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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  February 16, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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night. >> absolutely. brian, thanks for stopping by. thank you for joining me. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. all right. hello, everyone. i'm john berman. welcome to the i know you are but what m achapter of the 2016 race. donald trump says ted kroousz cruz, you're a liar and i'm going to sue you. cruz says you're a liberal and have lost it. rubio says cruz you're a liar. bush says trump, you sound like michael moore and my brother can beat you up. he didn't say that last part exactly, but everything else, pretty much verbatim and it's just beginning. four days to go until the blood bath formally known as the south carolina primary. jim acosta joins us live from augusta in south carolina where he's been chasing the trump campaign. >> that's right, john.
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we've heard everything but i'm rubber and you're glue, right? that's essentially where we are in south carolina right now. it's a battle. a pro wrestling style battle, and given donald trump's history with pro wrestling, this might gave him. he's been going after cruz, hammering him hard earlier this morning on good morning america in a phone interview. let's listen to that. he once again called cruz a liar. >> i've dealt with many people over my lifetime and been successful and dealt with some people a lot tougher than him, but i've never dealt with anybody that lied like him. even marco rubio the other day, he called him a liar. i've never heard from a politician where they called each other a liar. but ted cruz is a liar. he out and out lies. >> the reason why donald trump is saying that, is he's saying
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that cruz has been mischaracterizing his position on obama care and the second amendment. donald trump is going to do what donald trump does, and that is fire back and fire back with guns blazing. we also want to point out that the billionaire businessman put up an op ed in usa today this morning talking about his basically his policy when it comes to dealing with terrorists. he's coming out in favor of using enhanced interation techniques like those during the bush administration. donald trump saying in this op ed, though the effectiveness of many methods may be in dispute, nothing should be taken off the table when american lives are at stake. the enemy is cutting the heads off christians and drowning them in cages. and yet we are too politically correct to respond.
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he got into a scuffle with nikki haley. . yesterday he suggested she was not being tough enough on the refugees, whether they should be allowed to come to the united states, and whether gitmo detainees should be moved to the united states. haley hit back at trump hard saying he should know the facts first before commenting on the issues. that was reported in the state newspaper. she's been sitting on the fence, not really endorsing anybody at this point. she met with the bushes yesterday down at that event that jeb bush had yesterday. that might be an interesting dynamic over the coming days. >> she hasn't endorsed but she's firmly in the not endorsing trump camp. she's made that clear. jim acosta in south carolina. thank you so much. one other thing is certain. jeb bush picked up a w. in south carolina. get it?
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his brother, george. he made a dramatic return to the campaign trail for his brother. the bush campaign clearly hopes that one w. leads to another when votes are counted on saturday. as for donald trump, as for jeb bush, i should say, he feels like he has donald trump all figured out. >> i think he is a master at manipulation, and i find it amusing on one level that he constantly attacks me. i'm his primary target, and i'm doing so poor in the polls according to everybody. why is that? why is he going after me every day? it's because he fears me. i'm the only guy standing up to him. >> he fears me. let's bring in athena jones. she's in columbia in south carolina with the bush campaign. athena. >> hi, john. you can see this event is just getting underway. you talked about the event last night, a dramatic return to the political stage for george w. bush.
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it was the kind of crowd we haven't seen at jeb bush events. much larger crowd and much more of a rally feel than we're used to seeing. that proves his brother is a draw. he's popular in this state. of course, this state handed primary victories to both george w. bush and george h.w. bush. they're hoping he will be an asset. in the crowd last night i talked to people who said they were there because w. was there and they'd be giving jeb a listen. the real draw last night was w. he made the case his younger brother has what it takes to be commander in chief, but he made references to donald trump saying that strength is not bluster and theatrics. and saying that the loudest voice in the room is not always the strongest voice in the room. he also talked about the fact that a lot of voters are angry, but that he don't need someone
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in the oval office who mirrors and enflames that frustration. the bottom line here, as you said, john, is that after finishing sixth in iowa and fourth in new hampshire, jeb bush needs a strong finish here. even though there's been a lot of talk about this war of words with druronald trump, a lot of k and forth about why donald trump is worried about jeb bush and a lot of criticism from trump about bush and also about his brother, w.'s administration, the bush campaign is keeping a focus on folks like rubio and kasich. they argue if you talk to bush aides, that bush just has to do best among the 'electable candidates in their words. and in their view, that doesn't include trump or cruz. but that does mean he needs to beat the others. >> i always wonder what electable means when you come in fourth in new hampshire and sixth in iowa. athena jones chasing the bush campaign for us in south carolina. thank you so much. one programming note.
