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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  February 24, 2016 1:00am-2:00am PST

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you know, that it was a tornado. and so i ran to go to the bathroom and my mom's fiance was running into the bathroom with his parents and i got in the balgt tub with my dog. they were praying. i was crying. the house was shaking. it was terrible. >> more devastation in lamar county, mississippi. a 73-year-old man was killed when his home was crushed by an unconfirmed tornado. >> all right. -- captions by vitac -- donald trump with a blowout victory in neve, just dominating the caucuses there. he won almost every demographic group, almost every county. how, will, is there any way to stop him. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders shifting their strategy, taking tough questions from
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voters on the cnn town hall stage. the crucial south carolina primary just days away. >> good morning, everybody. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. very busy this morning. breaking news in the east. >> donald trump with a huge win in the nevada caucuses, the republican caucuses. donald trump, 45%. more than 20 points ahead of his closest rival. there's a pitch battle for second place. just a few minutes ago marco rubio pulled ahead, more than 500 votes, 580 votes right now ahead of ted cruz with 74% of the precincts. and we're counting this all night. it could change again. for these guys, second place matters. don't forget, when you claim second, you claim the biggest victory ever.
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ben carson and john kasich back in single digits. the biggest news is donald trump. he leads in all counties. hugely popular among voters who say they're angry at the federal government and more voters angry in nevada than we've seen before. they want the next pretty to be an outsider, not someone experienced in politic. hi crushes it there too. in his victory speech, donald trump was ecstatic about his win. listen. >> we won the evangelicals, we won with young, we won with old, we won with highly educated, we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. we' with the smartest people, the most loyal people. you know what i i'm happy about? i've been saying it for a long
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time. 46% with hispanics. number 1 with hispanics. i'm really happy about that. >> look at delegate count right now. donald trump with the growing lead. more than twice as all the other candidates combined. now all of these candidates look to super tuesday with so many more delegates at stake. >> joining us is cnn politics reporter. donald trump in his speech last night, a warmly received speech, he was really fire d up. he made a point that is so interesting. he talked about how so many people in the media and republican establishment, that's presumably who he was talking about, find ways to take his victories and try to undermine them. he said, look, tomorrow morning they're going to be finding ways
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to add everybody up and find ways to beat me, but they can't. listen to what he said. >> so tonight we had 45%, 46%, and tomorrow you'll be hearing, you know f they could just take the other candidates and add them up, and if you could add them up, because you know the other candidates amount to 55%. they keep forgetting that when people drop out, we're going to get a lot of votes. they keep forgetting. they don't say it. >> do you think he's right on that, or do you think that -- you know, the donald trump supporters are diehard donald trump supporters. has he got them or is he going to be able to lure some of these other republican supporters in his camp? >> i think if there's anything we've learned this election cycle we probably shouldn't predict a ceiling. he's defied everything we're
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saying. it's like, there's a chance? yes, it's technically possible if they were able to consolidate all of the non-trump voters could possibly tame him on, but it's a slimmer and slimmer chance. the republican turnout cycle has been breaking records left and right. it's incredibly high. there are a lot of new voters coming out and it's hard to argue the fact that many are excited about donald trump. there's no denying he's on a bit of a roll here. >> let the record show that after 4:04 a.m. without having slept, tal kopan made a "dumb and dumber" reference, and we love that. talk about it. they were angrier than other states and with that they wanted an outsider more than we've seen
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in other states. >> absolutely. i believe it was about two-thirds or so who wanted an outsider versus someone who referenced the republican establishment. that's something we've been seeing all the way along. there's being something that's been written between donald trump and bernie sanders. voters really, really want something different. they're really frustrated with washington. that's why you see the candidates who are from washington. it doesn't get mer washington than two senators running away from that record. marco rubio saying he doesn't want to be in the senate anymore, ted cruz staking himself as an anti-senate senator. there's no doubt they want someone from the outside. they get the sense they're frustrated and angry and donald trump has embodies that for them. >> you have to wonder what that means for those going forward in
