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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  February 20, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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it's our first double header of the year. the polls open this morning in the south carolina primary and the democratic caucuses are being held in nevada this afternoon, plus we will have live coverage as thousands of family, friends and dignitaries begin arriving in d.c. for a special mass and funeral service for supreme court justice antonin scalia. good morning to you, every o one, i'm amara walker in for christi paul. let's get to columbia, south carolina, where victor blackwell is leading our political coverage. good morning.
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>> good morning to you and good morning to you at home from the palmetto state. it is decision day here. we are just one hour from the opening of the polls here in south carolina and this is a state that prides itself as the state that picks presidents. it's picked the eventual gop nominee in every presidential primary election since 1980 with the exception of 2012, newt gingrich won here. now, the stakes are high on the republican side, but also on the democratic side. bernie sanders trying to fight off the star power that hillary clinton has brought out with endorsements over the last 48 hours. let's start here in south carolina. where republican candidates are making those final pushes. >> donald trump trying to turn a lead in south carolina polls into a win and he tells supporters he expects he can run the table if he can start with a win here. and this morning he has a message for black voters across the state. >> i will do more for the african-american people in one year than barack obama has done in his seven years, soon to be
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eight years and then, by the way, he's out and thank goodness. >> south carolina may be the site of jeb bush's last stand as he's not pulling any punches. >> donald trump has never known any interest in anybody else other than himself. the two candidates that are gifted speakers, marco rubio and ted cruz, have shown nothing in their pasts that would suggest they can make a tough decision. >> with the state's governor nikki haley by his side senator marco rubio is confident he can recover from his showing in new hampshire and win the gop nomination. >> i can't wait to be the nominee of this party because we're going to take conservatism to people who have not voted for us in a long time. >> ted cruz says he can relate to people of the palmetto state better than anyone else in the state. >> south carolina and texas, we've got a whole lot in common. >> meanwhile, the democrats are going head to head across the country. >> there's a caucus here in nevada. >> hillary clinton comes in with endorsements from south carolina congressman jim clyburn and the
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voice of morgan freeman. >> she understands that our country can't reach its potential unless we all do. >> but bernie sanders says it's not about the endorsements, it's about voter turn out. >> show the world that democracy is alive and well here in nevada. >> all right. let's start here in south carolina. with me now cnn political commentator ben ferguson and republican strategist and donald trump supporter kaly mcnerney. i want to start with donald trump. quick answers. is there any expectation that anyone will win other than trump. >> no. >> trump is going to win here. >> trump is going to win. >> let's start with the expectation game because polls have been a little unreliable, have him with a double digit lead. is this now an expectations game, that if he gets it within, you know, 8% here, it comes down to single digits that this really isn't as strong of a win as it should have been. >> it should have been bigger if it's under 10 points. that's one of the big things that donald trump's campaign has
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set themselves up with. donald trump starts off almost every speech talking about his poll numbers and how good they are. so i think this will probably be tighter than what many may expect for him. if he comes out and wins by 15, 16, that's going to tell you a lot of things about moving forward in other states, but if it's 8 or 9 points, maybe even less than that is correct that would definitely be him i would say underperforming here. >> i think any victory is a victory. donald trump said in new hampshire if i win by one vote that's a victory and that's the thing. we are in south carolina, it's very similar demographics lead to iowa, there are a lot of evangelicals and tea party voters who like ted cruz who naturally are inclined to support ted cruz. so i think each if he wins by 3 or 4%, that's a big deal because it shows he can win an electorate like new hampshire where there are a lot of democrat leaning voters and south carolina where there are a lot of evangelicals. >> you should write donald trump's speeches because that was better than he would have said. >> thank you. >> let's go to marco rubio and talk about expectations. he would say and has said a poor
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finish in new hampshire, then he got the endorsements of tim scott, the governor here, nikki haley. expectations game, this talk of mar marco-mentum, is it real. >> yes, marco given the endorsements of nikki haley should be winning this state. he's not going to. he should come in a strong second place here. you get these types of endorsements that mean so much here with the spotlight of this governor in this state recently, she's a rock star here, people love her. that would be in a normal election cycle take donald trump out of it that would be a first place victory. if he does not come in second place that's something people are going to notice and look at going why didn't he do better than this because he had the endorsements that you want on a statewide level. >> second place ahead of ted cruz? >> i don't think he will come ahead of ted cruz. this is ted cruz's state, evangelicals love him, tea party conservatives love him. i don't think rubio will edge him out. voters don't forget records.
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>> gang of eight. >> they don't forget immigration is immensely important and voters won't forget that. >> i spoke to a voter here who will vote for marco rubio. that's not who he initially wanted to vote for. >> carson is who i was for originally but he's -- he can't win. kasich won't be able to win. jeb bush blew his opportunity early on. i don't think jeb -- jeb seems to be just going along with the family line, basically he's just kind of a puppet in this thing and doesn't seem to really have his heart in it. >> do you think marco rubio can win south carolina? >> no. >> who do you expect will win south carolina? >> trump. >> and how do you feel about that? >> i think the american people have turned into -- they're less savvy -- the more news they receive the less savvy they
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become. >> so jeb bush, i mean, this state loves the bushes, handing them wins in '98, '99, 2000. jeb bush is a potential finish? >> maybe. you never know. he could be even lower than that. i think one of the big mistakes that jeb bush made early on was not embracing his family, not bringing them earlier. it's given a real shot -- one of the things that he did so well was when he brought his brother out there, people loved it. when he had his mom at the town hall the other night here, they love her. and i think he should have done that i a lot earlier on, i think he would have been in a better situation than he is right now. >> what is his argument to continue if he doesn't come -- >> it's going to be creative. >> he has the money, he has the resources, he has the capital. voters supported him early on and he should continue through as long as he sees fit. let's remind everyone george w. bush here has an 84% approval rating. >> he ain't on the ballot. >> he's not on the ballot but i think jeb bush comes in third because of his mom, because of his brother. that plays very well in okay is. i could definitely see him edging out marco rubio.
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>> if that happens then he might have a reason to say i'm going to keep moving forward but ultimately i think if you are in the bottom two you have to get out after tonight. i just don't see a path for you and all you're doing is holding on to your donors and voters and taking them away interest their second favorite choice. i think you have to respect them and say i'm going to get out of this thing the way governor huckabee did. >> the bush team is announcing their infrastructure in other states we're reminded so did chris christie after new hampshire. we'll see after the numbers come in tonight where everyone goes. thank you so much. we'll continue the conversation throughout the morning. later this hour i will speak to a good friend of donald trump, i will talk about trump calling for this boycott of apple products while people who work for his campaign are using apple products. we'll talk about those expectations, too, for south carolina. all right. the last debate before super tuesday, join wolf blitzer live from texas for the cnn republican presidential debate, that's thursday at 8:30 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. and again, we are just a few
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hours away from the democratic caucuses, those right on the west coast in nevada. coming up we will take a look at this tight race there between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. plus one-on-one with south carolina congressman james clyburn about his endorsement of hillary clinton. why now? diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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all right. in just a few hours people in nevada will be getting ready to caucus. a tight race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders there. both democratic candidates were out campaigning late into the evening trying to pick up last minute votes. clinton talking immigration there. listen. >> we are not going to deport 11 or 12 million people.
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certainly i would never let that happen and these candidates running for president on the republican side who say they're going to round up and deport 11 or 12 million people are just feeding the fears, anxieties and attitudes of people long that might be a good idea. it will never happen. >> bernie sanders proving to continue to work for his strength with young people in the voters there in nevada. watch this. >> another rally and concert, this time in henderson. cnn's senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny is following their campaigns. good morning. >> reporter: victor, the nevada caucuses are upon up and the sanders campaign really hopes that this is a chance to show that he can appeal to a diverse electorate. only a week or so ago when he
3:14 am
came out of new hampshire the senator's team was not so successful how they could be in nevada. they flew in 200 staffers, people from across the country and they are fighting to a draw here now. it is all about turn out. that's what bernie sanders was saying as he campaigned across the state on friday. >> the eyes of america and the eyes of much of the world, by the way, are going to focus on nevada. and the issue is not just who wins the democratic nomination, the issue is whether nevada will play a leading role in moving this country toward a political revolution which transforms this country. whether the people of nevada will say, enough is enough. that we need a government that represents all of us not just the 1%. >> of course, bernie sanders is
3:15 am
not casting this is the end but the beginning of his long race to the democratic presidential nomination. he is encouraging the voters of nevada to believe and dream big. now, the question here of course is win or lose he is going to go on, but a win here would really propel him to south carolina, more than he ever thought was possible. it shows that he can reach out to latino voters, to black voters. that is what he will need to do as this democratic race continues. victor. >> all right, jeff, threw so much. back here in south carolina the day belongs to the republicans. polls open here in their primary in about 45 minutes, but the democrats scored a major head line out of south carolina from popular congressman james clyburn. he says he decided to endorse former secretary of state hillary clinton several weeks ago. i asked him why he waited so long to announce that support. >> in 2008 south carolina had just been placed in the pre primary window and i made a commitment to the national party
3:16 am
and the state party that i would not get involved in the primary because we did not want to jeopardize south carolina's standing because some members' candidates had made it very clear that if i got overly involved they might not participate. this time, however, i started my wife and one of my daughters started beating up on me and then people started calling and so i told them that i would take some time and make up my mind, but i decided that now was the time to do it. >> when did you reach the decision? >> about three weeks ago. and i talked with some members of the congressional black caucus. they need i had made the decision. and the congressional black caucuses went over their announcement knowing full well that i was going to come along later. >> tell me about why did you hold off for three weeks to
3:17 am
announce the endorsement and why you did it at the time you did. >> well, because i did not want the other candidates to drop out of the primary. i want them to stay engaged, i want all of their workers to keep working and although my heart was with hillary, my head told me to do what i could to protect my party. >> how did you align them? >> well, it wasn't hard. when you've been married for more than 50 years and your wife tells you that you may not get to your 55th anniversary if you didn't belly up to the bar. >> and your daughters. >> and my daughter. my daughter angela got emotional. she really -- so much as so that she came to the announcement today just to make sure. >> so some encouragement from his wife and daughter there. let's bring in ba carry sellers.
