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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  February 17, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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antonin scalia other than to say it will be indisputably. cnn justice correspondent pamela brown has the latest from washington, d.c. well, good morning, christine and miguel. this was the first time president obama took questions following justice scalia's death and he took a tough stance saying that the constitution is clear. both he and the senate have responsibilities in filling a supreme court vacancy. he said he expects republicans to consider any nominee he puts forward no matter what, that they have a job to do until they're voted out, and he made the point that whoever he chooses will be so indisputably qualified that republicans will essentially look bad if they refuse to even consider that person. >> we're goepg to find somebody who's an outstanding legal mind, somebody who cares deeply about
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our democracy and cares about rule of law. there's not going to be any particular position on a particular issue that determines whether or not i nominate them, but i'm em going present somebody who is indisputably qualified for the seat, and any fair-minded person, even somebody who disagreed with my politics would say -- would serve with honor and integrity on the court. >> he would not give any hints about who was on his short list. he said don't jump to any conclusions about whether they're moderates. we know that the white house has already started whittling down potential nominees. normally this is a process that takes about a month before the president comes out and announces who his nominee is and then the ball is in the senate's court. christine and miguel? >> thank you.
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president obama says donald trump is not ready or qualified and the american people are too sensible to elect thoim that post. everything on climate challenge, muslims and immigration. but calling trump out by name as the candidate least ready to be president, something that trump then wore as a badge of honor. >> i continue to believe trump will not be president. the reason is i i have a lot of faith in the american people and i think they recognize that being president is a serious job. it's not hosting a talk show or a reality show. >> he has done such a lousy job as president. you look at our budget, you look at our spending, we can't beat isis, obamacare is terrible, and for him to say that is actually
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a great compliment if you want to know the truth. >> you hear the clapping and cheers. trump's support is only growing in south carolina. he is 16 points ahead of ted cruz, his nearest rival. joining us at a remark press conference, cnn politics reporter thomas is live. weigh in on donald trump and saying he is not a serious person, it is a serious job, the american people are sensible. he doesn't think he's going to be president. remarkable, wasn't it? >> it like he's been dying to say his name for the last six months or so, and here it comes right when it matters most. >> it's interesting. donald trump wore it as a budge of honor. did the president elevate donald trump by saying, look, he's not
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going to bethe president. >> look. it's lame duck. there's no harm for him here. he gets to define in a way by doing this gets to define what the republican party is there. so, yeah, he's going to elevate him. >> pretty rare for the sitting president to inject himself into a race like this. he's not just doing it on the republican side. he's doing ittown democratic side as well. take a look what he said, almost endorsi endorsi endorsing hillary clinton. >> i know hillary better than i know bernie because she served in my administration and she was an outstanding secretary of state.
