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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  February 19, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PST

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writing resonates more than ever in this divisive world in which we live, as lee wrote in the voice of scout, there's just one kind of folks, folks. rest in peace, harper lee. don't forget to watch "state of the union" at 9:00 a.m. this sunday. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper, turning you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, liar, liar. donald trump goes for the jugular in the final hours before the south carolina primaries, singing out rival ted cruz to scorn as he defends his own comments on the iraq war. cruz suit. a court hears a legal challenge to ted cruz's eligibility to serve as president. will a judge determine if the canadian-born cruz is in fact a, quote, natural born citizen of the united states? isis camp hit. u.s. warplanes attack an isis training facility in libya where
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officials now say foreign fighters may have been preparing for an attack in europe. dozens are dead. is a targeted isis leader among them? and terrorist brother. months after the san bernardino massacre, the fbi now raiding the home of a relative of one of the killers, hauling away piles and piles of possible evidence. and the fbi asks a court to force apple to unlock the shooter's iphone. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." we've got the breaking news we're coming down to two more presidential contests just hours away. the republican candidates are in a frantic whirlwind of activity right now jockeying for position as they cast about for critical votes in south carolina. donald trump is going for a knockout saving his best punches for his closest rival, ted cruz. and the breaking news tonight, he's now going on the offensive
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against apple, calling for a boycott until the tech giant agrees to an fbi demand that it unlock a phone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they're neck in neck in nevada. both are appealing to minority voters and clinton today gained the endorsement of a powerful african-american lawmaker. i'll speak with another lawmaker, congressman adam kinsinger, a backer of jeb bush. and our analyst and guests will have full coverage of all the day's top stories. let's begin with the race for the republican presidential nomination. our political reporter sara murray is following the trump campaign in north charleston, south carolina, right now. sara, what's the latest? >> reporter: wolf, last night at our cnn town hall we heard a donald trump that sounded a little bit more conciliatory but all of that is out the window today. donald trump is back on the war path and it's apple that's in his sights today. 24 hours after taking on the
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pope, tonight donald trump is taking on one of america's biggest companies. >> first of all, apple ought to give the security for that phone, okay? what i think you ought to do is boycott apple until such time as they give that security number. >> reporter: his suggestion to black list the tech giant coming as the company refuses to unlock an iphone that belonged to one of the san bernardino killers. >> how do you like -- >> reporter: trump's latest move, a signal he has no plans to water down his bombastic style after a blistering week on the trail in south carolina. >> this guy ted cruz is really a liar, i'll tell you what. >> reporter: in fact he's using his final hours before saturday's primary to go for the jugular. >> i tell you what was good, even marco rubio said he's a liar and when a politician says another politician is a liar, i never heard that before. i felt so good. >> reporter: but he's also left explaining why he voiced support for the iraq invasion in 2002 after spending months claiming he was an early opponent.
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>> the first guy that ever asked me about iraq was howard stern. i said i don't know, yeah, i guess it's all right. before the war started, i was against that war. i was against that war. >> reporter: meanwhile, ted cruz is fighting his own two-front war, trying to gain on trump and fend off marco rubio. >> i need your support tomorrow so i'm asking for your help. >> reporter: cruz swiping at rubio over national security. >> you know, two debates ago when i stood on the stage and saw three republican candidates, including marco rubio, standing up there and saying sure, we should draft women, i remember thinking, are you guys nuts? >> reporter: and casting him as a shape shifter on immigration. >> marco rubio burned us once. he shouldn't get the chance to sell us out again. >> reporter: while the top tier goes to battle, others are looking to land their closing arguments with a softer touch. >> i'd really appreciate one of those hugs you've been talking
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about. [ applause ] >> reporter: jeb bush even welcoming his family on the campaign trail for his closing argument. >> jeb has been a great son, great father, great husband, married well. and is one of my four favorite sons. >> i swear to god when we were on the bus, we were walking down, she whispered in my ear, you really are my favorite. >> reporter: now, wolf, donald trump's wild proposals have of course captured our attention, but there is a lot on the line here tomorrow night for jeb bush. he is in a fierce fight with john kasich and with marco rubio in the establishment lane here and he is going to need a strong showing if he hopes his donors will continue to support his campaign going forward. back to you. >> and we'll stand by to hear what donald trump has to say. all right, sara, thanks very much. senator ted cruz is battling some legal headwinds tonight after a judge agreed to hear a
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case challenging his eligibility to even run for president. cruz is also campaigning hard in south carolina today. he's hoping to capitalize on the state's large evangelical population which propelled him to victory in iowa. sunlen serfaty is following the cruz campaign for us. what's the latest on that front? >> reporter: wolf, it's almost like in these final hours ted cruz has made it his personal mission to peel back the layers of donald trump. the cruz campaign very much thinking that this will reveal to voters here in south carolina, they hope, that he's not a true conservative. so we've seen ted cruz in these final days in these final moments on the campaign trail really look for any opening to make the case against donald trump. and today he brought a new line of attack on the campaign trail. earlier today in myrtle beach, he seized on comments that donald trump made at a town hall this week in which he said he would remain neutral in the israeli-palestinian conflict. he's ted cruz earlier today.
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>> the other day donald trump went on tv and said he would be neutral between israel and the palestinians. well, let me be very clear, if i'm president, i have no intention of being neutral. america will stand unapologetically with the nation of israel. >> reporter: now, after a full day of campaigning today, ted cruz will take a little break from the campaign trail briefly tomorrow morning, return to washington to attend the funeral of justice scalia. at first the campaign said that he was too busy to attend but then they changed course last night and announced that he would indeed go but he'll return right back here to south carolina for tomorrow night's primary. >> any reaction today from the cruz campaign to this judge's decision to let this case go forward questioning his eligibility under the constitution to be president of the united states?