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we have a two-night event on cnn. tomorrow and thursday night, 8:00 p.m. both nights. all six republican presidential candidates will appear in a town meet, two separate town meetings answering questions from the slo voters of south carolina. moderated by anderson cooper seen only on cnn. tomorrow night you have ben carson, rubio, ted cruz. thursday night it's john kasich, jeb bush, and i forget what else because i'm bad at math. 8:00 p.m. wednesday and thursday only on cnn. president obama holds a news conference in just a few hours. does he have news about his supreme court pick and does he have the stomach for a political brawl during the last 11 months of his presidency? plus brand new questions this morning about why there was no autopsy on justice slee ya. is this just a conspiracy theory, or as one homicide
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we have some breaking news just in out of iraq. three americans who were kidnapped at gunpoint last month have been set free. they were taken by an armed group in baghdad. barbara star has been following this and has the new information. >> reporter: good morning. we are getting word now that these three americans have been released. this word coming from both iraqi security officials and a u.s. official here in washington. the details. are very sketchy. they are in the process of being turned over the americans. contractors said to be two iraqi americans, one egyptian american kidnapped last month at a building in southern baghdad. a neighborhood that was known to be partly controlled, at least at that time, by some iranian backed shia militias that moved around in that neighborhood.
8:13 am
there was a lot of concerned that they were iranny backed shia militias. not sure what got them free, but they are, and it goes to the point that iraqi security forces were able to locate them, were able somehow to get them out of there. they now, being turned over to american authorities, and we will see what the next steps there, whether they return state side, stay in iraq, not just clear at this point. this situation, this story, still unfolding. >> good news for the contractors. good news for their families as well. barbara, thank you for bringing us the news. >> in just a few hours, president obama holds a news conference. this is his first chance to speak in public at length about his plans to fill the supreme court vacancy created by the death of antonin scalia. cnn learned the proprocess has moved quickly y. and he could narrow the list of candidates
8:14 am
within days. this even as there's near unanimous feelings that no matter who it is, it will go nowhere. here to does it, michelle kazinski. >> reporter: surely the president is going to be asked about this. if he chooses to go there, we could know more about where exactly he is in the process. and that's been a question. i mean, this fight started hours after scalia's death with republicans putting out these statements. but what we know in the time line, at least, is that the white house team has begun the process. not necessarily vetting at this point, but starting to lay things out for where this is going to be. you know president obama has chosen two supreme court justices in the past. it's highly likely that people who were on the short list before are going to be on the short list now. that will save some time, at least in the process. we also know that already there's been some white house outreach. very preliminary, we're told, to
8:15 am
congressional offices from the white house, both democrats and republicans. where that's going to go, ultimately, though, remains to be seen. just yesterday, in fact, the white house slammed republicans for what the white house has seen as continued obstructionism on a number of points. the white house has tried to get people confirmed for other offices and has had a tough time in some cases record delays. but when we asked the white house about this, what do they think about some of these statements the republicans have been putting out, does the white house think there's any chance that any nominee will go anywhere? the white house, even though it avoided getting into the politics for a couple of days, yesterday it had a prepared statement ready with past examples of problems that the white house sees republicans as causing. listen. >> this is a republican congress that has a lot of practice saying no. but i also want to point out this is not the first time that republicans have come out with a
