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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:54am PST

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43 is back. >> i'm a proud brother of george w. bush. >> former president hitting the campaign trail for the first time in more than a decade. >> my brother will help a lot. >> will he give jeb 's campaign a jolt? the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia sparking a fierce political battle. >> mitch mcconnell made it clear we are not moving forward on nominees in the senate until after the election and i agree with him. >> we need a conservative person. >> what is at stake? let's talk live in the cnn news
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room. good morning. thank you so much for joining me. george w. bush is back and on president's day, too. the former president will be in charleston, south carolina tonight. his brother, jeb by his side. the ads already out. >> i know jeb . i know his good heart and his strong back bone. jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror. experience and judgment count in the oval office. jeb bush is a leader who will keep our country safe. >> donald trump ripping the move this morning tweeting, quote, funny jeb didn't want help from his family in his failed campaign and didn't want to use his last name and then mommy and now brother. athena jones live in charleston following the family affair. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. after his less than impressive performances in the first two contests of the year the stakes are high for jeb bush here in south carolina. his team is making a big play
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for this state so they are bringing out perhaps their biggest gun, george w. bush. it is a whole new stage in the race for jeb . george w. bush hitting the campaign trail tonight for the first time since leaving office. >> is he a popular republican? you bet he is. >> reporter: the former president giving his younger brother a helping hand as the battle for south carolina heats up. >> i know jeb . >> reporter: w. has lent his famous face to an ad for jeb 's campaign. >> experience and judgment count in the oval office. >> reporter: his guest starring role on stage is part of the bush camp's effort to pull out all the stops after a dismal sixth place finish in iowa where his brother won. >> thank you, iowa. >> reporter: and better than expected fourth place in new hampshire where his father won. >> i want to thank the wonderful people of new hampshire. >> reporter: jeb is hoping for a strong showing in south carolina which handed primary
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victories to both presidents bush. >> i think there is a lot of interest in my brother coming. this is the right time when the interest is important and when people are watching. >> reporter: bush, whose campaign logo doesn't include his famous last name and who began his run stressing he would be his own man is now embracing his name. >> i'm proud of my dad. i'm proud of my brother. i'm proud of being a bush. >> reporter: that extra dose of brotherly love this election year is already bringing an extra dose of scrutiny. >> obviously, the war in iraq is a big fat mistake. >> reporter: especially from gop front runner donald trump who continues to bash the 43 rd president's decision to go to war in iraq and his brother's initial response to questions about that decision. >> and then he admitted it was a mistake after five days. almost like he has no chance anyway. almost cost him the election before it started.
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>> reporter: and with donald trump you know there is more where that came from. bush sent out a fundraising appeal to supporters saying trump went too far in attacking his brother in the debate the other night. the big question is whether bringing out w. will give jeb the big boost that he needs. the governor on state of the union would only say that he hopes to do better than expectations, to beat expectations. talking to bush aides they argue he only has to be best among electable candidates. for his part trump tweeted not too long ago that jeb bush and ted cruz who are the unelectable candidates saying hillary will destroy them. >> athena jones from charleston, south carolina this morning. keep in mind george w. bush's approval rating among republicans is outstanding. according to a november poll 77% of republicans hold a favorable
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view of the former president. jeb bush's rival donald trump called the war a big fat mistake and although president george w. bush doesn't go there he did express regret. >> if you had a do over. >> the biggest regret has to be intelligence failure in iraq. a lot of people put their reputations on the line and said weapons of mass destruction is a reason to remove saddam hussein. wasn't just people in my administration. you know, that's not a do over. i wish the intelligence had been different, i guess. >> with me now to talk about this is the director for center of politics at the university of virginia and senior policy analyst for the independent women's forum. welcome to both of you.
