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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 15, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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we're grateful for the access you have. we're going to have more from fred coming up tomorrow. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. in "the situation room." for international viewer, "amanpour" is next. for viewers in north america, "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. hi there, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me on this president's day, monday. for you, any moment now, donald trump is expected to hold a news conference in all-important south carolina. and of course with every trump news conference we're not quite sure what the republican front-runner might have to say. we'll watch it, we'll take it live when it happens. meantime, as i mentioned, it is president's day today. but what i can definitely tell you is a seismic shift is happening for the first time in 12 years. one of america's most colorful, much maligned presidents is hitting the campaign trail. i'm talking about george w.
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bush. and right now his brother, jeb bush, who is trailing in national polls, struggling with the big political baggage attached to his family's last name, he's finally in a place where his family is not at all a liability, south carolina. tonight, these two brothers, along with a former first lady, laura bush, they will take the stage. let's chat about the significance. mark preston is joining me, cnn politics executive editor. mark preston, good to see you my friend. which version of bush 43 do you think we will see? >> well, look, i think jeb bush had to reach out to his family. we saw his mother, brooke, with him up in new hampshire, and many thought that was helpful. i do think you're going to see a brother who is going to stand by his president and try to -- try to hit home the fact that he thinks jeb bush is qualified to be president and probably the most -- quite frankly, the most qualified in the field. brooke, jeb bush has not turn to
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his brother at all because his brother has been much maligned by democrats and some independents. we need to really notice the fact that george w. bush is still well liked by republicans. you have to ask yourself why wasn't he brought into the campaign a little bit earlier, perhaps in iowa. perhaps he could have helped out there. but we will see him tonight. this is at a time right now where jeb bush's campaign is starting to gain some steam. he did okay in new hampshire. we've seen a little bit of a new fire in his belly on the debate stage. he'll have his brother by his side tonight. >> south carolina is a really safe state for the bush family. both bushes have won in years past. but they're not safe from donald trump. i know you watched the debate this weekend. trump has been all over twitter on this, calling him, bush 43 essentially, an liar. tweeted this, now that george bush is campaigning for jeb, is he fair game for questions about the world trade center, iraq war and ecocollapse?
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careful. so there's that and then there was this saturday night. >> george bush made a mistake. we can make mistakes. but that one was a beauty. we should have never been in iraq. they lied. they said there were weapons of mass destruction. there were none. they knew there were none. >> i could care less about the insults that donald trump gives to me. it's blood sport for him. he enjoys it. >> -- $22 million in the -- >> i am sick and tired of him going after my family -- >> the world trade center -- >> -- my family, remember that -- >> hold on. [ crowd booing ] >> mark, how do you think george w. bush will address these attack after attack after attack on him and his legacy tonight? >> i'd be surprised if he says anything, brooke. >> really? >> once he left the white house, he's been very quiet. he's been very much a gentleman, very much allowing his legacy to build on itself and let history be the decider. he has gone back to texas and he
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has done his own thing. i talk to a very prominent republican in south carolina after the debate. this is what the person said to me. who would have thought the republican front-runner right now would be out attacking george w. bush, saying that he is the cause of 9/11? as well as saying nice things about planned parenthood as well. of course that's donald trump. we'll hear from him shortly. i bet you he going to come out swinging against george w. bush and -- >> i want to ask you about that because we're wait to see donald trump. we know he double, triple-downed on the sunday shows and these attacks on the bush family. what are you expecting to see in a matter of minutes? >> well, there's something to be said about bracketing, right? in politics, bracketing is trying to get out in front of the message. clearly trump is trying to get out, to try to throw as many punches as he can at the bush family, specifically jeb bush. it almost feels personal. i don't know about you, but watching it, right, it just seems like it's not so much
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about this is a gentleman who i'm competing with for the nomination. >> it's deeper than that. >> it's amazing. i really wonder why it has gone so deep. there's got to be something more there. what you're seeing from trump is bracketing on the front end. he is going to try to continue to tear down the bush legacy in south carolina. certainly as we're heading into this primary on saturday. >> mark preston, we will watch together here, thank you very much. by the way, let me just remind all of you, this week, it's a huge week on cnn, because we will be hosting not just one, two republican presidential town halls. both in south carolina. so all six candidates, they will be facing questions, great question, tough questions from the voters directly. one wednesday night, one thursday. you see the candidates, depending on why night it is. wednesday night, 8:00 eastern, here on cnn. the body of the supreme court justice antonin scalia carried in this hearse has been moved from texas to virginia and
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a texas judge has corrected scalia's cause of death, saying it was not a heart attack but quote/unquote natural causes, his heart stopped beating. as his loved ones prepare to lay the 79-year-old jurist to rest, his vacancy on the fashion's highest court has unleashed a hard-core political conflict. perhaps the only thing they agree on this will get even more important moving forward. president obama says, yes, he will name a replacement. the senate says they will delay the nomination process for the next president. and a lot at stake here. moments ago, republican presidential candidate ted cruz said this. >> we are one justice away from fundamentally losing our freedoms. this court right now is already an activist court that is disregarding the law. but as extreme and radical as this court is, there are four
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hard core left wing judicial activists on the court. one more and we will have a five-justice majority that will undermine the very basic liberties of our country. >> let's go to cnn contributor steve vladic, a constitutional lawyer and law professor. also with us, steven harrison who wrote a piece for salon entitled scalia told me a secret about george w. bush. great to have both of you on. >> thanks for having us. thank you. >> steve, first to you, i was talking to jeff toobin, listen, he's written the book on these justices and he thinks it will be a couple of weeks before really we start seeing a name perhaps from president obama. i'm wondering, for you, talk to us about the process and how he would weigh, you know, more of a liberal farther left leaning justice versus maybe a more consensus centrist pick? >> sure, brooke. from the president's perspective, the fact this is
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scalia's seat is going to weigh heavily on the consideration for who should replace him. think we'll see more of a moderate, more a centrist nominee, than we might have if, for example, justice ginsburg had left the court or someone else from the left bloc. what's going on behind the scenes is the white house is going through the list of folks they've considered in the past, making sure it's up to date, and which of those nominees makes the most sense in this political climate and for justice scalia's seat. >> what happens then if you have these sort of four more left, four more right, you know, supreme court, you know, at the moment, depending on how long this nomination process lasts, what happens to the affirmative action cases, immigration, health care, that are waiting? >> yeah, i mean, i think there are a couple of possibilities. one is the justices find some way to break the deadlock. maybe they find a very narrow ground on which to rule for example on the challenge to president's immigration policy. maybe they simply say the states didn't have standing. but, brooke, the two other
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potsabilities possibilities are to affirm the decision by an equally divided court. that leaves the lower court decision intact -- >> let me jump in. excuse me. hillary clinton talking about the supreme court now. >> -- whoever the president nominates. [ applause ] i tell you, my friends, one of the great advantages of our country is we have always been a nation under the rule of law. let us never, ever deviate from that. as your secretary of state, i went to 112 countries on behalf of the united states. i went to a lot of countries where dictators, where special interests, call the shots. where basically they interfere in the way government operates to their advantage. where they do everything they can to stamp out opposition because they believe they have all the answers and they want the power, they want the money,
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they want everything that goes with it. we can never -- >> okay, before we dipped in, she was essentially saying that the senate, the republican majority senate, has the duty to consider whoever it is that the president puts out there as a potential nominee. steven harrison, let me bring you in. tell me about when you met justice scalia, you were studying, what, at oxford and he came to speak and you won the spot at dinner. what was it you asked him? >> well, i asked him two questions, first, i asked him to assess president george w. bush's leadership qualities. this was in 2008. and he sort of looked at me and looked around the room and he said, you know, i have the utmost respect for the bush family and for george w. bush bu a lot of my fellow republicans believe the other bush brother was much brighter and the wrong bush brother became president. >> the other bush brother being the man who wants to be president currently, jeb bush? >> right, jeb bush.
