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tv   Americas Choice 2016  CNN  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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happening now in the newsroom. decision day in new hampshire. >> you have to go out. you have to vote. >> voters in new hampshire. understand that this country needs a political revolution. >> candidates taking nothing for granted. >> if you want my vote you got to earn it. >> all of the stump speeches. >> my final push to convince as many granite staters as possible to come out and vote for me. >> coffee shop stops and last
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minute pitches. >> the steadiness, the fortitude t backbone, and the heart to lead this country when times are difficult. >> new hampshire listens. and they wait and wait to make up their mind. >> how many will punch their ticket out. let's talk live in the cnn newsroom. >> after months of rotary clubs, endless handshake t primary season is under way. new hampshire is predicting a record turnout for what could be a make or break day for the candidates. we're at the polls places with the campaigns and on the trail as candidates scramble for the last undecided voters.
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aaron burnett, good morning. >> reporter: after the snow yesterday people are getting out and getting out to vote. at 7:00 a.m. i heard some people say there were long lines. but people seem to be taking it very seriously. everybody is going out after all of these month of craziness and campaigning. new hampshire has long enjoyed one of the highest turnouts of any primary state. this year the number could be a record. joe johnson is johns and in manchester. people are telling me long lines. what is it like where you are? >> i think that tracks with what we're seeing here. first thing this morning there was a burst of activity. a lot of people in line. then it settled down. i would describe it as steady.
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they do expect more people around noon and again around evening. that is how things track here at this school. now aaron i wanted to give you an idea of why the process here in new hampshire is so interesting. right here at this table people come in and get their ballots. democrat or republican they have to vote in that primary. but if they are registered independent and 40% of the voters in this state are registered independent, they can declare themselves for one party or a another at this moment. and then they go over and vote in the booths behind the curtains as you can see there. and when they come out of the curtains they go over to the podium by the dorm. they can fill out a form and declare themplss once again independent. so just for a couple of minutes people are members of one party or another and then back to independent. that is why the process in this state is so unpredictable and
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that is why people say just about anything can happen, aaron. >> and you had jeb bush just showing up. we're looking now at the polling station. are we going to see all of the candidates showing up this morning? >> we expect to see just about all of the candidates in one place or another. of course none of them are registered in new hampshire has voters so they can't vote. but they will be making appearances just to try to get out the vote, one last chance to try to convince somebody to vote for them aaron. >> joe johns, thank you very much and as the time gets shorter the attacks get nastier. the name call, liar, whiner. at least one word spit out by a front runner that i won't repeat on this air. sarah murray joins me live from hudson new hampshire.
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a and it did get nasty in the final moments. >> reporter: and this polling center has been hopping since the doors opened. and the lines are long and why you are seeing such a sharp tone in the final hours of this campaign. hours ahead of the first vote, name calling in the gop reached a fever peach. >> she said he's a [ bleep ], that's terrible. donald trump repeated a vulgar jab and the front runner was relentless in attacking jeb bush throughout the day. >> we have to get rid of the jeb bushs eeft the world. he's a lightweight. >> look he's an i embarrassment to his family. >> trading insult for insult after tweeting at trump youn't just a loser but a liar and a whiner. >> imagine a guy like donald
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trump being president of the united states during difficult times. >> now candidates are vying to win over legions of undecided new hampshire voters. marco rubio trying to bounce back after the debate gaffe repeating the same phrase four times saturday night. something chris christie is capitalizing on. >> sitting across the table from vladomir putin. you don't want too repeat the same thing four or five times over again. >> but awkwardly rubio repeated himself yet again monday night during a stump speech. >> we know how hard it's become to instill our values in our kids instead of the values they try toe ram down our throats. >> it's become harder than ever to instill the values they teach in our homes and our church instead of the values they try to a ram down our throats. >> i hear we have a lead it doesn't matter to me. who the hell knows what the lead is. >> after admitting his ground game fell behind in iowa, his
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campaign has been playing catch up. on the snowy eve trump made a final push in his unconventional tile style. >> if you are going drive like a maniac, do it tomorrow after you vote. and i promise i will come visit you in the hospital. >> now aaron, as you know new hampshire voters are notorious for deciding late for making that call once they get into the voting booth and that is why you are going to see candidates all over the state holding three, four, sometimes even five events looking to move as many voters into the camp before the polls close tonight. >> and now back to you in new york carol. >> and today's results as you said could turn out to be a make or break moment for the candidates. take a look at john kasich because he's had a recent surge in the polls in new hampshire.
