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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  February 23, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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hello, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. it's caucus day in nevada. the republican candidates are making their final pitch to voters, and there is a lot at stake tonight in a state that knows a lot about stakes. delegates, momentum, and maybe simply survival. >> in the i want to be in the momentum category, marco rubio,
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holding his final rally in nevada, in las vegas. you can look at it right now. that is where we'll happen in moments. what will he say in we'll take you there when it begins. donald trump, cruz, they are v their big moments in a big. donald trump fresh off of musing about punching a protester in the face. cruz fresh off of firing a key campaign aide after an attack on rubio. while all that's happening, bernie sanders and hillary clinton getting ready for a town hall in south carolina tonight. a big event to be sure. first, the republicans. sara murray live in las vegas. just hours away from when voters show up and try to figure out this whole caucus thing. >> reporter: good morning. you're right. it is a little bit tricky to figure out here in nv inform. it's like the wild west of nevada. polling is unreliable. turn out tends to be low.
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we know donald trump comes in with momentum at his back. the big question is the fight along the remaining candidates about who is the donald trump alternative. cruz and rubio in the race, and kasich still battling it saying they can take on trump. the kasich situation has gotten interesting because of this new poll that just came out. a poll out out of ohio puts trump in the lead over kasich. he's at 3 1. john kasich is at 26%. i spoke with a kasich spokesperson who said they feel good about ohio and are 100% confident we will win the state. he said, in fact, we look like the only candidate who will beat him on the 15th. there's a lot of pressure trying
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to get them to drop out. kasich doesn't plan to bow to that. >> he has as many second place finishes as rubio. sara, it is caucus night there. zblnc zblnc >> speaking of rubio. jason carroll is checking the scene. it is, in fact, happening any moment, jason, correct? >> yes. yes. expected to happen about any moment from now. the music is going down. perhaps some of the key speakers are about to take the stage. as you know, john and kate, this is going to be marco rubio's only rally here today. he actually will not even be here tonight. later today he's heading to michigan and heading off to minnesota. that may say something about some of his chances here in nevada. what do we expect to hear during this rally? some of the same messages we heard in reno, that he's the one who can unite the party, he's the most conservative and most
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trustworthy, unlike his oppon t opponent, ted cruz. there's been a lot of back and forth between these two candidates in a heated pattle for second. it came to a head yesterday when cruz had to fire his spokesman, rick tyler, after he put out that false ad that falsely showed marco rubio making disparaging comments about the bible. and now there's even more back and forth. this time about the subject of illegal immigration. as you know, ted cruz was questioned about illegal immigration about what we would do to go after undocumented workers. he said something to cnn in january versus something he said to bill o'reilly last night. take a listen. >> i don't intend to send jack boots to knock on your door and every door in america. that's not how we enforce the law for any crime. >> of course you would. that's what ice exists for. we have law enforcement that looks for people who are violating the laws --
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>> let me get this straight. >> reporter: rubio tweeted about that saying cruz expressing an idea he did five weeks ago. the implication he's flip-flopping on the issue because we're in nevada. i think that rubio folks were saying he's trying to do everything he can to go after the latino vote, including being untruthful. >> jason, we'll keep an eye on that event. they're warming up the crowd. you have rubio, ted cruz fighting it out. what about the front runner here? one veteran republican operative says no one has stopped donald trump because no one has really tried. and she's now laying out a road map of how to take the front runner down. >> she's literally written a memo. the author joins us now. she was mitt romney's campaign
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manager. katie, thank you for being us. you say it's about more. going after donald trump is about more than just saying he's inconsistent. you need to have him say he's inconsistent. you need to show his own words to the voters. explain. >> yeah. i mean, a lot of people say to us, you know, you have to go after the fact that he's vulgar and a potty mouth and crass. he's flip-flopped on things. those might be true but the reality is when we're sat down with focus groups, what we've found is trump in his own words, showing no allegiance to any kind of conservative thinking or ideology. it's the strongest attack against him just highlighting his own personal record in this sort of convenient conservetism that he's proclaimed in the last six months that isn't grounded in any ideology or philosophy,
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and we think it's dangerous for the party. that record is something that voters look at, and they say, i'm not sure about this guy. i have some questions, and overwhelmingly, they choose other candidates in the final days. >> katie, you say no one has stopped him or been successful because no one has really tried. you've done the research and you say this is how to do it. how is this attack strategy different than attack strategies in the past? >> cruz put up ads. >> there haven't been a sustained strategy. there's been $215 million spent in this campaign, only about 4% of that has been spent going after the front runner. tens of millions of dollars have been spent going after marco rubio, going after ted cruz, going after jeb bush individually, but not even $10 million, including our effort, has been spent going after the front runner who would spell doom for our party if he were to become our nominee. we think it's time for everybody to come together, put the
