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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 17, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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it's driving ted cruz. and it probably puts trump across the finish line saturday with a first place finish. >> congressman mull veiny thanks very much for joining us. good you have to on this show. that's it for me. i'm be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern in the situation room. the news tins right now on cnn. hi, everyone. top of the hour. i am a poppy harlow in today for my friend brooke baldwin. this is cnn's special coverage of a critical in the race for the white house. poppy i'm aaron burnett in greenville, south carolina today. top of the on cnn just hours from now where i'm standing republican candidates will face voters answering their questions in a town hall right here on cnn. this comes as an allout war has erupted between the front-runners, donald trump, and ted cruz. minutes ago cruz revealing trump has sent his campaign a cease
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and desist letter demanding he stop running this ad. >> would president trump ban partial birth abortion? i'm very choice. >> but you would not ban it. >> no. >> or partial birth abortion. >> i'm pro choice in every respect. >> of course donald trump has changed his mine on this. he says it's misleading on the planned parenthood claim. cruz said this about any further legal action that trump may threaten to take. >> to mr. trump, you have been threateni ining frivolous lawsu for your entire adult life. even in the anales of frivolous lawsuits, this takes the cake. so donald, i would encourage, if you want to file a lawsuit challenging this ad, claiming it is defamation, file the lawsuit. but if donald trump files the lawsuit that he threatens in
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this letter, that lawsuit will be frivolous, and it will result in both donald trump and any lawyer that signs his name to the bleedings being sanctioned in court for filing frivolous litigation. >> reporter: all right. donald trump releasing this statement in response because this truly is political kbuky theater. i'll quote him. ted cruz has already had one of his ads pulled off the air concerning senator marco rubio. he was forced to apologize to dr. ben carson for fraudulently stealing his votes in iowa and was embarrassed by his phony voter violation form. he is a liar and these statements maids by cruz are desperate moves by a guy tanking in the polls watching his campaign go up in flames. finally, if i wanted to bring a lawsuit it would be legitimate. likewise, if i want to bring a lawsuit concerning senator cruz being a natural born citizen i
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will do so. time will tell. >> i want to go to david chall on. this is not a reality show. this is real. >> i like the teddy touch. >> it was funny. but this is truly escalating into something we have not ever seen before. unprecedented. >> we are three days away from what may be one of the most consequential contests in this campaign. we are on the precipice whether or not donald trump can take his new hampshire victory solidify it with the stamp of approval from south carolina which has always been a proving ground on the way to the nomination. if he can do that and his opponents can't stop him here, he is going to be off to the race. that's why ted cruz goes out like the layer he is to prosecute his face point by point against donald trump and marco rubio both of whom have been slamming him. >> they have both been on the same side this, interesting, and what that could pour ten down the line. on that front we can confirm now
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nikki hayley, the wildly popular governor of this state, south carolina, is going to endorse marco rubio. before the primary -- this is an endorse men that had been coveted by everyone, jeb bush, ted cruz, each donald trump. >> yep. >> marco rubio getting the big win here. is it going to move the needle. >> i think endorsements overall are overrated. this is a big one. she has a big national following. here's why it's so important for marco rubio. two reasons. one, it didn't go to jeb bush who is the other candidate she met with this week. >> met with his whole family. >> the fact it didn't go to jeb bush is win for marco rubio in and of itself. but also because this is now part of the marco rubio bounceback from that bad debate performance in new hampshire. >> that's right. >> to placing fifth in new hampshire, this now helps him sell the narrative that the entire campaign is back on course and that coalescing of
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the establishment that he was hoping would have happened in new hampshire before that bad debate performance -- it was stalled. now he can make the case it's building that way again. >> all right. so what happens though? because you look here at the state of south carolina with all of this will nastiness going on. donald trump by far the front-runner. again, when you add up the i haven't yet decided, i'm still thinking about its, you have more people in those categories than you do supporting donald trump. so -- and of course you have got marco rubio trying to gain traction hoping to steal votes from jeb bush. does an endorsement like that change the narrative, change votes? >> my guess is not many. i think it helps marco rubio sell his own narrative of where his campaign is at more than it actually takes undecides. >> gives him that discussion. >> exactly. gives him that discussion. donald trump is dominant here right now. i don't think one statewide govern tourial endorsement is going to up end the race the way it is right now. donald trump is dominant against
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two other guys cruz and rubio who are very close with each other. i don't mean personally. i mean within the polls. they are competitive for the second spot. marco rubio, this is all about him being able to chisel away from ted cruz. >> and the person who pretty much knew he wasn't going to get the endorsement was donald trump after she gave the rebuttal demolishing his immigration policy. >> marco rubio is speaking behind me. we are in aiken, south carolina. imtold that the formal announcement endorsement is going to come later tonight at 6:00 p.m. in chapin, schlkt he hasn't mentioned it. obviously, it's not for him to do. but it seems to me that he has an extra spring in his step and certainly had one coming into this event which started a few moments ago. as you were just discussing with david, this is a very, very big event in this primary for --
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within the republican field because she was such a soughtafter endorsement. she is incredibly popular among republicans here in south carolina. and jeb bush really wanted the endorse men. but marco rubio has been working on it incredibly hard. i know that from sources for a long time behind the scenes. and whether or not this is going to make a big difference in terms of, you know, him actually being able to overtake the clear front-runner, donald trump, that's unclear. but what matters right now is the race for second, third, and fourth because marco rubio, jeb bush, and ted cruz are really bunched up in those positions. if marco rubio can overtake jeb bush in a significant way, it will not only be very good for marco rubio. it will be kind of a seismic event potentially for jeb bush with regard to his ability to go forward. >> i guess that's the big question, right? is this something that really could be a death knell for him
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in a state where he must do so well. even more bad news for him perhaps than good news for marco rubio. dana, what is your understanding as to why she chose the make this endorsement? i know there had been speculation, everyone wanted her to endorse but that she would wait and not come out and endorse. what made her decide ahead of this primary to come out and the do it? >> not sure exactly what the reason is. just in talking to some of her advisers leading up to this, it wasn't entire clear whether she would endorse but it certainly was not a shut door, the idea that she was going to endorse. look, she is a very astute politician. nikki hayley understands the power of her endorsement and understands the power of south carolina vis-a-vis this republican presidential race. and you know, look, she has been weighing in in a way that we saw when she gave the response to
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the president's state of the union address, not by name but made it clear that she didn't think the approach that donald trump was making was the right thing to do. and frankly, marco rubio, if you look at nikki hayley's record and lack at the kinds of republican she is, marco rubio is the most in line with her. again, it's going to be a big disappointment for the jeb bush campaign and potentially -- potentially a big boost for marco rubio that she decided to throw her endorsement behind him. >> all right, dana bash, thank you very much. with marco rubio on what has become a very big afternoon for him. joining me now, brent nelson a professor of political science at fuhrman, university here in greenville, south carolina, where weesh this afternoon. okay, so -- what's your gut reaction as to the significance of nikki hayley making a decision to do an endorse men before the primary when a lot of people thought maybe she wouldn't and making that choice for marco rubio? >> i think this is significant. i'm not sure i agree entirely with david.
