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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  February 8, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PST

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wolf pliblitzer who is in "the situation room." thanks for watching. happening now, rubio's rebound. he's the favorite target of the gop rivals. can marco rubio come back from a rocky debate performance? our brand new poll is just out showing where the candidates stand right now only hours before the crucial new hampshire primary. trump taunts. there's no let-up in the verbal slug match between donald trump and jeb bush. now after being called a loser and a lawyer, donald trump lets loose. wait until you hear my interview with the front-runner. isis sleeper cells. are terrorists hit teams in place in major cities ready to strike? chilling new details about the intelligence that western security agencies have received even before the paris massacres.
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and missile defense. as north korea celebrates a rocket launch, will the u.s. deploy an anti-missile system to protect its allies? and how great a threat does kim jong-un now pose to the united states itself? i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." with only hours to go before the nation's first primary begins, our brand new cnn/wmur poll is just out. it shows donald trump well in front of the other republicans in new hampshire. marco rubio is in second place, despite a much criticized debate performance and ted cruz is alone in third place. but as the clock ticks down, almost a third of the republican voters say they are still, they are still undecided. as the republican candidates campaign frantically, i should say, there's a vicious war of
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words between donald trump and jeb bush after a bush tweet calls trump a loser, a liar and a whiner. trump fires right back calling bush desperate, sad and pathetic. you'll hear my interview with the republican presidential front-runner. and there may be a huge new wild card in this presidential race. the former new york city mayor, michael bloomberg, now says the tone of this campaign is an insult to the voters and he says he's now looking at all the options for getting into the 2016 race. we're also getting chilling new details on the isis plan to attack major population centers. even before the november slaughter in paris, western security agencies received intelligence that dozens of isis terrorists had been sent to carry out attacks in five cities. our correspondents, analysts and guests have full coverage of all the day's top stories. as the clock ticks down in new hampshire, donald trump and jeb bush are stepping up their war of words. jim acosta is on the scene for
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us in new hampshire. jim, they're certainly not holding back right now. what's the latest? >> reporter: that's right, wolf. for months top republicans have begged jeb bush to step up his attacks on donald trump. well, that day has come as trump and bush seem to be locked in a vicious personal battle from the town halls to twitter. >> i don't have a lot of respect for jeb. you know, he's -- jeb is a lightweight, let me tell you. >> reporter: something unusual is happening the day before the new hampshire primary. when donald trump attacks jeb bush -- >> he's on every show. donald trump said this, donald trump said that. and then he's, see, i'm the only one taking on donald trump. i'm not afraid of donald trump. he's like a child. he's like a spoiled child. >> reporter: the former florida governor isn't just turning the other cheek. >> donald trump, you're the loser. >> reporter: he's hitting back hard. in what may be a last-ditch effort to slam the brakes on trump's fast-moving campaign and
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save his own. >> donald trump organizes his campaign around disparaging people as a sign of strength. it's not strong to insult women. it's not strong to castigate hispanics. it's not strong to ridicule the disabled. >> reporter: the two men are at war on twitter. trump tweeting everybody is laughing at jeb bush. spent $100 million and is at bottom of pack. a pathetic figure. and bush swinging back, reminding voters of trump's attacks on john mccain, a former new hampshire winner. bush tweeted you aren't just a loser, you're a liar and a whiner. trump told wolf, bush is losing his nerve. >> he doesn't even use his last name in his ads. he's a sad person who has gone absolutely crazy. i mean this guy is a nervous wreck. i've never seen anything like it. >> reporter: their brawl comes as a new cnn/wmur poll shows
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trump still out in front. >> let's dispel with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. >> reporter: one key question heading into the primary is how much damage was done to marco rubio after his shaky debate performance over the weekend. >> here's the bottom line, this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing -- >> there it is. there it is. the memorized 25-second speech. >> that's the reason -- >> there it is, everybody. >> reporter: rubio seemed glued to anti-obama talking points as he fended off punches from chris christie. >> when the lights get that bright, you either shine or you melt. we cannot afford to have a president who melts. >> reporter: rubio had no regrets. >> people keep -- you know, in the press anyway, why do you keep saying the same thing about obama trying to change america? i'm going to keep saying that a million times because i believe it's true. >> reporter: also unclear is how well john kasich and ted cruz will do. they're part of the fight for second place and looking to pick up any rubio defectors.
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>> listen, marco had a tough night, there's no doubt about that. >> reporter: now, the trump campaign is sounding much more confident about new hampshire. corey lewandowski said iowa was about explaining the caucus process to supporters, whereas new hampshire is about getting voters to the polls. he told me over the phone you're not hearing ted cruz brag about his ground operation here in new hampshire. wolf. >> all right, jim acosta, thank you very much. let's get to the breaking news. our brand new cnn/wmur poll conducted by the university of new hampshire survey center shows donald trump, marco rubio and ted cruz running 1, 2, 3. a lot of new hampshire republicans still have not yet made up their minds. our cnn political director is here with me going through those numbers. >> let's look at where the race stands heading into primary day tomorrow. our latest tracking poll shows trump at 31%, rubio 17%, cruz at
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14%, you see john kasich at 10% and jeb bush at 7%. what you see obviously is donald trump way out in front and a real battle for second place between several candidates there and sort of who gets the ticket out of new hampshire. look at how it changed over time. if you look at where our tracking poll was a couple days ago, you see trump is down a couple points, that's from february 6th. you see marco rubio up a point, ted cruz holding even, john kasich just a tick down, jeb bush holding even. what is important to note here, wolf, is that 75% of this poll was taken before the debate on saturday night, which obviously marco rubio had a rough time that night. not great news coverage thereafter. 25% of the poll respondents were interviewed after the debate. but even in that small group of people that we interviewed after the debate, marco rubio did not drop so we're not seeing a negative effect on rubio's numbers since that debate. >> there's another story and
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that potentially could be a huge story. michael bloomberg, the former two-term new york city mayor, all of a sudden he's saying publicly what has been rumored i guess for a while, that he's seriously thinking of running for president of the united states. if he ran as a third party independent, that would be a potentially huge deal. >> it would be a huge deal. i'm not sure we're there yet that he's ready to launch a campaign but he gave this interview and clearly said he's watching the primary race on both sides very closely, what the candidates are saying, and he is distressed by the rhetoric. he said it's distressingly banal. so this is somebody who's had his eyes on the white house for many years, has never pulled the trigger. he thinks maybe this might be an opportunity to sort of come up the middle as an independent and do so, but you know michael bloomberg, wolf, he is a data-driven guy. unless his team can put together
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an electoral map saying he can get to those -- >> people say he has to make a decision by early march, march 1st, around that time. he's worth according to "forecasts" magazine $36.6 billion. so he could spend a lot of money if he wants. i'm also -- i originally thought, and correct me if i'm wrong, that he would only run if bernie sanders got the democratic nomination, he wouldn't run if hillary clinton got the democratic nomination but i'm now told he's irritated with the fact that hillary clinton is not doing that well. he also doesn't like her position opposing charter schools right now. >> right. i don't know if just that issue alone would be enough to get michael bloomberg into the race. but i certainly think seeing hillary clinton eke out a victory in iowa, be behind in new hampshire, we'll see what happens there tomorrow night, does not make her sort of a position of strength right now, of unbridled strength in the democratic race. seeing potential weakness there
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i'm sure is also what is attractive to michael bloomberg. >> all right. we'll see what michael bloomberg decides. he's got a few weeks to make that decision but he has a lot of money and has the ambition as well. thanks very much, david. joining us in the situation room, katrina pierson, trump campaign spokesperson. what's your reaction to the "financial times" report, the enter view michael bloomberg gave saying he's eyeing a run for the white house. what's your reaction? >> well, wolf, i think it is interesting because somebody like that getting in the race will pretty much ensure a republican landslide when you're going to have two people, whether it's hillary clinton or bernie sanders, competing over the progressive vote and it makes the republican look a lot better. when we're talking about government regulations, we're talking about the economy or even education for that matter. so it is going to be interesting to see what happens moving forward with mr. bloomberg. >> would you welcome his decision by bloomberg to run? >> oh, absolutely.