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a little surprised he would be so candid about this. i think the other guests were surprised too. i think that was his personality. he always shared his opinion. >> you also asked him about, what, campaign finance reform, some of his other comments to you are really telling about who he was as a person. who did he tell you was his best friend? >> he said justice ginsburg was his best friend. he spoke very fondly of their friendship. even though they usually -- most of the time disagreed. >> steve, back to you, on the politics of all this, not just in terms of the, you know, republican primary, you know, folks who want to be president but also on a senate level re-election, especially in more moderate states, how nasty is this going to get? >> i think that's going to be to the republicans in the senate. i think the white house is going to walk this very carefully. we'll get a nominee who they believe is very confirmable.
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perhaps someone who this very senate has already confirmed. so someone like judge in the d.c. circuit. and then it's going to be up to the senate. are they really going to try to run out the clock on president obama which is still 11 months, you know, left in office or will they take seriously a nominee, have the hearings and see if that nominee receives enough support? the ball's really going to be in their court once president putsed for a name. >> steve vladiv, steven harrison, thank you very much. as we go to break here, reminder, live pictures here in ha hanihan, south carolina, donald trump. this is hours before george w. bush hits the campaign trail on batch of his brother jeb bush. we'll be right back.
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we're back, you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. is beisouth carolina, the epice for the race for president. george w. bush for the first time will campaign publicly for his brother jeb, just hours for now. really this political football in the republican contest. he's been called a liar by
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donald trump over the weekend. so in a state where the bush family is so extraordinarily popular, how is this drama going over with folks in the great state of south carolina? my next guest knows the state better than anyone. ♪ my little home grown honey honey honey ♪ ♪ country road carolina soul ♪ baby you're just so home grown ♪ >> the three-time grammy award-winning artist darius rucker formerly of hootie and the blowfish fame who has blown up as a country star. four al bbums under his belt. so awesome having you on, how are you? >> i'm great, thanks for having me, brooke. >> so south carolina, where you are now, you know, do you feel like you have a finger on the pulse of what folks are saying in terms of how people are feeling ahead of this all important primary in your state?
11:18 am
>> i think people are still -- still listening, you know, we have a pretty conservative state here. people are listening to all the candidates and trying to figure out what everybody's saying. it's so entertaining, you can't help but listen. i've talked to a lot of people about it. a lot of people are undecided. >> it's good that people are listening. that's a good thing. if you were listening saturday night in greenville, south carolina, you know, the names, the insults hurled, and not just one of these candidates, multiple jumping in on this. i'm just wondering, what do you make of the state of politics now, darius? >> oh, that surprised me. i've watched a lot of the debates. i was surprised how that got down into the dirt. people just really throwing insults left and right, talking over each other and not being respectful of each other. you know, it was a little tough to watch really as a guy who, you know, i listen to the candidates and then i decide who i'm going to vote for and that was just a bunch of people
11:19 am
throwing barbs back at each other. i hope it gets clean and back to talking about the issues. >> from entertain, you, to entertainer, donald trump, what do you think of him as a man -- i don't know if you've met him before, if you have, tell me. what do you think of his presence in this race? >> i've got to meet mr. trump a couple times. he's fun to hang out with. i've got to talk to him a couple times. >> tell me a story, please. >> oh, no, i played the casino a couple of times. no big deal. he was just at the show. you know, he's the outsider coming in and really shaking things up. a lot of people i think at the beginning were waiting for mr. trump to crash and burn and doesn't seem like he's going to do that. so, you know, it's just for me as a guy who loves entertainment, this is all so entertaining and he's made it just even more entertaining. i can't wait until, you know, if he wins the nomination, i mean, that's going to be something to watch. >> let me loop back on that.
11:20 am
we mentioned donald trump would be speaking in south carolina. let me take it live and then we'll come back to you. >> -- about $20 million on negative ads that in many cases are false but they're negative ads. he's got a lot of special interest money. his campaign in my opinion is going absolutely nowhere. but he spent about $20 million on negative ads on me. and in theory he has a long way before he catches them. he should be looking -- or go positive. i think he'd do better if he went positive. but the only reason is, and the only reason i bring it up is because we have to respond to those negative ads. so that's the reason, no bad blood. >> what about george w. bush, he's never attacked you and -- >> no, i just said facts. no no, once he entered the fray, like bill clinton three weeks ago entered the fray, and i helped bernie sanders much more than he helped himself, believe me, because if you look at it, that's when she started going down and that's when that race
11:21 am
started getting competitive. so you just take a look. you study your numbers, study your dates. when she attacked me, i attacked her and that's when hillary started going down and that race became more competitive. take a look, you'll be very interested to see. only won't political reporter got that one. yes? [ inaudible ] >> ted cruz is desperate, look, he's -- yes, i think ted's a very unstable guy. we put out a little release. did you get the release? i think he's a very unstable guy. i must tell you one thing about ted cruz that i can say only to a minor extent by comparison for the other politicians, i haven't been doing this long, i'm been in it since june 16th. i will tell you, i have never, ever met a person that lies more than ted cruz. i have never, ever seen anything like it. he did it with ben carson. he did it with the voter violation fraud deal that he
11:22 am
did, i mean, it was a fraud. his voter violation fraud -- which you guys really didn't pick up, it was very interesting. you picked up the ben carson thing very much. where he told people bernie sanders is out of the race. now you have called that are severe than anything at the time. but that ben carson had left the race. which had impact on me. because they would have been, you know, would have been probably a victory for trump but it doesn't matter. the thing you didn't pick up on is the voter violation fraud that he committed. it was a fraud that he committed. and you take a look. but i've never seen anybody that lied as much as ted cruz and he goes around saying he's a christian. i don't know. you're going to have to really study that. yes? no, i think he's an unstable person. i always say he's a good debater but he can't talk. the guy literally. i don't even think he's a good debater. i don't personally see he's a
11:23 am
very good debater. but he is a very unstable person. that's just my opinion. yes. yeah, i would say that's true. yes. [ inaudible ] i'm not going to say what he was or not. he had some problems. when somebody attacks me like jeb, and i was very nice to him. i don't say it. i didn't want to say it. but he talked about the tremendous -- well, excuse me, the world trade center came down during the, you know, reign of george bush, right, i mean it came down. so during the ronald reagan, if you remember, the library debate, he mentioned about how we were safe. we weren't safe. that was the greatest attack in the history of the united states. worse than pearl harbor because it was individuals. we were attacked as individuals as opposed to the military. the greatest single attack. so what he's saying -- i'm standing up there, saying, do i
11:24 am
want to embarrass him by saying this? but because i'm a nice person, i didn't do it. when he used it another time, i had to say i'm sorry, but we weren't safe, the world trade center came down, which was the greatest attack in history on this country. so you had that. you obviously had the war which was a big mistake. i think few people would say the war in iraq was a positive. you had him on the aircraft carrier saying all those things about the war being over. guess what, not over. the war in iraq was a disaster. now iran is taking over iraq. they're taking everything. i was against the war in iraq, by the way. i was the only one on the stage. i was totally against the war in iraq. said it's going to destabilize the middle east. and then when they went in, i said when they're getting out, take the oil. they didn't take the oil. so now iran is going to have the oil and isis has the oil. and isis, this has fueled isis because isis has so much money
11:25 am
because they've had the oil. so yes, yes, go ahead. [ inaudible ] no, no, it is a political campaign. they're attacking me all the time. no, i'm not -- did i attack marco? for what, joking? for being a joke artist? where did i attack him? for being a joke artist? we can't have that as a president, can we? okay. i don't think i attacked marco. yes, go ahead. [ inaudible ] yeah, he's printed lies. he said i'm pro choice and pro-life. look, what he did with ben carson was terrible. i've never seen anything like that. it was a total lie. by the way, ten minutes after the election was over, the
11:26 am
caucus, he went and said, oh, i'm sorry. he called ben. and ben didn't accept that apology the way i look at it. okay, didn't accept the apology. i don't want to be in a position where it's saturday evening and i get a phone call from him, you know, i'm really sorry about that, my staff did something. he did three or four things. for instance, he talks about me being against the second amou amendment. i am in favor of the second amendment. i'm a member of the nra. my sons have been long-term members of the nra and they're extraordinary shots. they, i mean, the whole thing is incredible. what he does, he's walk up and he'll say something. he said, i will appoint liberal judges. donald trump. just saw it, donald trump. i named two judges that are -- i named them during the debate. i was the one who named two i would appoint. those two judges are highly respective conservative judges. they'd be great judges to appoint. but he just gets up and says, if donald trump gets in, he's going
