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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 12, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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wolf is back on monday. for our international viewers, "amanpour" is next. for viewers in north america, "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. top of the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. here we go to the race for the next president. the current president was at center stage at the democratic debate between sanders and clinton. coming off her thumping, we'll call it, in new hampshire earlier this week. clinton used barack obama to boost her first prime-time shot at a comeback. >> i think president obama has set a great example. i think he has addressed a lot of these issues that have been quite difficult. but he has gone forward. president obama succeeded in doing was to build on the health care system we have. i think under president obama, we have seen a lot of advances.
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i understand what president obama inherited. so i think what president obama did was to exemplify the importance of this issue as our first african-american president. the fact is there was a great effort made by the obama administration. let's not in anyway imply here that either president obama or myself would in anyway not take on any vested interest. >> no doubt she was looking to make points in south carolina, where 28% of registered voters are african-american. checking a gallup poll taken last week found the president's approval rating among african-americans is a whopping 92%. the democratic primary in the palmetto state is all of 15 days away. as for bernie sanders and his counter, he embraced the president as well, after pointing out that questioning authority is part of what he does. >> last i heard, we lived in a
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democratic society. last i heard, united states senator had the right to disagree with the president, including a president who has done such an extraordinary job. so i have voiced criticisms. maybe you haven't. i have. >> let's begin the hour with cnn politics senior reporter steven colinson. we pointed out some of the moments there. how do you think hillary clinton did? >> i think she had a good debate, given the last time we saw her publicly was after the new hampshire primary when she was given a speech that was encapsulating her own defeat to sanders. i think it was a good night for hillary clinton in that sense. i think we saw what is going to be a war of attrition between clinton and sanders. no real attempt by the former secretary of state to land a knockout punch. she did land some telling blows on bernie sanders and began to make this narrative clear she is
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the, you know, favored successor to barack obama. clearly, as you said, she was having one eye on the south carolina primary. barack obama is very popular in south carolina among african-american voters but also among democrats generally. and there's no real appetite in this democratic primary for voters to see their candidates taking shots at the president. so i think she had a good night but it was -- it showed us how the race has changed since iowa and new hampshire. we're in for a long haul i think, brooke. >> you mentioned president obama. i want to get the bernie sanders side of things and raise a pervasive issue here. here is senator sanders from last night. >> sadly in america today in our economy a whole lot of those poor people are african-american. >> so race relations would be better under a sanders presidency than they've been. >> absolutely. instead of giving tax breaks to billionaires, we are going to
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create millions of jobs for low-income kids so they're not hanging out on street corners. we're going to make sure those kids stay in school or are able to get a college education. >> here's one more piece of sound, steven. this is more on bernie sanders tone. >> i think once i'm in the white house we will have enough political capital to be able to do that, but i am conscious of the fact we also have to be very clear, especially with young people, about what kind of government is going to do what for them and what it will cost. >> senator. >> well, secretary clinton, you're not in the white house yet. >> was he too aggressive there? >> yes, that was kind of line maybe think twice, you know, when i heard it. it was perhaps a new side of bernie sanders we haven't really seen. in the previous debate last week before new hampshire, there were some pretty bitter exchanges
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between them. but that exchange is one that was initiated by senator sanders. it didn't seem to be responding to a particular attack by hillary clinton. we saw back in 2008 there were several occasions where president obama sort of struck the wrong note in a debate against hillary clinton and got himself in a little bit of trouble for that and in some ways perhaps prolonged the race and gave her a little bit of extra strength. i think it's maybe a sign that bernie sanders now feels after winning new hampshire by such a wide margin that he's on an equal stage with hillary clinton in this race and doesn't perhaps feel the need to be so differential as he had been earlier in the campaign. >> steven colinson, thank you. on the intel front, cnn is now learning that u.s. intelligence officials are getting ready to brief these nominees from both political parties on these
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issues. cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr. this is some time in the summer they will be briefed, this is protocol. >> it is protocol. one of the biggest signs in washington behind the scenes that it is election season. here's what's going to happen. once we have the political conventions this summer and there is a nominee from each party, presumably a democrat and a republican at this point, both of those nominees are going to start getting briefings from the intelligence community. it's not going to be the most highly classified information but it will be information not available to the rest of us. and the idea is that the intelligence community has felt for many years, many election cycles, that it's a good idea to brief these candidates so during the fall campaign season, if there is a big world crisis, they're better informed and hopefully they don't say something perhaps inned an verdictantly to destabilize a crisis further. so they will start getting these briefings. it's really interesting this cycle of course. you have candidates who have no
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previous government experience, donald trump. you have marco rubio who's actually a member of the senate intelligence committee and knows a good deal about all of this. secretary clinton, who's been secretary of state. bernie sanders, who's in the senate, gets some briefings already. but what the intelligence community has told me is none of that matters to them. both nominees, democrat and republican, regardless of their knowledge and experience, will get exactly the same information. it will be a level playing field. they will get exactly the same intelligence. once there is a president elect in november, that person is going to get access to the so-called crown jewels. they will very rapidly begin to brief a new president-elect on the nation's most intimate intelligence secrets, brooke. >> commander in chief time. barbara starr, thank you. early ratings indicate millions of people watched that debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders and, as he's done in the past five debates,
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the sixth round, sanders pushed his domestic policies pretty hard. as far as foreign policy is concerned, voters learned what expert sanders would never consult. >> i happen to believe that henry kissinger was one of the most destructive secretaries of state in the modern history of this country. i am proud to say that henry kissinger is not my friend. i will not take advice from henry kissinger. >> i know journalists have asked who you do listen to on foreign policy and we have yet to know who that is. >> well, it ain't henry kissinger, that's for sure. >> with me now, the author of "national insecurity" david rosthcof. hello, welcome back. >> glad to be here. >> i am going to get there with you on who you think should be or could perhaps be advising senator sanders on precisely that point. first, you know, just noting the
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ex-canning and henry kissinger, the fact that, you know, constantly senator sanders comes back to the single issue about economic injustices. how effective that is when you're looking at this from a foreign policy lens? >> well, it's not effective in terms of a foreign policy lens. he's up against somebody who's one of the acknowledged foreign policy experts in the united states. not only was she secretary of state, she was a studious secretary of state. when she sits with other foreign policy experts, thshe tends to know more about these issues than they do. so he's, you know, recognizing that and i think that's why he's going to where he thinks his strengths are. because frankly on the foreign policy he doesn't have a record, he doesn't have many advisers and he doesn't really have a case to make. >> he does keep going back to the iraq war vote of how he argued, polled this, how he argued against the war this is back in 2002. take a listen. >> a growing deficit.
