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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  February 18, 2016 7:30pm-9:01pm PST

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we can't let that happen. they're leaving for two reasons, low aer taxes and under my plan the taxes are much, much low are for the middle class and corporations but they're leaving to get back money. they're leaving to get the money they can't bring back into this country. >> i want you to meet todd hicks. he has a question on health care. he said he is voting for you. i like him right from the beginning. thank you, todd, you're doing the right thing. >> good evening, mr. trump. my question is about health care. i'm a local health insurance agent over in camden, south carolina. i'm not a big fan of obama care. >> you're right. >> you've gone on record are stating one of your first acts of duty when you're elected president would be to abolish obama care. >> 100%. >> i've sat and watched the sticker shot of customers coming in as they've seen the rising
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costs. what is your exact plan and please be specific as to what you would do to replace obama care. >> first of all, obama care as you know is a disaster. your rates are going up 25, 35, 45, 55%. it's going to fail in each 17 anyway, unless as usual the republicans bail him out. the republicans have been so weak. the budget they passed four weeks ago -- they call it the omnibus budget. it gives obama everything he wanted, gives him money to bring in people from syria, which is a disaster, we can't afford it do that. it gives money for illegal immigration, for letting people come in illegally into this country. the whole thing is a disaster, the republicans passed it. with health care, we have to repeal and replace obama care what would you replace it with? >> health care savings accounts, which are great. we go that, or we're going to have and probably and, you can say and/or, what i really like
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is -- i'm a self-funder. i'm not taking any money, okay? i'm not taking money from the insurance companies so can i do what's right for the people and this is something i think i've been given credit for, i don't think i've been given enough credit because i have turned down hundreds of millions of dollars. jeb bush raised $148 million put in a fund, it's like throwing it out the window what he did with it, i would have had -- i have people asking me, please let me give you -- i'm doing it all myself. we have lines around each state. it makes it impossible for people to bid for insures compani companies to bid within those states. the insurance companies would rather have a monopoly on here or iowa or any other place than to to be able bid all over the united states because they make much morp mone money that way. the insurance companies take care of the politicians. most of the guys i'm running against are getting money from insurance companies and getting
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money from, by the way, other companies, drug companies, pharmaceutical companies, they give tremendous amounts of money to the people i'm negotiating against, that i'm debate being against, the people that are on the stage, the people in congress, the senators. so what i'm saying is this -- we have to get rid of the lines, we have to create competition. when you do that, you will have the best health care you've ever, ever had and it will be at a reasonable cost. they almost got rid of the lines when they were doing obama care but it didn't happen because the insurance companies have too many. senators under control. you understand what i mean. >> is that specific enough for you? >> sounds fair enough. >> if obama care is repealed and there's no manned date for everybody to have insurance, why would insurance not have a preexisting -- >> i don't want people dying on the streets. i say this all the time.
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i did five speeches today, we had a lot of rallies, thousands and thousands of people. weep get big crowds. every time i talk about this, irgi get standing ovations. your insurance will go way down, you'll have better plans, you'll get your own doctor. obama lied when he said you're going to keep your plan and keep your doctor. it was a pure lie. frankly, many democrats went along only because they believed him. he lied 28 times he said it. 28 times. if that were in the private sector, you'd be sued for fraud. he lied to get the plan through. he got it through and it's turned out to be a disaster. the wrong people are buying it. it's dead. it's going to be repealed, it's going to be replaced.
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ly s i will say, this anderson, if we don't do something quickly, you'll have a health care problem like we've ever seen in this country. the new plan is good but there's going to be a group of people at the bottom, people that haven't done well, that don't have any money that won't be able to be taken care of. we're going to take care of them through maybe concepts of medicare, we have hospitals that aren't doing well, doctors that aren't doing well. can you not let people die on the street. people would say that's not a very republican thing to say. every time i say this at a rally or even today i said it, once it got a standing ovation. everybody thinks that you people of republicans hate the concept of taking care of people that are really, really sick and are going to die. that's not single payor, by the way. that's called heart. we got to take care of people that can't take care of themselves. but the plans will be much less expensive than obama care, they'll be far better than obama care, you'll get your doctor and get everything you want to get, it will be unbelievable, but you've got to get rid.
