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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  February 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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all right. 7:00 p.m. eastern, 4:00 p.m. out west this is cnn, i'm poppy harlow. thank you so much for joining us. five men, five men now elbowing for the republican presidential nomination. jeb bush suspending his campaign last night. and today, receipt maining gop candidates are looking towards their next contest. tuesday's caucuses in nevada. earlier today, new hampshire primary winner south carolina primary winner donald trump speaking at a rally in atlanta. saying to them, you're going to get so tired of winning. big cheers for that our political reporter jeremy diamond was at the trump event. and in nevada we have our sunlen serfaty with the cruz campaign. jeremy, let me start with you. we heard donald trump say you're going to get so tired of winning, you spoke with his
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campaign manager about sort of the strategy going forward from here. what is it? >> yeah, that's right. poppy, donald trump, you know gave his classic stump speech today. but his campaign manager talking about how there's going to be an aggressive schedule coming up as donald trump goes to nevada. flying there tonight. on his way now. and then he'll be on to the super tuesday states. states voting on march 1st. a lot of them in the south. donald trump hoping to make a big win there competing with texas senator ted cruz who has staked a lot of his campaign there. donald trump not able to resist hitting one of his former rivals. i think we have the sound byte. listen in. >> i'll give you a story. one of the candidates, i won't say who yet, but you could find out, one of the candidates, the head of a major, major and the owner of a major, major pharmaceutical company. is in charge of his campaign. right? you know that, right? in charge of his campaign. raises hundreds of millions of
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dollars. they've raised a fortune. they have a fantastic like a lot of money. pharmaceuticals. so a friend of mine comes up to me, a doctor. he says donald i don't understand it. the united states is the biggest purchaser of drugs in the world. they don't negotiate price. they're not allowed to. and i said what are you talking about, they're not allowed to. i said that can't be but i'll check it as soon as i checked it i realized why -- he's right. >> that of course is a line that donald trump has used time and again against jeb bush. who on saturday already dropped out of the race. so it looks like donald trump may be missing jeb bush, one of the key elements of his stump speech. just a little bit on the campaign trail. >> jeremy, thank you very much. sunlan to you. let's talk about ted cruz in las vegas. obviously he wished he would have come in ahead of donald trump and marco rubio in south carolina. what are his chances now especially against rubio? >> well, the main part of ted
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cruz's messaging going forward is that he's the only candidate that can and has beaten donald trump. obviously leaning a little bit on his iowa win. we've already seen him start to argue that on the ground here in nevada. he just wrapped up his rally here and spoke with press and the cruz campaign is trying to present this image that they are on track after that south carolina loss. really trying to say, you know, really in the post mortem, the discussion being in large part about the evangelical vote. what they've always said is the core part of their support. and he lost that vote to donald trump in south carolina. and he was peppered with questions at a media conference about this today and he tried to downplay it. ted cruz said it's an ongoing discussion throughout the campaign and quickly pivoted to this. >> and he was asked, what state did you win? you weren't able to win in iowa, you weren't able to win in new hampshire or south carolina. when can you win a state?
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and the answer he gave is he said well i think we could win florida on march 15th. that's a fairly amazing admission that they don't believe they're going to win in nevada. apparently they don't believe they're going to win any states on super tuesday. >> so ted cruz wasting no time to pivot away from his loss in south carolina and pivot to marco rubio. really kind of trying to twist the knife saying where can he win? this will be such a key and core part of their messaging going forward. >> absolutely. thank you very much. so let's also talk about this. the threat of terror obviously huge in this election. an issue number one for a lot of voters and the question is what does it take to protect the nation in a world of turmoil and terror. take a look at this poll from south carolina. these are the gop voters who said terror was the most important issue in their minds in the number one spot. trump followed by ted cruz who was slammed for pledging to
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quote carpet-bomb them into oblivion. those are the top two front-runners on that topic. let's talk more about it with retired lieutenant general. mark hertling, former commander of the u.s. army in europe and the seventh army. a cnn military analyst. thank you very much for being with me, general. >> good evening, poppy. >> you just wrote a cnn op-ed piece on this which i would direct everyone to. it's fascinating on you say there's a key question that one should ask when considering who will be the next commander-in-chief. what is that question? >> well. i was asked, i teach a leadership course to a bunch of physicians and one of them approached me and said how do you judge the candidates, who are you voting for? i said that's very private. but you can judge leadership capability based on three factors. their character, who they are, how they relate what their value system are, number one. number two, their presence. how other people see them and not only just people in the united states, but people overseas, foreign leaders. but number three, their intellect.
