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tv   CNN Republican Debate Special  CNN  February 13, 2016 8:00pm-10:01pm PST

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i think trump looked like the front-runner that he is tonight. i think he displayed exactly the kind of performance that has won him the support he's gotten thus far. i agree with you, gloria, about in the very military-centric state of south carolina if perhaps he went a bit too far, sounding almost sanders-like when it came to the iraq war and wmd. but i don't -- that may not win him any new voters. i don't think it turns a single one of his current supporters away. >> but eventually he has to get to 50. >> i think donald trump won the debate. he was bombastic. he was a bully. many times you just wanted to shake the tv at him. but in the end he's leading by a wide margin in south carolina and i don't see somebody pulling him down. the other ones sort of clustered. cruz gets some points. i agree with what everybody said. rubio some points here. but in the end i think donald trump has to be very pleased with this performance. he came ready to rumble and he did. >> this is going to be a great conversation. everyone can tell what a good
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debate it was. i want to start and bring everyone in on this. on a lot of the fights which a lot of them were between donald trump and fill in the blank. this one was between donald trump and ted cruz. i want to bring in the rest of our panel before i play that. jeffrey lord, donald trump supporter, former adviser to ronald reagan. a lot to say on this especially 07b9 supreme court side. amanda carpenter former communications for senator cruz. s.c.cup and marc lamont hill also a cnn commentator. tonight's debate the angriest. let's play this moment between donald trump and ted cruz on the supreme court. >> the reason principle matters sadly was illustrated by the first questions today. the next president is going to appoint one, two, three, four supreme court justices. if donald trump is president, he will appoint liberals. if donald trump is president -- >> excuse me. >> -- your second amendment will go away. >> let me tell you. >> hold on, gentlemen. i'm going to turn this car around. >> ted cruz, with your brother,
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wanted john roberts to be on the united states supreme court. they both pushed him. he twice approved obamacare. >> my name was -- >> my name was mentioned twice. >> hold on. >> we're in danger of driving this into the dirt. >> you gavous bae ouus obamacar. >> and he called me a liar. >> you're on deck, governor. >> also one of my heroes, ronald reagan. ronald reagan was a liberal maybe in the 1950s. he was a conservative reform governor for eight years before he became president. and no one would suggest he made an evolution for political purposes. he was a conservative. and he didn't tear down people like donald trump is. he tore down the berlin wall. he was a great guy. [ cheers and applause ] >> senator cruz, 30 seconds on this one. >> i did not nominate john roberts. i would not have nominated john roberts. >> you pushed him. you worked with him and you pushed him. why do you lie? >> you have to learn not to interrupt people. >> why do you lie?
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>> donald, adults learn not to interrupt each other. >> yeah, i know. you're an adult. >> i did not nominate him. i would not have nominated him. i would have nominated my former boss, mike ludig, who was justice scalia's first law clerk. and you know how i know that donald's supreme court justices will be liberals? because -- >> you don't know. >> -- his entire life he's supported liberals from jimmy carter to hillary clinton to john kerry. in 2004 he contributed to john kerry. nobody who cares about judges would contribute to john kerry, hillary clinton, chuck schumer, and harry reid. that's what donald trump -- >> we're going to switch gears here. >> just a taste of how contentious it was. let me start with our supreme court expert here. we're going to talk about whether indeed this is true about justice roberts. but of course this is a very, very, very big event. >> yeah. in this mud wrestling contest it is worth pausing to just say one of the giants of american law passed today. whether you agreed or disagreed with antonin scalia, this is one
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of the handful moments influential people in the history of american law. just including everyone. so that is -- that's what today is a very big deal. and we now have a very big controversy over who's going to fill that seat. but again, the remarkable transformation of john roberts into the liberal that they are portraying him is so unbelievable. it is true, as donald trump said, that on two occasions chief justice roberts voted to uphold the obamacare law, the affordable care act. but other than that he has been a downthe line conservative, whether it's about citizens united and campaign finance or the future of the voting rights act or affirmative action or gay marriage. but this republican party is so conservative that john roberts has been excommunicated because of just those two votes. >> i think we're going to be talking to governor kasich in
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just a moment. i'll take everyone to know that that's coming. but i'll bring you in here, jeff, because we're getting ready for that. because of course the charge is donald trump would have nominated a liberal, you'll nominate a liberal. you heard that again and again from ted cruz, pointing at his history of supporting liberals, which of course he admittedly he was. he was a democrat and he's given money to liberals in political campaigns. so is it a fair charge? >> no. donald trump, number one-s on record saying that his two favorite justices were scalia and clarence thomas. so i have no doubt that he would go down that road. i worked on the nomination of justice scalia when i was in the white house. he is without doubt the best supreme court appointment that ronald reagan made i think of all of his appointments together. i think he was absolutely the best. and it really is a tremendous loss for the country here. he's really going to be missed. but no, i think that donald trump, you know, well knows what he's doing here and senator cruz did -- when i hear jeff's talk about obamacare was just those two things, i can tell you in
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the conservative community the reaction is other than that, mrs. lincoln, how was the play? >> all right. i want to go now to the governor of ohio, john kasich, just stepping into the spin room. governor, good to talk to you. i appreciate it. what's your feeling about tonight's debate? >> great. i stood there -- i was just trying to not get hit with any shrapnel. i actually really want to feel like it's more important for me to express the things i want to do and be positive. i'm really happy with what happened tonight. all the people on my team are very happy. you know, it was great. erin, i'm enjoying it more and more all the time. >> and i know you that did try to keep it positive. obviously, we were just talking about how it was incredibly contentious. it was angry. someone just called it a demolition derby. was this the most -- i guess nasty would be the right word -- debate that you've been part of so far? >> well, i was a little surprised with using words like
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"liar." i don't like that. but look, it was a demolition derby and my car's still going around the track, erin. it hasn't really even been dinged. these things happen. we're down to six people who could be president of the united states. and you know, there's a lot of pressure. kind of for me i didn't feel a lot of pressure. i just kind of wanted to do my thing. somebody's going to attack me, i'm not going to take it, but i'm not out there looking to take anybody's head off. >> i wanted to ask you about something. planned parenthood came up. you and i have talked about this. obviously you defunded that in ohio. donald trump was talking about planned parenthood and said he doesn't like anything that has to do with abortion tonight. but he did say planned parenthood does a lot of good things for women's health. and he said that repeatedly. of course they do a lot of good things other than abortion. abortion a small part of what they do. is he right or wrong? >> well, i'll just tell what you we're doing. we're not funding planned parenthood but we are going to have very robust funding for
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women's health. which is not going to be put in an organization that's been largely discredited. but women's health is important. just like the fight we make in ohio on the issue of infant mortality. the efforts that we make on early childhood education. and most particularly women's health. we're not going to short-fund women's health. in fact, i just heard the other day, i was reminded that we had about 40 million extra dollars in there for women's health. and i think it's critical. >> all right. well, governor kasich, thank you very much. we appreciate it. enjoy the rest of your evening. >> thanks, erin. see you soon. >> all right. we'll talk to you soon. and i want to go now, donald trump is in the spin room. he's with our sara murray. sara. >> light words. very light words. sometimes they're not even said. you know, you blanked out words that i didn't even say. you know that. okay? i think i explained that. >> yeah, so today you called ted cruz a liar on the debate stage. >> he does -- >> what is it -- >> he does not tell the truth. they make robo calls to people and they say things about people
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that aren't true and they come up with a lot of statements that aren't true. >> but isn't that just politics? >> i don't think so. you have to be truthful. and ted cruz is not a truthful person. and frankly, he holds up the bible. and i hold up the bible as well as anybody. and he holds up the bible and then he lies. what he did to ben carson. what he did with the voter violation form in iowa, for example, where they wrote a form that looked just like a governor paper and it said go vote for ted cruz, otherwise you're going to be in trouble. a lot of lies and a lot of bad statements. i see it happening in south carolina where he is -- robo calls are being made saying things that just untrue. >> you went to south carolina, pulled out an ad against ted cruz. you said you want to go positive here. do you think that's possible to do in a state like south carolina? >> i know the people of south carolina. they're incredible. that has to do with ted cruz, not south carolina. and frankly, i do want to be positive because nobody has a record like i do. i built an incredible company. employed over the years tens of thousands of people. nobody knows better than i do
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about health care and all of these different things because nobody on stage employed -- they probably haven't employed anybody. and i've employed tens of thousands of people over the years. but i just -- politics is very interesting. you have to be truthful. and if somebody's not truthful you have to call them out. >> now, everyone was watching very closely your exchange with jeb bush tonight. why jeb? he's a guy who continues to trail you in the polls in every state. >> you're right. he's trailing in the polls. he's doing horribly. he spent $43 million -- >> so why hit him? >> because he took $20 million of negative ads on me. and i tell people this, and i teach people this. when somebody hits you you hit them back. he spent $20 million on negative ads on me. he doesn't have a chance. he's a total lightweight. but he spent $20 million on negative ads. so yes, i'll hit him on occasion. >> you know you're in a state with a big military population. you've campaigned here before. tonight you said the bushes lied about weapons of mass destruction. >> well, they did. >> you referred to them -- >> were there weapons of mass destruction? you know better than i do. the answer is no. and when jeb said his brother protected us, the world trade
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center came down during his brother's reign. are people forgetting that? >> but there's still a lot of affection for the bushes in south carolina. >> i like the bushes also. i mean, i think it's fine. i think the bushes are fine. but he can't lie about his brother's record. and if you look at the last three months, it was a catastrophic failure. we had a catastrophic failure. that was during his term. he gave us obama because nobody -- abraham lincoln couldn't have beaten obama at that time or anybody else that was on the democrat side. so you know, look, everybody works. everybody tries. but the world trade center came down. a lot of bad things happened. so jeb can't say that that didn't happen. and by the way, there were no weapons of mass destruction. we went into iraq, destabilized the middle east. we spent trillions and trillions of dollars. we should be rebuilding our country also. now we have to go and get isis. nobody's going to be tougher or better with the military than me. i'll build it bigger and better and stronger than ever before. and nobody's going to mess with us. but you have to use it properly if you're going to use it at all. >> i want to talk for a second about the supreme court because
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of course justice antonin scalia passed today. who would you nominate? what do you look at as a good model of a supreme court justice under a president trump? >> i think diane sikes is excellent. i think there are really three or four but i think diane sikes from wisconsin has a great record and i think would be very good. but honestly, you want to take a look at a large group of people and you want to nominate somebody -- justice scalia was a fantastic man. you really want to be that pervis to be as close as possible. >> you mentioned your sister before. >> she's a tremendous person and one of the brilliant justices. thank you so much. >> do you have a litmus test -- >> all right, erin, back to you. you heard a very confident donald trump and somebody who wanted to mix it up on the debate stage -- >> as viewers will see throughout our special program tonight. we'll talk about that supreme court justice tonight. but you just saw that interview to our table here of what's going on with donald trump.
