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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  February 9, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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released, but 23-year-old joshua james is in jail. he faces assault charges and unlawful transportation of an alligator. thank you for join megatoda tod. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. we want to welcome our viewers. the political epicenter of the entire universe is right here in the state of new hampshire. >> nay, if i need to remind you, it is new hampshire primary day in america. >> voters hitting the polls in the nation's first primary of 2016 could be a record turn out. these are live pictures of polling sites. it is a state full of last
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minute deciders with a history of making or breaking presidential campaigns. >> the candidates are making the final rounds. trump and sanders hoping votes reflect their strong leads in the latest polls. man, these polls, can we trust them? hillary clinton aiming to close the gap on her democratic rival. for the republicans it seems a battle for second place and it could be anyone's game when we're talking about that. let's begin our special coverage at this hour with joe johns who is in manchester. polls opened early this morning, joe. what are you hearing from folks there? >> reporter: well, this is the gym at an elementary school in manchester. i can tell you it's been brisk, for sure. that's the word i would use right now. as of 10:45 eastern time, that was about 15 minutes ago, a digital counter right here in this gym said 700 people had voted here in the ward 4
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precinct in manchester, new hampshire. so what that tells us, accordng to the officials is that the count is faster than in some of the previous elections, and there's another sign as well. if you look right over here at this table, this is the table where people registertoote. some for the first time. some, perhaps, reregistering because they let their registration lapse. and what i'm told about this is normally you do not see a line for people registering for the first time because there's same day registration in voting. the other thing is they have several volunteers. four people have been here for most of the day. working with people to try to get them registered. normally you only have two volunteers working with those people. all of those we're using as indicators that the turnout is brisk. the question is whether it's going to be a record turnout.
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they expect record turnouts basing on the number of absentee ballots previously requested. hoping for a big showing in new hampshire. the people take this first in the nation voting responsibility very seriously. back to you. >> absolutely. joe johns in manchester. joe, thanks to so much. >> and thank god the man is in doors. >> let's go to hudson, new hampshire. that's where we find chris at a polling station. chris, what are you seeing? >> reporter: hey. good turnout today despite the snow between 7:00 and 9:00, about 1200 people coming out to vote in this location. they think they'll get about 9,000. i've been talking to a lot of voters here. i want to introduce you to sheila from hudson, new hampshire. she's a registered democrat. talk to me about your vote today. >> i voted for bernie sanders, and i'm very impressed with him.
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i feel that he's going to do much better in the south and the west than others predict. i think he has the beginnings of a revolution in this country. >> you said you weren't always a sanders supporter, that you did start by looking at clinton clinton and supporting hillary clinton. talk to me about how you got to the place you did today. >> i listened to the entire benghazi hearing when she was questioned for 11 hours, and i was so impressed, and i do think that she's qualified to be president, but i have been listening to bernie sanders before and after, and then i heard bernie speak here in hudson, and i've changed my mind because i think the issues that he's focusing on are so crucial and so important to this country that that's why i voted for bernie. >> reporter: thank you so much for telling us about your vote today. john and kate, there you have it. another voter here, sanders voter, and people making up
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their minds across the state looking at record turnout. it's been a lot of fun to talk to new hampshire voters and hear what's driving them. sheila said she watched all 11 hours of the hearing. a serious democrat trying to decide. she ended up with bernie sanders. >> bernie sanders wins sheila in the primary. chris, great to have you with us. thank you to sheila as well. >> let's talk about this. anna navora, a supporter of jeb bush here with us along with matt lewis, senior contributor to the daily caller. hilary rosen. we are all here together. our favorite thing is today is the day. we don't really actually have to do much guessing work anymore. it's going to be decided. so let's break out our crystal balls. hillary, what are your predictions? how is this going to pan out?
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what do you see and sense? >> i'll talk about democrats. with republicans i'm just guessing it. >> so are republicans. >> so true. look, bernie sanders is going to win. i think he's going to win big. something to look for is independent voters are so important in new hampshire. let's look at how clinton does against sanders among democrats. that will be a very important number going forward. most of the primaries after new hampshire are actually closed primaries where only democrats can vote. for better or worse, this is still a democrat primary. >> she did better among democrats in iowa. >> yes. and so how is she going -- are democrats to going to stay with hillary clinton and keep that faith or shift? that's the most important thing i'm looking for. >> as you know, i correctly predicted. >> let me say matt lewis correctly predicted the results of the iowa caucuses.
