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tv   New Day  CNN  February 11, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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>> reporter: bernie sanders raising over $6 million in the 24 hours after polls closed in new hampshire. gaining momentum before tonight's crucial pbs democratic presidential debate. descending on new york city in a victory lap celebrating his sweeping win in tuesday's primary bringing his anti-establishment message to the late show with stephen colbert. >> our campaign finance system, our election system, and our economy is essentially owned and controlled by a relatively small number of people whose greed, in my view, is really wreaking havoc with the middle class of this country. >> reporter: and to daytime talker, "the view." >> this country is supposed to be a nation of fairness. and we're not seeing that fairness. >> reporter: meanwhile, hillary clinton laying comparatively low after her crushing defeat. no longer the undisputed democratic front-runner, tonight's critical debate could help get her campaign back on
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track. the former secretary of state already making changes promising a more aggressive edge. the challenge for sanders going forward will be capturing the african-american vote, a key piece of the democratic electorate and the pivotal south carolina primary later this month. courting the african-american vote, sanders took his campaign to harlem tuesday meeting with civil rights leader al sharpton. important to say, the former secretary of state continues to poll very well with minorities and underscoring that welcome immediately after the debate in milwaukee tonight, she's expected to turn her attention back to the palmetto state and the issue of schooling in some of south carolina's poorest communities. so a lot of reasons tonight's debate is a potential turning point for both of the candidates. chris? >> joe, thank you very much. let's discuss, shall we? we have david gregory of "meet the press" fame. cnn political commentator and anchor for time warner cable
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news, erol lewis, and maggie haverman. it does seem it is a big moment for hillary clinton tonight. your take? >> there is an argument to be made. no. i actually think this is an important moment. first of all, debates in general are such important moments in the course of this campaign. they are significant moments because they can change the dynamic of the race. we've seen that with marco rubio. look, hillary clinton's got to begin the rest of the race now. her whole argument is that, well, iowa and new hampshire, they are whiter states, more liberal states. the electorate becomes literally more colorful. it opens up for the democratic party. she's got to change her argument about not only taking down sanders and his policies, but also the rational for her connect to a wider part of the electorate, younger voters. she's got to change the way she's making her pitch. it is not working so well so
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far. >> i think we got a tell from the clinton campaign that she will change her pitch, or at least come out with something very direct. she was off the trail yesterday which is unusual in this calendar. with everything so closely tied. what do you think she'll do differently tonight? >> i think she's prepping extensively which is why she wasn't on the trail. i think she'll focus on issues like the flint, michigan crisis lead poisoning. you'll see her be a champion for people who don't have a voice. she started doing that in her concession speech in new hampshire. she is going to be mindful i think of how she criticized sanders. she got very heavily criticized for sort of the tone of her voice in the first hour and she and her supporters said it is sexist to talk about a woman in the form of shouting but a lot of her supporters said she didn't sound great in that first hour. she was fine for the first 15 minutes, then sanders dominated. i think you'll see her try to methodically make the case, not
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sound like she is condescending to sanders which was hand a real problem from her and her campaign, sound like she's taking him seriously but saying he will undo the progress that president obama has made and here is why i won't. that's what you're going to see. >> sanders has the equal and opposite challenge, right? he goes through this basic rite of passage, if a controversial one, to sit down with sharpton. how does that conversation go? >> the conversation i'm sure was sharpton talking about here are some issues that i care about. here are some issues that the black community, by extension, is going to care about. and you need to be right on these issues. i doubt he went much further than that. i think it is really a larger question, this question of what happens when the first black president becomes the first black ex-president. right? they get on air force one, they fly away for the last time. the black vote that's so essential to democratic victory in the fall, where do they go? what do they do? it really is very much up for grabs. i think it is a complete -- i think it is very highly
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misleading to imagine that people are going to say i remember 1996, let's go vote for the clintons. >> is it the same kind of enthusiasm as there was for obama, we keep talking about -- >> it is not it the same kind of inspiration or even some of the anger there was in 2012. hillary clinton talks a lot about herself and where she is in this campaign. i think sanders talks a lot about the movement that he leads. >> that's absolutely right. >> but does that movement include african-americans? that's what he's trying to convince al sharpton of, and others. look at the map. if you're 18 years old, you were born in 1998? i'm not good at math but i think that's pretty close to true. you were barely alive during the clinton presidency. here 18 to 20-year-old african-american kid, what do you care what the clintons did? you don't remember in he of that. what have you done for me lately? >> the difference is though, can sanders make the argumentative's been doing things for you
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lately. i think there is a difference between this is something that clinton's folks have tried to make an argument on. sometimes ineffectively. but their point is, coming out of iowa in 2008 when barack obama won, people were looking for a reason to see him as a winner. people were looking for a reason to get behind him. it was after that that you saw him support among black voters change substantially heading into south carolina. there isn't the same rational per se for sanders -- but, i do think there is a risk for the clintons, to your point and to you're point, to keep saying i have long-standing ties, i have long-standing ties, he does not. people don't like to be told who to vote for, no matter what demographic. >> honestly, i'm not being facetious, i still don't get the rational that's presented to us. because the clintons have long-standing ties, because bill clinton was president, and they have a big machine, the blacks like them. i don't get it. don't people vote in the moment? who's offering a message more solicitous of middle income and socioeconomic brackets that include huge numbers of latinos
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and blacks than bernie sanders? >> well, that's right. i think the clintons do have a case to make that economic management in the 1990s was phenomenal. some of that was luck, some of that was the markets. but they've got to tell that story. >> errol, that was a long time ago. >> absolutely. they've got to educate people about what happened and make a plausible claim they can get us somewhere near -- >> is the party apparatus enough to get it done? the superdelegates, she has all these people pledged for her. >> that's the point. what barack obama did so well in 2008, first of all he was a kind of movement candidate in his own right. he inspired hope and idealism which was a big piece of this. i don't think anybody's looking to fall in love in 2016. i don't think there is a lot of idealism, except in that sanders camp which is to give voice to the anxiety, the anger and the populism. they're not can he get this thing passed. it's like stand for something. a lot of that populism on the right as well.
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but don't forget, i think hillary clinton is prepared to play the long game from a way she was not in 2008. >> to see who the caucus endorse the today. jim clyburn, not officially endorsing -- he's the most democratic politics probably in south carolina. i wonder if hillary clinton would change jim clyburn this morning for the cdc. >> is he's worth all of them put together, frankly. 60% of the vote in the my marpr is going to be black. clyburn is sort of a legend down there. it is a real operation, too. he's not just some figurehead. he has very pointedly said not that long ago, look, if she loses the first two primaries, all bets are off. he was very clear about that. he's come under a lot of pressure now to sort of change that around. we'll see if she actually does. >> she didn't lose the first win, to be fair. she did win iowa. it was a narrow win, but she won. >> but to your point, she has to go out and earn something. this is not a set piece, this is
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what you are entitled to. and this is where she's falling short. >> final word. >> here i am. >> for the first nine months of this race she basically did not run a campaign against bernie sanders. a lot of people were urging her to find a way to could ntrast w him. you don't have to attack him. they basically pretended he didn't exist until it was too late. then sort of in the same way you've seen the republican party pretend donald trump doesn't exist. >> now he's a hashtag. bernie sanders. #feelthebern. guess what? here's the good news as we thank m maggie, errol and brother gregory. hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off for the pbs news hour presidential debate. watch the simulcast on cnn or on your local pbs station. 9:00 p.m. eastern. with two more candidates dropping out after new hampshire, donald trump's remaining rivals digging in
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hoping to stay alive straight through the super tuesday primaries. cnn senior white house correspondent jim acosta live in greenville with more. >> reporter: good morning. the gop race for the white house is changing in this first full day of campaigning ahead of next week's south carolina primary. donald trump is now firmly in place as the front-runner but the rest of the gop field is as determined as ever to bring him down. >> when you have victory, you don't need sleep. right? >> reporter: only one candidate is clearly leaded a shrinking field of gop contenders. >> i'm your guy. >> reporter: marching on to south carolina. >> now it's up to south carolina to pick a president. >> reporter: donald trump riding high after his huge new hampshire win seemed to switch his campaign tactics wednesday night choosing not to go after most of his gop rivals. >> this wacky socialist guy, bernie. >> reporter: this time hitting his democratic opponents hard, trump sounding more like a
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general election candidate. >> this guy sanders is up ranting and raving like a lunat lunatic. do you think hillary clinton's -- who's terrible. look at what she did. look at the damage she did. >> reporter: but the front-runner couldn't resist taking a jab at his most vocal gop attacker, jeb bush. >> he's a low-energy person. i said -- no, i said he's a stiff, and i said that if he was in the private sector he wouldn't be able to get a job. >> reporter: what's left of the gop field now has a target squarely on the brash billionaire's back. >> can you imagine donald trump as president of the united states? we will be worse off than we are now. >> hard thing about donald in the short term he doesn't have any policy positions. >> the only way to beat donald trump is to highlight the simple truth of his record. it is not conservative. >> reporter: senator marco rubio is taking the high road addressing chris christie's decision to drop out of the race less than a week after their debate spat. >> i think chris was someone who concluded that attacking me would help him in his campaign. onniously it didn't work. he's very talented, very likable
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and i think he has a future in public service beyond what he's doing now in new jersey. >> reporter: i'm told by the trump campaign manager that they aren't changing their strategy one bit. they will continue to jump ahead to states looming on the campaign calendar to build on the 20 states right now where they say they have staff and volunteers driven to see trump go the distance. he will be in louisiana later today and florida tomorrow. john, they feel like they are very well positioned at this point to start running the table in this race. >> we'll see. jim acosta, thanks so much. breaking overnight, the standoff in that remote oregon wildlife refuge may finally be coming to an end. the four remaining being o piers say they are prepared to surrender to the fbi this morning. federal agents already have them surrounded. all of this -- as all of this was unfolding, cliven bundy was arrested overnight at the airport. the bundy patriarch taken into custody at the portland
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international airport. he reportedly planned to meet the remaining occupiers. his sons are already in custody. maryland governor larry hogan ordering flags flown at half-staff to honor two sheriff's deputies gunned down in the line of duty. officials say a gunman shot one of the officers in the head inside a panera restaurant wednesday north of baltimore. his shooter then fled leading to a shoot-out with police. he and another deputy were killed in the gunfire. authorities believe the suspect was targeting police. there are calls this morning for an investigation into why a cruise ship headed right into a ferocious storm that was apparently forecast for days. the storm battered ship royal caribbean's "anthem of the seas" is back in the port of new jersey after being forced to turn around when it hit those powerful hurricane-force winds and 30-foot waves on its way to the bahamas. look at this! four people were injured and the ship sustained some damage. the cruise line has since apologized to passengers. we have a firsthand account from
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two passengers that were aboard that. they'll join us in the 8:00 hour so you can hear how they felt. that's terrifying to look at but to live through it? >> i'm going with bad. bad for a long time. >> do you ever get on a cruise again after something like that? >> look. i think you got to live your life and do what you love. but ten hours. they didn't know which way it was going to go. no w, thank you. donald trump, ted cruz, how will their spat play out in south carolina? stay with us. how do robots work? ♪
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that leaves seven candidates remaining, including jim gilmore who's gone from 15th place to 7th place. >> he will not be denied! >> in the course of two weeks. but let's talk about the people who might actually become president. david, i was listening to ted cruz overnight say this is now a two-man race in south carolina. that's his fantasy. but it is not the reality there. there are five candidates there campaigning and there is some crossover. i've been listening to ted cruz go after donald trump, the first time marco rubio is starting to talk about donald trump. >> this mash-up in the middle that we talk about, the primary within the primary has a long way to go to work out. i'm not sure who the establishment figure is who actually breaks out who can take him on. the thing that cruz did in iowa is he took an ideological fight to donald trump. i think he'll do that in south carolina again. 58,000 military veterans. a lot of bases down there. we covered the bush campaign 100 years ago in 2000.
