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tv   Wolf  CNN  February 16, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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y. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. hello, i'm wolf blitzer, it's 11:00 a.m. in jaurez, mexico, wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. we begin with the worsening attacks out there on the campaign trail as the republican candidates trade insults in south carolina. the primary there is just four days away, which has led to this between the contenders, and then one famous case, a very famous brother. >> but we do not need someone in the oval office who mirrors and
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inflames our anger and frustration. >> we made a tremendous mistake. we went into iraq. shouldn't have happened. everything you see right now is an offshoot of that decision, that was a very bad decision. >> we cannot allow politicians to divide us up anymore. we need a president with a steady hand. >> i have never, ever met a person that lies more than ted cruz. >> something that isn't true. there's no other word for it, but lie. >> truth matters. and we are not in grade school where you just get to say liar, liar, pants on fire and not respond. >> do you think this is fun? do you think this is fun? >> donald trump at the center of each of those attacks, whether as the aggressor or the target. that line has been following trump from iowa to new hampshire, and now to south carolina. and beyond. our jim iowa costa is covering
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donald trump. jim, he's called ted cruz unstable and quote, nuts. does he see ted cruz right now as his main challenger in south carolina? >> reporter: i think that's the case right now, wolf, but i think donald trump is worried about a number of candidates right now, and mainly because while he's way out in front in terms of the latest polling, it is a bit of a muddle in terms of where second place is right now. and i think we're going to see that in the next day or two in terms of how things are shaping out as we're getting closer to the primary on saturday. wolf, yes, donald trump is certainly going after ted cruz. he was on "good morning america" on abc earlier this morning. again, calling the ted senator a liar, saying that he and his lawyers are very seriously considering a lawsuit against ted cruz based on the texas senator's attacks. but wolf, keep in mind, you know, this is a multi-front battle. donald trump earlier this morning, the latest video out there of donald trump this morning is of him at tommy's
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country ham house, you know that place well, it's a fixture in south carolina politics, i remember last time around when mitt romney and newt gingrich were bumping into each other in greenville four years ago. trump went there this morning, had eggs over medium along with sausage and hash browns. and told reporters there at one point that bush does not get this kind of response here. you're talking about the crowd. at tommy's country ham house. and why that's interesting, i think, is because george w. bush was talking about tommy's country ham house last night during his remarks when he was sticking up for his younger brother and presidential candidate jeb bush. and so, you know, the fists are flying were they're flying in all directions, wolf, last night donald trump even went after marco rubio. keep in mind, marco rubio may be showing up pretty well in the polls here. he may be bouncing back from that disastrous debate performance at a showing in new hampshire. donald trump last night going after marco rubio saying he was sweating so much and last
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saturday's debate that it looked like he was getting out of a swimming pool. so donald trump is aiming at just about everybody right now, including the republican national committee who he's accusing of stacking that debate audience on saturday night, wolf. >> jim, we're waiting for donald trump to show up over there. thanks very, very much, earlier this morning donald trump said he's seriously thinking about about suing senator ted cruz over his presidential qualifications. cruz was born in canada, but is a u.s. citizen. the texas senator says there's no barriers preventing him from running. trump's threat to the sue comes against attacks both contenders. here to go over what each side is claiming, tom foreman has been doing checking for us, so they're accusing each other basically of lying. >> yeah, they're accusing each other of everything right now. and it's not just trump and cruz. rubio was just mentioned a minute ago by jim there is also in the mix. and they're ripping at each other over one thing after
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another. just listen. >> i have never, ever met a person that lies more than ted cruz. i have never, ever seen anything like it. >> something that isn't true, there's no other word for it, but lie. >> donald trump and marco rubio both have the very same pattern. whenever anyone points out their record, they simply start screaming liar, liar, liar. it's a very odd dynamic. >> let's go over a few of the specifics here. trump is accusing cruz among other things of misrepresenting his political position because cruz is saying trump is a liberal, hiding in conservative clothing. while it's true that trump has been a democrat in the past and donated to democrats, trump has also backed republicans and many positions right now are strongly conservative. what about rubio? well he says cruz is misrepresenting cruz's position on funding for planned parenthood. it is true that cruz has accused