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that's the disclaimer. >> it's good to get that on the record. donald trump is going to win new hampshire. he's well-suited, much more suited to new hampshire and iowa. the real question is who finished second. and this is -- it's a jumble. i'm not confident making this prediction, but because i know i have to, i'm going to say it would have been marco rubio before the debate. now it's john kasich. >> it was that much of a change? >> i think so. >> do you agree? >> i think that debate is going to be a factor. it was watched by an enormous amount of people, the highest rated debate in the entire election cycle, and the people of new hampshire pay attention. i'm just good we got sheila to tell us who she's voting for. for the last week, all they do is toy with our minds. they don't tell us who they're voting for. they tell us they'll decide in the voting booth. on the democratic side, i think the question to watch is just how many inches of snow is
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hillary clinton going to bget buried by? one inch, two inches, or a blizzard that she can't shovel herself out of for two days. i'm a miami girl. that metaphor took a lot of thought. on the other side, my prediction is at least six or seven move onto south carolina. we thought this would whittle down. you'll have all the same folks on saturday in south carolina. >> very bad news for rubio and anybody in the so-called establishment lane. they were hoping to coalesce around rubio. this is good news for trump and cruz. >> a proud member of the establishment lane, card carrying establishment republican, i think it's great. i think that it's going to go on for a long time. i think that we're seeing some very intense exchanges. i think our guys, whoever ends
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up being the nominee is going to be better for this very intense primary. >> you say that, but it sounds like you're saying sometimes we look to new hampshire for clarity. the clarity we're getting is it's clearly more muddled. >> i was thinking that this would be a clarifying moment, a three-man race, trump, cruz and rub rubio. now i think you're right. it's going to be a jumble. maybe ben carson or carly fiorina get out after this, but that's it. >> and hillary, you're talking about the undeclareds, the independents in new hampshire. if you look back at the last couple cycles, in 2000 they broke for republicans. in 2008, they broke for democrats. what factores will push them on way or another tonight. that's an impossible question, but what do you think? >> i think today, you're trying to figure out not just who appeals to you but where you can
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make a difference. it's likely that more independents are going to vote in the republican primary, because that vote will matter more. i think there is no question that this kind of two-party system in the country is breaking down some. that there are more and more in a general election, people who think of themselves as independent voters, and they are the target for the democratic and republican nominee. >> that's part of why i say john kags kasich. it's going to be the unaffiliated that like his contrarian, moderate style. i think kasich nationally is a joke. i don't think he can win the nomination. >> a joke? >> a joke. i know that liberals -- he's the nominee that liberals think republicans should nominate. he doesn't have a path. >> you don't think he has a path? >> superpac has some people in south carolina j but his campaign has basically nothing going on in south carolina. at the end of the day, there are expenses, and there is work that needs to be done by the campaign. so if he comes in second out of here, he gets a ticket to south carolina, but once he gets
8:11 am
there, what can he do? >> don't get me wrong. he is a respected governor and has done a great job in ohio. he's not going to resonate nationally with conservatives. he could do well in new hampshire with the voters? . >> conservatives end all being that much of an electorate if you're trying to elect a more general election candidate, kasich stays for a while. >> what have we learned about donald trump here in new hampshire and what does it mean going forward? >> i'm not sure we've learned anything new. i think we're seeing the same trump we've seen for the last nine or ten months. i think he does feel a lot more comfortable here. we haven't seen him here quoting two corinthians or trying to talk about -- >> what he said last night was not in two corinthians. >> exactly. i think he's more comfortable in his skin in a state like new hampshire, but if anything out of trump, we have seen
8:12 am
consistency. he has been a consistent jerk for nine months, and it has worked for him. >> it's a long -- talk about the evolution of our political rhetoric. it's a long way from ronald reagan talking about slip the surlily bonds of earth to touch the face of gods or tear down this wall to what donald trump said last night. it's evidence that donald trump appeals to more liberal republicans, that he said that and gets away with it. >> the if republicans come out of here with donald trump as their winner in new hampshire, i don't care what these guys say about their distances from trump. the fact is he is their front-runner. and continues to be their front-runner, and they're going to have to figure out how to own the fact that that's where their party is with this guy. >> tomorrow we'll figure out what's going on. thank you all so much. appreciate it. >> so still ahead for us, we're going to be talking about the democrats in this race.
