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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  February 19, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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he is an incredible individual. he is, and his twin brother also in lapd. a powerhouse, two of them. >> big shoulders, literally. >> hope he doesn't retire for some time. >> biggest muscles but his heart. >> time for "newsroom" with carol costello live from the u.s. supreme court. >> a nice way to end the show. have a great day. thank you. "newsroom" starts now. and good morning. i'm carol costello. standing outside of the u.s. supreme court, a day of somber ceremony and heartfelt tributes. so many people already here waiting to pay their respects to justice annan scalia. just minutes from now a motorcade will leave this funeral home with the body of the justice inside heading from fairfax, virginia, to the u.s. supreme court. people lining up on the sidewalk outside just as just it scalia lies in repose inside this great
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hall on the platform that once held the casket of abraham lincoln. a private ceremony and then the public can begin filing past the flag-draped coffin. the president and first lady expected to pay respects sometime this afternoon. justice antonin scalia, nino to friends and family, known as a sku sku stu stu stullwart. scalia legalese, and as he cr k cracked jokes from the bench. thousands expected to pay respects. pamela brown is out among the crowds. good morning, pamela. >> reporter: good morning, carol. already a few dozen members of the public are lining up waiting to pay their respects to justice scalia. we expect his casket to arrive here within the next 20 minutes or so. the casket will be brought up the marble stairs behind me, by court police, and justice
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scalia's former clerks will act as honorary pall bbearers. brought into the great hall and from there the private ceremony will be with current justices and former justice suitouter wi be there. he has nine children, 36 grandchildren. family members there be in there as well as former clerks. after that private ceremony wraps us is when members of the public will be allowed in to pay their respects until 8:00 tonight. we expect president obama to come later this afternoon with the first lady to pay respects. as we know, carol, the president will not be attending the funeral. the funeral mass tomorrow at the basilica. instead, that will be vice president biden. the fact the president isn't going has raised eyebrows but the white house says it felt like this was the appropriate way to pay respects to justice scalia. vice president biden had a personal relationship with the family and shares his catholic faith.
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scalia's son paul who's a priest we know will be leading that ceremony tomorrow at the basilica, and despite the political fight going on right now, carol, over scalia's vacancy here at the high court, today and tomorrow will really be all about justice scalia and the public having a chance to mourn and pay respects. carol? >> absolutely. because he was a very well-respected justice, pamela brown. he had a very large family. you mentioned his son who is a priest. his name is paul. justice scalia had nine children. he has 36 grandchildren. we managed to dig up an old picture of his family. we'll put it up on the screen in a bit. looked like a traditional family, very faithful family. you know justice scalia was a very observant catholic. bringing in senior analyst for cnn. very ceremonious today and interesting what will happen
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inside the great hall of the supreme court, jeffrey toobin. the casket there on a platform that held abraham lincoln and a portrait of antonin scalia painted by a famous artist who painted portraits of margaret thatcher and ronald reagan. what i found interesting about this portrait, it came from the harvard school of law, which is justice scalia's alma matre and depicts the justice with his hand on a stack of books including the international webster dictionary and federalist papers. why is that? what symbolism? >> he was a great believer in what was called texturalism. which was words mean what they mean. we don't ask legislators what they meant when they pass a law. it's irrelevant what their intent was. up a we look at are the words themselves, the text. one of the most influential aspects of his tenure as chief justice, carol, if i could call people's attention to something that's going to happen even before we get inside.
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you know, the supreme court rarely appears in public. of course no cameras in the courtroom, but when the casket is brought in, all the justices will line up on the steps. you know, right directly behind us, and we'll see them all together. and the last time i saw them all together that way was 2005 for chief justice rehnquist's funeral, and it's -- it is, to me, and i think to a lot of people, a very moving thing to see the justices line up. they do everything in seniority order. everything at the supreme court is based on seniority. the chief justice is always first, regardless how long he's been on the court. >> john roberts. >> john roberts will be first. and it had been antonin scalia. the seen yo senior associate justice. he is no longer there. anthony kennedy, confirmed in 1987 when be next. then clarence thomas and then,
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you know, all of the rest of the justices, and it is really the physical manifestation of the changing of the guard. and that's what we'll see. >> ruth bader ginsburg, supposedly justice scalia's best bud, there, too? >> notwithstanding, profound disagreements about the law. she will be there. she is -- everybody moves up a step in seniority, and, you know, she is now right in the middle of the court in terms of seniority. and it's -- they were very close. they spent new year's eve together. their families. justice ginsburg's late husband marty ginsburg was a famous gourmet chef. antonin scalia a famous gourmet eater. so it was a very good combination. they spent new year evil together. both justice ginsburg and justice scalia were big opera fans. something that they had in common. and they served together for
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decades. not just on this court but on the d.c. circuit court of appeals. so these people all go way back. >> beautiful. it shows you can bitter disagreement about politics and other things and still remain friends and civil to one another and that should be celebrated on this day. >> it is. and we're in the midst of a presidential campaign that is not always so civil, and there was no disguising and no prettying up the substantive disagreements ruth ginsburg and antonin scalia had, but they -- >> they were over big issues, too, abortion, affirmative action. >> gay rights. but they kept it -- they kept it civil outside of court, and that's a good thing. >> okay. stick around. >> i'll be here. just keep an eye -- we see the step. they're all going to line up right on the steps right there. it's just worth keeping an eye on the justices. >> as far as we know just scalia's body remains in fairfax, virginia, at a funeral
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home. slowly making its way to the u.s. supreme court and soon we'll see that and interesting to see who the pallbearers, are, too, traditionally, what, members of the supreme courts police force, right? >> it's up to the family. the family has decided it is the supreme court's police force who who will carry the casket in. the actual paul be pallbearers. the honorary pallbearers, justice scalia's law clerks and it's just a very large group by now. because 30 years, four law clerk as year. plus his clerks when he was on the d.c. circuit. i mean, it's, you know, going to be well more than, you know, 100 people assuming they all come, and, you know, just shows the very close personal relationship between the justice and his law clerks. >> absolutely. >> we'll see. >> so stay right here as we watch things unfold. i have to talk a little about politics, because we are in a