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we should be clear that a war and a long-term american occupation of iraq could be extremely, expensive. i am concerned with the problems of so-called unintended consequences. who will govern? what role will the u.s. play in an ensuing civil role that could develop in that country? >> maybe he needs to beef up his foreign policy chops but he seems pretty spot on there. he was right. >> he was right. most of the foreign policy establishment was wrong. but being right on one vote is not a foreign policy track record and many people who were wrong at the beginning recognized they were wrong and adjusted. in effect, that's a lot of what foreign policy is about. it's about understanding the facts on the ground as they change and adjusting to meet those facts. >> and that's hillary clinton's whole point. about, well, that was then and this is isis in 2016. different war, different issue. is it? >> yes, it's a much, much different issue. it's not just isis, it's isis in
11:11 am
syria, it's isis in iraq, it's what's going on in libya right now. >> it's textured. >> yes and the region is complicated. it is not a time when we really want people to be learning this on the job. we've learned that. we've seen that with other presidents who come in with no foreign policy experiences. 5 out of the last presidents have come in without foreign policy experience and all of them have spent the first couple of years in office scrambling to get up to speed. one of the big questions for voters right now is whether we can afford that kind of on the job training in this kind of environment. >> if you're bernie sanders and you're talking about all this foreign policy and, yes, he's been in congress for a long, long time, but who would be advising him to the point during that exchange we played a moment ago? who would his foreign policy adviser be who would be telling him? >> honestly, i think that's a bit of one of the mysteries of this campaign. because if he had prominent foreign policy advisers, he would be parading them out there right now. i think a lot of the foreign policy community gravitates towards hillary clinton because
11:12 am
they've worked with her in the past in a prior capacity and also because they think she's going to win. and the fact is that it was always thought that he would do better in new hampshire because he's from vermont. i think we're now entering the real phase of this campaign where we'll start see a broader type of state in terms of democrats and political tendencies and the view in many of the foreign policy community is that's going to play to her benefit and they want to be on the winning side. >> david, rothkopf, thank you so much. in this election season, the only thing missing, i can't believe i'm reading this, but it's true, soft core porn. you are about to hear about the actress in this conservative's anonymous circle here in one of his new ads. this happened. plus, 17 years ago, her son opened fire on columbine high school in the school shooting that absolutely shocked the nation. now, for the very first time, she is speaking out about her son. you will hear from her. and just in, as the pope arrives
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you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. a lot of presidential candidates on the republican side today, specifically, they're getting pretty personal. they're talking about how their faith would play in the white house. in a state about to give someone a massive boost. donald trump for example skipping today's forum in south carolina. speaking this afternoon to catholics, jeb bush and marco rubio, along with evangelical christian ted cruz and ben carson, seventh day aventist. at the forum in greenville, south carolina, governor bush speaking now. live pictures. we know that jeb bush decided to give up profanity for lent. he slipped after one day. did he mention that today? >> he didn't, not yet. he's still going inside right now. no mention of what he gave up for lent and how quickly he
11:18 am
flipped on that, as you said. what he's trying to do inside as he speaks before the students here at bob jones is to really present himself as a president that would still bring his faith to the forefront. he was asked point blank what does your faith mean to you and he really made the transition to describe how he would bring his faith into the white house if he goes on to be president. he said, i don't believe you put faith in a locked box when you're in public life. so really trying to present himself as someone who would continue to bring his believe into the white house. he was asked about his definition of religious freedom. he defines it as acting on your faith. doing so in a public sphere. doing so with love and passion. this is a very specific, very tailored pitch he's making today in front of these evangelicals. a big prize, we'll hear pitches
11:19 am
from today, brooke. >> we'll talk about it. thank you, thank you. in second quartouth carolina. as we mentioned at the top of the hour, a soft core porn actress. what's all that about, you asks. excellent question. plus, despite the blunder, the most memorable ads so far. we'll talk about what's effective and what's just not.
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ted cruz forced to quickly pull an attack ad. going to play this for you. you see if you can spot the problem. >> has anyone else here struggled with being lied to? >> well, i voted for a guy who was the tea party hero on the campaign trail, then he went to d.c. and played patty cake with chuck schumer. >> does that make you feel angry? >> makes me feel dumb for trusting him. >> maybe you should vote for just another pretty face next time. >> so this woman here is an actress who appears only for mere seconds in this ad. who is -- this is what's prompted cruz's team to pull the plug on this ad. because actress amy lindsay's appeared in multiple films with titles like "erotic confessions," "carnal wishes." in other words, soft porn films.
11:25 am
so let's bring in branding and media correspondent peter shakeman and republican pollster anna lynn conley. you're not laughing because you recognize her. >> i thought "erotic confessions" had a much better plot. >> i don't think people would recognize her face either. >> it's friday, we're going there. so listen, they yank the ad, honestly though, with that aside, i thought it was a pretty creative crafty ad. >> it was interesting because i saw a -- it had a background that reminded me of frank underwood, of that gritty house of cards-ish look. it was an interesting ad. they just probably should have done better background on who they picked for. >> why would they -- i guess they would have a normal casting call. she's an actress. >> you got to vet. how hard is it to google these people? look at their nape names and st they've done. >> at the superpac, we actually
11:26 am
vet our canvassers. we vet people who come up and say i would like to interview with you. first, you need their permission. but secondly we like to know more about the paperson because you can always have somebody who says, i fooled them, i'll really for bernie sanders. so that slipped through the cracks here i think. i give him a little bit of credit because they could have just left it on the air and said we made a mistake. they paid like $75,000. >> let me play another one. this is we know cruz mocked hillary clinton's scandal. this is mocking "office space." ♪ it feels good to be clinton ♪ damn it feels good to be a clinton ♪ ♪ a shameless politician always plays her cards right ♪ ♪ got a crew for the fight on the air waves ♪ ♪ left dogs in the press keep their mouths tight ♪ ♪ because if clinton ever needs
11:27 am
to explain ♪ ♪ why is it what they've done or with whom ♪ ♪ a real clinton knows they're entitled ♪ ♪ and you don't get to know what they do ♪ >> what difference does it make? ♪ clinton >> this isn't the first time they've really sort of jumped in on pop culture. the action figure ad, the shark ad. so -- >> lawyers crossing the border in their suits. >> obviously, he's trying to grab a younger demographic here. >> you must use humor in ads like this. there's a dark spoony ad where you try to portray your opponents as scary to the electorate. and then there are ads where you use your opponent in their own words in the entire thing so they can't say, oh, it was a negative ad. but this is an attempt at humor. i think it's smart for cruz to take on hillary clinton at this point because then he is saying you can picture me against her in the general election. and i think using humor against
11:28 am
her at a time when she's really struggling within the democratic and primary caucus electorate. >> quickly. >> really fast, watch that ad again with your eyes closed and hear how the white guys are trying hard to sound like black rappers. i like the concept but they tried too hard. >> it's a flattering portrayal of hillary. she looked very strong, very tough. >> you think? >> yes. >> donald trump. we know we talked about how he was yanking an ad that would have gone negative on cruz. his campaign manager said positive ads worked well for us in new hampshire. so here you go. >> i came to hear donald trump's business plan for america. >> it's really cool to hear him speak the truth. >> tells it like it is. >> make america great. >> as a guy who is -- trump is speaking the truth. >> we have a country that we're proud of and that we love and that we're not going to lose. there is an assault on everything that we stand for and
11:29 am
we're going to stop the assault. we will make america great again. i'm donald trump and i approve this message. >> so it's a positive ad. it's trying to elicit goose pumps. juxtapose that with, you know, what he was calling ted cruz today again on twitter, a loser and -- >> very vulgar recently on the campaign trail so he doesn't need negative ads, he can be negative on the podium. there are websites that are calling that ad to task, the ad about ted cruz, that it was rife with inaccuracies. before we hand out the magnanimous man of the year award, it was also being called out for not being completely accurate. these kinds of positive ads work. >> the first four images you see in that ad, four different races. a lot of the people who support trump, like the knneo-nazi part.
