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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  February 12, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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house edition. it is monday night, 9:00 right here on cnn. and it's friday, so i'm going to say good-bye for my. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. have wonderful weekends but keep it right here. "the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. >> thanks, brooke. just in the last few minutes, donald trump threatening to sue ted cruz over his citizenship. the cruz campaign says trump needs to take a seat in the time-out chair. "the lead" starts right now. ted cruz yanks a new campaign ad after discovering the ad featured an actress with a history in erotic films. she'll join us live. we'll talk to her if cruz pulling the ad because of her past was the christian thing to do. also -- >> there's someone who's really hurt. he's bleeding bad. >> a man swinging a machete goes on a rampage at a restaurant in america's heartland, a
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restaurant owned by an israeli. was the now-dead attacker inspired by terrorists? plus, another terrifying turn for the zika virus. three deaths now possibly linked to the illness known for causing birth defects in newborns. could this epidemic seriously threaten the olympics? could it seriously threaten the united states? good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. republicans are preparing for their next debate tomorrow night in greenville, south carolina. judging from the barrage of insults, tweets and attack ads, it ain't going to be dainty and that's just the way they like their politics in the palmetto state. marco rubio going after all of his rivals. dump and ted cruz escalating their tussel. trump talking about suing cruz. as if that aren't enough an erotic film actress now in the
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mix. sunlen serfaty is live in greenville. trump is tweeting he might sue cruz over questions over his citizenship. how is the cruz campaign responding? >> reporter: jake, the cruz campaign is basically trying to downplay this, calling it another trumper tantrum. ted cruz and three other of his republican candidates are here today to make their pitch directly to evangelical voters at bob jones university. donald trump is not here but he's still very much in the mix from afar. donald trump's pledge to stay above the fray in south carolina short-lived. trump blasting rival ted cruz on twitter, writing, quote, if ted cruz doesn't clean up his act, stop cheating and doing negative ads, i have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen. the new offensive coming after showing off a lighter touch last night in louisiana. even autographing actual babies and suggesting he was ready to go positive. >> i won't use foul language.
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i'm just not going to do it. i'm not going to do it. they're all saying do it, do it. no, i'm not. >> reporter: but trump couldn't stay out of the all-out fight breaking out in the south carolina trenches. >> there's nothing conservative about giving money to the clintons. there's nothing conservative about donald trump. >> reporter: the air waves plastered with negative ads. >> ted cruz voted to undermine our national defense and weaken our ability to track terrorists. >> reporter: the attacks between the candidates flying back and forth with a dizzying pace. >> maybe you should vote for more than just a pretty face next time. >> reporter: but that ad backfiring on cruz. his campaign is pulling it off the air after it was revealed that actress is also an adult film star. cruz's team is refocusing today with a new ad directing fire instead at hillary clinton in a spoof of the movie "office space." many of the candidates today
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speaking at the conservative christian bob jones university in south carolina, making a big pitch to woo coveted evangelical voters. >> i do not believe that you put your faith in a lockbox when you're in public life and say, well, that's only for my private matters. that's just not -- that is totally wrong. >> reporter: jockeying over who has the most conservative credentials. >> you disagree with people on the definition of marriage, they call you a hater and the bigot. >> reporter: ted cruz trying to cast his rivals as out of touch with the conservative base over the supreme court's decision legalizing same-sex marriage. >> seeing my two leading competitors in the republican primary both publicly say following that decision that the decision is the settled law of the land, we must accept it, surrender, and move on. i've got to say those are word for word the talking points of
