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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  February 20, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> anthony: the south is not a kran predicts hillary clinton is the winner of the nevada caucuses. >> some people may have doubted us, but we never doubted us. >> the fight goes on, the future that we want is within our grasp. >> the donald trump will win the south carolina republican primary. >> does this represent the defeat of skepticism? >> the people of iowa and south carolina have spoken so, tonight i'm suspending my campaign. >> this has been the writing on the wall for a while.
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>> it's down to the final four. >> as people drop out, i'm go o ing to get a lot of those votes also. >> i'm not going anywhere. >> the country is looking for a new conservative to lead the country. >> we won. we won. [ chanting u.s.a.] hello everyone. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. >> we are live, yes live for cnn special coverage. a pivotal night in the race for president. a race that changes so much based on what happened tonight. in the republican race, donald trump with a huge win in south carolina, now clearly the
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runner. hillary clinton reasserting herself in nevada with a decisive win there. >> and looking at the republican field, it is shrinking. and the man once considered the frontrupper for the gop nomination is out. announcing he is suspending his campaign. it is close, it is tight. we are watching this. the night, though, belongs to the billionaire from new york, donald trump. sarah murray is standing by live in spartanbering, south carolina. a very big night for donald trump. what are you hearing? >> there is already a celebra celebratory feel and the crowd went wild. take a listen. >> i love you all.
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again, south carolina we will never forget you. we will never forget you. we will never, ever forget south carolina. we will never forget our great volunteers. we love our volunteers. we'll never forget all of the people that have helped us so much. my family and folks, let's have a big win in nevada, a big win at the scc. let's put this thing away. >> so, you heard trump forecasting the calendar ahead. one thing he didn't do was mention jeb bush, his favorite foil who is now out of the race. it will be interesting to see how these dynamics play out. they say marco rubio hasn't attacked them and maybe that could be the next bitter battle in the republican primary. >> and we understand the trump campaign doesn't feel it's getting the respect it feels it
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deserves. south carolina big tonight by 10 points at least. they feel if this was anyone else, we'd be measuring draps in the oval office. >> that is absolutely right. even before victory in south carolina. they said we won in new hampshire by wide margins, we're leading nation wide. but for some reason people think he's going to trip and fall and everything is going to disappear. if this were any other candidates, they would already be seen as the air apparent to the republican nomination. and after south carolina and after new hampshire, he is undoubtedly the republican frontrunner in this race. so, it's not clear what state someone else is going to knock him off in. >> and in south carolina. the party there is over physically. but metaphorically it will continue on.
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did i mention we're live covering the election results and we don't yet know who came in second in south carolina. for that reason, you need to stay with us for hours. we know who came in fourth, a distant fourth. that was jeb bush and perhaps, one of the most memorable moments of the night was the emotional speech he gave after suspending his campaign. want to go to athena jones, she is at what was the bush campaign headquarters. there's no more bush campaign. >> reporter: that's right. no more party going on, at least not anywhere we can see it. this was a disappointing night and an emotional moment in that room as governor bush decided to suspend his campaign. there were gasps in the audience when he said the words "i'm suspending my campaign." people said oh, no, we love you
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jeb. take a listen. >> the people of iowa and south carolina and new hampshire have spoken and i really respect their dedecision. so, tonight i'm suspending my campaign. yeah, yeah. [ applause ] >> reporter: governor bush went on to say that he believes the next president needs to be someone who sees himself as a servient and not a master. he also said that despite what you may have heard, ideas matter, policy matters, two ideas seemed to be veiled references to donald trump, who was his chief sparing partner for months and it became clear that this wasn't shaping up to be a good night for jeb bush. people close to his campaign
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have been saying that maybe originally they wanted to come in third but maybe a close fourth could allow him to stay in the race. the gap right now -- i know we're still getting results in -- but it looks like more than a dozen points. so, he decided that he had to bow out. and in a nod to marco rubio, said he led a campaign of ideas. this is how it all ends for governor bush for at first being the presumptive nominee this time last year but it wasn't his year. >> absolutely not. kasich also saying nice things for jeb bush also. athena, thank you so much. >> unbelievable amount of money spent for a campaign that really never got off the ground. >> what happens next to that 7.8%? where does that support move? but another big part of the
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conversation that's telling more of the story than those numbers are the exit polls and we have lot of information that gets into the minds of the voters. for that, let's bring in cnn political director youv are e'v whole lot of numbers with a whole lot of information. what are you seeing? >> these are interesting because it gets at exactly how he won and quite frankly, i think it gets at why it wasn't jeb bush's year. this is our first question as getting a sense that are you angry at the federal government? 40% of the republican electorate is angry at the federal government and donald trump wins those voters by 20 points. four% for trump, 24 for cruz 16% for rubio.
