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tv   Americas Choice 2016  CNN  February 9, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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suspended for a game or two depending on what they find. >> okay. >> and that's if a team ever picks him up. >> i was going to say another team would sign him at this poin point. thanks so much, andy. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. decision day in new hampshire. >> you have to go out. you have to vote. >> voters in new hampshire understand that this country needs a political revolution. >> candidates taking nothing for granted. >> if you want my vote, you have to earn it. >> all the stump speeches. >> to make my final push to convince as many granite staters as possible to come out and vote for me. >> coffee shop stops and last-minute pitches. >> it's about who has the fortitude, the steadiness, the backbone and the heart to lead this country when times are
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difficult. >> leading to this. >> new hampshire listens and they wait and wait to make up their mind. >> at a lot of candidates heading into the first of nation's primaries. how many will punch their ticket out? let's talk live in the "cnn newsroom." >> good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. after months of dinners and diners and frigid temperatures, the nation's first primary now underway. new hampshire is predicting a record turn out for a make or break day for some candidates. we're at the polling places and on the trail as candidates scramble for the last undecided voters. i want to start with joe johns and dan tewy. joe, you're at a polling place. is it a steady trickle or a mad rush? >> reporter: i think mad rush is in the eye of the beholder and
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probably closer to a steady trickle right now. we saw a good burst this morning of people at the very beginning at this polling place in manchester, new hampshire. expecting a lot more people around the noon hour around lunchtime and then again, perhaps, this evening. the good news and what we can report is that the weather, if it had ever been considered to be a real factor in the election, seems to be a nonissue right now. we had a lot of snow yesterday. but the winter weather advisory cleared around 6:00 eastern time. so the candidates are already out and about. chris christie at a polling place not far from here earlier today. jeb bush in bedford, new hampshire. i wanted to give you a little bit of an idea of how the voters are seeing their names on the ballot. this is a copy of the republican ballot. there are 30 names on here. 28 names on the democratic ballot.
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so a lot of names for the voters to weed through as they come in here and make their choices, but this is a very informed electorate, and i can tell you the time for the voters to pick up their ballot to where they go cast their votes, it's only a minute or two. they' they're weeding through the names quickly. >> they are impressive in new hampshire. dan, to you, your paper, the union leader featured an editorial that said this of donald trump. trump has shown himself to be a crude blow hard with no clear political philosophy and no deeper understanding of the important and serious role of the president of the united states that one of his goons he lets rough up protesters in his crowds. on february 9th we trust new hampshire republicans will send biff trump back to anywhere but to the most important elective office in the united states at a
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most crucial time for this nation. wow, dan, you live in new hampshire. trump is doing pretty well in all the polls. is there a possibility he'll really lose? >> well, he's been surging in the polls for months, and if he doesn't win, it will be a real shock. my publisher there doesn't mince words. besides donald trump, we are looking at a couple or three candidates really for how well they do and how well that might chip into trump's lead or rubio. right now i'm looking at jeb bush and kasich who have done well in new hampshire, and chris christie has held numerous town hall meetings where he's trying to get out the vote. all three of those gentlemen have led a new hampshire style campaign. we'll see if it pays off. >> a lot of people don't believe the polls this time around because sometimes the polls have been wrong, quite frankly. let's focus on john kasich for a second. he's the one everyone is keeping an eye on.
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he's the one who many say would actually win new hampshire. >> you know, it's funny you mention that. i was talking earlier. he speaks with a message that resonates with new hampshire voters. and i'm not even talking about the substance. it's almost the way he delivers it. it's the style kind of like the blunt john kasich style that may turn off some voters, but some people in new hampshire are used to that, especially among our presidential candidates. >> you should say blunt in a certain way because donald trump is also blunt. they are opposites in many ways. not in their belief system, but their tone. we'll see whose tone wins new hampshire. thanks to both of you. i want to go live to manchester. a different part of manchester. erin burn et is there for all of us this morning. >> good morning.
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we're here in manchester. i want to go to the democratic side to see whether sanders can pull off the magnitude of a win the polls indicate he will. let's talk about record turnout. you heard the former governor of the state say usually it comes in 50 to 55% in terms of turnout. he thinks it will be 65%. that will be a huge milestone. how good of a night do you think it will be for bernie sanders? >> i think it's important to recognize that just five months ago he was 45 points down in the polls. we have a candidate that he's running against that won new hampshire back in 2008. this is the state that made bill clinton the comeback kid. we should expect it to be a much closer finish than the polls suggest, but i expect us to win. >> you're trying to down play expectations. that's what you should be doing at this point, but it is a risk for bern n sanders.