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it was his most bombastic performance yet, and that is saying something. did he win or lose? you had doug say the winner, gloria say maybe the loser. so we've got it bookended already. >> he was the most unhinged we've ever seen him. i think that's largely the fault of the moderators who couldn't control the discussion, really failed to ask thought-provoking questions. but ted cruz is the only person who went toe to toe with donald trump tonight. marco rubio didn't do it. jeb bush tried a few times and failed. and the most important thing accomplished tonight for cruz was to show voters that donald trump can't really explain away his liberal policies and support of liberal politicians in the past. in the wake of justice scalia's death you have to ask if donald trump can be trusted to appoint the next supreme court justice, and the answer should be no. and i think cruz went a long way to exposing that. and for that donald trump loses. >> s.e.? >> i think jeb and rubio had a good -- had good nights, but i
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agree. cruz i think walked away with the winning moment. and it was that moment. for the first time -- conservatives have been saying, conservatives like me have been saying donald trump is not a conservative. and his supporters haven't cared. right now we have the first real world example of why the stakes are so high. and ted cruz, is happened late in the -- deep in the debate, but ted cruz was the first to really connect the dots. do you want to keep the republican senate? do you want to keep it so that you can get republican, a conservative judge elected? well, donald trump is not the guy to help you do that. i thought it was the most important moment of the debate and the first time voters really understand just how high the stakes are for electing a reliable conservative. >> marc? >> full disclaimer, i'm wrong on donald trump every single time i make a prediction. but trump lost big tonight for a few reasons. one, he got lured into jeb bush's trap. he beat up on the bushes in south carolina. that's never a wise choice. >> a state of course the bushes won twice.
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>> they won twice. and he didn't just say they lied about wmds, he got lured into a conversation about impeachment. that's never where you want to be. he got lured into a conversation where it seemed as if he was aligning himself with democrats on entitlements. not a good place to be. jeb bush looked tough against him, or at least he held his own, which is something that has never happened before. ted cruz made him look like he wasn't a legit conservative. i only wish ted had done that sooner at the top of the debate as opposed to -- it got buried. they sort of buried the lead. >> most important question in talking about replacing justice scalia comes to the senate. and the moderators really missed an opportunity to advance the debate. the question shouldn't have been can obama nominate a supreme court justice? of course he can. the question should have been to every candidate on stage, do you think the gop senate should block obama's nominee? >> delay, delay, delay. >> so that's not a stand-up, no, we will not do this in a lame duck election year. ted cruz was immediately out with a statement suggesting so. marco rubio was. the other candidates got away
8:16 pm
with saying nothing. and that's not okay. >> i want to play part of these moments between jeb bush and donald trump on foreign policy when he got lured in, as you say, into a discussion about impeachment and talking about wmd. here's the first moment. >> jeb is so wrong. jeb is absolutely so -- just sow understand, you know what that is? that's jeb's special interests and lobbyists. [ booing ] let me tell you something. jeb -- jeb is so wrong. you've got to fight isis first. you fight isis first. right now you have russia, you have iran, you have them with assad and you have them with syria. you have to knock out isis. they're chopping off heads. these are animals. you have to knock them out. you have to knock them off strong. you decide what to do after. you can't fight two wars at one time. if you listen to him and you listen to some of the folks that i've been listening to, that's why we've been in the middle east for 15 years and we haven't won anything. we've spent $5 trillion in the
8:17 pm
middle east because of thinking like that. we've spent 5 -- lindsey graham, who backs him, who had zero on his polls, let me just tell you something. [ booing ] we've spent -- we've spent -- [ booing ] i only tell the truth, lobbyists. we've spent $5 trillion all overt -- we have to rebuild our country. we have to rebuild our infrastructure. you listen to, that you're going to be there for another 15 -- >> governor bush, please respond. >> the very basic fact is that vladimir putin is not going to be an ally of the united states. the whole world knows this. it's a simple basic fact. [ applause ] they're not taking out -- they're not even attempting to take out isis. they're attacking the troops that we're supporting. we need to create a coalition, sunni-led coalition on the ground with our special operators to destroy isis and bring about stability. and you can't do that with assad in power. >> we're supporting troops that we don't even know who they are. we're supporting troops that we don't even know who they are.
8:18 pm
>> mr. trump, i -- >> we have no idea who they are. >> gentlemen, i think we're going to leave that there. we've got a question -- >> this from a guy who gets his foreign policy from the shows. >> oh, yeah. >> this is a guy who thinks that hillary clinton is a great negotiator in iran. we're living in dangerous times. >> 44 million in new hampshire. give me a break. >> that was just one of many contentious moments between those two as well as others. one thing that stood out as people are listening to this is all the booing. the booing that appeared to be at donald trump. >> appeared to be at donald trump. marco rubio seemed to have a lot of fans in that crowd. jeb bush too at times. i think donald trump is able to turn these boos into an asset. he essentially has said that this is the donor class, this is the establishment, these are the people i'm running against and these are the people that aren't on the side of the little guy. so i think -- and you heard ted cruz even pick up on that too and say yeah, those are the special interests too. he's great at sort of riding the
8:19 pm
boos to his advantage. >> he said only his wife and his son was there. like it was as if he was alone fighting the fight and this whole establishment was against him. >> that's right. and gloria, what do you make of the substance of that fight? >> well, this question of should george bush have been impeached is an interesting question to ask in south carolina, with his brother right there. and i think in one sense, and i'll give you this, trump did well by saying wait a minute, it took you five days to say that going into iraq was a mistake. so he did make a good point there, which is why i might be wrong. but then when he said you know, they lied, he also accused cruz of being a liar, i wonder whether that was a step too far, and then bush comes back and says i'm sick and tired of you attacking my family, you even attacked my mother. >> we'll play that. >> it went back and for the. it's sort of like bumper cars.