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i think what is real low happening here is one of the establishment candidates is beginning to emerge from the three. that is rubio, kasich and bush. and with this endorse men of marco rubio, i think that really puts the ball in his court. he's the one carrying the elite message forward, opposed to the trump and cruz. >> marco rubio has called ted cruz a liar. donald trump has called ted cruz a liar. in a sense, it's politics as usual. but we don't always hear words like "liar" thrown about. ted cruz saying donald trump is sleazy. it has become incredibly nasty. today ted cruz saying to donald trump sue me. if you want to sue me for this negative ad. what's the feeling on the ground bh how negative it is? sit turning anybody against these guys or not? >> remember this is south carolina. we have rough politics down here. these candidates are just absorbing some of the nature of the political system here. but it's rough, and yes, there
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are a lot of accusations. i think we expect this. we've seen this in the past. >> you don't think it is a turn off, i don't like how these people are talking to each other? >> sure, i think for some people it's going to be a turn of. but a lot of people in south carolina are very angry at the establishment. and if they see marco rubio as the establishment, they might like somebody criticizing him. but right now i think what you are seeing is this competition between trump and cruz because they know that there is really only one ticket out for the nonestablishment candidate. and there is -- >> you really think there is only one ticket out for the nonestablishment? >> yeah. i think if trump wins big here i think it's going to be very difficult to stop him anywhere in the country. now he has to get more than 30% of the vote. that's a big if. if he wins big here, i think he is going onto the nomination. and cruz is paddling really hard. if rubio beats cruz, then i
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believe that senator cruz is probably finished. >> and. >> possible -- just looking at the latest cnn poll here, the poll that we put out last night. trump was at 38%. ted cruz was in second, 22. far behind but a solid second versus marco rubio who was only at 14. again that's one poll, but that is a big margin. >> yeah, some of the polls have cruz and rubio really close, even tied. >> fair. >> so we're not sure about the polls. they are all over the board, especially for the candidates towards the bottom. but, again, if rubio can beat cruz, he is the man. and i really don't think that bush or kasich can continue. and we might really then have a two-person race, trump and rubio. establishment against more establishment. and that will be the split in the republican party too which is fascinating because they've sort of been on the same side of the ted cruz issue. what that pour tends for down the line could be very interesting. thank you very much.
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very nice to see you, brent. >> thank you. >> a reminder, because i'm in greenville, south carolina, i'm here because starting in just a few hours the republican candidates will be answering questions directly from voters here in south carolina. ben carson, marco rubio ted cruz are tonight. donald trump jeb bush, john kasich tomorrow night. 8:00 eastern here on cnn. possibly? >> a lot of other news to get to. in the fight to replace justice antonin scalia on the supreme court, one expert says president obama should bring back this woman, this famous former justice sandra day o'connor. why? and why he says it's politically savvy to do that. we'll talk about that next. also, the fbi ants apples help in cracking the i-phone of a san bernardino terrorist. apple says no. what's behind their argument? are they standing up for privacy or standing in the way of learning facts about a terrorist? also, the pope like you have never seen him before, getting
11:14 am
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i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. a legal battle revving up
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between the fbi and apple? >> a judge ordered the tech giant to help the agency unlock an iphone, an iphone like all of us that frankly even the fbi can't get unlocked. it's the one used by the san bernardino terrorists you see right there. the fbi says it can't figure out the pass word to get into syed farook's phone. it needs the password to get the information they say could help their terror investigation. this order has pitted consumer privacy against national security. a heated debate now in the public. even new york police commissioner bill bratton weighed in. >> i think the terrorist threats and criminal threats threaten their customers much more, being frank with you, and this is the crux of the issue. we need to get this issue resolved. the profit motive under the guise of protecting the interest of their customers over the interests of government to protect the lives of those customers. >> here's the big question at
11:19 am
the center of all of this. if apple is forced to unlock the device, what does that mean for all of us in our privacy, the millions of i-phone users? where is the legal line? lance yule nov and paul callan join us. thank you both for being here. before we iv dive auto into the technology behind all of this, paul, when you look at this loolly, what are the chances that the fbi could force apple's hand and do a hack that they haven't even done yet, a hack they say is too dangerous to do because it opens up the door for the hackers, the bad guys to get information from these phones so quickly. can the fbi force apple's hand. >> they picked the strongest possible case they could have. i'll tell you why. first of all the phone belongs to a known terrorist, who is dead. >> the terrorist act is over. the phone belongs to the county, it doesn't even belong to the
11:20 am
person w.h.o. is dead. and the county has said you can have the phone, fbi. so there are no privacy rights in the phone. they go and get a federal court order from a judge and they prove that there may be evidence in this phone necessary in an important terrorism investigation. so the judge now issues an order saying to apple, i order you to -- and this is what's very interesting about it. a lot of people think apple is being ordered to give up the code. well, there is no code because apple has said there is no code that we currently have that will permit us to unlock this phone. so they are being ordered to design a code -- >> create an entire new operating system. >> yes a new code to let them get into this phone. andal an cell saying if we do that that code could be used on millions of other phones and violate the privacy of our customers. >> is that true in. >> more or less. what they want is a piece of software that's like a firm wear update that they can attach to the phone that will allow them
11:21 am
to run what's called a brut force, kind of a brut force password dedescription process where they are running through every single number that's possible. why do they need that? because the phone may have what is set up after ten attempts to log in unsuccessfully wipe all the datd. they don't know if it's set up that way but they want to make sure because -- >> they don't want to risk it. >> they don't want to risk it. >> the white house is weighing in. this is huge. this could set a legal precedent going forward. it could open up hoe potential hacks for millions of users. here's what the white house said about it today. >> they are not asking apple to redesign its product or to create a new back door to one of their products. they are simply asking for something that would have an impact on this one device. and you know, again, for the merits of that argument and why
11:22 am
the department of justice has concluded that's important i'd refer you to them. obviously, the department of justice and the fbi can count on the full support of the white house as they conduct an investigation to learn as much as they possibly can about this particular incident. the president certainly believes that that is an important national priority. >> lance, twofold question here. one, is he right in saying it only affects this one phone? two, there is this word "book door" being used a lot. apple points to that as that -- or the fbi points to that as apple saying it's translation for sort of a negative word, a nasty term in tech speak. >> let's start with back door. that's the terror, the sort of -- the scariest prospect for every i-phone user in the world because it means that at any time law enforcement says we need to access this phone they can open a door on -- a virtual door on the back and get in.
