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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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dozens of primaries fast approaching. about two dozen. just this week alone in addition to nevada is the south carolina democratic primary, the cnn democratic town hall tomorrow, cnn gop debate on thursday. all on that and more over the next hour starting with the republicans and our jim acosta. >> reporter: riding high into nevada, donald trump is holding the best hand in the battle for the gop nomination. his two main rivals, marco rubio and ted cruz are busy attacking each other. >> every single day, something comes out of the cruz campaign that's deceptive and untrue. >> reporter: rubio began the day demanding cruz fire someone over the video that accused the republican of dismissing the bible. actually rubio says all of the answers in it. a blatant fab rication.
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rick tyler who circulated the video apologized. rubio snapped, that's not good enough. >> at some point there has to be a level of accountability or you're sending the message to people that work for you, go out and do anything you want and if you get caught, we'll just apologize but keep doing it. >> reporter: cruz announced he's asked tyler to step down. >> and this morning i asked for rick tyler's resignation. i had made clear in this campaign that we will conduct this campaign with the highest standards of integrity. >> reporter: the bogus attack is the latest raising questions about how cruz has conducted his campaign. trump seized on the flap tweeting more dirty tricks. trump is also getting help in the form of an unforced error from john kasich whose awkward remark about the women backing his first state senate campaign in the late 1970s annoyed one
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supporter. >> we've got an army of people and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door to door and put yard signs up for me. >> first off, i want to say your comment about the women came out of the kitchen to support you. i'll come to support you but i won't be coming out of the kitchen. >> i got you. >> kasich later explained it was an off the cuff mark. >> i'm real and maybe sometimes i might say something that isn't artfully said the way it should. >> reporter: trump is poised to wrap up another big victory in nevada. >> so we won with everything. we won with highly educated, pretty well educated and poorly educated. but we won with everything. tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people. just won. >> reporter: but rubio who spent part of his childhood in nevada and his supporters are getting aggressive. a pro-rubio superpac started airing this attack ad pounding
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trump and cruz. >> trump erratic, unreliable. cruz, calculated, underhanded. >> reporter: and rubio is attracting more establishment support picking up new gop endorsements. >> this is a three-way race. at the moment it's between rubio, cruz and trump. there's some others in the race but i don't think they'll be in the race that much longer. >> some want kasich to drop out and funnel his support to rubio. >> it's funny. i think it's ridiculous. >> what's the fallout of cruz firing rick tyler? >> i think it's pretty damaging to a campaign to have a communications director step down over a dirty trick. as one cam pawn veteran once told me, you never want the staff to be the story. that's what happened here. in addition to being untrue, it was plain dumb. no one questions marco rubio's faith. now you have marco rubio and donald trump slamming cruz as dishonest. a rubio spokesperson sent us a
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statement saying there's a culture in the cruz campaign from top to bottom that no lie is too big. trump has been hammering this theme for weeks. tonight he can come out to this crowd in las vegas and say, i told you so. this was a tough day for ted cruz. tough day for john kasich. and the beneficiary primarily was donald trump. >> jim acosta, thanks. more on the cruz shake-up. top opponents and surrogates have been speaking out. listen to what a rubio supporter said in the situation room. >> rick tyler wasn't the problem, isn't the problem. this thing has gone on for some time. i was there in iowa on the ground when the rumors started flying that ben carson was going to drop out and people should consolidate with cruz. i was astonished. i asked people, where is this coming from? they said it was coming from the cruz campaign. it started then and then there was this apology that came out. then the photo shopped picture
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of marco rubio shaking hands with president obama with their left hands and heads placeod the wrong thing. this is a cultural problem within this campaign. >> joining us is cruz supporter and former virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli. a rough day for senator cruz having to get his communication director's resignation, although he just called him a staffer. is this a more systemic problem inside the campaign? >> no, we've run a campaign to the highest integrity from the beginning. when something like this happens, the senator act with decisive action. asked rick to resign. and, in fact, rick did resign. we're never going to be a campaign that questions the faith of other candidates. that's not going to happen. and senator cruz made that exceptionally clear in the clearest way he could by asking for the resing iination of the communications director. we're trying to turn become to the things that matter to
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americans' lives like getting a flat tax to wipe out the special interest groups benefits and to improve our economy. and to address the concerns that people in nevada and the super tuesday states are talking about. and that's, how do we get our economy going and ted's plan to do that as well as fighting isis at the border and -- >> so you don't think voters care if a candidate is doing dirty tricks or photo shopping a candidate's has on someone else's body and putting out flyers or spreading rumors? >> i think what republican voters care most about is finding a candidate who has got a track record of fighting against washington, going down to the senate floor, telling the truth about what's going on, even among republican senators. >> so how do you explain -- >> including our leadership, when they are wrong. pardon me? >> how do you explain the photo shopped flyer? >> you know, that's just graphics. it's making a visual point. it's not a substantive point.
