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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  February 13, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning. and you are up early. we're so glad to have your company. i'm christi paul. >> and i'm victor blackwell. we're hours away from the gop debate face-off in greenville, south carolina. this time six candidates on stage and expect even more aggressive attacks. senator marco rubio going after former mentor former florida governor jeb bush. now, bush is ramping up his attacks on front-runner donald trump, and despite a pledge to stay above the fray, donald trump is threatening to sue ted
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cruz. >> he said, quote, if he doesn't clean up his act, stop cheating and doing negative ads, i have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen. cruz returned fire. >> my approach consistently has been i'm not going to respond in kind. he can launch insults however much he wants. there is a reason donald engages in attacks, because it's all a smoke screen to hide from his record. >> now, last night donald trump held a rally with thousands of supporters. take a look here. cnn's jim acosta is here. trump did keep his promise on
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thursday when he vowed to stop using vulgarities on the campaign trail but he still went on the attack, hitting one of his favorite targets, jeb bush, insisting the former florida governor is unable to negotiate with adversaries. here's what he had to say. >> oh, jeb. jeb. he's asleep. he's asleep at the wheel, folks. no, seriously. can you imagine jeb negotiating with china? >> cruz fired back at trump saying the real estate tycoon's complaints don't square. with bush and marco rubio saying trump's language is simply not appropriate for children at his campaign rallies. victor and christi? >> jim acosta for us. thank you so much. so why is donald trump saying he will sue ted cruz now?
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i want you to listen to what he said previously. >> the fact is there's a big overhang. there's a big question mark on your head. and you can't do that to the party. i'm not bringing a suit, i promise, but the democrats are going to bring a lawsuit. >> he's not bringing the suit, he promises. now, let's bring in cnn political commentators and from the "washington post" and a senior adviser to rand paul's campaign. welcome to you all. this threat to sue over as he calls his ineligibility to become president, you have to assume that's going to come up tonight. >> one would hope the moderators would bring it up. donald trump, let's be clear. he always had the ability, donald trump did, to always mount a legal challenge. the point is it's not even a serious possibility. they teach you the first week in law school, everybody, that
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anybody can get into court. the question is whether you can stay there. yeah, he can start a lawsuit and get a couple of news cycles worth of talking points out of it, but the suit would probably be bounced out of court in fairly short order. we'll see if he means it. >> he's getting a news cycle just by threatening. >> i don't know how far he'll take it. but to the point that errol just made, every day that he's defending his citizen ship is a day that ted cruz can't point out to voters that donald trump is not as conservative as he is or he's the better candidate and donald trump is controlling the news cycle every day leading up to south carolina that way and it's worked so far and i think they're going to continue to use that tactic until it doesn't work. >> let's talk about jeb bush after the new hampshire debate. those appear to be working well, coming in forth in new hampshire. i want you to hear what trump
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said about bush in tampa. >> see, he's bringing his brother in now. he tried the mother, who's a very nice lady, i'm sure. he tried the mother. that didn't work out so good. >> all right, steve. that's the sound bite bringing in to this narrative george w. bush was going to be on the campaign for his brother. is jeb bush a serious contender to win south carolina? i mean the latest polls, although they're several weeks old, have trump several points ahead. >> for him it's not just about winning. it's about surviving. right now he's at 11%. he needs to get his numbers up or he's not going to make it to the next win. >> do you think he can win in south carolina? >> personally i don't think he can but i don't think that's his major goal. his major goal is to get his numbers up high enough. he's in a primary with senator rubio and governor kasich. >> so let's talk about rubio.
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errol, after that -- he admitted it, that poor showing in new hampshire, that last debate, what does rubio have to do tonight to stop the slide? >> he's got to have a better than average sort of gaffe-free debate where i think all eyes will be on him. and the attacks that came from governor christie even though christie is no longer in the race is in the room. is he giving canned talk lines, repeating himself. if he doesn't psych himself out psychologically, he'll be fine. but more importantly he's got do a lot of work outside the debate arena. he's got to really get a ground game going. gheets to get a good showing when the votes are counted next week. remember, he had the strategy of 3-2-1. he was going to come in third in iowa, his advisers said and second in new hampshire and first in south carolina. but the malth doesn't look like
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it's working out for him so far at all. >> david, donald trump she says doesn't have foreign policy experience. bush doesn't. they wouldn't even answer the question. is the bush campaign looking past marco rubio now because at least rhetorically jeb bush seems to be focused squarely on donald trump. >> well t good news for the bush campaign is they've done so poorly up to now that they have nowhere but to go up. they see senator rubio has had a tough week and they feel like they can go into this campaign knowing if they can score some points, keep jabbing partly at rubio and partly at trump, they can get back in knowing that others dropped out and they have money to burn. the bush campaign, you know, sees themselves as playing a longer game whereas rubio has to come into the debate tonight as
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errol said and show a sense of humor about the fact that he had kind of a dismal week. >> steven, ted cruz was in front 1406r thousand people at a rock concert in greenville, south carolina, a christian conservative rock group there. i think we have a video of cruz speaking to them. he is obviously going to do well with the 65% of gop voters who identify themselves as evangelicals. what does he have to do on that debate stage tonight? >> well, he has to show himself as the alternative to donald trump. he really wants to portray the race as a two-person race. >> and how does he do that? >> by keeping his focus on trump. i also think he needs to solidify the conservative lane. he wants to try to pick up some of ben carson's vote. for him it's all about maintaining the message that he's going to fight for conservatives. that's his appeal of the base. >> thank you all. we're going to have you back at the bottom of the hour.
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you brought up dr. carson who said he can win south carolina. the latest polls don't show he's in the top three or four. we'll see what he can get done. we'll have that in a few minutes. a programming note, cnn hosts a program debate tonight with erin burnette. stay with us for that. hillary clinton fight her way after a crushing loss to bernie sanders. her new plan of attack. plus, ted cruz pulls his new ad after the discovery of a porn actress is one of the main actors there. why some people think that was the wrong decision. your path to retirement... may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings.
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12 minutes past the hour right now and we're two weeks out from the democratic primary in south carolina. hillary clinton seems to be sharpening her attacks against bernie sanders. listen to this. >> i want you to understand. i will not promise you something that i cannot deliver. ly i will not do that. i will not make promises i know i cannot keep. we don't need any more of that. what we need is a commitment and a determination to follow through. >> now, among clinton's supporters, there are signs that there could be some concern about her viability this morning. according to the "washington post," a backer is prepared to spend $5 million on her behalf. but here's the thing, that was
3:14 am
money not to be touched until the general election. thank you both so much for being with us. i want to start with you. this in fusion of super pac money we're hearing about this morning, do you see that as an erosion of confidence in clinton's campaign amongst her people? >> i think of it more as a strategic decision to not assume that the nomination is hers for the asking and recognizing a little bit belatedly frankly that bernie sanders represents a real threat, not bernie sanders himself, although he's a formidable candidate as we have learned and as clinton has learned, but because he represents a real play for the obama coalition, the millennials, the women, the independents. we'll see if he makes any inroads with the black and latino communities. he's going after and eroding some of the bases she might have taken for granted. i see the news report where you
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related that they're saying, okay, all bets are off, we have to shore up the house before it's too late. >> we saw an issue with bernie sanders who was speaking to folks in the black community. they were very welcoming initially, but at the end of the day, it turns out that it didn't necessarily go so well. they eventually asked him -- i mean they asked him can't you talk on specific points about what is affecting the black community and he responded saying, it's not always just about race. it's about the economy. what does he have to do to make things better and try to pull in some of those african-american votes? >> well, i think, frankly, he has to go for the jugular on this one. i mean the african-american community has suffered the most as a result of many of clinton's policies, both hillary clinton designing welfare reform under the clinton administration and many of the policies under bill
3:16 am
clinton himself, and there's this false narrative they have been strong for the african-american community. when he says we need a stronger community, he has to connect the dots. i believe millennials will understand this because they're the result of the economy and their generation has been hurt by the economy but the african-american in particular -- the democrats have come in, swooped for their vote, had parties, played the saxophone, done all these things image-wise which look good for the black community, but in terms of policy and deregulating wall street, that sig nif kalktly impacts the welfare system. private prisons. the biggest donor to bill clinton's campaign was private prisons. to go back to the earlier point about fund-raising, when you look at hillary clinton's fund-raisers, most of her fund-raisers are maxed out. she can't go to wall street for
3:17 am
more money because it doesn't look good. she canceled two financial industry fund-raisers before new hampshire because she knew it wouldn't look good. the dnc itself headed by debbie wasser man schultz who basically supported hillary clinton has decided lobbying for money and go against the obama/biden policy where they decided they weren't going to do that anymore. to be fair, neither obama or biden will be gout out to lobby for more money. they see hillary clinton as the nominee most likely to raise money. >> errol, i want to ask you about that. that obviously has a potential to hurt clinton because it's one of sanders' biggest critiques against her, backing of the super pacs. how does she max that? >> she's in the same position she's always been in. either you take outside money or
3:18 am
you don't. i think she expressed a certain amount of frustration over the issue because her idea that both obama and clinton and almost every other serious contender for the presidency has taken lots of money including many corporations, and those corporations happen to be investment banks. she doesn't want some unique standard applied to her that has never been applied to anybody else. that plays right into senator sanders' hands. he says, look, why would goldman sachs not give money to anybody if they doesn't want to buy the government. it seems like a simplistic argument but it seems to work with sanders' supporters, so hillary clinton is between a rock and a hard place. my guess is she'll do the practical thing which including changing strategies or changing her campaign fund-raising strategy to make sure she has what she needs to get through the race and the primary season. >> you know, one of the things that was striking after the debate is we did not see either
3:19 am
hillary clinton or bernie sanders go to nevada, and that is the next race for them. why is it that he didn't go to nevada? is he that -- is he that confident in that state? >> i don't know if confidence is the right word. i mean to be fair there was one day in between the debate and new hampshire primaries, so, you know, they're both setting up their operations right now in nevada and they both have plans to have big rallies in nevada. it's not like they're ignoring the states. i think it's a functionality thing. one day he met with al sharpton in new york. sometimes you can kill two birds with one stone where you kill the message by sending a message to the voters. you see hillary clinton doing it. she talked about flint, michigan, which is part strategy to affect the midwest but mostly to talk to the african-american community to say what's going on with the water crisis is affecting your community the most.
