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tv   Americas Choice 2016 Nevada Republican Caucuses  CNN  February 23, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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then a week from tonight this race goes national in a way it hasn't yet. this is that last moment for someone to catapult out of this early phase and into that national race. >> it's very exciting. we're going to have something for you in ready to make a projection. cnn is projecting that donald trump will be the winner of the nevada republican caucuses. this is based on exit polls and results in sample precincts across the state. we do not know the order yet, we do not yet have enough information to say where the others will be, but we do know that marco rubio and ted cruz will be in the top three, but donald trump, the big news, donald trump, projected to win the nevada caucuses. let's go to jim acosta now if we can, who is at trump headquarters in nevada. new hampshire, south carolina, nevada, donald trump the winner,
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we're projecting him this evening. >> reporter: that's right. and now we can say donald trump has won a caucus in edition to those two prime areas and as you were saying there were those organizational problems in iowa. that did not happen here. when you talk to the top trump campaign officials they felt like when they were looking at the landscape of nevada all day long, precinct after precinct they were seeing the same results. it was just donald trump dominating across the state, across multiple sites across the state. you were talking about super tuesday, they are very confident from inside the trump campaign. i can tell you from talking to the trump campaign manager, corey, they feel like they are built for a national campaign,
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they have staff and volunteers in 20-plus states and building on top of that and so for people who think donald trump, he can fill an arena, he can bring in a big crowd, but can he go state to state, they feel like inside the trump campaign they are well equipped to do that and they're going to start doing that on super tuesday. that's the big test for this campaign, but they feel like they're well positioned a week from now. >> we haven't seen a republican presidential candidate be this dominate in a long time. jim acosta. david, first of all, explain to our viewers why we are calling this race so early? >> this is based on a couple of different things. we have the entrance polls. people tell us when they go in how they intend to vote. we also have people out and about in probably a dozen sample precincts right now that have started supplying us with real
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votes. so we weight the entrance poll with the precincts and we do that in a way that gives us 100% confidence to project donald trump the winner. it means that there's 100% confidence that he will be the winner. >> the fact that we were able to do this so early, the minute that the caucuses officially closed shows how dominate he appears to be. the one thing i thing i think is interesting to point out is something that jim was talking about is that he won south carolina, a primary, he won new hampshire, a primary, but he really did have trouble in iowa because it was a place where he needed to organize. this in nevada is a place we are told that he and his campaign went out and started to train people pretty early on, last year. so they actually got out ahead in the organization that you really need do to win a caucus.
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>> stand by. we have a key race alert. we're going to bring you actual numbers coming in. with 3% of the actual vote in, donald trump leading with 42% of the vote, ted cruz with 22.8%, marco rubio right behind him at 21.8%. john -- ben carson at -- you see donald trump when the actual numbers are coming in taking a huge lead, one of the reasons why cnn projected he would be the winner of the nevada caucuses because his lead is so dominate. let's check in with the cruz headquarters and not a good night for senator ted cruz. >> reporter: not yet and i can tell you there was a sense of disappointment when this race was called for donald trump, people gathered here and booed
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as that was announced, they raised their ted cruz in the air, but i don't think this number one finish for donald trump is a big surprise to the cruz campaign. they never predicted a win. they had been down playing expectations in the previous days, but this does really to end the cliff hanger for them tonight. the big question who takes silver, that is a big part of their message going forward. they want that momentum heading into super tuesday states. ted cruz is huddled with staff. we know he was eating with his staff earlier tonight, but of course nerve racking finish yet to be announced tonight. >> will relevaall right. let's check in with john king at at magic wall. i suppose you'll be able to tell me how donald trump pulled this off.