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their ability to understand the situation and the circumstances related to all things both domestically and internationally. so those are the three areas that i'm looking for as i'm evaluating and conducting an analysis of the candidates. and as i said in the article, i am finding some of our candidates very lacking in either one of or many of those areas. and several of them have greater strengths in those areas. >> i thought it was interesting, because you actually don't name any of those candidates in your piece. you write truly great leaders realize there are some things they just don't know. what -- what former president, i'm interested historically speaking, what former president is a good example of someone who does acknowledge what they don't know? >> well there are several and i don't want to go into a history lesson here. but what i will tell you is all former presidents have had experiences where they just didn't know things. and they call in the experts. and they're humble in their approach to understanding that they don't know all things and they want support from their
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experts and they build very good teams. mr. rag-that. president clinton did that on several occasions. this is something that occurred on both sides of the aisle. but every single president has been required to do that. because there's such a variety of subjects that will strike the president. and things that are going to be happening, in 2016 when the next president takes office will be very different in 2020 at the end of his or her first term. it's not only the things you talk about today, but it's the ability to understand the things that might approach you every single day of the presidency and the surprises that come into being while you are acting as the president. i've had very good friends who have served as advisers to the presidents in both the military and the civilian aspect and they will say that the topics and the subjects and the variety of the spectrum of things they're asked to determine on a daily basis changes every morning of every day.
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>> i want to you listen to something that donald trump said this week. let's roll it. >> earlier in the century, last century. general pershing, did you ever hear? rough guy, rough guy. and they had a terrorism problem. and there's a whole thing with swine and animals and pigs and you know the story, okay? they don't like that. they took the 50 terrorists and he took 50 men and he dipped 50 bullets in pig's blood. he had his men load his rifles, and he lined up the 50 people, and they shot 49 of those people. and the 50th person, he said you go back to your people and you tell them what happened. and for 25 years there wasn't a problem. >> this was followed by the council on american islamic relation which is is a leading muslim rights civil rights group. they said that this rhetoric, general, has crossed the line
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from spreading hatred to inciting violence. what's your take on a statement like that the story that he told? >> well i would first of all agree with that. that it does spread hatred and violence. he's also talking about an action taken by general pershing close to 100 years ago during the morrow insurrection, i believe that's what he's talking about. and if we can't say we've advanced a little bit in 100 years, shame on us. we're a much more advanced society. i think some of our candidates, i won't he name which ones, are appealing in the greater base of the people trying to get votes from and this is very unfortunate, because it does spread hatred. the battlefield is is a very complex and complicated thing, poppy. you know that very well and to spread these kinds of things, especially any candidate who has not been on the battlefield, suggesting these kinds of techniques and the 21st century. is just to me, a professional soldier, appalling. soldiers live by values. they conduct operations under
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the law of war. this is not something that would go on in the 21st century. an i think mr. trump in this particular case has been very lax in his ability to cull out general pershing's comments on this particular one. it was a darker side of american history. not one that i would propose would be one of the better things to talk about. >> lieutenant-general mark hertling. pointing everyone to your op-ed on all of this on ahead, it is the last republican presidential debate before super-tuesday, join our wolf blitzer, moderating it all live from texas. thursday night, february the 25th, 8:30 p.m. eastern only here. ahead this how we've got a lot of news to get to up next, the democrats, hillary clinton takes the win in nevada. is she finally on her way to locking up the democratic nomination? also ahead, a member of the ted cruz campaign joins me live. i will ask him about the evangelical vote. why they didn't get most of it