3:18 am
bakari in d.c. for us. let's start with congressman clyburn and the value of thaen dorsment he obviously speaks to more than just black voters and resonates with voters outside of south carolina, but there have been questions this cycle about the value of endorsements. what's the value of his? >> well, his endorsement is huge, not only because of who he is, he is a luminary, but he is the highest ranking african-american in the entire united states congress. that speaks volumes not just in south carolina but beyond. let me just go back to that clip for a minute, victor. he spoke of something that i've been trying to get home for a long period of time. he spoke of angela clyburn and emily clyburn who actually are probably more popular than jim clyburn himself. african-american women are rallying behind hillary clinton in numbers like we haven't seen before. i'm not sure if it's this history, i'm not sure if it's the fact that she is a fighter, i'm beginning to think that it's all of the above. because they're rallying to her the way they are, i think she will do well not just in nevada
3:19 am
with the african-american population but she's going to be extremely well in south carolina with the african-american population. >> i should add that you're also a hillary clinton supporter not to discount your analysis but just to give some context to our conversation. >> fair enough. >> let's go to nevada, which is a hotly con fested race. the expected fire wall that was supposed to await bernie sanders in south carolina and nevada may be holding up here in south carolina, but the latest polls with the disclaimer that they've been everywhere this cycle shows a very tight race there in nevada. what's going on? >> well, i think we don't know what's going to happen in nevada. this has been the most interesting polling cycle i think we've only seen. i've only seen two or three polls come out of nevada. i know hillary clinton has been on the ground for a long period of time but we also know bernie sanders has been surging with young hispanic voters. we will see who comes out. i saw where bernie sanders recently got an endorsement from what is known as the black caucus of clark county, i did a
3:20 am
little friends and called aaron ford from las vegas he was informing me 17 of the 19 black officials have endorsed hillary clinton. i think they're doing yeoman's work, both campaigns, i think the polls open at 2:00 eastern, 11:00 pacific. we will see what happens out there. i'm excited. this is what we've been made for. >> let's talk about what happened overnight. the final release of these e-mails from the state department as this investigation continues into the server for secretary clinton. this happened right before iowa with the release of those e-mails days leading up to the caucuses there. what's the value here and she continues to fight as we saw in the most recent town hall the questions of honesty and trustworthiness. >> well, for those who support hillary clinton it's a nonissue, for those who don't they will continue to pick at old wounds. hillary clinton has been dealing with issue, the unfortunate part
3:21 am
about it is it will continue to nag the campaign. i believe 85% of the e-mails have been released, the sooner the better they can all get out there, we can have this discussion and put it to bed. that'sen iron you a for hillary clinton. trustworthiness is something that always comes up. i believe she answers the question very well, but the fact of the matter is she still has to answer the question. bernie sanders, our party is going to have to come together after we choose the nominee in may or june and bernie sanders has done his best not to pick particularly at the wool and fabric of our party by saying things like i don't care about your damn e-mails. i think that we will have an opportunity to come together and fend off whatever attacks may last us through the general election. >> all right. bakari sellers, good to have you this morning. >> welcome to the palmetto state, victor. thank you so much. >> good to be here. i had some vegan soul food over night. i'm loving it. loving columbia. coming up in just a few minutes jeb bush, donald trump, their battle continues.
3:22 am
also john kasich talks about tackling trump. we will have that for you. also the democrats turn to face south carolina voters just days before their party's primary. the candidates will make their case. the cnn south carolina democratic presidential town hall do you say night, 8:00 p.m. eastern, only here on cnn. also coming up at the bottom of the hour we will talk about the gop candidates, their final push for the military vote. this is a state that values military service, national defense, national security here in south carolina. the crucial support which could determine the outcome of the top three here in this primary. and after the break thousands of people gathering in washington, d.c. today for the special mass and funeral services for supreme court justice antonin scalia. we will take you there. i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay!
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welcome back, everyone. funeral services begin soon for justice antonin scalia. it will be held in washington, d.c.'s basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception, it is one of the largest churches in the world. make sure to stay with cnn for special live coverage of the mass. coverage begins this morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern. now, president obama won't be attending the service, but the first family and members of congress honored the late justice on friday as he laid in repose inside the supreme court. cnn's pamela brown was there.
3:27 am
>> well, amara, more than 3,000 people have showed up to pay their respects to justice scalia, including the first family. not everyone here today shared his conservative ideology, but they say they came here to pay tribute to him because he was such an influential judge on the high court and dedicated 30 years of his life to service. president obama and the first lady arrived to pay their respects to justice antonin scalia. the first couple paused at the flag draped casket as scalia's former clerks stood guard, one of his clerks jameson jones. >> justice scalia was both a brilliant mentor but also a warm and kind and generous person. >> supreme court police officers carried the conservative icon on his final journey to the high court. behind the casket some of scalia's favorite former law clerks, dozens more lined the
3:28 am
marble steps wagts at the massive bronze doors of the court, scalia's children and grandchildren and his son, a catholic priest. father paul scalia led the casket into the great hall where the eight remaining justices said good-bye to their colleague and friend. >> my brothers and sisters, jesus says come to me all you who labor and are burdened and i will give you rest. >> prief the private ceremony ended the public filed in, two people of particular note, patty millett and skrooe skrin vas sent and another striking moment, the actor who portrayed scalia in the play the orange in a list teared up as he stood at the casket. outside members of the public braved the cold for their turn. >> as attorneys, as officers of the court, i think we have an obligation to come pay our respects. >> at a memorial outside a jar of applesauce and broccoli, referencing scalia's colorful
3:29 am
comments he made during the affordable care cases, a tribute to the justice famous for his humor on the bench. >> it's a sad time for me personally and for the country and it's tough to imagine this court without him, without him sitting up there for the next argument. >> the white house says president obama will be looking over materials of potential nominees throughout the weekend. the white house would not say who exactly they're looking at but we're learned the list includes more than two names. amara. >> all right. pamela brown, thank you for that. we will have live coverage of justice scalia's funeral throughout the day right here on cnn. our coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. eastern, the funeral mass begins at 11:00 a.m. eastern. we're just about 30 minutes away now from polls opening in the south carolina republican primary. details on how military voters could end up pulling a lot of weight in the palmetto state. also donald trump calling for a boycott of apple.
3:30 am
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good morning. i'm victor blackwell here in columbia, south carolina, on the campus of the university of south carolina. we are 27 minutes away now from the opening of the polls here in
3:34 am
the gop primary. it all comes down to this here in the palmetto state. this is a state that prides itself on picking presidents. we will see if they pick the eventual nominee as polls close in a little more than 12 1/2 hours from now. many of the voters here, the young voters on the campus say that this comes down -- this choice comes down mostly to politics, not so much policy. some of them are still making up their minds, expect they will make up their mind once they get to the voting booth. here are a couple conversations i have had with students on the campus of the university of south carolina. >> i've been a little bit confused about who i should vote for, what the candidates actually believe in. i don't even know their platform because they are so busy attacking each other. >> i'm leaning more towards rubio. i really like his -- when compared to a lot of the candidates i like his ideas on immigration and especially like i don't believe that we should be kicking everybody out of our
3:35 am
country. i don't believe that a wall paid by mexico is actually going to be something that's there, but he's a moderate candidate and especially for college students that's what we're lookin for. >> i believe i'm going to be voting on rubio. >> okay. why? >> i just feel that he's the most stable of the republican candidates and, i mean, trump -- trump quite frankly scares me. >> why? >> because because he just seems very radical. >> i've been back and forth between some of the candidates, but at this point i'm not really sure. i feel like tonight i'm going to have to make a decision, but at this point i'm not real confident in anybody. >> just a few of the students we've spoken with here on the campus of the university of south carolina as they are trying to determine who they will choose in this primary. many of them voting for the very first time. now, the military community here is a major force for the state's
3:36 am
economy. south carolina is home to eight military installations i'm employing more than 100,000 people, pumping more than $19 billion a year into the economy. also the citadel, the military college is here in south carolina. gary tucker man spoke to some veterans here about what qualities they are looking for in the next commander in chief. >> reporter: the charleston air for base is one of many military installations in south carolina. and within minutes of this base there are countless places where you can find those who serve and those who served. the army navy store. >> i served in the navy. >> the nail salon. >> u.s. air force. >> and how long were you in the air force for? >> over 14 years. >> the vfw post. >> i was in the marine corps. >> the barber shop. >> what branch of the service did you serve in? >> army. >> reporter: each of these south carolina residents regard veterans' affairs and support for the military as crucial responsibilities of any
3:37 am
president, but who should be the next person gets that responsibility? navy vet nick lindsay like donald trump and ted cruz. >> no, i couldn't support a democrat, not the two that are running at least right now. >> reporter: but another customer in the same army navy store, fred smith, a navy vietnam vet says this. >> i might go with hillary clinton just because people don't like her, but i do. >> reporter: why do you like her? >> just experience. >> barry covin is a navy veteran and a barber to other veterans. >> i would probably lean toward bernie because of his involvement with veteran affairs. >> reporter: but this commander of a local vfw post says he doesn't trust bernie sanders or hillary clinton when it comes to veterans issues. he trusts donald trump. >> he's going to take, you know, veterans' affairs into account. that's what he says and i believe him. >> reporter: and then there are those vets who are undecided. tamika robinson doesn't know
3:38 am
whether she will go democrat or republican but likes that george w. bush is campaigning for his brother. >> the bush family when they were in office, even though i disagreed with some policies, he was for the -- the family was for the military and they did help us out and give us great incentives. >> reporter: you won't meet many many veterans who thinks enough is being done for veterans. that's one money of the many reasons veterans get so much respect from the people running for president. gary tuckman, cnn. national defense, national security are major issues here. you hear the train passing through columbia. if you're wondering what that sound s i want to bring in cnn political commentator, political anchor of time warner table news erroll lewis. i want to start with marco rubio. you heard from a couple students supporting marco rubio. he has the endorsement of the
3:39 am
senator, tim scott, trey gowdy, governor nikki haley. so he has this momentum, but he's got to win somewhere. where does he win? >> it's a very good question. in fact, the rubio campaign was telling all of us at the media his strategy was three, two, one. third in iowa, second in new hampshire and he would come in first in south carolina. none of that seems to be working as planned. he didn't come in anywhere near second place in new hampshire. in fact, he came in fifth. he's polling right now in third place and could even get a stiff challenge from ben carson and jeb bush. it's not clear what he's going to be able to do today. he has raised these expectations, he has failed to meet some of those expectations and you're exactly right. i will tell you something else, victor, it gets really tough after this week for all of the candidates. after super tuesday we start to see a lot of winner take all states, we start to see a lot of
3:40 am
states where you have to meet a 20% threshold or you get no delegates at all. so rubio has to start winning in short order. a lot of that is going to have to do with whether or not his closest rivals and by that i mean jeb bush in particular, decide to drop out of the race, whether a john kasich decides to drop out of the race and he can pick up some of that support, but without that we're stuck in this same pattern where donald trump with 30 to 35% of the vote happens to do a lot better than everybody else. >> let's talk about jeb bush and let's start with what donald trump said here in the final day of campaigning before the vote about jeb bush. >> you know jeb bush said donald trump is a gifted, gifted politician. my wife said, i thought he was your enemy, why is he saying that? i said because he's stupid. what can i tell you. no, he calls me a gifted politician. i never thought of myself -- he's a highly gifted politician.
