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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  February 18, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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modern day robin hood out there. >> reporter: sending a letter with a charlie brown stamp. maybe that's a clue. maybe charlie brown did it. >> good grief. >> reporter: cnn, new york. >> oh, my. thank you so much for joining me today. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. >> hello, everyone. kate is off. it is time to buckle in and lawyer up. we are in the midst of one of the most jam packed 24 hours of south carolina primary in the history of south carolina primaries. what you're looking at there is a hall where any moment now donald trump will take the stage. who will he threaten to sue today? moments ago, marco rubio took the stage with his new best friend, make cannikki, haley, t
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governor of south carolina. about as good of a friend you can have in south carolina unless you're jeb bush in which case your best friend is mom. she joins him for an event to make sure there are more bush events after saturday. in just a few moments, ted cruz takes the stage where it is possible he will once again threaten to depose donald trump or if he is feeling particularly vicious, he might threaten to sing. ♪ i just called to say i love you ♪ ♪ i just called to say i care >> as if that's not enough, wait, there's more. why is the rubio campaign saying that marco rubio doesn't even own the tie seen in this picture? more on that new development in just a moment. let's go first to the trump event that will start any minute. our m.j. lee is there.
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>> reporter: we're waiting for donald trump to take the stage. here at a golf resort in south carolina. trump has really been crisscrossing the state over the last week or so campaigning hard trying to win this state. he and cruz have one victory under their beltbelts. they both understand that if they are able to come off at the top in south carolina then they head into march 1st where about a dozen or so states will hold their gop primary contests, and they know this win is so critically important, and just two days away from the primary here on saturday, things are getting very nasty here. ted cruz has been accused by at least two candidates of lying, and donald trump, of course, hitting him very hard, asking him to even take down one of the ads. his lawyer sending a cease and desist letter. an ad that features donald trump
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referring to himself has being pro choice. we know there's going to be a round two of the cnn town hall tonight where john kasich, donald trump, and jeb bush will participate in our town hall in columbia. we know that trump and bush have also had their share of fighting, so that will be a fascinating dynamic to see and see all the punches that get thrown tonight here in south carolina. >> all right. m.j. lee for us. it looks like a packed room. who knows what he'll decide to say today. thanks very much. j. she just noted that donald trump has been accusing cruz of being a liar. now the rubio campaign is accusing ted cruz of something even worse than being a liar. being a photo shopper. look at this picture. the rubio campaign passing this out at events over the last few minutes saying it comes from a cruz website. it's a picture posted, and it shows marco rubio shaking hands with president obama. wait, what is wrong with this picture? you'll notice they're shaking
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left hands. who does that? the rubio campaign also says marco rubio doesn't own that suit. he doesn't own that tie. he doesn't own that watch. this must be campaign dirty tricks. phil mattingly in greenville, south carolina, chasing the rubio campaign with this important development. phil. >> reporter: well, john, a top rubio advisory saying this is a culture of deception that comes from the top down of the cruz campaign. they printed out a screen shot from this website, this website is paid for by the cruz campaign. it really lays out a series of attacks on rubio's record in the u.s. senate. most notably was this fake as issue as they say, picture. the left-handed handshake. it fits into the narrative that the rubio campaign has been
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pushing very hard over the last four or five days. they're more than willing to have a fight on trustworthiness with cruz and his campaign. now, ted cruz spokesman told us that he believed that the picture was probably real. he hadn't seen any evidence otherwise. but more than that, he plooefbe this was an effort to smear cruz. he called it pathetic at this stage in the race to do this. the rubio campaign is going to continue to go after cruz on this. they're holding a conference call with some of their to be surrogates and reporters in about 15 minutes to continue to discuss this. >> a conference call to discuss a photo shopped photo on a campaign website? it must be south carolina. phil mattingly, thank you so much. joining me to discuss this -- i can't believe we're discussing this, amanda carpenter and jeffrey lore. also joining us, senior politics editor for the daily beast, and
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josh holmes. i have make amanda answer since you're a cruz supporter. at long last, have you no shame? i'm a little confused here about the egregious level of the crime. rubio is saying there's a photo shopped picture on a cruz website. i think that kind of thing happens in campaigns. but what is really going on here? >> for the record, i would like to see the race come down to cruz and rubio. that's better than trump. what is going on is that rubio is desperate to jump on this liar liar line of attack that they're grasping at straws to make this thing come true. they're jumping into photo shop. that doesn't look real to me. i this most people can tell that. a few days ago they were talking about a facebook profile that mysterious popped up saying that an endorsement was flipped from rubio to cruz. not true. cruz disavowed it. the rubio campaign can't prove that cruz is tied to it but they
