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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  February 17, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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they would make mince meat. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> this is the weirdest political season ever. thank you so much for joining me. i'm carol costello. at this hour with better man and bolduan starts right now. >> the brand-new cnn poll that has campaign heads spinning. republican heads spinning, too, big in south carolina and that's a big problem for everyone else. their new plan to take them down. why does apple refuse to help the fbi crack the cell phones of one of the san bernardino terrorists they say is for our
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protection. really? hello, everyone. i'm john berman. kate bolduan is off today. take a look at this man. take a good luck. he is winning. donald trump in bluffton, south carolina, fresh off the news in a brand-new cnn poll has it up %-p up in south carolina. he just walked off this stage moments ago. listen to the marching orders he just gave south carolina voters. >> the main thing is you have to go and vote. don't go for me and vote. it's a nice thing. you have to go and vote. doesn't matter who you're voting for. i don't feel that way. just go and vote if you're going to vote for me. >> you're not going to vote for me, don't vote at all. the order from donald trump. again, the new cnn/orc poll from nevada has him at 26 points up
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on marco rubio who is in second. comes up big in south carolina, also. on the democratic side, wow, the nevada race is closer than ever. a one-point difference now between the two. hillary clinton up one point bernie sanders. let's talk first about the republican race, cnn correspondent jim acosta is live. jim just walked off that stage. >> reporter: that's right. he likes those new poll numbers in nevada, john. he said that he's up so much in nevada right now, according to our latest cnn/orc poll that maybe he doesn't need to campaign there. he's just joking. i think we'll see him after the south carolina primary. i thought he was going to go after president obama in response to the comments yesterday that donald trump will never be president. you know, he essentially avoided
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the subject because he has so many targets to talk about and, first among them, appears to be lindsey graham, a senator from south carolina who is a top surrogate for jeb bush during this event here in bluffton, south carolina, donald trump called lindsey graham a disgrace, a nut job and more. and let's play a little bit of that. here's what he had to say. >> it's a disgrace and i think you have one of the worst representatives of any representative in the united states. and i don't think he should run. i don't think at this state -- remember, i was at 42 and he was at 2 when he was running. in this state, i'm talking about. he was at zero. i don't think he could run for dog catcher in this state and win again. i really don't.
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>> reporter: donald trump saying that he's the one who does well with evangelicals and one other bit of news here that i think is going to be something we're going to talk about throughout the day, john. just at the very end of his comments here in bluffton, donald trump was talking about going after isis, the war on terrorism and donald trump said in very plainly torture works, those are the words that he used, torture works, waterboarding is fine we but we need to be much tougher with the terrorists. that issin going to be talked at a great deal. just about everybody in both parties in the united states reject torture. there may be a disagreement about enhanced torture agreements and torturing. to hear donald trump say that i think was a very big deal and
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something that we'll be talking about for the next few days, i think, john. >> interesting, you hear him use the word torture. you wrote an op-ed on enhancements techniques. jim acosta, thank you so much. one reminder we want to tell you about, a cnn town hall with the republican candidates. two town halls, in fact, beginning tonight. they will answer questions directly from voters in south carolina. tonight, you have ben carson, marco rubio, ted cruz. tomorrow, donald trump, jeb bush, john kasich. that's at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. we've got a taste of the republican race, a donald trump event. what about the democratic side? we have a brand-new poll showing the race tied. let's bring in dan pfeiffer, former senior adviser to president obama. dan, tied. tied. in nevada. this is after iowa, which was essentially tied in the caucuses there. this is after new hampshire, which is a blowout for bernie
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sanders. the clinton people said, yeah, it's next door to vermont and a white state. what about nevada? nevada is diverse. so what is the issue there? >> well, i think it's clear that bernie sanders has made some progress in building out his coalition in nevada. no question about that. and i think we have to look at this not in what the poll numbers are but what the delegate fight is going to be and the sanders campaign has come a long way really quickly in that state so that they will do well there. what it looks like to me is there's going to be a delegate split. hillary clinton did well in 2008. if you'll remember, president popular vote, he one more - delegates because of the way that they are distributed across the state. >> i know you remember that, dan pfeiffer. >> i won't let anyone forget that. >> and that's something you bragged about. you said, yes, he lost but won
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the delegates and that's something that you learned after the fact that explain away what happened. if this becomes a delegate fight, they are going to lose the bragging rights that they are hoping to get once this race turned to more diverse states to nevada. >> i think there's no question about that. the idea for the clinton campaign, it's a strong victory on saturday and fought off by a strong victory in south carolina the next week, given themselves some momentum heading into the super tuesday and the big state contests that are coming. you know, that day for them is going to be deferred at least a week and maybe indefinitely. >> yeah. i mean, look, it's a tough february for hillary clinton and the clinton campaign is going to have to wait it out. if you look at south carolina, she is doing really well. up very big in the polls there. also, up very big among african-american voters there, the key group that they have been targeting and the margin among african-american voters shows that you maybe some of that focus over the last several days, last week plus, in fact, is paying off.