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>> it's just worth pointing out that the critique that trump was making of george w. bush was one of the left of the democratic party. he was like michael moore, nancy pelosi, that he lied, that they intentionally lied about the weapons of mass destruction. >> right. >> and he went even further than any democrat i've heard saying you, george w. bush, are responsible for the world trade center attacks of 9/11. >> right. >> which is something democrats never even -- >> which he said before. >> and he has. >> he didn't keep us safe. >> and then rubio jumped in and said, i am really glad george w. bush was president. >> well, i'm glad you mentioned rubio. tonight was rubio's big night. could he make up for the disaster of last week's debate? and there were some very contentious moments involving him. someone called his rehabilitation tonight. we'll take a break, and you'll see that next. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing,
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welcome back to our special coverage of the gop debate. it was raucous. it was a little bit of a crazy mess as we've been talking
8:25 pm
about. there was fighting going on and some of the most heated moments came down to immigration. immigration between ted cruz and marco rubio. let me play for you one of those. >> the rubio-schumer amnesty plan. apparently supported by the donor class. which is why washington supported it. the rubio-schumer amnesty plan passed the senate, and it was on the verge of passing the house. house leadership intended to take it up and pass it with the democrats overruling most of the republicans. and the question for anyone on illegal immigration is where were you in that fight? where did you stand? you are right. there is a difference between senator rubio and me on this. we're going to have to -- >> your reply. >> we're going to have to do this again. when that issue was being debated ted cruz at a committee hearing very passionately said i want immigration reform to be able to pass, i want people to come out of the shadows and he proposed an amendment that would
8:26 pm
have legalized people here. not only that, he proposed doubling the number of green cards. he proposed a 500% increase on guest workers. now his position is different. now he is a passionate opponent of all those things. so he either wasn't telling the truth then or he isn't telling the truth now. but to argue he's a purist on immigration is just not true. >> may i get a response? >> senator cruz. your response, senator cruz. >> you know, the lines are very, very clear. marco right now supports citizenship for 12 million people here illegally. i oppose citizenship. marco stood on the debate stage and said that. but i would note not only that, marco has a long record when it comes to amnesty. in the state of florida as speaker of the house he supported in state tuition for illegal immigrants. in addition to that marco went on univision in spanish and said he would not rescind president obama's illegal executive amnesty on his first day in office. i have promised to rescind every
8:27 pm
single illegal executive action, including that one. and on the question -- >> first of all, i don't know how he knows what i said on univision because he doesn't speak spanish. and second of all, the other point that i would -- >> [ speaking spanish ]. >> this is a disturbing pattern now because for a number of weeks ted cruz has just been telling lies. he lied about ben carson in iowa. he lies about planned parenthood. he lies about marriage. he's lying about all sorts of things. and now he makes things up. the bottom line is this is a campaign and people are watching it and they see the truth behind all these issues and here's the truth. ted cruz supported legalizing people that are in this country legally -- >> that is absolutely false. that is knowingly false. and i would note -- >> we'll put it on our website. we're going to -- >> if you want to assess who's telling the truth you should look to jeff sessions, who said without ted cruz the
8:28 pm
rubio-schumer amnesty bill would have passed and ted was responsible -- you should look to rush limbaugh and marc levin that said marco -- >> governor bush. governor bush. >> so there you have a taste of just how crazy it got. among the many things that happened there, amanda, we did learn that ted cruz spoke more spanish than marco rubio thought. >> that is a debate they have had, they keep bringing it up. and i have to say as someone who really likes a lot of things about marco rubio it pains me to see them go through this. i was there in the senate. i have fought amnesty plans not just on behalf of ted cruz, also jim demint and when i worked for um events before that. and there's no question that marco rubio's misrepresenting what cruz did with his amendment strategy during the gang of eight. long story short, as cruz explained he was against gang of eight. marco rubio was a champion of it. i don't know why rubio keeps running from that, saying cruz
8:29 pm
was a liar for trying to take it down. we're going to keep having this debate again and again. i think it's a negative for rubio because it reminds everyone they had the schumer-rubio bill. >> i don't think anyone's hands on r. clean when it comes to immigration. that's because it's such a fraught issue. donald trump has flip flopped on his immigration stance. jeb bush has had trouble defining his. none of them have completely pure records and pure positions. and explaining the nuance of marco and ted's maneuverings in the senate, i'm not sure anyone walked away or ever walks away from this the winner or loser among voters. >> donald trump does. donald trump has the clearest immigration policy -- >> because he's building a wall. >> another point worth make about this whole immigration debate, which is that they are fighting to get farther and
8:30 pm
farther away from what most americans believe because most americans, polls show they do want a path to citizenship, they don't want 11 million people -- >> but the majority of people on that stage agreed with him. the majority of people were running away from donald trump and said we don't want to just deport 15 million illegal immigrants. >> is that what you heard? really? >> they said it. >> on the one hand no, one wants to deport except donald trump but they are trying to move away from the left-wing position pf they've all taken in my estimation fairly reasonable positions at moments and they're calling each other out on those moments of reason. now you have people dragging each other to the right, to the donald trump extreme but to the right -- >> in other words, donald trump has been bringing the whole fields right. >> he has been. >> as you said, he's the one who got this out there on the table. and now like a magnet he's bringing these people to his -- >> let's play a little of what happened between donald trump and jeb bush on this issue.
8:31 pm
you can see who's running farther right. here's another one. >> when i announced i was running for president on june 16th, illegal immigration wasn't even a subject. if i didn't bring it up you wouldn't even be talking. now, i don't often agree with marco and i don't ov agree with ted, but i can in this case. the weakest person on this stage by far on illegal immigration is jeb bush. they come out of an act of love. whether you like it or not, he is so weak on illegal immigration it's laughable. and everybody knows it. >> so you know, this is the standard operating procedure, to disparage me. that's fine. i don't really care. >> spend a little more money on the commercials. >> but if you want to talk about weakness, you want to talk about weakness, it's weak to disparage women. >> i don't -- >> it's weak to disparage hispanics. it's weak to denigrate the disabl disabled. and it's really weak to call
8:32 pm
john mccain a loser because he was -- >> i never called him -- >> that is outrageous. that's an american hero. >> he also said about -- >> i've laid out my plans -- >> and he he said about language, two days ago he said he would take his pants off and moon everybody. and that's fine. nobody reports that. he gets up and says that. and then he tells me, oh, my language was a little bit rough. >> okay. >> give me a break. >> governor kasich. governor kasich. here in south carolina earlier this week you said the idea, the concept of deporting 11 million -- >> just for the record, make sure my mother's listening. she's watching the debate. i didn't say i was going to moon somebody. >> the mooning issue, we're going to get to in just a moment. we did fact-check it. i want our audience to know we fact checked it. but first on the substantive you issue of illegal immigration, gloria, this is one of the things george bush -- jeb bush, i'm sorry, because george bush was looming so large over this debate. but jeb bush has talked about people coming to this country as
8:33 pm
an act of love. he tried to back off of that tonight it seemed, right? by saying no, we get to choose who comes here, we get -- >> because he had to show strength, right? >> did he succeed? >> you know, i agree with s.e. on this. i don't think anyone has clean hands on this issue. if you were -- if jeb bush once said it was an act of love, which he did, today he's saying i'm strong, we get to pick who comes in as an act of love maybe. it just shows you that the stakes are so high, and jeb is sort of trying to come back after a showing in new hampshire. this was his moment, and he's got his brother coming down. he can't project weakness. rubio had to come back tonight. cruz had to get back in the game, right? and so it was a hot mess out there. >> i just want to say that if indeed the voters perceive what s.e. and gloria are saying to be true, which is that everybody's hands are dirty, marco rubio
8:34 pm
succeeds at the immigration debate because his whole point in this is to try to muddy the water. right? what amanda was saying before about ted cruz, that's the whole reason marco rubio takes this fight to ted cruz, because he's just trying to get the hot potato off of him and muddy the water a little bit. >> what we're talking about here is ted cruz put forth something that appeared to be fro-immigration, but he did it to try to destroy an immigration bill. so it's one of those confusing, awful things about washington. >> more than just trying to say everybody's hands are dirty. even -- >> right. >> i think that is a tough, tough thing to assume, that republican voters do perceive. because i think it is much easier. and this is where i think amanda sees a problem here for rubio that i do think still exists for him. it is much easier to slam marco rubio to being with chuck schumer on this gang of eight bill, this total anathema to the party. that is a much cleaner argument. >> rubio responded by saying that cruz was a liar. that's a word a lot of people
8:35 pm
used about a lot of people tonight. >> and he shot right back at him and said you're just lying. >> so i want to get to the liar. >> which liar? >> the liar issue, which came up from so many people. but quickly, david, the fact check on the mooning. jeb bush did indeed talk about that. >> yes. in an interview with the "boston globe" during the new hampshire primary in the days leading up to the primary he basically was saying, i look at all those reporters in the back of the room and basically i would have to light myself on fire for them to look up from their blackberries. if i dropped my pants and mooned everyone they probably wouldn't even notice. that is the reference. >> thank you for illuminating. >> which shows you how in the weeds trump is. he's reading the "boston herald" and knowing that jeb bush is -- i didn't even know this. >> donald trump is in jeb bush's head. >> everything said on immigration we've heard before. i didn't think anything was new on immigration. but the mooning is new. so tomorrow people are going to be talking about that. the comedians on monday will.
