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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  February 16, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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motor raiding from south carolina. a two night event. that's 8:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow and thursday. that does it for this edition. thanks for watching. "cnn newsroom" starts now. great to have you with us. this is newsroom l.a. a lot to get to this hour from all the news in u.s. politics. officials at the pentagaltt tell cnn china has deployed surface to air missiles. senior international correspondent live. >> reporter: john, that's right. so let's go to this area. these are the islands in the south china sea. there are disputes over who owns them. the island we're talking about is woody island where taiwan
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tells us china has deployed surface-to-air missiles. china has had a military presence here for more than a half century and yet some are interpreting this as quite a provocation and why? because as we speak, president obama has been hosting leaders of the 12 nation group. these are southeast asian nations in california. the white house has been pushing a message hard. it's been arguing for all countries in the region to follow international norms no matter how large or small and arguing against militarization of disputed islands in this region. of particular concern is another set of islands with which china and the philippines claim and in particular the u.s. and some of these smaller countries have been looking with concern at really ambitious man-made island projects that china has been
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carrying out. let's look close up at one of these islands. this is is a before shot. this is after china worked on it. look at it. it built an entire island with an air strip with concerns that china could try to land fighter planes or surface-to-air missiles on surfaces claimed on smaller countries like the philippines. now china defends it's actions saying it's try to expand its efforts to help in case of medical emergencies and insisting this will not affect international shipping or navigation. >> thank you. live in hong kong. this just in. the u.s. has flown four fighter jets south of the capital seoul. it showed the strength after the
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rocket launch on february 7th. turning to u.s. news there is a somehow down brewing in the united states over the nation's highest court. the president vows to nominate a successor despite republican objections. >> the president laying down the gaunt let here. the president says the constitution is clear about what happens next. justice correspondent pamela brown has details. >> this will be the opportunity for senators to do their job. your job doesn't stop until you're voted out. i intend do my job between now and january 20th of 2017. i expect them do their job as well. >> tonight president obama is sending a strong message to senate republicans, he will nominate a replacement for justice scalia no matter what. >> i'm going to present somebody
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who is qualified for the seat and any fair minded person, even somebody who disagreed with my politics, would say would serve with honor and integrity on the court. >> senate republicans are vowing to block any nominee until a new president is in office. presidential candidate marco rubio weighed from the campaign trail today. >> our next president is going to choose you not just the replacement for justice scalia, but at least two other supreme court justices. we know this because at least three of the justices are near 80 years of age so we know eventually they'll have to retire. >> republican senate judiciary chairman told radio iowa he has not made up his mind about whether there will be confirmation hearings for any potential candidate. >> i would wait until the nominee is made before i would make any decisions, in other words take it a step at a time.
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>> democratic leaders came out in full force to defend the president's position. minority leader said republicans will be remembered by the most irresponsible majority in history. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton also chimed in firing off 11 tweets calling any vow to block president obama's nominee as disgrateful. the white house is expected to announce a nominee within a month. >> i intend to nominate somebody, to present them to the american people, to present them to the senate. i expect them to hold hearings. i expect there to be a vote. >> pamela brown, cnn, washington. joining us now for more on the united states supreme court somehow down, the assistant managing editor at the l.a. times and political analyst. welcome to you both. mike, i want to make up on what the president said earlier on
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tuesday that he found it somewhat amusing that many republicans consider themselves to be strict in the constitution until it comes to this point and they're now saying he doesn't have the right, the legal right to go forward and appoint a success or to justice scalia. how do you respond to that charge of double speak? >> i think everyone is saying the president absolutely has the right to nominate someone, but by the same token the senate has the right to not confirm that person. the senate has the right to advise and consent, not advise and rubber stamp. if you go back to reagan's last year in 1987, it was his third nominee, kennedy, who actually got appointed by the democratic senate. the first person was shot down and the second person didn't make it to a vote. that's the point of checks and balances, especially when you have a split party like this. so this isn't a -- this grid lock is no the a bug of the
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constitution, it's the feature of it. the president would be wise to nominate a moderate justice so the republicans would confirm him. >> they're not going to confirm anybody he nominates. it's a nice thought. one thing which is interesting it does seem that the republicans are walking back from mitch mcconnell's blanket no nomination statement. is that being sort of objection is not working for them? >> i don't think anybody is worried about the optics. i think they know the president is going to nominate somebody and is going to go through the mechanics of putting forth a person who he says is qualified to be a supreme court justice so they will have go through it. what's interesting to me is this shines a spotlight on congress at a time when they actually were not going to get any attention at all. the presidential campaign is in full force. they're on the back burner so