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these polls come out 20 points up, 25 points up. the latest tracking poll, up three points. if he doesn't have a blowout victory, it could be perceived as a weakness. >> barack obama was 16 points ahead in election day and hillary clinton won, and barack obama still went onto win the nomination. we want to win as big as we can, but no matter what, we'll be doing it as a long fight. >> one thing i've heard from several people and on the republican side they sort of are dumbfounded by this. i'm sure you are from your side. there are some people who are undecided between sanders and donald trump. and those are the two settings of rallies they're going to. what do they have in common? >> authenticity. they both say what they believe. they're not looking for poll tested responses. they say what they're going to fight for.
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the other is because they're both running against establishment. bernie is running on a campaign that's a new america, an america that works for all working families. that's obviously different from trump. but at the same time, trump is also -- >> neither one of them -- they're the only two people who say they have no superpac. >> that's right. >> one of them are relying on superpacs like everybody else. >> i think that's a big draw to them. >> what kind of a margin? i get back to this. how big of a margin do you think it will be for bernie sanders for you to feel it's successful? >> victory would feel successful. a margin of one point or 20 points, it doesn't matter. all that matters is we win. >> charles, thank you very much. i appreciate your time today. let's go to hilary rosen, democratic strategist. hillary clinton acknowledging he was, in her words, take stock of
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her campaign amid reports that a shakeup could be coming. if she loses tonight, what will happen? do you think there will be moves made quickly? >> look, i don't think there's going to be any massive shakeup. but, you know, if any candidate who has a performance and are less than 100% satisfied and doesn't take stock, they're not in it for the long haul. there's a lot of good people in this campaign. i think it's been very hurtful and demoralizing to have the story come out the way it has in the last 24 hours for the amazing hard-working volunteers and campaign folks that are trying to get hillary clinton elected. but, yeah, they're probably going to take a look at are you using the candidate in the best way? is she comfortable with her message? are there ways to make it resonate more? you can't change hillary clinton. she's the most well known woman
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in america. you have to figure out how you're presenting her. >> so, hillary, you've said from your experience here this morning in manchester that you think she might be better than the polls indicated. what's your feeling on that and why? >> well, look. the momentum is clearly with bernie sanders. i've spent a lot of time with the sanders campaign folks. they're superconfident. but there is in kind of practicality that democrats have in new hampshire that they want to be picking the next president, and democrats i've talked to over the last few hours have said you know, my heart is with bernie. my head is with hillary. maybe i have to go with my head today. it's possible she does better than expected because of that. >> in terms of the margin, i
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would imagine the clinton campaign sees the margin is huge that if she can just close it. instead of being 30 points, if it's 15 points, she might come out in terms of perception as the winner. what is the winner that makes her a quote, unquote, winner? >> i don't speak for the clinton campaign. i can't tell you what they're thinking. i'm looking at new hampshire as a unique state in that such a large portion of voters are independents. if hillary clinton wins close to even with bernie sanders on democrats, you know, in iowa there was a big spread. hillary won democrats significantly. if she holds her own with democrats here in new hampshire, that says a lot about primaries going forward. in many primaries going forward, they're so-called closed primaries. independents don't vote in a lot of states in the next few weeks. that will be a behind the
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numbers thing to look at for how hillary can do going forward. >> all right. that will be crucial. independents are such a huge chunk in this primary. hillary, thank you very much. >> and uniquely in new hampshire. >> all right. and it is, of course, new hampshire's big day. the independents coming nut everyone coming out to vote. who will win this granite state? watch today starting at 4:00 p.m.