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>> she's had a strong advantage there from the beginning and i think the hope in the sanders campaign and the fear of the clinton campaign was that after new hampshire, those numbers begin to shift and sanders will make more inroads for the african-american community. that's what happened in 2008. barack obama was actually losing african-american voters to hillary clinton in south carolina up until the day after he won the iowa caucus and those numbers moved dramatically towards obama. that has not happened to date and that gives the clinton campaign, you know, a real sigh of relief, i guess, as they head into this tough period. >> so both bernie sanders and hillary clinton, no doubt, hearing a little bit that barack obama, the current president of the united states said yesterday. he was asked about both candidates at a news conference and he talked about them in ways you don't usually hear a sitting president do. let's listen to what he said. >> i know hillary better than i
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know bernie because she served in my administration and she was an outstanding secretary of state. and i suspect that on certain issues she agrees with me more than bernie does. on the other hand, there may be a couple of issues where bernie agrees with me more. i don't know. i haven't studied their positions that closely. >> i don't know. i haven't studied their positions that closely. i don't know if i believe him on that, dan pfeiffer. i believe he studied both of their positions very closely and i believe he knows now who he would support and i believe he's choosing his words very, very carefully. >> he's choosing his words very carefully. he's president of the united states, leader of the democratic party. i would say he has a lot on his plate that probably stems beyond reading what is on the clinton and sanders campaign websites. he clearly knows who he supports here. he clearly goes out of his way
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to say, i know hillary really well. i support a lot of things that she supports. and maybe supports things that bernie does, too, but i don't know. >> the point is, what he's trying to do is -- and this is very important for any president in a primary, to not put their thumb on the scale. let the voters decide and we'll see where it goes. he has focused intently on doing his job and ensuring that we have a democratic president succeed him because that's so important to build on what he has accomplished in the last seven years and make sure this country is headed in the right direction. i think he will play an active role in the general election, not the primary election. i think a big part of this will be around can we get the voters who turned out for barack obama in 2008, in 2012 to come out without barack obama on the ballot and he's going to make sure that happens. >> and you think the thumb is completely off the scale 100%, nowhere near the scale? >> it certainly seemed that way
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in that answer to me. >> all right. dan pfeiffer, thanks so much. >> thanks. there's new controversy in the new democratic race. a big bernie sanders' supporter says a uterus does not allow you to be president. plus, look at this. have you ever seen the pope so angry? stunning video from his historic trip. learn what set him off. also, the fbi wants apple's help cracking the iphone of a san bernardino terrorist. apple says no. are they standing in the way of learning key facts about the attacks? [electronic sound effects] brace yourself... the first ever gsf is here. with a 467 horse power v8 engine...