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political season, you well know. just hours away from the south carolina gop primary and meaning the candidates are making their last pitch. jeb bush and former first lady bash oh bush held a meet and greet in spartanburg. pictures from columbia, south carolina, where rubio is holding his first of five events today. and in round two of cnn's town halls with anderson cooper last night, donald trump's public spat with the pope takes center stage as bush and kasich try to convince voters they're the better choice. >> we're going to build a wall. i don't like fighting with the pope. >> i'm pro-pope. okay? put me down in the pro-pope column. >> i like your boots. >> i do, too. >> because introverts set goals. >> right, yes. >> and grind, just go at it. you know? which is a pretty good thing to be when you're running for president, have been written off over and over and over again. >> iraq did not knock down the world trade center. >> and i remember exactly what she looked like to this day, 45
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years ago, and i fell madly in love. head over heels, lightning bolt in love. i was skinnier back then. >> but if you're not going to do what i'm doing, then tell me what it is you're going to do? >> so many touching moments last night. all of this happening as a new cnn poll shows trump holding on to the top spot in the poll. athena jones there to tell us more. >> reporter: good morning, carol. the great thing about those town halls, the candidates have a moment to have an extended conversation, not just with the folks right here in south carolina but across the country. last night we saw a more subdued donald trump at least when it comes to the dust-up over the pope. last night was more a chance of for these candidates not so much to make direct attacks against each other but argue their case why they would make the best nominee. [ applause ] on night two of cnn's gop town hall, donald trump tony down the rhetoric in his feud with the
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pope, but turning up the heat on former president george w. bush. >> he started something that destroyed the middle east. it started isis. >> reporter: the billionaire questioning bush's reasons for going to war in iraq, but dancing around a previous claim that bush's administration lied about their knowledge of weapons of mass destruction. >> well, a lot of people agree with what i said, and i'm not talking about lying. i'm not talking about not lying. nobody really knows why we went into iraq. >> i don't know what he did, just a terrible mistake. >> a mistake to say in the debate you thought he lied? >> i'd have to see the exact wording, look, i would probably say something was going on. i don't know why he went in. >> reporter: trump dismissing an interview with howard stern in 2002 where he made comments supporting the war. >> he asked you, are you for invading iraq? you said, yeah, i guess so. you know i wish the first time it was done correctly. is that accurate? do you remember saying that? >> no, but i could have said that. nobody asked me, i wasn't a politician. probably the first time anybody asked me that question.
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>> reporter: the front-runner backtracking after calling pope francis disgraceful for questioning his faith. the pope criticized trump's continual comments to build a wall. >> an awfully big wall at the vatican. a little bit nicer statement than you folks reported in the media. i have a lot of respect for the pope. i think he has a lot of personality. >> reporter: his rivals having mixed reactions to the papal remarks. >> what i will say -- we have a right to build a wall but i got to tell you, there are too many walls between us. we need bridges to fix what's going on in washington, because all they do is build walls. >> i don't question christianity. that's a relation with their lord and savior and themselves. i don't think it's appropriate to question donald trump's faith. he knows what his faith is, and he has, if he has a relationship with the lord, fantastic. if he doesn't, it's none of my business. >> reporter: bush taking an apparent dig at trump later
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while listing the good things about being a self-proclaimed introve introvert. >> listening allows you to learn and then you have a chance to lead rather han being a big blow hard and just talking all the time. what are you going to learn when you're talking? nothing? >> reporter: with his mother former first lady barbara bush in the audience, jeb gushed about this family. >> it's a blast being with george because i love him dearly. i realized quickly in my life if i could be half the man my dad was that that would be a pretty good goal. >> reporter: so did kasich. the ohio governor sharing how he grew in faith after losing his parentsness a car accident. >> it's really where i found the lord. life is -- it's so rocky. it's so fragile. we have to build our homes, our lives, our homes, on solid granite, not on sand. and i have found that even though the pain still comes, there's where i have to go. >> reporter: so we saw kasich's sensitive, compassionate side on
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display last night. meanwhile, jeb bush's most passionate remarks were about his family and just coming up in a few minutes from now he'll appear with his popular mother, the former first lady barbara bush at this restaurant here in spartanburg, the first of several stops to try to win over undecided voters here. >> athena jones reporting live from south carolina this morning. as republicans battle for south carolina hillary clinton and bernie sanders are looking west. the rivals entering the final stretch before the nevada caucuses. and reflecting a tightening race nationwide. our senior washington correspondent joe johns joins us with the democratic side of the story. good morning, joe. >> reporter: good morning, carol. definitely neck and neck. the question in the nevada caucuses is always, who's going to show up? so it's all about getting supporters out to caucus right now. hillary clinton, bill clinton, chelsea clinton, pressing voters today ending up at a big rally this evening at the clark county government center. bernie sanders for his part starting out in elko at a town
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hall today, expected to end up with a concert and a rally in henderson, nevada, outside of las vegas. so a super full day for both of these candidates. one day before the caucuses. carol? >> all right. talked about nevada, but it's a whole different story in south carolina. right? clinton has a big lead there. >> reporter: right, right, right, right. latest poll of polls in south carolina showing hillary clinton with 24% advantage in south carolina. leading bernie sanders 56-32%. later today, by the way, we do expect hillary clinton to get the endorsement of democratic south carolina congressman jim clyburn. he'd been holding off endorsing anybody, but now it's our understanding he is headed over to the clinton camp, carol. >> all right. joe johns reporting live from washington this morning. thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," the ceremony for justice scalia to begin soon. you're looking at the funeral home in fairfax, virginia. that's where the body of justice
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scalia is right now. soon, a hearse will leave those doors and begin the journey to the u.s. supreme court, to the great hall where the public at 10:30 eastern time will be able to pay their respects to the late justice. we'll be right back. we won here. and here. and here. here. and here. uh, here. also in here. back there. behind here. even next to these guys, here. in the nation's largest, independent study, rootmetrics just named verizon number one network for the fifth time in a row, here. so when the other guys claim they're the best, remember: there's only one, number one. and now we'll pay up to $650 to switch to the best network. this one right here. (vofights mess right.ghtweight 4-in-1 attacks three strong litter box odors,
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good morning. i'm carol costello live from the u.s. supreme court. a ceremony is about to get underway as we await the casket of justice antonin scalia. all of those people lining up are his former law clerks. i want to bring in jeffrey toobin, the expert in all things supreme court, and it just looks beautiful. right? >> it is really. it a physical symbol of how close law clerks are to their -- to the judge they serve. many of supreme court law clerks go on to prominent positions in the legal community in that group among them are possible supreme court nominees themselves. people like paul clement, who clerked for justice scalia. president george w. bush's