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rubio of being weak on efforts to go after abortion providers, but it is equally true that rubio has gone after them hard. there isn't a lot of difference between rubio's stance on that issue and cruz's. and why is cruz accusing the other two of making false accusations against him because presumably, he really does feel there is a difference between his position and theirs. and in some cases, they're complaints about him are false, for example, that started off with trump talking about his canadian citizenship, the idea that he couldn't run there. he's not a canadian citizen, he hasn't been one, he was just born there. the bottom line on all of of this, wolf, is that all of these candidates at various times in the campaign have misrepresented some facts here and there, and now they're all attacking all of those things and saying, you're a liar, you're a liar, you're a liar, it's so different than a month ago when they were all trying to say, no, no, no, let's all get along because we're republicans together. >> cruz was born in canada, four
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years old when his parents brought him to the united states. his mother was a u.s. citizen, father, immigrant from cuba. but he did have canadian citizenship automatically since he was born there and formerly renounced it a year ago ago. doesn't disqualify him from being a candidate right now as has been pointed out by mr. trump. and these things keep surfacing over and over again. doesn't matter how many times people check them and whether they're true or not, the campaigns have traction. >> trump makes the legal argument that he's backed by lawrence tribe, that there's a question what a natural born citizen really means. and that's why he's threatening to go to court now to sue cruz saying he's not really eligible. there's a debate amongst legal scholars on whether or not cruz is eligible. >> that's the problem. there is often some kind of gray area, and they're all picking between trump and rabe owe on the issue of abortion providers. they haven't had exactly the same stances all the time, but
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certainly if you go to anybody who's left the political spectrum, they're going to say they're both fierce opponents of abortion rights. that doesn't mean there's not difference rs between them. >> thanks very much. donald trump has certainly been the loudest voice saying he never heard anyone lie as much as senator ted cruz, and earlier this morning, we heard this from senator rubio. >> so i think this is very disturbing when you have a candidate that now on a regular basis just makes things up. especially where everything is out there and seen and instantly reacted to, you can't get as we with that stuff. >> joining us now from houston, texas, is rick tyler, he's the national spokes marshalltown for the cruz campaign. thanks for joining us. very quickly on this threat that donald trump says he's very close to actually going to court, filing a lawsuit, questioning whether senator cruz is even eligible to run for president. what's your reaction to this threat? >> well, he is eligible, i think all of his colleagues agree. there's only one way to become a citizen of the united states, you're either natural born or
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naturalized. and since he wasn't naturalized and he has an american government than his government recognizes him as a natural born citizen. he can file a lawsuit, he'll just look foolish. >> are you preparing for that lawsuit? in other words as the campaign hired lawyers to defend his assertion that he is technically, legally eligible under the constitution to run for president? >> we're prepared for anything. we have in-house council. of course we are, but we don't think it'll have any standing. >> you don't think he does have standing? >> no. >> because trump says, as a challenger, he technically would have standing in court. he says you could go to court yourself and get a ruling from the judge that he's eligible. we haven't done that, right? >> no, that's not the way the law works. i could try to get a judge to have a ruling in case you hit my car that i would get compensated for you, that would tie up the courts forever, so courts don't listenen to cases like that. we don't rule on future
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aggrieved parties. no, he wouldn't have a standing. >> and what's your reaction to trump basically saying, he's never seen anyone, whether in politics or in business or anyone lie as much as senator cruz? >> well, he should look in the mirror. because donald trump, everything we said about donald trump we can back up. usually with video. he's said all of the things that he now says he doesn't sigh. and in fact, wolf, on the debate stage when he called senator cruz a liar first time to his face, he said that he supported planned parenthood. and then he said no, you're a liar. then he went on in the same debate to say that planned parenthood does wonderful things. if the position is pro-choice or not is pro-life people don't go around saying wonderful things about planned parenthood. pro-life people don't support planned parenthood because planned parenthood is an abortion provider, and we know from earlier this year, that they not only take unborn human life, they sell them for body parts. i mean, how can you possibly be pro-life and believe that
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planned parenthood does anything wonderful? >> he says he opposes planned parenthood if planned parenthood's involvement in abortion, but he supports what planned parenthood does for poor women to test them for cervical cancer or breast cancer, other women's health issues, that's what he says, that's what he says he means when planned parenthood has done some wonderful things. >> well, if he really means it, he should support all those people who provide those services for free who don't do abortions. that's like saying i own a hotel and all the money, but that has gambling, but i don't support the gambling, i support the food. it goes to abortion providers. he's a businessman. he understands that. he wants to have it all three ways. we haven't lied about anything that donald trump says. he just doesn't like that we say what he has already said. look, i can forgive him because donald trump has no id logical core. he doesn't know what he believes. he doesn't know what he believes from one day to the next. and therefore, he has a hard time defending it.