8:08 am
resources together. it's also time to rue unite. republican voters are saying no thanks to trump. the problem is the vote is split. we're trying to carry this message of highlighting trump's conservativism of convenience at that's where you can find the information. >> katie, i follow you on twitter. it's pretty clear that if you don't support marco rubio outright, you're supportive of him, at least on twitter. why doesn't rubio stand up to take on donald trump? he's done a lot of debates. he's hardly said a word about donald trump. >> sure. i'm generally supportive of marco. other people are supportive of other candidates. our pac is not in the business of picking a candidate. we think they're all more conservative than trump. i'm not going to speak for the
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rubio campaign. you'd have to direct that question to them. we'd like to see all the candidates do what we're talking about. that's why today i put this memo together asking all the candidates to highlight trump's convenient conservetism and sort of ban together in that message. >> to be clear, you think rubio should do more to go after trump? >> i think they should all do more. >> you also point out it's not too late to take him on, but time is running out. when is too late? >> well, i mean, it's too late when trump dpagathers enough delegates. the problem is the rules start to change here shortly. after march 15th, many of these states become winner take all states. you can get all the delegates in these states by winning with 30%. we could potentially see a candidate become our nominee without having secured a majority of republican primary voters, and that's something that's a little bit dangerous. when it's a candidate like trump that doesn't represent the
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conservative values that our party holds dear. >> why haven't people taken him on? do you think people are scared to take donald trump on? >> i think some people just don't want the headache, frankly. and it is a headache. trump has a lot of very angry sort of trump boots, as we call them that make death threats and are very nasty at you on twitter and in e-mail. they've called my home. and so some people don't want the headache. some people may feel it's not part of their strategy. we saw the head of jeb bush's superpac last year say he's somebody else's problem. everybody thought if i can get down to a battle between me and trump, i can win it. the problem is nobody has gotten it to that point. >> bush tried, shehe's done. cruz is suffering. rubio hasn't tried. we'll see if he takes on the mantle you're asking him to. great to have you with us. donald trump along with the other people in this race right
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now are going after nevada. nevada caucus is tonight. marco rubio has an event there very very soon. he takes the stage. my minute we'll take you there live. and just before hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off in tonight's cnn town hall. spike lee cuts an ad. why he's telling voters to do the right thing. and a mystery phone call at the center of the investigation into the uber driver accused of going on a killing spree. who called the man now charged moments before the attacks?
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look for savings on boost® in your sunday paper. just a few hours from now a big moment for the democrats. hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a cnn democratic town hall talking right to the voters of south carolina. just four days before the big primary there, a week before super tuesday. >> and one super important thing to remember, it's not just the vote count. it's the delegate count as well. after the first three contests here's where they stand. add in the superdelegates, clinton currently has a big advantage, but that can all change and change fast. let's bring in our political
8:16 am
director, david. when you look at that you know the pressure is on. also the stakes are high for tonight, right? >> that's right. that pledge delegate number when we were able to finally ajute kate the final delegate over the weekend, hillary clinton now has taken this one delegate lead among pledged delegates, they're never giving that lead up among pledge delegates. this goes to what you're saying about super delegates. they are free agents. they can change their support anywhere along the way. the argument is that they tend to change their support when they go, toward the person who is leading among pledged delegates based on the results of primaries and caucuses, so it is critical to hillary clinton to keep that pledge delegate lead because then she robs bernie sanders from any argument that somehow super delegates
8:17 am
aren't following the will of the people. >> the big cnn democratic town hall in south carolina tonight. what do you expect to see given what's happened over the last few days. hillary clinton won in nevada. she's ahead in the polls. bernie sanders seems to have sharpened his attacks overnight. >> front and center is going to be the battle for the african american vote. this is the first big test on that, the south carolina democratic primary electorate is majority african american. you saw how well hillary clinton did in nevada where they made up a bigger slice than we saw in iowa or new hampshire. the battle for the african american vote is front and center. that's why we see some big prominent african american sebtlies. morgan freeman, spike lee and danny glover. that's why it's front and center this week. i also think this is the moment that bernie sanders is going to have to start explaining, here,
8:18 am
his path to the nomination. because you're right, he has sharpened his attacks. i also noted in listening to him yesterday, he started ticking through a list of accomplishments that he brought hillary clinton closer to his positions, almost sort of taking a report card to his campaign thus far, and i think more than a report card, the challenge for sanders tonight and going forward is really plotting out how he's going to overtake her in the delegate battle and a real path to the nomination. >> would you travel west with us for a moment? >> gladly. >> thank you. and explain the republican nevada caucuses. there are some strange dynamics at play there. >> i don't know that i can explain. let's start first and foremost, there's not a long history and tradition to the caucuses. it's a relatively new phenomenon to have these in the first four contests. and remember, there's a big mormon population in nevada.