6:21 am
solicitor general, prominent in that groom. jeffrey sutton, another prominent judge on the sixth court of appeals is there. paul kapuccio is in that group. i don't see them there. it is -- i think you have to say, as you can look, an overwhelmingly white, male group. justice scalia almost all of his clerks were white men, as you can see, in that group. and they are awaiting the arrival of the hearse, in a few minutes, i think. >> in a few minutes. >> if tradition holds. the justices themselves will appear on the stairway to pay their respects publicly. >> just a word about how many law clerks there are. keep in mind, justice scalia was, what, appointed in 1986 by president reagan. so all of them representing a different era. right? >> right. and many of them are now, you know, the law clerks tend to clerk for the supreme court two years out of law school, but so
6:22 am
that means they're in their late 20s. those people who are -- clerked 30 years ago are in their mid and late 50s. this is an entire generation of prominent lawyers. each justice has four law clerks. so it's four every year times 30 years. that's 120 people. that's -- that's a lot of lawyers. >> i want to tell people what's going on go on in the u.s. hall of the supreme court. once the justice' casket arrives it will be placed on a wooden pedestal that once held the casket of president abraham lincoln. a private ceremony. we'll get to listen in and justice scalia's son, one of his sons is a priest. his name is paul scalia and he'll say a prayer. we expect family members to be in attendance. their backs probably to the camera to offer them some privacy and then i suspect the, scalia's fellow justices will also be in the room at the time
6:23 am
of that private ceremony. >> that's right. they will line up in seniority order as the supreme court justices always do. everything is done by seniority. this brings back a memory for me when i, in 2005, when justice scalia -- when chief justice rehnquist died they had a similar ceremony. his casket lay in repose at, in the great hall of the supreme court and i happened to be there when justice scalia walked by. and justice scalia was not just an opera fan. he was an operatic personality and i have such a vivid memory of chief justice casket weeping uncontrollably and unapologetically and publicly and i thought it was -- just -- it was so moving and it was so real and it was very characteristic of justice scalia's personality, which was, did not hold many secrets. you always knew what justice scalia was thinking. >> there are many, many
6:24 am
scaliaisms out there. bring in a former law clerk for justice scalia. welcome. >> i'm deeply sorry not to be there. >> oh, we're sorry you're not here in person, either, but just the sight of this must be moving to you? >> very much so. >> so tell me what's going through your mind? >> well, i was up in -- pardon me. doing it the last several days reflecting on the justice' life, his legacy what a great friend and mentor he was to me. how much he's meant to the law, just what a deep loss this is and i just admire him so much. >> you sound so emotional, ed. was he more than just a boss to you? >> well, he was a hero of mine. pa pardon my voice. he was a friend, as i said, he was a mentor, guided me throughout my life. he was a model.
6:25 am
so, yeah. it's a -- very sad time. >> oh, ed, i'm so happy that you're joining us. i just wish i could give you a hug right now. jeffrey, tell us -- the relationship between a clerk and a judge, because i would imagine that you're with that person for lengthy periods of time every day. and you put your total trust in one another. >> and keep in mind that the deliberations of the supreme court are intensely secret. this is a town full of leaks. the supreme court opinions never, ever leak before they are announced. you know, when we sit in the courtroom awaiting decisions, we do not know what the results are, but the law clerks all know for weeks, if not months, what the decisions are, and they help craft the opinions and most of the -- most of the justices have their law clerks write first drafts.
6:26 am
of the -- of the opinions, and the combination of the high stakes and the secrecy, meaning the only people they can discuss these cases with are each other, leads to these intense emotional intellectual bonds. >> ed, i've been reading a lot about justice scalia over the past couple of days, and such a colorful personality. one of his idols, sir thomas more, the patron saint of lawyers, supposedly and justice scalia often wore, i don't know if you ever saw the famous painting of sir thomas more. always wore a distinctive hat and justice scalia wore that very same events to like inaugurations of presidents. tell us, ed, why justice scalia admired sir thomas more so much? >> well, of course, saint thomas moore was a brilliant jurist. he was deeply faithful to his faith.
6:27 am
he paid his life for it. i think justice scalia recognized saint thomas moore as a model of integrity. he is the patron saint of lawyers. thomas moore, that is, of course. and just is scalia saw him as a model for all lawyers to try to follow, both in his -- in his loll and fidelity to the faith. >> i want to go closer to the supreme court now. pamela brown is also covering this for us. tell us some of the people you're seeing over there, pam. >> reporter: certainly a very somber scene here as the high court, as you see, members of the court police are standing here waiting for the casket to arrive, and behind them, many of justice scalia's former clerks are here. he had 120 clerks over his three decades here as a justice at the supreme court. some of them are lined up outside, presumably some of his family members. we know that paul scalia, father paul scalia, a priest, will be
6:28 am
leading the private ceremony today. expected to be in attendance. some of his former clerks will be the honorary pallbearers including paul clement, a former solicitor general and as we look at the former clerks lined up, over the years he liked to have at least one liberal clerk to help challenge his opinions, and so presumably some of those former clerks will be here as well. we expect the casket to arrive here shortly. traditionally in the past with chief justice william rehnquist, his memorial, the current justices would line up on the steps. we're being told that that is not the plan for today. the justices, the current ones, retired justice souter will be inside for the private ceremony. that will be led, again, by paul scalia and we know the casket is arriving now. back to you. >> pamela, let's just watch this unfold.
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[ no audio ] all right. we are in the great hall of the u.s. supreme court, and you can see the supreme court justices
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paying their respects to justice antonin scalia. his casket now in place. placed on that pedestal, the same pedestal that held the casket of abraham lincoln. tell us who we're seeing, jeff? >> sonya sotomayor. standing in the order in which they sit on the supreme court bench. clarence thomas and chief justice roberts. chief justice roberts, to his right, is the traditional seat for the most senior associate justice. now there's anthony kennedy, who's the tall gentleman, and that, of course, was antonin scalia's seat until his death. >> i see elena kagan. >> ruth bader ginsburg, the short older woman between justice kennedy and justice samuel alito and justice elena kagan in the blue shirt. >> let's listen s i will
6:40 am
give you rest. i am meek and humble of heart and you will find rest for yourselves, for my yoke is easy and my burden light. out of the dep manies i try to you, o, lord, lord, hear my voice. let your ears be attentive to my voice and supplication. if you, o lord, mark iniquities, lord, who could stand? but with you is found forgiveness that you may be revered. i trust in the lord. my soul trusts in his word. my soul waits for the lord more than sentinels wait for the dawn for with the lord is kindness and with him plenteous redemption and he will redeem israel from all of their iniquities.