3:41 am
okay. i'm only kidding, jeb, i didn't mean that. you are a very nice man. >> donald trump seems to have controlled the narrative about jeb bush and his campaign from the very start with that characterization of being low energy and he's held on to it. why hasn't jeb bush been able to break out of that here? >> well, i mean, look, the reality is a lot of this process when somebody tries to characterize you or describe you, if there is an element of truth to it becomes very hard to fight against it. look, there is an element of truth to it and donald trump seized on it with both hands and has been throttling jeb bush with it ever since. when bush himself called himself a joyful tortoise i think he himself was trying to turn a negative into a positive as far as his personal style and what he considers his own introverted nature and so forth. a very toughening to overcome. you know, what's he supposed to
3:42 am
do? he is not going to change his personality at this stage in the game in his life and in his professional career and donald trump has been merciless in exploiting that weakness. >> well, he has boosted the energy and he got rid of the glasses, i guess that's a start. he is now wearing contact lenses. >> don't forget the exclamation point. >> exclamation point, yes. punctuation always helps. errol louis, thank you so much. in a few minutes the author of a new donald trump book talks about trump shooting an arrow at an apple and asking for the boycott of that tech giant. we'll explain in that moment. plus for the democrats it's nevada, that's where the story is today. for the republicans it's south carolina. who will dominate? who will make their move? the nevada democratic caucus, south carolina republican primary all day special live coverage here on cnn.
3:43 am
also still to come on your "new day" a massive landslide in idaho leaves an entire town cut off. hundreds of people there with no way out. and a powerful cyclone slams into fee gee. we have details on the other side of the break. diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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3:45 am
3:46 am
deliver the funeral mass this morning for his father supreme court justice antonin scalia, the ceremony will take place at the national shrine of the immaculate conception on the campus of the catholic university. the vice president joe biden will attend on behalf of the obama administration. cnn's live coverage of scalia's
3:47 am
funeral begins at 10:00 a.m. eastern. in the south pacific a state of emergency on the teeny island nation of fiji this morning as a storm makes land fall. cyclone winston hit the islands this morning with sustained winds of 180 miles per hour. that's equivalent to a category 5 hurricane. the government imposed a curfew to ensure fiji's 900,000 residents stay indoors until the danger is over. in central idaho, a major highway about ten miles west of elk city has been shut down indefinitely by a massive rock slide. the tons of boulders knocked out power to area residents and probably won't be restored until tonight. state transportation officials do not have an estimate of how long it will take to reopen that road. all right. still ahead, donald trump is no, ma'am dating headlines again, this time calling for a boycott on apple devices.
3:48 am
also as bernie sanders and hillary clinton go head to head in nevada, a look at the unique way the state of nevada would break a tie. i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! pure is big, bold and just better. pure is mccormick. the smallest pinch of pure mccormick can make meals legendary.
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all right. victor blackwell here in south carolina. new this morning, donald trump calling for a boycott of apple, until or unless the technology giant helps the fbi break into that iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. i want you to watch donald trump here in south carolina last night. >> first of all, apple ought to give the security for that phone. okay? what i think you ought to do is
3:52 am
boycott apple until such time as they give that security number. how do you like -- i just thought of that. boycott apple. >> so he said there that he just thought of that. that there should be this boycott of apple, but coincidentally while trump was speaking there his twitter account tweeted a poll from an iphone. let's bring in brad thomas, author of the book "the trump factor." good to have you this morning. >> thank you. >> you know donald trump well, you've covered him for some time. this apple protest, this boycott, he says he just thought about it. would you expect him to walk that back considering how much investment his campaign and he personally has in apple? >> sure. you know, i was there yesterday so i certainly witnessed that. you know, i've been with him all week so he did look a little worn, like most presidential candidates are this week. today is the big day here in south carolina. so -- but, yeah, i -- i think like trump a lot of things he says he says it to make a point.
3:53 am
he certainly made that point. you know, apple shares, i looked yesterday, they are not closed down or up any, so certainly mr. trump did not move the market with any comments that were made. what's interesting is that carl icahn who is a big trump supporter is a big investor in apple. so perhaps if carl icahn made a statement that would be a market mover. carl icahn worth $17 bll and apple's market cap is $14 billion. i looked at trump's disclosure when he filed back in june, he owns between 5 million to $10 million in value in apple stock pursuant to that last disclosure made. so, you know, again, i think it was just a remark that mr. trump made to make a point. so that's really how i would sum it up. >> but you make the point that he seemed to be worn there, that he was tired, but presidents get tired, those days are long.
3:54 am
>> absolutely. and, you know, i've been following him all week, i've been following him since june when he announced, i was there in new york -- >> i say that that should be no excuse for the call for the boycott. >> absolutely no excuse. and again, i think, you know, i'm going to continue to use my iphone, i have five kids and that's the only way i can communicate with my family, so it's very important. but again i think he used it to make a point. he has done that effectively, you know, so i think that's -- we will see what happens. >> brad thomas with us. we will take a quick break but we will continue this conversation. you've been covering donald trump for some time now. we'll ask you what you've learned about the candidate or the businessman that can give you context about the candidate. just minutes now from the start of voting here in the gop primary in south carolina. stay with us.
3:55 am
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3:58 am
live here in columbia, south carolina, continuing our conversation with brad thomas, author of the book "the trump factor." one of the questions that came up in the town hall on cnn on thursday was a question of temperament, does donald trump have the temperament to be president. is the donald trump that we're seeing on the campaign trail the seem donald trump you've covered in the financial world and real estate for the last several years? >> absolutely. i mean, donald trump is a battle tested ceo and i think that's the most important message here throughout my book is how he's gone throughout all his whole portfolio and been able to manage the risk and his temperament is a big part of that and how he deals with people on these job sites to build these properties to develop these golf courses. so absolutely, i think he is a battle tested ceo. he has been through multiple
3:59 am
down turns, up and down and how he has dealt with that adversity is a big part of his success today. he has gone through these failures and how he has been able to deal with those failures has been a key part of to what donald trump is today. >> enema of the voters are meeting him in a different way. of course, he has been on television with the apprentice, but you followed him quite closely what do you know that maybe they don't know that would be i'm formative. >> sure. the big thing here is donald trump is a battle-tested brand. obviously, you know, a lot of people refer to him as a human brand he is on the apprentice and known for his entertainment value, but being able to create value in real estate, he knows how to do that, he can definitely bring those tools to the table. >> a very different industry than when you're talking about government. >> it's a business. he has -- he is running his business now, is he run this business in the united states. that's the question voters are going to decide. >> you're right. the question has been when
4:00 am
people question donald trump's candidacy can you run the country like a business? we will continue that conversation. brad thomas, good to have you this morning. we have the breaking news news here at the top of the hour. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. and the breaking news this morning, polls opening here in south carolina. good morning, i'm victor blackwell live from the campus of the university of south carolina where the voting now begins. the state prides itself on picking presidents. after a week of the fiery debates, the threats of lawsuits, the photo shop scandal and remember that papal dust up, it seems like it was eons ago, it was two days ago. who will emerge on the top today and who will have the narrative of momentum as we move through the primary season. the decisions in the hands of the voters. let's go to brian todd live this at a polling station in mt.