3:20 am
as long as they have their ground operations in place and they show up for the primaries and the caucuses and have their big events, that's what's important to their voters. >> all right. nomiki konst and errol louis, thank you both for being here. let's turn now to hawaii trying to get ahead of the zika virus before it even starts up there. the plan to prevent the outbreak in that state. plus, crews are still looking for any possible survivors in the quake that rocked taiwan a week ago. why they say the casualties are going to continue to rise, but they're still looking for survivors. as easy as... one... "tru"... three. with new trublend primer preps and smooths skin and trublend makeup blends flawlessly plus new trublend blush and bronzer from easy breezy beautiful covergirl. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking.
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hawaii las started to put insect side sprayers in population centers. they've got people going door to door in expectation that mosquitos carrying the zika virus could eventually hit the state. the mayor wants them to get in front of the situation. the world health organization announced the two possible zika vaccines are under development but they won't be available for at least a year and a half. and two brothers from washington state who vanished six years ago, they're safe and found. their biological mother is charged with kidnapping them and taking them out of the state. these two boys who are 15 and 9 are now reunited with their father. in southern california an enormous natural gas leak has
3:25 am
finally been stopped. that means thousands of people who live in the community of porta ranch will be allowed to return to their home. that leak was first discovered four months ago. engineers are preparing to fill that well with concrete to permanently seal it. let's take you to ohio. police are investigating it as a possible lone wolf terror incident. four people were injured including a man who's in critical condition this morning. police shot and killed the 30-year-old attacker following a car chase. the number of people killed by the magnitude 6.4 earthquake that hit taiwan a week ago has now risen to 108. rescuers are still working to find survivors. they believe eight people are reportedly trapped in the rubble of a collapsed apartment complex. still to come, the ted cruz campaign has taken its latest political ad off the airwaves.
3:26 am
what's so controversial about it. it's not the message per se, but rather the messenger wchl veal details on the backlash and some people who think it might not have been a good idea. president obama is candid about life in washington and why he says he does not miss the campaign trail at all. brace yourself... the first ever gsf is here. with a 467 horse power v8 engine... torque vectoring differential... and brembo brakes. it's the next expression of f performance, from lexus. what makesheart healthysalad the becalifornia walnuts.r? the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever?
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coming up on the bottom of the hour now, and we're looking
3:30 am
ahead to the gop debate in sn tonight. the candidates are, of course, trying to make their case to the large portion of ivan jen gel cal voters in the state. ted cruz is also trying to explain to voters why an adult film actress appeared in one of his campaign ads. watch. >> the ad was a fun ad but it was also making a serious point about all of the grassroots activists who were disappointed by marco rubio. it happen thad one of the actresses who was there had a more colorful film history than we were aware. we had a casting call and she came and auditioned, and we did not realize her film history. when we did, we decided that prudence dictated pulling the ads down, and so we did. let's bring back -- of course, we know as many as
3:31 am
two-thirds of the voters, the gop voters in south carolina are sel self-identified conservative christians, evangelicals. do you think, errol, it would have made a difference if you took it down or left it up? >> leaving it up would have caused us to talk for days. >> we are anyway. >> very true but they don't have to pay for it now. i think that would have been a problem. i think it's interesting to note the lady herself calls herself a conservative christian as well. there's room for fascinating local debate about who this young woman is and what her values are and, you know, whether or not that means anything. but, look, it's harmless for jeb cruz. i don't think anybody seriously doubts his commitment to faith-based politics. this is so far out of character that i don't think anybody believes he's been some kind of hypocrite on these very core values.
3:32 am
>> steve, the actress was on cnn last night. i want you to listen to what she says about the ad. >> i think it's an interesting slant that people would look at that this is also someone who could be a ted cruz voter and that's not what you're hearing. you're hearing they're all white males over the age of whatever arngd christian fanatics. i'm a socially liberal person but i have my conservative views. that should be very interesting. this is the face of the new republicans. that's what i would person dloi with this whole attention. >> with the actress coming out, she's been on cnn, does she hurt ted cruz or make a strong point? >> she's not going to hurt ted cruz one bit. the key issues for those voters are going to be the economy and jobs and who can beat hillary
3:33 am
clinton. this particular incident will have no effect on the campaign whatsoever. >> all right. so david, let's move on. the last major poll out of south carolina is from january, so it's pre-iowa, it's pre-new hampshire. how tight is this race today? >> well, it's tight at the top, right? you've got donald trump, you've got senator cruz, and you've got right on their heel, bush sort of surging slightly and senator rubio trying to hang in there. once you get past those candidates, i don't think it's tight. i think we're at that stage in the race, victor, where we're narrowing it down to folks who have a real shot. you have ben carson and carly fiorina who surged early are falling away and now they're going have a chance to scrutinize the top candidates more than ever. >> where does he rank?
3:34 am
is he in the top tier or an also rand? >> i don't think he's at also rand. as is often said, no republican president has been elected ever without winning ohio, so now he's not really seriously competitive in south carolina in part because he put all of his resources in to new hampshire. it paid off well for him there. first off, he's broke. he came into north carolina with a couple of million dollars which is not enough to mount a serious national cam pape and he's spent almost all of that and he has very little presence in south carolina. so he's making some ways a token effort to try to capital icy on his win in new hampshire, but he's in tough shape. you can look to him tonight to try and really make some fireworks happen at the debate because he's got to get something going there. >> steve, you do think for john kasich, south carolina should not be his focus? he should look deep sbeer march, into michigan and illinois and stop spending money in south carolina? >> yes.
3:35 am
and what hasn't been mentioned is south carolina is a winner-take-all state. the 25 or 22 of them are winner-take-all by congressional district. so unless you can come in first place or win congressional delegates york ire going get zero delegates. >> all right. steve, david, errol, wheel continue our conversation later this morning. christi? in a new turn this week, the president, he's opened up, reflecting on everything from his presidency to his current state of politics and cnn white house michelle kosinski has more for us. >> hi, victor and christi. while the antics grind onward sucking up all the attention, president obama has been talking
3:36 am
on his own. also introspective and personal, capping it off with an appearance on "ellen," this time, though, no dancing. president obama on ellen's daytime talk show now in the sun set of his time in office. the last time was back in 2007 as a candidate. you can see the difference. today -- >> it's always good to get out of washington which can sometimes be a little depressing. >> what part is depressing? >> well, washington. >> he and the first lady had fun with this. >> somebody call "the situation room" because things are about to get hot. michelle, this valentine's day, i'm going to treat you right. i'm going make you some zucchini bread. >> his lack of dancing now aside, a more relaxed some say funnier less constrained president obama is what we've been seeing.
3:37 am
on wednesday in illinois where he announced his candidacy for president exactly nine years earlier, he excoriated the state of american politics. >> our children are watching what we do. if we lie about each other, they make up facts and ignore science. if they see us insulting each other like school kids, then they think, well, i guess that's how people are supposed to behave. >> in this year's state of the union address, president obama said one regret is not being able to better bridge the partisanship, the rancor that has only gotten worse. this week in an interview he revealed that every day i'm in this office i look back and say, well, maybe i could have done that a little better or maybe i should have reached out to that person more effectively or maybe if i had framed the issue bet e
3:38 am
people would have come together and find common ground. politics has always been rough games. president lincoln had been called an idiot, a yahoo by his opponents. but president obama feels things are worse today. the polarization. >> if i listened to some of these conservative pundits, i wouldn't vote for me either. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. >> as the candidates continue to insult each other or whoever, president obama plans to keep calling them out and calling for, in his words, a higher discourse. >> i still believe in that politics of hope. >> he spoke out on what he sees as a corrosive influence on money, politics and gerrymandering. he even indicates these are issues he wants to keep working on after he leaves office. victor and christi. >> thanks so much.
3:39 am
pope francis is waking up in mexico city this morning. [ cheers and applause ] >> the pontiff is just a few hours from a major mass there. and we'll have details on his message of hope and solidarity. hair, strands always break off.
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so mexico's president was at the mexico city airport this morning to meet pope francis as he arrived from a stopover in cuba. take a look at this.
3:43 am
what a welcome there. the pope is going to be in mexico for six days. a formal welcoming ceremony is planned for later this morning at the national palace. >> later the pope will hold a mass. rosa, what's the goal? what does the pope hope to accomplish during that trip? >> you know, i'm just going to go ahead and say it. i think that there hasn't been this much action in mexico city since the film "specter" was filmed here with daniel craig and all of the power of james bond because let me tell you something. there is just an energy about mexico with pope francis here. as you mentioned, i'm traveling with the pope, and so i was there when the crowds were welcoming him. there was a mariachi band.