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>> thanks for being here. larry, george w. bush is expected to polish up his brother's foreign policy credentials. george w. expressed regret over failed intelligence. how will this play? >> this is a republican primary in a very conservative republican state, south carolina. so i don't think there will be many votes cast against jeb bush on the basis of george w. bush having prosecuted the iraq war. that is not the central focus nor is there going to be any particular shift about george w. bush. he is popular there and popular with republicans. he is not popular with the general population. he eventually will be. all of our former presidents become golden oldies. his time is coming. as far as the actual election this signifies a real turn around by the jeb bush campaign because in the beginning he was
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jeb with the exclamation point substituting for his last name. now he has fullied embraced the name which was the major problem with his candidacy to begin with. >> so with that in mind as you heard larry say south carolina is a military state. many veterans retire in south carolina. they like when candidates pay attention to them. as i said george w. is a war president. is that why he resonates in south carolina? >> that is part of the reason. former president bush from texas, a fellow southerner, a lot of people see charm in his personality, excellent politician. he is there to help his brother. the bottom line for the bush campaign is does affinity translate to votes for his brother? of course, it's possible that some republicans appreciate what former president bush did for
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our country and yet they will vote for a different republican such as marco rubio or john kasich if they are in that group that really favors as president george w. bush does in that ad someone with experience and judgment. that is a factor when it comes to the trump/cruz voter and voter who wants experience. >> on the subject of donald trump on the stump in south carolina. he blamed president bush for 9/11, iraq war, intimate that maybe george w. should have been impeached. is all of this effective for him in south carolina? >> i think he let his anger at jeb bush and the bush family overcome his better political judgment. i don't this can he should have been as harsh. it was unwise for him to do what he did and the critique sounded more democratic than it did republican. this is a republican primary. on the other hand as we have
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learned over and over and over and over and over again since last summer, these sorts of things don't appear to effect the 35% or so of the party that supports him. they view the iraq war and for that matter the bushes as history. they are focussing on new concerns and their current anger about the subjects that donald trump has been stressing. >> i have to leave it there. thanks to both of you. it is a unique two-night event on cnn. all six republican presidential candidates taking part in a south carolina town hall answering voters questions. it is going to be spread out over two nights. 8:00 p.m. eastern on wednesday and on thursday night only on cnn. flags are flying at half staff at the u.s. supreme court as the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia arrives home in virginia. the 79 year old passed away in his sleep over the weekend while on a hunting trip in texas.
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sources telling cnn that no autopsy will be performed because the supreme court justice died of natural causes, a heart attack. his sudden death has ignited a political battle in washington that is spilling over to the campaign trail. joe johns live at the supreme court with more for you this morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. justice scalia had such an enormous outsized voice on all issues that mattered most to conservatives in the legal world and now his death coming at a time in the midst of a huge election battle in the united states has got people in this building and across the country wondering what is going to happen next. the body of justice antonin scalia returning home to virginia this morning. the 79 year old died here in his sleep at a texas resort over the weekend.
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funeral plans for the supreme court's conservative voice are underway and so is the epic political battle for his replacement. >> president obama in my view should make that nomination. i hope he does it as soon as possible. >> there is no way the senate should confirm anyone that barack obama tries to appoint in his last year in office to a lifetime appointment. >> reporter: the republicans fear another liberal nominee would tip the scales on defining debates of our time. in the coming months the supreme court justices are expected to take on several hot button issues including an obama care mandate requiring most employers to pay for birth control, abortion and the president's actions on immigration. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. >> reporter: top democrat harry reid called for the seat to be filled right away. a senior obama administration official points to the previous supreme court nominations both taking about a month.