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and that's what donald trump taps into really well. and beyond the anger of the federal government, who can bring about change? donald trump is the change agent. about 31% wanted a change agent and donald trump wins them by 26 points. and rubio at 16, and jeb bush at 8%. that is for the folks that went to the polls seeking a change candidate that was donald trump. >> so, we're watching this battel for second place. this will keep our viewers here at least until 2:00, if not beyond. we do not know who came in second in south carolina. is it marco rubio? separated by a thousand votes give or take. what are voters saying in the exit polls about these two candidates? >> if you look at the numbers here, marco rubio is winning the category of looking for people of experience in politics.
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those voters that wanted the experience candidate went with rubio. bush at 14. kasich at 11. but ted cruz wins those voters that are looking for somebody who shares their values. so, if you went to the polls and the big candidate quality you were looking for is a candidate that shares your values, you were likely to be a cruz voter. cruz 34%. so, as you look at that battle, as the votes come in, it's sort of looking to see, well, did the shares my value notion win out the day for second place? or was the right experience the thing that put marco rubio into second place? >> and right experience might be the key way of saying it because when you look at when people thought it was important to have experience. they went for two first term senators, not the governors.
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>> one term of senate experience. >> i thought that was pretty fascinating. >> perhaps barack obama redefined what the right expeer yn expeeriance was. >> maybe that's exactly right. >> can we talk about john kasich. marco rubio likes to say it's a three person race. >> kasich does get to siay he wn the gub ernatorial primary tonight. jeb bush, huckabee, scott walker, putacky. and it's john kasich from ohio who emerges from all those governors. and listen, it may not be the biggest selling point this year, the republican voters in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina,
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haven't been clamering for a governor in executive experience. but it is still a claim that john kasich is going to make now and marco rubio is going to be in a rush to consol date the establish and john kasich is going to have an argument to make against marco rubio about why the establishment should start consolidating around him and his battle ground state. so, i thing john kasich isn't going to let marco rubio just consol date establishment support and call it a day. watch for how kasich and rubio square off against each other. >> excellent plug for the debate. let us know when you hear about rubio, cruz, who won there. because we're waiting for that call. >> because they both basically
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claimed victory today. >> but let's talk about the guy who actually did win the race, with a 10 point win at least, we believe in south carolina. donald trump. joining us, the national spokesperson for the trump campaign. congratulations. how did you do it? >> thank you so much. great to be with you tonight. mr. trump has had the most proamerica message out of all of the campaigns. particularly when he announced stopping illegal immigration and that resonates here in the country and not to mention jobs and the economy. this is a big key and most other candidates aren't even talking about this. we have marco rubio and senator cruz pushing something like eta, when naftau eliminated a third of the jobs. he's been against that
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transpacific partnership since day one. >> and not only the big win for your guy, donald trump, was also governor bush, he dropped out of the race. donald trump did not mention jeb bush in his victory speech. other candidates did. . why not? >> well, mr. trump thanked everyone for being in the race. he said candidate said pluro and made a mention of marco rubio and ted cruz battling for second place. he still didn't seem to resonate with voters p. right now we're going to focus on moving forward to nevada and spread the message to make america great again. >> you could have said jeb bush, thanks for playing. every other candidate did that tonight and donald trump specifically mentioned the other candidates and not jeb bush. it didn't seem like a mag nam nanmous moment.