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there he is in the red arrow diner. he's actually serving dinner to people and perhaps thinking maybe they will be grateful enough to two out to the polls and cast a ballot for me. we showed you jeb bush was at a precinct, at a polling place. and you see the press is waiting nearby fur him to come out to the microphones. let's talk about senator marco rubio because he too is fight for second place in new hampshire. but he didn't help himself last night when he again used the very same talking point twice in a row. >> we are take aurg message to families that are struggling to raise their children in the 21st century. and as you saw we are raising our four children in the 21st century. and we now how hard it is to instill our values in our kids instead of the values they ram down our throats.
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instead of the values they try to ram down our throats in the movies and music in popular culture. >> you heard it there. so will rubio's repeat lines hurt him with new hampshire voters? and what about what donald trump said? you know that word, that p word that no one can say on television but you often here an porino flicks. i'm joined now by our i think we got to bet the p word thing out of the way. i mean why go there? >> the question is we're continuously addressing the word but we're not talking about what caused the word and the emotion that caused that word. and leading up to gitmo and how this administration how let these supposed terrorists back on the battle field at -- >> actually was talking about senator cruz and water boarding,
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he wasn't talking about the obama administration at all. >> but he was talking about senator cruz had not stood up for it. that other senators that washington d.c. had not stood up for it in cases like water bo d boarding. and there is no bigger amount of cowards in the world a -- >> -- exactly. like what if there were kids in the audience? i don't know if there were but i wouldn't want my kid to hear that. and i guess he repeated the p word because someone in the audience, a woman had shouted it out. do we have that sound cut yet? we do not. so donald trump said on morning joe, we were all just having fun. it was a fun moment. i got a standing ovation, the place went wild. somebody said mixed cheers. no the place went wild. i got a standing ovation. and all i was doing was repeating it and doing everybody
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a favor. he was just having fun. but you know what critics will say. it is not presidential to use such a term and so unnecessary and it is so crass. >> but it is talking about head lines. and if he would have just used the word coward it would not be headlining. >> but people are talking about the word. we're talking about the word -- >> but most people understand what it is in reference to. >> -- respect that. >> i think that was a great try scotty. but it's vulgar. and this is the equivalent of donald trump's giving the debate in iowa. it cost him votes and i think people will think thrice now saying look i tried to send a message all along but now i got to get serious about sending somebody to the white house and c do i want someone who hurls insults or talks about philosophical differences. the whole point of democracy this year when someone like me
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is thrilled to see record turnouts on both sides of the aisle. record turnout they are predicting in new hampshire today. this is democracy in action. but the voters thought deeply about policy and they have the reasonable expectation that the candidates have thought about it too. >> why are we engaged? why are we seeing this record turnout? it is because of donald trump using words like this that engage the public. -- >> -- not true. >> -- that word. >> okay. but you screaming at me and trying to hog all the air time is not going to take back the p word from last night which was unfortunate for children and otherwise -- >> and -- [inaudible]. >> 43% of the voters on the republican side were first timers. that was meant to help out
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trump. 42% were new. but ted cruz ran the tables. he won the highest number of votes ever cast in iowa caucus and he's the first hispanic to win a republican caucus or primary anywhere. that is all significant and i think -- >> but it is not just about -- >> -- p word about him last night is not the best response. >> it is not just about the record numbers only at the turnout. we are also seeing it is in ratings of political debates. it is because we have someone engaging the public. the key is they are out there and they are getting involved. you have got to give credit to mr. trump for that. >> i appreciate the one-two trump/cruz punch -- >> i have to leave it there. yes we'll know by 11:00 p.m. from the new hampshire results. at least we should by then. and still to dom hillary clinton battling for new hampshire.
