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tv   Amanpour  CNN  February 16, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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agreed in principle to the truce last week, but the spokesman says russia continues to supply the syrian regime and carry out air strikes. u.s. president barack obama is promising to nominate someone, quote, indisputably qualified to succeed the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. senate republicans say the next president, who they hope is from their party, should be the one to choose. well, on the democratic side of the u.s. presidential race, the latest poll shows hillary clinton well ahead of bernie sanders in south carolina. jeff zeleny reports both candidates spent the day tuesday trying to appeal to a key voting demographic. >> reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a fierce competition to win over black voters.
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>> thank you, charleston. >> reporter: sanders campaigning today in south carolina. >> i am speechless. what can i say after that? >> reporter: clinton in harlem, meeting with al sharpton and other leaders, casting her bid for the presidency as another chance to break history. >> hold me accountable. hold every candidate accountable. what we say matters, but what we do matters more. >> reporter: their eyes are fixed on south carolina, where next week's democratic primary will test the strength of clinton's southern firewall and the breadth of sanders' appeal. african-american voters are a critical constituency, making up 55% of the democratic vote in the 2008 presidential primary. the clinton/sanders battle is shining a light on criminal justice reform and racism. >> these inequities are wrong, but they're also immoral, and it will be the mission of my presidency to bring them to an end. >> reporter: sanders says racial
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injustice is rooted in economic inequality. >> and when we talk about inequality, it goes without saying that the african-american community is suffering even more. >> reporter: it's an uphill climb for sanders. in south carolina, clinton leads by 18 points according to a new cnn poll. among black voters, the poll gives clinton a 37-point advantage. sanders believes his economic arguments will resonate with black voters. >> the african-american community suffered more and has recovered in a much less significant way. >> reporter: with him on the campaign trail today, erica garner, her father's death helped inspire the black lives matter protests. eric garner died in 2014 after a new york police officer placed him in a choke hold during an arrest. >> is not afraid to stand against the establishment for the people. the next president of the united
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states, bernie sanders. >> reporter: she's also the subject of a powerful campaign video. >> that's why i'm for bernie. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is fighting hard for south carolina, collecting far more endorsements, including from eric garner's mother. they hope a strong win will solidify her position as the party's front-runner. now, the focus of the democratic race quickly turns to nevada for the rest of the week. the democratic caucuses are on saturday. that will help decide how strong bernie sanders is coming into south carolina next week. now, one democrat also weighed in on this race today. that was president obama. he says he knows hillary clinton better, but he probably agrees with bernie sanders on some issues. he did not take a stand across the board here, but he said he's not unhappy he's not on the ballot. jeff zeleny, cnn, charleston, south carolina. and to join us this week for a two-day event, the cnn republican town hall's moderated
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by anderson cooper. hear from the candidates wednesday and thursday at 8:00 p.m. eastern, live from greenville, south carolina. 5:00 p.m. pacific and 9:00 a.m. in hong kong. petroleum ministers from most of the world's top oil producers have tentatively agreed to freeze production levels, but that does little to ease a massive global supply glut. oil markets desperate instead for a cash in output levels plunged in the news on tuesday. right now oil is still below $33, but it is trending upwards. a look there at -- there you see it. $32.56. for more on the volatile oil market and its impact on the aviation industry, we are joined by andrew stevens. he's at the singapore air show, and asia's largest aerospace and defense exhibition. andrew, tough economic times in
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the region, and with tensions in the south china sea offering a rather unfortunate and unpredictable backdrop, it has to be said. i want you to talk to us about how airlines are being affected by these falling oil prices. >> reporter: well, falling oil prices are generally excellent for an airline. it is their biggest single cost, the price of jet fuel, around 30% historically. some people i've been talking to say that with this fall from $100 a barrel to $20, $30 a barrel, it's now 20% of their cost. so a lot of airlines are very happy to see that. the other side of this is that airlines are not retiring the older gas guzzling models and buying new ones because those gas guzzlers are now more efficient. that's not impacting the broader sales, and i've been speaking to the head of airbus. he says that the industry is still very strong despite all the other economic turmoil, the low oil prices, things are looking pretty good.