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is donald trump now the inevitable gop nominee? after his win last night in south carolina, it should be no really noted and no surprise here, people talk about him as inevitable. because no gop primary candidate has ever won new hampshire and south carolina and not been the nominee. buck sexton thank you for being with me. you have a short by to-the-point tweet did you last night. you tweeted, the gop establishment is now at defcon 1 trump. >> south carolina a game changer all along we've heard that donald trump was going to implode go, away. he didn't have a ground game. he was going to get tired of this now we know not only is that not the case, but he has won in a state where many had
4:15 pm
thought that for example ted cruz would have a leg up. >> and ted cruz didn't even win the evangelical vote. >> yes. this has turned the conventional wisdom has gone through so many versions of being wrong. trumpism now has the history behind it he's won two -- it would be a record-breaking in that sense if he did not win the nomination. and also mathematically as you look at the delegate paths, the math favors trump right now. and that is freaking out people that have been assuming all along that somehow this would not happen. this has become a reality. >> i want to push back on the math. because there are those including i would assume that the trump surrogate who is, cruz surrogate is going to join me late another says actually when you look at the math it doesn't really work out that way. trump holds on to 30% right now in a field of what was six, but when you get down to say a field of three, he's not going to be able to secure the 50-plus percent that he needs. >> certainly that's what the other two main campaigns are going to say at this point. >> i'm not saying that they
4:16 pm
can't win. >> i'm just saying that if you were to look the what's been done and what's likely. if the polls are right for the super tuesday primary. if the polls are right for the s.e.c. states coming up. donald trump is going to be the prohibitive favorite for anyone else overtaking even by time it becomes winner take all on march 15th. some big states like ohio or like florida rather. so there's ways for them to win. right now rubio and cruz are boxing out each other and donald trump is going to keep getting first and rubio and cruz will fight it out for second and third. unless the polls were wrong, which they weren't in south carolina. >> listen to what trump did say on the state of the union about his ability to bring over nonrepublican voters. let's play it. >> as a candidate, i will bring over many, many dems. we're going to bring over a lot of independents. nobody else will. in all fairness the other candidates will never bring over independents. they will never bring -- we're talking about the reagan democrats. we're going to bring other tremendous numbers, we're going
4:17 pm
to bring other youth. bernie is not going to make it. in my opinion. i never thought he would. hillary won't make it. frankly if she gets indicted, that's the only way she's going to stop. and i think it's going to be between hillary and myself. they say it will be the largest voter turnout in the history of united states elections. for the doubter, should they be about done doubting trump? >> they should be done doubting that he's not serious and he's not the front-runner. i mean can he actually -- >> doubting his ability to take it all the way? at what point do you stop doing that? >> i think he showed that recent, one of the big take-aways from south carolina is not just who is able to win. he won evangelical voters. ted cruz had been courting them for months and had this ground game in place and has been so on message and just also ideologically so much more consistent with the evangelical voters. but apart from that, the results of the aspect of trump showing that he has learned in this process, is he had a better ground game in south carolina than he did in iowa.
4:18 pm
he had put more into this process. people said he's becoming a better candidate as he goes through this. i think that has to be taken into account. i do think he's going to see this thing through all the way. i'm not hearing anybody, saying they think he's going to drop for any reason. the campaigns can point to ways that if certain things broke in certain ways, cruz and rubio could still win. if you look at their support an where they're polling in different states and luke at the proportion versus winner take all situations in those states, mathematically trump right now if you're a betting man or woman likes like he's the one that's most likely to win this nomination. the same way that look bernie sanders could theoretically beat hillary clinton. i think at this point most people would put their money on hillary clinton winning the nomination. >> it's different because trump has taken those two states. >> trump has taken two states. if you win them, you always end up being the nominee. >> if we've learned anything this year, this cycle, is anything but history su know, following the state of history. got to leave it there.
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buck thank you very much. this week it's the democrats' turn to face south carolina voters. just days before their party primary. the candidates make their case to you, the voter. do not miss the cnn south carolina democratic presidential town hall. it is moderated by chris cuomo, tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. ink it landed last tues. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ ten westminster best in show winners in a row. all fueled by purina pro plan...