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substance is what's your plan to get the economy going again? what is your record of voteding and leading in washington to defeat the establishment. >> so if a news organization put a picture -- >> -- in the history of the world has gone to iowa and told the good people of iowa that big corn and ethanol has to go. >> if a news organization superimposed your head on somebody else's body shaking president obama's hand you'd have no problem with that as long as you thought people knew it was some sort of dramatic representation? >> my first concern is always -- my first concern is always going to be, is what they are saying there correct or not. and the substance of what we've been saying is absolutely correct. >> interesting. so if cruz's rivals, especially trump and rubio, have obviously been trying to paint your candidate as untrustworthy. trump tweeted, wow, ted cruz
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falsely suggested that's marco rubio mocked the bible. more dirty tricks. obviously it wasn't cruz himself saying this. it was rick tyler in a tweet. are you concerned the trust question, though, could hurt him tomorrow and beyond? >> well, trust is always a big deal. americans don't trust anything in politics. they don't trust you all in the media. they don't trust people in washington. and you need to overcome that, you need a track record. ted's track record goes back to when he was a teenager memorizing the constitution and making his way around texas teaching people about it through being the solicitor general, winning awards as the texas solicitor general that democrats supported him for what a good job he did defending the constitution. and then moving on to the senate and continuing that as the only consistent conservative in this race. >> if your candidate doesn't win texas, is that it for him? >> obviously, a home state is
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absolutely critical. we're not going to make any bones about that. you have to win your home state. really to have a viable path forward. and right now, with ted's popularity in texas, we see him heading to -- cruzing, in his case, to a victory. he's visited more time than any other candidate in the super tuesday states. we have more cash on hand than all the other campaigns combined. so we're prepared for that next week's worth of battles in all of these states as the race goes from one state at a time to national. >> ken cuccinelli, appreciate it. we'll be covering it all from las vegas. joining us is adam chan and kevin mattingly and gloria borger. the shake-up of the cruz campaign, rick tyler. we've had him on this program a lot. on the heels of the foetso
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shopped picture and these other things, how do you see it playing out in nevada? >> trump, according to recent polls is the favorite in chicagchicagnevada. it's a caucus. so who really knows. the ground game matters. trump has spent a lot of time in vegas and his name is on the top of a hotel there so he's well known. i think what this whole cruz brouhaha does is it reinforces a pre-existing condition which is the story line that cruz is a liar, which, like many things in this campaign, the tempo was set by donald trump who originally called cruz a liar. then rubio sort of picked it up and ran with the same theme. and cruz found himself on the defensive to the point where today he had to fire someone and i think as a result, he may have sort of stoked the flames of the story line rather than extinguishing it.