8:19 am
when romney was running, there was less of a battle even though ra ron paul made a might there as well. i think looking at tonight, you have to say donald trump who has been dominating the race. second place in iowa and new hampshire and south carolina, is still the dominant figure into tonight. rubio did spend some of his youth in nevada and was raised in those years as a mormon. there may be some familiarity with rubio, and this is the first gop test we've seen with a significant slice of hispanic voters in having cruz and rubio prominent in the race, it will be interesting to see how those voters swing their votes, but donald trump in our polling from a week ago was dominant, and i don't think there's anything that's happened on the ground to indicate that that probably is still not the case heading into tonight, and take a look at marco rubio's schedule. he is not sticking around after this morning after his nevada
8:20 am
event. he's heading onto minnesota and michigan, march 1st and eighth states. >> supertuesday, here we come. >> thanks, guys. >> remember, herillary clinton d bernie sanders have a cnn democratic town hall in south carolina. chris cuomo will be monitoring. 8 p.m., only on cnn. donald trump says he's going to punch someone in the audience, or at least he wishes he could. >> i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. >> why does he say such things and what does it get him? we'll discuss as donald trump gets ready to hold his final rally before tonight's caucuses. we'll take it live. >> plus much more on the breaking news this morning. president obama rolling out his plan to close guantanamo bay, a plan that includes moving detainees to the united states.
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just moments ago, president obama laid out his plan to shut down the guantanamo bay facility. the closure is something the president vowed to do as one of his first acts in office. it's been a long time since he's been in office. he just announced how and why he plans to make good on that pledge. >> and if as a nation we don't deal with this now, when will we deal with it? are we going to let this linger
8:26 am
on for another 15 years, another 20 years, another 30 years? if we don't do what's required now, i think feature generations are going to look back and ask why we failed to act when the right course, the right side of history and justice and our best american traditions was clear. with this plan we have the opportunity to strength then relationships with allies and partners, enhance our national security and uphold the values that bind us as americans. >> 91 detainees are being held at guantanamo bay. republicans and many democrats oppose shutting down the facility. barbara starr is joining us now. this debate has been going on for a long time, definitely since president obama came into office. what does this mean? where does this fight go from here? >> >>. >> reporter: the president understands he has a political
8:27 am
fight on his hands with congress both republicans and democrats, largely opposed to using any funds to transfer detainees to prisons, federal or military prisons in the united states. that's really the bottom line issue here. the president can go ahead and continue to transfer as many as he wants with approval, security approvals, to countries oversea, back to countries that will take them. the strategy now is to get the number of detainees from 91 back down to somewhere in the 30 to 60 range, and then take those and try and transfer them stateside for further detention. but that's what congress has objected to, saying it won't allow federal funds to do that. this report lays out a strategy. we have some details. the people, the pentagon people working on it went and looked at some 13 facilities. the navy break at charleston, south carolina.