11:27 am
to appoint liberal justices. the only way you can fight it is all the press here. but most people can't fight it. but he's a liar. so he'll go up and he'll absolutely lie. in fact, henry who is lieutenant governor, said i can't believe the things he's saying. because he understands the views on everything. he just comes out, boom, boom, boom, absolute lies. now, he'll apologize, but i don't want an apology after the election. if he doesn't, i'm going to bring a lawsuit because in my opinion, based on what i've learned over the last three or four days from very top lawyers, he doesn't even have the right to serve as president or even run as president. he was born in canada. so i will bring that lawsuit if he doesn't apologize. oh, pretty quick. i do quick. [ inaudible ] maybe, if i can. but it will be -- don't worry, we have another one coming up. okay, it will be pretty quick. yeah. go ahead. [ inaudible ]
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can you imagine? by the way, my sister was appointed by ronald reagan. elevated, elevated, i believe, in the clinton administration. but she was appointed -- originally appointed by ronald reagan. [ inaudible ] well, i think -- first of all, my sister has nothing to do with me. she's a federal judge at a high, high level, court of appeals. she was appointed by ronald reagan. highly brilliant woman. known as a great, you know, a very brilliant judge. i don't even know what her views are. i don't think she'd want to tell me. she doesn't -- i remember one of your cohorts wanted to do a great story. i said, listen, they want to do a great story. she said, i don't want any stories. she's very much like me in that respect. sure we have the same parents? i think frankly, i mean, she's a
11:29 am
federal judge, highly respected at every level by both sides, by everybody. i don't know that that's -- i mean, certainly what he said about her is horrible. they made her sound just terrible. she may have views on certain things. i'm never asked her. i don't think it's appropriate. she is a very, very solid person. and a very great intellect. acknowledged as being so on the court. well, i think in many respects. even jeb won't go and say like, you know, boom he's donald trump is like against the second amendment or, you know, he doesn't do that. what cruz says is incredible. i've never seen anything like it. i think he actually said it. donald trump is against the second amendment. i said what? i did a radio show with a very good host. i won't mention the name but you can figure it out.
11:30 am
he said you were totally in favor of obamacare. every speech i've made has been we have to repeal and replace obamacare. the host said this and i questioned him. said no, no, he really likes obamacare. how do you fight that? except that these people can fight it. don't forget, i only have three days to fight it. i don't have like a period of six months. so we will bring a lawsuit if he doesn't straighten his act out. he's a really lying guy. some people misrepresent. this guy's just a plain liar. i felt better because marco rubio called him a liar the other night on stage. i said good, a politician called a politician. now i can actually call him a liar. let's go. go ahead. [ inaudible ] this is a different reason. this is for gitmo. and it's really originally for gitmo but you folks haven't asked that question yet because it's ridiculous they're moving people in that area and we're
11:31 am
totally against it and if i win, we're moving them out and they shouldn't be closing gitmo, guantanamo bay, thoeey shouldn' be moving it in any way, shape or form, and they shouldn't be moving hardened criminals into this area. i will stop it. if i don't stop it in terms time, if i win, they're going back. i keep it open. yeah, i'd keep it open. that's right, i'd keep it open. we have to be very vigilant. we'll look at everybody's case certainly. and you don't want to have people that are innocent of something, suffering. but you have some very hardened people. you've let a lot of people go. he's letting them go one after the other. many are going back to the battlefields. you've seen what happened, they're going right back into the battlefields. here's the thing. i don't want people coming into this area. i've had such complaints. i've had people from south
11:32 am
carolina calling me asking me to do this press conference about guantanamo bay. and there's not going to be any people coming here and frankly i think the governor should take a very strong stand on it. eventually, yeah, eventually. eventually they should. i would increase the population. as we capture other people that are terrorists and the like, i would absolutely increase. i would be very strong on it, yes. well, the governor has a lot of people that people don't realize. a governor is, for instance, with the migration, you have people coming into the area of south carolina. they're coming in. if i were the governor, i wouldn't let them come in. i don't care what the rules and regulations say. in theory, the governor doesn't have anything to do with it. i would have something to do with it, believe me. i would make it so uncomfortable for the federal government that they'll say, okay, send them to other states or don't take them
11:33 am
in period. we shouldn't be taking people in from the migration. we shouldn't be taking people in from syria. because we don't know who they are. we don't know where they come from. you look at what's going on in sweden and germany and all these other countries. we should not be taking people in from the migration. now, we should help people with safe zones in syria. we should get -- i will get the gulf states to pay for it because right now they're paying for nothing and they're taking nobody. because they're smart. you know what, they're smart. but they'll pay. and we're not going to pay. we'll lead it, but we should build safe zones because you have to do something. but i don't want to take people into this country. you saw what happened in california with two people that got married that were radicalized and it was a disaster, okay, a disaster. they killed 14. plenty of people lying right now in the hospital. you look at what's going on right now in the world. we're not going to do it. we have enough problems as a country. you take a look at what's going on in germany. look at what's going on in brussels.
11:34 am
look what's going on in sweden. the other night. we're not going to have that. [ inaudible ] i don't say anything, i'm just saying this, if you look back at your record, you'll see there was tremendous information and the cia and various other agencies were not talking and they were not getting along and there were a lot of personality conflicts and they all hated each other and we ended up with the world trade center, okay. if you look at the book, "the america we deserve," written in the year 2000, i mentioned in that book, me, i wrote it, i mentioned in that book osama bin laden. because i saw him a couple of times and i read about him and i said, you know, he's a bad dude. we better do something about him. now, i wasn't even a politician. i wasn't in politics. i just have found it very interesting. i'm saying to myself, we better do something about that guy. if you did something about him, you wouldn't have the world trade center come down. if you look back at the cia and
11:35 am
the various other agencies, and i think john is not ndding. they had tremendous problems getting along together. that's management. because if they did, they knew what was going -- they knew some bad things were going to happen, they could have stopped it. go ahead. i don't say it was anything. i just say the world -- i don't say anything. here's what say. are you ready? the world trade center came down during his reign. so, you know, it's like he was the top. the world trade center came down. well, the war with iraq, which started this whole thing. the whole thing started with the war in iraq. you know, saddam hussein was a bad guy. one thing about him, he killed terrorists. now iraq is harbor for terrorism. you want to become a terrorist, you go to iraq. saddam hussein understood and he killed terrorists. bad guy. but if the president and other
11:36 am
people and, frankly, obama, was no better, because the way he got us out was a disaster. look what's happened since then. a desisasterdisaster. shouldn't have been there. shouldn't have got out the way we got out. but if the president went to the beach, we would have been better off, believe me. john, go ahead. [ inaudible ] no, i think we could have had greater vigilance but i would never say anybody is responsible for that. say hello to him for me. give him my warmest records regards. me, no, look, look, actually, no, when was this set up? i have no idea. this was set up for guantanamo. no, not really. [ inaudible ] i compare it to bill clinton. so bill clinton came out four weeks ago and his wife made a statement about me having to do
11:37 am
with sexism, right. and i made a statement about her and him. and i said once she made that statement and once he was campaigning, it's a whole different ball game. now, in the ex-president is campaigning for his brother, i think he's probably open for great scrutiny. maybe things that haven't been thought of in the past. you know, when jeb used his name, as i said in the first debate, in the reagan debate, i left it alone. but when he kept using it, i said, i have to bring it up. when he talked about the great safety we had. i said, i'm sorry, at some point, we have to bring it up. the other day, i brought it up. i said the world trade center came down during your brother's reign. i don't think anything can hurt him. he's doing so badly, how much worse can he be hurt, you know. [ inaudible ]
11:38 am
delay, yes. [ inaudible ] i wouldn't blame obama. he's going to try to do it. i don't think he could be successful because mitch mcconnell has tremendous power in terms of the delay and in terms of, you know, proceedings, et cetera. the time is not that long, it's what, 11 months, 10 months. so it's not -- no, but it's not that much. i'm not saying that obama shouldn't do it. i'm just saying the republicans should not allow it to happen. i also said the republicans should not have approved the budget they approved four weeks ago and they approached the budget so you never know. i mean, they've been very disappointing. the republicans have been very, very disappointing. i always say that obama is the worst negotiator i've ever seen with everybody but the republicans.
