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tv   New Day  CNN  February 23, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. good morning. welcome to your "new day". it is tuesday, february 23rd, 6:00 in the east. we are live in columbia, south carolina because it is time. sanders and clinton making the case to voters here and to you in tonight's cnn democratic presidential town hall. we are just four days before primary in south carolina. the question for clinton, can she convince african-american voters to stick with him here. can sanders convince the young to get up and vote, just one week from super tuesday. >> good questions, chris. obviously we will be with you from all morning there. the nevada caucuses begin tonight after a wild campaign on the campaign trail. meanwhile, ted cruz and john kasich's campaign in damage
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control. let's begin our election coverage with cnn's sarah murray live in las vegas for us. good morning, sara. >> reporter: donald trump is hoping to lock in another win in nevada. >> forget the word caucus. just go out and vote, okay. >> i'm supporting rubio. >> he's conservative, and he's electable. >> reporter: and is arguing it's time for republicans to rally behind him as the alternative to trump before it's too late. >> if we nominate someone that half the republican party hates, we're going to be fighting against each other all the way to november. we will never win that way. >> reporter: but right now donald trump's blows are firmly trained on ted cruz. >> this guy is sick. there is something wrong with this guy. >> it is a little tricky. a little tricky. >> reporter: cruz was trying to mix the narrative to his campaign plays dirty.
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>> this guy cruz lies more than any human being i've ever dealt with. unbelievable. >> every single day something comes out that is deceptive and untrue. >> yesterday cruz fired his communications director. >> this morning i asked for rick tyler's resignation. >> reporter: that's after the staffer appeared to show accurately rubio dismissing the bible. >> he basically made it up. >> reporter: john kasich had his own awkward moment. >> we've just got an army of people. and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door to door and put yard signs up for me. >> reporter: his off-hand comment quickly got the attention of voters. >> i'll be out to support you, but i won't be coming out of the
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kitchen. >> reporter: they were talking how his early efforts were a grassroots effort. nonetheless, kasich apologized in case he offended anyone. he could be facing new pressures pretty soon. there may be big donors stepping in, trying to get him to step aside and coalesce with marco rubio. john kasich has an independent streak. we will see how those moves go over with the candidate. >> he sure does. he said he wants to stay at least through ohio because he's rolling the dice there, to run with a metaphor from where you are, sara. that you know for all of that background. joining us now ron brownstein and errol lewis. gentlemen, great to have you here. >> good morning. >> let's talk about how jeb bush's departure from the race seems to be marco rubio's game. there seems to be an infusion of lots of enthusiasm and money now from supporters and donors who
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had been for jeb bush. some of the big name endorsed marco rubio has just pulled in. asa hutchinson. tim pawlenty. bob dole, orrin hatch, jeff flake, tom tillis, dean heller. >> this is what marco rubio wants and needs. people say this is an okay guy. this is a good guy. we should keep in mind in state after state after state, you have thousands really of republican activists on the ground who are taking at least some of their signals from some of the guys at the top. bob ebola or thom tillis, they are saying we're going to go with rubio. we have a strategy now. we want to stop trump. it has been this confusion when
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you have a dozen candidates that led to a lot of what we have seen so far. >> ron, let's look at the map and the numbers. this is march 1st. super tuesday. delegates up for grabs march 1st. where does rubio win. >> that is the core challenge for rubio. i would say they are necessary but not sufficient. it's not going to be any better than any state he had in south carolina. he still got to 22%. which is the rubio problem, alisyn, he he has a little bit of everything but not enough of anything. and i think the more important step for him is to find a key argument against donald trump. he is more bent to the trump wave. he has changed his position on trade. he said he's not going to tell us how to vote on the partnership until may. on immigration, he has moved from where he was and closer to donald trump. he has to make a case against donald trump.
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endorsements alone will not be enough. >> if he leaches off some delegates in the winner not take all states, then can he slide towards it? >> he doesn't want to start too far behind. that is his main danger if he has to wait until mid-march, until florida comes out before he starts picking up delegates, he will have a lot of hard, strategic choices. he has to decide right away if he wants to play in texas. there is a 20% threshold. so if he's not coming in at 20%, he has to make a decision. do i invest a lot of money and time, or do i turn my back on texas and go through in virginia or some other state. >> let's talk about ted cruz and what's going on with his camp. yesterday he fired one of his top people, rick tyler after he tweeted out a doctored video of
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marco rubio making a disparaging remark about the bible. so let's look at the video of what rick tyler sent out and the original be video. watch this. okay. so they claim he said not many answers in there in the bible. but he said all the answers in there. so where do you think this leaves the cruz campaign? >> cruz has been facing this issue throughout. it goes to a broader question of the behavior in the senate that left many senators to feel he will do whatever it takes to advance his own interests and why he is having so much trouble getting endorsements. it doesn't help. it advances that narrative. a bigger problem cruz faces is the opposite of rubio. rubio support has been broad but shallow. cruz has been much too narrow. he was touted as someone who
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would bring together religious conservative. not better really than rick santorum or rick huckabee. he can be strong in the southern states but without a broader coalition, he's not really going to get to donald trump. quick on rubio, to answer your question, the states he has to focus on are the pretty much the same as bernie sanders, states that are more white collar, coastal, cosmopolitan. those are probably his best options on super tuesday. >> we had a list of the so-called dirty tricks of ted cruz that have cropped up. let's just go through some of these. there was that iowa mailer, the one that said voting violation and mis information about carson dropping out. not true.
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aggressive robocalls. photo shopped image of rubio showing him looking quite diminutive. and this bible thing. does this end up having an effect on his campaign or is this all to be expected during a tough contest. >> it does affect him because it plays into a narrative. this doesn't work if it's completely contrary. so the smear on rubio with the view on him. nobody thinks he is a n anti-christian hater of the body. it feeds into a top. it starts to take hold. now he has to spend a lot of time and energy with that, which is the last thing he needs to be doing right now. coming up, we will talk
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about john kasich. he's in a bit of damage control. and the ohio polls are looking. stay with cnn all day. be sure to join us thursday night at the remaining five republicans square off in the final debate. wolf blitzer mod rates live from houston, thursday night, 8:30 eastern right here on cnn. let's go to columbia, south carolina where we find chris cuomo. hi, chris. hello, my friend. as we all know, contrast and conflict are a given in a tight race. we are seeing that among the democrats. bernie sanders stepping up attacks on hillary clinton. the vermont senator is accusing clinton of copying his message. he's also continuing to beat the drum that wall street donors may be influencing her campaign.
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this as clinton seems to have a not so secret advantage. cnn's jeff zeleny is live in south carolina. he's going to give us more on this. delegates versus superdelegates. the distinction matters. >> it does matter. good morning, chris. that is something we're going to be keeping our eye on here. this is a race, after all, for delegates. follow along here. hillary clinton has 52 pledged delegates. bernie sanders has 51. it sound even, right? but when you add the superdelegates, her lead increases to 497 to 69. that explains the dynamic coming into this town hall meeting tonight. bernie sanders knows he needs to try and slow the energy that is coming behind his rival here. that's why he was campaigning yesterday in massachusetts. and he says some of clinton's language sounds awfully, awfully
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familiar. >> i have to say that i am delighted that secretary clinton month after month after month seems to be adopting more and more of the positions that we have advocated. in fact, i think i saw a tv ad and i thought it was me. but it turned out it was secretary clinton's picture in the ad. >> so a little bit of sarcasm there. the translation is this. hillary clinton is moving to the left. he has brought her to the left. that is in fact, one of the reasons he decided to run for president at all. he is still very much in this race. his supporters are fervent for him. that's why coming in tonight in south carolina he will be making his case. chris, he is keeping his eye well beyond south carolina as well. super tuesday, a week from today, he will be campaigning all across those states. he still has a lot of delegates up his sleeve as well. chris. >> as you have coached me all
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along, jeff, the superdelegates shift their votes. they're allowed to vote for whomever they want. you the way they are pledged right now gives clinton a big lead. we'll look at more headlines before we turn back to you, chris. two senators breaking from party leaders saying they would act on president obama's supreme court nominee. the senate should give careful consideration to any mom knee. mark kerr facing a tough battle in illinois. taking it a step further saying they deserve a vote. we're learning more about the kalamazoo rampage suspect. he made incriminating statements about taking people's lives. he bought a heavy duty jacket hours before the shooting started. he was charged with six counts
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with murder, among other charges. we have a live report in all of of this coming up. >> a cease-fire inside war-torn syria. the truce begins midnight saturday. it will last three weeks. there is a possibility that will be extended. president obama and flood mere putin set up a hotline to monitor violence. 14 minutes past the hour. we'll head back to chris now. all right, mick. as we know, hillary clinton is on a role when it comes to wrapping up a huge delegate lead over bernie sanders. can-can she be stopped? the answer yes, but you have to crunch the numbers to do it. big things. small things. spur of the moment things.
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all right. what wins an election? message, yes. being a quality man or woman, yes. but at the end of the day it's delegates that win the election both in the primary in the party and in the general against each party. i know your eyes will glaze
3:19 am
over. look, that stuff makes me want to punch somebody in the face, to cite a presidential candidate. but hillary clinton is already 20% of the way where she needs to be to get the delegate count. and she's still tied with bernie sanders. let's find out what this means and what it means going forward. we have andy shane. cnn politics executive editor mark preston. put that back up on the screen while we're talking about this. the number of delegates versus superdelegates. let's start simple here. delegates are the people that you get apportioned at the convention based on how you win in the state based on the state's rules. superdelegates are x factor. >> they are governors, senators, members of the democratic party that don't have to pledge themselves. they can do that personally. so we saw this happen back in 2008 when there was a fight between hillary clinton and
3:20 am
barack obama. what we have seen happen is hillary clinton has gone out and has effectively collected as many of those as she possibly can. so it's basically putting them in her back pocket. >> we say x factor. this was a big part of the biden calculus. it is mostly about what is going on in his head and heart with the loss of his son. but x factor is they can vote for whomever they want. if there is a surprise in their state, pressure, they don't like your face, they can go the other way. how does sanders make inroads? >> it's going to be tough in south carolina. hillary clinton hat gotten most of the superdelegates here. >> when i tee up optimism, do not rain on my parade. >> i'm sorry. we're here in the home of the clinton firewall. >> but if he shows penetration into african-americans or young people, they can change. but you don't see it.
