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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  February 10, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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hello, everyone. i'm john berman. >> and i'm kate bolduan. game on in south carolina. in the next few minutes, both ted cruz and jeb bush will be holding their first events in the key state following the stunni stunning finish in new hampshire. this is the kickoff of a ten-day scramble with a state known to not be always so fair but intense campaigning. or as one rubio aide puts it, it's going to be a blood bath. >> ted cruz coming off a surprising third-place finish behind john kasich and jeb bush. this week, jeb bush will be joined for the first time on the trail by someone who took the south carolina primary back in 2000, his brother, george w. bush. it worked out pretty well for him in 2000. cnn anchor and correspondent
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victor blackwell is in bluffton. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we're 30 minutes out from a rally starting here in bluffton with governor bush. you mentioned george w. bush. he's recorded a radio ad for the campaign although he has recorded television ads for the super pac right to rise, the pro-bush super pac. they believe this reset this race and as they come into this state with strong momentum. of course, the fight for the establishment lane continues, primarily between governor bush and senator kasich and rubio. first, their narrative against senator rubio is that after the poor performance, admittedly by the senator on saturday himself, it's weakened him and we heard from a rubio adviser that this will be a blood bath in south carolina. already 25,000 television ads
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have aired here and more to come. the bush folks say that kasich had a one-state strategy. yes, he did well in new hampshire but he cannot match the finances, cannot match the infrastructure here in south carolina that the bush people have put together. the campaign says they have 20 staffers at four offices across the state. they also believe that he will continue this narrative, of course, and prove to the people of south carolina that he has the best temperament and the strongest credentials to be commander in chief. and who is helping him to sell that story to continue that narrative? former opponent and now supporter, south carolina senator lindsey graham. so that will be the narrative we see today as this rally starts soon and as we look ahead to two town halls later this afternoon and evening. john, kate? >> victor blackwell in bluffton. thanks so much, victor. there's a new focus in the gop
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establishment. john kasich, ohio governor, finished second. >> jeb bush is already going after kasich's staying power and military record. very important in south carolina. but the ohio governor says his rivals are, quote, messing with the wrong guy. gar w gary tuchman is live where a kasich town hall is about to begin. what are you hearing there? >> reporter: good morning to you. john kasich did not win the new hampshire primary but he did come in second place which translates to first-place finish among his establishments. he's come here to make his first campaign event at this pizza restaurant in charleston, south carolina. never too early for pizza. people here are waiting for kasich to arrive. south carolina, an incredibly important primary. a week from saturday, the gop primary and then the following tuesday the nevada caucuses, both important for kasich.
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he doesn't necessarily expect to do particularly well here in south carolina. but he hopes to propel himself to the midwest primaries. what you have on march 8th, tuesday, the michigan primary. and then march 15th. illinois, missouri and his home state of ohio. he thinks he could do very well there. his donations will be increasing and also donations against him are also expected to be increasing after his finish yesterday. now, we can tell you that what is happening right now is that people don't really know who kasich is. for example, his name is pronounced "kasich," not "kasich." donald trump even as recently as last night has mispronounced his name. he's in his second term as the governor of ohio. he's trying to differentiate himself from a guy like donald trump, trying to be optimistic and positive after the results were announced from new hampshire last night.
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>> tonight we head to saouth carolina and we'll end up in the midwest and you just wait. let me tell you, there's so much going to happen if you don't have a seat belt, go get one. >> so kasich wants people to put on those seat belts. he's run for president before. another thing you may not know about him in 2000, he didn't make it to the iowa caucuses when fundraising dried up. now he runs against his brother and the elder republicans still in the race. john and kate, back to you. >> always so interesting to hear what they say after they think something went well. >> the first words out of his mouth will be very interesting to hear. absolutely. while kasich is running high after new hampshire, this could be the end for another governor, chris christie. >> david has the details.