3:20 am
a strong, hard right ideological campaign is what won it for him down there. that's what you see cruz starting to do. he takes him on on temperament, leadership, national security and pure rock-ribbed republican conservatism. >> let's look at the factors. on the democratic side, we are looking at a little bit of institutional memory. does that count on the gop side? south carolina, never had a bush lose. president george w. bush will be out there working for his brother, jeb. how big a deal is this for jeb bush? does it really give him an advantage? >> it absolutely must. but it will complicate things in a way for cruz. it will complicate things for trump. these polls, you know? a lot of those military veterans are seniors. they do remember those bush days. they do sort of have an affiliation and a tie. if you served under this particular commander in chief and your commander in chief comes into town and says i want you to vote for my brother. that means something. that's not nothing. on the other hand, there is this
3:21 am
underlying race that's been the theme of these first few states. it's real and it's live in south carolina. people feel like the republican establishment has sold us out, wall street has sold us out, washington has sold us out. let's get rid of all of them and that sentiment is known to exist in states like virginia, in states like north carolina. in the deep south, then you get something really anarcic. that's part of the environment donald trump thrives in. >> he's not going to be in south carolina today or tomorrow. he's got three rvs and eight paid staffers. are we making too much of his operation? >> two things. just back to the point about george w. bush, where he also helps is with evangelical voters. that's a real thing, he can peel people away toward his brother. number two, trump really actually does have a decent operation in south carolina. this has been constantly we've heard the trump people say for
3:22 am
months, i have a great operation here, i have a great operation there. they didn't have much of an operation in iowa. it was a lot of momentum and media buzz and other things that contributed to it and his message which was very tailor made there. south carolina is the state where you could see some of trump's vulgarity, for lack of a better term, catching up to him. you could see some of the things he has said, he said something very controversial at his rally the other day in manchester where he repeated something a woman said about ted cruz. my favorite quote of the campaign, he said that was a retweet. "i didn't say it, she said it." but there are a lot of conservatives in south carolina who don't like that kind of thing. i think if you are going to see any kind of erosion, it will be there. in terms of him not being in the state, that's been part of their plan the whole time. they learned in iowa, hunker
3:23 am
down the final weekend, he had several events. he looked exhausted by the end. he did not do very well. he did well by other metrics but he came in second. in new hampshire he was basically off the trail the final weekend. he again sounded very tired on that sunday. he rested during the super bowl. lot of events the final day but they are doing the same thing here so far. >> brother gregory has been making an interesting point as we watch the machinations. to errol's point about being anarcic. which is a very cold place, by the way. >> rubio's people rather hopefully say that, well , as long as we have consolidation by march 15th, then he's still in a good position. but again, there is a lot of push behind marco rubio and the establishment and even frankly in the media as a guy who makes
3:24 am
sense, young, hispanic and unite the party. he came in third, then he came in fifth. where does he win? where does he show up? and he had a bait debad debate. the ability for the debate to surge or burnout. i think he can find his lane but he has to actually win somewhere and turn things around in south carolina. i want to add this point about george w. bush. i think this is a big moment. the president of the united states, a controversial figure, but popular in south carolina. does he take on donald trump? does he make a statement about where the party is and where it needs to go? and if he does that, does it help his brother? if he does that, does he get into a fight with trump that he may not want to get into? that's really what i'm looking for. >> this is the first time we've seen him as a campaigner in a long time. >> a much better campaigner thatten his brother, should be said. >> but hasn't done it in a while. >> what does trump do? if george w. bush does say something -- i can't imagine he'll say something direct.
3:25 am
but even an allusion. does trump fight back? >> again, if there is this rage there -- the iraq war, a lot of people didn't like the gulf wars. so they may outweigh the veterans in trump's calculation. in which case he can sort of attack the whole thing. he's said repeatedly i told everybody long in advance we should never go into iraq. if he wants to revive that, that's a little risky but this is a guy who's been taking risks since day one. >> thank you all very much. all right. more news here. dire warnings from u.s. intelligence officials claiming that isis will attempt an attack on u.s. soil this year. we're going to take a look at the concern level. a live report next. if i want to go up... hello. or if i want to go down... no. but then if i want to come back again... yes. it's perfect. my favorite part is to be able to lift your legs up a little bit and it feels like i'm just cradled. (vo) change your sleep, change your life, change to tempur-pedic.
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top security officials are warning that isis may attempt to carry out an attack on u.s. soil this year. this as we learn that russian air strikes in syria are directly enabling the terror group. cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr live in washington with the latest for us. >> reporter: good morning.
3:30 am
defense secretary ash carter this morning at nato in brussels asking the allies to do more in the war against isis. but as carter's making that plea to diplomats and security officials, isis adapting on its own, as you say, now very much focusing on external attacks, trying to attack in europe, even trying to attack here in the united states. the director of the defense intelligence agency gave a very chilling assessment about this. have a listen. >> as the paris attacks demonstrated, isil has become the most significant terrorist threat to the united states and our allies. isil will probably attempt to conduct additional attacks in europe and attempt to direct attacks on the u.s. homeland. >> attack on the u.s. homeland in 2016. this year. that is what the intelligence community believes could happen. isis now active in eight countries. very much a global threat.
3:31 am
>> barbara, thank you very much. let's take a quick break here. reminder -- you see that clock on your screen? that is the countdown to a very critical moment in the presidential race. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, going head-to-head in a debate tonight. everybody says hillary clinton needs to do something different. we have two clinton supporters joining us next. let's test what will work. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. [electronic sound effects]
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this debate tonight -- it's big. it's big for bernie sanders, it's big for hillary clinton, especially after the loss in new hampshire. it was a big loss across a lot of different categories that matter in this race. so we're hearing that it will be different tonight. something's going to change coming out of hillary clinton. i wonder what it is. who could tell us? these two people, cnn political commentator, democratic strategist and senior advisor on the former side for pro-clinton super pac, paul begala, and also with us, patty doyle. patty, i start with you. what was it like in clinton headquarters yesterday? what kind of conversations were they having? who was involved? what was the tone? >> yeah. well, look. i think the political night of
3:36 am
my career was in 2008 in des moines in the clinton suite after our brutal loss in the caucuses. i suspect that the suite in manchester was just as bad, if not worse. as a staff person, you really sort of, a, feel guilty, what could we have done differently, what could we have done better, where could we put more resources, how do we recalibrate, how do we do better, obviously. but they have to sort of shake it off. right? you have to move forward. they have a debate tonight. they have another contest in ten days. so they have to reassess quickly. then they have to move forward. and moving forward looks pretty good for clinton right now. we're going to some states that favor her demographically. high populations of african-american voters, high populations of hispanic voters. so i think moving forward is
3:37 am
going to get a little tougher for bernie sanders. >> all right. but let's play on that theory of why. why, paul, should we aggrieve latinos and african-americans will gravitate toward her. >> that's not what she's saying and it is not going to be natural. she's going to earn those votes because those voters are smart. here's why. when you put the ideas on the track, hillary has the better claim. not only her experience being a senator elected twice from new york where she has actually worked with communities of color, but all the way back before she was famous, before the cameras were on her. she went into south carolina and helped investigate kids being put in adult prisons. many of them were african-american. she went into alabama. undercover investigating segregated academies that were being used to basically reinstate racial segregation in education. she's got a real history and a real claim. bernie has a good record. a very good record.
3:38 am
but some of that will be teased out tonight, i suspect. i suspect what you'll see at the debate is either the moderators or secretary clinton raising the fact that bernie sanders was saying it would be a very good thing if somebody challenged barack obama and ran against him for re-election in the democratic party, challenged him from the left, that he has blurbed books criticizing president obama. but hillary, frankly, i think has a better claim. >> patti, what does she have to do tonight differently? is it message? is it tone? does she play to the risk of going at sanders? is the condescension too big a risk? what do you think is going to be different? >> well, look. for the better part of nine months, bernie sanders has pretty much been ignored by the republicans, by the media, and even by hillary and her campaign. i think now after the results of iowa and new hampshire, that's
3:39 am
all gone. >> but how, patti? how will we see it manifested tonight? >> i think it is going to be manifested in the debate by the questions of the moderators and i think it is going to be manifested by hillary clinton. i think it is a mistake to go negative against bernie because who doesn't love bernie sanders? democrats love bernie sanders. but i think it's very fair to point out differences in their policies, in their record, and how they're going to go about implementing this change. >> but that's what they were doing, paul, in new hampshire. what was the phrase -- draw contrast. they were drawing contrasts, the hillary camp. didn't work. so what do you have to do this time? >> i do think patti is exactly right, for both campaigns, by the way. look -- >> hold on a second. what do you mean? >> both campaigns have to be careful not to be too negative. >> when has sanders been too negative? >> my gosh, are you kidding? >> you guys are throwing this
3:40 am
around. put meat on the bones. >> okay. speak english. i just said they're not being too negative. >> did you just quote "days of thunder" to me on my own show? >> that's a nascar thing. i'm good. >> what has sanders done that's become even close to being an artful smear of hillary clinton? >> oh, my gosh. now that is exactly right. here's some free advice for senator sanders. he keeps saying hillary clinton took donations from wall street, she gave speeches to wall street. that's true. he doesn't close the loop though and say and here's a vote she cast that helped wall street. by the way, bernie sanders did. he cast a vote to deregulate derivatives which did help wall street. >> wasn't it president clinton who forwarded the initiative to deregulate? >> no. he signed it. it was passed by 95 votes. >> so signing -- clinton doesn't have his mark on that anywhere? >> bill clinton is not running, my brother. >> that's exactly right. >> bernie sanders has got to close the loop. you can't just say imply and
3:41 am
smear through innuendo that, well, if you gave a speech, you must have been bought. bernie sanders voted against the brady bill. the violence committed against people of color especially with guns is going to be a big, big issue for bernie sanders. but that's a vote. that's not just smearing saying you gave a speech somewhere. i think bernie has got to close that loop and say here's a vote you cast that helped wall street and he hasn't been payable to do it. >> patti, whenever paul gets momentum, i do the same thing. i end the segment. thank you very much for being with us today. we wait anxiously for debate. so tonight, this is the big moment. it is the debate on pbs simulcast here on cnn, 9:00 p.m. eastern tonight. you can watch it. what will we see out of hillary clinton? how will bernie sanders make the case? this is a whole new race and this is a major moment. >> i think you'll see something very, very different tonight. on another front, two legendary athletes. but there can be only one winner in a game of egg russian
3:42 am
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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new this morning -- all south korean workers are being removed from an industrial park after the south announced it would shut down operations at that park. the move was meant as punishment against pyongyang for their recent rocket launch. meantime, the u.s. senate voted to enhance sanctions against north korea because of its nuclear activity. the justice department is suing the city of ferguson, missouri after the city council will implement changes in unconstitutional police conduct often targeting african-americans. the move followed months of protests after the police shooting of an unarmed teenager in 2014. are the golden state warriors the best nba team ever? if you go by the first half record, the answer is yes, they are.