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>> can i ask you a question, do you remember who came in second in the daytona 500? never mind. let's look very early results so far and obviously clark county if you were with us the other day with the democrats it's more than 7 on -- 70% of the population, washington county in the western part of the state, trump at 34 there. it's the second largest county. if you look at the results this is the western part of the state. this is where you would expect ted cruz if he is getting your traditional evangelical voter, you would expect votes here, but right now it's filling in all donald trump. we watched this in south carolina and we saw it in new hampshire, 42, 23, 22 so like the other night it looks like this where we will be spending our time. they do get delegates. so second and third matters, you get one or two more delegates
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than the other guy, but this has to be a concern to those trying to stop donald trump. this is the first time he's going to win a state above 35%. donald trump will stay in the 30s and somebody will catch him, nevada is saying tonight not here. if we pull out now, this is the delegate count here. this is again three out of four after four contests. so we're in the momentum phase of the campaign. he's one three of the first four. i want to make the point again south carolina wins across the state. rubio has some success in the charleston area, but trump wins in evangelical land, he wins along the coast and the suburbs. if you're looking at the race right now after four contests a very different state than south carolina and new hampshire. trump wins. now he goes west filling in and winning. at some point the republican
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party which says we don't want trump, what's the rule in business recollection the customer is always right, republican voters are voting four donald trump. now have the momentum going into super tuesday, it's going to look like this trump could go higher than that if his numbers are up in the 40% we assign these delegates here. then you're heading into super tuesday and it starts to get busy. let's assume ted cruz wins his home state of texas so we'll give this back to ted cruz, that's the one we expect cruz to win texas, at least based on today, that's the one we would take away from donald trump. what else? if that's the case, he starts to pull away. so you've only got a few days. they keep saying they're going to get to him, but you only have a few days to stop him. >> we don't know what the final vote is going to be, but right now with the limited vote in he's up with 42% so anderson all
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those people saying that donald trump had a ceiling, they might have to get measurements for new drapes because it looks like his ceiling's getting higher. >> donald trump may be measuring the drapes at another building soon. when you look at the delegate math moving towards super tuesday it's hard to see how donald trump doesn't continue to move forward. >> and he's obviously the big victor tonight. i had my eye on ted cruz's numbers because the cruz strategy seemed to be a strategy of doing well in the south and the west, well he lost south carolina. he's now lost the state of nevada. that doesn't bode well for what's to come well on march the 1st. one other observation is not only the 41% number impressive, but if the internals are correct to the entrance breath, it's hard to find a category where it wasn't donald trump being the victor. i think that's what's significant. >> and i think now as you look
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at the cruz/rubio fight, one of them has to get out in order for the other one to succeed against donald trump. >> and that assumes all the voters for that candidate go to the other one. >> even then that's very difficult. if you look at the states that are coming up and you look at -- let's look at florida, marco rubio thinks he can win florida, polls are showing otherwise, but that's march 15. you still have go through super tuesday, michigan. >> one thing that seems clear as we look at these early numbers there's not going to be enough separation for rubio and cruz for rubio to claim great momentum coming out of the state. they're still fighting for second and third, if this were a football game donald trump has broken through the line and he's headed for the end zone. now it's a question can someone catch him before he scores.
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>> if you look at what rubio and cruz has done, rubio got about 23% in his first state, 11%, 23% going through these last states and cruz as well stuck in the 20s. it's like they're the ones with the ceilings. they haven't been able to break out. maybe they will be in other states. >> it looks like he's going to continue to show dominance among voters among who call themselves somewhat conservative and moderates. that's a solid base from which to work. >> ted cruz and marco rubio they have to win somewhere. >> yeah, absolutely. i keep looking at that margin how close it is between cruz and rubio and i think every second is going to count up until that thursday debate because that's the last chance to change the dynamics of this race before we go into march 1st. we've seen marco rubio have good
9:12 pm
and bad performances. we've seen ted cruz kind of perform okay. this is make or break time. this could shape the election, the next president. i'm kind of baffled that marco rubio isn't in nevada right now to possibly give some kind of speech since he's been so good at framing this in the past. >> to the point about the debate on thursday, donald trump has according to pundits not had stel arrow performances from time to time. >> debate performances have a dramatic impact when they're concentrated on one state electorate. but this is a dozen states over one day. that's a much wider universe of voters that you're going to have to dramatically change the direction and the tra jiktry of this campaign 1234 . >> do you see any route that donald trump is not the nominee?