8:28 am
maximum security federal prisons in colorado, to see what was needed and to begin to develop some cost estimates. they believe they can save millions of dollars over the long run if they do this, and they'll continue with the legal process, but this is still very much a political problem in the president. there's no indication and within minutes today of the white house announcement, you did see the republican candidates lining up saying that they would not support it. >> absolutely, barbara, thank you so much. great to see you. and the republican presidential candidates are already weighing in. here is senator rubio just moments ago. >> you wake up this morning to the news that the president is planning to close guantanamo. maybe even giving it back to the cuban government. this makes no sense to me. we're not giving back an important naval base to an anti-american communistic
8:29 am
dictatorship. and number two, we're not going to close guantanamo. in fact, we shouldn't be releasing the people that are there now. they are enemy combatants. these are literally enemy combatants, terrorists, of foreign terrorist organizations, many of whom as soon as you release them, they join the fight against us. when i am president, if we capture a terrorist alive, they're not getting a court hearing in manhattan or sent to nevada. they're going to guantanamo and we'll find out everything they know. >> and to be clear, the white house says it's closing the detention facility, not handing it back to cuba. they've said that explicitly. >> not giving the base back to cuba. that's not part of this deal. >> they've said that many times over. let's continue the discussion. mike kaufman of colorado is joining us. he's a member of the house armed
8:30 am
services committee. thank you for joining us. you oppose closing guantanamo bay. one of the places they could be taken to is your home state, colorado. why do you not want them to come to colorado? do you not think the supermax prison there that already holds suspected terrorists can handle it? >> first of all, i don't want them coming to u.s. soil. i think the congress of the united states has been clear in sending a message to the president through several acts that these prisoners are not to be transferred to u.s. soil, thereby, being afforded all the rights through the judicial process given to those legally in the country. i remain very opposed to it. this is a nonstarter. it's not going to happen. the president is simply wrong that this is a recruiting tool for terrorists. i think the indecisiveness of this country is a recruiting
8:31 am
tool for terrorists. what the president failed to mention was that the number of detainees that have been released have in fact returned to the battle field. i think guantanamo bay needs to stay open and could be the tool used by a future president. >> the shoe bomber and the 9/11 attacks, those attackers are involved in attacks against america. how are they different than the people inside guantanamo bay? they are in prison in the united states right now. >> well, he executed his -- or tried to execute his terrorist attack, i believe it was certainly you could argue that it was on u.s. soil. it was domestically in the united states. i think that he was in transit to the united states at that time. the fact is that the president duntd want to admit, but we're a nation at war, and those decan taned are the worst of the worst in guantanamo, and the fact is we need someplace to put those
8:32 am
that are taken off the battle field. what is different in this situation, historically, is the fact that we're not fighting a conventional military force. these are irregular enemy combatants, but they are enemy combatants nonetheless, and they're better housed there in guantanamo bay, and we need to retain it. >> the president said clearly today, you dispute this, that guantanamo bay is used as a recruiting tool for terrorist organizations. john mccain believes that. isis dresses hostages in the beheading videos in the orange jump suits. you don't think that guantanamo bay is being used as a recruiting tool? >> no, i think the recruiting tool is, again, if you want to go with the president always tries to place things in political narratives. i think he wanted in the war in iraq by bringing all forces home by the presidential election in 2012 against pentagon objections, and did so, and now
8:33 am
we're fighting a very determined enemy who was able to spill over to iraq and is now seen as ascended throughout the radical islamic world and is attracting money and recruits. that is certainly a recruiting tool. i don't see guantanamo as being a recruiting tool. >> congressman -- there are republicans and democrats who agree and disagree with you. thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you for manage me still ahead, and award winning director throwing his support behind sanders. but will spike lee help him narrow the gap when it comes to african american voters. >> bernie takes no money from corporatio corporations. that means he's not on the take. when he gets in the white house, he will do the right thing. getn about this new car. to keep things unbiased, we removed all the logos. feels like a bmw.
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brand new this morning, a radio ad from spike lee throwing support behind bernie sanders just a few days before the crucial south carolina primary. >> wake up. wake up, south carolina. this is your dude, spike lee, and i know that you know the system is rigged. i'm officially endorsing my brother, bernie sanders. bernie takes no money from corporations. that means he's not on the take, and then bernie gets in the white house, he'll do the right thing. >> nada. >> i love that part. i had to repeat. spike lee joins others in endorsing sanders. when you look at the polls, hillary clinton has a big lead
8:39 am
among african american voters in general. let's discuss this. the state of the race. let's bring in mikchael nutter, and nina turner. great to see both of you. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you, kate and john. >> thank you both for having us. >> of course. nina, let's look to south carolina. sanders is winning big support, the likes of spike lee with that ad, but when you look, the fact of the matter is that hillary clinton from in nevada, she won 76% of the african american vote there. what can sanders do realistically to cut into that? >> he'll continue to touch african american voters as he has. senator sanders, this is his first run for the presidency of the united states of america. he didn't have the benefit of decades worth of name recognition. that's what most of this is about. he's going to continue to run. he's making inroads.
