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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  February 15, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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president's day the race for the white house is turning into a war. one that can tear the gop apart. this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. two days to go until the gop town hall. republicans are taking aim at each other. all of washington preparing to do battle over the supreme court. what will all of this mean in
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novemb november? we'll talk about politics with hue hue et. a veteran of the white house council, council office who also served two attorneys general. my goodness! i've gotten that out. i'm also very jealous you're in california this evening. hue straight to it. valentine's weekend is over. no love lost between cruz and trump. here's what happened on saturday night. look at this. >> this guy will say anything. nasty guy. i know why he doesn't have one endorsement from any of miss colleagues. >> pick from the buffet there. >> it is fairly remarkable to see donald defending ben after he compared him to a child molester. donald has a weird pattern. when you point to his own record he screams "liar, liar" liar." >> was it me or do you think
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saturday night was nastier than before? new high new low? >> new level of intensity. i will say this. three polls came out today allegedly taken on sunday, a bad polling day, but nevertheless, the day after the debate. donald trump leads all by double digits. ted cruz and marco rubio in second and third place. i watched bush's speech earlier today. so things can change dramatically in south carolina quickly. but it appears for all of the pyrotech knicks on saturday night the race hasn't moved much. >> let me ask you since you brought up bush. do you think having his brother will change anything? people say if nikki haley enhorse e endorses him. >> i think george w. bush motivates the base. therefore, a lot of people who might have been thinking about
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sitting out and watching what happened will come out and one more time will fall the old man whenever he wants to go. but what is really interesting is the supreme court battle energized the republicans. and i talked to tray gowdy, a rubio endorser. he expects record break out. huge turn out on saturday. i've been saying this gavel nices republicans more than democrats. am i wrong? >> you're right. on the one hand you have hillary clinton willy sutton running for the opportunity to appoint the next justice of the supreme court. a person who wants standard of law apply talked to her. getting to nominate the decisive vote on the supreme court. that will motivate republicans. in fact, you saw mitch mcdonnell take the lead saying there won't be any hearings. there's not going to be a vote. and rob portman, kelly ayotte,
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ron johnson, pat toomey confirmed they will not confirm the nominee. he could nominate my friend john eastman -- >> you want the next president to get that, is that what you're saying? >> that's it. i want the election to focus on the court. the court deciding this. i think it's a great opportunity for americans to have a discussion about what the court means in their life. >> okay. yeah. let's do this. let's play this. >> i'm going to bring a lawsuit because in my opinion, based on what i have learned over the last two or threes days from top lawyers he doesn't have the right to serve as president or run as president. he was born in canada. i will bring that lawsuit if he doesn't apologize. >> that's not what i want to talk about. but let's do talk about that.
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trump is hitting cruz now. he's saying i think they should intervene. the republican national committee should intervene. where is the rnc leadership now? should they be intervening on a lot of issues? no. the rnc leadership -- my son works at the rnc. i want to clear the conflict. the rnc is doing the right thing. keeping their hands off it. donald trump has standing to bring that lawsuit about ted cruz. a secretary of state could keep senator cruz off the ballot. i think he's wrong. i think he's eligible. but donald trump has the right to bring the lawsuit, if anybody does. he would be adverse i are impacted by having an ineligibility person on the campaign. donald trump is a smart campaigner. he's keeping the attention on himself. he knew he had to do something today with george w. bush
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creating an enormous amount of buzz. he had a press conference. that's good politics. good theater. donald trump has proven to us again and again he knows this game as well as anyone, better than most, he played it well another good hand today. >> it's not just trump. ted cruz is going after marco rubio. this is from today. listen. >> if marco wants to stand up and say in-state tuition for illegal aliens is great. i expect to have that debate with hillary in the fall or bernie. but it is not be honest or candid for rubio or trump to pretend their records are different. >> is there a war in the gop now? >> it's a great primary battle.
