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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  February 8, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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the first polls will open for voting in one hour, 1:00 eastern, the new hampshire primary. we're happy to be here in the snow. look how beautiful it is outside. yet cold. residents of the tiny town of dixville notch, new hampshire, will cast their vote. the rest of the voters here in new hampshire can begin casting their ballots.
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they'll do that tomorrow morning when polls open around the granite state in the first primary of 2016, presidential race. first primary of 2016 presidential race. it is a busy hour ahead here on cnn. joining me now is paul stein haus hauser, jennifer granholm, and allison piatt, a voter who stole our hearts. my first question is to paul ste ste ste steinhauser. what do you do tomorrow? >> the polls showed donald trump is leading by double digits. do you think that's going to change? do you think his change in tone helped him here in new hampshire?
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>> let's be honest.
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he's been big time in the state for a long time. if he doesn't get it, that's a loss, almost. >> is anybody surprised by how much he's winning here because the word is his ground game isn't very big here, yet he's really farah head. >> the ground game is nothing you can necessarily pick up in the polls, right? it might explain why in iowa some of the polls had him leading and then he didn't meet expectations because he didn't have an operation to get people out. a primary is a little bit different, right? people can vote all day long. the ground game is not as important in new hampshire as it is in a caucus where it's sort of everything. i think the big surprising thing is you have a series of candidates not named trump that has let this guy advance in the polls and not done much to take him down. you have christie and rubio and john kasich in a sort of pile-up and letting trump waltz along
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here without taking any fire. >> you live here. what do you think of the ground game because we're outsiders, right? we're saying, we hear his ground game isn't so good. is that true? do you feel that? >> it's interesting he only flies in and flies out. he hasn't spent an overnight. >> does that have an effect on snu. >> on me, no. >> on the voters? >> it hasn't yet. people seem to like him, so i'm not sure. >> it seems, jennifer, that the race for number two, the candidates, are all bunched up for number two. marco rubio was supposed to be the one who was surging who was going to come in second. now people are saying it's going to be john kasich. do you think his debate performance hurt him?
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i think our voters are very engaged, they're very sophisticated. they understand there is a lot more to this than any one moment. >> allison, the question you asked hillary clinton at the town hall last week, i want to play that and then we'll discuss it. here it is. >> my question is eroded trust in you. what will you do to regain that trust and gender trust in americans and me? >> when you have been subjected to the level, the velocity of attacks that come every day, even if there is no factual basis to it, it's just normal for people to say, gosh, there's got to be something. why do they keep saying this and then we do that? i testified for 11 hours, there's nothing to benghazi, they don't give it up, they keep coming after it.
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>> so you've heard bernie sanders is a lead among young women. you said one of your issues was sexism, correct? what are people saying? how are people reacting the night before the primaries here? >> it's been really fascinating to watch all my friends react to the last few days and to be part of this process. this has been more engaging for me. and what i'm hearing is a lot of people coming out with their personal stories. some people saying that they don't trust that hillary would be there if they needed her and that they feel that from bernie. i do feel that she is being held to a higher standard, and the attacks are happening again today. >> do you think she's being held to a higher standard? how so? >> i think that no matter what hillary does, people have a different viewpoint of her. she can't seem to, you know, whatever she does comes back on her in a negative way, and i think just this weekend the activity that we saw happening with the comments from gloria
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steinem, from madeleine albright, while all trying to engender support for her, have backfired even when they were trying to bring out support. >> you're still undecided, correct? >> i am still undecided. i'm in that position you've heard from a number of voters the last few days. i'm balancing my head and my heart. my head is saying hillary has this amazing experience, but my heart is saying bernie. i'm still trying to reconcile that. >> people here are inundated. do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of ads and the amount of canv canvassing. >> especially as a registered independent. your mailbox is filled, you just stop answering the phone. and my feed is filled with great commentary on both sides. it's an opportunity to learn. >> let's put the polls away and talk here. i got here and i can't imagine being a voter here. and i've been here for a day and a half, two days.
