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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  February 13, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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hello again, everyone, thanks for joining me. i am fredricka whitfield. one week until one of the most contested primaries. today is a critical day for the six remaining candidates that face off tonight in greenville. as we saw in new hampshire and iowa, a debate can be a major game changer. republican presidential hopefuls are fired up and we are expected to hear about three major topics, split views on immigration, winning the evangelical vote, and in a state saturated with military men and women, they'll be sparring for their vote, with military spending and veteran's affairs likely at the front and center of tonight's debate.
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let's talk more about what we can expect from tonight's republican debate in south carolina with cnn political commentator, washington correspondent for the new yorker, ryan lizza, and mj lee, director at the center for politics at the university of virginia larry sab dough, and politics editor at the, jason johnson. good to see all of you. see if i can do good traffic copping here. mj, you first. ted cruz releasing an ad attacking trump using the word sleeze. listen. >> trump bang rolled politicians to steam role the little guy, a pattern of sleeze stretching back decades. >> so much for being more positive, mj. >> yeah, not seeing a lot of that around here just a week from the south carolina primary. this is because donald trump and ted cruz both badly want to win
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this state. first southern primary of the 2016 race. look, they've had tensions brewing awhile. this is crunch time. they each have one victory under their belt. they want to show they're the anti-establishment candidate. there's a lot at stake for the two of them. donald trump who doesn't like to be criticized showing frustration, tweeting yesterday if cruz keeps this up, maybe he'll just launch a lawsuit because cruz is not a natural born citizen. >> meantime, trump pulled an ad attacking cruz, replaced it with a more positive message. let's look at that one. >> we have a country that we're proud of and that we love and that we're not going to lose. there's an assault on everything that we stand for and we're going to stop the assault. we will make america great again. >> ryan, how influential are these ads really?
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do voters feel like they already know these candidates or are these ads designed to supplement that imagery or give a new image of who they might be? >> you know, so far this race spending money on ads has been a little bit of a mixed record. look, donald trump shot to the head of the polls without running much advertising at all. he's changed that strategy a little bit. he put some money into iowa, a little money into new hampshire. in new hampshire the guy that was the victim of the most negative ads was probably marco rubio. and they certainly had some impact. but as you pointed out in the setup, rubio's problem may have been the last debate before voting in new hampshire. jeb bush has spent millions of dollars on positive ads to boost his name, to boost his poll numbers and they didn't do much at all, so i think overall in this campaign we have seen a bit of a decline in the impact of tv
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advertising and you have one candidate, donald trump, who absolutely dominated the campaign so far, only through use of so-called earned media, getting on cnn, fox, msnbc all the time. >> looking at the polling, trump dominating particularly over cruz in south carolina. i wonder, this evangelical vote, quite influential, important for that state and other places. ted cruz has been kind of going into this thinking that represents a good bit of his backing. then there's trump. >> look, trump is going to do well with people who are conservative, he is going to do well with people that are angry at the government, going to do well with people that want outsiders. the evangelical vote, they were supposed to be split with huckabee and santorum and cruz, that didn't happen. trump does well with evangelical vote as well. what cruz is looking to do in south carolina is keep from being blown out of the water. for all of the republicans, i will never vote for donald
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trump, he is an embarrassment to the party, he is hoping to get them and evangelicals to make it a trump, cruz race the next couple months. >> larry, talk responsible tan ate. it is a test to how quick a thinker they can be. it was the demise of rubio in new hampshire, he didn't do so great. so how much pressure is on all candidates tonight to look unscripted in. >> i think there's considerable pressure, particularly on those that need to win south carolina or are supposed to win south carolina, maybe less pressure on john kasich, isn't his state and his territory. look, i celebrate the fact that real events, even if staged like debates and news coverage, it is
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scripted and manipulative. some things said in debates are manipulative, too. unless you don't go to the debate because you haven't qualified or like donald trump did once, you decide you don't need to, unless you don't show up, then you have that opportunity to make a terrific positive impression or to hurt your candidacy by doing poorly. >> ryan, you know during that debate, it was chris christie that redirected everything and everyone, he will be absent, he suspended his participation in the race for the white house. how do you see this impact the dynamics here. >> i think the biggest thing to come out of new hampshire is they didn't quite do the traditional role whittling the field closer to a two or three person race. this is benefitting trump. he has 25 to 35% support in most
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states and nationally, and the alternatives to him, drawing from the same pool of voters are divided. so chris christie is the only major candidate that dropped out, carly fiorina did as well but wasn't really a player. trump is in cat bird seat. close second in iowa, smashing victory in new hampshire, and divided opposition, and i don't see any reason to think that south carolina is going to be a whole lot different than what happened in new hampshire. he is in very good shape now. >> mj, what about ben carson? >> the one candidate we haven't talked about a lot. he briefly had a moment at the top of the polls, was doing well in iowa because of the constituency that makes up voters in that state. he was appealing to evangelicals, appealing to conservatives, and then his moment sort of passed.