3:44 am
you could see the pope glowing as he was taking all of this mexican love in. he has a packed day. he starts off and he visits with the president of mexico because let's not forget. not only is he here as the leader of the catholic church, but he's also the head of the state of the vatican. he's going meet with the president like he does with any other country. he meets with bishops amnd then as you mentioned he's going to be coming here to the basilica of our lady of guadeloupe. whenever phone francis speaks about la guadeloupe, his face lights up. he's very devout to the virgin of guadeloupe. we expect him to celebrate mass with thousands of people inside this basilica, and, of course, he's expected to share a message of mercy, and then, guys, he's expected to pray in front of the madonna for as much as he would
3:45 am
like. we're told from the vatican, maybe up to 30 minutes. christi and victor? >> so, rosa, we get to see all of these images of what's happening, but i understand you had a real personal moment on the plane and he told you something that we were wholly unaware of until now. what was that about? >> reporter: well, pope francis goes around and he gives one-on-one time to all of the journalists on the plane. now, there's more than 70 of us, so imagine. he's very gracious. so what i had for him and we usually just bring little gifts for the pope, all of the journalists do, so what i had for him were letters written by children in chicago to the pope. and so i presented all of these lett letters, more than 200 of them. he really just lit up because as you know, he loves being around children and talking to children. he said, oh, these are just so beautiful. then he told me a little secret.
3:46 am
he said, you know, i'm publishing a children's book and it's going to be out soon and it's a children's book with letters from children from around the world, and he's answering their questions. so it's going to be a beautiful book. >> very interesting. all right. hey, rosa flores, thank you so much. what an experience for her. >> she's had a few moments. i remember the last trip where he traveled to cuba. rosa, thank you so much. still ahead on "new day," new allegations in the wake of the plinlt water crisis. i shouldn't say wake. it's still going on. could the state block an investigation into an outbreak that killed almost ten people. plus, record-low temperatures are sweeping parts of the nation. snow is pulling others. what we're learning this morning about what this all means for you. th, i hear you calling.♪. ♪ but i can't come home right now... ♪
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ten minutes to the top of the hour now, and we may be seeing new consequences of what started at toxic levels of lead in flint, michigan's, water supply. >> it's been linked to an outbreak of legionnaires' disease and now a whistle blower says that at least nine people died because the state officials prevented an investigation into the outbreak source. >> reporter: in the summer of 2014 people in flint started dieing in what would become one of the worst outbreaks of legionnaires' disease in u.s. history. >> we were expecting the city of
3:51 am
flint water supply. >> reporter: after the city began drawing from the highly corrosive flint river, brown water started flowing from taps. >> that was the big red flag. >> reporter: eventually toxic lead would be discovering but that summer the county health director hadn't found the source of the legionnaires' disease, which by that point was already killing people, so he got in touch with the cdc. when you reached out, what did you expect to happen? >> we expected that we'd have a team of people that would help us identify the source of this bacteria, the source of this illness to stop it. >> reporter: but that didn't happen. the centers for disease control, the federal agency tasked with investigating outbreaks didn't show up and the county health director jim henry said michigan state officials purposely kept them away. >> our whole team was angry. it was -- you could see that it
3:52 am
was an intentional deliberate method to prevent us from doing our job. >> reporter: according to cdc protocol, a state must invite the cdc to investigate an outbreak, and michigan did not do that. >> the state stopped our investigation by prohibiting us to communicate. they prohibited communication between the center for disease control and genesee county health didn't, they prevented that team to come here and help us find the source. >> reporter: legionella thrives in warm weather and henry says he was racing against the clock, trying to prevent another outbreak from happening the following summer, still hoping the cdc would come and pinpoint the cause. >> it was infuriating. >> reporter: michigan state officials did provide assistance but never found the cause of the outbreak. the state would not agree to an interview, saying only this. we were able to meet the even deem logical case investigation need in the county. cdc was a part of these
3:53 am
conversations as they were involved in many aspects of the investigations. but the cdc tells cnn that it felt a comprehensive investigation was warranted and offered to further assist michigan. in this case, michigan felt that they had the skills and resources needed to perform the investigation themselves. as the weather warmed in 2015 just as henry had feared, there was a second wave of cases, but to henry's astonishment, the state had already declared the legionnaires' outbreak over. when you read that, what did you think? >> there must be a mistake. we had two new cases in june, we had multiple cases, and to determine the outbreak over must have been some sort of mistake. >> that's what you thought at the time. >> that's what i thought at the time. >> what do you think now? >> it was intentional to stop the investigation to implicate
3:54 am
the flint water system and this outbreak. >> reporter: by summer's end four mer people would die including 58 yr8d deborah kidd. her son troy said she got sick after visiting the e.r. for a my grain. she didn't know there were high levels of legionella in the hospital's water supply. his family is now suing the hospital and the state. >> i think it's a coverup. i think it stinks. i think there's more going on than what they wanted to lead on. >> reporter: the cdc did make it to flint but experts say it's likely too late to make any scientific link. to this date they do not know the exact cause of the outbreak and they may never know. back to you. >> all right. sara ganim. thanks so much. we're learned that flint's water system was rushed into treatment. they wrote this eight days before the plant opened.
3:55 am
if water is distributed from this plant in the next couple of weeks, it will be against my direction. i need time to adequately train additional staff and to update our monitoring plans before i feel we are ready. now, it's not clear if these issues had anything do with the lead or legionnaires' issues. in new york governor cuomo ordered a plan for a new supply. additionally, the state's offered to purchase and install water filtration systems for roughly 1,500 homes. at the top of the hour we have new battles with isis in syria and russia's campaign comes under criticism by leaders as more civilians are killed in the strikes. oll. more "who's training who" per roll. bounty is two times more absorbent.
3:56 am
so one roll of bounty can last longer than those bargain brands. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty. the long-lasting quicker picker upper. and try bounty napkins.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
3:59 am
the deaths of two girls appear to be the result of a murder/suicide. this appears according to investigators. it's believed the two were in a relationship. there's a bizarre update last year of the ben tut darren goforth. you remember he was shot and killed while fueling his patrol car. according to reports three, deputies have now been fired for having an inappropriate relationship with the fallen depu deputy's alleged mistress during the investigation. the sheriff says his office expecting a higher standard of conduct. record low temperatures expected to hit parts of the u.s. today as you're waking up. the northeast has it particularly bad. windchill temperatures expected to drop to below 40 to 50 below
4:00 am
zero. they're warning you, please stay indoors. if you have to go out, bundling up because these are dangerous, possibly life-threatening cold conditions. >> wow. >> sit at home and grab some nice hot coffee. >> chill out a bit. >> yes. we are here for you. our next hour of "new day" actually starts now. -- captions by vitac -- so elbows out, sharper tones ahead. the six remaining republican presidential candidates gear up for a high stakes debate in south carolina. >> hillary clinton is on the attack and she's tying her campaign to obama's legacy as she and bernie sanders are getting increasingly negative toward one another. and 20 million christians visit the guadeloupe basilica each year.
4:01 am
more today. you see the pope. wishing you a good morning on this saturday no matter how chilly it might be where you are. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. let's start in south carolina. in just a matter of hours six republican candidates will square off on the debate stage in greenville. just one week until the south carolina republican primary. last night the gop front-runner donald trump. he wasn't campaigning in south carolina. he was in tampa, florida, holding a rally with thousands, ten thousand, maybe 11 thousand supporters there. >> here's how he characterized his campaign, saying he's running an optimistic campaign, yet he said that hours after issuing this warning to what appears to be an arch rival at this point, ted cruz, and this was on twitter. trump tweeted, if the ted cruz doesn't clean up his act, stop cheating and doing negative ads, i have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen. cruz is now firing back.
4:02 am
>> i will give you this. he is not boring. my consistent approach is i'm not going to respond in kind. he can launch whaer insults he wants. my focus is going to be substance and issues. there is a reason that donald engages in attacks because it's all a smoke screen to hide from his record. >> cnn's ryan nobles joins us from green ville, south carolina. ryan, we have reason to believe this will come up during the debate. >> reporter: there's a good chance donald trump will use this attack line he's used on him for the last few months. he's actually stopped talking about ted cruz's birth place but now that cruze has come here to south carolina in a state rich with conservative voters, voters who might not be ideologically aligned with donald trump, that he's trying to plant a seed of doubt with the voters, trying to
4:03 am
remind them that cruze might be somehow sued if elected. donald trump is not only focusing on his fellow opponents. seems to be looking 'head to the general election and even talking about the democrats in this race. listen to what donald trump had to say latest night about bernie sanders in florida. >> -- against a communist. i never thought -- i never thought i'd siee a day a communist -- when you think about it -- you're going to have a communist against the entrepreneur. i like the entrepreneur. >> reporter: and it's not just ted cruz we should keep an eye on tonight but also marco rubio. remember, he had all of what was thought to be the mainstream momentum and then he stumbled in that debate, ended up finishing fifth in new hampshire. rubio has promised a much
4:04 am
stronger debate performance tonight. we'll have to see if that happens. christi? >> no doubt. ryan nobles, we appreciate it. thank you. we now donald trump is using every opportunity to go after ted cruz and jeb bush. we also know he called him vicious and ruthless. watch. >> vicious and gutless. >> he's got a vicious streak. he's vicious and gutless. he's doing what i did to him. $20 million worth of negative ads. and i say -- you know the funny thing? if he didn't, i would never hit him. >> let's bring in cnn political come men tailor errol louis. welcome to you all. >> good morn zbhoogd morning. >> i want to start with you.