11:39 am
[ inaudible ] i think what is going to happen is somebody who is more moderate. i still think the republicans should reject -- i think the new president should have that option. tom, go ahead. [ inaudible ] i'm not the first. i said from the begin. i said from the beginning, tom. tells me nothing about him, actually. i think the name bush would have been better than an exclamation point. the exclamation point didn't work so now he's using bush. i think he should have used his name. i think it shows he wasn't proud of the family. i don't know exactly what it
11:40 am
tells you. why don't you use the name bush? you're bush. use the name bush. look, you can play cute, who are you, by the way? okay. let me tell you, you can play cute. in 2003 -- excuse me, i'll at the you why it's cute, because i said many things for a long time but i'm not a politician. i said for a long time don't go into the war, don't go into the war. i think the first time they have me down, you probably have it as 2003. this is shortly like right after the war started. somebody actually said it doesn't make any difference because early on, i said it. i was saying it before then too. in 2003, right at the beginning, i said it, and very strongly. in 2004, i was in reuters and quoted all over the place because i was opposed to the war. right now, you have two powers, iraq and iran equal in terms of
11:41 am
military strength. if you knock out one of those powers, the other one will take other the middle east. i didn't know we'd be so stupid to make a deal where we give them $150 billion which we just gave them. but now they have $150 billion. a very wonderful agreement with us in terms of -- you know they went out and they're spending their $150 billion. so far they haven't spent any of it with us. they bought 118 aircraft from air bus which is european. they're spending their money all over europe. they're buying missiles from russia. they're spending their money with everybody but the united states. not good. not good. well, i'll tell you, i went to the debate and i was attacked. if i didn't -- if i wasn't attacked -- i thought it was my best debate.
11:42 am
some people thought it was too tough. i thought it was my best debate. i was being attacked from everybody. it was the incoming, was unbelievable. including the moderator. donald trump said this and this about your brother. that's how the whole thing started. i didn't bring it up. that was brought up by john as you know. so i didn't bring it up. i was being attacked from the moderators from the standpoint it was like a feeding frenzy on trump. that's why they got good ratings. i think i'm doing great in south carolina. i think the south carolina voters. i know south carolina very well. i've been here a lot. i think they have a very sophisticated voter. and they get it. they get it. for instance when cruz lies about virtually everything i've done, they get it. i really believe they get it. we'll soon find out.
11:43 am
well, actually, i'm doing a favor. the democrats are going to file it anyway. you don't think i get along -- i get along with everybody. i was a business guy, got along with everybody. the democrats -- if cruz ever got it. if cruz ever got the nomination, the democrats are going to follow the lawsuit. in a sense, i'm going to do him a favor because i'm filing it early. remember this, how do you give a man the nomination for your major party, one of the two major parties, and the man has a cloud over his head? and i told him, get a declarer to judgment. you've got to do something. the democrats are going to file. there are already two lawsuits out there. no, no, no. look, eventually, it's going to be used anyway. they're going to sue him.
11:44 am
if he got the nomination. but if he got the nomination, he's going to be sued. so frankly if i were him i'd probably tell him if i was advising him other than i'm more moral than he is in my opinion, i would probably tell him very nicely keep your lies going. you're going to get sued. you're going to get sued. keep your lies going. i think it's a good lawsuit. so am i. what is it that kept the country safe after 9/11? i don't know. i've heard that for years. you no what, i've heard that for years, jeremy. i've heard that for years. he kept the country safe after. what does that mean, after? what about during? i was there. i lost a lot friends that were killed in that building.
11:45 am
the worse attack ever in this country. it was during his presidency. we had the worse attack ever. after that, we did okay. that's meaning the team scored 19 runs in the first inning, but after that, we played well. i don't think so. well, i don't know. i think we're doing well. i've been around. we have a tremendous rally tonight. i'm here for the entire week. the fact that i'm here? give me a break. you have a situation here where people from syria are being settled in south carolina. and i think it's disgraceful. and if i were nikki haley, i would not allow it. i tell you right now.
11:46 am
she'll say we have no choice. a governor has choice, believe me. i don't know what you're talking about. go ahead. well, responding. i think i deal with pressure well. i like pressure, i really do like pressure. but i don't think cruz deals well with pressure. i think he's a basket case. he thought he was going to win new hampshire and he lost. not only did he lose, he lost badly. i think cruz does not handle pressure well. i don't think rubio handles pressure well. you saw that in his run-in with christie. i was standing next to rubio and i thought he just got out of a
11:47 am
swimming pool. he was soaking wet. i don't think he handles pressure well. i don't see him -- look, don't see that personality negotiating with putin like this personality, okay. you want to make a good deal for the country, you want to deal with russia. and there's nothing wrong with not fighting everybody, having russia where we have a good relationship as opposed to all the stupidity that's taken place. but i'm going to make the great trade deals. i'm going to make the great deals. these guys aren't going to make them. they're politicians. [ inaudible ] i think it's -- look, i think everything's a pressure cooker. you have to handle pressure. that's what i like doing. i love the pressure. but you can't lie. you can't allow lies to take place like cruz, with guns, with bush, this, virtually everything. it's just a lie. somebody has to say it. i find the whole south carolina thing so interesting.
11:48 am
i find it interesting. i find the people amazing. they're amazing. the one thing that's very interesting, they're very knowledgeable politically in south carolina. i think that's a good thing. they understand politicians. they understand they're all talk, no action. i'm the only politician that's not getting any money. all these guys like cruz, getting tremendous money from oil and all these different -- jeb bush. woody johnson from johnson & johnson is his campaign, you know, finance chairman. woody totally controls what happens. you think the drug industry is going to be hurt by jeb bush when woody johnson is the head of his committee raising funds for him? the drug comes, basically there's no bidding. if we bid out -- we're the largest purchaser of drugs in the world that make you better. the largest in the world. the drug companies, there's no bidding. you know why there's no bidding?
11:49 am
because the politicians all take money from the drug moneys. campaign contributions. i don't know if you guys can figure that out. they take money from the drug companies. same with everything. me, i'm not taking any money. i'll do what's right. i'll do what's right for the people. i will have spent a lot money by the time it's over. i don't know if that point is making made very importantly. does somebody say i love trump because he's not taking money from the special interests or the lobbyists? i don't know. but we'll soon find out. [ inaudible ] we're going to see. i'm going to look at a lot of
11:50 am
things. what i see right now is unbelievable. that somebody can go and do what they're doing and make statements like that. don't forget, i've been doing this since june 16th. i learned so much from iowa. when somebody can be so dishonest. when i saw it. and i know you people covered the ben carson thing. to me what was worse is the voter violation form. this thing looked like it was made, came right out of the irs. the paper, the look. it looked like a government document. it said voter violation, you are in voter violation. so anyway, i'll be looking. yeah, go ahead. very good reporter. by the way, very good reporter, this guy. go ahead. well, they defaulted. look, i'm very disappointed in the rnc. the republican committee, right. i'm very disappointed. for three debates now the room has been stacked with special
11:51 am
interest and donors. as you know, as the press knows. as an example, i gave two judges who were very conservative judges. i was met with nice applause, you know. bush got up and stumbled through an answer and the place went crazy. i said i realized -- and many of the people -- i have to say, it's sort funny, but many of the people in the room i know. some are friends to me. some are waving and booing and they're having fun. i'm laughing. you know, i get it. but some of them are friends of mine. they're special interests, they're lobbyists, and that shouldn't be. they have total control over the people i'm running against. total absolute control. i bring up the drug thing because the drug companies are going to go to competitive bid. whether we save $100 billion a year or $350 billion a year, they're going to competitive bid. these people can't say that. because the drug companies give them a fortune to run for
11:52 am
office. okay. tom. too many. well, no, not the -- he's the biggest liar. i've seen some that are month more cunning. this guy lies but he got caught every time. the good ones are ones who can do it and not get caught. he got caught with voter violation. he got caught with stuff in new hampshire. we caught him here with robo calls. he's making robo calls. they're doing a poll and they're saying donald trump is a horrible human being, ba, ba, ba, ba, and ted cruz is wonderful, what about ted cruz. what they're doing is, you know, you know what it is, push pulse. we caught him. the really good ones are the ones who don't get caught. every time he ever did anything, he got caught. if you catch him and don't do anything about him, then it's your fault, okay.