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look, if he were doing as well as he was in iowa at one point, south carolina is a state that, you know, he could theoretically be doing very well, the question for him going forward, is there a path for him when this is a race dominated by donald trump and ted cruz and 3 or 4 candidates vying to be the establishment candidate. what's the path for ben carson when he doesn't seem to have momentum. >> and distinguishing part of the criteria could be on immigration, jason. how any of the candidates distinguish themselves as having a plan that is palpable, particularly for south carolina ns. >> he moved that conversation so far to the right, you have cruz trying to follow him, different people talking about how you build a wall. what this kind of boils down to is this, this is something larry mentioned, there was a belief after new hampshire that eventually all of the establishment candidates, the chris christies and jeb bushes
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drop out, get around rubio like the power rangers, he would be the big republican to take out donald trump. and it didn't work that way. we see people like chris christie and ben carson supporting trump. when carson drops out, he will probably support trump. i think trump will be more powerful. his immigration plan will be the default for republicans going forward. >> thank you all. good to see you. thanks so much. cnn has special coverage of tonight's gop debate. tune in immediately following the debate wither in burnett, around 11:00 p.m. eastern tonight. coming up, historically hillary clinton has polled high with minority voters, but with bernie sanders' growing popularity, a super pac is cracking open its war chest for hillary clinton, reallocating millions for the south carolina primary. what does all of that mean next.
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ahead of the nevada caucuses, you see the crowd there very excited. it was bernie sanders center stage in reno, nevada, talking about trying to better secure a free college education for people. you can see the backdrop there mostly young people. a segment of population bernie sanders doesn't want to take for granted. his campaign is crediting younger vote for helping him catapult a win in new hampshire. also in nevada, hillary clinton stumping for support there. look at live pictures from a rally about to get under way soon there in henderson. can we take a look? well, when that happens, we will be able to take you there to henderson, nevada. there are some still images. clinton will be shaking hands with voters again. her campaign is move invested in
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south carolina, but right now she's spending time in nevada because that caucus is around the corner. cnn is learning a clinton super pac is launching a $4.5 million effort into gaining more minority voters in south carolina. this was funding reserved for the general election. let's talk about this with democratic strategist bill kerrick. how are the tea leaves being read there? how are you? >> i'm fine. that's good news for the clinton campaign, and clearly in south carolina which in 2008 had african-american participation of 55% of the total primary electorate. it is very significant. obviously we're now getting away from the almost all white constituency in iowa and new hampshire and nevada and south carolina, we will see how
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african americans and latino voters play a role in this campaign, and whether we see the same age split among these voters we saw in iowa and new hampshire. >> these are very different states, but as far as you know about the electorate, we know in new hampshire younger voters were believed to be very active in the primary. what do we know about nevada and south carolina as to whether younger voters like to be politically involved, whether they will be going to the polling stations in big numbers. >> well, you know, i grew up in south carolina. i have a lot of friends there. the ones i talk to see a lot of interest among younger voters, particularly on the college campuses. south carolina has a lot of them. i think nevada is obviously in 2008, both in nevada and in south carolina, pretty high turnout in nevada caucuses and
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south carolina primary, and it was high turnout among younger voters. we will see if that keeps up. obviously president obama set records for turnout in many places. we will see if we see that same participation we saw in '08. >> by mid january, sanders had hired twice the number of staffers on the ground in nevada according to politico, similar to new hampshire where in 2008 clinton won. in nevada, she picked up the popular vote over obama. he got the most delegates. she's going into this saying history may indicate she did well to a certain extent, she's not going to take any of this for granted. she's feeling like she has to work for every vote. how unusual would that be in your view? first of all, sanders campaign is smart to vest resources, putting people on the ground in nevada, 1700 precincts.