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with mr. trump as the nominee, with whether it's hillary clinton or bernie sanders with michael bloomberg, absolutely. mr. trump has a vision for this country for the american people and their families and he wants to make the priority be america, americans and their families, whereas on the progressive side that's simply just not the case. it's more programs, it's more spending, it's more government involvement in everyone's lives. i think right now at this point in time people are tired of the status quo. >> donald trump and jeb bush are really going back and forth with accusations against the other. you heard some of that in jim acosta's report. you see our brand new cnn/wmur tracking poll. trump is 31%, bush is only 7%. why is he spending so much time attacking bush? >> well, he's just responding to the attacks on himself. you know, mr. trump is right, jeb bush is extremely desperate. he is trying to show his donors that he does have energy, which has been coming across the last
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couple of times that jeb bush has tried to take on mr. trump. even though he's factally incorrect on some of the things he's saying about mr. trump, he is trying to hold on and wait this out so at the end of the day he's the last one standing to compete but that can't happen if he continues to be a low energy candidate. mr. trump is right, this is just jeb bush's attempt to keep his name out there, to pretend that he can fight. because we've never seen these republicans attack democrats the way they do other republicans. >> some have pointed out in recent days they have seen two donald trumps out there, one on the campaign stump if you will, taking a very serious discussion about foreign policy issues, other issues, not directly blasting his republican rivals. on the other hand, in some of the interviews really going on the attack. is there a double strategy under way right now? >> well, of course. i mean mr. trump is in a position to where he's had to essentially fend off other candidates as well as the media and try to continue to get his
2:13 pm
message out there. mr. trump is taking this campaign very seriously as we've seen here in new hampshire, stepping up the campaign stops. the family is out surprising folks at restaurants and he's having a really good time. this is something that's very important to mr. trump. he's built an empire in this country and it's important to him to be that person to help other people be able to build an empire as well. >> who does he see as his biggest threat among the republicans? >> that's a great question, wolf, i'm not quite sure. as we've been hearing it's always a competition between second place, not necessarily first. he takes all candidates serious low that are pulling. you've got marco rubio, you've got ted cruz. kasich is even in and out here in the state of hanew hampshire. he considers them all competitive but not taking anything for granted. >> i want you to stand by. there's more information coming in. we're getting more reaction now to michael bloomberg, the former new york city mayor, actively thinking of running for president of the united states as a third party candidate. much more right after this.
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this hour's breaking news, today's just-released cnn/wmur tracking poll shows donald trump still holding a very significant lead in new hampshire with marco rubio, ted cruz further back. let's get some insight from our experts. joining us, s.e. cupp, our special correspondent jamie gangel, our political analyst, ron brownstein and our cnn political commentator, peter beinart, contributing editor for atlantic media. guys, thanks for joining us. marco rubio is taking some tough times right now as a result of the debate the other night. listen to what he said.
2:19 pm
>> let's dispel with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. he is trying to change this country. >> here's the bottom line. this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing -- >> there it is. there it is. the memorized 25-second speech. >> that's the reason -- >> there it is, everybody! >> based on your reporting, jamie, how much damage did that debate do to marco rubio. >> well, it could have done quite a bit. i know someone who's very high up who was ready to endorse rubio and he has pulled back. that said, no one has voted in new hampshire yet, so let's wait and see. but hell hath no furry fury as christie. for chris christie, he was furious when in early january rubio put out these -- his super pac put out these attack ads that went at christie.
2:20 pm
christie's numbers fell. you're seeing the results. >> a little payback. >> marco rubio was up in the polls, we should point out, since that moment. i think anyone who would withdraw an endorsement because rube repeated a good message three times in a debate probably should check his priorities. >> peter, you've been reporting in new hampshire. you actually took a photo of protesters wearing some sort of outfits. marco roboto, is that resonating out on the campaign trail? >> not at the event i was at. i think there were a thousand people at the event where i was and the response seemed very strong. i don't think the danger is as great as people think. i think the media likes the shift in narrative of rubio having been built up now falling. in reality, even if marco rubio doesn't finish second, as long as he decisively beats christie,
2:21 pm
kasich and jeb bush, making it difficult for them to continue in this race, then the consolidation of mainstream establishment, whatever you want to call it, support of people who will not support donald trump and will not support ted cruz, and there are a lot of them, that continues for marco rubio. so i think he's in pretty good shape. >> what do you think, ron brownstein? >> no, i don't agree. i don't agree with peter or s.e. the message may have been fine but the message had nothing to do with what christie was accusing him of. i think for him to repeat it over and over does in fact give pause to republican insiders about how he handles pressure. he seemed to get rattled under the attack, went back to a message that may have been fine for a republican audience. in fact was confirming the argument that chris christie was having against him. >> it was completely relevant. the attack from chris christie was that he was inexperienced and unready. what rubio was saying is everyone said that he was inexperienced and unready and i think he knew exactly what he was doing. you have to understand marco
2:22 pm
rubio is running as the candidate who can win. he knows he's not running against cruz and trump and jeb. he's running against eight years of failed liberal policies, so he's absolutely on message to keep hammering the point that he's running against obama and the democratic nominee. >> but he said it not twice, not three times, he said it four times. he was answering questions and he immediately went to that talking point almost verbatim. jamie, i've heard from some people who like marco rubio make the comparison that that could be like a rick perry moment four years ago when he said oops in one of the debates. that was the beginning of the end of one of his campaign. >> i agree with ron. i will tell you that people within his campaign felt it was a, quote, cringe-worthy moment. it went to exactly the concern that this is not about disciplined message, this is about not being able to handle himself in the debate.
