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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 16, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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only, only here on cnn, 8:00 p.m. eastern. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'll be back, 5:00 p.m. eastern, in "the situation room." for our international viewers "amanpour" is next. for viewers in north america, "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. wolf blitzer, thank you so much. great to be with all of you on this tuesday. i'm brooke baldwin. the race for the highest office in america could be at its lowest now. the insults, they are getting uglier by the hour. any minute now, donald trump will take that podium there in south carolina for what we can only imagine will be another verbal shredding of his rivals. remember what happened right around this time yesterday? trump, fetch from calling ted cruz a basket case. the biggest liar he knows. a total of six times in 90 seconds. also threatening to sue him as well, don't forget that.
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ted cruz heading back, telling trump he's lost it. then marco rubio joining the "ted cruz is a liar" chorus. as for the usual staid and reticent jeb bush, he's at it too, telling trump he sounds like michael moore. all of this as we still have four more days until the real slaughter begins, the south carolina primary. let's kick off our coverage with jim acosta in north augusta, south carolina, where donald trump is set to take the stage. any guesses what could happen there in a matter of minutes, jim acosta? >> well, donald trump was already measuring himself against george w. bush earlier this morning. he made a pit stop at this fixture for presidential candidates here in south carolina, brooke. maybe you've heard of it before. it's tommy's country ham house. i've been there before. the ham's pretty good. donald trump was there earlier this morning. he made the remark he's getting a better response there than george w. bush. so there you go, another dig at
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the bush family. this comes after george w. bush was reminiscing about his time at tommy's country ham house back when he was running for president. at one point, as you remember in that speech last night, it was kind of amazing to see george w. bush speaking again in a campaign rally, saying the strongest person in the world isn't always the loudest person in the room. i think this will be very telling which way donald trump goes during this rally. does he go after george bush? does he continue to go after bush and the bush family? or does he continue to be what appears to be a pivot, to going back to his attacks at ted cruz. we heard that earlier this morning on "good morning america," brooke, you know, donald trump once again calling ted cruz a liar, saying he's seriously considering, along with his lawyers, a lawsuit against the texas senator. in the last several minutes, jeb bush held an event with lindsey
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graham and this was very tough coming from lindsey graham, some very tough comments, the south carolina senator, who is a top surrogate for jeb bush, he said at one point during this event, brooke, quote, i will never vote for a man who says that george w. bush is a liar. you're not a republican if you're asking nancy pelosi to impeach president bush. that goes back to donald trump's comments at that the debate over the weekend when he said that the bush administration lied about the weapons of mass destruction in iraq. you know, brooke, just to wrap this up, typically, republicans will stop short of saying that they won't vote for somebody, that they'll always support the republican nominee. but this is lindsey graham coming very close to saying no matter what happens, if donald trump is the nominee of this party, he's not going to support him. i think that's newsworthy. >> it is indeed. jim, thank you so much. let me bring in the chief strategist for the 2004 bush/cheney campaign, abc news analyst, nice to see you sir.
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what jim acosta was mentioning. they say yes, of course, whoever the nominee is, we will support them. and it sounds like senator graham may be opening the fact they may not happen if it's trump, based upon what he said about bush 43. why do you think so far donald trump has gotten away saying these thingings? >> he's gotten away with it since june when he entered the race. 240 straight days. in the course of this, i think he's had a better understanding of the republican electorate than anybody else running in this race. most of the people that have looked at this race. >> does that cause you pause, saying that? >> no, it doesn't cause me pause to say that because i think he's got a great understanding of the electorate. you have to understand where the voters are. whether or not the outcome of that is good for the country, other people can have that discussion. he has a better understanding of the electorate. the emotional place they are. and what they care about today. he's appealed to them. i think donald trump has crossed the line in a number of places. that if he really wanted to win,
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he shouldn't have gone that far. but it doesn't seem to have damaged him. the first polls i've seen that have come out post-debate, donald trump has a double-digit lead in south carolina. >> he's soaring. you know the deal. you know the deal working on campaigns. i'm wondering, though, the liar rhetoric, basket case, and even from, you know, the bush camp talking about donald trump being this republican michael moore. i heard it yesterday from jim dike and then we heard it from the governor last night. how is that going to sit with southerners? >> i think having been through this race before and having gone through north carolina, after we lost new hampshire to george w. bush in 2000, then went to south carolina. there's not a huge amount of difference between pockets of voters around the country. the idea that somehow south carolina is vastly different than conservatives in michigan or conservatives in new hampshire is way overplayed in the course of this. i think the voters have factored this all in. they already know donald trump. they know he says stuff like
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this. they know he swears on the campaign trail. they know all this about him. but for some reason, they've stuck to him, because they think washington is so broken and so beyond fixing that the only way to do that is to send donald trump there right now. >> to your point about speaking to the electorate. >> i think republicans have made a huge mistake. every time -- i watched the debate. so many people say donald trump did poorly and the crowd booed him. i came away with that thinking donald trump is going to come away from that stronger. it basically makes the voters saying those people don't understand, they're booing our guy and we're going to defend this guy until the end. i think trump is going to win south carolina. if trump wins south carolina after he attacked george w. bush, bakley called him a liar, attacked lindsey graham, which is his home state, south carolina. and every conservative has come out against donald trump in south carolina and donald trump wins, how do you stop donald trump? >> he says he's going to run the table once he gets south
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carolina. >> i think if there's three candidates left in this race, donald trump will win nearly all of the states on march 1st. >> wow, on super tuesday. >> yep. >> what about jeb bush? what about now that we've seen in south carolina, as you very well know, this is a state that's been good tore the bush family. that he not only has brought out bush 4 43, we know barbara bush the beloved 90-year-old mother who got those capacity crowds in new hampshire a weekend before last. they're bringing her out again. i mean, is this sort of a sign of she really did wonderfully for us before, let's bring her out again. do we attribute the bush sort of -- i don't know if surge is the word. but he is sort of seeming more comfortable. to his family? >> i think his comfort level has changed based upon the fact his family's around. he seems more comfortable in the aftermath of bush's speech. i don't think any of this helps jeb bush. it didn't help him in new hampshire. barbara bush is a beloved figure. >> you don't think it helped him
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in new hampshire? >> no, he got 11% of the vote and a month ago he was at 10% so he got 11% and finished fourth. i think in south carolina, george w. bush is loved in south carolina but it doesn't attribute necessarily to jeb. i make it akin to starting pitcher having a difficult time pitching. you can't bring a bunch of hall of famers around stand them around the mound and think he's going to pitch better and think the fans will support them if they've given up a bunch of runs already. i think it's a great moment for the bushes to reflect on. it's not going to help jeb in south carolina. >> if you talk about the potential for trump running the table despite everything he said post south carolina, who is that other candidate who can give him a run for his money? >> here's what has to happen. in order to stop donald trump, first of all, something crazy has to happen in the next 72 hours. >> let's assume that doesn't happen. >> because everything crazy happening, hasn't changed at all. he wins south carolina. the only way donald trump can be stopped is if it becomes a
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one-on-one race very quickly. if it's a one-on-two race, donald trump is going to clean up -- >> because of his whole circular firing -- >> well, a 36% solid base of support. when you have three or four other candidates, he's going to win those states. it has to go to a one-on-one race before donald trump gains too much momentum. because as you win, voters begin to start supporting you more and more along the trail. for voters who say they don't like trump, if he starts winning, those voters will start saying they will vote for trump. >> they want to get on the winning bandwagon. matthew dowd, thank you, come back. thank you so much. it is a unique two-night event on cnn. all six presidential candidates taking part in the south carolina town hall. this is what's so great about it. these are questions coming from south carolinians themselves. straight to the candidates spread out over the course of the two nights. to see the different crop of
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candidates, 8:00 eastern, wednesday and thursday night, here on cnn. meantime, new questions today about why there was no autopsy on justice antonin scalia. this, as the owner of the ranch tells us what was found over his head in his bed. plus, the daughter of the man who died during a choke hold by police here in new york will join me live on why she is supporting bernie sanders. we talked last week on the phone. she says bernie sanders speaks to her soul. but her mother is standing by hillary clinton. and the performances that have everyone talking today from kendrick lamar to lady gaga, also some of the comments from beyonce, taylor swift. got you covered on the grammys. but also adele, what happened last night? we'll talk all about it. i drive a golf ball.
