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tv   New Day  CNN  February 19, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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next contest. six republican hopefuls making the final push in south carolina ahead of tomorrow's all-important gop primary. so you have trump, bush, and kasich last night with anderson cooper delivering their closing arguments to voters at the town hall. all overshadowed by pope francis. putting up walls and not building bridges is not what the gospel commands. a razor-tight race going into tomorrow's caucuses. hillary clinton and berne cancer sanders now in a virtual tie. athena >> reporter: good morning, michaela. last night we saw a more demure, toned down donald trump. while the candidates have been
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battling out for undecided voters here, last night was less about direct attacks on each other and more about making the case for why they should be the nominee. on night 2 of cnn's town hall, donald trump toning down his rhetoric but turning up the heat with george w. bush. >> he started something that destroyed the middle east. it started isis. >> reporter: the billionaire questions bush's reasons for going to the war in iraq but dancing around a previous claim that bush's administration lied about the knowledge of weapons of mass destruction. >> well, a lot of people agreed with what i said. no one knows why we went into issue. i don't know. it was a mistake. >> it was a mistake that you lied. >> i would have to see the mistake. something was going on. i don't know why he went in.
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>> trump with howard stern in 2002 where he made comments supporting the world. >> he asked are you for invading iraq. you said, yeah, i guess so. i wish the first time it was done directly. >> i could have said that. i wasn't a politician. it was probably the first time anybody asked me that question. >> the front-runner backtracking after calling pope francis disgraceful for questioning his faith. >> we also talked about having a wall is not christian. he's got an awfully big wall at the vatican, i will tell you. it was a little nicer statement than was reported in the media. i permanently like the pope. he has a lot of personality. >> here's what i will say, we have the right to build a wall. there are too many walls between us. we need bridges if we're going to fix the problems in washington. all they do is have walls.
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>> i don't question people's christianity. i think that's a relationship they have with their lord and savior themselves. i don't think it's appropriate to question donald trump's faith. he knows what his faith is. and if he has a relationship with the lord, fantastic. if he doesn't, it's none of my business. >> bush taking an apparent dig at trump later, while listing the good things about being a self-proclaimed incident vert. >> listening allows you to learn. rather than being a big blow hard and talking all the time. what are you going to learn when you're talking? nothing. >> jeb gushed about his family. >> it's a blast being with george because i love him dearly. i realized early on if i could be half the man my dad was that would be a pretty good thing. >> it's really where i found the lord. life is so rocky, so fragile.
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we have to build our homes, our lives on solid ground not on sand. and i have found that even though the pain still comes, there's where i have to go. >> reporter: so kasich's compassionate side on display. if you watch him, it is interesting to see some of jeb bush's most passionate remarks were about his family. the candidates are criss-crossing the states making two dozen spots among them. >> as we said, donald trump seems to be dialing back his war with pope francis, blaming the media. he first called it disgraceful but seems to have changed his tone last night.
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you have been in the middle of this controversy from the beginning. you are now in rome. what's going on? >> reporter: well, i think context is important, john. i want to take you through the question and through the answer so you can get a full picture. here's the question. pope francis was asked, republican donald trump, in an interview recently, said that you are a political man, and he even said that you are a pawn, instrument of the mexican government for migration politics. trump said if he's elected he wants to build 2,500 kilometers of wall along the border, i would like to ask what do you think of these accusations and if northern american catholic can vote for a person like this? >> the pope responded saying in part, a person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be elected and not
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building bridges, is not christian. this is not in the gospel. now, pope francis said he can't tell people whether to vote or not to vote. but chris and john, he also did not utter donald trump's name. again, donald trump's name was in the question. so the pontiff was not exactly pointing a finger but speaking generically. >> rosie, we are both catholic. we both heard him say what is and what is not christian as opposed to someone whether or not they are qualified as. let's bring in mr. errol lewis and commentator and senior contributor for the daily caller, there he is, matt lewis. good to have you both, my friends. so john was right.
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the headline last night is what happened with the pope. errol, is donald trump right? he's wrong about the vatican with a big wall. >> you can just walk in. >> is he right that this is blown out of proportion by the media the pope wasn't saying he's not a christian. and trump wasn't being openly abusive. >> oh, no. i think it's a big deal. >> i tried. i tried. >> when the pope whispers, it has a great dell of impact. and he knows that as well as anybody. when he makes these pronouncements about actions that are or are not christian, he can speaking about great authority. he has a very pastoral quality. he has been under attack. conservatives have been going after the pope for quite a while. they don't like his immigration
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policy. they don't like open borders. they don't like the way he cares for refugees. he's a christian leader. he doesn't care what most people think about that. he's come under quite a lot of attack, including from trump. it was only a matter of time before some answer came, some clarity. people have been saying the papal policies, papal suggestions on what to do with immigrants is not to their liking. if you want to pick a fight with the pope, he will answer. and he can whisper and it feels like a hurricane. >> you know who can't whisper, donald trump. he called what the pope said flat-out disgraceful. if the lines are as clear as errol makes them here, the pope is making a clear statement to the world, why is every other republican save maybe john kasich, refusing to get
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involved. jeb bush saying, yeah, you shouldn't question someone's faith. ted cruz saying, yeah, i'm not getting involved in this. why are they so scared? >> i think it has to do with the fact that the next primary is in south carolina and where most of the republican apply mary voters are probably with donald trump on the border issue. so i think some of it is immediately self-serving. i think some of it frankly is. in all honesty, there is a sincere and legitimate objection to questioning someone's faith. even though he has questioned the faith of people like ted cruz and ben carson himself. so i think all those factors play into it. i would say i am a little bit concerned, though, in general. you know, there was a time obviously when a lot of evangelicals and protestants
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were anti-catholic. you have pope john paul ii and ronald reagan working happen in hand to take down communism in the soviet union obviously. it's a troubling trend we are seeing here. thank you, donald trump. >> look, there is no question what it means to be chris chap in america is what pope francis sees as the mandate. one of the things that gets drawn in the contrast is a difference between a man all about humility and one who is anti humility. last night he backed off the fact that george bush lied. that's where he started. that's why he got resonance. play the sound where coop pushes him on it. >> one more chance. either you believe he either lied or did not lie.
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are you willing to say? >> look, i don't know. i would probably say something was going on. i don't know why he went in. i don't know why he went in. >> this forensic event that we're seeing here right now, you don't get to do that in politics. when i catch you lying, and that's what it is. you say this guy lied. then you back off. now you're lying about it if you don't own it. he doesn't have is to do that. why? >> because he's never sold consistency as why you are supposed to support donald trump. he doesn't make any pretense about it. he wiggles this way. he wiggles that way. he was against going into iraq in the first place. no one can find any statements. he said, well, i was a business time at the time. i talked to a lot of my friends about it. he doesn't want any consistency, any kind of a trail. i think in the town hall format it worked against him. you could see how others
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answered. the highest office in the land, tried to be consistent, forth coming, tried to acknowledge that they are trying to put together a coherency package of policies so voters can make a rational choice. donald trump never does that. it's one thing to do in a big arena when they are screaming your name. >> it is not consistent. it is not coherency. do voters care? it happened again with donald trump on this issue. he claimed publicly he opposed the iraq invasion. well, it turns out, and anderson read him the quote last night. he did not oppose the iraq invasion in 2002. let's play this exchange.
3:13 am
>> there is a report on buzz feed with you and howard stern talking in 2002. he asked are you for invading iraq. you said yeah, i guess so. i wish the first time it was done directly. is that accurate? >> i could have said that. i wasn't a politician. it was probe the first time anybody asked me that question. by the time the war started -- >> this was true. >> by the time the war started, i was against the war. >> 2002, by the way, is when the actual vote was to authorize the war. that is when you lined up and took sides on the iraq invasion. i think the magic of being donald trump, it doesn't matter. whether he says something that's true or not doesn't seem to matter. why? >> he's a historical revisionist and reality is what -- it's the trump reality distortion field in full effect.
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but look, there is no surprise he's inconsistent. what i find is this pattern they're in a we are seeing, this m.o. of what trump does. he will come out and say something provocative and really outrageous. that causes us likecatnip to follow him. we're talking about donald trump and the pope a lot today because he said this outrageous thing. then 24 hours later, he almost always walks it back a little bit, sounds is much more conciliatory, moderate. people go, oh, what a nice guy. it's just boys being boys. this is really a pattern. and i think we fall for it because it's great. donald trump is irresistible to talk about and utterly fascinating. >> one last point. why doesn't the media call him out when he is consistently
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saying things he doesn't say. we do. it happens before. it happens repeatedly. it doesn't seem to matter. >> it's our responsibility. like if we ignored it and didn't cover it, that would be worse. he's basically manipulating the system. he's a master p.r. pro. >> right. you just have to be careful about the pronoun. it is not we the media it is we the people. >> i consider myself certainly part of the problem. look at how many things i have written about. >> you are taking all of this time in my segment. zip it. matt lewis, errol lewis, thank you. we'll have more discussion about this. in the 8:00 hour, we have john kasich. why? he talked about things differently than a lot of men do. stay with us. the body of the late justice antonin scalia will lie in
3:16 am
repose. a private ceremony will be held, followed by an all day public viewing. president obama and the first lady will pay their respects, but they will not attend his funeral tomorrow. that will be led by the justice's son, father paul scalia. a tour helicopter in hawaii crashed near pearl harbor. a fifth person was cut loose by an eyewitness. just terrifying video. oh, my goodness. a 16-year-old boy is fighting for his life in critical condition. the ntsb is investigating the crash. the battle for nevada. it is a metaphor for what's going on in the democratic race right now. why did it come down to being literally a hair separating these candidates? we're going to look at it and what it means for the race going forward.
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hillary clinton are neck and neck heading into the nevada caucuses which are tomorrow.