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and i feel inundated. i can't imagine what it's like living here. like alison. go ahead, what do you think? >> i'm fascinated by anyone who is not decided at this point. when i was watching you ask that question the other night, a lot of people on twitter, on social media were saying, what's wrong with this person? why can't she make up her mind? what more information do you need to know about bernie sanders or hillary clinton? so many people are sort of -- see the differences between those two and i'm fascinated by what's the final thing that will put you over the edge? >> i don't want to speak for her but it's not just bernie sanders and hillary clinton. >> you are going to vote on the democratic side, right? >> right. >> it's your head and your heart, you said, correct? >> there are so many factors that are leading for me. the knowledge -- i was saying to people if i was hiring somebody for a job, i look for the person that has the most experience, the most breadth of experience. i look for that person that has those relationships to make
8:09 pm
things happen. it sounds like i'm voting for hillary. but there is a part of me that doesn't sit well, and my heart is going, bernie, i'm being inspired by his rallying cry for the people and for wage inequality and campaifinance re. i think that's the way with hillary right now, she is seen as being connected to wall street. a lot of people are really turned off by privilege, privilege of wealth and privilege of corporation. >> and bernie speaks to that. >> hillary has those connections while they will help her get things done. that privilege i think is one of the things turning a lot of voters off and turning to bernie. >> she speaks for a lot of voters here. sdp >> there is no question that she does. obviously i'm not going to be voting for hillary or better havei -- bernie. i think she speaks for her base and the democratic party.
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senator sanders offers a very sincere approach skppand a sinc message, and it highlights what i have said before, the craven dishonesty. when hillary clinton says something, she gets criticized, but i think there is a reason for that. i think she does have this history of being willing to say and do anything, and i think that's really starting to -- that's had a significant influence in why senator sanders has done so well here in new hampshire. >> do you think independents here in new hampshire will vote republican or democrat? >> independents like to go where the vote counts and where the action is. if they believe bernie sanders is truly 20% ahead of hillary clinton, they'll go to the republican side where you have a big battle now for second, third and fourth and that's going to be more crucial. maybe independents do start swinging back to the republican side. >> that's a great point, don, because that can have a huge impact. in 2000, when independents had a choice, vote on the republican side, vote on the democratic
8:11 pm
side. mccain on the republican side and bill bradley on the democratic side. a lot of people think bill bradley lost because the independents floated over to the republican primary. >> alison, when does it happen? right at the moment, or when you get off the air tonight? >> the clock is ticking. >> i have this crazy -- >> you're going to let dixville notch outdo you? >> i have this crazy notion right now that i want my cake and i want to eat it to. i want to vote bernie tomorrow because i want him to continue to push hillary on the things i care about and i'm also excited about howenergirks z -- energizing the base and bringing so many people to the party. but my heart is saying i think hillary clinton is the candidate. >> but if she's not the one -- >> i don't want to push on who
8:12 pm
has the biggest message. obama has hope, bernie has believe. and that's really inspiring. hillary has an h with an arrow. it doesn't bring that enthusiasm. >> that says a lot about the message and what folks have been talking about, that perhaps hillary clinton needs to take a good long look in the mirror, because maybe the problem is right there. you said hope and belief and she has an h. that's very well said. >> an h with an arrow. it's not inspiring that passion. >> like a fedex symbol or something. >> yeah. >> i have to say when people say your vote doesn't count -- my vote doesn't count because it's one person. yes, your vote does count, and it's very important. one person's vote can absolutely make a difference, and you believe that, and you epitomize that. >> i take it very responsibly, and i think manhattan voters take it very responsibly. i said this on npr. i was in line to get to the debate and they said, when will you decide? i said, i have until tuesday.
8:13 pm
i take all my decisions very seriously -- not seriously, but every decision comes to me with a lot of thought and process. >> i put a lot of thought into it and it just came naturally. they said my friends put a lot of time and energy into it, more so than i decided who i was going to marry. >> i really appreciate you coming on. thank you so much. alison, i appreciate everyone. thank you for coming on tonight. there is a report that hillary clinton is about to shake up her campaign, plus a billionaire who says he may run as an independent. we'll look at the michael bloomberg 2006 race. don't go anywhere. >> i'm voting republican right now. >> are you excited about the
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race? >> yeah, i like bernie sanders as a person. i think he's a cool dude. woman: it's been a journey to get where i am. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today.