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barack obama. >> reporter: and back on donald trump's potential threat of a potential lawsuit against ted cruz, the cruz communications director, rick tyler, saying trump needs to go back to the time-out chair, think about his choices, adding that's what you do to any 3-year-old. jake. >> sunlen serfaty in greenville, thank you so much. coming up, we'll speak live with the actress at the center of that ad controversy with ted cruz. turning to the democrats now, if you went to sleep for eight years and then woke up and turned on the tv, last night wouldn't have really seemed rather weird for you. if the first thing you turned on after waking up was a democratic debate, because hillary clinton who weight years ago was questioning then senator obama's readiness to lead, last night she was doing everything she could to make herself look like president obama's bff. joe johns is in demark, south carolina, where hillary clinton just wrapped up a speech to voters there. joe, clinton had president obama's very high favorability ratings among black voters very
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much in mind likely when she took on sanders when it came to his loyalty to the president last night. >> reporter: that's pretty clear, jake. the president's approval ratings and the african-american community across the country run between 80% and 90%. if this event at a poor school district here is any indication, if last night's debate is any indication, the clinton campaign is planning to get a lot of mileage out of those approval ratings in a state where the african-american vote is so critical. hillary clinton pitching south carolina voters today on why she's best suited to be the democratic nominee. >> i'm going to go after every single barrier that stands in the way of what americans can do. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is hoping the palmetto state can help slow bernie sanders' momentum following his big new hampshire win on
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tuesday. >> thank you, new hampshire. >> reporter: the fight for the first in the south primary will likely hinge on support from african-american voters, who make up over half the democratic electorate in the state. clinton lost african-americans in south carolina to president obama by nearly 60 points in 2008. >> thank you, south carolina! >> reporter: with the president still held in high regard by african-americans and democrats nationwide, both candidates are working hard to show their support for him, including in thursday night's debate in milwaukee. >> president obama and i are friends. >> i think president obama has set a great example. >> reporter: clinton is trying to drive a wedge between sanders and president obama. >> the kind of criticism that we've heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans. i do not expect from someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed president obama. >> that is -- madam secretary,
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that is a low blow. >> reporter: with sanders returning the favor. >> one of us ran against barack obama. i was not that candidate. >> reporter: sanders also targeting clinton over wall street contributions to her super pac. >> $15 million from wall street. >> reporter: barack obama. >> reporter: clinton said president obama's super pac took money also but that did not influence his presidency. >> let's not imply that either president obama or myself would in any way not take on any vested interest, whether it's wall street or drug companies or insurance companies. >> reporter: but sanders refused to let clinton off the hook. >> people aren't dumb. why in god's name does wall street make huge campaign contributions? i guess just for the fun of it. they want to throw money around. >> reporter: when it comes to
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reining in wall street, clinton said she and sanders share a similar view but her agenda goes beyond that one issue. >> i am not a single issue candidate and i do not believe we live in a single issue country. >> reporter: secretary clinton goes from here to a political dinner in minneapolis tonight. bernie sanders will also be there and then it's on to las vegas on saturday. jake. >> joe johns, thanks so much. let's talk about the democrats. joining me now, bernie sanders supporter bill press and c. in n political commentator, foreign policy director for hillary clinton's 2008 campaign and current hillary clinton supporter, nera tanden. you heard hillary clinton say i'm not a single issue candidate and don't believe we live in a single issue country, a clear shot at sanders. your thoughts? >> it's also a clear talking point of the clinton campaign, let's be honest. i heard it about five times last
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night from people who were speaking on behalf of senator clinton and it's simply not true. hillary is a great candidate and knows a lot about the issues. bernie sanders is a great candidate. what they mean when they say that, all bernie talks about is wall street. again, jake, not true. bernie does talk about wall street very tough. he also talks about education, free community college. he talks about universal health care. he talks about reforming police departments. he talks about sentencing reform. he talks about cleaning up the campaign contributions system. a whole range of candidates -- of issues, rather, on some which the two candidates agree and some that they don't. it's just a bogus talking point. >> nera, i want to give you an opportunity to respond to a criticism we've heard on cnn which has to do with the fact that hillary clinton when she pitches herself to voters, she's pitching herself because of her readiness, because of her experience, but the question then becomes is she talking about herself too much versus the voters.