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>> donald trump banking on a win in new hampshire tonight. what do voters find so appealing about his style? miguel marquez went and talked to the voters and found out. >> reporter: in the granite states, candle pin polling and politics, serious business. how many of you are voting for donald trump? donald trump finding support among bowling teams like the lady laners, and kissing cousins. >> i think he's the real deal. he says what people are saying
7:17 am
themselves. he can do and will do what we're saying we want done. >> reporter: here with the claim of conceiving the republican party way back in 1853, donald trump support, hard to explain. >> if you want my vote, you have to earn it. we don't care what the polls say. we don't care what the national polls say. >> reporter: if it's retail, it's boutique retail. donald trump has con founded conventional wisdom, consistently on top of the polls here. his support rooted in his business credentials. >> he's done well for himself. he can probably do well for the country. >> reporter: even those who don't support trump, like the bowling lane's owner. he says trump's business experience, a plus. >> he's been bankrupt three times and been able to get out of that. maybe the same thing for the government. >> reporter: for trump, the opinion polls do look favorable,
7:18 am
but they did in iowa too. maybe guys like terri barnes has something to do with it. he's no trump supporter. but he tells pollsters he is. >> instead of being rude when i get the phone call, i just say i'm voting for trump. >> reporter: with the first in the nation open primary meaning anyone can vote for any candidate regardless of party, voters of lots of opportunities to get up close and personal with candidates. in rockingham county, you can win this quilt signed by candidates. >> when you look at a trump signatu signature, what does that tell you? >> it tells me i'm a busy man. here's my mark. >> reporter: so strikes j spares, or gutter ball for the businessman, how it's the vote s
7:19 am
voters' turn. >> going out to the places like the bowling lanes and the diner, thank you, miguel. even here last night people lining up in the cold. at that point it was go to a donald trump rally. people at the bernie sanders rally i was at yesterday coming out in the cold. it's a part of the culture here and people are passionate even in the final hours about going out and seeing the candidates. >> and it continues this morning. i want to take you out to bedford, new hampshire. jeb bush is now surrounded by his supporters. you can see he's talking to each and every voter and shaking their hands. chris christie is a little ways away in bedford, new hampshire. he's going into his campaign head quarters to thank his volunteers for the work on the ground. the weather is cold.
7:20 am
it's very chilly in new hampshire. if you're canned a out and about outside, you have to feel it. we'll know tonight who takes new hampshire, but until then, we know the candidates will fight until the last minute. let's bring in a policy and communications adviser for jeb bush, michael steele. michael, welcome. >> good to be with you. >> as you see your candidate out there, jeb bush, what is going through his mind? it must be nerve racking for him? >> i think he's excited. he spent the past several months, listening, earning it and talking to people here about the v.a. crisis and the heroin epidemic. if you look at the latest poll last night, it looks like we're closing and surging at exactly the right time. he's in a fairly solid second place in the poll. and in new hampshire, the republican party chairman who hasn't endorsed anyone says we
7:21 am
have the best ground game in the state. our volunteers were fanning out across the state today and doing everything they can to get our supporters to the polls. >> what do you attribute the surge? >> i think it's coming from listening and doing the work that's necessary to earn it here in new hampshire. governor bush has the most impressive record of any of the governors running, the best record of achievement of anyone in the field. he cut taxes every year in florida, created millions of new jobs and has detailed planned for the future to fix the mess in washington and rebuild the military so we can confront and defeat isis. >> if jeb bush doesn't do so well in new hampshire, many analysts say that he'll continue because he has a lot of money in his war chest, but they wonder at the wisdom of that. what would you say to them? >> i think that this is a long haul. our campaign is designed for a long haul. we basically haven't allocated
7:22 am
any delegates yet. we have the endorsement of lindsey graham in south carolina. >> michael steele, thanks for stopping by. i appreciate it. chris christie is in bedford, new hampshire. he is talking to his campaign workers right now. there he is. you want to listen in for a few seconds? let's listen. >> as with 30 other of our colleagues from those times, who have stood up and supported me, been here and campaigned to me, i've said my time as u.s. attorney was the proudest time of my life. i felt like every day we were doing something purely good to protect the people of my state and of the united states together. so having him up here and helping me lead through the campaign has been an extraordinary gift. thank you for your gift and friendship and support, tom. >> all right, chris christie
7:23 am
thanking his campaign workers. they put in many hours. many of them are doing it out of passion for the candidate. they're on the phone and going door to door. they're knocking on doors and sometimes being turned away. they do amazing work no matter which campaign they are working for. still to come in the news room, hillary clinton wins the endorsement race, but does bernie sanders have the home field advantage? avo: when account lead craig wilson books at avo: he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. avo: so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. avo: and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf! craig: great. client: better yet, how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! secretary: your 2 o'clock is here. client: oops, hold your horses. craig: no problem. avo: la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. avo: the ready for you alert, only at craig: laquinta!
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good morning. i'm carol costello.
