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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  February 21, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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hi, everyone. i'm poppy harlow in new york. so glad you're with us. it is 5:00 p.m. eastern and when you win it is beautiful. those words from donald trump after he pulled off a towering victory in the south carolina primary yesterday. sweeping up all of the state's 50 delegates. right now trump is in atlanta holding a rally in front of enthusiastic supporters, bernie sanders also expected to speak this hour in south carolina. we do begin with donald trump, the front-runner, telling the crowd to get ready. because he says it is crunch time.
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we had such an amazing victory yesterday, incredible. incredible. incredible. or i'll tell what you, we are going one after another. are we going to win georgia? but it is crunch time. we have to go out and vote. we have to get out there. we have to vote. >> many of the supporters that trump rally were carrying homemade signs that read trump can go the distance. and that sentiment seemed to mirror the headlines across the country this morning. the "new york times" asking, is there any stopping donald trump from "politico"? is trump inevitable? nbc news headline with donald trump camp can't stop donald trump whob can. jeremy, my colleagues in atlanta, telling me about the huge line in the rain today waiting just to get in there. i'm sure you saw it. is anything different today that he is really officially the
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front-runner? i think before this win in south carolina we were talking about trump in many ways in hypotheticals. this is reality because every single gop candidates who has won new hampshire, who won south carolina, has become the nominee. >> yeah, that's right, poppy. certainly the momentum is palpable in this room as it often is in trump's large rally possess. thousands of people packed into this rally here in atlanta. in atlanta and georgia and one of the states that will vote in the super tuesday primary on march 1st. so certainly a lot of attention devote ford trump to go into the southern states. where people will vote or march 1st. it is a crucial time when a lot of delegates are handed out and it is a make or break time for some candidates. but certainly donald trump also turning towards the general election. check out what he today say just moments ago about hillary clinton.
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>> i beat her in recent polls, usa today and another one. we beat her in the q poll. quinnipiac. and we beat her very nicely. i love to win. don't we love to win? love it. >> and there you can see donald trump also this morning talked about bernie sanders and hillary clinton in his interview with cnn's jake tapper. he talks about how he thinks hillary clinton is the nominee. he doesn't think bernie sanders has a chance any more but interesting as donald trump gains this momentum. he also has an eye on the general election. poppy? >> i think that's clear. thank you. jeremy diamond live in atlanta where trump is holding that rally. no republican ever
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the same share of votes in new hampshire and south carolina, two wildly different states, shows the broad appeal of his campaign among significant portion of the republican electorate. is there any questioning history at this point? >> well, you know, we make history everyday in american politics. but we study history because it gives us a sense of the lay of the land and the fact that donald trump's two wins in new hampshire and south carolina. the fact it was broad-based. he won what is left of moderate republicans as well as
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conservative republicans. not very conservative republicans. across demographic groups. this is a candidacy rallying around a celebrity demagogue and tapping into issues of resentment and anxiety and inflicting the republican party and people are responding in way that the rest of the field which is admittedly somewhat fractured within compete with. and you look at the down stream states we're facing here, poppy, and donald trump has a commanding lead in all of them except texas. so it is foolish to say that donald trump is not in pole position for the republican nomination. is there time to stop and co-less? yes. but he is the republican front-runner? he earned that right. >> i thought it was interesting hearing from him on state of the union with jake tapper, my ears perk up, saying, i will win a lot of democrats. i will beat hillary clinton. there will be a record turnout. here is how he put it. >> as a candidate i will bring over many, many demes. we will bring over a lot of
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democrats. well bring over a lot of independen independents. no one else will. in all fairness, other candidates won't bring over other democrats. we are talking about the reagan democrats. we will bring over youth. bernie's not going to make it, in my opinion, and i never thought he would. hillary clinton won't make it. if she gets indicted is the only way she will get stopped. they say it will be the largest voter tush turnout in the history of united states elections. >> what do you think? possible to bring over a large number of democrats as he says? >> well he said a lot in that 20 seconds. the republican in me has a hard time understanding how someone who has been a democrat their entire life is truly in route to get the republican nomination for presidency. and the truth is because he had such varied positions over the course of his public life, especially in the last six months, you could see him making an appeal in a general election