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what else is he going to do except become very angry and call people liars. i think the anger part, the press conference where he comes across as seethingly angry. a little upsetting for people to think he's going to act this way as president. i think it's remarkable. >> how's senator cruz going to do saturday in south carolina? >> look, we're working really hard. we're averaging about 10,000 doors a day. and we're doing about 20,000 phone calls a day. we have over 10,000 people out volunteering for the campaign and working there. we have a camp cruz which is a dormitory-style place where our volunteers from out of state can live. it holds about 80 beds. that's how we won iowa, even though the des moines register said we were going to lose iowa, we won because of ground game. we did well in new hampshire for the very same reason. i think we'll do very well in south carolina. i don't think we have to win it, we said we have to win an early state or get second or third and two out of three. we won early state. woef third in new hampshire.
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so i'm positive we'll do fine in south carolina. and then we'll go on to march 1 where the people who don't have money and don't have organization will be exposed. and i think we'll do great. >> you have nevada in between south carolina and supertuesday. how are you going to do in nevada? >> i think we'll do well. it's a caucus state, we're organizing there. it's a very conservative state. it's not evangelical state, it's a mormon state, but conservative voters and conservatives like ted cruz. >> rick tyler from the cruz campaign, thanks rick, very much. >> appreciate it. gad being here. >> thank you. donald trump isn't one to back down, especially when he's facing a challenge in the polls. i want to bring in scotty hughes. she's also a donald trump supporter. i want to get your reaction, first of all, they're not worried about any lawsuit that donald trump may file, challenging senator cruz's eligibility to run for president. your reaction. >> well at least they're not worried publicly. i know they have to be worried or else they would have gotten
10:14 am
the judgment as suggested through a court that ted cruz could run. why is there not a resolution passed on the floor by any of the standing congress saying that ted cruz is eligible to run just like they did with john mccain? so, i guarantee they are a little bit worried about, but what i found interesting about rick tyler's interview, he forgot to mention that donald trump did not put his $19 trillion in debt. donald trump did not sit there and write a letter that was basically endorsing a judge that has twice missed the opportunity to strike down obamacare. donald trump did not flip-flop on the tpa and say that he was tricked by mcconnell, therefore that's why he voted for it. donald trump did not say that, did not answer the question in last week's debate about the 800,000 illegal children listed, if and he would deport them. senator cruz has done a lot of great things, but you cannot run away from your record. if you want to the talk about flip-flopping, wolf, there's somebody right now that is in office that conservatives have
10:15 am
put their faith and trust to who flip-flopped on issues, just never had anybody call him out until donald trump has come on to the scene. >> what about what he said, rick tyler, about donald trump's support for some aspects of what of planned parenthood does? >> well, listen, that is such a liberal talking point to say that women's health issueses is only about abortion. planned parenthood does do other things. and i agree with rick in the fact that you know what, we need to completely defund it, that's exactly what donald trump said back in august. that if they were doing abortions or if they were selling body parts, we should completely disband it and make sure no tax dollars are supporting it. that once again, they have selectively taken clip from what mr. trump said and spun them to put into their own commercials, and wolf, not just mr. trump, it would be different if mr. trump was the only one saying the ted cruz campaign is lying. you have marco rubio, you have governor jindal came out today, you have tv stations in south carolina polling senator cruz
10:16 am
campaign ads that go against marco rubio for legal issues. sop it's not just one little spark. there's lots of fires popping up that are showing that the people that are really on fire and not in a good way is the cruz campaign. >> that ad that was pulled from south carolina television was from a superpac that supports ted cruz, not directly from the cruz campaign, just to be precise on the legal aspects of this. the whole business of raising 9/11 now, raising the iraq war, donald trump is really going after jeb bush on those issues. is that wise politically? >> well, one of those questions though that i think a lot of people have out there. i'm one of those that believe it's not only -- i put a little bit of blame on bush because post-9/11, did our president do anything to seal the southern border? did he do anything to lock down our national security? sure, you can say that he kept us safe for the rest of his term. you use that same justification that it means we're safe now
10:17 am