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thank you for joining me. a record turnout expected today in new hampshire. candidates are racing up to the last minute to win over undecided voters who could make or break a campaign in the coming hours. live in new hampshire, good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, carol. about 1200 people have come through the door in hudson. about 750 republicans and 450 democrats. i'm standing where the independents reregister as independen independents. new hampshire allows independents to come in and register as a democrat or a republican to vote in the primaries. many people change back to independent before they head out the door. and i talked to an independent voter who described himself as a gold water republican, but he voted in the democratic primary, and he voted for hillary clinton. >> my archie bunker line is my son is gay and my daughter is
7:29 am
jewish. >> reporter: is that a fact? >> that's a fact. obviously, i'm sensitive to the views of the evangelicals about gay rights, of course. >> reporter: so when i talked to him and said why not choose some of the accomplishment lane republicans, jeb bush, chris christie, marco rubio and not some of the evangelical courting voters like cruz or trump. he said it was about the supreme court. he thought it was very important that the next president share his views on social issues and when they make a supreme court pick that's reflected. so he voted for the democrat. >> interesting. i see that where you're standing is a busy place. has voter turnout been heavy where you are? >> reporter: voter turnout has been steady, and they expect to get 9,000 people through here today. there's a big question about the weather. it snowed overnight. would that keep people away? we are finding it didn't slow
7:30 am
downturnout. people were still coming out and orderly nature they know how to get it done in new hampshire. the roads were plowed and cleared. they have police directing photographi traffic. the lines are moving and it's steady even though it's into the working hours. we expect it will pick up around lunch and after work. they think maybe they'll get even more voters out here. across the state, they said maybe record breaking turnout. and here it's been steady. >> it looks good. so most of the polls close in new hampshire at 7:00 p.m. we should get some results trickling in by 11:00 p.m. eastern. you'll have to watch cnn to find out what happens. back to manchester and eastern burnett. >> i am live in new hampshire. on the democratic side it's not just about who wins new hampshire. it's about the margin of victory. if clinton can make end roads on sander's margin, could it give
7:31 am
her the boost going into these key states? the head of the democratic party joining me from manchester. the big question is what about the whole margin game? no one expects her to win. that's a good position to be in. she just needs to close the gap and she can be perceived as a winner. what's the math here? >> it's very exciting. as you heard, the independents are showing up to vote. they don't always show up in the presidential primary, but with 43% of the state as independents and tens of thousands of people do same day registration here. the polling wasn't sure, but that said, nobody has really won the new hampshire primary by the margin that the polling is suggesting that senator sanders is ahead by. it would be surprising if he could get that high. >> the other question is when you look at the word
7:32 am
independents, i was talking to a pollster earlier from new hampshire saying look, a lot of people say they're independent but they're not. he thinks we throw around the 40 % number, but really only 3% to 5% of the electorate here is really independent. >> i think it's a little larger, but there's a good percentage that are republican or democrats that don't want to be named that. look to the 2000 primary when those who are independents overwhelmingly voted for mccain and swung the primary in his favor against george bush. what it also did -- a lot of the independents were undecided between mccain and bradley. and by leaving the democratic side alone, it gave al gore the victory. >> you said a trump win could hurt the primary process itself. you're the head of the democratic party. you're not going to be a trump supporter. why do you feel so strongly it could hurt the primary process? >> because for generations we've talked about the new hampshire
7:33 am
primary process about going into people's living rooms and the local shops and going into the town hall meetings where you're taking the tough questions. donald trump hasn't done any of that. in fact, his remark last night just shows that he's not up to being president. it would be embarrassing if somebody that uses that language won the new hampshire primary. >> you don't think the world is changing in many ways? that social media and the connectivity with younger voters is going to change it? >> i think that's what hurt donald trump in iowa, and i think it's going to hurt him in new hampshire. >> what's the bottom line for bernie sanders coming out of new hampshire? >> well, i think that all indications indicate that he will have a very, very solid victory, and certainly senator clinton is already geared up for many other states following new hampshire. we're only in the second 57 different voting states and
7:34 am
territories. i think we have a spring effort going on here. >> you don't want to forget where secretary clinton visited last time around. thank you. we appreciate you taking the time. still to kwocome, voting underw in new hampshire. were key votes won on the ground? this question about who has been going to the shops and who hasn't. the final push of the campaigns in the final hours. e future bel. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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7:39 am
overstate unless you're donald trump. >> reporter: good morning. voters are already heading out to the polls and this has been the name of the game for campaigns for the last couple of days. it's all about turnout, and perhaps for no one is that more important than donald trump who admitted in iowa his ground game could use some work. >> you know, certain -- >> reporter: if donald trump lands his first victory in new hampshire tuesday, even he says it won't be because of the ground game. >> i think the debate tonight is more important than the ground game. in new hampshire people like you and they'll vote and go back. there's not so much of a ground game. that's not stopping trump's team from putting it on display. after barring reporters from campaign offices in iowa -- >> i've been told to turn all media away, we have no comment on any matter on anything. >> reporter: trump shifted stances in the wake of his second place finish allowing reporters to tag along with
7:40 am
volunteers. >> by far, we have the most organized and passionate team. we're just the fire is lit in our bellies, and we're going for it every day. >> reporter: the team is led by campaign manager cory lewindoski. his efforts to ramp up trump's ground game appear to rest on a flimsy foundation. >> we're donald trump volunteers. >> reporter: according to campaign finance reports he's spent little on data or campaign financing. for eight months marco rubio's camp has been knocking on doors and making phone calls, laying the ground work for late breaking voters. >> new hampshire listens and wait and wait to make up their mind. >> is it driving you crazy the number of people undecided? >> well, not really. i'm used to it. >> reporter: just days before the primary, trump was still finding volunteers.