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want to hold him responsible. they're really reaching. i think it's unbecoming to rubio who i think is normally a stand up guy. >> josh, they're going to hold a conference call on this. it does look like the kind of trick and stuff that goes on in a campaign, particularly the kind of stuff in south carolina days before primary elections there. in the fliers in south carolina end up in your windshield wiper, they're famous for god knows what they might say. what's the use for the rubio campaign to harp on this as much as they are over the last few minutes and will do over the next few hours. >> it's a narrative. we've dealt with this for almost a month. if candidates from trump to cruz and rubio all saying that not only is cruz not telling the truth about this, but it's false. everything from the ben carson last-minute turnout calls in iowa to various allegations against donald trump, some of
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which, by the way, are accurate, to now this and other things that were highlighted in the debate last saturday. this by itself isn't probably a big deal, but you heard the cruz campaign say it's probably right. he's shaking left hands in the wrong suit with a bad tie. i mean, it's just not right. right? why would you try to represent that it is? and that's the underlying problem that they've got here. >> he doesn't even own the tie. that's one of the famous offenses of all time. >> i was convinced this is a dirty trick by josh. trump has been attacking cruz a lot for being a liar. that's the word he uses a lot. do you think this has the potential to stick on cruz, or do you think that every time cruz talks about this when it comes to donald trump, it brings up the abortion issue which cruz wants to draw lines on, or rubio
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brings up other things like immigration and trade. there's a difference between cruz and rubio, you can see if you talk about it. >> if only donald trump were saying this, i'm not sure what the impact would be. when you get, as josh was saying, trump, rubio, and carson saying some version of the same thing, that can have an impact on it. a fox poll just came out a few minutes ago that shows donald trump up 13 points in south carolina over ted cruz. you know, you're seeing, i think, a sort of desperation attitude in the cruz campaign. they're that far behind. there's less than 48 hours to go until people start voting or just about 48 hours until they start voting. so everything, including the kitchen sink, is coming out here, and frankly, i don't think we've seen the last of this. >> i want to move on, jackie, if i can from photo shop gate for a moment. although, i am eager to come back to it. i want to talk about what is
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also a very important campaign event this morning that has to do with rubio. that's the groerovernor of sout carolina endorsing rubio yesterday. now two days before the primary. she's done an ad for him and she's really campaigning hard for him. on stage, just a short time ago, she noted sort of the historic nature of the image and the remarkable picture that they are together on stage. let's listen. >> take a picture of this, because the new group of conservatives that's taken over american looks like a benaton commercials. >> i get the point she's making. you have an african american senator with an indian american governor with a cuban american senator with tray gowdy. it's a diverse group of nung republic
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young republicans who conservatives hope have a bright future. >> that's right. this endorsement will help rubio, and haley is popular in that state. it also was a blow to poor jeb bush. a lot of times you have governors who support governors. it's a little bit of a club, i guess, but that didn't happen this time. and his campaign has been struggling over the last couple states, and you saw it on his face when he heard about this. this is another blow to the bush campaign that really needs at least a third place finish in south carolina. >> you might say madeleine albright might say there's a special place in hell for governors who don't support other governors. you get a sense this was a blow to the bush campaign. they're fighting this through until saturday night when the polls close. we're waiting for donald trump donald trump to take the stage in south carolina. jeffrey just mentioned a new fox news poll that has trump up
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13 points. cnn has a new poll of polls where we average all the polls on earth in one state in south carolina to give you a sense of the image there. up 16 points. donald trump is up 16 points right now in south carolina. cruz in second. rubio in third. bush there in fourth. josh, if donald trump can hang on and win by double digits on saturday, and it's less than two days away until voters go, what does that do to this race going forward? >> i think it means that this field is going to have to win know quickly. you basically from kasich and bush and rubio going after the same voter. if you were to total up their numbers, it looks like a three-way race between trump, rubio, and cruz. that being state, this is a big state for bush, and you correctly noted he's going to have to have a very good performance here in ordered to justify going on. i think what it means for the
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race, ultimately, if you look at the march one states, which are likely to be very good states for donald trump and probably cruz, in that mid march area, if this field isn't winnowed down to maybe three accounted candidates, trump will run away with this. these candidates will have to work out if they can be viable if they have a poor performance in south carolina. >> all right. josh, jeffrey, amanda, jackie, hang on. save that thought. i have so much more that i want to ask each of you, playarticuly about who may lead the race. i also want to see donald trump who is about the take the stage. how will he respond to the attacks from cruz? we're moments away. unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that.
