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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  February 12, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> reporter: watch him start to lose it as his eyes flutter after five seconds or so, he regained consciousness. >> do you want me to get you water? >> no. i want you to get me some gravity. cnn, new york. >> wow. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. what do you get when you combine milwaukee, henry kissinger and your local station? the democratic debate, and it's all about south carolina. >> what the do a ted cruz campaign commercial and the film private sex club have in common and why does that matter in south carolina? the strangest campaign story of the day by far. >> and trump says he's going positive, but someone should probably tell his twitter feed, already calling cruz a liar and crazy and questioning his
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evangelical credentials. the trump campaign joins us this hour. hello, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. the rumble in milwaukee or something like that. last time it was who is the more progressive. now it's who loves president obama more. hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing off. >> hillary clinton seemed to be trying to set up the entire race as an obama primary. unlike new hampshire, she is trying not to lose this one by 22 points. >> the kind of criticism that we've heard from senator sanders about our president, i expect from republicans. i do not expect from someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed president obama. [ applause ] >> that is -- madam secretary, that is a low blow. one of us ran against barack
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obama. i was not that candidate. >> joe johns is in denmark, south carolina, following the clinton campaign. good morning, joe. >> reporter: good morning, john. it was quite a debate. academic in some parts but there were some flashes there. hillary clinton speaking boldly to the democratic base aligning herself with president obama, taking on bernie sanders for his suggestions that the president had let down the progressive wing of the democratic party. sanders responded in part that as a member of the united states senate, it's his obligation, essentially, to articulate when he disagrees with policies that emanate from the white house. i think another important moment was the discussion over bernie sanders' signature issue of wall street. mrs. clinton once again on the attack saying she's not a single issue candidate.
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this is not a single issue country. bernie sanders saying that in his view the voters are not fooled by the reasons why wall street puts so much money into american politics. there was also that interesting moment where they talked for quite a while about the pros and cons of former secretary of state henry kissinger under president nixon. i think the take away from that, once again, if any, is another dustup over foreign policy and which candidate is more plugged in. so a lot to chew on there. hillary clinton coming here to south carolina later today for an event on education. bernie sanders is out in minnesota talking also about issues of race there along with economics. back to you. >> joe johns, that's right. a lot to chew on. joe, thank you so much. let's continue the discussion and bring in mark preston and
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van jones. van jones worked for president obama as an adviser. van, first to you. it seems that president obama was the topic. one of the big topics of the day at the debate. it was obama, obama, obama. i love him more. no in, i love him more. i'm going to carry on his legacy, no, you won't. what you make of that strategy? >> it was amazing. they mentioned him 21 times. i mean, more than any other topic, i believe, was the obama -- maybe wall street from senator sanders. hillary clinton is playing this so smart. she knows how beloved obama is, especially for african americans. she's going to south carolina. now, she doesn't mention the fact that she actually disagrees with obama on a number of things. she doesn't agree with his trade policy. she's against tpp. obama is for it. she has critiques of his health care. she doesn't like the cadillac tax. she doesn't like his foreign
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policy. she wants a no fly zone. all of that she put away and just hugged obama like she was hilla hillary obama and drove this wedge between sanders and the president. she is very, very good when it comes to the smart politics inside of this party. it was on display. the reality is she has critiques too. she didn't talk about them last night. >> not only did she say i'm with obama. she said clearly that senator sanders in many cases is not. and she said outright there are times when bernie sanders sounds like a republican in his criticism of barack obama, to which bernie sanders said that was a low blow. was it a low blow? >> yes. in many ways. to say bernie sanders is a republican, is absurd unless you want to go full circle. but i think bernie sanders, two things he said last night. the first thing was he said,
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listen, i didn't run against him. which i thought was an interesting line of attack by bernie sanders. and he also, he was also very focussed on his whole income inequality fight and really trying to make a dent in hillary clinton's effort to try to pull in barack obama, specifically, you know, with african american voters. bernie sanders, listen, hillary clinton no doubt, through the cloak of president obama over her, but bernie sanders threw it over himself as well. he made one point which was interesting. he said i'm a u.s. senator. aren't u.s. senators supposed to disagree with the president? and yes, they are. we do have a government, a three branches of government. >> so also before the debate, van, we heard that hillary clinton was going to be far more aggressive. the clinton campaign was going to be far more aggressive toward sanders. you also heard repeatedly during the debate that she targeted sanders for, again, not explaining how he's going to
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follow through on his promises. the way she termed it was we need to level with the american people. listen here. >> this is about people's lives. and we should level with the american people. you need to level with people about what they will have at the end of the process. i feel like we have to level with people. >> i mean, he has been vague on how he will pay for a lot of the programs that he is promising. do you think this is going to catch up with him in nevada, in south carolina? >> it could be, but part of what you're doing is she knows that one of her negatives when you look at the polling data is trustworthiness, authenticity. sanders was 91% of people who were voting on trustworthy in the last contest, voted for sanders. when she's saying level with, level with, she's trying to pull apart this idea that he's this authentic guy and trustworthy.