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. new this morning, apple is flat out refusing a judge's order to help the fbi unlock a phone used by one of the san bernardino's terrorists. in a pointed statement overnight, apple's ceo tim cook describes the order as everything from dangerous to chilling, even labeling it an overreach by the u.s. government. why? evan perez is joining me with the latest. what is going on here? >> this was a cell phone carried by one of the two terrorists that killed 14 people in the
8:16 am
attack in san bernardino. the fbi says it needs apple's help to get information from a cell phone owned by the san bernardino health department which was used by syed farook. apple has an app on the phone that if the passcode is entered ten times incorrectly, it erases all of the information. take a listen to david com -- james comey. >> san bernardino is a very important investigation to us. we still have one of those killers' phones that we have not been able to open. >> if you listen to apple's ceo tim cook, he's saying that this isn't about a terrorist phone. this is the government, he says, that wants apple to build a back door that would affect each and every one of us. here's a statement from cook that was sent overnight.
8:17 am
it says, "the united states government has demanded that apple take an unprecedented step which threatens the security of our customers. we oppose this order which has implications far beyond the legal case at hand." we expect this to go all the way to the supreme court. one thing we should point out, the fbi has already been able to get a lot of data from the cell phone company attached to this cell phone. for instance, they know that the terrorists went to this lake, if you remember, they did a search of a lake that was nearby there. what they want is to see what else was on this cell phone, if there were any communications with other terrorists, for instance. that is still to be found out if they could get into the cell phone. >> all right. evan perez, thanks so much. i want to bring in cnn's intelligent security analyst bob baer. bob, why can't intelligence officials get into this phone? >> well, john, the software is beyond their capabilities. obviously. just like a lot of apps,
8:18 am
encryption apps, beyond the national security agencies and the fbi to have the capability to read them. the fbi has a good case here because they have to wonder whether this is part of a bigger piece of evidence and this would disapprove or prove it. i see apple's point, why should they open every apple phone and it becomes commercial, they lose business. this will go to the supreme court and it's a really vital issue we have to decide. >> i know you're an intelligence guy, you're not a lawyer, but can't you make the case from one phone versus every phone in the world? can't you make that the case that apple should help in this case? >> as i understand the issue, apple has to develop the software which would bypass these ten attempts as passwords and then would make every iphone vulnerable and that would be for them. and let's not forget snowden
8:19 am
because everyone thinks that snowden, what he said was the government can listen to every phone and this would be confirmation for this. this is a huge political issue as well. you just can't get in to one phone alone. >> so how much stuff is out there, is encrypted like this, that investigators can't crack into? we're talking about a lot of potential ways that terrorists can communicate. >> oh, absolutely. disciplined terrorists can figure out what apps the national security agency can't get into. for instance, wicker is one of them, telegram, even what's app is another one. once they take these apps and start using them in a discipline way, it makes the fbi -- their job very, very difficult to track these people. this is an uphill battle for the fbi and they understand this violates -- this could violate our rights but, on the other
8:20 am
hand we had 14 murdered in san bernardino. >> this is this more advanced than that because you're getting more specific now? >> it's more transed because i think the sophisticated terrorists understand that e-mail is not safe, cell phone calls aren't safe but all of these encryption apps are safe and they are going to switch to them as they get better and they have done this. they did it in france. they've done it in belgium and i don't see why they wouldn't do it here and we don't know that farook himself didn't use these apps. >> bob baer, appreciate it. coming up, jeb bush now wearing contact lenses. does that mean he's actually seeing a path to the presidency? we will tell you what he is saying at this moment.