under barack obama. and i guarantee most americans don't feel like we're any safer today than we were. but i put a lot of blame on the clintons as well. the plans of 9/11 happened for years in planning that took them to get to that stage. we do know there were briefings that say there was going to be airplanes put into buildings that were classified they were probably read hopefully by national security officials underneath both administrations. and yet, neither were responsible enough to do what it took to make sure that everybody was on lockdown. we're talking governor bush, himself, when he was in florida, had -- did the ids that were issued to some of the terrorists were issued underneath governor bush while he was governor. you know there were loopholes going on, and it was the bushes and clinton's legacies that should hold fault for 9/11. >> thanks very much. >> thank you. >> and for the first time in this campaign, awesome six, yes, all six republican presidential candidates will answer questions from the voters of south carolina in two town halls only
10:18 am
on cnn. they'll be live wednesday and thursday night, 8:00 p.m. eastern. moderated by anderson cooper. ben carson, marco rubio, ted cruz, they kick it off, wednesday night, john kasich, jeb bush, and donald trump will field questions thursday night. that's live beginning at 8:00 p.m. wednesday and thursday nights right here, only on cnn. up next, former president george w. bush made big headlines when he returned to the campaign trail last night. is it enough to get his little brother, jeb bush, a boost? and the funeral has now been set for antonin scalia, and there are questions when president obama will name his potential successor. we needed 30 new hires for our call center. i'm spending too much time hiring and not enough time in my kitchen. (announcer) need to hire fast? go to and post your job to over 100 of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. you put up one post and the next day you have all these candidates. makes my job a lot easier. (announcer) over 400,000 businesses
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town haul meeting in columbia this morning, after campaigning with his big brother, the former president george w. bush last night. the family name could be an asset in south carolina, they won primaries there. our correspondent is covering the bush campaign, she's joining us now from columbia, south carolina, athena, give us an update now on the bush events scheduled for today.
10:23 am
overall strategy as it's unfolding in south carolina. >> reporter: hi wolf, well governor bush just finished up his event here. he has a couple more today, and a part of the bush campaign strategy here in south carolina certainly seems to be to rely a lot on the bush family name. this is someone who began his campaign without, by saying he's going to be his own man. he's bringing out his family again. we saw george w. bush on this take the stage last night. barbara bush, jeb bush's mother will be joining him once again on the campaign trail here in south carolina, we're told she arrives on thursday. and she'll stay through the primary. governor bush just made that announcement to us in a gaggle of reporters after the event. they're clearly doubling down on the bush family name. we saw barbara bush on the stump with him in new hampshire. so, bush is really playing on his name because it's a state that has been so kind to his family in the past. hoping that it will do so again. i asked him, can he beat, for instance, marco rubio and john
10:24 am
kasich who he seems to be closest to in the polls, he said, i hope so, wolf. >> there's a lot of positive reviews for former president bush's appearance with jeb bush out there last night. we'll see if that is too little too late or how it unfolds saturday in south carolina. thanks very much. donald trump calls ted cruz unstable, cruz says trump has lost it and almost all of the candidates are calling one another aliar or dishonest or even worse. ryan lizza is here to talk about this, he's a washington correspondent for the new yorker magazine. why is this campaign, all of the sudden, it was bad, but now it's really getting ugly. why has it turn odd ugly? >> one there's an assumption that in iowa and new hampshire, voters are gentle in those states, south carolina is used to rough and tumble, but then the second thing is those states usually went over the field a little bit more. it didn't happen. there's not -- we're not down to a two or three person race the way previous open republican fields have been at this point. and there's basically a death
10:25 am
match to be the alternative to donald trump. look at all the polling, there's not much in south carolina, he has a third or more of the vote, and then two-thirds of the vote is divided up among the non-trump candidates. and so, if you're a non-trump candidate, you've got to decide, do i go after my closest competitor, whether he's in the establishment or conservative lane like ted cruz or trump himself? you just have the circular firing squad of all the candidates trying to consolidate the race into a two or three-person match. >> originally that race was almost 18 or 20 republicans, now it's down to the final six. so we'll see what happens -- >> but not enough to get the clarity. >> we'll see who emerges from south carolina. who has the most to lose?
