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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  February 10, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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that does it for us. thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow night at 8:00. and right after the democratic debate in milwaukee with the best conversation in politics. time now for "cnn tonight" with don lemon. so much winning! >> the place is massive. look at all these people. he spent -- i love you, too. look at this, i love you. these people. [ cheers ] donald trump fresh from his overwhelming victory in new hampshire getting a rousing welcome tonight in south carolina. this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. the day after and the republican contest is a lot lean are. chris christie and carly fiorina dropping out of the race and bernie sanders basking in his
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big win over hillary clinton today, raising millions of dollars. we'll see why some notable members of the black community are switching their vote. what's next in this incredible race, after a 22-point loss to bernie sanders last night, hillary clinton hopes for better showing in nevada on saturday, february 20th and then they face off in south carolina the following week. on the republican side, the gop primary in south carolina is next weekend on the 20th and then they go to nevada. it's tuesday, february 23rd. and both sides look ahead to the big kahounia, that's march 1st when 16 primaries are held. hugh hewitt, happy wednesday, sir. >> so your prediction you said
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is donald trump. >> donald trump, kasich, rubio. >> all right. so you were -- you were pretty close. what do you say about south carolina? >> well, you know, you can actually say i called iowa completely right. on this one rubio got the same number of delegates as cruz and bush. so i actually tied for third in delegates. >> but you predicted kasich, which i thought was very smart. >> the independents broke for him. about rubio, i'll say there's an old english song, don, called "the ball add of sir andrew" that said i shall lay me down and bleed and rise to fight again. i think that was rubio with wolf earlier today, rubio has momentum, jeb is fighting on. but i look at the crowd in south carolina tonight and think think is far beyond anything he imagined so what do you say for south
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carolina but go on to continue talk about this. >> it depends on the debate on saturday night. i've been asked to make a prediction because i've been close to 100%. it really depends on saturday night because the compression of this calendar and focus on these debates. wolf is going to moderate the debate. this is going to allow the candidates a lot more time to talk so it will shift the race on its axis again. no predictions until next week zp. >> if you tell me you're going to run for president, you better take it seriously. trump wins, his win was convinci convincing, he won across ages, new votes are, republicans, democrats. who are the runners up that can beat him at this point?
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can trump be stopped? >> 35%, i don't know if it's a ceiling or a floor. i don't see dr. carson with a path. ism s-- i see him with a progra and a role to play but i don't see him with the nomination. anything can happen in something that's been unprecedented, hasn't happened in my lifetime. we don't know who can come out of that with the nomination. given the big cahuna, it's proportional representation. delicate counts, trump as 17, rubio 11, kasich 5, jeb 4. it takes 1,237 to win. we have such a long way to go. any of these gentlemen can win. they all have terrific advantages and disadvantages. in south carolina you've got terry sullivan is marco rubio's campaign manager. he knows the stay back of his
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hand. jeb bush has bush family member. both bush '41 and bush '43 faced crisis moments in their campaigns. george herbert walker butch was 30 points behind mike dukakis. w had to go from a blistering loss to go beat mccain in south carolina. '41 had lee atwater, '43 had rove. ted cruz, this is really interesting. he's the constitutional expert and today the supreme court put a stay -- or yesterday, late last night, the supreme court put a stay on president obama's global climate change throwdown from the epa. they also a week earlier raised the issue. president not taking care of the laws that he is charged with enforcing. so many ted cruz's constitutional chops come into place. everyone's got a strength and then there's john kasich. >> i've got to ask you this before we get too far afield
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here. you keep talking about a broken convention, why do you keep saying that? if donald trump has enough delegates or whoever it is has enough develop gats, why would it be broke snerd. >> i never save brokered. i always say open. unlike the democratic party which managed to give hillary five delegates. i just do math. i don't see how anyone with the rule set that was adopted before anyone knew who was running, reince priebus and the republican national committee adopted a rule set that leads to a four or five-way race which tleeds no one getting close to 1,237 delegates. everyone with wichips on the tae will be invited to the game.