8:16 am
lot of bluster only to have reality sink in. >> reporter: the white house has indicated the process itself, before we hear the name of the president's nominee, could take up to a month. that's what it's taken both times in the past. >> all right. michelle, you will be at the news conference later today. thank you for being with us. i want to discuss with this jeffrey tuben. jeffrey, it's safe to say at this point it doesn't look like president obama will get a nominee on the supreme court before the end of the term. if the senate doesn't want it to happen, it won't happen. nevertheless, what do you expect to see or what will you be looking for with the president when he takes that microphone later today and talks and answers questions about the supreme court? >> i think he will express confidence that his nominee will be approved. he can only -- there's no other way to behave if you're the president. i'm going to be interested to see if he's going to talk at all about the universe of people
8:17 am
he's considering. will it be only siltitting judg who are common source but not the only source of nominees. will he talk about elected officials? any sense of how -- who he's going to pick, and how he might deal with the -- essentially unified republican opposition to even giving this person a hearing. >> and how hard he's willing to fight and how uncomfortable he's willing to try to make these standing in his way in the senate. i suppose that's an open question. >> it's an open question, but an even more open question is what can he do about it if he wants to make life uncomfortable for them? he can campaign, but the senate majority is the senate majority. if mitch mcconnell doesn't want to hold a vote, he's not. >> his pick, could he not pick somebody who he says look at this person who may be a minority or represent unrepresented groups on the supreme court or be a revolution pick if you only held a hearing and voted on them.
8:18 am
might that put republicans in an uncomfortable position? >> maybe. a little. i mean, i really think this seat is too important to give a five democrat majority on the supreme court. he could pick a combination of john marshal, oliver win windlholmes. this person is not being confirmed by this senate. >> a lot of skeletons that we don't begin to know about. i don't want to make light of the situation, but there's a big television event. there's another story, american skri crime story. you wrote the book on it. this is the only episode where there is someone playing you in the show. >> actually, chris connor, he's in several different episodes, but this is his big star turn. because this is the episode that talks about a story i wrote for the new york which was the playing of the race card, where
8:19 am
robert shepiro tells me they're planning to accuse the detective of being a racist who planted the glove at oj's house. it's the beginning of the racial element of the case, and -- i happen to be on the set when john travolta and chris connor acted out the scenes. i have to say, it was surreal and kind of great. >> did you get approval rights? could you have rejected the actor? >> no. and the good news is, he's better looking than i am, so people will think i'm better looking than i am. >> do you know who plays me in brad pitt. he always plays me. they have to film him differently to make him taller. >> that's true. you know what you can see? it's on the fx network. you're allowed to see it even on cnn. >> do not miss it. american crime story.
8:20 am
thanks for being with us. appreciate it. >> again, president obama will hold that news conference not about the book, but about the supreme court among other things. that's at 4:30 eastern time. there's no doubt he will talk about the nomination process and we'll wring that to you live here on cnn. >> all right. brand new this morning, an all out war in the republican race for president. trump versus bush. trump versus cruz. insults from liar to basket case being thrown around. how will this play the next four days in south carolina? is this even as bad as it's going to get there? plus adele makes giant, epic news. apparently something went wrong during her grammy performance. she explains what, why, and what she intends to do about it. i'm there for bessie. i'm there for ray. ted loved baseball. dr. phil likes to watch football. renne, who wants sloppy joe on the menu every day.