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>> i do. it's a very narrow path and with every day it gets more narrow. >> you're a trump supporter, do you see any path that's not the nominee. >> i think he's the nominee. look at nevada. look at past elections. we saw in 2012, this is a state that mitt romney carried by 20 points and in 2008 he carried it by 40 points. marco rubio couldn't pull it off here. what can happen at this point to change it? >> do you see anything because we have to take a quick break. >> we are living in the land called never. they said never will he stay in, never will he get above 40%. this is now never and never is terrifying to me. >> you're of course a democrat. let's take a short break. we're expecting donald trump any moment.
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welcome back to cnn's live coverage of the nevada republican caucuses. you're looking at donald trump's headquarters in nevada. cnn projected donald trump will be the winner of the nevada caucuses. we do not have enough information to say whether marco rubio or ted cruz will come in second or third, but we know those are the top three finishers. most significantly was the win
9:18 pm
of donald trump winning the nevada caucuses. we are waiting for donald trump to come out and declare victory as we've heard him do a couple of other times. let's go to the campaign headquarters of marco rubio. jason, marco rubio told me on sunday they were hoping for a strong showing and maybe a win. it's a state where he spent some of his childhood, but not a good night for him. >> reporter: clearly not the night they wanted, but still they are feeling encouraged by having a strong second place finish. that's what they're hoping for at this point, a strong second place finish. in speaking to one of the campaign operatives here, he tells me they feel as though this is not over for them. he feels if some of the other candidates were to drop before super tuesday, they still feel
9:19 pm
as though they have a shot as taking some of these states going forward. they obviously recognize at this point that time is becoming of the essence if they're really going to have a significant win going forward, but in terms of tonight they feel as though their ground game was strong. they're waiting for results from clark county, which includes las vegas. it is the most poplus county in the state. still looking for those results to come in. the campaign still pushing the point, still pushing the mention that they are the alternative to donald trump and if they can have a strong second here in nevada, they're going to be keeping up with that message as marco rubio moves on. as you know tonight he's not even actually here in the state, not even actually here at this watch party. he's moved on to campaign in michigan. they're looking ahead to push
9:20 pm
the message that marco rubio is the alternative to donald trump. >> all right. let's bring you up to date on actual vote. donald trump has 42.9% of the vote, marco rubio with 25.2% so he is in second place with 6% of the vote in, ted cruz third place with 20.4%. let's talk about how this happened. dana, david, earlier tonight with some of the entrance polls you said that the vast majority of people who turned out to caucus wanted an outsider. how did they vote? >> just that way. we're seeing that the republicans through washington are moving through the stages of grief realizing that the republican party as they know it is never going to be the same and your numbers show why. >> these voters are not in the
9:21 pm
same place with the republican establishment. now we can see how the vote breaks down among the candidates. so among that angry electorate, 58% of the electorate said they were angry. donald trump wins the angry vote 49% to 23% for cruz, 21% for rubio and 5% for carson. those looking for an outsider, that's 61% of the electorate, trump wins them going away. he is the outsider. >> we talked earlier about the fact that while this electorate in nevada of the republicans is still predominantly white, it is more diverse than in the past contests. how did that play out with regard to who they voted for? >> we're looking at the latino vote, they made up 9% of the electora electorate, which is a tick
9:22 pm
higher than we had seen in 2008 and significantly higher than 2012 and this is the wow number of tonight, 44% of the latino vote goes to donald trump. marco rubio and ted cruz, two candidates with cuban heritage, rubio as 29% and cruz at 18%. obviously with only 9% of the vote, there's a 10% margin of era, but donald trump the guy who created his candidacy on building the wall and tough on immigration is winning this republican latino vote 44% to 29% and 18%. >> can we put that number up one more time? >> 44% to 29% to 18%. >> and so not only is his -- the corner stone of his campaign about building a wall and being tougher on immigration, remember when he started his campaign on june 16th he created on lot of
9:23 pm
controversy among the hispanic community by talking about people coming into this country and rapists and people thought he was never going to come close to getting any votes or at least anything that was really tangible from the hispanic km d community and the fact that he's beating the two latino candidates it's remarkable. >> we should caution that he still enjoys unfavorable ratings from the latino population as opposed to a slice of latino republicans in nevada. >> this is the first contest within the republican primary calendar to begin to test his ability to reach out to hispanics because of the makeup of nevada. >> a lot for anderson to chew over. >> it certainly is. a new yorker is joining us and cnn political commenter, it's
9:24 pm
not true that nobody predicted he would do well among the latinos, donald trump said he would do and at least in nevada he has in this entrance polls. >> i would be a little bit cautious about the entrance polls on the latino number. the sample size on latinos as it was pointed out is very small, ten point margin of era. that said he won across every category. there's almost no demographic, racial, age category, income, college degree, all the categories we've been talking about, donald trump has won every single one. he's won in new hampshire which has a lot of independents, he won in south carolina which has a nicely divided electorate and he's won in nevada which has a huge more mon population and secular voters.