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lines. you have to have competition. those people left, we've got to help them live and everybody likes it when i say it and that includes republicans and it's not single payor. >> i want to you meet orrin smith, a republican from leesville. he said he's undecided. >> i think it was about five years ago i sat in your office and you said you were thinking about running for president then and you didn't run them k-- >>ism should have done it. we would have had obama for four years instead of for eight years. >> but man are you running now. >> this is better timing for me. >> and you made a lot of statements and covered a lot of ground in a short period of time. one statement you made i'm having trouble getting over and i wanted to ask you about it. >> sure. >> as a matter of fact, when i was watching the debate and you made this statement, i had to apologize to my children for the words that came out of my mouth when you said what you said and that was and i don't want to put words in your mouth so correct
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me if i'm wrong, when you said this george w. bush, when i was our last republican president, a man i respect greatly, a person that we really fought for when he was up against a lot of pressure, that he lied to get us in the war in iraq. that stung me very deeply. i don't believe that. i'm just wondering given some time passing perhaps you've rethought that. would you be willing to rethink that? >> a lot of people agree with what i said. i'm not talking about lying, i'm not talking about not lying. nobody really knows why we went into iraq. the iraqis -- it was not saddam hussein that knocked down the world trade center. >> what you said was they lied, they said there were weapons of mass destruction and there were none and they knew there were none, there were no weapons of mass destruction. >> there are a lot of people that think that. bottom line there were no weapons of mass destruction. they said there are weapons of mass destruction, i was against the war when it started. >> so you think the president of
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the united states, george w. bush, lied -- >> i'm not going to -- >> let me just -- >> i'm giving you another shot at it. >> i'll tell you very simply. it may have been the worst decision going into iraq, it may have been the worst decision anybody has made, any president has made in the history of this country, that's how bad it is. the migration you see today, the destruction of europe with angela merkel allowing millions coming into germany. i have people in germany who want to leave germany, people who would do nothing but talk about how they love their country, germany. you're going to end up with big problems in germany. you look at sweden the other day. i was in brus els years ago. now it's like an armed camp. so crazy what they've done. all of this is -- everything that's happening started with stupid li stupidly going into the war in iraq. now iraq -- and people talk about me with the button, i'm the one that doesn't want do this. i'm the one from 2002 and 2003
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saying you shouldn't be doing that. we have spent $2 trillion in fighting in iraq. thousands of lives, right. we have wounded warriors who i love all over the place. they're the bravest of all others in the room put together. . we got nothing. we have nothing. we're not even there. we can't even make a phone call right now. >> but to his question -- >> i'm trying to separate -- >> do you believe he lied -- >> whether he lied or not, it was a horrible decision. iraq did not down the world trade center. where did these people go when they got on the airplanes? a lot of them went to saudi arabia. they didn't go back to iraq. they went to saudi arabia. now, there are sealed documents right now that nobody wants to allow to be open that that you can very much about the subject. i'd like to see what it says i will say this -- bush felt
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saddam hussein overplayed his hand. senior bush did the right thing. he knocked the heck out of him and then he pulled back. he didn't get into the quagmire. that was okay do. saddam hussein said i drove them back. ism think the father being loyal to the father went into iraq, he started something that destroyed the middle east and i say don't go in because you're going to ruin the balance in the middle east, you're going to have a total imbalance. everything i said turned out to be true. iran is now taking over iraq. they wanted to did it for years and years and years. so not only do we make a horrible, horrible deal where we're giving iran $150 billion, we got nothing for it, we get our prisoners back, we shouldn't have started negotiating until wee got our prisoners back and we would have had it that way. but here's the problem. we make all bad deals. the war in iraq started the
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whole destabilization of the middle east, it started isis, it started libya, it started syria. that was one of the worst decisions ever made by any government at any time. in all fairness bush made the decision. just one thing and barack obama -- barack obama has bad as he is and he's bad but he got us out the wrong way. he should have left people there and shouldn't have said we're getting out at a specific time. so bad. so bad. >> just to his question, one more chance, either you believe he either lied or did not lie. are you willing to say? >> i don't know what he did. >> so was it a mistake for you to say in that debate you thought he lied? >> i'd have to see the exact words. i'd have to say something was going on. i don't know why he went in. honestly, there was no reason to go in. they didn't knock down the world trade center.
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it wasn't iraq that knocked it down. >> you would not say again that george w. bush lied? >> i don't know. i can't tell you. i'd have to look at documents zplm. >> i want you to meet craig caldwell. he's undecided. >> mr. trump, you're considered the political outsider in this race. if you request on to win, a trump administration cap net would consist of people outside of politics? if so, can you give us examples of who you would consider and for what most? >> you talked about carl icahn already alrea already -- >> carl is a really successful businessman. i have some of the greatest friends in the world and they're all calling me. we have the greatest business people in the world and we don't use them. we use political hacks to
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negotiate with china and japan. we have carolyn kennedy negotiating car deals and trade deals. carolyn kennedy got to be the ambassador of japan. >> would you want all republicans -- >> i want the greatest negotiators. >> do you find it valuable in your business world to have very different opinions? >> like it. and they you make the decision. i think i'm very open to that. i've always liked that. i want the most talented people. we have the greatest negotiators in the world. we have a trade deficit with mexico, $58 billion. the wall is going to cost $12 billion. it's peanuts compared to what we lose. that's why mexico is going to pay. >> they say they're not going to pay. >> i know they do.
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calderon said we will not pay. what do you say? i said the wall just got ten feet high are. true. >> we're going to take a break. we'll be back with more questions for donald trump.
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. welcome back. we're at the university of south carolina in columbia. i literally was just handed this. there's a report out on buzz feed, including an audio clip what appears to be you on heard stern talking on the radio on september 11, he said are you for invading iraq? >> he said yes, i wish it was done correctly the first time. >> by the time the war started -- >> this was 2002.
7:49 pm
>> by the time the war started, i was against the war. there are articles, headlines in 2003 and 2004 i was against the war. >> 2004 there's a reuters articles, that's were a couple of weeks after the war began. >> which is okay. a lot of people said it was so early, even if it was a little bit after the war, i was very much against it. that was probably the it -- the first time i was asked about the war. he's a great guy. he was a great interviewer. howard stearn. when you're in the private sector, you get asked things and you're not a politician and probably the first time i was asked. by the time the war started, i was against it.
