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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  February 8, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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just hours away from the first primary votes of 2016. "the lead" live from new hampshire starts right now. furious campaigning in every sense of that word, furious. jeb bush now dishing it out, calling trump a loser, a liner and a whiner. and would you guess trump is not turning the other tan cheek. the big dog comes out of hiding. bill clinton on the attack, naming names, accusing bernie sanders' supporters of sexism, trying to make a dent in sanders' big lead here in new hampshire. plus, they're at it again. north korea pulling out its big ballistic atm card and rattling the card with a long-range
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rocket. could that rocket carry a nuke? could it also be sold to iran? and what's next? hello, everybody, welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper live from manchester, new hampshire, where time is running out for each presidential hopeful to win voters' support in new hampshire. the candidates are making their final pushes before the polls open tomorrow. the race on both sides seems anything but settled. we have cnn reporters fanned out across the granite state all the way from here in manchester up to the northern tip of the state where voters start casting ballots at midnight tonight. the competition on the republican side feels more unsettled than ever after a weekend debate that may have had a real impact. we begin today with cnn correspondent sunlen serfaty who is in man chaster where senator ted cruz is campaigning this hour. for these republican candidates it does seem like it's anyone's game here. >> reporter: that's absolutely right, jake, especially with new hampshire voters who are so
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notorious for making up their mind last minute. one-third of voters here have not settled yet on a candidate, so the big question for donald trump here is can he turn his lead here in new hampshire into an actual win. >> we have to get rid of the bushes of the world. they're weak, they're ineffective. >> reporter: donald trump is on a mission to protect his lead. >> he's an example of a real stiff. the last thing we need is another bush. >> reporter: now going for jeb bush's jugular. >> he's a sad person who has gone absolutely crazy. he's a nervous wreck. >> reporter: bush now pointedly laying into the front-runner. >> donald trump, you're the loser. >> reporter: calling trump a liar and a whiner on twitter. this after bush was one of the only candidates to make on trump in saturday night's debate. >> let me just -- he wants to be a tough guy. a lot of times you'll have -- and it doesn't work very well with it. >> how tough is it to take property from an elderly woman. >> let me talk. quiet.
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>> reporter: but the real battle royale is the fight behind trump, rubio, cruz, kasich and bush all locked together in the polls and in a tuesday el for second place. rubio's rivals on his stumble in the debate. >> let's dispel once and all this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. this notion that blaarack obama doesn't know what he's doing -- >> there it is. there it is. the memorized 25-second speech. >> reporter: kasich and bush trying to capitalize on rubio's misstep. a new web video targeting kasich. a sign bush loyalists see him as the biggest threat among the governors. >> what's the worst that could happen? we feel really good. >> reporter: marco rubio looking to rebound from his performance and shed the criticism that he's too scripted. >> why do you keep saying the same thing about obama trying to change america? i'm going to keep saying that a
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million times because i believe that's true. >> reporter: his rivals twisting the knife. >> when the lights get that bright, you either shine or you melt. we cannot afford to have a president who melts. >> reporter: and ted cruz, who is speaking right now inside this american legion post, he's been trying all day to really set expectations for himself here in new hampshire very low. the cruz campaign does not expect to win here. they would consider a win, jake, to exceed expectations and then move quickly on to south carolina. jake. >> all right, sunlen serfaty, thanks very much. changing to the democrats now, if you believe the polls, and that's a big if, senator sanders could cake walk his way to a new hampshire victory, but former president bill clinton won't let his wife's campaign go gently into that good night. cnn senior washington correspondent joe johns is in hudson, new hampshire, right now where the entire clinton clan, hillary, bill, chelsea, will rally voters in a few hours. joe, bill clinton is now calling some sanders' supporters
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sexists. >> reporter: there's a lot of that going on right now. i've got to tell you, jake, there has just been a furious effort over this last day with the clintons down in the polls, trying to close the gap. bernie sanders pushing back just as hard. just within the hour, we also got an early indication from hillary clinton that she's trying to change the tone on messaging just a bit and make her campaign more forward-looking in a tweet saying this campaign is about building the kind of future we want the next generations to come into. >> the american people are angry. >> reporter: bernie sanders and hillary clinton making a final push on the eve of the new hampshire primary. >> please, come out and help me tomorrow. >> reporter: clinton making the day a family affair, hitting the trail with her husband and daughter. >> the single best change maker i have ever known, hillary