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now it shines not just a spotlight on the people serving it, but all the senate races that are going to matter all year long those people are going to need say how they would vote on whoever is nominated. >> that point on the splintering in the republican party among those republicans who have to defend senate seats, i mean how do you see this going in terms of the breaking of the ranks? >> well, this is the -- rightfully so this has become the most important issue in this election, the next president is going to nominate -- marco rubio said two, maybe three or four justices. i would say speaking as a conservative if the republicans do not hold strong on this and hold off and do not nominate the president's appointment, then they're not worth anything anymore. this is their job to hold strong and hold the president to a moderate choice, but you are not there to rubber stamp the
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president's extreme nominations. so the republicans need to stand strong on this. i don't think they will be viewed as obstructionists by conservatives or moderates if they're doing the right things for the right reason. >> there are far fewer moderates in the senate anyway. you used to have several people that could form coalitions, but the republican class in the senate right now is a more conservative class. that's one of the ways they were able to take over. >> why is the supreme court so much more important to republicans than democrats. >> i think it's equally important. this is something they're able to do. it's a check and balance system, it's a matter of how much time goes by. >> this is a big issue on the campaign trail and for the republicans the closer we get to south carolina it seems the nastier the attacks are getting. let's listen to some of them. >> you know, ted holds up the
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bible and then he lies about so many things. these are lies. what he did to carson was a total lie. >> i think this is very disturbing when you have a candidate that now on a regular basis makes things up and especially in an era when things are seen and reacted to you can't get away with that stuff. >> he will be forgiven in this election season for thinking at times it seems like a race. i can't imagine why anyone would think that. >> i mean, it's not what he says, it's the fact that he says it louder and louder and you have to keep talking through it. it's not a skill set i ever envisionened being necessary to aspire to the presidency of the united states, but i've gotten better at it. >> that was very disturbing, but i know that south carolina politics they're pretty tough. people get bloodied in south carolina quite often in the prill scene, but what's going on right here?
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>> everyone is getting desperate here is what's going on, but i will contend that trump is doing the best at this. he's always the best at this. as jeb said this isn't the skill set i think you need to be a good president, but trump is by far the best campaigner. he's putting every other candidate in a double bind. it's trump has called jeb what? low energy. so jeb's in a double bind. if he tries to get riled up and attack trump then trump says look at tough guy jeb over here, tough guy jeb acting like a big hot shot. so jeb is in this stuck position. trump's been able to put every candidate in this double bind and i think that's why he'll come out of this. >> if politicians are responding to voters here in some ways recollection the voters are angry, we had voters supporting donald trump who said they are supporting him it's like giving
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the middle finger to someone. it's a very visceral angry reaction not just on the republican side. >> this was sort of like bush's campaign back in 2004. he was the guy giving the middle finger to the establishment, but now donald trump's finger is bigger and louder. >> we've seen in this attempt to jockie for position ted cruz has taken a line with donald trump on abortion and planned par ent hood. is that good enough for the evangelicals. >> at least the polls we've seen is that trump holds a commanding lead and jeb bush for all of his strengths he's shown in the debate, he's doing better, he's shown more energy, he still remains at the bottom of the pack. so far you're seeing a shield around donald trump that is not effecting things, but this is
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only the third contest. we have a long way to go. i still have my fingers crossed for the june 7th primary. >> we had the president actually going after donald trump today saying he will not be the next president of the united states. this was an example of barack obama punching down if you like, but was this a good day for donald trump having the president go after him. >> the more you go after trump, the more the trump supporters defend their support of him. one thing that's interesting in south carolina is they have open prime areas so you don't need to register with a party in order to vote for either of the two parties and one of the interesting things about the last debate is when trump attacked w. bush for 9/11 and they were angry at that, they were offended that trump blamed w. for 9/11, but what's interesting about that is it wasn't for republicans, that
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comment, because the trump supporters are always going to support trump no matter what he says, remember he said i could shoot someone on 5th avenue and people would support me, that comment about 9/11 was for independents and maybe some democrats who don't like the iraq war and don't like w., they in south carolina can vote for trump. i think he's gaining support with comments like that. >> weigh in on that, the president taking on trump so to speak today. >> they've had a feud for a while. it started with where the president is born. i think the president is irritated with donald trump and he wanted to make a point. this is not something i want to engage in because this guy is not going to be president, but the democrats like to say the republicans are parorting trump lines. that's something that they're going to have to contend with in a general election. >> so much to get through. >> three days until south