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to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. today, the bench chair of justice scalia is draped in black. a tribute to the conservative justice who passed away on saturday. just who will fill his suieat.
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there is high anticipation. the president is holding a news conference and will likely reveal his next step in the showdown he's now embrailled in with us. republicans, they have vowed not to confirm any person the president named, saying that choice should go to obama's successor. politics aside, there is no doubt the 79-year-old jurist will be greatly missed and now we're learning how the public will be able to pay their respects. let's go to justice correspondent evan perez with some of the new details. what do we know about the funeral? >> brooke, first, justice scalia will lie in repose at the supreme court on friday. so people will be able to come by and pay their respects to him. and then on saturday, there's going to be a formal funeral ma mass. obviously justice scalia was a catholic and this is one of the holiest places in american cath
11:16 am
thol chism. two subsequent popes have also celebrated mass here. this is going to be a very imagi majestic place. this is certainly very fitting for his funeral. >> we are also learning today some new details about the way he was found. can you tell me what you know? >> actually one of the silliest things. and why the family has asked that an autopsy not be done. there was a story out of west texas that the owner of the ranch where justice scalia died, at the ranch in west texas, that he found a pillow over his head. and so cnn talked to the owner of the ranch. his name is john poindexter.
11:17 am
he clarified, again, this was not over his face. this is something repeated on the internet a lot in the last couple of days to raise questions about whether or not there's anything fishy. we're told he had all of the problems you might expect with a 70-year-old man, health problems, 70-year-old man would have. so this family does not want an autopsy. they certainly don't believe there's anything suspicious in his death, brooke. >> okay. evan perez, thank you so much. again, we mentioned the president. he will be speaking, addressing this presumed battle brewing over the seat on the u.s. supreme court. that will happen at 4:30 eastern. we will take it live here on cnn. meantime, donald trump just now stepping up to the microphone. this is the rally in south carolina. will he fire back at george w. bush over the thinly veiled swipes he made? we'll listen in. and we are moneys moments away
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got some live pictures, south carolina. you know who that is, donald trump speaking there. four days for these candidates to separate themselves and hopefully not rip the party apart in the process. let's break down this final stretch. daniel vincent is a political science professor in south
11:23 am
carolina. professor, welcome. >> thank you, it's good to be here. >> so, of all these different, you know, words we're hearing thrown about on this trail as we're nearing the primary, the word it feels like we're hearing the most is liar. here is what i mean by that. >> i've been very successful and i dealt with some people a lot better than him, but i've never dealt with anybody that lies like him. >> there's a curious thing, two of the candidates in this race, donald trump and rubio, both have the very same pattern. whenever anyone points out their record, they simply start screaming "liar, liar, liar." it's a very odd dynamic. >> well, he's lying. i think it's disturbing. i said that at the debate. he's now literally just make things up. i don't expect he's going to apologize. it's troubling. it really is. >> listen, it's not a new thing,
11:24 am
danielle, for candidates to point out lack of truthiness in some candidates but all this liar liar pants on fire what do you make of this? >> well, i think there's some folks trying desperately to separate themselves from the crowd. and as they gain more scrutiny from the other candidates, there's not a lot of room for nuance right now. so you've got candidates just going after each other and hoping that some of these labels will stick to somebody. >> basically, you have two races within the republicans going on. the insiders and outsiders. how do you see the race shaping up? how do you think the field will be trimmed come sunday, monday, tuesday? >> i think with the outsider's race, it's trump's to lose. i'm still seeing a lot more trump signs and a lot of enthusiasm among the trump supporters. i think on the other side is really anybody's guess right now.
