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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 8, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. here we go, top of the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin live here in manchester, new hampshire, on this primary eve. it is pouring snow as i speak here in new hampshire. might that be a factor? we'll wait and see. we're just ten hours away from the proposed first votes getting under way here in new hampshire. donald trump still at the top of the pack of republicans heading into tomorrow's vote. but the big story here is the battle for number two. it is shaping up to be a battle royale. marco rubio, ted cruz, john
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kasich, jeb bush, in a four-way fight for second place. and look at this, the republican hopefuls swarming the state today in a last-minute push for support and less than a day before this first presidential primary, running war of words between donald trump and jeb bush, it is getting mighty personal. both of them talked to cnn within this last hour about this whole back and forth. >> i'm a joyful warrior. there's a difference between just sitting back and watching someone try to hijack a party that i believe will allow people to rise up again. we're in the heat of battle right now. we are big boys. we all can take it. i get a lot of incoming from donald trump. i'm the only one taking him on. everybody else runs away from the bully. >> why do you think that is? >> because they don't want to be attacked by the bully. there's no explanation. if someone is trying to hijack your party, believes higher taxes is better than reforming
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the tax code, believes a single payer system works well and other countries, believes in, you know, is pro choice, is anti-second amendment. this is not that far in his past, all those things. now he's on the van guard of conservative cause. as a conservative, i find that offensive. >> he's not a guy who can be president. he doesn't have what it takes. he goes around saying he's a gifted politician, a highly gifted politician. then he goes, he's a great entertainer, but then he goes really hostile because he sees how well i'm doing. number one, i'm pro-life, he says i'm not. he says i'm not on the second amendment. nobody's stronger on the second amendment. he's a desperate person. he's a sad and pathetic person. he doesn't even use his last name in his ads. he's a sad person who has gone absolutely crazy. i mean, this guy is a nervous wreck. i've never seen anything like
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that. >> so that's just a taste for you. i can tell you right now, donald trump is holding a rally in the town of londonberry and that's where my colleague athena jones is standing by. athe athena, what you look at this back and forth, you heard loser, whiner, pathetic, nervous wreck. we're talking about men who want to be president of the united states, not third graders. >> it's really something, brooke. you're right, the tone of this fight between the two of them has gotten increasingly heated. we know that jeb bush has been a top target of trump since almost the beginning of trump's campaign. he said bush was low energy, that people were falling asleep at his events. not even five minutes into his remarks, donald trump took it to jeb bush again, saying he's a stiff who's not going to go anywhere. you heard what he heard wolf blitzer, he's also called bush a
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spoiled child who is having some sort of breakdown, is an embarrassment to his family and would be an embarrassment to the party. jeb bush is touting the fact that he says he's the only one taking on trump. when it's on the issue of eminent domain, talking about temperament, talking about trump speaking badly about women and people with disabilities. now both of them are going back and forth. i believe we have some of the tweets from both of them. from donald trump, we have him saying, everybody is laughing at jeb bush. spent $100 million and is at bottom of pack, pathetic figure. mean why, jeb bush tweeting, @realdonaldtrump, you are a loser and a whiner. john mccain is a hero. over and out. that's a line he did yesterday at his rally and got a big response from the crowd. i got to tell you, at this
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crowd, donald trump got a big response when he bashed bush. they're both appeal to the folks coming out to see them but it's gotten really ugly, brooke. >> it has. athena jones, thank you. ugly, heated, of what you want to call it, that's what's happening here in a very chilly new hampshire. let me bring in my panel to discuss here. andy smith, a political scientist and pollster at the university of new hampshire. ryan williams is here, former spokesman for governor mitt romney. great to have both of you here. i have to begin with you, ryan. having been in the trenches with the romney team, you know, to watch trump and jeb bush. i mean, they're equally guilty in using this sort of language. i call it third grade language. i kind of feel like that's what it is. why, though, to you think trump is hammering so hard on jeb bush? >> because jeb bush is the only candidate right now taking on trump. he's the front-runner. >> but others have in the past. >> they didn't do it strongly enough. no one is tough enough right now besides jeb bush to stand up to donald trump on policy and on
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the outrageous statements he's made. he's insulted war veterans. he's talked about banning people because of their religion. jeb bush is the only candidate who has the courage to stand up. >> is there anything, to use analogies made by donald trump, about being the schoolyard bully, that chooses a target that, like, he's the nice guy. is there an element of jealousy or anything more to this? >> there possibly could be but frankly he's been effective -- >> he being donald trump. >> throughout the campaign. early on when people came up and attacked him, he hit them back. they either didn't respond or were -- so he's seen this works for him and he's continuing. >> why not hit marco rubio? because coming out of iowa, he was so strong. why not donald trump take on rubio? >> i think part of that, as you said earlier, bush is the only
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candidate taking on trump. >> jeb's clearly gotten under his skin. he's mocking disabled people. attacked him for his eminent domain. >> what about the chris christie attack? maybe that works for him in new jersey. does it work in presidential politics, does it work in new hampshire? >> it's always a risky move to attack another candidate in that fashion. particularly if you continue it for a long period of time. sometimes you get the mud that you're throwing comes back at yourself and the candidate keeps clean, rises up between you. christie's attack i thought though was a little different. it was on character. frankly, if you go back to founding fathers, what people should be voting for a president on is their character and integrity. not necessarily their experience on things or their past
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political experience. i think if there was an effective way to go after rubio, while he may be smart, while he may be a good politician, he just doesn't have the strength of character, depth of character yet that comes with experience. >> as we know, donald trump, i think he said yesterday to dana bash, you know, he will not be happy with number two, he's hoping for the win here in new hampshire. but really the race is on for that number two spot. it's the governor's, plus ted cruz. what do they have to do in the final 24 hours here? >> there are a lot of undecided voters who are making up their minds. >> lots of undecided voters here. >> the candidates need to show why they're the best person to take on trump and stop trump. rubio had that coming into the state before iowa but he had a terrible debate performance and it slowed the momentum and right now it's up for grabs. talking about executive leadership, why they have the experience to be commander in chief on day one, and why marco rubio fell flat and showed he
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wasn't up for the job on saturday night. >> this is the time where organizations can help. i believe they have strong organizations that will help them out in the last couple days. >> we'll talk to a donald trump surrogate moments from now, get his take on why attack bush. meantime, bill clinton accusing backers of bernie sanders of sexist attacks against hillary clinton. also madeleine albright telling female voters there's a special place in hell for women who don't support hillary clinton. we'll talk live from women. in new hampshire, it's already pouring snoshgs snow, more is on the way. how might this affect voting? stay with me. this is special live coverage. start with a positive attitude... and positively radiant skin.
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listerine® total care strengthens teeth, after brushing, helps prevent cavities and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine® total care to the total family. listerine® total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth™. strong winter storm hitting new hampshire and much of the new england area at this very moment. it is bringing heavy snow, winds and cold. excuse me, ma'am, can you just -- there we go.
