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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  February 21, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PST

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momentum for hillary clinton in nevada and the end of the road for jeb bush. we're warking up to a new landscape for the race of the white house. >> we're covering it all for you. and what comes next? first here is the how the dramatic night played out. >> some may have doubted us but we never doubted each other. >> you have a corrupt campaign finance system. >> we aren't a single issue country. >> now it is on to super tuesday. >> the fight goes on. the future that we want is within our grasp. >> we won. we won. >> this country is now ready for a new generation of conservatives to guide us into the 21st century. >> the washington cartel in full terror that the conservative groots are rising up. >> the people have spoken so tonight i'm suspending my campaign. >> there are only six now and
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i'm still one of them. >> it is down to the final four. >> this has become a three person race and we'll win the nomination. >> as people drop out i'm going to get a lot of those votes also. >> all right. so here is how they finished in south carolina. with 32.5% trump solidified his status as front runner among the republicans. and marco rubio rebounded from the poor showing in new hampshire to edge out second place. >> the democrats, a crucial win for hillary clinton, blunting the rise of bernie sanders and helping ease anxiety among her supporters. >> and more on nevada caucuses in just a moment but we begin with donald trump's commanding victory in south carolina. and now the shrinking republican field. cnn's senior political reporter manu raju joining me now from klum baa south carolina. this was a solid win for the trump campaign, despite his
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comments about the pope and george w. bush lying. >> a big win for donald trump. who would have thought a year ago that donald trump would have driven out a man who hailed from the dynasty in republican party politics. that of course being jeb bush. what a night that really reordered the republican race and put donald trump on solid footing to win the republican nomination. he has taken two of the top first three contests, he heads to nevada for tuesday and has a very good chance coming out the winner in nevada ahead of super tuesday. what's very encouraging for the trump campaign was just how resounding a victory he had here in south carolina. there were questions about whether or not he would pull off enough support from evangelical christians who are very important in this southern state and he did absolutely that. even though ted cruz, his biggest rival in the state had been aggressively courting the same voters.
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last night when donald trump addressed supporters she did not hold back his excitement. >> i love you all. again, south carolina, we will never forget you. we will never forget you. we will never ever forget south carolina. we will never forget our great volunteers. we love our volunteers. we'll never forget all of the people that have helped us so much. my family and, folks, let's go, let's have a big win in nevada. let's have a big win at the sec. let's put this thing away. >> now the question for trump going forward is now that this field is narrowing, how will he do when the competition gets intense and increasingly he becomes a target. what about when marco rubio, who did surprisingly well last night and coming in second place, what will happen when rubio increasingly focuses on donald
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trump? last night on his campaign point as he left south carolina, he started to showcase what will become an increasing line of attack against donald trump p. whether or not he is ready to become commander in chief. >> -- that the race has narrowed needs to step up and outline his foreign policy division and it can't be he relies on experts you won't name. presidents have no know on day one and the issues and presidents have to be uniter, people that are willing to serve all the country, all american, even people that don't support you. now that the race is going to be narrower i think we'll have a chance to see those difference in a respectful way. >> very good news for marco rubio last night was seeing jeb bush drop out. that was so significant because not only do they both hail from florida and have a long history together. but also they have courted similar donors, similar profile and voters.
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those moderate establishment leaning voters, right of center voters. now that jeb bush is out of the race, presumably the rubio campaign feels they can really consolidate that electrophile of support and also right to rise, jeb bush's super pack spent tens of millions dollars attacking marco rubio. those will no longer be on the air waves. so we'll see how much that helps rubio. and he still has to worry about ted cruz and john kasich t ohio governor is not out at race yet. >> more on jeb bush. he pulled out all of the stops in south carolina. what went so wrong were jeb bush? >> you know, he was almost a candidate who is not in the right time of republican party politics. he was one of the most conservative governors in the country when he was a florida governor. but he had been out of
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republican politics for a long time. he, you know, wasn't a fire brand a bomb thrower. the way that donald trump has and he wasn't able to top into that angst in the conservative base the way that trump and ted cruz have. jeb bush didn't really have that same kind of temperate. more sober minds and more nuanced and that was not enough to get him the nomination at the end of the day. >> we'll have to wait and see if marco rubio does benefit the most. manu raju. thank you. >> fwerngsen and republican writer and commentator kayly mcenany. kayleigh you are a trump supporter and he won across the board here. those with less than high school education. some college, college educated across the income spectrum.