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you are looking at live pictures right now. chris christie is arriving at the polling station in manchester which is what you are saying here. this is what it's like. a small state. media everywhere. people are trying to go about their business and vote and you have this kind of stuff going on as well. we're trying o see if we can zoom in. jeb bush a few moments ago. all going to the polling stations to wave the flag in the final hours. facing a significant challenge today is the clinton campaign now eyeing a shake up. and for her part hillary clinton acknowledging she will, quote, take stock of her operation. more on the state of the race here is jeff zeleny in new hampshire. >> good morning. we are in ward four in the city of manchester.
6:19 am
a polling place that's been open about three hours now. there's been a steady trickle of voters. some are asking for republican ballots and some asking for democratic. and we talked about bernie sanders and hillary clinton, the two top democrats on the race but there are 28 candidates democrats can pick from. but tonight the outcome of this race and how long it goes on depends on how hillary clinton does against bernie sanders. >> you look beautiful. >> it is your turn new hampshire. >> thank you new hampshire. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders delivering last minute pleas. >> this is an important milestone in this campaign. >> and 11th hour pitches. >> i'm here today to ask your support in joining with us in making that political revolution thank you all very much. >> the first in the nation primary will set the tone for the rest of the campaign and help determine just how long that will be.
6:20 am
>> a strong sanders win will demonstrate a long democrat race ahe ahead. >> the eyes of the country and the world on new hampshire. >> fwrasing for a tough night and a campaign shake up possibly if things don't well tonight. >> we're going to take stock but it is going to be the campaign that i've got. >> much of the discontent is coming from allies of the bill clinton who believe the campaign underestimated sanders. on election eve the former president held his tongue. or tried to. >> sometimes when i'm on a stage like think wish we weren't married than i would say what i really think. >> on voters whether they will choose their heads or their heart. beth reilly came to a bernie sanders rally. >> i really love bvrnlt he says all of the things we'd like to have this country be so much better. >> but says she'll vote for
6:21 am
clinton. >> i think i'm probably going to go with hillary because i this i she can win. >> you get a sense of the dynamics that play here in this race. the heart is with bernie sanders but the head is with hillary clinton. of course both campaigns will be working throughout the day calling and door nooking and trying to change minds at the last minute. some 40% of the voters here undeclared either party. they can walk into this polling place. pick a democrat ballot, a republican ballot. that is going determine how long this race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders goes on. >> jeff, thank you very much. and joining me now andy smith, the director of the survey center. it is exciting here this morning and you heard jeff reporting. 44% of the voters here how you can walk in and make your decision there. and how important is that going
6:22 am
to be? you have more undecided on the republican side. >> the undecided is the important story. new hampshire has high turnout. the people voting here by and large are not political activists but the undeclared or independent is largely a myth. the great majority are either democrat or republican. >> people say they are independent. when push comes to show they. >> 3 to 5% are people truly in a position to take one ballot or the other and no candidate has ever won without winning a plurality of the part's registered voters. >> you have to win the base. >> what about what we've seen in terms of this dixville notch. the entertainment of it. it is a tiny little town. kasich and sanders win. but as a predictive nature,
6:23 am
nothing? >> it's not really predictive. the town is essentially hoetel and the people who vote there work at the hotel. the hotel has been closed several years under renovations but it's a great gig. all though it was a squeaker on the republican side. 3-2. >> very close. and what about turnout? you are mentioning it is always high and we were saying anecdotally and certainly our reporters at the polling stations already this morning are saying the lines are long. 7:00 a.m. at the doors open people are showing up. >> it is hard to say. with the snow like this people are going to try to get out to work early to beat the traffic so the polling places will get bogged out in the morning. thinning out. and if we see steady streams throughout the day that is usually an indication of high turnout. but 54% in 2008 and likely that much or higher this time around.
6:24 am
>> 54 percent being a record. >> shows the problems we have in this country. bigger picture. >> voting in the primary here is more than just a political thing. it is not just voting. it is a cultural event. it is what you do every four years. we've had $200 million of advertising dumped on our heads here. of course people are going to go out and vote. >> andy, thank you very much. it is going to be ab exciting day. we'll see what that turnout really turns out to be. and we continue to cover the primaries here. the microsoft cloud allows us to access information from anywhere. the microsoft cloud allows us to scale up. microsoft cloud changes our world dramatically. it wasn't too long ago it would take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome. now, we can do a hundred per day. with the microsoft cloud we don't have to build server rooms. we have instant scale. the microsoft cloud is helping us to re-build and re-interpret our business. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud.