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>> if you think of it that way, he thanks all the candidates s south carolina. and the two in second place are going to be the two competitors moving forward. >> so, what does he think of jeb bush and how he ran his race and the fact that he suspended his campaign tonight? >> there has been no love lost. since the beginning, jeb bush has been running millions of dollars of attack ads and mr. trump has responded in kind. so, i don't know if we could be talking about jeb bush. yard like to move forward and going to the sec where mr. trump is going to do very well. >> so, let's talk about that. what's arer n enext for you? and if and when donald trump going start talking about marco
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rubio? at what point does he take on marco rubio, because he may have come in second in south carolina tonight. >> that's a great question but i'll also point to mr. trump, at the very beginning saying he doesn't really want to go after anyone, he's more of a counter puncher. if he goes after mr. trump, mr. trump will come back in kind. . and particularly in nevada and throughout the south, we're talking about a n economy and jobs and we're going to fight with the economy. >> a big night for your campaign. a lot of -- some folks wondering if this means that donald trump is unstoppable. because as history shows, if you've won new hampshire, south carolina, on the republican side, they always lock in the nomination. we'll see, of course, if history repeats itself. but one of the numbers in the exit polls where he wins with
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every group basically. one part of the exit poll and who ran the most unfair campaign, donald trump on top. how do you square that with the fact that you had a very successful victory tonight? >> i think it's because that's where the most fighting was, particularly in south carolina, the back and forth was with donald trump and ted cruz and including in the debate. but at the end of the day, mr. trump does not have super packs attacking people, an organization of people in a room trying to come up with new and fascinating ways to smear candidates. he's trying very hard to run a positive campaign, however, he will continue to defend himself and his message. >> again, congratulations. we look forward to speaking to you again, hopefully, before nevada. >> thank you for being here. >> i should note, by the way,
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just because you run an unfair campaign, doesn't mean voters don't like you. they respect unfair campaigns more than other places. >> i say that about you all the time. you're unfair and i still like you. >> donald trump winning big and hillary clinton winning decisively in nevada. and we have a race for second place in south carolina. not called yet. we could have a call in the next hour or so. so, stay with us. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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thank you south carolina. this is an amazing, amazing night. the momentum since the beginning of this campaign has been unbelievable and that's because my father's message resonates so deeply with so many people. so, as our family -- >> that's ivanka trump. and donald trump had a big win. and he said time to wrap this thing up, let's go. i think he meant the whole nomination process. david gurgen cnn political analyst who has advised
11:23 pm
presidents from how far back, david? >> grover cleveland. >> which term. that's why i like you. and cnn political analyst and editor and chief at the daily beast. i can now sleep after introducing you all. a lot of folks -- and we were just talking about the history. if you've won new hampshire, south carolina, you win the nomination. is he unstoppable now? >> no, i don't think he's unstoppable. it's hard still to imagine him winning the nomination and even harder to figure out who's going to beat him. >> in south carolina, it was hard to imagine him getting in the race. >> i think he has hurdles gotoo go over. one front against cruz. he has to beat him in a lot of southern states on super tuesday. and marco rubio who will do
11:24 pm
better in midwestern states. he's beaten both of them. i think he has another hurdle coming up. i think the media is going to start investigating him in ways we have not seen before and they're going to vet him and vet him and we'll see where it comes out. >> scotty, chief political correspondent, a supporter of donald trump. you heard him say something tlarl that's pretty interesting, but it will get a serious look from maybe investigative journalists looking at his past and perhaps come up with something that voters will take pause over. >> i think undeniably there has been no other candidate like trump that has gone under the magnifying glass by not only his own party and lives his life in