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democrats vote tomorrow in nevada. this race is so, so crucial. a lot has happened the last 24 hours. bernie sanders suggested that hillary clinton is using president obama to secure the black vote. what did he mean? let's bring backer roll lewis and jackie cuck kucinich. i'm going to read it a dramatic reading from that mark did with berne cancer sanders. it says, hillary clinton is now trying to embrace the president as closely as she possibly can. everything the president does is wonderful. she loves the president. he loves here. and all that stuff. and we know what that's about. that's trying to win support from the african-american community where the president is enormously. is that being dismissive of,
3:22 am
first of all, hillary clinton's ties to president obama. and is that being dismissive of the african-american vote? >> i don't know if it's being dismissive of the african-american vote. hillary clinton certainly has her eye on south carolina. she certainly has been polling the president close. it's not inaccurate. maybe the spirit is a little cynical. he's saying is she's trying to appeal to the african-american vote, and she certainly is. >> it's not a little anything. he's pandering. here's the risk, errol. is that it makes it seem like bernie sanders is saying he's not that close to president obama. he's not as embracing of him as hillary clinton is. that may or may not be his intersection. do you think it is read that way? >> that is certainly true. i also sort is of wonder why bernie sanders, the day after new hampshire, flew down to
3:23 am
harlem to have breakfast with al sharpton. i don't think that was a mistake. when he travels with cornell west or the head of the naacp to endorse him, the appearance of politics and act knicks and racial politics in a political campaign should not be all that surprising. when bernie sanders goes and creates latinos for bernie. or meets with al sharpton, he's doing the same thing. >> is there something in this message where it seems he is saying implicitly, i don't believe in obama as much as she does. >> he's saying he doesn't have the same claim on the administration than she does. i don't know if it's damaging because i don't know whether -- we don't know whether or not it's temporary. we have to look at the political map. we might find hillary clinton migrating to some other constituency as she scoops up delegates. she is not going to be necessarily talking about when
3:24 am
she is campaigning, say, in massachusetts. her relationship to the president matters right now this week in south carolina when she -- while she needs to stave off bernie sanders. what it will mean a week after that, who knows? >> we were talking about her campaign. she is about to pick up an endorsement from jim clyne, senior democrat in the state of south carolina, key member of the black caucus. he will give that at 11:00 today. tune in for that. jackie, the significance of this endorsement. south carolina and the democrats is a week away. does this help in general? i was curious about a week out. she has a pretty wide lead in nevada -- i'm sorry, south carolina. she wants to keep that. frankly a couple weeks ago is on
3:25 am
lock for hillary clinton. definitely doesn't want to be doing that next week as well. >> we haven't talked about it when it comes to nevada. there is a weird part of the system in that state where you can vote is in both caucuses. you can vote for the democrats and the republicans. yes, they have same day registration. you can take the bite out of both apples. what can that mean in terms of strategic voters and how people may be being pushed to vote in both. that is a new factor we haven't seen at play. >> in fact, it's brand-new. i don't know if anyone has figured out how to sort of manipulate that. in it does mean if you're a republican, they go second. you can have somebody vote to take a shot at hillary in nevada. why am i bringing it up? people in her camp are coming out with heavy theories, they
3:26 am
help him because they vote guys. >> it is much more straightforward. the average blackjack dealer makes $1,000 a year. bernie sanders raise, if he should get his $15 an hour wage, would be a substantial increase for them. hillary clinton says $12. to us, $12 versus $15 doesn't mean that much. it is 25%. that's where her problem is. he has a direct appeal to some of the low age workers. the chamber maids, food service, taxi drivers. they have a lot of reasons to be attracted to bernie sanders. and the fact that he has been spending a million dollars on ads. >> it's hard to get people to vote once, let alone twice. you will see it is a very usual thing. we'll see how it plays out. thanks to both of you being with us. you want to join us tuesday.
3:27 am
we'll have another cnn town hall. it worked really well. it is different when talk to us, to real voters. and you get this exchange of humanity, not just talking points. next tuesday, 8:00 p.m. eastern. democrats are up. south carolina will be down there. and we really do suggest you get a different version. >> all right. we look forward to that. be a planned cease-fire take part in syria today? we have a live report for you next. don't let a cracked windshield ruin your plans. trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪ (vo) what'scorn? dog food's first ingredient? wheat? in purina one true instinct grain free,
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a cease-fire was set to take place in syria today. the only plan is trying to put the plan in motion. cnn international diplomatic editor nic robertson. is there any progress at all, nic? >> with the pace of what's happening on the battle field, it is a dismal outlook. this is what was agreed last week. the united states and russia
3:32 am
today would have a task force of the other 17 international support group. members that would work out what they called the modalities of a cessation of hostilities. what we do know happened last night. there was a meeting between russian and u.s. military waiting pore the night in geneva. there is supposed to be a meeting later today with all the players. no one can put a time on that right now. what you have is hospitals, schools being hit, rebels fighting other rebel groups. so right now it feels that everyone can see this cessation and cease-fire is supposed to be
3:33 am
coming. will it all end on these talks tonight? it really seems unlikely. chris? >> nic, thank you very much. take a little break here. when we come back, does donald trump think george w. bush lied to make a case for the war in iraq? it is a big question. the answer matters. where is trump on it? figure out for yourself next. aren't moving in the right direction,bers it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. discover once-daily invokana®. with over 6 million prescriptions and counting, it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c. invokana® is used along with diet and exercise to significantly lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes.
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in last night's cnn town hall he was anything but committal. let's discuss whether this matters at all and if it doesn't, why it doesn't and what that means about the strength of trump and the state of the race.
3:38 am
gentlemen, thank you for being with us. you do agree that the first salvo was george bush lied about this. then trump walked it back. now he is somewhat equivocated. let's play when co-op was pushing him on it. >> there's a report now out tonight on buzz feed that -- i've not heard it. it includes an audio clip with howard stern december 11th, 2002. he asked you, are you for invading iraq? you said, yeah, i guess so. i wish the first time it was done directly. is that accurate? do you remember saying that? >> no. i could have said that. i wasn't a politician. it was probably the first time anybody asked me that question. >> all right. that's not the right sound bite. that's him going back and forth whether he was for the war or not. you know what he said. why is this okay in your
3:39 am
estimation? >> why is it okay? look, i don't think george bush lied about iraq. i just think the people of south carolina, people in elections generally, they're looking forward. they want to know what's going on next. they're not looking back 20 years, 30 years, 10 years, et cetera. in all honestly, i just don't think the this matters. i think this is a media obsession. i don't think the people in south carolina are going to vote on something like this. >> let's take jeffrey lord's statement as fact. it is just a media obsession. only we care that a candidate for president calls a former president a liar in a decision to go to war and the people don't. if that is true, what does that mean about the state of play in your party right now? >> well, that's a great question. i actually think it does matter. i think george w. bush went to south carolina and voters were reminded about the parts of
3:40 am
george w. bush's record they like. he's a charming guy. he did a great job on the campaign trail. and i think that, you know, i don't know whether the voters will hold donald trump accountable for going over the line a bit in these areas or not. i think it's a question for voters of -- i agree with jeffrey that it's about the future. but they want to take a measure of the man who wants to be their president. in this case, a man. i think this is an important component of that. if donald trump is giving clearances, i like that. you have to give a consistent answer and stick with it. >> except the problem is, matt, with your assumption is that you're wrong. i would agree with you, but look at the polls. every time he does something, doubles down, backs off. he then gets a pop polls. he is never punished.
3:41 am
what does that mean in terms of how people view donald trump, those who support him, in your estimation? >> i think the message that people receive from donald trump is they are looking for strength. they want somebody who is going to be strong and tough in the world and dealing with the outside world, et cetera. they are willing to forgive this or that faux pas, if you will. because they are looking for the core of this message, which is he will be a strong leader and that's what they like. >> is guy said to me last night when i was talking on the street. he said you know what i like, trump has no humility. he says how it is i have never used it used, the lack of it being a virtue in politics. maybe that's just where the electorate is on your side of the aisle right now. what do you think, matt? >> i like donald trump. there is a lot about this person
3:42 am
that is appealing. he is taking people on. he is saying it like it is. that's very appealing to americans. don't don't just love politics. they look at it with a little disdainfully. and donald trump taps into that. the question is this. he can hold on to a third of these voters if you look at these polls. look, he's our front-runner. what he wants to do now is continue to grow that support. he needs to reach out to other folks as well. when he takes on the bushes, it works because he's taking on washington. he's taking on the people who run the party. boy, there is a lot of conservatives in my party who love that. he has to be able to get to the next level of voter. that's the challenge now. >> i have to wrap up the selling isment. he is getting them. his numbers go up just about in every poll. we said it was the teens. we said it was the 20s. we said it was the 30s. now it's in the 40s. he's going in the right direction, that's for sure. thank you very much. thanks to both of you.