6:41 am
let us pray for the coming of the kingdom as jesus taught us -- our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. god of faithfulness, in your wisdom you have called your servant antonin out of this world. wee lease h release him from the bonds of are sin and welcome him into your presence so that he may enjoy eternal life and peace and be raised up in glory with all of your saints. we ask this through christ, our lord.
6:42 am
blessed are those who have died in the lord. let them rest from their labors for their good deeds go with them. eternal rest grant unto him, o, lord. may he rest in peace. may his soul and the souls of all of the faithful departed through the mercy of god rest in peace. may the peace of god which is beyond all understanding keep your hearts and minds in the knowledge and love of god, and of his son jesus christ. may almighty god bless you, the father and the son, and the holy spirit.
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[ silence ]
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all right. you can see the supreme court justices now leaving the great hall and justice scalia's casket remains. in just about 45 minutes the doors of the supreme court will open to the public and the public can file bay to pay their respects. i assume the people with their backs to the camera that are leaving right now are members of justice scalia's family. he had nine children. he has 36 grandchildren. and there you see father paul scalia, justice scalia's son, who offered a prayer over his father's casket. quite moving, jeffrey. >> and the fact it was his son
6:45 am
that did it it just -- so wonderful. you know, that is the, the great hall of the supreme court, and those busts there are the previous 16 chief justices of the united states. there have been 44 presidents, but only 17 chief justices, including john roberts, of course, who is now chief justice, and there are the law clerks lined up, and it's really one of the great rooms of washington. it is -- it is both somber, but also filled with light, and it is a place where all these momentous occasions of the supreme court take place. in the great hall. >> a beautiful place. marble walls, marble floors. a picture of justice scalia hanging near his casket. bring in a law clerk of justice
6:46 am
scalia's ta tao talk about his family. >> italian and irish. remember, mrs. scalia is a former maureen mccarthy. justice scalia loved to emphasize the italian/irish mix. nine children. 30-something grandchildren. heard different counts. i think justice scalia might have had difficulty himself remembering the number, as it kept increasing. i'm delighted to be a friend, friends with some of the children and really i know mrs. scalia very well and love her deeply. so it's a -- it's a tremendous family. >> his son, eugene scalia, is a prominent lawyer here in washington. he was the solicitor of the labor department during the second bush administration. so at least one of his kids has followed into the family business. >> yes. >> i believe there's another -- at least one other son, john, who is a lawyer. i don't think there are other
6:47 am
lawyers, but i may be mistaken. >> you know, it's interesting, when reading about justice scalia and how he raised his family. they were very close, but, you know, he was definitely of the old school. he expected his children to pull themselves up by their bootstrap, work hard. make successes of themselves. there was no coddles in that family. no coddling in that family. >> well, he -- i'm sorry, jeff. >> go ahead. >> whenever he would hear praise for his kids, he would immediately say, maureen deserves all the credit. you know, she -- she was really his rock, the family's rock. and she -- you know, she was so dedicated. he was, too, but, of course, but he gave her all the credit. >> maureen was also a frequent attendee at supreme court oral arguments. you could always tell when there was a big case, because maureen scalia was in the audience.
6:48 am
and, of course, justice scalia was such a dominant presence in supreme court oral arguments. i'm thinking about this and i know ed is a frequent visitor at supreme court. you know, i have never been to a supreme court oral argument where justice scalia was not present. and i think most living people in the -- who follow the supreme court have never been to a supreme court argument where justice scalia was not a participant, and he was not just a participant, but he was the dominant personality, even though he wasn't chief justice, and the first time we see the court in action without justice scalia present will certainly be striking and very -- very sad. >> i think the court gets back to business on monday. right? >> that's right. and, of course, there will only be eight justices, which creates potentially its own complications, but just as a -- the supreme court in addition to being a very important place,
6:49 am
it's a workplace. it's a place where people go to work every day and they know each other and they've worked together for years and years, and all of the justices have only worked with justice scalia as part, as part of their group, and for them, it's just going to be a dramatic, dramatic change. >> and his chair still has some black drapery over it, and the flags are flying at half-staff and will for the next -- i guess they fly half-staff 30 days after a justice dies. going to pam brown under the steps of the supreme court to provide color about what's happening outside now. tell us more, pam. >> reporter: profound being out here, carol, when the casket arrived and you saw the court police bring the casket up the marble steps inbetween slee ya's former sl k clerks. most of the clerks are here today. standing at the top of the marble steps was father paul
6:50 am
scalia, one of his nine children who led the private ceremony. he read the lord's prayer where the casket was in the great hall, and the justices paid their respects. there was one moment where the wife of justice thomas, virginia, wiped tears from her face. you could see the emotion. justice thomas had a close bond with justice scalia. not only did they share the same ideology, but they were also close friends. you could really just see the emotion in their faces, justice ginsburg as well, although she had a different ideology than justice scalia, to put it light lie, they were close. justice sutor was there as well. very emotional out here today. and especially in light of the fact this is someone who spent
6:51 am
30 years on the bench, and this is his last journey here to the high court. >> pamela, i'm curious. it's so cold outside today. 10:30 the doors will open. are there many people waiting? >> there are a lot of people. when the casket arrived across the street there were huge crowds. it was remarkable that you could really hear a pin drop. it was so quiet. on the other end, people have been lining up for more than an hour now. about an hour ago there were about three dozen. that line continues to grow. we expect it to be a long line throughout the day, through 8:00 p.m. tonight when the doors close. in the midst of all of that, we know the president and the first lady will also be arriving later this afternoon to pay the respects here. clearly members of the public want to come out, want to pay tribute. this is really a time to mourn for justice scalia despite all the politics over the vacancy.
6:52 am
>> yeah. i just want to pause for a moment to observe this moment. what just happened? >> well, the police force, the supreme court has its own police force, and the pallbearers, the people who carried the casket were supreme court police force members. they're not in uniform, and now the uniformed members are paying their respects. i'm looking at the scene and remembering when another chief justice was lying in repose in 2005, and i was walking by paying my respects. justice scalia was there, and he had come by earlier in the day, but he came by again, and justice scalia had tears rolling down his cheeks. he was not just an opera fan, but he had an operatic
6:53 am
personality. he just did not hide his emotions, and i thought it was such a vivid and real moment to see chief justice's casket there, and then scalia replaced him. he didn't mind that everyone was seeing him with tears rolling down his cheeks. that was the way antonin scalia was. those are the rotating series of law clerks who will stand in respect over the -- >> because it is tradition for the law clerks to stand by justice scalia's body all day today and all night tonight, someone will be there that once served him as a law clerk nat. e that's the tradition of the supreme court. i want to bring in doug.
