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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 22, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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106 years old. a wonderful, wonderful woman. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'll back, 5:00 p.m. eastern, in the "situation room." for international viewers, "amanpour" is next. for north america, "newsroom" with pamela brown starts right now. hello, i'm pamela brown in for brooke baldwin. thank you for being here with us on this monday. so will tomorrow help turn donald trump into something that doesn't often come out of nevada? a sure bet. the republican caucuses are tomorrow evening. trump is now basking in the fact that every republican who's won primaries in both south carolina and new hampshire has become the presidential nominee. in this election, runner-up doesn't necessarily mean down and out. marco rubio's strong finish in south carolina may have just cinched him as the traditional candidate the republican party has been seeking.
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especially now that bush has dropped out of the race. rubio spoke just moments ago, how he feels, saying he feels good not just about tomorrow but moving into march and the dozen primaries that happen on super tuesday. >> obviously, ties to las vegas run deep, my time growing up here. the city has changed a lot. we have a lot of friends here, a lot of family. but i'm not sure that's going to be enough to be a factor in the caucus. i think is going to be like every other candidate coming in. we're going to have to compete hard. i know this, i feel very confident about our campaign. we're going to continue to move forward and continue to add delegates to our calendar. i think we're in a very strong position. >> cnn political reporter maev weston joins us where the trump rally is taking place right now. >> rubio just wrapped up. actually rubio, ted cruz and donald trump jr. are all
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appearing within a one-block radius today. in one of the ruralest cities in nevada. it's sort of the wild west out here in nevada. it's very hard to do polling here. because it's difficult to figure out who's actually going to turn out. but you heard marco rubio making a strong case in there he's the most electable candidate in the race. ted cruz is also making that argument as he flies around nevada today. back in 2012, when mitt romney won here, actually only 7% of voters turned out to caucus. and that's why it's so difficult to figure out who's tahead. but a lot of people here do seem enthusiastic about trump. >> you are really getting the pulse of what people there in rural areas of nevada feel and interesting to hear your perspective. thank you so much, appreciate it. and from 17 candidates to 5. the republican field is thinning. many say that will mean a tougher contest for trump as his opponents gain support. on the night of his south
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carolina victory, donald trump had this to say. >> a number of the pundits said, well, if a couple of the other candidates dropped out, if you add their scores together, it's ging to equal trump. they're geniuses. they don't understand that as people drop out, i'm going to get a lot of those votes also. you don't just add them together. >> all right, so with me now, the author of "god and government," why christians must be involved in the political process it conservative blogger here. also here, jeff due wit, arizona state treasurer who is in vegas to stump for trump. we heard what he said, as candidates drop out, those candidates will turn to him. i have a pretty good feeling you don't agree with that but it's
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looked like he's poised to win the most delegates. >> trump has brought a lot of energy to the race and a lot of people really like him but when you look at the people who aren't supporting him or haven't supported him so far, they polled the people that supported jeb bush and what actually would have happened is 2% of his supporters would have gone to marco rubio, 2% to cruz, 1% to carson. if carson were to drop out, he tends to have more of the evangelical vote. and that splits. de we don't really know where that will go. i think to say that all of that will go to trump is just a little too grandiose. >> despite the fact trump has done so well the last several states, there have been some in the establishment party who say trump is going to jeopardize the republican's majority in the senate, that he's never going to be able to make it to the white house and they're very resistant
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to accepting trump. why do you think that is? >> i definitely disagree with that. if you look at the crowds turning out be i, i'm in front e south point resort where the rally is tonight. people are already here and this event is nine hours away. what trump is doing for the republican establishment, for the republican party, not the establishment, is phenomenal. he is bringing people in to vote. in many callses that have never voted before. i spoke to an 80-year-old woman that said this is the first time she's ever voted. voting for trump. what he's doing in igniting the republican base i believe he's the only candidate on the republican side that will make it to the white house. he absolutely is igniting a fire in the american electorate that we haven't seen honestly since ronald reagan. and that's why he's the candidate we all need to get behind. he's the one who will bring us
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all together. the establishment has been making a lot money off the backs of our grandchildren for a long time and he's going to upset the balance of power without any question. but trump is what this country needs. trump is going to protect america. that's why he's leading in the polls. he's going to win here in nevada. it's really why as you see other candidates drop out, his support keeps getting stronger. >> so krystal, you hear that, i imagine you're not swayed by what jeff said, but he does have a point. you say you're leaning towards cruz though. you say anyone but trump, i will support anyone but trump. does that mean you can be swayed by marco rubio? >> i would support marco rubio. you know, i think that donald trump does bring a lot of excitement to this race, but i have a lot of concerns about his past record and the way he carries himself. i'm not sure for me it's someone i want as president. i like ted cruz. i like marco rubio. the reason why i like ted cruz
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is because he's a consistent conservative. i think donald trump is going to have a hard time converting some conservatives that say, you know, your record just isn't there. it's great, you talk the talk really well, but we haven't seen you walk the walk really at all. that's why i would be -- tomorrow i'm going to be caucusing for ted cruz but i could be swayed to vote for rubio as well. i think he has that good conservative record. >> they're sort of battling it out right now to be number two, jeff. "the washington post" reports that former presidential candidate rudy giuliani has been speaking to trump. what do you know about that? is it a sign perhaps the party is opening up to trump as a nominee? >> you know, i think people are coming around, you know. i disagree with the other guests in saying that donald trump hasn't been carrying himself well. if you look at ted cruz and how he's handled everything, as i said a few days ago, we need to change the word behind him from trusted to busted because he's been lying to voters in so many things that he said.