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on the eve of tomorrow's primary, let's talk about tomorrow's storm and another one. jennifer potentially moving into tomorrow. if you live in new hampshire, they're like, we got this. >> for people in new hampshire, they're like, what, a couple of inches of snow, this is nothing. this system is moving out very quickly. so the good news is by tomorrow things are going to be a-okay in new hampshire. we aren't expecting much more than flurries for tomorrow. the snow continuing, especially for the southern portion of the state. nothing like areas of the cape are getting. new hampshire, a couple of inches. by the time we get through tomorrow morning, maybe an additional inch or two at most. we still have those winter weather advisories out for all of maine including new hampshire, all of new hampshire in that, through tomorrow morning. that goes until the early morning hours of tomorrow. additional snowfall for today
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and tonight. we're looking at maybe 2 inches for the majority of the state, maybe southern sections, maybe a little more than that. 3 inches, maybe 4 tops. we're really not expecting much at all. the good news is, here's that system you're seeing right now, brooke, that's moving out. we have one right on its heels. that one's going to pass south of new hampshire, bring snow and rain to portions of the mid-atlantic by the time we head into tuesday. new hampshire, perfectly positioned right now. the storm moving out today. >> okay, jennifer gray, thank you very much. meantime, bill clinton, back on politics here, accusing backers of bernie sanders of sexist attacks on his wife. we'll explore that. also ahead, madeleine albright telling women voters there's a special place in hell for women who don't support women like hillary clinton. let's talk to the ladies, one of whom supports bernie sanders, one of whom supports hillary clinton, how this is going to
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you're watching cnn on this monday afternoon. hillary clinton, by the way, is also here in town. she's stumping together with her husband, her daughter, in her race against bernie sanders. it is not class but gender that's getting a lot of play today. today, senator sanders in new hampshire was hailing the progress of women. >> women and their male allies.
11:21 am
women will not be third class citizens in america. women will be able to have the jobs they want. women will be able to control their own bodies. >> might that be the counterpunch to what the pounding really he and his supporters got to bill clinton just yesterday. the former president lashing out at the vicious trolling supporters of his wife were hit with from backers of sanders. he is the dominant front runner with just one day to go before the primary here. >> people who have gone on the front line to defend hillary and explain, just explain, why they supported her, have been subject to vicious trolling and attacks that are literally too profane often, not to mention sexist, to
11:22 am
repeat. >> senator sanders has condemned the sexist comments. clinton saying he doesn't want supporters to go that low. with me now, cnn's jeff zelleny at the clinton event in new hampshire at this hour. any mention of this theme, sexism, from any of the rallies? >> hillary clinton for her part actually called up senator sanders by name for what she said was raising some $200,000 from goldman sachs while they were in the room. what she means is a story our eric brad any had over the weekend about how bernie sanders talks a lot about not raising money from goldman sachs and other hedge fund folks and lobbyists but he has attended a lot of democratic senatorial campaign events. that's what got bill clinton fired up over the weekend about this. a little bit in the weeds they're going back and forth. senator sanders is not getting the scrutiny or being as honest about his own record.
11:23 am
we caught up with him just a second ago. he said, look, i am not attacking sanders, i'm just reporting what's in the press reports, these specific stories about fund-raising. it's all playing out against the backdrop of the clinton campaign is trying to narrow the gap among voters particularly women voters. they believe if they can draw more support among women voters, that this will be key for them in new hampshire. we caught up with an interesting pair of voters. a grandmother and a granddaughter. they're both bernie sanders supporters. listen ton what they said that gives you a sense of the dynamics that are going on inside this race. >> well, i did start out this election supporting hillary because i thought, you know, it's time to have a woman president. you finally just took a huge leap and bound electing someone who is african-american. why can't we have a woman. but then bernie ran for president and i love his ideas, you know. it's outrageous. $80,000 in debt. it's time for a political revolution and it's time to pay
11:24 am
attention to the middle class because we are diminishing. >> that ceiling will be shattered an some time. i think it takes a right person to do that. i think she would be very vulnerable. she would be hit so hard in so many sectors that i think it would be tough for her to win. >> so you heard ann kaiser there, the grandmother who supported hillary clinton eight years ago. she said, look, i think she'll have a tough time in the general election if she would get there. so those are some of the challenges, the uphill battle, try to win over some of those voters. of course, there are plenty of supporters on the other side of the fence. we saw so many of them here just a few minutes ago in manchester, brooke. that is the dynamic going into the primary tomorrow. it's why the clinton campaign is trying so hard to win over at least some of those voters. brooke. >> they are, jeff zeleny.
11:25 am
some big-name clinton supporters are also in a bit of hot water today. what is more, the ones hurling the perceived insults are two icons of modern day feminism. ms magazine co-founder gloria steinem and former secretary of state madeleine albright. albright used a saying she often repeats but this time it was at a hillary clinton campaign event and it didn't fly well with women who float voting for bernie sanders. >> a lot of you younger women don't think you have to -- it's been done. it's not done. and you have to help hillary clinton. will always be there for you. and just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> gloria steinem has already apologized to bill maher about what she said about young women choosing to back sand zblers
11:26 am
when you're young, you're thinking where's the boys, you know, the boys are with bernie. >> ooh. now, if i said that -- >> no, no. >> with bernie because that's where the boys are. swat me, come on. >> no, i wouldn't, i wouldn't. >> let's bring in two very different unique perspectives. a gun safety advocate and supporter of hillary clinton. and gabriel, a student at the university of new hampshire, studying english and women's studies who plans to vote for bernie sanders. ladies, hello. nice to see both of you. i have been wanting a segment like this for so long, especially with what steinem and albright said it gives me this opportunity. i was at this bernie sanders rally last week in iowa. so many young women believe they will see a female president in their lifetimes. therefore, they don't feel that they have to vote for hillary clinton. is that your case?
11:27 am
>> no, that's not necessarily, like, my case. >> tell me. >> history will be made regardless if it's bernie sanders or hillary clinton. so either way, history will be made. i think one of the things it's not just about having a woman president. you want somebody who embodies your principles. i think a lot of the young voters and especially in iowa you saw the majority of the young women voters voted for bernie sanders. i think hillary clinton says a lot about continuing the clinton legacy but what sanders wants to do is a change. what has captured a lot of young voters. >> i'm watching your face. as a hillary supporter, as someone who's lived a few years longer than gabriel has, tell me why -- do you understand this interest from young people, especially young women, and how
11:28 am
do you feel? >> i think i do understand it. young women, i mean, i have been working with young women for a very long time. i just took a semester off from school, getting my masters in environmental studies, where there are a lot of young women talking about these issues. and for me i find it incredibly disheartening that some of the comments that you have talked about were made. >> you mean the special place in hell comments? >> yes. but i also know that for me young voters i think are talking about what they see and what they feel needs to happen right now. for me, the issue is i have been watching policy for a long time. especially policy over racial justice, environmental justice and gun violence.
