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tv   Americas Choice 2016  CNN  February 20, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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♪ some people know how to make an entrance. ♪ to thrive under pressure. ♪ to reject the status quo. and they have no problem passing the competition. the aggressive new 2016 lexus gs 350 and 200 turbo. once driven, there's no going back. hello, once again. i'm kate bolduan and we want to welcome our viewers here in the united states and around the world. >> and i'm john berman and we are live, yes live 12:00 a.m.
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eastern time. and so much has happened tonight in nevada and south carolina and the race truly changed. donald trump won south carolina big. there is still a a fight for second place, marco rubio and ted cruz fighting out for second there, and in nevada, hillary clinton prevailed in the democrde democratic caucuses there. >> and another story coming out, former florida governor jeb bush who was once considered the frontrunner to win the nomination, decided to suspend his campaign as votes were coming in. and now ted cruz and marco rubio will be battling for second place, but tonight, the night belongs to the billionaire from new york, donald trump, and that is where we want to continue the coverage with cnn politics reporter jeremy diamond who is inside of the trump head kwa
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headquarters. and he says quickly, thank you, south carolina on to the next. what are you hearing from the trump campaign late this e evening? >> that is right, kate. donald trump tonight with a huge win in south carolina, and this is something that is going to allow him to go forward with the momentum here going into the next contest in the southern states. his campaign is sounding confident tonight, and the zsouh carolina top officials with the south carolina campaign said that south carolina is a bellwether for the next states in the s.e.c. primary that will vote on super tuesday. they are feeling confident, but donald trump a ulz a fighter tonight talking about the pun t pundits on tv and what they are talk about as far as the coalescing around other candidates h. this is what he had to say. >> some of the pundits, and o r overall pretty much fair, but not too much, but a number of the pundits said, well, a couple of the candidates dropped out and if you ooh add their scores together, it is going to be equal to trump.
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right? these geniuses, and they are geniuses, they don't understand that as people drop out, i'm going to be getting a lot of those votes also, and you don't just add them together. >> and there you have donald trump there, and you know, always fighting with some fighting words, but that is the fight now going forward and what is the coalescing going to happen. jeb bush dropping out tonight, and a lot of folks believe it is going to marco rubio or john kasich as the two potential establishment favorites now, but marco rubio and ted cruz are also tonight going neck and neck for second and third place, and donald trump not even making a mention of jeb bush dropping out tonight. he is certainly losing his foil in the race with jeb bush gone now, and it is going to be interesting how it goes forward but the race is narrowing, and it is going to be a whole lot more contentious. >> and jeremy diamond now kicked out of the trump campaign headquarters and he is now
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outdoors. >> yes. >> and thank you, jeremy. and where is the next step for donald trump, georgia and then nevada? >> yes. >> and so i want to bring in the panel. amanda carpenter is here, and she is formerly ted cruz's communications strategist, and also joined by doug hyde, and former new york mayor michael nut er, and also a cnn political contributor -- >> see sh, it is difficult to g all of the names in there. >> and yes. and it is difficult. and now sh, as we know no republican has ever lost the nomination after winning both new hampshire and south carolina, and what is this, what does it mean for the republican party, and what does it mean for this moment? >> well, for donald trump, one of the most valuable commodity s that you is in a campaign like
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this, particularly in a presidential campaign is momentum. and right now, he has a lot of it. if i'm the other campaigns, one of the things that i would continue to worry me is the fact that when you ask the republican voters not who they are voting for but who do you think will eventually be the nominee, donald trump continues to win that question. now, if you are going back to 2012, when we saw the ascent of michele bachmann and ascent of rick perry and all of the other candidates against mitt romney, and the question of whether or not you thought that mitt romney would ultimately win the nomination is something that romney won hand over hand time over time, and eventually what happened is that when the campaign shifted back to a race between mitt romney and one other candidate, mitt romney actually won, so one of the big problems is that the other candidates have is that the momentum is on donald trump's side. now, a as we are going to into marchp 1 with multiple contests on one day, we may find out on