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♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. with so many primaries coming up in the next few weeks. there's certainly a lot at stake. remember we've only this three states decide so far. democrats acknowledging they have a lot of work to do. bernie sanders this morning on cnn's state of the union with jake tapper saying he needs to do better with african-american voters. >> we did badly with the african-american vote. but i think the more the african-american community, hears our message on a broken
4:23 pm
criminal justice system, which has more people in jail today than any other country on earth, largely african-american and latino. we when they hear our message about the need for an economy that represents all of us, not just the 1%, think you're going to see us making progress there as well. >> on state of the union this morning, as well, hillary clinton spoke to jake tapper and she talked about her issue of trust worthiness. >> i understand that voters have questions, i'm going to do my very best to answer those questions. i think there's an underlying question that maybe is -- really in the back of people's minds, and that is is she in it for us or is she in it for herself. >> well clinton did score a clear victory over bernie sanders in nevada. team clinton deployed a huge organizational machine in that state to slow the sanders surge after his stunning, stunning performance in new hampshire.
4:24 pm
here's a closer look at how clinton clinched the win. >> are you leaning one way or another at the final moment? >> the final moment. it really is my logic tells me go for hillary. my heart tells me go for bernie. i feel as if i'm going to have an affair on bernie if i go for hillary. >> are you -- which way do you feel like you're leaning, head or heart? i'll probably most likely go for my head. i'm a little bit more of a logical person than i am emotional person. >> i'm eating your hair. >> nonetheless, let's go over what's going to happen here. in this room, the candidates are going to appear.
4:25 pm
hillary. >> hillary! >> i don't know. >> should have worn sunglasses, don't let him see me. i believe if anybody can get stuff down, hillary more so than bernie. >> thank you so much. >> there you have it. how one woman in that state made the last-minute decision on who to support. coming up, ted cruz says he can and will beat donald trump. that is despite his loss with that critical evangelical vote. particularly in south carolina. trump says it's because he's a
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if you heard ted cruz last night. you may have mistaken his third place in south carolina with a victory. listen. we are the only campaign that has beaten and can beat donald trump. >> that's why donald relentlessly attacks us and ignores all the other candidates. >> joining me is ron nearing, at the time cruz' california kparm
4:30 pm
and the gop's former california campaign chairman. man who just goff got off about a 500-mile road trip driving up to d.c. from south carolina. so thank you for being with me. >> my pleasure, great to be here. >> to many, that sounded last night like a victory speech. and yet you had cruz about ten points behind trump and you had him losing with evangelicals by six points. a lot of folks thought he would have taken the joiken vote there especially on a week when donald trump gets in a spat with the pope. >> in a week where ted cruz took on everybody and won in this case in south carolina ted cruz took on the entire establishment. marco rubio had the endorsement of governor nikki haley, senator tim scott. just about the entire establishments and jumping up and down on ted cruz' head aend tied marco rubio for second place. >> he didn't tie marco rubio for second place according to the numbers. >> it's a virtual tie.
