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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  February 15, 2016 8:00am-8:24am PST

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to all three branches of government. let's not forget this is about more than just an empty seat on the bench. there's also an empty place in the lives of so many of his friends and family. one of the friends is the congressman of nebraska. you see this picture, a friend and hunting buddy. he joins us life. thank you so much for being with us. let me ask you -- i was at dinner with my family when my phone started going off saturday night. i was shocked. i can't imagine what your reaction was when you got the news. >> well, i was actually shopping with my children, and i texted my wife. i said, i just want to cry. it was so shocking to so many of us. and a very sad day. i really appreciate you titling the segment of this story, remembering justice scalia. so much of the discussion immediately gravitated toward who is going to replace him and the divides. for those of us who knew him on a personal basis, i feel like america lost her grandfather. he was a stately man, a noble
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man. he was a great student of our history, our tradition. he brought intellectual rigor to the supreme court in his service. he'll be greatly missed. he was an extraordinary american. >> on a personal basis, you get the sense from people from all walks of life, he was an easy guy to like. i mean, take us inside, you know, a hunting trip with antonin scalia. what was it like to be out there hunting quail with him? >> well, it was kind of like you'd imagine. again, he was very quick with his opinions. he was very forceful with his intellect, but he was also very welcoming of intellectual debate of normal discussion, friendship. he was a very rounded person, just a person of great character. he was very devoted to his family and his faith and very devoted to our country. the conversation would flow back and forth between highly intimate personal matters about
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hunting and family and issues facing our country. he put you at ease being around him, even though in a certain sense it was intimidating because he had great stature. >> i want to ask you about this because you brought it up. one of the other things, not only was i shocked to get the news of the justice's death saturday night, i was shocked that within the hour from both sides there was already politicking about this idea of who has the right to replace him. both from the senate majority leaders saying it should make until the next president. statements saying the president should nominate someone right away. do you think that was too fast for the politics to start even in this day and age? >> yes. it was undignified. it speaks to the dynamic of which we're living. it's a sad commentary on the philosophical divide. how the media picks up drama and runs with it on a 24 -hour basis. we need to slow down.
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when we lose a great american like this, there should be a time to mourn and remember, and for, again, those of us who had some personal insights into his character and to let us tell the rest of the nation about what an extraordinary person he really was. hopefully that immediate reaction will give way to a time in which the nation really does step back and study this great american statesman. by the way, where we were hunting, and i believe you might have a picture of it -- that's near a place called chimney rock which is in western nebraska. that was a marker whereby the first pioneers, the settlers who were going west, when they got there, they knew they were halfway across the country. i was just thinking about this, maybe this in a certain way is symbolic of the justice. he had a great adherence to the great american tradition of jurisprudence. he understood our history. he was consistent in his studies and also trying to move it
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forward in time and applying the principles to modern day clem mas and difficulties. i offer that as my own reflections as to what a great man this was and an extraordinary contribution he made to america. >> he must have gotten a great kick bag at that location. just last question, congressman, what do you think he would make after the fight over his seat since his death? >> oh, he would probably laugh about it. i think even though he was a man of, again, very decided character and decided opinions, he had a certain humility to himself. he would probably laugh and joke about it. he might even participate in the discussion himself. i think the deeper issues you raised, and the title of your segment, remembering justice scalia is very important to interject right now. this is going to be very hard to replace a man of his formation and the contributions that he
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made to our country with his decisions and the way in which he portrayed them with consistency and rigor, i think it's going to be hard to replace. we need to revive ourselves, our understanding as a country as to how we create the formative traditions and move them forward in time so we have great men and women like justice scalia who can present themselves on the highest court of the land as well as in other areas of government service. he was a truly great individual. i will personally miss him, and thank you so much for letting me talk about him. >> well, he was lucky to have friends like you, sir. congressman, thank you for being with us. i appreciate your time and giving us your perspective. >> pleasure to be with you. back to the campaign trail. cruz and rubio not arguing over who speaks the best spanish, but now who can challenge trump for the nomination. the new effort for rubio to create a new image in south
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all right. new this morning, a reinvigorated marco rubio, at least that is the image the rubio campaign very much wants to portray. they want to show that south carolina is different than new hampshire where rubio finished a disappointing fifth. his sharpened attacks on display this weekend at the republican debate. >> because for a number of weeks now, ted cruz has been telling lice. he lied about ben carson in iowa, he lied about marriage. he's lying about all sorts of things, and now he makes things up. >> all right, senator rubio has done one event today. he has another one in just a little bit. phil mathingly chasing the rubio campaign joining us now from florence, south carolina, phil. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, john. the rubio campaign believes that
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debate was a turning point of sorts for much of the week in new hampshire. he's been tagged with that robotic image that chris christie nailed him with so effectively during the new hampshire debate and the results really kind of took the air out of a campaign that was coming out of iowa in a good place. now yesterday, marco rubio one of the only people on the trail in south carolina. more than 2,000 people showed up filling up an auditorium and overflow room as well. one of the main things i heard talking to voters, possible supporters at that event, jon, there was frustration and concern about what happened in new hampshire. one voter asking marco rubio, kind of disappointment, it was shared business marco rubio. what they want to hear is he's back on track. rubio's campaign team making sure he's more available, more willing to talk about anything on the trail as opposed to just his normal stump speech. jon, one of the big things they have to deal with here, he's still trailing in poll after poll of donald trump. he's also trailing ted cruz. they have a lot of ground to make up, jon, in the next week.