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one day whether or not there is going to be the consolidation of the rest of the field to take on donald trump. and by then, donald trump may have a very big delegate lead. >> and maybe too big a lot of folks say. amanda, you have worked for ted cruz in a past life, and when it comes to, and we are still waiting to find out who is in second and who is in third, and both ted cruz and marco rubio declaring victory if you heard the post speeches, and they said they won, and what did you say? rainbows an unicorns. >> and yes. it is anyway. >> and moving on. >> and anyway, what, and this is a state that is tailor made for ted cruz, and he had 70-plus percent of the evangelicals of the gop electorate, and what went wrong if you could go that direction? >> well, ted cruz had a lot of negative attacks thrown at him, and that has an effect, but it is politics, and you can cry about the way that you lost, and
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ted cruz and marco rubio are a draw, and that essentially a loser to trump. and i will buy into rubio's framing on that and it does not matter if rubio beats cruz or cruz beats rubio, because it is still trump and a big test. can he go toe to toe to at a tack rubio and if i 'm donald trump i turn it into the race to where he is turning it into two senators. so the challenge for ted cruz and marco rubio how do they break out of the argument role of essentially taking each other down. they have to stop that. they have to take on donald trump and make the case for themselves to win, and no more playing for the second or the third place. and you have no other choice but to go for the gold at this point. >> no more participation ribbons? >> no, those are done, and we we
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don't believe in those anyways, because we are republicans. >> and now, margaret hoover, i want to pick up on a point that amanda made about marco rubio, do we know how he is going to be standing up head-to-head with donald trump, and some have done it, and had more success than others and many have had no success at all, and man know a man knon -- mano a mano, what does that look like? >> you are right. they jgenerate more with the conservative base in the republican primary, and he was speaking about reforming the krim gnat justice reform, and the themes much more broadly resonate where frankly donald trump is not even speaking about the general electorate yet, so we haven't seen what is that going to be looking like. and so, ted cruz had premised the entire campaign on doing well in south carolina, and he had 11,000 vol unteers in the state, and 7,000 doors that he knocked on everyday and # 50,000 phone calls they made everyday
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and the whole strategy is to win south carolina and have that e inertia going into the primary, and that did not happen, and hence, his campaign is going to be crumbling here. >> and isn't he bet ter off, still, doug, and still well positioned relatively speaking in many of the southern states? >> sure he is. this is essentially march madness and we have advanced another round, and if you are still surviving, you are still in the tournament, but we have focussed so much on the evangelicals, and it is not just evangelic evangelicals, because he got 50% nonevangelicals which raises the question if donald trump has a ceiling, and maybe that is where marco rubio can do it, and take over donald trump i say completely biased. >> yes. thank you for the disclosure. you look at the exit polls here in south carolina, and when you
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lo look at the electability question in november, rubio is going to get the 47%, and donald trump comes in second, and of course, these are going to be moving around and we will see, and rubio is in the lead, and donald trump took that and ran with it. took south carolina and ran, and what do you see? sgll well, it is a continuation of the quote, unquote anti-establishment. and whatever the establishment is anymore, but people want something different, and he is saying whatever he wants. which seems exciting and dynamic and new for someone who has maybe kind of sort of been a business person and failed and come back and all this and no real political experience, and the country is completely falling apart in his view, and she is going to be making america great again which is in my perspective code language, and may be completely anti-obama and have racial overtones it to, but he is throwing it all out there, and which we kind of see
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a little bit on the democratic side on what we see with senator sa sanders and people are running to it. >> and the person who i think said, if you add up all of the others up that they don't beat donald trump, and i want to give credit to michael smerconish here on c nshgs nshnn and we kn network donald trump is watching. and i don't have a dog in the fight, but it seems to me looking at the arithmetic that donald trump is the nominee. i mean, who is going to be stopping, particularly, because marco rubio and ted cruz are going to be staying in, and they had 22% today, and so donald trump wins bush he is only 33%, and he wins. if they both stay in, i think that he is the nominee. >> and this is a important question to look forward and kevin, you know the electoral map very well, and when you look at it, what states are going forward are -- is anyone other than donald trump going to win? because the terrain, a lot of the folks say, it is only starting to look better and better for donald trump. >> well, that is the thing, if