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in fact, the cruz campaign just sent an e-mail out about 30 minutes ago that said this is down to a three-person race. his e-mail and fund-raising e-mail to donors just said that is down to a three-person race. that is misinformation he's giving to the public. clearly kasich and carson are still in the race. the n it is not a three-person race. so i don't know if this is another time he's try to tell everyone carson is out of the race. but how he's handled himself has been poorly and gone against the core principles which he proclaims to be. with marco rubio, with both those guys honestly, they're just inexperienced first-term senators that have done nothing else than be politicians or lawyers and that's -- >> all right, i'll let you respond to that. you answered the questin about rudy giuliani and his role and what you think it signals to you. >> i'm sorry, i couldn't -- >> krystal, one second. jeff, i just wanted you to
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answer the question i asked before about rudy giuliani and what his involvement now could signal. >> well, obviously, as more and more people are coming around and realizing that donald trump is the presumptive nominee, as he keeps winning states, i don't think that that's a sign that -- a bad thing that the establishment is getting behind him. i think there's just a sense of, you know what, he is going to be the best person to move america forward and to move the republican party forward. and to bring everyone together. he's a business guy. he has a great business background of bringing people together. quite frankly, that's what we need to do things differently and with rudy giuliani or anybody else, that's what we're seeing, is people seeing now that donald trump is the guy who can get it done. >> krystal, i want you to respond to what jeff said. he said marco rubio and cruz are first-term inexperienced senators who don't know what they're doing. your response. >> sure. i would disagree. ted cruz especially, he may be a
11:10 am
first-term senator, that's true. the whole point of trump supports is trump is outside of d.c. he doesn't have that, you know, inside d.c. experience. well then you could say the same thing about cruz. it's true, he's only been there two years. he's argued in front of the supreme court. he's represented conservative values in texas and washington, d.c. i think now especially with the passing of justice scalia, we need someone that understands our constitution, that supported our constitution, that doesn't have this record that liberals can point at and say, hey this doesn't jive with what you're saying now. we need someone who's going to stand by our principles and stand by what the republican party represents. and the good of conservativism. >> krystal heath, jeff dewit, thank you. the five remaining republican candidates will meet head to head in the next gop debate this thursday in houston. wolf blitzer moderates the cnn gop presidential debate beginning at 8:30 thursday night only on cnn. up next on this monday, the democrats turning their focus to
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south carolina. can bernie sanders slow down hillary clinton's momentum as they head into their first big test in the south? plus, the uber driver accused of going on a killing spree in kalamazoo, michigan, is making his first court appearance. we're going to have a live report. the fight is heating up between apple and the fbi to unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino killers. both sides sounding off publicly over this hot button issue. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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with nevada in their rearview mirror, they're looking ahead to their first big test in the south. right now, hillary clinton has a 25-point lead over bernie sanders. aft dear feeding sanders in nevada, clinton is counting on african-american voters to show up in a big way. and to slow sanders momentum even more. but sanders is also courting black voters in south carolina. he made a surprise visit to a
11:16 am
sunday along with naacp leader n ben jealous. he has appealed to black voters by appearing in separate interviews on b.e.t. let's listen. >> i feel very supported by the large majority of the african-american community. i feel trusted by them. i experience that every day. i realize, though, that there are questions that deserve answers, which is what i'm trying to provide. i am try to lead a conversation that doesn't just address african-americans but also goes right at talking with, you know, white americans about the perspective they need to have in hearing about the barriers that african-americans face. >> everything the president does is wonderful, she loves the president, he loves her and all that stuff. we know what that's about. that's trying to win support from the african-american community where the president is enormously popular. >> so joining me now to discuss, cnn political commentator van jones and democratic strategist
11:17 am
chris cofinis. thank you both for coming on. chris, i want to start with you. you were also the former communications director for john edwards, i want to mention that. clinton is saying she feels trusted by black voters. sanders is saying she's cozying up to president obama as a way to pander to black voters. are they both sort of guilty of pandering here in a sense? >> i don't look at it in terms of pandering if you're embracing the position, of the president. i think that's kind of to be expected by most democratic candidates running to succeed the president. i think the bigger question, i think this is the challenge for sanders is after nevada, you have the situation where he didn't get the momentum he needed. part of his challenge in south carolina is not that his message can't resonate with african-americans, it does. he does speak to the economic anxiety and frustration a lot in the community feel but i think
11:18 am
the bigger problem is he's not as well known as secretary clinton is. when you're talking about a very condensed primary schedule where there's not a lot of time, it becomes a real obstacle for him. i think that's been, if you will, the hangover that's coming out of this nevada loss. had he won there, he would have gotten i think a bigger look. now he just gives the momentum more to secretary clinton. >> clinton claimed the support of 76% of black voters in nevada. if sanders is going to remain strong, as the primary shifts to diverse southern states what does he need to do? >>' couple things. he has three opportunities here. otherwise, it's going to go down in history as like a major act of malpractice with regard to the black vote. you can't be a democrat that can't compete for the black vote. first he's got to stop giving that same canned speech. everybody's heard it. african-americans consume more news than any other ethnic group, they've heard it. he should be down there telling civil rights war stories. he's got incredible civil rights war stories that would captivate
11:19 am
an audience. he can't just keep giving that same speech. the other thing is he has given hillary clinton a pass on the way she has separated herself from the president. hillary clinton is not with the president on trade. she is opposing his tpp. the president's for it. she's against the president on foreign policy. she wants a syria fly over zone. the president does not. she's against the president on health care. hillary clinton wants to get rid of the cadillac tax. the president wants to keep it. he has given her a complete pass on all of that, which makes no sense. the third this is, he has not defined his relationship with the president. it would be very easy for him to say hillary clinton loves the president, she wants to defend his gains. i love the president, i want to extend his gains. he never has aggressively defined his relationship. he's now had that relationship defined. you give the same speech everybody's heard. you give your opponent a pass on the obama issue. and you let yourself be defined
11:20 am
on obama, you are not going to get black votes. >> all right so clinton, though, she's really counting on black support to provide her campaign a fire wall. in fact, the clinton camp has this new ad just rolled out. i want us to take a listen and then i'll talk to you on the other end of it. >> she says their napes. >> trayvon martin, shot to death. do donetra, unarmed. sandra did nothing wrong. >> and makes other's fight for justice her own. >> we need action now. >> and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always stood with us. >> so as we see clinton is getting the support of african-american mothers who lost sons to gun violence. among them the mothers of trayvon martin, eric garner and davis. one of eric garner's daughters is supporting sanders. does this represent somewhat of a generational divide?
11:21 am
could this be what propelled bernie sanders, the fact he brings in those younger african-american voters in south carolina? >> it's possible. i mean, we've seen this divide at least happen, you know, in the first three contests. you know, young voters are clearly attracted to senator sanders more progressive bold, you know, message. but van i think really hit it on the head very well. i mean, what we have here is a campaign, in particular, the sanders campaign that is not evolving to the challenge they're facing. listen, campaigns, you're going to lose sometimes some contest. the choice you've got to make is what you're going to do following. you haven't seen i think the evolution since. and they really don't have a lot of time here to play around. they've got to come out in a very aggressive way and make it clear what their position is and speak to the issues the african-american community and democratic voters in south carolina care about. it's not just going to happen organically because young people are going to come out and vote for you. you've got to make those
11:22 am
distinctions and he hasn't. it's kind of a puzzle to me why. >> van, want you to comment on this, this notion of a generational divide for sanders and clinton. >> first of all, that was a brilliant ad. i mean that ad -- i was going to -- that ad is a beautiful ad. it's a powerful ad. it has morgan freeman's voice in it. you don't get any better than that if you're trying to appeal to african-americans. bernie sanders on the other hand has harry belafonte. another beautiful voice that everyone would recognize instantly. i have not seen that ad. so i just think you're seeing -- hillary clinton has evolved her message. she's saying we a lot more. if it's bernie sanders turn now to evolve. it is true that younger people like bernie but in the south, it's older african-americans who vote. it's older african-americans who
11:23 am
souls to the polls with the church buses and in the hands of the church grand mamas. the hip-hop kids do not beat a pathway to the voter booth. >> church grandmamas. >> this is bigger than just south carolina because you have super tuesdayly t ly thiterally after. it's your ability to make that message clear in those states where you're going to compete basically nationally. they haven't done that. if he doesn't, the outcome is going to be about as clear as what happened in nevada. >> all right, we will see how it play also out. chris kofinis, van jones, thank you. hillary clinton and bernie sanders tomorrow night come face-to-face with the voters of south carolina. the cnn democratic town hall live from columbia. moderated by my colleague chris cuomo. that starts tomorrow night on
11:24 am
cnn. and up next, minutes from now, we're expecting the man accused in the kalamazoo shooting rampage to appear in court for arrangement. we will bring that to you live when it happens. it's the question many in the gop are asking, is there any way to stop trump. stay with us. aveeno® absolutely ageless® night cream with active naturals® blackberry complex ... ... a whole new way to keep skin looking younger longer ... ... starting tonight. part of the new absolutely ageless collection from aveeno® we said goodbye to the day. and to the city. and drifted off into the twilight.