3:47 am
andy sholes with more on this morning's bleacher report. >> yeah, most teams have hit the all-star break and the warriors are 48-4. that's the best first half start in nba history. they were in phoenix last night closing out the first half. check this out. two suns players get into a shoving match. this is just three minutes into the game. i guess the warriors will do that to you. now here's steph curry in the third quarter. watch, he gets the steal. what's steph curry do? find the back pass to clay thompson for three. warriors win this one 112-104. peyton manning was on "the tonight show with jimmy fallon" last night. peyton didn't give any hints on whether he is retiring but he did have some fun with magic johnson in a game of egg russian roulette. >> good to see you, buddy. >> oh! >> i don't know.
3:48 am
>> as you can see, peyton manning, unlike the super bowl, not coming out on top in this one. i think that would be a fun game for you guys to play. >> don't give these guys any ideas. you have to be questioning an invitation from jimmy fallon when he invites you on the show. ohio governor john kasich now taking his campaign momentum to the deep south. does he think he can win in south carolina? we'll ask him. when heartburn hits fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source
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3:52 am
ohio governor john kasich is hoping to keep the momentum going into south carolina and beyond after a strong second place finish in the new hampshire primary. our cnn special correspondent
3:53 am
jamie gangel spoke with the governor about his campaign and she joins us now. jamie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know, what a difference coming in second in new hampshire can make. we talked about whether he can stay so zen, which he claims he is. we talked about how he's going to respond to those negative attack ads that are already coming his way. but we started by asking him just how he's going to compete here in south carolina. you said, fasten your seatbelt. and you have exceeded expectations. but now the pressure is on. >> no, i don't have any more pressure. >> come on, you're in south carolina now. >> look. pressure is a mom that's got three kids and the husband walked out the door. pressure is not what i'm doing. as long as i do what i think i need to do, whatever the outcome is, i'll be fine with.
3:54 am
people were on our bus and interviewing me and looking at us for months. they come on the bus, they say it is like zen. why is everybody so calm? so, you know, look. life is short. how do i seem now? i'm calm and happy and grounded and centered. see, the thing is, when the big lights come on -- >> you keep usie inine ining th centered. why? >> you know, you don't want to lose yourself in this. it is probably fool's gold. all of a sudden you go from, you're the governor of ohio. that's a big deal. then all of a sudden you got 50 cameras on you. and you just can't be star struck with that because it is fleeting. >> jeb bush went on the air this morning and he said, john kasich has nothing in south carolina. they're saying you have no money, you have no ground game. can you compete here? >> well, yeah. we're going to compete here. we don't expect to win here. but on the other hand, if you
3:55 am
take a look at the person that says that, they spent like well over $100 million -- something along that -- and they got like nothing. i mean, you know, so i'm not worried about what the other folks say. this is not the end of it for us here in south carolina. we will be moving through south carolina to other places. >> so you don't spent to win here. >> oh, no. no. no. >> some of these other states, the attack ads are already on the air. are you going to hit back? >> well, i'm not going to sit there and be a marshmallow. or some kind of a pin cushion, people just pound me. i mean where i come from, the blue-collar town that i come from, if you came in and beat our football team, we just broke all the windows on your bus. that's just a joke, by the way. but i mean, the fact is i'm not going to just sit there and let somebody pound on me. the money's coming though. everybody wants to sit at the table. not everybody, maybe, but my early reports are people who sat around and said, i like kasich,
3:56 am
he's smart, he's experienced, he'd be a great president -- but he's at 1% in the polls so what am i going to do? i'm not going to help him. now all of a sudden they're like how do i get a seat at the table. so i think all these things will come, over time -- or they won't! i mean either they will or they won't. >> when did john kasich get this zen? >> i've had it for a long time now. >> you didn't always show it though. >> well, look. that one, you covered me in congress. you don't know how hard it is to be a congressman and have an impact. i was constantly fighting the establishment. so you can't like just walk around, la te da. now its it is a different situation, i'm running for president. back then i had to take a battering ram to knock down the walls of the city. >> rethe a cheality check. donald trump came in --
3:57 am
>> really strong. >> -- more than double your numbers. he has not hit you very hard. but in the past you've called him a bully. >> i don't think i called him any names. >> you called him a bully. >> well, if i did that, i don't remember it because i usually try to -- i always try to stay on the issues. what upset me about him in the beginning was, picked up 11.5 million and ship them on a bus to mexico and dividing people. i don't like that. but he's calmed down actually. he's settled down. look, it is a long road. >> but you think you can compete against him. >> yeah, over time, i sure do. what do you think i'd be doing down here. i'd go home if i didn't think i could compete. of course i think i can compete. you know what? you got to remember in this 24 ow 7 ne24/7 news cycle, the news changes. the flip. one minute you're alive, the next minute you're dead, the next minute you're alive.
3:58 am
i am going to continue to enjoy this road i'm on. how do you like that? whether you guys like it or not, i'm going to try to enjoy it. >> talk to me about having fun. you really did seem relaxed. i saw you playing basketball, preparing for a debate. i saw you have a snowball fight. that was a long snowball fight. that was not just -- >> i will to take care of some business there. >> i've also seen you bust some moves in michigan. >> i busted some moves, yeah. >> in michigan. >> shut up and dance with me. i don't know if you've ever heard that song. >> it is my daughter's favorite song. and you know all the words. >> i don't know all the words but i like the music. the other one was -- we're really enjoying harrison's "here comes the sun." we just love that song. we kid each other and joke. we're always -- why did the skeleton not go to the party? because he had no body to go with him. we just laugh.
3:59 am
we tease each other. but you can't be in this group and have a thin skin. because we come after you. we all get our turn in being in the pot. >> jamie, i'm a big proponent of having some fun. i think it makes us a well balanced person if we're able to smile and laugh at ourselves. this zen though. did you get a sense that he is going to have to -- he knows he has to change his tactic moving forward as the attacks and the tart on his back grows? >> look, this is not his first rodeo, as we say. he's run before. he knows what it's like. he said he's not going to be a marshmallow, a pin cushion. let's not forget this -- he grew up in pittsburgh. when he tells that story about the football game came and they would break the windows, next to the word "scrappy" in the dictionary is a picture of john kasich. he knows how to handle himself. so i think it's true, he wants to stay zen and he's going to
4:00 am
try to stay zen. how many candidates are dancing to "shut up and dance with me." on the other hand, he knows how to handle himself in a fight. let's put it that way. >> he sure does. jamie, great get. great conversation. thanks so much. >> thank you. following a lot of news. let's get right to it. on to nevada, south carolina, and beyond! >> the debate tonight, critical for hillary clinton if she plans to take back the momentum from bernie sanders. >> i believe that secretary clinton is the better poised to win south carolina. >> she's got to get through this wacky socialist guy, bernie. >> what we're seeing is conservatives uniting behind our campaign. >> i'm not going to be a pin cushion or marshmallow. >> trump can talk a good game but i think we need someone who's actually disrupted the old order for the benefit of the people they serve. >> we were on third deck so we kept on going under water. >> we held hands because we
4:01 am
thought it was over. >> oh, my gosh. this is all bad. all bad. >> this is like on a roller coaster you can't get off of. this is "new day." beautiful morning in manhattan. good morning and welcome to your "new day." hillary clinton and bernie sanders set to face off tonight. their latest debate coming at a crucial time in the nominating process. sanders riding momentum from his big win in new hampshire. clinton trying to right her ship and stall the sanders surge. on the gop side, it will not be pretty in south carolina. chris christie and carly fiorina are out but new rivalries are emerging. joe johns begins our look with the high-stakes democratic race. >> reporter: tonight's debate in wisconsin is a big moment for these two democratic candidates. the first face-off since the new hampshire primary.
4:02 am
hillary clinton's challenge will be to try to get back on track after the drubbing she took in the granite state. and bernie sanders will i being trying to show he has the right stuff to attract a broader base of support than he's done in the first two states that got to vote. bernie sanders raising over $6 million in the 24 hours after polls closed in new hampshire. any momentum before tonight's crucial pbs democratic presidential debate. descending on new york city in a victory lap celebrating his sweeping win in tuesday's primary bringing his anti-establishment message to the late show with steven colbert. >> our campaign finance system. our election system and our economy is essentially owned and controlled by a relatively small number of people whose greed, in my view, is really wreaking havoc with the middle class of this country. >> reporter: and to daytime talker, "the view."
4:03 am
>> this country is supposed to be a nation of fairness. and we're not seeing that fairness. >> reporter: meanwhile, hillary clinton laying a comparatively low after her crushing defeat. no longer the undisputed democratic front-runner, tonight's critical debate could help get her campaign back on track. the former secretary of state already making changes, promising a more aggressive edge. the challenge for sanders going forward will be capturing the african-american vote, a key piece of the democratic electorate and the privitial south carolina primary later this month. courting african-american vote, sanders took his campaign to harlem tuesday meeting with civil rights leader al sharpton. tonight's debate should also give us some clues about how hillary clinton is retooling her message to attract younger voters and it should tell us a little more about the policy promises bernie sanders has been making on the campaign trail and how he thinks he can deliver on them.