9:25 pm
>> it's such durability that i don't think anybody would have predicted for donald trump. we originally said marco rubio appeals to the educated voters and donald trump appeals -- appealed in early polls before voting started to what we call the under educated voters. >> somebody explain to me how donald trump does not get the gop nomination. >> i don't know how he doesn't because i don't know what the incentive is right now for cruz or rubio to drop out and stop trying. i mean, rubio's not running for reelection, right? >> if he dropped out what percentage of cruz voters -- >> cruz has texas coming up on march 1 and they think they're going to win it. >> if i were donald trump i would let him win it and keep them both in the race. here's the thing, this thing is broadening out as was mentioned before to a wide array of states and that really favors the guy
9:26 pm
with the superior name recognition, the star quality. >> who has been in a -- >> you want to beat him in an early state. it's much harder when you go to the broader -- >> i think. >> it's also about to get much more expensive. think about it, we're 20 days away from florida, which is i think even the rubio folks would say is a must win state for him. it costs $3 million to $4 million to be on the air for one week. >> it's not as if donald trump is an unfamiliar name in florida. >> it's his home state. >> the last poll shows him trouncing marco rubio and ted cruz. it was taken in january, but it shows him beating rubio by more than 20 points and cruz by more than 20 points. >> he's the one that doesn't need money because all he has to do is sit in his lounge and pick up the phone and call every show in america and he gets on
9:27 pm
television and he creates news and he tweets and he creates news. >> also it hasn't just been that all the media has been putting him on, he's been offering himself up when the other candidates would not do interviews at all. >> the point i make about having the resources do that is nobody has made a concentrated broad and sustained argument against donald trump. they have all started to try and bump against each other in their own lanes so i think in -- to answer your question how does somebody beat donald trump now, first of all he's going to have to be one person. marco rubio is probably in the best position to take on donald trump and he's going to have do so in a broadened sustained way over the months of april and may and that's going to be very expensive. it's going to be a very tough job. he has to get those voters. >> i would say if they are successful in squeezing cruz out it's likely cruz voters go to
9:28 pm
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welcome back to cnn's live coverage of the nevada republican caucuses. you're looking at live pictures of trump headquarters nevada. we're waiting for donald trump to come out and declare victory. cnn has projected he will be the winner of the nevada republican caucuses. let's look at some of the vote that has come in with 8% of the vote counted. donald trump with a lead of 41.9%, marco rubio 25.3% and ted cruz with 21.5%. what are we expecting donald trump to say when he comes out and how do you think this might effect his demeanor when he takes the stage on thursday at
9:33 pm
the republican debate in houston. >> there's no question he's the guy to beat. he think he's been aware and expecting incoming because it's been happening although with jeb bush not on the stage it might change the dynamics because it's just going to be marco rubio. >> i feel like jeb bush will still insult donald trump anyway. >> and lindsey graham. we could probably spend hours with him on the couch figuring that out, but the bottom line is that he's going to probably come out and talk about what we have heard before in his past victory speeches, that he feels like he's capturing something that is really happening out there in the republican electorate and he's right about that. >> i would expect to the debate stage on thursday night, i do think ted cruz is going to take that place of jeb bush just being the vehicle for the trump
9:34 pm
slams. we've seen it on the campaign trail. he's been relentless after cruz. i would be surprised if that abaited in any way on thursday night especially because next tuesday texas is one of the contests and i have doubt that donald trump is going to do his best to embarrass ted cruz in his home state. >> let's go to jim acosta. the mood there has to be very happy i would imagine. >> reporter: they are excited here at this trump watch party. i have to say, jake, we may be getting close to seeing donald trump here in just a few moments. there was a steady stream of people coming in. they were waiting for this room to fill up before donald trump comes out and now you're hearing them cheer about seven seconds later. i will say to jump off the conversation you were having of what we were going to hear from
9:35 pm
donald trump, he was pretty fooisy in the last 48 hours. he was just saying he wanted to punch a protester in the face. my guess is he is not going to be that same fighting spirit tonight wi tonight. we will probably hear a more gracious donald trump when he comes out to speak. that's been consistent with what he has said at other victory parties and at the same time he's been going after ted cruz. earlier today he was saying ted cruz is a baby, that he's a soft baby that is the best liar he's ever seen. do we hear that same kind of language from donald trump given at this point he's nearly doubled the support that ted cruz has. i think the other thing is his tone and what he says about marco rubio.