11:29 am
and women have been working incredibly hard for these kinds and around these issues. so i don't see it as a young/old. i see it sort of as a place in time in history. and there's a lot of things that are being said in the media that i don't think are actually very true. i think that gloria steinem, back in the day you would say something like, well, women should know better, you know, and it didn't come out right. everybody gasped. people were horrified that she said it. but the issue really is for me, it's not that hillary clinton per se is a woman and that's what's coming out in the media, what is important to me -- >> but she does talk about that, to be fair. she talked about how she does feel like there's a double standard. barack obama had this great line about walking backwards in heels. it's acknowledged. >> i think there's been a double standard actually because i think some of the things hillary has been attacked for would
11:30 am
never go -- they wouldn't be the same issues. you wouldn't ask, you know, a male candidate some of the things that she's having to stand up for. in terms of trolling. just because i have talked a little bit in public, i -- excuse me. i cannot believe whats that showed up on my pages. >> it's incredible, the hate online. >> the hate. >> can you understand, you were chatting during the commercial break. you're at the same school you attended years ago. can you understand the enthusiasm she has for bernie sanders? roll back time, if it were 2016 when you were in school, do you get it? >> i understand the enthusiasm. i also understand the enthosism that a lot of other women have for hillary clinton because she is talking about issues that we have been fighting for, for a really long time. we're talking about executive orders that just came out that could be null la fewed if we don't have a candidate who can win and get into the white house. we're talking about issues of,
11:31 am
you know, children -- the children in this country starving to death -- >> why do you -- these are her issues, what are your issues and why is bernie the guy? >> for one start, free college education, you know, hillary clinton talks about implementing more grants and having a lot more money and placing a lot of the responsibility on the schools. whereas bernie sanders is like, we should get the rest of the world, the major countries who have implemented free education, implemented universal health care. i think hillary clinton's about emlucia evolution, like this is going to take time, where bernie sanders is saying this is going to happen. >> but is that realistic? >> how's that going to happen now? we have senate, congress where we can get one thing moved that works for children, that works for women, that works for black and brown people in the cities. we have nothing that we can get passed. so if we're going to have a revolution -- and i am so thankful that he has brought up the issues that he has -- but we cannot have a revolution in --
11:32 am
>> in the current atmosphere in congress. >> it's not going to happen. >> how would you respond to that? >> we, why not? i think for the staers one of the things we honestly completely keep talking about, especially in the university of new hampshire, is that hillary clinton again she's saying -- and this is the analogy i make, bernie sanders wants to reach for the stars and maybe he'll land on pluto, maybe he'll land on the asteroid belt. hillary clinton is reaching for the moon and maybe will land somewhere in the atmosphere. still not fighting for the things we really want to see in this day and age. is she really going to make her own legacy or continue the legacy president obama has made? i think it's really great she's fighting for a lot of these things but especially as a black woman this is not exactly what i would like to hear. >> this is fascinating. >> so you do not -- what do you think about obama's legacy? you don't think he's done well enough? >> of course he's done so much. >> okay, so why is that -- if he is having to do executive orders to make our nation, just our
11:33 am
nation safer. >> yes. >> then why isn't that good enough? and why isn't someone who is coming out speaking about that publicly from the minute she hit the campaign trail who will keep executive orders, who will keep women and children safe, why is that not good enough? how is he going to go in there? he has, in terms of gun violence, i do know this, in terms of gun violence, he has never, ever been on the forefront of this. he has stayed back from it in term also of the liability issues after mass shootings. after a mass shooting, you know, after people are laying on the ground, after 20 children are dead and murdered on the ground, there has been a bill that we have been trying to get together so that gun manufacturers would be held liable. bernie sanders has not stepped up for that. he has said that is something that i am not going to pay attention to. the only reason that he has said that he will possibly co-sponsor that bill is because obama came
11:34 am
out and said anyone who does not support my executive orders on gun violence, i will not support. >> this is something obviously very personal to you. you speak from, sadly, from experience. you know what it's like. final, just final thought from you. hearing all of that, it's fascinating to talk to you two women who come from very different perspectives. equally impassioned but on different sides. >> one of the things i completely understand is i do resonate with a lot of the things you're saying but think the reason bernie sanders has captured a lot of the young voters and as far as steinem, a lot ofs young women voters, is because he give us a voice. when hillary clinton was asked a question at the town hall meeting, she said, you don't have to be for me but i'll be for you. bernie sanders is saying i want you to be for me. i see the issues you're facing whether it be police brutality or the health care system or student loan debt and i'm going to talk to you about these problems. and when was able to speak at
11:35 am
the university of new hampshire, when he cape, he said, what are the issues my campaign isn't covering so i can look into these things and we can get them on the forefront. and, you know, i do apologize that he isn't talking about the gun laws and maybe that's something he can do if he sees this. i do think that bernie sanders is for the people and unfortunately, i don't think it's hillary clinton's time, female or not, i just don't support her where she stands on a lot of her policies. i don't think she's consistent with the way she feels about certain issues. >> okay, we have to leave it. we'll talk during the commercial break, i promised we're not finishe eed but for now we're finished here. this is so emblematic of what's happening on the ground in new hampshire. it's such an important conversation, so thank you. just hae, wahead, why is so trump's biggest supports obama voters? and breaking news on wall street today. the dow plunging almost 400 points as fears grow about the
11:36 am
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we're back here live in new hampshire. donald trump's monster lead might be getting some boost from some unlikely voters being obama supporters. several who jumped on 2008 yes we can bandwagon to elect the president are getting off, they say they are ready to embrace trump and, quote, make america great again. cnn political reporter m.j. lee spoke to some of them about why
11:41 am
they are making the change. >> it's a really fascinating phenomenon when you look at barack obama of 2008 and the donald trump of 2012, you really think sort of polar opposite candidates in a lot of ways. barack obama had this soaring and optimistic rhetoric of hope and change. donald trump on the other hand, also campaigning on change. but his message is harder and it's a little angrier. the voters that i've spoken to that supported president obama in the past but are now leaning towards donald trump, they say because of national security issues being so much at the forefront this time around, that they want a tougher and an angrier candidate. of course, in new hampshire, winning over independent voters is so, so important because they make up such a large and influential bloc of voters in the state. he did very well among gop caucusgoers who say they're
11:42 am
independent. we'll find out if those polls hold up and trumpp is able to come in in first place in the state. >> all right, m.j. lee, thank you very much. like the coat, i know it's pouring snow, good for you for covering yourself up. now, i have the co-chair of trump rockingham county here in new hampshire. nice to see you in person. thanks for having me in new hampshire. gorgeous, just a little chilly. let's just begin with this whole really the story line today on trump is the attacks continue against jeb bush. listen, to be fair, jeb bush is attacking back or in some places starts the attacks. why attack jeb bush singularly and so forcefully? >> i think that jeb's attack at the debate on saturday night on the whole eminent domain hit a chord when jeb and his family have used eminent domain on at
11:43 am
least one occasion in texas to build a baseball stadium and to be so disingenuous to attack mr. trump on something like that i think certainly deserves a response and i think mr. trump is responding to him clearly. >> it seep seems personal to m because other candidates have attacked trump. when i heard him on the phone with wolf just this last hour or two, he said jeb bush is pathetic, desperate, a nervous wreck, liar. he said they're not friends. when jeb bush says yes we are. is this personal for mr. trump? >> i don't think it's personal. i think mr. trump is just speaking from the heart as he has done in all parts of this campaign. i think he takes a lot of the personal attacks personally. i think he's responding in like kind. and on the issue of marco rubio, it's hard to believe in the attacks that jeb has put forth.