4:31 pm
it's a difference of about 1,000 votes out of 800,000 votes cast. >> but it's not a tie. >> well it's close. >> and so we can go back and forth on that but the reality is at the end of the day it was not us who said we had to win south carolina. it was marco rubio who said in his 3-2-1 plan he shared with all of his donors he had to come in third in iowa. which he did. he had to come in second in new hampshire. which he didn't. he came in a distant fifth and he had to win in south carolina. even with all of the establishment support he had in south carolina, he couldn't win. and so if he couldn't win in south carolina, in what state is marco rubio going to win? in order to become competitive in the nomination? the reality is if you want to defeat donald trump you have to go with ted cruz. because we're the only candidate who has defeated donald trump so far and we're the only candidate who can go all the way. >> i hear you, but at the same time you're talking about winning iowa, which your camp did. but if you look at the last two elections, look who else won iowa? you had huckabee in 2008, santorum in 2012. that does not a presidential
4:32 pm
contender and a general make. >> if you take a look at history, what's clear is that in order to win the nomination, you have to be able to win one of the early states. only two candidates have done that so far. that's donald trump and ted cruz. marco rubio hasn't done that and there's only one state left and it's not looking good for him to win in nevada. if you want to look at history, that's one thing to look at. being able to win an early state. we've said from the outis the that ted cruz needs to win one of the early states, we've done it and now we're going to go on to march 1st. what's interesting is what marco rubio said this morning, when he was pressed on what state he's able to win. he cited only florida, which votes on march 15th. that won't work in order to defeat donald trump. 45% of the delegates will already have been chosen by the time we get to the first state which marco rubio says he can win. which sounds like he's already conceding nevada on tuesday. >> let's talk about the issue of trustworthiness. it's important to voters on both
4:33 pm
sides of the aisle there are folks increasingly questioning ted cruz' trustworthiness. let's listen. >> i said he's been lying because if you say something that isn't true and you say it over and over again and you know it's not true. >> you probably are worse than jeb bush. >> ted cruz goes out, you talk about liars. >> for a number of weeks ted cruz has been telling lies, lied about ben carsen in iowa. >> he lies about marriage. he's lying about all sorts of things and now he makes things up. >> i have never met a person who lies more than ted cruz. >> okay. granted, a lot of it coming from his competitors, but let's look at what the voters say in this exit poll last night in south carolina you've got who ran the most unfair campaign. trump, 39% followed by cruz, 33. are you worried about that? any credibility problem? >> well it's no surprise that when you're challenge the washington cartel, when you come to washington, d.c. and challenge a leadership in both
4:34 pm
parties and then you're in a strong position to become the republican nom nigs for president, people are going to say bad things about you, that shouldn't be a surprise. what's surprising is that marco rubio reacts so poorly to people challenging his record on am nesty. he has a record, he ran for senate in the state of florida as a tea party candidate, as a conservative candidate. he came to washington, d.c., he betrayed that by signing onto the authoring the rubio/schumer amnesty bill. doing barack obama's bidding on providing an amnesty he said he wouldn't do whenever anyone calls him on his record, he gets mad and says that's a lie and so on. marco rubio should just stand up and take responsibility for his position which is that he's a liberal on the issue of am nesty. an issue that's concern to many people that goes to the issue of trust. he said he wouldn't do that. for him to step forward and essentially do barack obama's bidding on an issue that's of great concern to republicans, particularly now. you know is really quite shocking. >> i'm talking about ted cruz, your candidate's credibility and
4:35 pm
concerns there that the voters show in that polling. >> i think what my concern is, is that you have marco rubio and donald trump both, echoing the same line. and of course they're going to say something like that because we're their competition. of course they're going to -- both of those candidates have one thing in common -- they want to avoid -- >> the voters said it in this poll. >> right. well certainly look, people have to make their own decisions as we go forward. and ultimately they're listening to all of the candidates. and it's not a surprise that the tactic that our opponents refer to or wind up resorting to is to simply jump up and down and call ted cruz a liar as a means of diverting attention from their own liberal records. donald trump is is a manhattan liberal who has supported partial birth abortion. he did so in that interview, famous interview with tim russert. where he said he had new york values and so on. and marco rubio in terms of his leading the fight for am nesty. and the like, these are
4:36 pm
