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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  February 22, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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welcome to the lead, i'm jake tapper. some breaking news in our politics lead. ted cruz asking that his communications director, rick tyler, resign after tyler tweeted a link to an inaccurate video about marco rubio and the bible. all this coming as the candidates head into two crucial weeks that will determine what happens next. "the lead" starts right now. welcome to "the lead." as i said, breaking election news. senator ted cruz asking his communications director to resign after a false tweet and facebook post. we have some breaking news coming to you as the candidates head into two crucial weeks that
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will determine whether or not any candidate emerges that is able to stop donald trump. after his south carolina win. if not, trump's lead may become insurmountable thanks to states where it is winner take all. sunlen serfaty is in las vegas covering ted cruz. sunlen, a stunning move by cruz today. >> reporter: it certainly is, jake. rick tyler, his communications director, such a senior member of his inner circle. senator cruz today asking for his resignation, moving very swiftly on that, shows that he wants to present this image that he has zero tolerance for these sort of tactics as this grows more heated day by day. donald trump taking a south carolina victory lap. >> we won with everything. tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people. >> reporter: as the campaign heads west to nevada. >> when it comes to our
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campaign, what happens in vegas is not staying in vegas. >> reporter: with the top three contenders sharpening their attacks. >> gosh, who would say liar, liar? >> reporter: marco rubio calling foul on the cruz campaign for what he says are dirty tricks. >> every single day something comes out of the cruz campaign that's deceptive and untrue. in this case goes after my faith. >> reporter: this after the cruz campaign's communications director tweeted a false report which misstated what rubio said about the boiible. >> no one is ever held accountable. >> reporter: cruz today moving swiftly. >> this was a grave error of judgment. >> reporter: firing his communications director. >> it turned out the news story was false. but even if it was true, we are not a campaign that is going to question the faith of another candidate. >> reporter: meanwhile despite saying last month that rubio is eligible for the presidency. >> he was born here. >> reporter: trump now raising some doubt, retweeting a message suggesting otherwise. >> i'm not that familiar with marco's circumstance. >> reporter: rubio brushing it
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off. >> i'm going to spend zero time on his interpretation of the constitution with regards to eligibility. >> reporter: the gop front-runner also stirring the pot with cruz, tweeting that cruz lost evangelicals in south carolina because he is a world class liar. behind the scenes, it's a frenzied scramble adjusting to the new field without jeb bush. the rubio campaign trying to consolidate establishment support, rolling out a series of endorsements. >> he's bold, he's next generation, he's reform minded, change oriented. >> reporter: and gunning for jeb bush's big dollar donors. >> we feel like a lot of the people that were on jeb's team are people we're going to welcome onto our team. >> reporter: rubio's campaign has secured commitments from at least four major bush donors, while other backers of the former florida governor are taking a wait-and-see approach. while trump has largely floated above getting the full force of super pac ad spending, a pro-rubio super pac ad out today
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shows times may be changing. >> trump unreliable, cruz underhanded. >> reporter: and the campaigns inching into caucus night tomorrow night here in nevada. the cruz campaign of course going to have to scramble to really bounce back potentially against this big hit, the loss of their communications director today. jake. >> sunlen serfaty, thanks so much. joining me to break down the republican race, political commentator s.e. cupp and katrina pierson. katrina, let me start with you. ted cruz asking rick tyler, his spokesman, to resign after he retweeted and posted on facebook a video that had false subtitles, saying that marco rubio said something about the bible that he didn't say. as you know, this is not the first time the cruz campaign has gotten into trouble for putting out information that wasn't correct. what's your reaction? >> you know, i mean this was sort of expected after the entire pathway for the cruz campaign literally crumbled in
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their faces in south carolina. someone had to take the fall, whether or not it was rick tyler's judgment or someone else's in the campaign. i will say that you're absolutely right. this is not the first time that the campaign has admitted to falsely putting out information about a candidate. you know, we'll see if he can recover. >> actually i don't know if it's the first time -- it's the first time i think that they have admitted it. it might not be the first time they did it. >> they haven't really admitted to purposely putting out false information, even though they have been accused of doing that with regards to ben carson, but it was starting to stick, when it's not just rubio but trump focusing on ted cruz and really using that to define him. i think it was starting to stick. it didn't look like the campaign, it looked like it was cruz. and so this was, i think, the right thing to do for ted cruz, to ask rick tyler to resign and try to start making that distinction that this is not the campaign i want to run, even though it's the campaign we've been running for the past two months. >> interesting. we should point out that rick