8:40 am
we really dominated the latino vote in nevada. he's making inroads with the african american vote and the hispanic vote. flos magic. he has to continue to bring his message to the people and introduce himself. >> oakay. mayor, what about hillary clinton? part of the message from sanders is he's saying hillary clinton is g beginning to sound a lot like me. listen to what he said overnight. >> i am delighted that secretary clinton month after month after month seems to be adopting more and more of the positions that we have advocated. that's good. and, in fact, is beginning to use a lot of the language and phraseology that we have used. in fact, i think i saw a tv ad and i thought it was me, but it turned out it was secretary clinton's picture in the ad. >> so, mayor, is her phraseology
8:41 am
getting more like bernie, and if so j is she moving further to the left that if she does get the democratic election, it could hurt her in a general election? >> i think, first of all, secretary clinton has a very long record, not just name recognition as mentioned earlier. this is not just about name recognition. i think everyone knows the same senator sanders. what matters with voters is your record and what you've been doing for those decades, whether in appointed or elected office. secretary clinton has that. she also has a long-standing strong, real, relationship with the african american community. again, over decades of time with a real record of support and commitment, and so the language may change. words may change. the message has been consistent. her record is on helping children and families. her record is on strong support in the african american
8:42 am
community. her record has been about trying to end racial profiling and making reforms in the criminal justice system. these are not knew. as the campaign goes on, i've run for office, and nina has as well. we know that over a long period of time, you'll have any number of messages and ways of communicating with different audiences. the central issue is what's in your heart, what's your core? what's your record been over a long period of time, or are you trying now to create an environment where people will come to you who have not really known you for a long peter of type -- peter of time. i think that's where things are. >> do you agree? is bernie sanders grasping here if this has been a message hillary clinton has had for decades, as the mayor says? >> let's be honest about record. let's talk about record. in 1960 senator sanders was standing up against segregated housing. he was a member, a leader in
8:43 am
core at that same time secretary clinton was supporting barry goldwater who opposed civil rights. let's talk about the record of him standing up for -- >> 18 years old. >> well, we want to talk about record, they were around the same age, mayor. let's talk about records. senator sanders isn't knew to this. in 19 88, he had the courage to stand with and stand up for jesse jackson. very few white elected officials would do that at that time. let's talk about record. he stood up against the dog whistle and welfare reformed that happened under bill clinton. he was not the one calling black children super predators. if we want to talk about a record, let's talk about it. senator sanders isn't new to this, and i resent clinton supporters asking as if senator sanders doesn't have a bold civil rights record that takes him to being a senator. we don't have to disparage his record to lift the secretary,
8:44 am
but if we want to talk about records, let's do that. >> mayor, i need to let you respond. i think that's the first time i've heard barry goldwater come up in an election. >> i think it was mentioned in an article the other day. i don't think i've said anything disparaging at all about senator sanders' record. i commend him for, and i have before, for his support of any number of issues. and i'm not a person who seeks to try to disparage someone else to lift up the person that i'm for. secretary clinton has a record. she's been around for some time. she's not the same age as senator sanders. but -- >> it's only a about a five year difference, mayor. >> they've each done whatever they have done. they'll stand on their records. they'll approach african americans, whites, latinos, asians and the great diversity of this country in the ways that
8:45 am
they will. they're different people. they talk about many of the same kinds of issues. and that's really where things are. but we don't need to have a fight about it. >> mayor -- thank you both very much. they'll both have the chance to make their case tonight in the cnn town hall. >> donald trump and his rivals getting ready to face the crowds in nevada as voters there get ready to head to the caucuses tonight. there are some live events. we'll take you there in a moment.
8:46 am
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live in las vegas. >> live. >> live pictures of senator marco rubio holding his final rally before the caucuses tonight. he leaves the state, perhaps -- >> leaving las vegas? >> leaving las vegas. i vaguely remember something of that name before. he heads to minnesota and other places to campaign while others stick around. >> joining us the a trump
8:50 am
supporter, and a former chief of staff for mcmcconnell and the senior politics editor for the daily beast. josh, first to you. john kasich answered to the growing called for him to drop out of the race. listen to what he said. >> i would hope they'd be clearing the decks for me. i've spent the least amount of money and rising in the polls. you know, i could win my home state. why would i be feeling pressure from them? they ought to be consolidating around me. >> there you go, josh. why should he feel pressure? they should be consolidating around him. >> look, i like governor kasich. i think he's doing a tremendous job as governor of ohio. he's a very good candidate, and i think has brought a lot to this race. but the reality is he can't win. and the longer that he stays in this race, the more it enables donald trump to continue to have
8:51 am
these massive leads in states across the country. the fact of the matter is the delegate math just isn't there for him. he talks about winning his home state of ohio. that's great, and then what? we saw a poll today that showed that he doesn't win his home state of ohio. the problem beyond that is that there's no other states that he's even out of single digits on. i think he's going to have to make a decision here shortly if his candidacy is imperilling the rest of the 2/3 of the republican party that don't want to see donald trump as their nominee. >> josh, this sounds like the argument being made by a lot of marco rubio supporters right now. a lot of rubio people are trying to force kasich or push him out of the race. the fact remains john kasich has as many second place finishes in primaries so far as marco rubio. >> fact. >> you know, marco rubio finished fifth in new hampshire. polls out of florida show marco rubio in third place in his home state. so, jackie, let me just put this to you. is john kasich getting a raw deal here? is this just pure politics at play?
