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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  February 14, 2016 1:00pm-1:31pm PST

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>> what an incredible journey for everyone involved there. thank you so much. the next hour of cnn newsroom begins right now. happening now in the newsroom -- >> i antonin scalia cole lemly swear. >> remembering antonin scalia. >> antonin scalia was larger than life president on the bench. >> his powerful voice, remarkable life and friendships. >> we had dinner together. >> that's the first intelligent thing you have done. >> his death already creating partisan clashes. >> i think it is up to mick mcconnell and everybody to stop it. it is called delay, delay, delay. >> if donald trump was president, he will appoint liberals. >> let me tell you, i'm going to
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turn this around. >> i don't think it looks good that the republicans would deny this president the right to exercise his constitutional responsibility. >> the simple fact is the next president needs to appoint someone with a conservative record similar to justice scalia. >> all in the newsroom. >> hello again, everyone. thank you for being with me. i'm fredricka whitfield. a source tells cnn scalia's family decided not to perform an autopsy. he died in his sleep during a visit to a hunting retreat in the state of texas. he was 79. headlines across the country are calling are calling him a force in the courtroom, powerful voice on the bench and memorializing the lasting legacy he leaves behind. as the nation reacts to his unexpected death, the reaction
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has been what it will mean for the supreme court and the cases the justices are reviewing right now. it opens the opportunity for a liberal majority on the bench under president obama. democratic appointees have not held the majority in the high kofrt for more than 40 years. let's talk about this with cnn senior political reporter who is in washington. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell was quick to say he didn't think the president should nominate a replacement for scalia. president obama vowed he will nominate someone quickly. how long could the process drag out? >> quite sometime if you look at histor historical, typically they take 67 days on average. the longest when robert -- nomination was rejected three decades ago. that took 108 days. this is poised to smash that record. we are looking at right now
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mcconnell saying the president should not nominate anyone. if he sticks to his demand and decides not to allow a confirmation vote on the senate floor and if they deny a confirmation hearing in the senate, judiciary committee it is certainly likely there will be no nominee confirmed this year. that means it will drag on to the next presidency. it could take two or three months in the next administration. we can look for more than year. the question is whether or not political pressure will force republicans to change. >> i'm hearing a couple of things. there could be the issue of just delaying it, dragging it out. but then the issue you are saying that the senate majority leader could say not even schedule confirmation hearings don't allow the process to happen, even if there is an appointment. >> that's right. the first step is what will happen in the senate judiciary committee. chuck grassley is she chairman
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of the committee and he issued a statement that there should not be a nominee. they said they would not comment beyond his statement. mitch mcconnell said there shouldn't be a nominee but didn't say he would not hold a don confirmation vote. >> thank you so much. during last night's debate, republican presidential candidates paused for a moment of silence to honor justice scalia. his death came hours before the debate and a talking point of the evening. the republicans squared off on who should replace scalia and when. >> we need to put people on the bench that understand the constitution is not a living, breathing document but interpreted as orlgally meant.
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>> the next president needs to appoint a lover of liberty and fight and fight for that nomination to make sure it passes. >> we ought to let the next president of the decide who will run the supreme court with a vote by the people of the united states of america. >> we are one justice away from the supreme court that would undermine the religious liberty of millions of americans. and the stakes of this election for this year, for the senate, the senate needs to stand strong and say we're not going to give up the u.s. supreme court for a generation by allowing barack obama to make one more liberal appointee. this is a tremendous blow to conservativism, it is a tremendous blow to our country. i think it's up to mitch mcconnell and everyone to stop it. it is called delay, delay, delay. >> from there the mud slinging really started. making last night's debate one of the most heated of the 2016 election season so far.
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>> biggest liar. you are probably worse than jeb bush. you are the single biggest liar. this guy lied -- let me just say, this guy lied about ben carson whoen when he took votes away from ben carson and iowa and it just continues. today we had robo calls saying donald trump is not going to run in south carolina. where i'm leading by a lot. vote for ted cruz, this is the same thing he did to ben carson. this guy will say anything. nasty guy. now i know why he doesn't have one endorse frmt his colleagues. >> he's a nasty guy. >> i will say, i will say it is fairly remarkable to see donald defending ben after he called him pathological and compared him to a child molester, both of which were offensive and wrong. donald didn't disagree with the substance that he supports
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taxpayer funding for planned parenthood and don'ted a has a pattern when you point to his record he screams liar, liar, liar. >> where did i support it? hey, ted, where did i support it. >> if you want to go to our website you can watch the video. >> where did i support it? >> it wasn't just trump and cruz. rubio also called cruz a liar. phil mattingly is in south carolina for us. things got ugly last night. sounds like it really rattled and got the audience quite excited. >> yeah, absolutely. it was more brawl and less debate. we have been warning people the last five or six days to south carolina this was the place where the campaign was going to get ugly and that happened last night. you mentioned the crowd, a lot of booing and cheering. an active, involved crowd booing donald trump. the interesting thing is donald trump in every poll we have seen leading up to this point,
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leading by double-digits you saw ted cruz go after him in a sharp manner. part of that reason is when it comes to the south ted cruz is swin who needs to chop away at this lead for donald trump. another one marco rub yoerks i was at his event in south carolina the only people on the trail today in south carolina. marco rubio's people, feeling good about what happened last night and that's no small thing. if you remember what happened in new hampshire debate, a big blow to the wind coming out of iowa. marco rubio says he feels great and feels like they have momentum. >> you are at a marco rubio. event. is there a way in which to get a sense from the voters there what they have been feeling, how they thought he did last night. whether he was a standout or whether he was a punching bag? >> what i think everyone saw -- you heard he took a couple of questions and one person brought it up. there was extreme disappointment
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after the debate and the subsequent fifth place finish in new hampshire. they feel he has gotten a little bit of his groove back. it is a long week ahead. while marco rubio has a strong campaign in south carolina, a strong operation, he is trailing badly in the polls to donald trump. i feel the team can make it up here but voters want to see that marco rubio has a team that can make gains. >> thank you so much. later this week, cnn will host two republican presidential town hall events in south carolina. all six republican candidates will participate, marco rubio, ted cruz, ben carson appearing wednesday night. separately, donald trump, jeb bush and john kasich will appear on thursday night. both events hosted by anderson cooper and will take place live at 8 p.m. eastern time. the town hall will give south carolina voters an opportunity to question the candidates
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that's virgin islands nice. ♪so nice, so nice welcome back. this note just coming from the white house. the president said he will not rush to pick an appointment to replace justice antonin scalia. by the way, this fall would have marked the 30th an ver versery of -- anniversary of antonin
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scalia. he was the longest serving justice in the current court. the court he knew he would have to leave one day. >> would you retire in. >> of course i will retire, certainly, when i think i'm not doing as good of a job as i used to. that will make me feel very bad. >> scalia's untimely death draws his three decades of service to a close but won't independent end the influence he had. joining me from washington is attorney richard bernstein, a former supreme court clerk and friend of justice scalia. good to see you. >> thank you. good to be here. it's a sad day but he led a joyous life. >> i wonder how you feel. it is a sudden departure. given you worked with him and you feel like you really have a good handle on his legacy, how did that news sit with you?