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the uber driver accused of going on a deadly rampage is set to appear in court any moment now for the first time. he was arrangigned on six count of murder.
11:29 am
police arrested him early sunday after they say he killed six people over seven hours at three different locations. it appears all of them were targeted randomly. two other people were wounded. prosecutors say that between these attacks, dalton continued to pick up uber passengers. two customers describe what it was like riding alongside a man they had no idea was wanted for murder. >> got maybe a mile from my house. he got a telephone call. after that telephone call, he started driving really erratically. we were kind of driving through medians, driving through lawn, speeding along. finally, once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> he didn't seem like the type -- our interaction with him was very basic. like a five-minute ride. i said, you're not the shooter, are you? he said no. i said, are you sure? he kind of just said no, i'm just tired, i've been driving for seven hours.
11:30 am
>> unbelievable. he was captured at a railroad crossing less than 20 minutes after dropping off that last man you just heard from and his family at a hotel. really hard to make sense of any of this, but is there any insight as to why dalton just drove around, apparently, allegedly, randomly gunning down innocent people? >> really just a scary situation, everyone here's still baffled by that. we believe police have some sort of motive in their minds. just not sharing that - my producer's just standing off to the side monitoring the courtroom because we believe in the next five minutes or so they'll have the first arrangement. of course he shot and killed six people and there were eight people total shot. that first shooting happened with a mother who was with her children. her children actually watched her get shot several times. she survived.
11:31 am
then he went on, four hours later, to that car dealership where he opened fire on that father and son. that son, just 17 years old. we know his girlfriend was there at the time. witnessed this shooting and dove into the car to avoid being shot herself. and then 15 minutes later, he went to that cracker barrel restaurant and was there and shot two groups of women in two different cars. four in total shot and killed. and then a 14-year-old who was shot. they at first thought she was dead but now we're told she's in critical condition. this has really shaken this community. the idea not only could he just randomlyomly shoot people, theye it clear he deliberately, and sometimes even walked up and shot these people. then picked up uber passengers. you heard that one guy talk about getting that phone call. they have con firmed to us he did talk to somebody during the shooting. so a lot of questions still out there. we would love to know from the investigative side just about what they've been able to figure
11:32 am
out. >> can't wrap your head around this. ryan young, thank you. we'll check back with you when he appeared in court. up next, after his big win in south carolina, many inside the gop are wondering, is a trump nomination inevitable? we will discuss. plus, apple ceo tim cook with a letter to employees. he says granting the fbi's request to unlock the san bernardino terrorist iphone would be opening pandora's box. back right after this. ... a whole new way to keep skin looking younger longer ... ... starting tonight. part of the new absolutely ageless collection from aveeno® live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the ultimate sleep number event going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow!
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11:37 am
not only possible but inevitable. trump telling cnn unequivocally yes. >> bernie's not going to make it, in my opinion. hillary won't make it. frankly, if she gets indicted. that's the only way she's going to be stopped. i think it's going to be between hillary and myself. they say it will be the largest voter turnout in the history of the united states elections. >> so the headlines speak for themselves. is there any stopping donald trump? is the inevitable? if trump can't stop trump, who can? michael, thanks for coming on. here we are, back to back wins for trump. trump won about the same share of the vote in new hampshire and south carolina, two vastly different states. are you surprised how trump has performed since iowa? because if i recall correctly, you were a little bit of a doubter, trump has this momentum? >> yes, again, it's the same --
11:38 am
similar percentage of the vote. it's below -- just above one-third in south carolina and in new hampshire. and what it still means is that there is the grape bulk of republicans who can't stand him. and won't support him. there's a ceiling. if you have two-thirds of the party that's voting against you consistently, that's not great. the one thing that's striking to me is if you talk about national approval ratings, trump is 31 points negative, according to the new "wall street journal" poll. hillary's only 13 points negative. that's not a good situation for republicans who actually want to win an election in november. >> but just lay it out for us. what is going on? because people hear you say that, but yet the numbers tell a different story. trump won by a pretty wide margin in south carolina and new hampshire. he was second in iowa. what is this divide here? where is this coming from? >> well, it's very simple. if you take marco rubio's votes
11:39 am
in south carolina and you add to them jeb bush's votes and the votes for kasich, rubio would have creamed trump, he would have been seven points ahead almost. the truth of the matter is, trump has been winning because of a divided field. that field is going to be less divided. i think if rubio has a very good performance, a strong second place finish or even winning in nevada, which is possible tomorrow night, they'll be enormous pressure on governor kasich to drop out, just as governor bush did, and i think you can begin having a real and meaningful choice. donald trump is very far away from persuading a majority of republicans and this is not just a question of the so-called mythical establishment. this is a question of grassroots ordinary republicans who i talk to all the time. it's what i do for a living. people polling. and lots of people who won't support trump under any circumstances. and don't mean for just the
11:40 am
nomination. i mean even after a nomination. that's a problem for a party that is starved for a victory against hillary clinton. look, pamela, the democrats in their nevada caucuses showed they want to win. they may have a heart for bernie. they may have a heart for more socialist approaches. but they want to win. and they're sticking with hillary. i think it's about time republicans whether really want to win this election actually have our voices heard. >> you're saying as the field continues to slip down on the republican side, that those votes will go to perhaps a rubio or a cruz, but trump is saying, you know, the exact opposite, that he's going to take in those votes and, in fact, the field was almost slimmer during south carolina and he did win by a pretty large margin. why don't you think he's going to peel off some of those votes? >> well, again, he won with a third of the vote. which means two-thirds of the people voted against him. that was really -- that's what
11:41 am
the election became. it became a referendum on trump. and most republicans voted no and i think will continue to vote no. the question here also, pamela, i think this is a very real possibility, something i've been talking and writing about for several months actually. i think it's entirely possible that trump will amass the most delegates but will have less than a majority on the first ballot. if we go to a convention, and there is no first ballot majority, then i don't think he has any chance at all of prevailing at the convention. and then you have an open conventi convention, which is unpredictable. could even turn to someone else who isn't a candidate who hasn't been dinged up by this entire process. though i think that's unlikely because there appears even today, you can hear it and you can see it, a consolidation of the party behind marco rubio, who is a strong candidate.
11:42 am
he and his victory statement in south carolina, senator tim scott, the only republican african-american senator in the u.s. senate, got up there and he said, we're going to turn the grand old party into the grand opportunity party. that's the kind of message i think that younger republicans and, again, republicans who want to build the party, not just send a message, build a party for the future and for future victories can rally behind. >> okay, michael medved, thank you very much. appreciate it. up next on this monday afternoon, what is becoming a huge battle between the justice department and one of the world's most powerful companies. apple's ceo tim cook telling his employees the fbi request to unlock the san bernardino's killer's iphone is about more than just one device.