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>> reporter: no reaction straight from the cruz campaign yet, but senator cruz this week has received a few questions about this. usually they're trying to cast this aside. they think they have put this issue to bed but clearly this is a big factor. people with these lawsuits. people ask ted cruz from time to time on the campaign trail so this is very much part of the discussion here, whether it hurts him or not remains to be seen. >> all right, thanks very much. sunlen serfaty covering the cruz campaign for us. let's get some more. joining us is congressman adam kinsinger, a republican and supporter of the jeb bush campaign. thanks for joining us. a couple of quick questions. do you think that he is -- cruz is eligible to be president given the fact that he was born in canada? >> yeah, i think so. i've never really bought into the whole birther idea whether it was with president obama or ted cruz. i think he's eligible. you know with this court case we'll probably put that to bed. now, i wish ted cruz wouldn't run for president but that's
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completely different of whether or not he's eligible and i think he is. >> where do you stand in this escalation and this fight with apple with donald trump suggesting that the country -- the people should boycott apple until it agrees to cooperate with the fbi into this investigation on the iphone of that san bernardino terrorist. >> trump will say anything he needs to say to get headlines and this is something that will get him headlines. now, i disagree with apple's decision and i disagree with it very intensely. they need to let the fbi get into this phone. it's the right thing for the country, for terrorism, for defeating evil. but for donald trump to say we need to boycott the entire company of apple. where are people going to go? samsung is not an american company, apple is. donald trump has made a big deal of buying american and bringing jobs back and for him to make this, again, he's just trying to get headlines. that's what he does. that's how he runs for president. >> finally, a quick comment from you on trump saying he would be
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neutral deciding whether he's with the palestinians or israelis in negotiations for some israeli-palestinian peace agreement. he wants to take a neutral stance and wants to work to achieve it. right now he says he's neutral. your reaction. >> again, donald trump when you really listen to what he has to say, in foreign policy he doesn't know what he's talking about. i mean he really doesn't. when he says his response to isis is to just knock the blank out of them. that's not a mature discussion of foreign policy. and it's obviously not an understanding of foreign policy when you say you're going to be neutral between the palestinians and the israelis. when you show daylight between the united states and israel, that has ramifications all over the middle east, not just in that specific conflict. so again, look, donald trump, if he becomes our nominee, god forbid, and if he becomes president really needs to surround himself with people that actually understand how the world works and actually understands foreign policy. >> when you say god forbid he becomes the nominee, if he were
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the nominee, congressman, could you support him? >> i don't know. i can't answer that yet. i had come to a point where i said maybe and i saw him in the last debate literally a couple of people boo him in the audience and he gets all thin-skinned about it and freaks out. when he says george w. bush is responsible for 9/11, didn't do enough to protect our country and then he praises slavladimir putin and falls right into putin's honey trap that i'm going to compliment trump and trump is going to compliment me back, i don't know if that's who we need as commander in chief. i don't think he's going to be the nominee but if he does, i'd have a long, hard decision to make. i'd put my country above my party any day. >> there are a lot of voters out there. certainly we saw it in new hampshire. presumably we'll see it in south carolina, later maybe in nevada. he potentially could get a lot of momentum out of these next few contests, right? >> yeah, it's true. look, there are people that are understandably very angry and he reflects that anger. the difference is a leader needs to show anger on behalf of
2:12 pm
people. the middle class has lost $2300 in the last seven years. i'm angry about that. a leader doesn't have to be angry on mbehalf of himself. when he gets mad, it's because he's personally offended. that's not the traits of a leader. he's got a strong 35% and may very well win south carolina, but i think that's pretty much the top of republicans that's going to support him. those that aren't supporting him now i don't see coming around on the trump bandwagon. i've talked to a lot of them and they're not in on the trump thing. >> if michael bloomberg were to run as a third party candidate, let's say trump were the republican nominee, i assume you're not going to vote for the democratic nominee but would you be more inclined to vote for michael bloomberg? a lot of people are looking at that possibility. >> well, if michael bloomberg run, he's going to help the republicans, so i hope it's not donald trump as our nominee. that's a good thing. no, i don't know if i can support trump. i definitely won't support the
2:13 pm
democrats and i'm not intending to support michael bloomberg. that's a lot of what ifs at this point. we have a lot of primary season to get through and i don't think donald trump frank low ly is goo be our nominee. republican voters are understandably very upset but i think when you look past the tone of donald trump and into the words or lack thereof on the re great town hall you guys had last night, he didn't say a lot he just said it with an interesting tone. i don't think he's going to be our nominee. iem not overly worried about it. >> we've got a lot more questions to ask you, congressman, don't go away. we'll continue our assessment of what's going on right now in this race for the white house. much more with congressman adam kinsinger when we come back. your path to retirement... may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings.
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it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. the south carolina republican primary now just a few hours away. cnn is tracking all of the latest developments. we're back with congressman adam kinsinger of illinois. he's a jeb bush supporter. congressman, yhe declined to jup between trump and the pope. what's your take on that exchange between trump and the pope yesterday? >> i've seen it all now, i mean i've seen it all. i do think -- and i'm not a catholic, i'm protestant, i do think the pope overstepped a little bit by getting involved in american politics. i think his point about, you know, people who are christians
2:19 pm
need to have a softer tone, it doesn't mean you have to have softer politics but it means we have to understand and have compassion for people that are in tough positions. i agree with that. i think as a republican party, we need to understand that there are people in very tough situations that are desperate and we need to be the party that's able to reach out to them and bring them up. look, there's no doubt in my mind that donald trump's tone hasn't been great at all. we spent the last segment talking about that, but the pope probably shouldn't have gotten involved in the politics and i think he's since rectified that. >> jeb bush said last night he'd want u.s. troops to embed with the iraqi army. you've told us in the past you don't think putting u.s. troops on the ground in iraq right now is necessarily a good idea. i know you're a veteran of both the wars in iraq and afghanistan. do you agree with jeb bush's position about embedding u.s. troops with the iraqi army right now? >> yeah, absolutely. in fact i do think we need to have a ground presence there. nobody is asking for 200 or 300,000 troops now.
2:20 pm
we need to destroy isis, whatever force that takes. but there is a fact that when you put american troops in with iraqi military, even with kurdish military, sunni tribesmen, any of these kind of groups, it stiffens their spine. they see american leadership. this is what our guys are trade to do very well and they're inspired because we're the best warriors out there. so i think this is a key piece of pushing back and destroying this cancer that we are seeing is spreading to libya, tunisia, afghanistan, all around the world. we've got to destroy these folks and whatever it takes to do it we've got to use. >> speaking of libya, we're learning u.s. f-15s struck an isis training camp in libya. is this an expansion of u.s. military action against isis and does the president have the authorization now to escalate this war against isis into libya? >> yeah, first off this probably is an expansion and it's a necessary expansion. we have to destroy isis where they exist. we've done this basically before when this was al qaeda in iraq.
2:21 pm
we pushed them back, we rolled them back. and even the president in his re-election said al qaeda is on the ropes. since then, this new al qaeda, isis, has reborn and me tas at the sized all over the place. i believe the president does have the authorization after what happened on 9/11 but i think congress should give him a use of force authorization without limitations, though. we're not going to tie the hands of the next president with what this president has requested. he's requested a time limit and a prohibition on the use of ground troops. i have an authorization for the use of military force that i wrote that said the president has the authority to destroy isis wherever they exist by whoever means necessary basically. that's what congress should give him. unfortunately, i don't know if we can get to 218 on unlimited aumf. >> congressman, thanks very much for joining us. >> you bet, wolf, thanks. take care. >> thank you. there are lots of other developments happening right now in the race for the white house,
2:22 pm
including on the democratic side. a fierce battle right now between bernie sanders and hillary clinton unfolding in the nevada caucuses. we'll update you on that when we come back. pet moments are beau unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything.
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with the south carolina republican primary just hours away, donald trump is causing a last-minute stir with calls for a boycott against apple as the tech company refuses to unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. let's dig deeper with our political experts. we're joined by s.e. cupp, david chalian and jeffrey toobin.