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i used to like that song. >> you're looking at live pictures right there. that is jeb bush, the wee little jeb bush speaking in south carolina. this his first rally after he appeared on stage with george w. bush last night. this, as he sang the trump fears him. this as trump calls cruz a liar. this as rubio called cruz a liar. this is south carolina 2016 with four days to go before the primary. with me is the ben carson chief campaign and bob beckel and
8:26 am
jack jackie kusnich. i want to start with the state of the race right now in south carolina and what's at stake. i don't think the lines have been more clear. let me play two pieces of sound. let's play donald trump first, talking as he has been about george w. bush, talking as he had been about september 11th and who did or did not keep america safe in fact let's listen, i hope. >> he kept the country safe after -- what does that mean, after? what about during 9/11? i was there. i lost a lot of friends that were killed in that building. the worst attack ever in this country? it was during his presidency. >> all right. that is donald trump. now let's listen to george w. bush who made a completely different case, i think to a completely different audience last night campaigning for his brother, jeb. >> strength is not empty rhetor rhetoric. it is not bluster.
8:27 am
it is not theatrics. real strength, strength of purpose, comes from integrity and character. and in my experience, the strongest person usually isn't the loudest one in the room. >> i wonder who he's talking about there, the strongest isn't the loudest person in the room. i don't wonder. it's clear it's donald trump. when you look at the south carolina race, i think it's more than personal. there's a dividing line where jeb bush is saying i'm staking out the establihment. there is the establishment, and donald trump is saying more loudly and clearly than ever, i am not the establishment. i don't want them. and i don't need them. is that what's going on right now in south carolina? >> that's pretty much the divide for the whole campaign. i mean, south carolina as we get closer and closer, it's going to get ramped up and ramped up. but the establishment lane,
8:28 am
rubio and bush and kasich are fighting it out. and cruz and trump are going after it in the nonestablishment lane. >> are there enough? you've looked at south carolina. ben carson's campaign, you were all over the country. is there enough anti-establishment votes? are there enough ingedependent votes in it was republican voters who made the difference. do you think there are enough independents now? >> yeah. you look at the latest polling, trump was getting 44% of the vote. they may not be independents, but they are angry at washington, and they want to have washington turned inside out. they think donald trump will do that. >> and bob beckel, do you think there are people there who don't care that george w. bush kept america safe after september 11th as the bush campaign claims and many in the republican party
8:29 am
and many in america feel? do you think there are enough people who are willing to look beyond it and go against the establishment? >> maybe. after that performance on saturday night, trump, i thought, i mean, that was a kind of performance that would kill most politicians, but at least the initial polling is it doesn't hurt him that much by taking on george bush and 9/11. and i -- i'm a little bit surprised by that, but we'll have to wait and see another day's worth of polling. as for the stakes, this is going to end up being, i assume cruz will be in the mix. that means somebody is going to be a third ticket. after that, they're out of there. after that, the doe nay or thes come and say we've done what we can. >> only three survive after this. >> on the republican side, this is a race that's set up to say you choose what kind of party you want to have going forward and beyond that.
8:30 am
there's a remarkable dynamic. you have a former president, george w. bush, standing up and supporting the establishment against an insurgent in the race, and then bill clinton trying to keep an insurgent out of the democratic race. the stakes are high here for the future of the parties. >> well, yeah. absolutely. this has been -- 2016 has been quite a race. to bob's point, trump did not give a great debate performance, but nothing seems to be able to kill donald trump. one of the interesting things he says about cruz is he holds up the bible and he's not telling the truth. he's talking to evangelicals in south carolina who favor cruz. he's trying to pull the vote. it'll be interesting if he does. cruz is the closest to him. we've seen in the past these numbers shrink as you come down that final pike. >> barry, what about the tone
8:31 am
now? i've covered a lot of campaigns. people occasionally say you're lying, you're a liar. the way it's being said now seems more than i've heard before. let's listen to cruz talking about donald trump again. >> today donald trump held a press conference. he apparently lost it. i mean, he was just going on and on about how i'm the most horrible person in the world because i keep repeating the things he said. >> he says donald trump has lost it, barry. how does that play, generally speaking. i'm not asking you to pick sides, but when you hear people say words like lost it or basket case in a campaign, what are voters making of that? >> i think they're making the voters numb to all of this. it used to be all you had to do was strap a fight and as soon as the two sides argued over who