4:04 am
so a lot riding on this showdown in milwaukee tonight. chris? >> well said, joe. thank you very much. let's discuss the stakes specifically what secretary clinton must do to get back in the game. we have atlanta mayor kasim reed, he's endorsed hillary clinton for the democratic nomination. mr. mayor, good to have you on "new day" this morning. you have suggested that the secretary will eviscerate sanders in south carolina. from where does this confidence come? >> from talking to people in atlanta and being in south carolina last week. we've been excited about the campaign coming south for some time. we think the more diverse the universe of voters is, the better secretary clinton does. i just know it from moving around atlanta and moving around in south carolina a good bit. the energy feels terrific so we look forward to the campaign. >> eviscerate is a colorful word. it does have a little bit of a
4:05 am
m negative connation to iotation . >> i think it is about being calm and strong and focusing on winning. eviscerate was my word because we're going to deliver the state of georgia for secretary clinton and we're going to deal with it in a serious way. we're also going to win in south carolina. the fact of the matter is, the presidency is a very precious thing. so i expect a very competitive process. but what i've been telling folks is i know how the movie is going to end. the movie is going to end with secretary clinton being the nominee of the democratic party. all we have to do is to remain calm and do our work to deliver that result as the campaign comes south. >> what is wrong with senator sanders' message specifically as we move into the socioeconomic brackets that include a lot of african-american and latino voters? >> one of the things that's been very troubling to me and people in the city of atlanta and folks i talk to in columbia, south carolina, is how dismissive
4:06 am
senator sanders' message is of the work that president barack obama has done. he talks about college affordability but he never referenced how much president obama and democrats put on the line to remove $50 billion from the cost of college. he talks about universal health care but he doesn't give enough credit to barack obama supporting by secretary clinton providing health care at the highest levels we have in the history of our country to more than 90% of the people and adding 18 million newly insured. so when you hear his rhetoric, chris, you wonder what in the world has president obama and the democrats been doing and sacrificing so much for? so we welcome him to the democratic party. you know, the senator talks an awful lot about authenticity. if he was authentic, in my judgment, chris, he would have run as an independent as opposed to joining the democratic party in the last year. >> so these are -- >> those are the things that we're going to be talking about
4:07 am
in the south and we look forward to the race. >> these are two themes that we heard would be introduced as the race moves out of new hampshire. one, that senator sanders isn't a real democrat. and, two, he is not a big enough supporter of president obama. do you think that that's a compelling enough case? the senator will respond that he's always caucused with the democrats and that he has been supportive of president obama but he doesn't want to be a rubber stamp, we can and should do better. the president would agree. >> well, do that as an independent then. the fact of the matter is, go talk to members of congress who are democrats who voted for the expansion of health care. talk to members of congress who are democrats who voted to save the automobile industry. democrats got beat and put their careers on the line. and to listen to senator sanders, you wonder where in the world senator harry reid was in the middle of all of this. so true authenticity in my mind would be to be who you have been for more than 25 years. and the fact of the matter is, his message is definitely
4:08 am
dismissive of the contributions of president barack obama who has delivered 70 months of job growth, 14 million new jobs, and has unemployment below 5%. chris, we've got a lot to do regarding wage growth and income inequality, but the way that senator sanders talks about the current economy and the current environment is dismissive of the contributions that president obama has made. it's really more than about that. it is also about where secretary clinton has been her entire career starting with the children's defense fund. it's about where secretary clinton has been as it relates to providing schip and insurance for children. it is about where hillary clinton has been when she was the first person to try to get a universal health care deal done. we're not going to continue to stand on the sidelines while senator sanders, who's been in the senate for more than 25 years and has gotten very little done in comparison to secretary
4:09 am
clinton and the president of the united states. we're not going to continue to let them talk about all of this. >> the challenge for secretary clinton is that everything you're talking about is definitively in the past tense and this race is about right now. bernie sanders has energized the youth base. he got 74% of young voters in new hampshire. are you concerned about that going forward? >> i can appreciate a robust and energized electorate. the fact of the matter is, we're now coming south. i was in columbia on tuesday of last week. the energy for secretary clinton there is amazing. we then come to georgia and we have the s.e.c. primary. what i'm going to do is, i'm going to let our work speak for us. but i am going to point out that senator sanders had his entire life to join the democratic party. we appreciate him caucusing with us. but the democrats that have put it on the line to turn around the country and to bring this country from the brink of the
4:10 am
great depression. and moving forward and talking about all of these programs that, when vetted, simply do not bear out is something that we're not going to tolerate certainly as it comes into south carolina. i know we're not going to tolerate it in georgia. >> mayor, thank you very much for joining us on "new day." first of all, do you follow us on twitter and facebook? you should. because we get after it. there are a lot of big questions, including what's going to happen at the debate tonight. look at the clock on your screen. we'll put it up there every once in a while letting you know about the countdown before secretary clinton and senator sanders face off in a pbs news hour you are democratic presidential debate. watch the simulcast right here on cnn on your local pbs station. remember, starts tonight at 9:00 eastern. >>. let's shift to the republican field right now. whittling down to seven candidates. carly fiorina and chris christie dropped out of the race. donald trump's remaining rivals are digging in hoping to survive
4:11 am
the south. they want to stick around until march 1st -- the s.e.c. primary. senior white house correspondent jim acosta live in greenville, south carolina where a lot's going on. jim? >> reporter: good morning, john. that's right. this state is well known for its cut-throat politics so this campaign is almost certain to get down and dirty down here in south carolina. donald trump is now firmly in place as the gop front-runner but the rest of the field is as determined as ever to take him out. >> when you have victory, you don't need sleep. right? >> reporter: only one candidate is clearly leading a shrinking field of gop contenders. >> i'm your guy. >> reporter: marching on to south carolina. >> now it's up to south carolina to pick a president. >> reporter: donald trump riding high after his huge new hampshire win seemed to switch his campaign tactics wednesday night choosing not to go after most of his gop rivals. >> this wacky socialist guy, bernie. >> reporter: this time hitting his democratic opponents hard.
4:12 am
trump sounding more like a general election candidate. >> this guy sanders is up ranting and raving like a lunat lunatic. do you think hillary clinton -- who's terrible. look at hillary clinton, look at what she did. look at the damage she did. >> reporter: but the front-runner couldn't resist taking a jab at his most vocal gop attacker, jeb bush. >> he is a low-energy person. no, i said he is a stiff and i said that if he was in the private sector he wouldn't be able to get a job. >> reporter: what's left of the gop field now has a target squarely on on the brash billionaire's back. >> can you imagine donald trump as president of the united states? we will be worse off than we are now. >> hard thing about donald in the short term is he doesn't have any policy positions. >> the only way to beat donald trump is to highlight the simple truth of his record. it is not conservative. >> reporter: senator marco rubio is taking the high road addressing chris christie's decision to drop out of the race less than a week after their debate spat. >> i think chris was someone who somehow concluded that attacking me would help him in his campaign. obviously it didn't work.
4:13 am
i think he's very talented, very likable. i think he has a future in public service beyond what he's doing now in new jersey. >> reporter: trump campaign manager says they aren't changing their strategy one big. they'll continue to jump ahead to states. looming ahead on the campaign calendar. he was here in south carolina last night, but he'll be in louisiana today and florida tomorrow. chris, it is a figure of speech to say a candidate took a victory lap. but we saw it last night. donald trump on the stage here in south carolina literally did a victory lap on the stage in front of his supporters last night. >> hammering the message home, obvious and often. jim acosta, thank you very much. breaking overnight, news for you. a standoff at the remote oregon wildlife refuge may soon be over. the four remaining occupiers saying they are prepared to surrender to the fbi this morning. agents already have them surrounded. this happening after the arrest of nevada rancher cliven bundy taken into custody at portland international ampt.
4:14 am
he reportedly planned to meet the remaining occupiers. bundy's sons, ammon and riyan were arrested last month. there are calls for an investigation this morning into why a royal caribbean cruise ship headed into a monster storm in the atlantic ocean. the ship finally returned to port last night in new jersey with passengers recalling their harrowing experience at sea. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the 12-hour nightmare finally coming to an end to rattled passengers aboard royal caribbean's "anthem of the seas" cruise ship. >> free at last, free at last! >> at one point i thought i wasn't going to see my family again. that boat never should have gone out. >> reporter: the massive vessel arrived back in new jersey last night after encountering a ferocious storm off the coast of the carolinas just three days into their trip to the bahamas. >> the whole ship was on a 45-degree angle for like four, five hours.
4:15 am
windows smashed and chairs toppled over. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: motion sick passengers hunkered down in their rooms as the captain battled the monstrous waves and 125-mile-per-hour winds. >> all that. >> it was crazy, man. i mean everything fell out of the bathroom, broke. crash, crash, crash. >> reporter: many criticizing the captain and cruise liner's decision to set sail despite storm warnings days before leaving port. royal caribbean said the storm was worse than predicted and apologized to passengers admitting, "we have to do better. our ship and our crew performed very well to keep everyone safe during severe weather. the event, exceptional as it was, identified gaps in our planning system that we are addressin in addressing." travel weary passengers just happy to be alive. >> to survive a hurricane is incredible. but to survive it at sea? it was amazing. >> oh, my goodness. i can barely look at those waves. >> that's crazy. it lasted ten hours?
4:16 am
>> ten hours! >> you got nowhere to go. >> i got to tell you, there is an illusion of safety on a big ship. i love the ocean, i'm in it all the time. water wins. that thing is like a toy compared to the sea. unfortunately, those people had to learn that the hard way. >> two people aboard that boat will bring their firsthand account to "new day." the march to the white house now heading to the deep south, specifically south carolina. will it be a new bruising battle for both parties? just how ugly is this whole thing about to get? my son and i used to watch the red carpet shows on tv now, i'm walking them. life is unpredictable one thing i need to be predictable is to be flake free. because i have used head and shoulders for 20 years. used regularly, it removes up to 100% of flakes keeping you protected every week, every month, every year you ready ma? always life is unpredictable, so embrace it! head and shoulders. live flake free for life
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4:20 am
this is an unusual election. i don't think anyone's going to wrap this thing up in south carolina or nevada for that matter or march 1st. >> that was senator marco rubio saying that what he hopes to be true, that no one wraps this up very quickly because he has a lot of work to do. the next stop in this race of course is south carolina. we should mention, carly fiorina, chris christie, they have dropped out of the race so a much smaller field. ten folks, ten candidates have dropped out. more candidates have dropped out now than are currently still running. there are seven candidates still
4:21 am
running if you count jim gilmore. let's break it down for you right now. joining us, sara murray, a cnn political reporter who hasn't been home for 18 months. david gregory, former moderator of "meet the press" and a man who knows a lot about campaigns. andy, i want to start with you. put up the calendar right now. show people why we are talking so much about south carolina. it is the next game up. south carolina for the republicans votes february 20th, nine days from now. nevada for the republicans, three days after that. really, i would say, 90% of the focus for the republican candidates on south carolina because it is the next up. your state has a reputation of being a place where mean things happen in presidential politics. is it deserved? is this reputation deserved or is it just the stakes get higher as you get later? >> i think it is really as the stakes get higher as you get
4:22 am
later in the race. obviously some nasty things happened in iowa, some things happened in new hampshire and they're going to happen here in south carolina. the field is shrinking. we're getting a little bit nor in focus of sort of the races within the race that are going on. i think you'll see a lot of action happen here in south carolina as we try to help narrow the field even more from the seven candidates we have now for the republicans. >> a lot of action in south carolina where you are, sara murray. you've covered trump, you've seen john kasich, all these guys out there on the trail. what is the dynamic you are seeing? how is this breaking down? where are the fights? >> well, i have to say, first when you come here to south carolina, and you go to trump events, they are enormous, they are boisterous and people will drive hours to see him. i do think he has real support in this state. that's going to be a problem for anyone else that's going to try to knock him off the top spot there. but i already think we are seeing this fight emerge between jeb bush and marco rubio. even jeb bush and john kasich.