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a vicious feud between jeb bush and marco rubio over the last few minutes. plus, ted cruz and marco rubio have finished their tennis match forever. both going hard at each other. look at this. ted cruz scheduled a news conference just a few minutes from now. is there news? is he going to say something that could change this race? stay with us. hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon... then quickly fell back to earth landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. befoburning, the pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet were the first in my family to graduate from college,
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what happened right now, i want to go to seneca, south carolina, where the cruz
8:26 am
campaign has just scheduled a news conference. ted cruz will come to the electorate and answer questions from reporters, perhaps make a statement. he's clearly got information that he wants to say. gloria borger is there. she joins me right now. i think senator cruz is waiting for you to finish to start talking. turn it over to him. >> yeah. you know, we're here in seneca and it's clear that there is this huge fight going on between donald trump and the senator. donald trump this morning just called cruz effectively a liar again and cruz, it seems to me, clearly wants to answer these charges. you know, as we head into the final days here in south carolina, the problem for cruz is not only the fact that donald trump is 16 points ahead in the polls, according to our polls. also, trump has a substantial lead with evangelical voters by 20 points, according to our poll. that's clearly something that
8:27 am
cruz can't let stand. i think what we're likely to see today is cruz sforesponding to trump's charges of liar, liar. >> gloria, stand by. we'll go back to it the minute he starts talking. i think you're right. you're going to hear a new response from senator cruz to donald trump and what donald trump has been saying. in the meantime, let's check in with the other campaigns because jeb bush and marco rubio, john kasich, they are all campaigning through south carolina today. just three days to make a name for yourself and try to make a dent in the lead that donald trump has right now. you can see all of the candidates out there, let's check in with athena jones first. she's covering the jeb bush campaign. >> jeb bush is arguing, he has the executive experience and record to be president that
8:28 am
looks like marco rubio does not. he said over and over again that senators marco rubio and ted cruz are gifted oratorss and they spoke very forcefully against this assertion jeb bush says that argument doesn't hold water. he's been commander-in-chief, so to speak, of the florida national guard. he got some big applause when he said, with all due respect, senator rubio, your four years or five years in the senate does not match up to my record as florida governor. i've got to tell you, this is exactly the kind of crowd that jeb bush and his rivals want to appeal to because almost everyone i talked to, i talked to 20 people, that they were undecided and they were supporters and able to donate to
8:29 am
him right this minute. so more proof that the bush family name carries weight here in south carolina. the question is, how much weight and how much will it help? >> athena jones whispering in the jeb bush campaign and still talking, stand by. listen more and let us know if he makes more news. let's turn to marco rubio now. our phil mattingly chasing the rubio campaign. he held a town hall meeting. he did just take questions from reporters and he, too, on the attack. >> basically, everybody is fighting everybody right now, john. welcome to south carolina. the two have been going after each other in a sharp way since the debate. once again, calling one another a liar. now the issue is campaign tactics. right now marco rubio pointing to a facebook page that his
8:30 am
digital team found that was fake saying trey gowdy, the south carolina congressman had in fact switched his decision to go with marco rubio and now supporting ted cruz. that's not true. marco rubio saying that calls in to major questions what ted cruz's campaign is trying to do. take a listen. >> it's the robocalls, what he did in iowa to ben carson, what he's done in this state. he had the national right to life, ted cruz, what he said about me on planned parenthood and he gave a speech about how he's going to rebuilt the military. >> attacking on tactics and ted cruz's record. ted cruz's campaign said they had nothing to do with the robo calls in question and what marco rubio's campaign is doing is raising questions. more than anything else, that's what they want to get out of this. the reason for this, john, is these campaigns are staring at a pool of voters.
8:31 am
while ted cruz is fighting donald trump for voters, marco rubio's pool very much also leaning towards ted cruz. rubio's team feels like he has momentum. they want to raise those questions as they go into the final days and hope to pull a few more over and perhaps ted cruz turning it into a two-person race between donald trump and marco rubio. john? >> phil mattingly, thank you. jeb bush just going after marco rubio. marco rubio just going after ted cruz. seneca, south carolina, ted cruz about to take the stage and answer questions from reporters very might have a statement as well. we expect that he has something new to say about donald trump. what is it? can it change the current trajectory in south carolina where donald trump is pretty comfortably ahead. we will get you to this ted cruz news conference. they just called for it and we'll bring it to you in a few minutes as soon as it starts.