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the senate and the house. voters are saying they're very angry with what they've done. interesting, marco rubio, there was one category that he did win and that was the category essentially people who think that he wanted experience, people who did want experience wanted marco rubio, and he hasn't been in this senate all that long even. >> yeah. you know, he paints himself as a 1-year conservative. that's a new part of his stump speech he's put in there in the past weeks. he kbos back to his time in the florida legislature as a speaker of the house there in florida. and, of course, in the senate. you know, one other interesting thing about some of marco rubio's numbers is he tenltds to get supported by people who make up their midnights late, the people who make up their minds right before caucus day tend to go for him. does have a lock on the
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electability portion of it. i was talking to one that i can't get out of my mind. she said, you know what? i have voted for the candidate they've been told has a chance in november before and it didn't work and i'm not going to get burned again and i think that's what you're seeing with the republican party more than voters who want someone who can take on the democrat in the future. >> talk about marco rubio. he got out of one event to compete. he's picking up just a slew of establishment support right now, endorsement after endorsement, big fund-raisers lining up behind him. but, look. he got the governor in south carolina to back hip. he lost south carolina. he got the sitting senator in nevada to support him along with a number of congressmen there, and he still could not do that well either. this is a challenge for marco rubio going forward even with all of the establishment support. >> absolutely. you know what? it feeds the narrative against him that he's of washington, of
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the party ilk that they're trying to throw out. there are plenty of voters that endorsement is a big turn-off. it does help him put some wait behind the argument. it helps out with donors and getting more money. that's the only reason to drop out of the campaign is you run out of money. why not stay in and see what you can do. so those things are good for him. there's a website that assigns points for endorsement, and i think he about dubld his point total in 24 hours after jeb bush dropped out of the race. so things are moving in his favor. the question is are there enough people who care about the establishment and is it too late to slow donald trump's momentum. >> just 664 votes separating marco rubio. you know, at some point when you're getting third place -- >> can i? >> yeah .
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>> it's just dumb math. if you add up rubio and cruz, it's equal to donald trump. the fiechb remaining candidates will be on the stage in houston. wolf blitzer moderates. this is critical. 8:30 p.m. tomorrow only on cnn. all right. more excitement this morning. hillary clinton and bernie sanders making their pitch in south carolina. we're breaking down the very big moments ahead.
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breaking news. the numbers coming in from nevada. right now with 81 precincts reporting donald trump way out in front. 45.5% of the vote. a blowout for cupp. there's been a battle for second place all evening long. very tight against marco rubio and ted cruz going back and forth. right now look at this. marco rubio opening up the lead, leading by 1%. a little less than 700 votes separate marco rubio and ted cruz. the other candidates john kasich and ben carson in single digits.
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>> both clinton and sanders confronting racial issues in a state where african-americans play a major role in the outcome of the democratic primary. that's on saturday. all right. right now polls show clinton with a strong lead in south carolina. she is outpacing sanders nearly 2/1. there was a tense moment when cnn's chris cuomo asked "headline news" why she's not heeded sanders' call to release paid speeches. >> john and christine, wall street is one of the most at least when it comes to hillary clinton. the topic of her paid speeches to goldman sachs and other forms has been one of the issues throughout this campaign. there's been no skpechlgts major differences between how bernie sanders and hillary clinton address this. take a listen to what bernie
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sanders says about the paid speeches he has or hasn't given during his career. >> look. i've not had a paid speech. it's against the law to give paid speeches. i have given some speeches and money was donated to charity. i got a few dollars. if i can find the transcripts, i'll do it. i'm happy to release it. here it is, chris. there ain't none. >> hillary clinton said a different standard is being used for her. she said she would onto give up her transcripts if republicans did the same. l listen to how she explained. >> all the more reason to move this as an issue. you know why -- >> why is there one standard for me and not for everybody else, chris? i mean, you know, at some point, you know, look, i'm on record. i have a record. it simply is far different from
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the republicans because they think actually and have said the cause of d a great recessions with was too much regulation on wall street which is an absolute joke. i have been up fronted on this issue for a long time, as strong as my esteemed opponent. you know what? if people are going to ask for things, i'm happy toon a level playing field. >> of course, a lot of bernie sanders supporters are concerned about this, but overall hillary clinton has a commanding lead here in south carolina. issues of race also were front and center during the democratic town hall. hard to believe any minds might have been changes. bernie sanders is going to campaign in the states. hillary clinton is going to stay in south carolina looking for a strong finish on saturday. john and christine? >> thank you, jeff. >> let's bring in cnn political reporter tal kopan.