7:50 pm
shortly thereafter, i was really against it. >> i want you to meet another voter, ryan, an aspiring entrepreneur. >> nice to meet you. my girl friend advised me not to say this but in the spirit of you being here, i'm going to say it anyway. muhammad ali once said his great was fault was that he didn't know how great he truly was. so my question to you is what do you think your greatest fault is and how do you have overcome that or how have you overcome that and how will you continue to do so in order to win the general election? >> well, i don't know that it has to did with the general election. have i found this process amazingly interesting. i've never done this. i've been doing this for seven months. i've been given credit. we're doing very nicely. it's been very interesting for me. i said a couple of times one of my faults is i will put up with people and deception, even
7:51 pm
though i know they're deceiving, too long. with you when i get to it, i'm too tough. in other words, too long and then instead of just sort of forgetting about it and especially things that don't matter that much, i never forget. i don't forget. i don't think you forget either to be honest with you but i don't forget. my wife will tell me sometimes you're -- sometimes you'll go too long but then when it gets bad -- s >> so you hold on to stuff? >> i do. i hold on to stuff. if i've been deceived, i don't forget. in other cases, it's not such a bad -- you learn. usually with people and i talk a lot about success. friends of mine ask me will you speak about success, a lot of people pay me a lot of money to do it and we give it to charity and have a lot of fun with it. a lot of people ask me that. you don't want to necessarily. when people deceive you once, usually that same person will do it again because that's a trait
7:52 pm
that they have. so it's not so bad. i would say i hold on too long and never forget and sometimes forgetting is not a bad thing, if that makes sense. >> this is michael letz, a republican activist, he's also undecided. >> good evening, mr. trump. welcome to the capital of southern hospitality. tea is sweelt butch it looks like the questions have been even sweeter. i'd like you to address an issue i've not seen republican candidates address to this point. in the numerous incidents of police-involved shootings and the questions that have been led to raise about racism and the racial tensions that have been caused, i'd like to ask what your administration would do to be able to for future situations make sure that our law enforcement and our first responders have the kind of support they feel like they need because quite frankly, mr. trump, first responders' lives
7:53 pm
truly matter. >> you're right. i am a big, big supporters of the police. i think the police are being treat ed orablhorribly in this country. you have some bad acts and mistakes but it's a tiny fraction compared to the good they do. we wouldn't have a safe society, you look at what's happening around the world. i can tell you right now, i assume you're with me on this, i am a tremendous supporter of the police and i think they are mistreated and misunderstood and i think we should give them much more credit than we have given them. >> we like to ask a couple of personal can questions. ted cruz said last night you had
7:54 pm
suggest ld your sister as a supreme court nominee. he said it's great to support your sister, that's a nice thing but if you're actually suggesting somebody for the supreme court, his sister is a radical pro-abortion judge, that's who he suggested as his supreme court justice last year. what's your reaction? >> my sis ter is a brilliant woman who was always a fabulous student. she was appointed by ronald reagan, she was elevated to the court of appeals by clinton. appointed by reagan, elevated by -- the reason she was elevated, she was an outstanding intellect and outstanding judge. i don't even know what her views are on abortion. i really don't. she is certainly not a radical anything because that's not her thing. this is the kind of thing he said radical this, this, this on abortion. she may have made a decision one way or the other. i never asked her.
7:55 pm
i wouldn't ask her. she wouldn't want to tell me. i got a very big call from a very great reporter actually at the "new york times" and they wanted to do a major piece on my sister and they called me could i possibly get her to did the piece. i called her. she said, no, no, i don't want to do a piece, i don't want anything to do it. they did the piece anyway but she refused to partake. she has no interest in that. i said are you sure you're my sister? >> a trump who doesn't like publicity? >> i get a lot of publicity. i don't necessarily like it. >> come on, wait a minute. i got it call you on that. what? >> it's true. there what do you have mean? >> i don't love that. it's true. for the most part i find the press is extremely dishonest. i find the political press to be unbelievably dishonest. and 25% of great. you're in that category. he did a great interview with me two weeks ago i really liked.
7:56 pm
but my sister is a great intellect, she is a terrific person, she's not radical anything. i don't know what she did having to do with abortion. but she's a great judge. i would have such a conflict of interest and i think you probably went back and you checked. i do say sometimes and i say my sister should be on the supreme court. i'm laughing and having fun. it's a conflict of interest. >> just so we have it on the record. you said i think she'd be phenomenal, she'd be one of the best but frank lily we'd have t rule that out. >> last night i went to celebrate at mcdonald's, i had a number one meal, that's my favorite meal. i understand you actually bring fast food to your plane sometimes. >> sometimes. >> when you roll up at a mcdonald's, what is does donald trump order?