11:25 pm
the spotlight. nobody expected him to do something unprecedented. get all 50 delegates tonight in south carolina. no one was predicting that one. and when you're looking in nevada with record low turn out for the democrats. we have someone that has already unified most of the party that has never been involved before. >> what does tomorrow look like? how is it different than presouth carolina? >> we've already lost one candidate. ben carson and kasich are saying they're still fighting but it's essentially a three-person race. >> but the performance by rubio and cruz today, being over 20% wr with nobody else with 10%, really sets place for it being a three person race. we've seen donald trump get so
11:26 pm
much attention but not a lot of scrutiny, including not a lot from his republican opponents by and large. with three people, there's no aone else to go but trump. >> what has happened tonight has been enormously clarifying for the establishment side of the republican party. with jeb bush stepping out, he had locked up the money. this is a focusing moment for those people, not only are inventive journalists go stoing start going after donald trump's h history but a lot of people who put money into super packs to figure out how to bring down trump's ballooning popularity. >> for you professionally, that may not be a good idea john. i want to point out one thing for folks. donald trump won, he's at 32% of
11:27 pm
the vote. if you look at this, just one thing i want to point out. jeb bush plus marco rubio does not equal donald trump. so, every establishment vote -- >> i'm not talking about vote for vote. i'm talking about the super money in this campaign. where are the super donors. where is the cash on hand for these campaigns for the super pack? jeb bush still has a rlot of money in a super pack and all those donors are looking who else can they support? they're going to put big seven figure checks into figuring out how to bring down his popularity. >> first of all, if that happens and there's a rush of donor money to rubio to try to stop a trump nomination, it plays into donald trump's core narrative,
11:28 pm
which he shares with bernie sanders, which is there's big money that's rigged the system in america. so, a, that's a fundamental problem. b, if it's taken them this long to realize he's real, then frankly, all the money in the world ain't going to help them and then there's the fundamental problem, which is that they have burnt down the big tent over a series of cycles, to the point where it's been so marginalized that they can't act as a balance. but if you look at the downstream states in the next two, three weeks, they're all lining up for trump, with the exception of texas. >> matt lewis -- too dumb to fail. there he is. >> senior contributor at the daily caller. did write a wonderful book, "too
11:29 pm
dumb to fail" about the current state of the republican party. is it as john avlon just said? >> it's very good for book sale s, i think. donald trump wins, i win, we're all happy. on one hand, you cannot take away what a moment this is for donald trump. big victory. he now wins two out of the first three states. if it was anybody else, i concede, they would be measuring the drapes for the oval office. on the other hand, i do think when you look at the fact that even after nevada, which i think trump wins in nevada, that's only about 4% of the delegates will have been aligated that you need to win the nomination. this is far from over. and i do not think anybody is going to quietly into that good night. and marco rubio, if the rest of
11:30 pm
the republicans can coaless around somebody and that's a big if, there's still about 2/3 of the vote in south carolina that was for somebody other than donald trump. so, that puts it in context.. >> hold your fire. we've got much more to come. and a big night in nevada' hillary clinton, bernie sanders. fighting it out. hillary clinton taking home a big win and bernie sanders says look where we are and where we were yesterday. we've made progress, faolks. olay regenerist renews from within...
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after tonight, this has become a three pern race and we will win the nomination. >> we are the only campaign that has beaten and can beat donald trump. >> ted cruz, marco rubio, two candidate said who declared victory, yet did not win. donald j. trump won the south carolina primary. marco rubio leads ted cruz by a thousand votes. they're still counting. we have not called second place yet. it could happen at any minute. so, stay with us for that.