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you saw hillary clinton dealing with the wall street issue. another issue is why young people are going in overwhelming numbers to bernie sanders. why she's having a problem winning their support and trust. listen to what she told one voter last night. >> what do you think has been causing this common generational gap that i see so many places between your supporters and senator sanders supporters? >> well, i'm not sure to be honest. i really don't know. but i want you to know whether you emt up suppolyin supportingl support you because that has been my life's work. >> it's almost as if she's saying, there's nothing i can do about it. i'm going have to compete with others to beat bernie sanders it's not on age factor because
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bernie sanders is older than her. there's no doubt bernie sanders has captured an electricity that her kpanl hasn't been able to match, whether it's the size of his rallies or the fan base. she handled that question pretty effectively and spoke more with that student, the law student who was concerned about her level of debt. hillary clinton made a connection, talked about her own debt, broke down what an interest payment is like and what an interest rate can do to a student debt. so she found a way to connect with that young woman, but i think she has sort of shrugged a little bit and said, i don't think i can compete with bernie sanders for the excitement of young people and it's hurt her a bit at the polls, but she's found ways to bolster her numbers with older people who come out to vote a little more rely by. >> it's interesting. hillary clinton for a long time
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has had very detailed proposals, being able to finance the rate, keep the debt down. but bernie sanders says we want free college paid for with the tax and speculation on wall street. that resonates with the young people. the idea resonates more than the actual policy. that's what's been troubling for hillary clinton. let's listen to that where hillary clinton gets down into the nitty-gritty, into the details about how she would help the voter. you make a point how she's knotting along and get with the personal connection hillary clinton is trying to make. >> i want you to be able to refinance your debt at a lower interest rate. it makes no sense -- do you know what your interest rate is? >> between 7% and 9% and i'm only halfway through. >> i want people to understand this. she borrowed money for the
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principle to be able to pay the fees to go to law school and i would bet a good percentage of what you now owe is because of the 7% and 9% interest rate, when we haven't had those interest rates for years. >> interest rate is 2%. she's getting high marks for how she handled a that voter. >> she's able to make a personal connection. that's been the complaint about her campaign from the beginning. i think we all remember when the campaign announced she was going to be more spontaneous now. it was sort of widely rid could. but we've seen her hit her stride a little more in recent weeks in her ability to seem comfortable and warm and connect with voters. absolutely when you're having a wonky debate and being able to hold up and say, no, i want to go straight to free college is a lot easier for people to understand instead of, well, i
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want this tweak to policy and i want this change here. it's not a bum perfect sticker kind of message, so that was a good moment for her to be able to speak to a person in very real terms and talk about one person's student loans and really drive the point she wants to make home that way. >> all right. >> interesting. >> tal kopan, thank you so much. we're going to talk about a new embrace with bernie sanders shortly. thanks so much. meanwhile, donald trump with a big, big win in nevada. right now he's up 15,000 votes, more than 20%, with 80% in. marco rubio pulling ahead in the last few minutes. we're covering that all morning long. but first stunning new information about the uber driver accused of the deadly shooting spree between picking up fares. we'll tell you what we've learned about his mental health next.
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police in kalamazoo, michigan, say the man involved in the deadly shooting spree had no history of mental illness.
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he's charged with killing six. two others were seriously wounded including a 14-year-old girl. authorities say dalton did not have a gun license. one victim died while protecting her children from the gunfire. police have no motive for the shootings. dalton is being held in segregation in the kalamazoo county jail. it's terrible story. he was taking customers while driving for uber. in the last few minutes marco rubio pulling further and further ahead. we'll have the latest numbers crunch coming up next.
