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tv   Americas Choice 2016 The New Hampshire Primary  CNN  February 9, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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rethink what's going on, take a little bit of breather, discuss with his family. only a little while ago in his victory speech, donald trump said this: >> we are going to make our country so strong. we are going to start winning again. we don't win anymore. as a country, we don't win on trade, we don't win with the military, we can't beat isis. we don't win with anything. we are going to start winning again and we're going to win so much, you are going to be so happy, we are going to make america so great again, maybe greater than ever before. i love you all. thank you, thank you, new hampshire. thank you. we are going now to south carolina! we're going to win in south carolina. i love you all. thank you very much. thank you. >> very impressive win by donald trump on the democratic side.
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right now bernie sanders also has an extremely impressive win over hillary clinton's almost 70% of the vote is in. he's 36,000 vote ahead of hillary clinton. he's got 60% of the vote to hillary clinton's 39%. bernie sanders just a little while ago in his victory speech said this: >> nine months ago we began our campaign here in new hampshire. we had no campaign organization, we had no money, and we were taking on the most powerful political organization in the united states of america. [ cheers ] and tonight with what aprpears o be a record breaking voter turnout -- [ cheers and applause ]
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because of a huge voter turnout, and i say "yuge," we won because we harness the energy and the excitement that the democratic matter will need to succeed in november! [ cheers and applause ] >> bernie sanders, the independent senator from vermont, with a very impressive win over hillary clinton. john king, you're taking a closer look. let's look at the republican side. the battle for third place that is really under way, bush, for example, can he take third and beat cruz? >> can he, yes. trump with that big lead, he'll win skrounsing, ov win convincingly.
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john kasich, second place there. nobody is going to catch that. 700 votes or so to get jeb bush in. can he get there? yes. you have places out here where you have more moderate republicans. we haven't gotten any votes from hanover. this is right along the connecticut river separating vermont and new hampshire. one of the larger republican suburban areas, salem here, no volts at all. if you go back in time, this is mitt romney country, 56% of the vote, establishment republicans, a decent size population chunk and at the moment nothing from s sale salem. you can see gersh doing well there. because of the fractured field donald trump is getting, 28%, 25%, as my high as the 30%.
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this is the ron paul. these winning everywhere. because of the flintered vote, he winning across the entire state. you have one town for jeb bush, about a half dozen or so, maybe six or seven for governor kasich. at the moment trump is filling in this map. as we look for the second and third, 72%, it's doable, we've got smath to do. it's conceivable it marco rubio has a strong performance in a town or tw that he could jump up. if you look at this 10% number, you need 10% in new hampshire to get any delegates. it you're below 10%, you get no delegates. i'm told from two advisers that chris christie knows he gets no del ca delegates. the conversation, he has to decide whether he wants to press on.
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the cruz campaign tonight is very happy. if they can stay here, what they think third place does is the bronze medal out of new hampshire but more importantly, if rubio stays down here, what the cruz campaign wants to say with tea party conservatives and ef van jel calls, it's time to coalesce against donald trump. remember in our tracking poll, wolf, just before. debate he was at 18%. the final tracking poll had him at 17%. that he was a big drop. that is the conversation in the republican circle tonight. we're going to watch this play out. this might seem a little silly, looking at this here, several hundred votes, right? jeb bush wants to be here. they think third would be much better than fourth. there was some talk maybe you should have skipped iowa and spent all this time into n new hampshire try thog get to a
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stronger third or even second place. >> bush and a super pac, they still have a lot of money. >> he's not going anywhere. it doesn't look like he'll slip down. he's in this race without a doubt. he would like to be up here, just third place gives you a little more moral high ground. the bush history is a good one. his father won there, his brother won there. just for fund-raising purposes and chest pumping purposes -- >> take a look at the decisive win that donald trump had in you take a look at that. he's got 70,500. kasich is second with 33,000, more than double the second place finisher. >> more than 2-1. look at the map. the cities, you were see the big cities. new hampshire is mostly small towns. where did donald trump win? almost everywhere. compare this to mitt romney. donald trump actually carrying even more of the state than mitt
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romney did in 2016 when you look at the trump map. it's a very impressive win. again. conversation among republicans is he wouldn't get it if we didn't have all these candidates in the race but they are in the race and he got it. >> how did bernie sanders really manage to crush hillary clinton in new hampshire, a state she won eight years ago? >> this is a shellacking or more. it's a total rout if you look at new hampshire. there was criticism of our cnn/wmur tracking poll, i was accident cam myself at points, dead on. that is dead on. 60% for bernie sanders. i think our last poll had him at 58%, hillary clinton at 39%. it's the same number she got in 2008. you're in the two-man race now and bernie sanders is winning of where. let's go back in time. you can't compare these two races.