11:30 am
let's show people who are being kicked and knocked to the ground saying, you know, vote for trump. >> didn't work for you. >> bottom line, isn't it about feeling whether it makes you sad, makes you happy? >> if trump wants to own trump, he's not a nice guy. don't be a nice guy. don't fade back on that because that makes you weak. >> we will have more to discuss in the coming months. meantime, let's talk about the pope today, shall we. moments ago, pope francis, here he was, touching down on this historic trip to flores, she's the plane with the pope. and the warning about possible security threats. what's that about?
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pope francis just touched down in havana, cuba. he is embarking on this six-day tour. there are new security concerns from u.s. intelligence officials about the pontiff's visit. a joint report from the fbi and department of homeland security indicates there will be heightened concern right along the u.s./mexican border. officials fear the potential for, quote, lone offenders and violent extremists targeting large crowds at events. rosa flores was on the papal plane. she joins me now on the phone. can you tell me, did you have any interactions with him? tell me more on substance. >> the trip was very long, 13
11:36 am
hours just about. pope francis was in the back of the plane. he spoke to journalists briefly. he actually talked about mexico. he said, you know, in mexico, they still believe in our lady of guadalupe. that was a really good moment. he delivered some letters that children wrote to the pope. he really just lit up. he actually said, you know, i'm about to publish a book, a children's book, and it's going to have letters from children. he was excited. and then i couldn't help, i couldn't resist, i got another blessing from pope francis. >> incredible, these moments you're having in just this short
11:37 am
bit of time you've been covering the pope for us. we'll be following the journey of course. thank you so much for calling from cuba. we reported the deaths of five police officers. so let me just take a moment to highlight stories of first responders truly going beyond the call of duty. police in san bernardino led this al out pursuit to track down the terrorists. a police sergeant who had never fired his weapon before. cnn's kyung lah spoke with the officer about that very day. [ sirens ] >> you can see officers with guns here. >> i saw the muzzle flashes and i thought, you know, they're shooting at me. >> reporter: four hours after the terror attack, police sergeant andy capps was the lead patrol car in the shootout with the attackers. sergeant capps had spent most of his day chasing down false leads until an undercover officer
11:38 am
waved in capps car. >> i saw them put on what i believed to be ballistic or bullet proof vests. they started shooting. the back window of their vehicle just shatter. >> reporter: caps suv just feet away from the isis sim pa theaters. >> i grabbed the rifle, just kind of scrambled to the back of the car. >> reporter: capps crouched at the corner of his suv as other officers ran up. 24 years a cop, capps had never shot his weapon on the job before. no fear. >> no fear. >> reporter: even as farouk got out of his suv firing. >> a very graphic firefight here. >> somebody yelled, officer down. >> reporter: san bernardino police officer took a bullet to the leg.
11:39 am
>> i've seen footage from the helicopters of those officers running up to my vehicle with bullets flying by them, running up, unbelievable. >> reporter: the two terrorists who murdered innocent people in san bernardino died in the five-minute shootout. when it was over, capps realized no cop died that day. tell me about the text you got on your phone. >> this is hard to talk about. that's when i realized how badly that could have ended for me and for my family. for all these other people and their families. >> reporter: was the risk worth it, your personal risk? >> without a doubt. >> reporter: would you do it again? >> in a heartbeat. hopefully i won't have to. >> reporter: kyung lah, cnn, redlands, california. >> kyung and sergeant, thank you both. next the mother of columbine
11:40 am
shooter dylan klebold speaking out for the first time since those deadly shootings. you will not only hear from her but my next guest is a mother as well. she is all too familiar with that feeling as her son was also responsible for a mass shooting. do not miss this discussion. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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17 years ago, two students opened fire in the cafeteria of columbine high school killing 13 people. 17 years ago, those students turned the weapons on themselves, ending the massacre in a double murder suicide. 17 years ago, sue klebold picked up the phone to discover one of those students was her son. tonight, this mother was break her silence of the guilt, the grief, the blame and reckoning she has felt since that violent day in our country's history of school shootings. >> i just remember sitting there and reading about them. all the kids and the teacher.
11:45 am
i've been thinking, constantly thought, how i would feel if it was the other way around, one of their children had shot mine. i would feel exactly the way i did. i know i would. >> most of us will never comprehend what it is like to have a child commit murder. but unfortunately, sue klebold is not alone. want to bring in terry roberts it on october 2, 2006, her son could committed the unspeakable act. walked into the classroom of an amish school near his home in pennsylvania, shooting ten girls. five of them died. before he turned the gun on himself. so terry, i just wanted to thank you so much for being here to share your story. >> thank you for having me, brooke. >> i personally cover -- that was the first mass shooting i ever recovered.