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hillary clinton's campaign reportedly considering a staff shakeup. but a former obama advisory says maybe the problem isn't the staff. maybe they need to look within. maybe it's the candidate. the campaign will be joining us live to discuss. >> plus any moment, marco rubio visiting a polling station to make his final pitch to voters. we'll take you there live, and then john kasich, a guy who says if he gets smoked in hb new hampshire it's over, but he's hoping tonight to have smoking momentum. he'll join us live. he'll talk about what he's seen in the polling places today. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating
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with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. this is the moment, folks. new hampshire voters making history with the first presidential primary of 2016 underway. for hillary clinton, she's not just looking at the polls and looking to narrow the gap. the clinton campaign is also dealing with reports of a potential staff shakeup. the clinton campaign chairman quickly taking to twitter to tamp down these rumors, tweeting this. there is zero truth to what you may be reading. the it's wrong.
8:18 am
hillary stands behind her team, period. >> we are going to talk to one of the leaders of that name, the chief strategist for the clinton campaign. you know we're going to ask you about that report yesterday in just a moment. first i want to talk about today. it's 11:15. polls have been open for a long time. i know you've been checking in. what are you hearing so far? >> we don't start getting information until probably early afternoon. you wait for some accumulation. the early turnout matters sometimes, but you're looking at the flow over a longer period of time before you start trying to make sense of it. even in new hampshire, having been here in 2008 it's tough to know how it might end. i've been on the other side where early information looked good. we thought we were winning until the polls closed. you saw a progression during the
8:19 am
day where it didn't look quite like it was, and a lot of the data coming in at that point was erratic. when it's e ri erratic, you havo question it. >> what is a win today? >> i said after iowa that a win is a win. for us, we came in after iowa with one win on the table, and a long way to climb up hill here. i think she's been working hard, closing ground, trying to make up ground. whether we get there or not tonight, you know, we're not sure we can make it all the way up. but we've been working hard to close this as much as we can. given we're in a neighboring state, if we can get this down, that will be -- we'll be happy with that. >> you knew it was coming. the story in politico saying that bill and hillary clinton dissatisfied with some of the decisions made in the campaign up until now. reports of a shakeup. denied and hillary clinton says
8:20 am
no, though we are going to take stock off. your friend david axelrod, part of the campaign with obama in 2008. he said your friends and former league, when the exact same problems crop up in different campaigns with the same staff, where do you say maybe it's us. >> let me tell you what i think. i think hillary clinton and john made clear there is no shakeup. from my vantage point, we're at a point in the race -- i preach this at my firm about how we approach the work we do. we have to challenge our assumptions. always challenge what you know and what you think you know. as dynamics change, you may have to make adjustments. if you look at the period after the two states where we've been able to campaign for six months almost entirely, we now go to a more condensed schedule. nevada and then march with over
8:21 am
1,000 delegates up for grabs. we have to look at what to do in the long game. we may make some strategic adjustments -- >> what does taking stock mean? is that a nice way of saying a staff shakeup? >> no. i don't believe that's coming. i don't believe that's been on the table. there's no question that everybody ask saying do we have to change anything in our messages or look at our targets differently. we're going to less liberal states than iowa and new hampshire. there's a lot of talk about the enthusiasm. we have to watch new hampshire closely. is there a reshaping of the electorate? do we have to plan for a more traditional turnout? >> a lot of the speculation has to do with bill clinton. he doesn't like how things are going. when was the last time you spoke with him?