3:21 am
>> they can change. i don't see it at this point. hillary clinton has been working the states since -- for the past few years. she was a major candidate in 2008 until barack obama came along and obviously stole her thunder. she was hoping she would do well. >> and superdelegates switched. >> a lot switched. but in the end she said if you didn't work for me in 2008, be for me in 2016. she worked them a lot harder than senator sanders. >> a lot of delegates are up for grabs. let's show you the numbers there. and the map is a suggestion as to why sanders is taking days off here in south carolina and going elsewhere. >> right. he doesn't look at it as a place he is going to win. that is clearly not going to happen. we'll look at georgia, tennessee, arkansas. what he is looking for is long ball. he is trying to play this where he wants to go to colorado.
3:22 am
his own state of vermont will vote. he is hoping that massachusetts will come his way. in the democratic contest, basically, he doesn't have is that win a state to continue winning delegates. >> they're tied right now in terms of the ones they have won through popular vote. >> correct. we make a big deal of winning the state. it is how close is the margin. >> andy, is there any percentage in bernie sanders's system? saying these superdelegates are part of it. they're in the bag before they even hear the message. they are hearing decisions taking away from you, the voters fighting for your households every day. any percentage in that? >> i don't think. no shame campaign? >> they are part of the establishment to a certain degree. some of them were hillary clinton supporters back in 2008. i think his best shot is to make his case to try to win some of
3:23 am
the congressional districts. the delegates you get three each. they can be split between candidates. he needs at least 15% in the congressional district and get at least one delegate out of it. >> what does he need to do to take this to a convention? we have to see. we have to have the votes. there have been so many surprises so far. he may not be able to blow past her given the delegate hold if the superdelegates hold to their commitment. ? he could be influential. on the republican side you have that side looking at donald trump with fear in their eyes when we talk about a contested convention. if hillary clinton over the next two weeks hits him hard and does very well, bernie sanders can still go to the convention. it could be a victory in the
3:24 am
sense he can move to the left. >> and if he shocks and wins in a state, the superdelegates have to think. they are there for their people, not just their own interests and a handshake. let me ask you this, andy. bernie sanders put out a tweet. still waiting for the goldman sachs speeches. how do you feel about that in terms of its legitimacy as a straight issue? >> nationally it might play as an issue. here in south carolina they are most worried about the economy and the rigged systems he talks about. i think there are some questions about honesty with secretary clinton. >> do you see it as a cheap shot? >> all is fair in love and war and certainly in politics. there is certainly somebody to be said about him staying in the race right now. what if she had to get forced
3:25 am
out? if bernie sanders quit, if she of was forced out of the race, would they look to bernie sanders or joe biden to try to bring someone in and draft him in? >> or elizabeth warren. >> are you excited about tonight? >> very excited. it's going to be right behind us. >> yeah. we will be right here. this is the big stage where we are doing it. >> here in south carolina, we love the attention. thank you. >> thank you. appreciate it. this is the night we will see sanders and clinton make their case not to just some reporter, not just to each other but to the voters of south carolina people who are living with problems that will now be issues in this race. i will have the best seat in the house at cnn town hall 8:00 eastern on cnn. let's take a break here. major implications to a
3:26 am
community in kalamazoo, michigan. silent in court, the man accused of doing all of those killings. but he hasn't been silent with police. he has made incriminating statements. but the motive is still unclear. that matters to the case and the victims and their families. we have the latest ahead. st sime veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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it was standing room only as the community of kalamazoo, michigan gathered to offer prayers for the victims and families impacted by saturday's shooting sprees. new details also emerging about the alleged shooter who stood stone faced as he was charged with six counts of murder. ryan young is live with the latest for us. ryan. >> reporter: good morning, michaela. i don't know what we were expecting yesterday when we watched him in court. i think we were expecting him to say something. that didn't happen. he may have wrecked one of his cars, made a switch in between the shootings. that has a lot of people baffled as to what the motive is in this
3:31 am
crime. >> are you jason brian dalton? >> yes. >> reporter: the 45-year-old uber driver appears in court for the first time villa video, showing no emotion as the judge read the 16 charges against him. >> is there anything you wish to tell the court? >> i prefer just to remain silent. >> reporter: dalton admitted to "taking people's lives." investigators say he roamed the streets targeting his victims at ran don, gunning them down while picking up fares between. >> i said you're not the shooter, are you? and he said no. and i said, are you sure? and he kind of just said no. i'm just tired. i've been driving for seven hours. >> reporter: his youngest
3:32 am
victim, 14-year-old abigail kopf. so critically injured she was pronounced dead before she miraculously squeezed her mother's hand. >> she is alive and she is fighting for her life. i want everybody to understand that. she was a vibrant and beautiful young lady and did not deserve this. >> reporter: according to uber, dalton received favorable feedback. investigators trying to unravel a motive for why the married father of two with no criminal record would carry out such a cold-blooded massacre. it. >> was an awful, awful feeling to know someone who you had once worked with and been relatively close to was capable of something like that. >> reporter: there was another vigil last night where so many people in the community came out to remember those who were lost. dalton's family released this statement that said, we express our love and support for everyone involved.
3:33 am
we intend to cooperate in every way that we can in every way. everyone has the big question about how this happened. alisyn. >> we will have more on this case up next. the suspect has been talk to go police. what he is saying about the rampage. a kalamazoo police official here straight ahead. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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the search for answers in the kalamazoo shooting massacre and whether uber is doing enough to ensure passenger safety. let's bring in jeffrey hadley. chief, thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> we understand the suspect has made some incriminating statements to authorities in custody. what is is he saying? >> well, i'm not at liberty to discuss the exact nature of those statements. what i can say is he made some incriminating statements that certainly gave us enough probable to submit to the prosecutor's office and for the
3:38 am
arraignment yesterday. >> can you give us the nature of those incriminating statements. i know you don't want to taint your investigation. but the prosecutor himself has said that this suspect confessed. >> well, i can't get into the exact language of the statements. i don't have those specifically. i do know in conversations with my detectives he made incriminating statements that put him at the time and place that these incidents occurred. that's all i'm at liberty to discuss. >> but we understand the weapon matched the bullets. is that right? >> if that's the information you have. that's not the information i have. he was found in possession of a semiautomatic handgun. all of our information leads us to believe this is the shooter. we have plenty of evident to
3:39 am
support that. but the exact ballistics test, if they're back, i'm not aware of that. >> okay. let's talk about what you've been looking into, and that is his background. what has his family said to your detectives about him? >> mental health history, not on any medications. doesn't abuse drugs or alcohol. they are shocked and surprised at his behavior as everyone else. they have been very cooperative in this investigation. our heart goes out to them as well. to some degree they are victims in this tragic event as much as the folks that are deceased and injured. >> chief, this must just be your worst nightmare. there's no red flags. nothing to trace it back to.
3:40 am
there seems to be no reason whatsoever. one thing -- there was a passenger who this suspect, this uber driver had picked up. that passenger reported that the suspect got a phone call. after that phone call he began driving erratically. do you know anything that was said during that phone call? >> i don't know what was said relative to that phone call. we are now in the process of doing some more complete and comprehensive work relative to the uber passengers, what they heard, what they experienced with mr. dalton. and i think that will come in the days and weeks to come in terms of some of those specifics. we would like to know that as well in terms of what may have been said on that phone call and triggered his response relative to that. >> chief, let me ask you about uber. uber picks up a million rides a day around the country. millions of people are using this service.
3:41 am
are you confident that uber is doing enough to ensure the public safety? >> well, i think one important thing to note is none of the victims were shot in these incidents where uber passengers or uber customers. they had not called mr. dalton for a ride. so i just wanted to clarify that note. >> but clearly -- chief, i'm sorry. he's a homicidal -- if he is guilty, he is a homicidal maniac. so should uber have known somehow? >> i don't know how they could have. i'm just being really fair to your question. i certainly understand the question. and that's an obvious question that would come our way. i'm not sure what provisions or measures or systems they have in place to do background on their uber drivers. i don't know how thorough that is or comprehensive. with that said, he had no criminal history at all
3:42 am
whatsoever. so even if they had a very robust system in place, i'm not sure that would have been able to capture or predict this type of behavior. it's just one of those anomalies. and that's the most baffling and bizarre piece of this and the most frustrating for everybody, including us. >> chief jeff relative hadley, thanks so much for being on "new day". we will talk to you again as we get more information. back to politics. hillary clinton connecting with african-american voters. bernie sanders connecting with young voters. up next, we talk to a south carolina family about the general racial divide and how it might play out on primary day. and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ pro-support protests planned at apple stores. the tech giant is fighting a court order to help the fbi by unlocking the iphone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. 51% of people say apple should comply with the court's order.
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a teenager found unresponsive in a helicopter crash in pearl harbor has died. two of the teen's family members remain in stable condition. the chopper is under investigation. one pilot thinks the pilot chose water to avoid hundreds of tourists. charlotte votes to transgender to choose bathrooms according to their identity. but that is a threat to public safety and warning the state's general assembly may have to step in. is that chaos in columbia, south carolina where chris is? are you instigating? what's going on? what's going on, christopher? i see. bleeding the fifth. oh, he's not. strangely silent.