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ted cruz got a lift by the focus switching to the supreme court, which is his strong suit. he argued nine times before the justices. he clerked on the court. he's a brilliant lawyer. alan dershowitz said previously ted cruz was his law student. he said he's best law student. marco rubio got a big lift saturday night. he's campaigning with tim scott and trey gowdy, both of whom endorsed him. john kasich gets to play above it all and say i'm the guy who is not down in the mud. not wrestling. vote for me. i'm the nice happy reagan. dr. ben carson playing the same card. it's not a war. it's primary. i like primaries. in is who it's all about. we'll nominate the strongest candidate. i came up with this earlier. hillary clinton is the willie sutton of classified
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information. she's falling like a rock in nevada. there's a wall street story saying bernie sanders catching her. i think come the end of the primary season, we'll nominate the toughest, strongest republican and we're going to win and get the next supreme court justice. maybe two or three. >> let's talk about this. what happened september 11th? what is your reaction to trump using it against jeb and the former president. you mentioned that, you know, the former president was out there speaking today and gave a great speech, in your estimation. you were watching it. what do you think of trump using 9/11? >> well, i was taken aback on saturday night. he walked it back on sunday. i like to be fair to candidates. sometimes in the heat of a debate they say something or they'll say something they didn't mean and clarify the next day. jeb bush on cnn with dana bash on state of the union said he didn't really care about it. it wasn't a big deal to him what mcconnell did in the senate. he clarified making it clear he was speaking too quickly and it
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means a great deal. donald trump didn't mean lies. he knew there were no weapons of mass destruction there. let's be fair to everyone. they all sometimes use catch phrases, as i do, as you do, that are misunderstood. i like to consider them complete candidates. donald trump clarified, jeb bush clarified. i think the voters in south carolina, the record numbers of voters are going to give us a loot to chew on. we'll have a debate on cnn on february 25th. there will be a panelist in houston. another debate on march 10th. it's going to go a long time. don, write it down, open convention. no one will have 1,237 delegates come the opening convention in cleveland. it's going to be a heck of a ride. >> i think you've said that before. >> i have. >> this time you went like this. >> thank you. >> you should. i appreciate it. when we come back counting down to the two-night republican town hall wednesday and thursday.
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republican rhetoric heating on the campaign trail. what do the voters think? let's discuss bob kusak.
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good to have you this evening. so, caylee, i was going to ask you about saturday night. we don't have to go back that far. i'm going to ask you about what happened today at the donald trump press conference. listen. >> he kept the country safe after 9/11. what about during 9/11? i was there. i lost a lot of friends that were killed in that building. the worst attack ever in this country. it was during his presidency, and i must tell you one thing about ted cruz that i can say only to a minor extent by comparison for the other politicians. i haven't been doing this long. i've been in it since june 16th. i will tell you i have never ever met a person that lies more than ted cruz. i have never ever seen anything like it. >> look, i understand donald's
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frustration. you look at ted cruz and the things he's saying. let's take abortion saying donald trump doesn't support defunding planned parenthood. that's false. donald trump called planned parenthood an abortion factory that needs to be defunded. you look at the second amendment. cruz said that the second amendment will be wiped out if donald trump becomes president and appointed a justice. false. donald trump supports a national right to carry. that's a very extreme position. i understand how on a number of issues from same-sex marriage to guns to abortion. cruz is mischaracterizing his position at best. and at worst lying. i understand trump's frustration. >> that plays to the base, i would imagine. i think anyone who is a rationale american knows the second amendment is not going anywhere no matter who becomes the next supreme court justice. why would ted cruz say something
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like that? >> yeah, cruz is just looking to fire up different lnlts of the republican base and cot legislation in the state of south carolina. so it's a critical issue especially in the northwestern part of south carolina. he has a strategy to motivate evangelical and gun-owning second amendment conservative voters. that's part of what he's trying to do here. it's not a lot more simple than that. and donald trump has been just amazing with respect to how he's been able to steal the thunder and shift the topic. so it's pretty interesting to watch here as we come to the close. >> let's talk about saturday night. and i understand you said that saturday night was an ugly slug fest. you said it was embarrassing to the gop. what about what happened today? is it all out war? >> it is. the candidates -- this is the crucial stretch here, and, of course, a lot of pundits and republican candidates thought by this point donald trump would be out of the race.