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he's not leveling with you. he's selling you soap bubbles and snow flakes. i'm telling you the truth. it's smart of her. she's negative an trustworthiness. she has to reassert herself as the real truth teller. >> a lot of what was happening last night was reaching out to minority voters in nevada and also south carolina which is why i want to ask you about something else that happened before the debate. it was during the show that the congressional black caucus political action committee endorsed hillary clinton yesterday. later a civil rights icon from georgia, he had some pretty harsh words about bernie sanders, and bernie sanders saying he was part of the sifl rights movement in the 60s. listen to congressman lewis. >> i never saw him. i never met him. i was chair of the student nonviolent committee for three years. i was involved in the freedom
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ride, the march on washington, the march from selma to montgomery, and directed a voter education project for six years. but i met hillary clinton. i met president clinton. >> again, that's a civil rights icon and he's been in politics for a long time. and he knows how to be tough. >> i tell you what, john lewis is a legend. he's an icon. he's the last living person who was on the stage with mlk at a the march of washington. i think that was a bit unfair on his part. first of all, as we know, bernie sanders was not a part of the student nonviolent student committee. he was part of other things. and number two, it's just this weird thing where'ven when obama was running against hillary clinton, john lewis was against obama and for hillary clinton until the very end. so there's some real strong bndd
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that they have, but it's very unfair to take away the arrest that happened with bernie sanders. nobody can take that away from him. he was one of the few white males who was willing to take the fights on early. i think it was unfair to do that to sanders. >> all right. van jones, and mark preston, thank you. >> thanks, guys. let's turn to the republicans. you might say it was the only thing missing from this campaign. the campaign ad controversy rated nc 17. >> plus secret weapon or biggest liability. george w. bush joining his brother. donald trump isn't waiting for it. he's already on the attack. te te rheumatoid arthritis like me, and you're talking to a rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage.
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definitely not good for my back. this is the part i really don't like right here. (doorbell) what's that? a package! it's a swiffer wetjet. it almost feels like it's moving itself. this is kind of fun. that comes from my floor? eww! this is deep couch sitting. [jerry bell iii] deep couch sitting! happening in just a few minutes, most of the republican candidates make their cases to a key voting block at a key campaign stop in a key early prior primary state. they will attend the faith and family presidential forum at bob jones university in greenville, south carolina. >> bob jones is the christian school that has been a frequent
8:15 am
campaign stop for republican candidates over the years, and allen wilson is joining us now. he's co-moderating the forum that will be starting in about an hour from now. >> is that snow in south carolina? >> yes. >> good afternoon. this is not new hampshire. i am in greenville, south carolina right now. >> no flip-flops today. that's for sure. attorney general, thank you for joining us. what do you want to get from the candidates today? what are you hoping to hear from them? >> well, 40 % of the e electric trat in south carolina is in the upstate, south carolina, and one of the things that often gets overlooked in the campaign is the component on faith. faith has been a very powerful element here in south carolina. last summer in the wake of a horrible and tragic murder at mother emmanuel church, it was faith that brought a community together and brought a nation together when the nine families forgave the murder who murdered their loved ones.