4:05 am
can jeb bush win south carolina? >> right now he's got momentum coming out of new hampshire and he's got the support of lindsey graham, the u.s. senator from south carolina. and his brother's going to campaign with him on monday and his brother is very popular there. and governor bush has also defended the honor of senator john mccain who donald trump viciously attacked for becoming a prisoner of war in the vietnam war. i think he's the only one who will take him on. i think if his performance goes well on monday, i think anything's possible. >> anything's possible, but you set the table there. he's got a former president coming out. the bush name is golden. i saw it in south carolina. he's got four offices, 20 staffers. he's got the staffers there. if he can't win in south carolina, what does that say about the viability of his
4:06 am
candidacy? >> well, look. it's still a crowded field. you still have six people running. i don't think winning in south carolina is a necessity for him to continue his campaign. the people right now, about a third of the republicans there are supporting donald trump. two thirds are not supporting donald trump. i think once the field calls down two or three people, if jeb bush is still in that mix, he'll become the main alternative for mainstream republicans around the country. >> barry, let me come to you. dr. ben carson was in front of that group of 14,000 people last night at that christian rock concert. of course, we know the importance and value of the evangelical vote there. where does he need to finish in the south carolina primary to, i guess, convince voters that his campaign is still viable? >> well, i think you've got to finish in the top four or five. you know, ben has got an amazing fund-raising list. he'll be in it as long as he wants to.
4:07 am
he's not going to run out of money. he has a strong afinishty, the portion of those christian carolineans. i think they're going to turn out and vote for him. i don't know if he'll finish in the top three, but he'll do very well. >> is fifth place enough for dr. carson enough to continue on? >> right. as barry says, you know, if you're not in fourth or fifth place, that means you're dead last. he needs to finish some place other than last is probably the right way to think about this. but let's keep in mind also he's got a secret weapon in the form of one of his top advisers. armstrong williams is from south carolina. used to worm for strong thurman. so they've got quite a network down there and to the extent we use that overused phrase "ground game," ben carson may have one there that we're not perceiving just yet. >> barry, let me come back to
4:08 am
you with this threat from donald trump to sue senator cruz. why do you think he's bringing this back up, this canadian birth. it didn't win him iowa. >> well, you know, i think it's played a big part in the minds of people. you know, ted cruz did have canadian citizenship. it's not like john mccain was born in panama. i don't think donald trump is going to sue ted cruz, but ted cruz is pulling an awful lot of dirty tricks, mainly on ben carson so far. i think he was trying to put him on notice that you may want to play dirty, but other people can play dirty as well. >> what do you make, justin, of this vacillating from the trump campaign, you know, saying that we're not going use any more vulgarities and he's held to that, but then attacking on twitter, pulling the negative ad, but still calling people vicious. what do you make of this swing
4:09 am
in the trump campaign? >> his record speaks for himself. he has been the most personally negative presidential candidate, think, in american history. if you look at the number of people he's personally attacked from his own mouth, i think that exceeds what any other candidate has done in terms of personal attacks both electronically, on social media, through twitter, and also in his debates and campaign speeches. if someone were to quantify the number of times he's personally attacked other candidates, i think he'd set a record. for him to say he's running a positive campaign, i hate to say it, but it's absolutely laughable. >> but jeb bush called him a happy warrior. is he getting down in the mud if that's your characterization? >> well, i would say that governor bush -- since donald trump is the front-runner, governor bush knows you can't win the nomination unless you taken to front-runner, and
4:10 am
that's what he's dining. he's taken him on the debates. i think you're going to see that in tonight's debate. you're going to see donald trump and jeb bush mix it up a little bit. it's interesting that donald trump is attacking jeb bush because bush is the one who's stood up to donald trump in those debates. >> let me talk about john kasich. as we've seen, there is this appetite in south carolina and i guess broadly across this cycle for these attacks. this positive campaign he's running, is that going to work this cycle without the 106 town halls he did in new hampshire, time to do those, as he moves through the daryl? >> he hasn't got time and he hasn't got money. whether he's positive or negative, if nobody hears about it, it won't make much difference. this debate is essentially south carolina's strategy. whoenlt have time to put together a real organization or a whole lot of money in the remaining days. so, you know, as an evangelical,
4:11 am
he will resonate with a certain section of the voters. he will keep the momentum going and look forward to super tuesday but i don't know if he can do that tonight or now. >> errol louis, justin sayfie, and barry bennett, thank you all. >> thank you. post debate special tonight on cnn with erin burnette. still to come, trump has said that he will have some choice words for george w. bush once he does so. we'll find out what that means. also bernie sanders may have more firepower against hillary clinton as she gets major boost of financial support from a super pac funding. and it is a rock star welcome for pope francis making his first ever visit to mexico. the average person will probably eat something or drink something that is acidic on a daily basis. those acids made over time
4:12 am
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4:15 am
i think he's shown a great presidential leadership in dealing with the uncrackable opposition of the right wing and the republicans of the tea party. i think millions of americans are better off because of his presidency, so i, yes, will build on the progress he made because i am a progressive who actually likes to make progress. hillary clinton tying her campaign to president obama's legacy there as she sharpens her attack on bernie sanders. bernie sanders may have a bit of firepower. the "washington post" reporting this morning that a super pac backing clinton will spend $5 million on her behalf which, of course, could be seen as strengthening his argument that she is too tied to corporate money. democratic strategist and bernie sanders supporter know nomi
4:16 am
nomika knomika ko nebras nomika konst. are you hearing viability of her campaign at this point? >> absolutely not. the only concern we're hearing is from the republican party that desperately does not want her to be the republican nominee. they'd rather hear fromming the gentleman from vermont, bernie sanders. they do not want to run against hillary clinton. >> knnomika, do you think he nes to broaden his advance at this point? >> if it ain't broke, don't fix it. he's targeting the root cause of all the injusts thes.
4:17 am
he's talking about education reform and prison reform and, of course, wall street reform and those arishes that, frankly, hillary clinton does not have. if we want to be real about this, going back to the mayor's point, hillary clinton is frankly afraid of bernie sanders. he's raising more money than she is, and barely any of his donors are maxing out with an average of $34. she's got to find money somewhere to go up against him. she put up more ads because she didn't have as much cash on hand. he's a real threat to democratics. it's very hard for her to make that message when she's accepting more money from wall street than any candidates for republicans. >> we understand he may have a
4:18 am
hard time grasping the college day students, those kids who are flocking to the campaign. is there any way she can change that going into carolina and nevada next week? >> first of all, you're going to find in south carolina secretary clinton is doing a great. of course, the african-american community and latin community. i live in florida. when you're espousing a socialist revolution, i can tell you i know something about it. i know something about it because they all live in miami. it hasn't workeds out too well. by the way, when you say you want to give away health care and education and destroy wall street, i understand now he's giving away free uber and free starbucks and free netflix or something like that. of course organization you're going to appeal. >> are you a democrat or
4:19 am
republican because you sound like a republican. >> as an entrepreneurial businessperson, know that from personal experience. understand what's going on. >> go ahead. i want to let you to go. >> i want to be fair. you're sounding more like a republican side than a democratic side. he's a democratic socialist. listen, the military is more socialized than they are. he wants the people who have not been paying taxes over the past several years which is wall street. he wants to cut the loopholes to pay for education. the reality is millennials are hurting. you want to talk about the debt? what happens when an entire generation is dependent on social program because they don't have jobs, because they're in debt because of student loan. those were physical policies determined in the '90s. i understand you're defending hillary clinton but it doesn't sound democratic.
4:20 am
>> once again, it's okay if you're espousing a socialist revolution. it's okay. don't be defensive about it. the fact is senator clinton wants to clamp down on the 1%. what she doesn't want to do is choke the entire middle class and make the middle class pay for this bill. that's what the difference is. she wants to go after the 1%. i'm the 1%. i have no problem paying our fair share to pay our economy and make sure everyone is doing well. >> all right. nomiki konst and philip levine, thank you so much. >> bone temperatures. we're talking 40 and 50 below. it's coming up this weekend, so get ready. the forecast straight ahead for you. plus, he's pretty popular, but can he bring the votes? george w. bush about to help his brother on the campaign trail in south carolina.
4:21 am
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pope francis arrivinged in mexico city after a stopover in cuba. he'll be there for six days. there's a formal welcoming ceremony that's happening at the national palace. that's in a few hours and tonight he'll hold a mass at the
4:25 am
basilica of our lady of guadelupe. a man attacked several people in a restaurant with a machete. police are investigating it as a possible lone wolf terrorist attack. police shot and killed the 30-year-old attacker following a car chase. new york city, you're on alert, i'm sorry to tell you this morning. the mayor is cautioning you to stay inside. make sure your friends and neighbors are okay as well. windchills could make it feel as though it's 15 degrees below zero and in other surrounding cities, the windchill could get as low as 45 degrees below. meteorologist ailson chin char following the story for us. how much of a cold snap? >> we're talking nearly two dozen states under some type of windchill warning or advisory. here's look at the map. the focus is on the northeast because in this particular portion of the country, no state
4:26 am
is without some type of advisory oar warning. yes, we're chalking windchills as low as minus 40 degrees. we've got a deep trough set up with high pressure in the northwest pulling down all of that arctic air and the irony is it's warmer in the western part of the country. it's warmer in anchorage than atlanta, warmer in barrow, alaska, than international falls or chicago. it's not just the air temperature. it's also the wind that has to get factored in. we're not talking terribly strong winds. in a lot of places it's 15, 20, 25 miles an hour. but when you already have cold temperatures like minus 13 in burlington, that makes it feel like minus 36. in new york the temperature will be 2 x with a feels like temperature of minus 17.
4:27 am
overall tomorrow morning we're looking at possibly 18 record low temperatures across the eastern half of the country. high temperatures today, we could end up having some that get to the coldest high temperature they've ever had. about 20 of those. new york city, for example, on valentine's day, forecast right around 1 degree. the record low, two. so, again, a rather chilly day for valentine's day, christi. who knows. nine or ten months from now we'll have a whole new baby boom. >> i was going to say it, allison, but you said it. thank you so much. >> you've got to stay warm. let's talk politics. bients more than a decade since george w. bush has been on the campaign trail. it's a big deal. what difference will it make here? of course, it will make one, but how. and is russia bonding civilians there in syria? a french government thinks so.