8:32 am
was telling the truth, the campaign was pretty much over. nobody was persuaded. now we've gone beyond that. we're lying or unhinged. you've lost it. people are numb. there's so much advertising in south carolina. it doesn't matter. it's all about the grass roots game. i think people are numb to all this. >> you know, bob dole said george h.w. bush, stop lying about my record in 1988 and the campaign was over. it was such a big deal. now if you don't say liar every 30 minutes, people think you're not talking at all. jackie, let's talk a little bit about donald trump. we are waiting a cnn poll later today. it could be revealing. he won in new hampshire. if he wins in south carolina, does that set him up to run the table? how do you stop him then in. >> it's a question that i think a lot of republicans are asking themselves. you're right. yeah, if he goes into the south,
8:33 am
into that march -- into the supertuesday primaries with the momentum from south carolina, he is going to be very hard to stop, and i think that's why you see some of the other campaigns sort of ramping up their operations in these other states down the line. but certainly, it is an open question. how do you stop donald trump? and it also opens the possibility of a broker convention. all of us dream about that and it hasn't happened the last couple cycles. >> the broker convention, the holy grail for a political reporter. bob beckel, you've run a lot of campaigns. not a lot of campaigns in republican primaries. i'll give you an opportunity. bob, if you were running one of the other campaigns, how would you stop donald trump assuming he wins south carolina? >> we're going to give him enough rope here to eventually lynch himself. he doesn't do better than 35%. maybe 40%. the question about broke convention is self-fulfilling.
8:34 am
the way you stop him is probably at a convention. the rallying around him, once you clear the stage off with only three candidates and trump continues to double down like he did like i was amazed about bush. it become a question about do you really want to turn this over, whether you're telling the truth or not, and whether you're stable enough, and those are the two things i think they'll go after trump with. >> and every candidate questioning both those things with every other candidate. bob, jackie, barry, thank you. how many political strategists know how to deal with a broker convention? zero. that will be fascinating. >> thanks. >> hillary clinton. she did something that raised a lot of eyebrows. i'm going to say it. yes, she barked. she barked like a dog. why? we'll have to explain coming guard.
8:35 am
plus, moments ago, marco rubio called ted cruz a liar. yes, a liar. hear what he just said, and if it will change the state of the race. office right now but will get back to you just as soon as i possibly can. join princess cruises for exclusive discovery at sea experiences. princess cruises. come back new. absolutely ageless® night cream aveeno® with active naturals® blackberry complex ... ... a whole new way to keep skin looking younger longer ... ... starting tonight. part of the new absolutely ageless collection from aveeno® only glucerna has carbsteady, diabetes, steady is exciting. clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. but you shouldn't forget yoforget this. c.
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8:39 am
new attacks in the paul meadow pile on affectionately known to some as the south carolina primary. listen. >> he's lying. and i think it's disturbing. i said that at the debate. he's making things up. i don't expect he's going to apologize. it's part of their strategy to not tell the truth. it's troubling. >> donald trump also adding to the charges against cruz.
8:40 am
threatening to sue cruz on his eligibility to be president unless he takes down his false ads and retracts his lies. that's donald trump. in south carolina following the cruz campaign, cruz has staked out new territory this morning. >> reporter: that's right. cruz right now is really stuck in this multifront battle with these claims and allegations from trump, and revealed that he's a liar and distorting their record. the cruz response has largely been to just paint this as his opponents getting rattled here in south carolina and dig in, double down on the calaims he's making about their records, saying they're more liberal than they would present to south carolina voters. this despite the characterizations being disputed by his opponents. today for cruz it's about focusing on the issues. he spoke in front of the uss
8:41 am
york town, appealing to the heavy military footprint in south carolina. 12% of population voters here are veterans. many are also veterans. clearly trying to appeal to them on this level, releasing his plan to rebuild the military, something he called, today, more tooth and less tale. something i found interesting in his remarks a few moments ago, he took on the culture of political correctness at the pentagon. here's a small part of what he said. >> that's why the last thing any commander should need to worry about is the grades he's getting from some plush-bottomed pentagon bureaucrat for political correctness or social experiments. or providing gluten free mres.