11:43 am
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11:46 am
jason dalton, the kalamazoo suspect charged with shooting and killing six people at random this past weekend is now before a judge for arraignment.
11:47 am
let's take a listen. >> state of michigan versus jason dalton. are you jason brian dalton? >> yes. >> this matter is scheduled for arraignment this afternoon. it is alleged by the people of state of michigan that on or about february 20, 2016, that the following 16 offenses occurred. count one, which is alleged to taken place february 20, 2016, in the township of texas, county, state of bhg manamichig the defendant did murder mary lou ny. if guilty of this offense, punishable by a sentence of life
11:48 am
in prison. part two of the complaint alleged on february 20, 2016, in texas county, state of michigan, that the defendant did carry or have in his possession a firearm to wit a pistol at the time he committed or attempted to commit the felony of open murder. if guilty of this offense, it too is a felony, punishable by up to two years consecutive with any attempted murder conviction. third count. that the defendant did murder mary joe ny. guilty of this offense, it is a felony, punishable by life in prison. count four alleges on february 20, 2016, in texas township, kalamazoo county, state of michigan, that the defendant did have in his possession a firearm or pistol at the time he
11:49 am
committed a felony. if found guilty, punishable by up to two years consecutive with. count five alleges that on february 20, 2016, in texas township, kalamazoo county, state of michigan, the defendant did murder barbara hawthorne, guilty of this offense, it is a felony, punishable by life in prison. count six alleges that on february 20th, 2016, in kalamazoo county, state of michigan, texas township, that the defendant did carry or have in his possession a firearm, to wit, a pistol, at the time he committed or attempted to commit a felony of murder. if found guilty of of this count, it is a felony, punishable by two years consecutive. count seven. that the defendant did murder
11:50 am
dorothy brown. guilty in this offense, it is a felony, punishable by life in prison. count eight alleges that at the same time taking place, the defendant did carry or have in his possession a firearm, pistol, at the time he committed or attempted to commit the felony of open murder, guilty of count eight, it's a felony punishable by up to two years consecutive with and preceding any term of punishment imposed for the felony or taimt attempt felony. count nine. in the city of kalamazoo, kalamazoo county, state of michigan, that the defendant did murder richard smith. if guilty of this offense, it is a felony, punishable by life in prison. that the defendant did carry or have in his possession a firearm, pistol, at the time he committed or attempted to commit a felony. if guilty of this offense, it's a felony punishable by two years consecutively with and preceding any conviction.
11:51 am
count 11. alleges that on or about february 20, 2016, in the city of kalamazoo county, state of michigan, that the defendant did murder tyler smith, guilty of this offense, it is a felony, punishable by up to life in prison. count 12 alleges at the same time, the defendant did carry or have in his possession a firearm, to which a pitta pisto. guilty of this offense, punishable by up to two years in prison consecutive with and preceding any charge for attempted felony or felony conviction. count 13 alleges that on february 20, 2016, in texas county, kalamazoo county, state of michigan, that the defendant did make an assault on a.k., a minor child. if guilty of this offense, punishable by life for any number of years.
11:52 am
count 14 alleges that same time taking place, the defendant did carry or vr in his possession a fire arm, a pistol, at which time he committed or attempted to commit a felony, that being assault with attempt to murder. if guilty of this offense, it's a felony, two years consecutively with and preceding any term of punishment imposed by the felony or attempted felony conviction. in kalamazoo county, state of michigan, that the defendant made an assault upon deanna carruthers with the intent to commit the crime of murder. it's punishable for life or any number of years. count 16, that the defendant did carry or have in his possession a firearm, to wit, a pistol, at the time he committed or attempted to commit a felony, that being assault or attempt to murder. if guilty of this account, it is a felony punishable by up to two
11:53 am
years for any term of punishment imposed for the felony or attempted felony conviction. do you understand the charges being made against you, with the maximum sentences i just stated? >> yes. >> you have the right to the assistance of an attorney and right to be represented by an attorney in all subsequent proceedings in this matter. if you cannot afford an attorney, the court will appoint an attorney to represent you at the public's expense. you have the right to remain silent. anything you say orally or in writing can be used against you in court. you have the right to have an attorney present during any questions to which you consent. if y do you intent to retain a private attorney or do you want the court to appoint an attorney for you at this time? you have the right to have a probable cause conference within 7 to 14 days and the right to have a preliminary examination 5 to 7 days there after. those have been scheduled. the next court appearance is a preexam conference scheduled for thursday, march 3, 8:30 a.m., in
11:54 am
courtroom n of michigan avenue courthouse. preliminary exam itself is scheduled for march 10, 2016. 1:30 p.m. here in courtroom m of the michigan avenue courthouse. with regard to bond, is there anything you wish to tell the court at this time concerning your connections with the community? very good. court exercises its discretion under mcr 6.106 a-1 b-1 to deny bail at this time and ask the destine charged with murder. you will receive a copy of the notice to appear. that concludes today. >> thank you, your honor.
11:55 am
>> that was jason dalton in his first korcourt appearance since being charged with six murder charges, just gunning down six innocent people over the weekend in kalamazoo, michigan. the judge asked him, do you have anything you want to say about these allegationings? he said, i'd prefer to remain silent. paul callan, legal analyst, to talk more about this. he didn't say much here, paul, which i guess is no surprise, but i can't stop thinking about the fact he allegedly randomly killed these six people and then in between was picking up uber customers. how will that hurt his case? >> well, it's truly bizarre conduct. usually in a case like this, with serial killings taking place, there's a clear motive. you know, you usually have a mental disturbed person ensolvo solved or maybe there's a link
11:56 am
between victims. in this case, it appear to be random killings by someone who doesn't have a history of this behavior. it's really bizarre and suggests to me you're going to see an insanity defense here because just looking at his reaction during the arraignment, also, sort of that blank look on his face and -- suggest to me you'll see an insanity defense at some point down the line. >> so -- because i was thinking about it when i was watching this, it would be likely that would be his defense, but yet he was sane enough to be able to, you know, look at his uber app and take in customers, you know, i would think that would hurt that defense in a sense. >> you would think so and you may be correct. under michigan law to prove insanity, you have to prove you have a mental disease or defect that so impairs your capacity to understand the difference between right and wrong, that you should be found not guilty. they also have a not guilty by reason of insanity plea that can be entered into michigan. by the way, there's no death
11:57 am
penalty in michigan. they eliminated it in the 1800s. so the maximum he's facing is life in pricen, if convicted of these charges. >> just chilling to see him in the video, so stoic. thank you so much. we'll be right back. janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this.