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>> reporter: reporting from christie sources, the governor is indeed huddling with advisers in new jersey trying to determine if there is a path forward here at all. indications point to aides and sources familiar with christie thinking that he may indeed end up suspending his campaign today at some point. this is really a math issue. tough to raise money off of that kind of performance and he may not qualify for the upcoming republican debate in south carolina, according to the criteria put out by cbs news. as the team huddles and sort of looks at, is there a path here at all, sort of political realism may set in on governor christie. as you know, he was originally supposed to go to south carolina today but said last night to his supporters that and he his wife
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will head back to new jersey and and assess where things stand. >> if the math doesn't added a up, the math doesn't added a up. does a chris christie endorsement come or is it just his legacy, especially in the last three, four days, of doing a very good job at taking down marco rubio? >> the legacy is tattooed on marco rubio's forehead. >> i don't think marco rubio will be celebrating that legacy in any way. i wonder if he's thinking, god, i wish my super pac had not pummeled chris christie with television ads back in early january. you know what they say about payback. listen, i don't think we expect a chris christie endorsement today. i would be surprised if he doesn't endorse at some point in this race if indeed he bows out. i would be surprised if the endorsement didn't go to one of the other governors in the race. it's been a huge part of his message and what he has been selling this entire campaign.
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so it would be in conjunction with the remaining governors at the end of the day. >> david chalian that marco rubio will not endorse chris christie. thank you. we'll bring you information as we get it. i want to bring in barry bennett, the former campaign adviser for ben carson. we're bringing in bruce haines who worked for carol campbell, a legend in south carolina. also, amanda carpenter, a cnn political commentator. we are across the broad spectrum of republican politics here. barry bennett, i want to start with you. you are a trump guy. i want to talk about the significance of the big victory in new hampshire for donald trump. what does this mean going forward? is this now donald trump's world and we're all just living in it? >> well, if you look at the polling as we start this ten-day
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battle, he's about where he was in new hampshire. so, yeah, people keep throwing up these dreams and he keeps bursting the bubble. he's our favorite to be the nominee. >> that's the other big story coming out of new hampshire and quickly landing in south carolina. the not so windowed establishment lane. what's the state of play right now in south carolina for those guys? >> well, jeb bush and marco rubio have known this moment would come. they are both very organized in south carolina they've been investing in the state for a long time and this contest is in south carolina, almost about the two of them more than anything else and there's two things going on with bush and rubio, i think. there's a contest for voters and for donors. it's all nice and good if the
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super pac has money to run ads but if you can't buy a plane ticket, you've got a problem. one of them needs to ascend and bring in money. >> you agree, there was the beginning of a tidal wave and that's stopped completely because of the results in new hampshire? >> stopped in its tracks. no one is going to be happier to see chris christie off the debate stage than marco rubio. that's the test now for marco rubio. he's take answer tough shot. presidents need to be tested. this is a moment to see if he can be the comeback kid. >> what does he make of it? is this the marco rubio comeback? we shall see, we like to say when we can't make any predictions because we don't know. amanda, ted cruz has an event at this hour. how does he reframe his message in this state which has now become very critical to any ted cruz win? >> i don't think it changes his message but he needs to continue
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framing this as a trump/cruz race. that's what it is. i feel like the establishment is just living in an alternate universe where they can continue grading themselves we'll all compete with a consolation prize and maybe we'll get around to a trump and cruz later. no. you're out of time. the clock has run out. and why did he direct donald trump and he didn't but the mushy middle -- that we have in the past, they can't think beyond themselves and it's paving the way for a trump and cruz to go against each other and one of them take away the nomination. >> barry, how long does it last? there's a lot of people talking today, the results in new hampshire point to a campaign that could go on for a very long time, maybe even into overtime to cleveland and to the