8:42 am
>> reporter: so ted cruz there not going for the gluten free vogt vote in south carolina. we've heard many other candidates argue as well, as cruz tries to focus on his plans to certainly this battle that's brewing around him that will continue. >> beautiful backdrop. thank you. let's bring in senior advisory to marco rubio in south carolina. jason, thanks so much for being with us. marco rubio calls ted cruz a liar. we've heard that now repeatedly since saturday night. let's play a little bit of what ted cruz says in response. >> well, it is a curious thing. two of the candidates in this race, donald trump and marco rubio, both have the very same pattern. whenever anyone points out their record, they simply start
8:43 am
screaming liar, liar, liar. it's a very odd dynamic. name calling is not a positive thing in politics. >> so your response? >> well, you know, i think that ted cruz started to display he has an uncomfortable relationship with the truth, and i think far from this being in any way an act of desperation, it's calling a spade a spade in this situation. listen, marco rubio has for the duration of this campaign run a positive campaign. for the most part, refused to engage in any kind of the attacks that we've seen from cruz and trump and other candidates in this race. you know, now he's being called out because he's not being truthful, and i think the fact that marco has run such a positive campaign and has pointed out that he's being untruthful gives him more credibility in making the accusation. >> the superpacs are all over the air waves. chris christie went ballistic in
8:44 am
the new hampshire debate because of that. i understand the superpacs are different than the campaign, but i don't think anyone is running a purely positive campaign. what does it feel like to be compared to donald trump? cruz says trump and rubio are like the same thing? >> well, listen, there's no comparison between the two ordinary reason the fact that they found an area of agreement. that is cruz being dishonest in his representations of rubio's record. he's been dishonest in what he did in iowa in claiming that ben carson was dropping out. we've seen a series of things over the last few weeks that shows desperation from the cruz campaign. trump is not scared of trump. trump has a commanding lead in south carolina. i don't think he's at any rick of cr -- risk of cruz. he's just calling him out. >> i watch you on tv. i saw you this morning in a
8:45 am
different interview. you were speaking about the other candidates. i think you were talking about bush. you said when single digit candidates drop, they go for rubio. didn't bush beat you in new hampshire? >> 2% of the delegates have been awarded. there are others to cast votes over this process. when south carolina is over, only 4% of the delegates will have been awarded. this is a marathon. it's not a sprint. the reality is in polls in south carolina, marco rubio has been running ahead of jeb bush. jeb bush, i think has a lot of stake in south carolina. his father won here. his brother won here. they've invested a lot here. i think if he doesn't do well, he'll be in a difficult position to make the case he should continue. the polls i see have him stuck in the single digits. >> we have a poll. that's a good advertisement for our poll coming out at 4:00 today, or at some point this
8:46 am
afternoon. stay tuned for that. jason rowe, i look forward to speaking with you again. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> all right. just moments ago, the democratic race, hillary clinton had a very, very important meeting that could really shape the future of this race. we're going to speak to someone who was inside that meeting. wfrom your cold & flu. you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol® cold helps relieve your worst cold & flu symptoms... you can give them everything you've got. tylenol®
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all right. just moments ago, hillary clinton held a crucial meeting in new york city with civil rights leaders and activists, the head of naacp, the national action network, national bar association, they were all there. minority voters so crucial to her success in nevada, south carolina, and beyond. some might say crucial in turning this campaign around. so, what was her message inside that room? our next guest, he was there, mark is the ceo of the national urban league and former mayor of new orleans. thanks for being with us. what did she have to say? >> reporter: thanks for having me. so it was a good meeting. and secretary clinton demonstrated an ease and a familiarity with many of the
8:51 am