3:43 am
matt, jeffrey, appreciate it >> thanks so much. forget softball questions. south carolina voters came with some heat. two of them grilled donald trump on big, important issues. they will join us live next. (ray) i'd like to see more of the old lady. i'd like to see her go back to her
3:44 am
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oklahoma city thunder assistant coach monty williams gave quite an emotional speech
3:47 am
for his wife's funeral. boy, the league really showed up for him. >> they sure did. his wife was just 44 years old. she decide from the result of a car accident. they were married 20 years. they have five children. williams shows amazing composure. >> this is hard for my family, but this will work out. and my wife would punch me if i were to sit is up here and whine about what's going on. when we walk away from this place today, let's celebrate. because my wife is where we all need to be. and i'm envious of that. but i have five crumb snatchers i have to deal with. >> lebron james said monty williams, you're incredible man. may she continue to live in
3:48 am
paradise. ride off into the sunset. jared allen decided it was time to ride off no matter what the weather was doing. >> i just want to say thank you for an amazing 12-year career. this is the part where i was going to ride off into the sunset. seeing how there's no sunset, i'm just going to ride off. >> he grew up on a horse ranch. played football for the state of idaho. definitely a cowboy. cuomo has that jacket he wears sometimes with nothing else. >> had to go there. >> donald trump tackling tough questions from south carolina voters. join us next. ♪
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>> how are you going to govern examine get buy-in from people you may totally disagree with without getting angry and without refusing to look for common ground? >> when you said george w. bush, our last republican president, a man i respect greatly, a person that we really fought for when he was up against a lot of pressure, that he lied to get us in the war in iraq. that stung me very deeply. i don't believe that. i'm just wondering, given some time passing, perhaps you have rethought that? >> how did trump respond? did it satisfy these voteers? they are with us right now to tell us. sherry burris and oren smith. your question of donald trump
3:54 am
was about his tone really, which has come up a few times in this campaign the last several months. let's listen to his answer. >> i appreciate the question actually. it's a great question. first of all, when it comes to, you know, some people say, oh, trump is tough. "time" magazine and everybody thought that i won. they do the polls after the debate. i thought i did a great debate. some people thought i was too tough. we have isis chopping off people's heads. christian's heads. everybody else's heads. drowning people in cages. this is like medieval times. we need some toughness. >> you say he's a business person. you like the way he did business over time. did this answer, did it satisfy you? >> you know, before i even ask him the question i always like to know what i think someone is going to answer. it occurred to me it was going
3:55 am
to be difficult for him to come back to. really what i need, i needed to see from him action. that's a difficult thing for him to do at this point. for me, self-control is when you think before you speak s. i think he's a very intelligent man. i think he has made a lot of decisions in his life that obviously have been very successful. but i believe in politics especially that you need to think a little bit before you speak. and i think that's what has made people even more comfortable. last night i got a lot of messages from friends and people saying they are having the same kind of thoughts. i think he did the best he could with the question that was posed. >> do you think he lacks self-control? >> i don't think he lacks self-control. i don't know that he has ever been required to do it. like i said before, politics is a totally different animal. when you own your own company,
3:56 am
you can do whatever you want. but when you need to look for common grouped, sometimes you just can't tell people what to do. you're going to have to try to get there a little bit better and more diplomatically. >> given what you have seen, do you think he has the self-control to be president? could you vote for him? >> well, i haven't decided. in fact, i have decided the one thing we don't have in common is the ability to exist on three or four hours of sleep since i got here very late last night. but i do think that i could. i will vote for whoever is elected in the primary. right now i'm probably down to two. and we'll see. i've got until tomorrow. >> a politician in the making there yourself i think. oren, let me ask you about your.
3:57 am
you asked do you think george w. bush lied. >> i'll tell you very simply. it may have been the worst decision going into iraq. it may have been the worst decision anyone has made in the history of this country. >> one, you either believe he lied or did not leave. >> i don't know what he did. i just know it was a terrible mistake. >> you think it was a mistake for you to say he lied? >> i don't know why he went in. i don't know why he went in? he would not say whether it was a mistake. what was your reaction to his response? >> yeah. well, a little frustrated. i think i would take it maybe like donald trump would have. i'm going to declare victory that i got what i wanted and that was to back up a little bit from what he said about the 43rd president of the united states. so not exactly as far as i hope he would go.
3:58 am
but i got something. >> that's not the question i asked. that's another question. that's a very deep question that goes a lot of different directions, the surge, a good idea. did it accomplish its goals. did it affect obama becoming president. that's a very different issue. i want to know did he still believe that george w. bush, the last republican nominee, the last republican president was a liar. that's what i wanted to know. >> and he would not answer you. he said he would not get your vote. was he right, yes or no? >> well, i've got it down to a couple. i usually try to keep that personal. i do have it down to a couple. >> sherry, oren, thank you for
3:59 am
your questions last night. it was great to hear you talk to the candidates and see those changes. we appreciate it. we are following a lot of news this morning, so let's get right to it. >> i'm not talking about lying. i don't know why we went into iraq. >> the russians should be more worried about the united states. >> the glue of america is right here in this room. ? i have a lot of respect for the pope. i think it was misinterpreted. >> do you know how hard it is to run for president? >> the republicans want to repeal the republican care act. he wants to start all over again. i don't think we need that. >> the government of the united states of america belongs to all of us, not just a handful of wealthy. >> that doesn't mean i'm unaware of our problems. i believe in we can get this done. i know we can. >> it's not just electing bernie
4:00 am
sanders. it is calling for a political revolution. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota, and michaela pereira. >> good morning. welcome to friday. welcome to your "new day". alisyn is off. that means the "bromance" continues this morning. gop primary. three republican hopefuls, donald trump, jeb bush, john kasich answering questions directly from voters at last night's cnn town hall. after the pontiff suggested his actions were not christian because he wants to build a wall on the u.s./mexico border. >> pay more attention to michaela. got it. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a squeaker going into the caucuses. clinton once had a presumed double-digit lead. what are the factors?
4:01 am
we have complete coverage. athena jones, the big gop race headed to a decision in just hours. what do we know? >> good morning, chris. we saw a more toned down donald trump last night at the town hall at least when it comes to this dust up with the pope. as you know, we have been seeing tough talk as they battle out in south carolina for the undecided voters. each candidate talking about their case for why they would make a good president. >> donald trump toning down the rhetoric in his view on the pope but turning up the heat on george w. bush. >> he started something that destroyed the middle east. it started isis. >> reporter: the billionaire questioning bush's reasons for going to war in iraq but dancing around a previous claim that
4:02 am
bush's administration. >> i don't know what he did, i just know it was a terrible mistake. >> was it a mistake for you to say in that debate he lied? >> i'd have to see the exact wording. look, i'd probably say that something was going on. i don't know why he went. i don't know why he went in. because, honestly, there was no reason to go in. they didn't knock down the world trade center. it wasn't iraq that knocked it down. >> you would not say again that george w. bush lied? >> i don't know. i can't tell you. i'd have to look at some documents. >> he talked about not having a wall is not christian.
4:03 am
he has a very big wall at the vatican. i will tell you. it's going to be interesting. >> people do come and go through the vatican. it's open to tourists. >> all they do is have walls. i don't question people's christianity. that's a relationship they have with their lord and savior and themselves. so i just don't think it is appropriate to question donald trump's faith. he knows what his faith is. >> and he has a relationship with the lord, fantastic. if he doesn't, none of my business. >> bush taking an apparent dig at trump later, while listing the good things about being a self-pro claimed incident introvert. >> rather than being a big blow hard and just talking all the time, what are you going to learn when you're talking? nothing. >> with his mother, former first
4:04 am
lady barbara in the audience, jeb gushed about his family. i realized pretty quickly, if i could be half the man my dad was that would be a pretty good goal. >> we have to build on solid granite not on sand. even though the man still comes, there's where i have to go. >> so we saw kasich's compassion nats side there last night. some of jeb bush's most passionate remarks were about his family. it is fitting on this final day of campaigning as the candidates criss-cross the state making two dozen stops among them. jeb bush will make stops like at
4:05 am
this restaurant behind me with his popular mother, barbara bush. >> just 24 hours until the actual primary. we have a brand new poll coming out which shows a much different picture than we have seen. look at this. donald trump up five points by ted cruz. up eight over marco rubio. jeb bush is actually right in it. what does this all mean? david directingly, former "meet the press". and, ron, there is too much polling at this point. it's all over the place. but it blows up three narratives. it blows up that donald trump has a double digit lead. it blows up that jeb bush is out of it because he is right still in it. a lot of polling. it all means different things. tell me the stakes in south carolina with all of this going on.
4:06 am
>> that's right. three different narratives. internal consistency to this is what we have seen in other states where donald trump is way ahead among republicans without a college degree. 20% of college educated republicans. but fragmented with others in double digits. ever since south carolina moved up third behind iowa and new hampshire in 1980 in five of the six contested, one of the two won south carolina and won the nomination. if donald trump does win here, a state that is heavily evangelical that liens conservative, it will say he is cracking that resistance, skepticism on the right whether he is a true conservative or enough of it to be in a strong position march 1st, putting ted
4:07 am
cruz in a lot of trouble. >> ron brownstein laying out the case for why it matters. let's look at the opposite side of the standings. if jeb bush, let's stay focused on him, doesn't finish third, second, what does it mean? >> it is difficult. he has put so much into south carolina. he has had president bush down there campaigning with him. this might be his last stand. i think ron is exactly right. if you look at the top of this race. which is you have a two-man cruz versus trump showdown, seeing how durable trump is the more he says things that are over the top, the more republicans take a look at them becoming the
4:08 am
nominee. if you are marco rubio principally. this is why he has to do well to beat him, you have to make a case to donors, i know i'm not winning. i know in any other year i should get out of the race. let me mount the challenge against trump. i think we can take him down, even if that means taking him all the way to the convention. >> it is something the people have tried to do and have done for months and months. take a closer look at the things he has said. iowa is the one republican state. don't invade iraq. i stood up against the iraq invasion. >> i will show you 25 articles. we have seen an interview in 2002. it was with howard stern. let's listen. >> are you for invading iraq? >> yeah, i guess so. i wish the first time it was done correctly. >> yeah, i guess so, which is a
4:09 am
way of saying yes, i'm in favor of invading iraq. does that mean what i have been saying isn't true? >> i thought it was reasonably persuasive. it highlighted a vulnerability. by the time things are going stpupl scale he was against it. it doesn't seem unreasonable. however, i was at a rally of 5,000 conservatives. and the principal objection to trump on the line is he changed his views so often they can't be he would truly govern as a conservative.