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welcome back, everyone. manchester, new hampshire. bernie sanders has a 26-point lead over hillary clinton in the latest cnn new hampshire poll. with me now, simone sanders, bernie sanders' national press secretary. ryan lissa is back with us, helen rosen is back here and
8:18 pm
senior contributor brian. >> brian i want to get your reaction. this is the politico story that is shaking up new hampshire. he said, there's zero truth to it. hillary herself says they're going to take stock. a source close to the campaign tells cnn it's hard to fight passion with reason. can she turn this around, do you think, in this state? do you believe this story and can she turn it around. >> i believe this story. there's probably something to it. it's a little light on the details, but look, she barely, barely won iowa after eight years of having an organization that should have been preparing for this, right? and in a state like new hampshire that has been very good to her, her husband came in second but won because he was the comeback kid in 1992. she, of course, defeated barack obama in 2008. and to be losing to a 74-year-old socialist, you know, i think that shows some serious
8:19 pm
weakness in a campaign as well funded, as organized and one that should have been prepared for all of this. so yeah, maybe some rethinking of the strategy and the staff make sense at this point. >> you're saying it in a nicer way than david axelrod said it. he said, when the exact same problems crop up in separate campaigns with different staff, at what point do the principals say, hey, maybe it's us? how do you read that? >> i actually don't think the problems are the same as they were in 2008 where you had a really divided campaign staff, a lot of hostility internally. you're not seeing that with hillary clinton's team now. >> that's a pretty strong statement from david axelrod. >> yeah, because that serves his interest because he was there in 2008 and no drama obama. i think hillary has lived by the no drama clinton, but i think it's also turned into a little bit for her supporters not enough excitement clinton. so i don't think it's true that there is a staff shake-up
8:20 pm
happening. i don't think anybody inside, including the secretary and bill clinton, want to see this story out there. yeah. >> but they're struggling, there's no question. they don't want to be behind. >> hold your thought. we have to get simone in, because simone is with the bernie sanders campaign. what do you make of what's happening in the shake-up? apparently your side has rattled clinton enough, if this story is true that she's rethinking her strategy. >> i think all of the things we've seen in the last couple days, one of the negative attacks lobbed by the clinton campaign and some of their supporters, they're shook and they're a little bit nervous because senator sanders has really built this coalition, this political revolution that we talk about is real. we are uniting young people. we are bringing out young people. we brought record numbers of young people out in iowa second
8:21 pm
highest -- >> some of those supporters and maybe some of those young people, they're controlling hillary clinton and saying awful, awful things about her. >> he addressed that, and he noted that that crap has no place in his campaign and -- >> that was to his credit that he did that. >> exactly, because he's not supporting anything like that. we can't control everything and support what the senator says. we have not engaged in any of that. we've been about the issues. >> hillary clinton has gone on the offensive, calling out the senator on his own connections to wall street. listen to this. >> i was kind of amused just the other day. senator sanders took about $200,000 from wall street firms. not directly, but through the democratic senate campaign committee. you know? there was nothing wrong with that. it hasn't changed his view. well, it didn't change my view or my vote, either! >> does this undercut sanders' argument against hillary clinton on wall street? >> absolutely not, and frankly,
8:22 pm
it's absurd. secretary clinton whose superpac raised $15 million, just recently they put those numbers out, has accused senator sanders who has never taken corporate pac money in his life. okay? they assumed all the money that came from the dssc came from corporate money when that's not true at all. you know, there were these reports out there that senator sanders was at these fundraisers. senator sanders was doing his due diligence as a member of the party. if he didn't show up to those, they would have said, he's not a real democrat. he wasn't even running for election when these last things popped up. this was just another attempt. >> you were the young guy in the group. you said this whole bernie sanders youth vote is a myth? >> it is a myth, but let's back up a little bit first. i think simone and bernie sanders and everybody at this table have to step back and acknowledge that hillary clinton is the first woman in this country to win the iowa
8:23 pm
presidential primary. she actually won that race. so i think that's very important, not only for this country but for everybody to acknowledge. and second, yes, i do believe this myth is being portrayed about bernie sanders and the young vote is certainly that, a myth. because what we haven't seen, we haven't seen millennials of color actually be an influence in this race. you'll see that in nevada, you'll see that in north carolina, so it's going to change. to ryan's point, i need to clarify something very quickly. there is a vast difference between 2008 and where we are right now. and the vast difference is that barack obama had a springboard, because barack obama won iowa. bernie sanders did not. also what we have to remember is we are counting all of our chickens before the eggs hatch or whatever the old saying is. >> they're about to hatch soon. in about an hour, less than an hour. >> what we do know, though, sitting in south carolina talking to david axelrod and
8:24 pm
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the countdown is on, the first votes in the new hampshire primary will be cast shortly at midnight eastern. there we go, that is dixville notch, live pictures. can we listen a little bit? i guess it's just applause. they're applauding us. back with me simone sanders, ryan alissa, and bakari sellers. bakari said your entire campaign is a farce. >> that's not what i said. >> let me help bakari clarify. what he said was the political revolution is a myth. i have to push back on that to say that we have over 3.5 million contributions in this campaign. >> you said to me, why won't he let the revolution live?