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i and me versus we and us. we actually did an analysis and we looked at how many times on the new hampshire speeches the two candidates used i and me versus we and us. bernie sanders used we or us twice as much as he said i or me and hillary clinton it was the exact opposite. i or me 44 times versus 21 we or us. this is just one set of speeches, not a comprehensive analysis. the reason is because of her pitch about her experience, but is that a problem, do you think? >> well, i think -- in this context i have to say we generally look at women and how they're talking about some of these issues a little differently. when you talk about the republican candidates, they're often talking about i, me, because you're talking about what you're going to do as president. but i hear the point that this really needs to be a mission about what she's going to do as president. she has to work on making sure everyone feels part of that. her language can shift a little bit on that point. but i think i always get a little anxious about these kind
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of comparisons because we ask questions about women, about whether they're talking about themselves too much. last night senator sanders kind of called her on saying when she said, you know, as president i'll do. he called her on that and i thought in a kind of harsh way. and really what she was saying was republican candidates, male candidates say that all the time, when i'm president i'll do this. >> certainly she would stack up well with some of the other republicans, i'm sure, especially mr. trump. but bill, how about that. neera brought up a moment a lot of people thought wasn't a great moment, you're not president yet, secretary clinton. did you think that was a little rough, maybe the race is getting to him a little bit? >> i'll be honest, when she said -- i forget how she phrased it. when i'm in the white house. i thought maybe she should have said if i'm lucky enough to get there and i think bernie was a little sassy on bernie's part.
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on reflection he probably wishes he hadn't said it. it reminded me and i'm sure a lot of us of then barack obama when he said you're likeable enough, hillary. >> i remember that. >> yeah, you do. that hurt him, but at the same time he was elected president, so not a fatal mistake. but unfortunate remark i'd say. >> neera, a strong performance for secretary clinton last night, do you think? obviously you're a fan. >> i mean i'm biased, right. i think there was a strong performance. i think they were both pretty strong. i do think that the real issue in this race going forward is senator obama -- senator sanders -- oh, my lord! >> senator sanders. >> a flashback. >> senate sanders has a strong critique. he does talk about a different set of issues but the real strong critique he has is about inequality. in the debate going forward we want to talk about rising inequality but other challenges
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the country faces. i think hillary did a great job saying we have issues of systemic inequality that affects us on race, racial inequality, gender inequality and having a conversation about all of these issues is vital. >> to be continued, thanks so much. appreciate it both of you. she says been in television series such as silk stockings and star trek voyager as well as more erotic films such as tales of the saddle tramps and animal lust. thanks to ted cruz's campaign, a former actress who's been in some steamy films, her latest role is the one that might be getting the most attention. >> maybe you should vote for more than just a pretty face next time. >> that actress joins me for her first live tv interview, next. the microsoft cloud allows us to
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we're going to stick with politics now. as if we are not already in the middle of the most bizarre presidential race in history, the ted cruz campaign has pulled this attack ad against marco rubio, take a look. >> maybe you should vote for more than just a pretty face next time. >> why? because that woman who just said that, as first reported by "the daily caller" is amy lindsay who
1:19 pm
also had roles in some steamy, dare i say erotic films. carnal wishes, insatiable desires and the tales of the saddle tramps. she is a working actress, and joining me now is the actress at the center of all this brouhaha. thank you for joining us. tell us your reaction to the cruz campaign pulling this ad. how did you hear about it? what did you think? >> well, i was pretty shocked. i shot this ad a couple of months ago. i think as soon as it ran before i even knew it was running, i received a telephone call on my cell phone from a media outlet asking me about my reaction to it being pulled. so did i not -- i not only knew that it had run but i didn't even know that it had been pulled yet. it was pretty shocking to be honest with you. just like what? >> the cruz campaign says that they cast the ad in an open
1:20 pm
casting call and they say you were not properly vetted. how did you get involved in the ad? is this just a gig or were you a cruz supporter? >> it was a gig, but i absolutely, when i got the copy of what the campaign was going to be about, i knew that it was supporting a republican candidate, which is definitely what i'm doing. and i thought the writing was smart, i thought it was snappy. i did not know who it was for. but i do identify myself as a conservative republican so i knew that it was something i could get behind and support. >> that's interesting. now, the cruz campaign, to play devil's advocate here, they're making a big play for conservative evangelicals, especially in south carolina, and i guess their mind set is that those voters might not approve of some of the movies you've been in before. can you see their point of view on that or is it unfair? >> no, i can see their point of view, and i think that one of the discussions, a hot topic right now in this great country that we love, the united states
1:21 pm
