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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  February 21, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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politics" starts next. welcome to "inside politics," i'm john king. thank you for sharing your sunday, and' dramatic one it is. for the democrats it was a hillary clinton victory in nevada and a new tone for a candidate happy to be back in the win column. >> we listened to the voices of flint and ferguson. if we open our hearts to the families of coal country and indian country, if we listen to the hopes and heart aches of heart-working people across america, it's clear, there is so much more to be done.
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>> the gop's weekend contest was in south carolina. donald trump won big. >> there's nothing easy about running for president, i can tell you. it's tough, it's nasty, it's mean, ifts vicious, it's beautiful. when you win, it's beautiful. >> when you lose again, well, it's not so beautiful. jeb bush ran a distant fourth in south carolina and called it quits but not without one last shot at trump. >> in this campaign i have stood my ground, refusing to bend to the political winds. we put forth detailed, conservative -- despite what you might have heard, ideas matter, policy matters. >> it was the big day yesterday and it's a big week ahead. with us to share the reporting and insights, cnn's nia-malika henderson, peter baker of "the new york times," and jackie of the daily beast. let's begin with the
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republicans. a big trump win. marco rubio claimed second place in south carolina. ted kruse runs a disappointing third, but listen here. ted cruz, he wants you to think otherwise. >> friends, once again, we have made history. you, the good people of south carolina and our incredible volunteers all over the country continue to defy the pundits and to produce extraordinary results. >> in a moment we'll get to this third is the new first dynamic in american politics. but let's start with first. donald trump, after a big win in new hampshire, has a big win in south carolina. now, this is the year where just about every rule is being broken, so this one may be broken as well, but nobody has ever won new hampshire and then south carolina and not been the republican nominee. so, the republican party has to be thinking, as it wakes up this morning, can we stop donald trump? >> that's right. if you look at how he did it, he won by 70,000 votes.
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in second place and third place, they're kind of quibbling over 1,000 votes between them. he did well with veterans, with evangelicals, with moderates. he did well with, you know, higher educated people, lower educated people. in some ways he's becoming this consensus candidate. you have rubio still making this argument that, listen, once folks drop out, if this happens, then this, you carry the one, and then he could be more of a force in this. trump set himself up to do really well, i think nevada as well as the s.e.c. primary. i think those states are really key for him. >> he did this, 70,000 votes you mentioned. let's call him teflon trump. he did this in a state that has a brand as the conservative state, that picks presidents, that essentially sets the republican party back on its course after a week in which he came into town and said, george w. bush lied, george w. bush was wrong about iraq.
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he said at the town hall, he liked central health care. republican party didn't like obamacare, especially the mandate. the fight with the pope, maybe that helped him, but another week where donald trump was the dust ball in the race stirring it autopsy up and he wins. >> the interesting thing, even this fight with the pope, he won the most catholic county in south carolina. and you can't -- you can't make this up. nia is absolutely right, he pulled from other people's bases. ted cruz has been courting the evangelicals more than any -- than the rest of the candidates, arguably. >> he's not the teflon trump, he's the teflon don, right? the fact is anyone else who had won new hampshire in such a big fashion won south carolina by double digits, is favored to win nevada, we'd be saying this race is over, pretty much. we're talking about the man who dropped out of the race in jeb bush. if donald trump name was bush, a
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lot of people would be saying this thing is basically wrapped up. >> why aren't we, is the question? we know the republican establishment depispises ted cr, and they don't really like donald trump. why isn't the establishment -- we know he's new to the establishment. he said hillary was great, said the economy does better under democrats. but don't you realize the customer is always right. >> i think they're having a hard time coming to terms with it because it's basically the merger of the reality show america with national politics and the people who spent a lifetime in politics are just, you know, flabbergasted at that. increasingly the question isn't, can trump be stopped? can we live with trump. i hear more and more people -- i never would have heard three months ago, i can live with trump. i think he'll be okay. he'll come to the center during the campaign and he'll actually be more responsible in office
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than he has been on the campaign trail, and he says all these crazy things i don't agree with but i don't think he means it. that may be self-justifying but i think you're seeing the republican party come to grips with the fact their nominee may not be somebody on their screen a year ago. >> some of the establishment are still hoping rubio gets this moment. we'll get to that in a moment. i want to start with the ted cruz comes in third place behind marco rubio. behind donald trump, significantly behind donald trump, a little behind marco rubio, in a state if you look at it is billed for ted cruz. he spent more than a year organizing the state. more than 7 of 10 republican voters yesterday were evangelicals. it's a state that put the tea party on the mamp. ted cruz's whole campaign, strategic premise is the tea party guy that will not bend. i will not mccain. i will not be romney. i will not be bob dole. he got spanked, forgive me, but he got spanked by a guy whose central premise is the art of the deal. everything ted cruz campaigns against donald trump is and donald trump beat him in a state