7:41 am
meanwhile kasich's campaign brought in several hundred out of state helpers, putting them in farmhouses and supporters' living rooms and dispatching them daily. >> by the end of the day, i was tired. >> reporter: all to get people to vote for kasich. as other camps put their trust in turn out efforts, trump is betting on celebrity, adding stops he regularity skipped in iowa and pressing voters to show up for him or not at all. >> a lot of the politicians say it's not important who you vote for, but you have to go through the process. i feel differently f. if you're not going to vote for me, don't vote. >> reporter: even though donald trump may be struggling to nail down some of the fundamentals of building a strong ground game, i spoke to a number of rival campaigns and strategists in new hampshire who say they believe donald trump could win the primary even with a weaker ground game than some of the
7:42 am
competitors. we'll know the answer in a few hours. >> yes, we will. many thanks. the ground game. john kasich, he won the race in a town in new hampshire. there were just nine votes cast total. kasich got three. still, the governor could not be happier about how his campaign is going in new hampshire. here he is on gma. >> i've been positive. we've had 106 town hall meetings. people come and laugh. they cry. they talk about the things that matter to them. we've been positive. our ground game, a former senator said it's the best ground game he's seen in 40 years. last night we were out there in a driving snow storm, probably 300 people standing out there cheering. it was like a movie set. >> all right. here are some of john kasich's tweets from that event. it's a pretty big crowd. that is not atypical. they're not trump sized rallies, but there's a sizable number of
7:43 am
people in the crowd. to gauge what it means, a former new hampshire senator and chairman of the kasich campaign in new hampshire. welcome, sir. >> great to be with you. >> nice to have you here. the ground game, obviously, it's important to governor kasich. not so important to donald trump. although he seems to -- i don't know, find it a little more important that time around. do you think it will matter? >> sure it matters. it matters a great deal. and, in fact, i think what you saw in iowa was that total lack of a ground game, lack of grass root support meant that donald trump underperformed in the polls. if you want to be surging on election day, if you want momentum and want to make sure your voters turn out to vote, you need that ground game. it's not just having a couple volunteers knock on doors. i think your piece was comprehensive. you need to have been at this for weeks and months. making calls, identifying those who are with you, those who are
7:44 am
leaning and persuadable and then follow up, not just on election day but with the right message to the targeted audience. >> it's interesting. cnn's chris moody is at a precinct, and he spoke to a voter. they were an independent. he was trying to figure out -- because you can vote any which way in new hampshire, democrat or republican. he was trying to decide between bernie sanders and john kasich, and he voted republican in john kasich. it just seemed kind of odd to me that he would be for bernie sanders and john kasich, because they have opposite views in many respects. >> sure. as john has said and many times in the town hall meet, he doesn't agree with bernie on anything, but voters wasn't somebody who is fearless and will fight for their ideals. john kasich fought to cut america's taxes and balance the budget and privatize prisons,
7:45 am
created 400,000 new jobs in ohio ho. someone who is determined to see their vision through has great appeal to people across the spectrum of politics, but certainly republicans looking for someone who will get the country back an track after seven wasted years under barack obama. and republicans want to see us get our fiscal house in order. >> i will say there was an article recently on the conservative website, red state that called mr. kasich the liberal flavor of the day. another conservative law carried the headline, the republican for people who hate republicans. >> sure. well, that's not -- nice of you to quote the most sort of right wing of right wing blogs, but the fact is that's because john kasich is surging, and they're supporting another candidate. so -- if it was chris christie surging or jeb bush surging,
7:46 am
they would probably be saying the same thing about them. john casing has a proven conservative record of cutting taxes and balancing budgets for america, for ohio, of bringing money and power back to state cities and towns. he doesn't talk about this like some candidates. he's done it. on education, on welfare, reforming those programs, getting the money and power out of washington. and that's just a fact. again, when you have a record, you have an enormous advantage. that's why he's done so well in the past few weeks, because when you carry your message to 106 town hall meetings, you understand what voters are concerned about, but you also have real ideas, real vision, that resonates with them. so it's been a great campaign. of course, with 12 candidates, you can always find someone who hates john kasich, but the fact is he is the right kind of leader for the country right now. >> all right. i have to leave it there. john, thanks for stopping by.