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it's a two candidates as owe post to a more crowded field. if you're the clintons and you won all this dark blue and you won all this eight years ago, that's a message. predominant white electorate here, she's moving on to south carolina where you have african-americans and latinos. just among democrats, a virtual tie against clinton and sanders. as you move on, most live closed primaries, but no matter how you try to spin it, if winning by iowa by that much was a win, then losing by this much is a thump. >> the poles on the democratic and republican side pretty much spot on. i want to walk oaf to jake and dana, watching this battle that he was under way for third place on the republican side. it's pretty intense, still right now about 25% of the volt is
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still out. >> that's right, wolf. when we talked about donald trump's kcolossal victory, righ now he's on track to tie -- we talked about john kasich, his surprisingly strong second place finish fuch lo finish. if you look at the three next in line. that is a tight, tight contest and there are still many volts -- votes outstanding. >> let's look at ted cruz. he seems to be the beneficiary -- john kasich splitting the mainstream of the volt and he rose to the top. this is not really his natural habitat. there are a lot of independent voters. there aren't that many strong conservatives. he did have a very strong ground
8:10 pm
game here, kind of under the radar. but the bush/rubio drama frankly that's just so fascinating. >> mentor and protege of days past. >> exactly. and the fact that bush at least now seems to be eking out a better finish than rubio, there are a lot of people in bush camp who are very, very happy about that. because it got really, really personal. and they were very upset that rube yo rubio seemed to eclipse him. >> jeb bush will go on to fight. sunlen, the campaign probably feeling pretty good. they did not put a lot of energy or money into the state compared to the guys in fourth, fifth and
8:11 pm
sixth place. >> that's right. even though ted cruz lost here, it is absolute jubilation behind the scenes within the cruz campaign nap is for two big reasons. one this battle for third, that is very good for them. this is better than expected. it exceeded their expectations, too. and secondly, it's much adieu about marco rubio's campaign. and they want to really make the, ament going forward that he is not the establishment candidate that can coalesce the establishment wing of the party. so they're very happy that jeb bush kind of had a revival tonight. one campaign official saying they love the position that jeb bush is in tonight. they feel they can take these two things going forward and push that into south carolina. jake? >> sunlen serfaty, thank you.
8:12 pm
the big question of course is what does bernie sanders do from here? we knew he had a good ground game here in new hampshire beech knew that the very liberal democrats in iowa liked him. where does he go from here? what next? >> reporter: that's right. i spoke a short time ago to his campaign manager, jeff weaver. he said this win here in new hampshire was crucial when it came to building momentum. but definitely the campaign realizes the terrain changes when you get into these next early contests, nevada and south carolina. i asked him house of representatives they're going to make sure they perform well within though p those states as well. here's what he told me. >> how do you push through when the demographics really favor hillary clinton because who have she has supporting her in pham voters and hispanic voters?
8:13 pm
>> i think you've iine, recent t president of naacp, former state senator from ohio, dr. cornell west and others who are coming forward, state senators, reps, who you are stepping forward to support senator sanders' call for a political resolution that will deal with racism and police violence and lack of opportunity weave find in many african-american communities. >> is it enough to stand up against a lot of the endorsements we have seen for prominent african-americans for hillary clinton? >> here in new hampshire. we had a few endorsements from a few brave state legislators. i think in iowa.