of america, is the right to free speech. so i think that i have a right to get here and tell my view about it and explain to people who might be interested who i am, what i stand for and they absolutely have the right to have the beliefs that they have. >> now, you are, from what i understand, a conservative christian, you're a republican, you're from texas. i don't want to be rude because i'm not the one judging here, but obviously the cruz campaign felt that there was something untoward, something inappropriate about what you've done before you did this ad. is that unchristian for them to have done? >> i don't think it's unchristian. i think this is politics as usual. it was done in a snap moment. someone has got to make a decision and sometimes it's just better to take it down. from what i have heard they are re-evaluating the rest of the campaign. i've actually gotten a lot of support on the right from a lot of people that think the ted
1:22 pm
cruz campaign might have acted hastily. hey, this is also the type of person who might be voting in this race. you know, it's not just the white male christian gun-toting people, it's people like me, you know, that tend to be to be very fiscally conservative and maybe a little bit more socially liberal in some of my views that i feel about, so i think, if they were smart, and they probably are, that people would look at broadening the horizon of women that might be leaning republican and why. >> now, also to be fair, this wasn't like -- you have not been as far as i know in any like truly explicit, explicit films. this is more kind of like late night cinemax kind of stuff as i understand it. >> absolutely. >> it's not that these movies aren't watched in red states. >> quite the contrary, exactly, right? >> is it hypocritical, do you
1:23 pm
think, for people to pretend that it's only liberal deviants watching late night cinemax? >> i haven't heard that quote -- >> i made that up. >> can you tell me that again because i want to use that quote. what did you call them? late night social deviants. >> liberal social deviants. >> one of the funnier things earlier in my career was i got kind of called out by some people in my earlier social circles. so you were watching this, so how did you see it? i would say it's a tad bit hypocritical, but maybe they just like the film. you know, i don't know. so i don't want to use the word "hypocritical" but it's definitely a dichotomy to me. >> what are your thoughts on the race right now? you say you're a republican and you're going to vote republican. is there a candidate you're leaning towards?
1:24 pm
>> there is. but i haven't come out to endorse anyone just quite yet. >> is ted cruz still in the running for your vote or is it over? >> he is. he absolutely is. like i said, when i did the ad and the words that came out of my mouth, i was a character. my character in the commercial was sam, i believe. but i was speaking from the heart about some of the issues that i think are true problems in this country that we as americans are facing today. so i did believe in the message and i put it out there and so, yes, i have no ill will against ted cruz right now. he's got a job to do. i'm a middle class working girl and i had a job to do. so yeah. >> you're going to come back on our show when you're ready to skboef endorse, i assume? >> absolutely i will. >> amy lindsay, thanks for coming on today. >> jake, thanks for having me. people just having dinner in
1:25 pm
an ohio restaurant attacked by a man with a machete. the fbi is investigating this as a lone wolf terror attack. and new concerns, the zika virus could be more harmful that researchers originally believed. one country now blaming zika for three deaths. my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian
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welcome back to "the lead." a brutal and bloody attack in the heartland now being investigated as a possible lone wolf terrorist attack. cnn national correspondent deb feyerick has more on the man who walked in with a machete into a restaurant in ohio and started hacking away. >> reporter: the attack happened
1:30 pm
at the nazareth middle eastern restaurant in columbus, ohio. >> some guy pulled out a machete and started stabbing people. >> reporter: a man with a machete attacked and injured four people, one of them critically. >> at the table right in front of me, he just started attacking people. >> i thought it was a personal thing and then he just started down the row hitting everybody with something. i don't know. people were bleeding. >> reporter: officials say the attacker is 30-year-old mohammed barry. he's of somali origin and has a drug-related criminal record. the fbi is looking into barry's recent travel and any potential links to jihad. the attacker was apparently inside the restaurant asking an employee about him. >> i understood that he left, came back 30 minutes later and attacked a person and then started slicing up people down the booths. >> reporter: people inside the
1:31 pm
restaurant fought back. some of them throwing chairs. another confronting the suspect. >> nobody inside from the people that we've spoken to, whether it be some of the patrons or the employees, nobody said that they knew him. >> reporter: the suspect fled, driving off with put police cruisers chasing. >> trying to get out of the vehicle. he's getting ready to go again. >> reporter: police say they got the suspect to stop. he tried escaping out the passenger door with his weapons. >>chete and another knife h his hands and he lunged across the hood at the officers. another officer fired a couple of shots at him and put him down. >> he was rushone person was ru surger surgery:. >> reporter: the fbi is involved
1:32 pm
because of a lone individual, public place, random people. the fbi investigating this not only as possible terrorism but also as a possible hate crime. jake. returning to our politics lead, presently hillary clinton is fending off attacks from bernie sanders, but it's her use of a private e-mail server that may put a cloud over her campaign. our next guest says that hillary clinton should suspend her campaign for president while the fbi investigates her server. you both have a perfect driving record.