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it is a complex system like iowa, except you have less time to get it done, so they're smart to do it, and secretary clinton is smart to campaign there and to be there today. it's a very retail system. a lot of door knocking, a lot of getting people out to vote. so it's important to have the resources. having young volunteers is a big edge. they'll spend a lot of time working on it, they can be pretty passionate. >> bill carrick, good to see you. appreciate it. >> thanks so much. former secretary of state madeleine albright is apologizing for comments she made a week ago at a clinton campaign event. used one of her most well known quotes voicing her support for clinton. >> we can tell our story about how we climbed the ladder, and a lot of you younger women don't think -- it's been done, it's not done, and you have to help
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hillary clinton will always be there for you. and just remember, there's a special place in hell for women that don't help each other. >> those comments didn't sit well with a lot of female voters, and a conversation about which candidate best represented women erupted on the campaign trail. in today's "the new york times," she writes this, quote, i absolutely believe what i said, women should help one another, but this was the wrong context and the wrong time to use that line. i did not mean to argue women should support a particular candidate based solely on gender, but i understand i came across as condemning those who disagree with my political preferences. if heaven were open only to those that agree on politics, i imagine it would be largely unoccupied. pope francis giving some tough love in mexico, challenging the nation to end human trafficking and disrupt
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welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield. strong words this morning from russia's prime minister saying the strained relationship between russia and the west could be described as a new cold
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war. >> nato's policy about russia is opaque. could be said we sled back to a cold war, one of the most terrible threats to nato as a whole or to europe or to the united states, sometimes i wonder whether it is 2016 we live in or 1962. >> nato supreme allied commander in europe since told cnn he does not agree with russia's assessment that nato and russia slid into a new cold war. large adoring crowds greet pope francis on his first full day in mexico. always a great scene when he's kissing the little babies. he is there for five days to address key issues. top on his agenda, warring
10:24 am
cartels that devastated the country. in the past nine years in mexico, a staggering 80,000 murderers have been attributed to organized crime. shasta darlington is in mexico city for us. shasta, people are clearly excited to see the pope. what about his message? are they inspired by his message as well? >> reporter: they really are, fredricka. that's part of the reason you're seeing all these people turning out. i want to show you, these people are lining up along the papal route. they expect pope francis to pass by in about a half hour on his way to lunch at the vatican residence. they're thrilled that somebody is paying attention to them, highlighting the problems here. we have seen people holding up flags, calling him a brother. they're also getting news about the speeches he is giving. spoke to the bishops saying you
10:25 am
can't underestimate the importance of fighting against drug trafficking. before that, he spoke to the president of mexico and had some harsh words there. let's take a listen. >> translator: experience teaches us that each time we seek the path of privileges or benefits for a few to the detriment of the good of all, sooner or later the life of society becomes fertile soil for corruption, drug trade, the exclusion of different cultures, violence, and also human trafficking, kidnapping and death bringing suffering and slowing down development.
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>> reporter: definitely tough love. we expect to hear more during his five days here, fredricka. >> shasta darlington, thank you so much in mexico city. this just in, in this country 5.1 magnitude earthquake just hit oklahoma. the epicenter was 20 miles north of the city of fairview. the shaking followed by another 3.9 quake ten minutes after. local officials say no reports of damage as of yet, but they did get a pretty good shake. in the past month, oklahoma has experienced dozens of smaller earthquakes. today's 5.1 had the largest magnitude this year. still to come. a terrorist blown out of the sky by his own bomb. now terror group al shabaab is taking responsibility. why they're admitting things didn't go as planned. soup and sandwich and clean and real,
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and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost. now try new boost® compact and 100 calories. hello again, everyone. thanks for joining me, i am fredricka whitfield. terror organization al shabaab is claiming responsibility for the bombing of an airliner. it exploded mid flight. the bomber was the only one to die after falling from a hole in the plane. al shabaab admits that bombing didn't go as plan, but the terror group vows to continue targeting teams operating in somalia. brian moore has more on how the bomber managed to get explosives on the plane.