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all right back on capitol hill a hearing on the threats facing america from around the world. the director of the national intelligence agency james clapper is about to testify before the senate armed services committee. we're monitoring what he'll say and we'll bring you any new
6:29 am
developments as they happen. good morning i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. u.s. markets moments from opening after a very rough monday and now we're inching closer to what christine romans is calling a bear market. so christine the bell is about to ring. >> if we see the weakness we expect this morning the nasdaq will officially enter a bear market. what does that mean? it means it would be down 20% from it's recent peak. last year. 20% decline for tech stocks. look at names like amazon and others, they are down 25%, 30%. some of the big names likely in your portfolio. it is not a bear market yet though for the s&p 500. so the blue chip stocks likely in your 401(k) are down about 13.5% so far this year. what is the problem? real concerns of europe, slowing growth in china, european bank
6:30 am
stocks down sharply and energy stocks down big. maybe you don't care if energy stocks are down but they are probably in your portfolio and they make up a chunk of the s&p 500. so all of these factors still brewing here. i'll say carol it is not one brand new factor this morning. it is this fear that has been spreading around the globe over and over again since the beginning of the year. watching the closing bell there right at this minute. >> there it is. >> so there are 30 stocks on the dow jonas still average. the futures are down about 180 points so you will probably see triple digits quite quickly carol. >> keep us posted. even if it's bad news. >> well you are buying stocks cheap are now. >> that's true. when stocks are for sale that is when you buy them. >> well if you have the money. >> true. >> back to new hampshire a state election official says turnout is steady at polling places across the state.
6:31 am
we've seen some candidates stop by polling places already. i bet they wish they could cast a vote but of course they are going to have to wait to cast a ballot themselves if their home states. take it away. >> i'm here in hudson. there's been about 500 so far. really steady. lots of people coming in here to vote. and i want to bring in a voter right now. bill from hudson. he's a registered independent. and bill, i want to talk to you a little bit. you are an independent. so you could have voted in a republican or the democrat primary. >> yes, sir. >> talk to me, what did you decide. >> well i was torn back and forth throughout all the advertisements we received and so forth. and my wife and i came this morning. and we ended up. and finally as i walked through the door i decided to vote republican. >> and why republican and not
6:32 am
democratic? what was the thought process? >> well i just -- it was, you know, i wanted to go either way. and so forth. and i really wanted to -- my original thought was to vote democratic and then i was going to vote for bernie against hillary and so forth. because i think she's of the old school. but as i thought about it more and more and i got up to the table i decided to go republican because i'm definitely republican, very conservative. and i enup voting for john kasich. >> wow. so you went with kasich. were there other candidates you were considering. why kasich over the large field that we saw here? >> yeah i was thinking about ted cruz and also christie. basically because they have got something done and so forth. but i went with kasich basically because as i watched the news this morning kasich was the only one who went up for dixville
6:33 am
notch and so that was the determining factor. >> kasich was the only candidate to go up to dixville notch. and he made the case that that was going to be important to new hampshire voters. that coming around the state and really earning each vote. and that was a persuasive argument for you then. >> well it was. you know, we're a small state. we're really independent here and we really try to -- we really like to look people in the eye and see what exactly they are made of. >> have you ever considered the front runner here donald trump. >> not really. donald is a businessman. he's going to have a business after the election is over and i didn't think he was the guy. >> there you go. bill here in new hampshire, just one of many voters coming out to vote today. thank you for your time. >> thank you. have a good day.