2:27 pm
s. empt s.e., the tweet he put out, i use both iphone and samsung, if apple doesn't give info to authorities on the terrorists, i'll only be using samsung until they give info. yesterday he goes on this little fight with the pope. today apple. >> there are no sacred cows. >> i don't know what's next. >> well, i don't either. this makes sense for donald trump. it's real simplistic. it doesn't address any of the nuance behind the complexity of this problem. if you unlock one apple iphones, you can unlock all apple iphones. that's a little too complicated for trump so he's saying let's boycott them and i think that resonates with his supporters. >> i actually think that's a little unfair to trump. i'm a former federal prosecutor. this is information that exists that is highly relevant to a very serious criminal investigation. i think apple should be obliged to figure out a way to turn it over. they can devise a way to do it under limited circumstances only
2:28 pm
under court order, but -- >> they say they can't. they actually say they cannot and that's a greater national security risk for the rest of the world. if you can hack your way into any iphone because developing this technology that doesn't currently exist makes it available, that's a big deal. >> it is a bigger deal to tell the world that if you get an iphone, you're never going to be able to have the government investigate you. that's a bigger security risk. >> well, the point that we are proving now is that it's a very complicated nuanced issue and so donald trump simply saying boycott apple probably isn't do the issue -- >> the point that i think he is making is if this technology is developed where there's a back door to get the information from your iphone, the government could use that information in criminal cases, but hackers potentially could get that information and invade your privacy. >> but every electronic device in history before the new iphone had a way of getting
2:29 pm
information. so it's not like this has never been true before. what's been true is that the government has the right to get information that exists -- >> i think it's fair to say donald trump is taking a very popular position right now, right? >> certainly in the context of the republican nominating electorate. although, if you look at how marco rubio and ted cruz answered this question in our town halls this week, it's different than donald trump. they believe that apple should, of course, turn over this specific circumstance and be able to solve it, but they are aware of the libertarian privacy streak inside of the party that they're playing to also by understanding what apple is saying that they don't want to create a back door that can then open up all of these things s.e. is talking about. politically why i think it's working for donald trump, not only the position he's taking is probably where a swath of the republican electorate is, it also is a day before the primary, wolf, he gets to own another news cycle. he owned the news cycle yesterday on the pope. he owned the news cycle today on apple. so that nikki haley endorsement
2:30 pm
of marco rubio, whatever the other candidates are trying to do, donald trump consuming the oxygen in a way right before voters go to the poll. >> what do you make of the -- back in the middle of 2002, the war in iraq started in march, 2003, he told howard stern that maybe he does in fact support going to war after all these months he's been saying he always opposed going to war against saddam hussein in 2003? >> ordinarily this would be a huge deal. this would be a huge flip-flop, a smoking gun, a look, he lied. but this is not an ordinary election and he's not an ordinary candidate. look, we've uncovered dozens of instances where he's changed his mind. he's said things that are completely contradictory. his supporters don't seem to care. they justify it as he does, which is that he's changed his mind or he never said that, even though we can prove that he said it. so we can't apply conventional wisdom to this. but it would be a big deal. >> it's another perfect example of how the political laws of
2:31 pm
gravity todo not apply to donal trump. think about the iraq war, this issue whether you were for it or against it has dominated our politics for ten years now if not longer. he makes a huge stand and is presented with evidence that it's not as he said it was. hey, i wasn't a politician at the time. i agree his supporters will not be at all fazed by this, but anybody else, this would be a shocking development. for donald trump, he is simply able to say, yeah, i think i may have said that and i wasn't a politician at the time. but when the war starred i was opposed. >> months earlier he may have said that but when the war started he realized it was a bad war. they used to say ronald reagan was a teflon president. he seems like a teflon candidate. >> how many times have we said donald trump said this thing it's going to be really bad, about john mccain or about megyn kelly and now the pope. but he does seem immune from the laws of political gravity.
2:32 pm
i don't -- i just don't think this is going to make much of an impact. >> donald trump is not going to take donald trump out, right? there's nothing he's going to say or do that's going to take donald trump down. i think that's pretty clear. i think as long as there are five other people running, donald trump really eats up most of the oxygen. i think the only thing that takes donald trump down is if voters coalesce around another candidate and that can really only happen when there are fewer of them. >> legally speaking, does this case that's now been put forward in illinois questioning the eligibility of ted cruz to be president of the united states because he was born in canada, does it have standing? is it going to go anywhere? you've studied this. >> no, this case is not going to go anywhere. >> this specific case or any case. >> no, this case, voters, the courts have been very enclosure that voters don't have standing to challenge the eligibility of candidates. but one of trump's recent threats has been that i'm going
2:33 pm
to sue you, ted cruz, to say that you don't have standing, and that might be a case that would -- a judge would get to the merits. now, if the judge got to the merits, i think actually cruz was likely to win, but the threat that matters is the one from trump. these voter lawsuits, they're all going to be thrown out. >> has this whole issue been damaging to ted cruz, raising the questions of his eligibility under the constitution to be president? >> no question about it. first of all, it threw him off for a little while until he developed a response. i don't think it is permanent damage that will be the thing that keeps ted cruz from the nomination if it comes to that, but donald trump doesn't let it go so it is inserted -- wherever the contest goes, the next state, the next state, there's ted cruz doing local interviews, getting exposed in the local media, once again having to answer questions about his eligibility. that is no doubt damaging because he's not talking about all the time what he wants to talk about. >> and if cruz really does catch up to trump, it seems likely to
2:34 pm
me that trump actually will file that lawsuit because that will throw all the chips in the air. >> cruz says he would like nothing better than to depose donald trump under oath. >> if cameras were allowed into that deposition. >> they are, they are, civil lawsuits. we have a lot more, also very dramatic developments in the race for the democratic nomination. we'll update you on that when we come back. i drive a golf ball.
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders are running neck in neck in nevada right now going into tomorrow's caucuses. both candidates are targeting minorities and ahead of next week's south carolina primary, hillary clinton has picked up the endorsement of a top african-american lawmaker. ou senior washington correspondent, jeff zeleny is joining us live now from nevada. jeff, how are things shaping up right now? >> reporter: wolf, nevada was once seen by hillary clinton supporters as the place she could get her campaign back on track again and rebound but it's increasingly looking like she will need a lifeline in south carolina. that's exactly what she got today from jim clyburn. it's shaping up as the vegas prize fight of politics. on the eve of the nevada caucuses, hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a deadlocked democratic race. the clinton campaign is hoping an endorsement today from influential south carolina congressman james clyburn reverberates to nevada and beyond. >> the future of the democratic party and the united states of
2:40 pm
america will be best served with the experiences and know-how of hillary clinton as our 45th president. >> reporter: eight years ago, clyburn declined to endorse. he recounted the anger in his 2014 mem wau. he said the former president called him in the middle of the night and said if you bastards want a fight, you damn well will get one. >> my head and my heart are in the same place. >> reporter: in nevada clinton drew jeers when she suggested sanders is a democrat come lately. >> maybe senator sanders wasn't really a democrat until he decided to run for president. he doesn't know what the last two democratic presidents did. well, it's true. it's true. >> reporter: sanders, a lifelong independent, argues he's the democratic candidate for change. >> the status quo is not
2:41 pm
acceptable. we have got to change it. >> reporter: flying across nevada today, sanders said he's counting on one win at a time. >> but i hope we have a very large, very, very large voter turnout tomorrow. show the world that democracy is alive and well here in nevada. >> reporter: the candidates are trying to break through the distractions of las vegas. >> you've got to get there at 11:00 a.m. you can't sleep in. sleep in, you know, the next day. >> reporter: working to get out the vote for saturday's caucuses, particularly targeting latino voters. the air waves are flooded with ads, including the latest clinton spot narrated by the familiar baritone voice of morgan freeman. >> her life's work has been about breaking barriers and so would her presidency. >> reporter: freeman told cnn's don lemon he's been with clinton
2:42 pm
since day one. >> whoever is going to be part of the world leadership is going to have to have some serious knowledge and smarts. >> reporter: sanders is asking voters to dream bigger and demand more. >> and the issue is not just who wins the democratic nomination, the issue is whether nevada will play a leading role in moving this country toward a political revolution. >> reporter: and that is happening all across nevada here. the sanders campaign has descended a few hundred staffers here, wolf, trying to get out the vote. the clinton campaign has brought in all of their workers from colorado trying to get out their vote as well. but the thing to look for tomorrow morning are casinos all along the strip. six casinos have voting and that is where those key hotel workers will be coming out to vote. who they choose will determine who wins the nevada caucuses.