7:17 pm
and certainly not a topic. that's why i think saturday night was ugly. i don't think it reflected well on the republican party. there was a lot of shouting and yelling at each other. that's never a good thing. when you're doing that, especially in a debate. i think that these candidates are getting desperate. you look at jeb bush and, you know, i thought he had a decent debate but not done well in the polls. he survived new hampshire. can he survive south carolina? marco rubio had a disappointing debate. this is crunch time. south carolina is going to, i think, lead to one or two candidates getting out. carson probably the leading candidate but maybe one or two others. >> south carolina said like a true southerner. i like that. matt, do you think donald trump did this today to take the spotlight off of george w out on the campaign trail for his brother? >> i don't know about george w. but there seems to be a pattern of donald trump after he has a bad or mediocre debate changing the subject line. he doesn't want cable news to
7:18 pm
run ad nauseam so he changes the subject. we, of course, gladly comply because he's catnip for those that love to talk about politics. donald trump is basically, i think, played us like a fiddle, and he's so fascinating. he's so interesting. the unfortunate thing, though, is that this was -- this could have been a great republican bench. there's very talented republicans out there. some of whom are running for president. people like marco rubio. some of whom are not. people like south carolina governor nikki haley. instead of focussing on them it's the donald trump show. >> do you think that trump is going too far with his criticism of george w. bush when he's talking about george w. bush? >> i do think he went too far in the debate. i was kpleesed to see him dial back the rhetoric today. here is one thing i know about conservatives, and that makes up about roughly half of donald trump's support. one thing about conservatives is
7:19 pm
we love george w. bush. he enjoys an 84% approval rating in south carolina. calling him a liar is a bit too far. i was pleased to see donald trump pull in that rhetoric today. he has a fair criticism of the iraq war. most people think it was a bad idea including george's own brother jeb when he was pushed on the point earlier in the political season. he did go too far in the debate. >> don, one thing i haven't seen in the coverage is laura bush was there too, today. i worked for president bush and, you know, there was the first, you know, the first sister-in-law. she's pretty popular figure, too. they probably ought to bring her back and send her to south carolina. >> phil, let me ask you this. i asked earlier. jeb bush seemed like a different candidate today. he was more energetic and confident since he his brother and mom and wife and sister-in-law out. why didn't he do it sooner? >> tricky subject. any time your brother happens to
7:20 pm
be the former president -- former leader of the free world. that's a tough dynamic in terms of where you insert yourself any point in time. let alone you're trying to establish your own candidacy, themes, rationale. in south carolina it's one of those places where it lines up perfectly. as previously said, he's enormously popular. the voter base there has historical connection with the bush family. obviously the connection with the military. it made a lot of sense, i think. at this point in time, i saw some private numbers today that suggested that the bush campaign still struggling to get traction. so if that's the case, i think you have to pull everything out of the bag at this point in time. if you don't perform if you're jeb bush, after south carolina it gets more difficult. don't go away. republicans digging in their heels over the supreme court. how bad will that battle get?