6:34 am
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candidates making their final pitches. joining us is former senator and dpov of new hampshire. a supporter of jeb bush, joined by a member of the rnc and former chairman of the new hampshire republican party. great to have you with us. you said call me judd. >> please. >> you said you think this is going to be record turnout. >> i think we're headed towards 60-65% of the vote. new hampshire people have been
6:39 am
listening to this campaign for a long time. they are very engaged in it. most people have actually gone to a town meeting and want to express themselves. >> we are going to see the candidates going to the various polling questions. let's play a quick clip from christie a few moments ago. >> and the disparaging of their people because of their faith or jend ore disabilities or because they are a pow, you know, is just wrong. and he cannot hijack our party. our party will not win if we are the reactionary party. we'll win if we are em brake the reaganesque approach to this. people are hurting and i think it's important to stand up to the guy and i'm the only guy doing. >> you are saying he has the best ground game, jeb bush of anyone in the state. we're hearing about john kasich and his hundred town halls but you do think jeb bush hazad the
6:40 am
best? >> i do. none of them have a bad ground game. although it seems to me jeb bush has the best. he's run a very good campaign here. >> what is it about we just heard jeb bush say? yesterday it was very personal between jewib bush and donald trump. >> first off i think jeb was right on yesterday. he said donald trump was being pretty -- his language was inappropriate. and it was inappropriate for a presidential candidate and his attacks on john mccain and other veterans were inappropriate. so what is resonating? anger, frustration. people are really frustrated with their government. they are concerned with their security. they are concerned about the threat of terrorism. they are concerned about their personal financial situation,
6:41 am
their job. they are most concerned about what we are passing on to their children. a nation that is less prosperous potentially. and so they want something done about it. and donald trump has hit that cord very well. very effectively. and so that i think is one of the reasons why you are seeing it get a vote. but you got to remember i don't think he's going to get more than 30% of the vote here. 70% of the people aren't with them in the republican party. they are looking for a candidate. they haven't settled on one. i think new hampshire will help win over the field. i think you are going to help see governor bush and governor kasich exceed expectations here and then it is on to south carolina. as strong as trump has been he's still not attracting a majority of republicans. >> is there room for multiple candidates to come out of here? >> i think so. new hampshire is about winnowing people in not out. we give those lesser known
6:42 am
candidates their shot. but i think it is going to be very tight. i think a number of these candidates will go on. we could find five candidates grouped within a percent or two of each other. and our or five could say i'm virtually tied for second and move on. and that is great. this process should go on. but donald trump really captured more quickly and better than any candidate the anger that people feel with the government. >> and bernie sanders is the only other person who seems. >> i can't tell you how many independents are thinking about voting for bernie sanders or donald trump. which i find a hard time getting my arms around. >> hard to get your arms around bernie next to him and know that he ran has a socialist in vermont. clearly he's tapped into the anger not the rationale of voters i think. >> and tough clinton campaign
6:43 am
who says well he's a next door neighbor and well we don't vote for vermont people. they are the upside down state. >> everyone has to look at the map or look at the shapes to understand that joke. thank you, appreciate your time. and still to come, ted cruz won iowa. new hampshire though a very different state. he's o been coming in in the top three in the polls. what is going to happen here. one of ted cruz's backers will be our guest right after this. we'll be back. want to survive a crazy busy day? sfx: cell phone chimes
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it truly is an election like no other. donald trump throws caution to the wind and used a word never used in american politics. at least publicly. the topic was torture, water boarding and how senate addressing the issue during the gop debate. listen to how a woman used an offensive term and trump repeats it. >> she just said a terrible thing. shout it out because i don't want to -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> okay. you are not allowed to say and i never expect to hear that from you again. she said -- i never expect to hear from you again. she said he's a [ bleep ]. that's terrible. terrible. >> so last hour trump defended
6:49 am
his actions during an interview with msnbc. >> e we were all just having fun. it was a great moment. a standing ovation. the place went wild. somebody said mixed tears. let me tell you. the place went wild. standing ovation. close to 5,000 people, standing ovation, went wild. and all i was doing was repeating. so i was doing everybody a favor. >> there you have it. ted cruz surrogate. ken, welcome. >> good morning. >> i can't really believe we're talking about this on television but i will ask you. how is senator cruise responding to this. >>z responding to this. >> nonetheless this is the entertainment side. not policy. ted has advanced i think the best and most coherent foreign policy approach criticizing
6:50 am
>> arguing that we shouldn't do it again in syria. that the overreach by some candidates in terms of no fly zones is misplaced. what we should focus on is crushing isis. i find it a little hard to believe that donald trump thinks that's being weak in any way to use cleaner language, but i think that's a very measured approach that americans will support. young and old alike. it's supportive of our military, rebuilding our military the president has undermined. >> specifically what donald trump was talking about was water boarding. during the gop debate he said he supports tactics that are worse than water boarding. what suppose mr. trump meant by that? >> there are a lot of things that are worse than water boarding, so i'm not sure. i think you'd have to ask him. i think with water boarding
6:51 am
you're on the outer edge of what i think most americans and generally, i think, most candidates would think of as acceptable including senator cruz. but he isn't focusing so much on a single tactic. i think donald trump likes to talk about water boarding and worse like killing people's mothers, because it sounds tougher. i suppose it sounds tougher, but is that really how you want your president thinking and talking? and for most americans, it's not. ted cruz has got a much more level-head aid approach that is very tough on isis -- >> in fairness, senator cruz says he wants to make the sand glow and carpet bomb some places in the middle east. >> exactly and targeting isis, and there is a place for the heavy application of force. it's against terrorists we know are there. it isn't against terrorist families and their mothers. that's a way to grow terrorism. >> i want to take our viewers out to bedford, new hampshire.