4:23 am
john kasich came in here with a little bit of momentum. if he wants to keep that going he's going to have to fend off attacks from jeb bush saying he has no organization here, from jeb saying that he could weaken the military. that's a big deal here in south carolina. that's also a place where people could go after trump. remember? people have -- he made those comments about how john mccain's not really a war hero. in south carolina, there is a huge veterans population. there is a big active duty military population. naval bases around here. i think that that could be an area where fault lines emerge. but i do think this is a state where politics gets nasty. i don't know if it is just because it is later on the calendar, but the attacks get tougher as they get more personal. that could be right in donald trump's wheelhouse. >> i think you put your biggest smile on when you said it is a place where politics gets nasty. what is something in south carolina that we have not seen in american politics since 2004, that's george w. bush on the campaign trail. he's going to get out there for his brother. you and i both covered bush a
4:24 am
lot back in the day. he has political skills. he's popular in south carolina. what kind of a difference does he make? >> well, i'm not sure because i'm not sure of what he's prepared to do. he is former president now. he ran, as you recall, a very ideological campaign in 2000 after getting a drubbing in new hampshire. he took down mccain effectively in south carolina. this is a that shl securination primary in south carolina. eight military installations there. he could make a statement about the threats in the world, the importance of boosting military spending which trump has come out against. but the conventional rules of even south carolina may not apply. they didn't apply in 2012 when newt gingrich won. they're not necessarily going to sort out the establishment candidate. >> you said a big question is what does george w. bush want to do? how much does he want to talk? just say my brother is a great guy, you'll love him? or does he want to go after the other candidates?
4:25 am
george w. bush ran on national security in 2000 but he also ran as a evangelical. he went to bob jones university. it may have been the most significant he did leading up to that race. >> franklin graham talking about getting god more into the race. there was an aspect of that that is really broad for everybody which is to engage, to vote, but to engage god more in the process really speaks to a lot of evangelical voters who are not monolithic in their thinking in south carolina which has to do with the principles with god's providence in people's lives. ted cruz will speak to that. donald trump not so much. but conservatism and even ideology is out the window. i think conservatism in south carolina and beyond in this primary fight is about a feeling about what it means to be conservative. that's different. >> the evangelical vote in south carolina is big, but almost so big that you can't define it. it breaks down sometimes on faultlines where it doesn't break down in other states. it is a huge blue collar
4:26 am
evangelical population, a huge population that didn't go to college which is actually a big donald trump group. so where do you see this group dividing? >> i mean, just as you were saying, donald trump has been doing well with folks who have less education, who are making less money. he's very much of a populist candidate. he has appealed to a lot of very emotional -- a lot of the emotions of south carolina voters who are upset at what's been happening in the past eight years under a democratic administration, who feel like that they may have jobs but they're -- their increasing, who feel like to a certain degree america isn't as respected anymore. he's really tapped into that and i think a lot of the conventional playbook has been thrown out because of the way donald trump has come across, how he's campaigned and how he's succeeded here in south carolina from everyone from moderates to ven evangelicals. >> the points about bringing god more into the conversation for
4:27 am
and even ted cruz speaks about it, donald trump speaks of making america great again, when you go to the gospels and talk about the greatness of the country and a kind of moral rising, there is a view machining conservative christians the moral compass of the country losing its way. donald trump speaks to evangelicals in the same way about the idea of his ad that everything you believe in is under assault is a way to say let's return to a certain value structure, whether it's same-sex marriage or abortion that a lot off christian conservatives felt has been lost. that argument has resonance not just in south carolina but as we get closer to march 1st. >> interesting to see how they make that argument. thanks, guys. the democratic nomination could hinge on the black vote. we now know a new line of attack from clinton against sanders to cement her polling advantage with this group. but sanders is trying to change that.
4:28 am
we'll get perspective from a member of the congressional caucus -- next.
4:29 am
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
faa investigators are heading to the site of a plane crash that killed a veteran pilot and a sheriff's deputy in central california. officials say that aircraft hit the side of a mountain wednesday evening and caught fire. right before the crash the plane which belonged to the sheriff's department helped arrest a suspect. unclear what caused the plane to go down. there is a very important event to watch for today, a senate hearing on the zika virus. the president's funding request to fast track a vaccine. one republican leader is saying the cdc and hnih don't need the money. fresh off his big victory in new hampshire, bernie sanders wasted no time hitting the late night circus with his focus now on south carolina. steve colbert gave the democratic candidate some pointers on how to win in his
4:33 am
home state. >> i am from south carolina so i wanted to educate you a little bit on my home state. okay? if you are going to get the vote down there, you have to eat boiled peanuts. have you ever had a boiled peanut? okay. the recipe is very simple. >> beautiful. beautiful. >> you can have that with a nice beer. want a beer? all right. that is -- this is a little -- they're damp, aren't they? >> this wins me south carolina. >> yes, it does. if you like boiled peanuts, it will certainly give you a leg up in south carolina. people up here when i offer them this food, they say, oh, here comes colbert with more of his damp food. >> i have to tell you, a damp peanut is an acquired taste, i believe. >> strong move by sanders. taking a swig of the barley and
4:34 am
hops with gusto. i like it. so, from bernie to hillary clinton on the heels of her stinging loss in new hampshire, clinton is set to pick up a major endorsement from the congressional black caucus this morning. but, one prominent member of the caucus has still not officially thrown his support behind a candidate. that is south carolina congressman james clyburn. joining us live this morning, very good to see you, sir. thank you for being on "new day." >> thank you so much for having me. >> no word from you. you matter a lot in the caucus and beyond. why are you holding? >> well, i'm going to be huddling with my family and some political friends this weekend and we'll make a decision as to what i will do if i do anything. i am a member of the congressional black caucus, i am a former chair. i will be -- there will be maybe
4:35 am
a dozen congressional black caucus members throughout south carolina this weekend to endorse clinton. so i'll follow their lead and make a decision some time soon as to what i'll do since they're endorsing today. i don't want to get out in front of them. >> understood. but you are a leader, to be sure. so let's look a little bit at what the basis is for an endorsement. nobody, fair to say, in this campaign has been talking more about issues that matter to african-americans in this country than senator sanders. why is that not enough for the endorsement? >> well, i don't think that's all that fair to say. the fact of the matter is, we say down in south carolina all the time that the best way to tell what person to vote for is to look at what he or she has done. i really do believe that senator sanders has got a good record. so does hillary clinton.
4:36 am
she has an excellent record. people keep forgetting that to get us the universal access to health care, people call obamacare, i call it the affordable care act, but to get to that was a long road starting out with theodore roosevelt more than 100 years ago. but hillary clinton as first lady made a significant contribution to that effort. in fact, it was called hillary care back then when it failed. but out of that grew schip, the student -- what do we call it -- the state children's health insurance plan came out of that. that's one of the critical programs that we have today. so that is very, very important to african-americans. i think she has a great record to lay before the american people. but people get so caught up in the emotions of a campaign, they sometimes forget that history.
4:37 am
so we're going to be discussing all of that this weekend with family and friends. we're going to be guided by the advice i get from them. >> two things that seem to be a word of caution on each side, whether it's clinton or sanders. first on the sanders side. we're hearing more and more suggestion that the senator is a new-found democrat and that his allegiance and respect for the work of president obama is somehow lacking. do you agree with that? >> no, i don't. i worked very closely with senator sanders when we were putting together the affordable care act. he was a champion for the community health centers that i'm very much a champion of. so we worked together on that. he's caucused with the democrats. i don't have anything critical to say about him. i never looked upon him as being anything other than an
4:38 am
independent democrat. now he calls himself a democratic socialist or something of that sort. but he can call himself what he will. that's not going to be operative with me. i'm going to make my decision based on past records and future possibilities, because campaigns are about the future. and who can best deliver a -- what i would call a growth of president obama's foundation that he's laid for all of us to build upon. so i am a part of the obama presidency and i really am going to do everything i can to develop a legacy for president obama. and whichever one of these candidates i feel will be best to build upon that legacy is who i think my family and friends will want me to stand up for. >> understood. there are supporters for senator
4:39 am
sanders who are trying to remind what happened when hillary clinton ran against then-senator barack obama, specifically some of the harsh talk in south carolina and nevada from bill clinton about then-senator barack obama. is that something that is still in the collective memory when it comes to what the clintons represent? >> you know, certainly people remember all that. but that's not going to be controlling. i think i was at the center of all of that. but i know what it is to have your spouse stand up for you. my spouse has been standing up for me for better than 54 years. and so i know what that's all about. nobody -- i never held that against bill clinton. i spoke out at that time because i thought i should. but i wasn't holding anything against him. i just offered an alternative opinion. >> well said, congressman.
4:40 am
i brought up the question because i remember well your role at that time. and once again today. we look forward to who you endorse and the rational for it. thank you for being on "new day," sir. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. two former presidents. one almost-former president. all with the potential to play a big role in this campaign. barack obama, bill clinton, and -- get ready for george w. bush. who will have the biggest impact? the answer next. ♪
4:41 am
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one of my few regrets is my inability to reduce the
4:44 am
polarization and meanness in our politics. >> that was a very candid president obama examining his legacy at the place where he launched his presidential campaign, springfield, illinois, nine years ago. for this election, presidents, both the current and two former presidents, play a very active role. bill clinton, george w. bush now about to be on the trail. what impact will it have? here with his unique insight, cnn presidential historian, douglas brinkley, history professor at rice university. start with president obama because we just saw him right there. of the three of them he is the one not officially endorsing, though his former press secretary jay carney out now yesterday said president obama supports hillary clinton. president obama has done interviews where he seems to go out of his way to say nice things about her. now we learn from hillary clinton's people, paul begala, tells us that we can expect to hear her speak much more about president obama on the campaign trail, maybe as soon as tonight. so what role do you think he has
4:45 am
in this election? >> he plays a very large role. hillary clinton is basically trying to say i'm a third obama term. she was his secretary of state. she's got to double down on things like the affordable care act or her own record of fighting terror when she was at state department. but more than that, barack obama is an amazing campaigner. he's not gotten into action yet, but when he eventually does in 2016, we will notice. he has high marks in the african-american community. probably 90% approval rating. so come the fall in places likes cincinnati and cleveland, orlando, miami, getting him in to urban centers is going to be a big boon for the democratic party because he can bring out the vote. >> i just wonder if hillary clinton needs more help if he'll be telled to put his thumb on the scales even more during the primary. i can't think of a time where a sitting president has ever endorsed in a primary. >> well, this is an unusual situation though.
4:46 am
we have a former president, bill clinton, virtually everywhere with the democratic front-runner. so the fact that another president gets on board on hillary's bandwagon at the appropriate time would be hugely interesting but it makes sense. the big thing for hillary clinton right now is she can't lose the african-american vote in south carolina. it's what's being really contested between her and bernie sanders right now. so she could be seen to have the president on her side, it's a help. >> bill clinton, the other former president we are about to see on the trail in the next nine days, is george w. bush. he hasn't run an active campaign or anything since 2004. he was conspicuously absent from the campaign trail in '06 and '08 with many republicans running away from him ever since. this will be really interesting to see how much he does, how aggressive he is, whether he likes it in south carolina. >> it's going to be very interesting. i think big mistake jeb bush has
4:47 am
made is probably not activating his brother sooner. he was so busy about trying to be his own man and not having the name bush on his signs, just jeb about an exclamation point. he raised a lot of money and tried to stay away from the family but turns out his family are his great assets. his mother barbara bush did a tremendous job in new hampshire. i imagine george w. bush will remind people about 9/11 and how he responded, you might as well if you're jeb bush double down on things with your brother when you're as low as he is in the polls. >> it will be interesting to see them both out there. they are very different politicia politicians. george w. bush is much more natural on the retail side of this. >> much more natural. be hugely interesting. it will be interesting to see if george w. bush goes after donald trump or not. how often they work together in tandem. there will be a lot of photo-ops of the two of them together?