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what do you reflect on when you think of how he impacted your life? >> i reflect on the last time i saw him was in october. i was arguing before the court, on the bench and during my rebuttal he gave me a big smile. that is my final memory of joseph scalia. i lost the case but he gave mae big smile. >> what do you suppose -- how has he influenced you the most as it pertains to how you would carry out your profession? what did you learn from him that you felt, if only i could do that? or if only i could think like him in this respect, what were those qualities be? >> no one can think like him. no one could write like him. i think he most influenced me as a man and as a father. he was a tremendously decent human being and a fromly
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dedicated father. i try to be some of those things myself. in terms of my thinking and writing, justice scalia always got to the heart of the matter, the core of the matter. didn't try to skate around it on the edge. as best as i can, i try to do that in my legal practice. >> he was vocal. other justices took note that, you know, he would be very detail oriented in his opinion and argument and others would joke, does he realize there are other justices here they say it with some jest but that was a remarkable quality about him, wasn't it? >> he filled the room whenever he came in it. early on in his 30 years in the court, some of the other justices were nonactive questioneners. so she stood out as an active
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questioner. that aspect of him -- other times i have been there did not stand out as much in recent years. he always filled the room. he was joyous and a larger than life. >> thank you for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you. probably not two people you would expect to see together socially, antonin scalia and ruth bader ginsburg. they were at opposite ends of the political spectrum but they were also best friends.
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u.s. supreme court justices antonin scalia and ruth bader ginsburg were polar opposites on the bench, but outside of the courtroom the two shared a bond that bridged the gap of their political beliefs. today justice ginsburg is
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mourning thes will of scalia, who she called her best buddy. our pamela browns has a look at the unexpected relationship between the two justices. >> why don't you call us the odd couple? >> reporter: justices antonin scalia and ruth bader ginsburg, two polar opposite legal minds with the closest friendship on the bench. >> what's not to like? except her views of the law. sharing a laugh about ginsburg's sleeping habits. at the state of the union. >> the audience for the most part are bopping up and down all the time. it's over, at least i wasn't 100% sober. before we went to the state of the union, we had dinner together and justice kennedy. >> that's the first intelligent
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thing you have done. >> i got a call and came home from one of my grand daughters and she said, you were sleeping at the state of the union. >> the 81-year-old admitted she had occasional help staying awake from now retired justice suitor. >> he had an acute sense. so he would give mae pinch. >> ginsburg nicknamed notorious rbgnino, admiring. >> ruth honest to goodness went up behind a motor boat in. >> parasail.
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>> she is so light you would think she would never come down. >> their political differences an elephant in the room. they aren't afraid to confront or ride as they did in india. >> that was a rather bumpy ride. >> some of her feminist friends gave me a hard time or her a hard time because she rode behind me on the elephant. big deal. i'm not kidding. >> the driver explained it was a matter of distribution of weight. >> pamela brown, cnn, washington. >> great humor. a quick check on the top stories of the day in jonesboro, arkansas, the lockdown at arkansas state university is now lifted. police searched the campus after a report of two men with weapons. to suspects were found. 20,000 students attend the college. pope francis on the second full day of his historic trip to mexico. tens of thousands of people
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bigger, smugger. and you? rubbery buttons. enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. hi there. i'm brook bald wichbl i have spent time in new hampshire and iowa covering politics but guess what i get to do today, talk basketball. we are here in the air canada center here for the all star weekend in toronto where it is a tad chilly. although it is heating upped in. it is awesome to be here with my favorite all star, mr. steve
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smith. >> brook how are you doing? >> awesome. >> 56th all star in toronto, couldn't get better. >> let's look. the world's biggest basketball stars and a weekend celebration of the sport. >> i'm happy to be here once again. it is an honor. >> like the film festival of basketball, man. >> all star weekend is a cultural event in america. >> nothing compares. we look forward it to every year. >> all star style, skill and slam dunks for the first time on an international stage. >> i think it is symbolic that we are here in canada. i think it's the beginning of something bigger. >> a special stop on kobe bryant's good-bye tour. >> i'm really enjoying the whole thing. >> reporter: while a fresh faced superstar rises to new heights, mvp step ch curry is on a missi. >> yav


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