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convention. if no one racks up enough delegates, enough delegates in enough states, do you see that as a possibility now? >>. >> only after we get to the win or take all in march. i think donald trump is going to scoop up all of the delegates. and spending a ton of money for the bronze medal. it makes no sense. >> there's no prejudice medal for george and his super pacs spent -- >> 30 million in new hampshire for the ten medal. >> that's very tough. bruce, one person you did not mention -- we're talking about the fight in south carolina and the establishment lane -- is john kasich. he had a big finish in new hampshire, very different in south carolina. do you think even though he says they are making a play for it in
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south carolina, he's already looking past? >> look, i'm the son of a mailman, too. i have a lot of affinity for john kasich but it's not an idea that will work very effectively in south carolina. he doesn't have that long history of relationships. you know, deep relationships, obviously the bush family in south carolina -- >> it's too late now, though? >> it's too late. you can't just start running ads now and start knocking on doors now with thousands of doors that have been knocked on. those relationships have been built john's argument is can i get back to the midwest? trump needs 1200 delegates to win and he's got about 12 now. we've got a long way to go. there is a lot more left in this race and it's not going to be a dull moment. >> the broker convention, is there a possibility would you say right now? >> there's a higher possibility
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than we've seen in a long, long time. very easy to see how people are going to pull delegates here and there. they will win some states in a win or take all but trump is getting around 30% of the vote, 35. that means there's two-thirds of the vote out there that may not be willing to vote for him. then it's really game on. >> george w. bush has done well in south carolina and his father did well in '88. the bush family does well in south carolina. do you think it will help jeb bush there? the former boss of your former boss of ted cruz. >> it will help jeb bush a little bit. when i was working for jim demint as one senator and lindsey graham as the other, there's an activist wing and then the good-old-boy network. this will help him in that column but jeb bush didn't really need any help in that column and i think it's a sign
8:15 am
of weakness that he's relying on his family legacy to promote his d candidacy. there's no appetite among the base for a third president bush. it's a very hard sell. he's not going to be overcome that but it may help in south carolina. >> it will be fascinating to see george w. bush back on the trail. it's been a long time since he's campaigned for anything in public. >> back in south carolina, here we come. >> barry, amanda, thank you so much. for the democratics before south carolina, bernie sanders in harlem. a breakfast date with al sharpton. what's his play for african-american voters? we'll tell you what happened inside. plus, hillary clinton heading south and looking for a boost and hopefully a win. it's long been called her southern firewall but could it now be at risk? and a reminder, moments from
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now, jeb bush and ted cruz holding their first rally since the big night in new hampshire. we're going to take you live to south carolina. the next big battle in the fight for the gop nomination. ♪ ♪ those who define sophistication stand out. those who dare to redefine it stand apart. the all-new lexus rx and rx hybrid. never has luxury been this expressive. this is the pursuit of perfection. i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! need a family plan with unlimited data? other carriers either don't offer it, or it's too expensive! not us!
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new this morning, the breakfast of champion. that is cingular. an eyebrow-raising breakfast in harlem between new hampshire winner bernie sanders, the reverend al sharpton. this is sanders trying to make inroads with minorities around the country, most immediately in south carolina. >> coincidentally, this is the same restaurant that al sharpton met barack obama when barack obama was running for his first term as president. jason carroll is outside the restaurant. what have we learned? tell us about the meeting. >> reporter: well, you know, the meeting took place about 20 minutes. that's how long both men decided to meet. they didn't actually have breakfast. they ended up just having tea. but the headline out of this is obviously sanders was looking for some sort of endorsement from the reverend al sharpton. sharpton coming out later and saying that he was not offering up an endorsement not just yet. he still needs to meet with
8:21 am
clinton. that meeting is going to take place next thursday. we are told he says he's not going to be making any decisions before that particular time. we did have an opportunity to ask sharpton what the two men talked about during their 20-minute tea. they spoke about issues affecting the african-american community, the flint water crisis, police brutality was another topic that came up as well. as you guys both know, clinton has been outpolling sanders among african-americans and latinos. sanders picked up the endorsement of ben jealous, former naacp leader, was actually out here today with sanders and talked about why he is supporting him and endorsing him. he says that sanders has been on the right side of the issues affecting communities of color for years and it's his prediction that a number of african-american leaders, religious leaders down there are going to be announcing their support for sanders.