2:23 pm
and they're concerned if he's up against hillary clinton that she can clean his clock. >> hopefully he can count on people in his campaign to vote for him. it's voters that he's going to have to win. >> i want to play for all of you, listen to this and then we'll get back to this clip. i had a chance to speak with donald trump earlier today and asked him about some of the attacks directed against him from jeb bush. listen to this. >> he says you aren't just a loser, you are a liar and a whiner. john mccain is a hero over and out. that's the tweet that jeb bush put out just a little while ago. i want to get your reactions specifically to those very tough words. >> wolf, he's a desperate person. he's a sat -- he's a pathetic person. he doesn't even use his last name in his ads. he's a sad person who has gone absolutely crazy. i mean this guy is a nervous wreck. i've never seen anything like it. he's saying things like that. i get along very well with john mccain. i was on john mccain's committee for his election to try and help
2:24 pm
him get elected. didn't work out for him, but that's okay. he was -- you know, john mccain, he's fine. i like john mccain. and i know he says that i called john mccain all sorts of names. i call everybody names. actually the person i called the names is jeb because jeb is in favor of common core. in other words, children have to be taken care of from washington. he's weak on immigration. i mean just look at these things. remember he said, it was on your show, i saw, they come as an act of love, immigration. on -- you remember the thing on -- let's see, i just wrote down one other thing here. the texas stadium. when he talks about the taking of land, well, they used -- the bush family used the taking of land privately, eminent domain, on texas stadium. so you look at this guy and it's absolutely amazing. >> but he says specifically -- >> he didn't know that they used -- wolf, he didn't know that they used private -- that
2:25 pm
they used -- that they privatized it. he didn't know that, but they used it on texas stadium. having to do with eminent domain. and he didn't even know that. and on top of it, wolf, he spent over $100 million and he's a failed candidate. i mean he's a laughing stock. >> well, he says you aren't just a loser -- he says you're not just a loser, you're a liar and a whiner. those are pretty tough words he's saying. >> no, i'm not a whiner, i get things done. you know, i get things done. jeb is the kind of a guy if you weren't in government, nobody would give him a job. couldn't get a job. you look at what he says, he lies so much. i'm very strong on second amendment. you know that. i'm very strong on low taxes. i've got a huge tax cut for everybody. he says i want to raise taxes on everybody. how do you do that? a guy goes out and says he wants to raise taxes. the guy is -- you know, he's got a failed campaign, he's a
2:26 pm
nervous wreck. he's probably going to be the last of the governors, i would say. certainly he's the least talented of the governors. you know, he's done very poor low in the debates over the period of time. and what he does is he goes around saying i'm the only one to have the coverage to go after trump. i did the only one. what courage is it? he says nasty things. i always put him down on the dais and he goes away like a little sheep. he shouldn't be -- he should speak much more positively. >> i suspect that's not going to happen. peter, let me get your reaction. go ahead. >> i don't really understand what purpose this serves for donald trump to be in a fight with jeb bush. jeb bush is basically out of this race. the challenge for donald trump is the rise of marco rubio and the rise of ted cruz. i mean if he wants to bloody someone, he should bow bloodying them. i think this reminds everyone of the fact that donald trump is petty and obnoxious and it doesn't do him any good. it seems he's been lured into a
2:27 pm
fight by jeb that serves him no purpose. >> what do you think, ron? >> i think donald trump gave you kind of a short, concise version of what is holding back so many republican voters from moving toward him, particularly among that white collar center right mainstream conservative. they simple low don't think he has the temperament to be president. i was in nashua south of here in manchester and that was the biggest concern they had about trump. having said that, post-new hampshire trump has a lane. he has blue collar support. cruz as the evangelical support. the big question going in is anyone going to consolidate that mainstream conservative white collar side and it looked like rubio had a chance. i would say that is less likely as a result of that debate because whatever we say about it, i think there are going to be republicans who are going to be more skeptical of putting all their eggs in the rubio basket after he seemed to get that rattled under pressure. >> jamie, it's not just that jeb bush is going after trump, but he's going after rubio, after john kasich, the ohio governor
2:28 pm
as well. is there a new strategy? should he have been doing this long ago? >> i think people, including his mother -- i interviewed jeb and barbara bush this weekend. barbara bush says i don't give him any advice, but i don't think he should be so polite. i think he's listening to his mother. >> he's certainly not as polite as he used to be, s.e. >> no. i think if you're team bush you kind of wished you'd seen this a little bit earlier. i think he had a really strong debate performance over the weekend and going into south carolina, he's rising in the polls there. that's a very friendly place for someone like jeb bush. so i think he's better positioned than he was, say, two weeks ago. >> and making it clear no matter what happens in new hampshire tomorrow, he's going to south carolina and beyond. all right, guys, stand boy. there's a lot happening on the democratic side as well, including the former president bill clinton. he's getting increasingly fiesty out there. we'll be right back.
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the democratic race in new hampshire is being rocked by an angry blast that some of senator bernie sanders' supporters from former president bill clinton. brianna keilar is covering the democratic race. ron brownstein and peter beinart are still with us. he certainly went on the attack against bernie sanders and his campaign criticizing online commentators. listen to this. >> people who have gone online to defend hillary and explain, just explain why they supported her have been subject to vicious
2:34 pm
trolling. and attacks that are literally too profane often, not to mention sexist to repeat. >> all right, brianna, what does the timing of this tell you? bill clinton certainly hasn't been this negative until now. >> reporter: no, it hasn't. i think it reveals some frustration with the state of the race here in new hampshire. even people who support hillary clinton really think that it would be quite a feat for her to pull off victory here. and certainly that's something that's very frustrating for her husband, where new hampshire historically has been so important not just to him but to hillary clinton back in 2008. i also think, wolf, bill clinton really gets mad when he feels like his wife is under attack. this is when historically we have seen him really push back and give his sharpest attack against her opponents, be it barack obama or in this case bernie sanders. and i also think that some of
2:35 pm
his criticism reflects what many people in hillary clinton's corner feel. they feel, you hear this over and over, that bernie sanders has gotten a bit of a pass. he's sort of been a dictator of what purity is on this side of the race and they want to see bill clinton and others go after him on that. >> ron, how effective is bill clinton on the stump right now? we know some of these attacks have back fired back in 2008 when he called the obama campaign the biggest fairy tale as you remember at the time. how effective is he now? >> you know, it is a very human emotion to want to defend his wife and not only in 2008 with barack obama, but if you recall in 1992 in a debate with jerry brown, he looked like he was going to slug jerry brown when he raised questions about the rose law firm. i think bill clinton is raising some reefasonable arguments, challenging this idea that if you are not for the most liberal
2:36 pm
solution, you are bought and paid for. i don't think americans by and large like their former presidents this engaged in the politics but i think it's a mismatch of scale. i think when you have a form president weighing in, it gives some credence to the bernie sanders' argument and the bernie sanders' supporters that they are a movement working against this giant power structure that is grinding against them. while i think he's raising some important issues, i don't think he's necessarily the right person to be raising them. >> peter, let's get back to the other breaking news this hour. the former city mayor michael bloomberg now publicly saying he's considering a run for the white house in an interview with "the financial times." he said i'm looking at all the options. i find the level of discourse and discussion banal and i'm listening to candidates are saying and what the primary voters appear to be doing. peter, how is this going to impact this race by if the first week in march he decides he is
2:37 pm
going to run as a third-party independent candidate? >> i just really don't see it. if sanders were to win the nomination, yes, then bloomberg, there's some equidistance between him and the republican nominee but i think sanders winning is still very slim. he and hillary clinton just agree on much, much more than they disagree about. charter schools is a potential difference. but essentially they are really cut from largely the same ideological cloth. so does bloomberg really want to go out there, take these votes from hillary clinton and hand the race to a republican? i can't believe people would let him do that. >> some of the sources close to him suggest he's lost a lot of confidence in her ability to win. there may be too much baggage out there, that's why he's toying with this idea seriously. >> but he would ensure her loss if he ran. >> well, he doesn't necessarily believe that. he presumably would run if he thinks he could win, so that would be his rationale. let's see what he does, but he's getting closer and closer presumably. all right, guys, stand by. coming up, there's other major
2:38 pm
news we're following, including a new warning about possible isis sleeper cells in major western cities. also global condemnations rain down on north korea's kim jong-un after north korea launches a powerful rocket. will the u.s. help its allies deploy anti-missile defense systems. ♪ those who define sophistication stand out. those who dare to redefine it stand apart. the all-new lexus rx and rx hybrid. never has luxury been this expressive. this is the pursuit of perfection. i think we should've taken a tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is?