candidates who need to try to distract attention from their own records and that's the issue which they're going to try to bring up. we're going to continue to talk about ted cruz' record which is a proud record that both in temperatures of his time in the senate and his time as solicitor general. he's taken on the status quo in washington and taken on the leadership of both parties. that's a record to be proud of. >> ron nearing, we have to leave it there, thank you very much. quick break, we'll be right back. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean, (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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4:40 pm
the statue is the school symbol of truth. but for the eight women who have filed a title ix sexual discrimination lault, it is the truth they say that the school helped bury. >> i don't feel like they took the proper measures in punishing him. >> that's the voice of jane doe number one, a plaintiff in the lawsuit who had accused then-ut basketball player yam i-mcinjula of rape. prosecutors did not prosecute him. but the school found by a preponderance of evidence that he was responsible on sexual assault charges. he had transferred to another university. don bosh who has represented makanjula and other athletes mentioned in the suit said allegations are false. makanjula is not a defendant in this lawsuit, nor are the other athletes who are mentioned. the suit against the school
4:41 pm
encompasses what the plaintiffs say is is a hostile sexual environment and culture at ut. >> there are women that are sometimes predatory in nature, that are seeking out relationships with these athletes, and later turn those around to allege sexual assault. to allege certain things. in hopes for some financial gain. >> to say that the perpetrator in this instance, a student athlete, is a victim of these sexual assault allegations? is one of the most repulsive and insulting things that anyone could say. >> jenny wright is the former director of student judicial affairs. she investigated student misconduct between 2011 and 2013. she claims she was fired from her job after blowing the whistle on the school's athletic department. for allegedly interfering with investigations involving student athletes. ut says she was terminated for failure to cooperate with an investigation into whether she had an inappropriate
4:42 pm
relationship with a student athlete. an independent investigation later cleared her of any wrongdoing. >> i was worried. >> about what? >> i still am, about fallout and backlash. >> i challenge anyone to find any undue influence by the athletics department. >> bill ramsey, the lead counsel for tennessee says the lawsuit is filled with misconceptions, most importantly ramsey said, the school took the necessary action. >> of course the university, our heart goes out to any victim. but they can't remedy what happened. they can only take action to enforce the rules on campus. which is what they did in the situations at hand here. >> the lawsuit mentions perhaps the most famous athlete ever to come out of the university, peyton manning. it was back in the mid '90s that manning had an inappropriate exchange with a female trainer. while his incident isn't jermaine to the lawsuit. the lawyer who filed it says it shows there's been a culture of
4:43 pm
indifference towards women on this campus for decades. in a lawsuit against a university. a female trainer accused manning of sitting on her face while naked as she treated him for an injury. manning claimed he was mooning another athlete and while he said his actions were inappropriate, they were not criminal. a settlement was reached in the case in 1997. as part of it, the trainer agreed to leave the school. >> a short skirt does not mean yes. >> in 2014, ut launched a campaign on campus called defining consent in response to a rise in sexual assaults across the country. >> it's something that we take very seriously here. >> in an exclusive interview with cnn, the school's head football coach, butch jones says he educate his players year-round about their ethics and conduct. several of his players are named in the lawsuit. >> these isolated incidences are not an indication of what we have, the type of character that we have in our football program. and the culture that we have in our football program. we have good people here. >> you will know the truth and
4:44 pm
the truth shall set you free. it's the university of tennessee motto. those involved in the title ix lawsuit say they can only hope that it's still applies. nick valencia, cnn, knoxville, tennessee. nick, thank you so much for that. coming up -- a medical milestone, researchers on a former nfl player, who died last year, well they may have discovered something that may pave the way for other players with a brain injury blamed on the sport. this exclusive report from our dr. sanjay gupta is next. othis highly sought-after device "nafrom progressiveool. can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving it away for just 3 easy payments of $4.99 plus tax!
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>> fred mcneal loved football.
4:49 pm
>> was a monster. all over the field. first one to the ball. >> despite how much of his life. football later took from him. >> fred did everything he was -- he played ball, wept to law school. prepared for life after football. we had the kids. you know, it was a good life. >> mcneil played in two super bowls, was no ordinary player. his sons say no ordinary man. >> he was the best friend of ours, our first best friend. superman. >> and then it changed. cte, chronic traumatic encephalopathy changed their lives. they had no idea what was happening at the time. >> it looked like financial issues at first. it looked like marital issues, his personal issues. it was depression and all these things that came with it. >> now we see for the first time the impact it had not just on the man, but his wife, his two sons.