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that could be this, this populous economic appeal that could go for reagan democrats. that's not beyond the pale. he has had a wide spectrum of positions. you can see him with policies in the general election that good for some of those voters. the challenge, poppy, is that he has such high negatives with so >> a lot of folks question him and look at numbers and say he has 30% of the vote now but six
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candidates in the field. now is it down to say perhaps three. do those numbers still add up? >> i think there's a lot of num. but he has done very well with blue collar workers. if you look at states he does well, and they are not all in the republican base. but as margaret said, his negatives are so high, among independents, african-american webs latinos, seeing how he expands the map beyond white blue collar workers will be fascinating and very difficult for him to do. >> and we saw it play out negatively from romney and whole
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party pledging. hey guys, i want to talk about rubio. rubio just won himself in new hampshire. turns it around, second in south carolina. he says that you know he didn't win it totally in south carolina despite endorsements from tim scott and governor nikki haley because of this. >> who do democrats fear most? i think everyone acknowledges that that's me mp that's why they spend to much time and money attacking me. >> i think it is interesting that there is this question of how do you win if you never win? if you never take a state marker. and always brides made and not the bride. >> yes. and marco rubio would consolidate support. and he can start winning. you won't win by just accumulating delegates by march 14th and not winning any of the winner takes all states by march 15th. if there is going to be a
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nontrump, that will have to happen yesterday. i mean, tomorrow. >> within a three-week stretch because anertia is taking over. and so yeah, this is an uphill battle for marco rubio for sure let alone for other candidates. truly, hard to imagine what it would take to derail the energy that trump has at this point. >> marco rubio's team will have to answer the basic question. what's the first step to win? until they can answer that question clearly and convincingly, they will have a hard time. it is not enough to throw out the dog whistle the democrats fear me the most. that's not a winning rational. >> can i take it further poppy? virginia, he has to look at virginia. the one fault line in his support is college-educated voters. marco does better with them than trump. virginia has almost 60%
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college-educated voters. he has to win virginia. >> good point. look to the only person to beat donald trump so far, our candidate ted cruz. stick around. with me again at the half hour. thank you. it is the last republican presidential debate before super tuesday. wolf blitzer is live from texas this thursday evening, february 25th. 8:30 p.m. eastern. only here on cnn. coming up, chilling story out of michigan. uber driver killing six people in a shooting spree overnight. new details about what the suspect did between killings. the latest on that, next. so muct than the stigmas you hearabout. that these residents still have lives and their lives still matter and that they are still living their lives. that they're not locked away and that they still have a lot to live for, you know, that they have people that care about them and they have people that love them and i love them, so their lives still matter.
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a shooting rampage of an uber driver. police say it appears that he gunned down his victims at random. a source now telling cnn he was even picking up passengers
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during his seven-hour killing spree. nick valencia is live forness kalamazoo, michigan. unbelievable that anyone could carry this out. then we are learning he goes on and picks people up, uber customers, in the middle of all this. >> these are unsettling details we're learning. i spoke to a source with knowledge of the investigation, poppy, who tells me this this suspect was an uber driver. yes, in fact, picking up fares between his shooting spree. as a matter of fact, when he was captured at about 12:30 a.m. last night he was still actively working, still picking up fares when he was taken into custody. police describe him as being even-tempered when he was arrested. i learned a short time ago he has been interviewed and interrogated by police. they still don't have a motive. what bothers authorities is the sheer randomness. police chief saying for all intents and pufrp purposes the
2:16 pm
suspect is an average joe. they looked inside his home and seized several other weapons. figuring outes who any of those weapons were used in the shooting spree. >> we have just been learning names of victims. i want to know what you it tell us about them and a child is still fighting for her life? >> yeah. six people killed by this suspect. he is expected to be arraigned sometime tomorrow on murder charges. victims age ranges between 14 to 74 years old. one a mother of three children. the 14-year-old had surgery this morning. she is still in very, very critical condition. police are worried about her prognosis. another of the six victims is a father and son. at a car dealership looking for a car when they were shot and killed by this suspect. four others were shot and killed at cracker barrel and this community, a safe community,
2:17 pm
poppy. kalamazoo only had two homicides all of last year. that number has been eclipsed by this shooting spree carried out by this suspect. poppy? >> nick valencia, thank you so much. up next, back on the campaign trail where two of the republican candidates are, as you know, of cuban descent. ted cruz and marco rubio. what does that mean for the latino vote. certainly much more complex than that. we will break it all down. this group of voters nearly tripled in size since '90s. their importance cannot be overstated. we will talk about it all ahead.