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2:43 pm
security agencies received intelligence that up to 60 isis terrorists had been sent to carry out attacks in five major cities. our terrorism analyst, paul cruickshank, broke the story for us. paul, tell our viewers what you're learning. >> wolf, western intelligence prior to the paris attacks received information, intelligence indicating that up to 60 isis operatives had actually come back to europe to launch attacks on european soil against five cities across europe, including paris where there was eventually an attack but london, berlin, brussels and another city in belgium, wolf. but this intelligence was fragmentary and to vague for them to take specific action. >> where are these 60 isis fighters now? >> they just don't know where they are because the intelligence was too vague. and so they're very, very worried that they could strike. if, say, 20 were involved in
2:44 pm
that wider paris conspiracy, that could mean that 40 could still be at large. that concern was expressed to me by my source. and isis itself just yesterday threatened simultaneous terrorist attacks inside europe in multiple locations at the same time in their french language magazine, and there's real concern now, wolf, from european officials that isis may try to mount a european 9/11 attack as devastating as 9/11 on european soil. >> pretty chilling. what a story. i know you're working your sources and you have really good ones. thanks very much, paul cruickshank, for that. let's take a quick break. when we come back, there are also scary new developments involving north korea celebrating its rocket launch. an outraged global community views it as a cover for a ballistic missile test, a missile which could one day carry a nuclear warhead. so how will the u.s. respond?
2:45 pm
2:46 pm
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2:49 pm
north korea staging giant rallies and sending off fireworks to celebrate what it says was the launch of a satellite. but the launch is creating fireworks of its own. a furious world reaction to what is seen as a test of a ballistic missile. brian todd has been tracking the latest developments for us. what are you learning? >> we have an update from a senior u.s. defense official who tells us that satellite is, quote, tumbling in orbit. it's in such an unstable orbit according to this u.s. official that it is incapable of functioning in any meaningful way. still the concern tonight, wolf,
2:50 pm
is that the north koreans got this satellite into space in the first place using missile technology that could enable them to eventually launch a nuclear warhead toward the united states. the u.s. and its allies are warning they are going to respond strongly to this, but they also know they're dealing with an unpredictable violent dictator who is likely brimming with confidence tonight. it took 9 minutes and 46 seconds to get into orbit. on the way up, it dropped debris in four locations in the seas off the korean peninsula and japan. tonight the military and political fallout is resonating around the world from north korea's rocket launch. u.s. and south korean forces are on high alert. u.s. officials telling cnn additional sanctions and possible military responses are on the table. and they will begin talking to the south koreans about setting up so-called s.a.d. defense
2:51 pm
missiles. coming off the heels of what they claimed was a hydrogen bomb test, the threat from the kim regime has rarely been higher. >> they've mastered a complex texnology which are three-stage launchers. north korea has made a qualitative leap and soon they'll make a quantitative leap because they can start to put these in production. >> reporter: the north koreans are crowing over the launch with a celebratory display of fireworks. the popular news anchor says this was a gift fromme their top scientists to the great comrade kim jong-un and vows there will be more satellite launches. experts say kim is doing this to extort economic concessions from the u.s., south korea and china. he's also got to show strength inside his regime ahead of a massive gathering of top officials later this spring. >> the run-up to the may workers
2:52 pm
party congress, he wants to demonstrate success so that he goes into that party congress with a great deal of leverage. >> reporter: analysts say kim is also in a tense position with his top generals after he tried to take power away from them. >> he's had to execute some senior generals. i think that essentially there is this friction that remains between the kim inner circle and the generals and admirals. so, therefore, he's got to give the military what it wants, which is a stronger nuclear deterrent, as well as long-range ballistic missile. >> reporter: a high-stakes standoff that has military units jittery tonight on both sides of the dmz. today the south korean military fired warning shots toward a north korean patrol boat after the north korean vessel crossed their maritime border. analysts are telling us expect more cross border skirmishes. we are cautioned tonight it's not going to take much at all for any side to be provoked in this situation. >> really dangerous situation
2:53 pm
unfolding, brian. thanks very much. let's bring in elise labbot. what are your sources saying about how the united states is likely to respond? >> you heard them talk about this thad missile defense system. talks have accelerated. that could be in place in a few weeks u.s. officials are telling us. then those talks at the united nations on a security council resolution not just about the launch but the muclear test that north korea took a new weeks ago. those talks have not really progressed that far. first of all, it's really hard to -- it's a challenge to get creative with these sanctions because north korea is sanctioned to the hilt. the u.s. wants to go further than ever before. limit north korea's access to cash and maybe target its energy sector. but the chinese are very reluctant as they always are. and so if you don't see some action at the u.n. in the next few weeks to a month, you're
2:54 pm
going to see the u.s. and its allies start to take some tougher sanctions against north korea, really putting the squeeze on them. >> what is the chinese role right now? >> well, u.s. might call them the spoiler. the chinese would say they are in the horns of a dilemma. they are angry with north korea. they've sent envoys in recent months. it didn't stop the nuclear test or missile launch. and i think that the u.s. wants them to still get tough but they on their side feel if they do take any actions it could be further destabilizing. i was in beijing with secretary kerry. some very tough talk with the chinese. and secretary kerry warned them if they are not willing to step up, use its economic leverage against north korea, the u.s. could be taking some actions on its own that chinese might not find so pleasing. and that certainly that missile defense system the u.s. and south korea are talking about does not make china happy either. if that's their nuclear
2:55 pm
deterrent. the u.s. trying to say this is as much a threat to you but china feels that any further actions it could take could really get north korea mad. >> this is a tense situation. elise labott, thanks. coming up, our new poll shows where the candidates stand just hours before the crucial new hampshire primary. as the republican and democratic campaigns get nasty ecould a new candidate, yes, a new candidate jump into the race? happening now, breaking news
2:56 pm
2:57 pm
2:58 pm
2:59 pm
fallout. new poll numbers show how far hillary clinton is trailing
3:00 pm
bernie sanders on this, the eve of that state's critical primary. bill clinton lashing out at some of sanders' supporters calling them sexist. now a possible clinton campaign shake-up. why is she struggling. racing for bronze. the nail-biting fight for third place in new hampshire. who will survive? who will emerge stronger and whose campaign will die? we're covering all of it as the clock ticks toward the first votes now just hours away. i'll talk about this dramatic race with the front-runner, donald trump. wild card, billionaire businessman michael bloomberg confirming for the first time he may jump into the white house race. he's eyeing an independent bid which of the current candidates would lose the most votes if he were to run? unilateral threat. kim jong-un celebrating the rocket launch that is sparking outrage and condemnation in the west. the north korean dictator believed to be working toward a missile capable of a nuclear
3:01 pm
strike on the united states. will the pentagon deploy one of its most sophisticated missile defense systems in response? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." this is cnn breaking news. >> there's breaking political news tonight with just hours before the new hampshire primary begins. we have new poll numbers that's have just been released showing hillary clinton trailing bernie sanders by 26 points in that state. on the republican side, donald trump far out in front with marco rubio in second. ted cruz in third. we're going to hear my interview with trump in a few minutes. we're standing by for a trump campaign event set to begin soon. now a potential game-changer. the former new york city mayor michael bloomberg confessing for the first time he's considering
3:02 pm
a white house bid. a move that would shake up this already chaotic contest. we're covering all of this. much more with our guest, including jason chaffitz, chairman of the government oversight and reform committee. also a marco rubio supporter. and our experts and analysts are standing by. let's begin with the latest cnn/wmur tracking poll conducted by the university of new hampshire survey center just released minutes ago. bernie sanders with a 26-point lead over hillary clinton in new hampshire. 61% of those asked are supporting sanders. 35% say they're backing clinton. our senior washington correspondent joe johns is in new hampshire. the rhetoric is really heating up in these final hours. >> reporter: that's right, wolf. we're waiting to see hillary clinton about a half an hour from now in hudson, new hampshire. the voters have seen a furious final push from the clinton
3:03 pm
campaign as they try to close the gap with bernie sanders on the eve of this all-important new hampshire primary. >> the american people are angry. >> reporter: bernie sanders and hillary clinton are making a final push on the eve of the new hampshire primary. >> to convince as many granite staters as possible to come out and vote for me tomorrow. >> reporter: clinton is making the day a family affair hitting the trail with her husband and daughter. >> it bothers me to be in an election where a debate is impossible because if you disagree you are just part of the establishment. >> reporter: clinton is trying to close the gap with sanders who holds a commanding lead in granite state polls. today she questioned the purity of sanders anti-wall street message noting his fund-raising efforts on behalf of the democratic party. >> senator sanders took about $200,000 from wall street firms through the democratic senate campaign committee.