11:25 am
the bush name plays well in south carolina. having george w. bush along with jeb on the campaign trail yesterday certainly helped. raised the profile of his appearances not just around charleston but around the state. i think rubio is still considered a fresh new face and that appealed to a lot of voters in south carolina who just worry that bush may have been around too long, the name may have been around too long. and then i think kasich has actually shown some life in the polls. it's a challenge for him. he's not going to be in the state every day this week. and he's also not got the same ground game that bush and rubio do. but i would expect that somebody will emerge out of that group. if bush doesn't come out close to the front of that group, then he's looking at the beginning and the end. but i think for the other two, if they either keep it close or finish ahead of that pack, then they've got some momentum going forward after south carolina. >> let me pause on this
11:26 am
conversation. we just turned around some sound. he's talking about hillary clinton who essentially last night was saying every time you hear one of these republican candidates live if only we had a dog barking. she barked a little bit as she was explain this. >> hillary clinton is a joke. if she gets it, she's like a joke. i'm sure you saw it. i'm watching television and i see her barking like a dog, right. she's barking like a dog. and everyone said, oh, wasn't that wonderful, wasn't that wonderful? isn't that cute, isn't that great? if i ever did that, i would be ridiculed all over the place. i won't do it. i'm not going to imitate her. but she's barking like a dog in this. if trump does it, believe me, you'd read about it. so they'll be no barking. but we're going to be respected again. we have to be respected. >> so he says there will nobody
11:27 am
barking from him. what do you make of that? >> given some of the things he's done on the campaign trail, barking actually might not make the top ten. you know, it's going to play well with the south carolina crowd. they're not very supportive of hillary if they're showing up to a trump rally. doesn't hurt him with the voter he's trying to reach in south carolina. i think longer term and for some people looking for someone who looks and sounds presidential, than perhaps this does not win him any points. >> danielle vincent from furman university, thank you very much. tomorrow, here on cnn, all six presidential candidates taking part in a south carolina town hall, asking voter's questions. spread out, wednesday and thursday night, only here on cnn. a video that absolutely
11:28 am
shocked the country. a new york city man dying after police officers put him in a choke hold there on the sidewalk. now garner's daughter is out and about on the campaign trail. we will talk to erica about why she is backing bernie sanders but also her mother is not. plus, a black drape now covers justice antonin scalia's chair there at the u.s. supreme court. new details today about the fight to fill his suit. one expert says loretta lynch could be a good choice. why? that's ahead. listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! absolutely ageless® night cream aveeno® with active naturals® blackberry complex ... ... a whole new way to keep skin looking younger longer ... ... starting tonight. part of the new absolutely ageless collection from aveeno®
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just past the bottom of the
11:33 am
hour. hillary clinton making a strong push today to hold on to support from the african-american community. she is in harlem today. she met with several prominent civil rights leaders. here they were. >> my campaign is really about breaking every barrier. because i believe absolutely that america can't live up to its potential unless every single person has the chance to live up to theirs. >> this meeting today comes as bernie sanders is also making a major push for support from black leaders, black voters. in about half an hour, hillary clinton is due to deliver a speech on race relations. we will take part of that of course. let me bring in congressman jeffries, democratic congressman from new york and a clinton supporter. welcome. let's just begin, you were at the cbc pac endorsement of her last week. obviously you want her to be the next president of the united states. but specifically on race relations, what is her message
11:34 am
that resonates with you? >> first, she has a significant relationship with the african-american community because she's been there on our issues for a great long period of time. almost for 40 years. when she started out as a young lawyer for the children's defense fund, she worked in the deep south on issues of criminal justice reform. fighting hard to prevent young teenagers from being housed in adult facilities. then as first lady in arkansas, she worked to create a civil legal services program that provided legal representation to poor people, many of whom were african-american. helping to improve their day-to-day lives. then of course she's transitioned to her time in washington in the 1990s, where she worked to create fundamentally the children's health insurance program which was a significant bridge between medicare in 1965 and the affordable care act. the chip program has helped many african-american families. even during her time as a united states senator from here in new york, she co-sponsored legislation to deal with racial profiling in the criminal
11:35 am
justice system, sentencing reform. she helped to deal with the despaisparity -- >> you can keep going, it's an impressive resume. the thing is, i've been at these bernie sanders rallies. these young people, they don't care. they don't care. a lot of them like bernie sanders. a number of african-americans. although when you look at the polls, she seems to really have it in south carolina. specifically, looking ahead, what does she need to do to take sanders supporters and say no, i'm the one who has your back? >> first, i think the fact that bernie sanders has run such a robust campaign is good for the party and will make hillary clinton a stronger candidate moving forward. at the end of the day, the young people, all of us have to evaluate who is in the best position to make progress, build upon the track record of president obama, take the baton, keep moving forward and keep things moving in a way that is positive for everyone. and hillary clinton based on her track record has the ability to actually take the vision and transform it into public policy action. the question for me really about
11:36 am
bernie sanders is the message about revolutionary change, i understand. it has a lot of appeal. >> people are moved by him. >> people are moved by that notion. if you step back and take a look at his track record, he had eight years as mayor, 16 years as a member of the house of representatives. he's in his tenth year as a -- >> civil rights era, marching, he was arrested, passion for justice, these are all things he talked about. >> the big question is, where is the evidence of revolutionary change? if it doesn't exist during your type as may, as the house member, as a member of the senate, how are we to believe as a community having gone through slavery and jim crow and now mass incarceration, that you have the experience, the ability and the capacity to actually get things done? hillary clinton is the one with the track record. and she hasn't shied away from speaking directly on issues of race. she did it at the beginning of campaign when she tackled mass incarceration. she's getting ready to do it in harlem, talking about this
11:37 am
broader notion of economic opportunity for every american including african-american. >> we'll take it. we'll listen to her at the top of the hour. congressman, thank you very much. really appreciate it. next here on the republican side, can the republicans run out the clock on the obama presidency? they say they will not consider supreme court nominees submitted by the president. the president live during a news conference today. also this -- ♪ surprise, huge performance here, kendrick lamar. we're going to talk about this. he walks out in chains, backup singers behind bars, incarcer e incarceratincarcerat incarcerated, that message there. also adele's trouble. taylor swift's strong message. and so much more. we'll talk about it all coming up. c ) hi this is conor.
11:38 am
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as we mentioned, moments from now, hillary clinton will deliver huge speech on race
11:42 am
relations in harlem. her rival, bernie sanders, in south carolina, where african-americans could make the difference for next week's primary. sanders has one very significant ally, erica garner. her father was killed after new york police put him in a choke hold and his death inspired the chant i can't breathe. erica met sanders in person for the first time today. >> his death also inspired me to seek out elected officials at either level of government who are committed to reforming our broken system. this is why i am here. and it is why i have decided to endorse senator bernie sanders. >> she officially endorsed him last month. now the sanders campaign is sharing erica's story in a new
11:43 am
campaign ad. >> this is what mommy is. i'm an activist. the same thing martin luther king was. he fought for our rights. it's the same thing i'm doing. and others for pop pop. my dad's name is eric garner. no one gets to see their parents last moments. and i was able to see my dad die on national tv. our people died for this. martin luther king died for this. malcolm x died for this. and who were they? they was protesters. i'm behind anyone who's going to listen and speak up for us. and i think we need to believe in a leader like bernie sanders. i believe bernie sanders is a protester. >> when a police officer breaks the law, that officer must be held accountable. >> he's not scared to go up
11:44 am
against the criminal justice system. he's not scared. >> i want to see an america where when young black men walk down the street, they will not be harassed by police officers. they will not be killed. they will not be shot. >> and that's why i'm for bernie. >> erica garner joins me now. so nice to have you on, erica, welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> you got it. you know, when we chatted the other day on the phone, my question is how does a, you know, white jewish 74-year-old from brooklyn -- i guess right around the same neighborhood actually you grew up in, a member of congress, really resonate with you. you told me he speaks to your soul, erica, tell me how. >> i mean, he got this aura
11:45 am
about him. he speaks to me. he's from the same neighborhood where i grew up at. you know, his whole life, he's done protested and spoke on the behalf of black people. and our issues. not only the injustices but our economic struggles. >> you introduced him today at this event. did you get a chance to talk to him? did you daughter meet him? >> yes. my daughter's shy so she really didn't say much, but she just don't know the impact that when she really understands it, how much it means to meet possibly the next president. >> you know, during a recent debate, bernie sanders said that he would improve race relations. it would be better under him than barack obama. your response to that.