8:16 am
and so faith is a major component of the electorate in south carolina. we want to talk about issues not just about faith-related, but we want to give a platform to the candidates to talk about their faith and what it means for them as they run for president of the united states. >> it seems faith has been a big part of this campaign. we saw it in iowa. ted cruz bringing out all sorts of people on his behalf. now we're seeing it in south carolina. drurch put out a tweet that said how can cruz be an evangelical christian when he lies so much and is so dishonest. how do you think that plays? >> you know, what we're focusing on right now is giving the candidates a platform to talk directly to the voters here in south carolina and how the candidates talk to one another. i'll leave that to them. right now we want to create an atmosphere will people can come in firsthand, not in 60 second or 90 second clips like in the debates. but in long, drawnout or i
8:17 am
should say, longer answers to questions that people really want to know where the candidates stand on some of the issue. we're going to be talking about their views on what kind of judges they would want to see on the supreme court. what are their views on the world of federal government as it relates to the states? the reviews on the environment? the reviews on law enforcement and the military, veterans affairs. views on the family and their faith. obviously as i just talked about. the people are here to hear from the candidates, not to hear the candidates talk to each other but the to hear the candidates talk to them. >> in your state, there's been a flood of endorsements recently for candidates, from elected officials in your state. you have not endorsed yet. will you be endorsing a candidate? >> well, right now i have a forum today, and then i have a forum next week dm which i will be in south carolina. my role in this electoral process is to premaremain neutr the visit accidents ccitizens c
8:18 am
candidates. as for right now, my role is to be a guy in the black and white striped jersey, not a player on the field. i'm going to continue to help every candidate who wants to talk to the state convey their message. >> when you make that decision, call us and tell us first. we would appreciate it. we were checking your record. four years ago she endorsed john huntsman for president out united states. is that correct? >> that is correct. >> well, the reason i'm asking -- >> yes. >> let me ask about the john huntsman thing. he was seen largely as the middle of the road candidate in the republican field. a guy not unlike john kasich this time around. they share a lot of the same campaign staff. people have said john kasich can't compete in north carolina. do you think that's a fair assessment? do you think john kasich can
8:19 am
compete in your state? >> i'm not prepared to call this. every prediction i've made has been wrong. south carolina has its own mind. the citizens will make a decision, and i can't tell you which way i think it's going to go. i think every candidate has a shot to make a huge impact on the election. anything i that say will probably be proven wrong in the long run. i think they all have a legitimate shot. >> that is the 2016 campaign. >> mr. attorney general, we appreciate it very much. go back inside. i hope you're not wearing shorts today, sir. thank you. >> thank you so much. bye bye. >> all right. bye bye, now. coming up for us, marco rubio has one less attack ad to deal with today after the ted cruz campaign pulled this commercial from the air waves. a commercial from the air waves. what is so controversial about it? not the message but the messenger. how a important star made it into a cruz campaign ad.
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so, friends, file this one under the holy you know what column? the cruz campaign pulling an attack ad against this one, against rubio because it was revealed that one of the actors in the ad has already played roles in soft core important movies in the past. >> now adding to the repertory,
8:25 am
the road to the white house 2016. we want to bring in brian stelter. somehow this is also your beat. >> of course it is. >> i didn't know. >> so revealing. >> i've learned a lot in the past couple of hours. i reached out to the reporter to broke this story. i wonder if this is the first dirty trick to the south carolina primary season. maybe one of the other campaigns noticed this or maybe it was a researcher who spotted this in the commercial and recognize third down actress. she is speaking out now on twitter and said she's disappointed by the cruz campaign decision to replace the ad with a different one. her quote was extremely disappointed that cruz pulled the campaign spot that i was in. the hashing to was my vote counts. she also said more to come. she told buzz feed she was deciding between cruz and donald trump. she wasn't sure who she was going to vote for. maybe this will tip her toward the trump campaign.