3:04 pm
>> reporter: sanders isn't taking anything for granted. he's holding a rally with students and bringing in some musical star power, including matt nathanson and jonathan fishman from the band fish. >> what people will be asking is not just who wins but whether the people of new hampshire are prepared to lead this country in a political revolution. >> reporter: a revolution bill clinton is calling into question. >> when you are making a revolution, you can't be too careful about the facts. >> reporter: he draws attention to the online attacks from sanders backers directed at supporters of his wife. >> she and other people who have gone online to defend hillary and explain why they supported her have been subject to vicious trolling. >> reporter: sanders is denouncing the actions of the so-called bernie bros in an interview with jake tapper. >> look, we don't want that crap. anybody who is supporting me is doing sexist things, we don't
3:05 pm
want them. i don't want them. that is not what this campaign is about. >> reporter: he also took a brief campaign detour over the weekend for a cameo on "saturday night live" for an appearance alongside host and sanders imitator larry david. >> i am so sick of the 1% getting this preferential treatment. >> reporter: so a lot of back and forth. a lot of energy on the campaign trail, but we are hearing that internally, there is tension. the democratic source telling me former president clinton is concerned about a lack of imagination and the campaign playing it too safe is possibly one of the reasons why she finished in that very, very close race in iowa and now is down in the polls in new hampshire, wolf. >> joe johns reporting for us. let's get more on the just-released new hampshire polls. our political director david challian is with us.
3:06 pm
take us inside these latest numbers. >> 61% for sanders. 35% for clinton. if you look over time in the last couple of days, look at this. a couple of days ooh bernie sanders at 58%. he's improved his position a bit. hillary clinton holding steady. not making a ton of inroads. this is why you hear her out and about, she doesn't know if she can put together something that will be truly a winning night in new hampshire but that she was still going to try to fight for every vote. she's awear she's holding steady at a level that would be difficult for her to win with that kind of number tomorrow night. the other thing our poll shows. you know in new hampshire, undeclared. the independences in new hampshire can choose to participate in either primary. i initially thought all the action being on the republican side, this is a month or so ago, independents would flock to participate in that. independents are half of them want to play in the democratic primary and the other half in
3:07 pm
the republican primary. those independents are helping to fuel bernie sanders lead over hillary clinton. >> her razor thin win in iowa and the numbers she's getting right now, disappointing in new hampshire. maybe fueling this notion that's michael bloomberg, the new york city -- former new york city mayor is now, for the first time, publicly saying he's considering an independent third party run for president. >> he gave an interview to the ft and said, not just speculation. this is something i'm actually looking at and considering. he's very disappointed in the tone and tenor of the race thus far. he's paying very close attention to what's being said in both parties' primaries and thinks there may be an opening in this cycle for somebody to come up the middle. you and i both know michael bloomberg is not going to do this on a lark. if he looks at this and the filing deadlines and decides to get in this it's because he's looked at data that suggests he can with all his billions put something together to win.
3:08 pm
>> i'm told by friends of his, he'd only run if he's convinced he could win. he doesn't want to run as a spoiler. he's got to make a decision by early march. >> yes. >> deadlines for getting these campaigns under way coming up close. david chalian, thanks. let's get to the republican race. a brand-new cnn/wmur poll shows donald trump maintaining a double-digit lead. 31% of republicans surveyed. marco rubio a distant second at 17% followed by ted cruz at 14% and john kasich at 10%, the rest of the field in single digits. 7% for jeb bush, 5% for carly fiorina. sunlen serfaty is joining us from new hampshire. the republicans are out campaigning down to the wire. what's the latest? >> reporter: they are. a lot of votes left on the table. one-third of new hampshire voters still have not settled on a candidate and donald trump is
3:09 pm
cutting into another big test for his candidacy. can he turn his lead here in new hampshire into an actual win? >> we have to get rid of the bushes of the world. they're weak. they're ineffective. >> reporter: donald trump is on a mission to protect his lead. >> he's an example of a real stiff. the last thing we need is another bush. >> reporter: now going for jeb bush's jugular. >> he's a sad person who has been absolutely crazy. he's a nervous wreck. >> reporter: jeb bush is pointedly laying into him. >> donald trump, you are the loser. >> reporter: calling trump a liar and whiner on twitter and doubling down on an interview with dana bash. >> now we are the day before the new hampshire primary, and you are calling an opponent a loser, a whiner and liar. >> he say whiner. i'm defending the honor of people that i really respect. and i think that's more than appropriate. >> reporter: bush was one of the only candidates to take on trump in saturday night's debate.
3:10 pm
>> a lot of times you'll have, you'll have, and it doesn't work very well. >> how much does it take to take property away from an elderly woman. >> let me talk. >> reporter: the real battle royale is in the fight behind trump. rubio, cruz, kasich and bush all squeezed together in the polls and locked in a fierce battle for second place. rubio's rivals are seizing on his big stumble in the debate as a potential opening. >> let's dispel once and for all this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. this notion he doesn't know what's he's doing is -- >> there it is. there it is. >> the memoryized 25-second speech. >> kasich and bush are trial to capitalize. bush's superpac is out with a new web video targeting kasich. a sign bush loyalists see him as the biggest threat among the governors. >> we feel really good.