4:10 am
i think this feed is someone who changes his views an awful lot. and do you know what you're getting? >> look, i understand what ron is saying. makes a lot of sense. it hasn't panned out that way. >> right. >> i think that's right. look, i think ron is exactly right. but we are both operating at of maybe an ant acquitted textbook about political campaigns. he is not a movement conservative. not consistent. not on abortion. not on the war. he is vilifying. the gop front-runner is accusing the former republican president of lying to go into war and basic live blaming everything that's gone wrong in the middle east. in south carolina a place where george bush saved his campaign in 2000. our politics have changed quite a bit. i think you're right. i think what we are saying is the identity of donald trump is to say or do anything to challenge everyone which is not
4:11 am
to say that he won't change his views, that he will be reasonable about it. he will not be hemmed in by all the niceties of the political process. it's not just his followers bought into that response about the pope. jeb bush, marco rubio, even ted cruz is like, eh, i don't want to get involved with the pope and trump. it seems is maybe the rules of humanity and what you are supposed to be as a presidential candidate. when you can go with the pope, things have changed. >> that was quite unusual. people will debate politically and otherwise whether the pope overstepped by questioning his religion. look, the pope's role in the world is to preach the gospel
4:12 am
and to interpret christianity through the prism of the ministry of jesus christ. his view and his passion of course is to look after the least among us, the poor, be compassionate. he is determining what christianity is actually about and taking on a world view that donald trump has had about immigration. and it was a strong rebuke. it shows how far the party has come since the days of 2000 when we were covering george w. bush. as a political matter, i don't know that it has much impact in south carolina with more evangelical voters who were not paying much attention to the pope. again, interesting to see how he dialed it back and said he would like to meet with the pope. to suggest the mexican government had an influence over the pope's statement or the pope doesn't understand the difficulties of immigration on the u.s. side seem to me to reflect a lack of knowledge on
4:13 am
donald trump's part. >> great to have you here with us. the next hour we will talk to the one republican candidate who said i am pro pope in this exchange. that was john kasich. he comes on the show the next hour to talk about that. and just an unbelievably poignant moment he had on the campaign trail yesterday. meanwhile, a nail biter brewing in nevada. hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a dead heat. we'll take blistering shots at one another. clinton is set to get a major endorsement in south carolina. senior washington correspondent joe johns is live with more. >> reporter: actually i'm in washington right now. the final stretch in nevada. the caucuses tomorrow. a lot of the back and forth there is about immigration naturally. with the south carolina primary just a week away there's a dust up over democratic allegiances. the town hall in las vegas,
4:14 am
secretary clinton questioning the party loyalties of senator sanders. he has been critical of democratic presidents. >> i just don't know where all of this comes from. maybe it is senator sanders wasn't really a democrat until he decided to run for president. >> it wasn't just hillary clinton on the attack. sanders on b.e.t. accusing former secretary of state of pandering, suggesting it's all about her attempt to track african-american votes. hillary clinton is now trying to embrace the president as closely as she possibly can. everything the president done is wonderful. she loves the president. he loves her. and we know what that is all about. that is trying to win support from african-american compute where the president is
4:15 am
enormously popular. later today we expect hillary clinton to get the endorsement of another establishment african-american politician, democratic south carolina congressman jim clyburn. he has been holding off endorsing anyone. now it's our understanding he's headed over to the clinton camp. back to you. >> all right. joe johns with that. thank you so much >> breaking news this morning. u.s. targeting an isis operative in libya. they struck an isis camp. whether the strike was successful today, not clear at this time much more importantly than the politics of filling the vacancy at the scream court is remembering the loss of a husband, father, and friend that was justice antonin scalia. today he will lie in repose at the supreme court he loved so
4:16 am
dearly. pamela brown is live at the supreme court today. we know that where the justice sat had been veiled in black. it will be over the entire area. >> it will certainly be a day of mourning here at the supreme court. a day of ritual and tradition. the casket is expected to arrive here before 9:30. it will be brought up the marble steps behind me and into the great hall by court police. the justice's former clerks will act as paul barriers. it will be in a cataphelt. we expect former justices to be there. family members. justice scalia had 9 children, 36 grandchildren. also, his former clerks. after the private ceremony, the public will be invited to you
4:17 am
pay their respects until 8:00 p.m. we expect president obama to visit with the first a lady to pay their respects. they will not attend the funeral mass tomorrow. the white house has been criticized for that. instead, vice president joe biden will be there tomorrow. josh earnest, press secretary, says they feel this is the appropriate way to pay respects to justice scalia. vice president biden has a lower security footprint. and ted cruz criticized the white house. he said he would not be attending the funeral despite that. now it turns out he will also be there tomorrow, along with vice president biden. the service tomorrow led by scalia's son paul who is a priest. back to you. >> thank you for that. cnn will cover all of that. there will be such an incredible remembrance of that life.
4:18 am
i was the parent of one of these kids, i would be hot. a school bus driver fired. the back of that bus inches from a speeding train. they were screaming at the driver to pull forward. thankfully the bus was not hit. texas law says drivers must keep 15 feet from the tracks. there is specific protocol as well. you can hear the kids. >> doesn't look like 15 feet right there. >> no. that is literally inches. >> he lost his job. they must have made a determination that he didn't have to be. it wasn't like he was stuck or in a rut. >> the bus had broken down, that would be one thing. but that was unreasonable. what are the latest
4:19 am
accusations and do they hit the mark next. i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in!
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4:23 am
hillary clinton and bernie sanders getting their final digs head of the razor tight nevada caucuses, which are tomorrow. bernie sanders hillary clinton is riding president obama's coat tails. let's bring in hillary rosen and bill press. hillary -- actually, bill, let me start with you here. i want to read you a quote from bernie sanders. he was interviewed and this is what he said about what hillary clinton is doing talking about president obama. bernie sanders says hillary clinton now trying to embrace the president as closely as she possibly can. everything the president done is wonderful. she loves the president. he loves her and all that stuff. and we know what that's about. that's trying to win support from the african-american community where the president is
4:24 am
enormously popular. what's he doing when he meets with al sharpton? i'm confused the charge that he is making. >> i think what the president -- i'm sorry, what bernie sanders is true. but what you said is true. first of all, let's not forget the nevada caucuses. that is hugely important tomorrow. it will have an impact in south carolina. but south carolina the wrath is that hillary has the black vote sewn up. she was so popular there and won in 2008. bernie sanders is trying to build as much support as he can. he's to line up as much support as he can so the message
4:25 am
resonates across the board. secretary clinton, i understand why, is trying to show that she is more in line with president obama's policies who is popular in south carolina is and will be the best to carry them forward. sit a good message for her. and bernie is doing what he has to do. >> you were shaking your head. >> because i think what sanders really said kind of just shows that he is showing that he is as capable as snarky a side as anybody. and that's what that was. the fact is that the democrats are overwhelmingly supporter of president obama. and hillary clinton can go out and be disloyal and talk about all the things she disagrees with him on. or she can be who she is, someone who served loyally and
4:26 am
tried to help him with his agenda. obviously the latter makes more sense. and voters see that, democrats see that. i think sanders has this, you know, mixed record in terms on of support of the president. he's missed off about it. he knows democrats aren't that happy about it. >> hillary put out a new ad yesterday comforting a girl whose parents might be deported. president obama deported more people than george bush did in eight years. attacking -- >> not attacking. everybody should see that ad,
4:27 am
john. >> we showed it yesterday. we played it here. i want to ask you something else about an interview that hillary clinton did with scott pelley. it deals with the subject honesty. >> you talk about leveling with the american people. have you told the truth. >> i've tried to. is it different than saying yes. >> well, hillary clinton is doing what -- >> can you be honest and a politician all at the same time. i think that's the question. >> you can. look, she only has herself to answer for.
4:28 am
she has made mistakes. she has owned up to those mistakes. i don't know what answer you're looking for there. but from her own point of view she's paying for those mistakes. here's the thing. talk about honesty. that nevada ad where she is talking to a little girl where she said to that little girl, i'm going to do the best i can. deportation is a problem for your family. i don't want you to worry about it. i'm going to do the best i can. what strikes me is she's not out there making grandiose promises about changing the world. what she is saying i'm going to do the best i can. you can't get more honest than that. i'm not going to accuse bernie sanders of not being honest. but when you talk about what realistic authentic truth is,
4:29 am
that's all you can do. >> i want to get hillary off the hook. all of us say we try to tell the truth every time. that's about as close as we can. bernie sanders said only one candidate ran against owe bam that. was that hillary clinton. only one ran an add against obama policy. hillary clinton. >> it is a hopeful look forward. >> thank you. appreciate it. tuesday night you will see much more discussion. we have a cnn town hall. it is the democrats, hillary clinton, bernie sanders. they will be on stage answering questions from voters in south carolina. chris cuomo, you know him well he is going to moderate that. it will be something to see. it comes after the nevada caucuses. a big moment in this campaign. meanwhile, for the democrats -- i mean, for the republicans, we
4:30 am
are one day from the south carolina primary. what does it mean for jeb bush? i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! theand the kids always eat sky their vegetables.e.
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4:34 am
the stakes in south carolina on the gop side of this race for president are huge at the top in terms of who wins. but just as big for those who don't come in in a position strong enough to maintain their candidacy. one name pops up and that is jeb bush. let's bring in michael steele, a jeb bush adviser. thank you for joining us. the question is an obvious one. the answer is complex. i'm sure you're going to make it that way anyway. if jeb does not finish second or third, so he done? >> look, we're excited about south carolina. i think we have done a great job make the case that jeb bush is the benefit to be the next president of the united states. he is the steady hand we need to
4:35 am
be the next commander in chief. >> right. but friends only get you so far. even family can only get you so far. as much as it's one phrase in the media, it's not a different in the polls. he will be in fourth place in south carolina. at some point you've got to pack it up in this business. what is your thinking about when that point would be? >> look, we're looking forward to a great result in south carolina. we have a large team on the ground in nevada. the governor spent a lot of time in the fall working in the sec primary states. we have a team and resources built for the long haul. we are focused on a good result in south carolina and showing people governor bush has the heart and the spine to be the next president of the united states. >> i understand what the standard is. let's flip the question. no matter what happens in south carolina, is jeb bush going to move on? >> we're looking forward to the next round.