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tyler did delete the tweet, delete the facebook post and did apologize to marco rubio last night and this morning. i'm not saying that that -- >> it wasn't enough. obviously cruz needed to do something more. >> he had tried to do something to make amends. katrina, let me ask you about donald trump's recent line of attack. this weekend he said he didn't know whether marco rubio, who was born in florida to two individuals who were immigrants and not yet citizens, but he was born in the united states, he said he didn't know whether he was eligible to run for president. now, that contradicts something he told me just a few weeks ago when mr. trump was questioning ted cruz's citizenship as well. let's play that clip and then the most recent one. >> do you think the same cloud hangs over marco rubio? >> no, i don't think so. >> how? >> it's a very different thing. >> he's born in the united states. >> he's born here, it's different. >> you're really not sure that marco rubio is eligible to run for president? you're really not sure? >> i don't know. i've never looked at it, george. honestly i've never looked at it. >> katrina, a few weeks ago, no
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issue at all, rubio was born on the land. now who knows, he's retweeting questions about it. what changed in those weeks other than rubio rising in the polls? >> first let me point out that in iowa the cruz campaign did admit to running an attack ad with regard to 'em naneminent d. mr. trump says i don't know, he was born in florida, which makes him a citizen. the question here, is he a naturalized citizen. now we know his parents were not citizens at the time. that makes a huge difference with regard to eligibility. >> it actually doesn't. if you're born in the united states states, you're a natural-born citizen. >> this is the trump campaign. the trump campaign has attempted to otherize other candidates when they were surging. they have done that with ted cruz, a cuban american. he did it with ben carson and his religion, an african-american. and now that rubio is rising in the polls, trump is trying to communicate that this cuban
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american might be someone to be afraid of to a very small group of voters who believe that ulal of the problems in the world and their personal problems as a result of people that don't look like them. it's really sad that it's been catching on anywhere and it's sad and dishonest that trump keeps trying to assert these narratives about cruz, carson and rubio. but ultimately i think most people know and believe that marco rubio is eligible to run for president. >> katrina. >> that is absolutely ridiculous. i mean trying to make this about race is just absurd, particularly -- >> i agree. you should tell your boss that. >> it is absolutely absurd. this has nothing to do with race. this has everything to do with eligibility of running for president. >> he's an american citizen. >> senator cruz, does he not look like you? this is so strange to be discussing this at this level. mr. trump answered a question. he said i don't know, i'm not sure. and somehow that's an attack on marco rubio? i don't think so, s.e.
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>> marco rubio is an american citizen who's worn here. there's nothing to not know. what he's doing is trying to put out a question to his supporters about marco rubio. we've seen him do it before, katrina. he's done it two other times. >> by saying i don't know is being honest. there is a lot of discussion going around with the new laws and interpretations and amendments with regards to eligibility. if mr. trump says he doesn't know, he doesn't know. he's not a constitutional lawyer and is not going to render that judgment. if other people want to have that discussion, have it. mr. trump answers questions, unlike most other candidates. >> i will say i did ask him that same exact question a few weeks ago and he said there was no issue. the only thing that i know that has changed is that rubio has done better in south carolina and iowa since then, but katrina pierson, that's all the time we have. s.e. cupp, thank you so much. the five republicans will go head to head for the next republican debate thursday in houston, texas, on cnn, very exciting. it all starts at 8:00 p.m. on
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welcome back to the lead, i'm jake tapper. staying with our politics lead now, it's a fairly regular occurrence for me to sit here and tell you how donald trump said something, how he called for the u.s. government to bring back torture or to ban noncitizen muslims from entering the united states or seeming to make fun of a disabled reporter or belittling the sacrifice of pows, take your pick. pundits have thankfully learned the lesson and stopped breathlessly predicting the end of the trump phenomenon because this time he went too far. there is no too far, it seems. joining me to talk trump is scott adams, the creator of dilbert and author of a book called "how to fail almost every time and still win big" and scott on his blog has been analyzing the rise of the
1:15 pm