11:46 am
i was a reporter in d.c. and got the call to drive to pennsylvania. i want to begin with your story. you write in your memoir, forgiven, that at the time of the shooting, you were eating lunch with your best friend and then, you know, sirens and helicopters sounded off in the distance. ur walking home from work when this call came. how did you find out what your son did? >> he just said i needed to come right away. that was all that was said in the conversation. just this feeling of forebodden hit me. in the drive to my son's home, i listened to the news reporter and he had said there had been a local shooting at a local amish school and lives have been taken. and then the incorrect name was given for the perpetrator so my immediate thought was, oh, my, charlie parks his milk tanker truck right by the school and what if he was helping with the
11:47 am
rescue, what if he was killed, and so when i pulled into my son's driveway that day, the trooper and my husband were standing right before me. and i asked the trooper, is my son alive? no, ma'am. i looked at my husband. with these dark eyes he said it was charlie, he killed those girls. there was nothing in my history that could have prepared me for those words that day. as i was just devastated and i remember falling to the ground in my son's yard feeling like everything inside of me would be expelled. it was a total out of body experience. >> we just -- we so rarely get to hear from people like you. please continue. the mother's perspective. go ahead. >> within that first day, as devastating as it was and in those first moments, like, my mouth just heaved dry. i just kept asking for glasses
11:48 am
water and the state trooper kept bringing me more glasses of water but nothing could quench my thirst. then as we did end up going home, our home was filled that day with people coming to comfort us and console us and in that first day, two people came into our home that actually brought some light into our lives on such a deep dark day. and -- did you want me to share the story about henry and how he ministered to my husband that day, the amishman? >> please, sure, sure. >> okay. well, henry was our amish neighbor. my husband had retired from the police force. a little over a year prior to this happening. and so in his retirement, he chose to be an amish taxi driver. that's someone who takes the amish where they need to go further than a horse and buggy will take them. so my husband had driven for henry. so late that afternoon, henry
11:49 am
knocked on our door. he walked past the media trucks, which was hard for him to do, but he knocked on our door and he went over to my husband and all day, my husband had not s p stopped -- the tears had not stopped flowing from his eyes and he kept -- he used a dish towel to keep wiping the tears away and had done so so frequently he actually wore the skin from his forehead. so he sat at the breakfast bar with his head hung low as he had all day. just kept recounting -- when henry came over to him, henry started massaging his shoulders and saying, roberts, we love you. and henry had relatives in the school house that day. so he kept massaging his shoulders saying, roberts, we love you, we don't hold anything against you. and those were the words that i could hear as i was standing at a distance. >> that's what's so different -- forgive me, terry, but that's what's so different about your story, right, and i remember talking to some members the
11:50 am
amish community at the time and that's what's so different, this power of forgiveness. that was so extraordinarily unique. here's my other question because it's so rare to get to talk to moms like you, but we covered so many of these school shootings and, you know, we talked to folks who lost loved ones and they say, brooke, i never want you to say this killer's name ever, ever again. there's entire movements, no notoriety. i'm curious from a mother's perspective, there are people who never want me to say your son's name again. how does that make you feel? >> well, the man who committed this crime wasn't the man that we knew, you know, it wasn't -- he was the son that i nurtured, that i raised. what happened on that day was so foreign to the man that we knew. and he will always be my son. as i just heard those comments from miss klebold that you can understand how other people have those feelings.
11:51 am
and it hurts. but you can -- i mean, you can feel the pain and the anguish because of what we've been through. you know that the gut-wrenching pain people receive. so you can understand their feelings. unless you've gone through it, you can't really describe it or really truly understand it, but the fact that other people wished that my son had never been born, you know, it's -- he was my child and honestly we did not receive a lot of the hate that these other parents had. we were spared that in those first weeks and months. >> terry roberts, as we cover these shootings, we should be mindful of all families involved including the parents of those who commit these unspeakable crimes. terry, thank you so much for the
11:52 am
time. >> thank you. coming up next, we have some breaking news here on the machete attack inside a restaurant in ohio. what we are now learning. who carried out this attack. investigators are hunting down a motive. stand by for that. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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this raging debate over beyonce's latest single has taken form. after beyonce's super bowl sunday halftime performance. they either love or hate the perceived message behind her new song "formation." ♪ play play or you get eliminated ♪ ♪ okay ladies now let's get in formation ♪ ♪ i say okay ladies now let's get in formation ♪ ♪ you know you cause all this
11:57 am
conversation ♪ ♪ always stay gracious best revenge is your paper ♪ >> here's why this is still so newsworthy. it's because more than a, you know, what more than a week after she performed there, there is this anti-by yancy beyonce p planned outside the nfl headquarters. let me bring in the technology reporter and columnist for "new york times" who covered digital culture, and she said this about beyonce's new signal, quote, she wants us to know more than ever that she's still grounded. even she's headlining a mainstream event like the super bowl, she has opinions and isn't afraid to share them. jenna, i love the conversation you had a couple of days ago with your colleagues at the "times." what do you make of all this, folks saying she's anti-police? >> you know, i think that people are upset about the imagery in
11:58 am
this video. it's shocking. it's really kind of alarming. it harkens back to a time ten years ago when there were these images of people who had been harmed in hurricane katrina and it's upsetting, but i do think however that the critiques are a little misplaced. i think people are upset at what she's calling out. i think people are unsettled by her message and not necessarily the point of the song. >> i think it is entirely powerful. i want you to tell me what you make of it all, the message. by the way, let me say this, you quote flowers and a nice note for her, so hello, that's not nothing. >> yes, no, that was a nice gesture. >> what spoke to you so profoundly? >> the video -- it's called "formation," right, beyonce's made this video about how she feels she was formed, the forces in america and her history as a black woman that shaped who she is today. that means in 2016 that deals with a lot of state violence and police brutality and social
11:59 am
injustice and that's what the song is about. i think people are really unsettled by someone as big as beyonce using a platform like the super bowl to address it but that's well within her right as a megastar, as an activist and as a performer. >> there was so much in the video but i think the point where you see this little boy in the black hoody, you know, dancing in front of that line of police officers and the graffitied on the wall, stop shooting us. had she ever taken her message this far, putting it out there like this before on social issues? >> i mean, i think beyonce's always been political. she talks about independence and su self-sufficiency. i don't think any of her fans have seen her so politically relevant. that scene with that little boy is heartbreaking. because this is a music video but that's always reality. also our life. in the real world, that little boy has often ended up dead.
12:00 pm
that's the reality that beyonce's confronting and that's what she's dealing with and that's what people are upset about. whether or not they agree with it is another question. the critiques about the video are misplaced. we should be placing that anger towards a system who lets people who are unarmed and often, you know, not doing anything wrong get injured and killed, rather than the singer who's trying to bring our attention to it. >> what's our last line about people getting -- the conversation she started it and good on her. >> she always starts the conversation. >> thank you very much. she knows how to do it. jenna, thank you. see you next time. >> thanks, brooke. top of the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. this breaking news here out of columbus, ohio. police there have identified a man allegedly involved in a brutal machete attack inside of a deli there. to our justice correspondent evan perez who's been working this. what the heck happened? >> brooke, this man, according
12:01 pm
to police and witnesses at this restaurant in columbus walked in and simply started slashing some diners sitting right there by the door. he attacked them with a machete. they've now identified him this afternoon as mohammed barry. he is 30 years old. and the fbi has now joined the investigations because we're told there are now indications this may be -- that there may be terrorism may be the motive for this attack. the columbus police addressed all of this just a little while ago. take a listen. >> in this investigation, we're looking at three different avenues. the felonious assault that happened at the restaurant, the police involved shooting that happened and the federal investigation of the suspect and his possible motivations. >> it's obviously one individual so that's what we base our information off of. so start from the beginning, bring everybody that you have right from the get go.