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rodham clinton. >> reporter: clinton is trying to close the gap with sanders who holds a commanding lead in granite state polls. today she questioned the purity of sanders' anti-wall street message noting his fund-raising efforts on behalf of the democratic party. >> senator sanders took about $200,000 from wall street firms. not directly but through the democratic senate campaign committee. >> reporter: for his part sanders isn't taking anything for granted. tonight he's holding a rally with students and bringing in some musical star power, including matt nathanson and jonathan fishman, from the band fish. >> what people will be asking is not just who wins, but whether the people of new hampshire are prepared to lead this country in a political revolution. >> reporter: a revolution bill clinton is now calling into question. >> when you're making a revolution, you can't be too careful about the facts. >> reporter: as the former president also draws attention to online attacks from sanders' backers directed at supporters
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of his wife. >> she and other people who have gone online to defend hillary and explain why they have supported her have been subject to vicious trolling. >> reporter: sanders denouncing the actions of the so-called bernie bros in an interview with jake tapper. >> we don't want that crap. anybody who is supporting me that's doing sexist things, we don't want them. i don't want them. that is not what this campaign is about. >> reporter: sanders also taking a brief campaign detour over the weekend for a cameo on "saturday night live" for an appearance alongside host and sanders' imitater, larry david. >> i am so sick of the 1% getting this preferential treatmen treatment. >> reporter: expecting to see hillary clinton here at this high school in hudson, new hampshire, around 7:00 eastern time tonight. of course the question is how much of a factor the weather will be. people in new hampshire are a
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hardy bunch, nonetheless at this stage every vote counts for these candidates, jake. >> joe johns, thanks so much. joining me to talk more about tomorrow's primary, my friend and colleague dana bash. dana, it is hard to remember a time when we had less clarity about the republican candidates. i really have no idea what's going to happen. >> nor do i. i know you've been out all day talking to voters at candidates' events, so have i, and it is remarkable how undecided voters are. and even those who say that they're decided, obviously not all of them, but a lot of them say i think i'm going to vote for x, but i could definitely easily be suede swayed for y. there was all this hoopla about marco rubio's debate performance. she said i was definitely all in for marco rubio. then the debate happened and i said, i'm going to vote for jeb bush. that is happening all over as these candidates do work incredibly hard. and they have so many fronts on
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their wars. like jeb bush, for example, he's fighting really intensely with donald trump today but he's still trying to figure out how he gets into the whole marco rubio, john kasich, chris christie situation. >> i know, it's grueling, it's grueling. let's turn to the democrats. there's a report in politico saying that bill and hillary clinton are not happy with their campaign and may shake up the staff. clinton denied that but did say they would be taking stock after new hampshire, which does seem to suggest at least some dissatisfaction with how things have gone so far. >> absolutely. look, there's no way they can be satisfied and they shouldn't be satisfied because she wants to win. and they didn't, even though the expectation -- >> she did win iowa. >> she did, but it was very difficult. you know, unless the polls are dramatically different than they are on election day, which has happened, happened with her in 2008, we should give that caveat, regardless, a lot of people who are close to her,
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people that aren't necessarily inside the campaign, feel -- they're concerned that they were too cautious for a long time, that they should have seen bernie sanders coming. it's deja vu because just like barack obama -- >> all things we heard about in 2008. >> and clearly, look, bill clinton is the greatest political strategist still of either party and i think there's no one who would deny that. the fact that he's going out there and being so tough right now tells you everything you need to know. joe johns has some reporting that he has been very frustrated that the campaign has been too timid, they haven't gone out there hard enough. and that's clearly why he's just not letting go on bernie sanders. the question again is, and a lot of people are asking, is it too late? perhaps for new hampshire, but even in terms of the image that people already have of bernie sanders, is it too late to explain to people who he is in a way that is different from the perception they have already. >> we'll talk a lot more about this in the next block, in the next panel. dana bash, thank you so much.