8:22 am
>> we probably saw each other last week. >> so he's in the weighing in every day? >> i think he's -- you asked me when i talked to him. i talk to rob by every day, several times a day. the last meeting of our day last night, and the first call of today. >> have you talked to hillary? >> i haven't spoken to her since this. i think he reacted the way she said on television. she has asserted through other people last night that she likes this team. she's staying with this team. and i think that's where we are at. i think this stuff happens in campaigns. if you go back to october of 2007, there's a lot of hammering about what's wrong with obama's campaign. you have meetings and you assess where you are at any given moment. you talk about what's right. you talk about what you want to shift or what you want to fix and you move forward. that's what we're going to do here and go on. >> if you're running against hillary and a story like this
8:23 am
came out, you'd be all over it. >> look, if you guys report this stuff sometimes, the other campaigns don't have to mention it and talk about it. you guys can give things a life of their own without anybody saying anything. we leave you to do your jobs and we do ours. >> thank you for coming. >> good luck tonight. we'll talk to you tomorrow. >> we have a programming note. this thursday, february 11th, we will brafd the pbs democratic presidential debate. it's on cnn and pbs. this will be another very important moment in this campaign. don't miss it. >> so much ahead for us. jeb bush defending his nasty back and forth with donald trump. both campaigns are going to be joining us live to respond and talk about what today means for them. what's the road out of south carolina? this is cnn special live coverage. ♪ melodic, calm music
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the x1 voice remote is here. x1 customers get your voice remote by visiting if you are voter in new hampshire, you're running out of time to be undecided. the polls are open. the booths are full. the race is on. and jeb bush and donald trump are saying, nasty things about each other. >> the senior strategist for the jeb bush campaign is joining us to discuss everything. let's get to the nasty back and forth in a second. polls have been open since 7 a.m. actually, since midnight in some places. what are you hearing? >> well, it looks like turnout is pretty good. pretty steady. i think we're going to see probably higher than average turnout. but i think with the surging jeb bush, that's probably good for us. >> surging jeb bush. you're saying that like it's a
8:29 am
fact. >> we've seen it on the ground and at the events. we saw it from the response from the debate. i think we're moving from the right direction and peaking at the right time. >> it's interesting. in the pags 24 past 24 hours you put out a web ad targeting kasich's record on obama care and gun control. it was called no comparison that jeb bush was the conservative that you can trust. why put that out now? >> i think voters are starting to make up their minds. they obviously have choices. they're looking at the governors. >> do you think john kasich is your biggest competition right now? >> i don't know. he certainly isn't past new hampshire. he's run a one-state strategy. he doesn't have anything outside of new hampshire. he's campaigned almost nowhere else. he has no play in south carolina or march 1st or any other states. >> you don't need to be a political science professor to look at what you just said and
8:30 am
jeb bush has been in new hampshire the last month or two hi hitting donald trump. now we wake up and he's talking about john kasich. it does seem as if you've changed focus a little bit subtly. the question is why. >> he's been comparing and contrasting the records of several people. john kasich doesn't have the record. none of the governors have the records governor bush has. more tax cuts than any other person in the race. he created .3 1.3 million jobs. more than kasich. kasich supportins medicate expansion. he doesn't have the conservative record of success that governor bush does. >> on this back and forth with donald trump now. it's gotten nasty in the past 24 hours. first you have donald trump
8:31 am
calling jeb a child and a stiff. in response, jeb calling him a loser, liar and a whiner. why do you want this to be the conversation this close? >> when you get in a fight with a bully, you have to hit back. he is a loser for calling pow's loser. >> i know you are but what am i? >> the rhetoric ratchets up at this point in the campaign. trump has taken this campaign into the gutter where he went last night. the lang wj that mr. trump uses is really not appropriate in a campaign. we've kept it pretty much on the issues, and we've tried to stick up for handicap people he insulted, women he insulted, hispanics he insults. he can't insult his way to the presidency. jeb is pushing back. >> great to have you with us. >> good luck tonight. >> ahead for us, donald trump
8:32 am
wants a win. can he pull it off? he's leading in the polls. the polls suggest he can. what about the undecided voters in we'll talk to the trump campaign next. >> and you heard them talking about, john kasich, now in a little bit of a back and forth with jeb bush. john kasich won the first voting place in the state today. narrowing edging out trump. could that be a sign? what does he think? he joins us live, coming up. re . and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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welcome back. we'll show you a live look at a polling station in hudson, new hampshire where all the action is happening. donald trump is looking for a win in today's primary after coming in second place behind cruz in the iowa caucuses. >> some of those people standing in the polling place might still be undecided. >> you have to be decided by the time you're second in line. that's my decision. >> the red jacket lady j she knows. let's talk about the front runner, we're going to bring in trump runner national spokesperson, katrina. how do you feel and donald trump is leading in the polls. is a win a win for him? i mean, he's been up ten plus points. if it's a narrow win, is that an expectations problem? >> i think a win is a win. we've seen the volatility in the polls and the race. the volatility even in the voters and the broad spectrum of base. >> what is going on between donald trump and jeb bush? we just had the chief strategist for jeb bush on. he repeated what we've heard3 t >> that's a media thing. for voters, voters are excited about it. especially in new hampshire. voters in new hampshire are
8:41 am
serious about this. they understand what's at stake. it's not a theater. it's the future of america at stake. it is every four years, but now more than ever. we're excited and proud of our campaign. we'll leave with more delegates and look forward to south carolina. >> thank you. >> marco rubio saying he feels great right now. as voters head to the polls, you know who else feels great right now? governor john kasich. his campaign says he is also gaining molt mentum. he's spent more time here than any other candidate. he's taken votes. some say he could be pulling votes from other accounts and the democratic side if you look at the un undeclareds. we'll talk with the governor himself next.