3:48 am
i think he's in the middle of his breakfast. still ahead, we're going to talk to him or he's going to talk about this topic of african-american voters. young people, well, alisyn not so much. the two factors may combine. and chris will peek with a black family about the general racial divide in their very own family and how that could impact the primary vote saturday. >> later on "new day", sisters in solidarity with donald trump. their support has gone viral taking on the likes of megyn kelly. >> you have something you want to tell him? run it by us first. >> that's right. >> run it by me first and i'll let you know whether you have permission. sheraton. ♪
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just three states down for the democrats. but already we're seeing really interesting patterns. let's say here in south carolina. you have a great mix of two different strengths from two different candidates. hillary clinton, there is a heritage, a legacy of working within the african-american community for her. and certainly her husband. and her numbers are very big with african-americans, especially here in south carolina. it matters because the black vote will be 50% plus expected in this state. then you have bernie sanders. very big with the young.
3:53 am
not only does it cut into the clinton's lead with african-americans but he is crushing her with young voters in general. what happens when you combine those two? you have one of the families we're about to talk to now. march curious byrd is using his early lawyering skills to corrupt his family in favor of bernie sanders. he swayed his mom gwen to support sanders even though gwen and bernard normally support the clintons. bernard, veteran of two different wars. thank you for your service. and then you, counsel. let's start with what's going on right now. there is a presumption, gwen, about the clintons and african-americans. you're from south carolina. you know the community well.
3:54 am
why is there an investment among blacks? that do you think it's about? >> i think it's about when bill was president he to have more in common with african-americans in general and a pay forward. >> you feel that in hillary as well? does she pay attention or benefit from the pay forward? >> for me i jokingly said i voted for bill because i wanted hillary. >> the better woman behind every man theory. yes. >> she presented herself as a really strong woman. and i can envision a future of her being president. >> you work your fingers to the bone to send him to law school. and he rewards you by coming back and preaching the gospel of sanders to move you away from hillary clinton. what happened exactly?
3:55 am
>> what happened exactly, he said bernie sanders is coming to town. come go with me >> what did you feel? you hashtagged feel the bern. why? >> he seemed sincere. for a long time you see the politically tv version of a candidate. he just seemed like an everyday, ordinary person. what he is saying is stuff i have already thought about and think about on a daily basis >> no stronger influence on on a man than the woman in his life. yet you stand steadfast and true with hillary clinton despite what your braniac son comes home with from law school. >> yes. i always supported the clintons. even though her and bernie have a lot of things similar is, but i think hillary is better with education, gun control.
3:56 am
and i just support hillary. >> you see hillary as commander in chief? >> i do. as my commander in chief. >> you don't have a negative impression of sanders? >> no. i don't have a negative impression, i don't want him to be my commander in chief. >> you go to law school and you turn on them. i'm joking of course. but let's talk about the family and generation. what is it you're picking up on bernie sanders that leads you away from hillary clinton. >> a lot of the issues that i see bernie sanders addressing is addressing them in a perspective that's more to the times we're actually living in in this moment. >> how so? put some meat on the bone. >> basically, i'm coming into a workforce age where people aren't retiring like they used to.
3:57 am
now the skills i need, what used to be -- you just need a high school education to be able to compete, get into the entry-level jobs and be able to move up. since people aren't moving out of jobs, what you need to be an entry-level person, is to be on the same level as someone with 10 years of experience. >> so you need more education? >> yeah, you need more education. and graduate level classes as well. >> now, if you look at them on paper, policy for policy, other than the word free, you see a lot of similarities between clinton and sanders. but what makes you favor bernie? i'm joking about the dynamic. pick whoever you want. i'm just talking about break with your parents, which is an interesting dynamic. what does the senator offer the secretary does not.
3:58 am
>> some issues i feel as if we have to toe the party line instead of address what the problem is. sometimes a conservative might be slightly more correct liberal view than vice versa. you have to be open and true enough to yourself to be able to address those problems. >> fighting for what i see is like health care. but making a compromise. >> can you be swayed? >> can i be swayed? i would probably say i'm 99.9% sure i can't be swayed.
3:59 am
>> political science is an oxymoron, marcurious. there is no science in political science. we just throw the world around and it makes it look better. thank you. gwen, you have a soft spot for your son. thank you for explaining the dynamic within your family. these dynamics are going on in south carolina and america. here's what it is going to come down to tonight. the cnn town hall. bernie sanders, hillary clinton, are going to be talking to the good people of south carolina like the byrd family we just had here. what will they offer? i will have the best seat in the house at 8:00 eastern right here on cnn. seep for yourself. there is a lot of news here in the election, around the world. let's get to it. i am not a scripted capped tate. i'm real. >> this guy cruz lies more than any human being i have ever dealt with. >> if we nominate someone that
4:00 am
half the republican party hates, we will never win that way. >> we will win, win, win. >> we will win so much we will get tired of winning. >> we aren't a single issue country. we need more than a plan for the big bank >> we need top stand together and say enough is enough. >> we can do better together. >> the victory short three-letter answer is y-e-s. >> they are read anything a new provision of the constitution. >> it's clear the president can second up a nominee. >> we ought to be able to find a consensus candidate. >> this will determine what kind of supreme court we have. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. >> look at that. the stage is set for the town hall. good morning. we are live in south carolina because we do have tonight's democratic presidential town hall right here.
4:01 am
and there is a huge day ahead for both the democrats and the republicans in the 2016 race. voters here will press hillary clinton and bernie sanders directly on the issues that matter in their lives in the cnn town hall. just four days before the south carolina primary. it will be a big night, alisyn. >> we are looking forward to that, chris. can't wait to watch all of those ideas exchanged. meanwhile, this evening gop will caucus. polls suggest donald trump could win. this would make his third in a row. marco rubio bringing in loads of establishment support in his bid to be the anti trump. john kasich and ted cruz in damage control. cruz firing a stop staffer. we have it all covered for you. sarah murray in las vegas. what's the latest, sara? >> reporter: nevada is hike the wild west. it is really hard to poll out here. turnout tends to be low.
4:02 am
but swept in with big momentum. some rivals are starting on rockier footing. >> reporter: donald trump is hoping to lock in another win in nevada. >> forget the word caucus. just go out and vote, okay. >> i'm supporting rubio. >> he's conservative, and he's electable. >> reporter: and is arguing it's time for republicans to rally behind him as the alternative to trump before it's too late. >> if we nominate someone that half the republican party hates, we're going to be fighting against each other all the way to november. we will never win that way. >> reporter: but right now donald trump's blows are firmly trained on ted cruz. >> this guy is sick. there is something wrong with this guy. >> reporter: just hours before they cast their votes in nevada. >> it is a little tricky. a little tricky. >> reporter: cruz was trying to mix the narrative to his campaign plays dirty. >> this guy cruz lies more than any human being i've ever dealt with.
4:03 am
unbelievable. >> every single day something comes out that is deceptive and untrue. >> yesterday cruz fired his communications director. >> this morning i asked for rick tyler's resignation. >> reporter: that's after the staffer distributed a video that appeared inaccurately to show marco rubio dismissing the bible. >> he basically made it up. >> reporter: john kasich had his own awkward moment. saying women left their kitchens to support his 1970s statehouse bid. >> we've just got an army of people. and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door to door and put yard signs up for me. >> reporter: his off-hand comment quickly got the attention of voters. >> i'll be out to support you, but i won't be coming out of the kitchen. 12k34r. >> i got you. i got you.
4:04 am
>> reporter: the kasich campaign said he was talking about early in his grassroots. john kasich did apologize in case that comment offended anyone. there are some republican donors talking about pressuring him to get out of the race and coalesce behind marco rubio. john kasich, ohio governor. >> you have given us a lot to talk about this morning. former george w. bush and chairman of the american conservative union matt schlapp and jeff live lord. gentlemen, thank you so much for being here. great to see you. we have a lot to talk about. jeffrey, you are air trump supporter. i want to ask about marco rubio.
4:05 am
marco rubio seems to be the beneficiary of jeb bush's loss. he has been getting lots of enthusiasm and lots of money. 15 top bush bundlers, meaning the money guys, are now committed to marco rubio. do you think that could help turn the tables for him. >> no. as a matter of fact, alisyn, i think that it could hurt him. i'm not in the least surprised this is happening. and what this -- this sends a message that the establishment is rally to marco rubio and he's their guy. in this environment, boy, that's not a good thing to be happening. and i would think this is going to backfire on him. >> it's not just money, matt. it's also these high-level establishment endorsements. asa hutchinson. tim pawlenty. bob dole, orrin hatch, jeff flake, tom tillis, dean heller.
4:06 am
do you agree in some way this is a liability for marco rubio? >> alisyn, let me get this straight. all the elected officials, especially all of these people who have elected to serve in washington, are standing up against donald trump. it seems that just makes donald trump's point. all of these insiders will stand against him and he will take them on. i think the endorsement route this year is a big mistake. >> matt, what about the money route. does the money of big bundlers help? >> that's hard to argue with. money is important especially when you're taking on a billionaire. i think it's great he is getting these bundlers. but the story of the jeb bush money men is more complicated. a lot of dough norse will go to ted cruz. there is a division with the florida dough norse. some upset with marco rubio for taking him on in the first place. >> i call that kryptonite money. you can get it, but it doesn't
4:07 am
help you a lot. >> why not? >> i don't know. >> why not, jeffrey? >> it doesn't help because of its source. because it is establishment money. jeb bush got what, $130 million? and he spends all of this money. all it did is reinforce the impression he was a bought and paid for enforcement. his message was way off. what marco rubio has to do is match the money if he is to have any hope. that's true. the message seems to be i'm electable. i don't think that's much of a message. >> let's talk about the rhetoric on the campaign trail that has been, as you both know, fairly incendiary. last night was no exception. i'm understanding it. it's been at times it veers into the violent, some people say, jeffrey.