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8:18 am
he try to shake things up again as he's tried to do again and again in this race? meanwhile, just in to cnn, a new development in photo shop gate. this is a picture that is on a website put up by the cruz campaign. it shows marco rubio shaking president obama's hand. now, there's a lot that the rubio people will point out that is wrong with this picture. they're shaking left hands. marco rubio doesn't own that suit or tie or watch. three, they say it never happened. they say it's photo shopped. and this just in, the cruz campaign in not denying that it is photo shopped. they say if rubio has a better picture of him shaking hands with barack obama, i'm happy to swap it out. they also say two days before the presidential primary, if this is what they want to talk about, game on, essentially. they also point out every photo they use of cruz is photo shopped. this is what the campaign has become between rubio and cruz.
8:19 am
let me bring back the panel. joining us again, the former communications director for cruz and a trump supporter to seems tickled by this picture. and the senior politics for the daily beast, and a republican strategist. i don't want to talk more about this flier. jackie, i want to give you the last word on that remarkable back and forth over the last 30 minutes. rubio campaign coming forward, the cruz admitting it's photo shopped. does this in v any impact after noon today? >> i have to say, this is weak for south carolina. when it comes to dirty tricks in this state, i kind of expect a little more than some photo shops. i mean, i just got to say, c plus, guys. >> at least give him a tattoo or something. go big if you're going to photo shop. we'll leave that there.
8:20 am
there may be a conference call, but if that happens we'll go there. i want to talk now about the state of the race as a whole. right now you have six accounts going into south carolina. after south carolina, what happens to the field? >> well, we'll have to see. right now it seems like rubio is playing more to knock bush out of the field to take down donald trump. i think that's a problem. i think too many people in the party now are playing for miss congeniality prize to donald trump. we have a problem if we continue to have a big field that allows donald trump to run the table. we're going to be regretting it later this year. we'll see what happens tonight. i'm very curious to see what happens in the town hall. i think this may be jeb bush's last public presidential appearance. it'll be interesting to see how he uses that time. this may be his swan song. >> let's not count him out
8:21 am
completely. he finished strong in new hampshire and did better than he initially hoped to. he's been competing hard in south carolina. there are people and others out there who say he is in trouble, but talk about the size of the field in general. even if jeb bush does go, john kasich isn't going to drop out. he's not going anywhere until ohio which votes on march 15th. that means you have at least four or five candidates in this field through a huge number of primaries with a huge number of delegates at stake, and doesn't kasich still pull votes from rubio and dash the hopes of the establishment? >> look, to your point, i don't know how this is going to go down in south carolina. you've seen a strong week from governor bush. he may end up with a much stronger performance than everybody is predicting, certain his brother is popular there. his family has as good a name recognition and as high
8:22 am
favorab favorability. governor kasich, if he's committed to following this through to ohio, yeah, he's going to pull votes off of about everything. the issue is a matter of resources. two and a half weeks is a long time away. it costs a lot of money to try to compete in these states. these are not retail states like iowa and new hampshire where you get points for showing up in diners and making your way through handshakes all day and night. you have to run serious television advertising to be competitive. if you get nothing until do you get to the middle of march, you have to start looking at that and seeing how you'll get over the top. that's the great challenge for the kasich campaign. >> good questions, good points. jeffrey, i want to talk about how donald trump sees this situation right now as he assesses the field. one person who he really still hasn't taken on head to head is marco rubio. he makes need comments about
8:23 am
sweating and drinking a lot of water. he hasn't taken him out, not nearly as much as he could, and not nearly as much as you would think he would given the division on issues, particularly immigration. >> i think what donald trump is probably doing is letting marco rubio go after ted cruz. what's really happening here with cruz and rubio is the battle for second place if these polls are accurate. only one of them, i think is going to be able to survive that battle, whether it's in south carolina or down the road here. i think either of those are the -- going to emerge as the one candidate opposing donald trump. it's very interesting with governor kasich. our cnn colleague observed to me the other night that we're all for getting the human factor of ego here. and everything amanda is saying makes sense from an establishment point of view or a let's beat donald trump point of view that you have to whittle it down to one candidate. no you get the ego in there and