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is he unstoppable as we move to the south? >> she might lose this and for mer -- for marco rubio and for ted cruz but i do think it is going to be difficult. because donald trump forever we've had the establishment telling us that his support is just not really there. that they won't show up. that they won't vote up. that they will be too embarrassed when they get to the polls but that's proven not the case. he won commandingly in new hampshire and last night. the support is staunch, strong and showing u. i think it is going to be very hard to stop him. and the only person maybe is ted cruz but i don't think so at the point. it is an outsiders year as we spoke about and i think it's donald trump's year. >> before we get to ted cruz, ben, i want to talk about marco rubio coming in impressive second place here. but he had all of the cards. he had tim scott, trey gowdy. nikki haley and of the people who decided to vote for rubio many of them made the decision
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in the last few days. now he's got to take it too donald trump. he's got to be a little more aggressive. can he now look towards donald trump? or does he still have to fight off ted cruz? >> you have to do both at the same time and also try to court jeb bush supporters now that he is out of the race. so he has a very unique dynamic that he's going to have to carry moving forward, which is you have got to focus on donald trump p. there was so much fighting we saw between rubio and bush. the good news is he's not going to have to deal with those attacks anymore. you are not going to have to deal with the super packs coming after you. you did get the big endorsement you need in south carolina and it gave you very close second place win there. but ted cruz is also there in a virtual tie and ted cruz is going to tell his supporters as he goes on the road that i'm the only guy that's beaten donald trump this far. you are going to hear a lot of that in the next week as well. and ultimately rubio right now what he has to do is he has to go after i think donald trump on
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policy. foreign policy, you heard it there a moment ago. that is where he has the best chance i think to win against donald trump is really now with the stage getting smaller. fewer people there. they are going to need to exploit donald trump's weakness on understanding and being able to truly explain i think foreign policy decisions and that's where that is in the wheel house of marco rubio -- >> -- [inaudible]. >> go ahead kayleigh. >> i would argue that is not his strong suit. rubio's been wrong on foreign policy. he stood with hillary clinton on invading libya. he's for toppling these dictators in this interventional foreign policy people are fed up with. i think he's really going to be hurt with both ted cruz and donald trump flanking him if either side and as we've saw in new hampshire marco rubio can't weather attack. he couldn't handle chris christie and he has hard
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questions to answer. >> jeb bush out of the race now. obviously some pressure on him to endorse. was the contest too contentious for bush to endorse rubio moving forward? >> no i don't think so. a lot of the bad blad was staffers. and when you are working for a campaign and you are on one staff, i've been in this position before. it becomes very personal with the other staff. these guys once everything sets down after this week, i this i they will probably have a nice conversation. ultimately they have known each other for a long time. it's obvious that jeb bush did not like that rubio has, you know, many have called him the apprentice, has done so well. but i still think if i had to choose somebody who has the leading edge here to get the endorsement from jeb bush it is probably marco rubio. definitely over donald trump. probably over ted cruz.
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and is jeb bush going to, you know, endorse ben carson? i can't imagine that. would he endorse john kasich? possibly. but i also think when you endorse you want to endorse a winner and those two campaigns are so low in the polls i don't see that happening. >> kasich the only governor left in the race kayleigh. could an executive say you need that executive experience? that was jeb bush's case for the last several months? >> yeah but it is ironic because now that experience kind of hurts you in this political season. experience doesn't carry as much weight as it did. people want a nominee outside of the political circle. so i don't know that is going to help him. but look, i know his eyes are geared towards ohio. ohio is now a winner take all state. he could perform well there and probably will win ohio. that is really the only path in kasich's mind is picking up the smaller states and driving home the message that i'm an competitive a
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competitive and highing to get ohio. >> if he wins ohio it reminds me a lot of newt gingrich staying in georgia. yes you should be able to win your home state buzz that mean you even have a hot afterwards? newt gingrich said it. it doesn't mean you have a path forward. >> however ohio more crucial than georgia for republicans. it is a difficult path to the white house without ohio. so we'll see what happens over the next few days. we understand from people who are close to governor bush that he's taking a few days to exhale and then he'll think about any potential endorsement. thank you both. and coming up at 9:00 a.m. eastern, do not miss a very special commercial free state of the union. the line up, donald trump, marco rubio, ted cruz and bernie sanders. that is today at 9:00 a.m. eastern only on cnn.