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carolina i think. >> it's going to get nasty and the political watchers love it. >> thank you both. >> thank you for the insight. so with us south carolina primary days away donald trump is holding a 16 point lead over ted cruz. a poll finding trump as best able to handle the economy, immigration and isis. >> the democratic primary comes a week from saturday and hillary clinton has 56% of the support, bernie sanders 38%. 43% of those polled are firm in who they are supporting. bernie sanders is trailing hillary clinton among black voters in south carolina. sanders reiterated one of his campaign messages at a black college in atlanta, georgia. >> so we need to radically
9:16 pm
change our priorities regarding education. we need to make public colleges and universities tuition free. we need to provide substantial help to hcus that have done a great job, a great job in educating young african-americans and others. >> meanwhile hillary clinton was in new york addressing a crowd of african-american leaders. she laid out some of her plans for ending racial inequality. >> i'm proposing a comprehensive new commitment to equity and opportunity for african-american communities. that means a real plan to create jobs. if i'm elected president, we will direct hundreds of billions
9:17 pm
of dollars in new investments to places like harlem and rural south carolina. [ applause ] including -- including $20 million aimed specifically at creating jobs for young people. >> join us this week for a two-day event, the cnn republican town hall mod ratera by anderson cooper. they may actually answer a question directly. >> anderson cooper will make sure p it. >> absolutely. we might get some information out of them. pope francis has a message for the mexican drug car tell. he plans to visit one of the most no tarrous prisons in the
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welcome back. u.s. president barack obama is promising to nominate someone qualified to succeed the late supreme court justice scalia. >> he lashed out at republicans who argued the replacement to be left until the next president. >> there's no unwritten law that says it can only be done on off years. that's not in the constitutional text. i'm amused when i hear people who claim to be strict interpreters of the constitution suddenly reading into it a whole series of provisions that are not there. there is more than enough time for the senate to consider in a thoughtful way the record of a nominee that i present and to make a decision. >> we have plmore on the
9:23 pm
president's comments. one of my favorite things about this whole situation is that we have all these different legal minds with different positions on everything. we had tthat let the next presi by extension the american people choose is exactly against the spirit of the constitution, the law -- the legal letter of the constitution. >> there's no question that the president has the authority to nominate and send a nomination up there. there's also no question that the senate has to give advice and consent before that nominee can be seeded. i'm stunned that this president would say there's no authority to do this. he and senator clinton and joe bidden and john kerry back in 2006 four years before the end of president bush's term to try to block the appointment of sam
9:24 pm
alito to the court. >> is the senate compelled to take a vote? they're not. there's nowhere in the constitution that says they must vote. >> they have to give advice and consent. you ought to sends us a moderate person. >> they're not required to -- there's nothing to compel them to act. >> the constitution doesn't even require them to act, although i think an extended filibuster that would keep a vacancy open for a long time, that would be unconstitutional. we've had people sit for years without getting a confirmation hearing or vote and nobody's talking about that kind of length. we're talking about this court is intensely divided politically
9:25 pm
and if we're going to have an idea that the court is not going to follow the text of the constitution, if that's going to be the new normal, that's a dramatic change of what the constitution says about the role of the court. i think when the republicans say let the people decide, is that what you want to hand over that kind of authority to unelected officials, then let's have that out at the election and if that's what you want then elect hillary clinton or bernie sanders, that's the kind of court you'll get, but if you want a court that's supposed to apply the law rather than make -- >> issue. >> as you talk about being unable to divide the politics from the legal issue of the court or the legal standing of the court, what does the president do next? how do you anticipate his move? >> if there was somebody who would be acceptable to the president and his base who actually is a faithful applier of the constitution and the law, even in areas where it goes
9:26 pm
against their agenda and he sent somebody like that the senate, i think the senate may well consider that nominee. i can't imagine in the white house that happens. >> the legal reading of the constitution, the president says that there's no legal reason why they won't consider it, but there's no legal reason why they have to do anything more than that and they can sit on this as long as they want legally. the politics are a separate issue. >> they can. the constitution doesn't set a time on it. other people might be sitting on the court today. the democrats and the senate blocked that first ever hispanic nominee to the circuit without a hearing. so the constitution doesn't require the senate act. >> are you one of those who feels we're looking at a constitutional crisis? >> i don't think so. the court has in many times in our history had an evenly
9:27 pm
divided number. for the first 60 years there were only six justices so every decision had a risk of being evenly divide. for a while there were eight justices. it's not happened in modern times, but it's not out of the ordinary in history. >> they should have followed madison. >> the court said we apply the law, we don't make it. >> thank you. now oil prices are rising and falling at break neck speeds. . padvil pm gives you the healingu at nsleep you need, it. helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep.