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>> what do you think about this, autumn. you heard from ken cuccinelli. this isn't what they think about. >> here in nevada, gloria brought it up. it's about the ground game and issues that matter to nevada voters. ted cruz put out a vote saying he wants to return federal lands. anyone from nevada knows 85% of nevada's lands are owned by the federal government. it's smart for ted cruz and marco rubio said at a rally that we want to return those lands to the nevadans. it's going to be interesting to see what plays out. one thing that needs to be said is donald trump's popularity, maybe a tower in the south but he's not as popular as people think. in a state where the ground game is crucial, the rubio and cruz campaign are much more organized and they've been here doing the work for months that's trump should have been doing back in aucts. october. >> do you think trump is vulnerable? >> yeah. i think donald trump is trying to continue in many of these, test the old model with his new
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model. the idea that you can go in there and dominate earned media, that you can dominate the local television coverage, that the momentum at a critical time like this is probably more important than whether or not you have people out knocking on doors. so it's -- that, when he tried to test that approach in iowa, he didn't win. but now that he's got the momentum with big wins in new hampshire and south carolina, i think he does have a certain advantage. he has the wind at his back as he goes into nevada. >> you are expecting record turnout? >> yeah, we go to the rallies. you see the candidates, their events. we're going to have an all-time high. cruz and rubio will be the reason we have that high turnout. they are getting their support together. i just don't see and kevin talked about the wind at the back of donald trump. i don't see as he won south carolina with 30%.
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i see that 65% of south carolina did not vote for donald trump. you look around the country. he's really hit a ceiling. he's going to have an issue going into super tuesday. if he starts losing some of the southern states, there's a big issue in the trump campaign. >> as long as there are multiple other candidates out there, the vote not going to trump is divided. >> right. conversely, rubio has to start winning somewhere. trump may lose somewhere but rubio has to start winning. and that's, you know, that's really his issue. and rubio has coalesced or the beginnings of the so-called establishment coalescing around rubio. some of the jeb bush money. former donors for jeb may go to rubio, and that's good for him. he's organized but he is still in this tight race with cruz over second place. and at some point, you have to win somewhere. and rubio hasn't won anywhere yet. and he -- somebody who spent his
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he has a story to tell in that state which he's been telling about growing up there to a degree. so maybe the voters of nevada will see him in a way as a favorite son to a degree. >> kasich says he laughed about the idea of him getting out. how big a problem does he pose for rubio? >> i think it depends on the state. if you look at nevada, john kasich and adam could probably attest to this. he's got limited organizations in some of these march 1 states. but the fact he has 8% or 9% in some of those states that marco rubio would love to have in order to take on donald trump, you know, he is an important factor. he's going to continue to look at march 15th, john kasich is, march 15th and his prospects in ohio. and that is a crucial window where marco rubio really has to consolidate some of that
6:15 pm
anti-trump or the alternative to trump vote if he's going to start to pick up the momentum he's going to need to start overcoming -- overtaking donald trump in the delicate fight. >> are you officially endorsing a candidate? >> well, i'm going to officially endorse the republican nominee. and i think that nevadans are sophisticated voters that need to realize when they go to the caucus tomorrow they need to vote for the person that's actually conservative and not persp perpetuate the divisions. i'll attest to what kevin said about kasich. every candidate is in reno yesterday or today. o only candidate who hasn't come to nevada is john kasich. he's looking at the super tuesday states and hoping his donors can keep him well until mid-march to get those midwest states. >> i understand your entire family is muslim. what do you make of donald trump's comments about temporarily banning muslims from
6:16 pm
the united states? >> he has rudimentary knowledge of the constitution. the people came to this country for religious freedoms. the most un-american thing you can do is persecute someone for who they believe in. that's no better than the country my father came from. they are hanging people for worshiping a god that's not theirs. we can decide that, hey, we're going to stick to the constitution and not do those things. i think voters have a lot to look at tomorrow. >> if trump is the nominee, would you support him? >> i'll support the republican nominee. and i think that what's more important than anything is making sure the clintons aren't allowed to move back into sthe white house. there's nothing that can be worse for american prosperity than a clinton administration. i think the republican nominee will be a true conserve pative that's willing to lead this country. thursday night, cnn republican debate from houston.