4:28 am
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food is a language we all speak. when we cook together, we find harmony in the kitchen. we make more than a meal. enjoy fresh ingredients and healthy recipes, delivered to your door each week. subscribe today, at guess who you're going to get to see again, george w. bush on the campaign trail. the former president is making his debut in support of his brother jeb. it happens monday in south carolina. this is the first time they've campaigned together after coming together in north carolina. it's a critical week for jeb bush. our athena jones looks at how
4:32 am
his big brother could offer him a bit of a boost. >> reporter: george w. bush is back. >> experience and judgment count in the oval office. jeb bush is a leader who will keep our country safe. he respects the military, he honors their families. >> reporter: and jeb bush couldn't be happier about it. >> he's the last republican that was president. he's the most popular republican alive. >> i'm a proud brother of george w. bush. >> reporter: busch whose campaign logo doesn't even include his famous last name and would begin his run as, quote, his own man, has been embracing his family with each passing day. his mother barbara bush joining hip on the stump in new hampshire. the brothers will be campaigning together for the first time monday. until now w. has been helping out behind the scenes. >> this is the first time he's really kind of stepped out in the political realm since he was
4:33 am
pretty. i think will will be a lot of interest in what he has to say. >> reporter: it was once thought that the younger brother had the head for politics but his older brother beat him there, beating him to the governor's house and then the white house. he never disagreed with his brother on policy. >> not one time did you call up and say i don't agree with you? >> i'm not going to start. it's death till us part. >> your brother and hiss administration gave us barack obama. it was such a disastrous last three months that even bray hamlin kohn couldn't be elected. >> there's one thing for sure, he kept us safe. >> reporter: he repeatedly bash his elder brother's decision to go to war and the gop front-runner says he'll be ready with some more choice words for the bushies in the coming days. >> now he's bringing in his
4:34 am
brother. i won't say anything. i'll save that for after his brother makes his statement. there's plenty to say about what happening. >> reporter: athena jones, washington. let's bring back in our senior co senior. justin, i want to start with you. what do you expect his role will be beyond, you know, supporting his brother, especially on national defense. will he go after any of the opponents directly? >> i don't expect him to do that. i expect george bush to talk about what he -- the man he knows to be his brother jeb bush. as was mentioned in that opening piece there, george wish is very popular in south carolina. i think it's very risky for donald trump to start attacking as he did barbara bush last week and now if he's going start attacking george bush. look, jeb bush is his own man, he has his own record. he was an incressably successful
4:35 am
governor in the largest swing state in florida. his record speaks for itself. he's a member of the bush family. his brother is going to come campaign for him in south carolina. i don't expect george bush to be attacking other republicans. i expect him to be talking about the man he knows jeb bush to be. >> was at an event. there was a man who heaped the bush love and praised the family and jeb bush but then said he was a trump supporter because he was tired of republican politicians coming back and saying the same thing. is it something that we're seeing not just in south carolina but in all the states of the cycle? >> there's picking somebody and voting for somebody. as you're suggesting from that story, it's not always the same thing. the level of frustration that people have with republican politics, we compromise, with trying to sort of see the
4:36 am
promises that are made, the lavish extravagant processes that are made generation after generation without it being seen through, i mean this is what one of the pivotal points of this whole campaign is about. there's an interesting theory. it's talked about in a book. you've got tea party conservatives, far right conservatives that say they're going dismantle the department of education, say they're going to get rid of the epa and all kinds of ridiculous promises that, of course, don't come true. and now this is when the bill comes due when voters are saying, we don't believe anything you say and this is part of the appeal of donald trump. >> barry, before winning the nomination, you've got rubio, you've got kasich, you've got bush who are trying to win this primary within the primary, the more traditional, the establishment vote. is there a front runner in that lane now? >> you know, i don't think there
4:37 am
is. i think they're all kind of bunched together every time we have what we think is a front runner in that lane, something happens. marco rubio came out of iowa as the front-runner. kasich comes out as the front-runner and i don't know what will happen here. >> so, barry, what are you looking for tonight? >> in the debate, look, this is the eighth or ninth. i don't know. i'm losing count. >> ninth. >> i think the very deaf information of insanity is to do the same thing and expect a different outcome. so i don't think there's going to be much movement coming out of the debate tonight. the vote here in south carolina is surprisingly settled. the public polling that i've seen rekrejcily, the undecided vote is very small. it's not like new hampshire where there's a lot of breaking at the end. it's going to be a turnout game, a ground game, and, you know, you've got to love where donald trump is living right now. he had 13,000 in baton rouge the other night, 11,000 in tampa,
4:38 am
over 100,000 people in south carolina have come to a trump rally. he's doing something right. >> justin, governor bush has -- who is that trying to jum envelope there? >> that's right, victor. >> go ahead, victor. go ahead. >> i just wanted to say, look. we saw what happened to marco rubio after that last debate. and four years ago newt gingrich won the cnn debate and ended up winning the south carolina primaries. so i don't want to set expectations too high for the debate tonight, but we've seen four years ago in south carolina and last week in new hampshire the debates can be impactful. >> so what does governor bush have to do tonight? >> i think governor bush needs to continue to talk about his record, talk about his vision for the future. he has the most extensive policy plans on his website and he needs to take on donald trump and show donald trump for what he is. i think that's what you're going to see. because you can't win the
4:39 am
nomination unless you're willing to take on the front-runner. >> you're certainly going have some incoming from senator rubio who said this week that your candidate, governor bush, doesn't have any foreign policy experience. >> yeah. well, that's interesting to come from marco rubio who's been in washington. and, look. governor bush has assembled a terrific panel of foreign policy experts, and his plan that he gave at the reagan library to defeat isis, i'll put up against other over candidates plan to defeat isis. let's let the voters look at the plans they have to address foreign policy like isis. >> justin sayfie, errol louis, and barry bennett, counting down the hours until tonight in greenville, south carolina. >> thanks, victor. >> it's not going to look like anything we receive before because we have whittled down
4:40 am
candidates. cease-fire. will it be too late to help the folks in aleppo? we have a live report on the side of those talks. also, he wrote all those songs on an album while he was grieving the loss of his daughter. she died at sandy hook elementary. monday he could be a grammy winner. we'll talk to him in just a moment. whatcha doin? just prepping for my boss' party in a couple weeks. what are those? crest whitestrips. they whiten way better than paste. crest 3d white whitestrips... whiten 25 times better than the leading whitening toothpaste. i'd say... ...someone's making quite an impression. crest 3d white whitestrips. the way to whiten. performance... ...reimagined. style... ...reinvented. sophistication...
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what's in your wallet? 43 minutes past the hour right now and an important
4:44 am
diplomatic development in the work at the moment to end the long bloody war in syria. high-level officials are meeting in germany and have agreed to a tentative framework to what secretary of state john kerry called, quote, a cessation of hostilities. kerry said the goal was to end fighting within the next week and to begin shipments of humanitarian aid to the embat e embattled there. let's turn to nic robertson. what are you hearing about these talks? it's up to the sides on the ground in syria to implement what's been agreed to. the humanitarian access, the u.n. has already had a meeting, sent out a request for access to key areas. they believe they're going to be able to do that over the coming days. that's supposed to set the groundwork. of course, the major concern
4:45 am
right now and the reason for these talks, the reason for the talks is to get the peace process, the talking between the syrian government and the opposition groups, get them talking again, create the conditions on the ground where there's a favorable environmental for that. the reason the talks in switzerland, geneva, two weeks ago stalled was because of the russian bombing on the city of ale pa. they're continuing a military offensive there, taking more towns, even though they sat here t foreign russian minister salt here and said in a week's time there would be a cessation of hostilities. so a lot of concern about that russian and syrian offensive around aleppo right knew. secretary john kerry when he was speaking in munich a few minutes ago said the russians have to stop bombing the oppositions is
4:46 am
hoe h how he put it. >> we will work through where the targeting should take place, how it shouldn't, how we should work together to be effective so we don't drive people away from the table because obviously if people are ready to be part of the political process are being bombed, we're not going have much of a conversation. >> we heard the french prime minister today telling the russian prime minister here that they should stop that bombing as well. so while there's hope of a cessation of hostilities in a week's time, there's a real concern that what russia is involved in right now is heavy bombing because they think they can make strategic gains or the syrian government to make strategic gains on the ground. there's real concern that might unravel all the good work that was put in place a couple of nights ago. >> nic robertson, thank you so much. victor? >> still ahead on "new day," the
4:47 am
father of a sandy hook victim is nominated for two grammy awards this weekend that he compose and dedicated for his daughter. he joins us and shares live how it helped him to deal with that grief. i'm jerry bell the second. and i'm jerry bell the third. i'm like a big bear and he's my little cub. this little guy is non-stop. he's always hanging out with his friends. you've got to be prepared to sit at the edge of your seat and be ready to get up. there's no "deep couch sitting." definitely not good for my back. this is the part i really don't like right here. (doorbell) what's that? a package! it's a swiffer wetjet. it almost feels like it's moving itself. this is kind of fun. that comes from my floor? eww! this is deep couch sitting. [jerry bell iii] deep couch sitting!
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4:50 am
musician jimmy green used music to turn the devastating loss of his young daughter into a celebration of her life. green lost his daughter in the 2012 mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. >> 20 kids died that day and his daughter was just 6 years old. his album is called "beautiful
4:51 am
life" and paints a picture not of how she died but of how she lived. listen. ♪ pretty dress up clothes to wear, bright bows, cute hair ♪ ♪ are just a part of her story >> well, mr. green joins us now from monroe, connecticut and this weekend is nominated for a grammy award for best jazz instrumental album of the year. mr. green, thank you for joining us. i know it's been more than three years but we still offer condolences for your loss. >> thank you so much. thank you for having me on. >> certainly. i want to start with why an album to pay tribute to your daughter? >> well, i'm musician and music is the way i learn how to
4:52 am
communicate my whole life. i'm a recording artist and saxophonist and music is just like english is a language and for me, music is a language that can convey certain things that are sometimes more difficult to convey with words. so i really felt like me as musician, that is an appropriate way of expression, and even more so, anna and my son isaiah and my wife nelba and both sides of our families are extremely musical. we've all played and shared music together for our whole lives. anna extremely musical. she loved to sing and dance and sing with songs on the radio and sing with her brother playing the piano. she loved to sing just by herself.