10:26 am
>> if he unequivocallies into second or third place in south carolina? he'll have an argument to go on. i think rubio, since new hampshire has been the candidate that is -- you have to watch, and if he obviously didn't perform where he thought he was going perform in new hampshire, and if he doesn't perform well in south carolina, you're going to see a lot of fundraisers and other establishment types who thought hefs going to be the main alternative to trump and asking hard questions of his campaign. frankly, i don't think, i don't think any of these guys get out of the race because they can all say, you know, bush and rabe owe can say no matter where they place, we're going to wait at least until florida votes on march 1st. kasich's going to say i'm going to wait until iowa votes and i'm going to stay in until then. i think most of the guys stay in until march 1st, if not march 15th. >> the super tuesday, there's about a dozen contests that race, and that'll certainly win a lot. did. >> it could. the candidate who finishes fifth or sixth in south carolina will
10:27 am
still stay in. >> so he might stay in no matter what. and then the three so-called establishment candidates, why not, why shouldn't they wait until they're big home state votes? so, so far, if you look at the polling how this is playing out. it's not going to be that much different than new hampshire. this muddle continues on into march. >> nevada, then super tuesday, then they've got mid-march, they have a whole bunch of midwestern states as well. and that could be fascinating, all right, thanks very, very much. it continues. by the way, next week, you'll see all of the republican presidential candidates live in houston, texas, for the cnn republican presidential debate. i'll be moderating that debate. that's next thursday, february 25th, it all star:00th, it all p.m. eastern, only here on cnn.
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at the u.s. supreme court today, the chair of the justice antonin scalia was draped in black. his body will lie in repose at the court followed by his funeral saturday at the basilica here in washington, d.c. meanwhile, the battle to replace scalia is intensifying. we may get a better idea of what president obama's thinking when
10:33 am
he meets with reporters about three hours from now. republicans are vowing to block any nominee the president puts forward, but the senate minority leader calls that quote, partisan sabotage saying it'll backfire on the republicans. michelle kaczynski is following president obama. what do we expect to hear from the president? he's got a news conference at around 4:30 p.m. eastern? >> reporter: hi, this is perfect timing for a news conference. we haven't heard that much from the white house on the subject. he is going to take several questions, you know they're going to be about this situation. so, if he goes there, we should know a little bit more about where he is in the process. does he have a number of nominees already on the short list? and he surely does. he's nominated two supreme court justices in the past. some of those are likely to be on the list now. what we know in the process at this point from the white house is that the team has started talking about laying out the process for this.
10:34 am
they've already gotten on it. there's already been some white house reach-out to congress, although we're told that's preliminary, it's to congressional offices, but it has been to both democrats and republican. now that said, the white house was pretty ready yesterday when they had a briefing here in california on the subject. i mean for two days, they stayed out of the political fray surrounding the appointment, but yesterday, when we asked the question, they were ready almost with a prepared statement, blasting republicans for what the white house sees as obstructionism in the past. and the ways forward. i mean, i think the confirmation of attorney general loretta lynch is a prime example of the white house seeing a record delay in her confirmation. the white house repeatedly complaining about it. again, slamming republicans for the delay, but in the end, she was confirmed. and the white house has said, when you look at the constitution, it tells us what we're supposed to do in this situation, and as the white house put it, it is ironclad.
10:35 am
urging republicans in the senate to do their duty and confirm whomever the white house puts forward. when we asked them though, do you think there's any chance that any nominee is going to get a shot? they didn't want to answer that question directly, but that's probably going to be one of the president's, one of the questions the president takes today. sop we'll see in a couple hours how he chooses to answer it. >> thanks very much. i'm sure you'll be there as well. the president scheduled to hold his news conference later today out in california. 4:30 p.m. eastern. that's when it's scheduled to begin. he will address questions presumably over when he'll name a supreme court nominee. we'll have live coverage coming up here on cnn. just ahead, bernie sanders and hillary clinton, they're trying to shore up support among african american voters, how crucial is the black vote in south carolina? can bernie sanders gain roads against hillary clinton? we're life from the campaign trail, that's next.