11:23 am
just law enforcement, and know every single tech company has stepped forward, they don't want to do this, build a back door. this thing they are doing is different. it is a piece of software. matter of fact, the fbi in its request which was credit technical made it very clear they wanted this built specific to this phone. the problem is once you have built this software and proved you can build software to hack a so-called unhackable phone the requests will never stop. one, apple will have proven that you can build the software and that it works. >> and then it could get into the hands of the wrong people. >> if it's built for this you teak phone getting it in the hands of other people may not work. again, i wouldn't put it past hackers to reverse engineer it and figure it out. >> the obama administration has been pleading with congress to try to force apple to create
11:24 am
this, quote, unquote, back door. the administration said all right we are note going to be able to get this through congress to combat apple's endescription. legally where does the fight go from here. to me it seems like the perfect fight to go up to the supreme court? >> it is a very important fight. i was talking to a homicide prosecutor today for analogies to what is similar going on in other areas. do you know right now a prosecutor can force a cemetery to exhume a human body, right, to do a second autopsy. a prosecutor can force surgery to be done on you if you have a bullet in you and that bullet is evidence that you were involved in a murder. there are a lot of situations where the state can compel a private individual to get involved in giving up evidence in unorthodox ways. but this case is different in one way. apple is being forced to create a code that doesn't exist. in other words, to go to work for the fbi to create this way to get around the ten strikes
11:25 am
and all of the stuff gets erased rule that exists with the cell phones. >> we'll be watching very closely. fascinating and we'll see what kind of legal precedent is set. thank you gentlemen, appreciate your time. next more on our breaking news, a huge endorsement for this man, marco rubio. an endorsement so many people were after in that key state of south carolina. that's aheads. also a political battle is heating up in the effort to replace supreme court justice antonin scalia. by my next guest says former sandra dayo connor would be the perfect nominee. next. do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear?
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as president obama chooses his replacement for supreme court justice antonin scalia he is also scolding senate republicans who say they will block whom ever he nominates but some are pointing back to 2006 when then senator obama supported the filibuster against confirming conservative justice samuel owe leto andst also voted against the nomination. just today about an hour ago the white house came out and said the president regrets supporting that fill buster. >> as the president alluded to yesterday, he regrets the vote that he made because, frankly, i mean, as we've discussed, democrats should have been in the position where they were making a public case. that's what democrats should have done. and they shouldn't have looked for a way to just throw sand in the gears of the process.
11:31 am
and frankly, looking back on it, the president believes that they should have just followed his own advice. >> republicans showing no sign of backing down from their threats over obama's nominee. but is there a person who could force the gop's hand on this? my next guest says yes. he names the person. it is someone extremely familiar with the high court because she sat on it, form associate just sandra day o'connor. joining me william blake from the university of maryland in baltimore. thank you for being here. >> let's get your reaction to what josh earnest just sachld basically came out and said the president was wrong. he admits it. he shouldn't have, as he put it, thrown sands in the wheels of the way government should work. what's your reaction? >> well, everyone supreme court confirmation since robert bjork's failed attempt has been markedly different. justice scalia liked to point
11:32 am
out that he was confirmed unanimously. >> yeah. >> but we're in a different political environment now. and if president obama is worried about a senate filibuster, i think the single best way for him to minimize the chance of a filibuster is to put forward just o'connor's name. >> all right. so she's 86 years old. obviously, you write about that as an asset in this piece, in this light. at the same time, doesn't the president want to nominate someone and get them confirm who had will sit on the court for a long time? >> sure. ideally that's what any president would like to do, especially when the justice he's replacing had been nominated from the president of the opposite political party. but president obama is in the last year of his term. the senate is controlled by a increasingly polarized republican party i'm not sure how much he can steer the court significantly to the left and have that legacy last for 20 or 30 years. so in the meantime, he could
11:33 am
keep the court fully staffed. i think an o'connor nomination would sail through. and that would serve the supreme court in the short-term. and in the long run whoever wins this coming presidential election will then have the chance to really shape the long term direction of the court. >> your argument here about the president nominating sandra day o'connor. it could happen. it would be a huge surprise if it happened. i'm interested, you studied this stuff, who else do you think he could nominate that would be just a shock to everyone? >> i think that my suggestion from my op ed that i cowrote with my friend and colleague hans hoccer from arkansas state university -- i think that -- we've been sort of criticized for being too out of the box on this one. i'm not sure what direction president obama is going to lean towards. it really depends on whether he wants a fight with the senate
11:34 am
this year or not. >> look, i think it's really interesting what you point out, the fact that, you know, this is a woman who was nominated to the court by ronald reagan. if we've heard one name more in this election on the republican side than anyone outside of the candidates, it's been ronald reagan. does that make it tough for republicans in the senate to try to block it? >> i think you are absolutely right. as we argued in our op ed, a vote against reconfirming sandra day o'connor is an admission that the patron state of the modern day republican party made a mistake. i think republicans would be in a very difficult position justifying keeping justice o'connor off the court. again, this is where her age comes into play as a potential asset. because nominating a nearly 86-year-old is certainly unorthodox. and so senate republicans would not be able to go to their base and say, we are fighting over
11:35 am
the future of the court for the next 25 years. instead they would really be piting over what happens in the next year or so. >> william blake, a fascinating read in the bamt more sun. thank you very much. we appreciate it. erin back to you. >> all right poppy, as republicans get ready to face voters during our cnn town hall here where i am in south carolina tonight it has arguably been the nastiest day on the campaign trail. incredibly nasty. fights erupting. ted cruz calling donald trump's bluff over a lawsuit threat. just moments ago a major endorsement. someone backed peru marco rubio who could move the leader. and in nevada, hillary clinton's lead, it was a stunning lead gone, evaporated into thin air. what bernie sanders is doing in the 11th hour to pull off a major momentum building surprise. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. i'm live in greenville, south carolina. we are just hours away from cnn's town hall with the republican candidates. ben carson, ted cruz, marco rubio all tonight facing off with voters and then donald trump, jeb bush, and john kasich also facing off with voters. a big, big day here in south carolina. but first, the pope and his big visit. a scary moment at a mexican stadium turning pope francis's visit into, well, he had a flash of anger today. he was greeting a crowd when someone apparently grabbed his hand and wouldn't let go, pulling him down on to a young man in a wheelchair. pope francis apparently yelled at the person in the crowd a very tense and frightening moment. something we've never seen from this pope before.
11:41 am
it comes ahead of the catholic leader bridging two countries holding an open air mass at place once called the murder capital of the planet. ed lavendera has a story of one dramatic person who paid price just to stay alive. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: carlos gutierrez finds peace on a bicycle rolling past el paso's desert landscape. it might not seem like a big deal, but when you hear his story, you will realize he's lucky to ride. five years ago, carlos gutierrez was a successful business man in mexico, a comfortable life with his wife and two sons. until he says two dirty police officers started demanding money. the extortion demands went on for a year, until he couldn't afford the pay any more.
11:42 am
the cops made him pay with his legs. then he told carlos they would cut off his sons' heads next. [ speaking foreign language ] >> the three men that attacked him chopped his legs off with an ax. and he says almost five years later that that's a sensation and a feeling that he still feels. that sometimes he feels like his legs are still being chopped at and cut. >> reporter: after the attack, gu tiers teerz left mexico to seek asylum in the united states and with the gift of prosthetic legs started riding a bike. and he hasn't stopped. so we joined him. carlos says it was riding a bike
11:43 am
out here after he got his leg that made him feel free again and able to do whatever it's wanted. that's why he started riding and riding and riding, miles and miles this is my great therapy he tells me as we coast over rolling hills. ellen joy a special moment when pope francis visits juarez and walks to the border to help highlight the plight of migrants. gutierrez is part of a small group that will stan on the border's edge and look into mexico for a blessing from pope francis. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: and that is why carlos gutierrez is hopeful about what lies on the road ahead for his family. ed lavendera, cnn, el paso, texas. this is cnn breaking news.