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welcome back to "the lead." more on our politics lead. the state department recently was told boy the fbi's general counsel that the bureau's investigation into hillary clinton's home brew e-mail server is ongoing. the clinton foundation got hit with a subpoena about the group's projects that might have crossed the secretary's desk while she was the nation's top diplomat. and now a former top official
1:37 pm
under president obama is saying clinton needs to step down and stop running for president until the fbi clears her. joining me is that top intelligence official, former director of the defense intelligence agency, lieutenant general michael flynn, retired. sir, good to see you again. >> thanks. >> before i ask you about your call for her to step aside, it's been reported that you're advising donald trump, is that true? >> i am advising any candidate that has asked me for advice on a range of issues, national security, foreign policy. but he is one of the candidates that i have advised. all the others that i have spoken to, you know, i've basically let them know that i'm open to providing advice to anybody that asks. >> but theoretically if bernie sanders and hillary clinton called you -- >> absolutely. if it has to do with the areas that i feel very strongly about and i feel i'm an expert in, i would absolutely offer my advice. >> now, we don't know what the fbi is going to turn up or the state department in their investigation. we don't know what the conclusion is going to be. why call for hillary clinton to step out of the race for the
1:38 pm
time being? >> you know, i feel very strongly about this, number one. there's really two reasons why i believe this. number one, the severity of the leaks of the classified material, so this special access program, the top secret, just the incredible level of classification that has been leaked through the use of a private server -- >> what do you mean by leaked? >> i mean leaked in terms of just being passed -- >> you don't mean getting out to the public. >> it's in the public now. it's in the public domain now because it was on a private server that's available to china, russia and now what we're seeing in the open domain. >> just to clarify, you don't have any evidence that the chinese or the russians hacked her server. >> no, but we know the kinds of targets that they go after on a routine basis. you know, i could give you an hour's worth of targets that we know that they have already hit that have been very publicly
1:39 pm
discussed. from the joint staff to central command to the army, they have hit a bunch of these things. so hillary clinton as the secretary of state is a target of those two adversaries. >> but no evidence yet -- >> and the other point, jake, is -- and the other thing that i think this is really important, it's been stated that there are 100 fbi agents that are on this case, and yet we have the fbi director that has told us that in all 50 states, we have islamic state cases ongoing. and i know the fbi is just overwhelmed with white collar crime, child pornography cases, transnational organized criminal cases as well as the islamic state. and now we have to put another 100 agents on this case? >> isn't that a question of the fbi's priorities? >> imagine that. so if they -- if she were to step down and the -- >> they would keep investigating. >> the nation would allow itself to back down a little bit and let this investigation run its
1:40 pm
course with her not in the limelight and making this such a big, big deal, i really do believe that the severity and the number of resources that are applied, despite what the outcome is, i just think the lack of accountability frankly in a person who should have been much more responsible in her actions as the secretary of state of the united states of america, this is not -- >> no, i get this. >> if it were me, i would have been out the door and probably in jail. >> but she and her supporters say this is an issue of overclassification. >> no. >> these are things that are classified now but were not at the time or, and you know this -- >> yeah, sure. >> it's part of this tug of war over, for instance, if i were to e-mail -- if i were an intelligence official and i were to e-mail a wiki leak that was published in "the new york times" that is top secret even if it's in "the new york times." >> overclassification or not, if it's classified, it's
1:41 pm
classified. and she knows better. she knew better in the roles that she has had both as a senator, both as a -- even back when she's married to the president of the united states and she's going to have privileged information in that regard, not only as the secretary of state which is part of the national security council, so she should know better. this overclassification excuse is not an excuse. if it's classified, it's classified. >> right. you said in your interview with "the daily caller" clinton or someone working for clinton transferred a special access document off the classified server. you can theoretically take information off the classified server and pass it on but not the document itself. do you have any evidence someone took something off the classified server and sent it on the unclassified one? >> only from what i have seen in the news reporting about this particular case. but the issue is if you are going to have s.a.p. or special