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>> he has every right to do it and the senate has every right to not confirm that person. >> reporter: senate republicans are pledging to stall. the gop hoping this could rally conservatives against a potential liberal shift on the high court driving voters to the polls come november. the problem with only eight justices their only options are to leave lower court decisions in tact or hold the case over until a replacement is confirmed. >> if the republican leadership refuses to hold a hearing i think that is going to guarantee they lose control of the senate. >> reporter: there was some confusion about the circumstances surrounding justice scalia's death. a county judge in texas confirming to news reporters that he died of natural causes. he didn't have a heart attack. his heart stopped beating. he had been sick for a while and
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pronounced dead over the phone after consultation with law enforcement officials. still to come in the news room, scalia's death not just sparking a major political battle but can change outcome of some major cases looming right now. actions. they speak louder. we like that. not just because we're doers. because we're changing. big things. small things. spur of the moment things. changes you'll notice. wherever you are in the world. sheraton.
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it is shaping up to be an epic battle between president obama and republicans in the after math of supreme court justice antonin scalia's death. there outcome of the highest priority cases hangs in the balance involving gun rights, abortion and immigration. the election has been transformed and president obama is back in the center of that political storm infuriating republicans with his vow to nominate to successor before a new president is elected. cnn white house correspondent is traveling with the president. she joins me now with more.
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good morning. >> reporter: the white house is framing this as constitutional duty to put forward a nominee. the white house sees it as theinate's constitutional duty to give whom ever the nominee will be a speedy confirmation. the odds of that are looking very, very slim. at this point the white house isn't weighing in on all republicans are saying about the needing to wait until there is a new president. here is what the white house is saying right now. given the senate is currently in recess we don't expect president to rush this through this week. we will do so in due time once returning from recess.
6:19 am
so there is a process that needs to be done. they are going to vet everyone who is believed to be on the president's short list. some of the names out there include federal appeals court judges and wildcards like u.s. senators and loretta lynch. this is interesting because the white house isn't really giving away thinking at this point or take on what republicans are saying. do they believe that there is any chance a nominee will be given a shot and if not what kind of nominee do they want to put forward? we expect the president whoever he narrows the list to be he will then meet with them and the white house is pointing to nominees have taken about a
6:20 am
month for him to announce publicy. we will see the process. there is urgency but the white house seems to be indicating that this could take a month before we hear exactly who his nominee will be. >> reporting live from california this morning. justice scalia was an uncompromising voice of conservative often railing against decisions on affirmative action, gay rights and gun control. supreme show down in the works. that is on the front page of the los angeles times and today's "new york times" headlines reads senate republicans dig in. i want to bring in senior legal analyst to talk about this. good morning. how ugly will this get? >> it will get pretty ugly because you have not only a conflict over a nominee but a conflict over the basic responsibilities of the president and the senate.
6:21 am
the president is saying the constitution clearly lays out that the president has the right to nominate and the senate has obligation to advice and consent in the term. >> senator elizabeth warren wrote this she says i can't find a clause except when there is a year left. >> yes president is in his last term. 25% of his presidency, a substantial chunk. what is different from other resignations and retirements is that there are only eight members of the supreme court
6:22 am
now. it is true that the supreme court can function with eight people but wasn't designed that way and there could be tied votes that create legal uncertainty. >> interesting. you heard what donald trump said saying the senate ought to delay. is that against the constitution? does the senate have the right to delay on purpose? the snd will act in response to political imperatives. this is not only a key vacancy because justice scalia had so much influence but there are currently or before justice scalia died five republicans and four democrats. this has the potential to shift the balance and that would be immensely important in terms of
6:23 am
how the supreme court makes decisions. >> when everybody argued they should base judicial decisions on legal precedent and keep politics out of it. >> i'm sympathetic to justices who say it is impossible to keep politics out of the process. may university consider race and emissions. may congress regulate campaign finance? those are political questions as much as legal questions. i don't think even the best judge in the world could somehow turn off politics in deciding those issues. >> thanks for stopping by. >> good to see you. >> still to come two candidates, one church. hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle it out for the african-american vote and they wind up in the very same church on opposite sides of the pew.
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checking top stories at 27 minutes past, two men have surrendered in the shooting of police officer in clarks dale, mississippi. he was shot in the head saturday night while pursuing two suspects who allegedly robbed a convenience store. olmert behind bars serving sentence for robbery. he was 70 years old and convicted in 2014 of accepting bribes from real estate developers when he was mayor of jerusalem. pope francis travels to mexico's poorest state with inspiring message for people there. he has visited hospitals and held a special mass.