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top of the hour now, i'm pamela brown, in for brooke baldwin. dueling rallies in the republican race for president. one for ted cruz, the other for donald trump. trump is now basking in the fact that every republican who has won primaries in both new hampshire and south carolina has become the presidential nominee. but cruz also has some bragging rights. saying he is the only one who has beaten trump, referring of course to his victory in iowa. we have senior white house correspondent jim acosta in las vegas with the trump campaign, but first, cnn is also in las vegas at the cruz rally. what is ted cruz doing to get that last-minute support? >> he's really barn storming the state. he's holding a series of 11
12:01 pm
events over the three-day stretch here. he's also making the message specifically tailored to nevada voters over the issue of land ownership. this is a wedge issue he thinks he can draw between him and donald trump. on the ground, he's saying, look, trump is someone who wants to keep the federal government in charge of your land. he will make sure the land gets switched to the state. so that's a big issue where the cruz campaign wants to pick up libertarian voters, voters that potentially were for rand paul, they want to pull them into their corner. s, ted cruz is making an electability pitch here. making sure to draw contrasts at every turn with marco rubio and really holding up, as you said, that he has gotten a win against donald trump and saying where can marco rubio get a win instead, back to you. >> all right, thanks so much, sunlen. jim, what are trump's plans for tonight? right now, there's a competing, shall we say, rally, about 6 1/2
12:02 pm
hours from where you are, his son is speaking, is that right? >> that's right, pam, this is sort of a mini-campaign happening now for the state of nevada. donald trump is only holding two rallies himself. one tonight here in las vegas and another one tomorrow in starts, nevada, before his watch party in las vegas. his son, donald trump jr., is holding that event up in elko. this is trump being trump. he's doing a lot of his campaigning on tweeter, saying earlier today the reason why ted cruz lost to evangelicals in south carolina is because he is a world class liar. in all caps. and then donald trump went on later today to tweet that the reason why he won south carolina is because of the angry voter. yes, we are angry, that's the message from trump. pam, he really doesn't have to change a thing right now. the delegate estimate shows trump way out in front. nearly six times the number of delegates as ted cruz and marco rubio.
12:03 pm
in the latest cnn/roc poll here in nevada shows trump way out front last week. we have the results out. he's about quadrupling their support. i nknow, now, they do have to b careful that polls sometimes aren't always 100% reliable. the polls show trump comfortably ahead of his rivals in iowa. the trump campaign is not really taking this for granted here. and that's why you're seeing this last-minute sprint to certain parts of the state. not only from donald trump but also his son before tomorrow in the caucuses and those results that come in tomorrow. but no question about it, pam, he is in the driver's seat now. if he wins here in nevada as expected this is going to be a candidacy that is going to be very difficult to stop, pam. >> jim acosta, thank you very much. on that note, from what jen just said, with the wind at his back, is donald trump unstoppable? that is the big question. to discuss this, cnn political
12:04 pm
commentator matt lewis who is senior contributor at "the daily caller." we know polling in nevada is not as reliable. jim sort of touched on that. trump has been leading nonetheless. if he wins a nevada caucus, does he become unstoppable? >> he's not unstoppable. but it will be very hard to stop him. he is clearly the front-runner. i do expect he'll win in nevada. i do say then it becomes very important for the nontrump candidates to coalesce around somebody. they do not seem like they're ready to do that though. still if you want to talk about delegates, even after nevada, we're only about 5% of the delegates that trump would need to become the republican nominee. quickly, when you get to super tuesday and all that, then the numbers start adding up. and he becomes a juggernaut you can't stop. >> clearly, trump is gaining momentum here. there's many frankly in the
12:05 pm
establishment and the republican party that are resisting coalescing around trump. why is that? >> well, look, i think donald trump for one thing is not a conservative. for another thing, i think he's seen as somebody who will take the republican party in the wrong direction. if you look at that autopsy the rnc did, if you want to reach out to hispanics, to more urban americans, trump is about really doubling down on working class white voters who are angry but also happen to be a dwindling part of the population going forward. a lot of reasons why they're not comfortable with trump being the nominee. i think he has a ceiling that's below 50%. i think if you could get donald trump one on one. if marco rubio or ted cruz could get a clear shot at him, i think they could win. if you've got six people in the race, i think trump is the nominee. >> yeah, because then they're battling out for their votes and
12:06 pm
therefore trump gains more power. so talking about ted cruz, because trump, as we just heard in the report before, called cruz a world-class liar. i believe that was the quote. his campaign once again facing accusations of being deceptive after cruz's communications director tweeted out this video that falsely showed marco rubio dismissing the bible. then the director apologized, saying he should have checked the accuracy of the report. today rubio said this. >> it's part of a pattern. if this just happens once, you look at it and say, all right, these are the things that happen in the campaign. it's every day there's something in here. perhaps that was the most offensive one because they basically made it up. people in the lobby taking a video on a phone. they actively promoted it. i know exactly what i said to that young man. i said the answer to every question you'll ever have is in that book. then i pointed to the book of proverbs which he was reading, and say particularly that one, a book of wisdom.
12:07 pm
for them to take a video and transcribe words on it that are the complete opposite of what i said, it's incredibly disturbing. it's every single day, something comes out of the cruz campaign that is deceptive and untrue and in this case goes after my faith. the spokesperson apologized and i accept his apology but this is a pattern now. we are at the point where we start asking about accountability. >> last week, the cruz campaign used a doctored image of rubio. then there's the controversy over carson and the inaccurate claim he dropped out of the race in iowa. are these allegations of unfair campaigning beginning to stick? do you think it could hurt cruz tomorrow? >> i don't know about tomorrow but i think there's a real danger that over time this does stick to ted cruz bauz, remember, this is a pattern now. i went on tv and defended ted cruz when the whole ben carson iowa controversy happened. i think political campaigns are
12:08 pm
rough. if you're on them, you're young, you're probably sleep deprived and you want to be aggressive. campaigns need to be aggressive. if ben carson sends a signal that he's going to be leaving iowa and going home for a change of clothes, it's reasonable to suspect that, you know, maybe he's not committed to the fight, maybe he's going to get out, but then we have the doctored image where they have a picture of rubio shaking barack obama's hand, a picture that never existed, that was doctored i guess using models or something. now we have the latest, this video, which is -- was misleading. and so it's not just marco rubio. you have trump calling him a liar. you have ben carson saying similar things. now you have marco rubio. i think there is a danger long-term that there could be an impression ted cruz is willing to do or say whatever it takes to win and his team is playing dirty. >> i want to bring in chief political analyst gloria borger. gloria, a lot of people are talking today about the fact
12:09 pm
that not only is jeb bush out, but what about all that money he raised and what about all those donors? i imagine the cruz camp, the rubio camp, they are trying to reach out to them. >> yes, they are. and, you know, i was speaking to some of the bush donors and some of his campaign aides over the weekend. first thing that's clear is bush has not given anybody a signal about whom to support. that would be important to them. also, second thing that's clear, there's a lot of bad blood between the bush folks and the rubio folks. and i think that doesn't go away overnight. the rubio campaign has gotten some of bush's big donors and they're very happy about that. i think a lot of them are just taking a little bit of time to kind of wait and see how this shakes out. i think the most likely heir to the bush money will be rubio. there are some for example in
12:10 pm
texas who might go for cruz, and others who are more moderate who might decide to go for kasich. so it's really unclear where that money goes. as i said, a lot of these folks are saying, you know what, we're just going to take a deep breath and sit back for a while and see what happens. >> it will be really interesting to see who jeb bush throws his support behind. because marco rubio was once his protegee and then we saw what happened on the campaign trail. so let's talk about john kasich and ben carson. there is pressure for them to drop out so this can get down to a three-man race. how much longer do you think they can hold on? >> i think ben carson can hang in there until his money runs out. and i think kasich is clearly planning to go through ohio, which he'd like to win. michigan, he thinks he has a shot at it.