republican front-runner for months now and frankly has some of the most interesting and accurate observations about why trump is appealing to so many people and in the process winning. scott, thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> we don't even need to provide the list. trump has said a number of things that would seemingly sink almost any other politician. how come nothing sticks to him? >> well, he's got the magic of saying that, first of all, his brand is not being politically correct. that's part of it. people like his honesty, but there's also a sort of a magic the way he does things. first of all, he's mostly making fun of people who are in the cage fight with him. so reporters who are really in the fight and other politicians and people don't mind that so much. but when it comes to american citizens, actual legal citizens, he's pretty consistent about favoring them and being not so favorable to anybody who is not a legal citizen. >> you have another theory about trump saying he uses certain
1:16 pm
words and almost hypnotizes the audience. what do you mean by that? >> for background i'm a trained hypnotist and have been studying persuasion all of my life as part of what i do for a living as a writer. i noticed back in august of last year that trump was using persuasion techniques to perfection. when it looked like he was just a crazy clown saying random things. but if you look at his method from a trained persuader's point of view, it's been perfection from the beginning. it just looks random to someone who's not trained in how to persuade. >> give me an example of something. like the linguistic kill shot, calling jeb bush low energy or something else? >> the linguistic kill shot is something that sticks like other insults would not. he likes to pick things that are visual. you look at the person and say, yeah, that feels kinda right. but he also picks words and phrases that haven't been used before so they haven't been polluted by other meaning, which is a good technique. so when you say somebody is low
1:17 pm
energy, there's nobody else that you ever talked about like that. when you say somebody has robotic, somebody is sweaty, has that face, these are all things which have an immediate visual, plus every time you see the person, it comes up again because the visual reminds you so it's kind of brilliant. >> and on your blog, one of the things you wrote is that one of trump's signature moves involves creating situations in which he has two or more paths to win and no paths to lose. he wins at the start by picking his battles. give me an example. >> so two good examples are when iran had the hostages and trump was saying, you know, they better release those hostages before i become president. now, what's going to happen? one of two things. either they release them and he takes credit, which is what happened and he sorta did. or they don't and he says, well, that's even a better argument for electing me because i'm such a strong negotiator i'll get them back. if you look at his dispute with fox over megyn kelly being one of the hosts of the debate, either she was going to stay and
1:18 pm
he got to do his big event that cnn covered with you couldn't wipe the smiles off your faces that day, that was a lot of fun, or she would not be a host and he would win that way so he only had two ways to win. >> democrats like to say they would like to run against trump. you think they are underestimating him. >> based on his talent stack alone. if you look at any individual talent he has, you can say that's not the best in the world but look how many he's put together. he knows strategy, business strategy, he knows negotiating. he's the best persuader i've ever seen. he's quick on his feet, he's funny. he's smart enough. he knows enough about politics. so when you put that stack together, nobody really stands up to that stack. i've been predicting he's going to win in a landslide since last year. >> not just the nomination but the presidency? >> yeah, i think it will be one of the biggest margins of victory in history. >> scott adams, thank you so
1:19 pm
much for your insights. wee all big fans of dilbert here. >> thanks. police say he admitted to killing people while driving around and now the uber driver is in court an his last passenger is talking. >> i said you're not the shooter, are you? and he said no. plus, the next two weeks are key for marco rubio and ted cruz. can either of them compete with donald trump? we'll do the delegate math, next. e me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that i won't stop. until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections
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to learn how you can save energy and money with solar, go to together, we're building a better california. welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. let's turn to the democrats. hillary clinton's nevada firewall did not collapse. she successfully staved off the
1:24 pm
sanders' momentum in a possibly pivotal victory on saturday so now senator bernie sanders needs to figure out a way to prevent the south from smothering his revolution. step one for sanders, he needs to break through with african-american voters. but at least yesterday sanders applause lines that normally break our sound board barely registered any decibals worth of clapping or cheering at an historically black church in south carolina. brianna keilar joins me now in washington. sanders isn't even in south carolina today, he's in massachusetts where he hopes to score a victory a week from tomorrow. >> it's pretty revealing where the candidates are on the democratic side. hillary clinton is fund-raising in los angeles so maybe some confidence revealed there. but you see bernie sanders banking on some of these states that are whiter for sure. his team realistic about his chances in south carolina but he will have to broaden his support if he's going to win the democratic nomination so he has a lot of work to do to challenge hillary clinton from here on out.