8:24 am
you get like a kids game. no, you get out. no, i'm not getting out. you get out. i think that's where we're headed here. >> i've seen john kasich on the trump in new hampshire and beyond. he's loving the campaign right now. he loves running for president. i think that factors in. stand by, all of you. we're awaiting donald trump to take the stage in south carolina. we'll bring that to you sooas s as it happens. there looks to be action in the room. in the meantime, the fight for the supreme court. is the opposition to the president making a picture racist toward the president? some voters say yes. and the united states may not be ready for a female president. that from the only woman running for president. hillary clinton's curious admission. that's ahead.
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you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. america may not be ready for a female president. that is according to hillary clinton. sort of. she said in a new vogue interview, quote, people are very convinced they want to vote for the right person, and then you get little hints that maybe they're not as comfortable with a woman being in an executive position. this claim as she faces a close nomination battle now in nevada where clinton is now essentially in a tie with bernie sanders. joining me, a former communications director for cruz who has been here with me the whole show. and a democratic strategist
8:30 am
whose firm advises democratic candidate in the dnc. what do you think hillary clinton means here, and is it a surprising statement? >> a little bit of honesty from a candidate. could you imagine? look, i think it's obvious. there is a -- if this country were ready for full equality for women, we would not have, you know, less than 10% of ceo seats and board seats and executive positions and -- i wouldn't make too much of this. i think she has consistently said don't vote for me because i'm a woman. vote for me because you think i'll be the best president, but i think when you talk about the bigger picture, you kind of can't help but wonder whether there is this kind of little bit of being judged differently. i don't think that she's feeling sorry for herself about this. i think she was just analyzing it. >> amanda, what do you make of it? is there any truth of the
8:31 am
notion, perhaps not being decisi decisive? looking at pictures of haley elected to a position in governor, but being a governor and being a president are two different things. >> here's the context i think hillary clinton is worried about. america may not be ready for her to be president. we are very comfortable with seeing women in executive positions. no one objected to the fact that she was secretary of state. this -- we have a country that loves to make history. i think everyone would be ready and willing to have a female president, but the issue is they don't want her to be the first president that's a female. that may be hard for her and her supporters to come to terms with. >> i don't see it that way. with all due respect, amanda, i think the statistics are -- let's not confuse the conversation with facts. here's i think the piece that's kind of relevant for hillary
8:32 am
clinton which is she is not saying vote for me because i'm a woman. she is saying i think i am the best person for the job. having said that, as media analysts, as political pundits, there's no question that you sit around a table and you judge a candidate a little bit differently. if hillary clinton is shouting, is that different? does it come across different or harsher or more intense than if a bernie sanders or donald trump is shouting. look, i think the same was crew of carly fiorina. i don't think this is a partisan issue. i just think it's something we ought to acknowledge, and hillary clinton saying get over it. but for us to just pretend it doesn't exist is silly. >> can i ask about something else out of this interview. a lot of it is clinton trying toexplain what's going on here. she said she's not good at
8:33 am
selling herself. she says i'm great at saying we need to solve problems but not so good at promoting myself. i find it hard to do. you occasionally hear this from all politicians. i'm a bit suspect of it. certain it's saying the problem isn't that i'm not right. the problem is convincing you. >> also she may be saying it's hard to do. i think it is hard for people to get up on the public stage. hillary clinton has endured a lot in the public stage. i don't think it's qualification to be president, but i wish she would have tied a bow on that saying it's hard for me to do but i did it. there's a lot of down talk to whim who wa-- women who want to get into politics. it was hard for me but i did it because it matters. i'd like to see her lean forward. >> i agree with that. >> i always like to end on agreement.