11:35 pm
joining us now to discuss that battel for second place, at the cruz campaign headquarters in south carolina. and at the rubio headquarters in south carolina. south carolina is a state that the cruz campaign wanted to win, let alone now fighting for second place. got to be a tough night in cruz-ville. >> absolutely there's disappointment among cruz supporters here for this election night watch party. but within the party they're trying to send results. they wanted to come out of south carolina being able to argue decisively that they beat marco rubio, being able to argue that they marginalized marco rubio and they can't do that after tonight. and we saw in that speech by cruz, we saw him telegraph a core message, saying they are the only campaign here in this
11:36 pm
race that has won against donald trump. of course, referencing his iowa win and sounding a sin an alarmg if you don't think trump is the best candidate, then join us. so, expect a hear a lot of this from ted cruz. they will argue that they are the only ones that have scored a win against donald trump. >> and we are waiting and watching to see how this pans out and for the race for second, let's go to the other race for second. what are you hearing on the ground where you are? because marco rubio, similar to ted cruz, gave a pretty solid victory speech tonight. . >> reporter: it was remarkable. it was a sense of excitement in this room, kate, because he did out perform expectations. it looked like he was in third
11:37 pm
place, maybe 15%. but they did not for expect to do this well into the last couple of days. and the case is this. it's almost like a game of survivor. they want to actually survive each primary and hope that someone else is voted off the island and today that person who wrauz vo was voted off was jeb bush. not only do they compete for similar donors and also similar supporters but also jeb bush's super pack has spent millions of dollars on the air attacking marco rubio in all the early primary states and now that super pack is gone. so, that could be a huge benefit for marco rubio. he believes now that bush is out, he can consol date the support, people center right. and you have to look after john kasich. the reason he's stalking about
11:38 pm
trump and cruz. they don't believe he is a viable alternative. they don't believe he has that deep infrastructure that marco rubio does. watch for him to sharpen the contrast increasingly with ted cruz and with donald trump. >> i don't know whether they believe it or not but they certainly don't want him to be a viable alternative and don't want to include him in the math. i think that is clear. thanks so much. >> let's focus in on this because again we're waiting to find out who is the winner in the race for sengd placond plac south carolina. for more, let's bring in a communications director for ted cruz. we're waiting -- great to see you. there is a thousand point difference right now. what are you looking at? what are you watching at this moment? >> well, we're excited to go forward, we came in third in a
11:39 pm
blue state and now we're second or third in south carolina. >> is 3rdthird a win for you gu? >> look, donald trump won. we congratulate him in this. but going forward, he's going to hit a ceiling. i think maybe the media will do their job and scrutinize donald trump. he's been one of the least scrutinized candidates in this race. and jeb is a good man, an honorable man and he gave a d dignified speech tonight. but appreciate jeb bush and look, we've got a lot of money in the bank. we've got an organization, a candidate with a great message. a lot of these southern states border texas and thats a's one the states coming up march first. it's not like south carolina or new hampshire or iowa. you go to one state, focus on
11:40 pm
that one state. you've got to compete in all of these states. which means you have a organization, a message, a great candidate and a lot of money, and we all of those things going for us. >> you say he will hit a ceiling? he he'se he's on track to win all 50 delegates. south carolina may not boarder texas but it's not unlike a lot of the states voting on super tuesday. tennessee, alabama, mississippi. these states that there all there. so, why will they be different from south carolina where you lost evangelical votes, it seems to donald trump? >> texas is different. 27,000 volunteers. it's our home state. it has the most cash or delegate said there.
11:41 pm
a little different than south carolina. they have a very liberal coast, as you saw and that's where marco won. if he indeed did win that. he was winning in the coast in columbia because that's a liberal capital city and oklahoma's not like that and tennessee's not like that and texas and alabama is not like that. and i don't see marco doing very well in any of those states. we may have a slau going through march 1 but that's where the organization and the money is going to pay off. and if it is a two-person race, we are the only candidate who has beaten them. i think we have to win texas, absolutely. sure. i'm confident we'll do well. >> let's see first what happens in south carolina. great to see you. we'll be watching this all night
11:42 pm
with you. we really appreciate it. thanks so much. a lot more to come. and not only are we watching for the race in second in south carolina. but we're going to be listening to hillary clinton speaking live in houston, texas. we'll bringthat to you
11:43 pm
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>> looking at live hillary clinton in houston, texas. we've been talking about republicans but hillary clinton won the democratic nevada caucuses. this is her first event in the next stage of the campaign. >> some country is going to be the clean energy super power of the 21st century. china, germany or us and i want it to be us and it will be if i'm your president. [ applause ] we can and must do more to make it easier for parents to balance work and family through paid family leave and we also have to break down the barriers that keep people on the sidelines of our economy, especially women. don't you think we've waited long enough for equal pay, for equal work? [ applause ] and even all that isn't enough
11:47 pm
in the america that i want to see for you. we also have to take on the persistent barriers of bigotry. that means facing head on the reality of systemic racism and investing in communities that have been left out and left behind. it means reforming our broken criminal justice and immigration systems. [ applause ] it means insuring that we end discrimination against the lgbt community. >> hillary clinton speaking live in houston, texas off her win aof the nevada caucuses. we will discuss that win. bill press, and carl bernstein, cnn political commentator. we'll discuss next.