4:08 am
so here's an example. there was a protester last night in vegas at one of donald trump's events. this was donald trump's response to him. >> here's a guy throwing punches, nasty as hell, screaming at everything else when we're talking. and we're walking out. we're not allowed -- the guards are gentle with him. he's walking out, smiling, laughing, high-fives. i would like to punch him in the face. >> he would like to punch him in the face. i know that's his idea of a joke. sometimes people are roughed up at these events. is that okay? >> it's not okay. it's not okay also to provoke. alisyn, last night, as you know, i have a book out. i did a book event for 150 people in suburban philadelphia. and i can only tell you the sentiment there about the media was pretty strong. these are just regular folks. i was taking questions from them. you know, i think that there's
4:09 am
real sentiment here. there is a lot of provocation going on. and nothing is ever done about it. >> jeffrey, see, there is provocation going on. but i think you're talking about it from a different side. let me pull up one of the reporters, katy tur sent out this tweet. trump trashes press. crowd jeers. guy by press pen looks at us and screams you're a -- b word, basically. other gentleman gives cameras the double bird. this is really counterproductive, jeffrey, this kind of rhetoric. go ahead, matt. >> hold on a second, jeffrey. here's the thing i think you will agree with me on. donald trump has done a great job connect to go voters. he's telling it like it is. there's no sacred cows. all of that is very appealing. at some point he has to get to the next level here. he's getting a third, maybe as highs on 40% in these states i
4:10 am
would like to see if he's going to be our runner, to get a majority. i would like to see if he is to be the nominee, a president in donald trump. it is not someone who always takes easy jabs. i think that's what my mom in kansas wants to see. at the tran send from what he is today to being a president tomorrow. >> vi tri ol. >> here's the problem. as i saw the sentiment firsthand last night. people feel that the media distorts. they don't tell the truth. they portray trump supporters as racists, xenophobes.
4:11 am
>> isn't he also ginning up that feeling? show us when we have labeled someone at xenophobe. he is making people feel violently against the press. >> i could point to editorials. the "washington post" this very morning is going after editorial board is going after donald trump and his supporters. i mean, it's disgraceful. thank you for the debate. stay with cnn all day. join us thursday night as the remaining five republicans square off in the final debate before super
4:12 am
tuesday. wolf blitzer moderates live from houston thursday night 8:30 eastern only here on cnn. we have a very big night tonight. that is why we find chris cuomo in columbia, south carolina. chris. there will be no punches in the face tonight hopefully, alisyn. that's the bar for success. we do have a lot of tough talk going on, though. we have bernie sanders sharpening his attacks on hillary clinton ahead of tonight's big cnn town hall. vermont senator targeting clinton for her wall street ties. he has a counter going on for when she is going to show her goldman sachs speeches. she, haufowever, is firing back. what is the state of play, my friend? >> reporter: good morning, chris. she is firing back. let's call it the 3-d strategy. diminish, defeat, and define. diminish, she's been calling him a single issue candidate.
4:13 am
define, his issues pie in the sky. defeat means she is not going to repeat what many believe has been a miscalculation, to ignore and underestimate him. she's going to keep her foot on the gas, i'm told. sanders is not letting up either. he specifically said when is she going to release the transcripts of the paid speeches she gave. yesterday in boston he gave another sense of some of her comments sounded rather familiar. >> i have to say that i am delighted that secretary clinton month after month after month seems to be adopting more and more of the positions we have advocated. i think i saw a tv ad and i thought it was me. it turned out it was secretary clinton's picture in the ad. >> so senator sanders knows he
4:14 am
has an uphill climb. after south carolina only some 4% of the delegates are even picked. 11 contests overall. he will be campaigning across the country and south carolina to where he comes tonight. chris. jeff, thanks very much for setting the table for us. two republican senators appear to be bucking the party trend on replacing antonin scalia. manu raju has more for us. >> reporter: republicans by and large are taking a hard line. john cornin said, no, there
4:15 am
should not be any hearings. but some say there should be some consideration. mark kirk said there should be a hearing and vote. susan collins of maine told me that a hearing would help her assess a nominee's qualifications. >> for my part, it's clear the president can accepted up a nominee regardless of where he is before he leaves office. i believe that we should follow the regular order in this process and give careful consideration to any nominee that the president may send to the senate. >> now, at the same time republicans unearthed a 1992 clip of the democratic senate judiciary committee chairman saying the senate should not move forward at any perspective supreme court nominee coming from george h.w. bush. that democrat, joe biden.
4:16 am
president bush will consider following the practice of the majority of his predecessors and not, and not name a nominee until after the november election is completed. >> now, right after that, democrats really want into overdrive to clean up the remarks. biden the remarks were taken out of context and put out a tweet which i willed read to you. in 1992, i urged the senate and the white house to work together to ensure the court functioned as our founders intended. remains my position. only showing this fight is only just beginning on capitol hill. >> it shows old archival video as well. those do tend to come up again and resurface. manu, thank you very much. detectives say he made incriminating statements about, quote, taking people's lives.
4:17 am
and the gun store owner said he bought a heavy duty jacket before the shooting started. he was denied bail after being charged with six counts of murder, among other charges. >> president obama set to make a statement from the white house at 10:30 a.m. this morning. the president is determined to close the detention facility before he leaves office. after making it a key campaign promise back in 2008. the measure includes upgrading u.s. facilities where the 91 prisoners could be transferred, which most republicans and some democrats oppose. >> okay. after more than 3 hyund00 hundrs in space, scott kelly is going bananas. literally. he is in a gorilla suit chasing a fellow astronaut around the
4:18 am
international space station. >> that is the stuff of might mayors. >> if you didn't know that was coming, that would be alarming. the costume was a gag gift from his twin brother. >> of course. >> also an astronaut. scott prepares to finish his year in space mission next week. >> that is something a brother would do, accepted you a gorilla suit in outer space. >> i would send my brother a gorilla suit but it would be redunda redundant. he already looks like a gorilla. >> hope he's not watching. >> please. he's asleep. bernie sanders and hillary clinton making their case to the voters. let me tell you, that is a different feel. it gives people a really different look at the candidates. where are they on the issues? what is going to make the
4:19 am
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4:23 am
that's how he sees the choice between him and secretary of state hillary clinton. plenty of talk dividing these two right now. on policy, are they really far apart? which one of them really gives this party the best chance in the general election. let's talk with two pros. jim hodges, a clinton supporter. one of the best names in the game, former chairman for south carolina's democratic party who is with bernie sanders.
4:24 am
gentlemen, always a pleasure. good to see you both. >> thanks for having us. >> only two questions in this segment. wife and why not? first start with hillary clinton. why? >> she has the capacity to make things happen. great economic plan. great plan for making college more affordable. most importantly, her focus will allow us to see wage growth in our country and move us forward. >> why not clinton? why sanders? >> i think hillary clinton is the same old, same old. she has taken $20 million from the banks and phrmas and superpac. she makes speeches and makes $600,000. did you tell them they weren't so bad? did you tell them you were going to support them and then tell us something different? that's the problem with hillary. she cannot be trusted. as a united states senator, what
4:25 am
did she do? as secretary of state, what did she accomplish. bernie sanders will change the game. >> push back for both of you. do you think the banks are bad? >> i sue them. they're terrible people. >> you think banks are bad? >> i think banks do criminal conduct every day. they rip off people. i sued chase bank. $80 million. ripping off servicemen while they were overseas. i sued city bank for the same thing. i. >> so that's the theory of the case about what was done wrong coming out of the great whatever you want to call it. it didn't get done, bernie would make a difference. is that fair push back?
4:26 am
she is part of that establishment. >> i think the problem with the argument and is what happens after you go out on the banks? what are you going to do with the middleclass? what are you going to do for wage growth? that's what you hear silence from the sanders campaign. they really don't have a plan. hillary clinton is someone who will have to bring us altogether. we have to all work together to get those things done. she has the ability to do this. dick and i both were very involved in the obama campaign in '08. president obama picked her for the most important job, secretary of state. she served him ably.
4:27 am
>> there is an understanding that senator sanders does not support the way hillary clinton does. it certainly won't play well with many of the democrats because they still like obama. certainly not in this state. >> i think he supports one of the things. the spin by hillary that he is not supportive of becoarack oba they came here and attempted to strip is the bark off barack obama. this is the insincerity. now it is a kumbaya moment. she continues to say whatever she thinks will move the polls. rather than like what bernie sanders does. i'm going to expand the obama health care effort.
4:28 am
the federal government is not allowed to negotiate with the drug companies? how can he change that? >> talk about drawing lines in the sand now. >> john kennedy said in 10 years we will put a man on the move. he did it. >> everybody wanted to do it. >> everybody wants to do this. everybody wants the economy to improve. >> to shut down and ruin people's ability to get credit. >> no. you're not going to shut down banks. you're going to take people that committed criminal acts, put them in jail so the next guy or woman doesn't think they will get away with it. >> on your side, i don't think i was taking your side against him. what happens is you have been around a long time. it has created a trust issue
4:29 am
that exists within your own party, let alone in the general. it's one of the toughest needles to move, as we all know in politics. how they feel about you as a person is tough to change. how do you deal with that and become a winner for clinton? >> the one i know is to do the things he's promised, he's got to raise taxes on the middleclass. there's no way the math adds up to do all the things he wants to do. the legacy the clintons have been serving 30 years in very important capacities remind people that barack obama, a very popular democrat trusted her to serve as secretary of state to remind the good economic work they did in the 1990s, that's really important. beyond that, we get beyond the primary. it is a comparison between hillary clinton and whoever the republicans nominate.