4:36 am
right now he is focused on showing people of south carolina that he is ready on day one to be a great commander in chief with a record accomplishment and detailed plans for the future. >> you have to be more like jeb bush. when asked, hey, would you ever lie to the american people as president, he said no. when i ask is he going to move on no matter what, can you just say yes, or is it more complicated? >> we are looking to a good result in south carolina and we will move on from there. >> all right. enough on that. in terms of him finding his right space in this campaign, there's been criticism that he swings back and forth. is he trying to figure out a moderate space. we have a gun ad, which seems very aggressive. it says america. he said i don't really want to get involved is with the pope and trump. he said i don't want to get
4:37 am
involved with questioning a man's faith. which is not what the pope is doing. which bush is the right bush. >> i think you have seen from governor bush a consistent tone. he supports the second amendment. has probably the best pro gun record in the race. he believes that a man's faith is between he and god and he doesn't question mr. trump's christianity. right now we have people not a conservative. the most transformational governor of the 21st century. >> why isn't he at the top of the standings if the analysis is the way that you break it down? >> no question people saw the
4:38 am
trump phenomenon coming. we think in the end the republican party, conservative party, is going to nominate a conservative of the best khaoeft. >> cruz and rubio have been ahead in the standings. it looks like that way in south carolina unless something happens which you define as a good outcome. why? >> well, i think they are both very appealing, tremendous orders, tremendous political talents. but they both have completed less than one term in the united states senate. neither has a real record of achievement. they both had a lot of trouble coming up with an answer what have you done for the american people, what have you done for in the united states senate. bush cut taxes every single year. $19 billion. the economy boomed. leading the nation in job creation seven out of eight years he was governor. $1.3 million. tort reform, education reform,
4:39 am
taking on special interests to get things done. that's what he will do in washington. taking on a broken system to fix our tax code, get our economy moving again, rising middleclass income, rebuild our military and confront and defeat isis. >> michael steele, thank you for making the case this morning. >> good to be with you. donald trump using his war of words last night. could his feud with the pontiff help or hurt him? three pastors from south carolina weigh in when "new day" returns.
4:40 am
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4:43 am
i'm a very good christian. the pope said something to the effect that maybe donald trump isn't christian. and he's questioning my faith. i was very surprised to see it. i am a christian. i'm proud of it. for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> donald trump at adds with the pope. it's getting a lot of attention. what does it mean and why?
4:44 am
joining us now is three pastors from south carolina. mark byrnes is a trump supporter. mark gone swral hrez for ted cruz. and a supporter of marco rubio. let's put up what the pope said so we can all be clear about what this is. a person who thinks only about building walls and not building bridges is not christian. this is not in the gospel. pastor byrnes, do you believe this is an attack on a man's faith, or this is a continuation of a theme pope francis talks about all the time which is your faith is what you do. this is about doing the right thing as opposed to denigrating someone's relationship with god? >> well, first, obviously we want to -- i think it's
4:45 am
confusing, as i said yesterday, as to why the pope would make such claims as building walls is in any way associated with not being christian. in when reality, throughout the scriptures you find different aspects of walls being built to protect the children of israel. walls is not designed to isolate but is designed to protect. when the mexican government has given information to the pope about mr. trump and his desire to build the wall, straighting mexico and the united states to help eliminate illegal immigration and protect the porders of the united states of america. i was perplexed. even the vatican is surrounded
4:46 am
around a four foot wall. so i'm confused -- >> pastor, the politics -- >> i'm sorry. go ahead. >> the vatican is not surrounded by a 40 foot wall. portions of wall. it is not designed the way that you are suggesting. you can walk right in. it is not an apt analogy. let me move to to you, pastor gonzalez. he seemed to want to stay out of it. do we have the sound from the town hall? no. all right. he didn't seem to want to take a position on this. why do you think that is? >> well, you know, look, securing our borders and protecting americans, you know, by building a wall, is not the
4:47 am
criteria for how one determines who is is a. if there is an issue between the pope and double trump -- >> do you really believe that's what the pope is saying? if you build a wall you are not a christian. or are you ignoring the part where he says you have to build bridges. you have to reach out to people not just divide and separate people? do you think that was his point? >> i'm not sure what he meant by all of that. but i can tell you this. we need to secure the border. truly uphold the law of our land. that's important for us to do as americans. i don't see the correlation between those two. >> i can see how it would be confusing politically. i have you here as men of faith not as political spinmisters.
4:48 am
when we talk about this idea of what being christian is, the pope is not alone. it is not new to his ministry and that christians are supposed to reach out and help out the less fortunate. isn't that what this is about in your estimation? >> i think that's true. i'm baptist. we baptists don't even believe all of us are going to heaven. but here's that i do know. i can't say for sure whether or not donald trump is a christian. what i do know is that we are all sinners. and that jesus died on the cross to pay for our sins. when we repent and mitt our life to christs in faith, he gives us eternal life. that faith, that salvation has implications for every part of our lives. for evangelicals, we tonight
4:49 am
separate faith from every other part of our lives. our faith is the fabric of our being. it affects every part of every decision that we make. that's why i like marco rubio so much. his faith is consistent with the way that he lives and leads. he makes his decisions, he cares for his wife and family. he makes decision about policy. he is guided by his faith. he makes no apology for that. i think that's what the pope was trying to get at. you can't say you're a christian and then your life doesn't reflect that faith at all. as evangelicals, we believe that faith impacts every fiber of our being. >> so i think that everybody would agree no matter what their faith, in life you're judged by what you do not what you say. reverends, thank you for being
4:50 am
with us. appreciate it. mick. >> virgin galactic getting back on track. a look at the newest spaceship next. electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese! patient care can work better. with xerox. that's it. how was your commute? good. yours? good. xerox real time analytics make transit systems run more smoothly... and morning chitchat... less interesting. transportation can work better. with xerox.
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they suffered quite a devastating setback a few years ago but the folks as the galactic are itching to get back up in space. unveiling a new commercial sh s spaceship to replace the one destroyed. big, new plans an virgin galactic. getting ready to go? >> getting ready to go. today marks a critical step for
4:54 am
the team. this means they finally finished the construction phase getting them one step closer to getting regular people like you and me into space. >> this is the vehicle that is going to take many hundreds of regular people into space for the first time. >> reporter: richard branson's virgin galactic wants to be the world's first commercial spaceline nap ispac spaceline. that is the first to take regular people into space on a regular basis. and this is the sthhip that cano it, constructed in the mojave desert. >> into the earth where it belongs and back into space. >> reporter: the chief pilot has been training inside of a simulator hundreds of times, waiting for a real spacecraft to fly again. >> after this we expect in the next couple of months to be
4:55 am
in-flight tests. hugely significant. >> reporter: that's because virgin galactic has not had a vehicle since a tragic accident in 20914 left its spaceship in pieces and killed one test pilot. >> we're going to learn from what went wrong. >> reporter: the ntsb ruled the cause of the accident to be human error. spaceship 2 serial 2 was in development at the time of the crash but not nearly ready to serve as a replacement. >> when we began the journey we knew it would be hard, and it has been hard. the number one thing we're going to test fly this vehicle, test fly spaceship 2 and understand what happened. >> reporter: virgin galactic made several updates. >> accident itself caused by a control being moved when it shouldn't have been done and we've implemented a new system which prevents that ever happening again. >> reporter: but building the spaceship and adding the new features has taken time.
4:56 am
the ship has been under construction more than three years. >> i believe that future of this, of this vehicle will be powerful to the future of humanity. >> two, one -- release, release, release. >> reporter: this is how it works. the mothership, white knight 2 carries the spaceship 50,000 feet into the air. then it separates and blasts off at more than three times the speed of sound reaching between 5 50 and 62 miles above earth. the six passengers experience about six minutes of weight lieutenantness. >> allow passengers to unstrap and float around. >> reporter: people have paid more than $250,000 for a seat when virgin galactic actually starts commercial operation. >> it's more important than the experience, it's a first step in opening up space to the wider population of the world. >> ragi rachel says if she had
4:57 am
funds she'd go. >> immediately. how about you? >> watch a lot of movies. i can watch a lot of movies with that kind of money. >> i'll just say i had the pleasure of being on the vomit comet, the plane that goes up, gives you weightlessness. i'll put it in the kids' college fund. >> i like the acela. it's very fast. >> sounds fast. >> it's very fast. >> he's saying, next year-ish? >> so this is a critical milestone, yes, but doesn't mean they're about to take to the skies immediately. first start ground tests and then their test flights again and say that's going to happen in the next couple of months. then hopefully once they perfected the system, flying -- >> you want to perfect it before you get in there. >> certainly. and they're very much committed making this as safe as possible. >> repetition, repetition. >> exactly. what they're doing. >> very cool. thanks for bringing it. following a whole lot of news. so let's get to it.
4:58 am
the iraqis did not knock down, it was not saddam hussein that knocked down the world trade center i. would be ready to serve on day one as commander in chief and leader of the free world. >> i'm pro-pope. okay? put me down in the pro-pope column. >> also talk and having a wall is not christian and he's got an awfully big wall at the vatican. >> i don't think it's appropriate to question donald trump's faith. >> we all need to slow down a little bit. >> we will not allow the trumps and others of this world to divide us up. >> i am going to fight for you. >> i do not represent the billionaire class. >> i know what i'm against. >> i do not represent wall street or corporate america. >> this is "new day" with chris christie, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. >> good morning. welcome to "new day." it is friday, 8:00 in the east. alisyn is off, j.b. is here with
4:59 am
me and mic. hours away, republicans making a final push in south carolina. that primary is just tomorrow. so you got a last, good look at trump, bush and kasich delivering closing arguments at cnn's town hall last night, but not before trump got into a tense exchange in the media, at least, with pope francis, who suggested that just building walls and not bridges is not the christian thing to do. >> meanwhile, a tight race for the democrats in nevada with the caucuses a day away. hillary clinton seeing a sizable lead over bernie sanders, down to a virtual tie. how is the 2016 race going to look once the weekend is over? we begin our coverage with cnn's athena jones in spartanburg, south carolina. athena? >> reporter: good morning, michaela. voters across the country saw an extended look at the candidates. donald trump a bit more toned down, at least, when it comes to
5:00 am
that dust-up with the pope and witnessed heated rhetoric as the candidates battle it out in south carolina, last night was less about direct attacks on each other and more about each trying to make the case why they would make the best nominee. [ applause ] on night two of cnn's gop town hall, donald trump tony down the rhetoric in his feud with the pope, but turning up the heat on former president george w. bush. >> he started something that destroyed the middle east. it started isis. >> reporter: the billionaire questioning bush's reasons for going to war in iraq, but dancing around a previous claim that bush's administration lied about their knowledge of weapons of mass destruction. >> well, a lot of people agree with what i said, and i'm not talking about lying. i'm not talking about not lying. nobody really knows why we went into iraq. i don't know what he did, i just know it was a terrible mistake. >> a mistake to say in that debate that he lied. >> i'd have to see the exact word. i would probably say something
5:01 am
was going on. i don't know why he went in. >> reporter: trump dismissing an interview with howard stern in 2002 making comments supporting the war. >> he asked are you for invading iraq you said, yeah, i guess so. you know, i wish the first time it was done correctly. is that accurate. do you remember saying that? >> no. but i could have said that. i wasn't a politician. probably the first time anybody asked me that question. >> reporter: the front-runner backtracking after calling pope francis disgraceful for questioning his faith. the pope criticized trump's continuous calls to build a wall as not christian. >> he talked about having a wall is not christian and he's got an awfully big wall at the vatican, i will tell you. >> probably a little nicer statement than reported by you folks in the media. i have a lot of respect for the pope. i think he has a lot of personality. >> reporter: his rivals having mixed reactions to the pope's remarks. >> here's what i will say. we have a right to build a wall. i'll tell you, there are too many walls between us. we need bridges between us if
5:02 am
we're going to fix the problems in washington because all they do is have walls. >> i don't question people's christianity. that's a relation they have with their lord and savior and themselves. i don't think it's appropriate to question donald trump's faith. he knows what his faith is and he has, if he has a relationship with the lord, fantastic. if he doesn't, it's none of my business. >> reporter: bush taking an apparent dig at trump later while listing the good things about being a self-proclaimed introvert. >> listening allows you to learn and then you have a chance to lead, and rather than, you know, being a big blow hard and just -- just talking all the time. what are you going to learn when you're talking? nothing. >> reporter: with his mother, former first lady barbara bush in the audience, jeb gushed about his family. >> it's a blast being with george, because i love him dearly. i realized quickly in my life if i could be half the man my dad was, that would be a pretty good goal. >> reporter: so did kasich. the ohio governor sharing how he grew in faith after losing his parents in a car accident.