8:29 pm
>> that's my question, why won't you let the political revolution live? young people of color are coming out in droves as well. you can't say the political revolution is all white people. that's not true. i'm part of the political revolution. >> i'm with you. i'm the son of a revolutionary. in fact, 48 years ago today in south carolina, my father was shot along with 27 others in the orangewood massacre, and we all stand on the shoulder of true revolutionary. i applaud you being part of the campaign. i applaud me having this voice on cnn tonight, so i definitely understand the revolution. my own point is there are simply more voices that have to be heard. i'm saying this process, the demographics will change. as we move forward, i believe hillary clinton is better prepared to deal with those tasks, and i think herm her message -- but it's still yet to be seen. >> it is still yet to be seen. we are prepared to close the gap in south carolina and in nevada. so you just have to wait and see. your folks were tempering
8:30 pm
expectations earlier today in one of these articles in politico about, you know, the latino and hispanic voters in nevada. we have seen folks start to walk things back why? because the political revolution is alive and well. >> as much as i love this, bakari -- i love this so much. and to tee that off, i want you guys to take a look. this moment happened tonight at a trump rally. a voter shouted a part of the woman's anatomy and trump repeated t. >> you heard it the other night at death bait. they asked ted cruz a serious question, what do you think of waterboarding, is it okay? honestly, i thought he would say absolutely, but he was concerned about the answer because some people -- she just said a terrible thing. you know what she said? shout it out because i don't want to say it. you're not allowed to say, and i
8:31 pm
never expect to hear that from you again, she said, he's [ bleep ]. that's terrible. terrible. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's terrible. >> what do you think, ryan? >> this is my question? >> you could pass. >> he's like a 13-year-old boy. >> this makes the conversation between bakari and simone so much better, doesn't it? is that we have a conversation here with democrats in this democratic primary which is about, what are we doing? are we dreaming? how are we going to reach our progress? are are we going to do it with big, maybe unrealistic dreams, or are we going to, you know, march along and get our primary done. what they're doing is calling
8:32 pm
each other names. it's just nauseating. >> do you think people care so much about that word, on do you think their ears are saying -- >> it is offensive. in this election, on the republican side they're not having this conversation, but folks want to talk about the issues. this is just yet another example of why the republicans cannot take the white house in 2017 and in 2016, and why a democrat will be president of the united states. >> if donald trump wins tomorrow following this comment, this will just be one more notch in that belt for democrats to go after. >> i want to show this, and we'll put it up. i have this flyer here in my hand. if we can put that up on the screen. they passed this out at marco rubio's rallies and posted it on windows. your job is, quote, marco rubio
8:33 pm
scares me. is that still the case, the candidate that democrats most fear? >> marco rubio's story is it amazi amazing, his ability to tell that story was amazing. he was a great orator. after the debate the other night, i have to take a step back and say, my fear is tempered. because once marco rubio is not bernie sanders, he is not hillary clinton and for sure we learned he is barack obama. the myth of who marco rubio is, it's peeling away. that's the most amazing thing about this process. mike tyson said it best. you never know who a fighter is until you get punched in the jar. he got punched in the jaw and we saw how marco rubio is. >> one thing is we have the establishment lane, and people are saying the establishment
8:34 pm
lane means their politics are more moderate, that that's what that means, and marco rubio or john kasich or jeb bush. they all have the same radical positions as each other, that the tea party sort of forced on the republican primary. it doesn't matter which one of you guys gets elected, they're all saddled with this. >> the most important thing that may come out of this rubio-christy moment, just come on second and we'll have rubio a& win out the field. they all go down to south carolina. maybe one or two. thank you, everyone. thanks for getting up. coming up, we're keeping an
8:35 pm
eye on the votes in dixville notch. also coming up at the top of the hour, consider this your pregame. super bowl 50 was a great game, but other than the broncos victory, many are talking about beyonce's half time performance and what critical statements she's making. you don't want to miss that. was engineered... help sense danger before you do. because when you live to innovate, you innovate to live. the all-new audi q7. a higher form of intelligence has arrived. dominique wilkins are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar.