8:36 pm
and that was a moment that may have made jeb bush look a little foolish for saying kind of such a comical thing but people will make something out of that. >> and we did fact check p because jeb kept saying what are you talking about? he might not even have remembered saying it himself. but he did indeed say it. coming up a nasty exchange between donald trump and ted cruz calling each other liars. there was a lot of use of the l word, not just you're not telling the truth. it was point blank liar again and again. and jeb bush tried to tie john kasich to obamacare. ay. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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8:38 pm
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8:40 pm
and welcome back to our coverage of tonight's gop debate. the stakes were incredibly high, and the words were incredibly hot that were used. a lot of fighting going on. and the word "liar" was thrown around by more than one person tonight. one of them was donald trump in this exchange with ted cruz. >> you are the single biggest liar -- you probably are worse than jeb bush. you are the single biggest liar. this guy lied -- let me just tell you. this guy lied about ben carson when he took votes away from ben carson in iowa. and he just continues. and today we had robocalls saying donald trump is not going to run in south carolina, where i'm leading by a lot. i'm not going to run. vote for ted cruz. this is the same thing he did to ben carson.
8:41 pm
this guy will say anything. nasty guy. now i know why he doesn't have one endorsement from any of his colleagues -- >> john, i get to respond. >> get to pick from the buffet there. >> he's a nasty guy. >> i will say -- i will say it is fairly remarkable to see donald defending ben after he called him pathological and compared him to a child molester, both of which were offensive and wrong. >> i just quoted his book. >> but you notice donald didn't disagree with the substance that he supports taxpayer funding for planned parenthood. and donald has this weird pattern. when you point to his own record, he screams liar, liar, liar. if you want to go -- >> where did i support it? >> if you want to go -- >> hey, ted, where did i support it? >> if you want to go and watch the video go to our website, >> where did i support it, ted? >> i know there's laughter going on here. but i mean, the word "liar," it's one thing to say what you said is not true, what you said is dishonest. and yes, it's the i'm thing. but we all know that there is a different tone that comes when
8:42 pm
you actually as you the word liar. which donald trump used liberally there. >> donald trump has said this of ted cruz. marco ruboio has says this of ted cruz. and of course we know the whole situation in iowa where ben carson was very upset with ted cruz. i think what's happening is cumulatively there's a picture and not a flattering one. i like senator cruz but i think there's an unflattering picture being painted of him by several of his peers here and they're all pointing to him using the l word in one form or another and it's not good. >> amanda, what do you say to that? by the way, on the robo calls here's the latest on that so everyone understands. ted cruz, the campaign was saying it's not them that's making these calls, we at cnn do not know who's behind them at this point. that's the best information we can give you on the robo calls right now. >> when it comes to the liar word donald trump uses it liberally, calls people names in any manner, and other people are jumping on the fact. it's really disappointing to say oh, well, ted cruz being painted as a liar but other people have
8:43 pm
a political interest 234 painting him as a liar. >> but it's a little different -- >> particularly when marco rubio said it that was kind of a new level for marco against ted in this immigration fight. i'm telling you, when i watched it, i took a step back and said, wow, because there are many conservatives, many conservative activists who are going to play a big role in this election who have good feelings to marco rubio, and would support him if he's the nominee, but when he calls ted cruz a liar for an issue, for working on an issue they care so deeply about, that was a really bad move for marco rubio. >> it might work, though. there's nuance to the immigration issue, i agree with you. >> there's no nuance to the word liar. >> i agree pu. i think in that case it's not exactly accurate. but there's already a narrative about ted cruz being a liar because of what happened in wa war, because of these conversations that it just might stick in a way it won't for other candidates so this could actually work for marco rubio. >> when it comes to a candidate who shares my values, ted cruz does very well on this question
8:44 pm
with voters. i think donald trump's continued attempts to somehow undermine the religious authority of ted cruz, he's done it with ben carson, he's tried it over and over again. you heard him tonight saying in the spin room i love the bible but ted cruz there, stands there with the bible and he lies, that hasn't really worked to -- you know, among evangelicals. i don't know ultimately that trying to cast ted cruz as a lying fake evangelical, i don't know that that's really going to work. >> i do know one thing. if i were just an average voter tuning in to this debate and seeing people scream liar, brawling openly with no repercussions really from the moderators or anyone else, i would have tuned out. this is not a good look for the gop. this is not a debate i want to remember. it was the worst one yet. >> agreed. >> and everybody -- the tenor of the conversation was definitely low. you had people saying, well, who's a grownup and who's not a grownup. there was one thing that was said, though, as we tried to get
8:45 pm
to the fact checks that need to happen here about the supreme court and, well, marco rubio was asked about the death of antonin scalia. he said that he thinks president obama should not appoint justice scalia's replacement. rubio said that it's been sxhirkz words were over 80 years since a lame duck president has appointed a supreme court justice. it's a major claim. is it true, though? tom foreman went and checked our reality check. and what is the verdict, tom? >> well, you know, this thing was hanging over the whole evening, wasn't it? this untimely death of justice scalia and what happens now. and yes, marco rubio said the obama administration should not do it because of precedent. listen. >> it's been over 80 years since a lame duck president has appointed a supreme court justice. >> that is a big claim. over 80 years. let's look back over some of the things that have happened in that period of time. franklin roosevelt, we know, did succeed in appointing somebody in 1940. that was an election year. it was the end of his second term. but there were no term limits
8:46 pm
then. he ran for a third term afterwards. we're not sure what to make of that. lyndon johnson tried to get a justice named. he didn't succeed. but it was in the end of his term. and ronald reagan appointed anthony kennedy in late 1987. it was approved in 1988. that was reagan's last year. now, are these exceptions? are these lame ducks? the question is what constitutes a lame duck? there is no legal definition. the other thing that complicates it is there aren't really many supreme court justices in the past 80 years who have decide in the court in the specific window in which you might have a lame duck president. nonetheless, there are very few instances where it has happened. so we are going to have to say no matter how you slice it up what rubio said was mostly true. and of course you can find out more about how we decided all this, erin, and many more things that we checked by going to erin? >> all right, tom. thank you very much. so mostly true, the verdict, on
8:47 pm
what marco rubio had to say. jeffrey toobin, you think something ted cruz said was much more problematic. >> it was early in the debate, and john dickerson really called him on it because rubio said it has not happened that a supreme court nominee has been approved during a president's last year in office. >> this is cruz. >> i'm sorry. cruz said that. and dickerson said, well, what about anthony kennedy? and cruz just sort of blew him off. i mean, he was simply wrong about that. because anthony kennedy -- >> in a rather i know way more than you know way too. he was sort of who are you to challenge me on this. >> i looked up the nominations by reagan and he was confirmed the next year. >> that's right. >> it wasn't purely a lame duck nomination. >> i was involved in that. adjusts kennedy was nominated because douglas ginsburg was nominated and had to drop out because he smoked marijuana in law school. and douglas ginsburg was nominated because of robert bork. and robert bork was nominated in
8:48 pm
july of 1987. i was involved in all three of those. so most assuredly at the time the anthony kennedy nomination was seen as a successor to the bork nomination from july, not as a lame duck, not as like the lyndon johnson -- >> but there's also another significant difference between the current situation and any of these others. in all these other situations in '87, in '88, there was a full complement of supreme court justices. louis powell announced his resignation, but he wasn't going to leave until his successor was confirmed. here there is an actual vacancy on the court now because of the death of antonin scalia. so the court is looking at if the republicans refused to act on an obama nominee well over a year being short-handed because it's -- the new president in january will only then begin looking for a nominee and nominating someone and having hearings. >> it's a very long process. >> yeah. so if in fact the republicans
8:49 pm
don't act on anyone barack obama appoints, you're looking at a year and a half to two years of an eight-justice supreme court, which is really without precedent in modern american history. >> and that perhaps is the most important takeaway from all of this. coming up next donald trump talks about using dirty words on the campaign trail. we'll be right back. man: dear mr. danoff, my wife and i are now participating in your mutual fund. we invested in your fund to help us pay for a college education for our son.