6:29 am
the pontiff said they must break powerful hold that drug traffickers hold. its people will not have to leave to find a better life. thank you so much for joining me. we are just hours from bernie sanders making his first campaign stop in scandal plagued flint, michigan. a stop hillary clinton has made but at least candidates were in flint at different times. in nevada it was a different story. this was the victory missionary baptist church. on one side bernie sanders. on the other side hillary clinton. can you say awkward? both candidates attending the african-american church hoping to win over voters. here is what both candidates said over the weekend. >> if you look at my life's work, if you look at the agenda that we are bringing forth in
6:30 am
terms of economics and criminal justice, this is an agenda that works for all americans but especially for those who are hardest hit economically. >> not everything is about economic theory. right? if we broke up the big banks tomorrow and i will if they deserve it if they pose a systemic risk, i will, would that end racism? >> with me now are cnn political commentators charles blow and marco hill. so charles, who is right? bernie sanders or hillary clinton? >> i don't think you can suggest kind of a binary of who is right and wrong? i think they are both appealing to african-american community on issues that the african-american community care about and therefore the african-american community wins. what i think that black voters are trying to figure out which
6:31 am
is which offers more practical approach, whose promises are more likely to be delivered upon if they make it to office. that is the trip wire for the black vote in this particular cycle? >> we know what hillary clinton says. she says bernie sanders is pie in the sky. his ideas are good but she is the one to get things through congress as divided as it is. who do black voters believe right now? >> again, i am uncomfortable speaking for all. the polls are saying that hillary is getting a level of support that bernie is not. that can absolutely shift. i'm always uncomfortable when politicians say things like let's be pragmatic because it means we are scaling down political vision. why can't we imagine a world where we are not just prisoner to the pragmatic? doesn't mean we don't this can
6:32 am
about things in the moment in terms of political demands. we can dream bigger than this. the question for bernie and this is what black voters and black church going members will ask is where have you been on these issues? we have heard economic plan, where is the race talk? >> it's interesting both candidates are fighting so hard for the african-american vote but both in the same church? i know i'm generalizing here. do african-americans think both candidates are -- i'm sure they are sincere in what they say, but as far as getting things done after they are elected to office i think many african-americans say i don't know what have you done for me lately. >> i think that is a longer historical truth for black people in general in america. people come around and say
6:33 am
things and don't deliver. that said, i was in iowa just focus on black community there about 30 people was in a lot of black spaces overhearing the conversation. although the black vote is tilted to hillary it seemed very soft to me. i couldn't find enthusiasm and i think that is a problem for her. that offers an opportunity for bernie if he can figure out how to capitalize which he has not so far. one thing he has done is enlist a lot of cooler, hipper advocates which i think does help. i think the youth part of his movement builds in a social media kind of armor and that helps him. hillary, one thing that people get completely wrong about the people who support hillary clinton according to people i have interviewed is that they say they don't know enough yet.
6:34 am
the ones who are supporting her are most knowledgeable. those are the ones who in my interviews were older. they were college professors, people who were already in office. you can call those establishment people if you would riek. they were the most knowledgeable. >> that is interesting that you say that. i was talking to a professor at the university of south carolina who said that young african-americans like bernie sanders for the same reasons young white voters do because they have college debt that they want to get rid of. they want jobs out of college. bernie sanders is sort of focussing on those issues rather than civil rights issues when it comes to young african-american voters. >> absolutely right, they absolutely have economic concerns that they feel bernie sanders addresses more directly. but they have civil rights concerns. people don't want to get killed by the police. people don't want rights taken
6:35 am
away and don't want to relitigate the battles. some believe bernie sanders has a better plan for that. that is another piece of this. the other thing that the part of why is because younger voters don't know hillary or bernie and making assessments based on platforms. older establishment voters have a relationship to the clintons. they may not like hillary but they think she has the best chance of getting stuff done. all of this plays into the mix. i think the clintons have had a very interesting relationship to black people. they go into church. sometimes they clap on beat. what they don't often do is establish policy that speaks to needs. this stuff under mines credibility they have no matter how much they play the saxophone. that is something voters are very wary of. >> i have to leave it there.