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you look at places like arkansas, alabama, georgia, tennessee, and the states that are next up on march 1, they are similar in profile to south carolina. when you see a ten-point win from donald trump, that could cause a lot of the can campaigns concern. if when you get later in the calendar, and looking at april, where as traditionally we see the tipping point when the actual nominee, the eventual nominee locks up the nomination, somewhere around the middle of april when states like pennsylvania and new york and delaware and connecticut come on line, those are also states where if you look at donald trump how he won in south carolina and new hampshire with a coalition of somewhat conservative and moderate voters, those are voters are going to be fitting the same profile for those states in the northea northeast. and some moderate voters, and donald trump may have an appeal in a place like massachusetts. now, i think that john kasich, and marco rubio will will tell
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you that massachusetts and vermont are states that they could also compete in, but those are very small delegate states, so they may not have enough of the delegates or the math to continue to argue that they have a path to 1,237 with which is what you need to get the nomination. >> and john kasich was in worcester, massachusetts, today looking for some of the delegates. and carl bernstein, i want to bring you n because if you are talking about the delegates, it is proportional for a little longer, but even the proportional delegate in zsouth carolina, donald trump won them all, and at least 44 and looking like 50 in south carolina, and everybody else gets zero. zero delegates out of south carolina. that is -- that is a big result for donald trump, and if he can continue, anything like that, and you know, nevada is tuesday, and looks like he is doing well there, too? >> and the calendar and the nature of the states ahead on super tuesday are a big
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advantage for him. i talked to a major republican officeholder in the bush administration a couple of hours ago, and he said, look, you have to look at this as trump having 75% chance of getting the nomination. as a result of what has happened here. and at the same time, there is a real movement now that we are going to be seeing to stop trump among the so-called, and it is a very loose term establishment figures. but you can still not see absolutely how trump gets a majority of the delegates going into the convention. there could be a deadlocked convention in which case you could see somebody like rubio or kasich for instance coming together at the convention with quote establishment republican figures trying to keep trump from getting the nomination, and giving their delegates and votes to each other. and having a exciting convention and you could see a ticket with rubio and kasich, and some kind
9:15 pm
of form, but we will see now a huge stop trump effort in the media as david gergen was saying earlier, we will see some real serious overdue reporting on trump. we will see the republican regulars at the point take out all of the stops to try and halt this train, because they see the destruction of the republican party ahead. and also, we have ended the so-called dynasty of bush tonight. i think that we might see bernie sanders start to make and a argument that it is a time that we end all of the dynasties including the clinton dynasty, because in a way he, too, is the outsider who has a chance to start a movement. he has already. and it could keep going, and he has to come up with some new angles to keep moving on what he had before the momentum was broken tonight. >> and let's bring in scottie
9:16 pm
and you are shaking your head and what are you saying? >> i am not going to be insulting every journalist as mr. trump has made himself available to more journalists for questioning, and everybody has talked to him, and they have been asking him the hard question, and he has been asking them. >> well, we have asked the can question s, but the answer is debatable. >> and it is about with all due respect, it is about real are reporting and not about the asking of tough questions. >> but that is part of the report, and that is questions, and anderson cooper the other night -- >> and he is great. trump is great at answering the questions in the way that he wants to, and he is very, very effective. >> and like i said -- >> that is one of the reasons he is ahead. >> and he has gone on both media friendly and nonfriendly and let them open up questions to him. >> i agree with you. >> and so -- >> well, i agree with you, but it is about reporting. >> one at time.
9:17 pm
scottie, go ahead. and when you are looking at the numbers and looking at texas who ted cruz is counting on for 155 votes, and alabama and texas and you look at marco rubio having a hard time based on immigration. senator jeff sessions is extremely popular in alabama, and that is 50 votes right, there and he has not waivered either way. if ted cruz does not win 100% which i don't believe he will going into the states right now, you will have a, there's a threshold that the people have to get at least 15%, 10 to 15% of the voter totals, and that going to be taking a wway a allf kasich away, and carson and the extras, and if we go into the brokered convention, the gop will not survive. there is going to be such a revolt on the hands, because the people don't care necessarily what the gop establishment wants. if the people have the numbers, and i promise you sh, they are going to be happy with the republican party if we go into the brokered convention.
9:18 pm
>> and stand by, carl and scottie, and one more programming note, and if you want to talk about the republican race and where it is is going to be hot, houston, texas, the next republican debate, and debate where a whole lot can happen based on the p t past. >> and that is what we said over the last debate. i can't wait. >> and now, tomorrow at state of the union like virtually every candidate, then you are not in the race, that is how many people are on. we have a lot more coming on still tonight. stay with us right now, and we will be right back.