1:25 pm
hillary clinton, stealing back some momentum after her victory in the nevada caucuses. >> i want to knock down all the barriers holding people back. we spent a lot of time talking with voters in the last week about the barriers they felt did impede their getting ahead. >> reporter: it's a message her campaign thinks is resonating with african-american voters in south carolina, which holds its primary saturday. clinton has an 18-point lead over sanders in the palmetto state buoyed by her 37-point lead with black voters. sanders making his key appeal to the black voting block, highlighting his civil rights era, including a 1963 arrest in chicago. >> this had to do with opposition to segregated schools in chicago. i mean i remember very clearly being arrested, being thrown into a police wagon, driven to the police station. it was an interesting day. >> reporter: clinton getting a little star power in her bid for
1:26 pm
support with a new ad out narrated by actor morgan freeman. >> she says their names, trayvon martin, sandra bland. >> did nothing wrong. >> and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. >> we need action now. >> reporter: even as clinton rebounds from her new hampshire loss, questions linger about perceptions from some voters that she's not honest and trustworthy. an area she needs to work on as she acknowledged on "state of the union" this weekend. >> i think there's an underlying question that maybe is really in the back of people's minds and that is, you know, is she in it for us or is she in it for herself. i think that's a question that people are trying to sort through. >> we have the momentum. and i believe, i believe that
1:27 pm
when democrats assemble in philadelphia in july at that convention, we are going to see the results of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. >> reporter: and bernie sanders really coming out swinging today on wall street and hillary clinton, tweeting 17 days, 16 hours, 32 minutes since hillary clinton said she would look into releasing the transcripts from the speeches that she gave to wall street. jake. >> thanks. don't forget to tune into cnn tomorrow night for the democratic town hall. south carolina voters will get to ask hillary clinton and bernie sanders questions. it starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern. who leads the democratic race depends on how you look at the delegate count. clinton and sanders are tied with 51 pledged delegates each. clinton has a huge advantage, however, in super delegates. those are the democratic vips
1:28 pm
whom get to back whoever they want. there she leads 496-69. on the republican side the question, is donald trump inevitable. he leads the delegate count with 67 delegates, almost six times of ted cruz and marco rubio. is it even possible for the other to catch up? john king joins me at his wall o magic. john, the first question for the democrats, does sanders have a path? are there opportunities for him to win more delegates than clinton? >> he would have to start winning again and winning soon. you start at 51-51 pledged delegates. there's one congressional delegate in nevada, we have not finished the math yet. the clinton campaign says its information is they'll get that so perhaps she's ahead 52-51. we still have it 51-51. first south carolina this saturday and then super tuesday. this scenario has clinton winning them all at 60-po40.