11:44 am
what mr. trump said i have to agree with. i think the friendship is long gone because of the blistering attacks. and jeb spending over $20 million on attacking him clearly doesn't speak to a friendship. >> meantime, jeb bush would say that marco rubio quite simply isn't ready for prime time and he is the president to be candidate and not marco rubio but they are still friends this is what governor bush says. let me move on and talk about donald trump in terms of his tone. going into iowa, it was all about winning, right, and the language we have become very familiar with and much of america enjoys actually in trump. post iowa, the second place, strong second, started to see a reserved donald trump, then we saw this when he was talking to dana bash, just paraphrasing, he said, i will not be happy with second place. is this back to the bombastic i will win donald trump? >> i think mr. donald trump has
11:45 am
always been a winner and think he continues to be a winner. >> he didn't win in iowa. >> he didn't win in iowa but i think there were some underhanded things done in iowa and the results might have been very different if those things weren't done. yeah, in the last two hours of the election. when you look at the numbers, i think clearly it may have been a different result. but we don't know that at this point. but mr. trump is going forward. and he's going forward with an aggressive campaign. he's talking about the things that people are concerned about. things like security, jobs, the deficit and taxation. heroin issues which are horrific here in new hampshire. clearly, the border security issue. there's a direct coro collision. much of the heroin and drugs are coming across the border. if we secure that border, it certainly will have a positive
11:46 am
impact on reducing the heroin epidemic. >> thank you. coming up next, overshadowing the big game, the super bowl halftime show, specifically beyonce who is bringing a message with her music. we'll talk to the artist who inspired beyonce's new song. do not miss this. victoria knows what it's like to be called names. because that, this actress, who once worked for david duchovny on "the x files" was in denial for five years. >> i was hear thing, see things, believing things that weren't there. >> victoria has bipolar disorder which can cause severe episodes of mania, depression, hallucinations. >> i ran down the street naked looking for god in a psychosis and even that did not wake me up. >> a nurse convinced her to seek therapy. it took 2 1/2 years to find the right medication. >> there's a big stigma about being on psychiatric drugs. that somehow it's like because i can't cope i'm on medication.
11:47 am
and no, it's because i have a certain kind of system and an order to function really well, i need medicine. >> in 2001, she saw a flyer for a disability festival and entered. >> schizophrenic man attacks police. i mean, they never splash the headline, diabetic man attacks police. >> for the past 15 years, victoria has performed her critically acclaimed shows to help remove the stigma of mental illness. an illness she knows all too well. >> to me, it's about rediscovering joy in your life. a lot of people don't ever have that chance even if they don't have a mental illness. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. let's celebrate these moments... this woman... this cancer patient... christine... living her life... loving her family. moments made possible in part by the
11:48 am
breakthrough science of advanced genomic testing. after christine exhausted the standard treatment options for her disease, doctors working with the center for advanced individual medicine at cancer treatment centers of america suggested advanced genomic testing. the test results revealed a finding that led to the use of a targeted therapy that was not considered for christine before. now, they're helping fight her cancer on another, deeper level... the genetic level. this is precision cancer treatment, an approach to care that may help patients like christine enjoy the things that matter most in their lives while undergoing treatment. the evolution of cancer care is here. that's definitely something worth celebrating. learn more about precision cancer treatment at appointments are available now.
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11:51 am
cold play was the headliner but beyonce stole the super bowl halftime show. ♪
11:52 am
♪ okay ladies now let's get in formation ♪ ♪ who got some coordination ♪ you just might be in the making ♪ >> the new song is "formation" an anthem that delves into racial and social politics, feminism and what some are calling southern blackness. >> ooh, yeah, baby. ooh, yeah. ooh. i like that. ♪ i know you came to play ♪ don't play with the girls baby ♪ ♪ oh, yes, you gots to believe it ♪ ♪ catch my fly and fresh >> adding her voice to the
11:53 am
socially kns single new orleans royalty the one and only big frida, the author of god save the queen diva and stars in the reality tv show big freedia queen of bounce. also has a new album coming out later this month, february 23rd. big freedia, it is an hour, a pleasure, thank you so much for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> if people don't know what new orleans bounce music is, just get on the googles. let me begin with this question. you know, with this whole beyonce video from new orleans, it is dripping with so much texture. what happens when beyonce calls you? can you tell me about that phone call? >> i literally just died in my own skin when she called. i was just overwhelmed. excited. i was just blown away. and to get that phone call was very special and i was just so excited.
11:54 am
>> the excitement is one thing, the richness of the video is another, you know, the themes of hurricane katrina, police brutality specifically on young black boys. the images of black lives matter. here's another clip. ♪ i'm so reckless when i rock my givenchi dress ♪ ♪ my daddy alabama ♪ my mom louisiana ♪ you mix that negro with that creole ♪ ♪ make a bama baby ♪ i like my negro love with jackson five maestro ♪ ♪ i got hot sauce in my bag swag ♪ >> with all of the themes that she brings up, big freedia, how
11:55 am
does this make you feel? >> it makes me feel if that she's able to get her message delivered and just be free and do what she wants to do on her track. beyonce is so phenomenal in everything that she does. when she puts out a new song, and you get her message and you feel it, you know, we go through these things in our everyday life. just to be able to relate to this artist, it's just amazing. she's just an amazing person. >> on the, you know, halftime performance last night, we were all sitting around, a bunch of cnners, just sort of screaming at how phenomenal it was, but rudy giuliani slammed the performance as outrageous and a politically charged attack on cops. he said what we should be doing in the african-american community and all communities is build up respect for police officers. is that a fair criticism? >> i don't think so. i think that, you know, we respect police and people have to respect police. when they see them, just their
11:56 am
uniform and their authority. people freeze up. so that definitely is a different situation they want to take to a whole different level. >> okay, big freedia, i'll see you in new orleans. >> yes, definitely come turn up with me. >> thank you. >> thank you so much, brooke. >> coming up any, back to -- thank you, thank you. next, back to politics. a feud has erupted specifically between jeb bush and donald trump. it is getting quite personal. next.