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on occasion in order to sort of really highlight something i
8:53 pm
use a profanity. one of the profanities that i got credited with using that i didn't use was a very bad word two weeks ago that i never used. i said you and everybody said oh, he didn't say anything wrong. but you bleeped it. so everyone thinks i said -- i didn't say anything. i never said the word. it is very unfair, that criticism. now, i will say this. with all of that being said, i have said i will not do it at all because if i say a word that's a little bit off color, a little bit, it ends up being a headline. >> shawn spicer joins me live from peace center performing arts center in greenville, south carolina. of course spokesman for the rnc. shawn, you know, obviously you're smiling a little bit. as is our entire panel. but this is not necessarily funny. i mean, the tone tonight, there was a lot of fighting. the word "liar" was used by multiple candidates, multiple times. this was as down and dirty as we have seen it. do you think the tone of the debate was too negative?
8:54 pm
>> well, i think we're entering a critical face of this cycle. we've got two contests down. we're heading into the third. i think this is when south carolina voters tend to want to see these candidates throw a punch or two, see if they can take, it see what they're made of. so again, you've heard me say this before, erin, i'd rather have candidates talking about their vision and speaking positively and focusing their attacks on the democrats, but the reality is politics is a contact sport. we understand that's part of what has to happen. you have to be able to show each -- how you differentiate yourself. and that you're ready for the general election. >> so marco rubio called ted cruz a liar. you had donald trump call ted cruz a liar. those were just a couple of the moments where we saw this. and of course you just heard donald trump there talking about profanities. but are you concerned? you talked about it as a contact sport. but are you concerned that they're now turning so much fire onto each other that your final nominee is going to be too damaged for the general election? if your own party is calling you a liar.
8:55 pm
>> i can deal with a couple people calling each other names and tweeting at each other as far as our party goes. the other side you've got a party who's got a 74-year-old socialist as one option and somebody who the fbi said is under criminal investigation as the other. so i can handle a couple people name-calling each other and s d sending nasty tweets at each other can if that's the choice between the two parties. because our guys are out there trying to distinguish themselves. the other party has a choice of whether they're going to go with a self-avowed socialist or somebody the fbi's opened an investigation on. >> before we go i have to ask you about antonin scalia. obviously looming large today as a giant in the legal field and now a giant in the political discussion. do you think that it is right for them all to sit on that stage and talk about how they're going to stop barack obama from nominating someone? it would leave the supreme court without someone nor an unprecedented period of time as jeffrey toobin just said. and every one of them would nominate someone if the roles were reversed. are they making a mistake?
8:56 pm
>> i think each of those -- that's the point of the debate. each of them is supposed to articulate how they would act as commander in chief and what they think -- who the kind of person they would replace justice scalia with. people had an opportunity tonight to hear each one of those candidates give their version of that. that's what tonight was about. >> all right. well, sean spicer, thank you very much. i appreciate your time. we're going to take a brief break, and our special coverage of the gop debate continues on the other side. sday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking.
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9:00 pm i'm erin burnett, and welcome back to the special coverage of the gop presidential debate coverage. and it was in greenville, south carolina, one week before the primary. we have gloria bornger, and e jeffrey toobin, and nia-malika hebderson, and douglas brinkley, and because we have a full ho e house, jeffrey lord, and amanda carpenter, and s.e. cup, and mark lamont hill, and also a
9:01 pm
political xhen ta to, and okay. let's go through the winners and the losers. the bottom line, it is nasty and down and dirty. who was the winner? >> marc? >> jeb bush won something, and he put donald trump on defense and that rarely happens and he lured him in places where he didn't want to be. he came out ahead. >> and the governor took the governor off, and racecar fans will know what that means, but he did come out swinging, and it is a great debate night, but the ted cruz had the winning moment when he took on donald trump on the importance of appointing a supreme court justice. >> that is the most important task tonight, and it is going to be looking the best in the tv clips going forward and the broader base of voters, ted cruz is the only one who went toe-to-toe, and nobody else accomplished the task against donald trump. >> all of these things have been said about donald trump before and he just message of strength
9:02 pm
radiate and the interesting loser tonight is governor kasich, and he wants everybody to be nice, and all a i am suggest i suggesting is that the republicans are so frustrated that they keep nominating the nice guys, and they go out there and get ripped to shreds, and they want some fight, and donald trump is giving them fight. >> and they got a fight tonight. and your winner and loser? >> well, jeb had the best debate ever. and trump may have had the worst. and i think that what trump did, and i am not so sure, because if you are a trump supporter, this would be fine, but down the road to get from 35 to 50, i am not so sure it works. >> in terms of the percentage of voters. >> and what trump tonight was doubling down on what has worked for him in the past, except he had to swing at more people, because they were swinging at him. and what the others were doing is to double down on their strategy of saying that you are not really conservative enough to be the republican nominee, and that has not stuck in the
9:03 pm
past. so the question is will it stick at some point? >> winner or loser? >> a week ago we knew that marco rubio had a disastrous debate, bow the night, there is no equivalent person who had a that good of a debate or that bad of a debate. good moments for some, and bad moments for others, but donald trump is ahead by a lot in the ra race, and the fact that there's nothing dramatic that comes out of the debate in terms of the rising or the lowering, and that is good for him. if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and he is winning. >> and marco rubio went into this trying to change the subject from the terrible debate last week, and he wanted to reset the campaign, and i think that he was able to do that. this debate he looked good and i think that he is struggling with the everything that he says is like a speech. so he has to work on that, but i think that he was able to reset the campaign. >> and the first person to say, and i know that you are not going so far as to say he is the winner, but he did what he needed to do.
9:04 pm
>> well, h met the goal the night. >> and donald trump, and i agree with what jeffrey said, and to gloria's point, donald trump doesn't have to go from 35 to 50 yet, because there are 60 people in the race. and so part of it felt like, erin, a little smaller debate, and felt like a senate race debate in a multi candidate field rather than a presidential debate, because when the voting begins the debates areal small and get the op -ed out, and get the vote ahead and then to the next. so rather than the larger, and this is the message of why i am running for president, and so a smallness to the debate tonight, and everybody was sort of trying to make their mark in that way. >> that is sbn interesting point. doug? >> well, donald trump is like godzilla on top of the building and somebody has to rip him down and say he is bleed iing or dented, and it did not do him a lot of damage in south carolina, and he has to be feeling good that he survived it as well.
9:05 pm
but rubio did well, and rubio is back in the game now, and ted cruz did have some great moments, so it is still very interesting, but still i go win trump and the big loser is ben carson, because he didn't seem for him to be on the stage, and maybe it is time for him to step down. >> i don't know the risk of this, because trump is so far ahead and we will have polls later in the week, but to take on the bushes, in south carolina, and that frontally and to say they lied, they lied about the weapons of mass destruction which as you pointed out earlier is the most liberal democrat, i don't know how that plays exactly. i mean, the trump supporters are the trump supporters, but the people who may be deciding, i am not sure. >> and you have george w. bush 88% approval rating among the republicans and 52% of americans overall, overall, and that is strong numbers an stronger than barack obama, and he is going to be speaking in south carolina on monday at 6:00 an hour before donald trump on be-of his
9:06 pm
brother for the first time in the campaign trail. >> and i think that once the presidents are out of office, is it is a natural thing that the approval ratings go up, and it is respectful thing, but i think that if donald trump is going after the establishment which is what he is doing, he has to go after the bushes, because they are the embodiment of the establishment in the republican party and in south carolina, too, and i don't think that south carolina is exempt from that. >> and there were no weapons of mass destruction in iraq. i mean, he is is right. so that -- i mean, i don't know if he is right about the lying, but just to point out that this war didn't go well, is not a controversials assertion at thi point. >> and george w. bush's visit to south carolina monday, it is going to be huge, and you is to know that he has disappeared from the political ar rena sinc he left office and not like on the democratic side where bill clinton has cam pand for every person and dog catcher possible,
9:07 pm
and when it was announced that he would give this rally, he said i will say what he has to say until he comes out on the stage, and i think that he tried to bait him a little bit by making the argument of wmd, and saying, welcome to the arena, mr. president, and let's see how you do. >> and if he was the primary target, and everybody was hitting at him tonight, and he gave as good as he got, and you have to admit, and let's listen to the exchange between him and a fiesty jeb bush. >> george bush made a mistake. we can make mistakes, but that is a beauty. we never should have opinion in iraq, and we have destabilize the middle east. >> and is so you still think that he should be impeached. >> you do whatever you want, and call it whatever you want, and i will tell you they lie and they said that there were weapons of mass destruction, and there were none, and that is what i am saying. >> i am sick and tired of him go going after my family, because my my dad is the greatest man
9:08 pm
alive and while donald trump was building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe, and i'm proud of what he did. he's had the gal the go after my mother. >> and the world trade center came down under your brother's reign, and don't forget that. >> and wait a minute. he has had the gal to go after my mother. i won the lottery when i was born and looked up to see my mother, because she is the strongest woman i know. and this is not about my family or his family, and this is about somebody who needs a commander in e chief to lead, and i'm that person. >> governor kasich, will you weigh in. governor kasich, please weigh in. >> i have to tell you, this is just crazy. this is just nut, okay. >> and that is the best line of the night for kasich. all jokes aside, you are saying
9:09 pm
who brought your mother and father into it. i did not hear it when it happened, but did you notice that when jeb starts to say, and i was so lucky to have my mother, and trump said, yeah, she should be running. i missed it. that is a funny line. >> and i thought that was so off key with jeb that nobody said anything about george herbert walker bush, and he said that my dad is the greatest man alive and so. and so lucky to have barbara as a mother, and so. it is not the subject. odd. >> and to think that the moment was a success for jeb? >> yes. >> and wait a second. why can't a guy who is not able to run from his family, and i mean, that is a stupid enterprise. and why can't he embrace the family in an endearing way and not be cut up for it. i thought it was charming.