7:57 pm
>> the big macs are great. the quarter pound with her cheese. >> are people at the window like what? >> they can't sort of believe it. i like clen liv clean iness, i clean. you take wendy's and all these other place, one bad hamburger, you're over. i'm a very clean person. i like cleanliness and i think you're better off going there than maybe someplace where you have no idea where the food is coming from. it's a certain standard. i think the food is good. i eat it very carefully. i do as well as i can. i think burger king, mcdonald's, i can live with them. the other night i had kentucky fried chicken. not the worst thing in the world. >> what's your favorite kind of music? >> i think elton john is great, i think the stones, great, the
7:58 pm
beatles i love, michael jackson was a very good friend of mine, he lived intr trump tower for a long period of time. he was up there one week with her and never came down. they were up there for a week. i said where the hell is michael? but he was a very talented guy. i knew him very well. i knew the real story of michael jackson. when he died, i would watch people get on -- i don't want to mention names but people you know very well and people you interview and they would talk about michael jackson. they didn't even know him. very few people got to know michael jackson. but he was an unbelievably talented guy. he lost his confidence. he lost tremendous confidence because of honestly bad, bad, bald surgery. he had the worst -- he had people that did numbers on him
7:59 pm
that were just unbelievable, facially. when you lose your confidence in something, you can even lose your talent. >> you talked about working hard as president. you don't sleep a lot. how much television news do you watch? i get the sense -- >> i do like it. >> you seem to know everything that's being said about you. >> i get criticized for it. i do watch it. i watch you a lot and i watch other people. and up lettyou learn. >> somebody said you get your generals television. i don't. i like to read a lot. when i see you interviewing a general or security adviser or somebody, you learn a lot from that. >> how much do you sleep? >> three to four hours a night. >> that's all you need? >> it's all i need luckily. >> have you always been like that? >> pretty much. >> i honestly believe this. i love what i do. i love my business, i love the
8:00 pm
apprentice was such a tremendous success. nbc would have done anything to renew it. steve burke, the head of comcast said do, i said i'm going to run for president. nobody believed i was going to run. my wife actually said if you run, will you win. but you have to actually run. you can't just say you're going to run. the original polls, they wouldn't do polls on me. he said if you run, you'll win. steve burke came up to the office. they wanted to renew "the apprentice," even after 14 seasons and it still did well. but i have that with mark burnett and we're using arnold schwarzenegger. is arnold going to do well? >> will he beat trump?
8:01 pm
he's no trump, right? >> what kind of a parent are you? because your kids, a lot of people people glowingly about your kids, they speak glowingly about you. >> i get credit for my children. they're very good children, they are smart, they did well. my youngest tiffany just graduated from penn and did mostly a's. have i five children. but one thing i think i was really, really a good parent because i put my children above everything, above the business, bofr everything. and ivanka speaks to it very well. when people come up and say why, i would say from the time -- i had so much experience with alcohol because i have a brother, a phenomenal guy, the best looking guy you've ever seen but he became -- he started drinking and i saw from a young
8:02 pm
age, he was quite a bit old are than me. >> he was an airline pilot. >> he was a very talented flyer of planes, it was a real ability he had. the alcohol, it taught me a tremendous lesson. >> and that's why you don't drink. >> he said don't you ever smoke. he was -- he said don't you ever smoke, don't you ever drink. i've never had a drink and i've never had a cigarette. those are the guide things. i don't want to tell you the bad things. there are plenty of bad things. >> you were never tempt ed? i. >> i friends when i want to the wharton school hated scotch, didn't like the taste. one in particular, ultimately alcohol destroyed him, he'd be with me, he was 18 or 19 years old, he was trying to develop a taste for scotch, he ultimate live became an alcoholic. became successful, lost his success because of alcohol. i've seen what it does to
8:03 pm
people, it's a horror show. if you don't drink, there's no temptation. people come up and say could you see my children? where's wood? i'm going to knock on wood. i would tell them from a very young age, no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes. sometimes ivanka would go, dad, you're driving me crazy. she was like 4 years old, didn't know what it was. no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes. i just put it into them because i've seen people that are really brilliant, the top people in industry, they have very smart children, have all the aptitude in the world but they get hooked on drugs, they get hooked on alcohol and they -- alcohol believe it or not is almost harder than drugs but it's harder to get away from it but they get hooked on it and as smart as they are, they never make it. >> so what is one thing you wish you didn't do? advice or -- i mean, are you
8:04 pm
watching tv late at night? >> well, i mean, a vice. i work very hard. maybe i work too hard. i had two very wonderful women frankly that i am a worker. i love to work. i don't consider myself like a work aalcoholic. i don't consider that a bad thing. i think probably i would have had -- i wouldn't have -- i have a very good marriage now, melania is fantastic bu have i two women i never blamed that i worked so hard that my job came first. i would say this, i was a better father than i was a husband but i worked very, very hard and i love doing it and you know what i'm very happy about, i have tens of thousands of employees. ism put so many -- i've had thousands and thousands of employees and that takes care of health care and education and so many things. not that i'd change anything but it i did a little bit less, probably wouldn't have had two marriages that didn't work out. >> donald trump, thank you very
8:05 pm
much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> that's all the time we have. our thanks to donald trump, governor kasich and governor bush, thanks to the voters and the viewers and everybody here in columbia for their help and hospitality. next tuesday, chris kwom ycuomo moderate a town hall. our coverage continues with don lemon right after this. and an infinite reserve of patience... create a vehicle that looks, drives and thinks like nothing else on the road. the all-new glc. the suv the world has been waiting for. starting at $38,950. my school reunion's comi♪ fast. could be bad. could be a blast.
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breaking news now. you just saw the second night of the south carolina town hall. we are just two days away from the south carolina republican primary and donald trump, jeb bush, john kasich each trying to make their case to voters tonight mop is up, who is done and what happens next? my political dream team is here to talk about it, maamanda carpenter, david gergen, katie packer, bob beckel. anderson, not many people will take on the pope but donald trump did and you got to ask him
8:10 pm
about it. that was fascinating moment to watch. >> it was interesting. obviously that was what we started off with donald trump, you know, it's obviously the biggest story of the day. trump definitely walking back some of the comments he made earlier in the day, clearly not wanting to go toe to toe with the pope, sort of saying maybe the pope was misunderstood and his comments were a little softer than were perhaps being reported, even thoughi is read together his comments. i think we put together some of that exchange. >> i didn't think it was a good thing for him to say frankly. he was talking about the border. i'm very much strong on border security and we have to have a border in this country and we certainly don't have one right now. as you know, we're talking about building a wall and we're going to build a wall and mexico is going to pay for the wall and that's the way it is. we have a trade balance and if you look at it, imbalance of about a $58 billion with mexico. there's really more than that.