6:54 am
welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> put this day in perspective for us. >> well, it's a day of civility. it's time for all this sub politics to subside at least for a few hours or we've been witnessing a cover core ya grap event. this is not a state funeral by congress that's going on friday and saturday. this is the only supreme court justice that's had a state funeral was william howard taft. that's because he was a former president and supreme court justice from 1921 to 1930. this is very much the ceremony like 2005. i think the added piece to this event today, the memorial today is that justice scalia is an
6:55 am
icon, a hero to the conservative moment. since world war ii, i think there are four figures for conservatives, barry goldwater for winning the republican nomination in '64 and being the john the baptist figure. and that led to ronald reagan. william f. buckley is the other, and then justice scalia. many people that will be coming here to pay homage and tribute to justice scalia are conservatives, people that feel that he was a part of their tribe and gave conservative ideas in the supreme court a public hearing, a say, and in that way his ideas are very alive today. >> all right. we have to take a break. thank you. stick around, douglas and jeffrey. we'll have much more. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a break.
6:56 am
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to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
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7:00 am
and good morning. i'm carol costello. as you can see, the casket of justice scalia lies inside the great hall of the supreme court. you can see the four clerks standing around the casket as is
7:01 am
the tradition. there are many clerks participating in today's ceremony. someone will remain by the justice's casket throughout the day and into the night. >> and all through the night and until the funeral form. so it is a very impressive all night vigil. >> it was such a beautiful ceremony throughout this morning. the casket arrived and then arrived at the u.s. supreme court. the pallbearers were members of the supreme court's police force, and there were many of justice scalia's law clerks that streamed in behind the casket, and then the justice's son, father paul scalia said a prayer over the casket and then the family left the chamber, and they're probably getting ready for tomorrow where there's a mass in washington d.c. i want to head to the supreme
7:02 am
court to check in with pamela brown. she saw the scene up close. tell us more, pam. >> reporter: carol, already 100 people lining up all the way down to t the block waiting to pay tribute to justice scalia when they're allowed in after this private ceremony that's going on right now. we see right here the convict that arrived here was brought up these marble steps. you could feel the history in the air. the price was crowded with people just watching these court police members, these pallbearers bring the casket up enbetween justice scalia's former clerks. his son was standing at the top of the steps. they brought the caskets through the 16 columns where it said equal justice under the law on the building into the great hall. that is where we saw the current and one former justice waiting to pay their respects. it was very emotional. you could see virginia thomas, justice thomas's wife wipe tears
7:03 am
from her eyes. they were very close with justice scalia. not only did justice thomas share their conservative views, but they were friends, and justice ginsburg. and then once the justices walked through and paid their respects, the first four law clerks out of around 120 clerks that are expected to be here today, stood guard. they are going to be here. the clerks will be here taking shifts standing dpard at the casket all day in through the night per tradition. a little interesting thing to note here is that justice scalia over the years liked to have one liberal justice. we know justice scalia was a conservative giant, but he liked to have one liberal clerk to challenge him, challenge his opinions, and so some of them are also here today. i will tell you, monday will really be a difficult day for
7:04 am
the justices as well, because that is the first day of oral arguments, and we know justice scalia's chair is draped in wool, and it won't be the same without him as we've been talking about. he added so much life to the oral arguments. he was so firy. it won't be the same without him come monday. >> that's certainly true. you heard pamela mention that justice scalia's son said a prayer over his father's casket. let's listen to that. >> in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit. my brothers and sisters, jesus says come to me all you who labor and are burdened and i will give you rest. take my yolk upon you and learn from me, for i am meek and humble of heart. and you will find rest for yourselves, for my yolk is easy and my burden light.
7:05 am
out of the depths i cry to you, oh lord, lord, hear my voice. let your ears be attentive to my voice in supplication. if you, oh lord, mark iniquities, lord, who could stand with you, but with you has found forgiveness that you may be revered. i trust in the lord. my soul trusts in his word. my soul waits for the lord more than sentinals wait for the done. with the lord is redemption, and he will redeem israel from all their iniquities. let us pray for the coming of the kingdom as jesus taught us. our father who art in heaven, hallowed be they name. they kingdom come, they will be done on earth as it is in heaven. give us this day or daily bread
7:06 am
and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptati temptation, but deliver us from evil. god of faithfulness, in your wisdom, you have called your servant, antonin out of this world. release him from the bonds of sin and welcome him into your presence so that he may enjoy eternal light and peace and be raised up in glory with all your saints. we ask this through christ, our lord. blessed are those who have died in the lord. let them rest from their labors for their good deeds go with them. eternal rest grant unto him, oh lord. may he rest in peace. may his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of god rest in
7:07 am
peace. may the peace of god which is beyond all understanding keep your hearts and minds in the knowledge and love of god and of his son, jesus christ. may almighty god bless you the father, the son, and the holy spirit. >> all right. you see father scalia, father paul scalia blessing his father's casket. father scalia will give the homily tomorrow at the basilica in washington d.c. airyawn devogue was inside. >> reporter: the supreme court is different from the political branches. there hasn't been a lot of turnover. you saw the family members there, the justices and all the
7:08 am
employees behind. before that casket came in the justices walked in and stood in order of seniority, and they were silent for several minutes looking sad near the center was ruth bader ginsburg. h her really good friend. behind the portrait of scalia, peering behind were several employees who have worked here for years. scalia was on the bench for so many years, and you could see some teary eyes there, and behind that was the courtroom door. it was open. if you looked through it, you could see the black cloth over his bench seat and black cloth was around the doors. it was very poignant, very quiet in that room right in front of that supreme court chamber. >> i also want to bring in joan biskupit. she wrote a book on scalia. tell us about antonin scalia and
7:09 am
how his family is remembering him this morning. >> well, i'm just struck, carol, by the numbers of people represented there and it shows his place in many lives. you know, nine children, 36 grandchildren, 98 to 100 law clerks. as a justice, you see his place. i think there are some people from his childhood also there. he was quite close to an aunt from his mother's side because his mother was one of six or seven children and he had some -- they had younger people in the children who used to take care of them. i remember this one aunt who i believe is there saying even as a boy he could be stubborn and argumentative. you couldn't tell him anything without him wanting to fire back. i think that you're seeing a great metaphor in the representation there. and i was also struck by something that we saw maureen scalia, his wife, since i think
7:10 am
1960, 55 years of marriage, standing there also tearing up, obviously, and she used to come to arguments all the time, and jeff tuben has so aptly described what arguments are like. i remember saying to maureen scalia, when he's making some of his bad boy comments to some of the lawyers who stand before him, what do you think? do you cringe. she said no, i say get right in there. she was a partner with him in the raising of this terrific family, you know, on display today, and also just in terms of his own adventures. they met when he was at harvard. she was obviously someone who was quite studious and committed herself, but she committed to raising this large family with him. >> nine children and 36 grandchildren.