4:50 pm
>> i remember we were playing basketball. we got into an argument while playing. and he started getting aggressive with me. >> there was two moments where he lost it. and punched holes in the walls. and it was like -- wow. >> cte can hit hard. and fast. mcneil just in his 40s lost his job as a lawyer. filed for bankruptcy. lost the home. >> i would look at fred often as crazy. what is going on with you, you know. i remember he was losing job after job. >> i thought to myself first, i'm thinking is this a mid-life crisis? what is going on? i had a conversation with my mom and i was like i think something is gn gg on, he needs to see a doctor, therapist. figure out what it is. >> "it" is something i noticed myself when i first met fred back in 2010. >> talking i can tell that it's, it's a little bit difficult for
4:51 pm
him. do you remember my name? >> oh, sanjay. >> got it. >> right, okay, good. >> if i was to see you next week -- if we saw each other again, would you remember me? >> sanjay, i don't know. >> when fred was playing, the worst we ever thought an injury would be would be major spinal type thing where they're carried off in paralysis, that was your worst fear sitting in the stands. but this, you know, we didn't know. >> rage, memory loss. depression. >> yeah. >> did your father have all three of those? >> definitely, definitely. yeah, that was another point of worry for us. because there were times when he would talk about ending it. and we were like no way. like this is not our dad. >> but it was their dad. a different dad. and it was easy to be angry with him. after all, they didn't know he had cte. it couldn't be diagnosed until
4:52 pm
after his death. >> you also made the decision to have fred's brain donated after he passed away? >> well i had made the decision early on. but yes. >> first thing i want to show you is this. >> now for the first time she is seeing her husband's brain. and exactly what football did to it. >> we found blotches you're seeing are tar. which is the protein we see in cte. >> dr. bennett omalu recently made famous when will smith portrayed him in the movie "concussion." >> if you look at the part of the brain that controls memory. he has significant memory impairment. >> can you see how cte ravaged mcneil's brain. perhaps even more remarkable, dr. omalu tells us he already knew fred mcneil had cte before he died. how? >> using a p.e.t. scan
4:53 pm
technology that he develop and partly owns. >> can you see the red areas is identifying the tao in his brain. >> if it is true, fred mcneil would be the first person in the world to have his cte diagnosed while still alive and then confirmed with an autopsy after his death. >> it explains a lot. because i am seeing a lot of that. the tao protein. >> but it is early. too early. just 14 nfl players, including hall of famer tony dorset have been examined using this technology. only mcneil's diagnosis has been confirmed. the question is, will the test be able to distinguish cte from other dementias? like alzheimer's? >> fred played in the first ten years of the league this is what, super bowl 50 is coming. i know there's a huge number of players and families. between that point and now. when fred first started playing that are going to be experiencing this.
4:54 pm
and it's important to have information for them to get help and support. >> even if none of it can erase the damage done to fred mcneil's brain or to his family. >> always reminder of how he raised us and the reminders keep us on the steady path, for sure. >> how about you, gavin, how are you holding up with all this? >> i'm doing all right, you know. >> super inspired by his life, you know. creative you know. productive. definitely feeling with this, you know. good, you know. good.
4:55 pm
sanjay, thank you so much. for this story. it's so important. look at what we're hearing this week. we're hearing every week about more and more players with this disease. we note that these researchers at boston university have now identified over 96% of nfl players with the disease. is that an accurate reading? is it really 96%? >> yeah. well you know out of the brains that they have exampled, 96% of them have had cte. but poppy, you bring up an important point which i guess is something known as selection bias, that is to say that people who have had their brains donated, families donated their loved one's brains, had some suspicion that they had this. because of the behavior during their lives. so that, you now it's not to say that 96% of all nfl players will have this but certainly 96% of the players who thought they had something wrong in fact did. >> dr. sanjay gupta. thank you so much for that. coming up next -- the number.
4:56 pm
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the number tonight is 12, 12 years, the difference in life expectancy among rich and poor men. born in 1940, according to a new study out from brookings. just 20 years earlier, the life expectancy difference was half that it was six years. not only is the wealth gap widening, but those with lower incomes, the study shows, are living shorter lives as well. this isn't just impacting men. the study found the same trend is happening among women. so what's the actual cause? they looked at obesity, smoking, nutrition, exercise, all of it. they still haven't been able to pinpoint the exact cause. but again, the number tonight, is 12. next on cnn, anderson cooper hosts a premiere of the race for
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