9:36 pm
these two candidates have not really tangled with each ontthe and if marco rubio is the last candidate they'll have to engage. >> jim acosta at trump head quarterers. i played that baby statement and he assaulted and asald donald trump's demeanor suggesting it wasn't presidential. >> something people have accused donald trump before. donald trump replied look, campaigning is one thing and when you're president it's another thing and if and when i'm in the white house -- although he usually says when i'm in the white house, i will be different than i will be on the campaign trail. huge victory across the board. you look at based on the polls it's a stunning victory. >> it's a stunning victory that the numbers are stunning and i
9:37 pm
think we talk a lot about the math. sometimes it's good to talk about the meaning. you got a guy who has this anger at washington, d.c., part of it because of the presidency of barack obama and this guy is running as a strong man. he never talks about going to congress or the courts. he is declaring himself he's going to do all this stuff, most of it outside the constitution. i never like to stick up for ted cruz. i think that ted cruz reminds me of richard nixon without the good looks and warm personal charm so i'm not a ted cruz fan, but for donald trump to now have labeled this guy a liar when -- the fact checkers no longer fact check donald trump and i think the meaning needs to be explored. >> we have to take a quick break and we're going to bring donald trump live.
9:38 pm
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9:42 pm
coverage of the nevada republican caucuses. you're looking at live coverage right now. that is trump headquarters in downtown las vegas, nevada. we are waiting for donald trump to declare victory after cnn has declared him the winner by a sizeable margin. let's look at the vote as it comes in with 9%, donald trump is ahead and marco rubio pulling up the rear, 25.1%. ted cruz in third with 21 point 8%. >> what's amazing as ryan said earlier krov tier across the bo trump wins. >> he's bringing everyone together with this common thread of anger. here is the thing, the rhetoric that you all have spoken of,
9:43 pm
it's really important to note that's donald trump's strong suit, because voters think when donald trump speaks on the campaign trail. when they listened to marco rubio repeat over and over again that same line obama knows what he's doing and when they look at president obama who has all the rhetoric we want to hear soring off the tella profrper there's anger in the electorate and donald trump speaks in a candid manor and voters trust him because of that. >> when you say he speaks to anger, you say it almost like that's a good thing. >> he has captured that and people trust him. >> for me, leadership is not going to people's emotions and stirring people up, it's taking people someplace and my concern is we're starting to adapt to
9:44 pm
having some guy threatening people, i want to punch you in the face -- >> he is taking them somewhere. he's restored hope in the american people. >> as a supporter do you mind him saying i would like to punch that protester in the face? >> how many times have we thought to ourselves if that person comes near me -- >> is that the new criteria for leadership, people blurt out whatever you might say on the subway. >> there is ana then tisty to donald trump. their supporters say they don't see that in other candidates. >> i agree people are seeing what they want to see. what i find fascinating about donald trump supporters is tlar ability to rational lies what they like and what they don't like. let's not kid ourselves that this is some sort of policy or ernted vision where he wants to take the country -- >> why not?