5:03 am
>> it's really how i found the lord. life is so rocky. it's so fragile. we have to build our homes, our lives, our homes, on solid granite, not on sand, and i have found that even though the pain still comes, there's where i have to go. >> reporter: and so we saw kasich's sensitive compassionate side on display last night. meanwhile, jeb bush's most compassionate remarks were about his family. it's fitting on this final day as the candidates are crisscrossing the state making more than two dozen stops among them. jeb bush hitting several spots, like this restaurant, with his popular mother, the former first lady barbara bush. arriving here just a little over an hour from now. chris? >> athena, the stakes, very high for jeb bush. because it's about whether or not he is able to continue. at the top of the polls is one man and one man only and his name is donald trump. bring in lieutenant governor of south carolina right now who has endorsed donald trump. his name, henry mcmaster.
5:04 am
governor, thank you for joining us. appreciate you being on this morning, happy to be here. >> you're a former prosecutor. make the case for your man donald trump. he said george bush lied about the war. he's now pulling back off that statement. was he wrong to say that george bush lied about the war? and should he own that mistake? >> well, i think in these campaigns, people ought to speak their mind. they ought to tell the truth as they see it. of course, that was a bad day in new york city, particularly for those who had fraenlds family in the buildings, bad day for all americans. one thing about donald trump had will say the truth. he says what he means, means what he says and says it in words that anybody can understand. that's particularly important right now while we are all trying to regain the confidence that we've lost with the people of this country who are looking for a leader that they can trust, whom understand and know will get the job done. that's why donald trump is
5:05 am
having fantastic success and i need to say this -- a lot of us have been to a lot of political events in and out over the years. i've never seen anything like the enthusiasm and happiness and support that donald trump receives from people all across south carolina. we've had groups of 10,000 people show up that can't even get into the, into the barn. there's so many people. they're enthusiastic, they love him, he responds, they want to touch him, signs all the autographs. they have are great confidence in this man a very different man for a dangerous time in our history. we never have been anywhere quite like this, the threat of people showing up anytime, anywhere, any day and hurting us and killing us, knocking down buildings. he's different. he's new, and he's exactly what we need, i think. >> all right. two points to push back. first one is, he says what he means and mean what's he says, except when he doesn't. right? because he says george bush lied and then when asked to prove
5:06 am
that, he said, well, look, i don't know whether or not he lied. i just know the war was a mistake nap is not saying what you mean and meaning what you say and telling the truth. you know this, but you forgive it. why? >> who knows what and who forgives what? i'm sorry? >> good questions, mr. prosecutor. he said george bush lied then backed off it and said, look, i don't know whether he lied or not. >> oh. >> that is not being consistent with saying what you mean, but you forgive it, in donald trump. why? >> i think -- well, i think that you need to take what these candidates say in the context of the meaning that they're trying to project. sometimes we get too hung up on particular words. i think the meaning is more important. it's more precise, and this is a man that has built a great empire, a develop empire, hired a lot of people. you can't do that on propositions and not keeping your word and not meaning what you say. there's no room for error like
5:07 am
that in and the kind of discipline and talent he's displayed. i think he's making the message loud and clear, and that is that he means what he says. people -- people instinctive trust him because they know he's a man of accomplishment. speaking clearly to the threats facing us, whether from trade, from isis, from illegal alien, all of those things and he wants to see and has made this point over and over and over in different words every time. >> right. >> different words, but he said he wants to make america great again, and he's talking about jobs, paychecks, good, solid work to let all of the people move up, all americans. he speaks of the american dream. again, not always in the same words but makes the same point, and you can ask people out there if they understand what he's talking about. he'll tell you they do and that's why they trust him and will vote for him. he's an honest man. >> no question a big chunk of your party feels about donald trump the way they feel and he's
5:08 am
very popular as a result. no question about that. now, you're a governor. a very different take. your governor believes it should be anybody but trump, that being a good business person does not necessarily communicate skills as a commander in chief when you have never done anything like that in your entire life. and she chooses marco rubio. you're laughing at the endorsement of your governor. why? i would think you would support her? >> no. i'm not. i love nikki. i've campaigned for her. i'm laughing at what you said. she did not say that. >> oh no? >> no, no. she's endorsing marco rubio for very good reasons. reasons she thinks, that are good reasons and they are good reasons, but i'm endorsing donald trump because he's -- >> she said anyone but trump before she endorsed. >> i heard all -- i heard all of those things you say, and she did not say all of those things. she's endorsing donald, endorsing marco rubio, but i believe more people are going to
5:09 am
be endorsing donald trump. more people will vote for donald trump because of what he stands for and because what we see in him is something different, that we have never seen before in a candidate. he's showing strength and understanding, and he sees the big picture. he doesn't get down, way down into the details, although he can drill down deeply, if you ask him to, but he sees the big picture of the future of america, how we're threatened by things that are coming at us right now that have never come at us before, and he is the man that has the, the personality, the strength, the character and the reputation for building and the ability to get things done unlike anyone else. we are in a very special time in our history, and i think that americans all over the country sense that, and that's why they are coming to see donald trump. that's why they'll vote for hem. >> those skeptical of his ability to deliver on his promises what did you tell them about why donald trump will be
5:10 am
able to effectively be a commander in chief for the united states of america? >> well, you'd have to ask that question about all of the candidates. will any of them be able to do that? nobody's done anything like that, like being commander in chief of the united states before. i mean -- no one has done that just running for this office right now, but i would say look at the man. look at what he says. look at what he does. he says what he means. he mean what's he says. he says it clearly so everyone can understand it, and that would include mr. putin and all of these people around the world that are listening to see what our president's going to say. see what he's going to do, and look how he threw discipline and hard work and good, sharp thinking and information, he's been able to build something. he's a man of great accomplishment. yes, it's in another field, but those kind of traits, that kind of determination and drive are the kinds of things that you need to be a good commander in chief. and, also, one other thing -- mr. trump has a, has a way of
5:11 am
bringing the people to help him. people who advise. people to work with him and work for him that are right at the top of their game and at the top of their field. and that is a very comforting thing to know, that the next president of the united states is going to have people from all over the country who may not have been deeply involved in government before, but who have enormous talent and ability to come and go to work for the rett of us in this country. it's very comforting. i say we need a man who can see the big picture, a man of strength and determination and accomplishment, who speaks clearly, whom people can understand, both have friends whom they will be able to depend on as well as the enemies. we want the enemies around the world, and there are plenty around now, and adversaries. we want them to be able to respect our president, but also when necessary they need to fear or president. they need to fear the political power and economic power of the united states, and that's how you keep a safe world. >> lieutenant governor henry
5:12 am
mcmaster, thank you very much for making a compelling case for your choice for president, donald trump. appreciate it. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> all right, chris, thanks. breaking news this morning. we are getting word that the u.s. targeted an isis operative with air strikes in libya, and now this new question -- will foreign fighters there, were they planning an attack before they were hit? cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr is live at the pentagon with these breaking details. barbara, what are you learning? >> caller: good morning, john. a u.s. official with knowledge of this attack tells cnn a short time ago, yes, this camp in libya was struck by u.s. f-15s ba there was intelligence foreign fighters were there and engaged in advanced firearms and training for a possible external attack outside of libya. obviously a good deal of concern they might have had their eyes on europe. the u.s. did not have specific time, date, place intelligence about an attack, but the camp
5:13 am
had been under observation by u.s. intelligence for several weeks, and what they saw concerned them. there was advanced firearms and maneuvered training, numbers of foreign fighters there training for some type of attack. the man that they struck, the tunisian operative for isis, someone with long experience in planning external attacks and they decided to get the approval from the defense department and move ahead and strike earlier today. michaela? >> barbara, thank you so much for that breaking news. we'll watch that with you today. the late justice antonin scalia lie s lies in state. and live at the supreme court we have more on the ceremonies that will be held today. >> reporter: good morning, michaela. we expect the casket to arrive here at the high court in around an hour from now. it will be carried up the marble steps behind me by court police and scalia's former clerks will
5:14 am
be the honorary pallbearers. the casket brought inside and into the great hall, where there will be a private ceremony at 9:30, attended by retired and current justices as well as justice scalia's family and former and current clerks. after that private ceremony, the public will be allowed inside to pay their respects, and we do expect, as you mentioned, the first family to come by and later this afternoon they will do that. we have heard from the white house that president obama will not be attending justice scalia's funeral mass at the basilica tomorrow. instead, vice president biden will be there. ted kruse has criticized the president for not attending the funeral tomorrow, and, in fact, after that, his campaign said he wouldn't be able to attend the funeral either because of campaign duties. now it turns out he will be there tomorrow along with vice president biden. the white house meantime, says it feels like this is the appropriate way to pay respects
5:15 am
to justice scalia. vice president biden has a close relationship with the family. so he will be there tomorrow. certainly two days of mourning for of the justice, despite all the politics over who will fill justice scalia's spot here on the high court. chris? >> pamela, thank you very much. we'll be watching and covering the events of the death and funeral of justice scalia. the death of a baby dolphin, spaing outrage among animal lovers and activists and beyond. video shows beachgoers taking the tiny dolphin out of the water, passing it around for petting and selfies. the animal wound up dying later. the la plata dolphins have a thin skin that dehydrates quickly out of the water. they're only found in argentina, and uruguay, only 40,000 remain in the world. >> protection of these animals of marine life for a reason.