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coming up, he's the newest target of republican attacks. senator marco rubio brushing off his less-than-stellar debate reviews, telling me what he really thinks of his critics. that's coming up. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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welcome back to "the lead" live in new hampshire. we're going to stay with our politics lead. every single vote matters in the battle for the so-called establishment lane here in new hampshire. if john kasich or jeb bush or chris christie want a ticket out of the state, they're going to need to cut senator marco rubio down to size. chris christie spent the weekend trying to do just that. listen to christie yesterday talking about rubio's struggles on the debate stage. >> you remember what mike tyson
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said, that great political philosopher, right? everybody has a plan until you get punched in the face. >> let's bring in former michigan governor, jennifer grantholm, juliana glover and cnn national political reporter, maeve reston. christie has been relentless going after rubio. watch him doing it again this morning. >> when the lights get that bright, you either shine or you melt. we cannot afford to have a president who melts. >> maeve, you've been talking to voters. is there any sign that these -- they seem devastating attacks. they're very sharp at the very least. that these attacks by christie on rubio are having any impact on the voters? >> yes, i think definitely they are in the sense that what christie did was sort of the classic debate technique where you go after what someone's strengths are thought to be. the young fresh face of the
1:17 pm
party. but the hesitation that voters have when you talk to them about rubio iwhether or not he's ready. he just got demolished on that stage, and a lot of people found that a very painful moment to watch. i think chris christie has given a huge gift to the other candidates in the race, kasich, jeb bush, who are also getting bigger crowds now. i don't know how much it's helping chris christie at this point. it was a little rough and that may not end up working well for him. >> that's interesting, because julianna, we remember in 2004 when gephardt and howard dean were going at it in iowa, they called it a murder-suicide pact and john kerry and john edwards won the first and second spot. but the problem is for kasich and jeb is chris christie, if he doesn't have a good night, then their favorite attack dog will be gone. >> i'm not sure that's necessarily the case. in fact i don't think anybody is dropping out after this, no matter what the results are. i think the next debate we all
1:18 pm
know is on saturday night. that's not that far away. we saw how badly rubio was wounded by that, but the governors in the race right now, christie, bush and kasich, all do exceptionally well in these debate formats and they'll try to do well again. >> what can kasich and jeb do? is there anything they and their supporters can do to keep christie in the race? >> i wouldn't be surprised if there was a lot of bus, kasich and cruz donors making sure christie was well enough funded to stay in. >> hey, but can i just say somebody who's done these debates, the best part of what chris christie did was to call him out as it was happening. there it is, there it is, so everybody watching knew exactly. it was just -- it was debate 101. it was classic. >> it was pretty devastating and pretty powerful. governor, i want to ask you about this report in politico that bill and hillary clinton are not happy with the campaign, they might shake up the staff. hillary clinton in an interview with msnbc denied it but did say
1:19 pm
they are going to be taking stock. now, i do want to read this tweet from a politico story. david axelrod, a democrat, writes when the exact same problems crop up in separate campaigns at different staff, at what point do the principals say, hey, maybe it's us? that's pretty harsh from a fellow democrat. is it fair do you think? >> yeah, i do. i think this is a phenomenal team. >> i think that's axelrod is saying, the problem -- >> well, but he's suggesting that it's them. they, them, have picked a phenomenal team is what i'm saying. they have excellent nose for talent, and this talented team has been working their hearts out. in any campaign you constantly take stock, right, and so you may add new people as you go along to shore up where you're weak. if you don't, it's political malpractice. but they have a really strong team. >> you know what i've always
1:20 pm
been wanting to ask you. you were born in canada. >> i was. what's up with this? >> what do you think of this whole ted cruz -- >> my parents were legit canadians, both of them. >> is ted cruz an american citizen, do you think? a natural born american? >> i think he is. i think if it were taken to a court it would say yes. but there is that question. so in this sense, this is the only time i'll ever say that i agree with donald trump, i think he should get a declaratory judgment. >> he has been off the map this week. in terms of someone who should have been capitalizing on their momentum here, you just have not seen that in new hampshire. it's not a natural constituency for him, but it's really interesting that he's letting the others having the spot right now. >> i think he and his people are focusing on south carolina. i mean they'll know he'll do middling well here but south carolina is where he's going to play well. however, for kasich and for christie, that is where i think it could be a little bit tougher going. let's say both of them do well