4:48 am
or is george w. bush going to be more of a surrogate going around on his own trying to stimulate people for the upcoming primary? it is going to be very unique. democrats still don't like george w. bush but in the republican circles, 77% of the republicans apparently say that george w. bush is a hero to them. that's what jeb is leaning on. >> with bill clinton on the trail, with george w. bush on the trail, do you think either of them will come under attack from primary opponents? bernie sanders refers to the bill clinton years in ways that sometimes aren't flattering. what about george w. bush? do you think any of the primary guys will go after him? >> i think they probably will, and should. donald trump might be the one to do it. trump is unique in the way he's attacked jeb bush for his brother's war, the war in iraq, the unpopular war. so there is a downside to having george w. bush there.
4:49 am
if jeb bush was high up in the polls, one wouldn't recommend it. but when you don't have a whole lot in the percentage points on your end, you might as well try something like this. >> amazing, two former presidents, roughly in the same state at the same time. the specter of president obama hanging in there as well. you see the halftime show of super bowl 50? did you feel beyonce legislated is or was her performance making too much of a statement. some went so far as to call her new music video racist. new music video racist. we'll discuss ahead. elp you acc, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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4:53 am
♪ ♪ >> that is a clip from beyonce's video for her new song formation. the video and her halftime show lighting up social media. many say the super bowl is not the place. others are alotting her decision. really good to have you here. this has got people hot. hot hot hot. orn both sides. on all sides. because it isn't just us and them or one side versus other. why do you think first of all that beyonce is flexing this
4:54 am
activist muscle more so now than she's done before. she has. it is not the first time she's delved into these waters. >> well look what's happened. she's doing this in the middle of the black lives matter movement. she's flexing her muscles because trevone martin would have been 21 12k3 sandra bland 29. these are active times and she's responding accordingly. we've watched her evolve and have feminist moves and really empower women in a big way. so there was so much packed into this. >> chris you could really sit through and sift through that entire music video frame by frame and look at all of the music imaginary and all the things packed? >> people are reading a lot of things into the video and the performance. the one thing people are saying oh this is a tribute to black lives matter and black panthers. and maybe that was there. there was a lot going on but the
4:55 am
only real message you can take away from it is the last message, believe in love. the rest is people reading stuff into what it meant. i didn't know what that x meant. we don't know. >> interesting. because again we have to point out this is art. we all are going to interpret this differently. correct? you think that people are reading much too much into all of this. you think it was just a -- >> it could be. i don't know. i think this is what great artists do is they play along the margins. maybe it means this and maybe it means that. and thinking about it you come one interesting ideas and philosophies and themes that may or may not be there and it sparks a discussion. and that seemed to be what she was trying to do rather than the agenda people are bringing to what's happening. >> she did it because here we are like days later. but i think what's interesting is understand. she's a pop star. she is a huge entertainer. she's not like nina simone. she's arguably one of the
4:56 am
biggest stars in the world. and to give us what i call one of the greatest black history month presents ever, you know. >> what about some of the criticism? we have heard voices from new orleans, black voices in new orleans saying, look, you are capitalizing and exploiting black tragedy and black death, using it for sales and popular consumption. we've seen even controversy with other videos. him for the weekend, beautiful video with coldplay. but she appears as an indian bollywood dancer. >> the whole idea somehow he's exploiting black lives to create video, that doesn't make any sense. certainly lots of artists do songs and write novels about tragedies and you don't necessarily say they are exploiting things. was victor hugo exploiting the french rebellion when he wrote
4:57 am
le mis? and it seems to be what beyonce is doing here and was see ttevi wonder exploiting urban lives when he wrote living if the city? i don't think. >> the mainstream media's acceptance of her super bowl appearance is just one more example of how acceptable it has become to become antipolice when it is the men and women in blue who put their lives on the line for all of us and deserve our strong support. >> it's art and activism. and what art does is everyone does have a different interpretation. because of course feelings of katrina arose. but so did flint, michigan. this is in the middle of a time where water is actually poisoning poor people of color. so in that last moment when you see her go down into the water, i was thinking of flint, even though there are people still completely terrorized from what
4:58 am
happened in katrina. so this is the american way. we are supposed to take big moments and make something happen and make something matter. this is the most watched moment on television in america. the perfect time. >> interesting. because a protest has been planned for february 16th outside of nfl offices. >> twhaz game plan for that. >> exactly. super bowl's over. >> what are you protesting? what is your message? what do you want to happen to protest? after the season's over. what is the game? >> and this supposed anti beyonce protest going on and there is a pro beyonce protest going on called her world tour. >> people vote with feet and ticket sales. >> and i will be there with my afro bouncing. >> i'll try not to stand behind you because i won't be able to see anything. great conversation. you can get in on it. "new day" on twitter or post
4:59 am
comments on following a lot of news. including tonight's democratic debate. let's get right to it. >> just hours from now bernie sanders, hillary clinton face off in a key debate. >> this country is supposed to be a nation of fairness. >> i think the president has signalled while still remaining neutral that he supports secretary clinton's canadiedida >> go your own way the revolution is possible. you are the revolution. >> of course i think i can compete. >> the only candidate who can beat donald trump is me. >> jeb has no foreign policy experience. none. >> the last thing we need is a another bush. -- captions by vitac --
5:00 am
good morning. welcome to your new day. thursday february 11th, 11:00 in the east. alisyn is off today. john berman is with us. and we turn to a big night for hillary clinton. face to face in a fight with bernie sanders who is now seen as the legitimate contender for the nomination. senator sanders, fresh off dominance in new hampshire, anticipates a different clinton tonight. but what will that mean? in the meantime nine days to the republicans in south carolina the candidates are blanketing the state. how does the race shift now with two calling it quits? we begin with joe johns, a look at the high stakes democratic race. >> all eyes on milwaukee this morning as the democratic candidates prepare to go head to head for the first time after the first in the nation primary.
5:01 am
bernie sanders will be looking to maintain his momentum and show he's not just a one-state wonder. and for hillary clinton it will be a chance to try to change the narrative. >> bernie sanders raising over $6 million in the 24 hours after polls closed in new hampshire. gaining momentum before tonight's crucial pbs democratic presidential debate. descending on new york city in a victory lap celebrating his sweeping win in tuesday's primary, brings his antiblishlt message to the late show with stephen colbert. >> our campaign finance system, our election system and our economy is essentially owned and controlled by a relatively small number of people, who's agreed in my view is really wrecking havoc with the middle class of this country. >> and the daytime talker, the
5:02 am
view. >> this country is suppose to be a nation of fairness and we're not seeing that fairness. >> meanwhile hillary clinton laying low after her crushing defeat. no longer the undisputed democratic front runner. tonight's debate could help her get back on track. the former secretary of state already making changes, promising a more aggressive edge. the challenge for p a sanders going forward will be capturing the african american vote. a key piece of the democratic electorate and the pivotal south carolina primary later this month. courting the african american vote, sanders took his campaign to harlem tuesday, meeting with civil rights leader al sharpton. >> and important to say the former secretary of state continues to poll very well with minorities and underscoring that almost immediately after the debate in milwaukee tonight she's expected to turn her attention back to the palmetto state and the issue of schooling in some of the south's poorest communities. a lot of reasons tonight's
5:03 am
debate is a potential turning point for both of the candidates, chris. >> too true. lest talk bernie sanders too bernie sanders' campaign. national press secretary for the campaign with us. simone, good to see you again. let's start with the meeting of al sharpton. why him? he's a controversial person in the media to be sure. why with him and what was the outcome. >> >> thanks for having me this morning. i think it was important to meet with reverend sharpton buzz pause the conversation centered around issues that are important to the african american community. and we'll shy away from the opportunity to have a robust conversation about issues. reverend sharpton challenged senator sanders. and if senator sanders is really committed to holding up the mantle of our issue, african american issues.
5:04 am
i think senator sanders held his own in that conversation. it went very well and we were happy to be there with him yesterday morning. >> so we have a sense of what we think the new tact of contrast will be coming out of the clinton camp. do you want to take a test on it? >> let's take a test. >> the first is the super delegates. you have party officials and you know how the process works. you have a lot of superdelegates, over 400 already backing hillary clinton. they are not going move: very tough to overcome that type of advantage what. do you say? >> you know i say that super delegates still have the chance to change their mind. and we are actively working for the support of the american people. so it is no secret that the establishment is behind secretary clinton. but we think that we can make a very good showing, we can close the gaps and hopefully win some other folks over. >> you are not in the gop. you are on the democratic side. the word "establishment" is going to play differently on the left. they don't like being called the establishment like the machine
5:05 am
on the democratic side is a bad thing and they are criticizing senator sarnds for being a newfound democrat. yes you had the but you never risked anything for what you say you believe in as the democrat. fair criticism? >> not at all. he not only caucused with the democrats. he was in leadership. he is the former chair of the veterans affairs committee. he's is ranking member on the senate budget committee. senator sanders definitely has skin in this democratic game. and i'll go further to say, you know, where senator sanders is where a lot of people in the democratic party are currently. and where the party is going. and it issues of economic inequality. when we're talking about climate change, criminal justice reform, ending mass incarceration. these are all things that senator sanders is not knew to these issues he's not new to talking about about so i would push back on that and say i disagree. >> if he was so tied to his
5:06 am
passion why did het not run as an independent. >> senator sanders has talked about this at length. and he's noted that if he was going to run he wanted to give the party -- he wanted to give america its best chance. and its best chance is not running as a third party candidate. again senator sanders has caucused with the democrats. he's been inline with the democrats on overwhelmingly a number of issues and he wanted to run as the democrat in this election. he's a democrat and he's running as a democrat and he's not going to seek a third party nomination because that is not what's betts for america or the party. so we are interested and literally transforming the land skain of american politics. we're in it for the american people here chris. this is what's best for the american people. >> a little bit of a catch 22 simone. saying i want to give the best chance. i want to be patriot of the party. but at the same time a big part of the party apparatus and leadership is saying is behind his opponent. which is it?