11:53 am
t the what? very simple. by the way, mexico's going to pay for the wall. these people say mexico's not going to pay for the wall. of course they are. we lose so much money with mexico in terms of deficit. we have a deficit with mexico. that's so massive. they're going to pay for the wall. the wall is peanuts. trust me, they're going to pay for the wall. but we're going to have a strong military. we're going to take care of our vets, so important. we were going to end obamacare. it's going to be terminated. we're going to come up with something very good. whether it's -- i mean, look, there's so many different plans. now, part of the problem with the plans are the insurance companies dictated the plans to obama. insurance companies are making a fortune. some of them, with obamacare. we're going to come up with a savings, you know, you can do the health care savings plan. we're going to get rid of the
11:54 am
boundaries around the states where it makes it totally noncompetitive. so we're getting rid of obamacare. we're repealing and replacing obamacare. common core is absolutely going to -- it's dead, it's the worse. we're number 30 in the world in education. you have norway, sweden, china, denmark. you have these countries. we're number 30. we spend more pure pupil. so common core is dead. we're getting rid of common core. we're going to protect our second amendment. when i say dead, we're going to protect our second amendment and et cetera, okay. [ inaudible ] we're not going to let people come here from guantanamo bay. we are not letting people come to this area from guantanamo bay. they're going to stay where they are. they're not coming to the country, let alone this area.
11:55 am
and if they do come to this area before election time, before we take office, and i take office, they're going back. you can tell that to the local people, okay. you can bank on it. winning south carolina will be a great thing, i agree. [ inaudible ] i will tell you that i have received so many calls from people that you all know about and you write about and speak viciously about me when they went to come on board, okay. they're politicians. i've received so many calls. you can speak to corey. we're not going to give you names anyway. corey, is that a correct statement, to put it mildly? i've received so many calls. the most unexpected people.
11:56 am
john holloway will say there's no way that guy called. they called. people you would not believe. i'm a unifier. obama is not a unifier, by the way. i'm a unifier. [ inaudible ] i hope so, you know, look, we're doing the best -- i'm here, we're working hard and we have a great relationship with the people of south carolina. i hope it holds. you know, i can't tell you what's going to happen when a guy lies. when a guy lies about your record. but i think -- i think we should hold. i hope we're going to hold. i hope we're going to be successful. my whole theme is make america great again. south carolina's going to have a big part in that. because south carolina -- i mean, you know, this could be the start. and maybe running the table. i say run the table. i think if we win south carolina, we could conceive belie conceivably run the table, we'll do very well.
11:57 am
[ inaudible ] oh, sure, i think anyway, you'll have certain people. [ inaudible ] i think it would be better for him if he stayed out. i'll see what happens. but i don't believe i'll be able to because i think i'm giving a rally at that time. weak, period. yeah. sure, i think it's great. you know what i want? i want dreamers to come from this country, okay. you mention dreamers -- wait, you mentioned dreamers. i want dreamers to come from the united states. i want the people in the united states that have children, i want them to have dreams also. we're always talking about dreamers for other people. want the children that are growing up in the united states
11:58 am
to be dreamers also. they're not dreaming right now. and you look at african-american youth, i mean, 58% unemployment. you look at african-americans and they're 30 years old and they're 40 years old and we have an african-american president and he has not done anything for the african-americans in this country, okay. and he got a free pass. and he shouldn't have. because if that were me or if that was somebody else, we would be -- we would be taking other the calls, believe me, it would not be a good situation. president obama has done nothing for african-americans. you look at african-americans that are 30 years old, 40 years old, 50, in their prime, their prime, and take a look at their statistics, it's very sad. okay, how about one or two more questions, yes, sir, go ahead. what? i'll look at it. excuse me, that's enough. about cuba?
11:59 am
[ inaudible ] i think after 50 years, it's time, but we have to make a much better deal. we make bad deals. it's like the keystone pipeline. i'm totally in favor of it. but i have to get -- it's going to make a fortune, the keystone pipeline. we're using eminent domain. bush used eminent domain in florida, knocked out a veteran. he was talking about private eminent domain. came out two major stories about him using private -- i mean, he just doesn't understand that, you know, things like that. but, but the keystone pipeline, i will -- the keystone pipeline. i will make a deal for this country where we get a chunk of it. through eminent domain, we make the keystone pipeline and other things possible. they're going to make tremendous money from the keystone pipeline. a lot of the money they make is going to come back to the people
12:00 pm
of this country. you understand what i mean. john. [ inaudible ] my opponents lie. especially cruz. as i said, single worst liar i've ever seen. if people believed the lies then, you know, we won't make america great again because nobody else is going to be able to do it except me. believe me. i know my competition. they're all bought and paid for by the special interests. they're not going to negotiate with the lumber companies, the drug companies, the oil and gas companies. any of them. they're not going to make good trade deals because trade deals are made by the lobbyists and the special interests. we're going to become rich again and we're going to become great again. i know my opponents. the thing i would say if i had a doubt is when a guy is allowed
12:01 pm
to lie like ted cruz where you can just say take an issue. boom, just make it the opposite. boom, make it the opposite. with no fact at all. on sunday, i'll get a phone call, listen, i just want to say. like carson did. ben carson got a call. two hours after the election. he got a call. in iowa they should overturn the election based on what cruz did because he was so dishonest. if they had a strong leader in iowa in terms of the republican party, jeff is a good guy, but perhaps he's not strong, don't know. what cruz did is a fraud. what they should do is overturn that election. how about you in the back? okay. no, he wouldn't be on my short list. okay, good luck, everybody, thank you. yes. [ inaudible ] well, the rnc is in default,
12:02 pm
okay, the rnc, just so you understand, the rnc is in default. yes, i understand. when somebody's in default, the other side can do what they need to do. okay. the rnc is in default. gave all the tickets to special interests that represented cruz and rubio. so one guy's got like very low in the polls. there was nobody in the room. because i don't have donors. and i don't have special interests. but i think the rnc did a very poor job. we've warned them twice. this has happened twice before. so we've warned them. they don't listen. the bottom line is the rnc is controlled by the establishment and the rnc is controlled by the special interests and the donors. that's too bad. that's why the republican party for president has lost so much for so long. thank you all very much. i appreciate it.
12:03 pm
thank you. >> okay. wow. donald trump news conference. how long did that thing last? 50 minutes? 45 minutes. he talked about the rnc. doubled down on what he said about president obama. the personal attacks with jeb bush. talked mexico, keystone pipeline, guantanamo bay. the headline from that news conference he is on a warpath it seeps to take ted cruz down. let me bring in my panel and then i'm going to read a little bit of this con nald trump sort of letter. and ted krutz is responding as well. i have cnn political commentator van jones who served in the obama administration. john avlon, also editor and chief of daily beast. cnn political contributor and republican commentator. welcome to all of you, and let me read this. this is the headline. this is from team trump.