2:43 pm
>> a key race coming up. thanks very much for that. also coming up, the fbi raids the home of a relative of one of the san bernardino terrorists as the u.s. justice department asks the court to force apple to unlock the shooter's iphone. ♪ ♪ it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more.
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u.s. warplanes today struck an isis camp near the tunisian border. foreign fighters were training there possibly for an attack in europe. dozens of people were reported dead. it targeted an isis operative linked to deaths of tourists in tunisia. jim sciutto is working the story and getting more information.
2:48 pm
>> wolf , the president said he would strike in libya, one, if there was a senior leader the u.s. had intelligence on or there was evidence they were planning a terror attack. both things taking place right here now. this is the site in libya, as wolf said, along the border with tunisia where the strike took place. the intelligence that the u.s. was acting on was that they were training for some sort of attack, possibly in the west or possibly against western targets in north africa described as special advanced training, a multi-attacker situation similar to things we've seen, for instance, in paris before and elsewhere. isis m.o., and this got them very concerned. this is the man that they believe was targeted and believe killed in this attack. he's a known isis leader in north africa and he is responsible for this attack on a beach in tunisia that took place a number of weeks ago. you're seeing it, this is the attacker, the gunman as he fled
2:49 pm
the scene. 38 people killed in this attack, many of them british tourists. he's also believed responsible to another attack on a museum in the capital of tunisia and, wolf, when they saw the evidence of this training taking place there, of course they're thinking about these attacks that this man had carried out before and the signatures of those attacks and the u.s. acted upon that. >> so the obama administration, the president of the united states, he's going to continue this policy of what they used to call targeted assassinations. they get word of a terrorist, they're going to send a drone or aircraft to kill them. >> a terrorist, a senior leader or of advanced planning for some sort of plot. of course the open open questio expand military action in libya like we've seen in iraq and syria, a sustained campaign because this is one of eight countries outside of iraq and libya that you have isis -- outside of iraq and syria you have an isis presence. >> thanks very much, jim sciutto, for that. let's bring in paul cruickshank. he's been looking into the
2:50 pm
tunisia connection. what more can you tell us about the investigation into the horrific museum and beach attacks. we saw the video. it was awful. >> according to the senior western counterterrorism source, it was the same isis-linked cell they have now established that carried out that attack on the bardo museum in march last year and also the beach in june where 30 british tourists were killed. this was the same isis cell, a cell that was in touch with isis operatives in syria and iraq. this was a cell with some significant trade craft. i'm also told they were plotting an attack, a third attack on the french consulate in tunis. that attack was thwarted when tunisian security services rounded up the cell. the gunman in the beach attack and also the attack on the museum, the gunman in all those cases trained in libya where
2:51 pm
those u.s. strikes took place today. >> paul cruickshank, thank you. 2 1/2 months after the san bernardino massacre in california, and the shootout which killed the husband and wife terrorist, there's now been a surge of sudden activity. the fbi has raided the home of a relative hauling off piles and piles of possible evidence. brian todd has been looking into this development for us. what are you learning? >> there are still some very important clues the fbi is looking for about the two shooters. where is their hard drive? what were they doing in a stretch of 18 minutes after the shootings that the fbi still can't account for? and what is on shoot or syed farook's iphone. it prompted federal agents to make another run at farook's brother. >> federal agents combed through this home in corona, california, associated with the brother of san bernardino shooter farook. agents seen searching the trunk
2:52 pm
of two vehicles. one according to kabc is registered to farook's mother. the house has been searched several times since the december terror attack. >> we've had numerous swarms of fbi agents and homeland security and police. >> reporter: tonight the fbi won't say what investigators were hoping to find but experts say to get another search warrant, investigators would have to show a judge they have good reason to return. >> this would be new evidence that they have just recently learned about. >> what could that be? >> that could be documentary evidence. that could be written communications. >> there were no arrests made and no one has been charged. the fbi would not say if the brother is a suspect in the shootings or any other crime. tonight the family's lawyers could not be reached for comment but the search is one of several signs that the fbi is still investigating whether there were others involved in the shooting that left 14 people dead or if there were any other targets. the fbi has made clear it is still looking for the shooter's
2:53 pm
hard drive. and tonight they say they still can't entirely rule out that there was a third shooter at the site. something at least one witness told cbs she saw on the day of the attacks. >> we saw three men dressed in all black military attire with vests on. they are holding assault rifles. >> while an fbi spokeswoman has confirmed only two guns were used in the absence of video, they can't rule out if there could have been another attacker. >> the fbi is not going to let that alone. they're not going to say, hey, we got two. we're comfortable that all there is is two because what if that third shooter is now brewing the next terrorism plot? >> reporter: meanwhile, the fbi is still trying to pin down where the two attackers went for a stretch of 18 minutes after the shooting. a mystery the fbi believes might be solved if apple would agree to help investigators unlock saeed farook's iphone. >> it's not clear if that's
2:54 pm
going to happen. apple is fighting a judge's order for the company to help unlock the iphone. tonight the justice department is doubling down in its fight with apple over farouk's iphone. following a request for aple to help the fbi break into that iphone. the feds do not want to wait for apple to litigate this whole thing and to show the san bernardino case is still very much an active investigation. >> certainly is. you've also gotten some new details on that stretch of, what, about 18 minutes in the two shooters' movements that the bureau supposedly can't account for. >> that's right. an fbi official told me the bureau has gotten some leads about those missing 18 minutes but no firm evidence of where the couple went, who they might have interacted with, whether they stopped anywhere. possibly even a storage facility. the fbi official says it was a very small area of san bernardino that they drove around in for quite a while following the shootings, and
2:55 pm
they are still hoping that someone saw something in that stretch of about 18 minutes. >> lots of questions still out there, including if there's any other people who were involved. brian, thank you very much. coming up, donald trump calls for a boycott of apple until the tech giant agrees to an fbi demand that it unlock a phone used by one of those san bernardino terrorists.
2:56 pm
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. happening now -- breaking news. trump versus apple. donald trump calling for a boycott of the tech giant for refusing to unlock the phone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. this on the eve of the south
3:00 pm
carolina primary. trump and his rivals are barnstorming the state right now. we're standing by to hear from the republican front-runner. clinton redemption? actor morgan freeman lends his shawshank star power to hillary clinton voicing an ad praising her career and telling cnn he has no trust issue with the democratic candidate. can the spot convince skeptical voters as bernie sanders continues to gain ground in the battle for the nomination. direct strike. a rare u.s. attack on isis forces inside libya killing dozens of people in a terror training camp. a top isis operative suspected in two bloody attacks believed to be among the dead. did the strike thwart a terror attack on the west? mourning scalia. the president and first lady pay respects to justice antonin scalia. his casket lying in repose at the u.s. supreme court. the white house saying the president is planning to do in-depth research on potential
3:01 pm
nominees to replace scalia this weekend. but with a near solid wall of opposition from republicans, can president obama nominate anyone to even get a hearing? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." this is cnn breaking news. >> we're following breaking news. donald trump and his republican rivals in this the final hours of campaigning ahead of tomorrow's south carolina primary. we're standing by to hear from trump shortly. he's calling for a boycott of the company until it helps fbi investigators unloc an iphone that belonged to one of the san bernardino terrorists. we're also following the air strike against isis in libya. for only the second time, american war planes targeting terrorist targets forces inside
3:02 pm
that country killing dozens at a training camp. also officials believe a top operative who helped carry out two deadly terror attacks was among those killed by the u.s. we're covering all of that. much more this hour with our correspondents, our expert analysts and our guests. they are all standing by live. let's begin with the republican fight for south carolina. all eyes right now on donald trump. cnn's sunlen serfaty beginning our coverage in south carolina where it's primary eve. all the candidates right now, they are campaigning down to the wire. what's the latest? >> that's right, wolf. the candidates are spread out across this state. right now making their final pitch trying to close the deal with undecided voters. but donald trump tonight is focusing his fire on apple instead. a day after taking on pope francis, donald trump tonight directing his attacks at the tech giant apple. >> first of all, apple ought to give the security for that phone, okay?