12:11 pm
i don't see any of these guys dropping out right away. cruz would love carson to go away. so he can get his evangelical support. but cruz and carson aren't that tight these days given what happened in iowa so i don't know when carson will leave. >> matt, what's your take on that? >> cruz and carson did meet in a broom closet sue posedly so who knows. that's the irony, people who ostensibly should be friends, should be in the same lane, end up hating each other because they are competing for the same donors. that's the irony, the more similar you are to somebody, the more likely you are to end up hating them. i think a couple things. one, if it looks like john kasich is going to lose ohio, i think he has to get out before ohio happens. because it will be very embarrassing as the sitting governor of ohio to lose it. that's one ray of hope if you're marco rubio, that he gets out. yes, the problem is the only way
12:12 pm
to beat trump is if you can get it down to a one-on-one contest. i think trump has a ceiling that's below 50%. but unless that happens, and everyone has an incentive to stay in. so trump, it looks like, i mean, he's clearly the front-runner and very likely the nominee. >> it's hard to get -- >> go ahead, gloria. >> it's hard to get all these, you know, 1,200 or so delegates wrapped up. right now, heading into super tuesday, you'd have to say that donald trump is the prohibitive favorite right now. as long as cruz and rubio are going at each other, they don't help each other very much. >> yep. >> all right, interesting perspective. gloria borger, matt lewis, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> the five remaining republicans will face off one last time before super tuesday. it's happening right here on cnn. wolf blitzer moderates the debate thursday night at 8:30 eastern. you won't want to miss it. up next, on this monday, bernie sanders shrugging off a loss in nevada, saying the wind
12:13 pm
is at his back but that he can stop hillary clinton as they head into their first big test in the south. plus kasich taking some heat for a comment he made about the role of women in his campaign. his national campaign chair joins us live to explain what kasich says he really meant. the next thing i know it's morning. with tempur-flex you've got the spring and bounce of a traditional mattress. my cloud feels like somebody's hugging you. (vo) there's a tempur-pedic for everyone. and now through february 28th, save up to $300 on one of our most popular tempur-breeze mattress sets.
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iher life's work has been about breaking barriers.age. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country.
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nevada is history and now the democrats are hoping to be the next president, looking ahead to south carolina and beyond to super tuesday. hillary clinton's hoping to win in a big way after a close win over bernie sanders in nevada. the most recent cnn poll of polls shows clinton with a 25-point lead over sanders. it will be the first big test in the south for both of them. joining me, democratic strategist and cnn political commentator donna brazile. thanks for coming on. as we know, clinton narrowly won in iowa. lost in new hampshire. and topped sanders in nevada by a small margin. will she need a commanding win in south carolina to really set herself apart? >> first, a win is a win but it's not just about winning total number of votes, it's about winning the current
12:18 pm
delegates. as you know, south carolina's the last state to hold their contest before the window opened, which is the big bonanza in terms of delegates. think both candidates need to concentrate not just on south carolina, not just on delegates, but also try to gain some momentum going into super tuesday when you have over 1,000 delegates that will be at stake. >> and, clinton, as well as sanders, but clinton in particular, is really hoping that african-american voters will show up in a big way for her in south carolina. she has this endorsement from south carolina, congressman jim clyburn clyburn. polls show her with a huge lead over sanders. of course the question is will they get to the polls to vote for her. what do you atribute the strong support for clinton? >> as you recall back in '08, south carolina voters turned out for barack obama. hillary clinton was leading in terms of the polls with black
12:19 pm
voters, but after the south carolina prprimary, black voter decided to put their political support behind a candidate they believed was electable in the fall and that candidate was barack obama. once then senator, president obama, began to accumulate delegates, it was difficult for clinton to accumulate the same number of delegates. let me just say this, it's more than black voters. more than 56% of the democratic electorate is white. but the rest of the electorate is people of color, hispanics, black, asian-pacific islanders, half female. so you have to appeal to black voters in order to secure the nomination. you have to appeal to the diverse electorate. our party's electorate reflects a broad diversity of the democratic party but also the broad diversity of our country. talk about not what you did for us 10, 15, 20 years ago, however important, but what have you
12:20 pm
done lately. i think on that message secretary clinton has been not just appealing based on what she will do in criminal justice reform, economics, historical black colleges and universities, but like bernie sanders, she wants to level the playing field and she's talking about those issues, economic issues, that matter to bloack families as well. >> there's a trust issue she acknowledged is occurring among voters. listen to what she told cnn's jake tapper. >> i think there's an underlying question that maybe is really in the back of people's minds and that is, you know, is she in it for us or is she in it for herself. i think that's a question people are trying to sort through. >> we've been hearing this over and over again, donna, what must she do or say to face this challenge? >> this is not just a political question we put to secretary clinton as this is a character test, this is beyond just a character test.
12:21 pm
it's about whether or not you trust him to handle the very important issues the president of the united states will handle. trust her with all the big decisions as she will make us president of the united states. she has to earn our trust in much the same way that donald trump is trying to earn the trust of republicans and sanders and democrats and on down the line. trust is a big commodity in american politics. character matters as well. she will have to earn the trust of those she wishes to stand for her in this coming contest in south carolina and beyond. >> i want to show you a tweet just in from bernie sanders. it says it's been 17 days, 16 hours and 32 minutes since hillary clinton said she would look into releasing her paid speeches to wall street. is this an escalation from sanders to season her wall street speeches, and does this go right in to the whole trust issue? >> you know, everybody wants to see hillary clinton, her e-mails, they want to see her love letters to bill, seize upon
12:22 pm
her mother's, perhaps even to her daughters. she says she will release them. as someone who makes paid speeches around the country, i know i have, you know, sometime owned that property, some time there is no recording of that property. to the extent she can fulfill this so-called promise that she made in the debate, fine, submit it, but i think this is just part of the political game we like to see in politics. release this, expose that, so that we can have two more hours of criticism of somebody on television. so she'll get to it, i'm sure she will. if she can find them. i know i gave a speech last week. they recorded it, at least i think they recorded it, if not, somebody might have a little clip of me, but i hope this issue of releasing details her past will not get in her way of being able to communicate with voters about where she intends to take the country in the future. >> all right, donna brazile,
12:23 pm
thank you, we have to leave it there, appreciate it. clinton and sanders get their chance to answer voter's questions just days before the primary. tune in for the presidential town hall tomorrow night at 8:00 eastern only on cnn. and up next, your smart phone at the center of an intensifying battle between apple and the fbi. i'm going to speech with the counterterrorism expert who says there is room for compromise, stay with us. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts.