8:14 pm
so we're very gratified to have the endorsements we do have but this is ultimately a people's campaigned we're speaking to people one-on-one. >> so key to bernie sanders' message tonight. some of his big applause lines coming -- talking against wall street. i asked weaver about reports that first were broken on cnn but really gained some traction today about bernie sanders raising money from big dollar donors, from senate democrats, accepting tens of thousands of dollars from the democratic party at a time when morgan stanley, goldman sachs, other banks were dough nalting. weaver dismissed those as smears from the clinton camp. he said things are going to gemt very nasty between his campaign and the clinton campaign. i asked him are you going to to
8:15 pm
win nevada? he said we're going to dry. and a few days ago i was speaking with a former clinton adviser. and-the-said iowa and new hampshire are just not made for her. why not? too liberal, too white. now the shift more moderate democrats and. >> that's right. wuch the problem for hillary clinton is even if she does as well as expected in south carolina because it is more favorable terrain, bernie sanders has money. he has a lot of money and it's money that keeps coming in. and the next set of contests are a little bit mixed and muddled. and so some of the states. >> what this means is it could be a long haul. >> anderson cooper, back to you in washington. >> we have a enough panel here
8:16 pm
of political commentators. republican strategy, amanda carpenter, bill press and donna brizily. let let's. >> first of all, tonight after the results are in, the result will likely be that secretary sanders will be 13 andhillary clinton 11. the delicate count will continue to be close until one of the candidates pulls out beep go to nevada, the republican goes go to south carolina. >> and the damn gresk change a lot in. >> absolutely.
8:17 pm
you have a more we also have a closed caucus whereas you had to be registered. south carolina has an open i system, of course being that will also benefit -- >> of. >> can bernie sanders compete in nevada? in south carolina? >> i think absolutely. and i think he showed tonight he can compete nation wise. this is, no use his word, huge, for bernie sanders. i think he's a very eserious candidate, a national candidate.
8:18 pm
>> he's got these resources, he's definitely going to be there for the long run. this is going to be more -- his message is i can get people out and excited, the party needs that. he delivered across the board. in income groups, of group income except those over -- making over $200,000, he won, she won that one. with young people and middle-age ld people. he won every group except those over 65. and hillary won those. >> and those as he noof. midwest and illinois and ohio,
8:19 pm
he. >> also problematic for hillary clinton and good for bernie sanders, when you look at the exit polls, people are looking for trust in the candidate, overwhelming -- >> i think about 80% -- >> 93 to 5. >> that's extraordinary. >> exactly. >> on the republican side, amapped, a kefrp, what do you think changed tonight? >> i think we do have to spend some time talking about ted cruz. you have a guy who spent less than $600,000, bush this is where they -- they failed.
8:20 pm
they're going to go into south carolina with no consensus and meanwhile ted cruz bare live spent any money and had a third place finish. that's phenomenal. it speaks to the discipline of. campaign and they're going to have the camity to go. >> south carolina is very similar to iowa where crews already beat trump. and then going into sec tuesday, he has a lot of money so hoose appealing to the voters that more tend toward the middle and independent. they're move upset, i think, with the ebb he's put together a
8:21 pm
pretty compelling poe in can n can -- they tend to reward those who do the so folks like john kasich, where he had his second meeting snrk. >> and some of the other campaigns are saying -- >> if he can replicate the new
8:22 pm
hampshire model in norchl. >> -- with 75% of the vote, it's been about 600 so it's actually a little bit closer right now. >> don't you think the big funder, though, on the republican side are going to continue hang a little bit back? >> yes. >> because they were kind of wait for this to all setle out before they put up their dough and now ilt not st's not settle. aside from kasich being able to fund raise off this, they don't know where they're going to go. >> the danger -- when you think about how many delegates the two of them can get on march 1st in those southern, deep southern
8:23 pm
fates, they could be so far ahead of these dpies. >> -- guys. >> let go to wolf, who is looking at more numbers. wolf? >> a lot of people in south carolina were wrachiatching ver very closely. they've asemabled at the college of charleston in south carolina. they've been watching our coverage all night. when we come back, we're going to south carolina. that's the nice big contest. together with nevada, we're watching this race for the white house, our first indication we'll discuss that when we come back.