11:46 am
>> well, first, i want to say -- i want to give gratitude to loretta lynch for coming back with the answer. they finally moving in my dad's case with the convening of the grand jury. i want the people to know that i'm not jumping for joy. i'm still out here putting pressure. and i appreciate her convening the federal grand jury, and bill de blasio needs to fire these killer cops. >> okay. but would you agree with bernie sanders when he said that he would improve race relations in this country more so than the first black president? just curious, your thoughts. >> i just think us as a people need to hold him accountable and if he's saying these things, once he's in office, we need to
11:47 am
hold him accountable and put pressure on him. >> i was talking to someone recently, angela rye, the executive director of the national black caucus. she said this, that these candidates can no longer afford to be tone deaf. if you want to talk to me, hire people that look like me. get an ad firm that looks like me. and that can speak in my view. that is what is most important in this election. you know, yes, bernie sanders has your support, but what do you say to other african-americans who say he doesn't speak to them? >> well, i wish that there was another black person like become obama that went against all the racism, whatever, to get there and speak on it and not be -- not turn their back as soon as they get into office. but bernie sanders, i'm not looking at his skin color, i'm looking at his track record.
11:48 am
he stood with martin luther king. he stood with jackson. that's what happened. help got arrested when he was 22 years old. that's what happened. for housing inequality in the 1960s. back then, he wasn't no elected official or whatever. we need to stand behind someone who is speaking for -- giving us our voice. he's not speaking for us. he's not telling us what our issues are, what we should stand behind for. he's willing to listen. and that's who we need in office. >> you were there in south carolina. i know you told me you were going to canvass. you were going to go knock on doors. what have you been telling people who still aren't decided? >> i did my first call yesterday and i spoke to a 74-year-old woman. and i didn't try to convince her on which candidate that she wants to go for, but i asked her
11:49 am
what was she concerned about, if she was to vote for a candidate what issues do you want to be addressed? and you know what she said, she said health care and social security. and bernie sanders said it best, why would someone work their whole life and then be limited on any type of social security that they get, and why do they have to cut they pills in half. i have a 90-year-old grandmother. she has a budget between, budget between rent and buying pills and her hospital bills. she worked her whole life. why can't we have affordable medical care for our elderly? >> you raise an excellent point. you mentioned your grandmother. i don't know if this is the same grandmother. i was reading, erica, your father's mother -- >> no, not my father's moth, my
11:50 am
mother's mother is 90 years old. >> i got you. but your father's mother is supporting hillary clinton, correct? >> yes, but i can't speak on why she did it. i can't speak on what her issues or what brought her to the endorsement. all i can speak on why i want to use my platform and my voice to convey my message to everyone, to young people especially. be involved in the political process. because america don't care and if you don't care, they will not care about you. >> you have an important voice. thank you for sharing it today. erica garner in columbia, south carolina, thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up next, it has everyone talking. no shortages of surprises at the grammys last night. strong words from taylor swift for one. >> there are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success. >> was that a message to kanye
11:51 am
west? that and so much more next.
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
11:55 am
music's biggest night has everyone talking today from taylor swift dedicating her album of the year award to young women everywhere, while practically giving kanye maybe the middle finger. so to speak. lady gaga bringing the generations, bridging the generations with an out of this world tribute to david bowie and kendrick lamar, kendrick lamar's racially fueled showstopper. ♪ my community making a killing ♪ ♪ you make me a killer ♪ as we proceed ♪ to give you what you need tap our bodies but lock up our mind ♪ ♪ everybody just stuck
11:56 am
>> we have so much to talk about. i have the music writer for the l.a. "times." chris witherspoon, entertainment editor at the don lemon, co-host, needs no other introduction. co-correspondent extra weekend rene bodge. we have a lot of time for this. starting with you, garrett. i know we talk about kendrick lamar. he's been on the ground of some these major stories. you call lamar's album so challenging and musically complex that fans and critics are still chewing on it nearly a year after its release. that performance last night, the chains, the cell bars, the african dancers, what did you think? >> i still have chills every time i think about the performance. it was so incredible, so powerful. it was so necessary i thought. we've been having for the past
11:57 am
year, two years about race in this country. he really hit the nail on the head. with his album that was up for a number of nominations. i thought the performance was such a fantastic footnote of what this moment is for him. he spoke for so many people i thought. it was incredibly powerful. >> turning to you two boys, what did you think? >> i thought it was amazing. the moment he walked out with those chains, injust got like filled with emotion. a lot of folks still don't really know kendrick lamar's music but i think this was his star is born moment without a doubt. >> i thank kendrick lamar for bringing rap and hip-hop back to what it should be. rapping about things that are socially conscious. he doesn't use the words i despise so much. he doesn't use all those words. it's not what he does. and he's doing what artists should be doing. artists. when artists were socially
11:58 am
conscience. taking a back to a time when maybe millennials aren't even aware of. that's what nina simone would do. that's what marvin gaye would do. that's what the beatles would do. finally people who have talent and they don't need auto tune, we're back in that moment now. >> it was that performance. then of course we were talking and i was gabbing in the break about beyonce because i can't stop talking about her and this "formation" video. she came out last night and she presented, and you, sir, tweeted that you basically stopped breathing when she came out. this is what beyonce said. >> art is the unapologetic celebration of culture through self-expression. it can impact people in a variety of ways for different reasons at different times. some will react. some will respond. some will be move.