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zillow. when this thing started, there were 17 candidates. there are only six now, and i'm still one of them. and i'm not going anywhere. >> i'm not going anywhere and that is ben carson this evening
9:23 pm
after coming in last place in south carolina, and right now, he has over 7% of the vote there. >> tonight, carson as you heard refused the say that he is leaving the race, and refused to give the concession speech, and he says that he is getting started. joining us now ben carson senior communication strategist jason osborne. jason ax lot of people if you are on the twitter and talking to a lot of the political strategists say that ben carson should get out of the race. why won't he? >> well, i think they you have to look at the context of it, and like dr. carson said when we started the race we were 17th place in most polls. everybody was talking about dr. who and now they are talking about dr. carson and now we are in fifth place and in some polls fourth place, and as we move along, we have three states that have made decision, and they voted, but we have 53 to go, and there is a pathway here for us to move forward and dr. car ssos
9:24 pm
message of being positive, and not attacking the other candidates and actually getting out there to talk about the issues. they do resonate. we will see a lot of turmoil in the other folks in the race, and they will continue to attack each other, and we will still be stand standing. >> jason, what is the path that you see forward, because jeb bush clearly did not see a path anymore and he suspended the campaign this evening. >> well, you have to look at a number of factors. carson has the highest favorability of any candidate out tlsh out, there and we have a number of donations coming in. last month was a great month for us, and the current month that we are in, we are raising more than last month. our average donation is about $47. so as long as we continue to have the money, and we restill going, and moving forward into the caucus states where dr. carson has a little bit more of the opportunity to talk directly to the voters, and one-on-one, and we have a huge schedule or
9:25 pm
the packed schedule in tahoe and outside of reno, and so as we move along, we will will see more and more voters coming out, and recognizing that, you know what, we need somebody who is not part of the problem right now which is washington. if you are looking at the results here in south carolina, 43% of the voters went with somebody who has never been elected into the political office. so dr. carson's message of, you know, heal, inspire and revive is something that a lot of the voters are still wanting in their president. >> all right. jay sop osborne with ben carson and he is still in the race, and not going anywhere as he said. thanks for being with us. matt lewis, and also a cnn xhen ta for the, and errol louis, and you are joining us for the first time tonight, and i want to give it to you, ben carson not leaving the race, and lot of the ted cruz supporters saying, he
9:26 pm
has to get out, because they believe he is pulling directly from him. >> i can see why they think that, and more importantly, they have to convince ben car sson o that if they have any hope for him leaving the race for that reason. there is going to be a certain momentum that is going to be leading towards when we talk about the delegate counts after super tuesday and get through 12 additional states and the thresholds come in, and if you come in without 20%, you get nothing, and so at some point that logic may nudge him towards the exits burk i don't plooe that he ever thought that he was, as somebody who used to be the frontrunner and very popular with the evangeicals, dr. carson if you asked him said that ted cruz took votes from me and not the other way around. >> and louis, when you are weighing n is that are reality? is it still conventional wisdom that been carson is pulling votes from ted cruz? >> yeah, i think it is,
9:27 pm
although, they have been fighting, and so who knows. >> and meeting in closets apparently. >> and if -- and yes, meeting in the closets and, yeah, and if and when ben carson gets out, will there be hard feelings. and hearing the spokesman describe this race and frame it, i am old enough to remember when you mentioned it ben carson was in first or second place, and not that long ago and it is not like he is the little engine who could with no support and now in fifth place or that, because he is one guy who at not that long ago was a frontrunner and has collapsed and refuses to get out is indicative of why both ted cruz and marco rubio are having trouble. john kasich is rubio's problem, and presumably those votes go the rubio if and when kasich gets out. but rubio with the bad debate,
9:28 pm
and allowed kasich to come in second place, and now he is going to be sticking around for a few weeks until we get to michigan, michigan, and so the inability to consolidate the support is really killing the anti-trump candidates. >> margaret hoover wants a piece of this. talk to me about ben carson moving forward and why he is staying in, and in general about the march 1st. >> are well, ben car sson start the campaign are through a soft launch of book tour through all of the other candidates, and he started to accumulate all of the small dollar donations, and the largest states that the donations are coming are from are alabama, texas, tennessee, and all of those are march 1st, and march 5th, and why would he quit now, because that is where his huge base of support s and he does continue to be an outsider, and that is where the momentum is, and the best he can hope for is an accumulation of the delegates, and then holding on to those and then bartering at the convention, but there is no reason for him to get out
9:29 pm
now. this is where the support is in the next week. >> and he gets a bigger platform, and fewer candidates more platform at the debate. >> and maybe one this thursday in houston, texas. >> yes, and cnn is going to be hosting the republican debate there, and this going to be big, folks. wolf blitzer moderates and we have, i think, six candidates, and we have not announced the official lineup, but a lot at stake there coming two days after the nevada caucuses, and a few days after the march primary, and we will be right back. was engineered... help sense danger before you do. because when you live to innovate, you innovate to live. the all-new audi q7. a higher form of intelligence has arrived.