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on the democratic side, also a very impressive win by bernie sanders, the independent senator from vermont. 60% to hillary clinton's 39%. each beats her so far by almost 40,000 votes. still plenty of vote left outstanding. but this is an impressive win by bernie sanders in new hampshire, very impressive win by donald trump in new hampshire as well. the next big contest are going to be in south carolina. i want to go to randi kaye. you've assembled groups of voters in south carolina to get an assessment. they were watching our coverage. we're going to get the initial indication of how they responded. >> reporter: absolutely, wolf. we are here in charleston watching with about 65 dine sie -- undecided votes ars. bernie sanders did so well
8:29 pm
tonight. winning new hampshire, did he change any of your minds? did anyone vote for him that wasn't going to vote for him before? we have about a handful of our undecided voters are now decided. now on the republican side, john kasich, a big surprise in new hampshire. did john kasich win any of you over tonight? not one person raising their hand. how about donald trump? did donald trump coming in first win anyone over tonight? you decided, you decided -- four people decided on donald trump. we were able to see their reaction tonight in realtime because they all had in their hot little hands, wolf. one of these, it's a dial tester. it's neutral on 50. with you when they liked when they were saying in their speeches, they would turn it up and they would turn it down when they didn't like it. at one point donald trump was sg tonight, there was a big
8:30 pm
reaction. >> we are going to preserve our very sacred second aemendment. if we had protection in california recently, you could even look to paris. if there were bullets going in the other direction, believe me, it would have been a whole other story, folks. with you nobody had approach tex. >> so the dial really spiked for donald trump when people talked about the second amendment and people being armed with their own guns. you sort of felt like you aligned with donald trump but he's not your guy. >> he's not my guy. >> reporter: what's the problem? >> even though he says he's the winner, he's not my win are. he doesn't tell us how he's going to do it. he says he's going to eliminate
8:31 pm
isis but he doesn't say how he's going to it. he says he's going to build a wall but doesn't say how he's going to do it. >> he said he's going to win and he won. >> reporter: so you're going to vote for him? >> yes. >> reporter: let's move to the democratic side. bernie sanders was the big winner in new hampshire tonight. they especially reacted to this sound bite during sanders' speech. >> no, we will not allow yuge tax breaks for billionaires, we will not allow huge cuts to social security, veterans' needs, medicare, medicaid and education. >> all right.
8:32 pm
let me ask becca here because you came in tonight as a bernie sanders supporters. you have a few doults bbts but still like him. what do you think about his win in new hampshire? >> i still like a lot of his ideas but i was swayed by hillary's speech. >> reporter: really? so you changed your mind is this. >> i'm still undecided. i'm maybe more undecided tonight than i was when i came in. >> reporter: you're going in the wrong direction. >> yes. >> reporter: you're a college student and you did like what bernie sanders had to say. >> obviously as a college student i love all of the ideas that he has that focus on higher education and making that easier on people, but as i said, i'm also concerned about how those things can be implemented and so
8:33 pm
in that respect i might be a little bit more interested in what hillary has to say. >> anybody else here decide on bernie sanders? anyone? anybody here decide on bernie sanders? all right. oh, here, here. let me ask this gentleman quickly. what made you decide on bernie sanders, sir? >> specifically his commitment to did something of mass incarceration of african-americans and latinos. that really impacted me. and i didn't feel who had those kinds of sensitivities. but he said it with such passion and conviction tonight, he won me over. >> well, we like the sound of that. we want voters to be decided and not dine sided. i can tell you tonight, wolf, of our group of about 65 undecided voters, i'm told that 23 have decided after watching the speeches tonight and all of the debates they've seen so far. wolf, back to you. >> very good focus group in charleston, south carolina. we're getting ready to head down
8:34 pm
there. thanks very much to all the people who assembled there at the college of charleston. 77% of the vote is now in. what an impressive win for donald trump tonight. >> as many have said it before me, he would say it's huge, right? it is an impressive win. polling above his last poll. the big criticism of trump after iowa was he underperformed. kasich has second locked up. jeb bush trails 800 votes there. can jeb bush make up that difference? yes. this is salem, the suburb along the massachusetts border, 2% of the state population. if you go back in time -- let me move this down, mitt military won with nearly 60% of the vote and in 2008, split between romney and mccain and these are establishment rain stream