1:42 pm
access program material on a private -- on your blackberry or your iphone, somebody has to physically take that information off of a highly classified system physically and put it onto that unclassified public device. >> but you don't have evidence that that happened. >> i don't have any personal evidence, but it's obvious from the ig. national intelligence committee and some of the very senior people that have reported about this in government. >> we'll have you come back and talk about isis sometime soon. >> absolutely. >> good to see you. in our world lead, the zika virus already being called a pandemic. for the first time, it's now being blamed for three deaths. that story next. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. our world lead now, it's been found in brazil and cases have been identified in the united states, and now venezuela says three people have died from complications linked to the zika virus and that raises new fears about a virus that experts estimate could infect three to four million people across the
1:47 pm
americas in the next year. cnn reporters are covering this troubling story from all angles. we'll go to elizabeth cohen. the world health organization is not ready to join venezuela in officially blaming these three deaths on the zika virus. why the disagreement and how worried should americans be? it doesn't surprise me the w.h.o. isn't going to attribute these deaths to zika. sometimes deaths are attributed to the infection when really it might be something else. it can get very confusing and so i think they really want to look at these deaths and say did these people die of zika. for how concerned people should be, zika is not known to have a very high mortality rate at all. as a matter of fact, usually in adults, the disease is very, very mild and children as well. the real concern has been with
1:48 pm
microcephaly, that a pregnant woman could have a child with that horrible birth defect. as far as people dying, that really has not been a great concern with zika. >> elizabeth cohen, thanks so much. let's turn to nick paton walsh who is in rio de janeiro where officials are trying to combat zika where the summer olympics begin this august. what is the government of brazil saying that they will do to contain this threat before the olympics? >> reporter: well, they are talking to the u.s. about a vaccine, but that is at least 18 months to two years away. we've got nine months until the olympics are upon us, less in fact. at this stage tomorrow we'll see the vertebra sabrazilian milita, a nationwide deployment. their message, to get rid of any sense of ignorance people might still have about the disease but remind people they're deploying the military on such a wide level this is a serious problem. they're supposed to combat what large pools of water they might
1:49 pm
find but in the poorer areas we saw still water is so present and hard to combat. it's going to take a nationwide effort to combat this disease. the real issue is uncertainty and fear. we don't know the full medical impact of this disease just yet. we simply don't know where it could be in eight months from now. that's got people worried about the olympics, debating their attends ans or not. the military on the streets tomorrow to give a clear message of confidence, state involvement and the desire to do whatever it takes to combat this outbreak right now. >> nick paton walsh, elizabeth cohen, thanks to both of you. it's no surprise the republican party doesn't like president obama's latest budget proposal, but find out why they think so little of it they didn't even invite his budget secretary to talk about it at congress. that story next. staying in rhythm...
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welcome back to "the lead." a few minutes ago i spoke with lieutenant general michael flynn, the former director of the defense intelligence agency under president obama. flynn, as you heard, called for hillary clinton to drop out of the race because of the fbi investigation into her server, her e-mail server, a stark and unusual call. he admitted that he didn't have any evidence of wrongdoing but the fact that the investigation into her server is tying down the fbi and clinton should have known better. originally we had national press secretary for hillary clinton, brian fallon, scheduled to appear right after him to respond but brian got caught in traffic. now he's with us and i want to give hip tm the opportunity rig now. brian, your response. what do you make of what general
1:55 pm
flynn has said and is saying. >> well, that's just silly. i respect the general, but that's not going to happen. look, this investigation, this review into the security of the e-mails should be allowed to continue without political interference and without side commentary from people that don't have an understanding of the fundamental facts. and just last week you saw the same situation unfurl with former secretary colin powell as well as former aides to secretary condoleezza rice. in both of those two cases, you now have the same agency looking at their e-mails, personal e-mails and saying that there is information that in retrospect they think should be treated as classified. the exact same situation playing out in the two previous secretaries before secretary clinton. so i think that tells you everything about the relative seriousness of this.