3:03 pm
what i think you ought to do is boycott apple until such time as they give that security number. >> trump urging people to give the company the cold soldier until it agrees to unlock the iphone owned by one of the san bernardino killers. trump's move comes as he attempts to de-escalate his feud with the pope. >> they had him convinced that illegal immigration is like a wonderful thing. >> reporter: putting blame on the media instead. >> i don't like fighting with the pope. i don't think it's a fight. i think he said something much softer than was originally reported by the media. >> reporter: the vatican clarifying it was not a personal attack nor an indication in how to vote. but trump also on the defense struggling to explain his past stance on the iraq war. buzzfeed obtaining these comments trump made to howard stern in 2002 supporting the invasion of iraq. >> are you for invading iraq? >> yeah, i guess so. you know, i wish it was -- i
3:04 pm
wish the first time it was done correctly. >> reporter: that much different than what trump regularly tells voters. that he opposed the invasion from the start. >> from 2002, 2003 said you shouldn't be doing it. >> reporter: at the cnn town hall, trump tried to explain. >> i wasn't a politician. probably the first time anybody asked me that question. >> reporter: and today trying to clean it up. >> i was with howard stern before the war. before. like many months before. and the first guy ever asked me about iraq was howard stern. i said, yeah, i guess. then i started looking at it. before the war started, i was against that war. >> reporter: meanwhile, the most intense south carolina showdown is the fierce battle between rubio and cruz. each fighting to leave south carolina with the upper hand as the alternative to trump. >> we have been through a wild, woolly election season. >> reporter: jeb bush under pressure, campaigning with his mom. >> jeb has been a great son,
3:05 pm
great father, great husband. >> donald trump has never shown any interest in anybody but himself. and the two candidates that are gifted speakers, marco rubio and ted cruz have shown nothing in their past that would suggest they could make a tough decision. >> reporter: jeb bush in his campaign have been peppered with questions all day today. if they don't do well in south carolina, what is the path forward? jeb bush himself says that for right now he is focused on today and tomorrow, but, wolf, he has a lot of pressure on his back to make a strong showing coming out of south carolina. >> he certainly does. sunlen, thank you. we're also standing by to hear directly from donald trump. he's about to hold a campaign rally tonight. supposed to begin shortly. stand by for that. our political reporter sara murray is on the scene for us. what's the latest you're hearing about trump's plan to now boycott apple? >> well, wolf, soon after he
3:06 pm
announced that boycott, people noticed on twitter he was still tweeting with an iphone. he took to wait toer to clear that up. he said i use both iphone and samsung. if apple doesn't give in to authorities, i'll only be using samsung until they give the info. now trump himself said earlier that this was a hastily called boycott and that certainly seems to be the case. here in north charleston there are entire centers selling donald trump merchandise and they are using a number of ipads to check people out. trump not even boycotting at his own event. his event should start any moment now. >> we're expecting to be speaking about this. what else do we expect to hear from trump tonight? >> tonight this is really donald trump's closing argument with the voters of south carolina. the campaign feels solid here. they feel strong. they are ahead in the polls. even though they blew it out in new hampshire, they got burned in iowa and want to make sure they are fighting to the finish.
3:07 pm
what you'll hear from donald trump is a guy who makes it clear to this crowd he's not someone who is going to back down. he's going to be strong on national security, strong on the military, big issues here in south carolina. and again, just prodding them not to take anything for granted and to be sure they show up and vote tomorrow. >> sara, thank you. sara murray on the scene. we stand by to hear from donald trump. let's speak with one of his key supporters, scottie hughes. thanks for coming back. >> i did come back. >> you are always welcome. this boycott against apple. yesterday he was talking about this fight he was having with the pope. today apple, this is potentially a very big deal. >> let's talk about what's encouraging it. you had a great panel on that talked about the logistics. what mr. trump is addressing is the national security side. i am sorry. when you are talking about people that came into this country, planned to kill americans and executed their plans and 14 people are dead, i
3:08 pm
don't think they have rights. i don't care about their rights. i want to know who they had lunch with, who they talks to. i want to know every detail of their life so we can prevent future terror attacks happening. there's a difference between privacy concerns in the past. these are folks who committed crimes and killed americans and are terrorists. i think apple needs to be giving us every detail they can to prevent future terrorist acts from happening on our soil. >> he says he uses iphones and samsung. the interesting thing if you boycott iphone or apple, samsung is a foreign company. apple is american. he always wants to support american companies. >> he does. we have a lot of apple parts being made. my entire house is apple. the boycott is going forward. he wants people not to go out and buy a brand new apple product and supporting them. we have to stop coddling terrorists and need to send a
3:09 pm
message. you come over here and hurt uwe're going to hurt you and your families. the king of jordan did a great thing. when you had isis burn one of their pilots alive n put that video out on youtube, guess what's the king of jordan did? he took one of their isis, an older female and shot her and sent that video back to them. you have to send a message that we'll give you back exactly what -- >> so if apple continues to resist this court order, does not have this back door in to try to find out what was going on in that terrorist's iphone are you going to get a different cell phone yourself right now? >> i think the american people are going to call on apple to do the right thing. that's all mr. trump has been about. making sure our country and families are safe. has nothing to do with political parties. if there are any future terrorist attacks formed or done that have links to this couple, apple will have a lot to pay for that because they did not tell the authorities what that connection was. >> there's another development causing a stir out there.
3:10 pm
donald trump said he'd be neutral in the negotiations between the israelis and the palestinians. ted cruz today really went after him on this. listen to this. >> the other day, donald trump went on tv and said he would be neutral between israel and the palestinians. well, let me be very clear. if i am president, i have no intent of being neutral. america will stand unapologetically with the nation of israel. >> people were surprised to hear donald trump say he'd be neutral between the israelis and palestinians. >> i think you know, as we just saw, these elections that happen, not everybody was behind netanyahu. what a president trump would do is say i'm going to support israel. there's no doubt that he actually supports israel and america will stand with israel. he's got to make sure both groups want to negotiate first.