8:35 pm
republicans there. it's possible when the salem vote comes in, you expect trump to win but bush could make up some ground there. one other place i want to show you is rochester, right along the maine border, a little more than 2% of the population. they're alphabetical here, we have zero percent of the vote in. rochester is an indicator of how new hampshire goes in 11 presidential cycle for 44 years, rochester has gotten it wrong only once. except for in 1992, rochester wins. you can expect that to fill in for donald trump. one going back in time it was big for romney, for mccain. it's possible bush could pick up some votes there. trump and kasich expected to get some, too. for bush, the challenge is can you make up the 800 votes -- >> there's still 23% of the vote
8:36 pm
outstanding. >> this is for conversations with donors, heading down to south carolina that bush would much rather be third than fourth, even by a few dozen votes. and just to go down the line here and look, very important for marco rubio on a disappointing night that he blames on himself and what debate, stay above 10%. if you have don't stay above 10%, you don't get any delegates, which is why this is a crushing blow for christie. dr. carson last place at 2% bunch he's already said see you in south carolina, which is the next stop. you take a quick look at south carolina, let's stay on the republican side for a minute. why does ted cruz want to go to south carolina? remember what happened in iowa. the darker the area, the higher the percentage of evangelicals. let's go to the national map first. here as new hampshire. not many evangelicals. iowa, a good chunk of
8:37 pm
evangelicals. interesting, donald trump launched up here today in greenville, donald trump launched a vicious ad attacking ted cruz, hitting on immigration and other issues saying ted cruz can't be trusted. donald trump knows this would be his wheelhouse. if you go back to the 2008 republican race, let me come out of the demographics for just a second, if you look at it here, mccain wins the state by winning it here and winning along the coast, the more moderate coast. but this is mike huckabee up in evangelical country. the question is is it just trump and cruz or somebody else viable? bush is very well organized in the other states as we go forward. that map is why ted cruz is happy that this race -- let me come back to the evangelical population -- most of march is fought out down here where ted cruz think he's can do very well. unlike santorum and huckabee, cruz has money, organization, a
8:38 pm
database. he's looking that the mabb ap a weakened marco rubio. ted cruz is looking at the map ahead through march. you have to be very eager to get south if you're ted cruz. >> south carolina, as you point out, very different on the republican and democratic side as opposed to new hampshire and iowa for that matter. let's take a look at south carolina and the democratic contest, a very different democratic electorate in south carolina than weep just saw in new hampshire. >> everything changed in 2008 when barack obama won iowa. hillary clinton had most of. endorsements in the african-american community, the establishment a. menment africa community because they didn't think barack obama was viable. once he started winning, everything changed. if you look at what happened there, the white vote was 43%, obama actually came in third hyped edwards and clinton, but 55% of the vote was
8:39 pm
african-american. as we've seen in every election since with obama on the baulllo 8 in 10 voted for obama. that is what hillary clinton now, counting that more than half of the electorate will be african-american. she thinks that's votes in the bank for her, but as the folks across the room were discussing, that's a question for her. as the map goes south for hillary clinton as well as we spent a lot of time down here in march, the darker the area, the larger the african-american population, hillary clinton is hoping and let's see if bernie sanders can make inroads, hillary clinton is hoping demographics help her. . we also go to nevada. it up co if you come down and find the latino population, new hampshire
8:40 pm
has very few. if you go to nevada, that's hillary clinton's home. the question is can bernie sanders make inroads? >> i want to go now to orplur political director. >> we've been talking for the better part of the last year sort of that jouft sielder la-- lane and that establishment lane. what is helping them figuring out the arguments that they'll be making? among voters who said they wanted their next president to have experience in politics, that was about 45% of the electorate, that was a john kasich strong hold. 28% voted for kasich, 20% for