8:11 pm
but somehow the government of mexico spoke with the pope. they spent a lot of time with the pope. by the time he left, he made a statement -- >> you think the government of mexico somehow got the pope to say this? >> i don't think they said that way. they probably talked about isn't it terrible mr. trump wants to have border security, et cetera, et cetera. and i think it was probably a nicer statement than you folks wrote in the media. one the bottom line is we have to have a border, we have to have -- >> the pope did go on to say that's not the gospel. farce whether i would advise to vote or not to vote, i say only this man is not christian if he has said things like that. we must see if he said things in that way and i will give him the benefit of the doubt. >> he talked about not having a wall and being a christian but there's an awfully big wall at
8:12 pm
the vatican. >> people do come and go through the vatican. >> and people will come and go through the wall. they'll come and go legally. >> you've been in fights with a lot of people. but with the pope, does it give you cause? >> i don't like fighting with the pope actually. >> one of the other comments he made was he was not really willing based on an audience question who said he liked donald trump but he was concerned about he said george w. bush lied about wmd, trump said he didn't know, he'd have to look at it again butch he also didn't in any way apologize for that. >> and you read when he said back to him. he said i'll have to look at the stratranscript transcript. the format of a town hall is much more relaxing, much more
8:13 pm
engaging. you saw the former first lady in the audience, the family members are there. you get to learn more about the candidates. it's a more revealing formality. >> it's more conversational, less confrontational. it's an opportunity for the candidates not to speak in sound bites, to actually talk as much as possible, like human beings and just let voters know who they are. it's the kind of thing voters in iowa, new hampshire and here in south carolina get to see from the candidates because they get to go to town halls if they wan 100 town halls in new hampshire alone. it's an opportunity to let the rest of the country and the world see the candidates in ways they otherwise not. >> anderson, let's get to our dream team tonight. i want to bring them in tonight. last night i asked and i looked around, donna brazile, one of the only democrats answered. i want the republicans to answer
8:14 pm
tonight. democrats hold your fire. amanda, who do you think knocked it out of the park tonight? >> i think the bigger story is donald trump's remarks about whether or not he supported the iraq war. the biggest decision a president will make is whether to send troops into harm's way. donald trump said he opposed the iraq war. buzz feed found an audio interview that donald trump did with howard stearn saying, yes, he would invade. trump said, yeah, i may have said that. somehow his position is now that he opposed the war until -- he was for the invasion until it started. >> he said that may have been the first time someone asked me that question, i was not a politician then, i was a business person then. he said i may have. he didn't deny it. >> there's a report now the out on buzz feed that includes an
8:15 pm
autdio clip of what appears to be you on howard stearn talking on the radio in 2002, he asked you are you for invading iraq? you said, yeah, i guess so. i wish the first time it was done correctly. is that accurate? >> i could have said that. by the time the war started -- >> this was 2002 -- >> by the time the war started, i was against the war and there were articles -- i mean, there are headlines in 2003/2004 that i was totally against the war. a couple of people this your world in terms of the pundits there that an there's proof in 2003 and 2004 that i was against it. >> those were a couple of weeks after the war began. >> which is okay. it was so early that even if it was a little built aftit after . that was probably the first time i was ever even asked about the
8:16 pm
war. howard, who is a great guy, by the way, a lot of people don't understand that -- >> he's a great interviewer. >> he's a very talented guy and a good guy. >> you may have said this? >> yeah, i may have. when you're in the private sector, you are get asked things. you're not a politician. and probably the first time i was asked. by the time the war started, i was against it and shortly thereafter, i was really against it. >> amanda carpenter, that's not satisfactory? >> no. we're talking about sending troops into harm's way. he said over and over again he was again the war. you can't be unequivocal. for him to act like he is an expert when he stands up and says bush lied. this is a topic he wants to talk about but once again doesn't want to be accountable for his words. he's probably going to call
8:17 pm
anderson cooper a liar tomorrow. >> both democrat and republican alike supported the iraq war, donald trump publicly opposed it in 2003. not only was he on the right side of history, he was on the right side of history when he had no intelligence at his disposal. those senators had intelligence at their disposal and they made that decision. he made the right decision -- sbl the giech >> the guy's changed his mind on everything. i give him props for saying, back then i was a businessman and tv star and i behaved like a tv star. >> is that a satisfactory answer to you? >> no but it's consistent. he says judge me then by what i was then, a businessman and tv start. judge me now as i am now, a politician. >> is that so wrong?
8:18 pm
>> i think it's refreshingly honest. >> what's really wrong with it, don, is he throws out this notion that he's not a politician, but the reality is going back to when reagan was running, he was talking about potentially running for president. he changed parties back in the 80s and filed as a reform party candidate. this is not a guy that has been just in the business world not paying attention to current events and politics. for the last three decades, he's behaved as a politician and he's been, you know, sort of bandying about this idea of running for president. so to suggest that he was just sort of ignorant about what was going on at that time i do think is pretty disingenuous. >> mr. gergen. >> i disagree. i found his answer entire live saturda -- entirely. i bet everyone on this stage has taken a view in public as a commentator and things change and evolve and you change your mind about what you're looking
8:19 pm
at. >> a show of hands of people who have changed their position after getting information or evolved over time. you have. i know you have. >> i change my mind about things i was thinking about this morning. that's what i find refreshing. i'm in a different profession now. >> to say i oppose it after our troops were in harm's way. >> that's not what he said. >> the first time it was on the record was then. bob, bring it home. >> look, trump once again tonight got away with backing off his comments about bush being a liar. typical trump way. follow-up was not frank lily al that good in the audience.