9:45 pm
i heard so many policies from him. >> these are all like -- he is much more inclined to try to appeal to people based on at tri but than issues and i think there is something -- you're right he has captured some of this anger -- >> how much for ted cruz supporters if ted cruz was to leave, what's your sense of how many cruz supporters go to donald trump, because people are assuming his supporters go to rubio, but i don't think that's the case. >> why he's not the nominee is because he signed the bill. i think if i mmigration is an i they go to donald trump. >> here is something that maybe you guys can explain to me and this is good for your guy cruz,
9:46 pm
donald trump wins overwhelming, but on the question of shares, who shares my values, he consistently doesn't do well and he didn't do well tonight. he was beaten on shares my values by ted cruz and by marco rubio. >> so here you have the front-runner candidate who is on the road towards being the nominee, yet -- and we've seen this in other contests where they thought he waged the most unfair campaign, remember that or didn't share your values, yet he wins overwhelming. >> i think people don't identify personally with donald trump. they hate washington, they want to send someone to washington to punish washington. i agree that the next president is always a reaction to the previous president. i think there's voters who are going in the wrong direction saying obama did all these bad things, i want our guy to do it on our side. >> even in those exit polls
9:47 pm
shares my values was at 30% in terms of what people wanted, but all the other things were much more and donald trump won in all of those. he tells it like it is. change. >> look, there are -- >> and in the other -- >> his base -- his base now he's expanding out from it, but his base is noneducated college whites, who feel disdained by eleets who he is punchs ing in e face and that's what is going on here. >> by the way, donald trump is about to come out we're told at any moment. >> he won college. >> i agree with that. >> he won with white collar voters. >> those are the voters that rubio is going after. >> i think there's a band wagon effect. one of the things on can win,
9:48 pm
rubio won that category again tonight. donald trump was not that far behind, but ted cruz was hovering around single digits and i think people are beginning to conclude that he may not be able to win is this cruz and rubio because they're not winning. >> they're problem is the participation trophy stage of the contest is over. you get that -- you can get a second place and exceed expectations in one or two of the first four states, but that ends next tuesday. no more grading on a curve. >> they will leave behind a stirring collection of third place victory speeches, which we can cherish. >> won't history look back and say that the establishment just completely borched this with this participation trophy strategy in the first place? won't it look like looking back that the fantasy that you can get third and second and somehow -- >> it started with jeb bush --
9:49 pm
jeb bush was going to be the establishment candidate. that's how it started. >> we can argue with the idea of establishment, but the mistake was deploying this hope as a strategy, let's hope that donald trump collapse on his own, let's hope people recognize or find out that he's had past liberal positions and he supported one democrat after the next. the idea that that was going to happen on its own was the big mistake. none of these campaigns went out and took donald trump on. >> jeb bush did. >> no -- i'm sorry, jeb bush waited and waited and waited. >> he waited too long. >> his campaign said time and time again, this is not our fight to have. as a result he got blocked out and never had a chance to make a case to voters that this was
9:50 pm
about ideas that he was the right -- >> they were locked in a struggle for who could be the alternative and left him completely -- >> here is donald trump, victorius in nevada. let's watch and listen. oh, boy. we love nevada. we love nevada. thank you. thank you. [ applause ] this is a great place. thank you.
9:51 pm
[ applause ] >> thank you very much. great evening. we will be celebrating for a long time tonight. have a good time. have a good time. you know, we weren't expected a couple of months ago we weren't expected to win this one. you know that, right? of course if you listen we weren't expected to win too much and now we're winning, winning the country. and soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning [ applause ] so i want to think the volunteers. they have been unbelievable. these people worked endlessly. we're not going to forget it. we've had some great numbers coming out of texas and amazing numbers coming out of tennessee and georgia and arkansas and then in a couple of weeks later,
9:52 pm
florida. we love florida. we're going to do very well in ohio. we're beating the governor. that's good. it's always nice to be beating the governor. and michigan, the whole thing. it's going to be an amazing two months. we not even need the two months folks, to be honest, right? so tonight we had 45%, 46% and tomorrow you'll be hearing if they could just take the other candidates and add them up and if you could add them up, because you know the other candidates amount to 55%, so if they could -- they keep forgetting that when people drop out we're going to get a lot of votes. they keep forgetting. they don't say it. [ applause ] so i want to begin by think thanking my boys.