8:41 pm
bush, 18% for rubio and 14% for cruz. it you look at the voters that said leadership qualities was something important to them, more important to them than outsider status, that's 40% of the electorate. trump won them 31% but kasich overperforming his number at 20%, bush overperform, his number at 14%. and if you have look at shares their value, this is really interesting, cruz and kasich are tied here, 21% for kasich, 21 for are cruz, 15% for bush, 13% for trump. you're going to hear the importance of political experience. you're going to hear what their values are going forward because they see there are big chunks of votes there that they can make
8:42 pm
some inroads in south carolina. >> also coming up, how will donald trump run in south carolina? that's the next big battleground. he's already going after ted cruz in the state with a very, very tough enough ad. how will it play with voters? we'll be right back. you've finally earned enough reward miles on your airline credit card. now you just book a seat, right? not quite. sometimes those seats are out of reach, costing an outrageous number of miles. it's time to switch... to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline and use your miles to cover the cost. now that's more like it. what's in your wallet? ♪ the night for love. ♪ woah oh oh... ♪ mmmm... come on...
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81% of the vote is in on the republican side, donald trump with an impressive win. there's a real fight for third out there. very, very close race for third place, not so much for chris christie. he's on at 8%, carly fiorina and ben carson are way down on the republican side. we'll watch very closely this race for third place in the republican primary in new hampshire. on the democratic side, bernie sanders crushing hillary clinton 60% to 38%. 34,000 votes ahead of hillary clinton. a very impressive win for bernie sanders. i want to go back to jake and dana. they're in manchester, new hampshire watching all of this right now. guys, what can i say, two political outsiders, shall we say, nonestablishment crushing
8:47 pm
the rivals in both of thieves contests. >> reporter: an incredible night for politics, wolf, no doubt. one of the things we're looking at is we're looking ahead and looking at the next race, south carolina where they like their politics a little edgar, famous republican consultant warren tompkins said we play it different down here, we're not dainty if you get my drift and already donald trump has launched a really tough ad against ted cruz. >> i'm donald trump and i approve this message. >> what kind of man talks out of both sides of his mouth on amnesty for illegals? who run as campaign accused of dirty tricks that tried to sabotage ben carson with false rumors? ted cruz, the worst kind of washington insider who just
8:48 pm
can't be trusted. >> that's tough stuff. of course ted cruz is not one to sit back and let that happen. he released this ad earlier tonight. >> look, i got the trump action figure. >> no way, it's huge. >> what does he do? >> he pretends to be a republican. >> bailouts for the banks. >> too big to fail. >> i gave money to pelosi, reid and anthony weiner. >> hey, hillary, i'll give you money to be my house. >> check out my house, mr. trump. >> that's a lousy house people going to take your house and park my limos there. >> we wouldn't tolerate these values in our children. why would we want these in a president? >> well, that is the most
8:49 pm
interesting interpretation of eminent domain i have ever seen. dana, we are now entering a truly new phase of campaign. anyone who thought it was negative before, well, you ever ain't seen nothing yet. >> that is definitely a memorable ad that ted cruz has up but i thought that the donald trump ad was particularly p potentially devastating but if you saw at the end he used the words "trust-ed," can't be "trust-ed," he goes hard saying i'm really one of you, i'm always going to be your guy and that's what -- >> calls him a washington insider. very, very tough. let's go back to anderson in washington at campaign headquarters. >> let's talk to some of our folks who have been involved
8:50 pm
with campaign commercials, david axelrod. >> yes, i'm a trained professional, let me tell you that was negative ad. it wasn't very subtle and very artful but it probably was effective. i think to the polling in the iowa caucuses and the issues he raised in that ad were effective. trump didn't work they very hard in iowa. he's obviously taking a different attack in south carolina. he's going to go for the throat right from the start and try to keep cruz from getting airborne here. >> the notion that trump is not a conservative is something people have been saving and cruz is clearly sticking to that. i must say the trump ad was kind of vintage negative ad, circa 1960 sort of thing and i think it can be effective.