8:32 am
meanwhile, a bernie sanders supporter saying that a uterus does not qualify you to be president. what could hillary clinton have to say about that? she's got a live event moments from now. when your type 2 diabetes numbers aren't moving in the right direction,
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a uterus does not qualify you to be president of the united states. >> a uterus does not qualify you to be president. that is a big bernie sanders supporter. hillary clinton will hold an event in chicago. this is her first chance to respond to that comment and her new poll in nevada leading
8:37 am
bernie sanders by just one single, solitary point. essentially tied. three days before the nevada caucuses. i want to bring in cnn's washington correspondent joe johns who is live at that event in chicago. joe? >> john, hearing a lot from the campaign about this but mostly from the people who work in the campaign, brian fallon on "new day" this morning calling those comments by the rapper disappointing and we heard on twitter just a while ago from karen finney, communications adviser for the campaign, she tweeted, "based on her uterus, must be ignoring hillary clinton's lifetime of work breaking down barriers of all." so why this is important? killer mike is seen as a leading surrogate for bernie sanders on the campaign trail, particularly on his trips and journeys
8:38 am
through historically black colleges and universities throughout the country and younger people apparently really listening to him. the campaign is concerned about that, i think, and talking privately to people with the clinton campaign. there's a sense of a bit of a double-standard in the media in the reporting of that because they make the point that if one of the surrogates for hillary clinton had said something as inflammatory as killer mike did, it would be all over the front pages of the newspapers and on cable tv, a good example of that, perhaps, gloria steinem and madeleine albright and their recent comments about women and the need to support hillary clinton. so a lot to talk about. not clear at all that hillary clinton is going to address this before the crowd. but if she does, we'll get back to you. >> in nevada, a new poll, the new cnn poll in nevada showing her with virtually no lead at that. just one point separating the two and this event in chicago, i know it's very meaningful for the clinton campaign.
8:39 am
>> reporter: absolutely. she's campaigning with the mother of sandra bland, the chicago-area woman who died in the hands of law enforcement in texas, raising the black lives matter issue, among others, here in chicago and across the country. so hillary clinton has been very much aligning herself with the victims of alleged police misconduct as a way to reach out to the african-american community. you know, just yesterday in new york city, she gave that big speech and also met with african-american leaders, including al sharpton and the head of the urban league and naacp. hillary clinton making a big play for african-american voters in the run-up, i should say, to the south carolina primary where african-american voters are so important, john. >> joe johns for us in chicago,
8:40 am
let us know what happens. thanks, joe. i want to bring in pa pattie solis, i want to start with these comments from killer mike saying, a uterus doesn't qualify you to be president. he's nevertheless came out of his mouth in a bernie sanders event. and it's not really the type of thing we have heard directly from sanders supporters, official sanders supporters on the stump. >> right. well, look, i think the remark is a bit silly. hillary clinton is not asking people to vote for her because she's a woman. she's asking people to vote for her because she's qualified. she's experienced. she's got detailed plans on how to battle systemic racism, which she talked about yesterday. she's got detailed plans on income inequality, reforming
8:41 am
wall street, on college affordability. the list goes on and on and on. the fact that she's a woman and could be the first president of the united states is just icing on the cake. >> you know, you say she's not asking people to vote for her because she's a woman. you know, it's certainly not only because she's a woman but she does bring up the fact that she's a woman a lot. look, madeleine albright says women who don't help other women, there's a special place in hell for them. she brought up at the pbs debate that there were more women on the stage for the first time and brought up, how can you call her an establishment when she would be the first woman president. it's part of her campaign, to be sure. >> you know, i think you can just look at hillary clinton and get that message. right? i think she points out the historic nature of her candidacy and i think there's something there. but, you know, this isn't the
8:42 am