6:36 am
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a dire warning from the director of the cia on the ability of ice toos carry out attacks using chemical weapons. in an interview john brennan said jihadists are commit today obtaining weapons of mass destruction and using them against the west and expects an attack inside the united states. >> i'm expecting them to try to put in place the material or whatever else they need to do or to insight people to carry out attacks. so i believe that their attempts are inevitable. i don't think successes are. >> can you explain to folks why these people want to kill us? how does attacking the united states further their interests? >> i think they are trying to
6:41 am
provoke a clash between the west and the muslim world or the world that they are in as a way to gain more adherence because what they are claiming is that the united states is trying to take over their countries which is the furthest from the truth. >> confirmed isis has the ability to make small amounts of chlorine and mustard gas and has used them in battle several times. the front line of the battle against isis is in syria. that country's president says his army is making gains with the help of russian jets. cnn has an exclusive look. >> we went to the eastern syrian desert on the fringe and got exclusive access to bashar al assad's front line with isis. i was able to speak with the local commanding general there and he says that in the past weeks and the past months his forces have been making gains against isis and he says the reason for that is quite simple russian air power.
6:42 am
he said it is not just because the russians are conducting air strikes but because the russian air force is giving the syrian military arial intelligence which allowed them to pin point strike the isis forces and they can see isis coming in case the militants try to launch an attack. over the weekend the violence here in this country continues to escalate. syrian government forces have made gains in aleppo prauchbance and also kurdish forces have attacked revels near the turkish border. a peace plan was put into place in munich and one supposed to see cessation of hostilities here in the next days. it appears as though the violence here continues to
6:43 am
escalate. cnn damascus. >> and there is collateral damage from russian strikes according to the prime minister of turkey two hospitals and a school hit by russian missiles killing more than a dozen civilians. >> the town very close to syria and turkey's border. there he said there was a strike on women and children's hospital, another strike, as well. unclear if this was a ballistic missile or artillery. another strike that hit a school that was housing people that had been fleeing from the violenceential where. doctors without borders saying one of its facilities was hit in what it is describing as being a
6:44 am
deliberate strike. they say the fact that this hospital was hit in this particular area means 40,000 people will be unable to get much-needed medical assistance. in that particular strike alone at least nine people killed and eight more of doctors without borders staff is missing. this is obviously as reporting becoming an increasingly more complicated battle zone with turkey. over the weekend various kurdish positions inside syria because turkey views the kurdish fighting force in syria as one in the same with the kurdish separatests that turkey is battling within its own borders. of course, you can imagine how difficult this makes the situation not just for our country like turkey but united states and considers turkey to be an ally. america, on the other hand is providing support to kurdish rebels inside syria, the same
6:45 am
rebels that turkey is shelling and warning not to try to make anymore land grabs in all the chaos. >> reporting live from inside turkey this morning. still to come former new york governor elliot spitzer back in the spot light and under investigation. what new york detectives are looking into now. does your makeup remover every kiss-proof,ff? cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena® makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena.
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eliot spitzer is back in the news but for all the wrong reasons. they are investigating a claim that spitthits spitzer choked h.