1:29 pm
if so, she begins to pull away in the delegates race. i know sanders voters are saying wait a minute. let's assume that she wins 60-port. if she wins 55-45, it's a little closer. if she wins 60-40, then you go through the end of march. if clinton won them off 60-40 through march, sanders would get a lot of delegates, but clinton would be mathematically well ahead and pretty hard to catch up if this happens. where are the sanders opportunities? we fully expect bernie sanders, not hillary clinton, to win his home state of vermont. the sanders campaign says we think we can win minnesota. so let's switch and give that to sanders, i'm giving him 60-40 in all of these states. he says he can win in oklahoma, so let's accept their argument. we'll give that to sanders and sanders also says we think we can win colorado. again, clinton campaign says they won't but let's switch the winners there. if sanders wins only those four
1:30 pm
states, yes, he gets closer but it's 2383 to win and she's on her way then. what the clinton campaign is hoping, when the bar looks something like, this the sanders campaign says, okay, mathematically we can't beat her and they tone it down. today he's saying release the transcripts. they're hoping that if they can build this delegate lead, he'll back off and become a message lead. if he's going to win more than four or five states, he has to break through with african-americans. the majority or plurality in those states will be african-americans, in texas the combination of african-americans and latinos so sanders needs a breakthrough and he needs it soon. let's talk about the republicans now. it's weird because the republicans have been going after each other not so much donald trump. they all have this theory that they need to beat each other in that lane and then take on trump. at this point looking at what's going on, do they need to start looking at trump instead of trying to kill off each other? >> the republicans have this new
1:31 pm
scenario i've never heard before. i guess my patriots won the super bowl even though they were eliminated. third is the new first? donald trump loves this. if ted cruz and marco rubio and john kasich keep fighting amongst themselves, donald trump could win. republican rules of proportionate but more generous to the winner. let's go through super tuesday. this scenario has donald trump winning them all with 33%, 34% of the vote. that's what he did in new hampshire and south carolina. the second place finisher in our scenario is marco rubio followed by ted cruz. you could flip them but this is what happens. trump pulls ahead. let's say in texas senator cruz wins his home state and donald trump comes in second and marco rubio comes in third. up in massachusetts, it's john kasich who thinks he wins. again, who knows. for the sake of argument, donald trump is way ahead but let's give this to kasich. trump second, rubio third and cruz fourth.
1:32 pm
even if you trade off states, trump is still pulling away because he'll get some of the delegates in some of the states he loses but if he keeps winning most states where he's ahead, he will start pulling away. if he pulls away under that scenario, for the democrats, 33% would not get you the nomination. for republicans if trump keeps winning, we could switch some of those states back but it's over. if cruz and rubio keep waiting for the other guy to drop out and trump keeps winning the majority of the states, that's what happens in the end. >> because so many winner take all states on the republican side. >> give two or three to rubio and two or three to cruz, this still happens if they both stay until the end. so the scenario on the republican side at the moment, they keep saying they'lleventua eventually. >> stop acting as if bronze and silver are gold, you need wins. >> the only way to beat him is to beat him. charged with six counts of murder and now detectives say the uber driver said he, quote,
1:33 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. in our national lead, a mass murder suspect making his first court appearance just minutes ago. now detectives say he admitted to them he, quote, took people's lives. six people died and two others were wounded over a seven-hour period. the victims were richard and tyler smith, a father and his teenage son gunned down while looking at cars at an auto dealership. also a group of close friends. dorothy-judy brown, bar ra hawthorne, marry jo nye and mary lou nye. this man, a father of two who moonlighted as an uber driver is
1:38 pm
being charged. the suspect apparently also picked up uber passengers. let's go to ryan young who's in kalamazoo, michigan. ryan, dalton admitted to taking lives. do we have any idea of his motive? >> reporter: as this whole community tries to come together behind us and you were reading the name of those victims who everybody has been reaching out to their families, you've got to think they wanted to be what the motive would be. what we did get from court was the idea that he did admit to detectives that he was involved in the shooting. he admitted to killing those people. i can tell you when you go through this timeline, it's quite scary what was going on in this community. the idea that around 6:00 that he went to an apartment complex and aimed a gun at a woman walking with her children. that's according to police. shot at her several times. she was hit three or four times and survived. she's in critical condition. that second shooting was then at the car dealership where the young man and his father were killed. we're told his girlfriend was actually there and dove in the back seat of the car to avoid being shot.