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built for cruz. >> part of it is -- i do think his trustworthiness was eroded with the dirty tricks narrative we heard last week. the daily beast reported this week he tried to meet with ben carson in a broom closet to try to dull down this roar of, you know, ted cruz isn't playing by the rules and maybe you should take a second look at him. >> everyone has jumped on the ted cruz is a liar band wagon. in his victory speech ted cruz said he defied pundits. he did defy pundits by coming in third instead of actually winning. it's a state tailor made for him. and i think going into those s.e.c. primary states, he was supposed to be the man to watch going into those states because they're so evangelical, but it
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looks like his firewall is cracking. >> it wasn't just losing to donald trump. i think most expected that would be the case, but losing to marco rubio and finishing behind him was a much bigger blow to his campaign. he's got to start beating donald trump somewhere because they're fighting for similar voters. he can't just say, well, i'll win in texas. he has to win in a lot more places and beat him in some of those s.e.c. states like tennessee, alabama. he's got to do much better than he's been doing so far. >> you mentioned the liar-liar part. let's listen to a bit of that because i suspect this will go on. if you're trump or rubio, you think what you did in south carolina works and they tried to put ted cruz on defense saying dirty tricks and don't believe anything he says. when he says he's the consistent conservative, don't believe it. >> he cheated. this guy cruz really cheated. what he did to ben carson is a disgrace. he cheated. >> he's lying and i think it's disturbing. i said that at the debate. he's now literally making things up. i think this is disturbing when you have a candidate now on a regular basis just makes things
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up. >> truth matters. and we're not in grade school where you just get to say liar, liar, pants on fire and not respond to the substance. >> okay. you know, he's going to have to fight back tougher than saying, you can't say liar, liar, pants on fire, but let's go back to the grade school analogy that senator cruz made there. in grade school you learn basic math and arithmetic. one thing we're learning is trump can reach into evangelical base, and rubio's evangelical and conservative base but cruz isn't reaching into their box. you have the pro-chamber of commerce business. if cruz can't reach into other people's boxes his only option is to push rubio and trump out of his. how does he do that? >> i think it's very difficult because he's carved out such a thin slice of the republican party. maybe a third to maybe 40%. when you're saying i'm the most conservative person and you should vote for me, that means that he's going to have a
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difficult path to be able to sort of push donald trump aside, especially if donald trump has all of these supporters like we mentioned this week, didn't apparently -- didn't matter to them that he came out in support of the individual mandate on obamacare and then backed away from it or didn't seem to be as in demand as he would liked to have been. ted cruz has to figure out a way to knock down donald trump and he hasn't wanted to take him on. >> he has resources, he has money. as we go forward, nevada next and then what cruz had hoped would be his territory, the s.e.c. primaries. a lot of states in the south, evangelical voters. what's the choice for cruz? does he add individual mandate to the donald trump -- the one ad in south carolina with the old tim russert interview where donald trump said i'm very pro-choice. trump says he changed his position. if you're cruz, do you triple
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down or do you try to take rubio or both? >> he has to talk about the economy. >> that's an interesting theory, a positive message about yourself. >> that donald trump is really connecting with these blue-collar, clocking class, white voters. he's the went talking about carriers, shipping jobs to mexico. he's talking about heroin, when is ravaging white communities across this country. and i thought, he's -- in terms of the candidate who's getting better. last night he brings up his wife. he brings up ivanka as well. i might say these crazy things but look at my nice family. ted cruz and marco rubio sound like washington politicians, as if they've been created in a lab somewhere, and you've got donald trump with, i think, a deeper and broader message that's emotional. >> i think dead right on that point. he launched on immigration and it's still a great part of his
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core support of republicans. he talks about trade, china, jobs, probably better than any other candidates. maybe kasich. >> he's across the map, right? he's obviously the most conservative when he says he's going to keep all muslims out of the country. no other candidate said that. on the other hand, he has the previous democratic positions to defend. and that suggests his support isn't about ideology or philosophy. they perceive him to be a winner. his own self-described identity and they're putting aside their qualms about this issue or that issue that might not fit in. >> everybody sit tight. up next, can donald trump run the board from here on out? if jeb bush is going home. first, politicians say the darnedest things. so many to choose from, so to borrow a phrase, you decide. ♪ i just called to say i love
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welcome back. let's take a look at the busy campaign stretch just ahead. it's been busy but it's about to get busier. by the time this week is out, republicans will go to never neff, and democrats will come to south carolina, where republicans were yesterday. so, the end of this week, only 3% of the democratic delegates will be chosen.