7:47 am
>> still to come in the news room, john kasich and the power of the undecided voter in new hampshire. will his gamble pay off on this primary day? we'll talk more about that, next. see see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that i won't stop. until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis.
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ohio governor john kasich has been surging in the final hours, fighting for votes in new hampshire, voicing optimism about picking up undecided voters. in the last hour, we happened upon one voter who is voting for kasich. >> my original thought was to vote democratic, and then i was going to vote for bernie against hillary and so forth, because i think she's of the old school. but as i thought about it more and more and i got up to the table, i decided to go republican because i'm definitely republican, very
7:52 am
conservative, and i ended up voting for john kasich. >> governor kasich will be joining kate bolduan next hour. they're very excited. they feel they have momentum. he has 106 town halls. he's going all the way to the final hour. >> they feel optimistic. we have spoken with a senior advisory with the campaign. they think everything that could break you way in the last 36 hours has broken their way. they're not making prediction. their internal tracking has shown kasich trending up. that was even before the debate over the weekend which they thought he had a strong performance as opposed to others. >> in terms of the ticket out of here, he's been honest. i just want people to know my name. once i make known, i can make hay out of that. what's the sense coming out of here? >> he's been candid saying if he gets smoked here, he is not
7:53 am
going to carry on a fair tale, i think is how he said it. his campaign is sending his bus. it's on its way to south carolina. he'll be waking up in charleston. there are indications he's not going to get smoked. the story in new hampshire is the undeclareundeclareds. they see folks thinking about going to the democratic primary might be disinterested in it because bernie is ahead by so much. they could pick up some of those voters. >> it's interesting. he got the endorsement from the new york times at the same time they endorsed hillary clinton. is that a bad thing in a republican primary, but if he can hold on, they're making the case for a lot more pre marimar that are open in this country than you think. >> in south carolina, they need a different path.
7:54 am
they see their spot more on the kro coast. a more moderate area of south carolina. they're thinking about i. they are looking beyond that to michigan. you can see him before if he could make it to ohio, where he's a popular governor, there are a couple opportunities he could pick up. he could pick some up. you can see him doing well in vermont and massachusetts. right now they feel as good as they can feel that they put all their eggs in the new hampshire basket. they feel good about it today. i'm excited to get a sense from him later this hour. >> that is coming up on at this hour with kate bolduan and john berman. we're looking to seeing that interview in a few minutes with the governor of ohio. your plan. trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪ want to survive a crazy busy day? sfx: cell phone chimes start with a positive attitude... and positively radiant skin. aveeno® positively radiant moisturizer...
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checking top stories for you. four anti-government protesters are occupying an oregon wildlife refu refuge.
7:59 am
they posted videos mocking fbi agents. some were arrested last month. one was killed in a shoot out with police. four hold outs refused to leave without assurances of not being arrested. rick schneider will not testify. schneider says if he can't testify tomorrow because he has a budget presentation to make. the republican governor says that pitch includes significant resources to help flint. the policy committee does not have the power to force schneider to testify. that's not supposed to be there. three and a half foot alligator at a florida fast food restaurant. it was tossed through a drive through window. he said he picked up the alligator on the side of the road. he threw the alligator through the window. the gaiter has been caught and released, but 23-year-old joshua
8:00 am
james is in jail. he faces assault charges and unlawful transportation of an alligator. thank you for join megatoda tod. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. we want to welcome our viewers. the political epicenter of the entire universe is right here in the state of new hampshire. >> nay, if i need to remind you, it is new hampshire primary day in america. >> voters hitting the polls in the nation's first primary of 2016 could be a record turn out. these are live pictures of polling sites. it is a state full of last


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