4:30 am
frankly i think she shows up very favorably. >> we will see what happens tonight. they will be talking with real voters. it's always a different lens for comparison then. thank you very much. always a pleasure. always a pleasure. you get to hear from experts who know south carolina and know the issues. then you add another layer, which is where you will have your candidates sitting across from real problems living around south carolina. tonight 8:00 eastern here on cnn for a democratic town hall. take a break. get a little coffee and then come back. ma marco rubio shoring up support after jeb bush's campaign fell apart. is that a good or bad thing? ahead.
4:31 am
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4:34 am
with jeb bush's departure from the race, marco rubio raking in lots of donor money and big name endorsements.
4:35 am
is that enough to stop donald trump's momentum. bring in henry barber, a republican strategist and interestingly one of the people who was tapped with fixing the gop's image after their 2012 loss. mr. barber, we will get to that momentarily. i understand you have an endorsement you would like to make here on "new day". what is it? >> good morning, alisyn. yes, i'm proud on "new day" to endorse marco rubio for president. >> what is it you like so much as opposed to say donald trump, ben carson, ted cruz? he is the most conservative candidate in the race who can win the general election. he is the fourth most conservative candidate.
4:36 am
whether it's jobs. he likes all americans. he wan he wants. >> a long distinguished line of people month have endorsed marco rubio. asa hutchinson. tim pawlenty endorsed yesterday on our show. former senator bob dole, orrin hatch, jeff flake, thom tillis, dean heller. these are all establishment figures like yourself. they become a liability for
4:37 am
marco rubio. what's your response? >> marco rubio took on the establishment in florida. people told him he couldn't run in 2010. the tea party got behind marco rubio. they did because he was a conservative who got things done in the house of representatives down in florida as their speaker. he won that race for the u.s. senate. now he got things accomplished as a senator. endorsements for the most part don't matter. people care what their neighbors thinks, not some person on tv. marco rubio is our best were contrast with hillary clinton. >> let's talk about where marco rubio can win. let me pull up the map of the super tuesday states. this is one week from today. here are the delegates at stake. and you can see they are starting to rake in some big numbers on super tuesday.
4:38 am
mr. barbour, what state do you think marco rubio can win here? >> here's the dynamic going on in this race right now. we have five candidates. donald trump has a strong, 30% to 35% support pretty much across the country. as long as we have five candidates, donald trump will most likely be our nominee. that means hillary clinton will end up being the president of the united states. so the race has got to narrow. certainly today in nevada we will see how people do. if they don't do well, they may want to think about their future. and i think as we get towards super tuesday, the same will happen. march 15th becomes winner takes all. trump may have a lead at this point. but marco has the ability to catch and pass donald trump.
4:39 am
>> that is a couple weeks away. that's holding on for quite some time. are you suggesting that governor john kasich should jump out. >> candidates have invested their lives in this. they need to run to its natural end. john kasich may end up being the nominee. i'm supporting marco rubio. i think he is the most conservative candidate who can win. he has run on this trust ted basis. his campaign is -- had a lot of underhanded tricks. and i think it helps explain why he can't get one member of congress to endorse him. that is sort of a telling thing. in mr. barbour i want to talk about how you were the person who was tasked with fixing the gop image after the 2012 race.
4:40 am
you were one of the people of the autopsy report about what went wrong. >> well, we didn't call it that. growth and opportunity report we called it. >> that is quite a distinction. you authored it about how to have the gop cast a wider net. do you think the gop is fulfilling that? >> he is a conservative candidate. he stands by his principles. he does a great job of reaching out and inspiring all americans. that's what we're looking for. nobody cares what you know.
4:41 am
>> thanks so much for being on "new day". >> thanks, alisyn. >> let's go to michaela. >> all right, alisyn. a pair of sisters from north carolina. >> he going to build that wall. >> he going to build it. >> and he going to build it tall. >> he's going to build it tall. >> and it's going to protect us all. >> it's going to protect us all. >> they are here this morning. we will speak about their unending support for donald trump. also, apple versus the fbi. an epic battle shaping up over privacy and security. would you feel differently if you're the victim of a terror attack that sparked the debate? we'll discuss it ahead. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete.
4:42 am
let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you client: great proposal! let's readytalk more over golf. mes? craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at
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4:45 am
only a handful of people know what it was like survive the san bernardino attack. the a judge ordered apple to help the fbi unlock one of the phones. who do they feel is right in this battle between privacy and protection? a former united states district judge, judge larson. thank you for joining us bright and early in los angeles. first of all, our condolences to the family. why did they feel, the families in the san bernardino attack, feel apple is wrong to fight the judge's order. is it sort of the obvious reason, because they need answers? >> they do need answers,
4:46 am
michae michaela. everyone needs answers. law enforcement need answers. about the victims need answers to these questions. what they went through will be imbedded with them the rest of their lives. to have the kind of answers that might be on the telephone is critical. we all respect constitutional rights. we all appreciate the importance of privacy. that is not the issue at all. this is a particular phone with particularly important information. and there is a federal court order to turn it over. >> you know, it's interesting. we think about the world we live in right now. the fact that we are able to talk to right now, you in los angeles and me in new york. technology aids us in our everyday lives. given that, i wonder if they feel that it's worth all the billions of dollars that are at stake to gain access to a phone
4:47 am
we don't know for sure will contain data that we are hoping will give them closure. >> from the victims's perspective, sometimes -- if there's no information on there. if there isn't a name listed on it or contact with other people, that information itself is important to know. what these victims to know is why this happened, how could this have happened. are they still in danger? finding out that there is nothing on that phone could be just as important to these victims as finding out that there is something on there. that's where the victims -- >> i was going to pull up the statement from tim cook. the government suggests this tool could be used once on one phone. that is not true. once created the technique could be used over and over again on any number of devices. in the physical world, it would be equivalent of a master key, opening up locks from
4:48 am
restaurants, storms, banks and homes. these families, too, while victimized and terrorized personally by this attack, they too are users. you have bank accounts that are protected by technology and have cell phones, et cetera. what to they feel of that? this back door is potentially opening pandora's box? >> well, no one suggests we opened pandora's box. that is a little bit of an exaggeration. i think there is square mongering going on on apple's part. no one is suggesting that. that is one phone, a phone subject to a federal court order. it is only under those circumstances is that apple is being asked to open this box. apple is more than able to basically protect its own trade secrets, own proprietary information. it is being asked to cooperate on this one time. not to say there is not another
4:49 am
phone or group of phones that contains information. going back to the founding of this country, our fourth amendment provides an exception to our right to privacy. that is when there is information of a criminal nature and the government is able to establish that there is probable cause that information exists in somebody's house, somebody's bank account and some other institution. and with a warrant, federal law enforcement or police in general can then obtain that information. >> yes. it is slightly different here. technologies from silicon valley will say, you and i with a rudimentary understanding, we don't know about the technology that it would require to do this. it is indeed opening pandora's box. they will see it is not fearmongering. i just needed to get that in. judge, thank you for joining us and helping us understand what the families are going through as they deal with this being back in the news again as they
4:50 am
are mourning their loved ones and trying to grieve. thank you for joining us on "new day" >> some republican lawmakers breaking from the pack and obam court nominee. the possible implication of that next. helps curb cravings. it's a clear, taste-free daily supplement.... ...that's clinically proven to help keep me fuller longer. benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do. find us in the fiber aisle.
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4:54 am
an important development. two gop senators now suggesting any potential nominee to phil scalia's seat deserves at least a hearing. discuss. let's bring in cnn senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin and cnn senior political reporter man ra raju. part of the right of the president to place a nominee and i fully expect and look forward to president barack obama placing forward a nominee. there is the senator showing this consideration. there is the key part. the senate to consider. this is their right, their duty.
4:55 am
then you have senator collins. she comes out and talks about it. listen to what she says. >> for my part it is clear that the president can send up a nominee. regardless of where he is, before he leaves office. i believe that we should follow the regular order in this process and give careful consideration to any nominee that the president send to the senate. >> so you have senator collins and senator kirk. republicans coming out. now the question is they are of course right to say this. if they want it to be this way, manu raju. this is about politics. not the law per se. do you think this makes a difference. >> let's look at the republican conference writ large. 54 republican senators. very few moderates. a handful of senators in very
4:56 am
difficult reelection races. right now two of those 54 m members are calling for some consideration. the rest of the republican kmpx, most are taking a hard line. even other republican senators in tough races. rob portman of ohio told us yesterd yesterday. the number two republican yesterday told me no. we shouldn't move forward with hearings at all. so collins and kirk are decidedly in the minority and if you are democrats you are hoping that as there is a nominee more fissures will show they can bang the drum and republicans will cave. but right now the republican leadership is holding a firm line. >> this is one of those cases jeffrey. it is not about whether or not you have the right to do it. it is whether or not it is right to do it. and the republicans say hey what are you looking at us like we're inventing something here what
4:57 am
about what, what about joe biden said in 2007. let's play that tape for the audience. >> it is my view that if the president goes the way of presidents filmore and johnson, the senate judiciary committee should seriously consider not scheduling confirmation hearings on the nomination until after the political campaign season is over. >> the vice president subsequently tweeted hey i was advocating then i'm advocating now for the systems of government to work together and that's what it should be about. >> it's very similar. and i would not overstate the republican divisions. the republicans are really unified here. yes two senators say they want hearings. but there are not -- even if you had hearings, the chances of confirmation are very slow --
4:58 am
very slim. we can get too wrapped up in the procedural aspects of it. is there any chance for 60 senators, that means 14 republicans, joining with the democrats to end the filibuster and have a vote on president obama's nominee whoever it is? i think the chances are remote to the point of vanishing. and regardless of what a couple of moderates say it just doesn't really matter in terms of the real issue which is confirmation. >> last question ma knew. any word out of thenu. any word out of the -- as opposed to putting someone up they expect to get beaten up in this process. it would be hard for them to finess it and say this is our plan b man or woman. but are you hearing any talk like that. >> we're hearing they are down to a list of noms.