5:18 am
5% of the rendell gates. we're just getting started, ladies and gentlemen. then it starts to get crazy. on march 1st, the first super tuesday, look at all those states that will cast ballots. after march 1st, 21%, 22% of the delegates, close to 30% of the rendell gates. by the time we finish the month of march, which i called a blur, nearly half of the democratic delegates and 63% of the rendell gates will be decided by the end of march. somebody will come out with moment momentum. nia, i think that's the big question on the republican side. there's no reason to believe that donald trump -- he has a healthy lead in nevada. is there any reason to believe we won't wake up wednesday with donald trump 3-1? >> no. i think he looks good to win never neff. it's hard to poll in nevada but he looks good. maybe rubio can come in a distant second. he was a mormon at one point. there are a lot of mormons in nevada. maybe that will do him good.
5:19 am
he's set up to be 3-1 at this point. maybe the establishment will try to figure something out, how to blunt hirz narrative, his momentum. what does kasich do? he looks good. >> let's go back to the rubio point. originally, rubio and bush were trying to get the republican governor of nevada to change the system. they did not want the caucuses. they wanted a primary. it's not going to be that way. it's going to be a caucus. trump has momentum right now. last night rubio sneaks into second place, which is good for rubio. no question, last night was better for rubio than ted cruz but he's still second. i think to win the nomination, you have to start winning somewhere. i was asking some rubio people last night. they said fund-raising was good online last night. where do they get a win? >> well, a couple things to watch, a couple dates that are important, as you brought up the delegate chart. last night trump got all 50 delegates in south carolina because it was the first winner take all.
5:20 am
look at texas on march 1st and nor on march 15th because those are two opportunities for donald trump to really put ted cruz or marco rubio on their backs. if he can't be either of them in those two states, in their home places, then we may be looking at a protracted thing. if john kasich stays in and thinks he can win some more moderate states, you're looking at something that stars to get closer to what could look like a brokered convention. >> how does rubio -- from the beginning, he's made the generational argument against hillary clinton, saying i'm the new, fresh face of the republican party. in south carolina where he had the important backing of the nikki haley, ted scott, marco rubio was saying, we're the new face, the next movement of the conservative u.n. >> now the children of the reagan revolution are ready to assume the mantel of leadership.