first time that i agree with patty. i've learned a long time ago to agree with her as often as i can. she's not running exclusively on that and i think the problem with killer mike's comments, yes, he was quoting someone else but he quoted it to agree with it. is that it actually undermines and belittles, i think, the broader point that maybe he was trying to make. he's certainly not the first campaign surrogate to step in it and to get the campaign into trouble. but the fact that he's embracing it after the fact the campaign isn't distancing itself is going to be a challenge for them. >> she's not running because she's a woman and they are undermining their own argument, i think. >> can i just jump in here, too? back in '08, the campaign was criticized for not talking enough about the historic nature of being potentially the first woman president. now she's being criticized for
8:43 am
talking too much about it. so, you know, when you're hillary clinton, i guess you're used to the double-standard but she can't win for losing here. >> no. and in this case, it was a comment made from a supporter of bernie and the comment should be directed to them to be sure. let's talk about nevada, patti. i was with you in nevada. now hillary clinton is tied in this state which isn't a white state like iowa and new hampshire which doesn't border vermont. this is a big problem. >> well, look, i'm not going to take anything away from bernie sanders and his ability to organize and his ability to raise money and he's making it very close. his appeal to new-time caucusgoers, we're going to see what the turnout is. but, yes, it's a problem and makes south carolina all that more important. she needs a decisive win. if she wins by a little bit or even loses nevada, she needs
8:44 am
south carolina and she's focused on south carolina right now. >> she's focused on south carolina, mo, but nevada, i mean, one point, they have to be a little nervous. >> yeah. look, let's be careful how much stock we have put in one poll. i know it's your poll, cnn's poll, cnn a few days before iowa had bernie sanders winning by eight and ended up being a different result. i don't mean to discount the poll. i think something is going on there. nevada is a very difficult state to poll because the caucus there is so -- caucus states are typically just difficult to poll. but i agree with patti. bea bernie sanders is running a heck of a campaign. the campaign on both sides know that nevada is going to be sort of hand-to-hand combat. they are both organizing very well and it is going to be close. i don't put anything past the hillary clinton organization, though.
8:45 am
they've been working the state for a long time. they've developed a lot of relationships and i think that is -- that's going to help them on caucus day, on saturday. >> it is saturday. we'll be cover it live all day, both the nevada caucuses and the republican south carolina primary. patti solis doyle, thank you. appreciate it. ted cruz is going to talk to the media at any moment and they just scheduled this event. what does he have to say in what news does he want to make? is it a response to donald trump? plus, it is the endorsement that everyone wants in a big move. the south carolina governor has narrowed her list to every candidate but one. learn which one, next. we give you relief from your cold & flu. you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol® cold helps relieve your worst cold & flu symptoms...
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we don't want a president that's just going to come in and bash and tell us what we are not doing right. we want a president that's going to help us fight, help us win and help us explain why we don't want syrian refugees, why guantanamo prisoners don't need
8:50 am
to come to south carolina. so i thought it was quite obama-like. i think it's probably safe to say that, yeah. >> she was asked, are you going to support donald trump? that was the hugely popular governor of south carolina nikki haley and she said, no, she will not support donald trump. she will not be voting for donald trump in saturday's south carolina primary. according to the orc poll from south carolina, donald trump may not need that vote. he's 16 points ahead of ted cruz, dominating every demographic which is supposed to be the cruz crowd. we should tell you, by the way, that ted cruz set to speak any moment. his campaign called a news conference. we do not know why. any minute now, he will take that stage and say something. i would not be surprised if it's about donald trump. joining me now to discuss the cnn political comment indicator, former white house staffer who also worked on the bush and
8:51 am