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the court fight to unlock one of the san bernardino terrorist's phones is heating up and apple is refusing a court
12:28 pm
order to unlock the phone. the company must file a response to that order by friday. apple says privacy is the issue. the ceo says his company creates software to unlock one phone, that puts your private information at risk. the fbi says it's trying to stop terrorism and it needs apple's help to keep the country safe in this particular case. >> it is a big problem for law enforcement. armed with a search warrant. when you find a device that can't be opened. it affects our counterterrorism work. at san bernardino, it's a very important investigation to us. we still have one of those killer's phones we've not been able to open. >> a poll showing americans are not siding with apple in this fight. pew research center says 51% of americans believe apple should unlock the phone. apple is now asking for commission to be created with experts to deal with this issue. here to talk about this is phil mudd, cnn's counterterrorism analy analyst, former counterterrorism
12:29 pm
official with the cia. you say apple should unlock the phone with one condition, what is that? >> the condition should be that the federal should be asking for the key that they use. apple's concerned i think appropriately about what hackers get that key. if they unlock a phone, i don't believe the government should request they engineer phones to have what are called back doors. i think there are a couple things the government could do to step towards apple. that is, we only like the data from this phone and you get to keep the key. there should be an agreement that we don't put an american company in a position of creating products thatten ka be hacked from the get-go. i don't think that's appropriate in the terms of local competitiveness. >> isn't what the fbi is doing? saying, hey, we just need this phone to be open. you keep whatever key you need for this phone so we cab access it? >> in my view, these are fundamental distinctions getting blurred during this debate. distinction one is you go to the company and say, you've already built this phone is there a way
12:30 pm
we can unlock it? that to me is hugely different than the government saying in future phones, we need you to prebuild in the capability for us to access that phone. in apple's world, if i was the ceo, which is unlikely, but if i were, i'd say, look, there's a chinese company or indian company that's going to come in with its customers and say, we don't give the americans that kind of back door. so i think that would put apple at a disadvantage. let's distinguish between asking them to help with a phone already on the market and engineering a future phone with back doorings. >> i think the fbi in this case is saying look, we all this terrorist phone, we can't get into it, we just want this one phone to be unlocked. this is just one layer. even if they get into the phone, there could still be encryption on there. what then? >> i'd go to the national security agency which has been expert in endescription for years to say rate the encryption on the phone.
12:31 pm
initially that phone will be wiped if they file consistently. if fbi keeps trying to override, this is the problem obviously they have, eventually the phone is going to eliminate all the data on it. let's remember something here, america's data, especially after 9/11, e-mail data has been accessible with a court order. nobody threw up their hands and say the country's at risk because the fbi can get google data or verizon data. why is the cell phone data so much different than the mounds of information when i was at the cia and fbi we collected from e-mail, internet service providers? i don't get it. >> i think everything with edward snowden and all those documents really fueled the fire for these companies to ensure privacy for their customers. thank you for sharing your perspective. up next, breaking news right now involving ted cruz, calling for the resignation of his communications director.
12:32 pm
stay with us.
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12:36 pm
breaking news right now, ted cruz just telling reporters that he has asked for the resignation of his communications director rick tyler after he tweeted out a false story about marco rubio insubt insulting the bible. i want to take a listen to what cruz had to say. >> -- deleted the tweet, apologized and pulled it down, although i've spent this morning investigating what happened. and this morning, i asked for rick tyler's resignation. i had made clear in this campaign that we will conduct this campaign with a very highest standards of integrity.
12:37 pm
that has been how we've conducted it since day one. it is why when other campaigns attack us personally impugn my integrity or my character, i don't respond in kind. none of you have heard me throw the kind of insults at marco rubio that he throws at me every day. if other candidates choose to go into the gutter, we will not do the same. rick tyler's a good man. this was a grave error of judgment. it turned out the news story he sent around was false but i'll tell you, even if it was true, we are not a campaign that is going to question the faith of another candidate. even if it was true, our campaign should not have sent it. that's why i've asked for his resignation. the standards of conduct in this call pa campaign have been made clear for every member of the campaign. and listen, i understand, that marco's campaign team believes it's politically advantageous to try to distract the topic from
12:38 pm
his own record and they have a long record they've learned in south carolina of engaging in this kind of trickery and impugning the integrity of whoever their opponent is to distract the attention. we are going to stay focused on issues of substance and record. i think that's what the american people want. i think that's what they deserve. that's what they're going to get. this campaign is about turning this campaign around, bringing back jobs and economic growth and protecting the constitutional rights. >> did you talk -- >> let me bring in dana bash, cnn's chief political correspondent, joining me now. this looks like a pretty big deal here. >> it is a big deal. i think ted cruz just hit the nail on the head about why politically he felt it was so important, urgent even, to make this change on his staff and to fire his communications director, because the rubio campaign and even to a lesser extent on different issues the trump campaign, they have been hitting cruz over and other for the past several weeks, as
12:39 pm
somebody who runs a dirty trick campaign. that is not something that's helped cruz's campaign, that's something i think that's an understatement. this is something that ted cruz doing not just because, as he said, he doesn't want to run that kind of campaign, but also to send a political signal that he isn't running that kind of campaign. you mentioned going into playing with what senator cruz said what is at issue here. i will remind our viewers of it, it is a tweet that rick tyler who is now the former ted cruz communications director, sent out on a story that we now know is inaccurate, suggesting that marco rubio was walking by ted cruz's father, rafael, in a hotel lobby, where he had the bible and the inaccurate quote from rubio was that he said that was a good book but not many answers in it. whereas the real story he apparently walked by and said, got a good book there, all the
12:40 pm
answers are in there. so it was a false statement he put out. rick tyler apologized, saying he shouldn't have done that. but where we are in this campaign and where this story line has been about ted cruz and his campaign doing dirty tricks, this is the last thing that cruz needed and he needed to signal he won't tolerate that. >> this is just the latest in a strong of incidents. we had iowa where they said, you know, ben carson had apparently dropped out. there was a voter violation, mailers that went out, and so this is just sort of the -- i guess straw that broke the camel's back, right? it makes some wonder why this wasn't done sooner. >> it is. to be fair, you know, rick tyler is just -- is kind of one of many people who forwards information on social media. in this particular case, it looks like, you know, he obviously forwarded the wrong story. he apologized for it.