3:11 pm
>> reporter: marco rubio is looking to rebound from his debate performance. >> why do you keep saying the same thing about obama trying to change america. i'm going to keep saying that a million times because i believe it's true. >> reporter: his rivals twist the knife. >> you either shine or melt. we cannot afford to have a president who melts. >> reporter: and ted cruz who just wrapped up speaking here at this american legion post is trying very hard to set expectations here in new hampshire very low. the cruz campaign understands this is not iowa. they do not expect to win. their goal here, wolf, is to exceed expectations and then move on to south carolina. >> sunlen, thanks. sunlen serfaty. joining us republican congressman jason chaffitz. thanks for joining us. and as you know, you just heard
3:12 pm
rubio getting hammered for repeting that same message over and over. i think four times within a few minutes at the debate. he says it's consistent messaging. ted cruz says rubio had a very, very tough night. trump says it is strange. governor christie says he can't take the heat. you say what? >> i say he's just talking about his message. it's a positive aspirational message and he's calling it like it is. he's calling out president obama. so that's the worst they got on marco rubio at this point is that he says the same thing time and time again, that's he's consist consistent? i'll take that. that's a winning formula. >> if you like a first term freshman senator like barack obama in 2008 on the republican side, you'll like a first term 44-year-old freshman senator like marco rubio. you've heard that criticism. >> of course they are saying it. these are people that are polling in less than single
3:13 pm
digits. one poll has them at 4%, governor christie. so marco rube you, a florida senator is able to go into iowa and have a strong showing, that bodes well for a rubio campaign which is participating in all 50 states. i'm here in nevada campaigning for marco rubio. if you're going to win in november, you better have a 50-state strategy and marco rubio has that. >> jeb bush has rubio is a bright charismatic leader that hasn't been tested. hillary clinton would scrape's bark off a candidate that has never done anything. those are very, very strong condemnations. >> i think it's ridiculous. it's a bit shameful. i think marco rubio has shown a positive campaign, an aspirational campaign talking about how he's going to take the fight to hillary clinton. he's going to be the best contrast to hillary clinton when they get to that stage and have that debate. that's why i think young conservatives, myself and trey gowdy and mia love and chris
3:14 pm
stewart and cory gardner and the list goes owe're rallying behind marco rubio because we want to win in november. that's why this new generation is getting behind marco so we can win in november. >> our jamie gangel is reporting the attacks from bush and christie and trump for that matter, they aren't having an impact that some of these supporters are beginning to have doubts about them. i take it you have no doubts? >> i have no doubts he's our best foot forward if we want to win in november. those people you talk about, talk about the past. they're done in the '80s. and marco rubio is about the future. that's the contrast with hillary clinton or bernie sanders for that matter. that will be the winning formula come november. so, no, he's right on policy. he's got the strongest backer out in terms of understanding foreign policy and being on the intel committees. part of that new generation. rock sol id. he's a conservative. he's got a spine.
3:15 pm
he knows what he believes in. he doesn't need a teleprompter to talk through these. he believes them to his core. >> the criticism that you heard from chris christie, doesn't need a teleprompter because he memorizes these 25-second sound bites. some are suggesting, and it may be unfair that because those are going to be replayed and replayed and replayed, those sound bites from the debate, could be a rick perry oops moment for him. you've heard that presumably as well. >> no, he didn't say anything wrong. he actually said what he believes, that's barack obama knows exactly what he's doing. and marco rubio has been talking about that for more than a year. of course he's going to use the same word track. he wasn't wrong in the policy. he didn't misstate the policy. he just happens to keep repeating it as he has throughout the entire campaign. what's wrong with that? it's a pretty desperate attack from somebody who has shown no prowess to bring people together at any point during this campaign. >> what's rubio's biggest
3:16 pm
accomplishment? >> i think he's done a lot in terms of foreign policy and leadership and understanding of the world and the tough world that we have done. if you look at -- that we're in. if you look at what he's done with obamacare, the risk corridors, led out on eminent domain in florida. human rights and trafficking around the country and probably most important to me, he's a principled conservative. he knows what he believes and understands that federal government should be limited in its approach. and he can articulate that better than anybody i've ever met. >> what's his biggest foreign policy achievement? >> well, look. when youor the intel committee, on the foreign affairs committee, you can go out and participate and make tough votes, that's about as good as it gets compared to everybody else in the field. secretary kerry was involved in the senate. nobody questioned his knowledge of what was going on in the world. i disagree with his judgment and his approach. i think it's absolutely totally
3:17 pm
fundamentally wrong but marco rubio's understanding of the world. he's been by far the best in explaining what is going to take place in this world and has shown the best judgment as to what we need to do in the future. >> they say he doesn't even show up for votes. >> he's been campaigning for president. no doubt about that. but what happens in the intel committee often doesn't show up in a public setting because it is behind closed doors. >> they say he doesn't show up for briefings at the -- classified briefings at the intelligence committee. you've heard that suggestion and we've gone through some of those reports and some of the most important meetings apparently he hasn't attended. >> and some of them he has, wolf. and you can go issue by issue. he's made no bones about the fact he's been campaigning for the presidency. and as a conservative, as somebody who has been in the house, we have got to change that chief executive because what hillary clinton did with barack obama has been doing, what's john kerry has been doing is fatal for this country.
3:18 pm
we can't keep doing that's. marco rubio is on the right track. he's articulated the best message. he's right on the issues. our best spokesperson and contrasts the best against hillary clinton. >> having followed your career, i know you show up for all the votes in the house of representatives and go to all the important hearings as well for your committee and other committees as well. i need you to stand by. there's more to discuss. a potential huge wildcard about to emerge if the former new york city mayor michael bloomberg decides to run. now he's publicly saying he's thinking about it very seriously. much more with jason chaffetz right after this. style... ...reinvented. sophistication... ...redefined. introducing the all-new lexus rx and rx hybrid. agile handling. available 12.3-inch navigation screen and panorama glass roof. never has luxury been this expressive.
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in less than six hours. we're back with congressman jason chaffit of utah. will marco rubio be able to clinch second place in new hampshire? >> all he needs to do is finish in the top tier and bring that momentum into south carolina and nevada. he's got good strong organizations there. right on the message. if i was marco rubio, i don't think you'd want to trade places with anybody. he's poised in the right spot. >> your reaction to michael bloomberg acknowledging, publicing confirming for the first time he's considering a run for the white house as an independent third party candidate. your reaction? >> i think it's a sign that the democrats have a cluster on their hands. they don't have their base together. they are all over the map. such wild swings in their
3:24 pm
support. they really have a mess. and the democrats don't have much of a bench. you don't really have a clufste of candidates coming up behind them. i don't know what his positions are, but on gun control and other things, his position, bloomberg's position on guns is very similar to hillary clinton's. and it would be a huge and total contrast with marco rubio. so voters will really have a choice on their hands. i don't know if he does it or not. >> in an interview i did with donald trump earlier, he told me he sort of thought his biggest competition was going to be marco rubio. now after the debate, he says he's not so sure. does rubio believe donald trump is his biggest competitor? >> having spent time in the room, in the car and other places with marco rubio, his personal belief is he has to play his "a" game, be himself, convey that message. it's what allowed the success so far and if you are a positive
3:25 pm
aspirational candidate, you aren't just down there shooting everybody down that ultimately the voters will gravitate behind you. ul ultimately, you have to be able to build a campaign from coast to coast, unite the party and won in november. marco is best poised to do that. >> very quickly, put on your congressional chairman hat right now. i want to ask you moving forward with this investigation into hillary clinton's private use of an e-mail server. you are looking into that. if you are looking into her use of that and classified information that may have wound up on that private e-mail server, are you also investigating colin powell's use of private e-mail for classified information or aides to former secretary of state condoleezza rice who may have had private e-mail accounts where classified information wound up there? >> the fbi has the lead. we need to let them get through their investigation.