1:56 pm
it is a matter of common disagreement between agencies where the intelligence community is taking a stricter definition of what's classified than the state department did. and if -- i'd just refer back to colin powell's own words where he said if this is going to be the standard, if diplomats cannot communicate amongst each other and share information, we might as well shutter the state department. >> so when people make suggestions like she did something clearly wrong and the fbi conclusion is going to be that she did something wrong, whatever that means, you just think that that's not true? >> that's right. i think that when this review plays itself out, at the end they'll find that what we have said is true. nothing was marked classified at the time it was september -- sent. this is a judgment based on hind sight based on the fact these e-mails are being prepared for public release. we should let that process play itself out. we're confident we'll be vindicated in the end.
1:57 pm
you have a lot of people trying to take advantage of this ongoing review and provide commentary in the meantime because there isn't a judgment being rendered fast enough and they're trying to air these charges out there and make it sound more egregious than it is. >> brian fallon, thanks for joining us. >> thanks, jake. you know that wish list you have of all the things you'd by if you didn't have bills to pay? president obama submitted his to congress this week and even proposes how to pay with them with $3 billion in tax hikes, ones that congress will probably never pass. the debt added to our $19 trillion in ious would only go up $500 billion. welcome to washington. that's all part of our weekly america's debt crisis. >> the budget that we're releasing today reflects my priorities. >> president obama's $4.1 trillion wish list hit the halls of congress this week and
1:58 pm
republicans swiftly kicked much of it to the curb. >> i look at this as something that is totally disconnected with the reality of where we are. >> that reality is a $19 trillion national debt that the president's farewell budget will only add to. >> there's some priorities that we have that are deeply held that republicans in congress do not share. >> this is normal in washington. both parties committing to budgets where the nation spends more than it takes in, sending those ious to future generations. an attitude summed up by former vice president danick cheney, w said deficits don't matter. president obama proposes ways to pay with some of his new proposals with $3 trillion in tax hikes, but republicans in congress will never pass these into law. he suggests $320 billion for investments in high-tech transportation, self-driving cars, low-emission mass transit,
1:59 pm
all paid for by a tax on oil but republicans will never go for that. most of obama's spending proposals are traditional deficit spending, not offset by spending cuts or tax hikes. >> let's make america the country that cures cancer once and for all. >> that's not to say they're bad programs. $1 billion to go to the cancer eliminating effort headed up by vice president biden. $19 billion to defend the country against cyber attacks. a 35% increase. >> one of the biggest gaps between the public sector and the private sector is in our i.t. space and it makes everybody's information vulnerable. >> he tries to slow the growth of annual deficits by limiting discretionary spending, but as americans age, increasing mandatory spending like medicare will continue to add to the national debt. this year $200 billion will go towards the interest on that debt, just the interest, and that amount is expected to more than triple by 2026.
2:00 pm
it's washington, d.c.'s game of kicking the can, and your kids are going to be it. >> that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. tune in sunday morning for state of the union. the guests, jeb bush and marco rubio. turning you over to brianna keilar in "the situation room." happening now, natural-born lawsuit. donald trump threatens to sue ted cruz over his citizenship if it rival doesn't clean up his act and stop running negative ads. trump is trying to clean up his own act by cutting down on vug garts. will he watch his mouth in his next event? we're standsing by. embracing obama. one ran against him, the other has criticized him, but they're seeing who can hug the president more tightly. machete attack. four people are wounded and a suspect is dead after a terrifying rampage in an ohio deli of was this a case of lone wolf


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