5:21 am
now, those of us who grew up when it was morning in america and ronald reagan was in the white house are ready to do for our generation, are ready to do for the next generation, what ronald reagan did for ours. >> it it-s and has been the defining question of the race, that rubio is the best athlete on the field but is he ready for the major leagues. now that he has this moment, can he get a win? >> he recovered from that terrible robotic moment from the debate. and he clearly now has an opportunity to consolidate this anti-trump, anti-cruz support with jeb bush out and kasich may or may not be able to hang on. the question for him is, as you say, where does he win? where does he put it together? the truth is, nobody has ever won a republican nomination after losing the first three and
5:22 am
he did lose. lose in the first three contests. he wants a one-on-one race. trump made fun of that last night. he said, you think if it's one-on-one, all the candidates come to me. that he may not be wrong about that. >> the first test is nevada. does he get all the bush vote? does rubio get 80%, 90% or more of the bush vote? that will be the first test. governor kasich says he's not going anywhere. second place in new hampshire. he was in massachusetts last night. he's looking to the more moderate states to come down the calendar. but a bit of hypocrisy in the republican establishment because many are whispering saying, why don't you do us a favor and get out so all the votes consolidate around rubio. but on the other hand they're saying, carson, we love you, stay in. because they think it comes out of ted cruz. how can you tell governor kasich who has performed better than ben carson, you should go but he should stay? >> how much of the vote is it, really? we talk about the jeb bush vote
5:23 am
going to marco rubio. how much of the vote is there really for -- to go to marco rubio? i think cruz is his biggest adversary. as long as cruz is in that race, the people that don't like donald trump are going to go to ted cruz right now. that is -- that's who he needs to -- >> the outsider. >> the outsider. >> it's also not clear what we've seen from trump is that he does well across the board. he does well with some moderates and establishment folks. it's not clear that it's just a one to one transfer from jeb bush to marco rubio or from kasich to marco rubio. i think for marco rubio, he often sounds like he's reading from an rnc document about his candidacy, you know, when he says it's a new american century, this is the next generation of conservatives. if you're a white, working class person who works at the denny's or waffle house or you're in coal country, those kind of buzz words don't work. it doesn't mean anything to your
5:24 am
daily life when you're looking for a better economy. >> it works better if it sounds like it comes from the heart, not from a script. back in 1992 bill clinton they battle-tested this focus group, and when clinton said it, it felt like he said the words. >> speaking of bill clinton, by the way, no one since bill clinton has more declared themselves a the comeback kid after a second-place finish than marco rubio in south carolina last night. i think it's a difficult thing, you know, how does somebody who finished third, fifth and second, you know, now suddenly think they can move on but when you hear the color of benetton that marco rubio is talking to, it's the elite in the republican party who want to move the party forward. they lost hispanics by such a huge margin. i've had democrats tell me, when you see the name rubio, there are going to be a lot of
5:25 am
hispanics who will consider him because of the name and it will make democrats work harder to peel below that layer. >> it's also about suburbanites feel comfortable with a party they want to feel proud of the party they're supporting. even if he only makes so much of an inroad in hispanic vote and minority vote, it's about making the more moderate part of the party feel comfortable. >> still a ton of questions about the republican race but we're about to test that theory. the establishment said get down to four or five candidates see if donald trump can get above 30s. can he grow or does he have a ceiling? up ahead, there may be cracks but hillary clinton's firewall held in nevada. what can bernie sanders do as the democrats head south? am. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind.
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welcome back. thanks for sharing your sunday morning as we continue a special one-hour edition of "inside politics." the hillary clinton had afternoon can americans in mind as she celebrated her win yesterday in never neff, but she
5:30 am
made a new appeal to younger voters who are flocking to sanders in droves. >> i want to say to the young people out there, i know what you're up against. if you left college with a ton of loans, it's not enough just to make college more affordable. you need help right now with the debt you already have. >> senator shortstop congratulated secretary clinton but he vowed a long fight for the democratic nomination. >> taking on the establishment, whether it is the financial establishment, whether it is the political establishment, whether it is the media establishment, is not easy. >> still with us here this morning to share the reporting and their insight, cnn's nia-malika henderson, jackie kucinich of "the daily beast." a lot were saying, a-ha, she didn't win never by huge numbers. senator sanders says, i'm in
5:31 am
this to say. if you look at nevada and south carolina, this was sanders' best chance. it's a caucus, a little more quirky, you don't have as many afternoon can americans as we will have when you get to south carolina. so they're very happy inside team clinton that the firewall held. if she can win in south carolina, then what do we have? >> that's the problem for sanders. it's been baked into the cake for a while. we hadn't actually seen it play out. we saw it play out in nevada. she won 75% of the black vote. he dp a little better with latinos. the entrance poll showed he won the latino vote. it's hard for him. if you look at south carolina, it's older. it's going to be 55% black. a lot of women down there, black women particularly. he will likely do well, i think, with younger african-americans. younger black men. that's a part of the targeting strategy down there.