11:48 pm
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all right, we're looking at live pictures of hillary clinton. this is her first campaign event since winning the nevada caucuses earlier today. >> hillary clinton says onward to the next contest. let's discuss the big win in
11:52 pm
nevada with cnn political com n commentat commentator. and former mayor of philadelphia, a supporter of hillary clinton and cnn mrmr. i mr. political commentator who supports bernie sanders. i have all of these long intros, they're making my brain stop. this is a big night for hillary clinton, not only that she won but a lot of folks saying her campaign can take a breath. it felt like maybe a fresh start looking forward. >> the one thing i can assure you is she may have taken a breath but that's it. she's losing her voice and moving on to houston, texas. so, there's no slowing down. it is all forward. but certainly a great night for her. and this campaign continues. >> i know the sanders campaign and bernie sanders said it out loud and in a release, they think they did very well in nevada, better than he would have said he could have done three months ago.
11:53 pm
on the other hand, a victory there would have been huge. it would have givenen the sense that they were pushing forward. this has to be a little bit of a setback. >> let's be honest, it's better to win than come in second. i hate to make history with that statement. it's a win by five points. it's a good win for her. certainly going into south carolina. but i have to say given where he came from 10 months ago, 40 points down for bernie to even close the gap to five points to get 42% of the nonwhite voters and win the lutina vote by eight points in nevada. he can walk out with his head held high. at the end of his speech, he didn't say on to south carolina. he said on to super tuesday.
11:54 pm
>> those midwestern states, illinois, michigan, ohio -- >> what's going to happen in south carolina? >> it's a big country. and i think we also saw what has been discussed coming out of iowa, new hampshire. now you go to innevada and sout carolina and super tuesday that are all much more reflective of the diversety and plays to hillary clinton. >> no, you're fine. you can interrupt me every day, until i tell you don't. >> which she just did. >> which just happened. >> kyle, let me bring you in on this. things look good for hillary clinton going forward and some of the states we're looking at going forward but what bernie sanders said has to mean something. the fact he said tonight we were
11:55 pm
25 points behind. progress here.making very real - there has to be a sounding of alarm with the hillary clinton campaign still. >> i think they're relieved actually. and she's gone into a zone where she feels at ease with her message. and sanders has moved her to the left along with the democratic race itself. but sanders has got to regroup now. and he's going to have to have huge turnouts of young people, he's going to have to reenergize his base, be a little more precise and eloquent about national security discussions and also he has got to demonstrate, which he has a good argument to make, that one, he is a better candidate against donald trump than hillary clinton is. and if he's got numbers that
11:56 pm
show that in polls and also she is very vulnerable, as we've seen, in all the polls and all the exit polls on issues of honesty and trust. that is the absolute danger of her down fall and democratic are aware of it and sanders has got to exploit it, actually and he has to some extent, if he is going to prevail and stay in this thing. >> stand by for one moment. this democratic race, a key moment will come tuesday night, when cnn hosts a town hall meeting in south carolina. bernie sanders, hillary clinton, chris cuomo moderates. i think that could be the next big moment in this campaign as it moves forward. we have much more to discuss. hillary clinton's win in the nevada. donald trump's huge win in south carolina and a fight for second place that's not decided yet in that state. much more coming up.
11:57 pm
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