12:04 pm
trump responds to the lies of cruz. called him a basket case, unstable, questioning his faith again, his christianity. said he never met a person who lies more than ted cruz. let me read -- graphs. this is a lengthy letter. ted cruz is a totally unstable idividual. he is the single biggest liar i have ever come across in politics or otherwise and i've seen some of the best of them. his statements are totally untrue and outrageous. it's hard to believe a person who proclaims to be a christian could lie so much. he goes through in this letter about what cruz is saying on trump being pro choice and obamacare and second amendment rights and voter fraud violation of dr. carson he says in iowa. it culminates with this graph, if i may. one of the ways i can fight back is to bring a lawsuit against him relative to the fact he was born in canada and, there are, cannot be president. if he doesn't take down his false ads and retract his lies,
12:05 pm
i will do so immediately. in addition, the rnc should intervene. if they don't, they are in default of their pledge to me. where do we go? ma'am weston, to you first, wow? this is all about taking down ted cruz. >> we thought it was going to get really dirty in south carolina and apparently that's what's happening here. but as we saw today, trump going very hard after cruz but also cruz today going very hard after trump. it's important to remember the context of this brawl between the two of them. first, ted cruz has put out a tough ad in south carolina questioning trump, whether trump is a true conservative, essentially using scalia's death to say to conservatives once again, do you trust this guy? he's spoken in support of abortion in the past. he says he's changed his mind but can you trust him. cruz is trying to go back after trump on all those attacks. what we know from both these men
12:06 pm
they are seeing the impact of these attacks on their polls numbers. ted cruz clearly going very hard against this idea that he's a liar. that was a tough debate for him the other night. so it's kind of a battle to the finish here with so many different brawls going on in all these different corners, it's almost hard to keep track of. >> mind spinning with these different story lines. lou, let me just make sure i go to you as the trump supporter here. looking down at the twitter page. cruz responding, you can't simply scream liar when someone points out your actual position. he's keeping his feet firmly down as far as what he said about trump. what do you think? >> i think it's indisputable that ted cruz is a liar. if you look at what he did to carson in iowa and some of the horrific things he said about trump in the past few weeks. he doesn't demonstrate the kind
12:07 pm
of integrity i think we want in a presidential candidate. with that said, i think mr. trump going after him is appropriate and he should continue to. because one has to flush out the real ted cruz. and the real ted cruz as mr. trump said just a few minutes ago is a liar, is disingenuous and not fit to be president of the united states. >> turning to the two of you now. we've been reading through the statement and listening to trump there. he is saying to cruz, if you don't retract your lies, i will sue you based upon your eligibility to become president of the united states. reaction please? >> well, i mean, this is not the first time. donald trump loves playing the berther card. >> bringing it back. >> look, it is fascinating to see donald trump get in a spat with ted cruz calling him a liar because, you know, this is a guy who's been truth-challenged in a
12:08 pm
lot of his free-form political jabs himself. but there's deep bad blood between these two folks. it is flowing over. remember, these guys had a detant not that long ago and now going at each other hard in a state known for politics. this is just a simple threat. the threat of legal violence and a deep distraction. >> actually, there's already been a lawsuit filed -- >> he mentioned two. >> at least one i read about in "the new york times" and "new york post" today or in the "new york daily news." this is a guy in the southern district of texas who is a democrat. somebody is going to have to file a case. the supreme court is going to have to weigh in. it truly hasn't been settled by -- >> there's a totally different -- >> yeah, absolutely true, precisely. a lawsuit's going to have to be filed. it takes it to a new level if the candidate decides to file it against the other one. i've been saying that bloodbath
12:09 pm
we've been talking about in carolina. >> this is the blood bath -- >> nothing to do with the mainstream candidate. when you look at the gop primary electorate in south carolina, they're 65% evangelical and ted cruz has a solid 28% of them who are the college-educated evangelicals. 37% noncollege educated evangelicals. they vote more on economic themes than sort of values voters, moralistic themes. and that's why trump was up there, talking about trade, talking about building wall, talking about these economic themes that are resonating with disaffected republican voters now. >> the system's being rigged. him calling out donors by name and saying the republican party is rigged by big money, that's bombshell stuff -- >> should intervene. the rnc should intervene. if they don't, they're default in their pledge to me. van jones, the democrat here among all these folks. this is presidential politics. we're days before this
12:10 pm
all-important south carolina primary. and this bloodbath. >> yeah, well, three things struck me about this. number one, the threat that he might actually -- he's going to break out of this pledge, he said he will not run against the republican party as an independent. he just put that back into play. >> he just opened that door, didn't he? >> that's a major major change that just happened. i think people have to take that very, very seriously. the other thing, he's doing something very unusual. i'm a southerner. i'm from tennessee. he has doubled down now on this jeb bush thing. he's not doing it in the way you would expect. the way you would expect him to do it, say, listen, bill clinton let the terrorists in. george w. bush didn't keep us safe. and then obama screwed it up. all the politicians are bad. you would expect him to make a sandwich with a clinton, w., and then obama. he's not doing that. he's leaving clinton out.
12:11 pm
he's leaving obama out. he's going directly after w. that is bizarre. i'm going to tell you, as a southerner, if this does not blow up on his face, nothing should stop this guy. the third thing that is very interesting, he talked about the black community and tried to drive a wedge between latino dreamers and african-americans. this is a very sinister move and you may see him start doing this over and over again. somebody raised the dreamers, the young latinos that everyone loves. he puts them down. he says they're not americans. he pivots directly to blacks. he's try to sow dissension. trying to split the obama coalition. this guy is very, very dangerous bad news for america. >> dangerous bad news, sinister. lou, respond. >> mr. trump is speaking the truth. i mean, the black community has
12:12 pm
been disenfranchised by the democrats for a very long time. when you start considering people who have come here illegally and putting them ahead of the black community, i think we certainly do have a concern. and we should rise up and take care of those people who are citizens of the united states first. and if there is money and resources left over, then -- more than happy to help others. but right now, we should lend those resources to the people who need the most. >> go ahead, van. >> one of the great things about president obama is that there was this sort of thing you just heard which is very disturbing. was very prevalent. i live in california now. the latinos, the mexicans versus the blacks. all this sort of stuff. people fighting at the bottom for crumbs. obama's leadership. let's stop that. let's try to be one country. people say obama's divisive. you don't see fighting anymore.
12:13 pm
the idea that trump would try to restart that old fight i think is very, very disgusting. >> donald's whole game is die si divide and conquer done under the banner of bring us together. i don't think anyone believes trump's primary motivation running for president is to take care of the community. >> the former communications adviser to president george w. bush. in addition to attack after attack of senator cruz here, you know, you heard him again on jeb bush. you heard him again on bush 43 who we know we're hours away from finally for the first time in years really seeing him out on the trail. understanding why he's going, he being donald trump, is going after the former president. what do you make of that?
12:14 pm
>> when donald trump feels threat threatened, he attacks. clearly what he's done again today and he did in the debate. these are serious times. serious people, serious solutions. donald trump is just totally absence on all those fronts. you can't insult women and disparage war heroes. so it's another day of trumpisms and trump campaigning but it's not going to do anything to bring america together. it's not going to do anything to solve the problems we have in washington, d.c., fixing broken systems. jeb bush plans to do all that. i think there's a real contrast you're going to see between jeb bush in south carolina and trump and the other candidates. the man who's ready to be commander in chief. i mean, you know, trump seems to have become the republican michael moore and i'm not sure that's going to play well in
12:15 pm
being is is being when we have a significant veterans population. people are really looking closely to see who can sit behind the desk in the oval office and fix the problems that face us. and the reason jeb bush is such a credible candidate is because he has done it in florida. that's why his record's important. that's why experience is important. you can make a lot of promises but you've got to be able to achieve things. and he's got not only the panels to fix these problems and really break apart these industrial age -- >> back on president obabush, w we see him tonight, does he directly address these attacks being thrown out over and over from mr. trump? >> well, if memory serves me, the president likes to deliver his own remarks so i think you're just going to have to wait and see on that front. >> from your time and knowledge
12:16 pm
of the president, would this be something -- i've talked to a lot of people today. did three hours of tv this morning and everyone i talked to said he would not, i'm quoting, lower himself to address donald trump. would you agree? >> well, president bush has great respect for the presidency. it's an institution that he valued. what think you'll see tonight is him who's been commander in chief, as someone who's kept our country safe. i think you'll hear him say he who understands what's necessary views his brother jeb as the best person to keep america safe, to reform our veterans administration, to rebuild our military, to put forward an actual plan. i know you don't hear a lot of plan plans when it comes to a trump press conference. but plans to defeat isis.