8:20 pm
he got away with the pope thing and got away with this iraq thing. it's all going to go down in the hole someplace and nobody's going to follow it up and once again trump is going to back himself out of something. the guy's a genius at doing that. honest to god, it's amazing to me. it's going to catch up with him eventually. you can't pull that bull -- >> bob beckel. we're going to at thtalk about line with barbara bush in the audience. >> you're assuming that barbara bush stayed around. >> we'll talk about the pope as well. we'll be right back with our all-star panel. you totalled your brand new car.
8:21 pm
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welcome back. this is columbia, south carolina. of course the room, everybody has left.
8:25 pm
you saw tonight the town hall there, my political dream team is back with me to discuss everything that happened. amanda carpenter is here, david gergen, anna knnovarro, bob beckel. >> he himself a problem with the truth. >> photo shopped. >> it was totally photo shopped. it even made marco a hell of a lot smaller than he was. he was not that big but not so small. he said about ben carson, everybody come vote for us, he's
8:26 pm
out of the race. that was so dishonest. and they he did something else you people never picked up for. he did a voter violation notification. it's basically you have a voter violation. these don't have lawyers. these were people that were frightened when they got it. it graded them. it says you have an f, f, f, f. it says if you vote for ted cruz, this violation is going to go away. people voted for him because of that. that was a fraudulent diamondback. he said things about me. for instance, i'm very strong on the second amendment. he said donald trump is going to destroy the second amendment. >> he also talked about nominating his sister as a supreme court justice and ted cruz said he was going to did that. what do you think, katie? >> i think the danger is that this narrative has started to develop that he's got a problem with the truth.
8:27 pm
so you can't go doing things like photo shopping pictures, which i think was a big error his staff committed frankly. to take a stock photo and photo shop president obama and marco rubio into it, it helps to frame the narrative. >> a big enough differenerror t difference in the primary? >> there's been too much of this. as someone who has sent out those letters to suppress voters as i did years ago -- it's now against the law. when i did it, it wasn't against the law. it shortly was after that. but this is -- what he's done here -- >> it's called the bob beckel law. >> i want to give props to chuck on just one thing. the guy talked about heroin -- >> you already said he was a genius tonight p.
8:28 pm
you said he was a genius at doing that. >> like barnum and bailey was a genius. he talked about his brother very openly and talked about addiction. people throughout in the shadows who need to come back into the light who are alcoholics and addicts. i think when trump talks about this and other people do, it matters to people. >> jeb bush spoke about it. >> and jeb bush did, too. >> trump said he's never had a drink or a cigarette. and, man, being president is hard as hell, i'm not sure somebody that's never had a drink is qualified to be president. >> tonight was remarkably free of all of the attacks. it wasn't as negative of what we've been seeing. >> donald trump didn't dwell on ted cruz. a front-runner address it is and moves on. that's what we saw donald trump do. >> this was interesting to me. anderson talked about it a little bit, donald trump being
8:29 pm
challenged on whether or not george bush was a liar -- the former president was a liar by going to war with iraq. talk a look. >> just to his question, one more chance, either you believe he lied or did not lie. >> i don't know what he did. >> it was a mistake for to you say in the debate that he lied? >> i'd have to see the exact words. i would say something was going on. i don't know why he went in. honestly there was no reason to go in. they didn't knock down the world trade center. it wasn't iraq that knocked it down. >> you would not say again that george w. bush lied? >> i don't know. i can't tell you. i'd have to look at some document. >> anna? >> that's a hell of a tiptoeing around. we've seen some of his poll numbers have gone do you since that debate. in south carolina there is a huge military presence. i think to say it was a mistake is something that a lot of people can agree with, maybe
8:30 pm
even george w. bush. to say he lied and fabricated facts about wmds i think went a step to far and was disgusting to a lot of republicans. >> he said someone either lied to him or the intelligence was very faulty. >> that's a great point nap is it -- that is what he should get across. george w. bush is very popular among republicans. he drove home the point, whether it was a lie or not, it was a mistake. we spent $2 trillion in iraq. what do we have o to show for it? isis -- >> he said he has to see the transcript. hell, you couldn't miss the transcript. it said "liar, liar, liar." do you have to see a transcript for that? >> i thought it was honest for him to say in the beginning, i'm not going to get your vote. >> the perfect answer for donald
8:31 pm
trump tonight wassism thought abo -- was i thought about that and i shouldn't have said that. >> i think he was sitting on his lead. he was trying to bury all the arguments and round off all the rough edges. he knows it's dangerous to get in a fight with the pope. i think he got what he wanted out of the pope earlier today. to go to bob beckel's point, he at some point is going to have to raise his game. he's going to have to become a more disciplined campaigning so he doesn't have to say one thing and have to back off it because that pattern is very destructive over time. >> why, david, if it's worked for him? >> he's going to be playing in a tougher and tougher league. >> he has the same pattern of throwing the ball and then hiding his hand. it has worked for him. his poll numbers go up. >> i thought you said they went down.
8:32 pm
one of the dangers he faces is he's going to start sounding repetiti repetitive. talk about marco rubio being scripted, almost everybody he said tonight was the exact same words he said before. >> hold your fire, hold your fire! i have to get to break. we talked about do you have the temperament to be president. remember the questioner? she's going to join us next. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here.