8:26 am
>> she said she showed up for a casting call. she got cast in the ad. the cruz campaign, the reason this matters to them, they're running on social values. reaching out to evangelical voter. >> i wonder if they needed to pull it. account cruz campaign be held accountable? >> you have to wonder how widely would it have spread if they wouldn't have pulled the ad? >> i can answer that. a lot. and we would have been talking about it more. >> they're blaming the third party firm that didn't do the research into the background of this woman. she's appeared in nonimporta nonpornographic films as well. you can understand why they backed away. >> i'd like to know if any other campaigns bring it up. >> let us see. >> thank you for being us. >> thank you so much, brian. get back to your day job. >> exactly. donald trump is also pulling one of his campaign ads.
8:27 am
f for a completely different reason. the ad is too negative. they're replacing the attack ad on cruz with a spot that for the first time focuses on the positive. >> but last night in louisiana, while donald trump promised to cut the vulgar thety, the hits on bush and cruz kept coming. joining us to discuss is sam clois. great to see you. >> great to see you guys in person. >> live and in person. the cruz campaign has a bit of a importa porn problem today. >> can't make it up. >> did anyone in the trump campaign, were they researchers any actor's past gigs? >> nobody in our campaign would have been able to identify her for anything she appeared in. >> are you looking at the actors in your ads now too?
8:28 am
>> you bet. >> look, you were over there laughing during the whole segment. >> i'm sorry. i couldn't help myself. >> it's okay. >> this is one of the things that happens in campaigns. they pulled the ad. it's over, but it is a moment to be sure. back to south carolina and what's going on down there right now. south carolina is getting a big visitor monday night. george w. bush going down to south carolina is popular there. and he's going to campaign with his brother, jeb bush. donald trump, though, has not pulled his punches, despite the fact that george w. bush is popular there. let's listen to what he said. >> i see he's bringing his brother in now. he tried the mother who is a nice lady. he tried the mother. that didn't work out so good. >> ooas you said, he's popular south carolina. do you think -- will we see more of donald trump going after bush in south carolina?
8:29 am
>> i don't think george bush is on the ticket. jeb bush is trying to get on the ticket. you have to take a look at the bush campaign and the candidate. if the candidate is not doing well and not performing well, then i think that's the real issue. you can brick in whoever you want. and it's not going to help. >> it seemed like donald trump was foreshadowing last night that the hits were coming for george w. bush. he started there and said i'm going to hold that because i'm going to have more to say about that come next week. but let's be honest. if donald trump had a brother who was forerly a president and had high popularity in a state, he'd be carting him out there. >> i'm sure that's true. the family brought forward in the campaign has been mrs. trump and the children and their spouses. and they've done an incredibly effective job. i think this is the christmas card everybody wants to see is
8:30 am
the trump family in the white house. >> i want to ask you about something rubio has been saying. he finished fifth in new hampshire. going to south carolina. >> i'll try to stifle amy laughter going forward. >> rubio is talking about all the accounted candidates, but also donald trump. >> donald trump has zero foreign policy experience. negotiating a hotel deal in a foreign country is not foreign policy experience. >> i think he thinks a lot about it. it's like an academic thinks about it without walking the ground someplace. you really don't have any experience. and i think if you go over and try to do business in foreign countries, and i've done that, i think you learn a lot about what's going on in those countries. you have to learn the culture and what's inside of the things. you can't get started in business in a lot of areas unless you're aware of what's
8:31 am
going on. i think you have incites as a business person that you wouldn't get sitting in a committee room in the senate. >> real quick, you think donald trump has more foreign policy chops than rubio? >> i do. i think you can read a briefing book and get smart on what's in a book, and i think you can go out there and articulate that and senator rubio is very good at that, but i don't think that gives you credibility in that area, necessarily. >> you said we were talking about rubio. a debate performance in new hampshire, and you said it's another thing you can't help laughing about. >> right. >> what do you mean? >> i don't know about the debate performance. i think that speaks for itself. that was new hampshire. we have another debate tomorrow night. we'll have to see how things play out there. what i do think is interesting is the criticism coming from rubio to trump talking about this particular area of foreign policy. i think if you've walked the ground and you've done business in foreign countries, you know where are about what's going on