8:34 am
thanks, guys. >> moments away from now, donald trump, he will appear on that stage in south carolina. this as he leads in the south carolina polls just two days before south carolina votes in this republican nomination battle. again, the big question this morning is how will he choose to spend the next two days? will it be a quiet, gentle donald trump? will he stay above the fray, or not? hey, you forgot the milk! that's lactaid. right. 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so you can drink all you want... ...with no discomfort? exactly. here, try some... mmm, it is real milk. see? delicious. hoof bump! oh. right here girl, boom lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort and for a creamy and delicious treat, try lactaid® ice cream
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we run on quickbooks.that's how we own it. absolutely ageless® night cream aveeno® with active naturals® blackberry complex ... ... a whole new way to keep skin looking younger longer ... ... starting tonight. part of the new absolutely ageless collection from aveeno® >> new this morning, kmentds from hillary clinton that makes a bold claim about the fight over the stream court. that opposition to the current president making a pick is based on race.
8:39 am
joining me, one of the writers of this story. you've been listening to people in south carolina, talking to folks around the country. what are you saying and hearing? >> well, for a lot of african americans, the notion that president obama should not be able to pick scalia's replacement reflects what they see as kind of the last and even most appalling indignity that this president has suffered. yes, you talk to african americans like i said yesterday. whether they're -- you know, a guy grabbing lunch or a member of congress, it doesn't take long to get to the heart of the matter. they believe it's racially driven. now republicans reject that. but if you talk to african americans, they will list to you a bill of particulars that includes questions about the president's christianity, questions about his nationality, whether or not he was even born in america, the famous joe wilson you lie episode on the
8:40 am
floor of the house, and now this desire among some in the gop who block president obama from picking a replacement on the supreme court in the final year of his presidency. it's sort of the last blow that has really angering folks in the black community. >> what you hear, again, i'm not saying i agree with it, but people are talking about language like it's time to take our country back. the idea that somehow the obama presidency isn't legitimate. >> that's exactly right. >> and it doesn't just apply -- >> that's right. the question about the scalia replacement is kind of the culminating indignity in the eyes of a lot of african americans. this is a pattern that african americans can cite chapter and verse. to your point, it amounts to black folks thinking that a lot of conservatives don't believe that this president is
8:41 am
legitimate. that's really the up shot of it. and, of course, they point to race. now, if you talk to other democrats, white democrats or obviously republicans, they say this is not race. this is politics. and they don't like president obama's liberal agenda, and they will point to the fact that president bill clinton, a white southerner was impreached in the 1 1990s, something that president obama hasn't been. >> stick around for a moment. i want to bring in someone else. we're trying to get a conservative voice here who disagrees with this notion. gold di, you agree with what a lot of the voters are saying. let me take the other side because ben isn't here. i think what a lot of conservatives would say is we don't want president obama to appoint a judge because we don't want the judge president obama would appoint and we have the power to stop him, period, full stop. >> let me say it would be
8:42 am
political malfeasance for republicans. it feeds their base in a way that if you approved a nomination from this president, it would tell the republican base you don't value our principles, that you aren't strong enough. it would strengthen the hand of someone like a donald trump. this republican party isn't working for us. it's a miscalculation. it will energize african american voters in a way you haven't seen since 2008. it captures an ongoing conversation where we believe this president has been delegislate miezed by this gop, and point proof of that is watching a candidate like donald trump advance in places like south carolina, the guy who demanded this president's birth certificate. >> never before have they gotten
8:43 am
together the night of an inauguration and said we're going to obstruct every thing this man puts forward. ? ben is not here to make the opposing case here. will this be an issue to vote on? i'm skeptical of the notion that people vote on supreme court picks when they go to vote for president. >> they don't, but they vote on racial animus. it has always been an issue in this campaign as to who was going to pick the coming supreme court justices. whether it was a democrat or republican, that person was going to get to nominate at least one, probably two supreme court nominees over the course of their first term. that was always an issue, but it was a background issue. the death of antonin scalia brought the issue of the front burner and caused republicans to come out and say no matter how well qualified a person is, we're going to block any and every nominee for african americans that made it burn