9:10 pm
>> and now, bush says, i came out of the womb and looked up at my mother, and everybody went ew! and there was nothing endearing there. >> and marco rubio made a better connection to the bush administration than jeb did when he said that i am happy to have george bush as president instead of al goer (that is a great line and how you do it. >> and he needs to connect to the people. >> and go ahead, jeff. >> two things, there is a thing of the reagan/bush divide and there are a lot of the republicans and the conservatives out, there and they loved the bushes, and they loved ronald reagan and there is a difference between bush world and reagan world, and the second thing is that when george w. bush comes into the state, he is the father of comprehensive immigration reform back in 2006 whenever, and the base of the party, and so hated it that they more or lesss toed out their own party and gave control of
9:11 pm
congress to nancy pelosi and harry reid and for him to come in there, he is a symbol of other things other than the iraq war and that can play in a lot of ways. >> and that is the point that i am trying to remember and which of you made this point that it could play well for donald trump. >> that is the thing, and i think that if we look at jeb bush, himself, he has been ambivalent of bush's legacy and whether to name drop him or embrace himer or run from the family legacy, and so in south carolina, it is likely that some of the ambivalence is there among the republicans as well, but again, it is anti-establishment, and if you look at what gingrich did in 2012, he ran as the anti-establishment candidate and he won 40%, an ron paul won something like 13%, so i think that donald trump is trying to go after that same audience. >> and donald trump tried at one point to say, and to try to take on the reagan legacy in a specific way, david chalian, and he said, look, yes, he changed the point of view, as have i,
9:12 pm
and he was a democrat as i am, and being a person of flexibility is not a bad thing and did he succeed? >> he has been coming from outside of politicsb and so have i. and he has been doing it for a year, and playing the mantle of reagan, erin. and one point of this, is not with only what donald trump is doing, and you are getting at knee ya, the bailout under george w. bush and the immigration bill under george w. bush, and these are tings that were the spark to this moment of the republican party of the base feeling so, as the exit polls showed us in new hampshire, betrayed by their own party, and this is the very fuel of the tr trump candidacy, and to take on george w. bush in some quarters inside of the republican nominating electorate and even though he is a popular figure is not necessarily innathma of it.
9:13 pm
>> and hillary clinton cannot run from bill clinton, and so jeb bush cannot run from george w. bush, and so it is not believable, but he doesn't have an alternative other than to say, this is my brother, andly defend him to death and especially in south carolina where with he has great name, and of course, i am going to invite him up. >> and hold it, because defend him to the death, and there is something that happened tonight, where he absolutely did not do that and everybody thaug it was strange. so let me play that for you. >> there is all sorts of intrigue about where i have d disagreed with my brother, and there is one. eminent domain for transmission lines -- >> he shouldn't have used it then, jeb. >> and highways and all of that is proper use of the eminent doe map and not the talk an elderly woman's home and build a parking
9:14 pm
lot so high rollers can come to failed casinos in atlantic city. that is not the thing to do. >> that is trump's weakest moment in the debate, because his position on eminent domain is not popular and he did not defend it particularly well. >> and he brought it up himself. >> it is odd. >> and he was not asked about it, and he brought it up himself, and he said this is a place where where i disagree with the conservative thinking, and that is odd. >> it is odd to bring up something that people disagree with you, but then jeb exploited it in a pretty clever way. in the larger scheme can of things. this is where i disa agree with my brother. >> and it is hard to believe that a u.s. presidential election is dealing with the question of eminent domain which governors don't even usually deal with, and it is usually the city council and the mayor level decisions. >> but it is an issue of government taking your private property. i bet he got permission to say, okay, i will disagree with you
9:15 pm
publicly on this. >> and you think they had discussed this? >> yes. and last spring he said, throw me under the bus, what are you doing? and it is the same thing here, and donald trump wept after jeb on this eminent domain issue, and so this is foreshadowed and clear that jeb was not going to be standing by george w. bush on this. >> and it is another way of jeb saying that trump is not conservative. again, will it stick? not so far, but it is one more way to say, okay, eminent domain and the government should not take your property for private use and i'm conservative and you are not. >> jeff is right, it is not a single issue. >> and there are very few voters on the eminent domain, but it is not going to be moving people. >> and there are so few issues that conservatives agree, and there are a number of root i
9:16 pm
issues, and eminent domain is pretty sacred, and trump bringing it up himself was odd and tone deaf, and jeb going in to remember people that the side that they are supposed to be on is smart. >> and they had the same position in new hampshire, and according to the exit polls, donald trump was 12 points ahead of ted cruz who self-described as very conservative and that is number one, and two, jeb bush, i don't believe that he realized that he did it. he was talk about vladimir putin and saying that vladimir putin is a bad guy, and who famously said that i looked into the eyes and saw his soul? that is george w. bush, and so in other words you have one brother over here saying that vladimir putin is a good guy, and this one saying, no, it is a bad guy. >> and the average voter is not remembering that george w. bush gave a tacit endorsement of
9:17 pm
vladimir putin. where donald is going to be winning is pounding the podium saying that we will bomb the heck out of them, and it plays to the cheap seats and that is what he continues to do, and playing to the cheap seats. >> and you mean not the donor seats? >> right. and now, jeffrey, because you are here, why do you think that donald trump in this exchange ran a wway are from the fact th he once called for w.'s impeachment, and he would not say, yes, i did. and he said, you decide. >> and it did come up, and he might have decided this is not a good avenue to go down? >> maybe or maybe not. >> i am just floating the assumption there. >> and i will take on the wmd. >> and take a brief pause and more fireworks between donald trump and whether he openly opposed the iraq war before it
9:18 pm
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. welcome back to special coverage of the gop debate. donald trump has said something that he has been saying for months, and he kept say tag he was against the war on iraq before it started, and tom foreman is there with the reality check. >> yes, he loves to say it, on the trail, and the stump, and in the debate again tonight. >> i'm the only one on the stage who said, do not go into iraq. do not attack iraq.