4:53 am
>> yeah, we saw that photograph of her. >> music is the appropriate response and to pay tribute to her life, doing it through music is pretty right on. >> don't you have a song that includes her voice in it? so we actually get to hear her; is that correct? >> absolutely. the first track on the album is a hem that my kids would play together at the piano. my daughter was sing and my son would play and thankfully, my wife captured it on video and i wanted for the world to hear anna's voice because she had a beautiful voice and loved to sing and i don't doubt had she lived longer, she would have recorded on her own because her talent was just that special. i felt like the first track of the album should have her voice. >> when you listen to the music now and as you were writing it, help us understand what images were in your head and what you were feeling. >> it runs the whole bit of
4:54 am
emotions, frustration, grief, to happy, joyful memories of my little girl and our family when we were all in tact. it runs the whole gammit. a lot of emotions during the preparation and performance and even listening back to the album. >> mr. green, i've got one question, it's a bit unorthodox but do you still talk to anna? >> well, i'll give you the long answer. i have great faith that anna is in heaven, and i do my best to talk to god every day. multiple times a day and i thank him for keeping her safe with him until we can rejoin her again. >> all right. jimmy green, nominated for two grammys this weekend. thank you so much for sharing some time with us and congratulations on the nominations. >> thanks so much for having me
4:55 am
on. >> we'll be right back. pure is big, bold and just better. pure is mccormick. the smallest pinch of pure mccormick can make meals legendary. we want to help you realize the rich taste that pure can bring. because pure tastes better.
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4:58 am
so for basketball fans tonight's three-point dunk and more are almost as big as the game. >> andy good morning with the bleacher report. >> good morning. we're inside the media headquarters for all star weekend, why are we inside?
4:59 am
it's negative nine degrees outside right now in toronto so standing outside the arena not an option. tonight is my favorite part of nba all star weekend. you got skills, competition, zack lavine competing. he put on an absolute show. he'll be defending his crown. steph curry will defind the three-point shootout. i talked to steph and he said the guy he's most worried about is klay thompson and thompson said last night during the celebrity game, he's gunning for curry so should be lots of fun watching them go at it. the biggest story line of the season has been the dominance of the golden state warriors. the best first half ever with 48-4 and i sat down with steph curry and asked him if going for the best record of 72-10 is what drives the team. >> there is not many opportunities you probably have to go after that record, you
5:00 am
know, they were on a mission that year and ended up winning the championship, as well, so that's kind of where we want to be. when you have a shot at history and being the best regular season team in the history of the nba, i think you got to go for it. >> and you can see much more from my interview with steph tomorrow afternoon in all access to all star weekend hosted by brooke baldwin and steve smith tomorrow at 4:30 right here on cnn. guys? >> all right. thank you so much. stay warm out there. ♪ ♪ the gloves are off and the stage is set. the six remaining republican presidential candidates gear up for a prime time high-steaks debate in south carolina. >> another crisis hitting flint, michigan now. a whistle blower breaking his silence and saying the state could have prevented the deaths
5:01 am
of at least nine people from legionnaires disease. pope francis arrives in mexico to a true celebration. later today, thousands expected to attend the mass at the basilica of guadalupe. >> we wish you a good morning on this saturday morning at 8:00. >> we're hours away from the gop debate in greenville. six candidates and expect more aggressive attacks. get out the white board. a lot of subplots, first marco rubio trying to rebound after the poor showing going after former mentor jeb bush. bush ramping up attacks on the front runner, donald trump, and despite a launch to stay above, trump is threatening to sue rival ted cruz over his citizen ship. >> i hope we got that cleared up for you. trump blasted cruz on twitter writing quote, if ted cruz doesn't clean up his act, stop cheating and doing negative ads, i have standing to sue him for
5:02 am
not being a natural born citizen. we are joined live from south carolina with what we can expect tonight and i assume, ryan, we'll see some of that argument play out. >> reporter: chirsti, you're absolutely right. so many story lines leading into the debate that comes at a crucial time in the republican presidential primary race just a week away from the south carolina primary, and you're right, donald trump is once again talking about ted cruz' birthplace, and he's using it as a way to plant a seed of doubt with these ideally conservative voters. cruz for the most part stayed away from the personal attacks on donald trump, instead, trying to build the case that donald trump is not the conservative that he says he is. listen to cruz talk about that. >> i will give him this, he's not boring, my approach consistently has been i'm not going to respond so he can launch whatever insults he wants. my focus will be on the
5:03 am
substance and issues and there is a reason that donald engages in attacks because it's all a smoke screen to hide from his record. >> reporter: so that is definitely a story line we'll look to play out here tonight in greenville but another candidate we need to keep an eye on is marco rubio. he may have more on the line than any republicans, especially after the disappointing debate performance last time he was on a stage. he came into the new hampshire primary with all kinds of momentum after the iowa caucus and after the debate stumble, he finished a disappointing fifth in new hampshire. he needs to rebound and promised supporters he will have a strong performance here tonight. he may need it if his campaign is going to have any type of momentum moving forward. >> appreciate it, thank you. why is donald trump threatening to sue ted cruz now? that's not what he said in january.
5:04 am
watch. >> the fact is, there's a big over hang. there's a big question mark on your head, and you can't do that to the party. i'm not bringing a suit. i promise. but the democrats are going to bring a lawsuit. >> let's bring in jeff, arizona state treasurer and larry, director of the center for pot ticks at the university of virginia. jeff, i want to start with you, why the reversal now? he said he's not going to bring the suit and now he's threatening to sue? >> thanks, victor and christi for having me here. he has standing. there is no question that donald trump has standing if he would like to sue and somebody needs to answer the question because it's not a question of was he born somewhere else? he was born in canada. i believe he lived there until he was 4 years old. so it's a question where his family had chosen to live in another country, they seemed happy there and at a certain point he moved back but he was not born in america, and that is
5:05 am
a question. if you keep in mind he was a canadian citizen. ted cruz was a canadian citizen until roughly a year ago and -- >> jeff, let me bring you back to the question here, why now the reversal threatening to sue? >> well, we have to answer the question, it would be one of the most devastating things for the republican party if ted cruz were to win the nomination, which it doesn't look likely anyways at this point but if he were to win the nomination and then the democrats sue and get him off the ballot then without the democrat party has gone complete socialist slash communist that would be devastating to our country, and it would allow them to skate right into the white house. i think the democrats are very excited if ted cruz could become the nominee and knock him off the ballot, why don't we answer the question now and just make sure that the republican party is going to be safe. >> larry, this line of attack did not work in iowa and win him
5:06 am
the caucuses. why is donald trump bringing this up now in south carolina? >> first, you're right, victor, no question that he is done what he said he wouldn't do but remember, consistency is the goblin of small minds and losing candidates, so what donald trump does very well is to anticipate that attacks are coming from another side. he goes after the candidate he thinks is going to attack him first there by putting that candidate off balance and done it again. he'll do it a lot more times. he's doing it now because his number one opponent in south carolina is none other than ted cruz. that's what the polls show. that's what people on the ground say. >> so let me ask you about this from the cruz perspective. i want to stick with you. does the cruz campaign see this as settled? are they at all concerned about this continued talk about their candidate's birth?
5:07 am
>> well, they ought to be because there is a sizable segment of the republican party that's concerned about these birthright natural born citizen issues. now i want to state for the record, victor, i studied this particular issue of natural born citizenship long before i heard of ted cruz and my personal opinion, which is shared by i'd say 80% plus of the experts in the field is that ted cruz is completely qualified for the presidency. nonethele nonetheless, what may be true in law is what is different as effective tactics in politics. >> we heard the kid, donald trump, i'm getting a little bit of feedback go after jeb bush. i want you to listen to what he said about bush. >> jeb, eh.