3:26 pm
i hope they get through with it sooner rather than later. i don't think it's fair to secretary clinton or the country to have this linger. i want them to finish that investigation. we have jurisdiction over fra federal records act, foia. we are concerned when there's noncompliance across the board. you saw that with ash carter, the secretary of defense. people have to comply with the law. that's our concern. but the fbi has got to do its investigation of secretary clinton. it seems to be going full steam ahead. >> congressman chaffetz, thanks for joining us. >> thanks, wolf. just ahead, my interview with donald trump. also standing by for a live trump campaign event. plus, the u.s. weighing options after north korea's defiant rocket launch. will the pentagon deploy one of its sophisticated missile defense systems in response?
3:27 pm
3:28 pm
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we're only a few hours from the start of the new hampshire primary. we're standing by for a donald trump campaign event there. our poll shows him with a 14-point lead ahead of his closest rival marco rubio. trump joined me by phone earlier today to talk about the race.
3:32 pm
let's talk about marco rubio for a moment. what was your reaction? he clearly seemed to stumble at that republican debate the other night going back two or three or four times with the same line. i think four times instead of answering the question he switched the topic talking about president obama, talking about how much damage he's doing to the country. how much damage do you think that did to marco rubio on the eve of the new hampshire primary? >> i hope it didn't do too much damage. i sort of heard it once and was fine. i heard it twice and that was sort of okay. some people repeat themselves. when i heard it at least two more times, maybe three more times, i said it's a little bit strange. i'm standing right next to him and hearing the same language. i don't know if it hurt him. maybe it hurt him a lot, maybe it didn't hurt him at all. you'll probably see that tomorrow. >> who is your biggest competition on the republican side? >> well, i sort of thought it was going to be marco.
3:33 pm
i thought marco rubio would be maybe the biggest just based on the way it was working out. i can't tell you. you never know. it's the world of politics. you and i know it pretty well. you never really know the answer to a question like that. i just worry about myself. i'm thinking only in terms of the people of new hampshire. we have a great relationship. strong borders. going to stop the heroin from pouring in. it's the biggest question i get in new hampshire is the heroin and drugs pouring in to new hampshire. and it's literally, it's so unusual because it's such an incredible place and so beautiful. yet the number one place and it's always about the heroin. i'll stop that at the border. and guys like marco and jeb probably even more so, they don't have a clue. >> what about ted cruz? >> well, i thought that he was, you know, doing really well. and he was doing really well but he doesn't seem to be doing so well up here. >> you think he cheated in iowa?
3:34 pm
>> say it, wolf? >> do you think he cheated in iowa? >> well, i think it was a sad situation for dr. carson. dr. carson is a wonderful guy. and, frankly, a lot of votes were taken, and if those votes weren't taken, probably would have been a different result. so i was sort of affected by that, too. not that i mind. it's the first time i had ever done it and came in a strong second. very close. a lot of votes were taken from carson. so -- but i don't even think about that now. i only think about new hampshire. we want to have a great victory in new hampshire. we're going to lower taxes and do all of the things i know i can do that these politicians can't do because the politicians are all talk, no action. nobody knows them better than i do, wolf. i deal with them. i was on the other side of the ledger from them my whole life until seven months ago. and many of these people i contribute it to. many of the people i'm running
3:35 pm
against -- >> a quick question about ted cruz who won in iowa, at least officially according to the republicans. before the republican debate over the weekend, he said you do not have the temperament to be president of the united states. he was asked about that at the debate. he refused to say that in front of you. he wouldn't say in front of you what he said earlier. what does that say about you to him? >> it says he respects me a lot. a lot of these guys talk big but in front of you, they won't talk. what that says, he respects me. i respect him for not saying it because it shows that he had, you know, he has a great deal of respect for me. and i respect the fact he didn't say it, frankly. politicians will say anything. >> will you win in new hampshire tomorrow? will you win in new hampshire tomorrow? >> i hope so. i mean, it's snowing, and i hope the snow doesn't affect it. i certainly have the biggest crowds and a great turnout. it's all about making america
3:36 pm
great again. that's what we're going to do. and the politicians will never be able to do it. nobody knows it better than me. you don't even know. and i will tell you, they aren't going to be able to make america great. it's not going to happen. >> let me wrap it up with one question because it's a cnn report that we are just getting in from paul cruickshank, our terrorism analyst. an important story that there was evidence that there are 60 isis fighters on the ground in europe to carry out attacks on five cities in europe before -- including paris, london, berlin and in belgium. and the -- presumably, they are still there right now. if you were president of the united states, what would you do about it? >> i would knock the hell out of isis. i would knock them out, and they would be gone so fast. i'd use the full force. we'd take care of them. it's a cancer on the world. this whole migration, letting these people in, and they may be isis is insane.
3:37 pm
look what's happening in germany and europe. and you have just seen the beginning. we have no idea where these people come from. you have to knock them out and knock them out fast. >> you want to give us details how you would do that? >> i don't want to do that now. the last thing i want to do is that. a little bit of surprise every once in a while without telling our plans. >> donald trump joiningo ining the phone from new hampshire. thanks very much. >> thanks very much, wolf. an honor. let's get back to our breaking news. the new cnn tracking poll from cnn/wmur showing donald trump with a sizable lead over his republican rivals in new hampshire. and several contenders with a chance at one of the top three spots. our experts are here for reaction to today's top political stories. joining us, gloria borger, david chalian, ryan lizza, also the washington correspondent for the new yorker magazine and mark preston joining us from new
3:38 pm
hampshire right now. gloria, first your reaction to what trump had to say about ted cruz respecting him. that's why he refused to say in the debate what he said earlier. he didn't have temperament. >> i don't think donald trump feels cruz is much of a threat to him in new hampshire, which would be the truth, and he was being nice to ted cruz and is knocking jeb bush and knocking marco rubio because those are the folks that are actually more of a threat to him right now in a particular state. i'll also say during the debate, i was kind of surprised that cruz didn't take the opportunity to say exactly what he had said on the campaign trail. i don't think that's ever a good idea. remember tim pawlenty in 2012 had talked about -- what was it? >> obomneycare and then when given the opportunity to talk about it again, he did not and cruz did the same thing.