6:50 am
sp >> this case is still developing. we know the nypd is investigating. a 25-year-old woman is alleging that at the plau za hotel in a room that eliot spitzer actually choked her. at this point, the way it got into the hands of law enforcement was that at some point on saturday the police were called about an emotionally disturbed woman at the hotel. they saw self-inflected marks on her wrist as in cuttings on her wrist. she was taken to the hospital. once she was at the hospital, she told authorities that it was eliot spitzer. they had gotten in an verbal argument and he began to choke her, and then, according to a law enforcement source that has been briefed on the investigation to cnn, eliot
6:51 am
spitzer showed up at the hospital but obscured his identity with a skull cap. so at this point, and we do have the release from the nypd. we want to show you they've released an official statement. manhattan detectives are currently investigating allegations of an assault which occurred yesterday, which was saturday, at a midtown hotel. the victim has indicated that the siubject is elliot spiiot s. we are attempting to further identify the identification of the subject and the nature. eliot spitzer is her boyfriend. she is back on her way home to russia, and eliot spitzer was the governor of new york. he resigned in 20008 and later hosted a political talk show here on cnn. >> she's his girlfriend and lives in russia or here? >> it's a developing story.
6:52 am
those are the facts at this point. her home is in russia. so maybe her family is there. >> i'm sure you'll continue to dig on the story. >> police have not interviewed spitzer at this point. >> but they plan to at some point? >> one would think. there are two sides to every story. >> checking other top stories for you. police in london are searching for the culprit who pointed a laser at a passenger jet last night forcing it to return to heathrow airport. they had just taken off for new york city when the come pit was hit by a laser. here's the cockpit's conversation with air traffic controllers. >> we have a medical issue with one of the pilots. >> we have a medical issue with
6:53 am
down of the pilots after a laser incident after takeoff. we're going to return to heathrow. >> the united kingdom has logged more than 400 incidents of lasers being pointed at airliners in the past year. in san francisco at least two people walking on the golden gate bridge were bounded by five inch darts from a blow dart gun. the darts are being analyzed to see if they were treated with any chemicals. a spokesman for the california highway control says he's never heard of a blow dart attack until now. a california pride is delaying her hoon knee moon to help search for her father. family members said he was feeling sad, possibly home sick after coming to the united states from india. witnesses last saw him going for a walk toward a nearby bridge. still to come in the news room, the grammys aren't until tonight, but kanye west is
6:54 am
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i used to like that song. kanye west is hoping for grammy gold tonight and he may need it more than you think. kanye west says he's 53 million in debt. and to help he wants facebook founder, mark zuckerberg to invest in his ideas. what is this about? is he trying to steal the spotlight again from taylor swift? as you probably know, she's the favorite to win album of the year for her album, 1989. we are joined now with is he really that much in debt? >> aren't we all kind of in that much debt? i am. i guess the fashion world is really, really hard to make money in. but 53 million, it's kind of hard to figure out and unpack kanye's stream of consciousness
6:59 am
on twitter, especially on live television. i'm not sure if he's that much in debt, but if he says it, i believe in kanye. >> he's married to kim kardashian. >> he's one of the biggest stars on the planet. he's asking for help. he asked mark zuckerberg to invest money in kanye west ideas and called himself this generation's disney and asked larry paige for help as well. >> what is one of his ideas that they would have to do it? >> what isn't a kanye west idea? it could be anything. >> like what? like what? okay, his fashion line, mark zuckerberg, he doesn't seem to be the sort of guy that would be interested in fashion. >> what about a t shirt that streams music? maybe that's a kanye west idea.
7:00 am
think about it, carol, it's a billion dollar idea. >> no, i can't think about it. frank, thanks for stopping by. it was fun. >> any time. >> the next cnn news room hour starts now. happening now in the news room, 43 is back. >> i'm a proud brother of george w. bush. >> former president, george bush hitting the campaign trail in more than a decade. >> my brother will help a lot. >> will he give jeb's campaign a jolt? plus the death of antonin scale -- scalia forcing a battle. >> we need a conservative person. >> what's at stake? let's talk live in the cnn news room. >> good morning. i'm carol costello.