11:59 am
>> that was so few words needed to be spoken ton address. >> she's gotten so much backlash for "formation." we were talking about it off camera, really touches on so much. you don't see artists of beyonce's caliber really dipping their foot into controversy like this but she did it tastefully and i think last night was' great way to address the haters out there that have come at her about this video. there's even a protest -- >> outside the headquarters -- >> a few folks showed up. she addressed it in a tasteful way. she looked amazing. >> okay, rene, to you, let me put -- taylor swift, she was also on the stage. maybe throwing some shade on kanye, addressing the latest feud part two. an issue that the kanye lyrics in this most recent song ultimately kanye saying, listen, i'm the one who made taylor swift famous. here she was. >> there are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take
12:00 pm
credit for your accomplishments or your fame. but if you just focus on the work and you don't let those people side track you, some day when you get where you're going, you'll look around and you will know that it was you and the people who love you who put you there. and that will be the greatest feeling in the world. thank you. >> her words. and it cuts to -- >> she was speaking directly to me. i live that. i wrote that speech for her. haters going to -- >> rene what did you think? >> i thought this was the most classy way she could have addressed those lyrics and the issue she has with kanye. i think she's made it pretty clear she did not give approval to kanye to do those lyrics so he's looking pretty bad. i'm shocked that he's done this because they were in such a good place. think it's pretty apparent it's taylor swift's world and we're all just living in it so i think this is a really, really bad
12:01 pm
move for him and this is going to be a big war, it's on. >> it is on. i'm feeling bigger picture, you think about beyonce at the super bowl and the "formation" video -- you know where i'm going. and then with this. and then even looking ahead to chris rock at the oscars, which we've sat and talked about. i feel like something's happening. >> i mean, look at this new yorker cover. when you look at the new yorker which many people think is sort of staid and stodgy. it has civil rights leaders and black leaders up. that's where were in this country. you see malcolm x on the cover and -- you know, that's where we are in this country. to talk about social justice and issues that will affect the country. right now, we've got supreme court, right? we've got the election coming up. we have this what's happening with african-americans in this country. really, really social and racial injustice in this country. now, whether this is going to last, you know, whether this is going to be a formation so to speak for a long time, we're
12:02 pm
going to have to see. but at this point it appears to be a turning point -- >> do you think it will last? >> i mean, you know, we have the oscars coming up in a couple of weeks. he's the only black person nominated. so the conversation is going to keep going. i think moments like beyonce at the super bowl what kendrick did at the grammys, this is what keeps the conversation going forward tonight. i agree with don, i definitely hope it will last. >> final talk. we have to talk about adele who is phenomenal. phenomenal woman. but this happened. ♪ at the door >> yeah, don't adjust your volume, that really happened. adele tweeted, i know, i know. she tweeted the piano mics fell on to the guitar swings and made
12:03 pm
it sound out of tune. because of it, though, i'm treating myself to an in n out. >> i want to go with her. love in n out. >> she's a consummate professional. because the "s" does happen and you keep it pushing. >> adele knows. we will see her again do this time. >> i thought she nailed it anyway. >> renee, what did you think? >> i mean, my heart broke for her because you could tell at the very beginning she was having issues. you could see it in her eyes. she is flawless. so to have that moment, it was heartbreaking to watch. but i'm glad she got to have her in n out. as an aussie and somebody not from this country, it really is one of the best things coming out of this place. >> she deserved it and then some. renee, don, chris. thank you. we continue on. roll.
12:04 pm
all right, let's continue. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. by the way, we are watching, waiting for hillary clinton to take the mic in harlem. live pictures there. she will be giving a speech on civil rights. we'll take it live. but let's begin now before we see the former secretary of state, let's talk republicans. this is getting strordally personal. extraordinarily personal and downright dirty very quickly. donald trump speaking at a rally in south carolina, hitting at his rivals, even calling up a veteran and sheriff's deputy who just helped kick out a heckler. here we go. >> if it wasn't for mr. trump right here, i don't think any us would have the voice that we have. this is the only man that's going to really bring america back. he understands what it means for me and my people out here. have been to war. please, everything you talk about, mr. trump, i can promise you right now, my department, departments around me.
12:05 pm
we need you. >> all of this after calling ted cruz a basket case and a liar. oh, by the way, threatening to sue him if he doesn't retract his lies. ted cruz telling trump he has lost it. then there is marco rubio joining the ted cruz is a liar chorus. >> he's lying. i think it's disturbing. i said that at the debate. he's now literally make things up. i don't expect he's going to apologize. it's troubling. it really is. >> as for jeb bush, perhaps his pushance appears to be wearing thin. telling trump he sounds like michael moore. all of this, and there are still four whole days until that south carolina primary. let me bring in the associate editor of "the hill" and former u.s. senator norm coleman, a gejeb bush supporter.
12:06 pm
to both you, thanks for joining me. senator, first to you. you were at that south carolina debate this past weekend. called trump out of control. tell me why you thought he was. >> well, he certainly brought things to a new level in these debates. not necessarily elevated. not just jeb bush, i think rush limbaugh said the same thing. when you accuse former president bush of knowing, knowingly, getting us into 9/11, ignoring what the cia said, which is simply not true. simply not true. it was kind of -- what did they say, jump the shark, is that what the fonz used to say? i think trump pushed it over the edge now. when you have limbaugh and bush saying it sounded like michael moore, not a republican candidate for president, i think you're kind of pushing it past the edge. >> still, at the debate, trump is soaring in the polls. >> well, trump supporters don't care. if he accuses the former
12:07 pm
president of lying and starting a war intentionally, if he threatens to sue every day of the week, even if he's never going to do it. if he says maybe he's going to run third party again. all this drama he's doing is sort of part of his bit before people get to the polls. he needs to stay in the news, stay on top of the headlines. we should expect nothing less in the days to come before the primary on saturday. his supporters, remember this, do not care how outrageous he is, how insulting he is. they don't care if he comes to the debate without any policy prescriptions. they don't care about policy purity. they don't care about religious purity. they're with him for a different reason. when ted cruz attacks him about his flip-flops on policy positions, it doesn't bother the average supporter of trump. they're with him for another reason entirely. >> a whole other piece of this of what he said about the rnc. part of his massive statement. he said, one of the ways to
12:08 pm
fight back is bring a lawsuit against him, him being ted cruz, rell tim to fact he was born in canada and cannot be president. if he doesn't take down his false ads and retract his lies, i will do so immediately. additionally, the rnc should intervene and if they don't, they're in default of their pledge to me. >> absolutely, he's threatening to bring suit against ted cruz for his eligible to run for president, as someone born in canada, and he's threatening to run third party because he thinks the rnc has violated his pledge to him. the rnc handles debate prep and planning but certainly does not step in when candidates run ads or say things against one another the other one says is a lie. the rnc is not stepping in between rubio and cruz and cruz and trump and trump knows that. >> go ahead, senator. >> i was going to say, this is politics, not bad mitten.