11:44 am
>> the breaking news, a major endorsement here in south carolina. the wildly popular republican governor of this state, governor nikki hayley w an 81% approval rating has come out and endorsed marco rubio for president. many thought she would not wade into it. not make an endorsement before the primary, but she did. i want to go to dana bash who joins us from a marco rubio rally in south carolina. dana, many people surprised she came out and did this. but this marco rubio is hoping will move the needle for him. right now in our latest cnn poll he is third behind ted cruz and donald trump. >> reporter: that's right. and i should say that marco rubio has been speaking for about 45 minutes. he has made no mention of the endorsement. not surprising since he obviously is going to let the governor be the one to say it first. i'm told that that event is going to happen at 6:00 p.m. eastern tonight at his prescheduled event here in south
11:45 am
carolina. then a little bit more information i can give you. i'm told also by a source familiar with this process that the governor is going to not just give the endorsement that she is going to hit the trail with marco rubio for the remaining day, basically day and a half before the actual south carolina primary, which is on saturday. so we really are very down to the wire here. but here's what my understanding is, that both nikki hayley's advisers and more importantly marco rubio's advisers are hoping, that there are still so many undecided republican voters. anecdotally, erin, i spoke to several of them here who tame to hear marco rubio who said they genuinely say they have no idea who they are going to support. somebody with her kind of popularity could push them over the edge to vote for marco rubio. you asked me earlier this hour why him? another answer to that question could be that they are very
11:46 am
similar in their backgrounds, but more importantly, in kind of they are personas and character, especially vis-a-vis the republican party. they are the same exact age. both quite young, 44 years old and they both kind of have, you know, immigrant stories. she is the daughter of immigrants. he is the son of immigrants. and they are both kind of trying to push forward to the next generation. that is her whole calling card and certainly his calling card, what he has been talking about on the stump here and what he talks about nonstop for his presidential race. so it is potentially a big, big plus for marco rubio, especially shows voters who are deciding between marco rubio, jeb bush, and even john kasich. those tend to be more nikki pay hayley voters. that's a big deal for marco rubio and this state, which is so, so critical to potentially weeding out who could be that so-called establishment choice in the republican party. erin? >> dana, thank you very much. you heard that round of aplows
11:47 am
with marco rubio is speaking. as we said the formal endorsement coming from the governor of this state in just a few hours. 49% are definitely, definitely have made up their decision. but keep in mind that 51% leaning or undecided compares to 38% for donald trump who by far the front-runner. you can see why nikki hayley made that decision to wade into this with hours to go before the primary. the republican candidates are going to be answering questions directly from voters here in south carolina tonight. some of those undecided voters what will they be asking? marco rubio with that endorsement. tomorrow, donald trump, jeb bush and john kasich taking questions. 8:00 here on cnn. next, as hillary clinton sees her lead evaporate in nevada, her campaign is responding to a bernie sanders supporter, a famous rapper who
11:48 am
says, and i'll quote him arc uterus doesn't qualify you to be president. that's next. aco tuesday. man: you're not coming. i took mucinex to help get rid of my mucusy congestion. i'm good all day. [announcer:] mucinex keeps working. not 4, not 6, but 12 hours. let's end this
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11:52 am
a democratic deadlock in nevada. a new poll from cnn is a major wake up call. just one point is all that separates hillary clinton and bernie sanders in that state. it is a statistical dead heat, a tie with just three days to go for the caucuses there. could the folk sing democratic socialist from vermont take the win in nevada? do you think it could happen? meantime in the gop field to say donald trump is dom dominating that would be an unstatement, my friend. 45% lead in nevada right now. that's what he holds. he is doing better than his next three rivals combined. joining me now to talk about it, democratic congressman gregory meeks of new york, chairman of the congressional black caucus pac. nice to see you in person. >> good to be here. >> let's talk about this statistical dead heat, 47 to 48% with clinton ahead by one point,
11:53 am
well within the margin of error. this comes after a land slide victory for bernie sanders in new hampshire. the clinton campaign at that time said it is the neighboring state to his. our candidate does better with minorities. what do you make of the clinton supporters. >> the former zek secretary has said she is going to have to fight. that's why there have been operatives on the ground. i think in the end the people on the ground know what they are doing. it is a close election but it will be a hard fought victory for hir her. >> this is a state that caucuses rather than primaries. some argue that helps bernie sanders. does this get you shaking in your boots a bit? >> not at all. when i look at the states going to follow, special south carolina and what you have where real primaries and democrats who will be voting foyer democrats at that time and folks will look and examine the records of both secretary clinton and senator sanders. and they will see.
11:54 am
i mean, there is clearly no comparison. especially when you talk about the african-american community and the long history she has had of fighting and working and trying to make things better for african-americans. when you put their records side by side there is no question. and when you move into south carolina and louisiana and some other states where you have actually pramaries -- >> what about the fact that you've still got the crime bill for example, in '94 that she -- now sanders voted for it. >> absolutely. >> but her husband as president then is the one who signed it into law. she supported it. and they both admitted since that was harmful to african-americans. >> let's not take it out of context. at the time there were some members of the congressional black caucus that voted for it. >> a lot of black pastors from spoetive of it. >> let's not isolate those years on. that there was also a period of time from 1992 to 2000 when bill clinton was president where the african-americans saw the greatest economic gains of all
11:55 am
time. the economic rate was the lowest it had been. people began to accumulate wealth so much so that brooklyn was said to have been the first black president. >> since it was pointed out that some of the economic growth that happened then and the deregulation that happened since has hurt african-americans since. a high-profile rapper killer mike comes out and talks about female body parts and the presidential election. listen. >> he said michael a utd rouse doesn't qualify you to be the next president of the united states. >> what do you make of those comments? he said i was repeating what someone else said. he stood at the podium and said that. >> the african-americans, a lot of them around mr. sanders, i respect some, and others i think are misguided. many of them have been critical of president obama from day one. >> what's your reaction to his comments, he said a uterus do
11:56 am
you want qualify you to be president. >> let him be accountable for his own statement. it seems to me that speaks for itself. i mean, there is no question that having the first female president of the united states would be a step in progress for the united states just as having barack obama. i think it would be something that's good when we look at for example, chancellor merkel over in germany and what she's doing for women there. hillary clinton can do for women here and stand up. i don't want to get involved in that regard. hillary clinton stands for -- you know, and she is running for president based upon the record she has as the first lady, as a senator of the state of new york. i work closely with her. as the secretary of state of this country. she has a record. if you look at the diversity she has had on her staffs -- i don't know if bernie had color on his staff. >> sanders -- >> now. >> hon on his staff now. >> i'm talking about while he
11:57 am
was a member of the house or a member of the senate. whereas i can show you person after person in the clinton administration. whether it was in the white house as the first lady, or whether as the senator from new york or whether secretary of state. there has been a clear scenario with senator clinton of her engagement for her entire -- i was going to say her entire political career. but no. her entire adult life she has been engaged in working for justice for folks. >> we've got to go. i wish we had more time. it's going to be quite a fight. one point separating them in nevada. and then we have south carolina for the democrats the following weekend. thank you very much nice to have you on. next it has been a nasty nasty day on the campaign trial. donald trump sending a cease and desist letter to ted cruz. cruz holding a news conference to call what he says is trump's bluff. we will take you live to south carolina next. s is conor. sorry i missed you. i'm either away from my desk or on another call.