6:52 am
marco rubio has appeared at a polling station. as you can see, he's talking to voters. also we'll shortly talk to the press. i would suspect that senator cruz will soon do the same thing? >> yeah. we've finished very strong in new hampshire on the ground. senator cruz is well-known at this point for having the best grass roots campaign. >> is senator cruz in new hampshire this morning? >> you know, i know he was in today, but he's bouncing around so much, i can hardly keep up with him anymore. but they were following through into new hampshire all the way to the opening of the polls, so i'm not sure where he is at this moment because he's getting around to very much. i really can't tell you. >> i think he has a stop at 1:0030 eastern this afternoon. at least that's on my note. >> i believe he's in the state for most of the day. i don't know whether he'll stay until the votes count or what.
6:53 am
but he's been burning it up, getting around, not only new hampshire and iowa but other states into march states as well. >> i'm curious as far as where do you think that senator cruz will finish in new hampshire? what would you guys consider a win? >> there's a big jumble going on there right now, and the polls were wrong in iowa, so i'm not real sure i want to peckulaspec especially with voters voting. today we're calling people who we understand to be favorable to senator cruz and making sure they turn out in a heavy weather day. not that they're not used to that in new hampshire, but we want to do whatever we can to help people get to the polls today. you've heard him comment about that in new hampshire h. >> thanks for stopping by. still to come, as voters head to the polls, chris christie hustles to drum up support. he's minutes away from his next
6:54 am
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what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people.
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you experience tv. the ex-girlfriend of johnny manziel says the brown's quarterback hit her so hard he ruptured her left eardrum. a texas judge has ordered him to stay away from her for two years. >> the statements are part of an affidavit filed against him. she claims he grabbed her by the hair and threw her in a car and hit her with an open hand for jumping out of the car. this was part on an aller kags. she told a valet she feared for
6:59 am
her life. manziel denies the allegations. the browns released a statement saying manziel's status would be permitted when perted by league rules. they can't cut him because of salary cap restrictions. on march 9th is the first time they would be available to release johnmy football. >> here's a couple of questions. we knew of johnny manziel's troubles beforehand. why is this just now happening? >> well, like i said, because of the salary cap restrictions, if they were to cut him now, they would end up on the hook -- >> i mean the nfl as a whole with their domestic violence push. right? >> well, the nfl is currently investigating what happened as well here. and if johnny manziel were signed by another team, surely he would fall under the new
7:00 am
discipline policy and would be suspended for a game or two depending on what they find. >> okay. >> and that's if a team ever picks him up. >> i was going to say another team would sign him at this poin point. thanks so much, andy. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. decision day in new hampshire. >> you have to go out. you have to vote. >> voters in new hampshire understand that this country needs a political revolution. >> candidates taking nothing for granted. >> if you want my vote, you have to earn it. >> all the stump speeches. >> to make my final push to convince as many granite staters as possible to come out and vote for me. >> coffee shop stops and last-minute pitches. >> it's about who has the fortitude, the steadiness, the backbone and the heart to lead this country when


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