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welcome back. 930 time on a tuesday night. china has deployed surface-to-air michssiles in th south china sea. commercial images confirm a deployment on woody island. this move could raise tensions with neighboring countries which are in a territorial feud. >> president obama said he will nominate a supreme court justice. this comes as republicans say they should be the one to choose when their parties win in the white house if they do win. scalia died suddenly on saturday during his vacation. >> the latest poll shows donald trump with a 16 point lead in south carolina ahead of saturday's republican primary, but at 38% support trump is down
9:32 pm
two points. >> volatility is pumping through the world's oil markets again. prices initially surged and then tumbled. >> that freeze would not stem the huge global oil glut. traders were hoping for a cut instead. saudi arabia plans to raise production and it's not clear what iran is going to do. the recent deal allows it to trade on the world market. >> all that uncertainty led to a brutal trading day on tuesday. it started with a 5% gain. that dropped away. oil traded below $33 a barrel. >> right now it's still below 33 dlrz, but it is trending up wards. as you see on your screens, $32, up over 1%. that's how it's looking on wednesday. >> we're joining now by the senior tech reporter.
9:33 pm
let's try to make sense of this. so we saw this surge in the oil price, everyone was excited, we're going to freeze production and then we had a closer look and realized this isn't going to work and prices tumbled. >> yes, we saw more than a 1% lift of stocks in general on tuesday. there was optimism about the markets. with the oil price once there was word oil ministers were going to meet and there was optism about that and then when they did meet the price of oil went up, the more details came out the lower it went and the gain from tuesday went away. the issue seems to be that it's not just going to be russia and saudi arabia that are agreeing to freeze oil output to the levels they had in january, but they would want some other players like iran to also do the same. >> it's what's putting the freeze in context. the fact it is significant that
9:34 pm
saudi arabia would agree to something like this considering prior positions. >> i think it's interesting too that the oil output in saudi arabia was at a record in january so an idea at a freeze is not at a low level. there was talk by the saudi oil minister there would was more in the next few months. >> saudi arabia is already pumping oil at record amounts. the russians have reached a post-solve yet high. so they're already pumping at max. they can't pump anymore so a freeze at maxum levels doesn't mean a lot. >> there's been a market share grab as to who can share the oil market. iran has started shipping oil last week or very recently to europe in for the first time in a long time. if this is sealed it will be
9:35 pm
first time that opec that has come out with something that can significantly influence the price of oil. >> people want to see it cut. so the question is what about the other players, non-opec members, do you see them getting on the same page as saudi arabia, russia? >> i think they're getting squeezed by the low price of oil. saudi arabia has said they can survive for a long time with low oil prices, but you have nations that kcan't afford to have that low oil price. is isn't everybody who has been pumping like mad, it's saudi arabia. >> is the key to this iran and iraq right now and the iranians have said they have no plans to cut production. >> there was talk of some special situations that might apply to iran in exchange for them freezing the price of oil. so it's certainly a lot going on with iran lately with the
9:36 pm
dropping of sanctions and now this so i would expect more negotiations. the u.s. energy agencies don't see a much higher price of oil this year, maybe $37 a barrel or so. that was a forecast from last week so whether it factored in any of the talks that have just happened we'll have to wait a month to find out. >> to pick up on the point that the u.s. not seeing an escalation in the price is this the new reality with the global economy slowing down, is this just the reality that they're not going to get -- they aren't going to create the conditions to raise that price that they want to see. >> the u.s. forecasters don't see that happening through 2017. about $50 or so a barrel which is what it was last year and the year before that it was twice as much. so definitely with the u.s. in the game and now with iran in the game, a lots of oil is out there. >> what can we do. >> go out and buy an suv.