12:02 pm
that way you're not working backwards. >> brooke, we're told by sources there are no conclusions yet on any terrorism angle, there's no indication of any direction from isis, but obviously this is something they're going to look at his background, they're going to look at his computers, at his travel to see whether or not there's any indication of any direction there. this all happened, again, yesterday, at dinnertime. people were in this popular mediterranean restaurant called nazareth and this began around 6:00 p.m. some of the witnesses described this horrific scene where they had to defend themselves by throwing chairs at this guy. listen to one witness as she hid, calling 911 next door. >> 911, where's your emergency? >> north hamilton road. >> the home depot? >> no, we were in nazareth restaurant -- >> what's the address there? >> i don't know, but some guy pulled out a machete and started stabbing people. i ran out with my kids.
12:03 pm
i'm at tim horton's in the bathroom with my two young kids. >> and, brooke, one of the indications right now that -- one of the things the officials are looking at is the fact that this is owned by an israeli man. he is an arab christian. they think that perhaps the attacker thought this was an israeli jewish-owned business. brooke. >> stay on it for us please, sir. evan perez, thank you. now to presidential politics. tomorrow, republican candidates return to the debate stage. for the first time, it will be in south carolina. but forget about any influence and southern hospitality here. the rivalries seem to get nastier, especially between these two front-runners ted cruz and donald trump. case in point, mr. trump, tweeting us today, quote, how can ted cruz be an evangelical christian when he lies so much and is so dishonest? let me bring in senior white house correspondent jim acosta who is following team trump in
12:04 pm
tampa, florida. and in addition to that tweet, jim, trump dished out another twitter attack. what was that? >> that's right, covering donald trump means following him on twitter. i got to tell you, brooke. >> true, true. >> in the last several minutes here, this is one that will have us talking for the rest of afternoon. you know trump has been curious with cruz over the last 24 hours, accusing cruz of doing dishonest push polling in south carolina, which is essentially negative attack telemarketing if you will in south carolina before this primary coming up in eight days. and trump just tweeted that it has to stop or else. he says if ted cruz doesn't clean up his act, stop cheating and doing negative ads, i have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen. this going back to -- we heard a lot about this heading into the iowa caucuses. trump saying ted cruz might not be qualified to be president of
12:05 pm
the united states because he was born in canada and the cruz campaign said time and again legal scholars have settled this, cruz was born to an american mother. so of course he's eligible to be president. it just goes to show you how this was heating up. we knew this was going to happen down in south carolina because it just has a reputation for just, you know, cut throat politics between these did i rent campaigns especially because the stakes are so high at this point between trump and cruz. we were not even in south carolina right now. >> yeah, why is that? where's trump? >> we're in florida just outside of tampa. this is the trump playbook. he's not at the faith and family forum taking place in south carolina this afternoon. instead, he's here in florida. they leapfrog ahead. they go to these states that are down the calendar. sort of start setting the table. he did this last night in louisiana. that's where he vowed he's not going to use any more vulgarities on the campaign trail. and now he's going to be in florida this evening here on the
12:06 pm
campus of the university of south florida. i have to bet good money at this point, brooke, donald trump is going to go after ted cruz big time and talk about this issue of the negative attacks that are going on in south carolina and this threat to sue ted cruz, we'll have to see if it comes to fruition. >> yanking his negative ad about ted cruz, that lasted for a nano second. jim acosta, thank you. i want to jump right on that with chief political analyst gloria borger in new york and cnn political commentator michael smerconnish, on saturday mornings on cnn. if we could throw up the most recent tweet from donald trump talking about what is it, if cruz doesn't clean up his act, i have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen. sue. >> sue. >> don't like what you're doing in this campaign so i think i'm going to sue you. i don't think that works. that may work in real estate to an certain degree but it really doesn't work in political campaigns. this is kind of ridiculous.
12:07 pm
by the way, donald trump saying that he doesn't like negative ads from somebody else is the pot calling the kettle black i think a little bit so doesn't work. doesn't work. >> you jump in. >> it's a good preview i think of what's to come tomorrow night. i've been saying to you all along they're all fighting within their own weight class. cruz and trump tomorrow night. i think ben carson is a nonentity at this stage. along the establishment lane, you're down to three and they will focus their efforts on one another. a stumble by trump doesn't benefit jeb. a stumble by cruz doesn't benefit marco or john kasich. they've got to consolidate within their own grouping. >> you don't want to pull a christie, right? if i'm the other candidates, i'm mindful of that, right? >> absolutely. i agree with michael here. you've got these two debates going on. jeb is very interested now in
12:08 pm
taking down rubio, right. and kasich is there. i'm sure they're going to compete with kasich as well. but kasich is eternally optimistic and positive so it's kind of hard to give him a punch, right, and then you've got the cruz and the trump fight going on, and the hope among the establishment is one of these guys sort of kills the other one, right. >> so what was that about, we were talking yesterday about trump pulling the negative campaign ad against cruz, but then he's tweeting about, you know, he's questioning his faith, by the way, which is extraordinarily significant to me going into south carolina. calling him a loser. >> it's a shock and awe campaign. you remember those expressions. i mean, it's designed i think to constantly keep him off his balance, it's donald trump always being on the attack. it was almost successful in iowa because, you know, trump really was able to regain ground that he had lost. cruz had a head of steam when we were three weeks, four weeks out
12:09 pm
from iowa, and trump came close to knocking him off by relentless attacks. >> you can have both though in political campaigns. >> you can. >> normally, though, trump is doing it sort of in an odd way. normally it's the candidate who stays above the fray. and then you have the pack do the negative advertising and, you know, you're distant from it. with donald trump, it's just the opposite. donald trump is tweeting these threats and this is what it is, it's a threat that i'm going to sue you, and he has a positive ad on the air. so it's kind of the opposite of the way we're used to seeing. >> on the ads, ted cruz, they have a couple new ads from their campaign. here's the one. this is the ode to "office space." ♪ damn it feels good to be clinton ♪ ♪ damn it feeling good to be a clinton ♪ ♪ a shameless politician ♪ always plays her cards right
12:10 pm
♪ left dogs in the press keep the mouths tight ♪ ♪ because if clinton ever needs to explain what why it is what they've done or with who ♪ ♪ a real clinton knows that they're entitled ♪ ♪ and you don't get to know what they do ♪ >> obviously, this is hillary clinton, it's the whole e-mail server bit. do you think he's winning the memorable ad war? >> i think it pops and it stands out. i was in a sports bar in new hampshire on the night of the primary -- >> good for you. >> i didn't spend enough time there. they had flat screens all throughout the bar. to sit there and watch local television was to see commercial after commercial after commercial. that one, we'd stop and we'd watch, wouldn't we? >> so many of these cute funny ads going on that after a while -- >> conservatives anonymous with the porn actress -- >> and the children's ad with the trump doll. >> yes. >> after a while, they kind of cancel each other out to a degree. the voters he's going after are
12:11 pm
