corresponden correspondent, jeff zeleny, from manchester where the clintons have been campaigning. explain exactly what bill clinton was talking about and what he's saying today. >> reporter: wolf, this was yesterday when bill clinton was out on the campaign trail by himself. he was trying to rally the new hampshire voters. and he was trying to get people to draw a bit more attention and
10:29 am
more scrutiny to bernie sanders' campaign and his record. and that particular moment, he was talking about a group of sanders supporters, sometimes called bernie bros. generally male supporters on line who have been very critical and made sexist comments about people who support hillary clinton. now bernie sanders has disavowed all of the comments. he told jake tapper on cnn yesterday that he does not condone any of that. that was bill clinton trying to draw attention to some of the negative attack that they believe they're up against. then he did several negative attacks of his own. -sa -he said that senator sanders has not been as pure on fund-raising. it was different today. bill clinton was introducing his wife, secretary hillary clinton, as you saw a second ago. he said he has to be careful of what he says. he is one of the best advocates for her. he is one of the best people who make the case for her election. he also tried to put some context into the whole discussion of the anti-establishment or the
10:30 am
establishment. let's listen to what he said. >> it bothers me to be in an election where debates is impossible because if you disagree, you're just part of the establishment. you'll have to forgive me, but i don't think your governor and your senator, i don't think of them as establishment politicians. nor do i think of the governor of vermont, the only governor in the country to try to get single-payer health care, who had to give it up because it would have doubled the budget in the state, it wouldn't pass. that's hardly an establishment credential. i'm grateful that he's supporting hillary. [ applause ] >> reporter: so what bill clinton is trying to do is urge young voters to sorts of look beyond these easy labels and establishment and anti-establishment and get people to look at their record and what their experience can do here, wolf. >> jeff zeleny, thanks for the update. ahead, we'll get more on what's going. on look at the live pictures.
10:31 am
there's bernie sanders at a rally new hampshire. how does the campaign feel about bill clinton calling his supporters sex scientist we'll talk live with bernie sanders' campaign manager, more when we come back. want to survive a crazy busy day? sfx: cell phone chimes start with a positive attitude... and positively radiant skin. aveeno® positively radiant moisturizer... with active naturals® soy. aveeno® naturally beautiful results®.
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10:36 am
now, there are a lot of people who would prefer ton talk about it. i will. i was in the house of representatives, representing vermont. i was on the house banking committee, and i saw the billions of dollar coming in from wall street in campaign contributions and lobbying to deregulate wall street. i helped lead the opposition against that deregulation, was not successful. wall street got the government off of their backs. they were free to do what they wanted do, and we all know what the results of that freedom were. [ shouting ] >> i wouldn't phrase it exactly like that, but it's close to the truth, okay. what happened is with the
10:37 am
freedom that they got, that they bought, they're able to do whatever they wanted. it turns out they developed a business model which was essentially fraudulent. and they brought this economy into the worst economic downturn since the great depression of the 1930s. and what happened is, millions of people lost their jobs, they lost their homes, and they lost their life savings. and against my vote, congress bailed them out. >> bernie sanders delivering his stump speech in these, the final hours before the new hampshire primary. as you know, bill clinton is accusing some of bernie sanders' backers of what he describe as sexist attacks against hillary clinton. the sanders campaign calling bill clinton's remarks "disappointing." jeff weaver is bernie sanders' campaign manager and joins us live from manchester now. give us your reaction to bill clinton's comments whaex said yesterday, and -- comments, what he said yesterday and what he's
10:38 am
saying today. >> wolf, this has been a hard-fought campaign in new hampshire. we've tried to keep this focused on the important issues facing the people of new hampshire. a rigged economy held up by a corrupt system of campaign finance. the need make college affordable for people. the need to make sure that people have health care. these are the issues. this is why senator sanders is ahead in new hampshire. unfortunately, the clinton campaign now that they find themselves behind have really tried to turn this into a much nastier kind of conversation. and it's unfortunate in these final hours of the new hampshire primary that they've sort of gone down this road. >> they're blaming you guys, you know, you heard what she said at the debate last week, that bernie sanders' campaign was engaged in artful smear in all of this. and they also are suggesting -- and you heard this from the former president, bill clinton -- that the senator is being hypocritical on the wall street issue. whether we did some checking -- when we did some checking, cnn checked that bernie sanders as a senator hosted the democratic senatorial campaign committee for retreats for top democratic party donors who gave more than