9:22 pm
and nobody else on the stage said it and i said it loud and strong. >> said it loud and strong. well, he was absolutely an opponent of the war, and the erl wherest reference is when he told the "washington post" in an article on march 25th, the war is a mess, and this is five days after the war began, and later, he was more expansive with "esquire" magazine and said i never would have handled it this way, and other things about the war, and that is the key, that it is 2004 and everything about him speaking out loud and strong about the war happened after the war was under way. what he is claiming is that he said it before the war, and he warned against it. we can find absolutely no evidence of this, and this claim is still false as it has been false every time we have checked it, erin, and it is not falling into the reality check reality. >> i am surprised that it is not somehow true the more he says it. thank you. >> no matter how many times you say it. >> thank you, tom foreman, and
9:23 pm
here is thing, and he has said this and sometimes the specificity of whether it is true or false does not matter. he came out after the war started, and he is against it and did he say it before, and it is important nuance, but it is important to some voters, and do they care? >> no, the message is that i a opposed to war. period. >> okay. >> and so, blood and treasure were wasted there and there weren't weapons of mass destruction and lied about it, as he said tonight. so i think that, that is his, you know, the point. and he, umm, he is sticking to it. i really think that the nuance of when he actually said he was opposed to the war is something that another candidate could attack him on potentially, but in the grand scheme of things, i don't think that it matters. >> and a it is also an opportunity for another candidate to say, that it is great that you opposed the war in the begin, because that put
9:24 pm
yputs you in the camp with bernie sanders, and sean spicer said who they are running against a socialist or a woman under investigation from the fbi, an they didn't come up tonight, and i thought that was a huge failure. >> and the next phase of the battle though that you will see donald trump get painted as a democrat. he painted himself into the corner now, and now all of the sudden the shift that happens because of the scalia tragic passing means that the stakes are higher, and hey, you have a democrat, in the republican's clothing here, and that is going to be happening in the past few months. >> but they have been trying, and it is not going to be working. >> but it will work as the pool is smaller. >> and one thing, he did talk about how he had been a democrat and not afraid of that, and one thing that came up which is planned parenthood and it is one of the sacred things is that you have to be against it, and john kasich who has talked about a democrat basically has defunded it in ohio and donald trump said they don't like what it does for
9:25 pm
abortion, but it does a great thing for women's health, and how big of a thing, david chalian that he says that and goes against the core of that. >> and today is sat tai and by monday, that is going to be appearing in the mailers by the cruz campaign. >> and so that is a blunder? >> yes. he gave the opponents such a clear opening there to take, you know, as you said, this is, this organization is anathema to the republican base, and now to have have donald trump defending portions of it, it is providing an opponent that he didn't need to do. >> and cruz is going to say he is going to be appointing liberals. >> and this is moving faur ther, and further away from what most americans think. and even with these attack, it is more popular than what it has
9:26 pm
ever been. >> and there is still majority support for planned parent. >> and criminality, they talk about the planned parenthood is this criminal organization, but the only criminality has been the people who were trying to trap planned parenthood who have been charged with crimes of the great liberal bastion of houston, texas, and keep that in mind. >> and it is jeffrey toobin who is defending planned parenthood, and you are not running as a republican. >> or anything else. >> and when donald trump defends planned parenthood, that is a huge problem, and the supporters don't care when he steps out of line, but planned parents is the right's nra and very popular, and so i can see this used over and over and over again in ads. >> it is a sacred cow. >> and when the polls say that majority of americans support or
9:27 pm
is that he is making a bigger bet? >> well, he needs a majority and not a plurality. and again, he is sounding like a democrat tonight. and donald trump is not sounding entirely crazy, and he supported planned parenthood, and -- >> well, he won you over. >> and tough sell. >> and now, i want to play another moment when we talk about george w. bush and 9/11, and this is one of the central moments of the debate. here it is. >> on behalf of me and my family i thank god all of the time that it was george w. bush on 9/11 in the white house and not al gore. [ applause ] and i think that you can look back in hindsight and say a k p couple of things but he kept us safe. not only did he keep us safe, but no matter what you want to say about the weapons off mass
9:28 pm
destructions, saddam hussein was in violation of open resolution, and nobody did anything about it. and george w. bush did what the international community would not do, and he kept us safe. >> how did he keep us safe when the world trade center came down? the world trade -- excuse me, i lost hundreds of friends the world trade center came down during the reign of george bush, and he kept us safe. that is not safe. that is is not safe, marco. and that is not safe. >> and the world trade center came down because bill clinton did not kill osama bip laden when he had the chance. >> and by the way, george bush had the chance also and he did not listen to advice of his cia. >> all right. dr. carson, we have -- >> can i -- >> can we have a cleansing? >> i am not going to be inviting drfrm donald trump to the rally monday when george w. bush will be
9:29 pm
there, and i will will rescind the invitation. >> that is a liberal theology, and you know, that george w. bush didn't keep us safe, and they lied about the weapons of mass destruction, and the towers and trump said, how did he keep us safe when the world trade center went down, and he didn't listen to advice of -- >> and michael moore. and again, to the whole point is donald trump sufficiently conservative to be the republican nominee, in this little exchange, he sure didn't sound like it, but again, nothing seems to stick. >> it is breathtaking. it is really breathtaking to hear him talk that way, because the liberal democrats don't talk that way. and it is like -- >> yeah, they do. >> and they do, but -- >> they do? >> and not many. >> barack obama didn't talk that way in the 2008 campaign. he didn't say that george bush
9:30 pm
lied intentional aly about weapons of mass destruction, and that george bush did a bad job after 9/11. >> and trump said that. he said it before, and that is old news that whole 9/11 clip there. >> i have always felt that donald trump's unfa ir to george w. bush at that point and i was shocked and came on cnn the first when it happened, and people didn't care and the idea that they will care again, no, it is an old sound bite, and we have been through it. >> and s.e., you are talking about the republican base and p primaries and so far the donald trump voter does not seem to care. they don't care whether conservative or not conservative and they care what he thinks and that he is authentic and not about the conservative credentials sfwlc credentials. and they don't care how he is anti-establishment. and they said, prove to me how a
9:31 pm
multi billionaire with levers in corporate america is ap tie establishment, and donald trump is 100% the establishment, and all of the establishments. and he supports the establishment candidates, and hillary clinton to harry reid and nancy pelosi, and none of it matters. >> and i didn't even get to be with all of these politicians -- >> and these supporters are unflinchingly, unquestioningly biased. >> and his position on the illegal immigration, and -- >> and he vented the discussion. >> and nobody was discussing it before i got here. >> and the establishment as it were the chamber of commerce and the democratic party, and the chamber of commerce wants these folks for business, and they are the establishment, and he is obviously very much opposed to him, and they see it, and people get it, and they see the divide of the establishment on one side and donald trump on another. >> i know that i have been
9:32 pm
saying it for a year, but people are going to be serious. >> well, we are going to vote in south carolina next saturday. >> and donald trump could say anything, and the 26, 35% is going to vote the same way. >> it is a lot. >> it is a bunch, but at some point you have to get over the hump, a when you are attacking the sacred cows and 9/11 and planned parenthood and as the pool is smaller, guys will say, do we want this guy on the button and then add in the scalia issue, this affects the senate, and the supreme court, and the direction of the country for the next 30 years, and they could go back to warren court. >> and obama care did come up tonight, and one of the most heated was between jeb bush and john kasich, and let me replay it. >> i admire that governor kasich want to spend more money on drug treatment and mental health and it is a big issue across the country, but expanding obama
9:33 pm
care, and that is an expansion even though the federal government is paying for most of it, it is creating further debt on the backs of our children and we should be repealing it, and replacing it with somebody else. >> and when jeb was governor, and his first four years the medicaid program grew twice as fast as mine, and okay. it is a fact. with obama care, i not only sued the administration and i did not set up an exchange and he knows that i am not for obama care and never have been, and you know who, panded medicaid five times to help the folk, and give them opportunities so they could rise and get a job? president ronald reagan, and the fact of the matter is that we expanded it to get people on their feet, and once they are on the feet, we are giving them the training and the efforts that they need to be able to get a work and pull out of that situation for good. >> south carolinians need to know this, because the kato institute which grades governors on their spending rate him at
9:34 pm
the bottom. and governor haley is ranked right at the top. >> well, he mentioned my name, and let me finish this. >> and hold on, major. >> i want to make sure they elect the most con sservative governor or candidate that can win. >> i'd like to say -- >> major. i have to correct the record, and the fact of the matter is that we went from the $8 billion hole to $2 billion surplus and up 400,000, and the credit is rock solid and i don't know what the bottom line is that the people of this country and this state want to see everybody rise and see unity and i don't want to get into the fight iing tonight, because the people are frankly sick of the negative campaigning, and i will stay positiv positive. >> and you know, major is a cool name. >> yes. >> and that is is one of the questions. >> but it is cool to be named major. >> yes. >> and that is all you got out
9:35 pm
of that. >> and john kasich has been ardent and con ssistent in bein positive. and he has been. and now -- is it working? tonight it was, everybody was n nasty but him. did he rise above it? >> well, it is nice that he is the mr. rogers of the neighborhood. >> oh! >> and i like mr. rogers, and i watched him a lot growing up, but it is not going to work necessarily in this instance. the most telling thing about that exchange is that jeb bush clearly wants to win the governor's ball and kasich is the last governor standing and everybody else has dropped out. that is interest, and kasich in most of the polls is what in single digits or something in south carolina, but that is what he is trying to do. >> and why is jeb attacking kasich, and it is honestly like he the nice guy. >> he is going to be the vp, but not the nomination. he doesn't have a lot of the sound bites gaiagainst the candidates, and so in the end, he is going to be on the short list for the vice president. >> well, that is what he is
9:36 pm
playing for. and the whole routine that he is nice and principled and knows the stuff and been a governor and checks all of the boxes, and he is from ohio which is crucial. >> and popular governor. >> and when he goes around bragging that he expanded medicaid over the will of the gop legislature is not a winning argument anywhere, and not to be winning in south carolina, and not to be on a vp ticket and not as president. >> and also i think that this is a bad exchange for jeb bush. >> and i'm from ohio and i am shocked at how popular kasich is. all of my friends in toledo and my democratic friends say he is very good, and popular and comes off as likable rg but can he rip donald trump or ted cruz or r e rubio down? it does not seem likely. >> well, he did well in new hampshire. he finished second. so it is not like we are all like, having a pity party about
9:37 pm
john kasich, because he did well. >> and he has been in mississippi where where he believes he has a pac. >> and the pity party, i am not saying, but this summer in cleveland me may be giving the speech and the big surprise vice president for somebody. >> it is not happening. >> and the election cycle for hugs. >> that is not cutting through the election cycle. >> and one big group hug today virtually on the stage, and one thing that they did agree on is that president obama has no business nominating the next supreme court justice, and "saturday night live's" version of hillary clinton's plea to young voters. >> i'm going nowhere. i'll see you in the south. ♪so nice ♪so nice, so nice ♪ spend a few days in the u.s. virgin islands and return with a lifetime of experiences. that's virgin islands nice.