very conservative. evangelical voters. >> what about the young people? >> well, it's not cruz's target in south carolina. so i don't know whether they work or not. >> george w. bush. on the trail, i believe monday. what version of 43, the folksy texan? >> i think he's going to try to play the role of party sage and brother. >> does he punch back at donald trump? >> i've got to believe this weekend some bush speech writer is going to come up with a very dismissive but clever line that he will hurl into donald's direction. i think it's wise to trot him out now. wouldn't have been in iowa, not new hampshire. >> why here? >> history with the bush family, it plays very well. i'm sure this is all calibrated that this would be the moment. >> yes, he's very -- overall, bush has a 77% popularity with republicans. but with the veterans community, with the military community, i
12:12 pm
guarantee you, it's higher. he's kind of funny, the way his brother isn't. i think people would like to see them interact and see how that goes. the downside is dynasty, you're reminding everybody you're part of this political dynasty. >> they'll worry about this later. this is a general election. >> for the dems, here's the mash-up if you missed the debate. >> from my perspective, maybe because i understand what president obama inherited. not only the worst financial crisis but the antipathy of the republicans in congress. i don't think he gets the credit he deserves for being a president that got us out of that. sent us into the future. and it is a -- the kind of criticism that we heard from sanders about our president i expect from republicans, i do
12:13 pm
not expect from someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed president obama. >> that is -- madam secretary, that is a low blow. but you know what, last i heard, we lived in a democratic society. last i heard, united states senator had the right to disagree with the president, including a president who has done such an extraordinary job. >> glar ya, you first, what did you think? >> she was hugging president obama as hard as she could last night and i think he had a problem on that front, given the president's popularity in south carolina. bernie sanders problem is when you care for a revolution, you have to say some things you don't like about the person who's running the country. the problem is the person running the country and the dimmic party has the high
12:14 pm
approval rating. it's difficult for him and smart of her to make that point. >> not a pitch i think we would have heard her use in iowa or new hampshire but now given the electorate changing in terms of its complexion, the diversity aspect. she wants everybody to know, i am tethered to this president at this moment. >> and then the general election comes if she's the nominee. >> little different. >> not so much. >> third obama term, oops. >> gloria borger, michael, thank you very much. don't miss him saturday mornings 9:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m. here on cnn. thank you. the republicans left standing set to face off again tomorrow. how will they avoid a moment like marco rubio most recently had? we'll discuss that. also ahead, the men who died during a choke hold by new york police officers in staten island. his daughter is now endorsing bernie sanders with an emotional new video. we will talk to her live. and the crisis in flint. did the tainted water cause women there to have
12:15 pm
miscarriages? a new investigation is under way. we'll be right back.
12:16 pm
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12:19 pm
you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. a lot at stake tomorrow night in south carolina. it is indeed debate night for the republicans still running for president. keep this in mind, south carolina is known for bare knuckled get down and dirty political fighting. so tomorrow night could be a barn burner, to borrow a phrase. already, trump attacking cruz, calling him a liar. cruz has been punching back. marco rubio is hitting hard, both at trump and bush. whatever gloves there were, they're off. joining me, chief political correspondent dana bash and cnn political commentator buck sexton. happy friday you two. dana, let's begin with this trump tweet. we just chatted with jim acosta about it. basically, it's this. this is trump. if ted cruz doesn't clean up his
12:20 pm
act, i have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen. why is he going back to this? >> right, he's going old school. that was like so three weeks ago. if you cape me to me when i was looking down, was just texts to see if the cruz campaign had some reaction. if nothing else, maybe some -- >> a tantrum happening. >> there you go, exactly. i think if you go back to iowa when donald trump started to needle cruz about his citizenship, that was the beginning of the end of their bromance, of their relationship. it didn't do very much for donald trump in iowa, however. remember, ted cruz still won handily the iowa caucuses. so it's unclear kind of where he's going with this in south carolina or maybe it's just that he is really genuinely upset and
12:21 pm
angry about the fact that ted cruz has been hitting donald trump very hard, not just on the stump but with paid advertising now, going after him on that imminent domain issue, saying he's out for just himself and he bulldozed a woman's house in atlantic city, the same story line that bush tried in new hampshire or iowa i believe. so it's getting personal because that happened a long time ago. it is increasingly, increasingly personal. >> i want you to jump in. if you're a real estate mogul, you sue. if you are running to be are the president the this the country, do you threat to sue? does that fly in politics? >> only if you're donald trump. he threatens to litigate when he thinks they're saying something he doesn't like. look, this is huge stakes right now. when you look at the stakes here couldn't be any higher. if temp is able to run in south carolina, the assumption is going to be he can win anywhere. his national polls will have a
12:22 pm
lot more resonance. the cruz campaign recognizes if they're going to make a waterloo for trump, south carolina is as good a place as they'll have so that's why it's getting nasty. >> i don't know if this is sort of passive aggressive. sometimes when you watch them on stage at debates and they don't necessarily go at it. i think of donald trump watching the ping pong match, like the firing squad with the other candidates but not trump. >> i think you'll see sort of a two-track race on saturday. they'll be some candidates, marco rubio and the others, who will go after trump a little bit because they feel like they have to but it's really cruz versus trump. and then this sort of fight for the second runner up. it will be rubio, bush, kasich doesn't really have a shot. ben carson is a lovely man. doesn't have a shot either at this point. lovely man, but it's really a three-person race but that third slot is not entirely decided. if you look at the numbers spread out between bush, kasich,
12:23 pm
carson and rubio, you add all those together and you basically have trump numbers so i think that's the case that's being made here. if the others drop out, whoever gets those votes will be in the top spot and that's the hope for the establishment now. >> go ahead, dana. >> i was just going to say, i think that's true. i think many of these candidates, though, are fighting a multifront war. for example, ted cruz, he's going after donald trump but he's also going after marco rubio. that was the whole ad they ended up having to pull or at least they decided to pull because one of the actors they hired was in a soft porn film. so that's why this debate is going to be so combustible because so many of these candidates are having to kind of try to, you know, punch left, punch right, if you will. >> one thing i just want to add on the trump threatening to sue, it could be his go-to because that is what you do if you're a real estate mogul, you try to tie things up in court, but in
12:24 pm
this case, it's also that the whole concept of ted cruz being or not being eligible to be president hasn't been tested in the courts. so his threat to sue is also saying, i'm going to try to test it. i'm going to try to get it into the courts to try to push it up so it can be something that is litigated. it's kind of a political angle there as well as a legal one. >> i just want to say with fewer candidates, by the way, and also in south carolina, donald trump's shtick, such as it is, may not play as well in south carolina. there's going to be a lot time for ted cruz to go after him on substance. i think he may expose donald in a way that he hasn't before. >> thank you for my segue. so glenn beck, listen, south carolina, i'm from the south, it's a group of prayerful people. glenn beck yesterday really emotional, talk about his own faith. we know he's a supporter of cruz. this is what he said. >> this week, i turned 52.