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i suspect that on certain issues she agrees with me more than bernie does. on the other hand, there ma by a couple of issues where bernie agrees with me more. i don't know. i haven't study their positions that closely. >> it's kind of like he walked that back and thought, oops, i shouldn't be going here. interesting words from the president. >> i think he'd rather be playing in the republican primary right now than the democratic primary. >> yes. >> he also said he's so glad he's not on the ballot. he said, i'm not unhappy that i'm not on the ballot. >> that he doesn't have to run again. can we look at the south carolina democratic choice for nominee, this commanding lead by hn hillary clinton among primary voters. she's finally turned the tables after new hampshire and a, hasn't she? >> that certainly looks like the firewall right there. for a while, for months any move
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from sanders was a big movement. but we've had a real contest now. the race has changed. the expectations have changed. you know, the black vote down there looks like it's very strong for clinton right now. there's no indication as of yet that sanders has chipped way at that. that still could change. we've got a week and a half left for south carolina for the democrats. you know, a lot can happen. but i mean it just goes to show that firewall looks strong right now. >> yeah. ly point out that new day has some new numbers coming out in nevada on the caucus there and you know and anybody watching, you're going to want to tune in for that. it's revealing. >> let's talk about the president on the supreme court. he also said yesterday in the
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remarkable press conference, my job is president of the united states according to the constitution to nominate someone for the supreme court under the advice and consent of the senate. do you think the president -- dwlou think he played that yesterday? did it rile up the republicans or did it settle down the republicans? >> well, you know, basically he wins any time that he makes the nomination. he sends the nominee to the senate. he wins on all points on that. it puts the focus on them. you know what's interesting about this, this isn't like some of these somewhat esoteric battles we used to have on nominations for things like the labor relations board, you know, stuff that most americans maybe haven't heard of. this is not just an appellate court. it's the supreme court. and every time there's a vacant seat there, he gets to bring up that i put the nomination to the
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senate. i fulfilled my part of the job. now it's up to them. yeah. that's an easy play for them. he's going to hammer right through it. >> and maybe just maybe with republican senators like grassley and tillis coming out and saying, well, let's just wait and see who he puts forward, maybe those things are starting to cool down a little bit and we'll see a much different world in all this in the months ahead. politics are strength things. tom lobianco, thanks very much. >> thanks. >> republicans speak out tonight and thursday at 8:00 p.m. for the very first time in this campaign all six candidates will answer questions from the voters of south carolina in two live town halls. moderated by anderson cooper. >> can't wait for that. all right. nine minutes past the hour. time for an early start on your money. stock futures pointing higher following a big rally yesterday making it the best two-day gain since august. thank you very much. it's been horrible year.
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oil prices are high as well. stockmarkets in asia are mixed. it's not time to pappic. we never want you to panic. there's a 50% chance u.s. stooks will dive into a bear market. that's according to a brand-new "cnn money" survey of top investment strategists but most believe that fall into a bear market would be short-lived. here's what that bull market would look like. the third longest of all time since the recession in 2009. the s&p 500 is up an amazing 100%. these experts in our survey think the s&p 500 will end the year up 2.5%. that would be a jump of 11% from its current level. what are you going to do? are you going to do anything? >> i'm going to panic. i'm going to keep buying stocks
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i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? today vital humanitarian aid is trapped behind the lines. just days before this proposed cessation of hostilities is set to go sbee effect, violence is rising, increasing with air strikes on schools and hospitals and rebel headed territory. we blame that on russia. cnn's international correspondent matthew chance.
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good morning, matthew. >> reporter: that's right, christine. russia has been stepping up their air industrials on their opponents led by bashir al assad across syria in days leeing up to the days of hostility that was broken in part by secretary of state john kerry in the german city of munich. 444 air strikes, soreties, rather. that's according to the latest figures they released a few hours ago. in terms of the attacks, very controversial on the hospitals. one of them in azaz, the other in northern syria. the russians categorically denying any of that saying it wasn't their warplanes carrying out strikes in that area, saying they were within 20 miles of those facilities. but, again, denial has been used
2:16 am
time and again by the russian authorities when it comes to allegations about caution civilian casualties and these kinds of alleged war crimes that many in the international community are now saying that russia may have committed. christine that a new chapter in a war where people continue to suffer. keep us posted on getting aid to those people behind the lines. thanks. >> apple says it will fight a court order that requires it to help law enforcement recover encrypted data from an i footnote from saaed farooq. apple's ceo tim cook in a let owner the company's website says the court order essentially requires app toll create a back door through iphone security, quote, exposing customers to greater risk of attack. the food & drug administration issuing new
2:17 am
guidelines to prevent the zika virus from contaminating the nation's blood supply. places like puerto rico or the u.s. virgin islands. it will require them to import blood rather than use local donations. experts say it's likely it could be transmitted through tainted blood. the fda is recommends that certain at-risk donors not donate blood for now. michigan governor rick snyder blamed the government for the contaminated water. he hopes u.s. officials are being asked tough questions as he put it. the epa took exception to snyder's remarks stating that they failed to address the risks to public health. south dakota lawmakers passing a controversial bathroom bill that has drawn outrage from the lgbt community. it requires public school
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students to use restrooms and facilities based on their chrome zones and anatomy at birth. supporters argue it's designed to protect them. critics say it's against transgender students. a shocking admission from ronda rousey concerning the impact of her knockout loss to holly holmes. coy wire with the "bleacher report." we'll see that handsome devil coming up in a moment. left untreated it can lead to liver damage and potentially liver cancer. but you haven't been forgotten. there's never been a better time to rethink your hep c because people like you may benefit from scientific advances that could help cure your hep c. visit or call a hep c educator to help prepare you for a conversation with your hep c specialist.