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democrats in the presidential race are trying to shore up support for african american supporters. hillary clinton met in harlem. bernie sanders by the way last week met with reverend al sharpton in harlem. sanders has been, both of them have been trying to win over african american support in south carolina. for more more on what both campaigns are doing right now. let's go to our correspondent jeb zellen. she's joining us from charleston in south carolina. this is an important vote, the african american vote. more than 50% of the primary voters back in 2008 were african americans. >> reporter: it sure is, wolf,
10:41 am
55% back in 2008, of course, that was the last competitive democratic presidential primary here. and the number is about the same party leaders believe. it may even be slightly higher. and the reason it's so important here. i mean, this is a state where a black leadership is very important, and both sides are trying to reach out to them. it's the first big test of the diversity of this democratic party's electorate. we've had iowa, new hampshire, of course, not very diverse at all. south carolina will be a key test for hillary clinton to see if she's as strong as she thinks she is. and if bernie sanders, you know, is able to appeal to a broader coalition of voters, wolf. >> as you know, bernie sanders was introduced at a town hall today by erica garner, she's the daughter of eric garner who died after police put him in a choke hold as you remember. so the significance of this for the sanders campaign is what? >> wolf, i think it is significant. any time anyone has a story like that and is endorsing you and
10:42 am
campaigning on your behalf, it's certainly helpful. the reality is, senator sanders is former unknown here than his rival. the clintons has been campaigning here for so long, they are a well-known in the black community, but having someone like this introduce you is very helpful. and there's also a very powerful ad that is up that she has made explaining her support for bernie sanders. >> when a police officer breaks the law, that officer must be held accountable. >> he's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system. he's not scared. >> i want to see an america where when young, black men walk down the street, they will not be harassed by police officers, they will not be killed, they will not be shot. >> and that's why i'm for
10:43 am
bernie. >> so that of course is just one ad that is playing here, a campaign video, but it is an effort by the sanders campaign to try and show that, you know, he does have racial issues in mind. and is concerned about injustice. and of course, his prescription for this is rooted in income and equality. that's what we'll hear him talk about here in charleston, wolf. >> jeff, we'll stand by for that, jeff zellen in south carolina. coming up, more news we're following under the geneva conventions, it's a place of refuge, but in syria, four hospitals were hit by air strikes this week alone. and now world powers are trading accusations about who was responsible for an act that's being called a war crime. absolutely ageless® night cream aveeno®
10:44 am
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10:47 am
russia is denying accusations it attacked hospitals in syria an act that's been called a war crime. at least 46 people were killed when missile striked four hospitals and school on monday.
10:48 am
turkey among others is accusing russia of the tragedy. the u.n. has said intentionally directing attacks and medical units constitutes a war crime. just last week, world powers agreed to a truce, a pause in the fighting, and immediate delivery of humanitarian aid. we are joined now live from damasc damascus, fred, how are they facing the challenge. food and supplies reaching those in need? >> reporter: well, at this point, they're not, wolf, one of the things that is clear is no matter how brutal a war, one thing should never be used as a weapon is denial of food and medicine. that's what the u.n. says is happening here in this country. it accuses the syrian government, many rebel factions and first and foremost also, isis of using food as a weapon and denying it to places under siege. well the united nations now believes that it has a deal in place that could get aid to at least seven areas that are currently under siege. they're already gearing up for a
10:49 am
massive relief operation, to start very quickly. here's how they're doing it. these images shocked the world. people starving in the besieged syrian down of madaya. eight groups say dozens have succumbed to hunger. >> this child is very ill. he gets sick and his stomach, his stomach is really, really hurting. he needs immediately go to hospital outside madaya. >> reporter: world powers have started an urgent push to get aid to those most in need. at this u.n. distribution they are stepping up the effort. he shows me the facility. >> we see the quantities and we package it into small individual portions. each portion is enough to feed
10:50 am
five people for one month. >> while the world food program is working to get its aid ready, the problem is many of the warring parties in syria are not willing to allow relief goods to be delivered. the u.n. has accused the syrian government, rebel groups and isis of using the denial of food and medicine as a weapon. the world food program says it could get to places like madaya quickly if it's allowed. workers are already stacking boxes into trucks. once this vehicle is loaded, the folks here are going to seal it, which makes it easier to get through checkpoints and the world food program tell us they have many trucks like this one loaded, ready to go and are just waiting for permission. most of the parties involved in the fighting here have agreed in principle to allow aid to besieged areas, but isis has not. the group has surrounded the eastern syrian center of
10:51 am
dar-azor. syrian aircraft have dropped some food and medicine and supplies and soon the u.n. wants to do the same. >> unfortunately, we couldn't reach it. however, there is plans to do an aerial drop and hopefully we will soon manage to do an air drop. >> the world food program is still waiting to get the green light to enter besieged areas. until that come, all they can do is keep packing the goods, ready to move when they can. >> what a report. fred pleitgen reporting for us from damascus. coming up, pope francis is heading to the u.s./mexico border. we're going to walk you through his visit to a border fence, tell you why it's stirring up accusations of playing politics. and you count the seconds until red lobster's lobsterfest is back with the largest variety of lobster dishes of the year.