1:39 pm
then 15 minutes later, there was that other shooting where four people were shot and killed. those four ladies who were hanging out together were shot and killed. and then a 14-year-old was shot during that as well. she survived, but i can tell you he was doing those uber rides all throughout this and that put a lot of scare, a lot of fear into this community. >> got maybe a mile from myself he got a telephone call. after that telephone call he started driving really erratically. we were kind of driving through medians, driving through the lawn, speeding along and then finally once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> he didn't seem like the type -- our interaction was very basic, it was like a five-minute ride. i said your not the shooter, are you? and he said no. i said are you sure? and he kind of just said no, i'm just tired. i've been driving for seven hours. >> reporter: so you can see that
1:40 pm
just right after that he was obviously still going around picking up uber drivers. we know that richard smith and his son, tyler smith were shot and killed. the mother released a statement that says lori smith put on facebook, my precious baby boy was taken away before he even graduated from high school. i'm so grateful to have been blessed with his sweet, caring, witty, handsome boy for almost 18 years. i miss you and love you more than life itself. you can tell this community is still torn by what has happened here. >> ryan young, thank you so much. apple is pushing back on the fbi now saying the government had the chance to get the data off the terrorist's phone but they blew it. plus imagine going to get a drink of water or take a bath and this is what comes out of your faucet. if that's not bad enough, now imagine there is no one in the city government to fix the problem. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we're following some breaking news in our world news. a cease-fire has been reached in sear yach syria. the u.s. and russia have reached
1:45 pm
a temporary break for the violence that's rocked the country since 2011. the truce was to take place this weekend but it will not include isis or al nusra. nick, what are the details of the agreement? >> reporter: we know now the sequencing, that's clear. by friday the people that are party to the cease-fire have to state that openly, by none on friday damascus time. 12 hours later the guns are supposed to fall silent. the real issue though, this was negotiated between washington and moscow. no syrians at the table there. since it's been announced, we've heard from the syrian political opposition that they conditionally will back it. there may be armed groups that they can bring into that cease-fire too and moscow said it will get the syrian government to play ball as well. but the big question is isis and al nusra al qaeda in syria.
1:46 pm
russia has been targeting the opposition groups the u.s. backs. will they continue to do that? nobody really knows. there's another big deal too, though. last weekend marked the most deadly attack yet of the whole war when isis attacked a shrine near damascus killing 134 people is the latest death toll. we have to go from that pinnacle of violence all the way through six days later to cessation of hostilities. this is about cold war air brinkmanship from vladimir putin. he wanted this to be settled in a phone call with barack obama. he seems to have gotten an element of the stagesmanship he wants out of this but does that translate to syrians have less violence inflicted upon them, we'll have to see. a huge ask to see something really change by midnight, early saturday. back to you. >> we're hoping it will work,
1:47 pm
but we'll see. and a quart nick paton walsh, thank you. today we saw what's being called as you heard from nick the deadliest attack since the civil war began. car bombs rocking the capital of damascus and now reporting close to 200 people are dead across syria because of these isis attacks. this latest carnage comes as we right now bring you exclusively a study from the tony blair faith foundation with some frightening new numbers on the rise of islamist extremism. and joining me now is the former prime minister of great britain, tony blair. his foundation focuses on combatting extremism around the world. thank you for joining us. >> thanks, jake. >> this new report from your foundation lists 16 terror groups killing and kidnapping in 21 different countries with a total of 1700 killings last month alone. that's triple what it was just before the attacks of 9/11.
1:48 pm
after 15 years of war, how did we get here? >> well, it's a good question, but i think what is very clear from the studies that we've done is that this is a problem with very deep roots and it has been growing over a number of decades. it's now a global problem. so as well as the 21 countries which actually people dying in terrorist attacks, there are about 50 or 55 different countries that were having to take serious measures against terrorism just in january alone. so it's a global problem now. and i think the key thing is to understand we're not going to defeat it simply by security measures alone. we've got to k at that el the underlying ideology of islamism. >> your successor, david cameron, was here and talking alongside president obama about terrorism and they had very different tones.
1:49 pm
prime minister cameron said this isn't just about poverty, this isn't just about people who are hopeless. do you think that there is a, for want of a better term, political correctness about some of the ways that leaders address this that is unhealthy? >> well, i just think we've got to be very direct about it and i actually agree with what david cameron was saying. the issue is an ideology that's based on a perversion of the proper faith of islam, let's be clear about that. and it's contrary to the tenets of islam that's practiced by the majority of muslims. but it is based on a perversion of religion and yes, of course in situations of poverty and economic despair, this ideology can find fertile soil but the actual roots of it are througho
1:50 pm
that he opposed -- what are you saying to those like trump who say that those who pushed for the war have some culpability for the rise of isis from the ashes of that war? >> i just simply say at the moment that at least in iraq we've got a government we can actually work with. so i'm not saying there aren't still huge challenges there, but if you look at the four most difficult countries today, syria, iraq, yemen, libya, there's only one of those countries whose government with whatever difficulty is actually fighting terrorism, only one that has international legitimacy supported both by saudi arabia and iran, and only one whose prime minister turns up in the white house and that's iraq. >> former prime minister tony blair, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thanks very much, jake. the battle between apple and
1:51 pm
the fbi heating up. now apple says the government already missed its chance to unlock the san bernardino terrorist cell phone. that story coming up.