5:08 am
jeb. he's as sleep. he's a sleep at the wheel, folks. seriously. can you imagine jeb negotiating with china? >> all right. so the latest polls, although they are prenew hampshire and iowa had donald trump with a sizable lead, double digits in south carolina, but this is a state in which the bush name is golden. jeb bush has 20 staffers and four offices and george w. bush coming out on the campaign trail. how big of a threat does the trump campaign believe jeb bush is. jeff, that's to you. >> yes, sir, i don't believe jeb bush is a threat whatsoever in this state, and that's what the polls are showing and jeb is going to have a decision to make because as you pointed out, he has -- he's throwing really a bulk of resources in south carolina right now really trying to pull out a good finish and if he doesn't get that, if south
5:09 am
carolina doesn't come through for him which it's looking like he's not going to, he's going to have to reevaluate whether the campaign should continue with how big his ground operation is and how he's going forward but i don't think any of us doubt that jeb bush is low energy. when donald trump said that, he absolutely branded him instantly and it just looks like jeb bush doesn't have the passion or the commitment to be the president of the united states. he really doesn't. it shows. it looks like he's more the only one in the family at the thanksgiving table that hasn't done it. he never looks like he wants ton part of this and it's coming through and everyone sees it. i don't think he's a threat whatsoever and i think we'll see that wrap up after south carolina. >> let me jump in and i hate to cut you off, is south carolina donald trump's to lose? >> it sure looks that way, yeah. it looks like the entire race is donald trump's to lose, quite
5:10 am
frankly. he's leading across the board f. you look at the results in new hampshire, he won every demographic group, young, old, he won all the groups and what it shows is he's winning americans. he's winning all of america and this is not a normal candidate. this is a movement. donald trump is the leader of a movement to take back a country from the political establishment and if you go to one of his rallies and see most people that go to a rally leave buying donald trump hats and shirts and everything else because they realize this is not a normal campaign. >> no question he had a huge crowd in tampa, huge crowd in baton rouge and wrap it up, larry, that's a pretty high standard, a pretty high expectation from a trump supporter it's his to lose and he lost it. what do we expect as we countdown the days in south carolina? >> donald trump deserves full
5:11 am
credit for getting far more votes in new hampshire than anyone else did. i have to throw in a fact that spoils the party. donald trump got a little more than one-third of the vote. two-thirds of the people that voted in the republican primary voted for other candidates. again, he won but let's not exaggerate the extent of the victory. >> larry, jeff, thank you so much. we'll continue the conversation throughout the morning as we countdown to the debate and a programming note, cnn hosts a post debate special tonight with erin burnet immediately following the debate. from greenville, south carolina, cnn has exclusive access to a meet and greet jeb bush is holding at a diner. one of the several events he holds every day. four grandkids with him there and the governor will hold another event in south carolina. >> u.s. secretary of state john
5:12 am
kerry taking aim at russia for actions in syria. if they don't change thousands of additional lives are going to be lost. also, hillary clinton aligning herself closer to president barack obama. how she's using that to boost her campaign. listen. >> i want you to understand i will not promise you something that i cannot deliver. i will not do that. [ applause ] d just better. pure is mccormick. the smallest pinch of pure mccormick can make meals legendary. we want to help you realize the rich taste that pure can bring. because pure tastes better.
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5:16 am
into in 2008. >> hillary clinton delivering a fiery message defending president obama as she attended a dinner along with her rival senator bernie sanders. today is a mixed bag, just as she gets the backing of three different newspapers, a super pact supporting clinton says it's spending $5 million on her campaign. here is the kicker. that's money that wasn't supposed to be spent until the general election. let's talk to a clinton supporter and advisor. jerry, thank you for being with us. what do you make of the fact this pact money will be spent early? are there concerns about her viability? >> i don't think there are any concerns about her viability at all. i think just the opposite. i love the stage of the race, the campaign is coming clearly into focus and people are honing in on the two questions that matter the most, which is what can win and who can lead?
5:17 am
and i think in the debate night before last, hillary clinton proved once again that she's the one who as "the new york times" said is cool, calm and ready to be president. >> it is certainly she did certainly have a good night. no doubt about that. this super pac money, while it's a financial boost for her, it does amp fie bernie sanders argument that she is too closely tied to wall street and lobbyists. >> well, right. that's -- i mean, he's run pretty much sangingle issue campaign and that's his issue about wall street. i think it was interesting the clip you played where hillary was talking about how president obama helped get us out of a near financial crisis. obviously, no one was worried about who had donated to president obama at the time he was making very important decisions for our country to save it economically.
5:18 am
hillary clinton would be exactly the same. she's not a single issue candidate. she's a person who is clearly ready on any host of fronts and topics and i think the democrats have to decide who can win. that's the first question. and the republicans are spending a fortune trying to help him in the primary. now do we think they are doing that because they think he would be a terrific president or do we think they do that because they believe him to be easy to beat? i'd suggest it's the latter and so -- go ahead. >> if you don't mind, i'd lake to read part of the endorsements that she received this morning from the dallas morning news talking about her viability here. they wrote that quote, clinton has made mistakes and that her judgment in foreign affairs has not been flawless from a paper that likes her. what do you make of that kind of endorsement? >> well, i've been in politics, as you can tell, from my hair color, for a long, long time and
5:19 am
i don't know anybody that hasn't made mistakes. i also know that cnn's eric bradder reported senator sanders engaged in normalities. >> we heard her say i will not promise you something that i cannot deliver. a direct, you know, a direct blow to bernie sanders there because she believes that what he is selling is not actually material, is not able to be materialized obviously. there are a lot of people out there that look at this and say i don't believe anything any politician has to say. does that not come back to her, as well? >> no, i don't think so. and by the way, that is a great quotation from hillary clinton. it's the hillary i know. she's not going to promise things she can't deliver.
5:20 am
she's tough, she's disciplined and that's the approach she's going to take to, for example, budgetary issues. senator sanders promised free education for all. i honestly believe it's the very next thing to inot moral to promise free tuition. my children didn't receive free tuition because their parents could afford to fund them. whether it's daycare for single mothers or salvage inequality in the public k-12 schools, those are the places that money should go and the notion you should pay to send the children of wealthy parents, the government should pay for that and it should be for free, i think it'sappreciat
5:21 am
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5:24 am
24 many minutes past the hour and diplomats meeting in germany say they worked out a plan to halt fighting. saying the golfs to quote have a cessation of hostilities in a
5:25 am
week's time and sending hum humanitarian aid to civilians. >> we will work through where this targeting should take place, where it shouldn't, how we work together in order to be effective so we don't drive people away from the table because obviously, if people who are ready to be part of the political process are being bombed, we're not going to have much of a conversation. >> now russia said it would continue air strikes against isis and terror groups but denied its bombs are falling on civilians. hawaii has begun to put insecticide spryers trying to avoid any mosquitos carrying the zika virus that could eventually reach the state. the governor signed an emergency proclamation to get in front of the situation. now the world health organization recently announced two possible zika vaccines that are under development but we know they will not be available for at least 18 months. bundle up, record low
5:26 am
temperatures expected to hit many of you today, particularly it's going to be brutal in the northeast. windchills expected to drop down to 40 to 50 below zero. officials in new york city warning you to stay indoors and bundle up if you have to head out because this is dangerous and possibly life-threatening cold weather here. this is the ninth, ninth republican debate coming up tonight. >> wow. >> this one is going to be a hot one. republican candidates face-off in greenville, south carolina. a lot of plot lines here. marco rubio, did he learn a lesson? trump and cruz expecting them to go at it again and ben carson says he can win south carolina. what could he do tonight to get closer to the goal? >> meanwhile, the pope is in mexico city this morning and in a few hours holding a huge mass. we'll tell you the message that he has for the people of mexico. you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments
5:27 am
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bottom of the hour now, good to be with you. we're looking ahead to the gop debate in south carolina tonight. jeb bush and john kasich campaigning, trying to make their case to national security voters in south carolina and also evangelical voters. let's bring in arizona state treasurer and trump supporter and center for politics at the university of virginia. i want to start with evangeli l evangelicals and you, jeff, trump used profanity and bull
5:31 am
garritys and ted cruz told a group if trump comes on television, send your kids out of the room. are you concerned that his rhetoric is going to turn off the two-thirds of the gop electret there that considers them to be conservative christians? >> well, you know, keep in mind that the comment that made the rounds last week is he was repeating something from the crowd and said can you believe this? he's a very straightforward honest guy and speaks his mind and i think that's what actually is playing well with america. we have somebody that will not put on the political filter and give talking points that makes ev everybody happy. he's out there speaking his mind and telling america the truth and he's a passionate guy about making america great again, getting our country back on top and the passion comes through. no, i don't think it's going to play bad at all. that's a reason that people are really flocking to him is the passion he has for the --
5:32 am
>> got it. let me come to you. we're hearing some voters are turned off by and do you think it will have an impact and cause concerns for numbers? >> absolutely. this is something i've been covering politics for 30 years and never seen the level of petty childishness that goes on the person insults mocking people's appearance and so forth and that's been the hallmark. candidates made an argument is worth considering which is that this is a way to distract people from substance and when you do that, you don't have to answer questions about your economic program or about how you would implement some policies that candidate trump talked about and so that seems to be working for him. i agree there is an element that is telling it like it is but there is a much larger universe of people for public life is not supposed to be about the
5:33 am
pettiness, childishness and vulgarity. >> larry, last night in tampa, donald trump introduced something that in this stump speech he said before however it is something that is very unpopular with many gop primary voters. let's listen to trump in tampa. >> those ads, they have them on imminent domain, they have them on all sorts of stuff, imminent domain. you don't have imminent domain, you don't have roads, highways and by the way, you should be so lucky to get hit with imminent domain because you make a fortune. they pay you to take the property. you make a fortune. >> all right. let's first drop that banner because imminent is spelled wrong but let me come to you. are there any single issue imminent domain voters? >> there are some. that's become an issue with a certain number of republicans.
5:34 am
it's an unpopular subject with those republicans. i don't think there are that many single voter heissues on imminent domain. he is expressing a legitimate view on imminent domain and happens to be unpopular in large segments of the republican party but all the things we've seen him say and do, i don't think this is going to be critical one way or the other comparatively. >> jeff, why does he keep introducing this? other candidates don't introduce things voters don't like about what they stand for at their rallies. why does he continue to introduce it? >> there is an ad running that talks about imminent domain but he's right. think of a way a lot of people made a lot of money not in a good way but what they will do is find where a freeway is going to go or land is going to go and people will buy the land in
5:35 am
front of that and sell it for a huge profit. he's speaking the truth and telling people look, this is a procedure that's in place, imminent domain, it's going on in every state around the country. when you build anything, build a road, hospital, airport, and so he's speaking it out. for them to hit him on it seems like a bizarre attack to go after mr. trump on this, but he's telling the truth. again, that's what plays so well and doing so well in america is he's the first candidate to come along and tell people the truth. >> larry, what are you looking for tonight? >> i'm looking for the intensity of the attacks but also looking for the newt gingrich moment. just four years ago, newt gingrich does an extraordinary thing. he was well behind right before the final debate in south carolina, right before the south carolina primary, and in response to what he considered to be an intrusive question about his private life, he launched a broadside against the news media.