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>> i think any of these people could win it. any one of those five. i don't think dr. carson can win. he can have a good showing but i don't think he could win. any of the other five could win. with the evangelicals, ted cruz has enormous strength. i posted over on my web site today, an interview with john kasich since 2010, when he put out his book "every other monday" about his 20 years in a small group of men in the christian faith, his faith and his touch in evangelicals as deep as any of them so i wouldn't say all of the evangelicals are going to go to cruz though he has a huge start. i find this to be the most interesting ten days in republican political history i can remember. maybe after ford and reagan but
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that's ancient history. this is intense stuff. >> it's been amazing to watch and will be amazing to watch. >> heading into the south carolina, donald trump and ted cruz are attacking each other in new political ads. look at this. >> ted ted cruz, the worst kind of washington insider who just can't be trusted. >> that's a lousy house. i'm going to take your house with eminent domain and park my limos there. >> eminent domain! >> wow. there have been some dirty tricks. what do you expect over the next ten days? >> south carolina has long history here of creative campaign tactics, don, to say the least. i expect a sprint to the finish
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here in south carolina. as hugh was just saying, a lot of candidates have a real shot here in south carolina. it they get a bit of luck and they perform well in the debate here on saturday night. >> so outsiders, matt, have shaken up the party to the core. it's shaking up the left as well. the electorate is angry at the establishment. are you hearing the same thing in south carolina? >> there's a lot of frustration all around. people are frustrated with what seems to be a prone political class in washington, a political class that listens more to lobbyists and donors. much that much is warranted. many here in south carolina feel left behind on both sides. i think our party has the right solutions to win in november to get us to a better future, but between now and then, it's going to be a tough fight to say the least. >> let's talk -- you said the issues, people of the political
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class. the knock against ted cruz is that he's got a likability problem. do people like him there? >> yeah, they certainly do. he has a great organization here in south carolina. the one caveat to hugh's point about evangelicals is that they are not all the same. there se there's quite a division from upstate to the low country in the style and tone that certain types of evangelicals like. >> the bushes have strong ties in your state particularly with the military. president bush is going to campaign for him. is the former president popular there to be a major as toset tos brother? >> that's the question. south carolina has a very high affiliate of military voters. i think that's the big question, can president george w. bush help jeb convert undecideds into
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his favor or maybe flip votes. >> john kasich was second in new hampshire. he's downplaying expectations but will his momentum help him make a decent showing? >> yeah, john kasich is very wisely down playing expectations. he has a good organization here, despite what some in of national media have said. his area is camped out in lolt country. he has a chance to compete here like everyone does. >> marco rubio's report has fallen since that disastrous debate performance. he's the son of the south in many people's estimation. can he regain the support that he lost? >> well, senator rubio appeals to a wide array of voters in the party, a loss cross spectrum of the republican party. i think certainly with a good debate performance on saturday night, he could get back in the conversation here in south carolina and beyond. >> do you expect donald trump to take the top spot there has he did in new hampshire? and how many tickets are there
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out there in south carolina? >> i can tell you this, certainly we have a lot of tickets here. it's a state party. those are going to our volunteers and county party activists. we don't give out tickets to billionaires. there aren't that many in south carolina. we'll have a big debate here on saturday night. to trump in general, if you believe polling, it's been pretty accurate, he is probably the favorite here in south carolina. it's his race to lose. as we saw last saturday night, these debates can change everything. >> matt moore, chairman of the south carolina gop, appreciate it, sir. good luck to you. >> thanks, don. >> cnn will be simultaneous casting tomorrow night's pbs "newshour". fresh off his big win, can anyone stop trump? and bernie sanders goes to
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ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. marco rubio did get a bounce
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from the iowa caucuses but after a poor debate performance, he'll looking to pull off a major rebound in south carolina. can he do it. let's talk about this with republican strategist kayleigh mc -- we were can see kel oof anne was good today. she got sotomayor's ashes. not everybody here did. matt, you wrote this morning, i, saw a column you wrote this morning. up said ted cruz might be the real winner in new hampshire and, we are getting dangerously close to a trump verse cruz race. explain how you came to that conclusion. >> donald trump is a big winner in new hampshire. ism think ted cruz is the not-so-obvious winner. that is because marco rubio imploded.