1:21 pm
coming out of new hampshire. they get to south carolina. i think it was christie's folks that said today we're just starting to focus on south carolina. he needed to be focused on south carolina months ago. >> the way jeb has been. >> yes. and kasich's folks are saying they're now focusing to pivot on michigan. michigan isn't until march 8th. so this whole race has been totally unexpected in so many different ways. i wonder if some people are just beginning to figure out what their next step plans are. >> there are a lot of one-hit wonders. >> if kasich has a strong night, which he very well could in new hampshire, where does he go next because they really don't have a lot going on in those future states going out. >> i would say that if he goes to michigan, he has got to say -- >> former governor of michigan for those who don't know. >> he can't be claiming total credit for the rebound in the ohio economy. really that has so much to do with president obama saving the auto industry, so it's a little
1:22 pm
awkward for him. >> i want to ask you about another clinton surrogate, madeleine albright and the comments she made that raised a few eyebrows in the state. take a look. >> just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> now that is a famous albright quote and it is not particular to hillary clinton. >> right. >> nonetheless, i did meet today some women at a sanders rally who were really upset of this concept for not supporting clinton. >> unfortunately, i think -- i mean i know that the comment was misinterpreted by those. i mean she has said it. she goes to women's -- yeah, she has been -- i have her picture on my wall as a hero along with gloria steinham. this was the generation ahead of my generation. hillary clinton would never say that you should only vote for her because she's a woman. she would not say that. she would say vote for me
1:23 pm
because i'm experienced. >> in the context of that quote, it blew everyone's hair back when she said it because she was talking about how the struggle is not over. that the young women out there need to understand that and to support hillary clinton so she put it very squarely in that context. i also have been talking to the bernie supporters who just are not happy with that. >> i want to get your thoughts on this. in an interview with the fanl times when asked about running for president, michael bloomberg said he's, quote, looking at all the options. do you think bloomberg could be a force in this race if it ends up being, say, trump or cruz versus sanders? >> i am not a trump fan. i think that there are probably a whole lot of other conservative republicans who are also not trump fans. i'm not saying that we would support bloomberg, but i do think there would be an openness to a different third party option should trump be the nominee. >> ain't going to happen. ain't going to happen.
1:24 pm
>> i don't know. if it's trump and a very weakened hillary and his pollsters are telling him there's a way to slip through there with 40, 42%, it wouldn't be surprising. >> all right, great job, thank you so much one and all. with just hours before the first votes are cast in new hampshire, the candidates are crisscrossing the state shaking hands, kissing babies, asking for votes. i tagged along. that story next. plus north korea defying warnings from the rest of the world once again launching a long-range rocket. now the united states and south korea may be responding with some missiles of their own. [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are.
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i'm jake tapper. all ten major presidential candidates are currently crisscrossing new hampshire, making their closing arguments to voters. they may need a strong case for the nearly 400,000 people here registered as undeclared. they're independents and they're all free to vote for whomever they want in either primary for the major parties. today from rallies to small town diners, candidates are out and about shaking hands and kissing babies, trying to reach as many voters as possible who have not yet made up their minds. and as we found out firsthand, it is a whirlwind and grueling process. it's political pin ball here in new hampshire with candidates bouncing between at least 30 events across the state at that, trying to hit the all-important target of undecided voters. >> carly fiorina starting the day at blake's creamery in manchester, new hampshire. she wasn't on the debate stage saturday night but she is here very much in the thick of it trying to get votes from the
1:30 pm
citizens of new hampshire. >> despite months of campaigning, there's a lot of convincing to be done on the nose to the grindstone day in the granite state. >> there are about four i'm considering. carly is one of them. >> who are the other three? >> kasich and bernie sanders, oddly enough. >> this could be carly fiorina's last chance to change voters' minds. >> you're obviously the underdog, what's your pitch to voters? >> the same pitch i've had all along. i'm not a politician so the pitch doesn't change. we have to take our country back, the system is rigged, the game is stacked, the odds are stacked against the american people. we have to restore citizen government and take our country back. >> across town hillary clinton brought the full force of the family name to mancheter community college. the former first lady of arkansas had dozens of supporters from that state in the crowd. >> she's been solid, but she's there. she's going to step right in the first day and do this job that we need to be done. >> it's called snow.