12:25 pm
during the constitutional convention, george washington was 55. i heard that this week and i thought, my gosh, you have wasted your life. you have wasted so much time in your -- george washington, 55, was a man that was so honorable that people would just sit no matter the disagreement between themselves, they would sit together because he was in the room. >> i should point out, full disclosure, that is your boss. >> it is indeed. >> that said, you know, how does donald trump play to that same kind of crowd? >> i think what donald hasn't
12:26 pm
really proven yet and what actually most of the polls show he will have a lot of difficulty with are real conservatives. he's built this sort of coalition that includes independents, people that are new to voting, people that even might have been democrats in the past, as well as the segment of disaffected generally speaking lower middle class white males. that's kind of the trump coalition. it's not people who are conservatives in the deep south, in places like south carolina, and so i think someone like ted cruz is going to have a much easier time a peeling to people that are ideologically conservative. or they feel like they've been left out of the political process in some way. if trump is in play in south carolina, it's a huge message that enough conservatives support him that maybe the trump coalition is in fact what wins at the end on the gop side of this race. >> final thoughts? >> he can't say this because it will look like he's sucking up to his boss but i can because i don't work for the blaze or any
12:27 pm
conservative media. you can't overestimate the power of conservative radio and of somebody like glenn beck. i watched beck on the stump with cruz in iowa and i watched the way the audience reacted with the same kind of speech. i believe he was still holding the same book, george washington's copy of "don don quixote." and then he realized he has the calling. i mean, he has a very dramatic flair to him. and it works. and it matters. support like that for conservatives, you cannot buy that. >> dana bash, buck sexton, thank you both. next here, we are taking you to flint michigan. investigating the failures in flint. could the health crisis stretch far beyond the lead poisoning in children. now trying to determine if there's a link between women and miscarriages in this area. as we learned michigan's governor rick schneider will now
12:28 pm
face a congressional hearing. ♪
12:29 pm
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12:32 pm
live to cincinnati, here he is, former president bill clinton. keep in mind, the day after his wife debated her rival bernie sanders. >> the supreme court agreed to revisit the 1962 court decision in baker v. carr which says all representatives must represent the same number of people, one
12:33 pm
vote. it should be only eligible voters. preferably even registered voters. if you've got legal immigrants in your district, they don't count. if they're documented even. never mind the undocumented. the documented. you've got families with a lot of kids, they don't count. i couldn't make this up. if for no other reason hillary should be the next president, because she'll give you judges that will stick up for your rights and make us go forward together. [ applause ] they are actually talking about breaking public employees. let me explain it to you. in states where people say you have a right to work without joining a union, if you're represented by a union and you get all the benefits, the health care benefit, the wage benefits,
12:34 pm
the retirement benefits, they're allowed to call you what is called an agency fee. you don't have to join us. you don't have to let us use your money to help the candidates we think will help you the most. but you don't have the right to ride for free, to take a higher pay than you would have already gotten -- >> we know his wife is in south carolina today. meantime, also in south carolina, a lot of these republicans at this faith forum. i want you to hear some sound from florida senator marco rubio, asked about his faith and how his faith would play a role if he were to be in the white house. >> first of all, i had an opportunity to visit mother emmanuel after that incident happened. let me tell you, it is an example of letting your light shine on the world. if you think about that happening in another community, what could have happened, the violence, the division. they lived their faith in an extraordinary example. because your faith, you have to -- your faith also -- we're ambassadors of christ. sometimes you may meet someone and the only thing they know
12:35 pm
about christianity is you. how you behave or what you do is what indicates to them what christianity is all about. i cannot tell you what an extraordinary impact it had on people across this country to see someone who have just gone through this brutal horrifying tragedy. be able to forgive. the second thing i would say is anything who ignores the role of our faith in the foundation of our country doesn't understand history. so this is -- i'm motivated by that. i will be as president of the united states. let's start with this. what is this country founded on? it is not founded on a political principle. america was founded on a spiritual principle. your rights don't come from government. your rights don't come from your leaders. your rights don't even come from the constitution. your rights come from god. >> marco rubio there in greenville, south carolina. next, investigating the failures of flint. could the health crisis there stretch far beyond the effects of lead poisoning in children?
12:36 pm
scientists now trying to figure out if there could be a connection to miscarriages among women there. all of this as we're learning the governor will face a congressional hearing. we'll take you to flint next.
12:37 pm
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michigan governor rick snyder will be testifying after all on the flint water crisis. the governor asked to go before the house committee on oversight and government reform to explain what and how this calamity happened and his recommendations for recovery. that hearing by the way is set for march. meantime, state officials say they're investigating concerns about a possible link between flint's dirty water and miscarriages.
12:41 pm
cnn's senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen has more on this frightening potential development. do we know, elizabeth what scientists will be looking for specifically during their research? >> what they're going to do is what's called a retrospective study. look back and see during the period of time that women were drinking this water were there more miscarriages than there were before they were drinking contaminated water. it's a tricky study to do because you have to set -- you have to figure out what the miscarriage rate was while people were drinking the contaminated water. but they're going to look backwards. no one is saying they've seen more miscarriages. i want to make that clear. they're just going to look backwards and see if there were more miscarriages. >> okay, elizabeth cohen, thank you very much. on that possibility among women in flint. meantime, we were just playing a little sound from bill clinton, let's now hear from his wife
12:42 pm
hillary clinton the day after the big debate. she is in denmark, south carolina, talking about the mass incarceration in the '90s and her role. >> to flint michigan on sunday, because there we have children being poisoned by lead in the water as a result of the governor of their state trying to save money. and refusing, despite citizen's pleas, bringing bottles of brown smelly water from their faucets. to show state officials this is what my baby is drinking. this is what we have to bath her in. this is why he has rashes. they were ignored. they were stone walled. the cruelest kind of
12:43 pm
indifference. now, i will say what i said in flint about the poor state of schools here in south carolina. if the water had been poisoned in a white affluent suburb of detroit, if the schools had been falling apart in rich suburbs of columbus or of columbia or charleston. we wouldn't still be talking about it. there would have been an outcry. action would have been taken. if the schools of more affluent children were in the condition that too many of them are here in rural south carolina, that legislature would have acted. in fact, i'm not sure the supreme court would have even had to issue the order. these are the kinds of barriers
12:44 pm
that are standing in the way of americans, particularly our children and our young people, being able to pursue their own dreams. now, in my campaign -- >> hillary clinton there on the lead poisoning crisis that is ongoing in flint, michigan. she spent part of the day sunday in flint. remember, she will be debating bernie sanders in flint, the first week of march. coming up next, it is a potential scenario come general election time. donald trump versus bernie sanders. one on one in a debate. what might that look like. we will show you. next. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
12:45 pm
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listen, it's friday and in politics sometimes you just have to laugh. my next guests are all about that. they're comedians who are waging their own version of trump versus bernie debate tour 2016.