12:17 pm
he's the most experienced foreign policy candidate. i think you'll see a validation of that. it's also an opportunity for jeb to talk tonight more about his record and about his plan. >> but we heard him, jim, when we were watching saturday night this debate in greenville, you know, it wasn't just trump hurling insults. what would you say to critics who say it was embarrassing to see bush hurling insults as well? >> no, i don't -- i think what governor bush was doing -- look, people have different records. and what governor bush has been doing all along is talking about his record, his plans to change washington, to put new systems in place so we can get america working again. look, different views or in the case of trump sometimes no view at all. as he likes to say, he can become whatever he wants to be. so trying to sort of pin that down can get a little -- can get
12:18 pm
a little difficult. but i think jeb made clear that -- and it's not just former president bush who believe he's the best commander in chief but we've got over 100 veterans on our leadership veterans coalition here in south carolina. two medal of honor winners. so there's sort of a broad body that believes that the guy who's best prepared to be president of the united states commander in chief who will take on these issues and get our country moving in the right direction again is jeb bush. >> we'll be watching your candidate tonight, jim dike, former communications adviser to president george w. bush, thank you, i appreciate it. listen, as we look ahead to the bloodbath continues. we've heard trump calling cruz a basket case, saying cruz is unstable. saying he's the biggest liar he's ever come across. ted cruz is about to respond.
12:19 pm
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12:22 pm
we just heard from donald trump. you live pictures, ted cruz speaking at an event in camden, south carolina. we'll take him live in a moment.
12:23 pm
but he has responded to donald trump's attacks. he tweeted, you can't simply scream liar when someone points out your actual positions. here's ted cruz. >> it is a curious thing. two the candidates of this race, trump and rubio, both have the very same pattern. whenever anyone points out their record, they simply start screaming liar, liar, liar. it's a very odd dynamic. you're right, it brings name calling is not a positive thing in politics. and when others have engaged in personal insults and attacks, i have not reciprocated. >> now let's go to ted cruz speaking live in south carolina. >> from a radical fight justice on the court the likes of which this country has never seen. the existing court we have is already a judicial activist
12:24 pm
extreme court. but one more liberal justice and we will see our constitutional rights swept aside at a level never before seen in the history of this country. we're one justice away from the supreme court mandated abortion on demand with no limits up to the moment of delivery, partial birth with taxpayer funding and no notification. striking down every state retraction on abortion we have. we are one justice away from the supreme court effect imly reading the second amendment out of the constitution. you know, justice scalia's single most controversy opinion. a landmark case where i had the privilege of representing 31 states defending the second amendment's right to keep and bear arms and we won by four. >> all right, ted krutcruz.
12:25 pm
we have a new panel. including jonathan martin, reporter for "the new york times." jonathan martin, your thoughts? >> it's a south carolina shootoff, i mean, it's going to be a really intense race. trump is a master manipulator of the media. you see him doing that again. the fact that he has that press conference the day that george w. bush comes to south carolina -- >> hours before. >> those kinds of charges, shows you the gift he has for, you know, taking advantage of what we're willing to do which is cover him nonstop. so, you know, he is once again showing his skills at this game. it's striking to me, brooke, more folks in the party, more republicans, aren't concerned about what he doing. i mean, here you have somebody who is a gop front-runner who is openly mocking the last gop
12:26 pm
president about the most consequential event in recent american history. it's remarkable. >> lou, want you to respond to that and what he said about your candidate and bush 43. >> i think what he said is unfortunate about bush 43. i think there's a great deal of frustration about what happened in the iraq war by a lot of republicans, a lot of mainstream people who view the war retrospectively as a huge mistake, and also view how we removed ourselves from iraq as an even worse mistake. with that said, i think there's a lot of support for the fact that we made terrible errors in the past and we're looking for someone p somebody who speaks the truth, who says what's on his mind and is willing to make the difficult decisions. going into iraq appeared to be the right thing back then. but it clearly wasn't. and i think a lot of us feel
12:27 pm
that way today. >> jonathan, let me just go back to you as we are hours away from this event in south carolina and this is the first time we've seen, you know, president george w. bush publicly in years. will we see the folksy texan, you know, bear hugging his bear and saying this should be the next commander in chief, or do we see a tough talking donald trump you're going down kind of guy? >> i'd be stunned if he went after donald trump very aggressively. i think you'll see at best a kind of oblique attack against trump. george w. bush is somebody who cares about the institution of the presidency. which i think is part of the reason he has been so quiet for the last decade. it's partly because he was so unpopular when he left but it's also in part because he wants to respect the institution and let president sort of command the stage. this is really the first time in ten years that we'll seen president bush on the campaign trail. if you recall, he was so
12:28 pm
unpopular in '08. then the economy collapses. there was no way he was going at that point on the campaign. the last time you saw him was midterms. so it was a long time back. >> we have to get a quick break in. in case you have blinked what you have missed in the last hour is essentially donald trump coming out forcefully calling ted krutz a basket case, the biggest liar he's ever met. and he is saying essentially to the texas senator, listen, you need to apologize or else i will sue. quick break. right back in a moment. pitch you investment opportunities. i've got a fantastic deal for you- gold! with the right pool of investors, there's a lot of money to be made. but first, investors must ask the right questions and use the smartcheck challenge to make the right decisions. you're not even registered; i'm done with you! i can...i can... savvy investors check their financial pro's background by visiting
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12:33 pm
the body of u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia carried in this hearse here has been moved from texas to virginia. and a texas judge has corrected scalia's cause of death saying it was not a heart attack but, quote, natural causes saying his heart simply stopped beating. his death looming large on this presidential election. this afternoon, republican presidential candidate ted cruz told supporters how high the stakes are with the empty seton at supreme court. >> we are one justice away from fundamentally losing our freedoms. this court right now is already an activist court that is disregarding the law. but as extreme and radical as this court is, there are four hard core left wing judicial activists on the court. one more and we will have a five-justice majority that will undermine the very basic liberties of our country.
12:34 pm
>> with me new, the author of this book, scalia, a court of one. bruce murphy, a professor of civil rights lafayette college. and also ruth, a columnist for "the new york post." ruth, first when the news broke this weekend and how quickly the statements started pouring in and reading that the substantive statements, how surprised are you as far as how quickly this has turned into the politization and talk of his replacement? >> i think the cynic wants to say not that surprised but it was still pretty stunning. i think even almost before the court had officially con fired the death of justice scalia, we had statements from the senate majority leader saying that he had no intention of proceeding with the nomination while president was still president. so we know the news cycle and politics have speeded up and
12:35 pm
intensified everything but that was pretty intense watching everything on saturday. >> bruce, your thought? >> my reaction is similar to ruth's, but i think the explanation is we're heading into pivotal time for the court. the conservatives, contrary to what mr. cruz is trying to say, have controlled the supreme court for 45 years. they've had the majority. and we are looking at a turning point that may lead us into a confirmation fight that will look like the robert bork fight on steroids. >> ruth, we pulled a clip from july 2007, senator schumer giving this speech to the american constitution society. >> we cannot afford to see justice stevens replaced by another roberts or justice ginsburg by another alito.