11:58 am
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all right. top of the hour. 3:00 p.m. eastern. i'm poppy harlow in for brooke baldwin. this is cnn's special coverage of a critical moment in the race for the white house. erin burnett is in greenville, south carolina. hi erin. >> reporter: it is a crucial moment here in south carolina. we are just hours away from our town hall with the republican presidential candidates gathering here to answer voter questions. coming as this race has gotten incredibly hostile and nasty. and i'll give you some examples of that in just a moment. first breaking political news out of the state. governor nikki hayley endorsing senator rubio, expecting to make her official announcement in just a few hours. it is a major endorsement. i want to go to sarah murray in south carolina where donald trump is going to be holding a
12:02 pm
rally in just a few hours. sarah, obviously that's a crucial moment as well because when you look at the polls, he wasn't expecting the governor's endorse men here but she is wildly popular among voters, the majority here are still leaning towards someone or undecided. and yet donald trump is the front-runner when it comes to people who have actually decided, by far. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, erin. donald trump is definitely the fruner in this state. but i don't think he is going to be too disappointed not to receive the endorse men. she had tough comments for him before. i don't think he went into it expecting it. in fact i think this the person this is a blow to is jeb bush. the fact marco rubio was able to pick up this endorsement is a signal to other establishment candidates in the race that the officials are starting to line up behind someone that's not jeb bush or john kasich. as for donald trump i think he will use it as another feather in his cap, another example of how he is is the candidate who is not a politician, he is the
12:03 pm
outsider. that's the support he has been drawing on in this state. >> a fair point. when you are getting ready for this trump rally later on today, sarah, you know, we talk about the nasty tone of the race. look no further than what he had to say about senator lindsey graham of course who was running for president, senator from this state who has endorsed bush. take a listen. >> graham is a disgrace and i think you have one of the worst representatives of any representative in the united states. and i don't think he should run. i don't think in this case -- remember, i was at 42 and he was at 2 when he was running in this state, i am talking about. she was at zero -- i mean the guy was at 0 nationwide. i don't think he could run for dog catcher in this state and win again. i really don't. >> okay. sarah, i mean, it is over the top, shall we say. do people just go along with that here where they are used to nasty politics?
12:04 pm
or does that backfire? >> you know, i think that people like when donald trump goes on the attack, especially in a place like south carolina. we've been talking about this the last couple of days. this is a rough-and-tumble political state. even though people might like listenday see graham here they like that donald trump sticks it to politicians. i think this is just another kmampl of that. remember, donald trump went out and the gave out lindsey graham's cell phone number. this is something lindsay graham has been joking about. don't give this guy your number. if that didn't hurt him. i can't imagine coming down to south carolina even though it is the senator's home state is taking some jabs. >> unbelievable. one of the dumbest human beings i have ever seen. that's the quote from donald trump. thank you sarah. it is all out war with words like that being bannied about. the front-runners donald trump and ted cruz going at it the hardest. moments ago cruz admitting trump sent his campaign a cease and
12:05 pm
desist order demanding he stop running this ad. >> would president trump ban partial birth abortion? >> i am prochoice. >> you wouldn't ban it? >> no, i am prochoice in every respect. >> donald trump has since changed his mind. cruz then challenged trump to follow through on his threat of a lawsuit. >> even in the anales of frivolous lawsuits this takes the cake. i would note actually in the add we don't say donald is pro choice. we simply play video of him saying he is very pro choice and he is pro choice in every respect. >> trump releasing his reaction in a statement in which he calls cruz a liar and said a lawsuit would be legitimate if he chose to file one. trump also threatening to sue over cruz's birth in canada to an american mother. let's go straight now to our
12:06 pm
mark press on the and gloria border here in greenville on a chilly afternoon. it's getting good. >> yeah, i was at this cruz press conference this morning. and it was very clear to me that he feels time is running out on him. and he can't believe that is he loosing to donald trump with evangelical voters according to our poll by 20 points. so what is he doing? he gets the cease and desist letter from donald trump and instead of flicking it aside he decides to make a big deal out of it to point out to evangelicals by the way these are his own words even if they were spoken in 1999. this is war. >> it is war. mark press on the, it is trademark donald trump that he did not say okay. he said, if i choose to file one, it will be legitimate. so he may, or he may not. but it isn't as if suddenly he
12:07 pm
has to or else he is proven wrong. he has rhett orically gotten around it. >> he said if ted cruz starts being nice to me, then i won't file the lawsuit. which goes against everything in politics in many ways because if he truly believes that this ad should come down, then he should try to get the ad down. if you truly believes that ted cruz is not an attorney citizen then he should file the lawsuit. buff the threat he is going to file it keeps it in -- keeps it in the news. and frankly, ted cruz made a smart political move today. >> yep. >> he held it up. it caused us to run it. it's going to cause every other newscast all evening to run the ad over and over again. >> i tell you what, he also came to the press conference with a big chart that showed you all of the political donations trump has made in recent years to major democrats, right? right. >> and he said, you cannot trust this guy to name the next supreme court nominee because
12:08 pm
look at who he has contributed to in the past. you can't trust him because he is really pro choice, right? you can't trust him to do what i would do as president of the united states. >> is it going to work, though, mark? because donald trump has already turned his political donations into a point of spreng with many of his supporters, right. >> right. >> sure, he gave gave to democrats because it was politically exspeed yept because i was the business man and which is exactly why i won't listen to those people. >> i think the only mistake trump made was during the didn't on saturday night when he went offer george w. bush and said he was the cause of 9/11. even though he made that mistake his supporters are still with him. in our poll right now he is up 16 points. let's assume that that poll is not entirely accurate but he still wins by eight. guess what, he still wins and beats ted cruz in a state that a lot of people think cruz needs to one. >> that's why cruz did what he
12:09 pm
did. the evangelical voters -- keep the social issues front and center for those voters. >> the question is, are they front and center. so many on board with donald trump said look we are not voting just becaus of our religion. we want someone in office who can do the job. we don't need to have a pastor in chief. right and they have said this at the grassroots level. >> i think in the media, this is our fault, we try to put people in slots and say evangelicals are monolithic and they are only going to vote on one issue. guess what. they vote on gun rights, fiscal issues, they just happen to be social conservatives. >> even on the planned parenthood, donald trump is saying i don't support the abortion part of it, but it does a lot of good. the reality is republicans overall do support planned parenthood when you actually look at the poll nshs. it isn't even that to be a base republican primary voter by definition you want to kill
12:10 pm
planned parenthood. >> but that would be ted cruz voters. and ted cruz today made a point of saying by the way in that debate the other night donald trump also talked about his support for planned parenthood. and then went on about that. i mean, cruz today was looking for this slice of the electorate down here that he can't believe he is losing to donald trump. he just can't believe it. >> right. >> so what he's trying to do is remind them why they should be skeptical. >> bite. >> about donald trump. whether it works or not, who knows? >> we should also note in iowa, donald trump was leading in the polls. ted cruz ended up winning iowa. being evangelical vote out there. >> that's right. >> it will be interesting to see. you know, when the results come in, who actually comes out on top. i think trump wins south carolina. i just don't think he wins by as much as he is up right now. >> keep in mind as everyone is watching this is a crucial contest. sure he is ahead in the polls polls, the front-runner. and again when you look at the undecideds and the leanings,
12:11 pm
that somebody is greater than donald trump's number. that's why we say it could go any way at this point. a big part is going to be how these candidates answer voters' questions tonight at your republican presidential town hall. it is a two day event. tonight, carson, rubio, and cruz. and tomorrow, kasich, bush, and trump. it all starts at 8:00 eastern here on cnn. ahead this hour n the fight to replace justice antonin scalia, president obama made a major admission about what he did years ago. it all turns out that the shoe is on the other foot in politics. and it bites you back. apple says they won't crack the i-phone of a terrorist. are they defending a terrorist? and the pope like you have never seen him before. truly angry. this is actually a stunning thing that happened. truly angry there in mexico. we'll tell you what happened
12:12 pm
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12:15 pm
all right. president obama lashing out today at donald trump reminding the presidential hopeful that the job is a lot tougher than in his words, a reality show.