12:49 pm
>> i think it's a tremendous and incredibly expialidocious thing you do. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. >> trump versus bernie currently playing comedy clubs across the country. here with me now i have tony atamonic as donald trump, james as bernie sanders. let me be totally transparent with you at home, they have been in character the entire time. i don't know who you really are. >> senator sanders. >> so nice to meet you. mr. trump. >> i'm billionaire donald trump and there's an imposter running for president, i can tell you that. >> so, senator sanders. >> sure. >> if i may begin with you.
12:50 pm
>> no problem. >> why do you think you're the right person for the job to unify this country. >> i think, and this is just what i think, i think it's far too long that the top 1% of the top 10% of the top 1% of the top 10% controls more percentages than all the other percentages. >> mr. trump is shaking his head. >> it's ridiculous. we're losing all the time. i will not turn this flag right side up and that's when the united states is winning and that's when i'm president. when we started, we had 17 candidates and i have survived every rose ceremony. i've survived every rose ceremony and i am sure when it comes to getting knocked off the island, i will survive. >> mr. trump a big fan of the bachelor and survivor. >> i think it's also not fair that 200% of everything goes to 1% of mr. trump sitting next to me. that's what we're fighting against. >> okay. let me be serious for a second. >> very serious. >> i don't know who i'm talking about. can we channel jim and tony?
12:51 pm
so you guys are comedians. you're written for 30 rock, broad city, these are shows, this is what you do for a living. how did you coming together and discover this and find two wigs to make this happen? >> okay. i will be james. what i did is i had a big pile of clothes and costumes and i just kind of dove into it like an olympic diver. >> and this is what you wound up with. >> yeah. >> bravo. first of all, i was a silent writer at 30 rock. i started doing trump as a lark. i did a show at the upright citizens brigade theater on sunday nights. my friend, shannon o'neill, who's the artistic director, said you do an incredible trump. i can't start doing it. >> stop moving the hands. >> and i see it as an act of comedic activism. i want to take everything trump said and bring it to his final
12:52 pm
points. when he's talking about immigrants, i want to take it further. >> are you following all of the twists and the turns to make sure what you've saying is totally on point? you have to follow twitter? >> yeah, we watch you. >> i've been ahead of trump two months. i have a speech from my show on october 24th talking about coming in second in iowa. >> what's happening in south carolina, senator. >> i think south carolina is down there, it's right underneath north carolina and i think it's in the top 50% of carolinas in the country. >> it's not looking good for you. >> if we can close it within 10% we're going to call it a victory. >> i would promise south carolina this, first off, we're going to win, it's going to be incredible. but here's the thing, i want to purchase the great pacific garbage patch and make it the 51st state of the united states. i think it's a perfect place for immigrants and things like that. >> back to jim and tony.
12:53 pm
how do crowds react to you? are they booing, are they cheering? does it depend if you're in the city or in vermont? >> generally they boo him and cheer bernie. >> sorry, trump. >> that's all right. by the end they cheer me. >> you win them over. donald trump would be proud. >> i make real points. i think donald trump would not be proud of my impression. donald, if you're watching, i want to meet you, please. let's talk in a mirror. >> bernie, look, let's get in some hard numbers. i want to read the transpacific partnership back and forth to each other. it will be romantic. >> final thoughts for the american people? >> trump versus >> i was endorsed by a white supremacist group. i think that's all you need to know. >> jim, tony, donald, bernie -- >> you're a wonderful female. >> i give the balance of my time to you. >> if people at home could see this -- i have never seen such a
12:54 pm
massive crowd as i'm seeing right now. >> of course there are people who couldn't get into this -- it was unbelievable. >> and it's remarkable that i got this much air time on cnn. >> on that note, bye-bye. coming up next, speaking of donald trump as in the real one shaking up the race yet again. are you paying attention? on twitter here's the latest. sue ted cruz over not being a natural born citizen. more on that with these real candidates coming up. amazing. we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make.
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watching tvs get sharper, you've had it tough. bigger, smugger. and you? rubbery buttons. enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. this coming monday on president's day, three teams of cnn anchors will test their knowledge of all things presidential. it is the cnn quiz show. >> this year people want change. >> not more of the same. >> what? >> we're going to win the quiz show. >> yeah. >> this guy has won 97 times.
12:59 pm
>> given the smirk on your face, i think you feel pretty good don't you, john berman. >> i heard berman won. >> he won but you weren't there. >> i've never lost. >> winning. >> winning! our motto is winning. that's what we're going to bring to the quiz show. >> exactly. >> john's a smart guy. >> he's better with walls than with with people. >> tapper, s.e. cupp, follow the money. >> save it, save it. >> so berman has won what, three times? >> where's the beef, john tapper. >> where's the beef, john king? >> senator. >> you ain't no john berman. >> that's right. >> oh, now they're just being cruel. >> i'm john king. >> and i'm dan jones. >> i'm jake tapper. >> and i'm s.e. cupp. >> i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. >> we approve this message. >> sort of. >> that is much harder than it looks. do not miss the quiz show. this is the race for the white
1:00 pm
house edition. it is monday night, 9:00 right here on cnn. and it's friday, so i'm going to say good-bye for my. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. have wonderful weekends but keep it right here. "the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. >> thanks, brooke. just in the last few minutes, donald trump threatening to sue ted cruz over his citizenship. the cruz campaign says trump needs to take a seat in the time-out chair. "the lead" starts right now. ted cruz yanks a new campaign ad after discovering the ad featured an actress with a history in erotic films. she'll join us live. we'll talk to her if cruz pulling the ad because of her past was the christian thing to do. also -- >> there's someone who's really hurt. he's bleeding bad. >> a man swinging a machete goes on a rampage at a restaurant in america's ar


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