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ronda rousey says she
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considered suicide after her shocking loss to holly holmes in november. >> before she was knocked out, she dominated the competition. 12-0, won her previous three fights by 64 seconds combined. she was like a young mike tyson out there. her successen in the octagon paved the way for parts in movies and tv. she was the ultimate crossover star that usc had dreamed of but then she came crashing down to earth with one kick to the head by holmes. she told ellen degeneres just yesterday how she was after the loss. >> what am i if not this. i was literally sitting there thinking of myself, i'm nothing. what do i do anymore and nobody will give a [ bleep ] about me. to be honest, i looked up and i
2:24 am
saw my man, travis standing there and i was looking up there and i thought, i need to have his babies, i need to stay alive. according to a new tax filing, cy teen romance said commissioner roger goodell took a pay cut of normally $1 million. he still hauled in $34 million. to put that in perspective, onto one nfl roger goodell. that was quarterback matt ryan. it's the second straight year he's take an pay cut in his seven seasons as kmegser he made over $174 million. must be nice. nathan schonfield, a 31-year-old bank manager got the call of the lifetime from the arizona coyotes on monday. he was giving his 5-week-old twin as bath when he got a call to become the emergency goalie
2:25 am
to play the game. he had never played professional hockey before. he was on their short list to be an emergency goalie. schoenfeld never actually got into the game. he did get to dress into the full-on gear, he skated around the ice, and afarwwe-style mvp his teammates. what memories. the coyotes' captain says after the game, obviously it's pretty special. i've about known him for a long time. he's my banker. the coyotes won 6-2. >> he came home and his wife probably said now finish giving the baby as bath. >> the quickest bath ever. >> she said, get back to work because now we have two babies. president obama promising to fill the supreme court vacancy. remarkable comments from the president.
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president obama pushing back promising to fill the supreme court vacancy. battle looming as the president weighs in on the 2016 race, lashing out at the rb front-runner. welcome back to "early start." i'm miguel marquez. >> i'm christine romans. president obama keeping mum about who he might nominate to replace antonin scalia except it might be someone with an outstanding legal mind, indisputably qualified to serve on the supreme court. it's starting to take shape with a news conference in which the president pushed back against what he called republican on struckism. >> good morning, christine and miguel. this is the first time president obama took questions following
2:31 am
scalia's death. he took a stance. he said they have a responsibility to fulfill the supreme court vai can sichl he said the republicans should consider any nominee they put forward no matter what, that they have a job do until they're voted out and he pointed out that whoever he chooses will be so indisputably qualified that republicans will look back if they fail to look at them. >> we want swhoun cares about democracy and rule of law. there's not going to be any particular position or issue that determine wls i nominate them, but i'm going to present somebody who indisputably is qualified for the seat and any fair-minded person, even somebody who disagreed with my politics would say -- would
2:32 am
serve with honor and integrity of the court. >> he would not give any hints whob is on his short list. he said don't jum top any conclusions about whether they're moderates. we know that the white house has already started whittling down potential nominees. normally this is a process that takes about a month before the president comes out and announces who his nominee is and then the ball is in the senate's court. christine and miguel? >> thanks to pamela brown. president obama says donald trump is not ready or qualified to be president and the american people are too sensible to elect him to that office, the president slamming all the gop candidates for their stances on climate change, ominous limbs, and on immigration, but calling out donald trump by name as the candidate least ready to be president, something that trump wore as a badge of honor. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. the reason is because i have a
2:33 am