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mega star beyonce's super bowl half time performance caused quite a stir because it was political and controversial. here's a little part of it. ♪ ♪ ladies, let's get in formation. who of you have some coordination ♪ ♪ you just might be a black girl in the making ♪ >> joining me now is michelle
8:40 pm
turner, black lives matter is with me via skype and the editor of magazine. i went to a party on saturday night. karen, i went to a party on saturday night and they played this song over and over because she released it on saturday, and everybody was like, we woke, we woke! nischelle, that was part of the super bowl half time show you saw last night. let's look at that piece of it and then we'll discuss. ♪ i'm so reckless when i watch you dress ♪ ♪ i'm so possessive ♪ my better alabama, my mother louisiana ♪ ♪ you mix that negro with that
8:41 pm
trio ♪ ♪ earned out his money but they never take the country ♪ >> so she references black hair, she talks about creole, will you law, alabama, hurricane katrina, black lives matter. she has a plan for everything. why do you think she's speaking out in this way now? >> well, because i think that she has finally come into her own as a woman, as a wife, as a mother, as a person of color, and i think she's making a statement. for so long in the music industry, beyonce has been at the top of her game and at the top of the charts, but she long was thought of a little bit of a safe artist until her last album, and then people started getting a little -- she started getting a little blowback because they thought she was a little too sexual. now she's saying, listen, this is who i am. see me for who i am. see me, love me, or leave me alone. she's making a statement. i think it's fantastic.
8:42 pm
and whether you agree with it or not, the art is great. >> it's beautiful, yeah. she's not particularly political. or hasn't been, at least. she manages to use the super bowl half time show as a showcase for a black message. what do you think of the timing of this? >> the timing was spot on as beyonce always tends to be. i think the controversial aspect of this is being overblown to some extent. it all ties back to the black panther reference, i'd say, and really, when you unpack the black panthers, you're talking about a group of young people who came together -- first of all, it's called the black panther party for self-defense. they were defending themselves against police violence. this is the same conversation we're having today exactly 50 years after the advent of the black panther party. so for beyonce to use this as a cultural reference -- and it's a
8:43 pm
moment. she's simply nodding. it's also a style thing. let's not have that be lost on the conversation. they look amazing. and it was wonderful to see black women centralized in that way, to be seen as powerful, to be seen as essential, and everything -- at no point in beyonce's show did you ever forget that black women were at the center. >> i'm so glad that you said you didn't think it was controversial, because i didn't think there was anything controversial about a black panther. artists have always done this. >> really? on that stage? >> i didn't think it was controversial at all. i was like, more power to you. deliberate but not controversial. deray, you tweeted out, you said formation shouts out to malcolm x and m.j. were excellent. what did you think of her performance? >> beyonce uses that platform to talk about social justice issues that are resident at that time. highlighting all of women and social justice movements, she
8:44 pm
highlights police brutality, and the beauty in blackness, which is what we see and people give her credit for. we saw her in this video using one of the most influential part sanz. it's the type of the iceberg where i think her heart will likely go, and i'm a. we're going to continue this conversation right after -- yeah, i need to get into break, and i promise you, we'll get your thoughts on the other side. i'll be right back.