10:31 am
>> reporter: crucial new evidence in a horrifying terror attack. closed-circuit tv footage from mogadishu airport. two airport employees are now suspects, one of them holding what appears to be a laptop computer. seconds later, one of the men hands the computer to a third man. the computer, a source says, was packed with explosives. >> it is chilling frankly to see this. if you or i were in this lounge n now, you would see them hand off a laptop, wouldn't think twice of it. >> the man it was handed to, what he did with it according to somali sources was try to blow up the passenger jet. >> the moment the somalis suspect he was a willing participant, that he planned to be a suicide bomber, that he positioned himself on the aircraft at a place to create maximum amount of damage. >> reporter: the bomb ripped a hole in the fuselage. he was killed when he was blown
10:32 am
out of the hole. right hand and right foot are missing. the pilot made emergency landing. amazingly, no one else was killed in the february 2nd attack. now a source close to the investigation tells cnn correspondent robin kreel it was sophisticated and got past an extra machine at the airport. cnn is told one of the airport employees placed that on an x-ray belt before it was handed to the bomber in the departure lounge. >> the capabilities they would have to get through security by doing a little social engineering, distracting, or saying hey, i got this one, open up all kinds of sinister possibilities. >> brian todd, thank you for that report. very disturbing. al shabaab says the attack targeted western intelligence officials and turkish nato forces before the airplane -- aborting that airplane bound for
10:33 am
gentleman beauty. six are suing the university of tennessee, saying they protected the football and basketball teams instead of investigating rape accusations. we talk to one of the women that filed suit. ♪ every day women around the world spend millions of hours just collecting the water they need for their families. each limited edition stella artois chalice helps provide five years of clean water for someone in the developing world.
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the university of tennessee is facing a rape scandal. tuesday, six women filed a federal lawsuit against the school saying it created a culture that allowed rape. the lawsuit points specifically at the university failure to
10:37 am
investigate sexual assault claims made against players on football and basketball teams. cnn correspondent nick valencia talked to one of the women suing the school. >> reporter: the allegations in the lawsuit are staggering. six women, each of them current or former students at the university of tennessee. each one alleges they were sexually discriminated after reporting rape by a university student athlete between 2013 and 2015. and the title 9 lawsuit filed against university of tennessee, say they created a hostile sexual environment to students. culture of indifference so bad, the women say, that the university interfered with getting justice against their alleged attackers. two of the athletes named are currently awaiting trial for rape charges, but in the other cases the victims claim the school did nothing to help. >> we can change the environment and what it does about sexual
10:38 am
assault. >> reporter: it is cnn's policy not to name victims of sexual assault or rape. one of the women identified in the lawsuit as jane doe number one spoke to cnn by phone and describes what happened the night of her alleged assault. >> we started out watching a movie and then he forced me to give him oral sex and then he took my clothes off and he got on top of me and restrained me by my wrist and started raping me, then he looked me in the face, his face changed. he looked at me and he said let me tell you something, i don't like you. do you hear me? i don't like you. >> she says she went immediately to the police after the incident and even went to the hospital the next day where a rape kit test was done. she says the results of that exam were never tested by police or the district attorney. responding to the allegation, the district attorney's office
10:39 am
told cnn there were several reasons they declined to prosecute. they went on to say ethical rules prohibit the attorney general's office making extrajudicial comments on cases. they have to prove a culture of indifference existed at the university of tennessee. >> that creates this environment on campus that's hostile towards women, and therefore treats women who are victims of sexual assault differently than it treats everybody else. >> reporter: as for the university, it released a statement to cnn that read in part "in the situations identified in the lawsuit today, the university acted lawfully and in good faith and we expect the court to agree. to claim we allowed a culture to exist to providing a safe environment for students or that we don't support those that support
10:40 am
sexual assault is just false." >> i am joined by nick valencia and philip holloway. good to see both of you. is there a feeling that trying to go after the university, that its cultural problem, that they have kind of the legal i guess legs in which to stand on. do they have the kind of evidence necessary to really pursue this case? is there confidence? >> what the jane does are saying nothing will be done about our rape, we are not pursuing criminal charges, we tried that and nothing happened. university didn't help us out, don't feel the local police did for plaintiffs one through six. they want a cultural shift, don't want women, female students that come after them to feel the same things. so yes, they're seeking monetary damages. most importantly, they want a cultural shift at the campus. >> sounds like a tough case to battle or is it not?