3:11 pm
kind of like what happened yesterday with the pope coming in not knowing all the logistics, everything we're dealing with and making these comments about our political process. until mr. trump is in there being able to preserve those issues, what's going on in israel, know the security concerns he may not be privy to. it's diplomatic to say that -- to not sit there and say i'm going to go guns ablazin. that's irresponsible right now. four candidates who have not talked to both sides. even there's conflict within jerusalem. it's a very complicated issue. i think all that is a sound bite to sit there and encourage the pro-israel folks who are very much a part of the republican party to think that donald trump is against israel which is the exact opposite of the truth. >> i was surprised to hear what he said about the neutrality issue. when i interviewed him a few weeks ago, i asked if he were president, would he move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem, recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel,
3:12 pm
something u.s. presidents have refused to do, and he said, yes, he would do that. and then in response to the other issue, he said he'd be neutral. >> this shows maturity. in his office, over his desk is a gift from israel, the tree of life. only those people who have done something very good and very nice for the state of israel is given this gift. it hangs right over his office. that means something. anybody that tries to point him as being anti-semitic or anti-israel is trying to start a slanderous campaign that is false. >> you heard this clip from an interview in 2002 to howard stern in which he said he supposed he would support going to war against saddam hussein in iraq, even though all these months he said he always opposed going to war against saddam hussein. maybe the hugest blunder any american has made, referring to president george w. bush. this puts it in an awkward position. >> it does. it's an uoff-handed comment.
3:13 pm
mr. trump first brought it up on august 6th. the biggest time he came against the war in iraq was 16 months after we had already invaded. that's when he said it's destabilized. we're irresponsible. we're gutting a company and not doing anything responsible to make sure it's going to be successful going forward. that was 16 months after the invasion, which he admits. three months prior to the invasion he goes on another network show and said i have some hesitancy. is this president going to do it or not? he's putting our economy in limbo and i think he should listen to the umpts n. then one week after's invasion he is asked and again says, this is a mess. if he would have said anything that in any way would have seemed anti-patriotic or not supporting our troops he would have been slandered for not supporting our troops. the more important point, he was talking during that entire time. none of these other candidates were. they wait until they start
3:14 pm
running for office before they started talking for or against the iraq war. >> there's more to discuss. we're also standing by to hear directly from donald trump. he getting ready to talk at a rally. much more news coming up after this. that's not true. we agree on a lot. like paul rudd. everybody loves paul rudd. i didn't know this was going to happen! you know what else everyone loves? emojis. no. beer! that's why we're forming the bud light party. just wait till you see our caucus. we've got the biggest caucus in the country! ooooeeeyyyyy! i'm really inspired right now. america has seen the light... and there's a bud in front of it! sfx: crowd cheers, fireworks ♪
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you are looking at live pictures. we're standing by to hear from donald trump who is campaigning for the south carolina republican primary. he's leading by double digits but his rivals are certainly battling him down to the wire. joining us to discuss what's going on, our cnn political editor. hilary rosen and cnn senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin.
3:19 pm
mark, who is best positioned right now going into tomorrow's primary? >> i think it's who we're going to see on tv shortly, donald trump. he's built an organization, certainly not as strong as some of the other grassroots organizations we've seen these campaigns build in south carolina, but his appeal is just -- it just doesn't stop. >> you were just there. >> i just got off an airplane from there. it's very nasty in south carolina right now. the campaigns are really bare knuckling it. >> not the weather, but the politics? >> it's south carolina. it's very nice down there. but, no, listen, donald trump's message is resonating. we saw it happen in new hampshire and it's continuing to south carolina. >> cruz is reportedly very well positioned with that so-call ground game. good people on the ground there helping him get the vote out tomorrow. >> cruz has a smart staff. they go well beyond the evangelical vote. talented organizers. i'd not be surprise fd he comes in second, even though what i'm hearing from the rubio team is that they are feeling very
3:20 pm
confident. >> you think -- but you agree with most of the polls, almost all of the polls that trump is going to win tomorrow? >> i just don't see anybody touching him. and, you know, everything he does is designed to get more attention. other candidates keep thinking they are finding a soft spot and then it turns out to be a strength, not a soft spot. >> even according to evangelicals, we asked white evangelicals who they support. 42% trump. 23% cruz. 14% rubio. even among evangelicals which is supposedly the base of the cruz campaign, trump is doing better. >> trump is always in this 30 to 40 range. his huge advantage is that he doesn't have one opponent. if he were only a 30 to 40 and everybody coalesced around somebody else we'd be talking about his weakness rather than strength. because this field is not shrinking and rubio and cruz at least clearly are not going anywhere, he's going to be
3:21 pm
continue to be in very good shape if he gets -- >> when you get into the 40s, if you add the next top two, they are still not close to hip. so i'm not so sure that this actually, this conventional wisdom is true. if everybody else got out but one guy that trump would be so far behind. >> he's been ahead for months and months. there were 17 republican candidates. now that there are six republican candidates, he is still way ahead. >> and he's growing. >> that's true. but no one has a chance unless there is a one-on-one contest. he's clearly not going below that 30%. >> does he pick up -- donald trump, does he pick up, let's say somebody else drops out after south carolina. would those votes presumably go to cruz or rubio or someone else or would they go to trump? >> it depends who actually leaves. to the point of some kind of coalition or coalescing behind one candidate. jeb bush supporters, kasich supporters, rubio supporters.
3:22 pm
can't say the same about the ted cruz supporters. if ted cruz were to ever get forced out of the race, i don't think they'll go with the establishment candidate. some of them will. >> same with carson. >> same with carson who has a lot of support from evangelicals. if the centrists can get behind one candidate if they can get behind him, then it's going to be a different race. conventional wisdom right now is out the window. >> ted cruz is not a centrist. >> nor is he leaving any time soon. he has plenty of money. >> and rubio is well -- you are a fellow new yorker, the former mayor bloomberg is making all sorts of public indications that he's seriously thinking of running as a third party candidate. what are you hearing? >> i think it only is a serious possibility if sanders is the democratic candidate. his politics and hillary clinton's politics are virtually identical. he comes from a different
3:23 pm
background. he has all the billions of dollars and doesn't have an e-mail problem, but i just think it's inconceivable that he'd run against hillary clinton. if it's sanders, i do think it's a realistic possibility. his problem is he's got to make up his mind in march when the sanders/clinton race may well be unresolved. >> in order to get on those ballots. what do you think? >> i think he ends up taking more from the republican nominee. and i think that he and -- >> reince priebus doesn't think that. >> of course he wouldn't say that. >> bloomberg himself has said that he is most offended by donald trump. and i think if trump, you know, keeps going down this path, that propels mike bloomberg more than anything. but i agree with jeff. i just don't see him taking votes from hillary clinton or from the democrat. >> he said this most recently. talking about michael bloomberg, the former mayor of new york. the list of supposed villains we hear about is long but the
3:24 pm
actual solutions that americans seek have been in short supply. he's suggesting that the republicans are moving to the fringe on the right. the democrats are moving to the fringe on the left. he potentially would be a mainstream moderate that could get things done. >> in some ways he is correct. we're seeing the parties become more polarized on each side. i really don't think bloomberg is going to run for president. it's a herculean task. he has the money but in order to get on the ballots, it's extremely hard and it's never been done in the history of the united states. he can make all the waves and noise he wants. i don't think he's going to run. >> stand by. we have more to discuss. we're waiting for donald trump. he's going to be speaking momentarily. you're looking at live pictures over there. much more coming up right after this. y lung, it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto®. hey guys!