lot of faith in the american people and i think they recognize that being president is a serious job. it's not hosting a talk show or a reality show. >> he has done such a lousy job as president. you look at our budgets, you look at our spending. we can't beat isis. obamacare is terrible, and for him to actually say that is a great compliment f you want to know the truth. >> there were a great big cheers indicative of trump's support only growing in south carolina. he's 16 points ahead of his nearest rival ted cruz. joining us to discuss it all, tom lee bee yenko live in our d.c. bureau. we have a 16-course breakfast to
2:34 am
talk about, tom. let's talk about the supreme court because that's what's on everybody's miechbltd the president coming out very strongly during that press conference and talking about why he thinks it is his right to name a candidate. >> unwritten law that says that it can only be done on off years. that's not in the constitutional text. i'm amused when i hear people who cla imto be strict interpreters of the constitution suddenly reading into it, a whole series of provisions that are not there. there is more than enough time for the senate to consider in a thoughtful way the record of a nominee that i present, and to make a decision. >> and now you have senators -- republican senators grassley saying, let's hold off and see what he puts forward and decide
2:35 am
as we go forward. is there a sense, tom, things are going to thaw a bit and we might get back to a more normal place with this? >> it's interesting really, especially with tillison and grassley backing off. mitch mcconnell initially threw the gauntlet down and they're backing way from this. you can sense this has a lot to do with the republican primary. mcconnell and john boehner before him, you know, not so much paul ryan but boehner early last year had taken a beating in the republican primary from conservatives especially people like donald trump who were just angry saying you never delivered. we gave you the senate. you never delivered. we gave you the house. you never delivered. you could hear a lot of that in the initial comments from
2:36 am
mcconnell saying no way will we give you another supreme court appointment. it's just not going to happen. >> let's listen to what hillary clinton had to say. she made comments about what she calls the sub text to the president's job to nominate a new supreme court gist it is. listen to what she said. >> republicans say they'll reject anyone president obama nominate nos matter how qualified. some say he doesn't have the right to nominate anyone as if somehow he's not the real president. you know, that's in keeping with what we've heard all along. many have talked about using code takers and seekers and they encourage the ugly impulses of the paranoid fringe. >> she was in harlem when she made those remarks and she got a
2:37 am
lot of yeses and you're rights in that crowd. >> she looks different there. >> she does? >> she looks like a different candidate in that one little sound bite. >> you mean fired up. >> fired up like serious. >> i thought you meant her hair. >> her message is different. what's different? >> she's obama's best friend and she needs that support. yesterday was a big event for her meeting with al sharpton and other black leaders. she really, really needs to wrap herself in the president. that's been her strategy. and, you know, she's -- dog whistles, right, or this language that both sides use to speak to the base. she's ironically using a dog whistle they blow when it comes to obama. it's really funny. but what she's doing is wrapping herself in the president and
2:38 am
presenting herself as the defender of obama. it's a great strategy for her. >> meanwhile i was surprised to hear the president talk about the republican side of the race. >> talking both. he sort of was endorsing hillary but then walked back. how extraordinary is it -- >> he said donald trump cannot be president and the american people are too sensible to elect someone like donald trump. >> it helps donald trump for all we know. >> he used donald trump by name. that almost always never happen and you can see the hesitation on the democratic side where he doesn't want to get involved the in family feud, but then he almost slipped into -- again, this is the second time he's
2:39 am
done this where he slipped into an endorsement. i think it was last week jay carney, the former white house spokesman was pretty confident he wants hillary clinton. i mean this is not somebody who's on the outer circle of obama world. this is somebody who know as what the president is thinking and that's not hard to see. >> all right. tom lobianco, so nice to see you. we got through 12 courses of our 16 courses. >> i'm famished, guys, famished. >> you can go to web webb to read the rest of them. republican candidates speak out two night this week. all six candidates will answer questions from the voters of south carolina in two live town halls moderated by our own anderson cooper. looking forward to that. >> you can see ted cruz there. you might hear from him on the town hall flat tax.