5:32 am
but it's hard to see that being enough, and then you go to super tuesday with all of those southern states again. >> it was interesting when he gave a speech last night, he just said, and on to super tuesday. so it seems like he's on to super tuesday. i think watch the other caucus states. watch minnesota, colorado. i think you'll see bernie sanders making a play there because it could be a little more quirky. >> that's a message candidate, not a nomination candidate. the interesting thing about the last ten days, is that after new hampshire, sanders saw the top of the hill. saw that maybe i can be a contender for the nomination and the tone changed. let's stick with secretary clinton for a minute. yesterday what i thought was interesting, she reached out to younger voters. sanders is kicking her butt among younger voters. she stuck with the criticism of sanders. listen to it here. but she recalibrated. a lot less "i" in her speech and a lot more "we."
5:33 am
>> the truth is, we aren't a single-issue country. we need -- we need more than a plan for the big banks, the middle class needs a raise. and we need more jobs. >> one of the things you look for in a candidate is how do they learn and how do they grow? i think that was an interesting proof that secretary clinton is paying attention, realizing, don't talk about the hillary clinton narrative. talk about why i'm running. >> people aren't going to the polls because they see care about whether hillary clinton wins or loses. they go to the poll because they want to make the country better for themselves and their kids and their communities. she has to be able to communicate that. that's something bill clinton always understood very intuitively about politics. it's not about whether i win. it's about whether you win. she's picking up on that. the other thing i was struck by her speech, other than the obvious emotional relief she felt having eked it out, this
5:34 am
wasn't obama's morning, america, speech. as much as she was embracing obama in the debate she had most recently withbernie sanders, you didn't hear, things are going, let's keep it going. it's darkness in america. i'm going to help solve it. >> this was a personal change in tone from i, i, i to we. we picked up with reporters on the ground they were a little put off by hearing her talk so much about hr resume. like jeb bush going up against donald trump, she was kind of put off by the fact that how could i possibly be losing to somebody like bernie sanders when i'm so much more qualified? i think her team has gotten her to shift away from that and to focus on the priorities. a couple things to look at in nevada that might give us a little bit of, you know, a window into what might happen in south carolina, nia mentioned the african-american vote. that vote is overlooked in nevada. they were 13% of overall turnout. that is -- that's a very sizeable portion. 76% went to secretary clinton. that is a huge number.
5:35 am
and also delegates, we talk about the numbers earlier. in '08 she won nevada but lost the delegates because the obama delegate team knew where to focus. the clinton team knew that there was one district in nevada where it was an odd number. they focused there. they got that delegate and they're going to wind up with more delegates out of last night. that's the name of the game here. >> the other name of the game is your best friend in presidential politics is momentum. the new ad up this morning in south carolina featuring actor morgan freeman and brings out some guy named president obama. >> she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. >> we need action now. >> and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always stood with us. hillary clinton. >> this is a moment she needs to take advantage of. to your point, she was stung
5:36 am
after new hampshire. sometimes you can see the disbelief in her face, who is this guy bernie sanders giving me a run for my money? she has a moment now. quet is, does she look to have a giant, foregive me, governor bush, exclamation? >> you talk to the people on the ground there, that's what they have wanted and what they see in the numbers. certainly, on never new england backs that up. she won 76%. the black vote there is only 13%. in 2008 barack obama won 80% of the black vote and the rest was split between clinton and edwards. i think her strength also is she does pretty well with white voters. she essentially split with sanders in nevada. you look at that add with african-americans in there. it's not a subtle ad. they are going full bore on this. she's talking about flint, ferguson, coal country, indian country, voting rights.