10:52 am
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10:55 am
pope francis has just
10:56 am
wrapped up a mass in mexico, a part of the country ravaged by drug violence. he told them not to give up in the face of crime and corruption. tomorrow, he headed to juarez along the u.s./mexican border which was known as one of the most murderous cities in the world just a few years ago. he'll visit the fence that separates the united states and mexico. he will pray for migrants there. it's a move that sparked some criticism from presidential candidate donald trump, who called it a political move on the part of the pope. now, a look ahead to the controversial malice. >> reporter: this is where pope francis' final mass of his trip to mexico will take place, juarez. crews have been working around the clock, transforming what was once a dusty fairground into a massive outdoor sanctuary. pope francis will be standing on this spot as he addresses a sea of faithful followers. perhaps one of the most critical
10:57 am
moments won't happen here, it will take place as he breaks away and heads towards the border. francis will make his way to this path, according to local church official, who tell me that francis will walk straight to the end of this route here, where a makeshift memorial to migrants will be set up that day. it is there he will pray for the people who made it across the border and those who did not. and that single symbolic moment expected to renew focus on the issue of immigration. something that's very important to the papacy of this pontiff. very important to mexico. and of course highly debated right next door. >> he is joining us now live from juarez. is this part of the visit being viewed differently on the opposite sides of the board, the u.s. and the mexican sides of the border? >> can you hear me, paolo? i don't thing he can hear me
10:58 am
right now but we're going to try to reconnect with him. paolo is there in mexico. this is an historic visit by the pope to mexico. there has been some criticism, as i pointed out, donald trump, for example, who wants to build a wall between the united states and mexico and, as he often says, he wants mexico to pay for that wall. donald trump has said the pope is being a little political now as part of these efforts. but the pope is there in mexico, as you can see right now. this is an historic visit by the pope. we're going to have a lot more coverage of the pope's visit to mexico coming up here on cnn. i just want to remind our viewers, some other events that are going to be taking place today in about 2 1/2 hours or so from now, 4:30 p.m. eastern, the president of the united states is in rancho mirage california right now. he's meeting with leaders of the asean nations. he'll be holding a news conference. he'll open up, we're told with a statement of what's going on that the event, at that asean summit that's been going on, but
10:59 am
he'll also take reporter questions, presumably talking about the sudden and very surprising death over the weekend of the supreme court justice antonin scalia. a huge debate, as our viewers know, whether the president will go ahead, will go ahead and nominate someone to fill that seat very, very soon. the president says that's his constitutional responsibility. a lot of the republicans, including the republican majority leader in the senate, say it's the constitutional responsibility of the senate to either confirm or deny the nomination. that's what they're planning on doing. this is going to be a huge debate here in the united states. let me also remind you, tomorrow night, thursday night, exclusively here on cnn, two separate town halls live from south carolina. the six republican presidential candidates will all be taking questions from the voters of south carolina. two separate nights. three on wednesday, three on thursday. anderson cooper will moderate this event.
11:00 am
only, only here on cnn, 8:00 p.m. eastern. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'll be back, 5:00 p.m. eastern, in "the situation room." for our international viewers "amanpour" is next. for viewers in north america, "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. wolf blitzer, thank you so much. great to be with all of you on this tuesday. i'm brooke baldwin. the race for the highest office in america could be at its lowest now. the insults, they are getting uglier by the hour. any minute now, donald trump will take that podium there in south carolina for what we can only imagine will be another verbal shredding of his rivals. remember what happened right around this time yesterday? trump, fetch from calling ted cruz a basket case. the biggest liar he knows. a total of six times in 90 seconds. also threatening to sue him as