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all right. 31 minutes past the hour. breaking news this morning. donald trump a huge victory, a decisive victory in the nevada caucuses. another decisive victory for him. marco rubio, ted cruz vying all night for second place. marco rubio, though, with a few hundred-point lead. it looks like he's going have second place. we're live. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they battle it out in a cnn town hall, taking tough questions from the voters, showing perhaps each new strategy heading into the south carolina primary. welcome back to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it's very early in the east and
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breaking news in ne in the nevada republican caucuses. look at this. we now have 91% of the precincts reporti reporting. donald trump way out front. 45.9%. coming in second, it looks like we've got to the answer. marco rubio with a few hundred-point lead. ted cruz pulling up in third. john kasich and ben carson in single digits. donald trump is hugely among voters saying they're angry, dissatisfied with the federal government. he scores very high with those who say they want someone to be an outsider, not experienced in politics. in his victory speech donald trump was ecstatic about his win across virtually all demographic
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groups. >> we won with evangelicals, we wong with young, we won with old, we won with piely educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the educated. with the smartest people t most loyal people. and you know what i i'm really happy about because i've been saying it for a long time. 46% hispanics. 46%. number one with hispanics. i'm really happy about that. >> that win in nevada puts trump well ahead of the democrats. we look ahead to the biggest cache of dell gates on super tuesday. >> a lot of republicans went to sleep worrying about what happens in new hampshire and
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south carolina. they're waking up to see donald trump with a huge win and they're probably sayin quote we playing. i'm really happy. he certainly sounded really happy. doesn't he. he loves big numbers and he loves to tout it. he can tout some of the major victories. the republican establishment is convinced if they could get down to one candidate, they could find take on trump, but i think that delegate graphic we keep putting up is the most important one. it's all about delegate math. it's all about the fight for second place. if they're only a couple percentage points apart, they're going to end up with with it and a lot less for donald trump.
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>> new endorsements have been flowing in for marco rubio. interesting his strategy last night. he left, went to two other super tuesday states and went to bed. so he's preparing this morning for a round of television interviews. >> yeah. when we talk about it, it's basically just spin, momentum, being able to claim the wind is at your bachlkt you know, marco rubio is going to be refresh and hit the morning show circuit and he's going to say he never intended to come in first in nevada, he's in it for a long haul. second place is a victory. his team has been marketing it as coming off with a strong finish here in nevada and that's probably what we're going to hear from marco rubio this morning. you know, he'll get those sound bites replayed over and over and that's what they'll hear. ted cruz gave a speech and came off a little tired a little
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deflated but probably not the sound bite he wants replayed. >> you have to add marco rubio and ted cruz to approach donald trump in his performance yesterday. >> absolutely. again, there's a delicate math equation, i guess, that can put marco rubio ahead of donald trump in the end. i wrote a story about this. it's about a "just have to hang in there" strategy. you have some winner take all-states where you can wrack them up and we move into more and more. there's a path for marco rubio. no one's ruling him out. we have the admit what they're saying. if you have a first place and first place and first place, we'd be called him a nominee at this point. >> let's put up that super
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tuesday map if we can. that's next tuesday. a lot of delegates at stake there. there's vermont. and in massachusetts, i receive donald trump pulling way ahead in those states. he can expect a pretty decent day. >> absolutely. there's some questions about the polling that's out there. some of it's old. some of it might not be reliable. but i haven't seen any. it is at this point for the two of them all about staying close to donald trump, hoping that at some point later in the game they can pull ahead. and it's really unclear if that's a strategy that's ever going to work, even with endorseme endorsements, even with money behind them. they have to start winning at some point. >> you have to wonder. so much time, money, and ad dollars have been spent training their fire on each other, trying to be the one who comes out as the challenger to donald trump,
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the alternative to donald trump. only donald trump has benefitted from that strategy so far. >> absolutely. we've reported in the past week how they're hoping that he stops attacking marco rubio at some point. the two of them have been slugging it out while donald trump kind of sits back and watches. it's very important for both of them that the other get out of the way and kasich and carson as well. they need them out of the race for any of their scenarios to come true, but the longer they beat up on each other and fight for that second place victory as we keep calling it, the longer trump continues to build on his support and momentum and just kind of enjoy the show. >> all right. tal kopan. do you know when the next big development is? tomorrow night. the republican debate. the five remaining candidates go head to head to head to head to head, five heads there. it's in houston.
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wolf blitzer moderates. this is a huge deal. it could be the last chance for them to knock donald trump off his perch. there could be some serious fireworks tomorrow 8:30 p.m. only on cnn. 39 minutes past the hour. so much to get through. bernie sanders and hillary clinton with new strategy. we're breaking down what changed ahead.