7:11 am
>> can i mention one other thing about the portrait? i'm glad you keep showing that beautiful portrait in the corner of the great hall. he does look quite distinguished and him. sitting in that chair with all the memorabilia around him. i have never seen him look so comfortable in a chair as that picture. when he was on the bench, it almost seemed like he was going to spring out of a chair. when i talked to him, he would get fired up and seem to be ready to leap out. i think the portrait captured him, but i've never seen him looking to comfortable. >> i love the style of the p portrait. it was done by a famous artist. there's a lot of symbolism within that painting. you see his hands resting on the u.s. webster's dictionary, the international webster's dictionary and the other is the federalist papers. there's also a portrait within the portrait of the patron saint
7:12 am
of lawyers. scalia greatly admired him. you see that fuzzy had that sir thomas wears? >> sort of like a fat beret. every presidential inauguration, justice scalia would stand out because he was wearing that sort of beret and we would always remember it was a tribute to st. thomas moore. also on that portrait is a photograph of maureen scalia in the portrait. his devotion, his world. >> very lovely. i have to take a break. we'll have much more after this.
7:13 am
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i'm carol costello live at the u.s. supreme court. we want to talk a little bit about politics. it is the final push. just one more day until south carolina voters cast their votes in the gop primary. the candidates doing everything they can to lock in last minute support. during round two of the town hall, they talked about trump's immigration plan. >> he also talked about having a wall isn't christian. he has a big wall at the vatican. >> they come and go through the vatican. >> they will through the wall but legally. i have respect for the pope. he's a different kind of a guy. and i think he's doing a very good job. i think he was misinterpreted, and i think he was given false information. >> trump also danced around previous claims that the bush administration lied about weapons of mass destruction leading up to the war in iraq.
7:18 am
>> i'm not talking about lying or not lying. nobody really knows why we went into iraq. what may have been the worst decision going into iraq, may have been the worst decision anybody has made in the history of this country. that's how bad it is. iraq did not knock down the world trade center. >> all of this happening as a new cnn poll shows trump holding onto the top spot in south carolina. let's bring in athena. >> reporter: good morning. jeb bush is talking at a town hall. we also heard from his mother. this is a friendly crowd. a lot of folks say they're already bush fans. others are undecided. these town halls like this one and ours last night with a bigger audience give you a chance to have an inside into the candidate.
7:19 am
take a listen to jeb bush last night. >> introverts set goals and grind, and they just go at it. you know? which is a pretty good thing to be when you're running for president when you've been written off over and over and over again, and you're not deterred by that. in fact, that just makes me more motivated and energized. i've overcome my introversion which i think makes me better than an extrovert. >> reporter: he went onto say that being an introvert has made him a better listener so he's able to listen and learn which was a hit on donald trump. kasich, meanwhile, has been campaigning as the reasonable, optimistic, compassionate person. someone who's not bound by ideology. he's talked about expanding medicaid in his state with obama care funds. in compassion and economic terms, last night he talked about a memorable moment where he gave a hug to a questioner at a town hall earlier in the day.
7:20 am
take a listen. >> we all need to slow down a little bit. there are a lot of people out there who are lonely and looking for a place to tell people about their issues. the strength of america is not some guy or woman coming in on a white charger here to solve our problems. anderson, america, the glue of america is right here in this room. it's in our communities, in our families. we need to slow down and then we have to carry out our good-given destinies and potentials and gifts. >> reporter: and so you heard some memorable moments from last night. these are two candidates who are -- certainly jeb bush is hoping to do well. kasich is already moving onto other states after today. but this is do or die. this is a busy day, and those are part of the arguments that they were making as they tried to connect with voters in the final hours before the polls open. >> all right. athena jones reporting live in south carolina. let's head to nevada have voters
7:21 am
are getting their final glimpses of hillary clinton and bernie sanders before tomorrow's caucus. increased attention as the race between the democratic rivals continues to tighten after a slit decision in iowa and new hampshire n. joinime now, joe j. >> reporter: busy day on the democratic side also in nevada. as far as we know, neck and neck. the question in the nevada caucuses is always who's going to show up. it's all about getting supporters autoto caucout to ca. clintons ending up at a big rally this evening at the clarke county government center. bernie sanders starting at a town hall and expected to end up with a concert and a rally in henderson, nevada. a very full day for both of the candidates at the end. >> all right. zwr joe johns reporting live for us.
7:22 am
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the u.s. unleashes new air strikes against isis after concerns terrorists may have been gearing up for an attack in europe. a u.s. official saying they targeted an isis camp in libya believed to be a training ground for northern fighters. this is new video that shows the aftermath of that strike. cnn cannot independently verify
7:27 am
the authenticity of the video. the question this morning whether a key terrorist leader was killed. let's bring in barbara star. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. u.s. officials say they do believe they can killed this man who was at this training camp in western libya. this camp had been under u.s. intelligence and military surveillance for sometime. they believe there were about 60 isis operatives there training for an advanced firearms and maneuver training for a possible attack. could it have been europe in possibly. could they have been planning another attack back in tunisia back across the boarder? possibly. no one knows what they had in mind at this point. when the u.s. several weeks ago saw this very advanced training begin to take place, that raised alarm bells. they were already looking for that operative. he turns up at the camp, and they got both objectives at the same time.
7:28 am
they're now about 5,000 isis operatives in libya in north africa there according to u.s. estimates, and that and of itself is a big worry. libya, of course, just across the mediterranean from europe. we've already seen a number of attacks in north africa against western interests and local people there. so a lot of pressure, if you will, right now, trying to be applied to isis as they emerge, essentially, as a third front in libya in north africa after their operations in syria and iraq. carol. >> all right. barbara starr reporting live this morning. thank you. good morning. i'm isis. thank you f -- i'm carol costello. thank you for joining us this morning.