12:09 pm
happens on democratic side. you got bill clinton talking to bernie sanders supporters, calling them tea party folks. he's got 35% of the republican base. not more than that. at a certain point in time, this could be trump and somebody else. if it's trump and somebody else, he can't get past that number, we'll see if, in fact, he loses some of that support. i think really going past the edge in terms of, you know, calling bush lied, people died. i think some republicans responded to that but she's right, he's got supporters, but they're not a majority and they're certainly a small slice of the american republican. he's the only person who has higher negatives running for president than hillary clinton. in the end, he may be opening the door to do something else. i hope that's not the case. he's not an reflection of the broad swath of the republican party. >> on that, somebody else, potentially, you're hoping that somebody else is jeb bush, and a source close to the campaign tells cnn they do expect first
12:10 pm
lady barbara bush to be back out. we saw her, you know, hugely popular in -- when we were in new hampshire. and so they'll bring her back out in south carolina. i' i'm just wondering, do you think some of this will strengthen the campaign, attributed to bringing out his brother and his mom? >> i think it's impacted him. i've watched him. he's gotten better. he had a slow start. but i think he's found his stride. certainly with his brother yesterday, after his brother, president bush, spoke, he was energi energized, fired up. he's not denying, listen, he's had a great mom, a dad who is one of the greatest presidents ever. a brother who was a great president. in the end, he's kind of recognizing that. again, ask people to judge him on who he is. he's the guy with the plan. president bush said something, which is if you want someone in ang anger, you can have trump. but if you want someone to solve the problems making you ang
12:11 pm
angry, jeb is the man. he's got experience in governing in a way that was successful as a good conservative republican governor. his mother is on the campaign trail, bush 43 is on the trail. i think it's good for him, good for the republican party. >> staying on jeb bush, a.b., i have a question, totally out of left field. something a number of people have noticed. politics is about optics. also about aesthetics. if you look lately at jeb bush, there's something missing. his glasses. have you noticed this? >> yes, i did see in' few interviews that something was different and it took me a while to realize he took his glasses off. >> what do you think is happening there? >> i don't know what this is. i agree with the senator he actually looks much more own energetic and comfortable. obviously he's having better debate performances. someone must have told him to lose the glasses. maybe he looks more excited without his glasses. i think what's interesting about the jeb bush, you know, finally
12:12 pm
feeling comfortable as a bush, as we got into the third contest here, is that, really, the people who are looking for a commander in chief with a plan want an experienced candidate. then just seem to be dwindling. i think the senator's also right. the people who support trump are not conservative and they're not republican. they're kind of populist. they're coming into the system for the first time. that's the problem, should he beat the establishment figures and become the republican nominee. he's not truly a republican. republican voters have a choice to make. are they looking for a commander in chief with a plan who has experience? are they looking for someone to channel their anger and break up the whole town? and that's what you see. the trump support, we don't know where it's going. >> all right, senator coleman, a.b. stoddard, we will talk again. that primary four days away. before then, let me tell you about something you have to tune in for. six, all six republican candidates, will be going face-to-face with the voters of
12:13 pm
south carolina and cnn's republican presidential town halls. this is the two-day event. you see here on your screen. wednesday and thursday. both nights, 8:00 eastern, only here on cnn. coming up, new questions today about why there is no autopsy on justice antonin scalia. this as we're getting new details from the owner of the ranch where he passed away, telling us what was actually found over his head. we have that. also, he's richer than trump. has ceo experience. so as the republicans fight it out and trump let its potentially this independent run, what is michael bloomberg thinking right about now? is he closer to jumping in? we'll discuss. we live in a pick and choose world.
12:14 pm
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you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. the public will have a chance to pay their respects to justice scalia who will lay in repose at the u.s. supreme court. his funeral will be held saturday, one week to the day after he died from natural causes. today, justice scalia's chair is draped in black. of course in tribute. just who will fill his suit really is the reason there is
12:18 pm
such tremendous anticipation for what president will do, what he will say when he speaks about an hour from now. he's holding a news conference then that will likely reveal the next steps in the showdown he is currently having with senate republicans. those republicans vowing not to confirm any individual who the president names, saying the choice instead should go to whoever succeeds president obama in the white house. and that conflict may now turn arguably the best legal job in the land into the worst career move for whoever the president nominates. by all accounts, if that individual, if it gets to that stage that nominee would undergrow a grueling process with a high risk of not getting confirmed. democratic strategist, a former white house aide in the clinton administration, and david hersoni, senior editor at the federalist. keith, you first, knowing the
12:19 pm
political climate in which we are existing at the moment, do you think whoever will want this job, it will be a fight, and my question is who will want to go through that. >> when you're nominated for the highest position in the judiciary in america, that's an honor that's unmistakable. >> eyes wide open going into that. >> this process is more politicized than any process i've seen. what's different is there's no precedent in modern political history for one party even denying the opportunity for the president to have a vote on the nomination. it's unprecedented. >> on that note, do you think perhaps the republicans should not have played that hand so early so to speak, not said they
12:20 pm
will not confirm? >> i think tactically it makes sense because whoever's nominated, there's a high probability that there's just going to be identity politics involved. this way, they've already told you they're not going to look at any candidates. if obama comes back with like a madisonian or ridoriginalist, i think they can change their minds. i think they've made their debate about obama rather than the candidate he produces. think that's probably smart for them. >> you want to respond? >> right now, it's very ambiguous. until you have a real name, a candidate, then things change. the quote is are you going to deny this person, this woman or man, an opportunity to be -- to get a fair hearing for the united states supreme court? i think that's a harder fight for the republicans to win. actually, i think it will actually turn out more democrats and disappoint a lot of
12:21 pm
independents who otherwise might be indifferent. the whole notion there's a false equivalence. there's no difference between the parties. because clearly there's a difference. >> what about the point it could backfire on republicans? >> if they make a ham-fisted argument about it but if they truly believe that the administration obama -- or that obama himself has had contempt for the constitute as they say, that he's been abusing his executive power, then they have an argument with him. and i think this obstructionism argument, how moderate voters and everyone is going to turn against republicans, hasn't worked out this way. they had a wave election when i was hearing this last time. i think some will be turn away but i think people on both sides will probably be gal vannized about it. >> galvanized, right. i got you. there's been a theory thrown out there, all right, well, perhaps the president will nominate someone who can be the so-called sacrificial lamb, not the one
12:22 pm
who would be confirm by the senate but could be someone more left leaning, would galvanize the base would hepbulp bernie o hillary. or does the president keep a more centrist pick? >> i think the president picks best person for the job, whether that person is someone who is a sacrificial lamb or not. you don't go into the process thinking there's a good chance this may not work out. yes, we know that's the political calculation everyone in washington is making but you have to understand this is a process that is constitutionally designate. he has the obligation to pick the correct person. i think that will ultimately be the candidate who will have the best chance at winning the nomination. >> david, this is the final question. if you're a "west wing," the so-called "west wing" theory.