8:22 am
back to you. >> jason carroll, thank you so much. let's bring in the clinton campaign spokesperson and now the institute of georgetown politics and campaign director for the progressive center for american progress action fund and a hillary clinton supporter. great to see both of you. mo, here we go. this meeting this harlem, this breakfast or just tea in harlem, bernie sanders is making a run for it. it's official. this meeting with al sharpton and the campaign saying overnight that they've raised some 2.6 million just between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and midnight. is it decided that bernie sanders is now running a national campaign? >> he receive as ton of credit for running a two states that
8:23 am
have much different political landscapes, much different demographic makeups and particularly in communities where he has been struggling so far. so it makes sense for him to, right out of the box, go meet with reverend sharpton and begin to make the rounds in these communities. but i think he's got a pretty significant hill to climb and not a lot of time to climb it. >> yeah. no, emily, talking about hills to climb, the clinton campaign wanted to narrow that gap. it was 22 points. that's a -- what's the level of your anxiety? >> the clinton campaign needs to do a real serious analysis. her messaging is not resonating with youk people. that's the biggest thing that
8:24 am
concerns me. under age 30. that's where it's really breaking for sanders and we know there's strong potential there because on substance, clinton and sanders are for the very far apart on the substance of their policy issues. it's the messaging that he has broken through and he's driving with this anti-wall street message. that's hitting him. i think it's going to be more challenging once he moves into states that has strong communities of color, that's not a message that they are internalizing and driving them to the polls. >> if you look at the exit polls, mo, not just the 22-point gap we're talking about here, with women she lost. on the trust portion, she lost big time. 91-5. that has to send a very strong message and these are issues that transcend new hampshire. this is going to continue on, continue on, continue on unless they can make a serious change. does this put her southern
8:25 am
firewall in question, this kind of a gap? >> well, i think last night they proved they can't take anything for granted and i'd take it one step further. i don't think bernie has been resonating with an anti wall street message. they are looking for someone that they can trust to be their champion and fight for them. most democratic primary voters believe people are screwing them above and below them on the economic ladder and no one is fighting for them. so bernie has been very crisp and clear in this message that we need a revolution that will look out for the every day american. she needs to figure out how to connect better with people with that message of her own. i thought her speech was one of the best speeches i've actually heard her give this entire election cycle because she came out as a forceful champion and advocate. now she's got to make that community by community in the next two states, nevada and
8:26 am
south carolina and beyond because this will go beyond, at least until super tuesday, if not longer. >> thanks for being with us. great to get your insight. a lot of work to do for both of those campaigns starting now because this programming note, tomorrow, february 11th, cnn will simulcast the democratic presidential debate at 9:00 p.m. you can watch it on cnn and your pbs station. watch it here. i've got to say, this is a turning point in this campaign. hillary clinton supporters, she's got to turn things around and no better place to do it than that debate stage. >> that's right. still ahead for us, marco rubio says it's on him. he's blaming that weak debate performance in new hampshire. so can he turn things around in south carolina or is his momentum headed in the wrong direction? plus, jeb bush, a fourth-place finish, gives him new life in his campaign. he's about to take the stage in
8:27 am
south carolina. ted cruz, third-place finish in new hampshire, beating expectations there. he's about to take the stage in south carolina, too. these are the first big events of the day in the palm meadow state. you'll see the very next stage of this campaign set off live right here coming up.
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john berman and kate bolduan. i want to show you live pictures from south carolina. please show us myrtle beach, south carolina. that's where senator ted cruz is holding his first event in the next ten-day scramble for south carolina. jeb bush also holding an event in the town of bluffton just minutes from now. this really is the kickoff for the next stage of the campaign. the race for south carolina, a full contact sport in that state. >> absolutely. for more on this, political director david chalian. jeb bush, we know, has deep roots in south carolina. doing very well there. do you think -- what is jeb bush going to do to harness that, though? what's the first thing that will come out of his mouth? i'm still here, buddy? >> listen, we already know about -- >> david, no sooner you start
8:33 am
talking and then jeb bush started talking. let's listen to the former governor. >> and her ambitions are what drive her. i think we need someone with a servant's heart, who focuses on solving problems for people. now, if you believe that, i ask for your support coming up here. [ applause ] my life experience has been 32 years in the private sector and i'm proud of it. i didn't have four bankruptcies, by the way, during my time. we built the largest full-service real estate company in florida. i had eight years to be a foreminded governor where i consistently applied the conservative principles of limited government, trying to create entrepreneurial capitalism so everybody had a chance to rise up. in florida, we had eight hurricanes and four tropical storms in 16 months. you might have had one around
8:34 am
here. i don't know. seems almost impossible for a hurricane to come through here, but they do. eight hurricanes and four tropical storms changes everything. you don't have to -- then the agenda changes. >> all right. we just lost jeb bush's audio down there but he's talking in bluffton, south carolina. you can see the energy he had there. we saw jeb bush in new hampshire. likewise, a lot of energy leading up to the vote in new hampshire. he clearly thinks he has a new opportunity in this campaign to keep ongoing. he finished fourth and beat marco rubio there, his one-time protege. that's very big for his campaign. >> we have the audio back. let's dip back in. >> eight hurricanes and four tropical storms. you know what? because when there was a problem, i didn't blame fema. i didn't blame the president. i didn't say, the dog ate my homework. i ran to the challenge and we forged a consensus to solve it.