8:44 am
brighter. >> i think we do have ben ferguson with us, host of the ben ferguson radio show. ben, are you there? >> i'm here. you got me in. >> hall lieu ya. ben, i want you to make your case. let me get you the question. i know you probably disagree with the premise of what people are saying, but there are people who do feel this way, correct? >> well, look, i think this is politics that's being played out more than anything. there is a big concern among democrats that they are not going to be able to engage the african american voters the same way when it comes to turnout as they have last two elections with barack obama. and barack obama helped other candidates that were running for election, not only in congress but also in the state and local level on election day. so that is a fear, and i think this is one of those fear
8:45 am
mongering issues in its worst form to somehow imply that this is only happening because the color of barack obama's skin. i understand the political play. it's a smart political play. it's brilliant. you get people fired up on the issue of race and saying you're being disenfranchised so vote because they're trying to silence the african american president, barack obama. i just don't think you can make that connection when it comes to supreme court on this. this is a political battle. it has nothing to do with the color of anyone's skin. it has to do with the supreme court. it is a presidential election year. everything is on the table politically. but to turn this into a race baiting issue i think is the lowest fom of politics. i think it's sad. >> i want to be clear the people you were talking to, were they all politicians making these claims? >> no, look. yeah. i was in charleston yesterday in
8:46 am
a soul food restaurant in charleston. it didn't take long to bring the issue of race to the surface. this gentleman pointed to his forearm and said this is the reason they're against him. it's all race. and so it's not just politicians who think that. in fact, you talk to black politicians, some of them will say it's more complicated than just race. it's politics too. it's more african american rank and defile voters who are convinced that this is entirely a race driven issue. real fast, john, there's no question that there's politics being played. there's gambling in the casino. african americans are not going to have president obama on the ballot for the first time in the last two cycles, and so they need to find a new motivational force. but i would say that there is something legitimate to saying that obama's legacy is on the line. i don't think that's fear mongering, necessarily, because the fact is, the court is now four to four. and so when democrats say -- >> ben, take the last word --
8:47 am
>> that president obama's legacy is on the line. it is on the line. >> this unfortunate error by republicans. >> let's fight it on legacy. i'm okay with that battle. but this is the classic political move. it's the same move that hillary clinton is making right now which is, well, america doesn't like women being empowered. america doesn't like women. she's trying to bait women into this idea that if you're a woman you've got to support other women. her own campaign, remember when madeleine albright said it? this is the same fear mongering which is look at the color of your skin. if you're african american, you go v to vote because they're trying to keep down african americans, and president obama, they're messing with him all because of the color of his skin. it's playing into a classic fear and trying to exploit it. i don't think this is a good idea to move the country forward. >> there may be politics here at play, but the people that john than talked to, not necessarily
8:48 am
politicians. thank you so much. i'm glad that the shot ended up working. thank you. on the other side of the screen, we're waiting for donald trump to take the stage in south carolina. he is fighting with ted cruz. he is fighting with jeb bush. he is fighting for first place in this state. stay with us. wfrom your cold & flu. you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol® cold helps relieve your worst cold & flu symptoms... you can give them everything you've got. tylenol® at safelite,oh nonow how busy your life can be. this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text"
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i used to like that song. all right. you're looking at live pictures there of people's cell phone taking live pictures of donald trump. you can see it there. the man with the mane walking on to the stage right now in south carolina, leading in south carolina polls. let's listen in. >> who is club champion here? club champ? i want to fight them. i want to beat them. well i just want to thank you. built by the same people. they did a beautiful job. and i bought it a number of years ago. and during the down touch in
8:53 am