1:31 pm
>> across town we caught up with marco rubio as the florida senator braved the snow to get his message out. >> first of all, i'm as conservative as anyone in this race but i can bring our party together. i can grow it. i can take our message to people that haven't voted for us before and we're going to win this election. hillary clinton doesn't want to run against me. >> your rivals are saying that the debate performance shows that you wouldn't be ready for clinton. what's your response to them. >> well, look, not just that debate but every debate before i've shown consistently the ability to answer important and difficult questions i think in a very compelling way. we raised more money after this debate than any other debate we've ever had. we're excited about it. >> excitement is in no short supply for one candidate. >> at the palace theater here in downtown manchester, the crowd is getting prepared and excited for a bernie sanders get out the vote event. it was a mixed crowd of both older voters and the younger vocal ones who may help him win this state on tuesday.
1:32 pm
>> he actually has a game plan on how he wants to get stuff done, whereas with hillary, i don't trust hillary as a candidate with the recent thing with the e-mails and also i feel like she's been too involved in the corruption of politics. we are younger, we're in our 20s. we're paying attention and we're going to vote based on what we see and what's going on. >> cnn's special coverage of the new hampshire primary will start tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. eastern. look for early results after the first polls close at 7:00 p.m. eastern. north korea launches a satellite it says is for innocent purposes. the rest of the world ain't buying it. now frantic meetings to determine how to respond. that story next. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts.
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welcome back to "the lead." this week congress is holding another hearing on the flint water crisis, but once again key michigan officials will be act, including governor rick snyder. the republican governor declined an invitation to attend wednesday's hearing because he's delivering his budget presentation that day, he says. and now flint has become a major subject in the democratic presidential contest with hillary clinton even taking a campaign detour this weekend to flint during crunch time in new hampshire. >> what happened in flint is immoral. >> cnn is hosting a democratic presidential debate in flint on march 6th, two days before the michigan primary. also more celebrities are joining the aid effort to that city. beyonce has said up the bay good fund to provide fresh water and filters to the people of flint. flint is a majority african-american town, a point sanders and clinton has suggested one of the reasons the
1:38 pm
poisoning was allowed to happen for so long. the african-american vote will come to play in a major way in south carolina, the site of the next primary after this one. clinton has held an overwhelming lead with voters of color in that state but sanders got a big endorsement from our next guest, ben gejealous. hillary clinton visited the city just yesterday. before she arrived, she had this to say to reporters. i know senator sanders went to new york to be on "saturday night live" and i'm going to flint to see if we can help with the kids. what's your reaction? >> you know, look, that type of stuff just always strikes me as petty. there was a big union gathering, you know, back two states back and she went to a party with kim kardashian that night rather than showing up to talk to the afl-cio. so, you know, folks make their -- make their choices. i'm fairly certain that if she
1:39 pm
had been asked to go on "saturday night live" she probably would have gone to flint on a different day. we've opened up a big office there. we have the support of one of the great sons of flint, michael moore, and i think you will see that our campaign is really the best campaign for making sure that these sorts of things don't happen down the road. >> so you were the head of the naacp from 2008 to 2013. the last rating hillary clinton received from the naacp was for the 2005-2006 legislative session. she earned a 96% approval rating. obviously bernie sanders also has received high marks. why sanders and not clinton? >> sure. well, clinton got 96 and bernie in his last rating got 100%. but obviously i don't speak for the naacp and i don't use just the report card, although his grade was slightly higher. for me this comes down to what dr. king referred to as the three giant triplets of evil.
1:40 pm
racism, militarism and greed. on each of those categories, clinton's history is, frankly, caomplex and confounding. bernie's is very, very clear. it's going through that reason, the same thing that led me to support jesse jackson in 1998 and the same thing that led bernie sanders to support jesse jackson in 1988. >> what do you mean her record on these issues is complex and confounding. >> sure. we'll start with greed and work our way back. on the issue of greed and wall street and our biggest banks, her record is mixed. i think most people in this country really don't know if she would go as far, being the former senator of new york, having very close relationship with goldman sachs and several other banks, folks aren't sure if she would go as far to rein them in and make sure we wouldn't see a repeat of the
1:41 pm
recession that frankly too many of our communities are still struggling to come out of. you go to the issue of militarism. bernie sanders very clear, voted against the war in iraq just like he had opposed the war in vietnam as a young person. hillary clinton also had opposed the war in vietnam but she voted for the war in iraq, the war that barack obama referred to as a stupid war. and then on the issue of racism, bernie sanders goes to jail with the congress of racial equality fighting to desegregate university housing in chicago. quite frankly i'm a black leader, the son of a white man who went to jail with the congress of racial equality at that time. very few white men did. then you fast forward 1988, supporting jesse jackson. fast forward to today, he has a comprehensive racial justice platform.