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xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. fresh off his commanding win in south carolina, donald trump is confident he will win over the crucial latino vote in nevada on tuesday. >> i love these countries. they were great. i have thousands of hispanics. i'm leading in every poll with hispanics. they love me. i love them. >> the latino vote could be a deciding factor next week but it really will likely play an even larger role in the general election in november. take a look at these numbers. recent study by university of
2:22 pm
new york and cnns espaniol has tripled. they project 10% in the general in november. with me now to discuss, cnn digital correspondent and covers the race very closely. and jose antonio vargas, a prize-winning journalist. just a background for our viewers. jose, when you came to the united states, you were 12 years old and you didn't learn of your immigration status, that your green card wasn't legitimate until you went to get a driver's license. >> yeah until i was 16. you made a film about that experience airing on cnn called "undocumented" now you've started a campaign called emerge u.s. i want our viewers to take a quick look at what this campaign is. ♪ ♪ >> eye identify --
2:23 pm
>> i identify -- >> i identify -- >> i can identify as -- >> about how the american electorate is changing so much. as you sit and you look at immigration debate now in this election, what are your thoughts? >> i think what is astounding to me are just the lack of facts, right? i'm a reporter at heart. that's what is about. check it out. for many people, as a latino brown mexican issue. really the largest, fastest growing undocumented in this country are asian undocumented people. not latinos. no matter how many times donald trump or marco rubio talk about what is happening at the border, the number of illegal border crossings have gone down significantly. not increased. so what is the responsibility of us in the media to call them out
2:24 pm
and fact check them. that's lacking. and watching the debates here on cnn, what is the stake in this election is more republican or democrat? what is at stake is american identity itself. that's what emerging us is trying to figure out. >> the study i just mentioned mapped out, we can pull up the map here. they mapped out the nine states including nevada. where it looks like the latino vote could swing the vote for the white house and the general. can we talk about just how unique this election has been so far when it comes to the latino vote? and what stands out to you? >> i think one of the first things we need to acknowledge is that this is the first time we've had two latino candidates at this level in the election. these are emerging questions. one of the biggest questions for the latino vote in particular is we often prefer to it as a sleeping giant. it is not a monolithic sleeping giant. immigration is not the only
2:25 pm
issue that latino voters are concerned with. we are looking -- you could be a latino voter and be an eighth generation mexican-american. can you be a puerto rican born in this country and can vote as a united states citizen. there are many issues interesting to the latino population. >> she makes a good point. >> absolutely. >> it is like what do black voters care about or white women. like there is one issue we care about. not that there are prom dentally important things -- >> well for many it is-about a mom or grandma -- i have to say that i grew up in the pete wilson era. in many ways what donald trump is doing now is waking up. you are going to see an historic amount of latino voters turn out and asia voters turn out because
2:26 pm
of trump. >> in a good way or bad way? >> i'm excited about this conversation that we're having about american identity. i think donald trump doesn't speak for all of america. there's an emerging america, right, that donald trump does not speak to. >> but there are a lot of voters he does speak for which is proven in new hampshire, south carolina so far. >> republican votes. >> good point. let's talk more about this current administration. when you look at, for example, the nation's largest latino advocacy agency, they labelled donald trump a deporter in chief. since 2009, it.5 million people, undocumented people, up from the presidency of george w. bush. when you look that, do you think there is a misconception about
2:27 pm
that with many voters? >> i think we need to look at what the universe of latino voters will look like in 2016. half of the latino voters coming up are millennials first of all. a majority could be native born. these are naturalized citizens perhaps now registering to vote for the first time. the electorate will shift. are these folks coming out and turning unat the polls? latinos have a spotty record depending on where you look at the turnout. so latinos are registered to vote and getting them out to actually cast that vote and that's where we've seen traction depending on what states -- >> i wonder if you think that obama administration record on deportation hurts the democrats at all? >> i think it potentially hurts them. i think the fight is between hillary and bernie right now. bernie is getting slammed by a significant portion of voters saying you voted against a lot of reforms that we're trying to be put into place to support immigration reform. so he's got to come up with a message that does speak to that issue more clearly.