4:01 am
pleasant. we are just seconds into voting. i'm sure that the line isn't stretched out the door just yet. >> reporter: not just yet, victor, we just started the voting as you said, you said this state prides itself picking on presidents and they get started on that early in the morning. we counted 8 to 12 voters and they are getting to the polls right now. we will take you to the lines and show you the excitement of the early voting here at the national guard armory in mt. pleasant. i counted 18 to 20 people 7:00 in the morning on a saturday, you have to be impressed with that, victor. they line up here, they go over to these polling stations here, it's all digital, they have five stations here where they can cast their votes, at the end of the day it's registered on digital cartridges, a central cartridge feeds that data into a machine that prints out the results and they send it to a central headquarters here. you have these people checking out here and we will be monitoring the voter turn out
4:02 am
because that's going to be critical as we progress throughout the day. what's interesting in south carolina is you don't register by party, you come in and they tell you -- the poll workers are trained to ask you as a voter, say this is the republican party primary, is this the party -- the primary that you want to vote in today because it does get confusing the democratic primary is one week from today. so when a voter affirms that they show their photo id, they are off to the races. they've already started processing people pretty quickly in here, people are coming in and out pretty quickly. we are not technically allowed to talk to them when they go out, we may sample some of them as we go out and ask them who they've supported, we may be able to get a temperature what have candidate is doing well in this area. you have three precincts and a voter turn out will be a key thing we are watching. >> the line not stretched out the door but certainly you've got that trickle, that line inside, people going in to vote. brian, the gop party chair here in south carolina has said that
4:03 am
he expects that this will be a record turnout. already tens of thousands of people voting here that in person absentee the state's equivalent of early voting. the numbers expected to be huge today. >> reporter: i think they are, victor. you've got the sense of that. we were in iowa, we were in new hampshire, they had record turn outs in both of those states. there's just so much energy and excitement generated for the republican primary here in week, the democratic one next week. what i can tell you here is here in charleston county, the most populous county in south carolina, an election official told me the actual registered voters, the number of registered voters has increased by 40,000 since 2012. we're going to see if that generates into some real energy at the polls today. we do expect it will. >> all right. brian todd for us there in mt. pleasant, south carolina, as polls are now open across the state here for the gop primary. brian, thanks, we will check in with you throughout the day. as voters head to the polls
4:04 am
in two states, not just here in south carolina but also in nevada, the decision could help shape this race. as the caucus start there in nevada, i should say. who gains the momentum, who loses it. take a look at the last minute pitches from both sides. >> donald trump trying to turn a lead in south carolina polls into a win and he tells supporters he expects he can run the table if he can start with a win here. and this morning he has a message for black voters across the state. >> i will do more for the african-american people in one year than barack obama has done in his seven years, soon to be eight years and then, by the way, he's out and thank goodness. >> south carolina may be the site of jeb bush's last stand as he's not pulling any punches. >> donald trump has never shown any interest in anybody else other than himself and the two candidates that are gifted speakers, marco rubio and ted cruz, have shown nothing in their past that would suggest they could make a tough
4:05 am
decision. >> with the state's governor nikki haley by his side senator marco rubio is confident he can recover from that disappointing showing in new hampshire and win the gop nomination. >> i can't wait to be the nominee of this party because we're going to take conservatism to people who have not voted for us in a long time. >> ted cruz said he can relate to people of the palmetto state better than anyone else in the race. >> south carolina and texas. we've got a whole lot in common. >> meanwhile the democrats are going head to head across the country. >> there's a caucus here in nevada. >> hillary clinton comes in with endorsements from south carolina congressman jim clyburn and the voice of morgan freeman. >> she understands that our country can't reach its potential unless we all do. >> but bernie sanders says it's not about the endorsements, it's about voter turn out. >> show the world that democracy is alive and well here in nevada. >> we've got live pictures here for you of a precinct in -- polling station there in
4:06 am
greenville, south carolina. you see some of the reporters there waiting. we're expecting former florida governor jeb bush to come here and greet voters shortly. this of course an important state for jeb bush. he used that narrative of momentum coming out of new hampshire with that fourth place finish, but that narrative ends today as south carolina voters go to the polls. what will be the narrative coming out of this state as we go ahead to look ahead to march 1st and the rest of the primary calendar. the choice now in the hands of voters here in the state. we'll bring you jeb bush when he arrives at this polling station in just the next few minutes. also a programming note. cnn will host the last debate before super tuesday. join wolf blitzer live from texas for the cnn republican presidential debate that's thursday at 8:30 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. and when we come back donald trump has been taking shots at jeb bush and his family for days now, weeks, but have his harsh
4:07 am
words hurt bush's campaign and could low voter turn out in south carolina mean the end for about you wish? we don't expect a long turn out across the board, but could potential jeb bush voters stay at home? maybe they aren't motivated. we'll talk about it. when heartburn hits fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums only glucerna has carbsteady, diabetes, steady is exciting. clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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4:10 am
all right. right now the polls are open here in south carolina. we're about ten minutes in, they opened at 7:00 eastern. expecting jeb bush to arrive at a polling precinct location in greenville, south carolina, we will bring that to you live when we see him pop up there. this week his mother, barbara bush, was out on the trail again with him after that poor showing in iowa and new hampshire. he can use all the help he can get and he has been pulling out all the stops here, even outed trump accusing his brother for
4:11 am
lying for going to war in iraq. a lot of bash lash after that comment from trump. let's listen to bush. >> i've watched my brother do something extraordinary which was to lead us through a difficult time and, yes, mr. trump, he did keep his safe after 9/11 and you are just dead wrong. >> all right. let's bring back ben ferguson and republican writer and comment cater kayleigh mcenany. the bush family historically has done well here. i wonder even though we saw the backlash against trump for saying that george w. bush lied to get the country into iraq, even that strong defense from jeb bush didn't seem to help him much. >> i think in the last 24 hours that audio coming out of donald trump saying that he would have invaded iraq and actually criticizing bush 41 di saying we shouldn't have had to go because we should have done it right the first time that was something i think that is going to help jeb
4:12 am
today specifically. i wish for him i'm sure his campaign thinks i wish this video -- or the audio a week ago because then we could have used that to say what a hypocrite donald trump s donald trump has been saying on this campaign trail i was against going into iraq. i always have been and then we hear this video from him doing an interview with howard stern saying i would have invaded iraq, that would have been a great talking point. >> he was always against the rack war. yes, that sound bite came out, that was in the early days, that's when we were deciding to go whether -- >> september 2002. >> that's when donald trump did not have the benefit of intelligence information. >> he said he was always against it. >> when hillary clinton was for the iraq war, when john mccain was for the iraq war, donald trump was saying it was a bad move. so that audio it's one segment, the fact is it does not matter. >> but in a military place like south carolina it does matter. >> it does not matter. >> i strong police disagree -- >> he wasn't a flip-flopper.
4:13 am
we be every politician was for the iraq war continually hillary clinton was saying she's for it up until 2007 donald trump was against it. that is what matters. >> if your defense is that hillary clinton said it, too, i don't think that helps you if you are donald trump right now. >> jeff sessions for for the iraq war, everyone was for it when donald trump was against t he was on the right side of this issue when no one else was. >> let me ask you this, donald trump uses this having no military intelligence to his benefit when he believes he is right. he says, you know, i didn't have any intelligence and i was against the war from the start. >> right. >> and then back in 2002 when he says he was for the invasion he says, well, i didn't have any -- >> it was hardly a ringing endorsement of the invasion, too. >> not only was he in favor of it but he actually was implying that he would have been in favor of a full on invasion back during the gulf war when he said we screwed it up the first time. look, donald trump you cannot have it both ways and for a guy who -- >> it is not both ways. no. >> he calls jeb a liar all the
4:14 am
time. if jeb bush would have done this you guys would be calling him a liar yet again today. >> he is not a liar, he has said from early on in the invasion he was against the iraq war and in 2002 that one sound bite he said, yeah, maybe it is time to go in, maybe. it was not full on let's get into iraq. he has never said that. >> he did say we screwed up the first time. >> we will see if it resonates with exit poll and the poll that counts, the vote here tonight in south carolina. speaking of the numbers out of south carolina and this military vote, that has been the argument that jeb bush has made with lindsey graham out with him making the production, talking about we don't want to go from his characterization incompetent to crazy trying to make the case for jeb bush to be a strong commander in chief. people are not buying that, either. what is his case moving forward out of south carolina? >> i think he should really hammer home i have a conservative record. one of the biggest ironies in this race that jeb bush has one of the most proven conservative records but somehow he's characterized as establishment and not conservative. i would argue he is more
4:15 am
conservative than rubio, far more conservative than kasich. it's been more outsider versus establishment. he needs to hammer home i've lowered taxes by billions of dollars in florida, i have always been pro life. we don't hear that coming from jeb bush. >> jeb bush's biggest asset is that the bush family is loved by those in the military. there are a lot of military people that love his brother. he just did not use them early enough. he should have embraced his family more at the beginning because he does have a record that is attractive to run on. on paper if you look at what jeb bush has accomplished in his life he is what i would refer to as a great candidate on paper. >> yes. >> but if you can't sell it and he hasn't been able to connect the way that his brother or dad has been able to and if he doesn't do well here i don't see a path forward to him. how do you keep moving on if you don't have a great showing here in a place where you should do very, very, very well. >> ben, kayleigh, thank you so much. always a fiery conversation which i enjoy. later this hour we will talk
4:16 am
about ted cruz who we haven't talked about this hour, but there was this interesting meeting that the daily beast is reporting between ted cruz and ben carson in a broom closet. you've got to stay with us for that. we will have that conversation. keep watching the latest on the south carolina primaries. we have live special coverage throughout the day. be sure to stay with us all day for the coverage of the nevada democratic caucuses. a lot of action on both coasts. we're going to cover it all day here on cnn. now, when we come back, thousands of people will be gathering in washington today for a funeral mass for supreme court justice antonin scalia. we have live coverage there as we take you to d.c.
4:17 am
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4:20 am
we will be getting right back to victor blackwell in south carolina in just a few minutes from now. i'm amara walker with the other big story today. thousands of mourners expected at this morning's funeral mass for justice antonin scalia. beginning at 10:00 a.m. eastern cnn will bring you special coverage of the ceremony which will take place in washington's
4:21 am
basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. it's not only the nation's largest roman catholic church, it is one of the chargeest churches in the world. and cnn's supreme court reporter after yan devoe joining me with more. what details are you learning about today's funeral ceremony. >> reporter: the funeral for t antonin scalia will be held later today at the basilica, it there will be about 3,000 people there including vice president joe biden, attorney general loretta lynch, ted cruz. scalia's son paul scalia will be the sell brant, he will lead the ceremony and other of his sons will be the pal bearer. justice clarence thomas who was scalia's i had logical soulmate will be one of the electric torse. scalia was never shy, he was a conservative catholic, never shy about that. when he went across the country
4:22 am
he did talk to law groups but he also talked to gel rouse groups. some of his critics said that he blamed his religion for his position on cases such as abortion and same-sex marriage, but scalia always pushed back and said he didn't believe that those issues were in the constitution, it didn't have to do with his religion. he said it should be decided by the states. so he always pushed back on that. later today there will be a private burial. >> president obama will not be attending, he is sending vice president joe biden on his behalf. there has been some criticism, although president obama and the first lady were in attendance yesterday as scalia's body laid in repose. why is the president not going to be there? >> reporter: well, i think he made his point that he was going to go there and pay respects when the body was lying at the supreme court and indeed he and michelle were there and later on it was interesting, he said that he was going to spend the
4:23 am
weekend with a binder of notes for potential replacements for justice scalia and yesterday at the supreme court a couple of those people who have been noted on some of the short lists were actually there at the supreme court to pay their respects. >> from the people that you've been talking to and the reaction that you've been seeing, how have mourners been remembering justice scalia? >> reporter: well, he was for them a conservative icon and what's interesting about scalia is even those who didn't believe in his ideology respected him as a judge. one of his best friends on the bench was of course ruth bader ginsberg and she was his ideological opposite but she really respected the kind of judge he was, the fact that he was trying to help the lower courts by giving clear concise opinions. even for those who didn't believe in his judicial
4:24 am
philosophy he had a lot of deep respect. >> absolutely. that's what we're hearing by many accounts. great having you, thanks so much for that. >> thank you. lee otis joining me now a former law clerk for ant anyone is a scalia when he was a judge on the u.s. court of appeals and after his appointment to the supreme court. another former law clerk describes scalia as a great boss. let's take a listen to that first. >> he loved his law clerks. he really did. he was universally beloved by his law clerks. he was just about the best boss that you could ever hope for. i know that sort of contrasts with maybe sort of a serbic clue of him, but he is quite -- i don't know if i would say sweet. >> but jovial. >> extremely jovial and he really loved his law clerks, he described us as nieces and nephews who all went on to do very well. >> so, lee, did you share a similar experience?