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zplr welcome back, everyone. you saw a town hall tonight. i want to bring in sherry burress. your question was fascinating. i thought everyone thought it was fascinating as well. you and i will discuss it and our panel wa weigh in on it. >> my biggest concern is how are you going to govern and get buy-in from people up may totally disagree with without getting angry and without refusing to look for common ground? i like your principles, i want a strong president, i want someone who is strong, tenacious, but
8:37 pm
i'm having some trouble getting past your self-control. >> okay. >> can you help me with that? >> i appreciate the question actually. it's a great question. first of all, when it comes to, you know, some people say, oh, trump is tough and i thought a did a great debate everybody night, "time" magazine and everyone thought i won. grudge thought i won. but some people thought i was too tough. i said wait a minute, have i jeb bush and all these guys coming at me from 15 different angles. you have to be tough. i have a great temperament. you don't build a great company, especially with very little debt. have i employees that have been with me for many, many years. they're great people who have been with me for a long time. we have isis, who are chopping
8:38 pm
off people's heads. hillary said "i don't like donald trump's tone." tone? they're chopping off the heads of people. this hasn't happened since medieval times. we need a certain toughness. we're not going to end one a country. we're going to let people into this country, they're going to be isis or isis related and we're going to have problems like you have never seen. we had a problem, the two radicalized people, they killed 14 people, they killed people that gave them wedding parties, people that they knew very well, people that they worked with, that they actually got along with, they killed them. there's something going on. we need a certain toughness. we have weak people leading our country. >> sherry, i don't know, did that help up -- you decide? >> you know, it's not exactly the answer i was looking for but
8:39 pm
i get where he's coming from. i think that's what has attracted a lot of people to donald trump, he says exactly what he's thinking and he comes across very tough. i guess the thing that i've noticed since watching the debates, because i come from government into private sector, i can relate to what he's talking about, you can be tough and say whatever you feel. with you when you go into a government environment, you do have to think about not just making everybody mad and saying things without thinking it through. because i think he's capable of doing it, i wanted him to tell me a little built more about how his temperament may or may not change over the course of the season, but i don't know. i don't know. i'm still undecided. my husband and i were talking about it. after watching all of the
8:40 pm
debates, you get a different feel going to a town hall than watching debates. >> so still undecided. and did anyone else say anything that may make you lean towards them? did john kasich say anything? did jeb bush say anything tonight? >> i think i just -- i liked kasich's compassion. i think he's a great person. and i really like jeb bush, too. i think when everything started and we started having names floating around about who was going to run, i was leaning toward jeb bush. i voted for his brother. i'm a republican. i'm conservative, i'm evangelical. i'm a christian, i'm a believer. i want a strong person who has strong morals but who also has self-control. in my experience, you need to have that in order to lead. that's what i'm looking for. i think the more that i see that, the more comfortable i'll get. >> i want to you stand by and
8:41 pm
listen to this. this is an emotional moment. this is john kasich. look. >> i've seen it everywhere. it's one of the reasons why i love it talk about the conservative economic policies but one of the things that i've felt and i've said in the campaign is we all need to slow down a little bit. there a lot of people throughout who are lonely and looking for a place to tell people about their issues. >> did that change you as person and as a politician? >> it has slowed me down and i have -- many of you or some of you have been at my town halls where i've talked about this. you know, the strength of america is not some guy or woman coming in on a white charger here to solve our problem. >> he was responding to a question from anderson about a young man who was at one of his events earlier today and he gave him a big hung, a young man who had gone through some hardships. is this the more personal side you're looking from from all of the candidates, even donald trump, right? >> i think you have to be
8:42 pm
compassionate and you have to be a leader. probably in my opinion kasich i had not had as much knowledge about him previously and not seeing him on a personal level. so i found that interesting tonight. bush i knew more about. in fact, one of the reasons i've been undecided is because i personally think that a governor has had a lot more direct experience than even someone in congress. what i liked about trump is that he has private sector knowledge, which i personally tried to inject into state and local governments to try to help them do strategic planning, look at processes and become more efficient. i get where he's coming from and i'm hoping whatever happens that, if he did win that he could put some of that into play in government and we would be the better for it. but it's going to have to be in a controlled fashion. and that's how i feel. >> speaking of the governor, here's the former governor of florida, jeb bush tonight. listen. >> about when i was 25 i think i
8:43 pm
decided normally when you're with -- i'm a hard charging, striving person, i always want to -- people like to strive to be like your parents, you know. it's kind of a natural thing to do. i realized pretty quickly in my life if could i be half the man my dad was that, that would be a pretty good goal if i tried to strive to be as good as him, thit would be impossible. i'd be on a couch getting therapy all the time. he was the youngest navy pilot in world war ii, served this country in so many ways, including being president, he's just a fine man, a person of integrity, honesty, courage, all the virtues you would want to be have to be inspired by, this guy's the real deal. half the man of george bush means you can live a life of purpose and meaning as far as i'm concerned. >> who can't like someone who says good things about their mom and dad. if you could put all three of
8:44 pm
them together, they'd be the perfect candidate for you. >> absolutely. in fact, that's exactly how i describe this election. it's sort of like when you were dating, if you could put all of your past boy friends to the and marry them, it would be great. it would be like all the little pieces put together. of course i am married to someone now for 23 years and i'm perfectly happy so i found my perfect match. but do i have think that's what we're up against and why it's been so contentious because people are feeling the same way and we're finding bits and pieces in everybody and we're just strhaving to get settled i. we're going to have do it pretty quick. >> stay right there. i have questions for my panel. sherri is the quintessential person, i don't agree with everybody he says -- >> say it and not back down from it. >> but he does back down. >> no, he does not --
8:45 pm
>> hang on, one at a time. >> this notion that he said it like it is all the time. he said it about george bush lying and then he pulled back -- >> no, he -- s >> let her finish. >> he said it like it was about the pope and then pulled back. he said it like it was about going into iraq. he says it like it is very, very emphatically and we find he's got this ready, fire, aim mentality that i think is pretty dangerous. >> let kayleigh respond. >> when you said he would temporarily ban muslim integration, he never backed down on that. he did not change what he said about the pope. he took a more gracious tone. he did not change -- he did not
8:46 pm
withdraw his comments. >> i finally got it figured out. >> come on, bob. you got the answer. >> if you did the replay of "the godfather," he'd be coreloni! are you kidding me? >> did me back down on it? >> i don't care. it's ani constitutional. >> everyone on the panel is saying he changed his -- >> whenever i hear you talk, i think i'm living in a surreal world. the first day he announced he went on and said mexicans were rapists. >> no, he didn't -- >> yes, he did! >> anna, anna, anna! stand by!