12:36 pm
give be the track record of this president and the experience of on few cation at hearings, i will recommend to my colleagues we shall not confirm any bush nominee to the supreme court except in extraordinary circumstances. >> i know you know where i'm going with this but just to be fair here. >> i do. >> the man who could be the senate's next majority leader is responsible for doing the same thing. >> look, washington is a place of situational ethics. and if you want to judge what should happen going forward with a replacement for justice scalia, based on who's been more hypocritical in the past, you're going to end up having a standoff because you can have dueling quotes from both sides about how things should proceed based on whether their interests at the time lie. the way i think about it, what
12:37 pm
does the constitution envision, what's the right thing to do for the country and the court? it seep seems to me the foundi fathers did not envision that you would have a senate simply decide to sit on its hands and essentially shut down the supreme court. not for the remainder of one term but as a practical matter for two terms, because if we wait until the next president, it's going to be well until the next supreme court term that we're going to have a full bench. >> bruce, i'm curious, just on justice scalia, the man -- i was talking to one of his biographies and she was talking about the etvolution of oral arguments and how he'd give people a tough time if they were having a hard time with words or notes and he would yell, when you're ready, say bingo. what will his legacy be? >> as a justice, he changed the nature of the role not only in oral arguments but in the way he
12:38 pm
wrote his opinions. he would attack his fellow justices quite directly. and quite memorably. and use language unlike any that we seen in the history of the court. and then proceed to do the same thing off the court in speeches and public appearances and interviews. he's changed the court i think into a kind of celebrity institution. and made the court more of a political target of attack. his legacy is maybe three fold. obvio obviously it has changed the conversation among justices as to how they'll justify their decisions. i think that in the -- in the off the court area, he's made the court much more visible, much more controversial, much more political. that's what i think is going on here. the political dysfunctional gridlock of the senate. as reflected by the polarization of the supreme court.
12:39 pm
everybody understands the math here. change one seat from one party to the other and you change the entire situation. his long-term legacy may well be, it may be his strongest legacy, for generations of conservative law students and conservative law professors who take guidance from his writing and his opinions and 20, 30 years down the road may resuscitate originalism and make it the basis for the supreme court's work. >> bruce allen murphy and ruth marcus, thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up next, she inspires one of president obama's campaign slogans. now edith child is fired up and ready to go for the 2016 race. who she endorsing? she will join me live coming up next. dee.
12:40 pm
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12:44 pm
hillary clinton, bernie sanders, are getting ready for the south carolina primary as well. back when it was president obama's turn to campaign there, one woman changed everything. that woman is edith childs. >> here she is right here. and she got this same hat. so -- >> senator obama, you're just so special, so this is for you. fired up. ready to go. fired up. ready to go.
12:45 pm
fired up. ready to go. >> that woman responsible for firing up that campaign led to the presidency. she's a council woman in south carolina. you are bringing it on this president's day, it is such an honor to meet you, miss childs. >> how are you, brooke? >> i am well. let me just ask you, can you take it back to the rainy day, where there weren't a lot of people, you knew you needed to do something to bring it for barack obama. >> yes, that was a special day, was back in june 2007. he came to greenwood and we met him at the civic center. and he started with some kind of field hughes bouse, but it was center. there were 30 of us just wanted
12:46 pm
to welcome him. my intent was saying, senator, we're glad area in greenwood but it turned out to be more than that. >> the president said it amok his own campaign staffers to fire him up on those tough days. have you stayed in touch with the president? i mean what kind of relationship have you had in the year since? >> it has been eight years of a relationship, brooke. i heard from him during the inauguration. had two trips there for christmas celebration and those two years that we missed, we received christmas card. still receive christmas cards. and we're just excited about the relationship. >> that south carolina primary is upon us. who's firing you up, edith childs, bernie sanders or hillary clinton? >> well, that's something that remains to be seen.
12:47 pm
i'm just kind of sitting in the middle, you know, and i'm not quite sure yet but there's also a little fish out there in the water also that we haven't heard a lot about. >> what's that? >> that little fish is willie wilson. he's sitting out there. you hadn't heard a whole lot about him. but he has a lot of good ideas. so we have to think about those things and just see where you want to go. >> think about the big fish, think about the little fish, when you remember back to that day in 2007 and that feeling of being so fired up over one man, what do you think will get you there this next go around? what are you looking for? >> what would really get me there, for them to have more interaction with the people. you know, they're meeting at the schools and all that, but they need to get out where the real
12:48 pm
people are. president obama went, we had stuff in our homes for him, but none of that has transpired. and just doesn't seem to be doing what needs to do, you know? >> i do. i do know. you have to go talk to the people and the people, they need to listen. >> exactly. >> edith childs, thank you so much. and with that, you know, hearing from the people is key and also now this back and forth, this sort of sudden bloodbath between donald trump and ted cruz on the republican side. we now have some sound from ted cruz responding to mr. trump calling him a liar. here you go. >> if they want to go down that direction, that's fine. but i have no intention of responding in kind. [ applause ] i think the people of south carolina deserve better than that. i think the people of south carolina deserve a campaign
12:49 pm
focused on issues and substance and record. but i will continue pointing out the truth about records. so when you look at the words that came out of their mouth, there's a reason the national organization of marriage has endorsed me in this campaign and said it cannot support trump or rubio, because both of them are unwilling to defend traditional marriage. there's a reason dr. james dobson is supporting me in this campaign and tony perkins and gary bower and pastors -- >> cruz saying he's not going to go there. we've got some days to go to see if that tone changes. given everything we've watched over the course of the last two hours, this is must-see tv later on cnn. because we will have here at cnn all six republican candidates going face-to-face directly with the voters of south carolina. this is cnn's republican presidential town hall times two, two-day event, wednesday
12:50 pm
and thursday nights, 8:00 eastern, here on cnn. coming up next, a deadly bomb attack at a hospital in syria and the moment it hit caught on tape. we will talk live with the head of the doctors without borders mission there to find out how this could possibly happen and who was behind it. we live in a pick and choose world.
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
the violence in war-torn syria taking yet another troubling turn and casting doubt on a planned cease-fire. today two hospitals and a school were bombed. as many as 22 people are dead, 40 people hurt, one attack and 60 miles away a hospital supported by doctors without borders was also hit. the state department now condemning these bombings, blaming the regime of syrian president bashar al assad and questioning russia's ability to stop the brutality. joining us is the head of the mission for doctors without borders. thank you so much for calling in. first, if i may just ask you on
12:55 pm
numbers, can you confirm the latest casualties and injuries among hospital staff and patients? >> yes. this morning msf supported a hospital in the north of syria as being hit by four missile attacks, two attacks within two minutes of each other. this attack left so far as far as we know seven people dead and eight of other people that are still missing and within the seven people in this structure, five of them were patients. the other ones were actually staff. but we're also concerned about the other eight people that are still missing from the staff. >> people who are missing as well. have you heard from any of the doctors or families personally today? >> we constantly try to be in touch with the staff working in the hospital as well as our msf
12:56 pm
staff which is present in syria, but the situation was very complicated and confused. so far we can confirm these casualties and these people missing but also the hospital has been destroyed so we don't have a lot of hope for the people who are missing for their lives. and the problem as well is that the research in the rubble has stopped because it's night here and the situation is desperate actually. >> are you getting any information, any intel on who would be behind this? >> well, these ones in the morning were aerial strikes and to the best of our knowledge in the era that we are operating supporting these hospitals, the syrian coalition forces are present with planes, so we do believe that it's the syrians who carried out the attacks. >> there are reports of attacks on other medical facilities as well. you know, we covered that air strike that mistakenly killed those 30 people at the doctors
12:57 pm
without borders hospital in afghanistan. that was last november. amnesty international called out russia and syria specifically citing war crimes. would you agree with that assessment? >> well, first of all, we have to clarify that the hospital that we support like many other structures are not msf hospitals, they're hospitals that msf supports with medical supplies. as i said before, health structure that has been bombed by aerial strike in this area might have been hit by syrian government coalition and health structures shouldn't be the target of a strike. the hospital was providing services to 40,000 people which are now left without any health facility to go to and, therefore, their situation is
12:58 pm
desperate and critical in this moment. >> i'm going to let you go. i really appreciate the time and we'll be covering this and keeping a close eye on what's happening here. just important to cover. a short time from now we've been talking the last two hours, george w. bush set to appear with his brother in south carolina. this is the first time this has happened here on the campaign trail. we'll take it live on cnn. we'll be right back. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision,
12:59 pm
or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card
1:00 pm
donald trump goes off. "the lead" starts right now. he's calling ted cruz a lying basket case and threatening to take him to court for more than just campaigning while canadian. is he just trying to steal another candidate's thunder? as jeb bush recruits w. to deliver a "w" in south carolina. and it's hard to think of a death that could shake up the political landscape


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