1:42 pm
senator, secretary clinton's record on this issue again is more complex. you can just simply look at the 1980s and '90s. 1980s associated with the children's defense fund, doing great work. 1990s, pushing the super predator theory, this notion that a child at age six months could be sos sociopathic as beyond redemption that was used to describe the actions of young black men. >> we don't have time to go into it and hope you can come back. >> any time. >> hillary clinton still enjoys the vast majority of african-american leaders, their support, and the vast majority of african-americans, according to polls. but who knows what's going to happen. ben jealous, thank you very much for coming on the show. >> thank you. thank you, jake. >> did you want to say something? >> yes. i want to say she's at her high water mark. i think you'll see that begin to change as folks start to change
1:43 pm
and head into the super tuesday states. that's what we'll see is that support will begin to shrink. thank you. >> okay. and we'll have an advocate for secretary of state hillary clinton on the show tomorrow to speak as full throatedly in favor of her as we just heard some things said about her that were not so supportive. in just a few minutes, the final cnn new hampshire polls will be released. a fresh look at the state of the race just hours before voting starts. that's coming up. plus north korea defying warnings from the rest of the world, again launching a long-range rocket. now the united states and south korea may be responding with some missiles of their own.
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and you? rubbery buttons. enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. topping our world lead today, new details on the satellite that north korea launched over the weekend. [ speaking foreign language ] north korea is celebrating calling the launch a complete success, but u.s. officials are saying not so fast. a senior defense official says the satellite is tumbling in orbit, which would mean the satellite is incapable of functioning as it is supposed to
1:48 pm
function. whether the launch was a success or not, it is sparking fears and angering neighbors. in just hours president obama will hold emergency talks with the leaders of south korea and japan, preparing for the worst case scenario that north korea could be developing a nuclear-capable missile that could hit the united states. let's now go to our cnn chief national security correspondent, jim sciutto, at the pentagon. jim, tests are ongoing to learn more exactly what north korea launched into space. what's the latest intel? >> the senior defense official tells me that the satellite is now tumbling in orbit. as explained to me, it's in an unstable orbit which means it can't perform any useful function. a similar launch in 2012 by north korea, the same thing happened. now, that doesn't mean that there weren't worrisome signs in this launch because in effect they got something into space. that's the first two stages of an icbm launch. what they haven't proven is the ability to have a re-entry
1:49 pm
vehicle, which would in effect be a missile and strike whatever target you're going after. they haven't got to that stage and haven't been able to launch a successful satellite but this launch is concerning to the u.s. and its allies. as you saw in north korea, certainly there both the government and the public still celebrating. north koreans took to the streets celebrating the missile launch with an exuberant daytime rally. and a massive nighttime fireworks show. their excitement mirroring that of their leader's, north korean state photos showing an elated kim jong-un. the second successful satellite launch in recent years, causing u.s. and foreign leaders to express outrage and condemnation. >> they launched what they call a peaceful earth observation satellite, but nobody is fooled. >> we are in a situation now where we have at the u.n. security council not just the united states but russia and china condemning this action.
1:50 pm
>> reporter: beyond the angry words, the west has limited tools to respond. economic sanctions are difficult because the west has virtually no trade with north korea. most effective sanctions would block access to world markets by north korean leaders. still china, north korea's closest ally and trade partner has resisted cutting off economic support such as fuel and food, fearing a clamgsed state. faced with those difficulties, the u.s. is now considering a military response. cnn has learned that the launch has accelerated talks to deploy terminal high altitude aerial defense missile system to south korea. it could be in position within weeks. it could apply pressure to pyongyang and also beijing. >> south korea wants to do it, has protection against any north
1:51 pm
korean michlmissiles but they concerns china. they don't want to see increased military action on the peninsula, on their border. >> reporter: today the pentagon said the missile system will be focused solely on north korea. >> this is a defensive system put to place to deal with the threat posed by north korea. we don't believe it should pose any sort of concern to the chinese. >> china doesn't believe that reassurance. in fact they summoned south korea's ambassador to protest over the deployment of that missile system. they're making their feelings very clear. >> jim sciutto, thank you so much. here on the ground in new hampshire, political insiders think this race is much closer than polls show. could hillary clinton even eke out a victory?