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john berman with kate bolduan and we want to step a wway from the political coverage for some breaking news and pretty disturbing breaking news into cnn. according to authorities in michigan six people at least have been killed in what is a random shooting spree or a random serial shooting spree in
9:34 pm
kalamazoo county, michigan, and the gunman is at large, and four people were killed at a local cracker barrel restaurant and two more shot at a local car dealership. >> and to emphasize the shoot ser still on the loose is what we are hearing, and let's bring in former fbi analyst tom fuentes. and six people already dead, and random shooting is how it is described by police, and shooter at large, and this is troubling when you look at the targets that the person went after. >> yes, i think it is pretty incredible, kate. you don't normally have shootings that are just this randomly spread and this close togeth together. often there is a fight or some personal issue, and somebody decides to shoot someone or an argument or people are intoxicated and that type of thing, but in case, it sounds like an individual, and they have a vehicle description they
9:35 pm
have put out is driving from one location to another, and just r randomly shooting people who are there. and you know, from a parking lot at an apartment to the cracker barrel restaurant to a car dealership, and is now still on the loose. i think that it is pretty incredible story, and very dangerous situation. >> we are hearing a white mail male believed in the 50s driving around the county right now, and as you said, shooting innocent people. what do you believe that law enforcement will then be doing in a situation like this? what makes sense for them to be telling the people in that area? >> well shgs, i think that what are doing now is to tell the media to please alert the people, and at this time of the night, i guess this started around 6:00 p.m. kalamazoo time, and at this point in time, i don't know what you can tell people to be on the lookout, and try to be safe, and be careful of someone if they try to invade your home or if you see something that is close to this
9:36 pm
description or if you know of somebody who matches this description, that you know about them, and maybe they have mental health issues or some type of tendency to want to do something like this, report it immediately to the police. >> and to reinforce, we are just hearing the breaking news, and six people at least are dead, and it appears to be random shooting, however, all of the shootings are related is what we are hearing from kalamazoo, michigan, as the police are looking for a white male in the 50s driving around the county shooting at people, and this is happening as we speak. >> if you live in that area, please be careful and listen to the local police al lers to find out what you should and should not do. thank you the tom fuentes on what you should to. we will tell you more on this story, and also, political wins for donald trump and hillary clinton, and more after the break. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that i won't stop. until i find what works.
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and some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other. >> never doubted each other, and hillary clinton after a big win in nevada this evening and one of two big winners, and donald trump also a big winer tonight, and there are also, and let me say big one more time, big takeaways tonight, and for that we will bring in our eric who is a digital reporter for cnn politic, and jyou been doing a lot of work on some of the big takeaways for the evening, and where do we begin? >> well, start with jeb bush. this is the last night in the race. the man just really didn't meet the moment of this campaign. remember when he entered, mitt romney was someone that his campaign was concerned about running. thes a is sum shun was marco rubio would defer, and donald trump was not even on the radar, and the way that the race played out just did not work for him. it was not suited for him.