4:59 am
they are very cagey objeabout w. whether it is someone to rile up the base or someone who could get on the court. some names we're hearing are possible republicans. even possibly the nevada candidate on the case. it will be interesting to see their strategy whether or not it will bring republicans on board but right now very difficult to see a confirmation happening. >> tricky play. you the design a nominee to try to expose them for playing naked politics and then you might not goat the man or woman you want on the bench. thank you very much. >> it is not going to be a republican nominee for the seat. don't -- brian sandoval is not going to be nominated. anyway. talking. >> thank you for clearing that up jeffrey.
5:00 am
this is a big story. a lot going on in the election and around the world. so let's get right to it. -- captions by vitac -- >> this is "new day" with chris
5:01 am
cuomo, alison camerota and michaela pereira. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day." it is tuesday february 23rd, now 8:00 in the east. live in south carolina, ahead of tonight's democratic presidential town hall. hillary clinton, bernie sanders fielding questions from real voters living with real problems just four days before the first southern primary for democrats allison. >> that should be very interesting chris. it is also caucus day in nevada for republicans. donald trump heavily favored to win. marco rubio vying to be donald trump's top rival, all while cruz's campaign is in turmoil. the texas senator forced to fire his campaign communications chief. cnn's sarah murray live in las vegas with the latest. good morning sarah. >> good morning. nevada is like the wild west of political contests.
5:02 am
notoriously difficult to pull here and the caucuses tend to draw a low turnout. all of that said donald trump starts the day with momentum while his gop rivals are in rougher shape. donald trump is hoping to lock in another win in nevada. >> forget the word caucus just go out and vote, okay is this. >> i'm supporting rubio. >> he's conservative and he's electable. >> and arguing it is time for republicans to rally behind him as the alternative to trump before it is too late. >> if we nominate someone that half of the republican party hates we're going to be fighting against each other all the way to november. we will never win that way. >> trump's blows are firmly on ted cruz. >> this guy is sick. something wrong with this guy. >> just hours before voters cast their ballots in the unpredictable caucus state of nevada. >> it is las vegas, a little tricky. >> cruz was still trying to mix
5:03 am
the narrative his campaign plays dirty. >> lies more than any human being i've ever dealt with. unbelievable. >> every single day something comes out of the cruz campaign that is deceptive and untrue. >> yesterday cruz fired his communications director. >> this morning i asked for rick tyler's resignation. >> that's after the staffer distributed a video that appeared, inaccurately, to show marco rubio dismissing the bible. >> they basically made it up. >> john kasich had his own awkward campaign moment, saying women left their kitchens to support his 1970s state house bid. >> we just got an army of people who -- and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door to do and put yard signs up for me. >> quickly called out by a voter. >> i'll come to support you but i won't be coming out of
5:04 am
kitchen. >> i got you. i got ya. >> now john kasich has apologized in case that offended anyone but now that the race is getting smaller he's getting a little more scrutiny, for better or for worse and may mean tough calls coming from gop voters who want to see john kasich get out of the race. but alisyn as you know john kasich has an independent streak so it will be interesting to see how he responds. >> absolutely. and he's told us that he certainly wants to stay in through his home state of ohio. so we'll see what happens with all of that pressure. sarah, thank you for that. bob bear, a former republican congressman from georgia. ted cruz supporter and national chair of the liberty leaders for cruz coalition. good morning. >> good morning. good to be with you. >> let's talk about the news coming out of the cruz campaign. yesterday ted cruz got rid of one of his top people, rick
5:05 am
tyler after he tweeted out this doctored video of marco rubio that was false. cruz called it in getting rid of rick tyler a grave error of judgment. but congressman, there are some analysts who say things like that really trickle down from the top. and when a campaign is putting out doctored videos and messages like that, the guy at the top must condone that sort of stuff. whether do you think? >> this isn't a question of whether or not senator cruz condones any of the goings on that we've seen. the fact of the matter is that senator cruz immediately took ownership and took very decisive action to remedy the situation. that should be the end of the story and we ought to now get back to what the voters by every measure really do care about. and that is immigration. the economy, national defense. >> isn't it relevant if the candidate engages in dirty
5:06 am
tricks? and there is a pattern of that? here is what would have been his rivals, marco rubio, is saying about that pattern. >> for them to take a video and to transcribe words on it that are the complete opposite of what i said, it is incredibly disturbing. it is every single day something comes out of the cruz campaign -- >> basically saying that it is untrue. and if there is a pattern doesn't that suggest that it is intentional? and doesn't that say something about the candidate? >> the pattern i see here is the pattern of whining and trying to shift the focus by mr. trump and mr. rubio away from the real issues. what senator cruz has been saying over the past several months has been trying to make the voters aware of the discrepancies and the changes in rubio's positions and trump's positions. and when that happens, these candidates rather than address
5:07 am
the issues, they go around saying oh liar liar pants on fire that is not true. rather than address the issues. that to me is what we'd like to be seeing here. >> ted cruz himself had a change of position or a seeming significant change of position last night. he went on fox and he talked about illegal immigration. he before last night had been saying he did not believe in what donald trump was calling for which was deporting all 12 million illegal immigrants here. last night he seemed to say something quite different. so let me play for you what ted cruz originally said about deporting 12 million people and what he said last night. listen to this. >> i can't intend to say send jack boots to knock on your door and every door in america. that is not how we enforce the law for any crime. >> of course you would. that's what ice exists for. we have law enforcement that looks for people who are violating the laws that apprehends them and deports them -- >> so he went on to say yes he
5:08 am
would deport and look for all 12 million people. is that not a flip-flop? >> well at least we're talking about a real issue rather than somebody whining about a campaign ad or something. these are the issues that we ought to be talking about. i think what the senator is saying here is that the federal government does have a responsibility to deport those who are here unlawfully. the senator has never said that he would send out a phalanx of law enforcement people looking into the houses and so forth. but if in fact we do find and law enforcement does find individuals who are here unlawfully absolutely they should be deported and i think the senator is right in that regard. >> last night he seemed to be suggesting that he would allow ice officers federal agents to go door to door if necessary and round up some of the 12 million people. he did seem to be changing. bill o'reilly asked specifically how would you do it?
5:09 am
would you go door to door? and ted cruz said yes. and that struck many as him taking a page from donald trump's playbook and different from originally. do you see it as the flip-flop. >> no it is not a flip-flop. it is a very complex process of identifying and deporting those who are in this country unlawfully. and in certain circumstances where we know people or highly suspect people who are in communities in business such as those that the obama administration has let into this country in violation of the law, then certainly we ought to identify them and remove them. i think the senator is absolutely correct on this. >> he's going a little further than what you are saying. he says we would have law enforcement look for people who are violating the law. then apprehend them and deport them. he's going further than he has before. >> i tell you, it is very easy to listen to one remark that somebody makes and pull out a little word here and there. but if you look at i think very
5:10 am
fairly the whole range of what senator cruz is saying it is a very comprehensive, rational policy for identifying when you can and removing people who are here in this country unlawfully unlikely the current administration. that is the debate we ought to be having, not whining over some campaign ad. >> and you know you keep calling it a campaign ad. people are calling it dirty tricks. there is a host a litany of things that the cruz campaign has done which are not ads. let me put it up for you. the misleading iowa mailer. the misinformation about ben carson dropping out of race. that was not true. voters say they are getting aggressi aggressive robo calls. and now this inaccurate video. aren't these dirty tricks? >> no this is the campaign for heaven sake. if you look at the campaign ads that rubio, bush the others have
5:11 am
used this these campaign this is the last several months, these things happen in a campaign. and any candidate who wants to focus their campaign on these sorts of minor issues ought to, one, grow up, and realize this is the real world out there. and secondary, that these issues while they may consume a great deal of the media's time the people of this country don't care about this. what they care about are the issues such as we were talking about and that is immigration, and national definition. >> thanks so much for being on "new day." >> my prez. >> stay tuned for coverage of the republican nevada caucuses and join us thursday as the remaining five republicans square off in the final debate before super tuesday. wolf blitzer moderates thursday night 8:30 here on cnn.