3:25 pm
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we're following the final hours of the democratic campaign in nevada. hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a very tight contest just ahead of tomorrow's caucuses. our senior political correspondent brianna keilar is in las vegas for us. the stakes for hillary clinton and bernie sanders are very, very high. what's the latest over there? >> they sure are high stakes, wolf. polls show bernie sanders and hillary clinton neck and neck. and the clinton campaign is
3:30 pm
atrade this caucus format here in las vegas will favor bernie sanders. that's part of the reason she's concentrating on south carolina and black voters there. hillary clinton is aligning herself with president obama, really just to court african-americans. >> show the world that democracy is alive and well here in nevada. >> reporter: today bernie sanders is making a final pitch to nevada voters before saturday's caucuses. >> the issue is not just who wins the democratic nomination. the issue is whether nevada will play a leading role in moving this country toward a political revolution which transforms this country. >> reporter: as hillary clinton tries to tighten her grip on south carolina, eight days before the first in the south primary. scoring a big palmetto state
3:31 pm
endorsement from jim clyburn, a former civil rights activist and the highest rac esest ranking african-american in heart. >> my heart has always been with hillary clinton. >> reporter: clinton is also running a new biographical television ad featuring the iconic voice of actor morgan freeman. >> the work has been about breaking barriers and so would her presidency. >> reporter: one day before nevada democrats caucus, clinton is still in search of potential supporters. courting all-important union support in the silver state. >> i am no johnny or janie come lately to this. i did not just discover that unions were under pressure from the republicans and the right. >> reporter: suggesting that sanders is unrealistic in his promises. >> i'm not just making speeches. i'm not just promising free this and free that and free everything. error clinton and sanders both facing fresh scrutiny at a
3:32 pm
nevada town hall last night. clinton on whether she'd release transcripts of speeches she's given to financial institutions. >> i am happy to release anything i have when everybody else does the same because every other candidate in this race has given speeches to private groups, including senator sanders. >> reporter: sanders was pressed to respond to comments he meat in 2011 raising the possibility of a -- >> overall, i think that the president has done a job. the idea there could be a primary where different ideas get floated and debated, i don't think -- >> reporter: meanwhile, bernie sanders' brother larry taking aim at a former president, that would be bill clinton. he said he was a dreadful president for poor people but about hillary clinton, he said that bernie sanders, well, they're not friends. he worked her and does have respect for her. >> thanks very much for that,
3:33 pm
brianna, in las vegas for us. it got a little testy last night. hillary clinton raising questions about bernie sanders' commitment to being a democrat to begin with. watch this. >> i know that senator sanders has also attacked president obama. he's called him weak, disappointing. he tried to get somebody to run against him in the 2012 election in the primary. and, you know, i just don't know where all this comes from. maybe it's that senator sanders wasn't really a democrat until he decided to run for president. he doesn't even know what the last two democratic presidents did. and i'm -- you know, i'm -- well, it's true. you know it's true. >> you heard some members of the audience booing. others were applauding her. those were pretty tough words. >> they were just factual. let's just say, he still is an independent. he caucuses with the democrats.
3:34 pm
i think he is certainly democrat enough to run in the democratic primary. i don't think there's a big question about that. debbie wasserman schultz said that this afternoon. i agree with her. but the point that he is making about president obama, he is attacking hillary clinton for aligning herself with president obama and saying that it's only because she's pandering to the black vote. i think that got hillary clinton a little insulted and an insult to barack obama. she's been sort of a loyal person in his administration. so, you know, that's was a low blow. i think hillary got a little insulted and pushed back. >> debbie wasserman schultz is also the chair of the dnc, a congressman from florida. she says she doesn't even think bernie sanders right now is a registered democrat. he's always been an independent senator from vermont who caucuses with the democrats.
3:35 pm
>> yeah, in some ways, though, isn't he more pure as a democrat? we talked earlier about the fringes of the parties. the left becoming more powerful and the right becoming more powerful. in many ways, bernie sanders probably relates to a strong part of the democratic base right now more so than a lot of democrats do in congress. he's very liberal. liberals make up the base of the democratic party. i think this is really -- it doesn't matter. the fact is, he does caucus. he has always caucused with the democrats. and there's probably a large part of the democratic party that thinks he represents them better than a lot of his colleagues. >> when she says -- when hillary clinton says that senator sanders wasn't really a democrat until he decided to run for president. he doesn't even know what's the last two democratic presidents did. one of those last two democratic presidents being her husband. >> this just underlines the problem hillary clinton has had finding a line of attack against
3:36 pm
bernie sanders that works. there's a lot to work with with bernie sanders. this is a guy who didn't hold a job until he was in his 40s who -- so, you know, is a socialist, which is not something that, you know, most americans support. the problem is, she doesn't want to alienate his supporters. so finding an argument that works to get his supporters without alienating him is something she has not been able to do quite well yet. >> if she gets the nomination, she wants those young people, those enthusiastic democrats who were showing up and voting for bernie sanders. he crushed her in new hampshire, for example. she wants that support. she doesn't want to alienate them. >> i think actually both of them have been very vocal about this when asked. they both are supportive of each other's supporters. they both talked about unity eventually. i just don't think that's going to be a big issue. but there's no question that they are both looking for points of differentiation as they are going in these razor thin primaries. >> do you think he should be
3:37 pm
going after her, responding to some of the critiques that she delivered that former president bill clinton delivered? should he be more assertive in his response? >> you know if i'm bernie sanders, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. here's a guy that was 50 points behind. he's now virtually tied in many places in the country. i think what he's doing is working. i wouldn't look for big changes in the sanders campaign. >> set the scene for nevada. the democratic caucuses in nevada. they close the caucuses basically around 2:00 p.m. eastern time, 11:00 a.m. out there in nevada. >> don't get mad at me, nevada. confusion and chaos. the reason i say this, it's still -- it's a state that has not been able to perfect how to run a caucus yet. as we have seen in iowa, which has done so since the early '70s, perhaps even before then. we'll see what happens. i do think that there will be some disagreements about who has won and who hasn't won. we saw in 2008 as hillary and i
3:38 pm
were talking about off camera how hillary clinton won the popular vote but barack obama scored more delegates. it will be really interesting tomorrow. to the point is that if bernie sanders can come out of nevada with a win, whether through the popular vote or with more delegates, that's going to be helpful to his campaign. if he comes out with a loss, it could be a problem. >> what are you looking for in nevada tomorrow? >> look, i think i agree with mark. if sanders wins, they are splitting states for a ways to come. she needs some momentum coming out of nevada. on the other hand, he has the money to stay in this for a long time. the clinton campaign is anticipating another two months of slogging this out state by state. >> we remember eight years ago it went all the way until june before then senator barack obama nailed down, she conceded after puerto rico and all of that. it was -- it went on and on and on. you think it could happen this time? >> absolutely. especially with two excellently financed candidates. you look at the republican race.
3:39 pm
look at the candidates who drop out. mostly they drop out because they don't have any money left. it may happen to jeb bush who went through more money than anybody but look where he is in the polls. let me shift gears and talk about something else very important. american crime story, the people versus o.j. simpson. that's been airing on fx. this is based on what you covered the o.j. simpson trial. a lot of us remember that trial very, very vividly. there's a dramatic scene in which you are portrayed by an actor -- >> chris connor. >> he does a very good job. john travolta plays robert shapiro. i want to play this little clip. watch this. >> all the blood evidence somehow these cops, all the racist police officers, planted it from the murder scene to the bronchoto rockingham? >> who else could have? take a step back. doesn't it seem odd this glove just happened to be at rockingham at the same time that detective fuhrman just happened to find it?