7:01 am
thank you for joining me. the 2016 election has been transformed. an epic battle is erupting between democrats and republicans. yes, another one. and the outcome of the country's biggest legal cases may be forever altered. the block buster change is coming as a result of the sudden death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. president obama wants to nominate scalia's successor before a new president is elected. republicans are vowing to fight the president every step of the way. headlines like supreme show down in the works, and senate republicans dig in over naming next justice. i want to bring in joe johns. he's at the supreme court. our senior political reporter manu raju is live also, and a
7:02 am
arian a devogue. >> it could be any time from a couple weeks or couple months. likely to come during his term. this is president's day. presidents get four year terms. it's totally within his rights and some would say his only dpagss to go ahead and put up a nominee. the question is just what republicans on capitol hill are going to do with that since they control the senate. >> well, i'll pose that question to manu. republicans are likely to block any nominee and they can delay if they want to because they control the senate. >> absolutely. that's what mitch mcconnell signalled on saturday. he stated the next president should nominate the replacement, but he did not say that he would deny a vote at all costs.
7:03 am
that's still a question. it's unlikely a vote will happen. he's not explicitly said so. the senate judiciary committee would have the first crack at taking up the nomination, and the chairman of that committee, said the next president should nominate the next supreme justice, but he has not said if he would not hold any hearings or whether there would be a vote in the committee. that's going to be a focal point going forward. when i've talked to other members, republican members, they are looking very closely at the spate of vulnerable republicans. watch them. the ones who are up for reelection in key states in cht if they start to buckle and start to demand a vote, that could change the calculus. republicans also believe this works well politically, that it could rally the base and they could tell voters they're the fire wall against a liberal justice. both sides see a political win in the positions they're taking. >> okay. i have in my hand a list of possible replacements for
7:04 am
antonin scalia. is there not one name on this list that would be acceptable to both parties? >> well, it's difficult to tell. it's a little bit early. there are lists. but what's interesting about it is while the political branches are debating about the future of the supreme court, the current court still has a ton of work to do. they've got these big cases in front of them, affirmative action, abortion, immigration, and now they've only got eight justices to deal with it, and all this political that could cause delay, that might cause them to either issue an opinion which doesn't do anything or hold the cases over until next term, and then you've got to wonder how long it will be until they have nine justices again. one of the top names as you've seen is a judge, sri, suvasin.
7:05 am
he was unanimously confirmed. with this climate, it's difficult to tell. >> manu, is she saying it doesn't matter who president obama nominates even if the person is acceptable to the other said, that the republicans are what? how should we character riize t? >> reporter: that will be the challenge. if the president nominates a mainstream, a judicial nominee, someone vowed as well-qualified, it will be much harder for republicans to deny them a vote at all cost. now, the republicans are already saying that, look, this would be rather unprecedented in eight some odd years we have not seen a situation like this. certainly there was justice kennedy confirmed in an election year. he was nominated in 1987. both sides will use the political argument going forward. the republicans feel they're on
7:06 am
firm ground even if they do get bashed in the media or by democrats. they feel that the argument will be pretty sound going forward and the republican voters in particular will rally to their defense. >> all right. i have to leave it there. thanks to all of you. >> 43 will ride to the rescue today in south carolina. george bush will be at his brother's side at a campaign rally. so will laura bush. the ads already out, it's a family affair. >> i know jeb. i know his good heart and his strong backbone. jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror. experience and judgment count in the oval office. jeb bush is a leader who will keep our country safe. >> donald trump already tweeting about this. he tweeted this morning funny that jeb didn't want help from his family and didn't even want to use his last name. then mommy and now brother.