7:29 am
justice scalia lies inside the building's great hall. his family gathered for a private ceremony. the public gets to visit until 8:00 tonight eastern time. president obama and the first lady are expected here sometime this morning. justice scalia's casket rests on the platform that once held the body of abraham lincoln. i want to bring someone who was inside while the ceremony went on. set the scene for us. >> reporter: you know, it was so somber. before the casket even came in the justices were brought out slowly. they had some of their spouses behind them and stood for several minutes in total silence waiting for the casket to come in. and then behind the portrait of scalia you could see all the staff members, staff members who have served here, a lot of them for the 30 years that justice scalia did, peering over and
7:30 am
crying. behind that was the courtroom. on his chair -- he was the longest serving member -- was a black cloth. the public is just about to start going in. we just saw brian garner. he was a co-author with scalia in one of his last books and traveled with the justice just before his death. he made his way into the line. >> i can see people that are starting to file by justice scalia's casket. the lines are very long. >> reporter: why the long line? >> no, the line is extremely long. it's very cold outside today. it's just a little surprising. >> it curled around the block, and the first person came at 6:15 to come in, and it's cold here. that was the first person in line wanting to be there, a member of the public at 6:15. we see long lines for karargume,
7:31 am
but this line is longer than any of those that i've seen. >> i want to go to joan. it was moving to see his family inside the great hall, moving to see his son performing a blessing over his father's casket. >> reporter: it was, and that's his sixth child, paul, and he was, obviously, quite proud when paul joined the priesthood, and he used to kid that the other sons said paul took one for the team with the idea being that in a large catholic family of the tradition that justice scalia was part of that there should be one member of the clergy, but i think that was probably very consoling to the family at this time that there was one of their own praying over the father's casket. >> it was very moving. >> and jonathan, president obama and the first lady are expected to pay their respects -- john than? douglas is here.
7:32 am
douglas, perhaps you can answer this question as well. the president and first lady will pay their respects later this morning. much has been made that they won't be at the church service tomorrow. is that unusual? >> reporter: well, when justice scalia died, president obama issued a very beautiful memo of loss, and what it meant to the country. i think he was quite appropriate with that. we have to be honest. these are not close friends, president obama and justice scalia. i don't think the justice would ever expect barack obama to be eulogizing him. their political views are so different. it's raised some eyebrows that the president isn't doing this, but i think he's probably correct not to. the whole day would be about president obama being there and what he says or doesn't say, and i think it's better to keep it within the family and close friends of the former justice. >> joan, do you agree with that? >> reporter: i would say that
7:33 am
there's certainly plenty of precedent for the president not attending. george w. bush attended when william rehnquist died in 2005, but that was a tighter relationship. i don't think the president is trying to send any big signal, and the scalia family is close, and this will be a very catholic ceremony and people who are close to the scalia family have expressed some appreciation, because think of the security detail that would be there for the president. it's a little bit lighter for the vice president, joe biden who scalia was friendly with. there was a couple of times i spoke to the justice where he would recall conversations with vice president biden. i think that's enough, although i'm not trying to express any big opinion on this. i think for the funeral service itself, it is of a different nature here.
7:34 am
>> all right. stand by. i have to take another break. thanks to taall of you. still to come, the clock is ticking in south carolina, and marco rubio is going after every last vote. taking a break from jabbing republican rivals and knocking bernie sanders. we'll have more on that, next. ef from your cold & flu. you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol® cold helps relieve your worst cold & flu symptoms... you can give them everything you've got. tylenol® [electronic sound effects] brace yourself... the first ever gsf is here. with a 467 horse power v8 engine... torque vectoring differential... and brembo brakes.
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left untreated it can lead to liver damage and potentially liver cancer. but you haven't been forgotten. there's never been a better time to rethink your hep c because people like you may benefit from scientific advances that could help cure your hep c. visit or call a hep c educator to help prepare you for a conversation with your hep c specialist. eligibility to run for president is having its day in court. a chicago judge will hear arguments alleging that cruz is not a natural born citizen and not eligible to be president. donald trump has threatened a similar lawsuit. cruz says that while he was born in canada, his mother is an
7:39 am
american citizen which makes him a natural born citizen. less than 24 hours until the polls open in north carolina and rubio is not wasting a minute. he's on the campaign trail with nikki haley and senator tim scott and appears to take a dig at bernie sanders. listen. >> we're going to embrace free enterprise. i love free enterprise. it is the only economic model and system in the world where you can make poor people richer without having to make rich people poorer. it's the only economic model where you're judged by your work and merit. >> phil mattingly was there. he joins us live. good morning, phil. >> reporter: good morning. the swipe at bernie sanders, the briefest of respites between the war between rubio and cruz. we talked about this yesterday. yesterday the issue was a photo shopped picture of marco rubio that was on a website paid for
7:40 am
my ted cruz. the latest thing going back and forth is now from the cruz campaign. rubio's decision last not to not attend an avent. rick tyler that was proof rubio was not a conservative. fighting words out of cruz camp that followed fighting words out of the rubio camp. it underscores the urgency of the moment for both candidates. rubio especially, he's been trying to pick himself off a floor after a rough performance in new hampshire. the endorsement of nikki haley, a huge moment for this campaign, but also a moment that raises expectations. ted cruz's campaign saying anything less than first place would be a failure for marco rubio. mar c rubio's team not echoing that. they think there's a lot out second place. a little bit of wind at their backs. >> i'm curious.
7:41 am
if ted cruz comes in third, is that devastating? >> reporter: it would be a difficult moment for the cruz campaign. look, there's a lot of people right now speculating what tickets come out of south carolina. the reality is this. marco rubio needs to beat jeb bush and john kasich to move forward. ted cruz moving to rubio particularly after this week, would not be a good look, but he has money. he has organization. and he is particularly well sifted in the south. this campaign has been paying a lot of attention to those. the owness right now is on rubio to perform well. there's been a lot of questions obviously after the iowa performance, where is rubio, and when does he turn the race into his own? it needs to start in south carolina to move it forward. supertuesday is not a place where he's favored in a lot of states. this sets him up to get to the contest in the midwest where he could really make a dent. >> all right.
7:42 am
phil mattingly from south carolina this morning. thank you. for more on the south carolina race, i'm joined by the chair of the south carolina republican party. welcome, matt. >> good morning, carol. >> good morning. what do you think is going to happen? could ted cruz come in third? >> oh, boy. we are 20 hours away in the south carolina primary getting started here. there are so many questions. that's one of then. i'm in the literal center of the state right here on usc's campus. candidates are swarming around me as we speak. that's the big question. who will be second and third and fourth. who will emerge here into nevada next week, more importantly on to the south and onto march 15th. >> yeah, but rubio seems to have a lot of energy right now with getting the endorsement of nikki hal haley. how valuable is that? >> it's a boost. i think his campaign is wisely managing expectations. donald trump is going to win south carolina tomorrow unless something happens tonight to change his momentum.