11:57 am
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top of the hour, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. very snowy new hampshire on this primary eve.
12:01 pm
known hours and counting until the first vote gets under way. donald trump still at the top of the pack here for republicans. but the big story is the battle for number two. it is shaping up to be quite the battle indeed. it's the governors, plus ted cruz. cruz, kasich, bush, christie. that's really the four-way fight for second place. and the republican hopefuls, you like this graphic, all the red crisscrossing? this is what theme been doing for a while, blitzing through the message in new hampshire. jockeying for last-minute support. the story right now is what's happening between jeb bush and donald trump, this war of words erupting is getting quite pe personal. so let's begin with dana bash who is live here in manchester who just sat down with jeb bush,
12:02 pm
and, you know, listen, it's incoming from both sides. >> i lost you but i believe you just tossed to me so i'm just going to begin talking and tell you that jeb bush and donald trump certainly have been going at it big time. i'm now at a chris christie town hall which is about to start but i came from an event with jeb bush and before he started talking, i did have a chance to speak one on one with him. and i started by asking him about the fact that he had just tweeted straight at donald trump, at calling him a liar, calling him a whiner and worse. i asked about that and whether or not this is the kind of campaign he thought he was going to have when he started to run. saying he wanted to be joyful as a candidate. take a listen. >> governor, you just sent a tweet that was pretty harsh. you said to donald trump, you aren't just a loser, you're a liar and an whiner, john mccain is a hero, over and out. >> yes, i just find it
12:03 pm
remarkable that medal of honor recipients like john mccain who were in the hanoi hilton as a prisoner of war. it's a long list of things that donald trump says disparages people, large groups of people, individuals like john mccain. i find it remarkable that as a candidate for president he would think that's evidence he's a strong person, he's not. >> when you started this campaign, you said -- or even before you said you really only like to do it if it can be a joyful campaign. now the day before the new hampshire primary and you're calling an opponent a loser, a whiner. >> i'm defending the honor of people i really respect. and i think that's more than appropriate. i do this with joy in my heart because i do believe this country is the most extraordinary country on the face of the earth, but, you know, i'm a joyful warrior.
12:04 pm
there's a difference between sitting back and watching someone try to hijack a party i believe will rise up again. if someone is trying to hijack your party, believes until recently higher taxes are better than reforming the tax code, believes the singer payer system works well in other countries, believes in, you know, is pro choice, is anti-second amendment. this is not that far in his past. all those things. now he's on the van guard of conservative cause. as a conservative, i find that offensive. >> so you talked to governor bush. then, you know, not too long after that, wolf talked to donald trump to get the response to your interview and mr. trump tripled down. >> oh, he sure did. look, this whole thing is happening, primarily because back in the day when jeb bush was the front-runner, donald trump started going after him, calling him low energy and so forth. it was probably a month or two later that jeb bush really
12:05 pm
started to hit back. the two of them have been doing it from afar. we saw them do it in person on the debate stage. donald trump called in to wolf blitzer to respond to jeb bush after that aired. listen to part of it. >> he's not a guy who can be president. he doesn't have what he takes. he says he's a highly gifted politician. and then he go, he's a great entertainer. but then he goes really hostile because he sees how well i'm doing. i see him lying, you know, number one, pro-life, he says i'm not. he's a desperate person. he's a sad and, you know, he's a pathetic person. he doesn't even use his last name in his as. he's a sad person who has gone absolutely crazy. i mean, this guy is a nervous wreck. i've never seen anything like it. >> so brooke, on the stump, donald trump has been a bit different lately.
12:06 pm
he has been taking slight jabs at jeb bush but he's been trying to focus more on his populous message, on how he's a different kind of candidate. but he really, as you heard there, at a very strident tone when he heard what jeb bush was saying about him. meanwhile, while that is going on, i should mention, when you came to me, brooke, you talked about the fact that there is still this real fight, intense fight, for what we think might be the second place finish here. we're waiting for chris christie to arrive at the town hall momentarily here in manchester. he is somebody who dealt a pretty blow to marco rubio this weekend at the debate that marco rubio's still trying to get up from. no question that chris christie, just like he has throughout the day, is going to continue to really rip into marco rubio when he arrives here. >> that kind of tone helped him in new jersey. will it help him in new hampshire? to be determined. dana bash, thank you very much. we've got eyes on you in that
12:07 pm
chris christie event. thank you. meanwhile, hillar clinton is also here in new hampshire, stumping together with her husband and daughter. in her race against sanders, it is not class but gender that's getting a lot of play today. senator sanders today was hailing the progress of women. >> and their male allies. sorry, women will not be third class citizens in america. women will be -- women will be able to control their own bodies. >> could senator sanders words there really be a counterpunch to the pounding he and his supporters received from bill clinton? the former senator lashed out at the quote vicious trolling supporters of his wife were hit with from sanders supporters. as you well know, here in new
12:08 pm
hampshire, he is a dominant front-runner in the democratic race with just one day to go before the all-important primary. >> people who have gone online to defend hillary and just explain why they supported her have been subject to vicious trolling. and attacks that are literally too profane often -- not to mention sexist -- to repeat. >> senator sanders for his part has condemned the sexist comments against hillary clinton. with me now, jeff zelleny. were these issues addressed over sexism and women at the rally? was there more? >> brooke, there wasn't more, but president clinton introduced his wife here to this rally and crowd just a short time ago earlier this afternoon. he did not back away from anything that he had said about senator sanders.
12:09 pm
in fact, we caught up with him just for a minute. he said, look, i'm just try to point out the record here. i'm not attacking sanders at all. he did during his rally -- he was mindful of the fact that anything he says at this point of the campaign is magnified. listen to what he said. >> the harder this election gets, the more i wish i was just a former president and not the spouse of an ex one. because, you know, i'd be careful what i say. >> i have to be careful of what i say. he knows full well what he was say. he was trying to sort of remind some democrats to sort of take a closer look at senator sanders. that's what he was trying to do. the point here is the clinton campaign is trying to increase their support among women voters in particular. and other democrats who might be sort of tempted to vote for sanders, at least in the short term. they believe even a narrow
12:10 pm
defeat here is so much better than a big defeat. they believe this will be an even longer campaign to go from here. so a tight 24 hours between now and tomorrow, brooke. >> jeff, thank you very much. hitting on very important themes. our panel here. stewart steven, media consu consultant. as well as anita dunne, former white house communications director and former obama campaign adviser. welcome. >> thank you, brooke. >> stuart, i'll ask you this. you've been in the trenches, you get it. the fact that donald trump -- this is both ways. this very personal attack between bush and trump. why does donald trump continue to attack? is it just because jeb bush attacked back or is there more to it? >> i think trump is very jealous of the bush family. he's someone who's obsessed with his own name, his own status. he put his his name on everything. and i think the idea that the bush family is out there as the bush family kind of drives him
12:11 pm
crazy. i'm glad to see jeb bush doing this. somebody needs to walk up to donald trump and really get in a street fight with him. >> even using words like loser, whiner and liar? >> yes, i think that's absolutely right. you can't exist in two worlds. you can't allow donald trump to sort of go out there and set the terms of this debate and not engage. >> at that level? >> yes, absolutely. you can see, donald trump responds to everything. if he was president, a 12-year-old kid in his moscow mom's basement could get him into a nuclear war. he's absolutely the perfect candidate to engage because it allows you to control it because he'll come back at you. i think it's great that jeb's doing this. should have done it earlier. >> should have done it earlier. let me loom bap back to you. anita, diplomats, the story line today, as we've been going through, hillary clinton courting these younger women voters.