5:12 am
president obama is ready to make a last ditch effort to keep one of his first promises, the closing the military base in guantanamo bay cuba. >> reporter: you are right, this is a last ditch effort. this is one of the first promises the president made upon taking office and he's still trying to keep it in the face of opposition. the plan involves two parts. transferring some of the remaining deday nooes and the rest to u.s. sile soil. the white house has said it is open to taking unilateral action on this, executive action towards -- people don't like to hear certainly republicans in congress. the military told it is legally preventing from helping with any transfers of detainees to u.s. soil. because of two defense bills
5:13 am
that banned any such transfers. we expect the white house to argue those transfer bands are unconstitutional because they impede the president's ability to make military decisions as commander in chief. but as i said they are prepared to take potentially unilateral action so republicans in congress are already weighing their options should that take place. options for pushing back. this could include lawsuits from the states where these detainees may end up. we know attorney generals from several states have written to the white house in opposition for any plan to move detains. starbuck's shaking up its rewards program and customers are as steamed as the hot
5:14 am
cappuccino. changing to a based system instead of the current number based attraction system. so customers will have to spend more, about $63 to qualify for various rewards. that is a lot of dough to get a free coffee. they are already --. >> a lot of these reward programs are changing in this frustrating users. ready for some laughs? do not think that dropping out with keep a former presidential candidate from being a punch line. here are the best late night laughs. >> the lights went out while trump was talking but people were able too still keep watching him. take a look at this. >> they were probably sent here so we put them in our jails. because to put them in our jail -- they didn't pay the electric bill. >> oh i like that. >> that's so cool. >> jeb bush is now at of the
5:15 am
presidential race. now he's replaced his old campaign logo with this new one. >> tributes assemble. oh my. they're dwindling. now just hillary clinton and the seven dwarives. and pa ben carson is both sleepy and dock. >> i did not expect that. that was fantastic. >> hunger games or a bad cesar romero, the joker in the early batman days. i wonder if he'll get a call from trump. trump's going to say i watched your skit. it makes me want to punch you in the face. >> carry on. >> enough talking about punching in the face at least literally. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are certainly exchanging jabs now as the race tightens.
5:16 am
one of the things that we have to take into consideration here. remember it is votes. but votes in the aim of getting delegates. and then what about the super delega delegates? this is a big reason that hillary clinton is seen as having the easier path. is this the doom of sanders? we'll tell you why and why not, next. we removed all the logos. feels like a bmw. reminds me a little bit of like an audi. so, this car supports apple carplay. siri, open maps. she gets me. wow. it also has teen driver technology. it even mutes the radio until the seat belts are buckled. i'm very curious what it is. this is the 2016 chevy malibu. and it sells for? it starts at twenty-two five. what? oh wow. i mean with all this technology. that's a game changer.
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5:20 am
a very tight race in terms of the portions for each state. but super delegates get to vote for whoever they want they have been worked by clintons for a while and well. and that is how the numbers on your screen appear to be in play right now. what do they mean? we have a great debate for you. about the resonance and the relevance. we have south carolina representative seizrepresent caesar mcnight. and bakari sellers. here we are in south carolina. there is a tradition of supporting clintons here. that is what the african american community strength is supposed to be all about. you see it a different way this time, why? >> i see it differently this
5:21 am
time because i think that a lot of south carolinians particularly african americans are beginning to hear the message senator sanders is resonating within. the fact that we are suffering from the great recession and in large part brought on by the deregulation by the clinton eras a i this alot of black people realize that. and it hits home. the average household wealth has fallen to $9,000 per household. when you hear bernie sanders saying someone did you wrong and i'm going to take them on. that resonates and also the mass incarceration of young black and brown people which has disproportionately effected the black community in ways you cannot imagine. if you look at the clinton era, those numbers of unemployment don't include people that are
5:22 am
mass incarcerated so you have an unemployment rate of 52% when you factor all that in. and black people realize that. so when the warm and fuzzy feeling of oh these are the good old days wears off they realize our community wasn't necessarily as well off. >> -- yawning gap between sellers -- sellers. not yet. between sanders and clinton. but mcnight has a big stick on you. clinton, bill, is the one who was in office and signed off on deregulating banks and allowed them to trade in derivatives in a way that allowed things to go haywire on one level. you are too close to them to change them. >> one thing in which hillary clinton did very well was push back on bernie sanders to show where exactly that influenced her in any particular vote and bernie sanders had no answer. my friend caesar and i go back and forth and we like to forget
5:23 am
that the only person running for president right now who had a vote on that issue on the crime bill was actually senator sanders who voted for that bill who as recently as 2006 was out the touting he was really tough on crime. the question have now is who is best prepared to move forward and in hearing his talking points regarding bernie sanders and the trouble that we're in it amazing me that we forget barack obama has tripled the stock market. barack obama has the economy going in the right direction. as far as we want? no. but this race is about building on and protecting the legacy of barack obama, helping people establish that future, that middle class american dream they all want and perpetuating and that hillary clinton the person. >> that is the big stick on you. >> but hillary clinton is not
5:24 am
barack obama. >> right. they are both not barack obama. however, it is who's closer to it. senator sanders was connected to -- how do you deal with that aspect of it. >> if you are going to talk about what senator sanders said in criticism of barack obama let's not forget the vitriole that was from secretary clinton in his efforts to be president. i think it's even more telling because after they lost you had the whole spot between former president clinton and our sitting congressman. hillary clinton is a great person and if she wins the nominee i will --.
5:25 am
what i see is a clear difference between her and senator sanders. and i think he's the better suited to be president in that i do not believe that senator clinton can take millions of dollars from goldman sachs to the point where they refer to her as having goldman handcuffs and be the person to police the banks. >> -- super delegates? >> i think the super delegates can be turned and i'll tell you why. if there is a popular turnout for senator sanders they are not going to risk alienating by doing the will contrary to what the people want them to believe. our party is in a good place. this is a good spirited debate but at the end of the day we'll be good friends and peal we'll go out and be good democrats. this is necessary for the party. necessary for growth. and this is just -- i see it as families having a spirited discussion. and at the end we're going to be one family that is going to be the democratic family. >> we'll see how it goes tonight.
5:26 am
cesar mcnight. and again tonight, right behind us. that is why we're here. it is empty. tonight is the town hall. they are going the make their case not just to the big brains, reporters, but to voters. people who are living. what fuels their questions tonight? it always changes minds and i'll have the best seat in the house at the cnn town hall, 8:00 eastern. when we come pack the republican field narrowing. marco rubio the big recipient of that. is it fruit of the poisonous tree? we have a long time supporter a congressman who wants to make the case for rubio ahead.
5:27 am
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5:30 am
christie is out. bush is out. and as a result we see people moving to marco rubio. endorsements from elected officials. endorsements in form of money from those who support the gop
5:31 am
establishment. all ahead of the nevada caucuses today. what impact will they make? let's look at the polls. the latest poll of nevada has trump with 45. rubio 19. will the latest endorsements help? is this part of a path to victory for rubio? on behalf of the senator, congressman isa has been a rubio supporter many months now. fair disclosure. you are not new to the band wagon. you have been behind rubio. what do you believe these endorsements do? because the plus/minuses. it shows that he can potentially coalesce the party's candidacy. >> i've been behind rubio since we began working together across
5:32 am
the dome. this is somebody i watched from the day he got here do two things, one make a conservative approach to legislation and to oversight and two, reach out to all of the parties in both the republican party and the democratic party. and that is what we haven't seen in washington for at least seven years. and it is the reason that i support marco rubio. your question about a pathway to a majority i think is pretty easy to understand. if you look at national polls, essentially donald trump is a 30-some percent supported individual. and what you really have, is you really have 65 to 70% who want somebody else, the so called establishment. the problem is they are divided among candidates who can win and candidates who can't win. the old expression in the republican party and i think it still holds true is you have got to support. you have got to vote for the most conservative candidate that can win. >> well but here is the thing. i think that it might be simple on that level to understand it.
5:33 am
but i think that that assumes some things that may be very much in question. for instance, trump is not at 30%. by most polls he's higher. so say you need closer to 40. fine you still have 60. but that assumes one path. there is no reason to believe that cruz supporters would go with rubio. certainly not at this point. and remember with trump you have over 75% of his supporters saying we are set. we are not looking at anybody else. you don't see any kind of undecided ratio like that with everybody else's support. so there are a lot of ifs going into that. so the numbers are a little iffy and then the bigger question for you congressman, which is how does marco rubio look at donald trump in the face and take him on and win? >> well i think he calls out donald trump for who he is. he is somebody who didn't invite marco rubio to the wedding or
5:34 am
darrell issa, he invited hillary clinton. he certainly understands two krintens but not second krintens. there is an awful lot about donald trump that when you look at it you start saying well wait a second here, is he even a republican? do his actual initiatives support the republican side? or in fact the democratic side. and i'll just give you one and it is an important one. he went out of his way to bash george w. bush and make an issue of we shouldn't be here, we shouldn't be there. you know what? the next president of the united states is going to inherit all of the mistakes and weaknesses and strengths etc. of his go predecessors and the fact is we are engaged around the world in a fight against isis and we are engaged in trying to get the
5:35 am
muslim world to reject extremism. sheena and sunni both. having a real discussion with donald trump about whether he has a plan or just a bully pulpit. and i mean bully. >> people have been saying that from the beginning on trump. this won't work. he's going stay at 15. he's going stay at 20, 25 and on and on and it's proven to be untrue. people do see everything he says as an indictment against the enemy and as toughness. and compared to chris christie. chris christie is like santa claus compared to donald trump when he's sitting across from marco rubio and saying i hear what you say rubio and it makes me want to punch you in the face. marco rubio is going to have to show he can stand up to him on that level. as petulant, as juvenile as it is. it's defined trump's tour deforce in your party.