5:16 am
on the coast, in hawaii, steer clear. give them lots of space. it's not to be jerks. it's to protect them. >> it's not like they butchered the fish or -- it's a mammal, not a ish if, maybe, they thought, hey, this thing breathes air. it will be okay. we can pass it around. that's a tough story. >> it's a shame. hillary clinton says bernie sanders is a democrat of convenience. bernie sanders accuses hillary clinton of using the president to woo black voters. we're going to speak with a u.s. senator right in the middle of this heated battle, next. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean,
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just one day to go until nevada votes the democratic caucuses in nevada tomorrow all tied up there. hillary clinton and bernie sanders, tie. so you can bet all sorts of stuff being flung about in every direction. well, that's going on. a fierce political and judicial battle brewing in washington to fill the vacancy on the supreme court following the death of justice antonin scalia. one u.s. senator in the middle of both battles, minnesota senator amy klobuchar sits on the judiciary hearing usually holds hearings for the nominee. senator, thank you for being with us. >> thank you, john. >> i should mention your name has been bandied about as the potential supreme court nominee. clear this up right here and
5:21 am
now. have you been contacted by the white house for this nomination? >> no. i won't be, because i made it very clear that i love my job representing minnesota, and i don't want to be in the running for that job, but i will tell you this -- being on the judiciary committee right now couldn't be more important. not only will we look at the president's nominee and look at the qualifications, but i figure i have a job right now to make the case for why we have to fill this vacancy. you go back to the 1800s, you have to go back that far, to find a time where a supreme court job was left vakant for over a year. back before we had-tvs, washing machines or airplanes. this is a ridiculous situation. there is very important pending business before the court. there is a constitutional duty for the president. it says he shall nominate someone. it says that the senate shall advise and consent, and i'm hoping that some of my colleagues on the republican side are changing their tune.
5:22 am
you've seen dean heller, republican senator from nevada come out and say very strongly, and others, that, well, we should move ahead and there should be a hearing. >> you have not been contacted by the white house. you say that the judiciary committee will be looking at the nominees but we don't know that for sure, do we? let me read you an op-ed in the "washington post" from senator mitch mcconnell leader and chuck grassley, the chairman of the judiciary committee. we don't know. >> yes, i read it. >> i'll give a dramatic reading for the audience. given we are in the midst of a presidential election, americans people weigh in on whom they trust for a lifetime nomination to the supreme court. it is today the american people rather than a lame duck policies rejected in the national election who should be afforded the opportunity to replace justice scalia. it does not sound like mitch mcconnell and chuck grassley will let you hold the hearings
5:23 am
you want to hear for the next nominee? >> correct, but some of their members may feel differently and you've seen chuck grassley back off from that in recent days. so my hope is that if they look at history, take a few minutes and look at history, 14 justices that were confirmed during an election year, and when you look at the sitting justices, john, the longest any of them went from the time the president nominated to a confirmation was 99 days. and that was justice thomas. so every single one of them took less than that, and in my mind, for those that love the constitution and care about the constitution, if the president nominates someone within the next few weeks as he said he will, that should be done. the senate should be done with its work by fourth of july. >> all right. from politics to politics. let's talk about the presidential election right now. hillary clinton versus bernie sanders. in a town meeting last night. bernie sanders was pressed on women's issues and whether he stands up and fights for women's issues. listen to the answer they gave.
5:24 am
>> i consider myself a strong feminist. and, in fact, gloria steinem, everybody knows gloria is one of the leading feminists in america, made me an honorary woman many, many years ago. >> how can you honor with that? he's an honorary woman. everyone laughs, as you just did when you heard that. you are supporting hillary clinton not bernie sanders. do you think that bernie sanders doesn't have a good record on women's issues over the years? >> well i don't think that that is something that people have been saying. i've served with bernie. i think he has a good record on women's issues and i don't think those of accusations that have been made. i think the issue here is hillary clinton has the experience, and she's got the ideas to be a great president. i saw that town hall last night, and i think the big takeaway for me and i urge people to watch it, is just her passion on the immigration issue. you know, we have 15% to 20% of
5:25 am
the attendees at those caucuses are hispanic and you really saw firsthand her knowledge of that issue. she has a new ad out that i just saw it this morning. very touching ad of a girl, a young girl coming up and talking to her about the issue and how much she cares about it. you also have south carolina where hillary clinton is now, like, something like 20 points ahead, receiving the endorsement of congressman clyburn. a key endorsement in that state, key black leader in south carolina. so i'm very excited about these states coming up and hillary clinton's strength in these states. >> quickly, she was interviewed by scott pelley from "60 minutes" about the issue of honesty. can we play that quickly so you it see that. >> you talk about leveling with the american people. have you always told the truth? >> i've always tried to, always. >> again, honesty and trustworthiness an issue throughout the election. is this something she can
5:26 am
overcome? >> well, i do -- i do think she will overcome it and i also think you see right now how people react to her when they get to know her, when they get to meet her, and i think there's a lot of opportunities for that. i think one of the good things she's been doing is going on these interviews. going on tv shows. for a while during the summer that rein happening and the minute she started getting out there, you saw that change, and you are going to see that change state by state. >> all right. senator amy klobuchar, current u.s. senator, future u.s. senator from the state of minnesota. not apparently in the near-term a future supreme court justice. >> we have a lot of work to do, john. thank you so much. >> appreciate it. join us tuesday night for the next cnn town hall. the democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders. they will take the state in south carolina, just days before the democratic south carolina primary. chris cuomo will moderate this important event. it is tuesday night, 8:00 eastern right here on cnn. chris? >> all right, my man. one of the reasons we like the town halls, you get
5:27 am
purchase, a window into these candidates that's different, and one great example of that is the governor of ohio, john kasich. you get a window what motivates him as a man, how he is with other people and what really matters to him in leadership. we're going to have the governor on in a moment. i just wanted to give you a second to watch this moment. we're going to talk about this with him on "new day." stay with us. diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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all right. joining us right now is the governor of ohio. republican presidential candidate john kasich. governor, good of you to be with us this morning. appreciate it. >> thank you, very much. thank you very much. >> what is your message to republican voters about what happens if donald trump is the nominee of the gop? what happens in the general election? >> i don't have any message about anybody else, chris. i'm not talking about donald trump this morning. voters are going to have a vote here and then we're going to move on to a bunch of other states, and my message is that, you know, i've been a person
5:32 am
who's not been in the establishment lane or the anti-establishment lane, but i do make the establishment nervous, because i've been a change agent, and i've been able to, in washington, balance budgets, cut taxes and get in a position where we had job growth and better lives for everybody, and also in ohio we've gone from a loss of 350,000 jobs to a gain over 400,000 and the formula's always the same. common sense regulations, lower taxes and fiscal responsibility. if you do that, you get economic growth and that's what we need in america for our families, our communities and our country. >> governor, as you know, this election is very much become a point of contrast, and that's why i was giving you the opportunity because of the presumption with trump right now in the polls, but i understand you making your own message. let me ask you this -- you say i was considered a change agent when in washington, d.c. compromise is a bad word in the primary right now. what do you want to tell people about that? about how it actually works once
5:33 am
you get elected and you have to go to washington, d.c. and make things happen? >> yeah. well, we don't have a parliamentary system. we've got -- we're not like england. we have to work together. i mean, if we want to solve the problems of the border, social security, wage growth, balancing budgets, if we want to do these things you can't do it with just one party. you've got to have some other people working and participating, and, look, i mean, what we have to realize here is if you take a look at mr. trump's votes, so, you know, if he gets 30% that means 70% are not for him. and it isn't my job to have to talk about who is or what he is or what his plans are. i'm a true believer. i think i've got to, you know, sell what i'm about, and either people buy it or they don't. i had these two little girls come on the bus with their parents last night. one was like 8, the other was like 9 and one of them actually says to me, she says, how can you stay so positive when everything is so negative? i almost -- you know, fell down
5:34 am
when i heard that out of the mouth of a 9 or a 10 -year-old. look, it's not worth it to be engaged in demolition derby for me. i don't want to be in demolition derby. if that's what it takes, i'm going home to ohio. okay? we'll see what happens here in the next couple weeks, chris. >> so in terms of what matters to you, i think we got a good look at it, as somebody who's known you a very long time. out on the trail, holding your on event. young man gets up and starts talking how hard it is and you get exposed to a lot of that on the trail. people don't understand how much humanity you come in tact with, how many are hurting and how a candidate has to process that and help in those situations. i want to play this for people and process what wa was going through your mind and you met and embraced this young man a. man who was like my second dad, he killed himself, and -- then a few months later -- my parents got a divorce. and then a few months later, my dad lost his job.
5:35 am
but i was in a really dark place for a long time. i was pretty depressed, but i found hope and i found it in the lord, and in my friends, and now i've found it in my presidential candidate that i support, and i really would appreciate one of those hugs you've been talking about. [ applause ] >> now, gov, it's not just giving the hug. it's, what is in you when you're hearing that young man? he affected you. tell people why. >> you know, chris, it's been happening, you know i had a woman pleading with me about the problem of epilepsy just a night -- you know, the day before yesterday. i had a guy drive from new york to talk to me about his son's illness. i've had -- i mean, i don't -- i don't need to over-think this. it's just that i've become convinced that a lot of people out across our country who are lonely.