9:42 pm
and so now, the question is where does the support go? sure, we are talking about 8% support in south carolina, but it is a lot of big donors, and important staff members, and influential reporters, and so there is going to be a fight, especially among marco rubio, and john kasich for the reporters around and the assumption is that rubio is going to be pick up a lot of them, but kasich is banking on the big second-place showing in new hampshire, and he is hoping that right now, he has the opening to start really raising some money, and he is the last governor of the race, and he is fgo ing to be betting a a lot o the states like michigan and ohio which votes on march 15th, and a wiber-take-all state. and so we will watch to see where bush's support goes. former senator norm coleman endorsed rubio, and we will will see if a lot of other people follow suit. >> and eric, standby, because as
9:43 pm
wolf blitzer would say, we have a key race alert. the official vote count is complete in south carolina, and at the completion of the unofficial vote count mar eco rubio is in second place. he has 22.5% of the vote, and ted cruz is 22.3%, and again -- >> separated by 1,000 votes almost. >> and the unofficial vote is over, but it is not necessarily the final result. this is it for the evening, but not final, because they will update with the provisional and the absentee ballots some of which still need to be koucount but as we are sitting here right now, marco rubio is in second place with every vote that has been out there voted so far. eric, i know that you have democratic takeaways as well. hillary clinton winning the nevada caucuses. take it away. >> and hillary clinton had a really important night, because she stopped bernie sanders' momentum here. if he had won nevada, the story would have been, you know, he
9:44 pm
has managed to break the minority firewall that hillary clinton had and in good shape, and now bernie sanders is entering a tough four-week stretch. tonight in his speech he said on to super tuesday, and in other words, he is is now basically conceding south carolina already. the super tuesday is tough, too, because there are a handful of states, and vermont is one of them that he should obviously win, but colorado, minnesota, massachusetts, oklahoma, and those are his best shots at picking up some souper tuesday states, but hillary clinton going to be picking up a swath of delegates in the south in states like georgia, texas, virginia. after that, march, 8th, that is a key date for bernie sanders when michigan votes. that is a test of whether he can play in the great lakes. he needs to do really well there, faand if he doesn't, and s sorry to keep throwing the dates at a you, but march 15th when five more big states vote, all of them are going to be looking
9:45 pm
good for hillary clinton. bernie sanders could be waking up a month from now looking at hillary clinton with insurmountable delegate lead, so he has to survive the rough stretch before the race moves west and on to better territory for him. but tonight was huge for clinton, because she stopped the momentum that sanders had developed, and sort of soothe the donors and the candidate, herself, and she is looking a lot stronger than she would have within been if she had lost nevada. >> and thank you, eric grabner with the big takeaways. and now, donald trump's campaign do not think that they are getting the credit they are due. what is behind this? we will have much more of the special coverage coming up after this. standing tall...
9:46 pm
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don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. donald trump is a very, very big winner south carolina and winning the south carolina primary by about ten points. this is after he won the new hampshire primary by well more than that, and if you can believe it, the reporters who cover donald trump tell us that the campaign feels that the media is not giving donald trump the credit he deserves. really? well, let's discuss this more. and joining us is dillon buyer, and he is on the vegas strip right now where the republican race now shifts, because they
9:50 pm
have caucuses there on tuesday, and dillon, what about this? the media not giving donald trump the credit that he deserve s and somehow the suggestion is that if he were another candidate and won as much as he has won so far, 2 of 3 races, people would say this race is all but over. >> well, initially, it seems like a hard argument to take seer kwous ly, because you thin of the breathless coverage that donald trump has been given, and the media has always been more than happy and not just to interview him or to talk about him, but to take the rallies live. he has been driving the news cycle on a day-to-day basis and more so in iowa and new hampshire and in south carolina, and the media in that way has been favorable to him, and however, it is true, also, that if you took any other presidential candidate, and any candidate from 2012 from 2008, and if they had the strong showing in aye yay and the landslide victories in new hampshire and south carolina,
9:51 pm
and we would say, he is probably the republican nominee, but that is not exactly the conversation that we are having about him. >> and what about the scrutiny question, because we heard from cruz campaign that maybe now the media will ask the hard questions and look into donald trump in the way that obviously his suggestion is that the media has not to this point. and do you think that it is a fair criticism? >> well, look, i think that many members of the media have asked donald trump tough questions, but the problem is that trump is teflon don and all of it falls off of him and the regular rules don't apply. take for instance the fact that he said that he was against the iraq war, and now tapes have come out, and you know, buzzfeed has gone through the archives and found that well, no, he said that he was for it, and even up until the first day of the invasion. but it is not going to matter to his supporters and voters, and he brushes it a enough the way
9:52 pm