12:16 pm
listen. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people. and i think they recognize that being president is a serious job. it's not hosting a talk show. or a reality show. it's not promotion. it's not marketing. it's hard. and a lot of people count on us getting it right. >> and in true trump style, he was quick to fire back. >> he has done such a lousy job as president. you look at our budgets, you look at our spending, we can't beat isis. obama care is terrible. we're going to terminate it.
12:17 pm
we're going to absolutely terminate and replace it. i mean, you look at everything. our borders are like swiss cheese. this man has done such bad job, he has set us back so far. and for him to say that actually is a great compliment if you want to know the truth. >> let's bring in carl bernstein. thank you for being here, carl. always enjoy having you on. >> good to be here. >> what do you think? do you think that it actually helps republicans to specifically be called out by obama for obama to call trump out, their leader by far -- does it is help them? >> i have no idea. i think we don't know what the electorate is going to do until it votes. and that's the lesson of this campaign season. i think also there are times to just take obama at his word. he is a very earnest man. and i think he is speaking what he believes about how dangerous
12:18 pm
trump is to the interests of the united states and the presidency. also, i think that we are all in the media missing a big story here, which is the chance of a brokered convention. the numbers don't add up for trump winning. he has no majority in any state that we can see, including south carolina. and the chances of a brokered convention are increasingly real. somebody like paul ryan or mitt romney -- if rubio can't go the distance and get a majority. but how does trump get a majority? i haven't seen a learned commentator yet tell me how trump gets a majority of delegates going into the convention. >> i'm interested in that. walk us through a little bit of what that would look like. we're only two states in here. is it too early to know? >> correct. exactly right. but so far we have no indications from polls that trump can command a majority. so far, in any state. maybe he will win some states by
12:19 pm
a majority. but as long as there are particularly three candidates, cruz himself, rubio vying for the numbers here, very difficult to see how he does it. clearly, nikki hayley today throwing her support to rubio, indicative of how the republican, quote, establishment, wants to keep trump from the nomination. that could help trump for all i know. but we need to start looking at the dynamics of the numbers. and the dynamics of the numbers, as far as i see, don't add up yet, no matter what trump's momentum, to his train rolling fast enough to get a majority, particularly when you add the super delegates who come so often from the, quote, establishment branch of the party. >> right. look, it's an important point, right? this is a delegate game when it comes down to it. i want to switch gears, carl, you also have strong opinions upon another major news story we
12:20 pm
are covering the pope's trip. look at this moment. all the talk today is about this moment at a stadium on this mexico visit when someone apparently grabbed his hand and wouldn't let g. he pulls away, sort of pulls down into a young man in a wheelchair. and you see the pope in a way we've never seen him before. i don't know if we can rerack that. but you see him visly angry. what's your reaction? >> that the pope is a human being and it's a very logical reaction. he was caused to fall over a man in a wheelchair. and he got a little teed off. good for him. i think what is interesting if we look at the second humanizing story about the papacy, about john paul ii and his relationship with mees t.maniska, first revealed in the book his holiness upon wall the
12:21 pm
second where we wrote about his secret relationship, not illicit but a kind and loving relationshipan pope john paul ii had with a woman in vermont, a philosopher like him who greatly influenced his philosophy. and now we have the correspondence between the two of them. we have the pope's letters to her, the fact that john paul ii sent her a scapular that we wore all the time that had belonged to john paul ii's father. what we are seeing in that video of pope francis is look these guys are holm human beings. pope john paul ii he went to school with girls. he went to a secular school. the only modern pope who did. he danced with girls. in the course of writing his holiness we found a young woman who he had a crush on in high school who had fled poland and gone to israel. the pope stayed in touch with
12:22 pm
her. we are seeing the humanization of these popes. and perhaps the vatican and the perhaps the hierarchy has tried too long to keep us from seeing them as human figures and only saintly figures. in the bbc they did a great job about pope john paul ii and this wom woman. now they've got the letters. i went back to my notes with that woman in 1993. she talks about her influence as a philosopher on pope john paul ii. she talks about how he came to visit her in her home, how they camped out. i asked her, was she in love with the pope? she said, well that's an absurd idea. how could i be in love with a middle aged clergyman? but indeed, it was a kind of
12:23 pm
loving relationship between two mortals. it's very clear from the correspondence. and now, a day later, we see pope john paul ii's successor trip, fall over somebody, and say, hey, wait a minute, you were rude. well that's a really humanizing experience. >> the humanization of the holy father. it's fascinating you point to your book his holiness. carl bernstein we'll look out for it. thank you so much. >> good to be with you. coming up next, to politics, and a bomb sthel in south carolina. nikki hayley, we now know who she is endorsing. she will endorse marco rubio just days before the critical gop primary in that state. we'll take you live to south carolina. also apple fighting the fbi. a judge ordering the tech giant to hack into the phone of a known terrorist, the san bernardino attacker. but implications could affect every smart phone in this country. we'll talk about it next.