5:36 am
let me tell you something i've learned over the years, you cannot lose in a republican group by attacking the media. and he won the primary. by the way, he spoiled south carolina's perfect record since the origin of the south carolina primary in predicting the republican nominee. we'll see if it happens again. it will be interesting the last debate is always important and the primary is a week later. sometimes people can forget. >> yeah, we saw how close a debate to a primary can cause some problems in new hampshire after marco rubio's self-admitted poor showing there. good to have all of you. >> thank you. a whistle blower says michigan state officials blocked efforts to find the source of one of the worst outbreaks of legionnaires disease in u.s. history. how officials allegedly tried to prevent an investigation into
5:37 am
finding the cause of that outbreak. and pope francis is waking up in mexico city this morning. the pontiff getting ready to hold a big mass in a few hours. details to what he's saying to the people of mexico. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. vern from voya? yep, vern from voya. why are you orange? that's a little weird. really? that's the weird part in this scenario? look, orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. save a little here and there, and over time, your money could multiply. see? ah, ok. so, why are you orange? funny. see how voya can help you get organized at
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merxico's president was at the airport to meet pope francis. take a look at this. [ cheers ] >> quite a welcome there. the pope will be in mexico for six days here. a formal welcoming ceremony planned. tonight the pope holding mass at
5:41 am
the basilica. rosa flores is traveling with the pope and you spoke to him on the plane and got interesting information. what is his goal today? >> you know, pope francis will be the first to say this is a pastor visit, he's here to be with the people of mexico. he says he knows he can't fix all of mexico's problems but wants to be one with the people. with that said, we all know that he can't escape certain topics as he's going through mexico. he's visiting mexico from south to north, from the southern part where immigrants arrive all the way to the border with the united states. he will be speaking immigration, border wall. he'll be delivering a homily around the border. people in el paso, texas will also be listening.
5:42 am
christi, while his message is very much of the church, he's not going to avoid some of the political under tones. >> you had a real personal moment on the plane with him, what have you learned from him that we have not heard this morning? >> reporter: he told me a little secret. he said i am publishing a children's book and he kind of, you know, said it kind of slowly and kind of low but people around me heard and the priest that he's working on this book with, he collected letters from around the world from children and he's answering the letters and so this book is going to be published from what i hear it's an amazing gesture. imagine the questions from kids are never easy so e pope takes time to answer these questions and it's going to be published in a book. >> will be really interesting to see how that materializes. appreciate it. thank you. just ahead, a cnn exclusive. a health officials says this
5:43 am
team was prevented from getting additional help in finding the cause of legionnaires' disease in that flint crisis. after a dvt blood clot.mind when i got out of the hospital what about my family? my li'l buddy? and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital but i wondered if this was the right treatment for me. then my doctor told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again.
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release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. ♪ prepare for challenges specific to your business by working with trusted advisors who help turn obstacles into opportunities. experience the power of being understood. rsm. audit, tax and consulting for the middle market. well, controversy erupted when toxic levels were found in flint, michigan's water supply. >> the water supply is linked to a deadly and one official says preventable outbreak of legionnaires disease.
5:47 am
sarah has the exclusive story. >> reporter: in the summer of 2014 people in flint started dying in what would become one of the worst outbreaks of l legionnaires disease. >> reporter: brown water started flowing from taps. >> that was the big red flag. >> reporter: eventually toxic lead would be discovered but that summer the county health director hadn't found the source of the legionnaires disease which by that point was already killing people so he got in touch with the cdc. when you reached out, what did you expect to happen? >> we expected that we would have a team of people that would help us identify the source of this bacteria, the source of this illness to stop it. >> reporter: but that didn't happen. the centers for disease control, the federal agency task with
5:48 am
investigating outbreaks didn't show up and the county health director jim henry says michigan state officials p kept them awa >> you could see it was an intentional, deliberate method to keep us from doing our job. >> reporter: a state must invite the cdc to investigate an outbreak and michigan did not do that. >> the state stopped our investigation by prohibiting us to communicate, they prohibited communication between the centers for disease control and genessee health department. they prevented that. >> reporter: it thrives in warm water and henry was racing against the clock trying to prevent another outbreak from happening the following summer hoping the cdc would come and pinpoint the cause.
5:49 am
michigan state officials did provide assistance but never found the cause of the outbreak. the state would not agree to an interview, saying only this, we were able to meet the case investigation need in the county. cdc was part of these conversations as they were involved in many aspects of the investigations but the cdc tells cnn that it felt a comprehensive investigation was warranted and offered to further assist michigan in this case, michigan felt that they had the skills and resources needed to perform the investigation themselves. as the weather warmed in 2015, just as henry had feared, there was a second wave of cases, but to henry's astonishment, the state already declared the legionnaires outbreak over. when you read that, what did you think? >> there must be a mistake. we had two new cases in june. we had multiple cases and to
5:50 am
determine the outbreak over must have been some sort of mistake. >> reporter: that's what you thought at the time. >> that's what i thought at the time. >> reporter: what do you think now? >> it was intentional to stop the investigation that would implicate that flint water system and this outbreak. >> reporter: by summer's end four more people would die, including 58-year-old debra kid. her son troy says she got sick after visiting the e.r. for a migraine. she did not know there were high levels of the disease in the water supply. >> i think it's a coverup. i think it stinks. i think they knew there was something more going on than they wanted to let on. >> reporter: the cdc finally did make it to flint last week but experts tell us it's likely too late to make any kind of scientific link so to this day, they still do not know the exact cause of that outbreak and they may never know. victor and christi.
5:51 am
>> sarah ganim, thank you. >> some investigators complainted flint's water treatment plant was rushed into operation. the detroit free press obtained e-mails from the city's water and laboratory supervisor who wrote this eight days before the plant opened. >> if water is distributed from this plant it will be against my direction. i need time to train and update staff. >> it's not clear if these had anything to do with the lead and legionnaires' problem. >> it's not only plaguing michigan. let's talk about new york. andrew coma announced plans for an alternative water supply. >> a small upstate town where the water system has been contaminated with a cancer-causing chemical and the states offered to purchase and install water filtration systems for about 1500 homes there. all right. sports, big weekend for the nba
5:52 am
and three-point contest turning teammates into opponents, we have a live report for you just ahead. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a stag pool party. (party music) (splashing/destruction) (splashing/destruction) (burke) and we covered it, october twenty-seventh, 2014. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because
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5:56 am
on presidents' day, three teams of cnn anchors are go head-to-head testing all things presidential from debates to running mates in the cnn quiz race for the white house edition. here is a look how the teams match up. >> it's a big election year and this is the race everybody is watching. >> ask not what your quiz show will do for you. >> jake tapper and s.e. cupp, that's a power house team. >> john quincy adams. >> jake won the first one. >> undefeated. >> dropped the mike, walked off and never came back. >> kate baldwin, kate's experience on this, she knows what to expect. >> oh, dear, god, starting like that? >> john berman is a three-time winner jeopardy champion. tough to beat. >> berman, berman. >> new entries to the game, john king and van jones. first-time player.
5:57 am
>> got it right where we want them. >> john king magic wall but good at a game show? >> still anybody's game. >> all right. looks like fun. tune in monday 9:00 p.m. for the cnn quit show race for the white house edition and find out which team wins. so for basketball fans, tonight's slam dunk and three-point contest, they are almost as good as tomorrow's game. >> in toronto with a look ahead to the bleacher report, hey, andy. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we're here in the nba media headquarters for all star weekend and inside because you know what is happening outside? it's negative 11 degrees so you can't stand out there, even if you wanted to. tonight is my favorite part. the dunk contest, three-point contest and zack lavine put on a show last year in the dunk contest. he'll be back again this year defending the title and three-point contest, steph curry will defend his crown. i spoke to steph yesterday.
5:58 am
he said the guy he's most worried about, his teammate klay thompson. the worriers are the story of the nba this year. curry straight mvp awards. many experts say she's changing the game of basketball right before our eyes. i sat down with ste maph and as him what he thinks. >> you don't take that for granted. this is how i know how to play the game and i work at it and try to take my game to the next level every year and get better when i go out there and play and hear certain kids say hey, i'm working on ball handling drills because i see you doing it or i want to shoot like you and asking how they can get they are jump sthhot right. those are stories i love to hear and be inspired. >> you can see much more from my interview with steph tomorrow afternoon, all access to all
5:59 am
star weekend cnn bleacher report. brooke baldwin, steve smith hosting that tomorrow at 4:30 eastern here on cnn and like i said, tonight's event, dunk contest, three-point contest, my favorite part of the weekend and i'll go with a repeat in both. i think lavine defends his title and i think steph curry will put on an absolute show. >> all right. looking forward to it. stay warm out there. what's the temperature again? >> it is negative 11 degrees outside, guys. >> it's getting worse. >> i'm from texas, i can't handle it -- >> my gosh. andy, thank you. have fun with it. i think they always have fun, don't they. >> they do. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00 he's earn for an hour of if the newsroom". >> yeah, don't go anywhere, smerconish starts for you right now.
6:00 am
♪ ♪ i'm michael smerconish. this week the former chair of the south carolina gop noted in iowa voter expect candidates to trudge through the snow and hold small meetings in diners. in new hampshire, they expected to come into the living room and have coffee but in south carolina, they want to see how you can take a punch and so, donald trump has called jeb bush a mama's boy and a lightweight and ted cruz a liar. now he's even ripping the pope. and then there is ted cruz' ad bashing hillary clinton by showing her bashing a hard drive. and speaking of hillary, she's continuing her attack on bernie sanders for his lack of


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