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when we come back, bernie sanders momentum failed in nevada as we saw. >> now the focus is on south carolina, the primary there coming up on the 27th. but are black voters with him? has he begun those inroads that he needs to win there? or at least come close?
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late last night as she looks forward to the south carolina primary next week in which she's already the crowd's favorite. cnn senior political correspondent brianna keilar live from houston. a very crucial win for hillary because it was important to blunt sanders momentum right? >> that's exactly right. he had won new hampshire and for this campaign, the clinton campaign from the time he had won new hampshire and nevada yesterday it was really tough going. it was top aides saying there was the best day of the clinton campaign since she declared her candidacy in april. there was a key win and partly because even though there is a sizable minority voting block in democratic electorate in nevada it is only 30%. 15% african american and 15%
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hispanic and with so many white voters there was a possibility that bernie sanders really could have closed the gap on hillary clinton. it seemed like one state more favorable to him that there was a thought especially with the caucus format it would favor. but ultimately he fell six points short of hillary clinton so it is this decisive win for her going into the south carolina which is friendlier terrain. >> so what about bernie sanders? where does he go from here? clearly hillary clinton has the upper hand into south carolina and of course on super tuesday. >> on super tuesday you have south carolina next saturday. super tuesday in a week in change and a lot of contests march 15th there is another bunch of contests. -- attracting african american support. he's really been looking at young african americans and we see this generational divide even in minority voting blocks in the democratic party that he's trying to attract.
4:19 am
but he really has an uphill climb. i don't care you can over state it. he needs some sort of game-changer and so we're going to be seeing what his attempt at that is in terms of his messaging here in the coming days. as the little unclear at this point but he said certainly he feels like this is a win because he closed the gap on hillary clinton. nevada had been a race that seemed locked up by her even a month or so ago. but he's going to have to try to do something. >> it's been very challenging for him to attract the non white voters. we'll see how things move forward. brianna keilar. thanks. >> what can we take away from last night's win in nevada? let's bring in bakari sellers, also a hillary clinton supporters. clinton won nevada. however she had to work much harder to win the state than she did eight years ago. why? >> well i think you saw a better candidate as well last night and over the past few days victor.
4:20 am
we saw hillary clinton campaigning very late into the night, speaking to culinary workers in the casinos and restaurants along the strip. we saw hillary clinton just outworking bernie sanders over the past few weeks in nevada because she needed it. the fact of the matter is the clinton campaign needed this victory and the candidate rose to the occasion. >> the firewall held up. she did really well with african american caucus goers. however she did not do so well with latinos in nevada. what happened here? >> i think what we're seeing is the clinton campaign would actually push back on that and say they actually did very well with hispanic voters. but african american voters pushed by african american women kind of carrying the day. and that is a good thing going into south carolina. we can dispel with a few myths. the first is that hillary clinton has a woman problem. because she clearly does not.
4:21 am
she won women yesterday. and african american women huge yesterday. and we found a few narratives to be true. one is which the firewall has all of its bricks in place and all the bricks in place heading into the south carolina where i anticipate a rough day for bernie sanders in about a week. >> we've seen here in nevada that she does really well with voters who are 45 years ore older. and sanders does well with young voters. how does she increase that appeal to young voters? >> well this is going to sound pretty mundane and pretty simple virk so i apologize. just coming from my background i would simply say she has begin to control the mediums where young people work chat and play. and this is a snap shat generation. and until she does those things where bernie sanders is dominating i don't think she'll
4:22 am
make inroads there. it is a necessary inroad she has te make because going into the general election you cannot just get pummel by any group like this. if i were to give her any advice id would say you have to make overtures to the snap chat generation where they are. >> that victory speech she gave in nevada yesterday. it had the rhetorical "we," our, instead of the my and me and i that we saw earlier in this campaign. how is bernie sanders and this revolution that he's calling for changing the clinton campaign at least rhetorically? >> oh it is not rhetorical. it is practical. it is tangible. it is changing it for the better. bernie sanders is doing everything that the clinton supporters including myself were thinking that martin o'malley would do and joe biden do. and now we have the bernie sanders doing it. which is making hillary clinton a much better candidate. hillary clinton is becoming in her own now.