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in fact airbus announced today that philippine airlines is going to be buying six of these a 350. this is the brand spanking new aircraft from airbus, very distinctive wing you can see there, which really does sort of identify what this plane is. but airbus generally says that conditions are very good. that's been echoed by other -- the big plane makers here. no deferrals of orders, no cancelations of orders. there are thousands, literally thousands of orders for asian airlines over the next few years. >> andrew, you have also been chatting with several defense contractors. how big is defense at this air show you're at? >> reporter: well, that's interesting. let me take you through a little whauk here. i've showed you the commercial site of this, but you're right. this is a very big aerospace and defense show as well. you can see the singapore air force over here allowing some members of the public to get a taste of what it's like to be on
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an f-16 aircraft. but behind that aircraft there's a big gray hangar, and in there, that's where the business is being done. this is about 70% of this air show aerospace. the e-mail i' those tensions, what it's meant for defense spending. i'm getting a fairly strong message that defense spending is on the up, rosemary, particularly things like unmanned drones. we're talking cheap ways of surveillance, surveillance to see what the chinese are doing. two countries expressed strong interest in southeast asia. i couldn't get names. there have been deals done in south korea as well. this has all happened in the last 12 months or so. there is definitely people telling me there is a lot more activity in defense budgets. they are rising across the region and a lot of that money or at least partially some of that money is being spent on surveillance.
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a lot of drones. but there's also manned aircraft as well. so that's definitely playing out here in singapore. >> interesting. andrew stevens reporting there live from the singapore air show. many thanks. next here on "cnn newsroom," their last concert in paris ended in tragedy when terrorists stormed the theater. now this american band returns for an emotional and triumphant show. do stay with us. the internet of things. what we're recommending as your consultants... the new consultants are here. it's not just big data, its bigger data. we're beta testing the new wearable interface... ♪ xerox believes finding the right solution shouldn't be so much work. by engineering a better way for people, process and technology to work together. work can work better. with xerox.
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welcome back, everyone. well, hundreds of sharks are being observed near the shores of palm beach, florida, this week, for the effects of el nino coupled with climate change may be altering their migration routes. i know you've done a lot of study on this. what is happening? >> reporter: rosemary, this is a
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story we've seen over the last several years really encrease as far as the number of sharp sights. we know patterns take them down across the temperate climates, but these images taken on tuesday. just a large number of sharks, school of sharks -- did you also know they're called a shiver of sharks. there's a paddle boarder, unsuspecting and unaware of what's happening around him. you take a look at the number of sharks and how the water patterns and the normal patterns of migration actually take them to the north, as far north as coastal carolina. we've seen the water temperatures increasing because of el nino, because of climate change, and the observations have taken us as far north as coastal portions of new york state. what are the causes? we know increased water salinity. a lot of drought going on globally speaking. that increases water salinity in parts of the ocean. when that happens, that can displace sharks in their patterns of migration, and
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decreased food supply. over fishing potentially bringing them closer to land, putting them in contact with people. shark attacks in particular, 2015 an impressive year in particular in the united states alone. we had reports of 59 unprovoked shark attacks. 30 of which came right out of the state of florida. of course, you look at a global perspective of all this, and you look at the second largest shark attacks in the world, that came out of australia. that came with 18 shark attacks in 2015. look at south africa, they picked up about eight shark attacks in that calendar year. that was historic numbers in particular. when you look at the numbers of shark attacks and how it plays out over the past ten years, it brings the numbers somewhere around 35 or so. we had an anomalous year 2007 with 50. the last four years shark attack numbers have been significantly on the increase. you can play this one way by looking at how the water patterns and the warmth of the
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water is being displaced, bringing them closer to large populations, that's what's concerning becoming more of a routine now. >> thanks so much. we'll talk about you again very soon. security was tight as a u.s. rock band performed a triumphant comeback on a paris stage. the eagles of death metal performed tuesday just three months after their concert ended in tragedy when terrorists killed 89 people inside the bataclan theater. ♪ >> hundreds of survivors and relatives of those killed last year attended that show. a team of 30 psychologists was also on hand for anyone overwhelmed by the emotion of the evening. i want to turn now to financial times columnist simon cooper in paris. he was attending a soccer match
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at the stadium of france during the time of those attacks. thank you for joining us. simon, this is very much a healing process for so many people there in paris. of course, the band helping in that process. talk to us. you were there at that soccer match during the course of those dreadful attacks. what are your memories, and now how are things three months on? >> well, what i remember is 20 minutes into the soccer match, there was a loud blast from outside the stadium. people cheered and clapped thinking it was fireworks, smoke bomb. two minutes later, the ground shook. later we realized these were attempts by multiple suicide bombers to get into the stadium. i then went onto the internet, began looking for news, and soon realized that paris was really at war. you know, it was a night that we won't forget. the bataclan concert was
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something that will live in memory here for decades. and last night's concert by the eagles of death metal is a tiny, tiny step in the healing process, which is not easy, and isn't imminent, and there is still behind the facade of paris, there is still a lot of fear. >> and it was just as all of that tragedy was unfolding, it was just horrifying and still is for so many people. you know, as we reported, there are psychologists on hand if the whole situation just got too overwhelming for people. when you walk down the streets in paris, how do people digest all of this? we think it's only three months. that is no time at all. is there that constant fear of the possibility of this happening again? >> there is this constant fear, but now it's more subliminal. at the beginning, cafes were empty, cinemas were empty. nobody went out. that lasted a couple of weeks.