2:40 am
he said his plan is so simple you could file your taxes on a poefd card. it's predicted the plan would add $8.6 trillion over the first 12 years and another 10 1 2 over the next ten years. say the only way it will happen is if huge, huge cuts are made. he stlad are elements that would benefit the u.s. economy, but without unrealistic spending cuts, the deficits would increase proportionately and it would benefit wealthier. they'll be talking about this tonight. it will be amazing where south carolina voters will be able to ask all these candidates about what they plan to do to help us. >> and the town halls have been really effective.
2:41 am
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today vital humanitarian aid is expected to reach starving civilians trapped behind the front line during the civil war. at least that was the plan. yesterday they were still negotiating with the assad regime and that was days before a state of hostilities is expected to go into effect. violence only increasing, air strikes on hospitals and schools in the territory. but the u.s. is blaming russia. for the latest we turn to cnn correspondent matthew chance live in moscow. matthew, this uptick on russian strikes in syria, is there a sense they're getting in as much as they can prior to this
2:46 am
cessation? >> you could interpret it that way, yes. certainly over the past week according to the russian defense ministry, they staged 444 sore disinvouding 600 strikes in the past week, obviously opponents of bashir al assad. yes, we're assuming this is an attempt to give president assad as much power as possible on the battlefield before that cessation goes into force. of course, the russians have also said they will not stop bombing terrorists. they'll still target isis and other groups and perhaps some of the moderate rebels as well that the west is battling. it's not clear that after friday when this agreement comes into force there's going to be any
2:47 am
decline in the amount of people being killed or the amount of air strikes being called. >> hard to call it a cessation of hostilities in that kasem we'll have to watch it very closely. thank you, matthew chance, for being there to watch that. apple says it will fight a court order to help law enforcement recover encrypted data from one of the san western dino shooters, saaed farook. they insist on finding the passcode from farook's cell phone. it requires app toll create a back door through i phone security to exposing customers to greater risk of attack. the food & drug administration setting guidelines. it will require blood banks where zika has been transmitted to import blood rather than use local donations. experts say it's likely the zika
2:48 am
virus could be transmitted through tainted blood. the fda has recommended that certain at-risk donors not donate for now. michigan governor rick snyder blaming the government for multiple failures in response to the lead con tame nation of flint's drinking water. he hopes the u.s. officials are asking tough questions. the epa took extension with that saying state and local officials failed to work with the agency in a so-called transparent manner to address the public's health. let's take a look at "new day." hello, there. he says he's going to nominate someone who's eminently qualified to replace antonin scalia on the supreme court. he is saying basically let's follow the constitution wchl ee
2:49 am
going to look at what's going on. the dynamic dust appear to be shifting. we'll tell you how. also we're going to tell you what president obama took time to say about donald trump and, of course, what trump took time to say back. we also have some very interesting poll numbers for you from south carolina. but more importantly, nevada, especially if you're a democrat, coming up. ah, dying to see those numbers. that's going to be interesting. >> 11 minutes. >> maybe we can make an arrangement, miguel. reach into your pocket. >> i like it. >> in 11 minutes it will all be revealed. chris cuomo, thank you so much. your gas prices are rising. you're going to get an early check on your money next. my computer's dying again.