4:23 am
whether it is not the ad, the closing ad in nevada, whether or not it is effort she put forth in the closing days now they have the momentum and the springboard. but you can't discount the campaign that bernie sanders is running and her speech last night, the we, the our, just changing the tone. changing the messaging a little bit. twerking it a little bit. and now you have a candidate who can go into november and do some wonderful things and make history in this country. >> and she finished that speech by saying the future that we want is within our grasp. >> bakari sellers, thank you so much. >> you too. just days before the party's primary, the candidates make their case, the cnn south carolina democratic presidential town hall is tuesday night at 8:00 here on cnn. >> and we'll continue with our political coverage but we do some other stories making headlines. black sludge, that is what some texas residents are calling the
4:24 am
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welcome back everyone. we'll have more of our political coverage coming up but first some of the eother stories. >> starting in michigan. six dead. two others fighting for their lives at the shooting spree. the suspect in custody. 45-year-old jason dalton will
4:28 am
face murder charges tomorrow. police say he drove around just picking victims at random. we'll have more from kalamazoo in a few minutes. >> another town could be having problems with dirty water. and this time in crystal city texas. residents reported black sludge coming out of their faucets with no warning. the city says they drained their water tower for the first time in years. the sludge was built up sediment and the water is being tested for safety while bottled water is being trucked? >> 25 people are dead. 39 wounded at least after two car bombs exploded near a bus tom in homs in syria. no group has claimed responsibility but it happened in a neighborhood that's been attacked in the past by isis. >> at least five dead and a cur few still in effect as fiji is hit by cyclone winston.
4:29 am
184 miles per hour winds, poir outages and building damage. schools will remain closed for a week as the clean up begins. australia and new zealand have stepped up to help with the recovery effort. >> jeb bush out of the race. humbled in his steech last night. he suspended his campaign but not before criticizing donald trump one last time. plus ted cruz's not so great night coming in behind marco rubio in third place. the challenges he's facing moving ahead. after a dvt blood clot.mind when i got out of the hospital what about my family? my li'l buddy? and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital but i wondered if this was the right treatment for me.
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new hampshire and south carolina have spoken and i really respect their decision so tonight i am suspending my campaign. >> no. >> yeah yeah. >> [ inaudible ]. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> tears there for jeb bush who's choking back tears last night after a disappointing fourth place finish in south carolina. once considered the front runner for the gop, is now over. he's now stepped off the stage. cnn's athena jones with more from columbia south carolina. >> good morning. it was an emotional moment. i don't know if you could hear the gasps in the crowd. people were surprised to hear governor bush make that announcement. they were hoping he could beat marco rubio. in the end rubio bested him by
4:34 am
more than a does b points and listen to what else he told the crowd last night. >> i have stood my ground. refusing to bend to the political winds. we put forward detailed, innovative conservative plans to address the mounting challenges we face. because despite what you might have heard, ideas matter, policy matters. i firmly believe the american people must entrust this office who understands whoever holds is the servant, not the master. someone who will commit to that service with honesty and decency. >> we've heard bush say over and over donald trump does not see himself as the man of service. he's not thinking of this as the career of service. ed in end as you mentioned governor bush about this time last year was the presumptive front runner but no one predicted the entry in the race and the impact on the race that donald trump would have.
4:35 am
and so he is bowing out heading home. >> athena jones in columbia this morning. thank you so much. let's turn to senator cruz who's once boasted he was the ultraconservative ultrareligious southern state whose vote on march 1st more his fierl. but what's next finish the senator?rewall. but what's next finish the senator? joining me now to discuss, reich tyler the national spokesperson for the cruz campaign. rick, good to have you back. >> good morning. >> ted cruz says he's the christian conservative in the race who wants to break up the washington cartel. when we look at the numbers. and let's put the numbers up for our viewers. 72% of those who responded to our exit polls describe themselves as evangelical or
4:36 am