guiliani campaigns and anna navarro, a supporter now of jeb bush. margaret, let me start with you. we're expecting to hear from ted cruz any minute now. ted cruz has been beaten up by donald trump on the stump a lot. also by marco rubio on the stump a lot. is there anything ted cruz can say when he takes that stage any minute from now that will change the trajectory in the next few days that will make the 16-points gap we saw in the polls less? >> incredibly unlikely that ted cruz is going to come out and the skies are going to part, the seas will part and he'll have a path towards second-place finish. they are fighting. cruz, rubio, jeb, everybody behind is duking it out over second and third. i think after this, south carolina, nevada and then into the s.e.c. primary, is so fundamentally important for ted cruz. he has based his entire campaign and the entire reason on sweeping the south and being able to consolidate the conservative base, the evangelical vote. which he is -- it's falling away
8:52 am
from him so rapidly in south carolina. our new cnn poll shows college educated and noncollege educated hugely favor trump over cruz. >> so you think it's a position of fear. >> this is more shenanigans, their firing squad pointing guns at each other, trying to come out on top and all of them are just duking it out over the fumes of donald trump. >> can we put up the poll again in south carolina now that shows the state of the race? it is very revealing. look at that. 38% for donald trump. and then the next guys all grouped together. 22, 14, 10. you know, anna, just ten points. for jeb bush right now. in fourth place. after everything. after bringing his brother down. after the strong performance at the debate. after the strong performance they were happy about in new hampshire. after changing to contact lenses. is there anything he could do to change the race right now, jeb bush? >> yeah, look. i think he's doing what he's got
8:53 am
to do. which is he's got to leave everything on the field. he's got to campaign his little heart out for the next four days. he's got to get his people out. he's got to continue doing it. he's got to -- hope that his supporters turn out on saturday. these polls, when it comes to second and third place, in particular, are very, very close. you don't just throw up a white flag. you fight until the very end. and i think that's what you're going to see all of them try to do. what we're seeing ted cruz do today is get himself some free media attention. he's having this press conference, because we're all going to cover it, we're all waiting with bated breath to see what he's going to say. it's a very smart tactic. look, it's something donald trump has been doing very successfully for nine months. getting the free media attention. so i think ted cruz is getting in the game, and, you know, going to see more of this wwe cage match that, unfortunately, this gop primary has deteriorated into. i'm very surprised, frankly, by the evangelical numbers.
8:54 am
out of south carolina. because, you know, it's just mind-boggling that they would be supporting a guy who obviously, you know, does not -- does not have the same knowledge of the bible, the same reliance on religion that some of the other candidates do. that uses profanity. south carolina has always been a state of hard ball politics. rough and tumble politics. in a much more under the table way than what we are seeing now, where the candidates are directly, openly, overtly waging horrible insults at each other. south carolina is a genteel country. it's, you know, genteel people who say "ma'am" and "sir." i just can't believe they are going for this guy. >> you're a liar, ma'am! you're a liar, sir. i can see margaret hoover jumping out of her chair out of the corner of my eye. >> i wanted to add to anna's point. this commentary everybody has
8:55 am
said is not monolithic. but nobody is saying why. you have 65% of the population is evangelical voters. okay? 37% are noncollege educated. 28% are college educated. the ones who are sort of college educated, they tend to be values voters. they tend to vote more on sort of the -- some of the religious issues, more devout, go to church. more religious and maybe in their interpretations. where the noncollege educated care more about economic issues. that's why donald trump is giving voice to their issues. this is why the talk on immigration, the talk on trade has significantly impacted this cohort of the economy. and frankly, it's the economy that if the republican party doesn't figure out how to connect to quickly, they're going to lose all together. this is why donald trump is running away with it. the republican party hasn't offered solutions. >> and south carolina on saturday where he's ahead in the polls. nevada just a few days after that. where he's ahead in the polls. the republican party may have to come to terms with the fact it has to do something, if -- if they want to stop donald trump.
8:56 am
margaret hoover and anna navarro. we're watching ted cruz now. he's got a news conference, we expect him to take the stage. we have been waiting for about 20 minutes now. what's the delay? could it mean the news is even bigger than we thought? also, a lot going on right now. in just minutes, hillary clinton, she has an event in chicago. we are waiting to hear her response to a standard supporter saying a uterus doesn't qualify you to be president. (baseball on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed.
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