8:35 am
there were no excuses. that's what we need in the presidency right now. we have a president who pushes us down all the time. if someone disagrees with him, it creates this gap and hillary clinton would do the same thing and so does donald trump. if you want someone with a servant's heart, someone who solves problems, someone focused on applying our conservative principles consistently, you're looking at the next president of the united states with your help. [ applause ] how you doing? the next president is going to have a great challenge, which is to keep us safe. in fact, that is the first obligation of the president. and today, the world is a lot less safe than it was the day that barack obama was innaugarated. here's my commitment to you. i'll stop talking with grandiose talks with teleprompters and talking about red lines and never following through.
8:36 am
i won't say russia is a regional power and allow them to invade ukraine 30 days later. i won't pivot to asia and allow the asians to wonder where we are because they haven't seen the pivot and the rest of the world to wonder, why are you abandoning us? i won't call isis the jv team and allow the development of a caliphate the size of indiana, 35 to 40,000 battle-tested jihadists organizing to destroy our way of life and just let it happen. we need a president that has a steady hand, that knows that the military needs to be rebuilt. my commitment to you is we will end this sequestration. we'll rebuild our military and provide the training and support for the greatest fighting known to man and reduce the number of deployments and train and equip our military to not use it as the world's policemen but use it to keep the peace. you all know this. >> listening right there, jeb
8:37 am
bush, as john said, with a lot of energy at this first event in bluffton, south carolina. let's bring david chalian in to discuss this a little bit more. you heard it right out of the gate. taking on hillary clinton, maybe not surprised but the other person that he took on right away, donald trump as he touts his conservative credentials and his support for the military. >> and his lack of bankruptcies, by the way. >> right. that, too. >> that, too, but it's the military moment that you're talking about that you're going to hear so much of. you're going to hear jeb bush talk about national security credentials, who has the goods to be the commander-in-chief, the temperament to be commander-in-chief. all of that is going to be a large part of the conversation in the south carolina primary. there will also -- remember, part of south carolina is not that dissimilar from the iowa caucus electorate. there's a big evangelical group.
8:38 am
that's where ted cruz and donald trump will battle for a lot of voters as well while kasich, rubio and bush are battling more along the coast and the mainstream establishment-type republicans. >> you know, you bring up a great point. i wish we had the graphic because 2008 is an interesting race where john mccain beat mike huckabee in south carolina. and they ran two completely different races. john mccain ran the race that jeb bush is looking at here. you're looking at him talking about the military commander-in-chief issues. but mike huckabee ran as a social conservative. i think two points separated them at the end which means in the next ten days they will be fascinating. >> do the math. if three guys are competing for the mccain lane now and only two guys are really competing in the huckabee lane, you know, if i'm in the trump and cruz camps, i'm liking that math a little bit. >> so the rough and tumble politics that happen in south
8:39 am
carolina could be getting even nastier when you look at that map, david. >> no doubt. we've already seen the ads launch. i think the trump/cruz battle is going to be epic in these next ten days and i think that the bush/rubio battle -- i'll leave kasich to the side because he's trying to run a positive campaign and we've got to see if he can create the moment that he created for himself in new hampshire but i think we're going to see these two really epic battles over the next ten days in south carolina. >> epic doesn't get any better than that. david chalian, thank you for being with us. >> sure. >> very interesting analysis. we'll watch ted cruz when he takes the stage as well. so a whole host of democratic powerplayers under pressure to decide between hillary clinton and now bernie sanders. a major player in south carolina is reportedly very close to making a decision. we'll have the details of what could be a big endorsement, next.