8:42 am
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when you win big in dixville notch like i did, i mean what else can you say? it was huge. i just saw trump. i said trump, i crushed you. he said yeah, you did. you killed me. >> that was john kasich this
8:46 am
morning. he was bragging about the fact that he emerged with the most votes from dixville notch which votes at midnight. he got three votes there. donald trump got two. this is predictive of i would say just about nothing other than the fact that he can be president of dixville notch. >> better than we could be. governor john kasich is joining us from the campaign trail. governor thank you for joining us. you snagged a big win in dixville notch. what does that mean for you today? >> well, you know, it's fantastic. you can always say you carried the notch, and i couldn't quite hear the sound. i told trump this morning when i saw him, i said i crushed him. he said yep, you killed me up there. we're having a great time. and it's -- i can't begin to tell you how many millions of dollars have been actively spent against me by virtually every candidate in the field, and yet we're continuing to do well, and we think we have the momentum, and we're going to take a big
8:47 am
plane tonight down to south carolina. traveling around like sardines and now all the press wants to go. it's pretty interesting to be in the center of this tsunami. >> so, to be clear, you always said if you got smoked in new hampshire, the whole thing would come to an end. now you have a big plane ready to go to south carolina. your bus is going to head down there as well. does this mean you decided there is no way you're getting smoked here in new hampshire? >> oh, no. look, i was just saying if you finish at the bottom, you can't continue. but we're not going to do that. look, i'm not bragging or ar ga arrogant about anything. i have volunteers. where i'm standing we have one volunteer who has made 10,000 phone calls. another gentleman came in from seattle. there are people here from virginia. i am amazed, and as the man who has made the 10,000 phone calls, he said when i heard you say the
8:48 am
other day that life is but a brea breath, he said it transported me back to the times in college when we talked about the meaning of life. you can't buy this. this has been a wonderful experience. i'm deep cannily appreciative of the volunteers and also the people of new hampshire. >> of course. and you want this to carry on, of course, governor. can you guarantee you're going to be headed to south carolina no matter what? >> well, i think the volunteers are going to pretty well guarantee it. i can't predict the fin ir or anything, but we feel good. we have to wait until the polls close. the good news is we've run a positive campaign. we feel the momentum. and we'll see what happens. and we'll live with the results. but there will be no regrets in the kasich campaign for all the work we've put in and the positivity of all of it. and so i'm having the time of my life. my wife is here. the kids keep texting her. they saw the dixville notch
8:49 am
votes come in. they wanted to know the outcome. we have to count the ballots. >> you can tell us any time. >> governor, you woke up to a web video from the bush campaign that went after you. it said that jeb bush is the ske conservative you can trust, and said there's no comparison between the two of you. there seem to be a quiet truce between the governor's campaigns in the last few days. that seems to be over right now. >> well, look. i can only tell you i've balanced more digit budgets than anyone in the field. i have a health care plan that we're beginning to roll out in ohio that we'd like to take nationally. look, i mean, it's a shame when you see people take the low road to the highest office in the land. but i've decided not to do it. as the lady said to me yesterday, she said, you can leave new hampshire with your head high, with your integrity.
8:50 am
and you can't -- what can you pay for those kinds of feelings here? it's interesting. i talked to the callers and they say all the negative attacks don't seem to be working. if i do win or come if i finish strong, i'm going to come back, and we're going to talk about has politics changed from the politics of negativity to the politics of positivity. we'll have to wait and see. >> we'll have to wait and see. we would welcome that conversation. absolutely. >> sure. consider yourself booked. >> booked. you're coming on tomorrow, governor. before that -- i guess after that, you're talking about moving forward and where things go from here. we had a strategist for jeb bush on. he says clearly john kasich has no play in south carolina. so no matter how well you do here, it's going to end here. what do you say to that? >> i would say you ought to believe virtually nothing of what you read and hear on this campaign day and only half of what you see.
8:51 am
if you want to see what we have, you come on down to south carolina. you hear me? y'all come. y'all come because we're going to be changing some snowshoes for some flip-flops, and we're going to go from fried clams to jambalaya. come on down and see. >> you're trying. you're trying -- >> i think it -- more and more desperate. they need to relax a little bit. you know, it's just an election. a campaign. like they're freaking out. calm down, bush people. it's not that serious. >> john kasich, this is cable tv. we can't calm down. it's all about the shouting and yelling. >> you're right. bawl the eyeballs. i -- all about the eyeballs. gave you a great quote. you can flay all day long. >> we will. >> thanks for speaking with us. good luck. >> good luck tonight, governor. >> thank you. >> he is a funny man. >> the ohio accent and south carolina accent -- it turns out they're not so similar. >> not so similar. i appreciate the effort.