1:52 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. let's do the money lead. the sharply divided feud between apple and the fbi could soon play out on a street corner near you. a nonprofit group called fight for the future plans to hold protests in more than 30 cities supporting apple. the rallies come as the tech giant fights a court order that would force apple to invent a way to unlock an iphone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. apple says that doing so for this one phone would assuredly
1:56 pm
compromise security for all of its customers. but was there another way to get the phone's information without going to court? cnn justice reporter evan perez joins me now. evan, we know now that this phone was backed up to the cloud, to the icloud. why didn't they just get the information that way? >> it was, jake, it was. but those backups stopped about a month before the san bernardino terrorist attacks. apple officials say that the fbi could have gotten this missing phone data by simply restarting backups to the cloud, but the feds couldn't do that because they had already reworked with county officials to change the apple i.d. password on the phone that syed farook used. he was a county employee and the county owned the iphone. the password was changed just hours after the massacre and that prevented the fbi from secretly forcing the iphone to back up its data to the apple cloud. but the fbi says even with all that data from the cloud, investigators still need to get to the phone itself. an fbi spokesperson says, quote,
1:57 pm
even if the password had not been changed and apple could have turned on the auto backup and loaded it to the cloud, there might be information on the phone that would not be accessible without apple's assistance since the icloud backup does not contain everything on an iphone. fbi director jim comey used a b blog post to make the argument that this fight is about getting justice for the victims. comey says, quote, 14 people were slaughtered and many more had their lives and bodies ruined. we owe them a thorough and professional investigation. >> what does apple have to say about all of this? i imagine partly law enforcement screwed up here. >> well, law enforcement screwed up and that this is a bigger fight. so ceo tim cook told his employees this morning that the company has to continue this fight because this is a bigger privacy issues are at play, jake, and he -- in a statement he said, quote, it does not feel right to be on the opposite side of the government in a case centering on the freedoms and
1:58 pm
liberties government is menltano protect. more in our money lead. was it just bad luck or an unfortunate choice of a word? an indian car maker was forced to change the name of its latest model after the infamous zika virus began because the car had originally been named zica. now it's called tiago instead. the company held an online competition asking people to suggest names. out of 37,000 suggestions, the company decided to go with tiago which also oddly means james in portuguese. first flint, now this in our buried lead. that's what we call stories not getting enough attention. black, sludgy, stinky water pouring out of the faucets in a texas town. the color of the water was so dark some residents were comparing it to oil. officials said the dark water was caused by sediment from a
1:59 pm
water tank which had been drained and cleaned for the first time in two decades. here's the real issue here. compounding the problem in this small town, population just over 7,000, was that there was almost no one in reliable in authority to call to complain about this because almost every top city official had recently been arrested by the fbi. the mayor, city manager, city attorney and members of the city council are facing corruption charges for taking bribes and ki kickbacks. city residents were told the water is safe to drink. the pop culture lead, bill cosby's wife was forced to weigh in on the accusations against her husband today. camille cosby answered questions in a demgs. eight women are suing him saying he tried to ruin their reputations by calling them liars. in a separate case bill cosby faces felony charges of sexual assault in pennsylvania and could face a maximum of ten
2:00 pm
years in prison if convicted. that's it requefor "the lead." i'm jake tapper. i turn you over to wolf blitzer who's in a place called "the situation room." happening now, fake video fallout. ted cruz fires his campaign spokesman for spreading a false claim that marco rubio had bad mouthed the bible. as his two main rivals accuse each other of dirty dealing, donald trump looks to be holding all the aces heading into the nevada caucuses. burned rate. trailing hillary clinton before the south carolina primary, bernie sanders goes on the offensive. but with super tuesday looming, is he spending his campaign money faster than it's coming up? and un-willing. kim jong-un refuses to discuss his nuclear program as the north korean leader inspects his war machine. is there anything left to talk


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