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big day for republicans in nevada. going to be followed by a big
6:21 pm
night for democrats in south carolina. bernie sanders and hillary clinton facing voters in a cnn town hall. today they were facing off with each other with senator sanders sharpening one of his main lines of attack. >> when the campaign began, as i recall, secretary clinton and her people were saying, well, yes, we have superpacs, but that money is going to be used against republicans. well, guess what. turns out not to be the case. millions of dollars in superpac money is now being used against me. >> that's was not all, though. more from brianna keilar. >> reporter: bernie sanders is trying to regain his momentum fresh off a loss to hillary clinton in the nevada caucuses. >> i am delighted that secretary clinton month after month after month seems to be adopting more and more of the positions that we have advocated. that's good. and, in fact, is beginning to use a lot of the language and
6:22 pm
phraseology that we have. in fact, i think i saw a tv ad and thought it was me. >> reporter: sanders is going on the offensive tweeting about the lack of transcripts for clinton's paid speeches saying it's been 17 days, 16 hours and 32 minutes since hillary clinton said she'd look into releasing her paid speeches to wall street. hillary clinton is riding high after her rebound win in nevada and hoping for another victory in saturday's south carolina primary. clinton has an 18-point lead over sanders in the palmetto state buoyed by her lead among black voters. and she's getting a little star power with a new television ad voiced by actor morgan freeman. >> she says their names. trayvon martin, dontre hamilton. sandra bland. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned
6:23 pm
by injustice. >> we need action now. >> reporter: even as clinton rb rebounds from her new hampshire loss. she acknowledged an area she needs to improve upon during "state of the union" this weekend. >> there's been underlying questions that maybe is really in the back of people's minds. and that is, is she in it for us or for herself? i think that's a question that people are trying to sort through. >> reporter: sanders and clinton have their eyes on super tuesday next week when 11 states will hold democratic nominating contests. >> please do not come to me state by state and say is this the end of the world? we are in this campaign until the end. we have gone much faster, much further than any -- or many people would have believed possible. and with organizations like the ones behind me, we are going to do just great in this campaign.
6:24 pm
>> brianna joins us now. clinton was fund-raising in california today. she's heading back to south carolina tomorrow? >> she's having a forum in south carolina tomorrow. it's going to feature a lineup of mothers of young african-american men and women who have died. many of them in police custody. she'll be joined by the mothers of trayvon martin, eric garner, sandra bland and jordan davis. she's trying to send a message with this lineup that she understands the concerns of the african-american community that is so key to a democratic win in south carolina. and specifically that she understands their concerns about criminal justice reform. >> she'll, obviously, be in the evening with senator sanders at our cnn town hall hosted by chris cuomo. what is he planning for tomorrow? >> he's in norfolk, virginia, which is interesting because he's not going to be in south carolina which, obviously, this reflects the realistic approach his campaign is taking that he really is facing steep odds there. he was in massachusetts today.
6:25 pm
massachusetts and virginia, both of them are super tuesday states. he's kind of looking more toward super tuesday and past south carolina because he's facing a 20-point deficit almost in the polls there to hillary clinton. >> brianna, thank you. digging deeper with donna brazile. donna, as you heard in the wake of the nevada results, sanders says clinton is starting to sound more like him. is that fair? >> there's no question that these candidates will find each other reading from the same music or same script. she is adopting some of the language in terms of income inequality. perhaps he's going to adopt some of her message as it relates to racial equality. i think they are singing from the same hymn book but often the person who made the record first would like to get the credit. >> latest poll of polls shows clinton's support among likely voters 25 points higher than
6:26 pm
sanders. do you believe she has that much of an advantage? >> i think it's going to be a close race. no question that secretary clinton understands what's at stick. south carolina is a whole new ball game. they are both looking for momentum going into super tuesday. she's campaigning in a familiar territory. the deep south. she knows not just the issues but this is a woman who understands how to go to church and can read from the same hymn book. i'm not surprised she has a slight lead. i think the race will tighten. >> how important is winning south carolina for both of them? >> very important because super tuesday is around the corner. starting next month, we're going into what i call the biggest delegate prize of all. the states that will be held on super tuesday as well as the remaining states. 28 states total. over 1,000 delegates at stake. this is a key moment for both secretary clinton as well as senator sanders to get much-needed momentum before super tuesday. >> we're having a town hall forum for the democratic
6:27 pm
candidates in south carolina tomorrow night. chris cuomo is hosting it at 8:00. what do you think each of the candidates needs to cover? >> there's no question that tomorrow night secretary clinton has the opportunity to try to narrow the gap with young voters. so far they're not supporting her. they're supporting her opponent. and senator sanders has an opportunity to begin to sing from that hymn book to diversify his support and begin to attract the kind of delegates he needs to become the nominee. >> even if he's not winning, sanders has raised an awful lot of money from in small donations. he's focused on gsuper tuesday votes, planning to stay the course well after south carolina. >> his message has resonated with so many new voters. i believe he still has a shot at winning the nomination. as you know with jeb bush, it's not just money. it's message. it has to resonate to a more diverse electorate he'll face in
6:28 pm
south carolina and beyond. >> in order for him to actually have a path to victory over clinton, he's got to diversify. >> he has to diversify. the democratic coalition mirrors the american public. over 60% of our voters are white and 40% are people of color. blacks, hispanic, asian, pacific islanders. you have to have a diversified message nrd to win the nomination. >> don athanks very much. donna brazile. >> thank you. tune in tomorrow night with bernie sanders and hillary clinton when they take questions in the south carolina democratic town hall. it airs at 8:00 p.m. eastern here. donald trump talks about how good he is at making deals. man said they got a raw deal buying into trump properties that aren't owned by trump. seems like we've hit a road block.