5:36 am
i don't know -- i don't know why they feel comfortable to do it. what was going through my mind is, this is happening again, and it has not been unusual for me to see, and you know, yesterday morning i, there was a lady who came with a therapy dog. >> hmm. >> to see me. and she's, she is fighting alcoholism, and i took her in the back room and asked her what she wanted to do? and she needs to let the people who could help her to be able to be in a position to give her a chance, because they might be saving her life. i asked her if she'd been to 12 steps. she said she had been, and i told her to ask the lord to help her to give her strength. look, this is -- i didn't expect to be doing this, but i can do it. i've done it, you know, for a lot of years now, where people tell me certain things, and it's a privilege. and i called a friend of mine -- you know, a great guy of faith. somebody who played a pivotal role in my life, and in helping me after my parents' death and i
5:37 am
said, why is this happening? he said, shut up. don't worry about it. we'll think about it in a year. that's probably the right way to think about t. it's always better to feel than to think when it comes to empathy in a lot of situations. you think that's what we need more of? let's keep it positive. instead of saying that's what's missing. you think that's what we need more of? more humility, more vulnerability, more sweetness as strength? because that is, really, in short supply right now, especially in this race. >> well, if you think about your dad, who was admired very much. mario cuomo, the former governor of new york, and he would go make these speeches at these commencements and they would publish them in the paper and i would read them, and he painted a picture of the way that america could be, about us coming together, about communities and families and -- and you know, look, i think we got to get the jobs going. we need conservative principles, chris, to be able to get the economy moving again, but once that happens, you know, i know
5:38 am
most of the viewers know the glue that holds it together are the relationships we live. we won't have somebody riding in a white stallion to get education, fight drugs, we got to do it right where we live and all of us have to live a life a little bigger than ourselves. this is probably why i'm doing better. maybe i was supposed to have an opportunity to talk about these things, i don't know, chris, but i'm having a great time. but without the policy changes that we need to get this country moving again, the rest of those things become much more difficult to do. so my philosophy is, economic growth, economic growth, economic growth, and then leave no one behind, and that means that we come together as a community to do the things that we want to do that allows us to reunite again. >> as we've all learned often what you believe most deeply is something that's worth losing for. not just figuring out what it takes to win. governor kasich, good luck to you out there and thank you for
5:39 am
being with us on "new day" today. >> good to talk with you. thank you for the interview this morning. thank you very much. >> always. >> helpful conversation there. saying good-bye to a supreme court justice. ceremonies beginning today for antonin scalia. we'll hear ahead personal stories on his life and looking forward to his legacy. coming up. yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! (vofights mess right.ghtweight 4-in-1 attacks three strong litter box odors, plus locks clumps tight. ... and now it's light. every home, every cat. there's a tidy cats for that. my wife and i are now participating in your mutual fund. we invested in your fund to help us pay for a college education for our son. we've enclosed a picture of our son
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all right. here we go, five things to know on a friday. the next two contests in the 2016 race just hours away. donald trump, jeb bush, john kasich delivering closing arguments at cnn's town hall last night, trump toning things down a bit after calling the pope disgraceful for questioning his faith. a nail biter for democrats in nevada. bernie sanders and hillary clinton both throwing increasingly bitter jabs ahead of tomorrow's caucuses there. the u.s. launching air strikes on an isis base in libya. the operative behind two deadly attacks in tunisia was the target. intelligence indicating foreign fighters were planning an attack. in less than an hour's time a private ceremony will be held inside the supreme court for late just it antonin scalia. his body will lie in repose
5:44 am
ahead of his funeral tomorrow. and a tourist helicopter crashes on pearl harbor. quickly a rescue. theness nestsb is investigatin cause. for more visit our website. and the cnn quiz show "road to the white house," watch. >> this year people want change. >> change we can believe in. >> no more of the same. >> the what, what? >> we're going to win the quiz show. >> won 97 times. >> given the smirk on your face you feel pretty good, don't you there, john berman. >> i heard berman won. >> he won, but you weren't there. >> right. i've never lost. >> for the record. >> winning! >> winning. our molto is winning. what we're going to bring to "the quiz show". >> exactly. >> john king. >> a smart guy. >> no mercy. >> tapper -- follow the money. >> save it. stave it. [ buzzer ]
5:45 am
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that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. a private ceremony gets under way shortly at the supreme court to honor the late justice antonin scalia. joining us to discuss his limp, his legacy, are justice scalia's dear friend, professor garner who teaches law at southern methodist university and co-authored two books with the justice. and cnn legal analyst jeffrey toobin. it's very hard for the family to lose someone and his colleagues but important also to celebrate the life. professor gardner, you were traveling with justice scalia recently on a trip to asia. talk to me about this friend of yours, and your final memories of him. >> well, we spent two of his last three weeks together in asia and singapore and hong kong. he was a wonderfully companionable friend.
5:50 am
he was in his personal life as in his professional life, he was relentlessly logical. he loved is a crsacreak arts ang things through to their logical conclusion. i think he was a cross between sam y sam you'll johnson and socrates. >> wow. makes it a challenge to co-author books with him. jeffrey, let's talk about the impact that this man and this mind had on the court system in america. what will you -- do you think the legal legacy will be of justice scalia? >> well, i think, frankly, that's up for grabs, michaela. depends on who succeeds him at the supreme court. if a democrat succeeds in getting a nominee, that would be a fifth democratic vote on the
5:51 am
supreme court. and i think that would diminish justice scalia's legacy a great deal. he was a very conservative voice, believed in a school of interpretation called originalalism meaning the constitution should be interpreted as originally understood by the framers. a lot of democrats believe in what they call the living constitution. that the meaning changes over time. that's why the fight over his succession is so important, because it's about ideas and about what the constitution means in people's real lives, and that's just up for grabs. >> jeffrey what do you think people -- not people, what do you think he would make of this struggle about how his successor is named and the process that is -- taking on right now? >> i don't think he would like it. i don't think any of the justices like how political, how politically the court is viewed, but i think he would also understand that these are big issues. they're very important.
5:52 am
it's very consequential p. we talk about the supreme court in terms of abstractions. is abortion going to be legal in many states in the united states? is it legal to discriminate against gay people in the united states? that's what these fights are about. it's not just abstractions. and justice scalia was at the heart of these disputes for 30 years and we should remember that -- >> we should remember his confirmation was 98-0. >> right. >> and that in those days, it was much less political. we wrote about this in our book "reading law." that when judges take it upon themselves to amend the constitution themselves, then the entire court becomes politicized, and if judges hold themselves to having words mean pretty much what they meant when they were, when they took affect, but applied to the modern world, not in some simple simon way but applied to the
5:53 am
modern world as an analog, judges are much more political. if you allow them to amend the constitution every couple of years it becomes highly a politicized -- >> hold on. looking at photos of your time together with the justice, and i know that he took umbrage of you calling him professor justice scalia he preferred than his nickname nino. what a joy follow face he has. we see it there. i'm sure more pictures shown over the course of the memorial and the funeral tomorrow, which i know, i understand, professor, you'll be attending. jeffrey toobin, professor, thank you so much for helping remember this terrific man and powerhouse on our supreme court. thanks for joining us today. >> thank you, michaela. >> we'll be right back. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business.
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5:57 am
lapd officer deion joseph patrols one of the toughest neighborhoods in america and grew up thinking police were the problem in minority communities. then he still decided to become a cop. cnn sara sidner has the story for you. >> hey, guys. how ya doing? happy birthday. my man acting right? you know i got you. i got you. >> reporter: deion joseph has a story for every corner of this
5:58 am
50-block mass of humanity known as skid row. population, far too many. >> those are the people i need our government, our jumps, ju come off the bench and take a walk with me, please, and help these people. >> you suffering from internal bleeding. >> when i first got there, people walking into the station with intestines hanging out, arms broken backwards. black eyes and didn't even want a police report. just wanted to hide from they are attacker. >> do you know the name of the person who hurt you? >> reporter: the workplace joseph chose, infamous for its homeless population. >> you're a veteran? >> yes, sir. >> i got a friend works veteran affairs. he will take you off the streets today, if you want it. >> reporter: why do you keep going back to a place you describe as daunte's inferno? armageddon. >> it's my upbringing. i give up on people. >> reporter: his parents fosters 41 children and officer joseph found his calling here. this is year 18 on one of the hardest beats at the lapd.
5:59 am
surrounded by the mentally ill, hopelessly addicted. >> hello, sweetheart. >> how are you? a blessing. >> you keeping that man in line? >> yes. how are y'all? when i first met him me and my kids got here from georgia and were homeless. >> reporter: until officer joseph walked by, found them housing and offered tough love. >> my fiance, he put him in prison and by that saved my life. >> reporter: you're not mad at him? >> oh, my, i love this man. you hear about the negative. you don't hear about the positive. he's a wonderful man. >> reporter: why are you crying? >> because he's an awesome man. >> do something that's real. what i need more than anything, before i retire. >> reporter: but you can't retire from family, and that's exactly how joseph seeing the people society forget, how ya doing? >> reporter: sara sidner, cnn, los angeles. >> i've met him. he is an incredible individual.
6:00 am
he is, and his twin brother also in lapd. a powerhouse, two of them. >> big shoulders, literally. >> hope he doesn't retire for some time. >> biggest muscles but his heart. >> time for "newsroom" with carol costello live from the u.s. supreme court. >> a nice way to end the show. have a great day. thank you. "newsroom" starts now. and good morning. i'm carol costello. standing outside of the u.s. supreme court, a day of somber ceremony and heartfelt tributes. so many people already here waiting to pay their respects to justice annan scalia. just minutes from now a motorcade will leave this funeral home with the body of the justice inside heading from fairfax, virginia, to the u.s. supreme court. people lining up on the sidewalk outside just as just it scalia lies in repose inside thi


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