born again christians. trump won them over. cruz 33-27. 76% said it mattered the candidate shared their religious belief. he lost with those angry with the federal government. this is not just a defeat. but is this not a defeat that jeopardizes cruz's strongest rationale for being in the race? >> not at all. we're very comfortable where we are. we won iowa decisively despite everything coming after us, including the establishment, including ethanol and the sitting governor. in south carolina again we had the sitting governor against us, the sitting senator against us and a very popular congressman. so the establishment rallied and got behind marco rubio and we virtually tied him. now the question is going to be who can actually defeat donald trump. and the only candidate who's beaten donald trump is ted cruz. so as we go forward, the dynamic will be changing. and march 1 states that
4:37 am
especially the southern states are a little different than south carolina. south carolina has a liberal coast, a liberal capital city. that is where marco rubio did very well. as we go forward, a lot of the states, oklahoma and arkansas, they are different from south carolina. we have spent a lot of time in those states. we have the errors and the organization. we've got a candidate and a message. we've left with a deal maker. that's donald trump. he wants to be the deal maker and then we have someone who already makings deal. and ted cruz is not a deal maker. >> let me ask about your characterization that marco rubio -- it's correct. he had nikki haley. had tim scott, trey gowdy. but that is how to cruz campaign is structured is it not that he is going in to break up the establishment. so you would expect that in every state. isn't that baked into the bread
4:38 am
of your campaign? shouldn't you have expected other candidates would get that endorsement? >> he is the proven outside and marco rubio is the proven insider. the question mark is donald trump. he's neither. what we do know is he's been the pay mast for the establishment and not even the republicans establishment. we're going to carry our message forward. we're well positioned and feel good about the march 1 states. march 1 states are a lot of states, i think eleven going at the same time. and we're prepared to compete because we've got the resources the money and the message to do it. and we believe that marco rubio does not have the money or the message. his candidacy. in south carolina, he didn't really have a message. all he could do was whine about other campaigns. so we believe we're well positioned on march 1. >> let me ask you about dr. ben carson who said last night he's
4:39 am
not going anywhere. coming in last place here. the expectation would be some of those votes would go to ted cruz. at least that was your pitch in iowa. how does that complicate things moving forward for you if dr. carson continues to take 6, 7, 8% moving through the next few states. >> well he did take 7% and despite that we still virtually tied for second. so dr. carson will have to make up his mind about his own campaign whether he wants to be -- to go on and take votes from the conservatives, or whether he would like to get out of race. but that is up to him. we'll work very hard to win over not only his supporters but the supporters of every other campaign. that is what this is all about. the dynamic is the going to change. and again we've got the resources and the money and we're prepared to compete and we'll compete hard. >> is something stood out to me last night from senator cruz's speech. this lofty victorious speech
4:40 am
after third place and i thought back to marco rubio's speech after coming in third place in iowa. and listen to what senator cruz said after rubio's speech in iowa. >> i was laughic watching some of the media coverage, some of the interviews afterwards where everyone was saying what do you think about the amazing third place finish of marco and i just kind of laughed and said gosh is the media giving a the tell there when the first thing you want to talk about is the ama amazing third place finish. >> there seems to be a goose and gander cliche here. did ted cruz not give last night the best third place speech since marco rubio? seems to be a similarity there. >> i think he did a very good speech. he was rallying and thankful for his supporters. in south carolina. but remember, marco rubio does not -- he has not won a state. we won iowa. we came in third in a blue
4:41 am
state. where marco should have done well. and virtually tied in south carolina. so we're in good shape. no one would have predicted we'd be in this position. even months and weeks ago. that we would have won iowa. we would have cone done so well blue state. top three and almost virtually tied for the first three states so we're excited and treat o go forward. >> know you had a long a night. appreciate you waking up early to be with us on "new day." >> thank you. >> this tuesday, the last debate before super tuesday. the narrowed field will be on stage together live from texas for the cnn republican presidential debate thursday at 8:30 p.m. here on cnn. >> when we come back to "new day," trump and hillary are the big winners this weekend. where does that leave their rivals? rubio and cruz in a virtual tie. and sanders putting all of his
4:42 am
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welcome back everyone. donald trump ran away with south carolina and hillary clinton slowed bernie sanders' momentum in nevada. so what are the other key takeaways from this weekend's presidential contest? joining me to discuss, cnn politics digital reporter.