12:24 pm
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12:28 pm
welcome back. we are live in greenville, south carolina, site of the one of the most contention and consequential roomary states in the race for the president. the state where marco rubio will pick up a major endorsement today. we are just learning the republican governor of the state nikki hayley will endorse him. wildly popular. she is a young daughter of immigrants, indian american. 80an% plus approval rated governor. it could be a big endorsement for marco rubio as the sparring
12:29 pm
between donald trump, ted cruz and marco rubio is the nastiest it has been. joining me now, danielle vincent, and kelly ann conway. kelly, let me start with you. i guess what i'm curious about with the endorsement -- everyone says endorsement don't matter, maybe a little bit on the margin. but nikki hayley ass as close to a rock star as you can get in the republican staertd. she is young, a woman, indian-american institute up to donald trump. >> governor here. >> governor here, 80% approval rating in the state. are people going to change their votes because of that? >> i think some enboresments matter more than others. this is a good endorsement for marco rubio. he has been flat on his back since new hampshire. he wants to seal it up here in south carolina. i think this will help him. nicknicnikki ehlo as governor e
12:30 pm
mitt romney early in 2012. people will talk about what took so long. and can you turn out your role decks -- audio audio. >> you can't operationalize it and capitalize on it the way mitt romney tried. i think it helps marco rubio at a time when needs it. i think it helps ted cruz a great deal for jim demint, a former senator, well respected here, going out and giving a robust interview saying stop calling ted cruz is a liar. i know him as a mane man of integrity. and the problem people are attacking cruz is because he attacks washington. >> do you think still think it's anybody's race? donald trump is the front-runner but there are so many undecideds. >> i think in the second race that's going on to see who might challenge him going forward that is anyone's game right now.
12:31 pm
>> incredible. in term of the nikki hayley endorsement i know your feeling was that more froe for marco rubios that a blow for jeb bush. >> it's tough. i know nikki hayley doesn't have the time to do the direct mail and things like that. but it does shore marco rubio up a little bit and may block momentum that bush was hoping to carry through the rest of this week. >> what do you think about these undecided and leaning voters? i have to say i'm adding together those two numbers to get to 51% of voters in this state are undecided and leaning. >> it is a great way of looking at it. too often people look at who is voting for him and not who is fluid, who is out there, who is flirting? what do they need to learn more? do they need one more candidate, one more add? probably not. the question for most voters, should i bother to vote at all? number two is for whom to vote. this year there is energy on the republican side.
12:32 pm
record turnout in new hampshire and iowa. >> you expect that here as well. >> we expect records here in south carolina. i think folks, if you look at their second choice, that's key number, maybe you have got hesitation about your first choice, number two donald trump is in the lead here but our polls show not as high as many people think. there is a bunching up recently between the top three like there was in iowa. number one, two number. and donald trump has the highest number of people saying they will never vote for him. he has the top vote and the top i'll never vote for you. >> the des moines register poll came out, the gold standard -- do you think it is tighter than some of those polls are showing? >> it could be. and things like nikki hayley's endorsement upset the race in their own way. it's something to that pollsters last night could not somewhere
12:33 pm
accounted for. the forums today, that will matter, too. the other thing is you have to know who the electorate is. the polls are off the polls assume every voter is going to turn out. >> so, what do voters want to know? what more do they want to know? >> i don't know that it's that want to know more specifically about the candidates. i think the undecided voters are trying to figure out who has the best chance in the fall, especially if they are not supporting trump right now. >> thank you you both very much. next apple refusing to help the fbi hack into the phones of the san bernardino terrorists. a judge just said the tech giant should go ahead and help. but they are defending privacy, even for a terrorist. why?
12:34 pm
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12:38 pm
privacy versus protection. apple has been ordered to hack into a user's iphone to help the fbi with a terror investigation. the phone we are talking about is the phone of san bernardino terrorist syed farook. now, authorities cannot figure out the password to his phone. and if they do it too many times, all the data will get wiped. that's the issue here. the tech giant, apple, is fighting back. in the process what they are doing is bringing this will massive sort of privacy versus fighting terrorism debate to the forein the public arena. is apple opposing a government order to help fight terrorism or is it simply trying to protect the privacy of its users.
12:39 pm
laurie segall is all over this story, as is brian stelter. >> lorie, can we talk about the issue here is that tim cook the ceo of apple wrote a long letter saying we can't just let you in. we don't have access. we have to build an entirely new operating system to allow the fib to get into this phone. if we do, that will be available to hackers, the bad guys, around the world. >> exactly. and let me say this, on purpose they don't have access. they don't want to have access because they don't want to have these kinds of conversations. it puts them in a tough position. and the software that they would build to enable this to happen is what -- it could be like a skeleton key. imagine you put a key under the mat, okay, if law enforcement wants to come in they can. and then hackers can come in and the wad guys can come in. and that's what tim cook is trying to do, educate people and saying this case will set an
12:40 pm
unfortunate precedent for the rest of the industry. >> could set. if they open. brian, it's interesting because you've said the framing of this story as it plays out in the public sphere is critical. >> yeah. >> paul callan told me last hour this could go to the supreme court. >> yeah n. many ways i think what apple is doing is brave here. oftentimes these stories are framed from the government perspective. why why is anal putting security at risk? i think what apple did with tim cook's letter overnight was to preframe it saying we are about your privacy as users. all americans security. part of the marketing of the iphone is how secure and private it is, how your communications aren't being accessed by apple. i know that tim cook's letter is not just to an american audience, it's also to a global audience reassuring he is not going to give over data. >> one thing i'm fascinated by is what other tech companies will or won't come to back up
12:41 pm
apple. google or amazon, they are all competitors in a way. but also colleagues in the same space. they are fighting this privacy fight as welle do you see them coming to support apple or staying quiet? >> i think they will absolutely. we are seeing it more and more thattel they will come forward and speak up. tim cook has been a notable figure who has always kind of spoken up. speaking to folks in silicon valley you are hearing people say i think we want to talk about it. i spoke to a couple people who said we haven't been ready to speak about this. but you have the government speaking about it, politicians on the campaign trail speaking about it. >> donald trump. >> donald trump. what we want to hear, we want silicon valley to come forward and talk about this. a month ago that was meeting with top security officials this the valley. tim cook gave a brilliant speech on the effect of encryption and why we need it. i think a lot of people want to have the conferring out in public. >> they are having the
12:42 pm
conversation. >> brian, you are saying that the snow den leaks play into this? how? >> they were embarrassed by some of the leaks, revealing how close and cozy the relationship is between the government and these companies. >> not this one. >> that's clearly changes. apple is using it as a marketing tool to say your communications are protected, private. you can tell how far we are from '0219. the conversations we had in 2003 are not the conversations we are having today. >> more on this on cnn up next, plaque back to politics. the gloves coming off on the campaign trail. donald trump sending a cease and desist letter to this man, ted cruz. ted cruz holding a news conference calling trump's bluff. we'll take you live to south carolina to get reaction from a congressman who is backing cruz. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious.