10:39 am
$30,000 a year. and among those donors were those associated with goldman sachs and other banks, wall street banks, and investment houses. what do you say to that? >> well, what you mean to say is that the dscc, the domic senatorial campaign committee, hosted the events at martha's vineyard. they do it ever year. he showed up as a democratic senator. he never solicited money from wall street people or made calls to wall street people. i can guarantee you that. look, this is a distraction. the truth of the matter is that bernie sanders is the only one who does not have a super pac in this race, he's not a wall street-funded candidate. he's not taken millions of dollars from financial interests in speaking fees. and you know, this is really a distraction, wolf, from the real issues facing this country. >> he was not -- i want to be precise. that democratic senatorial campaign committee, events on martha's vineyard, wasn't listed as a host sponsor of the event? >> he -- he may have been lifted on some materials. let me tell you, that's an event that is organized by the
10:40 am
democratic senatorial campaign committee. every year, an annual thing. they ask democratic senators to show up. and so he has done that in the past. >> what's your expectation for tomorro tomorrow? >> you know, we are slightly ahead here. it is a hard-fought campaign. you know, the secretary has been on tv here since august. as you know, she won this state eight years ago. this is really the fourth clinton primary election here. president clinton had two here. this is secretary clinton's second. it's a -- we expect a hard-pharmaceutical campaign. it's snowing out here in new hampshire, we don't know what that means. we hope to prevail by turning out the thousands and thousands of people who who are rallying to bernie's call to transform america. >> jeff weaver, the bernie sanders campaign manager. jeff, thank you very much for joining us. >> happy to be here. thanks. >> thank you. coming up, the first female secretary of state tries to elect the first female president
10:41 am
of the united states. will words get in the way? what madeleine albright is saying and how the clinton campaign is responding. ♪ melod "hi this is conor. sorry i missed you. i'm either away from my desk or on another call. please leave a message and i'll get back to you just as soon as i'm available. thank you for patience at this busy time." join princess cruises for stargazing with discovery at sea. book now for savings up to $1,000 per stateroom plus up to $600 free onboard spending money. call your travel consultant or 1-800-princess. princess cruises. come back new.
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hillary clinton is strongly defending a remark by the former secretary of state, madeleine albright, about women voters. here's what albright said over the weekend. listen -- >> a lot of you younger women don't think you have to -- it's been done, it's not done. and you have to help. hillary clinton will always be there for you. and just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. [ applause ] >> brian fallon, press secretary for the hillary clinton campaign, joining us live from manchester. thank you very much.
10:46 am
you know, that's gotten a lot of buzz, what madeleine albright said. give us your interpretation, reaction to the criticism being leveled against her. >> well, i think that that comment by former secretary albright has been taken out of context and misinterpreted. it's a line she's used for years. at one point a few years back, it was featured on a starbucks coffee cup. she's invoked it over the years to make the point that throughout her time in professional life, public service, she's encountered sexism and gender bias, and that it's important to realize that for all the ghans have been made -- the gains that have been made, that she's seen there's still stereotypes and gender bias out there. i think that's the point she was attempting to make. in terms of when it comes to the decision that female voters will make about bernie sanders or hillary clinton on the democratic side, we completely respect the fact that senator
10:47 am
sanders will enjoy some support from women. we're proud of the support that we have from female voters in the democratic primary. we're continuing to make appeals and talk about how she wants to focus on issues like pay equity, family leave, college affordability, that are important to voters. we know that hillary clinton is -- would bring a unique perspective to the oval office as the first female president. that's no small thing. and yet on the other hand, we're perfectly aware that no one is going to vote for hillary clinton based on her gender, nor should they, nor would we ask them to. >> bill clinton's gone on the offensive against bernie sanders. he's saying stuff that hillary clinton's not said. he's going after some of the accusations that have been leveled against her. is this a new strategy to get him more assertive on the campaign trail? >> a lot of what he's said is consistent with points we've
10:48 am