7:18 pm
rubio was going to be ted cruz's rival. if marco rubio comes out of iowa, has a good debate, finishes second in new hampshire, it's a three-man race. i think now what happened is we've swapped rubio for kasich. i don't think kasich has -- i think he's one had much hit wonder. i think kasich performs very well in new hampshire, i don't think he travels as well. at the end of the day, this really bodes very well for ted cruz. i think people are going to say if you want to stop donald trump, maybe ted cruz becomes the guy that mainstream conservatives have to rally around. >> let's look at this because trump and -- the trump ad attacking cruz. look at this. >> i'm donald trump. i approve this message. >> what kind of man talks about national amnesty on television and still key nice it, particular more than $1 million
7:19 pm
in sweetheart loans from those on wall street and doesn't disclose them as required by law, ted cruz, the worst kind of washington insider who just can't be trusted. >> kel oly ann, just the beginning? >> oh exdefinitely. i will say what i said on this program before is where is the contrast and substance? where are the philosophical deferences? if he would say i think his tax splan plan is a disaster. the con msummate washington in e inside insiders, bob dole and trent lott are saying they don't like ted cruz. they both have set it up to put the establishment right on its
7:20 pm
back, the one-two tag team of trump-cruz. >> why change your tactics if you're winning? why would donald trump change and give specifics about things when he's willing? >> kellyanne, i have to disagree. this election is not about who is more conservative. this election is about who is more of an outsider and for donald trump that means going after ted cruz and saying ted cruz took wall street money. i agree that ted cruz is a great candidate, we'd be lucky to have him, he's the second best to trump. >> she just said "second best to trump." >> trump is a true outsider. he's not beholden to washington. he's so far outside of the mainstream people say he can never win. look what he did last night. >> how it your first job in politics be commander in chief.
7:21 pm
it was like that with mitt romney, here's a smart man, ran business, but no washington experience at all. >> they're so different because when people think about mitt romney, the joke was did he get his battery replaced or chip renewed because he did not have the personality that donald trump has. >> commander in chief is about executive capacity. we're dealing with isis, a group that is beheading people on a beach. what matters is not do you have know a certain commander's names, it's about who has the strength to stand up and say enough is enough, we are america -- >> you can't just say it. >> i want to talk about some folks in the race and not in the race. i was surprised that chris christie dropped out. a little bit by carly fiorina because the race has narrowed. where do your think their votes are going to go? >> i wasn't surprised about chris christie. i said it here on cnn saturday night after the debate. it was a murder-suicide.
7:22 pm
chris christie managed to take down marco rubio, but he did not do himself any favors. so i think chris christie had really no path to the nomination. he might as well get out. i think he did the right thing. carly fiorina, same thing. really not relevant anymore, good thing that she got out but, look, she did herself a lot of good. i think that carly fiorina now is going to be talked about as a possible running mate. if not that, certainly to have a cabinet position. i think it was good that she ran. i think she helped advance the debate. the field has to winnow and i think we were seeing that today. >> we have just a short time left today. do you think that jeb bush is staging a comeback story? >> maybe in the establishment lane. >> i said in your program last week he should stay in south carolina. they're deluding themselves to think he can get past common core, amnesty.
7:23 pm
>> matt? >> it's nice to see him. he's loosening up. it's good to see him in this thing i think on a high note but it ain't happening for him this year. >> do you think kasich can have a repeat in south carolina or does he have enough money to make it to the states that will be more favorable to him do you think? >> i think john kasich, you know, he was tailor made for new hampshire, he's curmudgeonly, the unaffiliates voted for him. kasichs is the kind of republican that liberals want to nominate. >> kasich, he spent $12 million and did 106 town halls in new hampshire. he can't do that between now and south carolina and do it in every state. they admitted today that his next big play is in michigan, which is not any time soon. >> you save rubio needs different strategy moving forward.