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the fight for south carolina is a mad scramble for big-name endorsements there. we've already seen a whole bunch of high-profile leaders throw their support behind candidates, though. senator lindsey graham left the race and backed jeb bush. senator tim scott is supporting fellow senator marco rubio. donald trump has picked up the backing of the state's lieutenant governor and congressman jeff duncan has endorsed ted cruz. this morning, a key power broker on the democratic side is facing new pressure to get off the sidelines. this morning, south carolina representative james clyburn, the third-ranking democratic in the house, reportedly considering endorsing clinton. he's not there yet. he has said that he would remain neutral through the democratic
8:45 am
primary. let's bring in a man who knows the scene in south carolina. andy shane, political reporter for the state newspaper. jim clyburn around the country may not be a household name but in south carolina, a huge name. do you think he'd pull the trigger and endorse hillary clinton? what's the consideration right now? >> well, he's indicated that he might go ahead and reveal who he's going to vote for in the february 27th democratic primary. i think all indications are that he is leaning towards hillary clinton at this point. but, you know, again, he has said he was going to remain neutral. so, you know, it remains -- right now it remains to be seen. but whoever he endorses, it's a big endorsement in our state among democrats. he's the only democrat we have in the congressional delegation so it's very important. >> i think it's been an interesting question throughout this primary season of the meaning and the weight that
8:46 am
endorsements bring. what is the sense in south carolina of how much -- of how important these endorsements are for the candidates who are going to be battling it out big time? >> i think they help but i don't think it's the crucial thing. one of the things is that 2016 you can though out all of the con veng conventions out the window. donald trump doesn't have the biggest ground game in south carolina yet he's leading the polls by holding these massive events at arenas where he's getting thousands of supporters and fans to come on out and hear him talk. so, you know, i think in some cases it's going to -- it sort of solidifies things. if hillary clinton really is doing very well as well as she's doing with african-american voters here in south carolina, getting clyburn's endorsement, as i said, puts an exclamation point on it. >> we often talk about south carolina politics, presidential politics being a blood sport. what does that mean particularly in the republican race going forward? what kind of a fight do you think we'll see? and we talk about donald trump.
8:47 am
donald trump knows how to fight. he does it in business. >> yeah. >> but politics is a different thing and i think a south carolina campaign is a different thing, too, for a guy like trump. >> well, i mean, you know, i think all politics is blood sport. we have just enjoyed this reputation that we've had for a number of years. i think it's going to get rough because we've now narrowed the field down to what appears it's safe to say to be five or six candidates. you sort of have -- as somebody mentioned earlier to me, you have two races going on. the race going on between donald trump and ted cruz to a certain degree and then the race for the establishment wing of the party between rubio, bush and now john kasich. so i think you're going to see a little bit of the rough and tumble but i think you saw that in iowa and new hampshire and we'll have a very interesting debate in greenville. >> andy shain, stick around with us. real quick, let's go to myrtle beach where ted cruz is speaking. let's listen in. >> we're fed up with campaign
8:48 am
conservatives and politicians who give us empty promises but haven't walked the wake and we're looking for someone we can count on to be a fiscal conservative, a social conservative and a national security conservative. someone who will be faithful to the constitution. our team on the ground here in south carolina is remarkable and i am really glad to be back in the palm meadow state. >> senator, last week you left off marco rubio's third place finish in iowa. you said bronze is apparently the new gold. how is this third-place finish for you? >> i'm looking forward to a wall-to-wall coverage of fox news with the news that rubio got. i'm sure that's what we'll see on every show on fox today, the shockingly third-place finish of cruz. number one, we won iowa despite all of the predictions and we beat donald trump. number two, listen, everyone said a conservative cannot
8:49 am
compete in a more moderate new england state like new hampshire. those predictions proved wrong. this is a national campaign and one of the most important conclusions coming out of these first two states is that the only candidate who can beat donald trump is me. the other candidates are unable to do so. so if you don't believe donald is the right person to be the republican nominee, if you don't believe he's the right person to go head to head with hillary clinton or bernie sanders, if you don't feel he's the right person to be the commander-in-chief, we're seeing conservatives uniting behind our campaign. iowa and new hampshire together played a critical role in that and then south carolina is going to play an even more critical role. >> senator, how do you think that sits with more establishments? how do you get them to coalesce? >> one of the realities is you cannot beat donald trump running