12:43 pm
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12:46 pm
we may be in the south, but it is far from genteel in south carolina today. the state definitely earning its reputation as a bear knuckles
12:47 pm
brawl state. they are not afraid to fight it out. case in point, the attacks between ted cruz, marco rubio, and the front-runner donald trump. it is a three-way melee. for his part, cruz hitting back at trump and rubio for calling him a liar. >> marco rubio is behaving like trump with a smile. at the debate i made three points about marco's record on immigration. number one, that marco right now, currently, supports granting citizenship to the 12 million people here illegally. that is a fact. and marco's response was exactly the same as donald's. it was to yell "liar, liar, liar". >> i'm joined by south carolina congressman jeff doesn't kane, a ted cruz supporter. thank you for being with me. it's nasty. testimony word "liar" is being thrown around more than usual in politics. nikki hayley coming out today, though.
12:48 pm
i know a lot of people expected her to stay out of this because she waited so long jumping in on behalf of marco rubio, with the majority of voters leaning towards someone decided. how become of an impact does that have. >> we'll see on saturday. i would say the longest serving governor in iowa endorsed marco rubio. i think we will a see what happens on saturday. >> you know, it is nasty on all sides. one of the things said today was from donald trump, who came out about lindsey graham who of course is a senator who was running for president and said he was one of the dumbest human beings he has ever met. said he was a disgrace. obviously lindsey graham was polling near zero. but he was a popular senator. >> he was our senator, does a great job. there are differences people have with lindsey graham. but he is definitely not dumb.
12:49 pm
he has been a great leader in the senate. and i think that was sort of bad on trump's part to say that. >> we are looking at the latest polls. one of them our poll, 38% for donald trump, 22 for ted cruz. other polls have them a little bit closer. even so, that is a distant second if that ends up being what happens. >> right. >> is that what you are feeling, it is a solid second for ted cruz? or do you still think he could pull out a win? >> i think we're right where we were in iowa. as i said earlier, i don't necessarily trust polls. i think ted cruz has a tremendous ground game and they are making phone calls and knocking on doors today. i think he is building momentum. in seneca, he was over an hour late because of a press conference. and pum hung around. they wanted to hear him and his positions. we had a great rally last night. i think that cruz is building momentum. i don't know how solid trump's votes are. rubio seems to have a pretty good ground game here in south carolina as well. we'll see what plays out.
12:50 pm
>> in that press conference ted cruz basically said bring it on donald trump, if you are going to threaten to sue me, go ahead and do it, go ahead and sue me. he has been called a liar not just by donald trump but also by marco rubio. >> >> how big of a concern is that for you? you know him, you're here as a surrogate for him. when people say he's a nasty guy, as donald trump says, that he's a dishonest person, as marco rubio and donald trump have said, what's your impression? >> i've never seen that side of ted cruz. in fact i've seen a man of integrity, a man who does what he says he's going to do. he told the voters of texas he was going to go up and work to defund obamacare, stand up for life, try to roll back the spending and no executive amnesty. no amnesty in general and he's done exactly what he said he would do. the man is far from being a liar. this is dirty politics. everything that he has said about trump or rubio has been verified by their past statements, whether on video or written record. so i think he runs a very clean
12:51 pm
campaign and he's been able to back everything up so far. >> congress n man, nice to see . we are very excited for this town hall tonight. i will be here for outfront as we get you ready for the big republican town hall at 7:00 eastern. i will see you then. next, an unbelievable development in the water crisis out of flint, michigan. as you know, the water there poisoned with lead and families are paying some of the highest water bills in the entire nation. how can that be? that's ahead. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪
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12:55 pm
the horror stories out of flint continue and continue. what a nightmare for the residents there. lead leeching into pipes, young children poisoned for life from that lead. it is a problem almost too great to comprehend and now a new study also adds insult to injury
12:56 pm
in this plagued michigan city. according to a report released by a public interest group, food and water watch, that's the group, describe themselves as a group that stands up to corporations that put profits before people. here's what they found. look at those numbers. the residents in flint paid the highest water rates in america last year, households on average in flint paying $864 last year for their water, even as their water was tainted with lead. by the way, they're still paying their water bills, three times more than the people in detroit. let me bring in ben jealous, he joins us now, former president of the naacp, a senior fellow at the center for american progress, also a supporter of bernie sanders. thank you for being here. we'll get to politics in a minute. i just wanting your reaction to these figures. i was nb flint, i interviewed the governor of michigan, i spoke to these residents. one mom told me i have to take my kids every day to church to
12:57 pm
shower. and yet they're paying these exorbitant water bills. >> look, it's completely insane for people to be paying so much who are getting frankly so little. at the same time when you talk to folks in flint, one of the things that they also talk about is because this water that's going through their pipes now is so corrosive, you've seen more and more leaks spring up and so you get folks who are even paying $300 per month now because there is so much water that is just leaking from their system. so clearly, you know, there are things that need to be done on the ground. the most important is to pull out the 15,000 or so lead lines. >> right. >> pull them out, fix the problem permanently. the government of michigan has said that they're going to need about $55 million for that. quite frankly, if the city doesn't have it and the state doesn't have it, then congress needs to act now to actually get those lines pulled and make sure
12:58 pm
people have safe water. >> and just to be very clear on that actually, some news just came out this afternoon that it looks like the city of flint is going to start doing that as soon as potentially next week, pulling those pipes up, so we'll be watching, certainly cnn has the democratic debate there in flint on march 6th as well and we've heard candidates talking about it across the board. john kasich said we need to take a tough look at the water rules and regulations. before i let you go, i want to talk about your endorsement and i want to talk about the candidates on the democratic side because you've said that black americans are doing far worse under president obama's administration. but take a look at this latest cnn/orc poll from -- >> hold on for a second. hold on for a second. that was actually a headline that was corrected when it came out. what i had said on television was that president obama was -- under his administration blacks were a full point worse as far
12:59 pm
as i think it was employment at the time. that got frankly misquoted by "the washington times" and circulated. it was ultimately corrected. >> then that is -- that is my fault, i apologize. i apologize. i'm glad you corrected us. i do want your take on this before i let you go in the minute i have. the latest cnn/orc poll shows bernie sanders 65% to 28%. you've got hillary clinton 65% to bernie sanders 28% in south carolina among democratic primary goers. how do you turn that around? >> you know, there have been polls that have also shown that the gap is just 20 points. people are working very hard on the ground and quite frankly those polls tend to not count a lot of working people who for instance don't have land lines at home. you get a richer set of voters. so we'll see what happens. if people are organizing and you see folks switching every day. >> you definitely do. it's going to be an exciting one to watch as every state has been.
1:00 pm
ben jealous, please join us again. i wish we had more time. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming on. that will do it for us this hour. thanks for joining me and erin. "the lead with jake tapper" begins right now. >> thanks, poppy. ted cruz tells donald trump, go ahead, sue me. "the lead" starts right now. he says he's calling trump's bluff. he's calling marco rubio, quote, trump with a smile. senator ted cruz carpet bombing the republican field in a remarkable news conference just three days away from the south carolina republican primary. the battle between privacy and security. apple refusing to take an extraordinary measure to help the fbi unlock an iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino terrorists. apple is saying it's for our own protection. plus, he's known for his unparalleled affection for humanity, so what got pope


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