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breaking news at this hour. we're following. right now, 92% of precincts are in. donald trump, the clear winner by a mile. let's call it ten miles. and it's becoming clear who's come in second place. marco rubio ahead by ten ahead of cruz. as they come in, we're going to bring you more information as we get it live. also breaking overnight, hillary clinton and bernie sanders at a town hall in south carolina. both confronted racial issues where african-americans will play a major role in the outcome of the democratic primary which is on saturday. right now the polls show hillary
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clinton with a soiled lead, nearly 2/1 there. one tense moment at the on the hall came when chris cuomo asked "headline news" why s hillary clinton why she's not heeded the call. >> john and christine, it's one of the major moments. now, the topic of her page speeches to goldman asks has been throughout the cold of this campaign. it was no exception at the town hall on tuesday night here in south carolina. major differences how bernie sanders and hillary clinton addressed this. take a listen to what bernie sanders has said about the paid speeches he has or hasn't given during his career. >> look, i have not had a paid speech -- it's against the law to give paid speeches. i have given some speeches and money was donated to charity way, way back. if i can find the transcripts,
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i'm very, very happy to do it. hillary clinton said i'm happy to do it if everybody else does. e oom happy to release it. here it is, chris. there ain't none. >> hillary clinton said a different standard is given for her. listen to how she explained. >> all the more reason to move this as an issue. you know eaves not going bring up their trmts. >> why is there one standard for me and not for everybody else, chris sf you know, at some point, at some point, look, i'm on record, i have a record. it certainly is far different. they have said the cause is too much regulation which is an absolute joke. i have been up front and strong on this issue for a long time, as strong, i would argue, as my
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esteemed moment. if they're going to ask for things, we should all be on a level plays issue. >> a lot of bernie sanders supporters are concerned about this, but overall hillary clinton certainly has a commanding lead in south carolina. it's hard to believe that any minds may have been changed by this democratic town hall. bernie sanders is going to be campaigning in super tuesday states. hillary clinton is going to stay here looking for a strong finish on saturday. john and christine? >> thanks for that. let's bring back tal kopan. tal, i think one of the most interesting things is watching bernie sanders with his approach to barack obama. hillary clinton has been in the past couple of weeks trying to immerse herself. she claims she's the one carrying on the obama legacy. bernie sanders seemed to edge
1:47 am
in. take a listen. >> literally it turns out the day obama was nominated, they said, what are we going do. obstruct, obstruct, obstruct, make it as difficult as he could to do anything. now, we have had to fight through that, and i've but at the president's side time and time again, and this is on top of the birther issue with donald trump and others, a racist effort to try to de-legitimize the president of the united states. >> i believe it was what justice in the past he truly admired, which he got to at the end.
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it was thurgood marshall. but, yes, out of the blue he sort of brought up president obama and what he claimed were racist attacks against him. there are two things you have to keep in mind here. what we call oppo, or opposition researchnd and demographics. bernie sanders has had a lot thrown at him, that he doesn't support president obama, that he sought a primary challenger for him in 2012, that he penned a little book that criticized president obama and he's suffered a bit because president obama is still wildly popular in the democratic electorate, and in demographics, he's really suffering, especially with african-american voters. hillary clinton is beating him with that group and he needs to make inroads. >> he's made comments that nobody's asked for his birth certificate, maybe it's because he's white.
1:49 am
there's also a comment. listen to that. >> my question to you is what do you intend to do to fix the broken racial relations in our country? >> we have important challenges. it's particularly important for peerjs particularly white people, to recognize those and recognize our experiences may not equip us to understand what a lot of our african-american fellow citizens go through every single day. >> hillary clinton supporters are pointing to that as a strong exchange for the secretary of state. >> yeah. it was probably one of her best moments of the night. the questioner actually began by saying she's recently started wearing her hair naturally and feels people treat her differently because of that and hillary clinton told her it's her right to wear her hair the way she wants it and made a joke of her hair. she spoke about race relation, the importance of understanding
1:50 am
other's experience and honesty and she also asked some women in the audience, to stand, the mothers of the movement. these are women who have lost their children to violence, gun violence or at the hands of the police and she paused to talk about them. some of them have endorsed her or been on the trail with her. it really was a powerful moment for her, an answer that packed a lot of punch. >> bernie sanders has been inspiring a lot of young voters throughout this whole campaign. last night he talked about sort of tin expiration in a different way. he used the word hope which harkens back to president obama. let's listen in. >> kids come up to me and say, you've given me hope and you've rekindled my interest in democracy and in politics. if i let those people down who have faith in me, that's a scary thing, when people have so much faith in you and believe you can do so much.