5:37 am
so, again, i'm the full-spectrum democrat is what she's saying. >> plus, it's morgan freeman, right? the voice of god. if people don't like her tone or necessarily like her, they know that someone like morgan freeman makes it very easy to appeal positive a broad swath. >> we'll continue the conversation. bernie sanders says he's not going anywhere. also, one super reason hillary clinton very much needed to win nevada. right now,
5:38 am
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5:41 am turn the tables. crest 3d white toothpaste... ...removes 5 times more stains... ...than the red box. for a smile like that, crest 3d white... is the way to whiten. three contests on the democratic side. we have a tiny clinton win in iowa, a big sanders blowout in new hampshire. the delegate chase is close, right? the primaries and caucuses pledge delegates and after three contests, don't get any closer than that. 51 for sanders, 51 for hillary clinton. hillary clinton's win in nevada was important yesterday because she has a super lead among super delegates. these are elected officials, other democrats by rules at
5:42 am
party get votes at the convention, they can vote their hearts. hillary clinton with a huge lead when you add in her super delegates. bernie sanders has a few but hillary clinton more than 400. this could be critical. if the nomination battle drags on, if hillary clinton won every state 55-45, she would not have enough pledge delegates but the super delegates give her enough to get over the top of the democratic convention. that's why yesterday was so important for hillary clinton in the sense the establishment is with her, the super delegates think she's inevitable, despite potholes and bumps. now the establishment can think, we are in the right place, she's our gal. >> there is no honor among super delegates. they can switch teams. it looks like she's not going to win. >> you remember 2008. >> i do, i do. but also bernie sanders, clearly, is thinking of -- maybe we can have two brokered conventions, can you imagine? right? bernie sanders last night said,
5:43 am
we could be on our way to a convention, an historic upset at the convention. he still has his eye on it. she's ahead -- >> she doesn't want to win with super delegates. that would just be terrible in terms of uniting the party. >> it's still very early. bernie sanders has never been a democrat, right? he caucuses with the democrats but he's an independent. it's why it's so difficult for him to mount a case with super delegates. i mean, back in november, she had a big lead as well. but she's gained 90 delegates since november. even after bernie sanders' huge win in new hampshire, sanders gained like 11. you know, this makes a very difficult hill to climb. yes, it's true that super delegates have not gone to someone who did not win the popular vote, but they were created in the '80s because of this exact scenario where you had someone they felt was unelectable and wanted to tip the scales that way. >> truth be told, a lot of super delegates who have not announced their intention yet, a lot are
5:44 am
for secretary clinton. the idea is you don't rule out the endorsement until you get to the state. you keep a few in your back pocket if you have a bad week. but the sanders people and their allies, and other liberal organizations have been complaining saying the system it rigged against middle class workers. his people are saying, the party is out to get us. >> senator sanders is not that popular among his colleagues. ted cruz on the republican side. he's not the king of the class in the senate. and he's trying to turn that into lemonade, right? make it about the powerful versus the upstart revolutionary. so, why wouldn't you do that? i think jackie's right. if he had actual momentum, if he was ready to roll up wins, super delegates even if they were unhappy would come around. the real question, is, what is he going to do on super tuesday? can he look like a national candidate, a genuine challenger to the establishment. >> that's an excellent point.
5:45 am
he says he's trying to build a revolution. he's trying to have a revolution within the democratic party and country at large. if you want to keep telling that to your supporters, that was a pretty easy message after essentially a tie in iowa. it was a very easy win after a blowout in new hampshire. it starts getting harder, after listening to senator sanders yesterday, he says -- as nia mentioned earlier, bring me to the convention. i can win. >> we have come a very long way in nine months and i believe, i believe that when democrats assemble in philadelphia in july at that convention, we are going to see the results of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. >> he has to be an optimist. but the calendar, i mean, if south carolina does -- let's see what happens but demographically seemed stacked in her favor, to peter's point about super tuesday, at some point if he
5:46 am
doesn't start winning again, and winning more than a little state here, little state there, does he face the recalibration that, okay, look, let's be honest, when you get into the race, bernie sanders had to think, i'm a message candidate, a protest candidate then he thinks, okay, i've got a shot here. what does he do now? >> at some point it becomes just about the math, the delegate math. but bernie sanders still has this movement. it isn't this broad-based movement in the way that obama had in 2008. if you look at turnout in some of these states, it was down in new hampshire by 15%. it was down by 40,000 voters in nevada, younger voters, down in iowa as well. but, you know, the folks i talked to who have known him for years say even if he's losing, the delegate math, he's going to go all the way. >> the revolutions are expensive. if he doesn't keep winning -- he spent more money than hillary clinton in january. if he doesn't start winning again, he's not going to fund
5:47 am
raise like he's been able to. >> he's been raising money online gang busters. shattering records. does he try to expand his coalition, or does he also get more negative? he did tweet last week a link to a website that says, i'll look into it, which is hillary clinton's answer about releasing the transcript. does he get negative or careful? >> i think he thinks his message, which he's been talking about for 40 years, can resonate in particular with non-white communities. the sanders campaign went on air in nevada way behind in early december on spanish language radio. the clinton campaign suddenly two, three weeks later went on air. why did that happen? watch the campaign body language more than anything. that race was close. it was a tight race. when it comes to south carolina, the first thing to watch is look at clinton's margin. she's been up 30, 40 points. if sanders wants to talk about momentum and make the case in nevada they were far behind, if they're further -- if they tighten the margin in south
5:48 am
carolina, they can still fund-raise. >> interesting point to make. one other point, bernie sanders might have to keep raising money if he doesn't start winning but hillary clinton was in texas last night, not just to do an event. she's trying to raise money. our reporters share from their notebooks including why bernie sanders might consider a thank-you note to, get this, karl rove. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ twell what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so.