1:52 pm
1:53 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." tomorrow it's all about new hampshire voters. whom do they want to be the republican and democratic presidential nominees. but before they go to the polls, let's talk about what is influencing those, especially those who have not made up their minds. the executive director of new hampshire's institute of politics joins me now. also with me trent spinner, executive editor of new
1:56 pm
hampshire's biggest newspaper, "the union leader" newspaper. neil, let me start with you. obviously one of the greatest things about new hampshire is the biggest group is not democrats, not republicans, it's undecided or undeclared or independent voters. when you're out there, do you get a sense that they are -- that they are inclined to support one party or the other or one candidate or the other? >> well, there's a lot of political scientists who have tried to study this. some believe there's a lean towards republicans but the truth is, is that you really just don't know. so if you're an outsider candidate and you're the campaign manager, you've been trying to target these people. this 44% that exists in new hampshire. >> and you see them tailoring their arguments that way. john kasich most notably talking about bringing people together. let me ask you, when we spoke a few days ago, you said it's even possible that hillary clinton could win new hampshire despite polls. do you still feel that way? do you think that she could pull it off? administrat >> i think it's really up to
1:57 pm
those undeclared voters that you just talked about. more than 300,000 people here in new hampshire who can show up and pick a rip ticket or democratic ticket. these data scientists are trying to figure out how many of these people will vote in each election. you talk to kasich and he said people are trying to decide between me and bernie sanders. >> i met a guy at a carly fiorina affair and he was trying to decide when kasich, sanders and carly fiorina. >> and these people will make the election who get to pick which primary they vote in. >> how does donald trump appeal to the voters of new hampshire? is it because he seems so untethered to the republican establishment, so completely independent? >> yes, and i think he's refreshing. a lot of voters like his approach. it's straightforward, it's sort of tough, and the other factor is he is wealthy and they believe that he's incorruptible. that seems to be a great appeal in this time where politics seems to be or money seems to be
1:58 pm
all over politics. >> one of the things we've been seeing the last few days, it's just a mad dash to voters. the candidates are out there. and this isn't just for show. i mean this really could make a difference. a lot of voters make up their minds in the last couple days. >> we don't believe in what some of the polls are saying. more than 50% of granite staters are undecided, 50% of people. so there's a lot of traction that candidates can still get here on the ground and that's why you see so many events happening in new hampshire. >> marco rubio certainly had momentum when it came to talk show hosts and the chattering class after his third place win in iowa. do you think his debate performance and the criticism of it might have slowed that or even caused him to lose support? >> i definitely think that. obviously there's always chatter after these debates, so even if a new hampshire citizen didn't watch it, they hear the chatter. the other thing that he did is he had several days after iowa to throw the long pass, if you will. and he didn't do that, he played it safe.
1:59 pm
now, that might be a good campaign strategy, but i haven't seen that his numbers are going up by any means. >> lastly, the weather. it is not blizzarding, but there's some flurries out there. i know that y'all are hail and hardy stock, but could bad weather in new hampshire make turnout less? >> i don't think so. i think our secretary of state is predicting record numbers of people coming out, more that half a million voters. i think we'll probably break a roird. it's going to be 3 to 5 inches and for new hampshire that's no big deal. >> that's in your house in the summer on the floor. do you agree it won't have an effect? >> i definitely do. people are just really excited about this election. there's been a lot of activity, a lot of candidates and they're ready to go tomorrow. >> it is exciting. i can't remember a race i've been this excited about. you guys? >> absolutely. >> thank you so much. that is it for "the lead." i am jake tapper in beautiful manchester, new hampshire. i now turn you over to one mr.
2:00 pm
wolf pliblitzer who is in "the situation room." thanks for watching. happening now, rubio's rebound. he's the favorite target of the gop rivals. can marco rubio come back from a rocky debate performance? our brand new poll is just out showing where the candidates stand right now only hours before the crucial new hampshire primary. trump taunts. there's no let-up in the verbal slug match between donald trump and jeb bush. now after being called a loser and a lawyer, donald trump lets loose. wait until you hear my interview with the front-runner. isis sleeper cells. are terrorists hit teams in place in major cities ready to strike? chilling new details about the intelligence that western security agencies have received even befor