5:36 am
do you think rubio can win? >> i do. what rubio has going for him is he actually understands the issues. he's taken a lot of time to understand what's wrong in government. and when talking about how you fix government, marco rubio's plan for fixing government is transparency. it is accountability. it is actually making not just the congress know what the executive branch is doing but what the -- let the american people know it. something this administration and even other republican administrations haven't been for. that is not donald trump's style. it is not what he plans to do. donald trump plans to have just as many executive order, just as many phone calls and a pen as this president. he just thinks that he'll do it better. that is not how you improve government. you improve government by giving the american people a seat at the table again. this is what marco rubio is selling. and has been selling ever since he got into the congress. that is not what donald trump is selling. and it is important to understand i hear you when you say it is not 30 it is closer to
5:37 am
40. but it is not closer to 40, it is somewhere in between. and probably the most ridiculing candidacy we've had and it was in 2012 was todd aiken running for senator. and he managed not just to bring down the missouri race but bring down a number of others. that is not questionable or deniable. he got 36% in the primary over the state treasurer who got 30 and another candidate who got 30-some. it was close. he was the wrong candidate. and it wasn't until later that they realized that somebody who was -- wasn't thinking about what they said, who was saying things that were off the wall brought down the party. donald trump could be a national todd aiken. if our party doesn't coalesce behind a single candidate. we just have to figure who to
5:38 am
coalesce behind. if the party coalesces recently soon behind one candidate and i believe it will be marco rubio donald trump will be the 36% loser not the 36% winner. >> you make a compelling case but here is an example. a piece of evidence, if you will, about the state of play within your party right now. dr. ben carson said on a pod cast i believe talking about the sitting president of the united states, he's an african american but he was raised white. many of his formative years were spend in indonesia. so for him to claim, you know, he identifies with the experience of black americans is a bit of a stretch. is this the kind of tactic that your party should endorse in the political pod cast? he didn't say this in the back of a car to a friend he said it to an open audience. >> i know the doctor.
5:39 am
he is a great surgeon, a wonderful human being. and he was technically correct in what he said. but again, this is the reason that political loose talk by people who are just beginning to do it is always a problem in real statesmanship. the fact is that ben carson, dr. carson is not really ready to represent america around the world even though he's a wonderful human being and brilliant man. yes, you can say that when you are a private citizen and you are technically accurate. but when you are running for president you need to look at what you are running for and not get mired down in petty differences that don't even matter. barack obama is not on the ballot. his record is but he isn't. the fact is that our candidate had to be ready to take on either a socialist or a failed secretary of state. and that's where we're going. that is the reason that marco rubio has pivoted from what's wrong with this president to
5:40 am
what he would do because the american people want to know how we're going to fix where we are around the world. and look, marco rubio is the foreign affairs, is the national defense candidate. the polls say it is important but it hasn't yet dominated the actual voting. it needs to dominate the voting if america is going to understand that domestic policy is about allowing the private sector to earn. national policy around the world takes someone with skill and training and that is marco rubio. >> we'll see as the issues start to arise who does better and we always know what the answer is because it comes out in the voting. -- appreciate having you on "new day." we're going take a break when we come back we're going to give you the latesten the deadly shooting at the kalamazoo. a lot of questions about the company the man was working for. uber. he passed a screening test for them. is that part of what went wrong in this situation? answers ahead. [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are.
5:41 am
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so there are big questions about uber's screening process after a kalamazoo man shot and killed six people. you get to the heart of these issues for us.
5:45 am
obviously there is a whole lot of oh my goodness, oh my goodness. uber uber uber they missed something. they should have flagged him. be you say it is kind of unfair to so specifically focus on uber. why is that? >> i think the uber issue is a distraction from everything that happened and this tragedy. uber does a background review. what we know is nothing in his past would have caught him. no background check would have caught him. but what you are seeing here is basically a distraction from either the gun lobby or a number of others who want to regulate uber, whether the taxi industry or others. and they are sort of coming into this debate as if it is a public safety issue. which it is not.
5:46 am
>> that's really interesting. we know there's been this tug of war between the taxi owners etc. who feel their business is getting encroached on by uber. we understand that they have a dog in the fight. if i'm sitting at home, i'm watching the headlines, i'm a single female and thinking of ubering to meet friends for a drink, this is going to give me pause, should it not? >> it shouldn't. when you look at the risk factors of getting into a car, getting an uber or taxi they are all relatively negligible. this is a tragedy in which the company itself has, you know, come out and said all the right things. but the notion that some security apparatus could have caught this guy, whether it was from uber or from the taxi industry is a distraction. what do we know michaela? we know he has access lawfully to 12 guns. he has access to 12 guns. >> 45, married 15 years.
5:47 am
two kids. a gun and car enthusiast. worked an as insurance adjuster. there was no criminal record and in fact was known as the family man. uber for their part is devastated. they did receive during this whole incident that those tragic minutes when this all happened, they received several complaints about him that day. but he didn't have a poor rating. apparently i heard he had a very high uber rating. >> right. and that is the disconcerting part of this. there are these people out there. known is finding th ining -- no finding them. there is nothing to suggest they are going to go out and kill a bunch of people and the commonality is not uber or religion or anything. it is guns. part of what i'm trying to say here is let's not get distracted by the political debates about whether uber should be more
5:48 am
regulated. it is about guns and if we don't sort of focus on that. >> that has to be a conversation as well. i agree. but the fact is the company has come under some criticism. they settled two class action lawsuits around background check. issues in india etc. they have to protect their customers though right? >> right. and all of these industries are very committed to -- as both a moral issue and business issue to protecting passengers. if you look at the numbers across the board they are relativerelate ively negligible. you are not going to get the risk to zero. >> you're right -- [inaudible]. let's get not distracted from the real issue here and hopefully we'll be able to talk about that. thanks for joining us. >> meet the sisters taking on
5:49 am
the republican establishment, journalists and anyone else who dares to challenge donald trump. >> you gonna lose a whole damn party. >> that's right. >> because the republican party is going to be obsolete. >> that's right. >> leave donald trump the hell alone. >> leave him alone. >> online sensations diamond and silk will tell us about stumping for trump. that's next. ll the logos. feels like a bmw. reminds me a little bit of like an audi. so, this car supports apple carplay. siri, open maps. she gets me. wow. it also has teen driver technology. it even mutes the radio until the seat belts are buckled. i'm very curious what it is. this is the 2016 chevy malibu. and it sells for? it starts at twenty-two five. what? oh wow. i mean with all this technology. that's a game changer.
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5:52 am
>> we don't want this country to fall do we? >> no we don't. >> build the wall donald trump. >> that was lynnette diamond hard away and -- two north korea sisters who have been internet sensations stumping for donald trump. diamond and silver join us now. hi ladies great to have you here on "new day." what do you love so much about donald trump? >> the fact that he wants to secure our border. >> yes. >> he wants to work fur us as the american people. he wants to bring back our jobs where we can field our family and with we can thrive again and that is why we love him. >> that's right. >> you guys do not like it when anyone challenges donald trump. including journalists. you were incensed that fox's megyn kelly asked him a question
5:53 am
how he feels about women at one of the republican debates. let me play your response. >> low blow. you hit below the belt girl. but below on this. leave my man donald trump the hell alone. if you got something to say you got someone you want to tell him, run it by us first and i'll let you know whether you have permission to come for him. don't come for him unless he invites your ass. that's all i got to say. >> so ladies, let me get this strait. we as journalists need to run the questions by you first. what questions are acceptable exactly? >> well ask questions that pertains to the american people who how the person people can come up. don't ask nothing about his past. the questions megyn kelly asked
5:54 am
was inirrelevant questions and that was a time for us to unite the country. she divided us by asking dumb questions. ask relevant questions and that is what she should have done. >> so you only want questions about the issues and where the candidates stand on the issues and we should not bring up anything about the pasts. >> i want questions about the issue. >> that's right. >> how you gonna bring our jobs back. how you gonna secure euro border. how you gonna get this country thriving and united? those are the kind of questions we want. >> you guys are in vegas right now. and last night donald trump had an event in vegas. were you there? >> we were not at the event but we plan to be at the event tonight, yes. >> okay. there was a protester at the event last night that donald trump's people had removed because he was being loud and sort of, you know, disruptive. and afterwards donald trump said that he felt that he should be punched in the nose.
5:55 am
let me play for you a moment of this. >> here is a guy throwing punch, nasty as hell. screaming at everything else, when we're talking. and we're walking out and we're not allowed. the guys are very gentle. he's walking out big high fives, smiling laughing. like to punch him in the face. >> okay. ladies, is that acceptable? >> listen, when you go to a donald trump event sit down and shut up so you can see what's going on. you know it is time for our country to unite. it is the united statesed and not the divided states. in his event there is unity so why is that person bringing in divisiveness. so he should have been thrown out. i would have thrown him out. >> and i would have helped you. >> you guys have quite the shtick going. i believe you. what do you not like ab ted cruz
5:56 am
or ben carson or marco rubio. >> ted cruz is a liar and a cheater. he won't be able to lie his way to that white house. >> that's right. >> because we see what he's doing. marco rubio, he's already been at the senate. he hasn't down in addition for the people. he won't even go to work. so why will we give him the presidency? and i don't want another soft tone spoken president. i want my president's voice to speak volumes. i want him not to waiver and not to back down and baby that is why we stump for trump and we are voting for donald trump. >> what was it like when you looked out at that sea of supporters? >> it was phenomenal. >> amazing. >> phenomenal. we absolutely loved it and we liked the unity. there is unity. he is uniting us all and that is what we love. >> and we're only one race. >> that is the human race baby. >> that's right. >> diamond and silk. anyone with a question for donald trump, submit it to them. thanks so much for being here on "new day." we'll see you on the campaign
5:57 am
trail. that's it for "new day." "newsroom" with carol costello continues after this short break. see you tomorrow. when heartburn hits fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums you'll need to email us so we can issue you a ticket. but you're right here. it's protocol. or, you can try staples tech services next day guarantee. it's fast and done right. i'll do that instead. that's not protocol marsha. in by noon, out by 5 the next day. staples. make more happen.
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happening now in the "newsroom," donald trump takes on protesters. >> smiling laughing, like to punch him in the face i'll tell you. >> ted cruz, immigration. >> e with should enforce the law. federal law requires anyone here apprehended should be deported. >> also, copy cat clinton? >> i saw a tv ad, i thought it was me. >> and that wasn't sanders' only slam. wall street super packs. will ramp up attacks get his backers to show up and vote. and protesting for privacy. nationwide rallies planned in support


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