3:39 pm
>> it will change in south carolina. >> it will change in south carolina, but the -- >> form er -- romneykair. >> jeb bush and donald trump clashed again today. trump told me that jeb bush is a pathetic person. bush tweeted at trump calling him a loser, a liar, a whiner. does bush pose a bigger threat to trump than polls may indicate? >> i think so. listen, i think that the debate foe performance jeb bush gave the other night was something his supporters have been waiting for. it wasn't just the words he directed at donald trump but he looked him in the eye and was trying to stare him down. that's not something we've seen in jeb bush in any of these debates until tonight. on the campaign trail, even his mother said this isn't the type of person he is. i saw jeb bush this morning. he seemed to have an extra spring in his step. as we talk about tickets out of new hampshire, jeb bush says
3:40 pm
he's going on and going to be one of those five tickets. what we need to realize is jeb bush has money. he has money and the rubio performance the other night means that jeb bush money is frozen and it's not going to go to marco rubio as quickly as some thought it would. >> in an interview with dana bash earlier today, jeb bush echoed what chris christie has been saying that marco rubio isn't ready for primetime. how precarious is rubio's position right now? >> well, look, he had a big boost out of iowa with an unexpectedly solid third place position. he needed a great night on caucus night, doing that speech we all -- it looked like a victory speech even though he came in third. and the debate saturday night, chris christie went at him so hard and i did a lot of interviews on the trail yesterday. and everyone said the same thing after that debate. wait a second. maybe the coronation of marco rubio as the establishment candidate should slow down a
3:41 pm
bit. and, look, i don't know if that's going to help chris christie who launched the attack but it seems to have gone to the benefit of jeb bush and maybe john kasich. i think the outcome of this may be a big muddle here in new hampshire rather than the clarity we thought we were going to get tomorrow night. >> good point. david chalian, was rubio's performance, what are you hearing at that debate, was it as bad as a lot of pundits have suggested? >> i think the pundits probably -- >> pundit. >> i think probably overstated the momentum coming out of iowa and probably overstated the marco meltdown that somebody described saturday night. clearly it was not a good debate performance. clearly the news coverage out of that debate performance was gruesome and terrible. luckily for marco rubio perhaps over super bowl sunday and perhaps people weren't as dialed in to the news coverage as they otherwise would have been. but i would not overstate that somehow he crumbled and his candidacy is over.
3:42 pm
>> no. >> because of that debate. >> the interesting thing about that is that i think chris christie hit a sacrifice fly ball. and that it will benefit -- it will benefit kasich more. it will benefit jeb bush more ironically than it's going to benefit -- >> he really went after him. >> -- chris christie. >> everyone stand by. lots more coming up, including what's going on on the democratic side of this race for the white house. we'll be right back. and real, clean and feeling good, sort of. and 500 calories or less. the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be. being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information
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cnn/wmur tracking poll shows bernie sanders maintaining a sizable lead overhillary clinton in new hampshire just hours before voters head to the polls. the clinton campaign is bracing for an extended primary fight. let's get back to our experts. gloria, you've been doing some reporting on hillary clinton's so-called message challenges. >> we should say the campaign is pushing back on the story there's going to be a huge shake-up. the campaign chairman podesta has said no way. i talked to a senior clinton adviser that said it is not true. hillary herself has said it is not true. having said all of that, there is some sense that the campaign has been too slow to recognize
3:48 pm
the threat from bernie sanders. the real threat that he posed. i spoke with one democratic source who said the problem is that the speeches, for example, the money that hillary clinton made, over $600,000 giving speeches to goldman sachs has become a real problem for them. that it muddles their message, and that she herself as a candidate is not good at sticking on a single message. you can't fire the candidate. you have to retool and that her message needs to be, i care about you. i want to raid the incomes of the middle class and they feel that she has not gotten through on that and that bernie sanders has, in fact, done a better job in talking about the middle class. >> the last couple of days we've heard former president bill clinton take a more assertive, aggressive tone toward bernie sanders and his campaign. i assume that's part of the new strategy. >> no doubt. bill clinton, i don't know that
3:49 pm
he completely subscribes to every strategy. he feels he's got a good touch at this. bill clinton likes making the argument for his wife. and against his wife's opponent. we saw this in 2008 with barack obama and now he clearly sees an opponent in bernie sanders that he doesn't feel is getting the same level of scrutiny or held to the same standard that his wife is. he wanted to make sure some of those story lines out there about bernie sanders are brought to light. he knew what he was doing. >> he did. obviously he's fiercely assertive of his wife right now. ryan, you saw bernie sanders and hillary clinton and bill clinton out on the campaign trail today. sanders said today, and i'm quoting him, i think we are going to be -- i think we are going to do just fine tomorrow. what's the mood out there at these events? you're in new hampshire. >> >> to be honest, it was a little bit of a reverse of what it's been in the last two weeks.
3:50 pm
the hillary clinton campaign was a little more boisterous. sanders has a low-energy college crowd. sanders said something, at least to me, that was new, trying to respond to this idea that his plans are unrealistic and that he couldn't pass his agenda in washington. he talked about the fight for gay rights and marriage equality. and basically said that's what his campaign is about. if you want to move things in washington, you have to build a movement like this, trying to answer this criticism from the clintons that she's not realistic and that he would never overcome the gridlock in washington. >> they cast at midnight tonight. what do you expect to see tomorrow? >> well, look, coming out of here tonight, i have to tell you the person who probably has the
3:51 pm
most to gain here is john kasich because he actually came here for a town hall last month. i've been told actually by his campaign he's calling the nine voters up here, wolf, to get their support. going up tomorrow, there's no question that donald trump is the clear leader heading into tomorrow night. will he be the winner? probably. will he win as much as our polls are showing? very unlikely. i think we have to focus on where does the jeb bush land, where does marco rubio land, where does ted cruz land. chris christie hit a sacrifice fly on behalf of john kasich and jeb bush the other night. >> cnn will have special coverage of the new hampshire primary all day tomorrow. tune in for all the latest news, our analysis. stay with us as the results begin to come in tomorrow right
3:52 pm
here on cnn. just ahead, another major story we're following right now. north korea celebrates a successful rocket launch with rallies and a fireworks display, but world leaders, they are furious about what they believe to be a ballistic missile test. is the u.s. on the verge of deploying a missile defense system in response? was engineered... help sense danger before you do. because when you live to innovate, you innovate to live. the all-new audi q7. a higher form of intelligence has arrived. the market.redict... but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments
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3:57 pm
the pentagon. jim, what else are you learning? >> reporter: the u.s. has assessed the satellite that north korea launched into place is tumbling in orbit. it's not in a functional orbit. it's the second time north korea has launched a satellite into space and ended up with the same scenario, the previous launch in 2012. about the same size as a potential nuclear device. that considered an alarming step forward in its missile program. north koreans took to the streets celebrating the missile launch with an exuberant daytime rally and a massive nighttime fireworks show. their excitement mirroring that of that you are leader's. the second successful satellite launch in recent years causing u.s. and western leaders to express outrage and indignation.
3:58 pm
>> nobody is fooled. >> reporter: we'-- >> we're in a situation where we have not just the united states, but russia and china condemning this action. >> reporter: economic sanctions are difficult because the west has virtually no trade with north korea. still, china, north korea's closest ally and tradiing partner, has refused sanctions. the u.s. is now considering a military response. cnn has learned the launch has accelerated talks to deploy thad, terminal high altitude
3:59 pm
aerial defense system. it could apply pressure not only to pyongyang but also to beijing. >> south korea wants to do it as protection against any north korean missiles, but this really concerns china. they don't want to see u.s.-south korean military action on their border. >> reporter: today the pentagon said the missile system will be focused solely on north korea. >> this is a system put in place to deal with the threat by north korea. >> reporter: china accepting that reassurance today. they say summoned the south korean ambassador to protest. they're not happy with that prospect. tomorrow, cnn will have special coverage of the new hampshire primary all day. stay with us as the results begin to come in as well. that's tomorrow right here on
4:00 pm
cnn. until then, thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitz eer in "the situation room next, down to the wire just hours before the first votes in new hampshire. it is anybody's race in this state, plus sources telling cnn there's concern in the clinton camp tonight. what bill clinton says is wrong with his wife's campaign. the billionaire breaking his silence tonight. let's go "outfront." good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett live in manchester, new hampshire tonight. donald trump speaking live to supporters here in manchester. his final pitch to voters before the nation's first primary tomorrow.


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