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7:25 pm
washington post and this is from the senate minority leader harry reid. he delivered this message on what he thinks is going to happen or should happen about congress and naming another justice. okay. so he says republicans should not insult the american people's intelligence by pretending there is historical precedent of what they are about to do by ignoring the constitutional mandate the senate would sabotage the court in the highest in the united states and aim at a foundation of the system of checks and balances system. it is easy to get caught up in the partisan of an election year. i would urge my republican colleagues to remember the consequences of blocking any nominee would hang over their heads for the rest of their careers. if republicans proceed, they will ensure in this republican majority is repped as the most n naked -- pursuing their rat call strategy in a quest to deny that the fact that america elected
7:26 pm
barack obama would rank among the most rash. the consequences will reverberate for decades. >> harry reid is one of the most naked partisans in the business. these guys are all hypocrites. go back ten years and you'll find republicans saying what democrats are saying today. you'll find democrats saying what republicans are saying today. so, look, i'm sure we can go back and find what harry reid had to say about george w. bush's nominees. barack obama joined a filibuster of justice alito before he became president. there's a lot of hypocrisy on this. the bottom line is george w. bush had two appointments. barack obama had two appointments. now we have justice samuel alito passing away. there's a chance for the liberals to redefine the court for a generation. i think republicans you can call it obstructionists, but they'll argue a lame-duck president who
7:27 pm
already had two picks -- >> not quite. >> with less than a year left to go -- >> okay, let me get quick reactions from all of you. bob? >> well, one thing that harry reid is not is subtle. he definitely -- he's a former fighter and he's going to be going after mitch mcconnell and they used to get along. they don't get along that much anymore. it's going to define the senate for the rest of the year. they really don't have much to do. there's not much on the agenda other than some appropriations bills. so this is going to be -- you said it. very bitter. both sides are going to be citing precedent. they're going to be -- and i think the key here, don, is that which party holds. is there cracks in the unity of the republican party? all the republicans who are up for re-election, are they going to back ted cruz and mitch mcconnell in this? i don't think that republicans are going to cave. it depends on how much pressure is put on them from the white house. >> i said quick but that's okay.
7:28 pm
>> it's false for harry reid to say there's no precedent for this. in fact, the supreme court justice hasn't been confirmed in an election year in 80 years. i would refer him to the words of his colleague chuck schumer. george w. bush is still president. we need to wait until the lame-duck president gets out. >> play it. >> we cannot afford to see justice stephens replaced by another roberts or justice ginsburg by another alito. given the track record of this president and the experience of hearings with respect to the supreme court, at least, i will recommend to my colleagues that we should not confirm any bush nominee to the supreme court except in extraordinary circumstances. >> reaction now from phil? >> look, i think matt nailed it earlier.
7:29 pm
you've seen the hypocrisy of the parties on both sides of this thing. i think it's honestly what is wrong with washington in a lot of ways. the american people are trying to figure out what kind of ping-pong is going on here. i'm unclear about the politics of it, to be honest. looking at the longest game, it could go either way. it could be a base motivator for republicans where they want to hang tough with the swing vote or could be it a chance for the president to r relentlessly hamr the congress. the jury is out on it. i worry about the politics of the situation. >> you said that voters shouldn't fear trump's supreme court nominees. why is that? >> definitely not. look, he was the only candidate in the debate to name two potential replacements. and the replacements he named diane psysikes and bill pri yoo.
7:30 pm
he named two contenders and they're great judges. >> bob, what did president obama -- a member of the u.s. court of appeals for the district of columbia. he's considered to be a moderate. he's 97-0. and was a clerk for sandra day oh connor. >> you never know but i think president obama is going to pick a nominee like that or jean kelly who is unanimously confirmed by the senate. i don't think he's going to pick a controversial pick. i think he's going to go with someone who got bipartisan support, bipartisan praise, and put the pressure on -- >> will it get it through or no? >> remains to be seen. i think no. i think mitch mcconnell has to hold the line and, remember, the senate is up for grabs. it could become a big issue for the battle in the senate.
7:31 pm
>> can you think of any nominee both sides might agree on? >> get ted cruz out of the presidential race, maybe. cruz on the court. there you go. first news here. there's a theory that the west wing theory is president obama gets ginsburg to step down, names a young liberal to replace her, and old conservative to replace scalia as a comprise. that's the west wing theory. i don't think it's going to happen but who knows. >> okay. wow. >> okay. >> let that one hatch. >> that sounds like you said the west wing theory. it sounds like a plot out of west wing. phil, continue. >> i think it's great. >> i think the one point that has to be made is the stakes are so high of. it's a lifetime apointment. it could be that this becomes the defining legacy of the president. the supreme court usually outlives any decision they make.