4:25 am
what was it like working for the justice? >> it was great, actually. it was a little scary at first because he was always two steps ahead of everybody, but after you got used to that and you realized that he was the justice that actually was quite a good thing and he was -- he was very interested in what we thought and very eager to have us challenge him on everything because he thought our job was to help him get it right and he thought that we were most helpful when we stood up for different views if we had a different view of a case. he was just terrific. >> he no doubt had a colorful and fiery personality as many say. are you going to be attending the funeral today? >> i will. >> okay. so overall how would you like people to remember him also from your point of view how are you remembering scalia? >> well, i'm going to miss him a lot, that's the first thing, but in terms of how to remember him, i think that he should be
4:26 am
remembered as the justice who really helped change how people thought about the constitution and thought about the constitution as a law that is binding on the courts and not something that the courts shape. that was really his biggest contribution because when he was appointed to the supreme court it was widely believed that the constitution really had no fixed meaning and that the courts just did whatever they thought was the right thing to do. that was the widely held view among legal -- in the legal academy and among judges and i think justice scalia really made a difference on that and, you know, helped shift the view of the constitution back to something that's binding on the judges. >> very influential, was absolutely a staunch constitutional originalist.
4:27 am
lee otis, i appreciate your time. >> thank you for having me. polls now open in south carolina as republican primary ahead we will take a closer look at the turn out and who stands to benefit the most. and on the other side of the country democratic voters in nevada getting ready to caucus for their favorite candidate. how usual will minority voters be to the outcomes? that's next. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. every auto insurance policy has a number.
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4:31 am
you see here former governor jeb bush taking photographs with voters. this is greenville, south carolina. excuse the jump gee camera. this coming in from a photographer there who is trying to catch as much as he can. we see there former first lady barbara bush there, other members of the bush family there. you can hear some chanting there. they're chanting all in for jeb. and this is a crucial state for jeb bush of course. his father won here in 1998, back in 1992 that primary from buchanan back in 1992 and of course george w. bush winning here in 2000. polls, although they have been all over the place we have to add that disclaimer have him somewhere around third or fourth place here, a disappointing finish, but he's hoping to have
4:32 am
a narrative of strength and maybe momentum as he moves through the march calendar. we're expecting reporters to maybe ask a question or two. if he starts to speak we will of course listen to what he has to say. we have there jeb bush's wife there. we have brian todd who is at a polling place in mt. pleasant. you were there at the top of the hour as soon as polls opened, the people walking in there. i understand you've spoken with some voters. >> reporter: we have, victor. what's interesting about the voting dynamic here is that a lot of people come in that we talked to them about when they made their minds up about a candidate, a lot of them say a few days ago a few weeks ago, maybe within the last month. that gives you a sense around this primary. the crowd has thinned out a little at the national guard armory after a fairly long line going out the door when we started. i talked to a poll manager they said they expect this to ebb and
4:33 am
flow throughout the day. we do expect a heavier turn out this year than four years ago. she said the peak may be noon and 3:00 p.m. eastern time. they have these digital voting stations that are covered on these sides. the votes are tabulated on cartridges, one central cartridge tabulates all of them, they print it out on a machine that comes out later on the day at 7:00 p.m. eastern day after the polls close, then the results are off to the headquarters in charleston county here. what's interesting is that you don't have to register by party when you come in here. you register as a voter, they ask you when you come in here, they say this is the republican primary do you want to vote in this, you you say affirmative then you are off to the races as far as voting. i talked to an election official who says there has been a bit of confusion, a logistical confusion on holding this primary on a saturday, finding places like this that are available. sometimes they want to go to
4:34 am
churches, those aren't available, synagogues not available, other places on a saturday not available. finding poll managers to volunteer to come in here on a saturday, two consecutive saturdays in a row, today and next week for the democratic primary, that's been a challenge. then getting out the vote, donald trump has pounded that message basically for weeks now in south carolina. he says don't just come out for the rallies, come out to vote. the candidates are trying to galvanize the vote. the fact that it's held on a saturday may be a bit of a challenge in the voter turn out but we will see, victor, they do expect a fairly heavy turn out even on a saturday. >> brian todd, stand by as we watch the bush family, jeb bush, his mother barbara bush arriving here. this is a gymnasium, we see a polling station in greenville, south carolina. the jeb bush campaign has invested of course heavily here, four offices across the state, nearly two dozen staffers, they had the endorsement of former
4:35 am
opponent and now supporter, south carolina senator lindsey grah graham. they had hoped to get the endorsement of the very popular governor here. i think we can maybe hear a bit of this conversation. let's listen if we can. >> [ inaudible ]. >> as we move that way we will ask everyone to stay back. >> we could move everybody out now. >> yeah, that would be great. >> all right. not a clear microphone there, maybe we will have something a little more formal from jeb bush and barbara bush. guys, if you hear that let me know. i hope to get the endorsement of nikki haley here, that endorsement late this week went to marco rubio. the question here if marco rubio does pert here than jeb bush does here and that is the
4:36 am
expectation. there is some momentum here for the rubio campaign. what then is the case for continuing in this race from jeb bush? the bush campaign announced late yesterday that they are continuing on, announcing some of the campaign leadership in states moving forward, but remember that's what we heard from the chris christie campaign ahead of the new hampshire vote and he left the race soon after a disappointing finish there in new hampshire. so of course the polls, again, have been all over the place, the most important vote, the most important response is coming in the next 12 hours as the polls now have been open for about 40 minutes, they close at 7:00 p.m. eastern here in south carolina. now, that's the republican race. there is a contentious race for the democrats in nevada. the democratic caucuses there beginning at about 2:00 eastern time. tight race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders there, both democratic candidates out campaigning late into the evening yesterday
4:37 am
trying to pick up some last minute votes. let's bring in mickey kantz, larry saab dough director for the center for politics university of virginia there. >> good to have both of you. i want to talk about this close race there despite clinton having the early ground game, early lead, a lot of money poured into it what are expectations larry for this campaign? the latest polls show that it's very, very close. >> well, victor, early on as you know nevada was considered part of hillary clinton's fire wall. well, the fire moved on and nevada has now become very close. iowa turned very close, new hampshire turned into a bernie sanders route and clinton was hoping to stop the sanders momentum in nevada. look, it's a caucus. it's almost impossible to poll a caucus well in advance. so, you know, it could go either way, but it will be a shock if it's by very many votes.
4:38 am
so we'll get through nevada and somebody will have a little extra momentum and then the burden is really on hillary clinton to win big in south carolina. she has to make south carolina her new hampshire, that is by winning by a wide margin. >> but a win is a win and we of course have to look just back to iowa with that 2/10 of a percent win for clinton there. if she goes after a virtual tie in iowa or a close win i should call it, losing by double digits in new hampshire and then potentially this could be a loss here, even if it's a small number in the caucuses, how does that impact her narrative that she is the candidte who can win and that these states that bernie sanders is doing well in are just kind of outliers? >> well, i mean, that's exactly it. her campaign thus far has been about being the electable candidate, the realistic candidate. in her opinion the reflection of
4:39 am
the democratic party establishment, per se. as opposed to bernie sanders in her -- from her narrative being the candidate who can't get anything passed, his pie in the sky narrative, he is a dreamer and manipulating the population that's backing him. that's sort of the narrative right now in nevada. but the reality is that nevada is very hard to caucus, you have a very diverse electorate, many first time caucusers will be turning out this time around and especially if bernie sanders does have organization on the ground. anybody can turn up, you can have a democrat, you can have a republican, you can have an independent so you can bet that bernie sanders is tapping into those independent voters, those potential republicans who might be more socially liberal in nevada. the organization is a very different type of organization in nevada, but as larry was saying the polling is highly inaccurate. i mean, we're going back to harry reid was losing to sharon engel last time around and he beat her by 6%.
4:40 am
mom ri was beating john mccain 4% and then came out 38% ahead. the polling is highly flawed in nevada so we don't know. it's all going to be about turn out and organization. >> okay. so let's talk about south carolina. still a week out from there and it seems that if the polling if the surveying that we're seeing shows that of course hillary clinton has an advantage with african-american voters here, and bernie sanders spoke much about the advantage that she has in an interview with bet. i want to read here i'm looking down so i get it right what he said about hillary clinton cozying up as he says to president obama to get the african-american vote. he says that hillary clinton now is trying to embrace the president as closely as she possibly can and we know what that's about. that's trying to win support from the african-american community. mickey, that's a pretty heavy charge. >> yeah, and to be fair, i mean, she is doing exactly that.
4:41 am
>> it's just pandering? >> i believe clearly she has strong ties to the african-american community in south carolina, you know, she's run a campaign there before, her husband has run campaigns there before, they're very close to the leadership there, but the reality is that her record and former president clinton's record is not very strong for african-americans. i mean, they are the designers of welfare reform. she was key to designing welfare reform which we know what the affects of that were. he accepted private prison money. there's the crime bill. there is a whole slew of issues that have affected -- deeply affected african-americans and i think that's part of bernie sanders' message s yes, it is about the economy because guess who is hurt the most in the economy, african-americans, women of color, those are the people who are hurt the most and those are the people who hillary clinton is pandering towards but she hasn't been out there working with them on the ground, you know, over the past 30 years. i think he's speaking to that in the most cautious way possible without saying pandering, but i will say it's pandering.
4:42 am
she's going around to different communities, you know, suddenly their best friend again. every eight years. that's what it is. >> stay with us, larry, i want you to stay with us. we will take a quick break. when we come back we will show this photograph and talk about it now from the "chicago tribune." an archival photo of bernie sanders being arrested in 1963 during chicago public school's boycott. we will talk about this photo, what this means for the campaign's narrative of decades of work for social and racial justice. stay with us. here's a little healthy advice. take care of what makes aveeno® daily moisturizing body wash and lotion with active naturals® oat. used together, they provide 2x the nourishment
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4:45 am
4:46 am
let's bring back namik namiki cantz and larry sabato. we are continuing our conversation about the nevada caucuses starting at 2:00 p.m. eastern today on the democratic side. i want to talk about what happened just this morning, the "chicago tribune" posting this archival photo of bernie sanders arrested back in 1963, this was during a chicago public schools boycott. the sanders campaign has been trying to, larry, reinforce the narrative that he has been working for social and racial justice for decades, but he's having difficulty getting that to stick. is that resonating and if it isn't why? why isn't that resonating? >> well, the photo is certainly more evidence of the fact that sanders has been a activist for a long time and that's important for him.