9:37 pm
the price are going to be low for a while. >> thank you for helping us make sense of it. the worldwide over supply of oil is hitting home. >> canada. >> they once had an economic boom, but not anymore. we look at the human toll of the country's oil bust. >> reporter: you may not see oil rigs or wells or pipelines, but in this city financial impact of oil patch each plow to oil has slashed thousands of jobs and now barrel after barrel of production. >> more buyers more sellers. >> reporter: the aftermath is already showing up here. >> it's a 360 hole and it's between 4 and 500,000 new. >> heavy equipment and trucks and trucks and more trucks are being sold off. >> they got to get rid of it so
9:38 pm
auctions are the quickest and fastest answer by far to do that. >> reporter: while global oil production has barely budged, canada's production is showing the first signs of buckling. one recent study found drilling was down nearly 50% this year alone. >> our cost structure is still definitely higher than in the u.s. and certainly the oil sand are making no money on any barrels being produceproduced. >> saudi arabia flood the market with cheap oil to drive down north american production. in canada it's working. each barrel of oil here costs more to produce and is sold to basically one customer. >> our only customer has become our biggest competitor and so whatever sawed saudi's are attempting to do to the shale production in the u.s. we are the unwilling victim in this.
9:39 pm
>> the mayor says his country needs a new strategy including building canadian pipelines to export oil. here he makes a point with a recent appearance on a canadian comedy show. >> i'm going to put it into the end of the pipeline here in alberta and here i just take it out and it comes out as money. wow. >> reporter: making this reality will take years. in the meantime larry is working up to the equipment auction. is there anything that feels different now? with decades in the business larry says his auctions will help people hang on and survive the oil bust as they wait and hope for another oil boom. >> for all the latest business news, make sure you check out our website when we come back pope francis drawing huge crowds on
9:40 pm
his visit to mexico. more on his message to drug car tells. ♪ you're not gonna watch it! ♪
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i used to like that song. >> a california judge has held apple to unlock an iphone that was used by an attacker in the san bernardino shootings. >> authorities vice presidehavee to access data from the phone because it's locked with a pass code. too many failed attempts to unlock it would activate the auto erase function. the pope has delivered a message of hope to a city that has been plagued by drug violence. >> he spoke to thousands of young people. the pope urged them not to give in to cartels and violence. >> jesus, he who gives us hope
9:44 pm
would never ask us to be assassins. rather, he calls us disiples. he calls us friends. jesus would never send us out to die. rather, everything in him is an invitation to life. >> the hole father will wrap up his mexico trip on tuesday. >> the first thing on his itinerary is to visit a penitentiary there. we learn more about the prison's notorious past. >> reporter: the state prison has long been considered mexico's most dangerous and the men confined behind the walls a
9:45 pm
mic microcokm of the violence outside. during the height of the violence the inmates ran the prison. six years later it prepares to welcome a pope. the man who runs the prison walks us through part of the prison that would have been too dangerous to enter a few years ago. that's when the prison yard served as a bloody battle ground for rival streets gangs. >> the inmates held the keys to their krels and were armed. >> a state of lawlessness once prevailed. inmates decided who lived and who died. >> we discovered kidnapping and extortion groups operating out of the prison. >> reporter: since then the officials have regained control and there's a relative truce between gangs. many of the inmates have been
9:46 pm
busy preparing the prison for the visit, among them this man who is currently serving a 30-year sentence for murder. he tells me the pope's visit reinforces his faith in the catholic church, his fellow manned and he says his chance for rehabilitation. francis will meet in the prison chapel. he'll pray with 700 prisoners in the courtyard, among them cartel inforcers who kidnapped and killed. he hopes francis's visit can help reinforce the peace among the gangs in the prison and the city that surrounds it. cnn, mexico. >> we're learning more about how one of mexico's notorious inmates is farg in prison. here is how the el chapo expland it to a mexico station. >> he told me every two hours at
9:47 pm
night they wake me up to take roll. they are turning me into is zombie. >> his client told him that a dog had been guarding his cell. >> he's had a haircut too. >> next on c"cnn newsroom" thei last concert ended in tragedy. now this american band returns for an emotional show. symptoms when they start. abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea. now there's prescription xifaxan. xifaxan is a new ibs-d treatment that helps relieve your diarrhea and abdominal pain symptoms. and xifaxan works differently. it's a prescription antibiotic that acts mainly in the digestive tract. do not use xifaxan if you have a history of sensitivity to rifaximin, rifamycin antibiotic agents, or any components of xifaxan.