12:12 pm
when you hear, you know, the sound booipt bites have gottenf play from the steinems and albrights, a special place in hell for women who don't vote for hillary clinton. steinem saying maybe some of these young women like bernie sanders because they're in it for the boys. has since apologized. answer the question, how does hillary clinton get the young women on her side? >> you know, it's interesting, listening to the run-up to this, brooke, you know, the republicans are calling each other vicious pathetic desperate whining liars, right, and bill clinton, you know, fundamentally saying about bernie sanders he has vicious trolls on the internet. feels like there's a substantial difference between the two parties now. there's a level of respect between the two campaigns that simply isn't it exist in the republican party now. having said that, hillary clinton from the day she started running has made it clear that she expects to earn this nomination. that she's going to work to earn this nomination. she's going to fight to earn
12:13 pm
this nomination. and, you know, sometimes i think her surrogates get a little out there and run the risk of making it sound as though she is entitled to the nomination, which is not what she believes or how she behaves. i think if you look at the weekend what you see or, you know, madeleine albright, who i have to say, i've known for a long time, she has said this in so many different contexts, the exact same thing -- >> -- not helping women -- >> she said that, it's on a starbucks cup for heaven's sake. not like it's a secret this is something she said before. but the context, means people are hearing it differently. what communications are all about. i think hillary clinton as she plays out new hampshire here and of course eight years ago no one thought she was going to win it then, so, you know, no one knows what's going to happen now. but that, you know, she is out there making the case of why she is the best candidate. that ultimately is the way democratic voters are going to decide between these two. >> okay, okay.
12:14 pm
st stuart, republicans. marco rubio came out, you know, the big mo to quote bush 41 with the debate or rather with iowa but not the debates, sort of a black bruise after this weekend's debate. i'm wondering why do you think the other governors with so much more seemingly experience as they would tell you, why they're not -- or they haven't yet really been rising to the occasion and translating in the polls? >> i think we'll see governors do well tomorrow. >> you do? >> yes. listen, i like marco rubio. i think this is a very difficult process. no one gets this nomination easily. no one can be nominated without being humiliated. it's how you respond to that humiliation that really determines whether or not you're going to win it. i think he had a rough section in that debate and now people are going to see is he going to be able to come back, is he going to get back? look, voters have to decide this. iowa was all going to be donald
12:15 pm
trump was going to win except trump didn't win. i think this week frankly the field has missed a chance. they should have engaged donald trump more. >> it was like watching a ping up pong match and he was in the middle. >> i'm baffled why these campaigns are not engaging trump more. i wouldn't think he's going to get anything but stronger if he wins here. and it looks like he's going to win. >> okay. he might. i think the real question is who's number two. anita, final question to you. we're reading one of the tweets. dan pfeiffer, one of the former senior adviser, tweeted, i'm now questioning my view rubio is the gop-er dems should fear the most. he could easily melt. >> well, think dan know, he and i worked together on the 2008 campaign, this is a, you know, a process where candidates get better if they're going to be good candidates. where they start often as candidates is not where they end
12:16 pm
up in the general election. it's one of hillary clinton's i think great advantages she has in this, that she's done this before. so marco rubio i believe is a very strong candidate. the fact that he had his brain freeze or whatever it was during the debate doesn't mean that he couldn't be a very strong candidate in the general. i think democrats need to not take things for granted about any of these candidates. it's going to be a very contested election. and it's one of the reasons why i think the democratic process is an important one to go through to really make sure the candidate we nominate is electable because the stakes are very high for the democratic agenda. >> they are high with the brain freeze moment, you know, you talk to people on the ground who are voting on tuesday and a lot of people are undecided. those are the things they're thinking of potentially as they head into the polls in 24 hours. anita dunn, thank you. stuart stevens, thank you. as the voters head to the polls, stay with us of course for comprehensive coverage of the new hampshire primary, that is
12:17 pm
all day tomorrow. keep it locked here to cnn. we just mentioned madeleine al write telling women voters there's a special place in hell for women who don't support women. referencing specifically there hillary clinton. let's get into a deeper conversation with two of the best women i know. plus, montel williams joins me live on why he is endorsing governor kasich to be president of the united states. and just in, we now know how many people tuned in to watch last night's super bowl 50. is it the biggest tv audience in history? you'll find out. you're watching cnn's special live coverage. i'm brooke baldwin. we'll be right back. ♪ (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there.
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12:21 pm
just the way they were marching. >> talking about the super bowl here. nearly 112 million viewers watched last night's super bowl which was probably peyton manning's final game. it was the third most watched program in american history. down from last year's super bowl which broke the record with 114 million people watched. some big-name clinton supporters under fire. what is more, the ones hurling
12:22 pm
the perceived insults. ms magazine founder gloria steinem and former secretary of state madeleine albright. this time, it was used specifically at this hillary clinton campaign event and it didn't fly with women who are voting for bs. >> a lot of you younger women -- voting for bernie sanders. >> a lot of you younger women think it's done but it's not done. just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> and gloria sign them has already apologized for what she told bill maher about young women who are supporting sanders. >> when you're young, you're thinking, you know, where the boys are, the boys are with bernie, you know -- >> ooh, now, if i said that -- >> no, no, no.