7:24 pm
>> he was fixing to go into south carolina as the establishment candidate. he has to go after evangelicals. mr. trump is in his own lane, here said i can make deals and work with the establishment. rubio has to figure out which one he's more comfortable in. rubio's problem goes beyond the debate last night -- >> not showing up for the senate. >> not showing up for a key vote to fund the military and he was at a fund-raiser in new hampshire. his biggest problem is his amnesty roots, part of the gang of hate, standing there with chuck schumer and marco rubio has doubled down on it and said i'm for in-state tuition for immigrants and south carolinians
7:25 pm
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there is some good news for hillary clinton tonight, coming off a bruising loss in new hampshire. the congressional black caucus pact is endorsing sotomayor's-- her for president. >> members in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s have con
7:30 pm
lewded th -- concluded she can get elected. >> i notice you didn't mention the 20 somethings. that's where bernie sanders has really strong sport amongst that group. >> well, he should be commended for bringing additional people into the political process. i would ask them, senator sanders had talked about a political revolution. who is best prepared actually to bring about the type of revolutionary change that we need in this country? when you look at hillary clinton's track record, going all the way back to her early days as a young lawyer with the childr children's defense fund, trying to deal with teen-agers being held in prison in adult inmates, all the way through her time in arkansas when she established a legal clinic that benefited a lot of low-income individuals, when she was first lady in 1990s, she was instrumental in the enactment of the children's health care program, it was a
7:31 pm
bridge of the medicare and health care act and as a senator from the great state of new york where i hail from, she co-sponsored legislation in racial profiling and criminal justice. she's been a consistent voice from day one. that's why i've got the confidence she's the right person for the job. >> i'm sure you read the article by michele alexander saving people wonder if she should be judged on what her husband did. it says basically as first lady she stood behind policies of her husband that did not help african-americans, when it came to unemployment and finding jobs for african-americans. some people look at this as scathing blow, especially people who are hillary clinton supporters. >> i've got tremendous respect for michelle alexander. she's an important scholarly voice in the debate about what's
7:32 pm
going on in bhlack america toda. she's being criticized, hillary clinton, for the 1994 crime bill. that was a policy put into place in part by her husband. there were democrats and republicans who actually got it wrong. i wasn't a member of congress at the time. bernie sanders was a member of the house of representatives at the time who voted for the 1994 crime bill. we hear a lot of talk about political revolution. where was his revolutionary instincts at that particular point in time? as far as i'm concerned, can you take the 1994 crime bill and it's a wash. it was a mistake, but it was a mistake that bernie sanders voted for as a member of the house of representatives. if you actually look at the condition of african-americans economically during the 1990s, you had amongst the lowest rate of poverty in the black community in modern history in
7:33 pm
large part because of the booming economy. >> you also have more african-americans going to jail, all under president bill clinton's policy. >> you had the failed war on drugs that began in ernest in 1971 when richard nixon declared drug abuse public enemy number one. it is true, that 194 crime bill authorized about $13.4 billion in prison construction. if luke pack at senator sanders' comments on that particular provision, he supported the $3.5 billion in prison construction money that resulted in an explosion of the prison population from around 800,000 to the 2.3 million we have. >> so you're saying all of this hype about bernie sanders being an outsider or maverick or revolutionary is all made up or smoke and mirrors.
7:34 pm
i'll let up respond. you say this bernie sanders may be missing in action in the senate and there is no credibility to the things he is say teg twilight of his political career. why do you feel so strongly about that? >> i think the question really is senator sand who are have i great respect for. but in the context of choosing between hillary clinton and the senator from verment swreeshs to hold him to his own standards. he talked about a political revolution. he's spent a significant amount of time in public service. he was a mayor for eight years, a member of the house of representatives for 16 years. he's in his tenth year in the united states senate. which my account that's 34 years in public service and i can't find a scintilla of evidence of revolutionary change that he is responsible for implementing during that period of time. so i think we vaul to ask our questions. the red rick is great and many of the things he talked about i think are important but at the end of the day can he translate
7:35 pm
that rhetoric into reality. a and. >> thank you very much. we appreciate you joining us here on cnn tonight. >> coming up, can we'll have a representative from bernie sander's campaign next. es. it's time to switch... to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline and use your miles to cover the cost. now that's more like it. what's in your wallet? and feeling good, sort of.n and real, and 500 calories or less.
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one of bernie sanders's first stops after winning the new hampshire primary, not disn disneyland, it was harlem for a meeting with al sharpton at world famous sylvia's restaurant. why harlem? why not? first of all, congratulations, your campaignhad a great night the other night. how are you feeling about that? >> thank you, don. we feel great. we didn't take anything for granted. shout out for our entire crew in new hampshire. >> are you shouting out on my program? >> shout out to our campaign.