8:32 am
than somebody who sat in a committee room. >> we know how donald trump feels about rubio. we know how rubio feels like bush and cruz. kasich placed second in new hampshire. what does donald trump think of john kasich? >> i think it would be an interesting conversation to have. i honestly don't know what mr. trump thinks of governor kasich. i think that governor kasich was i think a very -- did a great job in new hampshire, and he gleaned a benefit of over 100 town hall meetings. i think that we were able to come up there with our -- and put together the nonexistent ground game that turned out a 20-point win for us almost. and so i think that from that perspective, i think governor kasich should be applauded for that. i think he's probably run out of room. i don't think that his politics and his particular view of conser conservetism is going to play
8:33 am
well in the south. i think these are the issues that he's up against, and so i think for us, we play golf. we play the course. we're going to go out there and make the score. we'll let everybody else chase us into the clubhouse. >> i think jeb bush is speaking in south carolina right now at an event. let's listen. >> i was all in, man. you can't be passive when something like that happens. you never heard governor bush or governor riley blame fema. you never heard me be critical of washington d.c. you never heard anybody say the dog ate my homework in florida. if anybody on my team started saying it wasn't my fault, i politely sent them over into the corner and said either stop or you're going to be fired. because the first day in office as president of the united states, here's my pledge to you. unlike my sprepredecessor who w
8:34 am
always critical of his predecessor. i will accept personal responsibility as president of the united states, and my team will do the same, and we'll begin to solve problems rather than blaming others that they're not getting solved. >> there's jeb bush. he also said about donald trump, you can't learn something if all you do is talk. it's interesting to hear from jeb bush. he says he's not going to blame other people when he gets into office. it's his office. he's going to take it. you hear donald trump blaming a lo lot of people. that's his angle. at one point he even blamed iowans because he wasn't even leading. >> i was there, and i heard the speech. and i think that's taking it a little bit out of context. i don't want to argue the point, but i think one of the things we've raised in the campaign is the fact that we have, for 30 years, been given a bill of goods by both parties. doesn't matter who is in the white house. it doesn't seem to matter who
8:35 am
has control of kocongress, that they continue to tell us to go to the corner and they'll take care of it. if they are going to take care of it, they had the opportunity in 1994 and 2000 and 2006. they've had these opportunities, and they have failed us at every turn. in fact, they've lied to us. i think the congress and the establishment of both parties ought to be ashamed of themselves for the fact that they come out and bring out bro mie mieds to talk about how they want to take care of us, and at the same time they keep the power elites and the donor class -- >> are did george w. bush lie to you? >> i think there were moments in his presidency -- i have great doubt about what was going on. i've been a republican my whole life and i supported him. i voted for him twice. >> about what? >> i think about what happened
8:36 am
in iraq and great doubt about what happened in zbaafghanistan. my son was there eight times. i saw the personal impact this had. i've seen the impact on our soldiers and marines that have come home from those areas, and i see the amount of treasure and blood we invested and to what end? the stability of the middle east right now is unbelievably unstable, unbelievably fragile, and yet we have put incredible doubt in the face of our allies and our friends over there. the gulf nations, israel, jordan, egypt. they don't know if we're coming or going. we can put it on both parties. you can sit here and yell at barack obama and blame him for all of this, but, in fact, this p p p p precedes him. the stability and the instability that we have in the middle east, there's a legacy there, and what we're trying to
8:37 am
do is we're trying to figure out a way to go forward and to go in and create stability in the world. the best way to do it is to start with a strong economy in the united states and go from there if the united states is leading economically, and take a look at the stock market around the world. if we're leading economically, we're in a better position to lead everyone in the world. >> thank you for coming up. >> thank you for having me. it's great to be on in person. i can't tell you what an nonor the -- an honor it is. >> it has been nearly four minutes since we last discussed the ted cruz porn controversy. have there been any new developments, that and the one thing rubio needs to do on saturday. the future belongs to the fast.