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5:52 am
let's head around the table and ask our great reporters to share a nugget or two this their notebooks. >> in the lead up to south carolina on saturday, we're going to see democratic candidates court the black vote really in ways we hadn't seen before. certainly not in 2008 or before that. clinton is going to roll out a breaking down story where she's going to feature the mothers of five sons who have been killed, including trayvon martin's mother and eric garner's mother. bernie sanders has an ad running in south carolina. a very powerful moving ad
5:53 am
featuring the daughter of eric garner. what's interesting is the black lives matter protest has shaped a lot of this discussion, even though a lot of those leaders are sitting this race out. one of the things progressives to want see is to put racial inequality on par about income inequality. if they can make sanders as passionate about that issue, they feel they would have won, as well as pushing clinton to the left. another concern is whether or not this rhetoric in what is a conversation around racial inequality, whether or not it's just about south carolina and the s.e.c. primary or will it become kind of a permanent plane among democrats going forward. >> will it carry on. peter? >> candidates are trying to drive out votes in south carolina and nevada yesterday. washington took a pause in its political war to say good-bye to justice scalia. you saw people of both parties there but you didn't see president obama. he was at home at the white house studying his binder of possible replacements. what's interesting it so see him come out with a nominee in the
5:54 am
next couple of weeks in the teeth of a presidential election unlike anything we've seen. we've had an election year nomination but never had one come out in the midst of such a high-intensity, high-octane, modern technologically advanced campaign. whoever he picks will be the star of all campaign commercials in a way that will be unique. >> fascinating. >> justice scalia, we know the white house is going through some of those names this weekend. we know what kind of nominee this president is going to pick. he's going to pick somebody who can box in republicans. because when you look at the history on this, back in 1968 lyndon johnson nominated two justices in an election year. they both got hearings within two weeks. that's what the white house's strategy here is pashlly, to expose some cracks within senate republicans and see if they can get those hearings quickly. >> jackie? >> so, american crossroads is going to start attacking hillary clinton's record on criminal justice from the '90s.
5:55 am
things like tougher policing, crime bill, et cetera. now, bernie sanders also supported the crime bill so it's not really -- i'm not sure how much this is going to impact but they're going to do everything they can to try to erode her standing with african-american voters as they head into this primary next week. >> the bernie sanders thank you note to karl rove. i'll close with two lessons from the collapse of the jeb bush campaign. conservatives have long memories and little interest in giving the bush family a third try. george w. bush broke his no new taxes edge, put suitor on the supreme court. selling a dynasty is hard anyway in today's environment, and near impossible when your base views your brand so suspiciously. the desire for something new extends well beyond jeb bush. at one time the republican field had eight or current governors. in the five, two political newcomers, two freshman senators. the experience is all yours, governor kasich. that's it.
5:56 am
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what a night. the election is amping up and the voters are having their say and all the big winners are here. hillary clinton wins a close race in nevada. >> some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other. >> but bernie sanders says, it's too soon to count him out. >> we have come a very long way. we have the momentum. >> where does the race go from here? they will both be here in minutes. plus, donald trump wins again. >> we will never, ever forget south carolina. >> is he now unstoppable in his race for the republican nomination? i'll ask him. and ted cruz a


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