7:32 pm
it's a big deal, obviously. >> i need a quick answer for this one, please. what do you think will be the first new president or justice on the supreme court? who do we get first? >> bill pryor. >> a new president or new justice. >> oh. new president, for sure. >> president. >> president. >> president. >> new president. >> bob? >> unanimous. president. >> all right. there we have it. thank you, guys. i appreciate it. see you soon. coming up can the battle over the supreme court backfire? what will it mean to undecided voters? . [ man ] we thought it might be a little more tense. you miss the drama? yeah. [ technician ] ask him whatever you want. okay. ♪ do you think my sister's prettier than me? ♪ [ laughs ]
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7:37 pm
justice scalia's death a big part of the political conversation. do you think it will change how people think about their vote when they go into the booth? >> well, i do believe that e electability moved up in people's considerations. meaning that the idea that you might have a supreme court nomination during your presidency is no longer theoretical. it's an absolute. and if the senate holds to what senate leaders are saying now they will not allow conformation vote on whoever barack obama submits, that means that the next president democrat or republican who had it in their seat are staying. that means who can actually get elected becomes a very real pressing concern. >> and should be. and should be. so, bill, is that you agreeing? >> yeah. absolutely. i've said that voting for presidents is the number one reason to cast your vote for president is thinking about the supreme court nominees and who is going to be making them. i think this totally shakes up not just the presidential race
7:38 pm
in 2016, but also the race for control of the united states senate all the more important that democrats retain control of the senate. they'll see it that way. and, of course, it puts the court in gridlock for the next year. antonin scalia liked to stir up trouble. i'm sure there's a smile on his face today. >> is it a mistake to turn is into a political battle. >> not at all. i think everything we see now is a political battle. i hope justice scalia, rest in peace, and i wanted to give him and his family enough time to grieve and do the things necessary. >> it happened 30 seconds after the man died -- >> yeah. >> but that's the kind of -- that's the society we live in today. i want to comment that i think the republicans are not playing the long game. i think there's a way where by the president can push through a
7:39 pm
nominee and get a nominee on the bench and rile up the base which will benefit them in the long run. i'm not certain this gamble will pay off if you have hillary clinton or bernie sanders as the 45th president of the united states. >> and the other consideration -- the other consideration is you don't know the chess game plays out. if obama nominates someone who is relatively moderate and already gotten majority or all conformation on lower court. it may be palatable to republicans. obama could take the alternate route and say i'm going to put someone on the ballot i think will help to energize the democratic base. because you know they will not be confirmed you're putting them on the ballot, whoever the democratic nominee is. and how it plays, however, is not clear. it could energize democratic base but it could energize the republican base. >> right.
7:40 pm
>> i'm not exactly clear -- >> the best person who gets in the white house is a democrat they can put someone up who is very liberal. you don't know how it weighs out. >> but also just to draw this point. that's something that the president has never done before. he's always done someone moderate enough. someone who will get through and pass the vetting process. i think someone the president will look at is loretta lynch who went through the process. >> no one mentioned her. no one is mentioning her. as a serious contender. >> yeah. i was going to say i was going to mention her. >> there we go. me and -- >> there we go. her campaign starts here. i think it could turn around and bite the republicans. number one, it is going to energize -- it will energize the republicans. everything does. it will energize the democratic base. they've got to get the senate back from the swing states that they lost the last time and they
7:41 pm
have to hold on to the white house. and if the president does nominate let's saily loretta lynch. do the republicans want to fight if for the next ten months in the negative partnership? i don't think so. what if he nominates sri srinivasan, the first indian-american ever nominated supreme court. do the republicans want to go into the general election and make it their whole battle for this year? i think they'll fold if president obama nominates the right person. >> as attractive as loretta is, with i don't think has a shot. >> people are mentioning judge paul -- >> great nominee. >> they would all be great. they would be great. >> do you think it could push an undecided voter to throw their support behind any one specific candidate? >> i do. i think that going back to the point e electability is a major issue. the candidate with the largest
7:42 pm
question mark is bernie sanders. i think bernie sanders as his campaign is growing and evolving and beginning to answer the questions. he has to come through nevada and south carolina and super tuesday. but as of right now, if there's a question in voters minds, i think people deem hillary clinton, whether or not that's right or not, i think it's a right choice. whether or not it's right to be more valuable, more valid candidate moving into november. i think that will hurt bernie sanders going forward. >> okay. we have a unique two-night event on cnn this week in the first time in this campaign. the live televised town hall moderated by cnn. ben -- don't miss the cnn gop presidential town hall live two-night event wednesday and thursday beginning at 8:00 p.m.