7:43 am
i think senator rubio is at a great spot here and he has governor haley. bush has lindsey graham here and cruz has some of the other congressmen here in south carolina. it's a sprint to the finish. >> let's talk about donald trump. you said unless something happens. something big did happen yesterday with pope francis implying donald trump wasn't christian and donald trump down playing the remarks in the town hall. do you think that will have more of an effect than it seems right now? >> no. nothing that donald trump has said or done throughout this campaign has had any effect. he's going to get his 35%, maybe even 40% here in south carolina. and he'll go on from here i think with a boost of momentum. >> okay. so you've been around politics for a long time. i'm just going to begin asking people this question. what has been the most strange, exciting, thing about this election campaign season so far?
7:44 am
>> it is very unpredictable. no one has any idea what's going to happen tomorrow much less in two weeks. anyone who thinks there's going to be a nominee that's going to emerge by mid march may be wrong as well. people forget romney didn't have an outright nomination by april 24th in 2012. there's a long way to go in this process. >> there is a long way to go, and we're excited to see how the south carolina primaries come out. matt, thanks for coming by. still to come in the news room, as republicans go down to the wire in south carolina, would it be undecided voters who make a difference in tomorrow's primary? i'll talk with one of them, next. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®.
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in south carolina it's a sprint to the finish line for the republicans in the hunt for the white house. marco rubio and his rivals fanning out across the state today greeting supporters and hoping to sway undecided voters to their side. one of those undecided voters
7:49 am
joins me now. she says she's deciding between donald trump and zwraun kasich. anna, thanks for being with me. >> thank you for having me. >> so you're at the cnn town hall last night, and i have to ask you. did you hear anything that helped you make up your mind? >> i'm actually more undecided now than i was before i went to the town hall. before i went to the town hall i was leaning a lot more heavily toward donald trump. but after the town hall i'm torn between kasich and trump. for sure. >> what is it about john kasich that's swaying you a little more? >> his compassionate conservetism. i think he has a great message, and i think enough people -- there's not enough people hearing his message. and he's also a moderate which i really like. but he just seems like a really good person. >> was it that touching moment he had when the voter hugged him
7:50 am
and both grew teary eyed? >> yes. that, i actually broke a tear last night at the town hall when they replayed that. >> i did too. >> it was very emotional. kasich and trump are very different candidates. you say you like the compassionate conservative side of kasich, but donald trump is very much a tough guy. >> yeah. i really like trump, though, because i like the fact that he's not funded by anybody. i think special interests in politics, there's a lot of -- it's like you never really know where a candidate stands, really stands on something because most of people speak for their donors. i feel like with trump, that's not the case at all. >> interesting. i'm curious about marco rubio, because some analysts say that young people are drawn to the rubio campaign because he brings a different face to the gop with
7:51 am
nikki haley's endorsement and tim scott's endorsement. what do you see? >> rubio is actually very popular within our -- my organization here at usc. i actually sent out a poll the other day and had 175 people respond to it, and rubio was overwhelmingly the winner of that with 35%. and donald trump was a d 23%. >> i'm also curious about this. do you think the best candidates are running on the republican side this time around? do you feel confident that one of them will make a great president? >> i do. i really do. i think any of them would be better than hillary clinton or bernie sanders, for sure. >> anna, thank you for being with me.
7:52 am
i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. still to come in the news room, a helicopter crashes at pearl harbor and it's caught on camera. everyone survived. we'll tell you more about it next. i think we should've taken a tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear? this is a gay
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from our solar system to save every last drop of water. if you are looking for ways to save energy, your first step is to call pg&e. together, we're building a better california. anchors go head to head testing their knowledge in all things presidential from debates to running mates in the cnn quiz race for the white house edition. here's a look at how the teams match up. >> it's a big election year, and this is the race everybody is watching. >> ask not what your quiz show will do for you. >> jake tapper and s.e. kcup. >> i'm undefeated. >> he dropped the mike walked off and never came back. >> i've never lost.
7:57 am
>> seriously, tapper? >> john berman and kate bouldua. kate is experienced. >> john berman is a three-time winner, jeopardy champion. he's going to be tough to beat. >> new entries, john king and van jones. first time player. john king is going to earn it, but is he good at a game show? >> it's anybody's game. >> all right. so tune in monday, 9:00 p.m. eastern for the cnn quiz show race for the white house edition and see who comes out on top. let's check top stories for you. two women are dead and a man hospitalized after an overnight shooting off the las vegas strip. police believe the incident began with a fight in the parking garage of planet hollywood. it was broken up by security. they're working with security to review surveillance video of the
7:58 am
fight. the trials of five officers charged in the death of freddie gray have been put on hold as they decide whether the sixth officer charged can testify against his colleagues. it was slated for monday. a helicopter crashed in pearl harbor, and it was caught on camera. five people were on board the chopper when it went down. four of the passengers were rescued quickly by bystanders. the fifth passenger, a 16-year-old boy had to be cut out of his seat belt. he remains in critical condition. ethan judge is in front of a judge. he was 16 when he was sentenced to probation after driving drunk and causing a crash that killed four people. he fled to mexico last year to reportedly avoid being arrested for violating his probation.
7:59 am
i'm outside of the u.s. supreme court where a moving ceremony took place for justice antonin scalia. you can see the people filing in to pay their respects. the four people standing around the casket are former law clerks. these law clerks and other law clerks will take their place around the casket and stay in honor of justice scalia throughout the day and into the night. we do expect the president and mrs. obama to pay their respects to justice scalia sometime this morning. they will not appear at the church service tomorrow. a moving ceremony is predicted at the basilica, because justice scalia's son will say the homily. as he did earlier in the great hall, he will bless his father's casket. thanks for joining me.
8:00 am
at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. >> held rhello, everyone, i'm j berman. feast your eyes on south carolina. do not look away for a moment. within a moment hillary clinton will pick up what could be one of the most important endorsements of this campaign. within a moment, donald trump will hold his first rally of the day ahead in every poll, poised, perhaps for a primary victory tomorrow which one republican told me could cause the establishment to hit the panic button. within a moment marco rubio continues his bring your governor


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