9:53 pm
eric has been all ever the place making speeches. he's getting better than me so i'm getting jealous. and don went up to the rifle stuff, this is serious nra, both of them. so -- both of them. we love the second amendment folks. nobody loves it more than us, so just remember that. and corey and hope, the staff, the whole group and charles and dan and what a group we have. it's been amazing. i want to thank a couple of friends of mine that are here. the owner of this incredible hotel, mr. and mrs. phil. great guy. phil said -- for the last three months, he said donald i want to put $10 million in your campaign. i said i don't want your money. every time i see him it's hard
9:54 pm
for me to turn down money because that's not what i've done my whole life, i grab and grab and i get greedy. now we're going to get greedy for the united states and grab and grab and grab. we're going to before i thiring money and so much everything. we're going to make america great again folks. another great friend of mine, a great friend of phil too, steve and his wife. two great people. stand up, steve. steve is always calling. he's always good advice, right. donald i think you ought do this and that. his advice i like to listen to. i'll be honest with you. we appreciate it. you've been great friends. thank you. thank you. [ applause ] so this was very exciting
9:55 pm
tonight, but i'll tell you it looks like we won by a lot of evangelicals. i love the evangelicals. and i have to tell you, the pastor has been so incredible on television and elsewhere. he has been great. as you know, liberty university, do we love liberty university? jerry, an unbelievable guy and he's been with us from the beginning arcnd i want to thank jerry and his family. it's been amazing. we won the evangelicals. we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly educated. we love with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. we're the smartest people, we're the most loyal people. you know what i really am happy about because i've been saying it for a long time, 46% with the hispanics, 46%, number one with
9:56 pm
hispani hispanics. i'm really happy about that. [ applause ] >> thank you. so i'm very proud of you. this is an amazing night. i love the country. i love the country. we're going -- we're going in the wrong direction, we're going to keep, as you know, keep that open and we're going to load it up with a lot of bad dudes out there. we're going have our boarders nice and strong, we're going to build the wall. you know that. we're going to build the wall. i have a lot of respect for mexico and you just heard we won hispanics, but let me tell you, mexico is going to pay for the wall, right? going to happen. it's going to happen. they know it.
9:57 pm
i know it. we all know it. we have a tremendous deficit, we have a trade deficit with mexico, they'll pay with the wall, they'll be very happy about it. i'll talk to them. they're going to be thrilled to be paying for the wall. we're going to be the smart people. we're not going to be the people that get pushed around all over the place, we're going to be the smart people. you're going to be proud of your president and you're going to be even prouder of your country, okay. [ applause ] >> so tonight folks, this was a great evening. i love this place. i love this state. i love las vegas. i have invested so much money over, trump international hotel. i keep telling steve we have the best hotel in las vegas. he's fightsiing me all the time. i want to say it's a great state and they have great people and i was so proud. i want to caucus, i was all over the place tonight.
9:58 pm
the people are amazing. the enthusiasm, it was unbelievable to see. the people of this country are absolutely amazing. i love you folks very much. remember, make america great again, we're going to do it and it's going to happen fast. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. thank you very much. we love you. we love you. thank you. [cheers and applause] donald trump declaring victory, his third such speech in four contests having won. cnn is projecting the nevada republican caucuses, we have more votes coming in. let's look at the actual votes with 12% of the vote in. donald trump dominating with 44.5% of the vote, marco rubio about 20 points behind him ted
9:59 pm
cruz third place, carson and kasich still in single digits. it is a dominate win. not just a win, it is a dominate win. let's talk about this with dana and david. you heard trump making his point that he's not just winning one specific demographic group, he is dominant among them. he didn't actually win young voters. >> that's the one thing, but if you would have told me a year ago that there would be a billionaire reality tv star who would go in front of the nevada electorate and talk about winning and say that he's so happy because i love the poorly educated, i would have told you you were nuts especially given the fact that he's an ivy league guy. he didn't just won among the
10:00 pm
poorly educated, he won across the board, people who have degrees and don't have degrees and people who barely have high school edge occasions. so he did run the board on pretty much everybody except maybe the young people. >> he does this whole speech sort of to boast about where he's succeeding, but it is impossible not to be impressed by the breath of the victory. i know he does it to rally the supporters, but anybody looking at presidential politics would look at these results and see he has won every single cat gegorc yes the 18-year-olds, marco rubio won them, but across the board evangelicals, across education and incomes, this is a really impressive win. the key here also and john king mentioned this earlier, that's


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