8:52 am
>> i think it's a little bit of both. but it's true, marco rubio needs to nail down one of these states and win to silence criticisms like that. he has the same number of wins as john kasich. at what point are they going to start treating second place like first place runner-up to donald trump? other candidates have got to start winning states in order to quell his momentum, which, you know, frankly no one's been able to do it yet. >> let's talk about the other big names in the race. that guy, the frontrunner, your guy, scottie. donald trump, he has been eviscerating ted cruz at every turn. here's some of the latest. listen. >> this guy cruz lies more than any human being i have ever dealt with. [ audience booing ] unbelievable. and he holds up the bible and he lies. and then he holds up the bible again, and he lies. this guy is sick. there's something wrong with this guy.
8:53 am
>> the fight between those two has been going on since the beginning of time in this long time of this election. but why not go after marco rubio, the one that the establishment is coalescing behind, they say? >> well, i think it's equal opportunity. plus, senator rubio hasn't gone after mr. trump. as he's proven, he always defends himself and goes for the jugular. >> does that make you nervous, though? >> not really. when you're looking at senator rubio, i think he's a great guy, but he's still six times below in delegate counts to mr. trump and not winning in any of the polls. as your guest just stated. plus, i think it's very pathetic like candidates like senator rubio and even governor kasich think we have to have a contested convention in order for them to even have a chance to win. instead of encouraging our party to start being unified, they're going to continue this splintering, which i think speaks volumes about what their motivation is. so mr. trump going forward -- you know, as for senator ted cruz, yesterday was a hard day for his family. i think the question is going to be going forward, are there
8:54 am
going to be any more events that happen? was the right person held accountable, or was he more a scapegoat for another campaign in the campaign? it will be interesting to see if anything else happens within the senator cruz campaign that might be a little bit controversial, and if there isn't, then great. then all things are fixed and we can focus on policy. my theory is they might have taken out the wrong guy. >> josh, we just put the delegate count up on the screen. 68 delegates right now for donald trump. everyone else trailing way behind. you heard scottie beating up more on ted cruz, which is what donald trump was doing. how do a lot of candidates have had ups and downs. this seems to be the down for ted cruz. how does he dig out? >> it's a real problem. some of the character issues highlighted by both the trump campaign and the rubio campaign the last couple of weeks have really taken their toll. i think yesterday's firing of the communications director is symptomatic of a larger problem as scottie just said. it seems to me that they've had
8:55 am
a number of episodes the last three weeks. we were talking last week about that silly picture that they had with the trade deal. it seems like no big deal in and of itself. but if you look at the larger pattern, it becomes really problematic, and it's really problematic for ted cruz right now. i don't know how he gets out of this. his base is largely being overtaken by donald trump. and it doesn't look like he's got a real meaningful path forward without a serious, serious performance either tonight or very, very soon. >> very, very soon could be a serious performance with these debates being game-changers at every turn. this thursday's debate is going to be that much more important when you see how things are turning out. thanks, guys. >> thank you. >> see you soon. coming up next for us, the uber driver who allegedly went on a shooting rampage. he's charged now in those murders. he is making a big admission, and now we're learning much more about a mysterious phone call that happened just before he
8:56 am
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this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. for seven years, president obama has vowed to shut down the prison at guantanamo bay, cuba, and for good. this morning, he delivered on those plans. and sent them to congress. there are 91 detainees still left at that detention center. the president's plan involves sending the bulk of them to other countries. and then moving the rest, those who can't be transferred abroad because they've been simply just deemed too dangerous. well, they are bound for some sort of facility here in the united states. now, there's a big problem he


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