12:41 pm
but because of where we are, with ted cruz having to fight off this narrative, that he is just a regular politician, which is the opposite of what he was going for, because they're engaging in these alleged dirty tricks. he had to, again, send a signal it's not okay. i was just talking to rick tyler in south carolina about another alleged dirty trick which actually they turned out to be right about, marco rubio's campaign they were pointing out that ted cruz's campaign had a website that was supposed to show marco rubio's real record of things but there was a photograph that was doctored of rubio shaking hands with becoar obama and that photograph never happened. rick tyler saying, look, they're grassing at straws and they're trying to change the subject away from rubio's campaign record and his substance and the fact he doesn't have real accomplishments. whether or not that's true,
12:42 pm
clearly, again, the cruz campaign is seeing and believes that all of those allegations, they're hurting him, and so he wanted to make a statement, make a point, that in this particular issue, he's not going to stand for it. >> the question is, will this change the narrative now. we just heard trump flat out call him a liar. so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. some reaction from the former republican senator from new hampshire, national campaign co-chair for john kasich, johnsjohn sananu. what is your reaction? >> these campaigns going back and forth, the name calling, they're acting like seventh graders in the schoolyard in a fight. there's just one candidate right now that doesn't need on the job training, that's john kasich, one candidate who has been the chief executive running the largest state in the country, in
12:43 pm
ohio, that's john kasich. that's a huge contrast. john kasich is talking about solutions to balance the budget and cut taxes. he's talking about his record, his vision for the country. that's a huge distinction. every time the voters turn on the tv and they hear about ted cruz complaining about marco rubio, marco rubio complain about ted cruz. >> i want to bring dana bash back in if she is still available just to continue to focus on this issue now. clearly the cruz campaign feels like all these incidents have been hurting them, but what do you think, has it? >> yeah, it's hard to tell what the reason is that donald trump left south carolina with every single delegate and ted cruz, who has been playing hard in the south, got none, and marco rubio for that -- you know, he's got none, and so does john kasich. but, you know, i do have to say that senator sununu talking
12:44 pm
about the fact that kasich isn't engaging in all this. that is a positive for somebody like him. with so few people in the race, only five republicans now in the race, everybody else is kind of shooting at each other. it might allow for somebody like john kasich to be heard more when he says -- because he said this at several debates and he says it pretty much every time he's out on the campaign trail that, you know, he is trying to rise above this, he wants to be kind of the non -- not just the nondirty tricks candidate but the guy who wants to talk about solutions and not about the politics so we'll see if that could potentially play out. look the dirty reality and senator sue knewu knows this because he's run a lot of campaigns himself is that dirty tricks are dirty but unfortunately they also tend to work in many cases. >> senator sununu, i want to let you jump in here. >> i agree very much, they usually backfire though, i think in the end they hurt campaigns,
12:45 pm
they're rarely effective and i do think this is already having an effect. there's no question john kasich has a great deal of momentum because he stands apart as someone who's offering solutions, someone with a vision for the country and someone who's done this job before. whose taxes has ted cruz cut? nobody's. he's balanced budgets. he's rolled back regulations. he's done things no one else in this race has achieved. today polls were out in massachusetts that show him running ahead of cruz. poll out in michigan show him running ahead of cruz and rubio. i think there's no question in these upcoming states getting ready for primaries on march 1st and march 5th and march 8th, john kasich has a great deal of momentum. we'll win a lot of delegates in those races. we'll go on to even better turf in the midwest and illinois and of course winner take all ohio. john kasich is there every day, carrying that positive message, talking about his record, talking about the way we can get this country turned around again. and his vision for creating economic growth.
12:46 pm
he did it in ohio, 400,000 new jobs created, $5 billion in tax cuts, and it's a vision and a leadership style we need for america today. >> why senator sununu is governor kasich's best surrogate. >> absolutely, i know. >> i try, i try. >> he has the right guy on his team. >> like how he -- >> he's been my friend for 20 years. >> so you're passionate about it, i understand. senator sununu, dana bash, thank you. we have much more, cruz asking his communications director to resign. we'll be right back. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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back to our breaking news of ted cruz asking his communications director to resign in the wake of controversy. let's bring in sunlen serfaty at the ted cruz rally in las vegas. we also have chief political analyst gloria borger. sunlen, you were there when cruz made this announcement, right? tell us about it. >> reporter: that's right, pam. he really moved very swiftly on this. you could tell me meant business when he announced this at his press conference just behind me moments ago. very clear that he is trying to
12:51 pm
send a message that his campaign has zero tolerance for these sort of things. one of the most interesting aspects of what he said is, yes, this news account turned out to be false and yes, rick tyler his communications director deleted it and apologized. he said even all those things aside, even if it turned out to be true, i still would have asked for his resignation so trying to bring down his hammer on his communications director to make the point that his campaign is above it all or trying to be above it all, saying we're not going to be a campaign that questions another candidate's faith. clearly he takes that seriously and clear that he's making moves to show that he's moving quickly. this whole life span of this controversy has been very short. rick tyler tweeted overnight early this morning deleting it, apologizing, shows how there's really little wiggle room here for this sort of things between these campaigns. >> but it's the latest in a series of issues that the cruz
12:52 pm
campaign has had to deal with in the wake of iowa and this fabricated picture of rubio. donald trump, who we know has recently called cruz a liar, he's now jumping on the bandwagon here and jumping on this controversy saying as we see in this tweet, wow, ted cruz falsely suggested marco rubio mocked the bible and was just forced to fire his communications director. more dirty tricks! i guess it's no surprise donald trump is jumping in right now, gloria. >> no, it plays into his narrative about ted cruz. it also plays into marco rubio's narrative about ted cruz. look, i think what cruz was doing today, he was trying to stop the bleeding on this notion that he's running a dirty campaign against marco rubio. you know, i was at a press conference in south carolina last week where cruz criticized donald trump's ethics and said, quote, ethics matters, okay. if you're a values candidate and
12:53 pm
you're running on social issues and values and you're constantly being accused of dirty tricks and to a grow you're being caught, like with a doctored photograph of marco rubio shaking barack obama's hand, it doesn't look good for you. and i think at a certain point cruz just decided that he had to take an affirmative step here to kind of stop the story line and stop the narrative. however, no matter what he did, you know, trump was going to jump on it. >> so we are less, gloria, than 24 hours away from the nevada caucuses, though. how will this impact that? do you think this really will stop the bleeding? >> well, you know, we don't know. first of all, we know that trump is a favorite in the nevada caucuses. i think that when you're a candidate like ted cruz and you're going over and you're looking for support among people of faiths and you are looking for voters who may vote based on
12:54 pm
social issues and values and you saw that in south carolina, for example, trump did a lot better than you thought he was going to do and beat cruz on values, that i think he's got a problem. and i think that that's another reason he tried to stop the bleeding here today because that is what he is running on. you know, you can't run on your values if you're being accused of dirty tricks every single day. it's very difficult. >> and sunlen, in many ways, rick tyler has been the face of this campaign. what has been his response, if any, and who will fill his shoes? especially at such a pivotal point on the campaign trail? >> reporter: yes, you're right. he has been the face of his campaign, we see him all over tv. thinking back just a few minutes ago to something rick tyler told me a few days ago, he said if you want to know the message of our campaign, look at my twitter
12:55 pm
account. he tweets all the time and pushes out the lines that the campaign wants the story line of the day to be. so i was just thinking about that, how certainly that is another layer to this story. it certainly says a lot about how campaigns use twitter and now get in trouble on twitter. and also what marco rubio did today i think is worth revisiting, how he really pushed not only the cruz campaign to in essence move towards this resignation, he said, look, they're accused of doing dirty tricks and these sort of tricks all the time but no one is ever held accountable, so i think that line really pushed senator cruz to turn and make that decision to call for his resignation, pam. >> and the real question is how much did marco rubio and trump's criticism of cruz play into this decision as well. sunlen serfaty, gloria borger, thank you very much. we'll have much more on this breaking news, ted cruz asking his communications director to resign less than 24 hours out from the nevada caucuses. keep it on cnn. when i lay in my tempur-pedic contour-
12:56 pm
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welcome to the lead, i'm jake tapper. some breaking news in our politics lead. ted cruz asking that his communications director, rick tyler, resign after tyler tweeted a link to an inaccurate video about marco rubio and the bible. all this coming as the candidates head into two crucial weeks that will determine what happens next. "the lead" starts right now. welcome to "the lead." as i said, breaking election news. senator ted cruz asking his communications director to resign after a false tweet and facebook post. we have some breaking news coming to you as the candidates head into two