7:43 pm
on cnn. whew. charles is sitting here. how do you do it as i'm reading. stay with me, everyone. will hillary clinton's support from african-american voters put her over the top in south carolina? we'll be right back. omega-3s. bayer pro ultra omega-3 can help, with two times the concentration of omega-3s than the leading brand. love your heart ... with bayer pro ultra omega-3. i thione second it's then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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south carolina's democratic primary is a little over a week away. african-american voters could be the key. back with me now is our panel. baka bakari, hillary clinton has a comfortable lead in south carolina. according to recent polls. among african-american voters, her lead is even bigger. do you think these results that we're going to see in the primary, you know, on the primary night of african-american voters guarantee a big win for her? >> i don't want to speak too soon. i think she's doing well with african-american voters. the key to the democratic primary, and i've said it until i was blue in the face, is african-american women. that's where hillary clinton does extremely well. that's where she'll continue to do extremely well. it's going to be my mom and her friends decide this democratic primary. those women are supporting hillary clinton in this election. even here in south carolina,
7:48 pm
we're seeing that. we're seeing that outpouring of support. we look forward here in south carolina to having the next two weeks of nothing but excitement in hillary clinton and bernie sanders tearing up the roads here. >> hillary clinton had a unique moment on the campaign trail today. let's listen. >> they actually with a straight face say that the great recession was caused by too much regulation on wall street. they actually say that. you know, i remember when, you know, i sport -- supported my husband through his races in arkansas. one of my favorite, favorite political ads of all time was a radio ad in rural arkansas where the announcer said "wouldn't it be great if somebody running for office said something? we could have an immediate reaction as to whether or not it was true or not?" we've trained this dog and the
7:49 pm
dog -- if it's not true, he's going to bark and the dog was barking on the radio. people were barking at each other for days after that. i'm trying to figure out how we can do that with the republicans. you know, we need to get that dog and follow them around and every time they say these things, like, oh, you know, the great recession was caused by too much regulation, [ barking ] you know. [ laughter ] >> be nice. >> oh, yeah, i'm coming to you. is hillary barking at me? is this her groove, you think? >> well, it certainly sounds like it. she is experiencing some comfort going into south carolina. less in nevada, however, where the polls seem to show that the race is maybe getting a little bit tighter.
7:50 pm
but as bar carrkari says people voted in the democratic primary in 2008 were black. there were more young voters in south carolina than iowa and new hampshire. only about 14% in south carolina will be below the age of 30. there are more women voters in south carolina than in iowa and new hampshire. in 2008 only 39% of the people who voted in the south carolina democratic primary were men. all of those factors kind of give her a slight edge. >> yeah. >> bill, before we move on. she has had, you know, i guess a criticism she's been too programmed at times. for her to be barking on the campaign trail, it's a sign of some degree of comfort or a higher degree of comfort. >> let me say it's a sign of hillary clinton i've never seen before. i don't think anybody of us have seen before. it's good to see her loosen up a
7:51 pm
little bit. maybe she's going to do more of that. let me jump in about south carolina, if i can. i'm glad charles mentioned nevada. i think what happens in nevada could have a big impact. bernie sanders has some advantages in nevada. it is 20% latino. it's 13% -- 14% african-american. it's a caucus state. people can register on the same day. bernie has a huge operation there. spending a lot of time there. if he wins and does very well in nevada, i think that gives him -- will give him a boost in south carolina. look, we know that it's an uphill battle for him there. i think he made inroads with the younger endorsements. i'm going as far as to say -- >> i don't think -- >> what he said -- if somebody says they're going to vote -- --
7:52 pm
>> recognize killer mike tonight. that's a great thing. everybody knows killer mike. >> yeah. it's a great night. >> i want to say something. i go as far as to say that hillary will probably win south carolina. bernie is not going to lose by 22 points. that's my prediction. >> it's going to tighten up. >> i think that's probably true. >> do you think, bakari, you said it was more importance on the vote now what you take to the voting booth because of the supreme court justice decision now. do you think african-americans in sk take that into the voting booth with them? >> no doubt about it. we're talking about voting rights act and issues near and dear to the hearts of many african-americans. we think about all the sacrifices that were made so we can make it this far. in south carolina always tell people you don't have to go far to find your civil right the hero. you can go to different people's