8:47 pm
anna, stand by! >> he said when the mexican government sends their people over, they send over their rapists. he saying i didn't say they were rapists, he said the government sends over their rapists. >> and the next day he said there are some great mexican people. then he said megyn kelly was bleeding from somewhere. then the next day he said that's not what he said. >> the exact quote matters. the words matter. >> but he repeatedly says things and backs down. it's a ready-aim-fire -- >> could we have one conversation, please? this is ridiculous. let's get down to one conversation. each one of you have your point of view but i think we've been missing the big story and that was john kasich tonight. that was a guy we haven't seen this entire campaign. >> well, we're going to talk about his next. >> thank goodness. >> let's put a button on this since i interrupted you you know
8:48 pm
i love you. what's your point? >> i'm exactly with david gergen. we're 47 minutes into this show and all we did was talk about donald trump. >> i think both john kasich and jeb bush showed a human side. debates are performances, they are canned lines, rehearsed lines and they are time ld answ -- timed answers. you can't bull crap your way through a town hall. i'm going do the spanish thing that anderson -- by the way, let me translate what he said to anderson. anderson, you want to do this interview in spanish? and anderson of course started giggling. >> and anderson said no. more to come. hold your fire, everyone. we'll talk about john kasich and jeb bush when we come back because the panel wants to talk about them. [ music ]
8:49 pm
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8:53 pm
he said he peiqued out at 18 whn he got to go to the oval office. >> he walked into ohio state, said i want to meet the president of the united states, he said i got in five minutes, he said i got a new suit and all he got was ticked off about that and so he got 20 minutes. i thought john casish was the very best i'd ever seen him tonight. he was very human pup know, he doesn -- you know, he doesn't have a chance in south carolina. he'd be under consideration if you'd ever take him for the vice presidential slot. >> we need to have one or both of ohio and florida. kasich, that could make a difference of three or four points on the republicans. it's always been very close up there. both of those two states mimic
8:54 pm
the demographics of the country. the worst ticket for us is rubio/kasich. >> i never understood the appeal of john kasich until i saw that moment in the town hall earlier today. that interaction was so genuine. there's a lot of crazy stuff flying around in this election, there's a lot of people that don't follow the day-to-day warfare. they're scared. they're worried. sometimes they just need a hug. it reminded me of george bush when he would hug people after 9/11 because people don't only need a leader, they need a moral supporter. >> this primary has deteriorated into a world wrestling cage match. the insults that are being waged directly by candidates at each other is just amazing. i think it's a sad reflection of the democratic process and how far down it's gone down. so tonight to be able to hear
8:55 pm
this human side, the decency of these -- even donald trump. >> this is what i want to ask you about. when we were talking about of show, and you're a jeb bush supporter, you say calumba had the best night tonight. i thought that was a heart-felt moment and they showed his wife and his mom in the audience. >> what was he going to say, though? >> he's been saying that. i think for kasich and jeb, tonight was a very good night because, frankly, i think this is a much better format for them than a debate has been. they had time to expound on their answers to show their policy chops, burr also to show their humanity and their softer side. jeb almost went into tears talking about his father. you saw kasich show that softer side america hasn't gotten to see. >> i'd be nervous in i were jeb. the race is so close in south carolina. i think viewers got a chance to see kasich for the first time. for those looking for a
8:56 pm
governor, looking for somebody that has got compassion, he's got a little more life to him. >> you guys are all great. unfortunately we are all out of time. bob beckel, i know you're upset. >> it's terrible. >> you'll have to get over it. that's it for us tonight. i' i'll see you right back here tomorrow night. if you missed any of the town hall, you can see the whole thing right here in just a moment on cnn. have a good night. my school reunion's coming fast.
8:57 pm
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good evening. welcome from the university of south carolina in columbia. i'm anderson cooper. we're moments away from another cnn republican town hall. jeb bush, john kasich, donald trump answering voters' questions here making up their minds before the first in the south primary here in south carolina. it's been quite a day, to say the least. for jeb bush campaigning hard, looking for a badly needed boost from a state that's been good to the family. for john kasich, hoping to capitalize on his second place finish in new hampshire. an emotional campaign moment. we'll talk more about that. and donald trump riding high in the polls and never shying from a fight. he's now taking on pope francis. the pope, returning from mexico sa


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