issues we talked about from everything from policing to criminal justice, so jobs and the economy to historically black colleges and universities. she demonstrated, i think, a great deal of familiarity. it was a good conversation, and really it was more about us sharing with her our 21st century agenda for jobs and freedom. >> ease and familiarity. now i know you're not endorsing because of your position at the organization that you're with, but you just said hillary clinton showed an ease and familiarity. you told my colleague jim shoou toe, she has a track record and familiarity and a set of relationships that bernie sanders does not have, that sounds an awful lot like an endorsement. >> well, it's not an endorsement, and i think we can say about senator sanders, obviously that over the years he's cast some very important votes consistent with our agenda. very importantly, we're in discussions with his campaign
8:52 am
about a similar briefing. and i hope we're going to announce something very soon. importantly, these issues that we talk about are on the minds of voters. policy prescriptions that we've identified, many have been proposed in some cases by president obama, but blocked by the congress. this is about continuing the steps towards a better america for all americans in the. 21st century. so it was a good conversation. and i hope it's the beginning of many conversations with all of the candidates, including the republican candidates, about the future of this nation. and what cities, people of color feel, i think, about the future of this country and what our ideas are to solve some of the problems of jobs, the economy, our schools, and the like. >> specifically, when you say that hillary clinton has a track record and a familiarity with the issues that bernie sanders does not have, what issues specifically are those where you don't think bernie sanders has
8:53 am
quite as much experience? >> i wouldn't characterize it that way, but what i would say is that for example, i think it's without doubt that hillary clinton played an important role when president bush signed an extension of the voting rights act back in 2006. and at that time, an extension of the vote egg rights act was a very important agenda item. and that progress was damaged by the supreme court when they struck down important provisions of the voting rights act in the shelby case. so i'm going to say that today's meeting was good, and we're very interested in what senator sanders has to say, but we are also very interested in sharing with him our ideas about the future of the country. this meeting was about us, not only listening, but us sharing with her our agenda for the future of america.
8:54 am
>> mark morial, your warmth fogging our camera lens, we look forward to speaking to you again. >> thanks for having me, my pleasure. all right. coming up, he is richer than donald trump, ceo experience, he ran america's biggest city. so as the republicans fight, as the democrats fight, and as donald trump threatens a third party run, what does michael bloomberg think right now? is an announcement eminent? plus, as lawmakers fight over his replacement, news just in involving the funeral arrangements for justice antonin sclooe ya, we will share those with you next. does sitting behind a new desk make you feel like an svp instead of a vp? then you might be gearcentric.
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8:58 am
all right. this just in to cnn, funeral arrangements for justice antonin sclooe in a ya. he -- scalia, he will lie this
8:59 am
friday followed by a funeral on saturday. meanwhile, we have new pictures just into us from inside the supreme court today. you can see the chair where justice scalia sat for so many years, you could see it just there, draped in black. also the door to the supreme court also draped in black. this is a tradition that goes back i believe 140 years. all right. an emotional return to paris tonight for the rock band eagles of death metal. they were playing at the bath clan theater last november when terrorists launched the assault on the city. the merchandise manager was among the 89 people killed in the concert hall. they will finish the show tonight at the olympia hall tonight. the bataclan will not open for a while. they told cnn what the show means to them. >> this isn't just a regular show for us tonight. you know, of course this is much more than just a show.
9:00 am
but at the same time, it's just going to be a show. >> yeah, somehow they serve each other. you know -- >> will you be thinking tonight about what happened, all the time, or is it going to be -- can you lose yourself in the music? >> i always lose myself in the music? but i'm going to lose myself in the kids, i'm going to lose myself in that. we're going to get lost in one another actually is what's going to happen. >> all right. that is all for us today. legal view starts right now. this is cnn breaking news. hello everyone, i'm jim in for ashleigh banfield, welcome to legal view. we begin with breaking news at this hour. source close to the family of antonin scalia says that the late supreme court justice will lie in repose at the court on friday this week with a funeral taking place on saturday. this first reported by our colleague jamie gingel. i'm


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