12:23 pm
>> they're voting for bernie because that's where the boys are, you'd swat me. >> no, but it's not -- >> come on. >> no, i wouldn't, i wouldn't. >> with me now, two of my favorite women, cnn political commentator democratic strategist donna brazile and republican strategist ana navarro. ana supports jeb bush for president. she's like, i get it, we have to say that every time. transparency, ladies. >> and then you ask me why -- >> and i'm for love peace and soul. >> listen, it was a good time last night for the super bowl. let's talk politics and women. specifically, to you first, madeleine albright. i was just talking to anita dunn. she says the whole there's a special place in hell for women who don't support women. but to be specific and say there's a special place in hell if you're not supporting bernie sanders, how do you think those supporters feel? >> i've known madeleine albright for 30 years. for all of my life and what she's done. she has constantly beaten at the
12:24 pm
door of equality. she wants women to have a place at the table. she wants women to be in politics. and she has fought for that. now, this context yesterday at a clinton rally i guess may have offended some who are supporting bernie sanders. bernie sanders has been a champion for equality. i hate to say there's a generational divide on this issue but i genuinely believe women voters, whether you're young, old, mid-life, still stirring it up, i think they have two dynamic individuals to choose from. i just want young women to vote. i want young women to run for office. i want them to go out there and raise hell. but i hope they're not offended by what gloria said or madeleine said because i can tell you as someone who came up under their leadership and still believe in those two women, they're incredible phenomenal women. >> do you agree or were you offended? >> first, i'm not offended. i'm not, you know --
12:25 pm
>> of two the thickest skinned ladies on the block here. >> it takes a lot more to offend me. but i do think it reflects a huge generational divide. they are tone deaf to how younger people, younger women, see things. i think that it is hurtful to their cause. they have done a lot for women's rights. >> a lot. >> they have been pioneers. but at this point, saying that type of thing does not help the cause of women. women today don't want to be guilted into supporting a woman because of her body parts. look, i was educated and raised by sacred heart nuns, okay. those nuns taught us we can do anything we damn well wanted. we could go out there and conquer the world. but we're not going to do it based on our gender, we're going to do it based on our qualifications. i think madeleine albright who is a woman who has great qualifications, who has been secretary of state like hillary clinton, she should focus on that, not the woman issue.
12:26 pm
>> one more piece of sound in. this is hillary clinton talking about running as a woman and the double standard. >> we are still living with a double standard. and i know it. every woman i know knows it. whether you're in the media as a woman or you're in the professions or business or politics. and i don't know anything other than -- to do than just keep forging through it and just keep taking the slings and arrows that come with being a woman in the arena. >> she went on to say she was hearing one of the young male bernie sanders supporters saying they really like bernie sanders because his hair was all messy and she was, like, as a female, you have to be sort of perfectly coifed and no one could ever say that about her and the challenges of being a woman, do you agree? >> first of all, it's really unfair. the only time we talk about these issues is when we have a woman running for office. we should address these issues. there's a reason why when you look at the entire united states population, less than 2% of
12:27 pm
americans run as public officials. the majority of public officials, they're men. the majority of voters, female. the majority of law students, women. the majority of partners, males. so yes, we should have this conversation. but not in the context of a presidential campaign where somebody might get offended, but there is sexism and society, we've come a long way. are we there yet, no, we're not. >> let me tell you what bothers me. in 2008, hillary clinton ran away from being a woman, right. she wanted to be the strong woman. she almost ran as wanting to be one of the guys. and she really wanted to show she was tough, she could do the job. this time around, i think she's gone way the other side of the pendulum and is lacking subtlety. it rings a little awkward when a woman who has broken the ceilings, who has done the achievements, who getting paid $675,000 to give speeches is talking about double standards
12:28 pm
and, you know, lower pay and all these things. surely these things exist. surely we have got to address them. but, you know, i'm not sure she's doing it in the best way. you know, folks when you're a woman, you're a woman, okay. look at us, you know, you can tell there's obvious reasons. just go out and do it. be a woman. don't stroke the violin, don't, you know -- get out there and -- >> she's reacting, and so did bernie sanders to be fair, they're reacting to some of the internet conversation which as you well know are sometimes what i call trash talk. they're addressing it. the notion that a woman cannot address what i believe to be very substantive issues and concerns for women. we get paid less for doing the same work. we often -- campus race, campus assault. we have to be able to be spokesperson as well as champions and advocates for
12:29 pm
women without going too far. >> i do think the election cycle has been very gender equality when it comes to criticizing the physical appearance. >> i agree. >> we laughed at donald trump's hair, his pudgy hands all we can. we talked about chris christie. we talked about marco rubio's shoes. it's not just the women, you know, it's not just carly fiorina, it's not just hillary clinton getting it. >> that's true. ana and donna, thank you so much, ladies. meantime, my next guest says it is time for an adult in the white house. who am i talking about? montel williams discussing his pick for president, john kasich. montel live next.
12:30 pm
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12:34 pm
we are just past the bottom of the hour. you're watching cnn, live here in manchester, new hampshire. call it the governor's last stand. several republican candidates need to do well here in new hampshire including iowa governor john kasich. what did i say? ohio. i had iowa on the brain because that's where i was last weekend. montel williams, nice to see you. >> thank you for having me on. >> why is the iowa governor your pick? >> honestly, i've been thinking about this now for several months. i was at john kasich's announcement when he decided to run and i haven't come forward because i was watching the field. if you liken this field to
12:35 pm
nothing more than the playground of a day care center, most of them look like children. you've quote two go two of the trying to steal lunch money. you have the counselor who comes out and says, kids, stop, we need to work together because once recess is over, we all have to be in the classroom together. i know that's a weerird analogy. but if you look at what's going on, you look at trump and bush today, they're throwing insults at ear often. >> jeb bush. >> jeb bush. this is something we're really interested in listening to? when you listen to john kasich, he has shocked everyone in the party because he jumped eight points in two days. now in second place. i'm going to tell you, you listen to the tenor of all the other candidates and all of a sudden their tenor softened. listen to donald trump today. he's talking about how we're going to come together. he's listening to what kasich is saying. he understands what kasich said
12:36 pm
is resonating. that's what i think america's going to start to understand. you gave him a chance yesterday. he shocked the media. he's had more time on the air. today mr. kasich has been on all day today and people are starting to hear the fact there is a candidate among all the continue of separatisseparatism. there's some wheat that's risen above the chafe and that's kasich. >> i hear you about preschool, the point remains the same. my question to you is why do you think the governors in this race, bush, christie, kasich, why do you think they haven't done better? >> i don't believe that christie/bush have done better because they're run on platforms no one believes in. let's be honest with you. the truth of the matter is, i think we're done with the bush legacy. and i think governor christie
12:37 pm
can just stand in new jersey and summarize the lies he's told. when it comes to john kasich, people are not giving him a chance to listen. the din's been so loud. we've been following donald trump, you know, ostracizing people and belittling people. but all of a sudden, saturday night, america heard a different tenure and a different voice from a republican leader. a republican of old school republican leadership. one who has balanced budgets. one who has worked with the military. one who has worked with our federal government. one who has accomplished things that are tangible rather than a bunch of hype from the others. that's the reason people are starting to listen to him. that's the reason he jumped ahead of the other governors. >> done a lot for the economy in ohio. tip of the hat from govern bush to that point. if kasich doesn't do well, he said if he doesn't do well in new hampshire, come tomorrow, he could be out. so if he is, who would be your
12:38 pm
second pick? >> i'm going to say i think he's going to shock everyone. i don't think donald trump's lead is as great as everyone thinks. he doesn't have the ground game. the ground game is not there. governor kasich has been on the ground in new hampshire. bouncing around everywhere. i think tonight if you see in less than two days he jumped from 4 to 13%. he may jump to 16% or 17%. and if con nadonald loses the v we may have a shock. i'm not worried about the governor winning tomorrow. i think he may take it all. if he comes in second, that will clearly demonstrate to the rest of the electorate that there's a real voice in the race and let's start to pay attention. >> montel williams. i know a lot of people listen to you. we will see how governor kasich does tomorrow here in new hampshire. thank you. thank you, my friend. >> thank you. thank you for daring the cold. >> i got this.