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>> yeah, be interesting to see what approach he takes at the cnnen to hall. that's really his last chance to speak to voters. phil in florence, thanks so much. all right. just moments from now, donald trump will hold a rally and eventually a news conference in south carolina. trump news conference doesn't happen every day. why did the campaign call this? does he have more to say about george w. bush on the campaign trail? we will take this news conference the minute it begins. plus, the infamous client number nine has a new issue on his hands. former new york governor elliott spitzer being investigated for assault. i am the butler. these dogs shed like crazy. it's like being inside of a snow globe. it takes an awful lot of time to keep the house clean. i don't know what to do. (doorbell) what's this? swiffer sweeper and dusters. this is nice and easy boys. it really sticks to it.
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bit. new york police investigating him for an elked a assault over the weekend. a 25-year-old claiming to be spitzer girlfriend told police he choked her at the hotel during a fight. spitzer spokesperson denies these accusations. we are following the story and we are joined now with more. >> reporter: we know, we can tell you that a search warrant has been executed at the hotel room where she says this happened. that was done yesterday, but the way this came into the hands of law enforcement is that on saturday, from the plaza hotel, there was a call to police saying that there was an emotionally disturbed person in a room there. we don't know who made that call, but we know authorities went there. and the alleged victim was taken to the hospital. she had cuts on her wrist that were self-imposed, law enforcement is saying. but a source close to the investigation has been briefed on the investigation tells cnn that at the hospital, elliott spitzer actually went there, but he obscured his face by wearing a skull cap.
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she then allegedly told authorities there at the hospital that it was elliott spitzer that had choked her at that hotel room. now jon, and update, she has gone home to russia, back to her home, elliott spitzer, as you said, his people are denying that it ever happened. law enforcement has not spoken to him yet, but we do understand that nypd is taking this very seriously as an alleged assault. >> with the woman back in russia, how does that complicate the investigation? >> i think it does complicate the investigation. you don't have your victim, right? doesn't mean something can't go forward, but there has to be that communication, and they're gathering evidence right now one way or the other. two sides to every story, and so we don't know where it'll proceed to have your victim in another jurisdiction has to make it more difficult for authorities. >> all right. thank you so much. appreciate you being here. all right. one important programming note here for cnn. two-night event this week,
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wednesday and thursday night, 8:00 p.m. both nights, all six republican presidential candidates, they will answer questions from the voters of south carolina. these are two separate live televised town hall events. moderated by anderson cooper, only on cnn. again, both nights at 8:00, wednesday and thursday, and don't forget, south carolina primary is saturday. wow, these are important events. you cannot miss them. thanks for watching at this hour with legal view starts now. on one sided democratic president, in his final year on office, on the other, republican-led senate determined to prevent an election year lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land. and suddenly, a hypothetical issue in the presidential race got very real. five days out from the nation's
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first southern primary is not the only issue. gop front runner against rival's brother who happens to have been a former president himself. george w. bush returns to the trail for the first time since leaving


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