2:28 pm
>> before we go, i want you to tell us about, it is emerging us. >> emerging us, yes. >> hatch tag emerging us. >> yes. >> why did you do this? >> you're an exception here. you just brought up obama's record. in terms of the number of people who have been deported, have they forgotten that this president enforced immigration so much and deport sewed many people. the media doesn't talk about that. i would argue there is such a big gap between the reality that people live and what is reported in the news. in california where i live, 51% are latino. there is a new emerging america we need to better represent. >> and people can learn more, where do they go? >> >> thank you. jose, antonio, thank you very much. and you are launching a new
2:29 pm
project to come to us soon. all about voters and this election cycle. thank you both. >> thank you. >> it is the democrats turn to face south carolina voters. to see the presidential town hall, moderated by our very own chris cuomo, it is tuesday night at 8:00 right here. >> coming up, jeb bush knocked out of the race for the white house. >> as of tonight i'm suspending my campaign. >> so now somebody will get the votes that people in other states may have been planning to cast for jeb bush. but the question is, who's that person going to be? they all want the votes. who's going to get them? we'll talk about it next. growing up, we were german. we danced in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland.
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off of his big win in south carolina. bernie sanders making a case for the democratic competition in south carolina next weekend. ted cruz once boosted that traul religious southern states that vote on march 1st were his quote unquote firewall. but donald trump took a sledge hammer to that firewall in south carolina. although jeb bush left the trail defeated, cruz and rival marco rubio are each saying they will be the candidate to end the trump streak. we shall see about all of that. look at those numbers. trump, 33%. among evangelicals. joining me now, live from a cruz event in nevada is sunland. sunland, in minutes, you have cruz who will take the stage there and he's going to make his case. this is his first event since placing third. what is the message going to be going forward as they battle it out for nevada? >> the message, poppy, coming
2:34 pm
from the kroouds campaign already is really onward. they are charging ahead here on the ground here in nch cruz will have ten events over the next few days. really putting ground work here in final days. coming out of the south carolina, that is not the best case scenario they wanted. they wanted to do better and they are really trying to spin this almost as a glass half full strategy. they still think they are well positioned in the souper tuesda states. and indicating in days and weeks ahead that cruz might have some messaginged its, strategy edits, we will see if he brings any of those changes here today, poppy. >> it is interesting. i think this is someone that many thought had a lock on the evangelical vote. how do you change that for the rest of the south? >> that's absolutely right. this is a big problem for them.
2:35 pm
i think that they will have to address going forward. that was always a core part of senator cruz's strategy, is to really have a lock on the evangelical vote. similar to iowa. but certainly there are signs of strain and it'll be interesting going forward expect this battle between senator cruz and marco rubio to be the marquee showdown here we expect to see them laying into rubio. already casting rubio's second place finish as a loss. rusho should have won with the full force of the establishment behind him there, referencing the trio of endorsements. check out what ted cruz said to cnn's jake tapper. >> number one, we continue to see conservatives uniting behind our campaign. but number two, jake, it is now apparent that the only campaign that can beat donald trump and that has beaten donald trump is our campaign. >> first of all, because of 30% of the vote co-alesses around
2:36 pm
one percent and 70% or 65% is divided up among five or six people. you do the math quickly. you realize if this was a more traditional or narrower race, results would be different. we have to vote for someone who will unify our party, those who reach out to us to grow our party, and who can run. i think everyone acknowledges now that they don't want to run against me. >> interesting arguments from both candidates. in ted cruz's arguments to jake tapper this morning, interesting that he is leaning a bit, poppy, on his, i will win. saying i'm the only candidate that has a win against donald trump. expect to hear that a lot on the campaign trail. >> absolutely. we'll be watching, sunland. thank you very much. let's talk about all of this, south carolina pry maury one gop his dream of winning the white house. that is jeb bush. not going on to nevada. at least as man running for president.