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spitzer and.
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in paris u.s. rock band performing at at bataclan theater has returned to finish its show. on tuesday eagles of death metal performed for hundreds of survivors and relatives of those killed during last year's concert. >> the band paused during the show to ask for a moment of silence.
9:52 pm
>> let's take a moment to remember and we get back to the fun. >> a team of 30 psychologist were on hand for anyone overwelcomed by tove overwhelmed by the emotion of the evening. >> i was crying. we hugged each other very tight and we hugged each other and we hugged with other people too, other victims. it was a beautiful thing to do. >> before the convert the eagles of death metal singer was critical of the strict gun control laws during an interview. >> this is what he said did your french gun control laws stop a single person from dying.
9:53 pm
if anyone can answer yes i'd like to hear it. i think the only way my mind has been changed that maybe until nobody has guns everybody has to have them because i don't want to ever see something like this happen again. >> we asked a band member for more of their thoughts of the deadly attacks. here is a portion of that conversation. >> i think everybody's seen that video of you performing on stage when the shooting starts. what was going through your mind? >> it's difficult to describe what goes through your mind. i just wanted to get the band off stage. >> did you know right away there were gun shots? >> yeah, i knew exactly what it was because you could feel it. i mean, i'm from america. i'm a hill billy. i've been around firearms my whole life. i know what gunpowder smells like. i knew it was bad. >> what happened next? >> i spun a little bit running
9:54 pm
around the backstage. came face-to-face with one of them, the shooters in the hallway. the only reason he didn't get me is because his gun was too big and i couldn't fit it through the doorway because he was holding it straight up and it hit the door frame as he brought it down. >> the rest of the scene must have been chaos going on around you? >> i don't think chaos really describes what it was. it was just the most awful thing i've ever seen in my life and that i think i will probably ever see in my life. >> why did you want to come back on the tour? why did you want to complete the tour after the events? some people might have said just leave it at that it was just a disaster. >> quitting on yourself is hardest the first time and it gets easier from there so let's just not start. let's be who we are. and besides we were interrupted in the middle of an amazing rock
9:55 pm
and roll show and i want to get back to that. >> have you seen anything different from the fans now? are they more in love with you than before. >> we're woven together. we went to a gathering last night of survivors which was beautiful. it was so beautiful. it was so beautiful. were there tragic stories, yeah, from everyone, but the gathering was about was not focussed on that. it was this love for each other. we're almost woven together into one fabric. >> that's quite remarkable to see them gathered again. >> it's only been a few months since the terrorist attacks and to go there and finish the performan performance, clearly it was difficult. obviously the people who survived and the band will be forever linked. >> in a moment of one would hope
9:56 pm
of car that aric healing. times it is. at least it's on the path towards getting to a place they can deal with this. you've been watching "cnn newsroom." >> stay with us. we'll be back with a look at today's top stories right after this. incredible bladder protection from always discreet
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this is "cnn newsroom" live from los angeles. china accused of deplaying missiles on a south china sea island after u.s. president obama called on china to stop militarization on the region. >> donald trump holds a lead in south carolina just days before the presidential primary. now ted cruz is attacking his record on abortion. >> russia. >> unit and around the world. >> 10:00 here on tuesday. newsroom l.a. starts


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