8:38 am
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all right. tomorrow night in south carolina, the republican candidates candebate. it could be a doozy. cruz going after trump. trump firing right back at cruz calling him a liar, crazy, and dishonest. >> let's bring in s.e. cup and margaret hoover. margaret, ted cruz has a problem right now with this ad with this porn actress -- performer. let's broaden it out. beyond that, he has other things going on that have seriously entertaining ads. he has a new one out, an office space ad hitting hillary clinton. he has the donald trump action figure ad when they talk about immine imminent domain. he's setting himself apart in many ways with regard to the
8:43 am
ads. do you think this works? >> it certainly works in terms of earned media. we are talking about it. the story behind the story here is not just that ted cruz has good ads but ted cruz has put more money and more effort into building this huge operation, this really of operatives. he has more money invested in data and digital and all the field oermss. he has 10,000 volunteers in south carolina. he is running the kind of campaign republicans have been saying we have to do that obama did in 2012 and 2008. finally we have the kind of expertise in data digital computer microtargeting that the obama campaign was legendary for. >> cruz knows his message and the plan. that's what it seemed like in iowa and south carolina. am i wrong? >> i think that's right. anyone looking at cruz's campaign thus far would have to
8:44 am
acknowledge how organized and deliberate and smart it is. i mean, remember, he was really the only candidate to navigate the early trump waters, and survive and not get dinged along the way. he's run a smart campaign. the problem for cruz is that he has, i think, limited support. he has evangelicals and far right conservatives. moderates in the party don't really like him. he's got zero appeal, i think, with independents. so he's running a great ground game as opposed to some other candidates who are clearly winging it -- ben carsen -- i'm not sure it's going to be ultimately enough to make him electable. either in a primary or a general. >> and even before that, another republican debate. that is tomorrow. this will be the first debate since new hampshire. all eyes you can assume will in some part be on rubio after his tumble, should we say, following
8:45 am
that big debate. what is the bar for marco rubio, margaret? what does he need to do here? >> i don't know, kate, if there's much that marco rubio can do anymore. the portion of the electorate that is going to turn out for the south carolina primary that would be open to a marco rubio or a jeb bush is about 27%. i mean, 65% of the gop primary electorate in south carolina are evangelica evangelicals. it's really a trump versus cruz game. they're fighting over one-third of the electorate, and then they're going to the south. honestly, rubio and cruz are going to become an askterisk. >> give me the debate previews. who else may rise to the top? >> i think you're going to see one interesting contest between cruz and trump and the other between rubio and jeb, both in
8:46 am
the debate and in the primary there, the primary there next week. marco rubio is a great debater. marco rubio is playing as the candidate who can win, and among voters who prioritize a candidate who can win, he leads. for other voters who don't care about winning, that's a fun vanity project, but a lot of conservatives and republicans are thinking act who can be the best contrast with clinton. all marco rubio has to do at the debate is highlight the other candidate's weaknesses in going against clinton on all kinds of issues. i think he can reemerge, again, as the sane, you know, youthful, energetic, promising future of the party, winnable candidate of the republican party. >> and the best news for him is chris christie is watching from home. >> that's right. and this is a high likelihood of getting nasty on the stage.