2:37 pm
bush saw the writing on the wall when it became clear his south carolina finish would put him in a distant fourth. >> but the people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken. and i really respect their decision. tonight i am suspending my campaign. >> no. >> yeah, yeah. thank you. i firmly believe the american people must entrust this office to someone who understands that whoever holds it is a servant, not the master. someone who will commit to that service with honor and decency. >> south carolina native gidly a veter veteran operative in the state. he knows it like few others. thank you for being with me. >> thank you, poppy. thanks for being here. >> what went wrong for jeb bush in a state so big for his
2:38 pm
father. so big for his brother. he brought his brother out on the trail again. what went so wrong. >> jeb bush got so much from his race. elevated discourse and talked about real solutions. a real record to run on. what is interesting about this is so many voters want somebody, they are clamoring for somebody who cut taxes. balanced budgets. protected life. all the governors in this race did that. mike huckabee had done that. jeb bush had done that. record is clear they would do it again and so many voters are going with people who have no record and no ability to accomplish any of those things. it's fascinating to see. but in this state, it seems like anyone running a conventional campaign in unconventional election year, which this is, just couldn't catch fire. seems like the ones who are full of rhetoric, about rage, bombast, got nor attention.
2:39 pm
and it could not catch fire for bush. it caught on too late and too little. >> stay with me. i want to bring in margaret hoover and john avelon. margaret, when you read in the "politico" piece this morning, the play book, and jeb bush creating a $150 million machine and wrote off donald trump until mid august. what are the lessons from this? >> i'm so glad you mentioned this. for all of the ney sayers be who say this is running our country and terrible decision, $150 million couldn't buy anyone a nomination, couldn't buy vote for jeb bush. but for the candidate that has the ability to consolidate that mainstream republican vote and nobody had more research that jeb bush. $150 million. he said he attacked donald trump. sure, on the stump he did. but he spend more money attacking marco rubio. four times more money attacking
2:40 pm
john kasich. and three times more money attacking chris christie than donald trump. if anything was going to go at this inertia and momentum that donald trump has been building, i think the establishment or whatever you want to call them, mainstream republicans have been sitting back and not taking trump seriously for too long. now the goose is almost cooked. >> where, john avalon, do the votes go. the votes lined up for jeb bush. it is not like he got no votes. he got 7%. very close to john kasich and carson. where do the votes go? >> most logical thing is to split between kasich and rubio. there is so much bad blood between bush and his former mentor marco rubio, but a lot of overlap in philosophies before deciding to run for president. but kasich, the governors in this race were set up to succeed. traditionally we have elevated governors to the presidency because they have executive experience and all of the
2:41 pm
governors couldn't get arrested this time around despite their records. and so kasich, one would hope, if you make an argument on executive experience and electability and reaching out, kasich is the beneficiary. this is such a topsy-turvey year and because they turned on the creator. they didn't attack trump. thought he would be a curiosity who would flame out himself, clearly not the case. >> you have predicted that the evangelical vote and christian vote, if you will, broader than evangelical, would drift toward trump in the south. they did in south carolina. you know, i think a lot of people look at numbers, scratch their head and oh, we thought cruz would have had evangelical vote locked in. he didn't. does this translate across the south? does this translate into super tuesday? and why do you think it is that trump can win evangelicals. >> i really think it does. >> i think this race so much is
2:42 pm
not about the rise of rubio. but this state is tailor made for an evangelical. rick santorum did that as well to some degree. >> and cruz didn't get a single one. >> ted cruz -- ted cruz did not win a single county in this state. and it is absolutely amazing when you consider the heavy evangelical base. but listen, here is a problem with ted cruz that he just can't shake. i have talked to pastors, parishioners, they all say the same thing. they don't trust him. they understand as a christian and his basic campaign slogan is i'm as good as ronald reagan but a little bit better than jesus christ. if you have that on the campaign trail, then you better be pretty air tight on things like tithing, on asking for forgiveness and not blaming cnn when you actually were the ones who wrecked ben carson's campaign in iowa and lying and bearing false witness. photo shopping a picture of
2:43 pm
marco rubio with barack obama. those things are dirty and underha underhanded and in this day of information and technology we can find out who do the shadow campaigns. it falls on ted cruz's shoulders. it is tough and he is talking about being pair and that's what hurt him most with evangelicals and i think it will hurt him with the rest in the south as well. >> we will have someone from his team on the show later and remember, he did take iowa and he took iowa with some of the similar tactics. thank you. john avalon, margaret hoover, thank you. coming up next, ar 15 style rifles used in seven mass shootings in this country since 2012 from san bernardino to isn't a sandy hook. now those murdered in newtown, they are taking the gun mafrer to court. that case heard tomorrow.
2:44 pm
you will hear deb story about the parent's fight here.