8:52 am
>> we'll see if the people of south carolina do. >> absolutely. folks, coming up for us still, it has already been a long road for these campaigns. it's just beginning. today it is make or break -- it is a make-or-break moment for campaigns, especially on the republican side. will there be a whittling of the field after tonight? who could win a boost heading into south carolina? it is new hampshire primary day in america. busy day? a crazy sfx: cell phone chimes start with a positive attitude... and positively radiant skin. aveeno® positively radiant moisturizer... with active naturals® soy. aveeno® naturally beautiful results®. "hi, i'm out of the office ♪ right nowm music but will get back to you just as soon as i possibly can." join princess cruises for exclusive discovery at sea experiences. princess cruises. come back new. at safelite,oh nonow how busy your life can be. this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at
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8:56 am
it is decision day here in new hampshire. voters had hitting the polls to make their choice for president. the country's first primary is underway. >> we're going to bring in cnn political commentator, former hillary clinton campaign manager, patty solis doyle. new hampshire one political director and anchor. and former cnn political editor paul steinhowser. paul, you are a new hampshire expert. what i want to know is when we
8:57 am
will know who wins. how fast does new hampshire count? >> it counts pretty fast. most polls close at 7:00. a couple towns stay open until 8:00. the process here should be quick. it's not like the late nights we've had in iowa the last couple of cycles. i think it should be a little quicker here. then again, remember, we may have a bottleneck on the republican side for second, third, fourth, even fifth place. could be very close. maybe everything i said, throw it out the window, john: >> and undeclared. one of the big stories when it comes to new hampshire voters. >> yeah. >> you look back 2000, 2008, undeclared voters, they went different ways. what do you think that means? what's your sense this time around, install what are you hearing? >> listen, undeclared voters -- and i'm one, you see i'm an undeclared voter. i made up my mind a few minutes before i came here. undeclared voters want to go where the action is in new hampshire. right now if hillary clinton is that far behind from bernie
8:58 am
sanders, the action is more on the republican side. so you could see those independents maybe swing more to the republican side. that's the beauty of new hampshire. they've got a choice last minute like i did. i walked into the polling station, decided which party i wanted to vote in, voted, and then redeclared as undecided voter. >> so patty, we needing to to an uncomfortable discussion right now. there are stories coming out about the clinton campaign, tlurms there could be a staff -- rumors that there could be a staff shakeup. that bill and hillary clinton are unsatisfied with their campaign staff. there were issues in 2008 when you were working on the campaign, as well. i guess we don't know whether they're true or not. we know that they're going to take stock after tomorrow, we're told, or tomorrow. but what does it tell you that these stories even bubble to the surface? >> well, first of all, we know it's not true because both hillary clinton and john podesta said it's not true. they're going to take stock. listen, it's not good. particularly the timing. first of all, it's demoralizing
8:59 am
to the staff. for the staff who have been working, you know, 16, 18, 20-hour days to read this is demoralizing. two, the timing's not great. in 2008 when rumors came out about a shakeup, it happened in new hampshire. it happened just as the polls were closing. this time around, it's happening the day before. you know, that could affect turnouts for hillary clinton. third, most importantly, i think hillary clinton is still the very likely democratic nominee here. tomorrow morning, iowa and new hampshire will be over, and she's headed into a primary calendar that favors her demographically. we didn't have that going on in '08. after iowa and new hampshire, the schedule favored barack oba obama. it's not a great story, but hillary's going to work her heart out.
9:00 am
we're facing a calendar that favors her. >> we will soon know one way or another the way this shakes out at least in new hampshire. great to see you guys. thank you very much. thank you for joining us at that hour for a special edition. >> that's right. you're headed to a polling place where you'll be the rest of the day. i'm back to new york to pick up coverage at 2:00 a.m. don't miss that. "legal coverage with ashleigh banfield" starts now. i'm ashleigh banfield, and welcome to "legal view." the big day is here. we are not talking mardi gras, folks. but it is mardi gras, in case you were wondering. the grand old party and the democratic party the ones to watch. not in new orleans but in new hampshire. the site of america's first presidential primaries. we could wax on and on about the candidates and stakes and polls. today, none of that matters


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