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. donald trump is a billionaire, successful real estate mogul. some question how real some of that real estate is. there are buildings that bear the trump name but actually are not owned by donald trump and that surprises some buyers. drew griffin reports.
6:33 pm
>> we're going to start winning so much that you're going to be sick and tired of winning. you're going to get bored with winning. >> reporter: donald trump isn't short on bravado. it's one thing that's helped make him into a multibillionaire. whether you are planning to vote for him or buy from him, there's some fine print you may want to read. >> we were given a brochure that said that, you know, this was the best property he had ever developed. >> donald trump? >> yes. >> so that clearly in your mind was a donald trump property. donald trump involved. donald trump built. >> no question whatsoever. >> reporter: that's jay michael goodson who is suing donald trump. the trump condo project he bought into failed. goodson lost his money, and trump, well, trump was able to walk away because it turns out all things trump are not the same.
6:34 pm
south florida developer daniel levinson ought to know. he helped finish this trump hollywood. a super luxurious sold-out trump named condo project just south of ft. lauderdale. >> particularly in the luxury residential sector, there are very few brands that compete. >> reporter: levinson took over this project when it wasn't doing so well. he licensed donald trump's name and used the trump family input which he said was instrumental to almost every detail. n when it was time to actually sell the units, well, he used trump himself. >> donald trump came to the relaunch. and i believe ivanka attended an event. >> do people believe they are buying a trump-developed property? >> i guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. i don't know what each of the buyers is thinking, but i imagine there's an association
6:35 pm
that trump is involved. and they are. >> reporter: involved, yes, but in development after development, buyers are learning their trump property isn't actually a trump-owned building. levinson just licensed the name. which means even if things go south, donald trump makes money. he keeps the licensing fees and if the development goes well, he makes even more money. >> they made millions of dollars on the project by having the name associated with. so every time that there was a transaction, a condominium closed, they got paid as well. >> pretty smart. >> i think it's brilliant, yeah. >> reporter: brilliant when it all works which brings us back to j. michael goodson and the ft. lauderdale condo he said he thought he was buying from donald trump. >> what does the first page say? a signature development by donald j. trump. >> it's been a decade since goodson lost a $345,000 deposit
6:36 pm
on a nearly $2 million condo at the trump internationalure to in ft. lauderdale. >> you were up on this side on pool level? >> exactly. right there. >> reporter: the project failed. it went on to be built by a new developer under a different name. trump who had licensed his name removed it and kept the fee. goodson, a hugely successful businessman himself, sued saying he had no idea trump could just walk away from a building that, after all, was sold to him as a trump tower. at issue in the court battle that ensued, what was a trump property and what was a trump licensed property? details found on page 14 of the prospectus which donald trump had to borrow the judge's glasses to read. >> could i use your glasses again, your honor? >> i remember that. i remember, it was pretty fine print. >> well, it's not fine print. >> alan garden is donald trump's
6:37 pm
attorney. >> the disclosure of the roles of the parties was very clear to anyone who would read them. a lot of people, probably mr. goodson himself, got so caught up in the frenzy of the real estate market, they thought that they were, you know, too good for the contracts. >> reporter: this is how donald trump explained his role in a deposition. >> the word developing, it doesn't mean that we're the developer. we are -- the word developing, i mean, we worked on the documents. we worked on the room sizes and things but didn't give out the contracts. we didn't get into financing. we weren't the developer, but we did work with the developer. >> developing doesn't mean developer? >> developing is a -- a developer is a specific person or entity who is the person ultimately responsible for the project. donald trump and the trump organization was not the developer. >> we the jury find as follows
6:38 pm
for the defendant. >> goodson lost the lawsuit, badly. even forced to pay trump's attorney's fees. he's appealing. >> why are you pursuing this? >> i think somebody needs to pursue it. it was a major rip-off, and i think a lot of the investors don't have a legal background. they don't know what's involved. maybe it's been more involved than i've an tus pated. he said he's going to build a fence in mexico but he couldn't handle a hotel in ft. lauderdale, florida. >> we hear this time and time again from people who feel i went to a cocktail party. donald trump was there. telling me this is going to be a great development. that's they were truly under the spell that donald trump was developing this property. i mean, honestly, you don't think that there isn't some kind of a bait and switch here? >> there's no bait and switch and people have to be accountable for their own