10:41 am
>> they've certainly got a lot of evidence in terms of testimony to be given by jane does, also have circumstantial evidence about incidents that occurred in the past, and they point to that in the 64, 65 page complaint, it is very lengthy. we don't have response to it, but on its face it makes out a prima facie case of title 9. that is a federal statute that protects sex discrimination by any university that accepts federal funding. >> to level the playing field, as it pertains to athletics. >> has to do with access to educational programs and opportunities and you cannot discriminate on the basis of sex. >> how is that intertwined here then? >> well, these ladies are claiming the school engaged in a pattern and practice of indifference essentially that they would do things like manipulate the internal grievance system so it favors
10:42 am
the athletes or the accused persons, and basically moves everything over into this administrative system and for gets about the criminal system. so if the university has its sort of thumb on the scale that makes this thing one sided in favor of the accused, that is a problem under title ix and would cost them big. >> would it be up to local authorities to further investigate not necessarily the university, so the university would be able to say well, the culture is not within the campus, but perhaps if there is a culture, you bring the accusations against a local police department that may have began the investigation first or did not follow through with the investigation? >> the allegations listed in the lawsuit go after individuals, going after the coach at the university of tennessee saying he knows his players on the football team have engaged in these kinds of actions. the chancellor, saying the vice chancellor went to the chancellor and president at one point in 2013 and said let me address these issues, this rape
10:43 am
culture so to speak on campus because there's a lot of issues going on. as a matter of fact, the attorney for the defendants are saying this is not right to have this guy who is head of board of athletics, may have influence with the local attorney or police department to make sure the athletes aren't held accountable for their actions. they just feel like they were done wrong and justice wasn't served in these cases, despite physical evidence being there. jane doe's case, number one, says i went to the hospital, i went to the police. i had a rape kit test done, and results of that exam was never tested by the district attorney. throwing up their hands, saying why did that not happen. physical evidence is there. this person did rape me. >> and this isn't an issue or case that may take months in which to really get some traction or is this something because you talk about a culture, accusations involving cultural change on college
10:44 am
campus or something that will be prolonged. >> litigation could take awhile. we have seen in the last several years or decade or so claims under title ix become more prevalent. university of georgia was hit in 2007 and we saw winston at florida state. u.s. department of education and civil rights published documents they district to title ix schools saying we are going to make sure you follow the rules. if you get federal money, you have to delineate an internal process that you have to treat claims fairly, you have to adjudicate them timely, has to be a fair process, you cannot discriminate on the basis of sex, and that includes sexual assault. >> thanks so much, appreciate it. the whole flint water disaster could have been avoided. we have an e-mail from the city's water supervisor sent 8
10:45 am
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welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield. new concerns are emerging today about the flint water system and whether the city in michigan was prepared to switch to a new
10:49 am
water source. e-mails just released from the city's former laboratory and water supply supervisor sent to the michigan department of environmental quality are dated 8 days before officials switched the city's water source from the great lakes to the flint river. the e-mails are part of a large data dump by the state department last night. here's what was written in the e-mail by the michigan water quality supervisor saying, quote, i do not anticipate giving the okay to begin sending water at any time soon. if water is distributed from this plant in the next couple of weeks, it will be against my direction. i need time to adequately train additional staff and to update our monitoring plans before i will feel we are ready. i will reiterate this to management above me, but they seem to have their own agenda, end quote. we reached out to the water supervisor for more information, but haven't heard back, and we
10:50 am
don't know what response he received after the e-mail. we do know that switching that water supply has proven to be disastrous for flint, michigan. in a cnn exclusive, cnn correspondent sarah began on talked to an official that said he was prevented from investigating an >> reporter: the surmd of 2014, people in flint started dying. in what would be become one of the worst outbreaks of legionnaire's disease in u.s. history. >> expecting the city of flint water supply. >> reporter: after the city began drawing from the highly ka corrosive river -- eventually toxic lead discovered but that summer they hadn't found the source of the legionnaire's disease, by that point already killing people. so he got in touch with the cdc. >> when you reached out, what did you expect to happen?