that other candidates kapt. so look, always work to be done in scrutinizing the candidates, but i don't know if ted cruz is making a fair argument there. >> and dylan beyers, we are going to be coming back to david gergen who was shaking his head vigorously. and why? >> listen, when john kennedy won that famous 196f 0 race, and he turned to the press secretary pierre salinger, that is how we win the race. and if donald trump wins the nomination, he has a good chance to get there, and he should say the same thing, because he would not get there without television. he has more free time on television than i think any candidate in history, and he has used it masterfully, and no question, he is winning it, because he is so good on television and getting a lot of the television time. and on the scrutiny, he is asked a tough question, but the scrutiny is the investigative e
9:53 pm
reporting that carl bernstein was talking about, and what has the business career been like, and people are going to be asking questions, and we don't know the answer to that, and that is a big mystery, but i will tell you that the attorney general of new yok state has a case against donald trump about trump university, and he is won at the lower court, and the court of appeals, and likely to be decided in the last 90 days a and what is that about? they are arguing the new york state attorney that trump university defrauded a lot of student, and now, trump has vigorously denied this, and so he has to have his day and the share of time to rebut it, but aam telling you that the media is now going to start, because they are going to be taking him so much more seriously after south carolina, they will start to vet what exactly has the business career been like. >> and david, that is all of the fair stuff. >> yes. >> it is absolutely fair, but that is the past stuff, but in the speech tonight, and you know, doubles down and triples down on the mexico is going to
9:54 pm
be paying for the wall, and this is how much it costs, and yes, and where? there is never an answer. donald trump makes a megalomanic look like a person with low self-esteem so the idea that he is not getting coverage, and if you are a candidate for office, you have to answer the questions, and how do you do this or that and it is not sound bites and spout iing it out whe you want, but you have to have details. they matter. it is a chief executive job and the biggest job in the world. >> and it is interesting that you put it this way, and bill, answer this, because you say that the details matter, and it is what jeb bush said in the speech tonight, and he said, ideas matter. but it hasn't though, bill. >> and so they don't seem to, and i want to pick up on one thing that david said. and except for the airplane, very little money in the whole race. >> $17 million. >> is that right?
9:55 pm
>> and compared to $150 million to jeb bush, and he has spent basically chump change. why? because he has so much free media. david, you are absolutely right. he owes us for where we rare, ad we cover the e speeches live and the whole thing, and on your point what gets me and one of the reasons that i can't take him more seriously although i do believe he is going to be the nominee that i can't understand a word he says. when he talked about the health care with anderson cooper, and we are going to do this and that, and there are never details, and nobody pushes him, and says, what the he will, l do you mean? >> united states of america is not his private company where you tell people to do or fire folks or, you know, it is my way or, you know, nothing else happens. >> no substance at a all. >> and it is the government. >> and the question is, when or if voters in the states are going to be demanding that. because we are going to be
9:56 pm
running out of time this hour, errol, there was a big shift in the democratic race. and so there was a point when hillary clinton had a big win, and there are people in brooklyn that are happy. >> yes, and she did go out to work. she was tireless in the closing days, 1:30 in the morning, she is going to kitchens and going to the kitchens to get people to come tout caucus for her, and something that bernie sanders did not do and made three appearances in the last few d days, and the the other thing that is a lot more troubling for bernie sanders is that this is supposed to be his kind of the state. for five years in a row in the late 2000s -- >> economically-speaking. >> yes, and they were harder hit by foreclosures than anybody else. they have a low minimum wage at
9:57 pm
$7.25 with any health benefits and $8.25 if you are not, and bernie sanders is saying i will double it, and they chose clinton and so a lot of the core con stistituency when there wer 11 other states to worry about, and only focus on this, and he could not close the sale to the degree he needed to, and that is going to bode and point to the real problem that he may have going forward. >> and real quick -- >> it was not so long ago when hillary clinton said you wait until we get to nevada, because this is my type of the state, nevada. so you are saying it is bernie's state, but i say hillary won, but bernie had a good showing tonigh tonight, and the clinton campaign has to look, you got 83% of young people. he beat her in the latino vote, and there is something that is resonating about bernie that hillary does not get ket y, and she has to get it if she is going to be winning. >> what is resonating is free college, free health care, and
9:58 pm
everything is free. and quite frankly, bill, very few details about any of how we are going to be making this free other than everybody around the table and a whole lot of other folks are going to be paying for it, and who can be about that? it is not free. >> and you keep putting bernie down. and a nd, if you keep diminishing him, you are missing the point to appealing to the ap pilliations of the hopes and aspiration s, and hillary coming along like a wet blanket, no we can't. >> and i know that everything is po possible, but that is not going to get people excited. >> one thing that is not free is our coverage, and we need the commercials to do what we need to talk about now, and we need big wins from donald trump and hillary clinton, and we will be right back.
9:59 pm
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