4:47 am
that's a message he has been trying to take to the african-american community. he's trying to balance obviously the decades of work that bill and hillary clinton have done in the same field in the civil rights arena. it's not really a question in this primary and in this general -- in this nomination contest whether sanders and clinton have been pro civil rights. i think it's pretty clear both of them have been. it's more a question of power politics. congressman jim clyburn from south carolina has now endorsed hillary clinton. that's a big, big get for hillary clinton and it really matters in south carolina and that's where she has to do very wel well. >> and how does -- namiki -- i'm getting feedback in my ear, guys -- how does senator sanders, i guess, rebound after this big endorsement from
4:48 am
congressman clyburn? >> well, look, this is clearly not the outcome that we wanted. congressman clyburn had said that he wasn't going to endorse initially and now he is, but i think that's because things are tightening up and he's probably received a lot of pressure from the clinton campaign to do so, to lock down the african-american vote so that it she does come out with a large win in south carolina. the reality is we have two different democratic parties here. we have the old guard, the establishment, the wing of -- she has all of the endorsements pretty much, all of the media endorsements, all of the money. i mean, that is the hillary clinton machine. as opposed to bernie sanders which is a very much grass roots new type of democratic party and he's got the majority of voters under 55, he has minorities under 45, i mean, this is the bernie sanders base right now which is the future of the democratic party and i don't think that they necessarily respond to these endorsements because so far it hasn't worked. in fact, it's almost this anti-establishment narrative.
4:49 am
if you want to look at the republicans, every time an establishment candidate or establishment leader endorses ted cruz, it works to his advantage and i think the same thing works for bernie sanders. >> we'll see the impact here on either side as we are on voting day here in south carolina and caucus day in nevada. nomiki, larry sabato, thank you for being part of the conversation. when we come back the latest on ted cruz and this bizarre meeting reportedly in a storage closet with ben carson to discuss dirty campaigning in iowa. we'll talk to national spokesman for the cruz campaign when we come back. ♪ we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day.
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join now and get lifelock risk-free for 60 days, using promo code "bank". protection begins immediately. call 1800 lifelock or visit . welcome back. i'm victor blackwell live in colombia, south carolina. the polls here are open. they opened at the top of the hour and voters are already in line going in casting the votes here in the state that prides itself on picking presidents on the gop side. now, let's talk about one candidate specifically. ted cruz, the daily beast is reporting senator cruz held a secret meeting with rival, retired neurosurgeon dr. ben carson to discuss the quote unquote dirty tricks campaign in iowa. when cruz told caucus goers carson quit the race.
4:54 am
let's bring in rick tyler, rick, first, what can you tell us about this meeting? good morning. >> they were at the conservative review convention. i'm getting a little feedback in my ear, sorry, they were both there. that's the same meeting marco rubio skipped and they were there together and took the opportunity to meet briefly. >> why was it in a storage cl e clos closet, though? >> i wasn't there so i don't know exactly where the meeting took place. it took place maybe in a small room, but it was a private meeting just the two of them. >> the meeting reportedly was about what the carson campaign considers to be dirty tricks in iowa. i wonder carson hitting him on that and trump calling him a
4:55 am
liar. is this sticking? is this resinating, do you think? >> let's revisit the facts. first of all, ben carson outperformed his polls and donald trump did not. ted cruz outperformed his polls because we had almost 20,000 volunteers in iowa working the ground game. let's also remember what donald trump said early in the campaign. when ben carson was leading donald trump, donald trump compared ben carson to a pedophile. now, if you want to devastate someone's campaign thanks would be the way to go. yet donald trump stands on the debate stage and points to ben carson and says ted cruz stole the election from him but he made the horrible comparison, if you want a devastating effect on a candidate, that's what you would do. as you recall, cnn reported ben carson was not continuing on to new hampshire and that was simply shared with the campaign, nothing more than that.
4:56 am
>> i don't want to relitigate that but what cnn -- >> i don't, either -- >> -- he was going to florida first and then d.c. and south carolina but just to be clear here, we don't have much time left, your candidate potentially some of the latest polls have him maybe in second place but there is momentum from the rubio campaign. >> ted cruz is doing well and over 10,000 volunteers and knocked on doors the past week. a chance for south carolinaens to put a real record, conservative record and marco rubio didn't do that. he assimilated as recently as yesterday. ice officers said marco rubio betrayed law enforcement and put illegal gang members ahead of law enforcement. this is a chance for south
4:57 am
carolina -- >> i got your talking points but how do you think your candidate will do tonight? >> look, we've already placed first in iowa, placed third in new hampshire and hoping to do well in south carolina. marco rubio must win it. he's 3-5 now. we hope to do well. >> rick tyler, national spokesman for the ted cruz campaign. good to have you this morning. >> thanks, victor. >> quick break, we'll be back. . and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! pure is big, bold and just better. pure is mccormick. the smallest pinch of pure mccormick can make meals legendary. we want to help you realize the rich taste that pure can bring. because pure tastes better.
4:58 am
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good morning. i'm victor blackwell live in colombia, south carolina where it is primary day. voters are already hitting the polls. we're an hour into voting here casting the republican ballots in the primary here. i'm live on the campus of the university of south carolina. you'll hear from first-time voters here a little later this morning. this is a state that prides itself on picking presidents. moments ago, jeb bush and his wife and mother visited a polling station in greenville, south carolina. he's the first candidate out there this morning. took a few pictures. we heard chants of all in for jeb there and he needs voters to be all in for him. this is a state historically great to the bushes in '88, '92 and 2000 and here is what he said just a few moments ago. >> how do you define south carolina? >> beating expectations. this is the third of a 55
5:02 am
jurisdiction process, 50 states and a few territories, and such a volatile time to be able to beat expectations would be helpful and i think we'll do that. we'll see. >> south carolina has been very protrump from what we've seen so far, what do you want to send the message to voters that can possibly sway that decision otherwise. >> trump can't win. plain and simple. this isn't about appealing to people's deep anxiety which is legitimate. he can't be president. a ton of people would be very uncomfortable with his divisive language and with his inexperience in so many ways, the way he speaks it's pretty clear he hasn't thought it through and we're living in dangerous times, i think we need somebody that can be president from day one. >> people are worried at some point -- >> all right. got job bush there speaking to some reporters outside of the polling station in greenville,
5:03 am
south carolina. let's go to another polling station in mt. pleasant where our brian todd is there. brian, polls have been open new for about an hour now. what are you seeing? >> reporter: victor, very energetic start to the day as we kick off doubleheader day with the nevada caucuses and south carolina primary so crucial. pretty steady flow of voters coming in to the national guard armory and my photo journalist and i will take you inside. we had a line out the door when we started and trickled down but we know it will flow. that's what poll managers told us. they expect the peak later. the demographic is mostly early voters in the early going but we expect that to change throughout the day. the process is come in here, check in at the station over here and got five digital polling stations here covered on three sides. those are tabulated at the end of the day on a cartridge for each station and a central cartridge will printout on
5:04 am
another machine and goes to the central tabulation station. we expect heavy voter turnout. we've heard donald trump saying rally after rail lay in south carolina don't just show up here for the entertainment, don't just show up to the rallierallit out and vote. i can tell you when they -- the polls close at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. i talked to an election official here who said if you're out the door in a long line as the polls close, you're going to get in even if the line extends down the street, you're going to get in and be able to cast your vote. i asked him about something that happened in new hampshire when they had lines of cars from the polling station we were in new hampshire and we were told if you were in a car way down the street you would get in but they did have to have police officers cut off that line. this election official in south carolina said we'll have to make that call later on depending on the situation. obviously, they don't have that problem now but again, victor,
5:05 am
we're just getting started. the peak is supposed to come in the next few hours and we'll see about turnout what we've talked to people as they have come out and a lot of them said i didn't make up my mind until about two days ago and one man made his mind up when he walked energy a big turnout in south carolina here. >> i spoke with a view voters yesterday who said they expected they would make their mind up when they are in the voting booth, listen to their heart and head and then. brian todd expecting record turnout. thank you so much. i want to bring in ron brownstein and national political correspondent for "the new york times." good to have both of you. i want to start with you and donald trump. most expect donald trump will win here in south carolina but it's a game of margins. if this is a single digit win, does that damage this narrative
5:06 am
of strength? >> it would suggest what he said in the final days in this primary did damage him, that you can't in south carolina target both the leader of the catholic church and the last president and expect to have in sort of ramifications for doing that and by the way, lots of other stuff, too, that i'm leaving out, that people have taken a sort of second look in saying i'm curious, i enjoy sort of take it to the man attitude but maybe not a commander in chief. i think that's what reaction is if he does win narrowly here. new hampshire he outperformed polls there and the similarity between this state and new hampshire as ron knows, it'sf t effectively the state. you can show up to vote today because lots of trump support comes from outside the party structure and so these are the states that are good for donald trump. >> it may actually benefit because the democrats next week and some of those potentially
5:07 am