12:23 pm
you let ginsburg retire, let the republicans choose one and have the democrats have a liberal-leaning justice, is that just sort of silly and something that would happen on a television episode but never in a million years happen in real life? >> well, nothing in history or recent history suggests that anyone's going to go for that. but more than that, i'm sure that the left wing would be mad about that as well. they win elections for reasons. they want progressives in that court. they want to re -- you know, this is a huge seat. they're going to reframe the argument. they're going to change the ideological complexion of that court. there's simply no reason for them to go for something like that. sounds good to me. i like it. >> real-life west wing would not dig the actual "west wing" proposal. thank you so much on that. we'll be watching to see what happens. again, the president speaking, holding a news conference within the next hour. we are expecting him to talk about the vacancy on the u.s. supreme court. we'll take it live here on cnn.
12:24 pm
meantime, if bernie sanders and donald trump become the eventual nominees, some analysts say that could be the window former new york mayor michael bloomberg needs to enter this race. really? would he do this? why would he do this? let's explore, coming up. if i want to go up... hello. or if i want to go down... no. but then if i want to come back again... yes. it's perfect. my favorite part is to be able to lift your legs up a little bit and it feels like i'm just cradled. (vo) change your sleep, change your life, change to tempur-pedic.
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as the race for president really on both sides of the aisle grows increasingly divisive, there are pundits who say it could be the opportunity
12:29 pm
for an independent candidate not only to jump into the race but to win. entitled why michael bloomberg could run for president and win. if donald trump and bernie sanders win their pert's nomination it could be the winning path for the former new york city mayor. he knows bloomberg well, having worked with him as a pollster in 250 '09. how long does he have to decide? >> i think in the next few weeks he has to make a decision. there are a number of deadlines in particular may 9 in texas where he has to take some significant steps and before that he'd have to gather signatures and so forth. so he has' few weeks before the time is dry drawing ny to mick a decision. >> by then, we may know whether it's a bernie sanders or hillary clinton. he may be weighing that. >> each passing day on the republican side it gets more and
12:30 pm
more apparent that the voters would welcome a real adult in the room. you have the the two front-runners yelling at each other calling each other liars, one threaten to sue. it isly the rell a reality tv race gone presidential. think the voters are looking at it and saying, you know, if someone got into the race with socially liberal, fiscally conservative views, that took a moderate commonsense approach, it would build consensus, actually get things done, who has a record and experience of doing that. and then you look at the democratic side and this near specter of a self-avowed socialist actually potentially winning the nomination is incredible. i mean, if you actually looked at what the numbers are in "the new york times" article out today showing that hillary won the debate last night but she said the federal government would grow 40% under bernie.
12:31 pm
she under estimated it. could grow the federal government 50% beyond where we are now. >> when this thing was percolating, was okay, if hillary is not the nominee, then he would definitely throw his hat in the race. now we may not know if it's either and he will have to make that calculated decision. a week before last when i was in new hampshire, the former spokesperson for george w. bush, and he said, brooke, bring it on, it will be brought for the republicans if bloomberg ran. >> be careful what you ask for because i'm sure they're doing a lot of polling and they're not looking at simply are they going to take more from the democrats, more from the republicans, but can they put together a winning coalition. i think increasingly that opportunity is there. why? because the rhetoric on both sides is getting so divisive. i think the truth is, particulu
12:32 pm
of voters actually espouse viewpoints of the former governor. they want a safety net. they want to raise the minimum wage. er there they're willing to raise taxes on the rich. they want to keep guns off the street. they want to support the freedom for gays and lesbians to continue to marry and for women to be able to choose. these are all policy positions that appeal to the center of country that aren't showing u as much on the right or the left. >> the possibility of a bloomberg run to be continued. thanks, brooke. >> thank you so much. coming up next, the democrats battle for voters. hillary clinton deliver a speech this hour on civil rights, specifically in harlem here in new york. we will listen in. also ahead, bernie sanders picks up the endorsement of several african-american lawmakers in south carolina.
12:33 pm
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right now, survivors of last year's paris attack making an emotional return to the city of lights. the band is playing, they will be headlining the very first show in paris since that night, it was last november, 90 innocent concert goers were murdered. the band appeared at a u2 show in paris. they say the full experience
12:38 pm
would be to finish what they started. more guns in the right hands could have actually saved lives. >> did your french gun control stop a single [ bleep ] person from dying? if anyone can answer yes, i'd like to hear it. i don't think so. i think the only thing that stopped it was some of the bravest men that i've ever seen in my life charging head first into the faith of death with their firearms. maybe i know people will disagree with me but it just seems like god made men and women that night guns made them equal. i hate it that it's that way. i think the only way my mind has been changed is that maybe until nobody has guns, everybody has to have them. i don't went to see anything like this ever happen again. >> wow. cnn's aaron mclaughlin is live in paris where the show has just begun there. those are some strong comments.
12:39 pm
until we have no guns, everyone should have guns? how is that going to go over in france? >> reporter: well, people here in france, brooke, disagree with what he said. they do understand he comes from' different country, different background, people here in france, in general, very much see the gun control laws, some the strengthest gun control laws in the world here in france that are currently in place. rely on police to keep them safe. that's really not the center of focus here. the focus is on the music. the focus is on bringing people back together. for what is going to be very emotional concert. a reporter is inside the venue. she tells me the place is packed. some 2,800 tickets sold. it is sold out. 900 survivors and relatives of
12:40 pm
victims from that attack. it looks like an ordinary rock concert, but soon you start to pick up clues this isn't 100% normal, people walking around, carrying white flowers, some shedding tears, some on crutches. there's counselors present to be able to help them through this process. i was speaking to one survivor prior to the concert. he was telling me tonight for him is a test to see if he can return to normalcy. others saying it's simply too soon. they're choosing to stay home. three months is just not enough time to be able to go through another concert again. >> will never forget seeing that vigil in front of bataclan, have never seen anything like it.
12:41 pm
back here at home, on the trail, donald trump bringing up two men from the crowd at this rally. a heckler interrupted. we'll tell you what happened there. we'll show it to you. also, happening now, bernie sanders speaking at a town hall in charleston, is beisouth caro as his rival, hillary clinton, gets ready to deliver a speech here in harlem. stand by for that. lots to talk about.
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
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12:45 pm
she has the voice. she has the record crushing alb album. and she had one of grammy night's most anticipated performances. so what went so wrong for adele last night? watch for yourself. ♪ at the door ♪ i want to see you ♪ said before you know >> yeah, don't have to adjust your volume, that is what happened. as part her performance been she took to twitter to try to explain, tweeting the piano mics
12:46 pm
fell on the piano strings. that's what the guitar sound was and made it sound out of tune. [ bleep ] happens. because of it though i'm treating myself to an in n out so maybe it was worth it. npr tv critic eric degens joins me now. on adele, i've seen her several times live. she kills every time. my heart went out to her. >> well, and what was sad and sort of infuriating is that was not the only audio problem of the night. the audio seemed to struggle throughout. there were times when vocals, particularly if you listened to the lionel richie tribute, vocals weren't loud enough and things like that. i was surprised cbs struggled so much with audio problems throughout the length of the grammys. adele got it the worst. and she reportedly suffers from stage fright. so i think maybe it threw her off a little bit and her performance was off throughout because of that early mistake.