3:40 pm
>> it isn't odd if simpson dropped it after climbing the wall. >> jeff, you look like a smart kid. don't rush to judgment. >> we will show that it is impossible for a black man to get a fair shake with the lapd. we will prove this. >> so you're going to say this case is all about race? >> yes, because it is. i'm just simply shedding a light on it. >> he does look a lyle liittle you, chris connor. >> a moment in your career. a young reporter for "the new yorker." you were sent out there to cover the trial. you went out there with one goal but he convinced you to look at something else that really shaped your career. >> it really did. i had a tip from alan dershowitz, my criminal law professor in law school. he says look at mark fuhrman. i went to the criminal courts. the record of the civil litigation. i went to the basement, looking in the pre-internet days, i found the files and showed up at shapiro's office uninvited and he talked to me and gave that
3:41 pm
story. i hand to be on the set this summer when they shot that seen. it was a very surreal experience. >> based on your book as well. and you were a consultant. >> i was a consultant. >> whoefeverybody who has seen >> and they picked an actor which is better looking than i was. >> did you wear glasses like that? >> i did. i still wear glasses but i forgot them in new york. >> you should have worn them today. >> for old time's sake. >> stand by. a lot more coming up. just ahead, a very different story we're watching. we're getting new details right now of a very rare u.s. air strike against isis in libya. did it take out a top terrorist operative? and also we're standing by to hear from donald trump. these are live pictures coming in. he's campaigning in south carolina right now just ahead of tomorrow's republican primary. what will he say about his latest call to boycott apple?
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3:46 pm
we're learning more right now about a u.s. air strike on an isis training camp inside libya that killed more than 40 people possibly, including a senior terrorist operative believed to have been responsible for two devastating terror attacks. our pentagon correspondent barbara starr has been working the story. you have new details. what have you learned? >> good evening, wolf. u.s. officials believe they --
3:47 pm
all the indications are they killed the operative they were going after, but this was anything but a typical terrorist training camp. a suspected isis camp in libya now destroyed by u.s. war planes on the orders of president obama. u.s. intelligence believes foreign fighters there were training to launch an attack, possibly in europe or africa. it's only the second time the u.s. has gone after isis inside libya. this time just days after the president warned the u.s. would strike. >> we will continue to take actions where we've got a clear operation and a clear target in mind. >> reporter: with 5,000 isis operatives in libya, the threat of an attack from there is growing. >> the president will make good on his promise to continue to apply pressure to isil leaders who threaten the united states and our interests.
3:48 pm
>> reporter: two u.s. f-15s from the uk and drones from italy flew to sabrata on the coast of lib libya. this shows the aftermath of the u.s. dropping bombs on four buildings that the u.s. said housed 60 isis operatives. u.s. military and intelligence agencies had watched the camp for weeks. aerial reconnaissance flights saw advanced weapons and tactics training. a top isis operative at the camp was targeted and killed. he is said to be responsible for two deadly attacks over the border in tunisia last year. >> this individual is a known isil leader, a facilitator and an individual who has facilitated the flow of foreign terrorist fighters across north africa. >> reporter: tonight, u.s. officials believe libya with no
3:49 pm
central government in control has become a fully functioning third front for isis, along with iraq and syria, a place from which they can plot new attacks against the west. the military had given president obama a number of secret options for bombing libya several days ago. look for more strikes when the u.s. can find very specific isis targets that pose a threat there. wolf? >> only just beginning. barbara, thanks very much. let's dig a little deeper with our global affairs correspondent, elise labott. why has isis been expanding from iraq and syria and obviously they've got a major foothold in libya right now? >> as the u.s. is going after them in iraq and syria, it's getting harder to operate there. they're getting squeezed in raqqah, their capital, so
3:50 pm
they're moving over to libya. it's pretty lawless, so it is a full safe haven for them. the u.s. is growing increasingly concerned about it. as they try to get a government together, they're going to continue to grow. the u.s. concerned that isis will go after libyan oil fields. >> that could be a source of huge revenue for isis as well, which raises the questions air strikes from f-15s and f-16s, one thing. what about u.s. ground troops going into libya? >> i don't think you're going to see ground troops. the u.s. is looking to other countries like italy, the isis envoy who was just in egypt this week presumably talking about
3:51 pm
this operation. they're increasing their covert special operations. you'll continue to see these kind of one-offs like we saw in november when they went after the leader of isis in libya, but the u.s. wants to get that government in there and try to work that way. these one-offs are not really going to solve your isis problem. it kind of reminds me of the debate in syria where the debate dragged on and isis grew. right now, we're seeing 5,000 operatives in libya. it's going to continue to grow while this debate goes on. >> it wasn't supposed to happen after gaddafi. it's turned out to be a disaster, a failed state, an isis foothold not far from southern europe. just ahead, president obama mourning justice antonin scalia as he prepares his search for a replacement on the u.s. supreme court. ♪ you're not gonna watch it! ♪
3:52 pm
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♪ no, you're not gonna watch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪
3:56 pm
♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. the white house says president obama will be doing extensive research this weekend on potential u.s. supreme court nominees to replace the justice antonin scalia. you're looking at live pictures of people going over there, paying their respects. the video that we're just getting in president obama returning to the white house residence with a large binder full of information about possible picks for the high court. also tonight mourners continuing to file past scalia's casket just ahead of the funeral tomorrow morning. pamela brown is working all of these developments for us.
3:57 pm
pamela, what is the latest? >> reporter: well, wolf, president obama was one of more than 3,000 people who have come here today to the high court to pay their respects. as you can see behind me, people continue to file in. they'll be able to do so until 9:00 tonight. while not everyone who came here today to pay their respects agreed with justice scalia's conservative ideology, they said they wanted to come here because he was such an influence on the bench and changed the way the justices see the law. a somber day at the highest court in the land. president obama and the first lady arrived to pay their respects to justice antonin scalia. the first couple paused at the flag-draped casket and scalia's former clerks stood guard. one of his clerks, jamieson jones. >> justice scalia was a
3:58 pm
brilliant mentor but also a warm, kind, and generous person. >> reporter: behind the casket some of scalia's favorite former law clerks. dozens more lined the marble steps. >> my brothers and sisters, jesus says come to me all you who labor and are burdened and i will give you rest. >> reporter: when the private ceremony, the high court opened its doors to the public. two people of particular note patty millett and sri. another striking moment, the actor who portrayed scalia teared up as he to do at the
3:59 pm
casket. >> as attorneys, as the office of the court, i think we have an obligation to come pay our respects. >> reporter: at a memorial outside, a tribute to the justice's sense of humor on the bench. a jar of apple sauce and broccoli representing justice scalia's metaphor during the obamacare case. >> could you define the market? everybody has to buy food sooner or later, so you define the market as food. >> reporter: dignitaries have come here today to pay their respects. tomorrow will be the funeral mass for justice scalia. vice president biden will be there. the president is not expected to attend. the white house pushed back on criticism saying it felt like this was the appropriate way to pay respects and vice president
4:00 pm
biden has a close relationship with the scalia family. there'll be other dignitaries there including the attorney general loretta lynch and following that will be the private burial. >> that's all the time we have right now. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. outfront next, the final countdown. two major states voting tomorrow. this is donald trump giving up a fight with the pope and takes on apple instead. and the democrats get nasty in nevada. clinton booed for slamming sanders. sanders says clinton is cozying up to president obama only for the black vote. was donald trump for the iraq war before he was against it? let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm jim sciutto in tonight for erin burnett. outfront tonight, a fight to


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