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8:48 pm
a lot of picture now at dixfield notch. we're going to get a lot of votes at the top of the hour. don't go anywhere. in the meantime we're going to tt kpus. back with me now, a lot of people to talk about this. listen, i am very controversial.
8:49 pm
i think artists should be dune. from the '60s to the. . i worked in the eating business and so many artists tonight at the ep. you look at artists at black male hip-hop artists. . if you didn't know, you didn't kn know. that's great art.
8:50 pm
raw. you koump back to it. some people didn't it. . lynn is to that active thing. >> that leads to why tft. . let me tell you what she did. she got on the super bowl stage, one of the world's biggest stages, surveillance the. they will cheers raise the. i love my negro.
8:51 pm
my mommy is louisiana. . snold dairk i think it's great. i commend her. i think it's bold but that was not the issue. my daddy is from alabama. well, sort of. my mom is from louisiana, that's real life. >> michelle, i'm with you. i want the b on my side today. >> we're commending her. >> we're all commending her. >> she was a positiveapologetic. >> play this, this is rudy giuliani. >> not hollywood, and i thought it was really outrageous that she used it as a platform to
8:52 pm
attack police officers, the people who protect her and protect us and keep us alive in what we should be doing in the african-american community and all communities is build up respect for police officers. we'll work on that, but the vast majority of police officers risk their lives. >> with all due respect, i would rather rudy giuliani not be the person who is giving directives that the african-american dmunt should be focused on -- that's really insulting. if being unapologetically black is controversial, then yes. >> i don't think it is controversial.
8:53 pm
>> i hope she'll inspire other. >> i agree with you. i think all artists. >> the problem is you have to be a superstar at her level to be able to do this. >> everyone, great conversation. . she's done with young people which is wide police brutality. it's such a thing in this live 2016. up next, the first votes are about to be cast in the first in the nation new hampshire primary. don't go anywhere. microsoft cloud changes our world dramatically. it wasn't too long ago it would take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome. now, we can do a hundred per day. with the microsoft cloud we don't have to build server rooms. we have instant scale.
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8:55 pm
i feel like i am part of their family and they're part of mine. if you can get up in the morning, ya know, shake the dust and go up there and make somebody happy, when i go to sleep, i did my job.
8:56 pm
8:57 pm
now to our breaking news here in new hampshire. the first votes are about to be cast in the new hampshire primary. in three tiny towns, go to the polls at midnight eastern. about three minutes. hartz location in the center of the state, millsville in northern new hampshire and dixville notch. aus ba also back with me is ryan lizza. what's happening there as they're about to vote?
8:58 pm
>> well, don, as you can see behind me, these are the residents of dixville notch who have already filled out their ballots and they're ready to cast them. at midnight, they'll open the polls, they'll drop the ballots in the box. it will take a minute or two. the box will leave the room, they'll count them out, and in a moment we'll know these results. in total, nine people live here in dixville notch. eight people will be voting. one person couldn't vote because of a snowstorm in the area and had to vote by absentee. there are two towns as well as hartz location. they are also voting tonight in the storied tradition of the new hampshire primary, don. this is a $143 million project. they're trying to revive this resort up here in new hampshire. don, this tradition goes back to 1960. tom tilotson's father started
8:59 pm
that and it has continued throughout the years. back in 2008, barack obama won it on his side, as did john mccain. then in 2012 when there was a primary, it was mitt romney. let's listen in, don. >> okay. this is the moment, or should i say the minute, that so many people have been waiting for. it's only nine votes but the results will give people something to talk about all morning long. welcome to dixville notch. four republicans, four democrats, eight men and one woman. he is the construction manager on the renovation of the
9:00 pm
project. they are casting their ballot for president. as soon as that clock turns midnight, he'll drop his ballot. >> it is february 9 and i now declare the vote open, and happy 100th >> casts the first ballot. >> hold on. >> all right. >> you can see how quickly that goes up. >> the balloting box is closed. >> they are going to take the box and go count the votes. everything has been checked off. >> all those in favor, aye. >> opposed? >> unanimous. the polls are closed. >> so there you have it. the voting is completed other at