democratic voters that wanted to get in on the action will get in on the action today and not wait a week to do that. let me come to you with ted cruz. you wrote about this possibly being the alamo for ted cruz and this is a state with two-thirds of the voters identify themselves as conservative christians. he's up against marco rubio. >> absolutely. how great is the south carolina republican primary, one of the most compelling weeks in american politics and picked the winner every time except one. ted cruz has the most at stake. ted cruz is lopsidedly depending on evangelical voters. in new hampshire he won 8% that are not e vvangelicals, if he h a disappointing showing, i think it would suggest that donald trump has cracked his kind of, you know, his castle keep, his
5:08 am
support among evangelicals and would auger poorly where he is relying on the evangelical vote. if jeb bush finishes behind marco rubio in a state that was the turning point for his brother in 2000, it's hard to see a legitimate rational for going forward. >> hearing that ranking, you got rubio in third but jonathan, let me come to you. rubio has the endorsement of tim scott and the endorsement of nikki haley and the image of the four of them on stage looks like the future of the republican party. >> the paper had these big pictures of nikki haley and marco rubio. great publicity. marco rubio should be able to get second place given the attention he's gotten from having the governor's endorsement over the course of the last three days, he should
5:09 am
be able to get 20, 21% and grab second place and if he can't, it will raise questions what is the issue with his candidacy. the good news for rubio coming out of south carolina, though, will be if he beats bush soundly here there will be immense pressure on bush to leave the race and that will lead to the thing people have been waiting for and can be hugely helpful to rubio going into super tuesday. the possibility of a three or four person race is the scenario the party needs to finally get at trump. >> guys, in the control room, can we rerack the video of jeb bush speaking to supporters in greenville this morning? we don't have to listen to the audio because i think that makes the point and ron, as we get that video ready, i want to come to you, the jeb bush we saw this morning was not a motivated jeb bush. he came out and took a few pictures and shack hands but if you look at him, he looks pretty
5:10 am
solum that he's resigned to whatever will happen today and this is not apparently going to be a great day for his campaign. >> no, and i think they -- look, after the showing in new hampshire they had an opportunity to revive here in south carolina. it hasn't happened. the governor's endorsement went to marco rubio and it's kind of left jeb bush out there without a lot of wind at his back and i think as i said, very hard for him to make a plausible case for going forward if he does not finish well here. for marco rubio, i think the stakes are high and don't dismiss the possibility. i think the risk for rubio is right now he is like donald trump, he is drawing across the party. he is showing support really from all segments of the party but not showing deep support yet in any individual segment of the party, and the question will be in particular whether those white collar main stream conservative voters would cogo behind cruz, rubio and trump if
5:11 am
jeb bush gets out but you still have john kasich there who is a competitor for those voters. that part of the party remains more fragmented while you have evangelical sides coalescing between trump and cruise. >> john kasich after tonight he's not expected to win here -- >> he's not going to be here. >> you can tell what a candidate believes by where they are on the night of the vote but where does he have to finish to, i guess, continue his argument he has a place in the race? he can't wait until ohio, illinois and skip the march 1st states. >> i think it would help him if he found a way to beat or tie jeb bush here because he can say i'm very much still a serious candidate and had very little organization in south carolina and still beat this scion jeb bush in the state. but look, there will be questions about what kasich's path is for. very few folks believe he'll be the nominee by somehow skipping
5:12 am
ahead to march 8th in michigan and ignoring the elephant in the room which is a quarter of the delegates out on march 1st, he has to come up with a more compelling argument beyond i can compete in michigan. as ron knows, that's a hard thing to do if you're not in the conversation in the weeks leading up to the state. that will be tough. one fast point that ron made that i want to echo, that is i'm very curious about ted cruz. ted cruz being pinched on the right and left from trump and rubio, both, making it into the base and he needs to show he can s solidify the base and he can't be the only e vvangelical -- >> real quick -- >> go ahead, ten seconds. >> real quick, we're talking about the moral victories second and third and we're sliding the big point here. if donald trump wins south
5:13 am
carolina after winning new hampshire, there is just enormous momentum behind him and the candidates are maneuvering to be the principle. if he gets enough out of here, it will be like the speed bump. it matters what he does tonight because if he scores well particularly with evangelicals, it would signal he could have a very big day on march 1st that well behind and facing a very uphill climb. >> yeah, we're rolling into alabama, arkansas, oklahoma. >> texas. >> all coming up. >> texas and that's going to be a showdown. looking forward to that one. thank you both. it's the last debate we're looking ahead to before super tuesday, of course, join wolf blitzer live from texas, as we said, for the cnn republican presidential debate. that will be a showdown thursday 8:30 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. we're live from the campus of the university of south carolina all morning long bringing you the very latest on the republican primary underway as we see candidates stopping at l
5:14 am
toing places here across the state. we'll bring those to you live, as well. after the break, the other big story, cnn outside the basilica in washington d.c. where thousands of family, friends, dig tarries that admired scalia. we'll be there for a special mass and funeral service. i can get over 60 sheets of drywall into my mercedes-benz metris. to get 60 sheets of drywall into my van, i invented the fold-o-matic 5000. my metris also holds over 2,500 pounds of payload. hauling 2,500 pounds in my small van is no problem. i just divide and conquer.
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5:17 am
. we're going to get back to victor blackwell in south carolina soon. i'm amara walker. we want to show you live pictures of the national shrine of conception in d.c. where thousands of mourners are gathering to pay respects to the
5:18 am
late justice antonin scalia. funeral services begin in less than three hours from now and cnn special coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. eastern. cnn's carol costello is live outside the church with more. >> reporter: amara isn't this a beautiful facility? this is the basilica in washington d.c., one of the largest catholic churches in the world, the largest catholic church in the united states and north america and one of the ten largest churches in the entire world. this is where antonin scalia's fun well mass will take place. his casket due to arrive 10:45 eastern time. his sons will be paul barriers and his other son will be the celebrate and offer the homilee. we're expecting just about 3,000 friends and family among the
5:19 am
guests today joe biden and his wife, the attorney general lynch, ted cruz is expected to be here. he's taking a break from the campaign trail. dick cheney and his family is supposed to be here and also most of the supreme court justices. for the mass itself, it will be a traditional catholic mass and a lot said in latin because that's what justice scalia's favorite mass is. if you ever sat through a catholic mass done in latin, it's truly a beautiful ceremony. so we look forward to that because we expect cnn will take that live. joining me now to talk more about this is joan, from routers and written a biography on justice scalia. welcome joan. >> thank you, carol. >> reporter: justice clearance thomas also a catholic will read scripture during the mass today. the significance of that? >> a couple of things, carol, i thought you were exactly right to hit the traditional service.
5:20 am
you know, there are lots of brands of catholicism in america and justice scalia liked his as pure as can be. he would suspeometimes kid -- hs serious about not being crazy about vatican two and when are they going to get rid of the guitar mass but clearance thomas shared that belief in that kind of catholicism. you might remember that justice thomas as a young man had gone into the seminary for awhile, thought about becoming a priest, was greatly influenced by catholic nuns growing up and left the seminary and went to holy cross then and then to law school and for awhile frankly was away from the catholic church and came back and it's quite a message that the scalia family is choosing this old friend from the court and from a personal, personal life, too.
5:21 am
>> reporter: definitely so. you mentioned latin masses, very few catholic churches across the country offer mass in latin anymore. why was a little girl, they did that all the time but that went by the wayside. they wanted to make it more exciting for young people. >> that's right, he didn't like that part -- >> reporter: no, he did not. i want to read you something justice scalia wrote in 1988. weddings and funerals but especially funerals are the principle occasions when you can preach the good news not just to the faithfully but those who never really heard it. i think by some national outlets taking this funeral mass live probably would have made justice scalia pretty happy. >> i think so. i think so. he was a man of tradition. everything about him was done with flourish and taking a look at the early program of what we'll see today. you know, there will be a choir,
5:22 am
beauty in the celebration and a lot of if not literal trumpets but the atmosphere and passion and he probably would appreciate the fact thousands of people will come into that beautiful basilica and hear the word. >> reporter: that's right and thousands outside of the church watching on television will hear the word of god. joan, thanks so much and amara, just a little bit about politics on this day and i hate to inject it when we expect a beautiful mass to take place but ted cruz is taking a break from the campaign trail to attend the mass. there is a lot of controversy over president obama and michelle obama not coming to the mass and joe biden and his wife will take the president and first lady's place because joe biden had a relationship with justice scalia but there will be people bothered by that but
5:23 am
hopefully for the post part we can keep the politics out of what's expected to be a beautiful service today. >> yeah, unfortunately, politics seeping back into scalia's death but it will no doubt be a very moving day. appreciate that. thank you. we'll have live coverage of justice scalia's funeral throughout the day right here on cnn. coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. the funeral mass begins at 11:00 a.m. eastern. all right. still to come, donald trump says he can do more for african americans than president obama. we talked live with the representative from the clark county nevada black caucus whether she thinks trump can deliver on that promise and we're just a few hours away from the democratic caucuses in nevada. we'll take a look at the tight race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years,
5:24 am
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5:27 am
primariy rday here in south carolina and we got pictures of a polling station in mt. pleasant. 1.5 hours into voting here. polls opened at 7:00 and will be open until 7:00 p.m. but tens of thousands already submitted absentee ballots, the absentee in person is the equivalent of early voting in other states.