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gradually people began to go out, and you see them in a cafe and you look for an exit. you think if somebody came in with a gun, where would i go. gradually that wears off. this fear is not entire irrationa irration irrational. there will be more attacks. so we live in the realization that this is a target, and that raises everyday issues. for example, are the schools safe? are your children safe at school? and these are things that just over a year ago, before the attacks last january, nobody here thought about. we thought we lived in a safe and prosperous wlern city where the violence of history was behind us, and we were wrong. >> simon cooper, thank you so much for sharing your personal experience here. of course, what is happening there in paris as people try to move forward. of course just horrifying memories for so many people, but so resilient at the same time.
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a new top dog has been crowned at the westminster kennel club's annual show. >> best in show dog tonight for 2016 is the german shorthaired pointer. >> c.j. is a 3-year-old male and the first sporting group winner to take best in show since 2009. the runner up this year was a borzoi, also known as a russian wolfhound. an indian startup company is giving a stunning makeover to mumbai's black and yellow taxis. it's called taxi fabric. our richard quest took a ride with its founder, who says he wants to make cabs all over india stand out. >> reporter: this is mumbai, noisy, dusty, brilliantly lively. ♪ home to more than 21 million
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people, tens of thousands of whom use these iconic black and yellow taxis for their daily commute. outside, these taxis all look pretty much the same. go inside, and you discover some have had a drastic makeover. now i'm starting to see that the fabric is everywhere. >> yeah. it almost puts you into this cocoon that you enter. >> reporter: taxi fabric created this transformation. a startup that's fess tooned colorful canvass in dozens of cabs. the themes tell the story of mumbai and take the rider on a journey. ♪ >> reporter: this fabric shows truck art. it's also deliciously simple and
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remarkably effective. from the heavy rains of the monsoon to yoga and meditation and, of course, bollywood. the good, the bad, and the beautiful. >> that's this taxi. it's the bollywood celebrities and all the characters here. these are movies right from 1980s up until now. >> reporter: what began as an experiment has now grown. even coldplay shot their music video inside a cab. ♪ >> reporter: still, the entrepreneurs face the age-old problem. are you a businessman or a designer? >> i'm a designer. >> reporter: so you're a designer who thinks he's got a project that can make money? >> absolutely. >> reporter: but you haven't worked that hard to make money out off it? >> we are working it out right now as we speak. [ horns honking ] >> reporter: more taxis. that's the answer. the rick shaws.
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taxi fabric has grand ideas for expansion, to get into as many of the rickshaws as they possibly can, and there are thousands of rickshaws across the country. just think of what they could do. richard quest, cnn, mumbai. a mining company in angola claims to have discovered one of the world's largest diamonds. take a look.
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>> wouldn't mind a little bitty piece of that. you are watching "cnn newsroom."
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i'm rosemary church. remember to keep in touch on twitter anytime at rosemary cnn. coming up next hour, all the top stories from all around the world. stay with us. i think we should've taken a tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions.
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