ireland. and it's an incredible place. so doone bag. do you know about it? now it's doing great. i don't care about that stuff any more. that's like small potatoes, right? i'll let my kids run and have fun with it. and let my executives have a good time. but i don't care about it. i care about making america great again. that's what i care about. and we can do it. you know, i go all over the world, and i see different things and different countries. and i meet different people. and honestly, there's nothing like what we have. you come back and there's nothing like what we have. and we go to dallas and we had 21,000 people, and oklahoma had 20,000 people twice. and we have the biggest crowds no matter where we go. we were in tampa a couple weeks ago and just a couple days' notice, we filled up the stadium. it was packed. and no matter where it is, it's been amazing. and i have to tell you, south
8:54 am
carolina is some great place. i love it. i've been here so much. i love it. and you know, we have a big deal coming up on saturday so we have to go out there. new hampshire treated me so incredibly well. and so did iowa, actually. did really well there. we won every category. rich, poor, fat, thin. everyone. tall, short. we won every category. we won the highly educated and not so well-educated. and we were just rockin'. and i guess we got 36%. and that was with a lot of people. so it was a big -- we win by 20 points. so it was a great, great week that i spent there. and i've spent a lot of time here now, and i'll be staying here until sunday morning. and hopefully we'll be celebrating together on saturday evening. and -- that's where we were. i mean, the big thing is, so, so, so important, get out and
8:55 am
vote. i'm self-funding my campaign. you people are all rich you probably say why is he doing that? why? but i'm self-funding my campaign, putting up my own money. and it's expensive. i mean, it's expensive. i'm proud of the fact that i have -- i'm spending less money than these other characters. you know, they're politicians. all they know how to do is spend. you know, jeb bush in new hampshire. jeb bush spent $48 million. i spent $3. he was like at the bottom of the pack. and i was number one by a landslide. isn't that what you want for your country? right? isn't that what you want? i mean, these guys are spending money. the money they have for the commercials. i see commercial after commercial. and, you know, i put some -- look, i put some commercials on. you know why? because i felt guilty. i really felt guilty. because the press -- look at all these guys back there. the press is saying, well, maybe he's not spending for commercials. why isn't he spending? and you know, you're leading and you're leading -- a great poll came out about an hour ago, cbs,
8:56 am
"new york times," national poll was great. we had a total ridiculous poll come out yesterday. did you see that? "wall street journal." let me tell you. i'll tell you something. that poll was so different than every other poll. and some of the people, the broadcasters looked at it and said this doesn't make sense, this is no good. about a month ago, i had a pretty good poll. i never get treated well in the "wall street journal" in any capacity. thank you, that's right. they're weak on immigration, i agree with you. they're weak on a lot of things. they're weak on financial. but the "wall street journal" did a poll last month. and i was leading, not as good as other polls, but i was leading. i couldn't find it in the paper, right? i couldn't find it. and literally, i looked all over. i couldn't find it. they had all sorts of other things. do you love the country, do you this, do you that. i was in there someplace. i just couldn't find it. it was buried someplace in the
8:57 am
back of the paper. today they had an outlier poll. everybody said a certain broadcaster from nbc who did the poll with him said i can't do this poll, this is ridiculous. and they interviewed very few people and very conservative. and lots of different criteria. all of which was like -- and today it's on the front page of the "wall street journal." what a lot of crap, okay? isn't it? it's disgusting. >> all right. donald trump in south carolina holding a rally there, complaining about one national poll that shows him trailing, bragging about all of the national polls that show him way out in front. a new cnn poll of polls in south carolina shows him leading by 16 points. tonight he will be part of a cnn town hall, he will take questions from voters. anderson cooper moderates. john kasich also on stage. the second night. it begins at 8:00 p.m. remarkable last night. fascinating tonight. do not miss it. also, jeb bush is on stage right
8:58 am
now. he is fighting for his political life. in south carolina. you can see him right there, talking to the crowd. barbara bush will be joining him. stay with us. ♪ ♪virgin islands nice ♪ ♪so nice ♪so nice, so nice ♪ spend a few days in the u.s. virgin islands and return with a lifetime of experiences. that's virgin islands nice. ♪so nice, so nice
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because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everyone. i'm jim sciutto in again today for ashleigh banfield and welcome to "legal view." we begin this hour with breaking news from the presidential campaign battlefield. a brand-new war of words with donald trump, but this time with an unlikely sparring partner, no less than the leader of the world's 1.2 billion roman catholics, pope francis on his way back to rome from a six-day visit to mexico. the pope responded to a reporter's question about trump's attack on immigration views, specifically trump called the pope political and said his ardent defense of migrants' rights shows he doesn't understand america and might even be a,


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