8:51 pm
>> i'm not sure about thele cruz reach responsible. it was cute but but it's sort of undocumented, it's kids making assertions. sometimes you can fall in love with your own creative and do things that aren't particularly effective. >> and this is a classic cruz response. trump goes for the throat, cruz doesn't want to get in the mud with him and just answers it with humor. the substance of the addism saw was do your want your kids to grow up with a president trump, a guy who calls people names, doesn't have good values and teach acts like a bully. the answer is no. >> and i like negative ads that don't seem negative. >> donna, what do you think? >> first of all, i'm enjoying it. some of my best moments in
8:52 pm
politics is watching the republican race when it gets really dirty. of course we go back to 2000, the bush campaign. of course we democrats go there -- >> south carolina. >> yeah, south carolina. the republicans just rip each other apart. >> democrats never do that? >> oh, no. >> bill clinton was tossing bouquets -- >> it's going to get really nasty. south carolina is this marker when you're heading down south for republicans, going after. real conservative vote and the notion that donald trump is going to allow anybody to get to his right, he's going to try to -- >> you heard from sanders say they've thrown everything except the kitchen sink.
8:53 pm
>> the republicans are calling somebody loser, cheat, liar being criminal, all the way down the line. >> moderate. >> this actually showed up in the exit polls. in the exit polls 79% of democrats said they would be satisfied with sanders. 62% they'd be satisfied with clinton. on the republican side, 49% with trump, cruz and rube question, the majority said they would not be satisfied with them. they have a big problem in their party. >> the most shocking statistic from new hampshire for me is the fact that two-thirds of republicans support cruz's ban of muslims -- trump's ban. >> i'm sorry, trump's ban. that is new hampshire, considered a slightly more liberal electorate than south
8:54 pm
carolina. given what we've already seen in this republican race, i think it's pretty frightening to think what we're going to see in south carolina. >> have you watched the news lately? we just had of the director of national security -- excuse me -- testify on capitol hill saying that isis is trying to infiltrate the west through ref j ji -- refugees. so much it's not being racist and -- >> calling for a religious litmus test for who can come into the united states, in my view that is bigoted and we've seen that already in states that are relatively tame. there's a history of thing getting a lot nastier in south carolina and it's a concern. >> can i just make a clin cam point about this?
8:55 pm
my voices are more associated with your views but just as a clinical matter, that sort of point of view, the nativism of donald trump makes him a potent candidate. the evangelicals don't just vote on one thing. >> he's been leading evangelicals nationwide. >> i think hoose going o hit those issues very hard because of his sense of the history of south carolina and what he can do to moat valt voters and th-- voters and that is his hedge against evangelicals. >> much bigger issue for republicans than for democrats. >> absolutely. democrats are the economy, et cetera, et cetera. >> i do think in south carolina, donald trump is going to be able to tap into this sense among many white southerners that they've been looked down on, that they've been forgotten, that they've been ridiculed
8:56 pm
mee meech will -- he will go in the with a bumper sticker message. >> that plays big down there with down scale, white voters who are numerous in that primary. >> we have to take a quick break. donald trump celebrating his win tonight, talking to jake tapper about the battle in south carolina and who he sees as the biggest threat. much more of our coverage ahead.
8:57 pm
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i wanted to congratulate the other candidates. now that i got that over with. >> not whether you get knocked down that matters, it's whether he get back up. >> our does appointment tonight is not on you. it's on me. >> it was a human moment for somebody who has been accused of not being human. >> tonight, the light overcame the darkness of negative campaigning. and you made it


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