6:39 pm
decisions. >> reporter: daniel leff onson successfully finished his licensed project with donald trump, sold out and walked away with millions. >> some trump product is trump product that his team is developing. some they are the branding and licensing arm. >> reporter: all of it disclosed in the contracts, he says, whether the super rich bother to read them or not. >> caveat emptor, let the buyer beware. >> how common that people buying into trump properties find out they aren't buying a trump property. if they read the contract, they'd find this out? >> you really have to read those contracts deeply. there have been similar lawsuits like this in tampa, hawaii, baja, mexico, toronto. the buyers claim donald trump was the developer until they find out he wasn't. if you go to the trump organization website, the list of these properties, there's a little tab for a disclaimer that's you can open up and that is where you find out the property is actually not being
6:40 pm
developed by donald trump just named after him. >> is there a fear this campaign is going to hurt his brand, his image in these high-end developments? >> i don't think anyone really knows. the people who love him, the developers who worked with him, they think any publicity is going to be good publicity for the business. then you have people that really despise him and hoping he fails and, should he win, he turns that business over to his kids and they run it. but forecasting what's going to happen to his business is like forecasting this campaign. that is tough to do. >> drew griffin, thanks. just ahead, a battle between apple and the government. the fbi wants the company to help them break into the iphone of the deceased san bernardino shooter. why apple says this is about more than just one phone, next. those who define sophistication stand out.
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6:45 pm
donald trump has called for a boy cost apple products and other candidates have weighed in as well. >> we can't have data that can tell us about an attack on our families and someone is like, i have a business model and that won't work. >> it will take a partnership between the technology industry and the government to confront and solve this. >> i think that apple and probably a lot of other people don't necessarily trust the government. >> i am very fearful in america about big brother. on the other hand, what i always worry about is the possible ut of another terrorist attack against our country. >> what i think you ought to do is boycott apple until such time as they give that security number. how do you like that? i just thought of that. boycott apple. >> i believe apple, nobody has the right to defy a legal search warrant. >> evan perez joins me with the latest. apple is saying it's not just this one phone. essentially they have to create
6:46 pm
new software that would allow a back door that would make everybody's phone potentially vulnerable to hackers if it got out. >> that's right. they are also pointing out it really won't stop at this phone. the fbi says it's about this one phone. agencies will come knocking on the door of apple to help them unlock phones. you are already seeing that in some places, especially in manhattan. the two sides are fighting over whether this entire dispute could have been avoided if someone hadn't meddled with the government-owned cell phone that farook carried. it was backing up information to the icloud until just a month before the san bernardino terrorist attacks. and apple officials say the fbi could have gotten the missing phone data by restarting the backups to the cloud but that option failed because in the hours after the attacks, san bernardino county officials
6:47 pm
changed the apple i.d. password on the phone. farook was a county employee and the county owned the phone. >> that's was a mistake. does that change things in this case? >> apple says yes. the fbi says even with the data from the cloud, investigators would still need to get to the phone itself. the fbi spokesperson said, quote, even if the password had not been changed and apple could have turned on the auto backup and loaded it to the cloud there might have been information on the phone that would not be accessible without apple's scientistance. we know that this is going to be a part of apple's court filing challenging this order from a judge to help the fbi. we expect that filing to come any day now. and, obviously, this is a big issue we expect is going to be fought all the way to the supreme court. just ahead, they've been campaigning, debating for months. but how much attention are voters paying? do candidates recognize their
6:48 pm
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6:52 pm
>> reporter: at the black bear diner in las vegas -- it's pancakes, served up with a side of politics. are you ready to play candidate trivia? >> yeah. >> reporter: let's do it. we put voters to the test to see how much they know about the data day before nevada republican caucus. tony started off strof. >>s the one and only mr. trump. >> reporter: when i showed him a picture of ted cruz, he didn't know his name. watch what happened when i showed him a photo of this candidate. >> who is this? >> that looks like elliott spitzer. [ laughter ] is that him? >> no. it's definitely no. >> the love bug they call him. >> reporter: with this candidate i got a blank stare. >> do you want to ask your pal over here?