4:46 am
great to have you. let's start with the democrats and clinton. a crucial victory for her. they were neck and neck bernie sanders and clinton in the polls and now this is going to be an uphill battle for bernie sanders. >> absolutely. so this win for clinton really had the effect of slowing bernie sanders momentum. headed into what's going to be a really tough month for him. he's headed into the super tuesday which includes a swath of southern states that hillary clinton will likely wrack up a big delegate lead on because they sort of mirror south carolina, where there are a lot of african american voters, which bernie sanders all but conceded in his speech last night. then the race moves on to some bigger states on march 15th. places like florida, ohio, illinois and it is going to be a real challenge for him to compete in those states. my on march 8th is going to be a phenomenal test of whether he's going to be able to do it. so right now for bernie sanders,
4:47 am
he went from having the momentum in this race to really needed to survive until march 16th. if he can wake up that morning, still within striking distance then the race moves west to state where is he's going to do a lot better or should do a lot better. but it is going to be rough road from now to then. >> on the republican side it was a big night for trump and rubio. rubio meeting those high expectations set for him to come in this close second. where does this leave ted cruz? coming in i guess a tight, close third but again he's third in a state that evangelicals dominate the gop. >> right. yeah, donald trump has proven something now. he's gone to new hampshire and won among moderates and in south carolina among evangelicals. ted cruz is going to have to prove he can win states. the republican race on march 15th becomes winner take all
4:48 am
all. so a good second place or a good third place showing doesn't really do much more you at that point. for marco rubio the situation is a little less dire because he's watching jeb bush drop out and hoping to consolidate support. but for cruz he's going to have to start winning states other than texas which is on march 1st. >> he's under a lot of pressure now. eric, great having you. thanks so much. >> thank you. >>. >> announcer: deadly shooting spree in michigan. we'll have the latest on this breaking story from kalamazoo next picture
4:49 am
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for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. we're getting new details about the breaking news in kalamazoo, michigan. a 14-year-old girl is fighting for her life. also the mother of three. >> the only two survivors of a shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan, last night, a suspect has been taken into custody and police say 45-year-old jason dalton will face murder charges tomorrow. he's accused of shooting eight people, killing six. cnn's ryan young has been following this story. he's on the phone with more. ryan, officials held a news conference about an hour ago. what are you learning? >> reporter: well, they did hold that news conference just a short time ago and they did update the numbers from seven dead to six. we're now told a 14-year-old girl, who was shot in a parking lot along with some other women, has actually survived for right
4:53 am
now. we're told she's in critical condition at the hospital. first it was reported she was dead but now we're being told she's alive, so that is a positive development in this case. we've actually made our way over to the suspect's house. we're looking at probably six or seven police cars out in front right now, as they're doing their evidence investigation. you have to think now they have four scenes involved in this. that 45-year-old, of course, taken into custody. jason dalton. and what we do now right now is they have his phone. they do believe he was talking with somebody during the shooting. we also know that there was video from two of the scenes that helped track him down. obviously, there was a space of time between that first shooting and the last shooting. the first shooting was at 6:00. a woman walking with several kids coming in a porking lot when all of a sudden he walked up and started shooting. using a semi-automatic handgun.
4:54 am
they wouldn't tell us what kind of handgun but semi-automatic handgun before doing the two other shootings. we will continue to follow developments and we'll do a live shot in front of his house as politician tell us more about this man who went on this violent shooting spree. >> a horrible, horrific situation. thank you for that. when we come back to "new day," an undecided voter waits until the last minute to decide who she will vote for. who was it? >> which way do you think you're leaning, head or heart? >> i'll probably go with my head. i'm more of a logical person than emotional person. here's a little healthy advice. take care of what makes aveeno® daily moisturizing body wash and lotion
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4:58 am
so, the race in never, it was decided in several precincts by those last-minute voters. we know people can be persuaded in caucusing. last hour we introduced vanessa. she could not make up her mind whether to vote for hillary clinton or bernie sanders. >> let's find out who she finally went with. >> i'm eating your hair. >> nonetheless, let's go over what's going to happen here. in this race, the candidates -- >> i don't know.
4:59 am
>> wearing sunglasses. don't want them to see me. i do believe if anybody can get stuff done, it would be hillary more so than bernie, so -- >> thank you so much, vanessa. >> thank you. >> wow. talk about really last-milt, last-second decision, right? well, like we just saw, clinton took 51% of last-minute decisionmakers while sanders got 37%. coming up, don't forget a commercial-free state of the union. the lineup, donald trump, marco rubio, ted cruz, hillary clinton and bernie sanders. that's today at 9:00 a.m. eastern only on cnn. >> big, big show there today. looking forward to it. >> thank you for starting your morning with us. >> special edition of "inside
5:00 am
politics" starts next. welcome to "inside politics," i'm john king. thank you for sharing your sunday, and' dramatic one it is. for the democrats it was a hillary clinton victory in nevada and a new tone for a candidate happy to be back in the win column. >> we listened to the voices of flint and ferguson. if we open our hearts to the families of coal country and indian country, if we listen to the hopes and heart aches of heart-working people across america, it's clear, there is so much more to be done.


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