7:40 pm
we had a ground game. we won because our message resonated. we are happy about the win and looking forward to nevada, south carolina, march 1 and beyond. >> since you're shouting out, i'm going to say bernie sanders was in my hood today, i live in harlem. he was there with al sharpton. how did that meeting come about? >> ben spoke with reverend sharpton. he noted perhaps the two of them should meet, reverend sharpton agreed and there was a really great conversation that was had today. >> what did they talk about? >> it was a private meeting, don, so i'm not going to go into the nitty gritty details. >> a private meeting that we have the video of. >> they talked about flint, economic inequality and reverend sharpton challenged the senator. he asked him about his ability to really connect with african-american voters, to
7:41 pm
really carry the mantle of our issues and the senator had great answers to those questions. it was a very robust conversation and we look forward are additional conversations with others in the civil rights leadership. because senator sanders is actively working to earn the support of african-american voters in this country. >> i want to talk to you more about that. let's be honest here. i know al sharpton, right? he's seen as a polarizing figure. many of your staunchest supporters, young people, don't see him as a lead are anymore, that he's somewhat of the past and tied to traditional politics in washington. do you think that was a good move of your candidate who may be seen in that light? >> i think it's always a good move to reach out and connect with folks and have a dialogue about addressing issues in the african-american community and in communities of color. so we are happy that we met with reverend sharpton today. we have had additional meeting
7:42 pm
with other folks that weren't necessarily plastered on cnn. >> like? >> because we are committed to -- >> like? >> we are committed to reaching out and connecting with folks. don, look, nine months ago nobody thought senator sanders was a serious candidate. we have now demonstrated that senator sanders is a serious candidate, we have demonstrated he can go toe to toe with secretary clinton, not only in states like iowa or new hampshire butch we demonstrated he can go toe to toe on the debate stage and we are going to demonstrate that senator sanders message does rest nad wionate w communities of color. >> i let you finish but you still didn't acknowledge who else he was meeting with so i'm just going to -- >> don look, what's so great about senator sanders, this is being real -- sbl i got yo--
7:43 pm
>> i got you simone. i'm just kidding with you. >> we are in the barber shops, the beauty shops and -- >> this is an acknowledgement, though, that you are working to gain support of the african-american community and something that is seen as a weakness for him, correct ? >> some might call it a weakness. i would like to call it an opportunity. >> fair enough. thank you, simone. >> after losing new hampshire, the clinton campaign sent out a memo saying as she heads to states with more diverse voters, she well positioned to build a strong, potentially insurmou insurmountable lead. with you does clinton has the african-american vote sewn up? joining me is michael nutter and van jones. you heard simone there going toe to toe with me. she's a force to be reckoned
7:44 pm
with. we like having her on. black voters have been loyal to bill and hillary clinton for many years now. is that changing or can she still count on that support? >> well -- >> don, you never take any support for granted. >> van first. >> i'm sorry. >> that's okay. >> let's be honest. it is not news when bill clinton goes to harlem, okay? bill clinton had offices in harlem. it's not news when hillary clinton goes to harlem. we have to be very, very honest here. i think bernie sanders has a lot of room to grow in the black community and i think he will grow in the black community. but where we are right now, he has not made those strong connections yet. philosophically yes, historically yes, but practically not yet. the reason why he has the ability to catch up, at least in part, is because i believe his resonates so strongly with the
7:45 pm
younger african-american you just had on and others, michelle alexander, who wrote the book -- >> we'll talk more about that, approximately in a way that we're discussing race, the way it is framed now. it is framed in mass incarceration that black lives matter, police brutality. michael, quickly, before we go on and talk about that, why do you think the clintons hold such a special appeal for so many black people? >> because the relationships are so longstanding. they're so deep. they're real. there are real people who can testify to the nature of these relationships, folks who have been lifted up working with president clinton or secretary clinton in their respective offices, their levels of different service. and so it's not a matter of just trying to jump start something or start having these kinds of
7:46 pm
meetings, as you said. it's not news when either the president or secretary go to harlem. there are no cameras following them around. it's not a brand new thing. it's their life's work. as i was starting to say in the beginning, hillary clinton will take nothing for granted, not take any votes for granted, not take any group of people together. i know willthere's a lot of foc now and as we move out of iowa and new hampshire, you are going to see greater diversity in many of the other states and the african-american community will play a significant role in this race as we always do in each and every race. senator sanders will do what he thinks we need to do. while tat the same time secretay clinton will enhance the longstanding, decades long --
7:47 pm
there is a lot of support in the african-american community. >> van, you can respond after the break. mayor, forgive me for calling you michael. you're still the mayor of philadelphia and i should respect that. >> it's all right. >> both of you stand by, we're going to continue to talk about this conversation and talk about two people who came out today in support of bernie sanders. bernie sanders won just about every demographic in new hampshire except non-white voters. we'll talk about that as well next. introducing the best data plan ever! get three lines of unlimited 4g lte data for just fifty bucks each, and get a fourth line, free! yup!-we'll give you a fourth line at no extra cost. so tell those other guys you're done worrying about data. get three lines of unlimited data for fifty bucks each, and a fourth line on us. only at t-mobile.