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breaking overnight china
2:54 am
seems to be ratcheting up. missiles have been deployed in disputed international waters. correspondent ivan watson is following developments. he's live in hong kong. how much more fuel to the fire does this placement of these missiles put it? >> well, it's going to continue raising concern for the much smaller countries in this region. we're talking about the south china sea here, miguel, and the island in question, one probably most people haven't heard of. it's called woody island and it has competing claims, vietnam, china claiming it. china has owned it for years. satellite imagery called isi appear to show a deployment of a new weapons system up on the beach here. what they say and the taiwanese and pentagon says appear to be
2:55 am
surface-to-air missiles. why is there is a concern now? there appears to be a competing struling ore this water. all these neighboring countries, malaysia, philippines, vietnam, they all claim to control part of the china sea. china claims to control all the way down to here right next to the philippines including archipelago here called the spratly islands. what they're really doing is raising concern. look at this in 2005. this is called the fiery reef. nothing sticking out above the water except for a little manmade structure the chinese built. look at it ten years later. the chinese built an entire island here including a deep water port as well as an air strap. president obama has been meeting with southeast asian leaders and
2:56 am
he's been arguing against what he calls the militarization of the south china sea. the u.s. has been sending warplanes and navy ships into this area. china claims putting things, i guess, like surface-to-air missile s militarization. china calls it self-defense. >> ivan watson, thanks very much. i guess they're not calling it controversy. pope francis's finally stop in mexico may be the most dramatic. he'll visit the border town of ciudad juarez. he'll celebrate mass a stone's throw away from the united states border. 5:56. time for a look at your early money. stocks coming off a couple of two big days of gains. oil prices are rising. that's driving some of the optimism. stocks and oils have been locked
2:57 am
toechkt when oil goes up, stocks go up ♪ stocks and oil sitting in a tree ♪ >> that's right. he served in the treasury department under both george w. bush and president obama. in his first speech as president of the mins federal reserve bank he said regulatory reforms have not gone far enough. he called for break june of the larger banks making them smaller, less connected, less important. he said regulate them like public utilities. he said the banking system has lobbied hard to implement fundamental change to the system. it's a view. kashkari is a republican. he ran for governor of california a couple years ago, you might recall. the for the first time in three weeks gas has risen.
2:58 am
don't fret. it's still 19 cents less than last month. gas follows closely behind. don't worry. they expect the national average to stay well we low two bucks for much of the year. the typical household is likely to save $400 this year compared to last year because of the lower prices aet the pump. >> we like lower prices at the pump. amazing we're like kashkari. >> interesting. you hear progressives say break up the banks. by assets, they're larger than they were at the peak of the financial crisis. dodd/frank says they've done what they need to do. kashkari says no. amazing. president obama promising to nominate someone to fill the free supreme court vacancy. "new the constitution is pretty clear. this will be the opportunity for
2:59 am
senators to do their job. >> we're not going to bring this nominee up this year. >> the democrats are crying and moaning and groaning. it is highly hypocritical. >> mr. trump will be president. >> he has done such a lousy job as president. >> it's not hosting a talk show or a reality show. >> look at our budget. look at our spending we can't beat isis. >> i'm not unhappy that i'm not on the ballot. >> we can and must do better. >> i know hillary better than i know bernie. on the other hand, there may be a couple issues bernie agrees with me more. >> we are prepared to fight for change. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota, and michaela pereira. good morning. welcome to your "new day". it is wednesday, february 17th, 6:00 in the east. once again, michaela's keen eye saves us. this is not alisyn camerota no matter how much he insists.
3:00 am
it is john berman. first, do your job says president obama to senate republicans for when he tphop nominates a successor to antonin scalia. he plans to pick an in disputably qualified nominee. one key gop senator now says he isn't ruling out holding hearings. >> president obama using a news conference to take on republican front-runner donald trump. he insists he will not be the next president because he is not, quote, hosting a talk show. we begin with cnn chris frates right at the white house. >> reporter: my cada, good morning. he said anybody he chooses to replace justice scalia will be in disputably qualified. president obama made his


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