12:39 pm
you should see my snow boots. coming up next, why bernie sanders matters. we'll talk to the author behind a knee biography of the presidential candidate. why he says bernie sanders is actually comparable to donald trump more so than any other candidate on one issue specifically.
12:40 pm
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as bernie sanders rises in the polls, one man who is not surprised is author of the book "why bernie sanders matters." he joins me from washington. welcome. >> thank you so much. yes, it's a big surprise to me, voters, my friends down here, bernie sanders does matter. >> you followed him for a couple
12:44 pm
of years. little did you know perhaps he would have such the following leading into this presidential nomination contest. let me begin with one point you make in your book. questioning what kind of socialist he is. you liken him more to donald trump than fellow democrats. tell me why. >> he's more a populist in american history than he is a socialist. i think of teddy roosevelt. i think of la guardia. they always championed the little guy against the wealthy. it was teddy roosevelt who was the big bank buster at the turn of the century. as weird as it might seem, donald trump is also somewhat of a populist. sanders is wealthy. trump says the little guy is getting pushed around too much by, i don't know, immigrants, not getting a fair shake. it's the not getting a fair
12:45 pm
shake that brings then together. >> what about beshy sanders in the '50s and 60s. he was talking to anderson in our town hall about when he was arrested try to desegregate university of chicago housing. where did this yb passion for justice come from from this young jewish kid in brooklyn? >> it's a great question. he grew up in brooklyn at a time when there were a whole lot of leftist radicals in and around where he grew up. a whole lot of trade, stalinists and comb nicmunists quite frank. he wasn't part of that but i think it imbued him somewhat. when he gets to the university of chicago in 1960, he's at the center of the rights movement, the anti-war movement. that's when something clicked in him. as you said, he got most of his education in the basement of a
12:46 pm
library reading ridge na ining about freud and marx and he took ton the streets and for the first time was able to see his activism at work. >> bernie jaffray, author of "why bernie sanders matters," thank you. coming up next, is a bad debate performance enough to alter a primary election? >> let's dispel once and for all this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. become obama doesn't know what he's doing. barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. >> there it is, the memorized 25-second speech.rubio's rival,e pouncing. keep it here on cnn. i'm brooke baldwin live in new hampshire. [vet] two yearly physicals down.
12:47 pm
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what the campaign trail gives, it can taketh away. take senator marco rubio who's riding high coming out of iowa with a third place win and saturday night's debate happened here in manchester, new hampshire, with senator rubio repeating the same points over and over and chris christie quick to point that out. >> and let's dispel once and for all this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. >> let's dispel with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. >> here's the bottom line. in notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing -- >> there it is. there it is. the memorized 25-second speech. >> well, here's the response. i think anyone who believes that barack obama isn't doing what he's doing on purpose doesn't understand what we're dealing with here. this is a president -- this is a president who's trying to change
12:52 pm
this country. >> let me bring in former new york governor, george pataki, dropped out of the race for president in december. governor, thank you for coming through. >> thank you. good being with you. >> marco rubio is your guy. >> he's my guy. >> despite what happened saturday night on that stage? >> i don't think it's as bad as the media makes it out to be. he was focused on the fact we need to win the next election because the democrats, not just barack obama but hillary and sanders are trying to fundamentally transform america. they're trying to make us dependent on governor instead of our own abilities. that's not what senator rubio believes. >> but what chris christie was point out, boy in the bubble, canned speeches, talking points. doesn't he have a point? >> marco rubio has an outstanding record of leadership. he did a tremendous job in the vast majority of debates. i believe he's going to be the next president of the united states. the american people want someone who will keep us safe.
12:53 pm
that's marco rubio. they want someone who isn't an insider in washington but can get things done. he did defunding the obamacare unlimited exchange funding and helping to go after those who were responsible for the va crisis. >> you can name all these applicat accomplishments, but why is it when rick santorum drops out and is asked can you name an accomplishment, nada. >> i can't speak for rick santorum. >> why do you think that happened? >> ask senator santorum. but i think the american people as they get to know marco rubio are going to know that he has been very effective not just in the senate but as a leader in the house in florida and i believe he'll be the next american president. brooke, let me tell you one thing. >> okay. >> we have to bring americans together. it's easy to criticize, it's easy to attack. marco rubio brings us together not just as republicans but as americans. he has a vision for our future. it's what america needs. >> you have served the great
12:54 pm
state of new york as governor. >> yes. >> you have been executive of the state. >> yes. >> we have three straight executives running for president. why do you think they wouldn't make better candidates than senator rubio? >> because of their vision and their record. marco rubio has a vision and not only a vision but keeping us safe. he has outlined a strategy how we're going to deal with isis, how we're going to deal with syr syria, rebuild our military. >> in general do you think governors make better presidents? >> the person criticizing senator rubio hasn't talked about his record because he can't run on his record. when you have six credit downgrades and highest taxes and worst job growth in the country, you attack others. i'm proud of what i was able to do as governor. but it depends on what you've done and what your vision is. when you look at what you have done and what the vision is, marco rubio is the guy america needs. >> a while ago marco rubio was a
12:55 pm
friend of might be, look at what happened when disaster hit my state, and look at what marco rubio has done, it's apples and oranges. >> i think marco rubio has done a better job. i think he has been a leader in the senate at a time when there's horrible partisan divide. he was able to bring people together and get things done. i think he can do that for america. he's the type of young leader who inspires people like me and i believe not just republicans but americans with a vision, we're all in this together on how we can be safe and confident in our future. by the way, brooke, i was governor on september 11th. so when it comes to keeping america safe, this is personal to me. i've listened to all the candidates. marco rubio has the best ideas, the best record on this, and i believe will be the best president. >> governor, thank you. thanks for swimminging our set manchester, new hampshire. >> with the snow coming down outside. >> i cannot wait to go outside. coming up, the final countdown to new hampshire.
12:56 pm
donald trump and jeb bush getting increasingly personal in their attacks hours before the first votes are cast here in the granite state. we have more on that coming up. you're watching cnn.
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just hours away from the first primary votes of 2016. "the lead" live from new hampshire starts right now. furious campaigning in every sense of that word, furious. jeb bush now dishing it out, calling trump a loser, a liner and a whiner. and would you guess trump is not turning the other tan cheek. the big dog comes out of hiding. bill clinton on the attack, naming names, accusing bernie sanders' supporters of sexism, trying to make a dent in sanders' big lead here in new hampshire. plus, they're at it again. north korea pulling out its big ballistic atm card and rattling the card with a