1:51 am
it's a scary thing, if i let those people down. it would be a terrible, terrible thing. >> there's such passion among the young voters for bernie sanders and can make a difference if they vote. >> yeah, absolutely. you know, it's always a question of can you inspire young people enough to overcome the fact that people in older demographics are much more reliable voters. you know, it was a good answer for bernie sanders and he did find his moments to connect with the audience. i still think his best moment was in jeff's package, "there ain't none." that's probably his most memorable moment from last night. he also gave an answer about a spiritual reality and how we're all connect and when you hurt, i hurt. he connected with the audience and shows why his message is resonating with so many people. but, again, he hasn't been able to drive turnout at a rate that has outpaced barack obama's record-setting turnout in the democratic primary in 2008.
1:52 am
so he's not getting all of those people to the polls. >> it is critical. they're running out of time. just a few days really, super tuesday. every exchange with voters really, really matters. tal kopan. thanks so much for that. huge victory. look at this. dead heat for second place. minute maid park pullin marco rubio pulling in. first, a damaging storm. that's ahead.
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breaking news. we're counting up vote. a blowout win for donald trump.
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45 45.9%. look at some of the math. we'll be talking about that all morning. ben carson and john kasich in single digits. right now, more than a dozen tonights reported in three states with one fatality confirmed in mississippi, two others in louisiana. this is the destruction in pensacola, florida. a tornado ripped apart town homes and an apartment complex. six people injured with reports of leaking gas overnight. at this rv park in new orleans, devastation. more than 160 homes mangled by an apparent twister. two fatalities, several others critically injured. residents here during a horrific evening. >> i was lying down on the bed with my dog and all of a sudden i heard a big rumbling dog. the whole entire house started shake and i just knew that it
1:57 am
was a tornado. and so i ran to go to the bathroom, and my mom's fiance was already running into the bathroom and his parents were. i got in the bathtub with my dog. they were praying, and i was crying, and i was so scared. i mean the house would not stop shaking the whole entire time. it was -- it was terrible. >> in nearby prairieville, louisiana. this is all that's left of the gold's gym. >> it's bad when the roof and wall blows off. awesome, especially when you're doing curls here. >> a 73-year-old man was killed when his trailer was crushed by a tornado. more than 10,000 homes without power.
1:58 am
hundreds of reports of broken windows and damaged rooftops. >> u.s. health officials are investigate i investigating 14 cases of zika virus. time for an early start on your money this morning. dow futures down after a rough day yesterday. oil dropping further, now below 31 bucks a barrel. stockmarkets in europe are lower. shares in asia closing with losses overnight. oil has a choke hold on the stockmarket and the correlation between the two has never been closer. so far they have moved together 87% of the time. in just the last two weeks we saw the market hit a bottom and rebound sharply. the correlation between stocks and oil, this is unusual.
1:59 am
they do not move together. until it ends you can expect more swings. one analyst says there's nothing on the planet more volatile except for hour. >> except you. donald trump with a big victory. the question is the republican front-runner now unstoppable? >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders with new strategies on the town hall stage. what changed during that event late last night? we'll break it down coming up. good morning, everybody. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> and i'm christine romans. good morning, everyone. it's 5:00 a.m. in the east. breaking news, donald trump wins
2:00 am
big in the nevada caucuses. 94% of the precincts reporting. 94%. 45.9%. out front by a mile, out front by ten miles. the real question, who will come in second. and right now marco rubio has the edge. 23.8%. ted cruz pulling in the rear at 21.5%. trump triumphed in nearly every county. trump was hugely popular among voters who say they're angry, dissatisfied with the federal government and among those who say they want the next prettysit to be an outsider. in his victory speech trump was ecstatic about his


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