5:07 am
>> well into the party chris. but i mean the party is not one dimensional. there is a robust progressive conversation happening all across america right been the democratic party. and what senator sanders is doing, what his candidacy is doing is bringing these new people into the party. we saw record voter turnout in new hampshire, chris. we saw the second highest turnout in the iowa caucuses in its history when we were in iowa. these are folks that were disengaged, that did not see themselves as a part of the democratic party. senator sanders is bringing those people back into the party. we are bringing a new coalition which democrats will need if we want to retain and keep the white house in 2016. i would say what senator sanders is doing is the best chance for the democratic party. senator sanders is the best chance for democrats to keep the white house and he's the best chance to ignite the base and bring new people into the party that we need, progressives, young people even some folks
5:08 am
that have been voting against their own interests for years. so we are committed to building that coalition, and we are happy that these folks are now getting engaged and involved and are not only joining the political revolution but joining the democratic party. >> fehr point. record turnout in iowa, almost a record turnout in new hampshire. the new hampshire that eclipse it was with then senator barack obama running. and that is the last line of attack that we're hearing new this morning. which is that senator sanders is not embracing enough of what president obama has done. he's been connected to some books that were critical of president obama. he's making it seem like obamacare isn't the landmark achievement that it is. he's not supportive enough of whether the president has done. >> and chris, you know, i disagree. so senator sanders is supportive of president obama. questi we, and she's spoken at length. he's talked about president obama came in and took the
5:09 am
country to another level. he had to clean up the mess that the republicans left for us. and he has done an amazing job. but what we are saying is that the next president of the united states and i think the clinton campaign would agree has to build on that success and has to take america to the next level. that is what senator sanders is talking about. so when we talk about a medicare for all single payor system, talking about universal healthcare. we're not talking about doing away with obamacare,s with the a affordable healthcare act. we are talking about building on its enormous success. 29 million americans in this country are still unensured. that is a fact we have to address. millions more are still under insured. so the affordable care act did great and amazing things. senator sanders was on the committee to help write it. but it is time to take it to the next level and that is what the next president of the united states will have to do. >> thank you for making the case for the senator from vermont. big night today. you are going to not hear the
5:10 am
proxies anybody. it is about the main people. hillary clinton, bernie sanders. you can watch the simulcast right here on cnn or your local pbs station tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern. >> there are now seven republicans left standing in the race for the white house. six of them, all the ones not named donald trump have nine days to knock him off his perch in the south carolina primary. jim acosta live in greenville south carolina on the republican race. good morning jim. >> good morning, john. it is a figure of speech for candidates do a victory lap. but we saw donald trump do that exact thing on stage last night here in south carolina. he is now firmly the front runner in this race for the white house on the goop side. but the rest of the republican field is as determined as ever to bring him down. >> when you have victory you don't need sleep, right? >> only one candidate is clearly leading a shrinking field of gop
5:11 am
contenders. marching on to south carolina. donald trump riding high after his huge new hampshire win seemed to switch his campaign tactics wednesday night choosing not to go after most of his gop rivals this time hitting his democratic opponents hard. trump sounding more like a general election candidate. >> sanders ranting and raving like a lunatic. hillary, look at the damage she did. >> but the front runner couldn't resist taking a jab at his most vocal gop attacker jeb bush. >> he's a low energy person. i said he's a stiff and i said if he was in the private sector he wouldn't be able to get a job. >> what's left of the gop field now has a target squarely on the brash billionaire's back. >> can you imagine donald trump as the president? we'll be worse off than now.
5:12 am
>> the hard thing about donald in the short-term he doesn't have any policy positions. >> the only way to beat donald trump is highlight the simple truth of his record. it is not conservative. >> addressing chris christie's decision to drop out less than a week after the debate spat. >> i think chris was someone who somehow concluded that attacking me would help his campaign and. >> now getting back to donald trump sounding like a general election candidate. you should have heard him last night here in south carolina. he was predicting if he's the republican nominee he will win traditionally democratic states like michigan and new york. he's feeling very confident right now in that front runner position michaela. >> thanks so much for that. top u.s. security officials say isis is plotting a possible attack on american soil some time this year. this as we learn russian air strikes in syria are actually
5:13 am
helping the terror group. barbara starr is live in washington with more. >> good morning michaela. defense secretary carter at nato head quarters in brussels talking to the allies trying to get more help in the fight against isis. but in the meantime isis adapting on its own, very much now looking at what the u.s. calls external attacks. isis attacking in europe, even here in the united states. the military director of the defense intelligence agency gave a very chilling assessment about all of this. as the paris attacks demonstrated, isil has become the most significant terrorist threats the united states and our allies. isil will probably attempt to conduct additional attacks in europe and attempt to direct attacks on the u.s. homeland. >> direct attacks on the u.s. homeland in 2016. what general stewart is talking about is the possibility that isis will inspire or directly
5:14 am
order potentially an attack here in the united states. isis now active in eight countries. far beyond syria and iraq now. very firmly a global threat. >> would have been those situations barbara where we all know it is possible. but when you hear it laid out like that it makes it that much more daunting. thank you for the reporting. appreciate it. also breaking this morning, nato taking a big i role to try and slow the migrant crisis. coast guards in greece and turkey are cooperating. remember, nearly a million men, women, children made the voyage by sea to europe last year to escape humanitarian kreecrises the middle east and north africa. >> a wild elephant on a rampage in india, destroying homes and cars and sending officials into a panic.
5:15 am
eventually stopped the elephant with four tranquilizer darts. after this it was take on the a park for elephants. after it was caught and taken to this park. luck any no injuries reported. >> no injuries, nobody hurt. >> but one pissed off elephant. >> what is the chance that the elephant was being chased by a mouse? >> not likely. all right. late night candidates getting laughs. take a gander. >> donald trump right now is on cloud nine, which he owns by the way. he bought it from the chinese. >> if these guys manage to make it all the way to the general election it will make for some great debates. "donald trump is a billionaire he's going to give our country to the 1%" "sbern "bernie sanders is a clown. hooegs going give our country to
5:16 am
china." and. >> i want to say congratulations to bernie sanders and donald trump on winning for each of their parties. in his speech bernie said he couldn't have done it without the support of millions of americans. while trump was like "this was all me." you losers did nothing." >> you losers did nothing. that's funny. >> you know it is hard to get a sense of what he really feels though sometimes with donald trump. you know? he's playing this misdirection game all the time. >> a lot of different stuff about the same thing sometimes. >> here is one thing that he says that is 100% true. he is dominating the race on the gop side right now. but if he's so popular, why are there so many in the republican party, especially the leadership not happy about that. >> we're going bring in two experts who both worked in a republican white house to discuss. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way.
5:17 am
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there are some people inside the republican party this morning reeling over the fact that donald trump won new
5:21 am
hampshire, won it big. and they are frustrated that the so called establishment failed to zero in on that one candidate and compete with donald trump. is that about the change? cnn commentator, jeffrey lord joins us, a donald trump supporter. and cnn political commentator, margaret hoover is here as well. after the debate, why is christie chris going after poor marco rubio. then he heard on tuesday, why is jewish p jeb bush putting out a fleg ads a john kasich. what about donald trump? >> history has proven that doesn't work. trump systematically was able to put them all in their box and continue to lead in the polls. so i think they are frankly afraid to do it. which is why they have reverted to this circular firing squad. trump has a third of the gop primary electorate. ted cruz has a third and then
5:22 am
the other third is divide willed rightfully between kasich, jeb and rubio. this is why people talking about the blood bath going into the south carolina. but what would be better is if the three of them compete and turn their fire on cruz and trump. the person to win the establishment lane is is the person most successful at taking down the other. >> that's the point jeb bush has been trying to make. saying i'm the guy who has been fighting against trump. pick me. margaret is saying no one has gone after donald trump. that's not true. ted cruz took him on pretty scarily leading into the iowa and do you know who won iowa? ted cruz. in jeffrey lord's world everything comes up trump but it did seem to work for ted cruz. so can it work in south carolina? >> sure it's possible. i believe we have presidential primaries for a reason. you are supposed to go after your opponent. this is normal. this is what you are supposed to
5:23 am
do. so if you don't do it, you are more or less rolling over in your own campaign. so i expect ted cruz to go after donald trump. i expect donald trump to go after ted cruz. this primary is on february 20th. there is a lot time left here. i believe we're going to have a lot more of this. and i think we should because it does highlight the differences. when it is over, when all is done you have to kiss and make up and get on the same team and go out and win. but yeah this is what this is about. >> i know you don't want to give advice about how best to go after donald trump but social issues could be one way to do it and he's already started. he's said trump is not a real conservative. he's late to the game on all of these issues that care to you evangelicals in south carolina. can it work in south carolina? >> i don't think so. the stumbling block here is
5:24 am
ronald reagan. because ronald reagan was quote unquote late to the game. as governor of california, he signed a proabortion bill. i mean you could play this game all day long and it just really not to any effect. people can have conversions along the way and donald trump had his. ronl reagan has his and to be perfectly candid lots of american have had it. i was a big kennedy fan and now i'm a reaganite and a trumper. so what do you say? >> i don't know if you mean to make this point but donald trump is going to need to have some conversions if he's boing date of birth palatable to that general electorate. ted cruz is making the case that he's the conservative candidate. but trump's demonstrating the declining of the movement within the republican party.
5:25 am
and he's going to have to fix the unfavorables. which means, he's going to have to have some conversions. he's going to have to become likable in some ways and broaden the strict sort of angry portion of the gop electorate that likes him now. >> let's talk about marco rubio. throughout the campaign i thought he's had the toughest task. he's tried to thread the smallest needle here in the race and for a while it was working. now it is not. he has his foot in the conservative lane. the establishment lane. who does he go after saturday night? who does he go after in south carolina in general? does he for the first time try to take on donald trump? >> i think he goes after all of the above. marco's strategy has never been pigeon hole corner of the electorate. it is take a bit from each. and so he's trying to thread the needle, and then his plan always was to win in south carolina.
5:26 am
that is not looking like it is going to be feasible but he may do second, third. he's trying to get everybody. he's not trying to have a strict narrow but deep segment of the electorate. >> for trump here he's been like a hamlet here. do i be the mean donald trump? the nice donald trump? he's flirted with both. he's been saying the last day or two he can be nice. he knows he has to be nice. do you think he benefits from trying to stay above the fray as much as he can for the next nine days? >> sure. i'm sure he'll go after folks on occasion. but, you know, donald trump is a nice guy. i know donald trump. he is a nice guy. but let me just say i think margaret is right about marco rubio. you know, he was doing fine until this debate and now he's sort of got a problem on his hands. more than sort of got a problem on his hands. so he's going to have to go after everybody. donald trump, jeb bush.