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9:42 pm
forward and i think that we ought to let the next president of the united states decide who is going to be running that supreme court with the vote by t the people of the united states of america. >> i looked at some of the remarks that people made after finding out that justice scalia had died, and they were truly nasty remarks. >> i don't believe that the president should appoint someone, and it is not unprecedented and it has been 80 years since a lame duck president has appointed a a supreme court justice and it reminds us this, how important this election is, someone on this stage will choose the balance of the supreme court and it is going to begin by filling this vacancy, and we have to put people on the bench that understand that the constitution is not a living and breathing document, but it should be interpreted as it is originally intended. >> and the problem in the past is that we have appointed people thinking that you can get it through the senate, because they didn't have a record, and the problem is that sometimes we are surprised. the simple fact is that the next president needs to appoint someone with a proven c
9:43 pm
conservative record, and someone like justice scalia who is a lover of the constitution and then fight for it. >> and we are one away from the heller decisions which is wone that upheld the second amendment right to keep and bear arms ark wrend one justice a wway from a supreme court justice who would underscore the liberties of the millions of americans and for this year, the stakes are strong for the senate to say, we won't give up the u.s. supreme court for a generation by allowing barack obama to make one more liberal appointee, and then, for the state of south carolina, one of the most important judgments for the men and women of south carolina to make is who on this stage has the background, the principle, the character and the judgment and the strength of resolve to nominate and confirm principled constitutionalists to the court.
9:44 pm
that is what i will do if i am elected president. >> all right. >> all right. jeffrey toobin they all agree they don't want barack obama to name someone. we have fact checked marco rubio and mostly true on the claim that it has been 80 years, but of course, barack obama is president of the united states, and it is his right constitutionally, and he is the elected president of the united states to nominate someone. >> and he said in the brief remarks today that he will nominate someone. there is no doubt that he will nominate someone, and he should. this is what presidents do. look, the supreme court is at its heart a deeply political r party, body. so it is not surprising that a democrat wants to put his stamp. i mean, scalia's death is so important for so many reason, because he has been a consequential figure, but when you think of how the status of the supreme court now.
9:45 pm
there are four democratic appointees and five republican appointees and the court splits 5-4 on many important issues. if obama gets this appointment through, it will switch to a five democrat majority which is a constitutional earthquake. the republicans seem determined not to let it happen, but they have control of the senate, but that is why this is so important. >> and what does that mean in hillary clinton wins? are they is suggesting that if hillary clinton wins or bernie sanders wins they will block the op pointments for the next four years? there is a lot of liberal appointees, and that is an absurd claim. >> and they are assuming that a republican will win. >> and the republicans will do what the democrats did to george w. bush and ronald reagan, block it at every turn one would hope the judicial nominees. >> that is not true.
9:46 pm
and i am more qualified that harriat myers. >> well, not to say qualified, but they blocked w's lower court appointments. that they did. >> like e strstrada? >> and miguel estrada. >> but a couple of them, but there are a couple of hundred george bush appointees and fou were stopped but the idea of massive obstruction is not true. >> and eric estrada had no experience and so it was a reasonable block, but the idea of the it hurts republic cans it does, because they are saying they won't play ball. >> and the base wants them to stand up to fight against the overarching obama agenda which is an out of control government that runs over the will of congress at every chance, and for the republicans to stand up to say, no, we are stopping it on the track, and not giving you a nominee, it is going to be a hugely galvanizing evident on
9:47 pm
the behalf of the republican, and they must do this. but i happy to agree tonight -- >> and a every democrat in america is going to be be rushing to the voting booth. >> we will have a clarifying election, and run on the ideological values on both sides of the aisle. >> and to motivate the democratic base, but ju to tell me that who is going to be if it is hillary clinton or brp is the -- or bernie sanders is the nominee, who is going to be controlling the senate? >> and that is why it is so, so consequential, because if you are a republican senator like portman or pat toomey or el kelly ayotte, and you are worried that a nominee trump on the ballot will have a down effect, you are worried about retaining the senate to get that supreme court through. and the stakes became so ip credibly high for that exact reason, and we didn't know before this, if it would be a
9:48 pm
change election or hope election, but one thing, this is about the future of the supreme court. >> and cruz made that argument the best this evening i think. >> for sure, he did. >> and we will take a break. and me llania trump is speakingo c nsh cnn about what donald trump says to her in private, and that is next, and the all new "saturday night live" tonight and their take on hillary clinton. >> hillary's going nowhere! people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today.
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9:52 pm
and it was wrong before, and can you elaborate -- >> no, she will -- >> is it fair to say that -- >> when i don't agree with him, yes, i tell him. i tell him my opinion. >> we never hear from her, and this is something that she said to the women's magazines, mark, but she said, when he is wrong, i tell him. >> i was convinced and persuaded that is the ir next first lady of america. >> i want to hear more from him. >> and we have not heard anything from her, and we have heard from the children, but not from her, and will we see more, and to be fair, she has done all
9:53 pm
of the women's magazines, but we are not heard from her. >> and she is not as political as he is. and i will tell you, and i can just hear the reaction when i say this, butly look at my friend doug over there, the presidential historian, but she reminds me of the jacqueline kennedy who did not say a whole lot either. >> and so go ahead. >> well, i can see what he is saying in the sense that jackie kennedy tried to stay out of the politic politics, and a bastion icon and demure, and she was a great first lady, but when she was running in 1960, she stayed behind the scene, and people talked about her clothes, but she was a mystery woman. >> and there is a precedent for the silence. >> i think it is a fair enough point. >> and now, the spouses becoming a character witness for the husbands and playing very important roles or wives i should say in the role of bill clinton, and they, the roles have become increasingly
9:54 pm
enlarged over the years, and so this is a little bit out of what we now see in current events. >> and speaking of the wife whose role was incredibly enlarge and now the wife and not the actual person running for office, this is the hillary clinton impersonation on "saturday night live." >> i pick bernie. >> me, too, because hillary is too establishment. >> and bernie is the out sooid ide er who has been in congress for like 30 years. >> he's the best. ♪ i can't make you love me if you don't ♪ ♪ i can't make your heart feel something it don't ♪ >> well, like her for my sake. ♪ here in the dark in these final hours ♪ ♪ i will lay down my heart ♪ and i will feel the power >> oh, boy. hey, guess what?
9:55 pm
♪ oh no, you won't. >> guess what? i am not playing this thing [ laughter ] >> and keith mckinnon is fantastic. >> and yes, and bill there playing the peiano. and she is singing the bonnie raitt song that is not going to play to the young folks. >> but the dow ti jacket, and the -- all right. and the young voters is the -- is this going to --b laughing about it, because of it, gloria? >> well, i don't know. >> gloria, you are young? >> well, i have no idea. i think that she has trouble with young women, and women generally so far, but, you know, who knows. if she gets the nomination, it is early. it is early. >> and hillary clinton writhing on the piano, and jeb bush mooning is two images that we don't want to have. >> and jeb bush being born and
9:56 pm
looking up at his mother. >> the trifecta, we are done. >> it is not a good year for the bushes or the clintons, and there is a reason. >> well, we will see. >> who knows. >> and it is possible that it could change. >> and it could change for jeb bus bush, and we don't know for now. and the big event is coming up monday which is george w. bush hitting the campaign trail for the first time speaking for his brother, and everyone is going to be watching, and donald trump will be tweeting after the first polls come out in about an hour. the first original series "the 60s" is coming up next. those who define sophistication stand out. those who dare to redefine it stand apart. the all-new lexus rx and rx hybrid.
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-- captions by vitac -- we must open opportunity to all our people. >> we feel that women will work just as good as men and better. >> the husband is the guy who is in charge and should be all of the time. >> the latest threat to the status quo is the women's revolt. >> it is a pleading for social change. >> even the fear of imprisonment forces most homosexuals to camouflage their identity. >> let's grow up, conservatives. >> the public did not have the whole picture. >> what we are talking about is a revolution and not a reform.


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