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digestive core.r so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. with new hampshire and iowa in the rear view mirror, the fight for african-american votes is crucial in the battle for nomination. van, several prominent african-americans have announced they are not supporting hillary clint clinton. you saw michele alexander come out with what many clinton reporters view as scathing article and they're concerned about it. europe n
7:52 pm
you're not necessarily surprised about that? >> no, i'm not. there's this big myth that the african-american is the monolith, declared him the first black president. a lot of that is true. there is affection for the clintons. it's not a bottomless well of affection. and for these younger voters, their issue is mass incarcerati incarceration. >> i think many people said the number one thing for hispanics and for everyone would be the economy. >> well, sure, sure, but when you talk about what is the issue that they have lifted up as almost like a do-or-die issue, the immigration issue has been a dear issue. for younger african-americans with black lives matter, the issue of criminal justice reform has been their issue. because of that, the clintons look different to these younger voters. they look at bill clinton as someone who ushered in this mass
7:53 pm
incarceration era. a million people behind bars when clinton came into office, 2 million when he left. clinton himself has said he has regrlets about that. this is the lens for a whole different generation of african-america african-americans. >> i don't know if young people would think black people are in james because of bill clinton. i don't know if they have that historical knowledge. maybe they do. could i be wrong about that. >> the black live matters movement has raised a number of issue. black incarceration is an issue on the agenda and should be a concern to all of us. with you, van, it's not the only issue. certainly having a job, having
7:54 pm
economic opportunity, even reentry opportunities making sure our kids are getting education and that we're safe on our streets are certainly significant issues in and of themselves to the black lives matter movement and all americans. so as the african-american community is not monolithic, it's not also not mono issue. it's not a single issue consistency either. african-americans have the right to have as many issues and concerns on their mind as they want to. >> yeah. >> mr. mayor, i'm trying to -- if you're trying to understand where there is an opening, why there may be some squishiness here, why when you look up in south carolina you ever may have 30%, 40% for bernie sanders, when you scratch those numbers, i think what you'll see is this has become an issue for a section of the community that is a very sovocal section. >> and similar to what don
7:55 pm
says -- >> how race is being framed this particular time. before it was about jobs and the economy. and you said when america catches a cold, black america gets the flu. this particular time it's around mass incarceration and police brutality. >> there are a lot of issues out there. >> hillary clinton did get the support of trayvon martin, several african-american mothers -- >> traditional black caucus path. >> what significance will it have? if you can do it quickly? >> it's significant and there will be more probably on both sides. let the race play out. nevada, south carolina, get to super tuesday. it's a complicated scenario here and let the voters decide. >> okay. i want you gentlemen to stick around. you're going to listen to a conversation i had with rudy giuliani. former new york city mayor rudy
7:56 pm
giuliani weighs in on donald trump as campaign and i'm going to ask him why he was so critical of the super bowl, which he called anti-police.
7:57 pm
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thousands cheer donald trump tonight at campaign rally in south carolina fresh off of his
8:00 pm
overwhelming victory in the new hampshire primary. is the republican establishment ready to take trump seriously? and president obama goes back to the city where he launched his presidential campaign nineyears ago talking about his political achievement and nailiefailures. there's a lot to get to in the hour ahead. as we count down to super tuesday on march 1st. joining me now is mckay come ton. the outsiders, donald trump, bernie sanders were victorious last night. how rattled is the establishment on both sides? >> i think it's somewhere between rattled and outride


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