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tomorrow could be a water shed moment, on whether gun manufacturers should be held libel. families of children at sandy hook believe those companies should be responsible. remington filed a motion to have a case dismissed. if they lose, the company will face trial for the death of the
2:48 pm
26 individuals in newtown. the hearing on that motion to dismiss is tomorrow. but this is a bigger story. consider all of these mass shootings. aurora movie theater with 12 kills. umpqua community college in oregon, nine murdered. also at town center in oregon, two killed. in san bernardino, california, 14 murdered. in sandy hook, 26 people murdered, including 20 first grade student. in all of these massacres, ar-15 style weapons were used. this is a divisive issue on the campaign trail for gop candidates and democrats. hillary clinton and bernie sanders weigh in. >> if somebody has a gun and it falls into the hands after murderer, and that murderer kills somebody with the gun, do you hold the gun manufacture responsible? not any more than you hold a hammer company responsible if someone beat someone over the head with a hammer. >> so far as i know, the gun
2:49 pm
industry and gun sellers are the only business in america that is totally free of liability for their behavior. >> we want you to hear from parents. our deb reports. >> reporter: lasting less than five minutes. but when the shooting at sandy hook elementary finally stopped, 20 children and 6 educators lay dead. one was david wheeler's 7-year-old son, benny. his other son, who was nine, was also there. >> he spent that entire time hiding in a box of t-shirts in a supply closet. and he heard every round. and one of his first questions to me was, how many people were there, dad? how many were there? and i said one guy. >> 154 rounds fired from an ar-15 high powered semiautomatic assault rifle.
2:50 pm
a weapon originally created and designed by the u.s. military to be fully automatic and used in combat. >> each of the kids had three to eight bullets in them. something like that. and you just think, there is something wrong. >> jackie's 6-year-old son, daniel, was also killed. both parents are part after potentially precedent setting lawsuit alleging remington its distributors and sellers have a legal obligation to safely market such a dangerous product. instead, the lawsuit says gun makers do the opposite. use adrenaline fueled ads and target had product placement in video games like call of duty which the sandy hook gunman played repeat lid before the rampage. >> i would like to see them stop looking at violence prone young men as their ideal customer. >> their target. >> the lawsuit focuses on a 2005 law passed by congress.
2:51 pm
that protects gun manufacturers from liability if essentially a firearm is misused in a crime to kill people. remington declined cnn's request for comment citing pending litigation. however in papers to dismiss the suit, their lawyers argue that 2005 law quote provides complete immunity to the remington defendant. since 2012, ar-15 has been used in seven of the america's deadly shootings. which together claimed 79 lives. they include aurora movie theater and most recently san bernardino's isis-inspired rampage. >> do you think if the gunmen had used a different kind of firearm that maybe, just maybe, your children could have survived. >> but he chose that because he wanted to. >> right. >> he had other firearms on his person and in his car and he doesn't use them. he didn't take them. because he knew what he was doing.
2:52 pm
and he knew what he wanted to do. >> remington is trying to have that case dismissed. if they fail, that gun manufacturer could face trial in connection with the deaths of 26 people murdered at sandy hook elementary school. >> deb, thank you very much. we will keep a close eye on that story for you. we'll take a quick break and be right back. acked windshield ruin your plans. trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪ weyoung company around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing we need fresh ideas! >>got it. we slow, we die. >>what about cashing out? no! i'm trying to build something here. >>how about using fedex ground for shipping? >>i don't need some kid telling me how to run a business! i've been doing this for 4 long months. >>fedex ground can help us save money and deliver fast to our customers. not bad, kid. you remind me of a younger me.
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you are look at live pictures of two political events going on right now. you see on the left of your screen bernie sanders there speaking in greeneville, south carolina. making his pitch to voters ahead of the democratic primary there next weekend. and in little rock, arkansas, marco rubio taking the stage in one of three states he will be in today. all of this for you and a battle of the white house throughout the hour. still ahead, apple at war with the fbi. a judge ordering tech giant it hack into one the phones of the san bernardino terrorists shooter right there. the implications though, could affect almost every smart phone owner in this country. a huge fight. how high up will it go in the courts? a look inside, ahead.
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all right, it is 6:00 here on the east coast. i'm poppy harlow. thanks for being with us. i want to take to you two live political events. bernie sanders stumping in greeneville, south carolina. trying to get votes ahead of the democratic primary next weekend. marco rubio off hison


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