5:28 am
nearly 40,000 have been submitted. a record here. record turnout, maybe 650,000 votes cast in the primary today. republicans only but let's stay in south carolina. this should shape up to be a shift, a major shift in the race here based on how the candidates perform, of course, if they beat expectations or lose momentum. in just a few hours, as we said, people in nevada will caucus a tight race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. both democratic candidates out campaigning late into the evening yesterday trying to pick up last-minute votes. clinton talking about immigration reform there, listen what she said last night. >> we are not going to deport 111 or 12 million people, certainly i would never let that happen and these candidates running for president on the republican side that say they will round up and deploy 11 or 12 million people are just feeding the fears, anxieties and
5:29 am
attitudes of people who think that might be a good idea. it will never happen. >> let's bring in jerry crawford, a hillary clinton advisor. jerry, good to have you this morning. >> victor, good to be with you. >> so after iowa and that came down to just two-tenths of a point with hillary clinton winning there. supporters said wait until nevada, there is a fire wall there and after that double digit loss, they said again, wait until nevada and south carolina there is a wall there. we're in nevada and that fire wall to parapharase another analyst seemed to burn out. what happened in nevada. >> i was there volunteering all week and i was astonished and pleased with how well organized the effort once again have put
5:30 am
together in nevada, i think that look, let's give credit to senator sanders. he's really a feel good inspirational candidate but as we go forward, democrats who care about having a democrat actually win the presidency are going to rally more and more to hillary clinton. she has proven she can take on the republicans and win. she's proven she's tough enough to deal with them in a general election and the same simply can't be true for senator sanders, so if people care about the major issues or right in the middle of the supreme court shakeup, if people care about global warming and terrorism and the rest, they need somebody who can win and that's hillary clinto clinton. >> so of course, the main contest is about narrative. there aren't many delegates and more to come in march through
5:31 am
the calendar but if the narrative is that she can win against a republican, she got to prove her strength against the democratic primary candidate and if she has this narrow win in iowa, a defeat in new hampshire and we don't know what will happen tonight, the best it will be close by all estimates, doesn't that jeopardize that narrative that she is the stronger of the two? >> victor, that's a great question and i think it's the important question. here is the thing, john wrote a brilliant piece in the boston globe about this this week. bernie sanders is yet to be tested. he's yet to be vetted. he hasn't -- the press hasn't gone after him but most importantly, the republicans haven't gone after him. why? they want to run against him in november. it's a target-rich environment. he's a socialist. he has advocated massive spending programs. at some point -- you can only imagine how good the republican effort would be against him and
5:32 am
they are licking chops hoping they get the chance. so look, he's a terrific guy. he's just not ready to win a general election and as people start to focus on that, thoughtful people, people who know what is at stake in electing a democrat, i expect hillary to emerge decisively. >> he's also expected to win in south carolina, the focus on the republicans today. let's talk about what happened last night with the release of more of the e-mails from the state department as that fbi investigation continues i hear your chuckle there and many of her supporters say this is a non-issue but it gets to the question that continues to haunt her candidacy, the question of honesty and trustworthiness. how does if you take the e-mails as context or not, how does he overcome that challenge? >> well, look, i think that for
5:33 am
republicans who spend their time watching fox news will never get past that just as in 2008 we never got past the notion that barack obama was a muslim. we never got past the notion he was born in africa -- >> some people have questions about her honesty and truth worthiness. this is not just republicans but rearing its head in the primary. >> it's fed by the republicans and it's fed by groups like fox news. that's where it gets into the public space. you know, it's remarkable that she is still in the position she's in after all the incoming attacks she's taken in the past year. e-mails one, benghazi another but you see when she has the chance to take on critics and
5:34 am
completely dominated trey gowdy's committee. look, i'm glad we're talking about the e-mails. let's get the e-mails out. she's said point blank there has never been a situation where she received or sent a classified e-mail as we speak this morning, that continues to be the case, you know, the fact that somebody might declare a document to be classified after the fact, so what. i just don't believe that this is going to be an issue that has staying power as we go into a general election. >> all right. jerry crawford, hillary clinton supporter with us this morning. good to have you. >> victor, take care of everything there in south carolina. >> i'll do my best, thank you, sir. let's bring in evette williams, chairman of the black caucus there in nevada. evette. i want to start with the caucus support of bernie sanders. first, why the endorsement? >> we're a grass roots
5:35 am
organization. we are birthed from the 2008 obama campaign and 100% volunteer organization so we want to talk about support for senator sanders, we're talking about an organization of 100% voting electret. our membership is not 100% black. we have a very diverse membership but the majority of us are black, the majority of us are registered democrats. we are non-partisan organization and so when we looked at the presidential candidates and who could earn our endorsement, we took an opportunity to speak to both campaigns and found that senator sanders' platform, agenda, platform mirrors ours very much and so it wasn't very difficult for us to make that decision. it was a one member vote.
5:36 am
every member voted and bernie sanders received the endorsement 2-1 from our grass roots black voting electret. so, you know, he's our guy. he's talking about things that are important to us. >> let me -- >> yeah. >> let me jump in and i apologize for interrupting, i want to get to why are we seeing this shift in nevada? hillary clinton has been there for several months first going back in april of announcing and now we're seeing such a tight race. can you give us an idea of what is happening there? >> well, i think that, you know, earlier on we heard the ready for hillary early on and i in fact jumped on board with that pact initiative of recruiting her to run, but then once we got into the actual debates and the instances in both candidates, i shifted my personal opinion of
5:37 am
what i wanted to support in the presidential candidate and i think that's what is happening. what is happening as people start to vet both candidates and pay attention to the long history of both candidates. people are making a decision. i'm a voter. i'm not a paid staffer. i'm a regular voter in nevada and wanting to do what's right for our community. >> all right. evette williams there with the clark county black caucus, the chairwoman of the caucus. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you so much. appreciate us having an opportunity to get the grass roots voice out for a change. >> certainly. this is in south carolina the day of the republican primary but democrats have their chance
5:38 am
days before the primary. candidates make their case. the cnn south carolina democratic presidential town hall. that's tuesday night 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. we'll be back in a moment. right now, you're not thinking about all the money you saved by booking your flight, rental car, and hotel together. all you're thinking about, is making sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom. expedia, technology connecting you to what matters.
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5:41 am
welcome back. we'll get right back to victor blackwell in south carolina in a few minutes. i'm amara walker with the other big story. a funeral mass for antonin scalia begins in a couple hours
5:42 am
from now. scalia's son paul will perform the service at the national shine of the consumption in washington d.c. still unresolved who will replace scalia in the high court and what happens to the cases before the court? cnn legal analyst is here to explain who we can expect. paul, i guess the question is do you expect the president to make a recess appointment because the senate is in recess until monday. the white house isn't dismissing that could happen. is this the president's best option? >> well, it probably is his best option because at this point in time, it's almost impossible to believe that anybody would be ratified by the senate if they are in session. i think it's still highly unlikely that a recess appointment will be made. you know, amara there is a fascinating history of this. it's been done twice in american history a supreme court justice has been appointed during an
5:43 am
interim appointment. the first time it was done, it didn't work out well. george washington appointed john rutledge as the second chief justice during a recess appointment. he was subsequently rejected by the congress and rutledge, in fact, resigned from the court and attempted to commit suicide. it wasn't done again until president eisenhower in the 1950s appointed william brennan and he went on to be a very distinguished and lengthy-serving justice of the supreme court. so hasn't been done very often. i would be surprised to see it done here. >> there is also some really crucial decisions that are looming for the term. i read a really interesting article written by linda in the washington post, paul, the headline if the republicans block obama supreme court rom nation he wins anyway and argues that obama and democrats will win if the republicans stone
5:44 am
wall a nomination because you have the lower federal courts that are stacked with democrats. she writes nine out of 13 courts of appeals have a majority of democratic appointees. do you agree with that perception, even though, you have abortion and affirmative action and these kinds of cases that may not be favorable if it stays with the lower courts? >> you know, amara, i think that's sound analysis. you know, the obama administration and president has been very, very successful in making appointments to the lower courts over a period of time and really changed and created a lot of diversity on the bench for the first time in american history. that's true. the second thing that's critical is that remaining on the court now are four liberal justices and three conservative justices and anthony kennedy kind of votes on both sides, although, lately he's been voting for with the liberals. even is the supreme court put
5:45 am
together the majority, it's more likely to be a liberal majority than a conservative majority. from a policy standpoint, she's absolutely right. the democrats win in a stalemate situation. >> yeah, all right. a lot at stake here and a highly poll l politicized issue. the republican proimary underway now in south carolina. cnn is there live covering what could be a pivotal moment in the race for the white house and new this morning just as voting gets underway a super pac supporting ted cruz takes one more jab at donald trump. details on the radio ads and phone calls slamming trump on issues of the confederate flag and lgbt equality. that's next.
5:46 am
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legalzoom has your back. for your business, our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here. fewer than two hours into voting here in south carolina and voters are already at the polls. there is passion across south carolina today as this now has come to the third contest. polls open at 7:00 this morning. they will be open until 7:00 p.m. you're looking at mt. pleasant this morning. we'll continue to follow the south carolina primaries with our live special coverage throughout the day. now this is a state with a reputation for brass knuckle politics and we've got an example for you. i want you to listen to one of
5:50 am
the radio ads put out by the cruz pact first reported by npr. listen. >> put it in the museum, lit it go. >> that's donald trump supporting nickki haley removin the confederate flag. >> respect whatever you respect and put anytime a museum. >> people like donald trump are always budding their noses into other people's business, but trump talking about our flag like it's a social disease. >> again, that was a political action committee supporting ted cruz, not the campaign but you heard it there saying that he treats the confederate flag like a social disease. the ad closes by saying send trump and his new york values back to manhattan. jeff is joins us from phoenix, the state treasurer there and
5:51 am
supporter. you told fox news this was taken out of context, donald trump did. could this hurt trump here in south carolina? >> you know, ted cruz keeps coming up with something on every election day that's so off the mark and it's just another example and i don't know how ted cruz can stand in front of the word that says trusted anymore. it's pretty much time after his an in this casn antics to change to the word busted. it's completely off the mark and what politics do right on election day they will come out with some completely, you know, spun thing rhetoric that's full of misinformation because they know that tomorrow when it's cleared up, they will win votes over it. ted cruz does this to his advantage as much as he can try but it's very transparent and voters learned he can't be trusted and just another political hack. this is who politicians do and what the american public is sick of. they are sick of the elite
5:52 am
getting rich off the backs of our grandchildren and that's what ted cruz represents. >> let me ask you about donald trump. this week it seems like spat with the pope, the pope saying he was not a christian and then calling for the boycott of apple. i mean, could that dig into what most expect would be a double digit lead here and then erode the narrative he is as strong as he was at one point here in south carolina, moving into the march 1st primaries. >> keep in mind what the pope said was anyone that supports building a wall is not a christian. so he didn't single out donald trump. and he made that very clear yesterday. but if that's the case, then there is a lot of people. i myself am a christian and live in arizona. we have tens of thousands of illegals come over every month and i'm very much in favor of building a wall but i don't believe that makes me not a
5:53 am
christian. that's a hot top pick in this country and really, i think what this issue will hurt the most is someone we haven't talked about, marco rubio. when you look at the lead story on the drudge report today that talks about how the national ice president chris crane has just come out with the talks when marco rubio surrounded himself with business business and proamnesty looking for cheap labor. when you read that article and that needs to make the headlines today, it shows that donald trump is the only one who is taking a principle stand to protect the country and that will resonate with the voters. >> we certainly know that immigration is a hot top pick here across the state and the voting has begun about two hours now into voting here and polls will be open until 7:00. we'll see how this shifts the race. jeff there in phoenix. we'll have more special coverage live throughout the day in the south carolina primary after a
5:54 am
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5:57 am
i'm victor blackwell live in south carolina on the campus of the university of south carolina, a big day for republicans, could this shift the race and for democrats in nevada as the caucuses start at 2:00 p.m. eastern, will hillary clinton's fire wall hold there? we'll continue our live coverage throughout the day. >> yeah, going to be a riveting day. >> i'm amara walker. smerconish is coming up after
5:58 am
the break. ♪ ♪so nice ♪so nice, so nice ♪ spend a few days in the u.s. virgin islands and return with a lifetime of experiences. that's virgin islands nice. ♪so nice, so nice see see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that i won't stop. until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis.
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i'm michael smerconish live from washington d.c. the outcome of the south carolina republican primary and caucus will be a presidential reset. if hillary clinton loses to bernie sanders in nevada, might it forshadow another collapse like in 2008? and he certainly is not expected to win, but how badly jeb bush loses could determine whether this is the end of the line in his campaign just another indication of what an unpredictable election thisas


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