8:47 am
i'm interested to see if john kasich can remain positive. thank you guys so much. coming up for us, south carolina make or break for the gop candidates. details on why many of the gop elite are having a hard time picking a side. we'll be right back. plans. trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪ aren't moving in the right direction,bers it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. discover once-daily invokana®. with over 6 million prescriptions and counting, it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c.
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so on president's day, which is monday, three teams of cnn anchors go head to head, testing their knowledge on all things presidential from debates to running mates. >> it's the cnn quiz show, raise to the white house edition. here's a look at how the teams match up. >> it's a big election year and this is the race everybody's watching. >> ask not what your quiz show will do for you. >> jake tapper. >> john quincy adams. >> that's right. >> i'm undefeated.
8:52 am
>> he basically dropped the mike, walked off and never came back. >> seriously, tapper. seriously. >> kate bolduan is experienced on this. she knows what to expect. >> oh dear god, you're starting like that? >> john berman is a three time winner, a jeopardy champion. he's going to be tough to beat. >> we are the outsiders. >> first time player. >> john king has been on the magic wall, but is he good at a game show? >> it's still anybody's game. >> yeah. you may have noticed. we're in the quiz show too. >> root for us, please. we need your support. >> big questions like who decided the 1824 election? >> henry clay. >> who said where's the beef? >> walter monodale. >> the editor of the national telegraph. >> whose last name was not green.
8:53 am
>> it was breen. >> thank you very much. enough said. fun one, guys. please join us so you can see it. back to politics. just eight days out now from the south carolina republican primary. and among the high profile leaders in the state, there's no consensus of which candidate to endorse. senator lindsey graham left the race and backed jeb bush. donald trump picked up the backing of the state's lieutenant governor. >> let us talk to south carolina congressman mark sanford, the former governor of the state as well. thank you so much for being with us. i want to talk about donald trump. the most recent poll has him up by 16 points. i wonder if you can explain where his support is coming from in your state. >> it's widespread. oddly enough, his strongest concentration of supporters in the upstate and the so-called
8:54 am
bible belt, i would argue, though it's not as much because of faith or religion but because of economic populism. those little towns are really what was once the textile belt of our state. and some people have gotten new jobs in high end manufacturing, but some people have been left behind as a consequence. i think there's been particular fuel for his candidacy from that region. >> you talk about the bible belt. who can win the evangelical vote is a big question. donald trump today is slamming ted cruz, calling him a liar, saying you can't really win evangelicals being that way. what do you make of it? >> i make of it the obvious, which is the elbows are going to get really sharp between here and next saturday. i think the debate on saturday will be a decisive inflection point in terms of the campaign. south carolina has a history of very hard hits when it comes
8:55 am
down to the wire. there aren't enough tickets out of south carolina. some people are going to get knocked out and you're going to see elbows fly. >> congressman, you have not endorsed a candidate yet. i think i read this morning that you didn't think it was likely that you would endorse donald trump. can you explain why? >> i will support the eventually nominee. i think that's the starting point. i think he's said some things that are different, if you want to call it that. and that's being kind. and so that gives me pause. i'm going to listen openly in the debate, though. i'm going to make my deliberations over the next week and cast my vote with everybody else come next saturday. >> great to have you here with us. i remember being in south carolina in 2000 when you were endorsing john mccain, talking about the sharp elbows right there. that was tough race and you were right in the middle of it. moments from now m of the republicans candidates will be
8:56 am
getting personal and talking about what the congressman is talking about right there, their faith. they speak to evangelicals in south carolina. will the message stay positive? that's next. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. then you might beformance laptogearcentric.e bff? right now, all pcs and printers are on sale! like this hp laptop for just $199.99! office depot officemax. gear up for great®. (two text tones) now? (text tone) excuse me. (phone tone) again? be right back. always running to the bathroom because your bladder is calling the shots? (text tone) you may have oab. enough of this. we're going to the doctor.
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