7:07 am
we are live in south carolina with more. >> reporter: good morning. this is a whole new stage in the race for jeb bush. you heard trump mention, we've all noticed this is someone who doesn't news his last name in his logo. it's just jeb. from the beginning of his campaign he's talked about running as his own man, but now after finishing in sixth place in iowa and in fourth place in new hampshire, his campaign is hoping he can have a strong showing here in south carolina. that's why they're bringing out the biggest gun of all, george w. bush, who is popular among republicans. take a listen to what jeb bush state on state of the union yesterday. he said what he expects his brother's message to be at the rally. >> he's a popular republican. he will make the point, i think, i hope, tomorrow that he knows what it takes to be president of the united states, to be commander in chief, to keep the
7:08 am
country safe and that he believes that i have those skills based on my record and based on how he knows me, and that will be an incredible validator in south carolina where values matter and national defense matters. i'm looking forward to the event. we should have a great crowd. it'll help my campaign a lot. >> reporter: that's the question. will it help his campaign a lot? as i mentioned, george w. bush is popular among republicans, and both w. and his father won the primary here in south carolina. still in that same interview jeb bush said he only hopes to beat expectations. if you talk to bush aides, they argue he only has to do best among the electable candidates. they don't count trump and cruz in that. trump has tweeted this morning that it's jeb bush and ted cruz who are not the electable presidential candidates saying hillary clinton will destroy
7:09 am
them. and then he also tweeted a little while after that now that george bush is campaigning for jeb, is it fair game for questions about the world trade center, the iraq war, and the economic collapse? careful. we can expect to hear a lot from donald trump about what goes on here tonight. >> all right. athena jones reporting live from south carolina. thanks so much. still to come in the news room, we will parse this out. will george w. bush really help his brother on the trail? will it be an effective move on jeb bush's part? next. now that karen's taking osteo bi-flex, she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort... karen: "she's single." ...and high levels of humiliation in her daughter. in just 7 days, your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. osteo bi-flex. made to move.
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may increase risk of low blood sugar. imagine life with a lower a1c. are you loving your numbers? there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. jeb bush is embracing his family now. his brother will campaign for him in charleston tonight. jeb's strategy could carry risk. listen to what donald trump said at saturday's debate. >> george bush made a mistake. we can make mistakes but that one was a beauty. we should have never been in iraq. we have destabilized the middle east. >> so you still think he should be impeached?
7:14 am
>> you do whatever you want. you call it whatever you want. they lied. they said there were weapons of mass destruction. there were none. and they knew there were none. >> i am sick and tired of him going after my family. my dad is the greatest man alive in my mind, and while donald trump was building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security an rat us to keep us safe. i'm proud of what he did. >> trump backtracked a bit from his 9/11 accusations. he accused george bush of causing 9/11. but since then he's softened the blow, but it's difficult to take words back. with me ben ferguson and david gergen. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> ben, is this a good thing that jeb bush is doing? >> i think it is. i think he should have done it a long time ago. the way that republicans and
7:15 am
conservatives look at george bush 43, they like him and understand how much of a president he was for them, specifically looking at what barack obama has done over the last eight years. i don't think that jeb's campaign was smart early on. they should have em wrased the legacy. they tried to make him his own unique candidate. i understand the reasoning, but ultimately bringing out in and out only his mom but his brother is a smart move in south carolina. and i also think the attacks the other night by donald trump were really -- it was an emotional attack. it was a bad decision, a bad move to blame george bush for 9/11 and to say that he's a liar. i don't think that connects well with south carolina voters. >> but, david, the iraq war is considered, even among republicans, a mistake. so could george w. actually hurt bush in the long run? >> i don't think so, carol. after all, listen, the south carolina primary is only a few
7:16 am
days away, and george w. bush could give jeb the lift he needs. he has to do well in south carolina. it's been a good state for the bushes. i think particularly on president's day. it's a good time to reintroduce the bush family. south carolina voters have been voting for bushes for 36 years, since george bush senior went into campaign against reagan. reagan won that. in the years since, the bush family has done well, father, son, and now brother. we'll have to see about the brother. i think it's wise to bring in his brother. he has to do something to lift in the last days, and listen, is there a risk, but there's a much bigger risk in not doing it. it may have been better if he did it earlier. it worked in new hampshire. >> ben, just a question for you. i know south carolina is a big military state. why do people from south carolina like the


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