made the last couple of weeks, and even points that secretary clinton made herself on the debate stage the other night with senator sanders standing right there. our point is that for much of the campaign, appropriately the focus was on the issues. we have certainly kept our criticisms of senator sanders on the issues. we've talked about his gun record. we've talked about how his health care plan doesn't add up. we've talked about how he disagree with his proposal to tax middle-class households. that's all fair and appropriate. that's a policy based disagreement. what we've seen from senator sanders' campaign in the last weeks is increasingly veering away from policy and into personal style attacks. he's essentially sought to question her integrity by inference and implication, raising the specter of wall street donations and speaking fees and suggesting at some point she's changed her position or been compromised based on taking contributions. at the same time, though, we've learned in the last couple of days, thanks to some reporting by cnn among other outlets, that senator sanders himself has
10:49 am
raised money and attended the fcc-sponsored fundraisers in martha's vineyard every summer, soliciting funds from those same financial services lobbyists that he decries. so i think if senator sanders is going to take the discussion in this direction, into personal style attacks of secretary clinton, it's fair to apply the same standard to him, and that's our only point. i think that's perfectly fair and appropriate. >> you heard jeff weaver, campaign manager, saying it was perfectly fair those fund-raisers were attended. the response was put together by the committee. he was just there. >> well, i think he has more questions to answer about that, wolf, did he speak at these events, at whose invitation was he appearing at these events, and was his travel and his stay at the -- at martha's vineyard over these weekends, who was that paid for by.
10:50 am
i think there's more questions still on the table they have shirked up until now. look, no one faults the -- senator sanders for helping the democratic party raise the funds necessary to keep the senate and democratic camps. that's a cause we all share. but it is senator sanders who has acted that -- who has suggested that the mere act of raising money from those tied to the financial services industry is cause for questioning one's integrity. merely by the standard he has put forward and applied to secretary clinton, does it now make it relevant for him to have to answer for it as well. >> brian fallon, thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. still to come, there's disturbing new information coming into cnn about the paris attacks. we're now learning that the french capital wasn't the only target. we have new information when we come back. ay? sfx: cell phone chimes start with a positive attitude... and positively radiant skin.
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there's disturbing new information about the terror attacks in paris. you remember on the night of november 13th, gunman and suicide bombers hit a concert hall, a major stadium, restaurants, a bar, almost
10:55 am
simultaneously and left 130 people dead and hundreds more wounded. a counterterrorism source tells cnn as many as 60 isis fighters were deployed to europe to attack not only europe but four other cities. our terrorism analyst paul cruisshank is joining us. explain to us the significance of this information. >> the significance is it came in before the terror attacks. deployed back to europe, believed potentially on european soil, tasked not only with attacking paris but also london, berlin, a city in belgium as well as another city in europe. but the intelligence was fragmentary and it was difficult to verify and it was too vague to act on. of course the paris attacks got through one of the more deadly attacks in european history. the concern that's been expressed to me by intelligence
10:56 am
officials is that -- say there were 20 involved in the paris attacks, in that wider conspiracy is that could mean there's 40 still out there possibly in europe finding new ways of terrorism. just yesterday, isis said that it might be planning, certainly threatened, simultaneous attacks in different parts of europe and it's taunting european counterservices saying perhaps ten were back, perhaps 50 had been deployed to europe to launch those attacks. isis pivoting towards international terrorism, focusing on the european members of the anti-isis coalition, wolf. >> what do we know about these individuals? where are they now? >> they don't have stress safety. that's the concern. that was the vague intelligence warning that came in. they didn't have any sort of awareness of moving parts of the paris attacks before the paris
10:57 am
attacks took place. this comes at a time when up to about 2,000 extremists are believed to be back on european soil. so grave concern. >> and very quickly, the assumption is this is being organized by the highest levels of isis, is that right? >> yes, this went right to sort of the top of isis, one of the top leaders, the head of isis external operations division, believed to be behind this plotting, behind the paris attacks. he was described to me as the very top of the targeting list. >> thanks very much. that's it for me. the news continues right after a quick break. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. here we go, top of the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin live here in manchester, new hampshire, on this primary eve. it is pouring snow as i speak here in new hampshire. might that be a factor? we'll wait and see. we're just ten hours away from the proposed first votes getting under way here in new hampshire. donald trump still at the top of the pack of republicans heading into tomorrow's vote. but the big story here is the battle for number two. it is shaping up to be a battle royale.