8:50 am
from the left. when you see more establishment candidates saying, gosh, donald, we need more amnesty, gosh, donald, don't be so tough on radical islamic terrorists, that is not going to work. that will not not beat donald trump. the only way to beat trump is to highlight that his record is not conservative. if you want a true conservative, don't listen to campaign rhetoric. who has walked the walk? for example, on health care. there are significant glaring differences between donald trump and me on health care. donald had called for expanding obamacare. for adopting bernie sanders-style socialized medicine. in donald's own words, he is very liberal on health care. he wants to put the federal government in charge of everyone's health care. a and what we've seen looking across the world, every place on earth that's tried socialized medicine the result is
8:51 am
rationing, is the government decide dog you get a hip replacement? do you get a knee replacement? end-of-life care rationed. now donald is entitled to campaign on the same health plan bernie sanders and hillary clinton support but i don't think republicans in south carolina are very interested in expanding obamacare and there's a clear difference. if i'm elected president, we will relegpeal every single worf obamacare. that's the choice men and women of south carolina have. >> reporter: what do you want people in south carolina know moving forward to the republican primary. >> this is the most consequential election of our life times and we can't get burned again. the stakes are too high. we keep electing politicians that go to washington that don't do what they say. the only way to prevent that is ignore the campaign rhetoric and look to the record. if you want a president who will repeal obamacare, ask who has led the fight against obamacare,
8:52 am
if you want a president who will stop amnesty and secure the borders, ask who has led the fight to stop'm necessity and secure the borders, if you want a president who will defend life and marriage and religious liberty, if you want a president who will defend the second amendment, ask who has led the fight to defend the constitution, the bill of rights to stand for life, to stand for marriage, to stand for religious liberty -- >> that's ted cruz speaking in myrtle beach, south carolina, right now. a little gaggle with recorders. joining us andy shane from the state, also with us maeve reston, cnn political reporter. andy, explain to me ted cruz and his situation in south carolina right now. how big is his organization down there? what are you hearing? >> he's got a great ground game down here, i'm being told. he's using the same methods that he used in iowa to identify evangelical social conservative voters, to -- so that he can
8:53 am
really maximize his support. an interesting fact that i learned is that in 2015 from his contributions, most of them came from the charleston area, an area that normally goes towards more of a moderate or libertarian candidate as opposed to the up state where greenville is where that is sort of the base of our evangelical voters. he seems to be doing a good job identifying the folks that will support him on november 20. >> so game this out. if you heard in that giggle, he's taken on donald trump and taken them hard. what does this look like in south carolina? >> yes, isn't this fascinating? we saw that fight recede a bit in new hampshire, clearly because there wasn't as big an evangelical population, but now you'll see that battle play out again with ted cruz arguing that donald trump is not an authentic conservative thar
8:54 am
conservative, that he does not share the values of these evangelicals that will be so important in south carolina. so you'll see the two of them battle for those voters upstate. at the same time, you have fascinating threads where you'll have marco rubio and jeb bush coming in trying to sweep up the vote along the low country, along the coast, pump up the veterans' turnout the way john mccain did in 2008 so there's a battle going on. the bush people also feel like they have a shot the go hard after that evangelical vote as well because of the bush family history. we know w will be on the trail as well. the other thread we're looking at is all of these guys going after john kasich. i know the rubio campaign and bush campaign don't think kasich is a good fit for the state because he expanded medicaid in his state, because he has been more of a budget hawk than defense hawk and so we'll watch
8:55 am
that play out and it should be a fascinating battle. >> maeve reston, andy shian, thank you for being with us. >> moments from now, john kasich and marco rubio will be speaking in south carolina for the first time since new hampshire. we'll learn about their strategies and what the fight looks like going forward. >> all happening now. you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪ [electronic sound effects] brace yourself... the first ever gsf is here. with a 467 horse power v8 engine... torque vectoring differential... and brembo brakes. it's the next expression of f performance, from lexus.
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