7:53 pm
kitchens and understand they were the ones who were sain prison, beaten, and the sacrifices they made. we understand sometimes we need the validity and the president fought hard to get the affordable care act and we understand the role in importance. i think that is a big deal. especially in south carolina among african-americans. >> yet, charles, you wrote in the column today. i don't know if this contradicts what he's saying. saying to people who believe in sanders' version is -- their sense of wonder and determination. stop believing that the impossible is possible. that lands like a wet blanket. the country's lore at the image is its own greatness and rooted in doing what have never been done. what no one thought could be done. is that the two -- you can go into the voting booth thinking about who is actually stands a
7:54 pm
better chance of winning. >> right. to add to the point, i think in addition to understanding what the supreme court will mean in terms of civil rights, i think a lot of people have taken to that spurning of the president and they will not be happy about it. >> right. >> the idea they make this particular president wait out 11 months and not give him a chance to appointment and take a vote, i think they'll take that spurning into the booth. >> in addition to that, i believe the idealism that young people are naturally idealistic. i think when we get older like us, you know, you take it a couple of nots and you kind of moderate to some degree. i think that's why we're seeing a generational divide in terms of whether or not people are generally buying into the idealism or the practicality of the candidates.
7:55 pm
>> speak for yourself. >> yeah. whatever. >> i'm younger than bakari sellers. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. thank you, guys. we'll be right back. thank you f. we'll be with you shortly. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better and faster customer experience. hello mr. kent. can i rebook your flight? i'm here! customer care can work better. with xerox. wait i'm here! mr. kent? (gasp) shark diving! xerox personalized employee portals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing? cliff jumping! human resources can work better. with xerox. go on a first date. my passion is puppetry. here? i think we're done here. hate drama? go to research, price, find. only helps you get the right car without all the drama.
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plus helpful advice from the sleep experts, it's no wonder more than a million people fall asleep each night on a sleep train mattress! ♪ sleep train [train horn] ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ we have a unique two-night event on cnn this week. for the first time in this
7:59 pm
campaign, all six republican presidential candidates will answer questions from the voters of south carolina. it is our live televised town hall. moderated by anderson cooper. seen only on cnn wednesday and thursday night beginning at 8:00 eastern time. ben carson and marco rubio and ted cruz will kick it off on wednesday night. okay. and then john kasich, jeb bush, and donald trump will field questions from voters on thursday night. don't miss the cnn gop presidential town hall. it's a live two night event. wednesday and thursday night 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. that is it for us tonight. i thank you so much for joining us. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. if you're watching in the united states, "ac 360" is next. good night from new york. thanks for watching. good evening. thanks for joining us.
8:00 pm
welcome to the battle lines. just five days before they go before the voters in south carolina. the leading republican presidential candidates are at war with one another. trump against cruz. cruz against trump. cruz against rubio. trump against bush. candidates calling other candidates unstable, liars, threatening lawsuits. hasn't been this tough since adams supporters called jackson's wife, well, you'll have to look that one up because i'm not going to say it. jeb bush has been used by trump as a political punching bag is punching back bringing his brother, the former president, into the fight. george w. bush may have left office as one of the least popular presidents in history but remains one of the most popular republicans in south carolina where he campaigned with his brother today and where donald trump was the unspoken subject. we'll have more on the impact he had from gary tuchman. >> reporter: former president george w. bush with his wife laura on the 2016 campaign trail to try to make his brother jeb the next president.


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