10:51 am
>> we expected that we'd have a team of people that would help us identify the source of this bacteria. the source of this illness, to, to stop it. >> reporter: but that didn't happen. the centers for disease control, the federal agency tasked with investigating outbreaks, didn't show up. and the county health director, jim henry, says michigan state officials purposely kept them away. >> our whole team was angry. it was -- you could -- you could see that it was an intention, deliberate method to prevent us from doing our job. >> reporter: according to cdc protocol, a state must invite the cdc to investigate and outbreak, and michigan did not do that. >> the state stopped our investigation by prohibiting us to communicate. they prohibited communication between the center for disease control and genesee county health department. they prevented that team to come
10:52 am
here and help us find the source. >> reporter: legionella thrives in warm weather and henry says he was racing against the clock trying to prevent another outbreak from happening the next summer, still hoping the cdc would come and pinpoint the cause. >> it was infuriating. >> reporter: michigan state officials did provide assistance but never found the cause of the outbreak. the state would not agree to an interview saying only this -- we were able to meet the epidemiological investigation needed in the county. they were involved in many aspects of the investigations. but the cdc tells cnn it felt a comprehensive investigation was warranted, and offered to further assist michigan. in this case, michigan felt they had the skills and resources needed to perform the investigation themselves. as the weather warmed in 2015, just as henry had feared, there was a second wave of cases, but
10:53 am
to henry's astonishment, the state had already declared the legionnaire's outbreak over. >> when you read that, what did you think? >> there must be a mistake. we had two new cases in june. we had multiple cases, and determined that the outbreak was over must have been some sort of mistake. >> what you thought at the time? >> at the time. >> what do you think now? >> intentional. to prevent this. >> reporter: by summer's end, four more people die. her son troy says she got sick after visiting the hospital for a migraine. his family is now suing the hospital and the state. >> i think it's a cover-up. i think it stinks. i think they knew there was something more going on than what they wanted to really let on.
10:54 am
>> reporter: fred, the cdc did finally make it to flint last week but experts tell us it's likely too late to make any kind of scientific link. to this day they still don't know the exact cause of that outbreak and the may never know. >> goodness. sara ganim, thank you for that report. we will be right back. ross e basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. victoza® is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight. (male vo) victoza® is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it is not recommended as the first medication
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donald trump and ted cruz are quiet on the campaign trail preparing for today the gop debate, but the war of words between them has turned nastier than ever. here's cnn report. >> reporter: donald trump's pledge to stay above the fray in south carolina, short-lished. trump blasting rival ted cruz on twitter writing, "if ted cruz doesn't clean up his act, stop cheating and doing negative ads i'm going to sue him for not being a natural born citizen." just hours after posting this, "how can ted cruz be an evangelical christian when he lies so much and is so dishonest? cruz' attorney fired. >> more than irony in donald accusing anyone of being nasty, given the amazing torrent of insults and obscenities and vulgarities that come out of his mouth. >> reporter: this new offensive
10:59 am
comes a day after a lighter side in louisiana even autographing a baby and suggesting he was ready to go positive. >> i won't use foul language. i'm just not going to do it. i'm not going to do it. they're all say it, "too it, too it!" . no. i'm not. >> reporter: but trump couldn't stay out of the all-out fight breaking out. >> there's nothing conservative about giving money to the clintons. there's nothing conservative about donald trump. >> reporter: the airwaves plastered with negative ads. >> ted cruz voted to undermine our national defense and weaken our ability to track terrorists. marco rubio is different. >> reporter: the attacks are flying back and forth with a dizzying pace. >> maybe you should vote for more than just a pretty face next time? >> reporter: that ad is backfiring on cruz. pulling it from the air after found that actress is also an adult film star. >> it happened one of the
11:00 am
actresses who was there had a -- had a more colorful film history than we were aware. >> reporter: cruz's team is refocussing today with a new ad directing fire instead at hillary clinton. ♪ damn it feels good to be a clinton, a politician always plays her card right ♪ >> reporter: in the spoof of "office space". ♪ secrets ain't no thing >> reporter: many speaking at the conservative christian bob jones university in south carolina making a big pitch to woo coveted evangelical voters. >> i do not believe you put your faith if a lock box in public life and say that's only for my private matters. that is totally wrong. >> reporter: and jockeying over who has the most conservative credentials. >> you disagree with people, for example, on the definition of marriage. they call you a hater and bigot. what's the next step? >> reporter: all this happening, just one week before republican voters head to the polls here in south carolina. for cnn, greenville, south


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