5:27 am
etc. etc. he's got a real problem on his hands. i don't think he's going to make the grade here. >> do you know whoa's not on the stage with him or in south carolina is chris christie so that's a good news for marco rubio. the question is will any of the other candidates go directly after marco rubio? >> jeb probably will a bit. i think jeb is fighting for his life in south carolina. i think he has his brother campaigning with him. former president of the united states. did very well in south carolina. actually south carolina made george w bush's candidacy in 2000. and a pretty big republican establishment lined up behind him. he's going to be fighting against marco rubio probably and by the way he's got a personal not a vendetta but, you know. >> i would call it one. >> there is really animus between the two right now. >> a grudge. words like that all work. jeffrey, margaret. thanks to much. quite a story. thousands of cruise ship passengers are back on dry land
5:28 am
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5:32 am
it is time for cnn money now. chief business correspondent christine romans is in our money center. you can see by my tone very forboding. your wall street friends are on a sea saw. >> it's just down. plunging oil is to blame. crude now below $27 a barrel. dow futures down nearly 300 points. this could be five big losses in europe and asia. if you bought stocks at any point this year chances are you are losing money. the dow and s&p both down 13%. the nasdaq down 18%. close to a bear market. janet yellen testifies today
5:33 am
about the economy. look for big selling today. >> christine thank you so much. time for the five things to know for your "new day." number one, hillary clinton and bernie sanders getting ready for their latest debate in milwaukee tonight. clinton trying to stop sanders 'momentum. the pbs news hour democratic presidential debate will be simulcast right here on cnn tonight 9:00 eastern. meanwhile donald trump and his six remaining gop rivals are on to south carolina. trump turning up his attacks on bernie sanders and hillary clinton while his republican opponents gang up on him. the oregon refuge stand off my be over soon. the u.s. senate united in its response to north korea's nuclear at this time voting
5:34 am
unanimously on the bill. and the justice department is suing ferguson, mo to make changes within the police department. after the city council rejected an agreed upon plan to policies earlier this week. >> after a big loss in new hampshire, hillary clinton sporters say she's going to change who are game. what does that mean in the big game tonight? what can she do to court women voters? we can help guide your retirement savings. for over 75 years, investors have relied on our disciplined approach to find long term value. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most
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of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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5:38 am
it is still the case that there are challenges and obstacles to young women's ambiti ambitions. and i'm going to try and break the highest and hardest glass ceiling. i hope it splint irs completed. >> trying to break the highs ux hardest grass ceiling but women in new hampshire overwhelmingly supported senator sanders.
5:39 am
why? let's discuss. kma congressman beattie of ohio is supporting clinton. welcome. >> thank you. i'm excited to be here and equally excited to be a hillary supporter. i think what we're going to see in march and april will be entirely different than what we've been seeing. we all know that january and february are exciting times but when we look at the delegates and we look at the number of delegates who are going to come out for hillary, she's the experienced candidate. she's the one when you really start thinking about who can really serve in the office, who can really deal with all of the tough issues. and i'm very confident that women will have her back. as we go into south carolina and nevada and then essenticertainl get into march, the 20-some
5:40 am
caucuses and primaries, that elect more than 55% of the delegates. >> congressman, change requires a catalyst. what do you believe hillary clinton can do to shift the dynamic from what we just saw in new hampshire? which is where she lost by a healthy margin, women. and young women by a huge margin. >> i think you will see different dynamics as we get into some of the southern states. some of the states that are more diverse and more reflective of the democratic party, as a matter of fact more reflective of the america that we live in. i think you are going to see delegate whose are going to get really serious about it is now time for us to decide who has the experience. who can talk about all of the tough decisions and do more than that. who can implement them. who will represent us best? and i think you will see that with african american supporters. i think you will see that with
5:41 am
women. and i also think that you will see millennial getting behind hillary. we think that the last two caucuses are reflective of what we'll see in march and april. absolutely not. >> why not? >> well as a matter of fact, it was really a tie. when you look at the number of delegates, 15-15. certainly bernie did well and picked up more votes because of the margin that he had of voters there in the caucus. but look, they only represent 4% of the delegates? aisle say to you, let's see what march brings us. and i think we're going to be right on target with hillary clinton out front. >> well you must be surprised by what's happened thus far. and when you analyze it, you understand this system so well. what hasn't gone to plan so far for hillary clinton? well i don't know that i was that surprised what happened at the last caucus. i think i was more pleased that
5:42 am
the delegates and the superdelegates who understand what's at stake, who understand that hillary is the person that can respect us. look, she has served the nation well, when she was young and a law school graduate she was there in the trenches working with the people. first lady who really talked about initiatives and healthcare. and look at where we are now. i don't need to tell you as the senate, the united states she was a go-to person and then running for president she's learned a lot. i think you are going to be able to see her deal with the tough issues that she's going to have to deal with to gain that support. and women are going to be there. and not just because we're women. i support hillary clinton because she's experienced. i support her because she's intelligent and she is the background to do what we need in the next president and to
5:43 am
continue. all of those great things that president barack obama has done that has certainly propelled this country. >> how big a mistake to have gloria steinem out there and even secretary albright although i think that context is distorted a bit, but those kind of exchange, shaming women the they are not for hillary clinton? a mistake? >> let me just say it was a different twist. i think we have to look at what some of us are saying. i embrace mill onlies. i work and i've worked at the four year institution where young folks, some of the talented folks that we have. i think it is hillary says that's more important. and she said while she did not gain the numbers she wanted of young people, young women, she's still for them. and that resonates with women and i think you are going to see a lot of younger women getting more educated, more aware. i like the excitement of the young folks.
5:44 am
i like that young people are rallying because they are excited. and i think when they start really dealing with what it takes to be president and beyond the rhetoric. i think we can all come and say oh i'm going to give you this. i could make a top ten list of all the things that i want to be free but at the end of the day she's going to be there supporting them on reducing college tuition. she's going to be there making sure that those who are 26 and under still get to get their healthcare and be on their parent's insurance. so there is a lot of things. when you look at african american men and women and young men and women, she's there looking at reforming the criminal justice system. she has all of the things not just the initiatives, but the resolve. and that is what's more important i think. >> well we certainly see that there is an enthusiasm out there with young people. just that right now it is gathered around senator sanders. we'll see how that changes. >> oh i think we're going to see some changes chris.
5:45 am
>> thank you very much for joining us on "new day." >> mick. >> hundreds of cruise ship passengers after being back on land. rocked by 30 foot waves, hurricane forced winds. two passengers join us to tell us what it was like.
5:46 am
5:47 am
5:48 am
after several harrowing days at sea, they are now safely
5:49 am
docked at sea in calm waters. that ship ran into a ferocious storm. encounteri ining hundred miles hour winds. 30 foot ways. passengers were ordered to stay in their rooms. joining us now is charlotte and asher. you guys just got back last night. >> we just got back last night. >> this was supposed to be a daddy daughter trip for your birthday. >> for my birthday. >> supposed to be eight days. when did you know trouble was coming. >> during the musical. >> you didn't get to see the musical. were the seas heavy up until that point? >> they were a little bit but nothing out of the ordinary. >> did it concern you when the captain ordered you to your room. >> that started to be a little concerning. >> were you scared at that point or just thinking okay let's do what the adults say.
5:50 am
>> i wasn't is that scared because i wasn't sure what was going to happen. oh this is cool, stay in the room and wash cartoons. >> so he's happy. but then you started to get concerned when? >> the captain kept announcing it is two hours and three hours and then the information stopped. and the seas were getting worse. you could see the wind. you could hear the wind. the boat was rocking. it was creeking. and there was a lack of information. and it was getting dark. >> that is when it gets scary. >> and it got scary. >> i want to read a line you wrote. your wife is a producer here in cnn and you were able to get this e-mail off to her. you said really really scary. it is pitch black exempt for a few spots on the shipment. i'm never been so scared. the captain says everything is okay but i don't believe him. i have a little emergency plan in my head how to get to the muster station. did it get bad enough you didn't think you were going to make it
5:51 am
out. >> >> it was frightening and there was no information and even more concerning there were no life vests in the cabin rp they were all in the muster station. >> but you owe where they were. >> we know where we were. and it brought me back to the 9d eleven flashback. and obviously it is not 9/11 but the whole decision of do you stay or go? do you trust authorities or do your own way. >> exactly. >> so at that point how many hours of this going on and on? how long did it feel like you to. >> umm, three days. but it was like 15. >> but you were having fun. >> yeah. it was kind of scared but it was fun. since we saw the intern, which i didn't see over the summer. >> so you were watching the movie. so you were having a good time. did dad look worried at all? >> yeah he did. because like the waves crashed onto the terrace. and he was sitting on the bed.
5:52 am
so he -- he like pulled, he liked picked up the covers and put it over my head and say stay still, don't move. >> how long did you stay that way? >> it was a while. >> five minutes. >> when kid you finally start to kosm down. >> not nil the next morning. >> it was the night. >> and i couldn't sleep. dad couldn't sleep either. >> i can't imagine you would. did you get a chance to check out the damage then? >> not till next morning. and walked around and it was devastati devastating. >> and we understand there were some minor injuries and everybody seems shaken up but not injured. >> we didn't see any injuries but i'm sure there were some. there had to be some. things were flying. tables were flying. chairs. >> we understand the ntsb wants to launch an investigation into why why this captain decided to beat the storm. what do you think about that? >> why he tried to beat the storm? >> yeah. what are your thoughts. >> maybe he thought he was on
5:53 am
deadliest catch? i don't know. >> seemed like a bad idea? >> seemed like a really bad idea. >> do you think you are going to go on a cruise again miss charlotte? >> yeah. >> do you think dad is going to go with you? >> i don't know. >> so sorry you had to go through this. i think may maybe a disneyland vacation for you next year. okay? how about that? >> yeah. >> my goodness. quite a story they have to tell. >> she seems like she would be a lot of fun to hang out. >> i got a new besty. >> thank you so much. bernie sanders going viral but not because of his campaign. some news ongers flubbed his last name and the internet loves it. one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership
5:54 am
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5:57 am
bernie sanders not only won the primary but scored a couple of new nicknames. here's more on the bernie bloopers taking over the internet. >> it is a pretty easy name to say. >> makes a minor slip of the tongue by msnbc anchor chris
5:58 am
hayes all the more interesting. >> and bernie sandwich's. >> next thing you know everyone was making bernie sandwich, bernie and corn beef. bernie on toast. bernie between buns. holding a sandwich aloft. pulling one out of his pocket. hashtag "bernie sandwiches." unleash tweets like "feel the heart bern." and bernie sanders, that's his mafia name. and chris hayes tweeted, in my defense i was literally watching people eat dinner when i said it. though megyn kelly's blooper wasn't quite so mouth watering. >> on the democratic side bernie sandals -- that could catch on
5:59 am
in the summer months. >> the bernie sandwich likewise already exists. and hillary's sandwich was a subway sandwich. >> a little bit of anything and anything anyone could ever want it will agree to put on that bread. >> and spicy and obscure. >> your hipster friends are going to tell you about it. >> even chelsea clint once misspoke while bringing up bernie. yeah how how about president bernie sandwiches. g >> you both want a sandwich now. >> i am kind of hungry. i feel for these. we've all said much worse on tv by mistake. that is nothing. >> there is something more delicious though when it happens
6:00 am
to somebody else though that's for sure. >> glass house and all that. whew hoo hoo. all right i guess that is it for us. >> time for the newsroom with carol "cookies and milk." >> i don't even know what that means. >> it's positive. you can skip over it by the way. >> newsroom starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," the first match up after the new hampshire takedown. bernie sanders on fire and tonight face to face with hillary clinton. will she unleash a new strategy? and no pressure in south carolina? >> now it's up to south carolina to pick a president. >> but can donald trump's rivals convince voters who the billionaire shouldn't be. >> can you imagine donald trump as president of the united states? we'll be worse


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