12:47 pm
>> she's amazing though. you could just sort of see it nf her eyes, perhaps some frustration. to me the performance was kendrick lamar. if folks at home haven't seen it, roll it. ♪ my community making a killing ♪ ♪ you make me a killer ♪ emancipation of a real hitter ♪ ♪ as we proceed ♪ to give you what you need ♪ trap our bodies but can't lock our mind ♪ ♪ everybody just stop >> i mean, first of all, i'm watching you. i mean, i'm watching you. listen, walking out in chains, backup musicians behind cell block bars. the african dancers at the very end. sort of superimposed on the continent of africa. what did you think? >> well, i thought this was an amazing performance. and certainly one of the highlights of the night, if not the highlight of the night.
12:48 pm
taking this imagery. showing black men in chains. and then transforming it to an image of early african and african centered garb is a powerful message. to bring that at the grammys where you have the mainstream of music entertainment watching, you know, over 20 million people tuned in and to see kendrick join our roster of artists including beyonce who are taking this imagery at the heart of black culture and bringing it to their work to try and add some powerful questions about policing and how black people are treated and what it taking to survive as a black person in america today this is powerful stuff. it is the lyrics of his songs. that's why, you know, he's been such a powerful artist. to see him translate that visually to the grammys. i mean, it really woke up a broad that had been kind of sleepwalking up until that point. >> watching cuts from kendrick lamar to this audience, wondering if they were getting
12:49 pm
it. this racially charged very intelligence performance. you mentioned beyonce, the "formation" video, imagery of hurricane katrina, police brutality. then you have coming up chris rock hosting the oscars. is this, eric, i don't know, part of a movement, is that giving it too much credit? are we just going to talk about it for a minute and move on? what's happening? >> oh, no, i think we've reached a point in pop culture and in mainstream cutture where some of these issues of institutional prejudice, institutional racism, are on the table in a way that we have not seen before. and it started in nonfiction. it started in news coverage. the coverage of michael brown. the coverage of tamir rice. the coverage of eric garner. now it's reached a point where we're talking about it in terms of pop music and in terms of oscar nominations, in terms of, you know, world class comics like chris rock and satirists using this, talking about this. i think this is a cultural
12:50 pm
moment that's with us, that's with us to stay, and it's interesting to see these exciting young artists of color turn this conversation into really potent songs and art, and i can't wait to see where we go from here agreed. agreed final note, taylor swifting album of the year, there's a backstory. kanye came out with a new album and song famous, there's a lyric or two he basically saying i made taylor swift famous, and so she reacts with this acceptance speech, you know, i don't know if we have the sound bite but we do, let's listen. >> there are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame. but if you just focus on the work and you don't let those people side track you, someday
12:51 pm
when you get where you're going, you'll look around and you will know that it was you and the people who love you who put you there. and that will be the greatest feeling in the world. thank you. >> what did you think of that message? >> well, it was certainly very interesting because, of course, kanye had -- >> interesting. >> -- had a track out that he previewed he seemed to take credit for her fame, him jumping up at mtv music video wards in 2009 and snatched the mike from her made her famous. she reclaimed that, no, wait a minute i didn't get the first woman to win two album of the year awards by accident. and so what what you have clashing here -- in a weird way she was -- she started out as collateral damage to kanye west contention that black artists were being given short shrift by the grammys and feud has taken
12:52 pm
center stage in an odd way. i sort of wish we could get back to talking about, you know, more important issues because these are both great artists and make great art in their own way. and i'm not sure that there's a lot of value to these guys sniping at each during acceptance speeches and during their -- in their work. >> yeah. i hard you. politics and in music lately. eric, appreciate you coming on and talking grammys. president obama will be holding a news conference as this bitter fight is about to break out over filling antonin scalia's empty supreme court seat. how will they address republicans. stand by for the president. see what happened moments ago eight donald trump rally when another heckler started speaking out who are these guys trump invited on stage? when i lay in my tempur-pedic contour-
12:53 pm
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12:57 pm
we have live pictures here, live from harlem, hillary clinton expected to step behind that podium and speak on civil rights, there she is, just over the shoulder there. her rival, bernie sanders, in south carolina. he talked at faith leaders prayer breakfast and end the day in atlanta at the historically black morehouse college. joe neil, welcome. >> thank you. >> i understand you introduced senator sanders at that faith breakfast this morning. i'm curious, what about him drew you to him or what is it you done like about hillary clinton? >> it's not about what i don't like about hillary. she has a record that stands on its own. but i look at what senator
12:58 pm
sanders had been talking about this in platform, about the things that are happening in this country, that are so critical, about the middle class that's under attack in this country. but when i looked at his call for increased access to health care, increased access to higher education, when he talked about reversing mass incarceration in this country, all of those were things that res ignated with me and with much of what is happening in the african-american community, as a result, i decided to throw my support to him. he has a vision. and that vision, i think, is something in this country needs. >> you know, the leader of your part in the state house, minority lead somewhere clinton supporter, he said about senator sanders, he's a johnny come lately to race issues, in 60 seconds, how would you respond to that? >> i'd say, first, he doesn't
12:59 pm
know bernie sanders. bernie sanders was chairman of the congress of racial equality in chicago in 1960s, long before hillary clinton was ever involved with issues pertinent to our community. bernie sanders marched with martin luther king when he gave his "i have a dream" speech. he was one of the 100,000 plus people out there at a time when a white man marching for black rights was a dangerous thing to doen he is certainly not johnny come lately. >> representative joe neal, south carolina state representative and pastor, sanders supporter, thank yawer to your voice. it's important to hear from all voices. thank you so much. before i let all of you go, one more time, huge, huge week on cnn. we'll be holding the town halls in south carolina. saturday is south carolina republican primary, wednesday night and thursday. you see graphic on your screen,
1:00 pm
three candidates druktly answering questions from south carolina voters and 8:00 here on cnn. do not miss that. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks so much for being with me. "the lead" starts now. >> thanks, brooke. the first snapshot of the south carolina presidential race in months, right here in seconds. "the lead" starts right now. it's dirty, it's raw, it's personal, it is south carolina politics. and in just four days it could be a battle for the republican party's very soul. plus, the other battle for the future, president obama coming out to speak about replacing justice antonin scalia who died suddenly saturday. shaping up to be one of the big of the battles of his entire presidency. >> conspiracy theorys in overdrive, blaming everyone from president obama,


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