6:53 pm
>> yeah. john kasich. >> you don't even know the name. you have the answer and you don't know. >> john kasich's photo stumpled nearly everyone we asked. who is this? >> is that john from ohio? >> john from ohio. i like that. do you know his last name? >> i do not. >> kucinich? >> nope. want to try again? >> no, not that one. >> his initials are j.k. does that help you at all? >> jack kemp? >> jack kemp? my goodness. >> reporter: this first time voter clearly has to study up. >> who is this? >> um, marco rubio? >> no. teddy cruz. >> 18-year-old whitney also had a whole lot of trouble with kasich. >> i think he is a movie star. >> what move was he in, do you
6:54 pm
know? >> no, i don't know. >> he's a governor of a state and he is running for president. >> i did not know that. >> but she does know movie stars. >> who is that? >> george clooney. >> you know george clooney but you don't know john kasich. >> her dad didn't do much better. >> i'm not sure about that guy. he's not currently running, right? >> what if i told you he was? how would you feel? >> i would be embarrassed. >> some voters couldn't recall which candidates were in which party. and if they were even still running. this guy got bernie sanders and jeb bush confused. >> you think that's jeb bush. >> as far as the face? i have -- >> no clue. >> no clue to the faces. >> okay. the initials are b.s. does that help you? >> is he [ bleep ]? no. isn't that what most politicians are? >> reporter: considering this group's track record, it is no
6:55 pm
surprise even this photo threw them off. >> who is it? >> i know he's on cnn but i don't know his name. >> he's on cnn. what show does dough? what time he's on? >> is not it like at the night? isn't it nighttime? >> that's our vice president. >> no, it isn't. >> who is that? >> biden. >> okay. your daughter thought he had a show on cnn. >> he kind of looks like anderson cooper. >> what? wow, okay. >> i didn't see the resemblance. it sounds like a few of these candidates are fighting for voters, at least in terms of the doints. >> absolutely. everyone knew ben carson. but carly fiorina, people didn't know she was out of the campaign and didn't remember her last
6:56 pm
name. not a single person knew who john kasich was. and then the cruz-rubio situation. not only are they battling for second base but also to be recognized. as i play this candidate trivia around the country, so many people think ted cruz is marco rubio and vice versa. one of them has to break through. >> thank you very much. ♪ ♪
6:57 pm
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as you saw in the last report, some voters are still getting to know candidates. thursday they'll get another chance in the republican debate in houston. wolf blitzer is the moderator. that does it for us tonight. thanks for watching. we'll see you at 11:00 p.m. tonight for another edition of 360. don lemon starts now. donald trump expected to speak at any moment now in las vegas on the eve of the nevada caucuses. ted cruz due to speak in reno. we'll bring you both events as they happen. this is cnn tonight. i'm don elemelemon. cruz fires a staffer for questioning marco rubio's faith. that's after trump and rubio both blast the cruz campaign for dirty tricks. meanwhile, rubio picks up a slew of endorsements today. the race is really heating up as we count down to super tuesday.